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Full text of "Third industrial directory of Pennsylvania, 1919"

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Pen -X. . 

















The First Industrial Directory of Pennsylvania was published in the year 
1914, the Second Edition in 1916, both of these publications being received 
with very great favor by the business interests of the Commonwealth. 

It being necessary to collect the data contained in this the Third Edition, 
through the mails, we have solicited and in most instances received the 
co-operation of the Secretaries of Boards of Trade and Chambers of Com- 
merce, throughout the State, together with Mayors of cities and Burgesses 
of the various boroughs, whose assistance has been material, in the com- 
pilation of the work and whose co-operation has been correspondingly appre- 

The preliminary pages contain lists of State Officials and Heads of Depart- 
ments, a Roster of the Department of Labor and Industry^ together with the 
Industry and Production Code as used by the Production Division of the 
Bureau of Statistics and Information. 

The Directory proper is divided into four parts, as follows: — 

Part I. Industrial establishments classified by product, and alphabetically 
arranged, with lists of Coal Companies and Public Service Corporations. 

Part II. Industrial establishments classified by counties, and alphabet- 
ically arranged by cities and towns, wilh a brief resume of the industrial 
resources of each county, and opportunities for industrial operations. 

Part III. Boards of Trade, Chambers of Commerce, Business Men's, Man- 
ufacturers' and Miscellaneous Associations, with location and names of 

Part IV. Labor Organizations, Officers and Unions. 

A complete Index covering each subject or item of interest will be found 
in the final pages of the book. 






William. C. Sproul, Chester, Delaware County. 3U . 13 North Front gtreet 

Edward E. Beidleman, 1225 Market street( mmia „ uti D aupnlll CoTmt y. 


Cyrus E. Woods, Greensburg, Westmoreland County. 323 North Front Street. 

William I. Schaffer, Chester, Delaware County. Penn-Harris Hotel. 

Charles A. Snyder, Pottsville, Schuylkill County. 108 North gecond street 

Harmon M. Kephart, Connellsville, Fayette County. Columbus Hotel. 

James F. Woodward, McKeesport, Allegheny County. 


Thomas E. Finegan, Harrisburg, Dauphin County. 611 North Front Street. 

Frank D. Beary, Allentown, Lehigh County. 823 Norttl Silth stree t. 



Thomas B. Donaldson, Philadelphia. Harrisburg Club. 


John S. Fisher, Indiana, Indiana County. 

Harrisburg Club. 


Frederik Rasmussen, Centre County. 1703 North Front Street. 

Robert S. Conklin, Columbia, Lancaster County. 


Clifford B. Connelley, Pittsburgh, Allegheny County. 3 South Front Street. 


Harry A. Mackey, Chairman, Philadelphia, Philadelphia County. 

(Office, 1115 North American Building, Philadelphia.) 
Paul W. Houck, Shenandoah, Schuylkill County. 
Benjamin Jarrett, Jr., Farrell, Mercer County. 
Clifford B. Connelley, Commissioner of Labor and Industry (ex-officio). 

Harrisburg Club. 

Senate Hotel. 
Stanley Hotel. 

Seward E. Button, Wyoming, Luzerne County. . 

Lochiel Hotel. 


Col. Edward Martin, 18th and Walnut Streets., Philadelphia, Philadelphia County. 

127 Walnut Street. 

Lewis S. Sadler, Carlisle, Cumberland County. 


Thomas W. Templeton, Plymouth, Luzerne County. 115 Pine Street. 

Robert C. Miller. Gettysburg, Adams County. Penn-Harris Hotel. 

Thomas Lynch Montgomery, 904 Clinton Street, Philadelphia. e05 North Front street . 


James N. Moore, Butler, Butler County. 208 Pine street. 


*John C. Groome. 1018 Clinton Street, Philadelphia. 

Capt. Geo. F. Lumb, Acting Superintendent. Prospect Hill, Dauphin County. 

Nathan R. Buller, Pleasant Mount, Wayne County. Harristmrg Club. 


William D. B. Ainey, Chairman, Montrose, Susquehanna County 1409 Nortn Front street. 

John S. Rilling, Erie, Erie County. 2837 Nortn Front Street. 

Milton J. Brecht, Lancaster, Lancaster County. 663 West Chestira t Street, Lancaster. 

James S. Benn. 822 North American Bldg., Philadelphia. 
John W. Reed, Clearfield, Clearfield County. 
S. Ray Shelby, Uniontown, Fayette County. 
. Samuel M. Clement, Jr.. West End Trust Building, Philadelphia. 


Oliver S. Kelsey, Flemington, Clinton County. Hershey House. 

Thomas J. Lynch, South Bethlehem, Northampton County. 410 North Third Street. 


Harry L. Knapp, Philadelphia, Chairman. 

Mrs. E. C. Niver. Charleroi. Washington County, Vice Chairman. 

Ellis P. Oberholtzer, 2113 Tioga Street. Philadelphia, Secretary. 


Charles D. Penrose, M. D., Philadelphia, Philadelphia County. 

John M. Phillips, Pittsburgh, Allegheny County. 

W. B. McCaleb, Philadelphia, Philadelphia County. 

George D. Gideon, Philadelphia, Philadelphia County. 

W. H. J. Donaldson, M. D., Williamsport, Lycoming County. 

John S. Steer, M. D., St. Marys, Elk County. 

Seth E Gordon, Acting Secretary, Paxtang, Dauphin County. 

*On leave of absence— War service. 



Clifford B. Connelley, Commissioner. 
William A. Riddle, Acting Chief Clerk. 


John H. Walker, Acting Chief. 

Supervising Inspectors. 

J. J. Coffey, Philadelphia. 
Francis J. Feehan, Pittsburgh. 
Arthur S. Keller, Lancaster. 
Walter McNichoIs, Scranton. 

Division of Hygiene 'and Engineering. 
Francis D. Patterson, Chief. 
John S. Spicer, Chemical Engineer. 
John H. Walker, Civil Engineer. 
Elizabeth B. Bricker, M. D. 

William J. Tracy, Chief. 


Clifford B. Connelley, Chairman. 
Otto T. Mallery, Philadelphia. 
Dr. A. L. Garver, Roaring Spring. 
Mrs. Samuel Semple, Titusville. 
James C. Cronin, Philadelphia. 
Fred J. Hartman, Secretary. 

Jacob Lightner, Director. 



Harry A. Mackey, Chairman, Philadelphia. 
Paul W. Houck, Shenandoah. 
Benjamin Jarrett, Jr., Farrell. 
Clifford B. Connelley, ex-officio. 

Lee Solomon, Secretary. 
Wm. I. Schaffer, ex-officio. 
Francis H. Bohlen, Counsel. 
Charles H. Young, Associate Counsel. 
N. B. Andrews, Associate Counsel. 
Isaac Price, Associate Counsel. 


William H. Horner, Director. 

R. M. Pennock, Actuary. 

Harry Myers, Chief Adjuster. 

J. B. Means, Chief Clerk, Division of Exemptions and Insurance. 

William Z. Mahon, Chief Clerk, Division of Agreements and Receipts. 

Melvin G. Lehman, Chief Clerk, Division of Accidents. 


S. S. Riddle, Chief. 




Page 17 to 60. 

Brick, Cement and Stone Work 
Building Construction 
Electrical Construction 
Painting and Decorating 
Paving and Road Construction 
Plumbing and Heating 
Railway Construction 
Roofing and Sheet Metal Work 
Structural Iron Work (Erecting) 
Others of this class 


Page 60 to 79. 

Cleansing and polishing preparations 
Dyestuffs and Extracts 

Flavoring preparations 

Glue and Gelatin 
Graphite and Graphite refining 
Grease and Tallow 
Ink — Printing 
Ink — Writing 
Malt and Yeast 

Mucilage and Paste 
Oils — Crude 
Oils — Essential 
Oils — Linseed 
Oils — Lubricating 
Oils — Refined, Kerosene, etc. 
Oils — Not specified 
Paints and Varnishes 
Patent and Proprietary Medicines 
Powder and other explosives 

Sulphuric, Nitric and mixed acids 

Toilet preparations 
Turpentine and Rosin 
Wood Alcohol and Acetate of Lime 
Others of this class 

Paving materials 

Liquors — malt 

Pottery, terra cotta and fire clayLiquors — vinous 

Wall plaster 
Others of this class 


Page 80 to 97. 

Artificial Stone 




Emery and other abrasive wheels 

Glass Bottles 


Glass — decorative 

Glass — plate 

Glass — table ware 

Glass — window 


Hones and whetstones 

Lamps and chimneys 


Mantels and Tile 

Marble and granite work 



Page 97 to 122. 

Clothing— men's 

Clothing — women^s and children's 


Fur Goods 

Furnishing goods — not specified 

Gloves — other than leather 

Hats and Caps — other than straw 

Hats — -straw 

Hosiery and knit goods 

Ladies' skirts 





Shirt Waists 



Others of this class 

Table Waters 
Others of this class 


Page 185 to 211. 

Barrels, kegs and tanks 

Beds and cots 

Billiard tables and supplies 

Bobbins and spools 

Boxes — cigar 

Boxes — packing 

Carriages, wagons and parts 

Children's Carriages, sleds, etc. 

Cooperage, etc. 



Lumber and timber products 

Models and patterns — not paper 

Planing mill products 

Refrigerators and ice boxes 

Washing machines and wringers 

Wood — turned and carved 

Wood novelties 

Others of this class 


Page 123 to 167. 

Baking Powder 

Bread and other bakery products 

Butter, Cheese and condensed milk 

Canned and preserved goods 

Chocolate and cocoa products 

Coffee and spices, roasting, etc. 

Confectionery • 

Cordials and Syrups 

Flour and grist mill products 

Ice Cream 

Glucose and Starch . 



Slaughtering and meat packing 

Sugar refining 

Vinegar and. Cider 

Others of this class 


Page 167 to 175. 

Belting and Hose 

Boots and shoes 

Boots and shoes — rubber 

Gloves — leather 

Hides and Skins 

Leather — sole 

Leather — tanned, curried and finished 

Leather goods 

Rubber goods — not specified 

Trunks and suit cases 

Other of this class 


Page 175 to 185. 

Carbonated beverages 
Liquors — distilled 


Page 211 to 243. 

Bags — paper 

Boxes— fancy and paper 
Cardcutting and designing 
Electroplating, Engraving and Die- 
Labels and Tags 
Paper goods — -not specified 
Photo Engraving 
Printing and Publishing 
Pulp goods 
Roofing Paper 

Sand and Emery paper, and cloth 
Stationery goods — not specified 
Stereotyping and electrotyping 
Wall paper 
Others of this class 


Page 243 to 264. 

Bags — other than paper 

Blankets, Flannels, etc. 

Braids, Tapes and Bindings 

Carpets and rugs 

Cordage and twine, jute and linen 

Cotton goods 

Dyeing and finishing textiles 

Handkerchiefs and Embroideries 
Horse Blankets and robes 

Silk and Silk Goods and throwsters 




Wool pulling 

Woolen, worsted and felt goods 


Others of this class 


Pulleys, hangers and bearings 

Pumps and valves 

Bails — iron and steel 


Railroad supplies 

Rods — steel, in coils 

Safes, vaults and locks 



Scrap iron and steel 

Shafting — cold rolled, drawn 

Shapes — structural 
Shapes — other iron and steel 

JMETALS AND METAL PRODUCTS, f^f^ scoopg and spadeg 

Silverware and plated ware 

Pag« 264 to 269. 

Laundry Work 
Others of this class 

Page 269 to 350. 

Agricultural Implements and Ma- 

Aluminum and its products 

Automobiles and parts 

Axes and edge tools 


Babbit metal and solder 

Bars — lead and lead sheets 

Bars — iron and steel 

Beds and bed springs 

Bicycles, motorcycles and parts 

Billets, blooms and slabs 

Boilers, tanks and stacks 

Bolts, nuts and rivets 

Brass and bronze products 

Cars and car wheels 

Castings — iron and steel 


Cornices, ceiling, ventilators, etc. 


Elevators and hoists 

Engines — gas and gasoline 

Engines— railroad 

Engines — stationary 

Engines— traction 

Ferro alloys 


Eire escapes 

Eire arms and ammunition 

Fixtures — sras and electric, lamps 
and reflectors 

Forgings — Iron and steel 

Frogs and switches 

Hardware and specialties 

Hoops, bands and cotton ties 

Horse shoes 

Ingots — iron and steel 

Iron — charcoal 

Iron — pig 

Iron and steel work — ornamental 

Instruments — professional and scien- 

Machinery and parts 

Machine Repair shops 

Machine tools . 


Motors, dynamos, generators, etc. 

Nails and spikes 

Needles, pins, hooks and eyes 

Piling — rolled sheet 

Pipes and tubing > 

Plates — iron and steel 

Smelting and refining 


Stoves, heaters and ranges 

Supplies — electrical 

Tin and Terne plate 

Tinner's and Roofer's supplies 



Ware — tin and stamped 

Ware — enamel and galvanized 

Watches, clocks, jewelry, etc. 

Wire Products 

Garages making repairs 

Others of this class 


Page 350 to 382. 

Ore — iron 
Sand and Gravel 
Slate — roofing 
Slate — other than roofing 
Stone — cut 
Stone — crushed 
Coal — anthracite 
Coal — bituminous 
Others of this class 


Page 383 to 417. 

Repair Shops 

Auto Transit Companies 

Canal and Navigation Companies 

Electric Light, Heat and Power 

Ferry Companies 
Gas Companies 
Gas Companies (Natural) 
Gas and Electric Companies 
Inclined Plane Companies 
Pipe Line Companies 
Municipal Sewage Treatment Works 
Steam Heating Companies 
Steam Railroads 
Electric Railway Companies 
Telephone Companies 

Plumber's supplies and steam fittingsToll Bridge Companies 

Turnpike Companies 
Water Companies 
Others of this class 


Page 417 to 430. 

Cheroots and stogies 
Chewing tobacco 
Smoking tobacco 
Others of this class 

Page 430 to 454. 

Artificial flowers, feathers and plumes 

Awnings, tents and sails 

Asbestos products 

Baskets, rattan and willow ware 




Caskets and Undertakers' supplies 


Cork cutting 

Curled hair 

Engineering service 

Fancy articles and specialties 

Flags, banners, regalia, emblems, 

Fuel, manufactured 

Gold and silver leaf, and foil 

Hair work 

Handstamps, stencils and brands 

House furnishing goods — not speci- 

Junk — paper, rags, etc. 

Laboratory service 

Mats and matting 

Mattresses and bedding- 
Musical instruments— not specified 

Nursery products 

Oil cloth and linoleum 

Optical goods 

Packing — Steam, etc. 

Pens and pencils 

Photographic apparatus and supplies 

Pianos and organs 

Pipes — tobacco 

Plants and flowers 


Ship and boat building 

Soda water apparatus 

Sporting and athletic goods 

Statuary and art goods 

Surgical appliances and artificial 


Toys and games 

Umbrellas and parasols 



Window shades and fixtures 

Oil well supplies 

Others of this class 


Industrial establishments classified by product, and alphabetically 

arranged, with lists of Coal Companies and Public 

Service Corporations. 







Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Agostinis, P., 329 Rothwell Ave., . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

American Tomb Co., The, McKeesport, Allegheny. 

Amesbury, William H., :147 Barney St., . . .. Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Amsler, Wm. H., 829 Buffalo St., Franklin, Venango. 

Anundson Bros., Sheffield, Warren. 

Ardolino, Donato, 442 Hill Ave., Wilkinsburg, Allegheny. 

Armstrong, Irvine, Sr., Berwyn, Chester. 

Arnold & Raub, Windsor, York. 

Aston Bros., 296 Parrish St., Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Austin, Chas. H., ....923 James St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Bachmann, Adam, : 16 South 22nd St., . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Baker, Eugene J., 74 Belmont St., Carbondale, .... Lackawanna. 

Baker, Geo. H. & Son, 8 Bailey Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Bechtel, Joseph, N. W. Cor. 15th & Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

-&j Race St. 

Becker Bros., .4615 Friendship Ave.,Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Beilman & Son, 220 Ash St., Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Bell's Sons, Samuel, Peoples Bank Bldg.,. .Lebanon, Lebanon. 

Benintend & Bro., P. A., ... .Bessemer Bldg., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Billings, C. Wilbur, Edinboro, Erie. 

Black & Sell 1515 Warren St., . . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Blendinger, Fred, 1138 Haslage Ave., . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Bockstoce, W. S., Dubois St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Brennan, Frank, 1409 Ritner St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Brice, W. T., 135 Bradford Ave., . .Crafton, Allegheny. 

Broadbelt, Wm. K., 438 Washington St., .Media, Delaware. 

Burket Bros., Inc., 218 West 9th Ave., . . Tarentum, Allegheny. 

Burnett, J. H 347 N. 4th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Carter Paving Company, .... 18th & FairmountPhiladelphia, Philadelphia. 


Ceris Contracting Company, Arribridge, Beaver. 

Chapman & Sons, Wm. I., ...S. E. Cor. 15th &Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Washington Ave. 

Charles, H. Vincent, 67 North 63rd St., ..Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Christensen, Adolph, 1433 Brown St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Coleman & Sander, 23 E. Hoyt St., Kingston, Luzerne. 

Colgan, Frank J 2205 N. Broad St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Concrete Construction Co., Thel618 Thompson St., .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Conley, E. W 219 Fifth St., Wyoming, Luzerne. 

Connor, James, 1317 Arch St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Conway & Co., F. P., East Willow GrovePhiladelphia, Philadelphia. 

Coronway, H. R., 154 N. WashingtonWilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 


Couradis, August, 500 Magee Bldg., . . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Coutts Company, Thos., 3324 Smallman St., .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Cranford Construction Co., ...507 Keystone Bldg., .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Cressman, John R 238 Franklin St., . . .Quakertown, Bucks. 

Crowe, P. H 603 Baldwin St., . . .Meadville, Crawford. 

Cummings Structural Concrete 

Co., 221 Fourth Ave., . . .Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Dallas, Thos., 422 Diamond St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Damm, Jos., 1403 East St., ..... .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Davis Smith Co., The, 5161 Federal St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

De Angelis, Horace, Irwin, Westmoreland. 

Depp & Co., A. J., 1334 Adams St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Dettling & Co., A., .Oxford Ave., Crafton, Allegheny. 

Dickover & Son, Geo. T., ....82 Simon Long Bldg.,Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Dieterle, J. G., 104 West Penn St., . .Germantown, Philadelphia. 

Di Kienyo, Stephen, 1110 Sloan Ave. Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Doak, Albert, 2138 Arch St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


is Industrial directory of Pennsylvania. 

Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

WORK — Continued. 

Dorsey & Smith, Ill N. 7th St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Douck, Jacob L., 1368 W. Princess St.,York, York. 

Drehmann Paving Co 2622 Parrish St., ...Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Dunbar, H. C., 160 Grant Carp Crafton, Allegheny. 

Dutton & Stephenson, 1317-19 WashingtonPhiladelphia, Philadelphia. 


Dyer, W. W., Highland Terrace, . . .Aspinwall, Allegheny. 

Eibel & Bro., Joseph A., 711 East Orange St., . Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Einwechter, Walter F., 314 Richmond St., ..Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Enterprise Contracting Co., ...Bessemer Bldg., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Epley, Horace C, York, , York. 

Evans, John R., 24 S. Regent St., . . .Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Evans, Shepley W., Broad & Race Sts.,Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Farrow, Walter 109 Petrie Ave Rosemont, Montgomery. 

Faust & Son, John K., 139 W. Greenwich St.,Reading, Berks. 

Ferner, W. G Somerset, Somerset. 

Ferro-Concrete Co., 17 North Second St.,Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

Fink, Joseph P., 1128 Main St., Darby, Delaware. 

Finkbeiner, William, > Bangor, Northampton. 

Flury, Geo. B 1138 South 22d St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Foulk & Bros., E. P., South Decatur St., . . Strasburp- Lancaster. 

Foye, F. F., , Brownsville Fayette. 

Frank, Fred, 219 North Arch St.,. .Lancaster Lancaster. 

Frey, J. B., & Kline, John, Shiremanstown, Cumberland. 

Frick & Sons Lebanon, Lebanon. 

Friel, John J., 3108 North Front St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Galbraith Paving Co., The, . . . 1212 Sedgley Av . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Gallatig, John, 447 W. Dauphin St., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

uallatin Construction Co., ... .26 W. South St., .... Uniontown, Fayette. 

Gane, George, 815 Summit Grove Bryn Mawr Montgomery. 


Gartner, Joseph C, 835 Mt. Troy Road,. .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

George & Son, John, 4329 N. Fifteenth St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Geshwind, Herbert W., 761 N. 26th St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Gibbon, David, 2011 Sarah St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Glenn, J. Temple, 524 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Gordon, JohnJE 2314 E. Lehigh Ave.. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Graham, Wm. L., 33 Gibboney St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Gray & Sons Co., Wm., 30th St. bel. Walnut, Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Griesbaum, Wm. J 478 N. Centre St., . . .Pottsville Schuylkill. 

Griffiths Concrete & Construe- 3512 Grant Blvd Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

tion Co. 

Grimm, Preston C ' Apollo, Armstrong. 

Grundy, Geo., 905 Gerritt St Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Hamerly, R. C, Linn Building Swissvale Allegheny. 

Happ, Louis, 1315 Penn Ave Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Harris & Co., Franklin M., . . .1820 Wylie St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Hartbauer, Daniel 4109 Liberty Ave., . . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Heine, Michael H W. Market St., Orwigsburg, Schuylkill. 

Heins & Co., Wm. R 1713 Moravian St., . .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Hinkle & Co., Inc., J. H., . . . .Hutchinson & Venan- Philadelphia, ...... .Philadelphia. 

go Sts. 

Hippie Mortar Co Matlack & Evans Sts., West Chester Chester. 

Hobaugh, J. S., Box No. 755, Butler, Butler. 

Holmes, Samuel 5116 Cypress St., . . .Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Homes Co., E. J., 1311 Walnut St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hook, John H 431 W. Lemon St., . . Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Hoppock, E. B., 106 N. Robinson Ave.. Pen Argyl, Northampton. 

Houseworth, Joseph E., N. E. Cor. 30th & Le- Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

high Ave. 

Howard & Gramm, Inc., 14 Harvey St., PhiladelDhia Philadelphia. 

Huber, E. H. & Son, 1417 Turner St., Allentown Lehigh. 

Ignetzi, M. A.. 145 Meadow St., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

James, John E., 45 S. Grant St Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Kelly, James, Juniper & Filbert Sts.,Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kennellv, John A 5414 Kincaid St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Keystone Mausoleum Co 1272 Liberty St Franklin Franklin. 

Keystone State Construction 704-09 Pennsylvania Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Co. Bldg. 

King, R. A 802 Madison Ave., . . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Kirkpatrick, Sherman, Lionville Chester. 

Kisterbock & Son, J 2002-4 Market St., . .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Kline & Sacks, 433-39 N. 13th St., . .Allentown Lehigh. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. Cou.ity. 

WORK — Continued. 

Krause, William, 1617-23 N. 5th St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kruse, Wm. L 3419 East St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Kunze, Albert, 2324 Oronemeyer Ave.,McKeesport Alleghenv. 

Lancaster Cement Paving Co., 127 Reservoir St., . . . Lancaster Lancaster. 

Landis Tile & Mantel Co., ... .427 N. 6th St., Reading Berks. 

Lane, William B. & Son, 89 Belmont St., Carbondale, Lackawanna. 

Lange, Gustave A., .24 Westminster St., . .Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Lehman Co., F 201 W. Jackson St.,. .York, York. 

Leitner, Frank C, 3 S. Webster Ave., . . Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Lejeune, Simon, 136 Park Way, Carrick, Allegheny. 

Lewis, T. L 210 W. Union St., . .West Chester Chester. 

Lines. Frank, 1508 Cambridge St.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Lovatt, C. B., Co 1203 Federal St., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Lyon & Co., D. A., 522 Industry St., . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

McCann & Bro., John 1632 Sansom St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

McChesney & Biddle, 616 Race St.. Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

McConnell, Jacob H 2d and Spruce Sts., . . West Reading Berks. 

Mclnerney, Frank, 707 Northampton Easton Northampton. 

Bank Bldg. 

McLaughlin & McLaughlin, . . . 7309 Finance St., . . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny 

McLaughlin Paving Co., Ltd., 7027 Kelly St., Pittsburgh Allegheny! 

Malloy, M. J 673i Main St., Sugar Notch, Luzerne. ' 

Malz & Son, Otto, 2108 Lawrence St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Marshall, William 5236 Harrison St., . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny 

Masi Bros., 1246 Grotto St., Pittsburgh Allegheny* 

Melville, James W., 2 Oremo St Pittsburgh, Alleghenv' 

Metz, Herbert H 32 E. Fourth St Lansdale, Montgomery. 

Miles, M. W., Newport, Perrv 

Mitchell & Gaskell .'1323 North Ave . Wilkinsburg Alleghenv 

Moreau, A. F., 228 N. 5th St Indiana, Indiana 

Mutscheller, Dennis 901 Third Ave., Beaver Falls, Beaver. 

Nazareth Cement Burial Vault Nazareth, . . . ; Northampton. 


Orgill, C. W., 4377 Stanton Ave., . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Parker, William, 123 Grandview Road, Ardmore Montgomery. 

Paterson, Wayne, Main St., Saegerstown, Crawford. 

Patschke, A. Wesley, 1116 Lehman St., . . Lebanon, . . . Lebanon 

Paulson, Fred, 7500 Island Rd., Philadelphia Philadelphia 

Payne & Scammell, 1416 Land Title Bid?. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Perry, F. L., Covington, Tioga. 

Phillips & George 1007 Spring St., .... Braddock Allegheny. 

Ploucher, John J., - 4941 Duffield St., . . .Philadelphia Philadelphia 

Pomeroy, John B., . . Shippensourg, Cumberland. 

Portage Concrete Construction P. O. Box dbd Portage, Cambria. 


Progressive Realty Company, Souderton, Montgomery. 

Reber, Henry H., 704 Penn Ave West Reading, Berks 

Reese, D. W., 137 East Fifth Ave., . Homestead, Allegheny 

Reynolds, S. J., 7 Shadow Ave Plymouth, Luzerne. 

Rhodes Bros. Concrete Co Rinler St. & P. R. R., Pittsburgh, AHpsTiptit 

Riblet, O. S 913 East 6th St Erie Erie. 

Rockwell, George W., 724 East Market St.,. Sunbury Northumberland. 

Rogers, Charles, . . Covington, Tioga. 

Ruoff, Coust & Co 2d and Butler Sts., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Rush, A. H Phoenixville, Chester. 

Schilling & Son, L.. * 1307 Buttonwood St., Reading, Berks. 

Schmitt & Co., 180 N. Pennsylvania Wilkes-Barre Luzerne. 


Shenk, I. H., 623 S. Prince St., . . .Lancaster, Lancaster 

Shiber, William H., 42 McCarragher St.,. .Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Shoemaker & Son, S. W., 1545 N. Sixth St., . . .Harrisburg, Djinnhin 

Shull & Badger, 564 Mifflin St Butler, ..Butler 

Siebler, W. F., 14 S. Third St.. Easton Northampton. 

Simplex Foundation Company. 3400 Disston St., .... Tacony, Philadelphia 

Sinclair, Frederick W., 1627 Winter St., Philadelphia Philadelphia 

Smith, Joseph R 3102 Euclid Ave., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia! 

Snyder's Sons, L., 260 N. Marvin* St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Sparks & Evans, Broad and Race Sts., Philadelphia, Philadelphia' 

Spellman Co., M. J., 5883 Ellsworth Ave., . Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Standard Construction Co., 705 Race St., Bristol, Bucks 


Standard Oven Company, 1835 Oliver BIdg?, . . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Star Tiling Company Buff St. near Gist . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny" 

Steacy-SchmMt Manufacturing 230 Hay St York York 



Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

WORK — Continued. 

Stebbins, M. H 9 Queen Si" Wellsboro Tioga. 

Steel Bros., 758 Franklin Ave., . . Wilkinsburg Allegheny. 

Steify, Thos. W., Broad Street, Lititz, Lancaster. 

Stern, Jacob, Stroudsburg, Monroe. 

Stevens Contracting Co., P. O. Box No. 604, . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Stockhausen & Son, Jos 613 Boggs Ave., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Stohler, Charles D., 824 Guilfora St Lebanon, Lebanon. 

Stohler, Paul, 727 Lehman St., Lebanon, Lebanon. 

Struse & Sons, CO., Walnut Lane, Manayunk, Philadelphia. 

Strycker, W. S., •■ North Girard, Erie. 

Swanf er, Wm. E., 419 Canal St., Lebanon, ' Lebanon. 

Swanson, Carl J Sheffield, .Warren. 

Swindell & Bros., William, . . . 5035 Jenkins Arcade Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Tamaqua Construction Co., . . .East Broad St.,, Schuylkill. 

Thiele Construction Co., 81 McMillan St., Johnstown Cambria. 

Thompson & Son, Geo. I., Clearfield Clearfield. 

Thompson & Wills, Royersf ord, Montgomery. 

Wagaman, Pius I- McSherrystown, Adams. 

Wagman & Bro., Wm., East Main St Dallastown York. 

Walp, O. E., . Dewey Park, Nanticoke, Luzerne. 

Walsh & Stein, Hazleton, Luzerne. 

Walters, J. E., Juniata, .' Blair. 

Ward Paving Co., 2308 N. 29th St Philadelphia, ... Philadelphia. 

Wardle, George S., _. 5108 Duffield St Frankford, Philadelphia. 

Watkins & Son, Charles 60 vjaylord Ave., . . . .Plymouth, Luzerne. 

Wilcox, Ira C, 5145 DearDorn St., . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Wymard & Son, C. W., 412 Todd St., . Wilkinsburg Allegheny. 

York, U. G., Youngsville, Warren. 

Young, Charles C, 1511 Fifth Ave., ... .Beaver Fall? Beaver.. 


Allen Lumber Co., Meldon Ave., Donora, Washington. 

Allshouse, Jno., 309 Barnes St., Wilkinsburg, Allegheny. 

Allspaugh Bros 309 N. Bromley Ave., Scranton, Lackawanna. 

American Construction Com Altoona, Blair. 

pany of Altoona. 

Anderson Constr. Co., E. W., . .412 Croton Ave., . . . .New Castle Lawrence. 

Anstine & Company, W. W., . .1218 Filbert St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Altoona Concrete Construct. & 1722 Margaret Ave.,. .Altoona, Blair. 

Supply Co. 

Altoona Construction Co 943 19th St., Altoona, Blair. 

Applegate, A. F., Turtle Creek, Allegheny. 

Arand, John J., 514 Spring St St. Clair, Allegheny. 

Ardis, Albert A., Jr., 219 S. Fifth St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Art Stucco Companv Pittsburgh, . Allegheny. 

Ash, Chas. H 353 E. Lincoln Hwy., Coatesville, . .Chester. 

Ashby, Jos., 7920 Oxford Ave., . . Philadelphia, . .• Philadelphia. 

Atkins, Edward 249 S. 24th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Atkinson, Roger, .18-24 S. Seventh St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Attwell Brick Construction Co., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Bachman, B. Frank 429 Woolworth Bldg., Lancaster Lancaster. 

Baker Lumber Co., 1101 Jefferson St., . .Latrobe, Westmoreland. 

Baker, Wm. E., 1621 Capouse Ave., . -Scranton Lackawanna. 

Baldinspuger, S. G., 401 Highland Bldg.,. -Pittsburgh *. . .Allegheny. 

Baldwin, C. A., 214 Marsoid St., . . . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Baldwin, Cloyd R., ; West Chester Chester. 

Bally, Samuel H 514 S. Shippen St.,. .Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Bane & Pittman, Clairton Allegheny. 

Barclay White & Co., 1713 Sansom St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Barnett, J. R., 1264 Wisconsin Ave., Dormont, Allegheny. 

Barnes Bros., 2080-82 E. Willard St. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Barr, Morris A., 200 Linwood Ave., . .Ardmore, Montgomery. 

Barrall, H. M., 339 E. Broad St Nanticoke, Luzerne. 

Bartol, H. F., 59 Fifth Ave., Freedom, Beaver. 

Baton, Henry E., 12th & Sansom Sts.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Beall & Co., H. E 434 Broad St Sewickley Allegheny. 

Beard Construction Co., 658 Penn St., Reading Berks. 

Beatty Co., Wm. D ....900 Burd St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Beatty & Bro., Robert 2314 E. Dauphin St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bechtel, A. A., .400 Northampton Easton, Northampton. 

Nat. Bank Bldg. 


Name and Industry. Address. City, or Town. County. 


Becker, I. H., Schuylkill Haven, . . . Schuylkill. 

Becker, Willis A., Royersford, . .. Montgomery. 

Behrens & Son, P. J., 179 Blackman St., . . Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Bell, Charles E 223 S. American St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bell, Samuel R., 1031 Edgmont Ave., . . Chester Delaware. 

Belle Vernon Construction Co., Belle Vernon, Fayette. 

Bennett & Co., James V., ... .Third & Hepburn Sts.,Williamsport, Lycoming. 

Bennett, W. B., 742 N. Negley Ave., . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Benson, H. G., 2943 Brownsville Rd.,Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Bergman & Sons, Jos. A., .... 2601 Wylie Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Berkebile Bros., 502 Title Trust Bldg.. Johnstown, Cambria. 

Berwick Lumber & Supply Co., Second & Oak Sts.,. .Berwick, Columbia. 

Bethlehem Lime & Supply Co., Bethlehem, Northampton. 

Biehn, Harry M., 22 Penrose St., Quakertown, Bucks. 

Bierling, Jacob, 3823 Baring St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bilger & Co., S. L., 26 N. Eighth St., . . Shamokin Northumberland. 

Birkel, Benedict, 106 E. Fourth St., . .South Bethlehem, . . .Northampton. 

Bloedel, Henry A., 610 Armandale Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Boehmer & Sons, Charles, ....Gana & Rialto Sts., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Bogue, M. H., 817 E. 21st St Erie, Erie. 

Boland Bros., 427 Spruce St Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Boland, John, 235 Walnut St., . . . .Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Bollinger & Co., R. C, 218 N. 13th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bonham & Troy, 99 Slocum St Forty Fort, Luzerne. 

Boorse, D. 1625 Thompson St., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Boorse, H. B., 665 N. 15th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Booze, William H Main St., New Hope, Bucks. 

Borthwick, Pringle, 8018 Germantown Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia. 


Bottoms & Sons Co., Abel, . . .3601 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bowersox, James, 77 Logan St., Lewistown Mifflin. 

Boyer, Charles H.. -Mt. Carmel Northumberland. 

Boyer & Stannert Northumberland Northumberland. 

Boyle, James J., 200 S. Wyoming St., Hazleton, Luzerne. 

Braden, O. Perry, Franklin, "Venango. 

Bradenbaugh, Frederick, Millersburg, Dauphin. 

Breneman, J. P., 140 E. Chestnut St.,. .Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Brenton and Son, W. C, 500 Exeter St.,. West Pittston, Luzerne. 

Brewer, Morris, 812 Broadway, South Bethlehem, . . .Northampton. 

Brimmer Lee G 25 Verner Ave Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Brown Bros., 1513 Potomac Ave., . . Dormont, Allegheny. 

Brown Construction Co., The, 4600 Main St Manayunk Philadelphia. 

Brown, D. F. & J. T Oxford, Chester. 

Brown, John G., 707 Witherspoon Bldg.Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bruggeman Co., J. F 502 Avery St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Bryan, William J., 278 S. American St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Buchholtz, R. W., 2231 Murray Ave., . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Buck, MA, Carroltown, Cambria. 

Budd & Son, B. F 1 Silence St Sharon Mercer. 

Buffamoyer, Harry 301 Mann Bldg., Lebanon Lebanon. 

Burns & Son, CM Waterford, Erie. 

Burrell; Horace H 206 S. Quince St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Burrell & Snyder, 312 Coulter Bid*., . . Greensburg, Westmoreland. 

Bushnell Bros., ; 2146 E. Norris St.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Byers, George, .'1747 Foulkrod St., . . Frankford, Philadelphia. 

Byham Building Company 1050 Water St Meadville, Crawford. 

Cadowl, F. L., Sturgeon Allegheny. 

Cahan, Abe, 327 Beaver Ave Aliquippa, Beaver. 

Cahoon, W. E., . . ., 1108 Fairfield St., . . Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Caie, Alexander, 48 E. Chestnut Ave., .Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia. 

Calhoon & Miller 6200 Penn Ave Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Caputo, Louis, 1039 S. Main Ave.,. . Scranton Lackawanna. 

Carberry, Thomas J., 232 Heed Bldg., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Carlm, Daniel F 1721 Bambridge St.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Case & Son, F. P Troy, Bradford. 

Caviston, P F 81 Hosoital St., Carbondale, Lackawanna. 

Chambers & Son, W. H., 1 S. Liberty St., New Castle, Lawrence. 

Chambley, Alexander N. E. Cor. 21st & Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Summer Sts. 

Christy & Son, Wm., 1614 McKean St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Clark, C. E., 116 N. Camac St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Clark, R. B 1937 Brandvwine St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Cluck, Harry H 170 E. Walnut Lane, Philadelphia, ., Philadelphia. 

Cochrane Co., Geo. A 1220 Columbus Ave., Pittsburgh, .... Allegheny. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Codori John A., 1235 Arch St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Cohn, Louis 417 Christian St., . . .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Coil, Lawrence J : ... 59 Gilderslieve St., . . Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Collyer, W. K., 2009 N. 29th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Conn, L. S s Sayre, Bradford. 

Connellsville Construction Co., 402 First National Connellsville Fayette. 

Bank Bldg. 

Connolly & Son, John, • Plymouth Luzerne. 

Connsman, John L 704 Eighth Ave., . . . . Altoona, S, la F% , , . 

Consolidated Construction Co., 34th & Bowman Sts., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Constable Brothers Co., The, . .202 W. Fifth St., . .Erie, Erie. . 

Cook-Anderson Company , . ,, . '•••••■• ■ • • • £ eav ^ r ' A leaver. 

Corbin & Beck 1311 Mifflin St., .... Huntingdon, Huntingdon. 

Cornell & Son,' J. S 239 Land Title Bldg., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Corrin & Wilt 1101 Chestnut St., . .Franklin Venango. 

Coulson & Bro J W Hanover, York. 

Coulston James M., 184 E. Evergreen St., Chestnut Hlil, Philadelphia. 

Counsma'n, John L 704 Eighth Ave., . . . .Altoona, Blair. 

Craig J. A., 6004 Penn Ave Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Cramer W H '• Emporium, Cameron. 

Crawford Daniel, Jr 701 N. 63d St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Crawford' Co , D. F., Ltd., 603 Fifth Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Crisman D H 727 Filbert St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Crisman) George 583 Blessing St., . . Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Crouch E M., °" Clt y» Venango. 

Culp & Staley, Plymouth Meeting, . . Montgomery. 

Culver & Co., Joel A Charleston St., Wellsboro Tioga. 

Cump Charles E 142 Park Ave., Chambersburg, Franklin. 

Cunningham & Bartholomew, . .4326 Paul St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Curtis & Co., John 1 Hickory St Wilkes-Barre, R»?, e ™ e / . . 

Cuthbertson, Elmer L Philadelphia Philadelphia. - 

nnjrnev Tohn H York Rd. & 69th Ave. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

DaEl Henry G.',' 231 S. 8th St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Damovitch A. W, 24 Brookside St., ...Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Dampman,D.*E., .'*. 420 Carpenter St., . .Reading Berks. 

Daniels J Morris, 252 S. Juniper St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Danker' & Son 338 Somerset St Johnstown, Cambria. 

Danner Harry J., 25 Lafette St., .• Tamaqua, Schuylkill. 

r>ivi<! TTYed'k B 129 N. Warren St., . .Easton Northampton. 

Davis F B , .'!.'.'. 240 N. 16th St., .... Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Davis) Harry, 5445 Pine St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Davis' J C 614 Adams Ave Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Davie's John F 1119 Foulkrod St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Dayis, L., 13th & Nedro Ave., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Davis' Lumber Co., Cor. Rock & Webster Shamokin Northumberland. 


Dawson C J., 3794 Grant Blvd., ..Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Dawson Construction Co 1005 May Bldg., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Deakins, W. E 218 Pauley Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Deemer, George B., Hellertown, Northampton. 

Deever, Thomas 1618 N. Carlisle St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Dengler Joseph, Oakdale Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Denison, Frank, Hawley Wayne. 

Derr Geo. K 526 Washington St., Reading, Berks. 

Dershimer & Griffin .Pittston, Luzerne. 

Dietrich. Frank, Jr 1828 E. Schiller St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Detrick, H. W., 74 Wesley St Forty Fort, Luzerne. 

Dickey, Elmer W 2221 Bonstead St., . .Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Dickson Lumber Co., Main St., Dickson City, Lackawanna. 

Diehl, Levi J., 47 Hanover St., Gettysburg, Adams. 

Dietrick Construction Co., 242 N. Sixth St., . . .Allentown. Lehigh. 

Dillon, F. P., 1223S. 20th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Direnzo. Angelo D., 1019 Wood St., Bristol Bucks. 

Dodson Realty Corporation, Bethlehem Northampton. 

Donora Lumber Co 232 Meldon Ave., . . .Donora Washington. 

Dougherty, George C, 1725 Ludlow St., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Dougherty, Wm. R., 1608-10 Sansom St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Douglass, Leslie 217 N. Sixth St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Downward, George, 2125 S. Frazier St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Doyle & Company, 1519 Sansom St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Drummond, Thos. L., 2343 S. 15th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Duncan, John 920 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Dunn, I. N *.„ 2518 Maple St., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Duquesne Construction Co., . .1115 Bessemer Bldg., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Durell, Clifford, 1713 N. 24th St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Dushane & Sons, I. N Jane & Pine Sts Carnegie, Allegheny. 

Dykes, W. L Kane McKean. 

Easby, M. Ward, Inc Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

East End Lumber Co Shamokin Luzerne. 

Easterbrook, William 146 N. 4th St., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Eckenrode Bros 115 Park Ave., Wilkes-Barre Luzerne. 

Eddleman & Sons, Wm. H., . .453 Green Lane, Roxboro Philadelphia. 

Eddy, F. W., 266 Horton St., Wilkes-Barre Luzerne. 

Ede, Walter, Pen Argyl, Northampton. 

Edgett, Peter V., Warren, Warren. 

Ehmann, John E., 1024 Gross St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Ehrlinger, John 425 Van Braam St.,. .Pittsburgh, Alleghenv. 

Bichenlaub, Geo. R., 6230 Penn Ave Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Eister & Wiest, 135 Catawissa Ave.,. .Sunbury, Northumberland. 

Ekas, F. W., 608 Third Ave., Tarentum Allegheny. 

Elder, Francis F Abbottstown, Adams. 

Elder Lumber Co., R. D Fourth Ave. & Tenth Juniata, Blair. 


Elliott, W. J., Pennegar Bldg Coatesville Chester. 

Elvidge & Son, Frederick 5522 Germantown Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Embrey Construction Co., J. 4907 Wvnnefield St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Enzian & Co., Geo., 802 Madison Ave., . .Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Ermold, N. Atlee, 704 Manhattan Bldg., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Erie Builders Supply Company, Erie, Erie. 

Eshelman, Uriah, Franklin, .•.Venango. 

Evans, Edwin M 321 S. Lawrence St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Evans Construction Company, 9 S. 18th St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Evert Lumber Company, Kulpmont, Northumberland. 

Ewing & Enderbrook, 1942 DeLancey St.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Fagley, G. V 307 17th St., Tyrone, Blair. 

Fassnacht, John H., 1138 Douglass St., . .Reading, Berks. 

Fay & Son, Edward, 2 S. Mole St. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Fehr, William R., 746 Milton Ave Easton, Northampton. 

Feldman, B. A., 910 N. 29th St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Fellaborn, L. H 1001 Heberton St., . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Ferguson & Son, Wm., 405 S. 21st St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Ferringer, Harry C, Franklin Venango. 

Fetzer Winger Co., 910 Bessemer Bldg.,. .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Fickes- & Son, H., 3600 Fifth Ave., Altoona, "• Blair. 

Fieger, Austin Dredging Co., . .House Bldg Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Fischer, F. L., 1148 S. Negley Ave., Pittsburgh, . Allegheny. 

Fisher, George H., 423 E. Lancaster Ave.,East Downingtown, ..Chester. 

Fisher, John 439 Ninth St Oakmont Allegheny. 

Fisher, R. H 5147 Holmes St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Finley & Campbell West Newton Westmoreland. 

Finucane, T. J 612 E. 12th St Erie Erie. 

Fleck, James S., 414 Seventh Ave:, ..Altoona, Blair. 

Flowers, Frank, 124 S. Dock St Sharon Mercer. 

Fluke & Sons. J. B 2515 Fifth Ave., Altoona Blair. 

Folkenson, Howard D 42 S. Tenth St., Easton Northampton. 

Foltz, H. C, 215 Church St Turtle Creek Allegheny. 

Fonder, Edward F., 1114 Land Title Bldg.,Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Foulk, William H., 7821 Germantown Chestnut Hill Philadelphia. 


Fraim, A. P., 319 Market St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Frank, George H 1113 Cherry St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Prankenfield, George W '. Ambler Montgomery. 

Frankford & Frankford Front & Locust Sts., Columbia, Lancaster. 

Frantz, Charles J Franklin Venango. 

Frastburg & McClure, Penna. National Bank Chester Delaware. 


Fretz & Son, A. L., Heed Bldg Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Front Construction Co., 912 House Bldg Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Fuchs, George D., 2027 Prospect Ave... .Scranton Lackawanna. 

Fuller Co., George A 1130 Widener Bldg., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Fuller, E. A 161fi Dickson Ave., . . Scranton Lackawanna. 

Fullman Co., J. G., Inc. 325 Melwood St Pittsburgh Allegheny 

B. R. Fulmer & Co., Greensburg, Westmoreland. 

Furman, Cassius E., Franklin Venango. 

Gailey, J. I., Nanty-Glo, Cambria. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Gallagher, W. H., Fairfield, Adams. 

Gamber, B. V Rear of 1700 W. Ti- Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

oga St. 
Gangewere & Co., W. H., .... 206 Allentown Nat. Allentown Lehigh. 

Bank Bldg. 

Garmen & Sons, 318 Seventh Ave., . .New Brighton, Beaver. 

Garvin, Frank G., Beaver Falls Beaver. 

Gates, William P., . Tyrone, Blair. 

Geating, John, 1138 Walnut St Ashland, Schuylkill. 

Gehret & Lambert, „ . .Bellefonte Centre. 

Geiger Lumber Mill Company, Mount Carmel Northumberland. 

Geissler & Lude .-.. 852 Suissmon St., . . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

George and Borst, 277 S. 11th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Gerber, Albert D 230 Ionic St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Gibson, E. W., & Son, Third & Broad Sts.,. .Oxford, Chester. 

Gibson, J. H 7723 Edsrerton Ave.,. .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Gibson, Weldon, Oak St Coudersport, Potter. 

Gilbert, J. Frank Greencastle, Franklin. 

Gill, Harry, Jr., 2515 Germantown Philadelphia, Philadelphia, 


Gill, John N. & Co., 1215 Filbert St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Gilpin, Charles 914 Harrison Bldg., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Glahn & Son, Peter, Owen St., Forty Fort Luzerne. 

Glassport Lumber Co., Glassport, Allegheny. 

Glatfelter, S. F., 24-25 Small Bldg.. . . York York. 

Goger, Chas. W., 1306 Mt. Vernon St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Golden & Crick 3512 Fifth Ave Pittsburgh. Allegheny. 

Goodwin, John H 1325 E. Haines St.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Grace, H. E. Co., " 1707 Sansom St., . . .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Graff, Alvin L., 32 Centre St Tamaqua Schuylkill. 

Graham-Campion Co., 1215 Filbert St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Graham, J. E., 209 Main St., Conemaugh Cambria. 

Graham, John F Cedar St Irwin Westmoreland. 

Graham, W. M. Co 825 E. Ninth St Erie Erie. 

Gran Company, H. E., 1707 Sansem St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Gravatt, James A., Tarentum, Allegheny. 

Gray Brothers, Rosemont Montgomery. 

Greenburg, Sol, North American Bldg. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Greim Woodworking Co.. . . . . Waverlv Ave Morton Delaware. 

Greiner, J. H., 826 Walnut St Lebanon Lebanon. 

Grosek, Anthony, 113 Henry St., Plains, Luzerne. 

Grumling & Kauffman, Sidman Cambria. 

Guffith, Moses, .'60 Moffet St Plains Luzerne. 

Gum, Chas. L., 2546 N. 29th St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Guthrie, E. F., 1118 South Ave Wilkinsburg, Allegheny. 

Haas, John, 215 Meridian St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Hahn, F. P 200 Broad St., Nazareth Northampton. 

Haibach Contracting Co., 1261 N. 26th St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Haines, D. S., Coal Exchange Bldg., Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Haise, L. C, 1024 E. 24th St., . .Erie Erie. 

Hall, J. G., 1122 Mifflin St., Huntingdon, Huntingdon. 

Hamilton Company, Inc., C. F.,423 Trust Bldg., Franklin Venango. 

Hamm, Charles E 28-30 Clark St Warren Warren. 

Hand, Joseph A., 8029 Frankford Ave., Holmesburg, Philadelphia. 

Hardy & Rakm, 40 Murdock St., Canonsburg Washington. 

Harkms Bros., 39 Worrall St Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Harkless, Cyrus K . . .Franklin Venango. 

Harper Lumber and Building 934 Water St., Meadville, Crawford. 

Co., The. 

Harting, Samuel, 20 E. Johnson St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hartman John S., 204 Douglas St., Reading Berks. 

gasley William J., Forward Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Hatch, M. S., Bryn Mawr, Montgomery. . 

Haupt & Rentz, Penn Ave Wyomissing Berks. 

Havener, John, HO Merion Ave., West Conshohocken, Montgomery. 

Havens Co., Fred A., 845 N. 19th St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hayden, Harry E., 1 Menerva Ave Easton Northampton. 

Hazlett & Son, Hugh, 1701 N. 20th St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Headen, E J 1201 Finance Bldg.,. .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Heavener, Frank R., 33 Boyer Arcade, . . .Norristown, Montgomery. 

Heffley, S. A., 10 Stevens St Johnstown, Cambria. 

Heffner, Edward A., R3fii Jefferson St., ..Germantown, Philadelphia. 

Heginbotham Bros 919 Wallace Ave Wilkinsburg Allegheny. 

Heh, Chas. M., 1340 Paulson Ave., . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 



Heinly, Lyman G 543 Ritter St Reading, Berks. 

Heist, Harry H 1826 W. Tioga St.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Helms, C. H., 1787 Perrysville Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Hemmonger, G. E. & E. B., >.249 W. Pomfret St.,. -Carlisle, Cumberland. 

Henderson and Son, William, . .327 S. 20th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Henwood, D., 1509 Wood St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Herbert Construction Co., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Herr, A. E., Winburne, Clearfield. 

Hersh, A. J., 414 Pine Avo Altoona, Blair. 

Hersh'ey, Leaman Co 53 N. Cedar St., Lititz, Lancaster. 

Hess, R. E., Winburne, Clearfield. 

Hickson-Duggan Construction 1001 Bailey Bldg., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Company. ' - 

Hildebrand, A. M., 91 Wood St., Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Hillsley & Perkins, 1825 Sansom St -Philadelphia, -Philadelphia. 

Hippie, Harold A., Harrisburg National Harrisburgr Dauphin. 

Bank Bldg. 

Hober, George A., 224 Oregon St., .... Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Hobert, Henry A., 2620 E. Cumberland Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hodder Construction Co., Inc., Corey & Braddock Braddock, Allegheny. 


Hohnberg, S., 12 Irvine St., Warren Warren. 

Hollenback, Edwin E., Inc., ..N. W. Cor. 15th & Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Race Sts. 

Holt Lumber Co., The, Carbondale, Lackawanna. 

Honegy, C. W., 6022 Station St., . . . Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Hoole, J- A., \x\^-'' • • 'Carbondale Lackawanna. 

Hoover, Daniel P., 4047 Warren St., . . -Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hoover, P. L. & Son, Inc., 1023 Cherry St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

gombeck, Everett, j..... Forest City, Susquehanna. 

Hornick, C. O., & Son, 117 Peter St., Johnstown, . Cambria.* 

Horrocks, James D., -l- a -- Swissvale, Allegheny. 

Houpt, Irvm B., b54 Haws Ave., ..... Narristown, . Montgomery. 

Howard s Sons, James W., . . .1714 Bambridge St.,. -Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Howdens & Son, John ..... 245 N. 16th St Philadelphia ....... Philadelphia. 

Huffman & Sons, W. H. C, ..241 William St., Williamsport Lycoming. 

Hughes Poulkrod Company, ..Commonwealth Bldg., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hummer, H W., 1423 Liberty St., . . . -Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

Husband, W. S 424 Corey Ave., Braddock, Allegheny. 

Ingraham, W. B., 1st Natl. Bank Bldg., Uniontown, Fayette. 

Irwin & Leighton, _. 126 N. 12th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Isaacs & Son, Reese D 54 W. Market St., . -Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne 

Itter, Charles, 734 W. Diamond Ave., Hazleton, Luzerne 

Ivory, J. C. . 3036 Sixth Aye., .... Altoona Blair. 

Jackson, Richard J., 406 Perry Bldg., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

James, Alfred, Bala> Montgomery. 

Jefferies, P. E., Chester Chester 

Jenkins, D F. & T. W., 333 Delaware Ave.,. -West Pittston, *. ! . . . -Luzerne. 

Jenkins, Wm. P Jr., 2117 Adams Ave., . .' -Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Johnson, Elmer T., s . . . . 2221 Vodeli St., . . . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Johnson, H. A. , . .. . . 347 S. Millvale Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Johnson, Peraval. W., 4039 Lancaster Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Johnston & Morris, busier Bldg Carnegie, Allegheny. 

Jones, M. H., 78 Merritt St., Plains . Luzerne 

Jordan John H ... . . 31st & Oxford Sts., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Pen Use Wreckm S Co. of 217 Parkway Bldg.,. -Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Kaelin, Ludwig, 225 Line St Lansdale, Montgomery. 

Kear, W. J., B0 E. Northampton St.Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Kearney, A. A 1440 Penn Ave Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Kearney, John E. 327 N. 63d St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Keefer & Son, E. H. 1321 Rodman St., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Keer Company, R J Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Kehoe & Mowery Co., 725-729 S. Franklin Wilkes-Barre Luzerne. 

_ St. 

Keiser & Co., Frederick, 128 E. Fourth St., . .Pottstown, Montgomery. 

Keiter, Brower H., Spring City, Chester 

Kemmena & Ehrheart, Cor. Mellrose Ave. & Ambridge, .'. .' Beaver " 

rr ■ „ llth St - 

Kennmgton, George, 2435 Hope St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kepping Bros. 6 75 N. Wyoming St., Hazleton Luzerne. 

Kepple, The Builder," 115 Gantier St., Johnstown, Cambria. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Keystone Lumber Co., 1°^$ S 8 ? 1 "^, 

Kilgus Jacob Pottsville, Schuylkill. 

Killough, Robert, Wayne & Duvae Sts., Germantown, Philadelphia. 

Kinter C L., Erie, Erie. 

Kirk & Reed 321 S. Juniper St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kirschner Brothers 433 E. Ninth St., . . . Erie, Erie. 

Klein August F 444 Southern Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

' Mt. Oliver Station. 

Klein F. J., H7 ^. Wilkes-Barre Easton Northampton. 

Kline Lumber & Construction , New Castle, Lawrence. 

Klingensmith, N - Sixth St., Indiana, , Indiana. 

Klunk W J 486 Carlisle St., Hanover, York. 

Knepp'er C. C., ". High St -» Berlin, Somerset. 

Knoll Chas. M., 710 Seneca St., Pottsville, Schuylkill. 

Knoll' Win. M., 501 W. Race St., . . . .Pottsville Schuylkill. 

Kratt & Agnew, • Greenville, Mercer. 

Kremer Bros., 530 N. Front St., Milton, Northumberland. 

Kreusler, H. L., 3301-09 Penn Ave., . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Krieg Frank C 77 S. Hancock St., . . Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Kunkde, Calvin, Main St., Homer City, Indiana. 

Kurtz, Park, Cambridge, Lancaster. 

Kurtz' Paul, Honey Brook, Lancaster. 

Laber'& Co., Chas. G., 713 Evergreen Ave., . .Millvale Allegheny. 

Lamb Company, Robert E., Inc.,843 N. 19th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Landau Bros., 311 Second Ave., . . . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Large, J. Howard, New Hope, Bucks. 

Larrivee, Samuel, 337 Walnut St., Williamsport Lycoming. 

Lash, D.' H 720 Grandneir Ave., .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Lashley, J. A., 2961 Belrose A\ e., ... Dormont, Allegheny. 

Lashley] W. T., 296 Belrose Ave., . . . .Dormont, Allegheny. 

Latrobe' Building & Realty Latrobe, Westmoreland. 


Laverty, Solomon F 913 Fayette St., Conshohocken, Montgomery. 

Lawrence, Martin L 115 Market St., Warren Warren. 

Lauer & Sons, J., 810 Portland St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Leach I M Jr 88 N. Penn'a. Ave., . .Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Leach! James J: 352* W. 17th St., . . .Erie Erie. 

Lee, Chas. E., 440 South Ave. .... . Wilkinsburg Allegheny. 

Lee] C. E., 825 Wheeler Ave., . . . Scranton Lackawanna. 

L. & E. T.' Plastering Company, Homestead Allegheny. 

Lentz, Robert A. S., Washington St., Freeland, Luzerne. 

Lepman, Samuel, . 25 N. Third St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Lerch & Co.. F. J Pine and West Sts.,. .Easton Northampton. 

Levin, Joseph Co., 1530 S. Sixth St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Lewis, Corsan K., Perkasie, Bucks. 

Ley Construction Co., 1201 House Bldg., . . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Lindsay, E. S 325 Freeport St., Parnassus, Westmoreland. 

Lindsay, M. A., 1320 Wareman Ave.,. Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Lindsay, W. W. & Co 902 Harrison Bldg.,. .Philadelphia, PhiladelDhia. 

Little & Son, Thos., 1713 Moravian St., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Lockard, E. M ".Railroad St., Point Marion, Fayette. 

Lockard, E. M., 917 Church St Indiana, Indiana. 

Long, Harry W., Franklin, Venango. 

Lord & Waterman, 948 Wyoming Ave., . . Scranton Lackawanna. 

Luff, Samuel L., 700 N. 19th St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Lutz, Robert J., 429 E. Centre St., . . .Mahanoy City, Schuylkill. 

Lytle, Campbell & Co., Inc., . . .1007 Forbes St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Lynn, John, 211 Main Ave Scranton, Lackawanna. 

McCandless, Charles W., 1208 Palo Alto St., . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

McCaul Co., The Chas., 1715 Sansom St., PhiladelDhia, Philadelphia. 

McClary & Richey, 3267 Wainbell Ave.,. .Dormont, Allegheny. 

McClintock & Weaver, .24 W. Phil-Ellena St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

McCoy, John 1215 Summer St., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

McDaniel Co., R. B., The New Brighton, Beaver. 

McKee, George E 612 Alger St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

McLaughlin & McNamara 3973 Elser St., Philadelphia, PhiladelDhia. 

McLeister & Co., John L.. Inc., . 2146 E. Norris St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

McManus, H. E 205 N. Elm St Butler, Butler. 

McNulty Bros. Company, 816 Frick Bldg., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

McQuade & Ketcham, .' 1029 Brown St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

McQuade & Son Co., James H., 250 Meyran Ave Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


McShain, John, 1610 North St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

McShane, Wm. J., 417 S. 13th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

MacTarvish, Archibald, 1513 Pine St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Mahan, Frank H., 21 W. Lancaster Ave.,Ardmore Montgomery. 

Mailander, Herman, Wilkes-Barre Luzerne. 

Malick & Edman, 16th & S. 10th Sts., . .Sunbury, Northumberland. 

Malkemes Bros., 848 S. Main St., Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Marshall, Thos. H 413 Locust St., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Marston-Gass Lumber Co., 609 Meldon Ave., DonorS, Washington. 

Marx, Anthon, Superior Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. » 

Mason, W. B 329 First Ave., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Masquelier, John B., 144 N. McDonald St., McDonald, Washington. 

Medlar, H. M., 104 Jackson St., Pottsville, Schuylkill. 

Mellon & Stuart, 235 Oliver Aw Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Melody & Keating 1322 Race St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Mensch, S. A 86 Walnut St Forty Fort, Luzerne. 

Mercer, F. T. Company, 1706 DeLancey St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Messersmith, C 526 W. Arch St., Pottsville, Schuylkill. 

Miller, Alex. V 434 Hays Ave Mt. Oliver, Allegheny. 

Miller, Frank E., 450 William St., Mt. Oliver, Allegheny. 

Miller Construction Co., 530 Fernando St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Milligan-Dible Co.. The, Allegheny Ave., Oakmont Alleghenv. 

Mill Run Lumber Co., 431 North St Meadville, Crawford. 

Mills Construction Co., Jos. H., .Chester, Delaware. 

Milsom, Burt, Kittanning, Armstrong. 

Mitchell Brothers 2125 Race St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Mitchell, James N 4 S. Farragut St., . . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Missimer, H. M 334 S. Broad St Jersey Shore Lycoming. 

Mole, James & Son., 1718 Cayuga St., .... Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Monaghan & Lasse, 3016 Chestnut St., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Moore & Ruehl, 608 Keystone Ave., . . Bellevue Allegheny. 

Moorhead & Co., H. S., 220 S. Highland Ave., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Morgan, John, 40 Springfield St., . . .Clifton Heights, Delaware. 

Morgan & Co., 253 Seventh Ave., . . . West Homestead, . . . Allegheny. 

Morgenstern, F. L., 826 Northampton St., Easton, Northampton. 

Morris and Conrad, Carnegie Allegheny. 

Morris Knowles, Inc., Jones & Law Bldg., . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Morrison & Son, Matthew 2322 N. Howard St., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Morrison & Son, Wm. E Meadville, Crawford. 

Morrow, William, 320 Harmony St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Morse & Lewis, 35 N. Walnut St Mt. Carmel, Northumberland. 

Moss, F. J. & E. T., Conneaut Lake Crawford. 

Moyer, D. O, 2344 N. Carlisle St., .. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Mt. Carmel Lumber Co., 201 W. Railroad St.,.Mt. Carmel, Schuylkill. 

MufE & Company, G., 43 N. Front St., Steelton, Dauphin. 

Murkewics, August K., 52 Elm St., Plymouth Luzerne. 

Murphy, Harry, Willow Grove, Montgomery. 

Myers, Clayton F., Perkasie Bucks. 

Myers Co., G. N., 604 Rebecca Ave., . . .Wilkinsburg, .Allegheny. 

Myers, J. E., v Penns Station Westmoreland. " 

Myers, James E., Freeport, Armstrong. 

Myers, Thomas J., 411 Widener Bldg., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Meyers, William 23 Landon St., Pittston Luzerne. 

Myers Sons Co., Jacob 608 Wither spoon Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Myers Co., Joseph F., Jr., 1237-39 Ridge Ave., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Myers & Sefton, E. 19th St., Tarentum, Alleghenv. 

Nagle, Gordon, Morris Bldg Pottsville Schuylkill. 

Nagle, Jacob A 117-19 S. 12th St., . . Allentown, Lehigh. 

Nanticoke Construction Co., 120 Arch St., Nantieoke, Luzerne. 

Nash, F. C, Willow Grove, Montgomery. 

Nathaniel Brothers 2247 Valera Ave., . . .Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Nemire, Robert F 185 Lincoln Ave.. . . .Carbondale, Lackawanna. 

Nicklas, John H., 35 Kenwood Ave., . . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Niklas, W. J Ill W. Mclntyre Ave.,Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Noffsinger, J. B., 20 East St Johnstown, Cambria. 

Nolan, Bros., 524 Market St Chester Delaware. 

Nordstrom, Charles 293 N. Hancock St., . . Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Norms Construction Co., H. L., Chester Delaware. 

North Side Construction Co., . .1218-28 Grotto St., . .Pittsburgh Allegheny. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Oberholtzer, M. S., 5524 Pulaski Ave., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Oermann, Casner H., 614-56 W. Poplas St., York York. 

Oesterling, Edw. L., • .Zelienople, Butler. 

Offerle & Smith, 13 Jackson Ave., .... Warren, Warren. 

O'Meara Construction Co., -53 S. Quince St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Orner & Son, M. V., -412 Union Ave., Altoona, Blair. 

Orr, J. C. & Son, 7th Ave & 5th St., . . .Altoona, Blair. 

Osceola Lumber Co., Ltd., Osceola Mills, Clearfield. 

Pace, Charles C, • • •• Merion, Montgomerv. 

Palm, Charles, 3025 River St., McKeesport .-. Allegheny. 

Palmer & Ischer, Stroudsburg, Monroe. 

Palmer Land Companv, The, Palmerton, . : Carbon. " 

Palumbo & Kroft, 401 Real Estate Bldg.,Scranton Lackawanna. 

Parsons Construction Company, Miller Bldg., Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Patterson & Shaw Company, Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Payne & Company, George F.,. .401 S. Juniper St.,. . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Peifer, E. Z., 747 Hill Ave., Wilkinsburg, Allegheny. 

Pennsylvania Lumber & Con South Fork, Cambria. 

struction Co. 

Peters, E. F., 532i N. 15th St., Allentown, Lehigh. 

Peterson Company, Charles, . . . 807 Keystone Bldg., . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Peterson & Son, R. M., 5250 Wakefield St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Petrv & Bros., Frank F., Elk Lick Somerset. 

Philadelphia Wrecking & Con- 3015 Chestnut St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

tracting Co. _ . ^±^ _ 

Phillips, Daniel M Schuylkill Haven, . . . Schuylkill. 

Phillips, Herman F., Hellertown, Northampton. 

Phipps, J. H., 247 E. Fourth St., . . .Chester, Delaware. 

Pin vis, M. A., 102 W. Erie St., Pittsburgh ^Allegheny. 

Planing Mill Co., The, Roaring Spring, Blair. 

Pomeroy Construction Co., . . . .1609 Ranstead St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Poust, Harry W., 51 Welles Bldg., Wilkes-Barre. ..:.... Luzerne. 

Powell, Wm. T., Fourth Avenue Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Price, John A., 949 Woodlawn St., . . Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Priest, W. E 72 Stewart Ave., .... Uniontown Fayette. 

Pringle, Harry M., Irwin, Westmoreland. 

Propst Bros., S. Main St., Archbald, Lackawanna. 

Provost, Wm. Jr., .Chester Delaware. 

Quandel, Charles, 245 Carbon St., Minersville, Schuylkill. 

Rabinowitz, Max., 326 Hallstead St., . . . Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Radcliffe, C. S., 1400 Mutual St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Raff Construction Co., Ray- 1633-35 W. Thompson Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

mond A. St. 

Raiths Construction Co., 302 Master St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Ramberger, A. H Girardvill*. Schuylkill. 

Raudenbush, H. J., 1324 Perke Ave., Reading, Berks. 

Rea Co., Harrison C, Inc., . . . 1027 Wood St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Rea, J. Harvey 1019 Appletree St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Rea & Son, Samuel, 1608 Fairmount Ave., Philadelphia, . .' Philadelphia. 

Rech, Edw. W., 715 Alder St., Seranton, Lackawanna. 

Reed H D Schuylkill Haven, . . . Schuylkill. 

Rehman,' Henry 1327 Minersville St., . Pottsville Schuylkill. 

Rehrer, Elmer O., 703 North St.. Norristown, Montgomery. 

Reilly, Thomas, 1616 Thompson St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Reiter Company, I. T., Inc., . .316 Commercial Trust Philadelphia Philadelphia. 


Renninger, J. S., Pennsburg, Montgomery. 

Rhodes Lumber Co Jacobs Creek Westmoreland. 

Rhodes, L. N., Arnold, Westmoreland. 

Richards, Wm. B., 24 Gate St Wilkes-Barre Luzerne. 

Richey, M. W., 5008 Pentridge St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Richmond & Son, Andrew, 17 Shingess St . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Riley, Geo. W 10 S. Lansdowne Ava.Lansdowne, Delaware. 

Riley-Knapp Construction Co., Pottsville Schuylkill. 

Rimel, Chas. F., High St., Malvern, Chester. _ 

Rimer, George, 4842 Hawthorne St., . Frankford, Philadelphia. 

Rine Cook & Son, 59 Ohio St Sharon, Mercer. 

Rissmiller, C. Wesley 914 W. Broad St., ... Quakertown, Bucks. 

Ritchey, Cramer & Snow, .' Franklin, Venango. 

Ritz Bros., 115 Frankstown Rd., . Wilkinsburg, Allegheny. 

Roberts Lumber & Realty Co., 707 River St., Peckville,- Lackawanna. 

Roberts, Robert, 1601 Washburn St., . . Scranton, Lackawanna. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 



Robinson, F. B 415 Penn Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Robinson & James, 617 Ross Ave Wilkinsburg, Allegheny. 

RoDinson Lumber Co., 425 Depot St Scranton Lackawanna. 

Rodd Jamieson, Inc., Commonwealth Bldg., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Fourth Ave. 

Rogers, D. T., 7317 Idlewild St., . . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Rosato & Son Co., Michael, Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Rose & Sons, Ltd., W. J 328 Lincoln St., Johnstown Cambria. 

Rose & Fisher, 821 Penna. Ave., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Ross, Giles, 345 S. River St., Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Roth & Sons, Geo. S., 230 E. Gravers Lane, - Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia. 

Roth, Henry W., New Street, Nazareth, Northampton. 

Roth, John 222 Waldorf Ave., . . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Roth, M. L 127 & 130 S. Welles Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 


Roush, John A., R. D. No. 1, Box 85, . Northumberland, . . .Northumberland. 

Roydhouse-Arey Co., 1209 Fidelity Bldg., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Ruthrauff, S. H., 101 Catawissa St., . . Sunbury Northumberland. 

Sange, Frederick, 1935 N. Fifth St., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Schall, R. E., 319 Longfellow St., . .Vandergrift, Westmoreland. 

Schenck, Geo. & Co., Butler, Butler. 

Schenck, Theodore L 402 N. McKean Stt., .Butler, Butler. 

Schilbe, J. A., .403 E. Broad St Tamaqua, Schuylkill. 

Schlegel, Jas. D. S Lehigh & Cottage Ave.,Tamaqua Schuylkill. 

Schligel, Charles R., Perkiomen Ave., . . . .Mt. Penn, Berks. 

Schmeltz, N. E., Arnold, Westmoreland. 

Schmid, Mathew, 1308 N. Sixth St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Schmunk, John, 612 W. Cambria St., . . Phijadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Schneider, Henry P., 3713 York Road, Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Scholl & Eberhart 136 N. Penn St Bellefonte, Centre. 

Schroeck, J. A., 906 E. 11th St., Erie, Erie. 

Schule Bros., Girardville, Schuylkill. 

Schultz, Christian F., v New Philadelphia, . . .Schuylkill. 

Schultz, William H., 3340 N. Carlisle St., .. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Schuster, John, 3552 N. 15th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Schutz, Schreiner & Clyde Co.,. May Building, Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Schweitzer, C. A., 840 W. Walnut St., . .Shamokin, Northumberland. 

Searight & Grant, 6108 Ravenna St., . . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Sedgwick Farms Co., 7014 Boyer St., Mt. Airy, Philadelphia. 

Seeds Co., Thos. M., Jr., 1207 Race St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Sefton, Ross K 510 E. Diamond St., . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Shamokin Lumber & Manufa'c- 37 S. Fifth St.; Shamokin, Northumberland. 

turing Co. 

Shank, Jacob, .159 S. Carlisle St., . . Greencastle, Franklin. 

Share Brothers, Rochester Beaver. 

Sharon Building Co., Ltd., Cor. Budd & Irvine Sharon : Mercer. 


Sharon Dismantling & Con- Sharon, Mercer. 

struction Co. 

Sharp, W. A 22 N. Fifth St., Reading Berks. 

Sheeley Brothers, Girardville, Schuylkill. 

Shepherd Construction Co., ...1216 Miners Bank Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 


Shickler & Sons Co., George N., Erie, Erie. 

Shipley, Geo. E., 7026 Agnew St., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Shirk Co., H. E 7597 Kelly St., Pittsburgh .Allegheny. 

Short, C. J 234 S. Spring St., . . Blairsville, Indiana. 

Shriver, Frank R 5106 Catherine St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Shultz, William H., 3340 N. Carlisle St.,. .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Sinnot Sons, P., 2801 Penna. Ave., . . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Sitler, J. W., . : 911 Market St., Berwick, Columbia. 

Sladen & Co., George E 1222 Clover St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

S. L. K. Co., .- 1-3 Independence St.,. Shamokin Northumberland. 

Smawley, W. A 167 Academe St., Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Smedley & Hoopes, 223 N. Walnut St., . .West Chester, Chester. 

Smith, C. E., Oakdale Allegheny. 

Smith, Howard N Main Street Red Lion York. 

Smith Hardican Co 1606 Cherry St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Smith & Joseph, Wilson Allegheny. 

Smith, LeRoy K 4007 Chester Ave., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Smith & Co., S. L, 613 Ross Ave., Wilkinsburg, Allegheny. 

Smith, William B Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Snell, T. H.. 324 Warren St., Pittston, Luzerne. 


Name and Industry. Address. Gity or Town. County. 


Sorbers Sons, George A., 18 Harvey St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Sorsensen, P. A 1133 Callowhill St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Sosnowski, Julian Kingston, Luzerne. 

South Oonnellsville Lumber South Connellsville, .Fayette. 

South Fork Lumber & Crate South Fork, Cambria. 


Spatz, Adam P., Wernersville, Berks. 

Specht & Sperry, 643 Heed Bldg Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Speicher, George P., 301 Guilford St Lebanon, Lebanon. 

Spenard, A. H 822 Woods St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Spilth, William, 214 Langles St., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Stackhouse, John D 735 Trinity Ave., Ambler, Montgomery. 

Stapf , John 324 Peffer St Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

Stare, Eli, 1350 N. George St.,. .York, York. 

Steele & Sons Co., William. . . . 1600 Arch St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Stemmer, William, Ardmore, Montgomery. 

Stender Brothers, 890 Providence Road, Scranton Lackawanna. 

Stephens Brothers, 8th & Railroad Sts.,. . Monongahela, Washington. 

Stevens, W. John, Inc Wyncote, Montgomery. 

Stewart Brothers, 2529-30 N. Orkney St.,Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Stewart, W. T 6004 Penn Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Stiles, John, 323 Broadwav Bangor Northampton. 

Stipp. Ludwig T 1222 Union Bank Scranton, Lackawanna. 


Stites, L. D., 126 Herman St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Stokes, Bros., 6723 Musgrove St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Stoll, Frank A., 1432 Germantown Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Stone, William F 2069 E. Dauphin St., . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Stoneback & Nase, Merchants National Quakertown, Bucks. 

Bank Bldg. 

Storer & Sons, Inc., E. W 5016 N. 16th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Stoudt Howard E 116 S. Second Ave., . . Bethlehem Northampton. 

Strasburger, O. C, 125 Margaret St., . . .Mt. Oliver Allegheny. 

Straw, R. Jenkins, 3742 Cuthbert St., . .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Strode & Sons, R. W., 12 N. 19th St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Stuber Co., The M. E Nazareth, Northampton. 

Stuckey, Adam & Son, 1121 Plum St Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

Sumption, James D., 227 N. 65th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Sykes & Sons, S., 218 Larch St., Scranton Lackawanna. 

Tavlor-Duryea Lumber Co., Duryea Luzerne. 

The. ■ , , , 

Taylor-Duryea Lumber Co.. Taylor, Lackawanna. 


Taylor, J. Irvin 556 Edgmont Ave., . .Chester Delaware. 

Templeton, D. F., 707 Chain St., Norristown, Montgomery. 

Thayer, Geo. W., 1233 Ludlow St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Thomas, A. D., 370 S. Main St Wilkes-Barre Luzerne. 

Thomas and Small 52 12th St Franklin, Venango. 

Thomas. J. P 333 Real Estate Trust Philadelphia Philadelphia. 


Thompson-Starrett Company, . .2d Nat Bank Bldg.,. .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Thompson, W. A., 7 Henrietta St., Red Lion York. 

Thompson, W. K 310 W. College St.,. .Canonsburg, Washington. 

Toupet, Bell & Conely, Inc., . . 5931 Penn Ave., .... Pittsburgh, Allegheny. . 

Tourison, Ashton S., 7014 Boyer St, Mt. Airy, Philadelphia. 

Tourison, Eugene 1001 Chestnut St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Townsley & Son, J. H New Holland, Lancaster. 

Trafford, Thos. C, 1613 Sansom St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Treadway Construction Com Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Universal Construction Co., . .404 Empire Bldg., . . .Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Van Loon, F. W., Denckla Building, . . .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Van Ryn, Harvey, 2539 Penn Ave., . . .". .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Ventura, Sam, Arnold Westmoreland. 

Virden, B. F., 2917 Fletcher St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Voigt, Herman 1251 N. 28th St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Vreeland & Souder, Inc., Lancaster Lancaster. 

Walborn & Barney 175 Race St Wilkes-Barre Luzerne. 

Wallis & Carley Co., South Dock St., Sharon Mercer. 

Walsh, Thomas F., Monroe St., Archbald Lackawanna. 

Walter, James H., 168 Walnut Lane, . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Walter & Jones, Seottdale, Westmoreland. 

Waltz, Andrew H., 321 Louisa St Williamsport Lycoming. 

Ward Building Co., 631 Morton Ave., .... Chester, Delaware. 

Wark-Yardley Company, .... .1737 Filbert St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Warner, A. R., 41 E. Main Street, . . Waynesboro, Franklin. 

Warren, Moore & Company, . . 13th & Mar,ket Sts., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Warren, Robert 1 2134-36 S. Colorado Philadelphia Philadelphia. 


Watson, Norris V., 211 Fourth Ave., .... Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Wazenegger, Chas 401 Knox Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Weaver & Co., Edw. E., ' Tamaqua, Schuylkill. 

Wehr, Edward A., Highland Bldg., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Weightman Est 1931 Market St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Weik, Thos. B., Richland Lebanon. 

Weikert, H. J., 401 York St., Gettysburg, Adams. 

Weirer, C. W 1044 N. Sixth St., . . .Reading, Berks. 

Weller & Son, James, Montgomery, Lycoming. 

Wells, U. F. & Son, 124 S. 36th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Welsh, John 138 N. 17th St Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Werner & Co., "H. P 3245 Germantown Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


West & Co., C Oxford Ave. & Wake- Frankford, Philadelphia. 

ling St. 

Westphal, F 3241 McClure Ave., Pittsburgh, , . . . Allegheny. 

Whipkey, Wm. L •. 201 Ninth St., Connellsville, Fayette. 

White Brothers, C, 511 N. 63d St Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Whiteside & Sons, Rush J., ... 2115 Wallace St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Whitman, Chas. S Schwenksville Montgomery. 

Whitmer, A. H., 421 Weidman St Lebanon Lebanon. 

Whittaker & Diehl, 71 Union Trust Bldg.. Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

Wiand, Wm. H 368 N. York St., Pottstown, Montgomery. 

Wiegand, Edward E Butler, Butler. 

Willard, B. L 20 S. McKean St., . . Kittanning, Armstrong. 

Williams Sons, Arthur H 419 Locust St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Williams and Kelly, 59 Welles St Kingston, Luzerne. 

Williamsport Improvement Williamsport Lycoming. 

Wilmer Hauling & Contract- 4748 Liberty Ave., . . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

ing Co. 

Wilson, A. C 421 N. 41st St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Wilson, A. J., 35 S. 45th St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Wilson, A. J. E 208 W. Parkway, . . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Wilson & Co., C. F 409 Lincoln Bldg., . . , Johnstown, Cambria. 

Wilson, Homer T., 316 Farren Ave Connellsville Fayette 

Wilson & Co., J. Sims, 1125 & 1127 Brown Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Wilson, Samuel D., 824 Holland Ave., . . . Wilkinsburg, Allegheny. 

Wintz, Frank 1 1616-18 N. 27th St.,. . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Wishart & Sons Co., A 20 Silver St., Sharon Mercer. 

Witnana, Milton S., Franklin, Venango. 

Wohlson, Herman 549-51 Woolworth Lancaster Lancaster. 


Woodling, B. S Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Wood's Sons Company, G. R., Sheffield Warren. 

Work Bros., New Kensington Westmoreland. 

Wraase, Emil R., 7342 Idlewild St., . . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Wright, L. V., 7 S. Duke St Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Wright, Wm. C, 22 Harvey St Germantown, Philadelphia. 

Wright, William O., 341 S. Highland Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Yellin, Morris, 712 N. Franklin St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Yocom, Newton K 955 Oueen St., ..... .Pottstown, Montgomery. 

Young, Milton W., Overbrook, Philadelphia. 

Zeigler & Son, Wm. D Hazleton Luzerne. 

Zimmerman & Kindig, 133 15th St Berwick, Columbia 

Zimmers G. A 908 28th St., Altoona, Blair. 


Acme Electric Co., 710 Wood St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Acron Electric Company, 5018 Baltimore Ave., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Altemos, M. G., Nazareth Northampton. 

Andrien Company, George, 317 N. 65th St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Arenth Electric Company 62 Bridge St Etna, Allegheny. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Arnold and Company, M. E....114 N. 11th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Arrow Electric Co., 5018 Baltimore Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bainbridge Electric Company, .1613 Sansom St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Bair, W. W., . Strasburg, Lancaster. 

Baird Osterhout Co., 1620 Chancellor St., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Baldwin, Frank E., 40 Hazle St Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Bauchspiess & Son, R. H., H4 S. First St., Lehighton Carbon. 

Bender & Schropp, 906 Cumberland St., Lebanon, Lebanon. 

Berks Engineering Co., Inc., . -Sixth & Chestnut Sts.,Reading, Berks. 

Blatt, J. Daniel, 820 N. Second St., . .Reading Berks. 

Blaze, Robert W., 219 Fourth St. Jeannette Westmoreland. 

Blundin & Co., L. C, 28 S. 16th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bradley, Daniel L., . n w. Main St., Norristown, Montgomery. 

Braumlich-Roessele Company,. Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Brownback, E. S., Royersford, , . .Montgomery. 

Bryn Mawr Electrical Co., . . .869 Lancaster Ave.,. .Bryn Mawr, Montgomery. 

Buchanan & Co., J. F., 1719 Chestnut St., ..Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Busch, Jacob A., 1221 Commerce St.,. . Philadelphia, . . ; Philadelphia. 

Campbell, Wm. R., 926 Sansom St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Carter Electric Co., The, 1433 Oliver Bldg., . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Cates & Shepord, 1516 Sansom St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Central Elec. & Lock Co., 12 N. 13th St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Citizens Electric & Gas Appli- 247 Franklin St., . . .Johnstown, Cambria. 

ance Company 

City Electric Co., 223 Mill St., Danville Montour. 

Cohen, I., 212 S. Third St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Collmer, E. B., 4162 Germantown Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Columbia Electric Supply & 20 S. Second St., ...Columbia, Lancaster. 

Construction Co. 

Corrin, W. H., 2 Main St Oil City, Venango. 

Craig & Co., G. L 218 Ferguson Bldg.,. .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Crescent Electric & Manufac- 2512 Penn Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

turing Co. 

Cummings & Son, James A., . . 4526 Frankf ord Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Davis, Gomer R., 20 N. Washington St., Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Deem Electric Co., 40 N. Sixth St., Reading, Berks. 

Deen Est., Thos. a., 5 Locust St., .Lancaster Lancaster. 

Didwater, John, 507 S. Main St Wilkes-Barre, . .Luzerne. 

Diehl & Stack Co 320 Ferry St., Easton, Northampton. 

Domsgen, O., 3029 Germantown Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

_ Ave. 

Dormont Electric Co., 2970 Mattern Ave.,. .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Dowhome Electric Repairing 21 N. Fifth St., . . . . Harrisburg, Dauphin. 


Dunseath, W. G., Irwin Westmoreland. 

Eastern Electric Co., 6016 Center Ave., ..Pittsburgh ; Allegheny. 

Eben, Leroy F Fourth & Spring Sts.,Reading Berks. 

Eckstein, Herman, 1742 Sansom St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Eldredge, Albert E 134 Ninth St., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Eldredge, Fred. K 1626 W. York St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Electric Equipment Co., 355 N. Fifth St Reading, Berks. 

Electric Service & Sur-1^ Co., Sharon Mercer. 

Electric Utility Co 40 S. Eighth St., . . .Lebanon, Lancaster. 

Electro Construction Co., Commercial Trust Philadelphia, ...Philadelphia. 

Evans & Co., G. F., 800 Penna. Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Fisher, DC., 264 Market St : Sunbury, Northumberland. 

Fraley & Co., A. W 5102 Penn Ave Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Franklin Electric & Construe- 330 Liberty Ave.',' . . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

tion Co. 

Frederick, Jas., 242 N. Fourth St., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Gabell, Harry, 269 S. 20th St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Gallagher, T. E., Somerset, Somerset. 

Gelesme Brothers, Girardville, Schuvlkill. 

Gentel, Albert, Inc., 1503 Columbia Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Girard Electric Co., The, S. E. Cor. Seventh & Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

_ . Bristol Sts. 

Goeringer Electric Co., 45 S. Washington St., Wilkes-Barre Luzerne. 

Graybill & Co., Jno. E., 104-06 E. Market St., York York. 

Hartman Electric Construction 302 Lackawanna Ave.,Scranton, Lackawanna. 


Harvey, W. A 53 Burr Bldg., Scranton, Lackawanna. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Hauck, James E., 12 S. Bank St., . . . .Eastern, Northampton. 

Heffner, Samuel, 347 N. 11th St Reading Berks. 

Hild, Gereon 1 929 N. Tenth St., ..Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Hoover & Co., Chas. A., 4072 Lancaster Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Houck & Cross, 337 Adams Ave., .... Seranton, Lackawanna. 

Iron City Engineering Co., ..1172 Frick Ave Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Jacobs Bros., 2821 Breckinridge Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Jacoby, J. H 417 Wyandotte St.,.. South Bethlehem, ...Northampton. 

John Electric Co., The, 22 N. Mercer St New Castle, Lawrence. 

Jones, G. M, 916 N. Washington Seranton, Lackawanna. 


Kearnev and Brady, 39 N. Main St., Pittston, Luzerne. 

Keck & Co., P.. W 1008 Hamilton St., . . Allentown, Lehigh. 

Keller-Pike Co., 1213 Race St Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Kelly Co.. C. F., 1230 Chancellor St., .. Philadelphia, Philadelphia" 

Kester, Chas. W., 303S W. York St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia" 

Keystone Electric Co 90G Perm St. Reading, Berks. 

Krav. John A., 30 N. Shippen St., . . Lancaster, Lancaster 

Kutz & Smith, 28 N. Ninth St., Reading, Berks. 

Lamont, David, Third & Concord Sts., Chester Delaware. 

Lancaster Electric Supply & 23 E. Orange St., . . . .Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Construction Co. 

Lawrence, Paul D 23 Fohner St., Lebanon, Lebanon. 

Lebanon Electric Co 26 N. Ninth St Lebanon Lebanon. 

Lehigh Electric Co. The 15-17 N. Sixth St., ..Allentown Lehieh. 

Lenhard Braun Co., Columbia Lancaster 

Lenning Bros. Co., 817 Spring Garden St.Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Lewis & Lamont, 3072 Kensington Ave.,Philadelphia, Philadelphia' 

Liberty Electric Company, 6017 Center Ave., . . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny 

Litzenberger, W. I., 117 Bridge St., Catasauqua, Lehigh 

Loomis Electric Co., W. R., . .335 Wabash Bldg., . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny 

Loveland, Wm. A., ;2009 Sansom St., ...Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Lutz and Hoppes, .134 W. Centre St., . . Mahanoy City, Schuylkill 

Lynatt, W. J., 230 Locks St Olynhant Lackawanna 

McCarthy, Fred. P., 4511 Lancaster Ave., Philadelphia, PhiladelDhia' 

McCausland & Son, W. W., . .3647 Market St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

McGroartv, B. P 405 Bennett Bldg., . . Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne 

MacKellar. Hubert, 2099 N. 63d St., . . . .Philadelphia , . Philadelphia 

Major Electric Co., The, M. E., 9 Rolland St Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne 

Markle, F. J 42 W. Main St Plymouth Luzerne 

Marley Electric Co 116 N. Camac St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Marsh, Loan J., 1941 Market St., .... Philadelphia, Philade E' 

May & Beniamin, 308 Lackawanna Ave, Seranton Lackawanna 

Meadville Electric Supply Co.,244 Chestnut St., . . . Meadville, ' Crawford 

Mertz & Bro., O. S., • 1644 Washington St., Easton NorthamntoTi 

Mossner, Chas. W 3704 N. Broad St., . .Philadelphia, ...... .PhiladXhia 

Moreau Co., Ceo. N 707 Lippmcott Bldg., Philadelphia Philadelnh a' 

Morganstern Electric Co ££ Second Ave., . . . .Pittsburgh, AlWhenv 

Morrison. Russell J 646 Northampton St.,Easton, NorthamnVnn 

Mueller Electric Co.. Inc., . . . 222 N. 11th St., . . . .Philadelphia PhifoSwa 

Musbaum & Bros., Elias 1520 Sansom St., . . . .Philadelphia Ph adelE' 

Myers, Philip M., 821 Cherry St., . . . .Philadelphia P ade nh a" 

National Electric Co 860 Western Ave.. . .Pittsburgh. . VlKenv 

Nicholson Electric Co., 6201 Christian St., .Philadelphia. ." ' Phil a del, ih in 

Ochiltree Co., W. H., 416 Wood St., Pittsburgh, . Alle-W 

Pickwell, J. W. Wyncote! . . Montgomery 

Pittsburgh Electric & Construe- 6114 Station St, . . . .Pittsburgh ' ywK? 
tion Co. *"««ueuy. 

Price Electric Construction Co, 15 S. Mercer St, ...New Castle r «w™n™ 

Prior & Sallada Co, Inc. The, 230 Pine St, ..... . . Williamsport, " .' '. '/. ] ±Z™S 

Provan John §*g Wood St Wilkinsburg, AlleXnv 

Randolph. Harvey. Jr., 3022 W. York St, Philadelnhifl pi,^ V x.- 

Raphael Electric Co, 1405 Fifth Ave, PitteburS ' A?ii a ? eIphia ' 

Reading Electric Co, The, ....503 Penn sT' ^VjuSSS*'. . '. '. \ '. '. \ \ ! IbSS?™* 

Reese-Bernard Company, Johnstown p"„u;„ 

Riggins, Frank, 223 S Fifth St PI Kin i , p£? h J W 

Rockm'ller Co A i a t^ o L lLza »t, . . , .t ' liiladelphia ..Philadelphia. 

If? 1 ~ : •' : ; •' •' : : : | §= fe : : : £8338: :::::::: :*£££• 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Runkle, Frank L 26 N. Mil! St., New Castle, Lawrence 

Schaff Electric Co., J. G 71 N. Main St., Chambersburg, Franklin. 

Schneider, Louis, 333 New Castle St.,. . Minervsille, Schuylkill: . 

Schuylkill Electric Construction 23 E. Coal St., ..... Shenandoah, Schuylkill. 

and Supply Co. 
Sechrist, Henry F., 136 N. 12th St., Philadelphia Philadelphia 

South Bethlehem, ...Northampton. 

. Wilkes-Barre Luzerne. 

. Coatesville, Chester. 

. Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Easton Northampton. 

Reading, Berks. 

Lebanon, Lebanon. 

Altoona, , .Blair. 

Erie .Erie. 

Serf ass, Oliver P 343 Broadway, . . 

Shepherd & Rust 42 W. Market St., 

Sherer, Carl B., 11 S. First Ave., , 

Shotwell, Bennett & Williams, 51 W. Market St., 


Smith, CM 682 Wolf St., . . 

Smith Electric Co., 109 N. Ninth St., 

Smith, Harry K., .......... .427 N. Tenth St., 

Spence & Finn .1332 12th Ave., . 

Star Electrical Co . .14 W. 11th St., . 

Steele, Robt. A. M., . . .' 131 S. Highland Ave., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Stough & Lucas, 112 N. George St., . . York, York 

Stotler & Harseim, 2012 Ridge Ave., . . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Stroud, Harvey A 2103 N. 11th St., . . .Philadelphia, PhilsdelijAia. 

Stuler & Son, L., 308 Chess St Monougahela, Wasbfogftuu. 

Summers, R. M., .Fairfield, Adams. 

Thomas, James D., 32 E. Franklin St., . . Waynesburg Greene. 

United Electric Construction 1727 Sansom St., ...Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Walker & Kepler 531 Chestnut St Philadelphia, Philadelphia.- 

Wallace-Mills Company, 2514 Germantown St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Wehmeyer, Harry H., 1004 W. Lehigh Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Wigsrfns Electrical Company, Union town, Fayette. 

Willard Free Co., E., 609 N. 56th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Willis Bros., 619 Prescott Ave., . . Scranton Lackawanna. 

Wolf Electric Com-^ny, 1404 Seventh Ave., . .Beaver Falls, Beaver. 

Wrisrht Electric Construction Grove City, Mercer. 


Zawn, Jacob, 3rd., 122 E. Gorgas Lane,. .Mt. Airy Philadelphia. 

Zawn, Jacob, 3rd., 122 E. Gorgas Lane, . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Abel, Frank D., Nazareth, Northampton.. 

Adcock, Albert E 3957 Germantown Philadelphia, Philadelphia,. 


Albert & Co., W. S 6024 Penn Ave Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Alexander & Son, J., 5145 Liberty Ave., . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Alexander, J. L 519 Fourth St Braddock Allegheny. 

Altsman & Son, Geo. W 414 House Bldg Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Ambler-Davis Co., 1016 Harrison Bldg., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Anderson & Son, James, 2000 S. 70th St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Armstrong & Co., Thos. J., Inc.,1628 Thompson St.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Atlantic Paint Co., 350 Eighth St., Wvoming Luzerne. 

Avers, M. G., 8046 Frankford Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Baer, J. D 33 Atherton St Kingston, Luzerne. 

Bannor, F. M., 15 E. Chelton Ave.,. . Germantown, Philadelphia. 

Benner, John H 1731 Chestnut St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Black & Son, F. A., 620 S. Washington Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Borrell, S. C 523 N. Seventh St.,. . Lebanon Lebanon, 

Bracken, Curtis Bell St., Homer City, Indiana. 

Busch, Gustav W. H 11 Brushton Ave., Pittsburgh. Allegheny: 

Butler & Son, Thos. S., 20 S. 17th St., Philadelphia, ... Philadelphia.. 

Byrens, P. J., 5160 Woodworth St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Cairns, James N. W. Cor. 19th & Philadelphia, Philadelphia;. 

Snvder Ave. 

Calhoun, Joseph F., 2645 N. Ninth St., . .Philadelnhia, Philadelphia. 

Carrick, R. J., N. E. Cor. 19th & Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Morket Sts. 

Cassler, F. G., 2057 Ridee Ave., . 

Cavanaush. Charles W 1228 S. 20th St., . 

Cazier, Stephen H R33 N. 20th St., . 

Chambers, Frank J., 1528 Snvder Ave., 

Chapman Decorative Co., The, 1608 Walnut St., 
Chudnow Brothers 4212 Market St., . 

. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

, Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

, Philndelphia, Philadelphia. 

, Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

, Philadelphia, . Philadelphia. 

, Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Clarion Decorating Company, Clarion, Clarion. 

Clements, John 5510 Media St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Clopp & Co.. Geo., 205 Arch St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Cluley, R. R., 106 Marion St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny 

Cocker, George W., 1517 Arrott St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Colcord, Edward, 2124 N. 31st St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Cook & Curry, 14-18 W. Hain°* St., Germantown, Philadelphia. 

Cook, John N., 601 Callowhill St., . .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Cully, Frank P., 224 Forbes St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Danehower, Elwood 2427 Cadwalader St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

D'Angelo, Louis, 810 Catharine St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Uavis, John R., 2987 Aramingo Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Debaecke, Charles, 3245 Germantown Philadelphia, ....... Philadelphia. 


Dewar, John 850 North Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Dick & Son, D. D., 519 Cherry St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Diniaco & Bro., A 403 Berger Bldg., . . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Donaghy, George M 126 S. St. Clari St.,. .Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Donovan, John O., 7623 Kelly St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Dugan, W. J., 5015 Dearborn St.,. . .Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Dyke, James 738 S. 51st St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Enzian, Ludwig, Basin & Voscamp Sts., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Ervin & Son, A. F 1526 N. Broad St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Fagin, Thos. J 1401 Redfield St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Feurer, Chas. F., 118 N. Franklin St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Fleckenstein. A. C, 2730-34 N. Broad St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Freyvogel Co., P. A., .819 Middle St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Gary Bros., 16th & Christian Sts.,Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Geier & Son, David B., 555 Larimer Ave., . . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Gelman, N., 533A Vallejo St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Gerber, Frederic, 1301 N. 15th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Goldberg, N 855 N. 5th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Gotwals, W. E., . 3056 Kensington Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Goudier Alphonse, 12 N. 19th St., Philadelphia Philad<4nhia. 

Haid's Son, L. E., 927 Liberty St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Hargrave, Harry, 5040 Jackson St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hays, Jacob G., 1331 Somerset St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hermiston Manufacturing Co., 320 S. Delaware Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Hoffman Sign Co., 251 S. 11th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hollinger & Son, A. P 22 S. Ninth St Lebanon, Lebanon. 

Hudson, Andrew, Sr., Main & Third Sts., . .Irwin, Westmoreland. 

Jacobs Machine Water Paint- 1227 N. Front St., ..Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

ing Co. 

Jones Co., A. E., 315 W. Diamond St., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Kalberer, William 2200 E. Clearfield St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kappel, Andrew 1437 N. Fifth St., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kayser & Alleman 1522 Chestnut St., . .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Keighler, Walter M., 4515 Lancaster Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kelly, Edwin, 245 N. 13th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kelly, Frank H., 1319 Sansom St., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kennedy, Frank, 3212 Ridge Ave., . . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kensil, Edward E 1427 N. 12th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kessler Sons, Fred., 333 Wolf St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

King Co., The Frederick W., 1634 N. 16th St., ...Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kirk, Z. T 8913 Frankford Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kolker, Israel, 150 S. 60th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Koons, Jacob D., 211 Lehman St Lebanon Lebanon. 

Kooperman, Edw., N. E. Cor. 29th & Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Poplar Sts. 

Kuehnle, C. Albert, Inc., 11 S. 16th St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Lach, N., 140 S. 17th St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Leatherman & Co 709 W. Dauphin St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Leusdmer, H. E 225 W. Eighth Ave.,. . West Homestead, . . .Allegheny. 

Linton & Fowler, 605 N. Eighth St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Lucius Engineering Co., 908 Harrje Bldg., . . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Lupton, George W 4733 Second Ave., . . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Macgregor & Brother, D. A., . . 1224 Chancellor St., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Malone & Son, A. J., 1404 N. 15th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Miles, John G., 1203 Franklin Ave.,. . Wilkinsbur^ Allegheny. 

Milnes Decorating Comnany, ..825 Seventh Ave., . .Beaver Falls Beaver. 

Murray-Smith' Co., C. F., 118 S. Main St., Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

O'Donovan, John, 7623 Kelly St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 



Ogclen & McNabb 5000 Baltimore Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Penn Decorating Co., 1607 W. Venaugo St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Philadelphia Decorative Con- 4920 Parkside Ave., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Potteiger & Hainley, Inc., 1829 Filbert St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Potter Co., A. A., 1605 Ridge Ave., ...Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Robinson & Jones, 4511 Springfield Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Roth Harry L., Nazareth, Northampton. 

Rudolph, S. W., 12 S. 40th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Sauers & Kredell, 5006 Penn Ave Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Smead, W. E., 6710 Frankstown Ave. Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Southern, Wm. B 12th & Spruce Sts., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Snciers Sign Co., E.. ."' 308 Colonial Trust Reading, .Berks. 


Stackhouse Company, 317 Cherry St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Stand, John P., 1430 Preble Ave Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Strove r & Son, H. W., 18 Harvey St Germantown, Philadelphia. 

Suburban Decorating Co., 1033 Countv Line Rd.,Bryn Mawr, Montgomery. 

Titzel, Louis B., 30 N. General Robin- Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

son St. 

Warren & Son, Jas., 624 Reedsdale St., . . Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Wentzell, L. P 139 Alexander St., . . Greensburg, Westmoreland. 

Wilson & Son, Jas. S 44 N. Seventh St., ..Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Wolfinger, Wm. D., 341 Penn St., Reading Berks. 

Zimmerman, W. S., Ill W. Independence Shamokin, Northumberland. 



American Paving & Construe- 211 S. Ninth St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

tion Co. 

Anders & Snyder, 415 Heed Bldg., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Arbogast Engineering & Con- Stroudsburg Monroe. 

struction Co. 

Asphalt Repair Plant, Dallas Ave. & P. R. RPittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Baker Construction Company, Chester, Delaware. 

Bell-Bockel Company, Inc., . . .52-54 Central Trust Altoona, Blair. 


Boland Brothers 262 Dundoff St., .... Carbondale Lackawanna. 

Brook & Cornish, 152 E. Main St Uniontown, Fayette. 

Burns Bros 525 S. Mill St., New Castle Lawrence. 

Byers, Frank T., Mt. Pleasant, Westmoreland. 

Caradoc Rees, 320 State St Nanticoke, Luzerne. 

Central Construction & Supply 222 Market St., .... Harrisburs Dauphin. 


Collins-Gordon Contracting Co., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Coon Construction Co., B. G.,. .274 Union St Luzerne, Luzerne. 

Corcoran Construction Co Market & Wayne Sts.,West Chester, Chester. 

Cunningham Paving & Con- 1345 Arch St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

struction Co. 

Donora Construction Co., . ...Meldon Ave., Donora Washington. 

Doyle, J. & M 457 W. Third St., . . Erie, Erie. 

Duster Contracting Co., 330 Third Ave Tarentum. Allegheny. 

Eastern Paving Co., 1000 Penn Sq. Bldg., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Edwards, Luther F., 528 Oakland Ave.. . . <~Jreensburg Westmoreland. 

Ensign, G. W.. Inc., Hbe. Nat. Bank Bldg.,Harrisburg Dauphin. 

Field Barker & Underwood, . .620 Commercial Trust Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Foley Contracting Co., 12 Wabash Ave Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Franz Paving Co., , .N. E. Cor. Second & Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Fisher Ave. 

Frey-Hostetter Company York York. 

Fritehev & Son, J. U., Lancaster Lancaster. 

Galiardi, Rimonti, ronnellsville Fayette. 

Gregory Pavins: Co 426 Electric Ave., .. T .«wistown Mifflin. 

Johnson Company, R. H., Wavne Delaware. 

Juniata Co., The <*10 Empire Bldg., . . Philadelphia, . , Philadelnhia. 

Lnoas Peters Contracting Co., R537 N. 15th St "Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

McClelland & Son, E. H., 346 Morganrown St.. Union Fayette. 

McGuire & Co., J. G., Pe*m Ave. & Fourth New Brighton, Beaver. 

McLaughlin Construction Co., Germania Bank Bldg.,Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Name and industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

TION — Continued. 

McNichol Paving & Construe- 1923 Cherry St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

tion Co. 

McNichol & Sons, P., 1319 Quarry St Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Mack Paving and Construction 1110 Fidelity Bldg.,. .Philadelphia Philadelphia 


Manwaring & Cummins, 24 Church Lane, .... Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Monroe Paving Co., Langhorne, Bucks 

Neelen & Daly, 331 Fourth Ave Pittsburgh, Allegheny 

Neff, Horn & Co., 737 Main St Slatington, Lehigh. 

Otto Paving & Construction Lancaster, Lancaster. 


Philadelphia Paving Co., 1345 Arch St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Pierce & Hinderliter, 321 Chambers Bldg., Oil City, Venango 

Purnell, A. V., 507 Jarvilla St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny 

Sawders Paving & Construction 3317 Bigelow Blvd.,. .Pittsburgh Allegheny." 


Standard Construction Co., ... 28 Altoona Trust Altoona Blair 

Bank Bldg. 

Steel City Construction Co., . .Park Bldg., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Swan Co., Robert, Jr., Jenkins Arcade Pittsburgh Allegheny' 

Trinidad Asphalt Paving Co., Larkesville, '.Luzerne 

Union Paving Co., 30th & Locust Sts., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Uniontown Construction Co., Uniontown, Fayette 

Wadsworth Stone & Paving Co.,Lambert St. & P. R. Pittsburgh, Alle°-heriv 

The. R. B y> 

Warner-Quinlan Asphalt Co., . . 210 Coal Exchange Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne 



Addis, Charles A., 126 N. Eighth St, . . .Allentown, Lehigh 

Addy's Sons, John M., 116 S. Sheridan Ave., Pittsburgh AlWhomr 

Ackley, Walter T., 1612 Penn Ave Pittsburg .':'. Alfehenv 

Albracht, Fred L., 1003 Parade St., . . . .Erie, . f. . . . Erie 

Albright & Fritch, Weissport, Carbon 

Allen, L. C, Ill Main St., Ambler, Monta-o'mprv 

Allen, Thos. M., 819 Wood St Wilkinsburg, . AlKenT 

Alsdorf, E. A., Oil City ...... ... VenanS 

Ambrose, William H., Leverington Ave. & Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Umbria St. ' 

Anderson, Peter C, 116 Cricket Ave., Ardmore, Mont°-omerv 

Anneman, C. C, Puritan Ave., Shinglehouse, . ' Potter ' 

Anthony, C. Howard, 2561 Germantown Philadelphia, '.' Philadelphia 

Ave. " 

Anthony, Gus, 122 W. Central. Ave., . Titusville, . . . Orawfnrrl 

Apple Plumbing & Heating Co., 114-16 E. Gav St., . . .West Chester '.'." Chester 

Arble, C. E., 313 N. Cedar St., . . . .Mahoningtowi, .'.'..' Lawrence 

Ardrey & Sons, S. B., 424 Pond St Bristol. . Buck! 

Armbrust, Jacob A.. Greensburg WestmoT-planrl 

Armbrust & McGurk, 1936 Christian St., . . Philadelphia, .' PhSeTnhfa 

Armitage, Geo. C, 996 Stanton Ave., . . .New Kensington Wpstmnrplnn'ri 

Arthur, James F., 729 Main St., Dickson City? . .'. Savanna 

Ash & Co.. Geo. %>., 113 N. Main St., .... Pittston, Luzerne 

Asquith, Harold C 4201 Reese St., Philadelphia .' ! Philadelnhia 

Bachler, C. F., 146 N. Tenth St., . . . Philadelphia ... P ade » a' 

Bachman, Chas. L. Jr 2678 18th St., Pittsburgh, .... AlKSiv 

Bachman Plumbing Co 614 Ross Ave Wilkinsburg, ' Allee-henv 

Bacon, L. A 1131 Liberty St., .... Franklin, . . ...... , ;' £? 

Baldauff & Ruebel Plumbing 106 Bausman St., ...Pittsburgh, ! Allegheny. 

Baile Co., Incorporated, Robert, 815 S. 19th St., Philadelnhia, . Philadelnhia 

Bailey, F. S., . . 104 Bogart St., Pittsburgh. ! Alighlnv 

Baker, Howard K., 4031 Lancaster Ave., . Philadelphia, Philadelnhia 

Baker & Company, M. H., ... .1330 Derry St Harrisburg. ....... Daunhin 

Baker, Smith & Company, Philadelphia, 'Philadelnhia 

Baral Hardware and Heating 1022-24 Columbia Philadelphia; PhiladelphS 

Bard Blankenmyer, Inc., .Lancaster, Lancaster 

Barnes & Clark Ill N. Mercer St., . .New Castle, ... Lawrence 

Barnes & Son, Samuel W., . . . .2104-06 N. 6th St., . .Philadelphia Philadelphia 

Barnhart. W. N Centre Ave Pitcairn. . Allegheny 

Bart ey-O'Neil Company, 24 Third St., Pittsburgh A egheny 

Bartlett & Co., Ine 1938 Market St., . . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Barr Bros 2032 Beaver Ave., . . .Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Barry & Co.,' W. A., •••••• • • • ■ ■ • • • • • • • • .Kittauning, Armstrong. 

Bast Bros., Wm. J., {15 N. Railroad St.,. .Pottsville, Schuylkill 

Bay Robert 1 ^' -^- " ltt St., Carlisle Cumberland. 

Bayios & Sh'elihammer, 1623 Sixth St., Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

Beck R W & " ' -" ra] iklin St., .... J ohnstown, Cambria. 

Bender & Campbell,' P, r ? a 4 T & Centre Sts., . Bethlehem Northampton. 

Bauman Co., C. F 144 Wood St., Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Behler Robert J., 29 s - Belvider^ St., . .York York. 

Beiter' Chas., 225 Washington St.,. .Williamsport, Lycoming. 

Bentle'y John R 509 Brushton Ave., . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Berwyn' Plumbing & Heating Berwyn, Chester. 


Bergman D 1419 Fifth Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Bickhart' Ira, 139 E. Eighth Ave.,. . Conshohocken Montgomery. 

Bietsch C. o' 285 Lincoln Way W.,.Chambersburg Franklin. 

Biglan ' H.' M.'.', 226 Linden St., Scranton Lackawanna. 

Birchall JohnH., 715 Linden St., Allentown Lehigh. 

Bishin°-' Chas. A., 2530 Montgomery Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

& ' ' Ave. 

Bitterling & Co J. C, 951-53 Hamilton St.,. Allentown Lehigh. 

Blackman Brothers, 132 Greenfield Ave.,. .Pittsburgh, Allegheny 

Bland F. E., 252 N - 15th St -» Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

THnnir' TTflrrv C 1106 Ligonier St., . . .Latrobe, Westmoreland. 

Boettiger, Geo. W.,' 2508 Peach St .Erie Erie. 

Boettiler & Co., 2316 Peach St Erie Erie. 

■Rnnrl &■ Bro Russell D 201 S. State St Newtown, Bucks.. 

Boon & Sample . ... .... .1708 Arch St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Bnnrse Allen F' Souderton Montgomery. 

PnrrlPn & Bros John 637 N. 19th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

E£ H J ' • ■• 136 N. Ninth St Reading Berks. 

£°lt\ll' & Forrer " 1342 State St., Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

ttSio Nicholas " . 225 Eighth St., Braddock Allegheny. 

C Vederick C 1826 E. Willard St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

twpi4 Bros & Co 1629 Ludlow St., .... Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bowes & Cowling?". 4104 Butler St., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Bowser wa 942 Orr Ave., Kittannin^ Armstrong. 

Boyer Plumbing & Heating Co., 8 Boyer Arcade Nornstown, Montgomery. 

The J. Frank. r> .,, , , . „ , 

-n^riw A- qrhillinsrer Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

5S m Wm K • « 552 N - Front St - • • ■ -fading, Berks. 

5 • S ?'& Mushrush, H27 Penna. Ave., . . .Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

?«Nn7B 324 Locust St., South Bethlehem. . . .Northampton. 

S£n£ ^ .294 Scott St., Wilkes-Barre, ...... Luzerne. 

t*S?ES. * Withnm 127 E. Chelten Ave., . Germantown Philadelphia. 

K P Witliam, • ' ' • 331 N . Ninth St Lebanon, Lebanon 

T»i™S'„ Rav A '. S - Main St " Pine Grove > Schuylkill. 

?r£ Shillington, Berks. 

5 ro ^' T? H . .333 Wyckoff St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Brown, B H n0 g _ Ninth g > _ _ .Lebanon Lebanon. 

? r «™' Thnmis ' . .27 E. Lacock St., .... Pittsburgh, ".Allegheny. 

vlZ^' wZs """'... .524 Baltimore Ave.,. .Clifton Heights Delaware. 

1™' y kSc- 1427 Hunter St., . . . .Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

tlA ^os B 1° W - Fourth St - • • - Chester Delaware. 

P™iS,A 522 Second Ave., .... Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

SananHL ' .' .' '. .' i Spring City Montgomery. 

Bnek David ' 219 Bridge St., Phoenixville Chester. 

"piipVW ' Wrn f" 218 Linden St Scranton Lackawanna. 

Buckwalter C M 437 W. Walnut St.,. .Lancaster Lancaster. 

Buerkle Plumbing Co., 245 .Third Ave. Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Bum Will M 5 N. Water St., Sharon Mercer. 

Burk'ert Lewi's ' 174 Scott St., Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Burner '& Co 6 B. ' ■ -T^ck Haven Clinton. 

Burns A D 7 16 Main St., Bradford McKean. 

Burns' Memin°- & Co., 815 Forbes St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Bit^p ' Revnold 112 Wabash Ave., . . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Butler Frank J., 1922 Peach St Erie Erie. 

Butler' H W , 1213 Seventh Ave., . .Beaver Falls, Beaver. 

Byrne ' John J.' 37 N. Tenth St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Cadman Chas!' E., Hughesville Lvcoming. 

Cairns Geo B 1615 Federal St., . . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

California Plumbing, Heating California, Washington. 

& Roofing Co. 


Name and Industry. Address. Giiy or Town. County. 



Cambria Plumbing & Heating 322 Franklin St., . . . .Johnstown, Cambria. 


Campbell, J. H 80 S. Washington Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Carlisle Plumbing & Heating 146 S. Hanover St., . .Carlisle, Cumberland. 


fCarnahan, W. E 16 Wabash St., Pittsburgh, Alleehenv 

■Carpenter Co., B. G., 6 W. Market St., Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Carroll, F. M., 117 Packer Ave., . . . .Sayre, Bradford. 

'Carrouse, Arthur H., 228 Fifth St., Wyoming, .Luzerne 

Carson & Son, Andrew, 283 S. Fifth St., . . . .Philadelphia .Philadelphia 

Carter, Wm. C, 540 Main St., Peckville, Lackawanna 

Casey, Wm. S 322 W. Lancaster Ardmore, Montgomery." 

Cassidy, B. H., 2608 Broadway Dormont, Allegheny 

Chadwick & Son, James 4245 Frankford Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Chambersburg Plumbing & 147 N. Second St., . . Chambersburg, Franklin 

Heating Co. 

Chandley Bros. & Co 721 Eleventh St., . . .Beaver Falls, Beaver 

City Plumbing Co 20 N. Central St Canonsburg, ....... \ Washington 

Clark Bros 122S Locust St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia' 

Clarke Edward S., 244 S Twelfth St., . .Philadelphia; Philadelphia! 

Clark Co., F. A., 1001 State St., Coraopolis, Allegheny 

Clark, Samuel, 4347 Frankford Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Clark, Thos. D., Tenth & Pine Sts. . . .Philadelphia Ph adelph a" 

Clarke, Thos. R., 102 13th St., Franklin, ...... Venaneo 

Clarke, W. L., 7331 McClure Ave., . .Pittsburgh .'Alleghfnv 

deary, William 323 Adams Ave., Scranton Lackawanna 

Cleaver, Jonathan, Conshohocken, Monteomerr' 

Clifton, Arthur J., 4252 Frankford Ave., Philadelphia, ..... . . PMlaShia' 

Cline, W. E., 9 Centre Square Waynesboro, Franklin ' 

Clouser, R. 1 41 N. 14th St Harrisbursr, ....... .Dauphin' 

Coleman, M., 75 Arthur St., Pittsburgh, Alle°-henv 

Collins, Wm., 628 Fifth Ave., Pittsburgh! Allegheny 

Conarton & Murray, Park Place, Carbondale Lackawanna 

Connor, John, 55 Tunnel St., Pittsburgh, Alleahenv 

Corbit Bros., 518 Franklin St., . . .Reading, Berks 

Corran Manufacturing Co., ...206 Sheridan Ave., ..Pittsburgh, Allegheny 

Cowden & Zimmerman, 316 Dekalb St., Norristxrwn, ' Monteomp'rv 

Coyne, Martin P 2304 Fifth Ave Pittsburgh, . AlKenT 

Craig, Chas. P., Uniontown, Favette 

Crilly, S. F., 1309 Fourth St., . . . .Altoona, Blair 

Crolly, John G 112 Birch St., Scranton, Lackawanna 

Cropp. Frank P l 24 Patterson Ave., . . McKecsport, ! Allegheny ' 

Crowther, James, Eleventh St., Akron Lancaster" 

Culley Sanitary uo., 4818 Second Ave., . . .Pittsburgh, ' Allee-henv 

Curley, T. A., 698 Hazle St .Wilkes-Barre, ...... . Luzerne 

Ourran. George B 4118 Parrish St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Curry Heating and Ventg. Co., 410 Mill St., Tarentum, Allegheny 

Curwensville Heating & Plumb- Curwensville, Clearfield 

ing Co. 

Cypher & Son, 120 N. Second St., . . Connellsville Favette 

Pager, H. R Monroe & Cattell Sts..Easton Northampton 

Dank^lmnn, Jacob C, 632 Crosby St., Chester, Dplawnw 

Darling, W. G., 421 Adams St., Rochester ! Beaver 

Davenport, Wm. H., 106 Conarroe St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Davidson Heating & Construe- Hanover York. 

tion Co. 

Davies, Rowland W 203 Shady Ave., Pittsburgh Allea-henv 

Davis, Louis N., 38 East Gay St., . . . .West Chester, Chester 

Davis, O. R., Pottstown, Montgomery 

Davis, Thos. R 202 Luzerne Ave., . . .West Pittston Luzerne 

Dayton. L. L.. Vanderbilt, Fayette' 

Dean, Robert R AMen Station, Luzerne' 

Deaner, Sterling A 26* Elm St Milton Northnrnhnrland 

Decker. John G., 309 N. Garfield Ave., . Scranton Lackawanna 

Deer & Crubbs, 5017 Penn Ave Pittsburgh AlSrav 

Deer & Ober 1001 Chestnut St., . . Pittsburgh, '£l 4henv 

Demi, Ernest E 116 Pine St., Philinsburg Centre 

Dennis, A. W., 383 North St Meadville, Crawford 

Depew, D A 208 Cattell St., Easton Northampton. 

Depue & Harden, Mam St., . Towanda Bradford. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Dermodv N J 412 Baltimore Ave., . . Clifton Heights, Delaware. 

Dick S M .' 205 Brushton Ave., . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Dickson John 105 E. Chelten Ave., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Dieter, Charles G 301 Shiloh St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Diesins Geo J 909 Upland St., Chester, Delaware. 

Ditlow '& Ul'rich, 327 W. Oley 8t . . . . Reading. Berks 

Doelf el John" 112 Greenfield Ave., . . Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Doerzbacher, Fred W., 1033 Dayridge Ave., . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Dome Jacob 52 E. Philadelphia St.,York, . York. 

Donaldson, R. S., 20*8 California Ave.,. .Avalon, Allegheny, 

Donnelly P J., 7 South Ave., Media, Delaware. 

Donnelly, W. E., 820 East Ave., Erie, Erie. 

Donoghue R E S419 Frankstown Ave. Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Donohue, *W.' V 18 W. Third St., Mount Carmel, Northumberland. 

Dorch, A. W, 338 Market St., Kittanning, Armstrong. 

Dou°h'ertv & Bachran, 519 North American Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Dougherty, Frank P., 1936 E. Passyunk Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Dougherty, Harry, Freeport, Armstrong. 

Doyle Co., James B., The, Scranton Lackawanna. 

Doyle Wm. J., 929 Cherry St., ...... Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Drexe'l, Charles K 109 Ninth St Reading, Berks. 

Droste, Charles, 804 Jaryella St., Pittsburgh - - -Allegheny. 

Drum, Joseph M 117 S. Rebecca St., . -Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Dudgeon Bros., 502 Braddock Ave., . -Braddock Allegheny. 

Dudley, R. D., 209 fehendan Ave.,. . -Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Duff Plumbing Co., iava: • V : ■ V Ford Cit y- Armstrong. 

Duncan & Richardson, 530 Sinclair St McKeesport, Allegheny. 

Dunlap & Sons, H. R., 28 N Mill St., New Castle, Lawrence. 

Eagen F J 1°1 N. Broad St., . . -Ridgway, Elk. 

Barley John R 03-J S. Main St Washington Washington. 

Eberle ,' Chas. P., %R$na? Ave> ' ' ' ' " Butler ' A Butler. 

Eckenrode & O'Rourke 96 Will St., . Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Eckhardt, Henry C, 136 E. Pike St., Canonsburg, Washington. 

Elway-Chamberlain Co., 833-35 Eighth Ave., . . Altoona, Blair. 

Elwood Bros • • -733 Fifth Ave., New Kensington, Westmoreland. 

Emery, James S., ?322 Jane St.. ... Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Emery & Co., Lyle G 130-132 xu. Long Ave., New Castle, Lawrence. 

Endy & Wontzel, 1030 Buttonwood St., . Reading, Berks. 

Englar & Albert • • • • • • • • ■ - • • Waynesboro, Franklin. 

Engle & Van Denberg, 504 Court St., Reading Berks. 

Erie Heating & Plumbing Co.,. 120 (-09 Peach St., . . -Erie Erie. 

Evans Arthur L., 269 Blackman St., . -Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Evans' Bros., 224 w - Market St - • • Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Evans E M * '. North East, Erie, 

Wan*' T* T 158 S. Main St., Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne, 

Evans Owen T ' 1 241 Radcliffe St., ... Bristol Bucks. 

-p, • ' -p t ' 952 Fifth Ave Coraopolis Allegheny. 

Evanson & Son John E 207 S. Tenth St., . . . -Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

TTno-nn A fin A J '724 Fifth Ave New Kensington, . . . -Westmoreland. 

TWr Eu-ene F " 1730 N. Third St., . . Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

Fahv Dennis. . .'.' 2876 Cedar St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Fair Elmer E 150 N. Ninth bt., . . . .Reading, Berks. 

Faith & Co S' .' 2427 Penna. Ave Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Feather A B ' 228 Main St., East Greenville Montgomery. 

Feegerstrom, Victor' S., 131 Fraley St., Kane - - - ¥ 1 < T K ? an ' 

Feeney Co P. M., 123 Seventh St., Pittsburgn Allegheny. 

Ee°-elv Wm C '. • • • -544 N. Eighth St., . . .Allentown, . Lehigh. 

Ferguson L L ' 2446 Ridge Ave Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Finigan WE 870 Main St., Darby, Delaware. 

Fishbein Plumb'ing'Co 114 Fullerton St., . . .Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

TT'iqhpr Bros 1001 Camtal St., . . . -Plarrisburgr Dauphin. 

Fisher Chas. A." " '. 3206-08 McClure St., . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Fisher' Chas' K ' ! 1218 N. Tenth St., . .Reading Berks. 

Flanni'o-an E T.' 104 W. North Ave.,. .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Fleischer Frank' J 1120 Progress St., . . .Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Fleming ' Edward M., 704 Fourth St Altoona Blair. 

Flinn & Breneman 31-33 W. Chestnut St. Lancaster Lancaster. 

Flowers R J , 113 S. 13th St Harrisburg Dauphm, 

Fluck Fred 123 N. Second St., . . Philadelnhia, Philadelphia. 

Flynn Frank ; . 3307 Old York Rd., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Foley ' W M.i 40 N. Main St., .... .Washington, Washington. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Forrester, T. W., S60 Stanton Ave New Kensington, . . . .Westmoreland. 

Forve, Peter . 114 N. Main St Wilkes-Barre Luzerne. 

Foster & Son, Martin A 707 Eighth Ave., Altoona Blair. 

Fowden, Wm. T 231 W. Third St Chester Delaware. 

Fox, George, Jr., 301 E. Lancaster Ave., Wayne, Delaware. 

Frederick, P. H., Perkasie, Bucks. 

Frederick & Co., 12 E. High St Carlisle Cumberland. 

Frederick & Wolsiffer 310 Center St., Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Freed Machine Shop, Lansdale Montgomery. 

Friedel, Jno. A., 19 Allen St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Fries & Son, Jacob 26 S. Eleventh St., . . Reading Berks. 

Frishkorn & Son, G. F 1518 Beaver Ave., . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Fritseh & Co., W. A., 314 Ross St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Fritz, Samuel E., N. E. Cor. Fourth & Reading, -Berks. 

Elm Sts. 

Frey Bros., 212-J Bridge St Catasauqua, Lehigh. 

Froehlich, Chas. M., 1121 Market St., Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

Frost, George W., 802 W. Market St., . . Pottsville Schuylkill. 

Furman & Oles, 13 W. Monument Sq., L»wistown Mifflin. 

Gabert, H. C, Mauch Chunk, Carbon. 

Gallagher, P. L., 422 Main St Edwardsville, Luzerne. 

Galligan Bros 722 S. 51st St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Gardner Bros Fifth St Ellwood City, Lawrence. 

Gardner, H. N 920 Green Ridge St., . Scranton Lackawanna. 

Gaugloff, Walter L., 2471 Perrysville Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Gaylord & Butler Co., Wyoming Ave. & Gib- Scranton, Lackawanna. 

son St. 

Geiger, August 114 N. Sixth St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Geislcr & Co., F. E., 422 1st Ave & Com- Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

mercial Bldg. 

Gemberling, V. W., ......... .430 Qup<m St., Northumberland, . . . .Northumberland. 

Gerberich, George H 7th & Church Sts., . .Lebanon .Lebanon. 

Gibson, Fred C 523 W. Grant Ave., . .Duquesne Allegheny. 

Gill, H. G., 6610 Deary St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Gillen, M. J 118 W. Central Ave.,.Titusville Crawford. 

Godfrey, J. C, 1706 Forbes St Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Goll & Son, B 524 N. Third St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Good, A. C, 604 Rebecca Ave., . . . Wilkinsburg Allegheny. 

Goodman, D. C Mount Union Huntingdon. 

Goodman, W. L 1904 Union Ave., .... Altoona Blair. 

Gordon & Wehling, 467 Lincoln Ave., . . . .Bellevue Allegheny. 

Gorges, William S., 1919 W. Susquehanna Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Gormly Co., P 155 N. Tenth St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Gortner & Son, A. W., 318 E. Sunbury St., . .Shamokin Northumberland. 

Gotwols & Son, George, 3107 Frankford Ave., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Goughanour, A. H., 847 Donner Ave., . . .Monessen Westmoreland. 

Graham, Ernest, 404 Center Ave., . . . .Butler, Butler. 

Gray & Bro., John L., 968 County Line Rd., Bryn Mawr, Montgomery. 

Gray & Dormer 1729 Columbia Ave., .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Grofr, John, Stoneboro Mercer. 

Gregg, Harry C, Brown St Brownsville Fayette. 

Griffith, Harry 8014 Frankford Ave., . Holmesburg Philadelphia. 

Groff, Hari-y M., State & Locust Sts., .Enhrata Lancaster. 

Grove, C. L 234 S. Franklin St., . . Titusville Crawford. 

Grove, Frank N 159 S. Main St., Chambersburg Franklin. 

Guarantee Plumbing Co., 1811 Center St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Guckert, Jos. M 501 W. Wabana St.,. .Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Guenther & Son, R 1637 N. 13th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Gunster Bros., 325 Penn Ave Scranton. * Lackawanna. 

Gntfleisch, A. A., 116 W. King St., Lancaster Lancaster. 

Hadesty, A. L., Jr 130 E. Broad St., Tamaqua Schuvlkill. 

Haggerty Bros 238 Penn Ave Scranton Lackawanna. 

Haines, Georee E., 157 Buttonwood St.,. .Reading, Berks. 

Haines, J. W., 1917 Seventh Ave., . .Altoona Blair. 

Hall C. G., . . ;:•■•• Grapeville, Westmoreland. 

Hall Heating & Plumbing Co., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Hanley, F. J., 152 S. Highland Ave., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Hanlon, P. F 174 Libprty Ave., . . . Allentown Lehigh. 

Hannan, R. J - 75 S. 13th St., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Harden & Mills 203 Main St Towanda Bradford. 

Harner. O. S 2528 Columbia Ave.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Harr, L. A., 121 Depot St., . . Latrobe Westmoreland. 


'Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Harrington, H. 0., 2701 Liberty St., . . . .Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Hartman, John P 550 DeKalb St., .... Norristown, Montgomery. 

Hartman, John E., 721 N. Shippen St., . . Lancaster Lancaster. 

Hastings, D., 1203 Federal St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Hay, S. Palmer, 124 W. Long Ave., . .DuBois, Clearfield. 

Heiser, Henry 310 Gov. Place, Williamsport, Lycoming. 

Held, Wendel & Schaller, 39 W. Mine St Hazleton, Luzerne. 

Helder, Wm. B., 1021 N. Ninth St., . . . Reading, Berks. 

Helfrich, John H 229 N. Fulton St., . . Allentown Lehigh. 

Henderson, Ralph L., 25 Winona Ave., .... Norwood, Delaware. 

Henderson, Robert 5527 Walnut St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Henkel, J. Herbert, 436 W. Vine St., Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Herr, George T., 18 W. Penn St., Norristown, Montgomery. 

Herre Bros., 417-19 Vaughn St Harrisburg, Daunhin. 

Herring, A. O, 219 Race St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Hershman, David, 336-338 Helen St., . . McKees Rocks Allegheny. 

Hershey Plumbing and Heat- 308 Horner St., Johnstown, Cambria. 

ing Co. 

Hicks, Harry W.. 116 W. Spring Ave.,. .Ardmore Montgomery. 

Hicks & Bro., 651 N. Eighth St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Higgins Co., The G. F., 604 Wabash Bidg., . . Pittsburgh, AUegheny. 

Hill, F. M., 927 Arch St., Newberry, Lycoming. 

Hill & Dougherty Co., . 228 Arch St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hill & Evans, Nanticoke, Luzerne. 

Hoats, Charles W., 709 N. Sixth St., Allentown Lehigh. 

Hockley, Charles W., 1611 N. Sixth St., . . . Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

Holland, P. J., 112 Dinwiddie St., ... Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Hollis Bros 2312 Patterson St., . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Holmes, E. M., 232 Center St., Bloomsburg Columbia. 

Home Hardware & Plumbing Cambridge Snrings, . . Crawford. 


Hooley & Klingel, Ridgway, Elk. 

Hoover Bros., Milroy, Mifflin. 

Home, Frank I Bedford, Bedford. 

Hoste Co., William 315 Water St., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Houlihan, L. B., 759 Chartiers Ave., . . McKees Rocks, Allegheny. 

Houston, Clarence E., 242 N. Franklin St.,. .Washington Washington. 

Howe, J. F Freedom, Beaver. 

Howley, P. F. & M. T„ 233 Wyoming Ave., . . Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Huff, F. J 317 S. Main St Butler Butler. 

Hughes & Menchey 937 17th St Altoona Blair. 

Hume, A. E l02 Mercer Ave New Brighton, Beaver. 

Humphreville, Thos., 116 E. Vine St., Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Hunt & Co., A. E 159 W. Third St., Williamsport, Lycoming. 

Hutchinson, J. H., Glenside, Montgomery. 

Hutchinson, Thos. F., 6206 Germantown Philadelphia Philadelphia. 


Huttelmaier & Craig, 144 E. Main St., . . . .Carnegie, Allegheny. 

Innes & Co., C. T 870 N. Franklin St., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Iron City Heating Co 843 Jarvella St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Irvin, O. G., 325 Sixth Ave Altoona Blair. 

Isem'an, M- E 523 Fourth Ave., . . . .Tarentum Allegheny. 

Isger, Wm. L 44 Lincoln Ave., Carbondale, Lackawanna. 

Iverson, J. E 809 Jefferson Ave., . . .Washington, Washington. 

Jelly, Wm. A., 2410 Wylie Ave., .... Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Jenkins, Grant 31 W. Second St., . . . Lansdale Montgomery. 

Johnson, W. R., 710 Trenton Ave., . . . Wilkinsburg, Allegheny. 

Johnson, Walter Scott, 3800 Terrace St., . . . Wissahickon, Philadelphia. 

Johnstown Engineering Co., . . .536 Main St., Johnstown Cambria. 

Johnstown Heating & Plumb- 505 Franklin St., Johnstown, Cambria. 

ing Co. 

Johnson & Company, 710 Trenton Ave., . . .Wilkinsburg Allegheny. 

Jones, John T., 548 Prescott Ave., . . . Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Jones, John T., 300 Montgomery St.. .West Pittston, Luzerne. 

Jones, Oscar W., 212 Cedar St., Parsons Luzerne. 

Jones, Robert H 216 Sanbourne St., . . Wilkes-Barre Luzerne. 

Jones, Wm. O, 227 Grint St Turtle Creek Allegheny. 

Jones, W. C, 354 Lehigh St., Allpntown Lehigh. 

Kaiser & Son, Wm 296 S. Main St., Wilkes-Barre Luzerne. 

Kane Plumbing Co 22 Greeves St., Kane, McKean. 

Karch, John, 124 W. 18th St Erie, Erie. 

Kauf, Charles, 38 Southern Ave., . . .Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Kauffman, R., 326 W. Sevmour St., . Germantown, Philadelphia. 

Kay, Fred H., 335 S. Croton Ave., . . New Castle, Lawrence, 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Keene, Christ 231 Bedford St., Johnstown, Cambria. 

Keiper & Vockroth 205-7 Spruce St Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Keister & Co., A. D 410 Chartiers St., . . .Carnegie Allegheny 

Kelley, George 35th & Sunnyside Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Ave. TT _ , . 

Kelley, J. R., Railroad St Charleroi, Washington. 

Kelly, Edward T., 445 Larch St Scranton Lackawanna. 

Kelly, John J 1600 Rnscomb St., . . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Kelly, Joseph A., 548 S. 52d St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kemin, T. F., 6213 Clearview St., . . Philadelphia . . . Philadelphia. 

Kempter. Conrad, 629 Prospect Ave., . . Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Kenna, M. J 4608 Liberty Ave., . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Kennedy, D. J 219 Fourth St Jeannette vVestmoreland. 

Kennedy, Dennis V 837 E. Chelten Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kenyon, J. O., 621 Warm Springs Huntingdon, Huntingdon. 

Keohane, Jere J., 1806 Callowhill St.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Keown, William, 218 Sandusky St., . . . Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Kerber & Slater 156 Sumac St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kern & Turbv, 245 Conemaugh St., . . Johnstown, Cambria. 

Kerrigan, John J., 3333 Fifth Ave Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Kettlewell, William V 28 S. 40th St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Keystone Heating & Equipment 1731 Brandywine St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Keystone Plumbing & Heating 236 W. Mahoning St., Pnnxsutawncy Jefferson. 

Keystone Plumbing & Renair 7 & 9 Canal St., Greenville, Mercer. 

Kidd[ Horace E 5 & 7 E. Gay Ave., . . York, York. 

Kiehl, August, 402 Grant Ave Millvale, Allegheny. 

Kiernan, Peter, 20 N. New St., Bethlehem Northampton. 

Kiley Brothers, 309 Ninth St New Kensington Westmoreland. 

Kilmoyer, R. M 610 N. Ninth St., . . .Lebanon Lebanon. 

King, F. K., Beaver Falls, Beaver. 

Kinney, F. A., Wesleyville Erie. 

Kippelmann, Paul O., 949 N. Third St., . . .Reading, Berks. 

Kirk, John M 304 Butter Ave., Ambler Montgomery. 

Kirk & Son, Wm. S., 1537 Catharine St.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kittelberger Bros., 319 Market St., Clearfield Clearfield. 

Klebes, H. J 2411 Penna. Ave., . . .Erie, Erie. 

Kleinf elder, Wm. T., Jr., 876 N. Fifth St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Klemm & Sons, Wm., 3315 Penn Ave Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Kline & Co., 1222 Callowhill St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Klunk, John W., 326 Main St. McSherrystown Adams. 

Knapper, Jacob 3960 N. Franklin St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Knauff, Mary W.. 2518 East St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Knoxville Plumbing Co., 139 Bailsman St., . . .Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Koch, P. J., 709 Broadwav Farrell Mercer. 

Koenig, Jas. J., 3062-64 Chatham St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Kohn, Jos. O, 812 South St., .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Kottcamp & Son, C. C, 515 W. Market St.,. .York York. 

Kraft, Henry J 16 N. Christian St... .Lancaster Lancaster. 

Kramer, James H., 2112 Hunting Park Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Kraus, Louis -4943 S. Fifth St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Kress, August 1017 Market St Meadville Crawford. 

Kriebel & Co., 826 Spring Garden Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Krouse's Sons, Wm 141 Fairmount Ave., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Kuhns, H. J., 101 Grant Ave., Vanderbilt Westmoreland. 

Langdon & Sons Co., Jos., House Bldg., Pittsburg]' Allegheny. 

Larkin, Wm. D 3447 Melwood Ave., . .Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Larsen Bros Jobnsonburg Elk. 

Lashell, W. V., W. Railroad Ave., . . Verona Allegheny. 

Laubacher, Chas. C, 40fl Sfvmth St Altoona Blair. 

Lawrence, Thos. M., 215 N. Second St., . .Pottsville Schuvlkill. 

Leane, John H., 348 Marshall Ave., . . Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Leasure, H. E., 165 Penny St Rochester Beaver. 

Lecher, C. H., 116 E. Main St Nanticoke Luzerne. 

Lechner, John N., ,611 Elm St Berwick Columbia. 

Lechner, Joseph, ' Danville Montour. 

Ledgard, Herbert H., 861 Main St., Darby Delaware. 

Leimer, Charles, New Philadelphia, . . . Schuylkill. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Leisey and Matteen, 51 Market St., Shamokin, Northumberland. 

Lennox, W. J., 6835 Frankstown Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


LeVan, Alfred R., 514 York St., Gettysburg, Adams. 

Lewis Harvey, Ohio & Taylor Aves., Avalon Allegheny. 

Lewis, Paul H., 744 N. Front St., . . . Reading, Berks. 

Lewis, Wm. W., West Pittston Luzerne. 

Ley, John H., '.'..'! 930 Spring Garden N. S., Pittsburgh, ...Allegheny. 


Lichtenberger Paul, 1335 N. 28th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Liechtenstein, Louis, 142 Fullerton St., . . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Lightcap, J. C, 65 Wilson Ave Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Lindig's Plbg. Esto., 44 S. Third St., Sunbury, .Northumberland. 

List-Stewart Co., The 6310 Penn Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Lobach P. C, 1028 Turner St., . . . Allentown, Lehigh. 

Lockhart, R. Jas., 201 Millvale Ave., . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Lodge, Harry E., Inc., 1633 Ranstead St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Logan, Wm. M., 1422 N. Sixth St., . . Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

Long, Carl G., 419 E. Orange St., . .Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Long, W. H 614 Seventh St., Huntingdon, Huntingdon. 

Lovett, Harry L., 1023 Wallace Ave.,. . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Luther, J. M., 601 Main St., Irwin, Westmoreland. 

Luttrell Thomas H , 3830 Market St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Lutz, James H., Jr., 600 Race St., Harrisburg Dauphin. 

Lvford, W A., 6931 Fifth Ave Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Lyme, I. R., 101 6A Market St., . .Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

Lynch, Ray E 110 Fleet St., Rankin .Allegheny. 

Lyons, James S., • • • .Ardmore, Montgomery. 

Lyons & Co., John H., 214 W. 12th St., Erie, Erie. 

Lyons, M. E., 1713 Peach St., Erie Erie. 

M< Adams, H. T., , 5856 Baum Blvd., . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

McAlepr, Chas. A., 1002 Chestnut Ave.,. .Altoona Blair. 

McAllister & Co., Charles M., 422 Semple St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

MeBride Sons Co., J. K, 1213 Penna. Ave., ..Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

McCabe E J Lock Haven, Clinton. 

McCafferty, C. U., 288 Franklin St., . . .DuBois Clearfield. 

McCann, John, 2306 N. Second St.,. . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

McCarthy P M. M., 866 Market St Kingston, _. Luzerne. 

McClinto'ck A., 1937 Ridge Ave., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

McConaghey CM 7205 Hamilton Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

McCormick & Co., W. M., .... 12 S. Dock St Aharon, . Mercer. 

McCoy Co Chas E Ltd 18 N. 19th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

McCue, Frank D.. ...*. 90 Spring St., Oil City, Venango. 

MeCuliff Plumbing & Heating 5940 Haverford St.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Co.. W. J. 

McDonald, Daniel 930 S. Main Ave., . . Scranton, Lackawanna. 

MeFadden, C. H., 142 W. Central Ave., Titusville Crawford. 

Mc^adden, F. T., 205 W. Central St.,. .Titusville, Crawford. 

Mc^adden & Craig Co 235 Fourth Ave., . . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

McFarland, James R., 5614 Penn Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

McFarlanrl. Robt. B., 639 Snyder Ave., ...Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Meijarrv & Bro., F. J 4326 Lancaster Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

McGinness Company. The, 320 Liberty Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

McGinness-Smith Company, . . .435-37 Water St., . . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

McGnckin & Bro., J. M., 1023 Christian St., ..Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

McGuire, Edward P., 108 Chestnut St., . . .Dunmore, Lackawanna. 

McHugh, D A., 106 E. Market St., . . Pottsville, Schuylkill. 

Mclntire, Geo. B 1221 Peach St., Erie, Erie. 

McKean. Wm. E., 701 Seventh Ave., . . .Beaver Falls Beaver. 

McKee, Harrv, Newport, Perry. 

MeKenna. James A., 11 Del. Ray St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

McKissock, W. T., 208 W. Park Way, . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

McKissock & Son, J., 502 Lincoln St Bellevue, Allegheny. 

McKnight & Shaughnessy, 408 Cherry Way, ...Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

M-Morron, John, 127 S. Beatty St., . . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

McMullen, Harrv B., 236 Mill St Bristol, Bucks. 

McOuilkin, W. H., 20 Chestnut St Bradford McKean. 

McOuown, A. N 103 N. Union St., . .Punxsutawney, Jefferson. 

McRoberts. W. B., 1423 Island Ave., . . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Mf Shane & Co., J. L 725 Grant St., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

MncBride & Co., A., 1341 W. Girard Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

MacGill, John M., 733 Huron Ave Renovo, Clinton. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Mackay & Reilly 2400 Montgomery Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Maeklem, Geo. E 2215 W. Third St.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

MaeMillan, J. D., 43 N. Church St., . . Carbondale, Lackawanna 

MacWhirter Bros., 403 French St Erie, Erie. 

Major, George, 33 W. State St., Media, Delaware. 

Mann, Ira A., 17 W. Park Way, . . . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Mardin, George B., 1336 N. 52d St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Martin, Maurice S., 1404 Wylie Ave. Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Martin, T. F., 611 Greenwood Ave., Jenkintown, Montgomery 

Matter & Co., J. F 118 Oakland Ave Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Mattern & Leisey, 51 N. Market St., . . . Shamokin, Northumberland 

May, B. Davenport, 1026 Real Estate Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Trust Bldg. 

Mears & Dwyer, 109 N. Seventh St., .. Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Mease, George M., Jr., 427 Mahoning St., ..Milton Northumberland 

Mease, W. E., Blair Ave. & Herald Tyrone, Blair 

Media Plumbing and Heating South Ave. & Baker Media Delaware 

Co. St. 

Meglathey, E. H., P. O. Bldg., South Bethlehem, . . . Northampton 

Molcher, W. O., 2226 Woodstock Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny 

Melling Co., G. A., 4223-25 Frankford Philadelphia Philadelphia 


Mertins, F. W., 211 Virginia Ave., . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny 

Messinger, Frank, Nazareth, Northampton 

Metz, Edw. N., 120 S. Main St Chambersburg Franklin 

Mayers. Oscar Turtle Creek, .• Allegheny 

Michaels, R. C 1005 Galveston Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny 

Mikesell, W. R., 523 Pennwood St., . . Pittsburgh Allegheny' 

Milbert, John J 211 Sixth St., Sharpsburg, ...... 'Allegheny 

Miller, Frank, 324 N. Ninth St., . . . Reading, Berks 

Miller, Fred. J., 9 E. Twelfth St., Erie, " *Erie ' 

Miller, Geo. M., 116 17th St., Pittsburgh, * "Allegheny 

Miller, R. Allison, 817 Mifflin St., Huntingdon, " Huntingdon 

Miller, Thomas, 115 S. Sixth St., . . . .Reading, Berks - 

Miller & Kennedy 5723 Broad St., Pittsburgh, ! Allegheny 

Miller Plumbing and Heating Third & Bullitt Ave., Jeanctte, .Westmoreland. 


Miller & Wright, 226 Desmond St Sayre, Bradford 

Mills. J. Frank 201 W. Fifth Ave., . . McKeesport, "Allegheny 

Mirmak, Joseph 598 N. Main St., Wilkes-Barre Luzerne 

Mitchell, Samuel, 3217 Germantown Philadelphia, ..'.... Philadelphia 


Mittleman, B 345 Penn Ave Scranton Lackawanna 

Modern Heating Co., 617 Ross Ave Wilkinsburg Allegheny 

Modern Plumbing and Heating 446 W. James St., . .Lancaster, '.Lancaster' 

Modern Plumbing and Heating ^621 Market St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Co., Inc. 

Modern Plumbing Co • Irwin, Westmoreland 

Moeller, George, S. JE. Cor. 15th & Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

, Parrisle St. 

Monday & Co., Chas. E 1320- Olive St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Monessen Plumbing and Elec- Sixth & Donner Aves.,Monessen, Westmoreland. 

trie Co. 

Moore, W. J., 809 Main St., Sharpsburg, Allegheny 

Moran, T. F., 435 Railroad Ave., . . Scranton, Lackawanna 

Morgan, John A., 1032 W. Third St., . .Chester Delaware. 

Morris, Geo. K North Wales, Montgomery 

Morrow, Jos: W., 17 N. Fifth St., Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

Moss & Blnkelev Plumbing Co., 223 Beltzhoover Ave., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Moxham Plumbing and Heating 109 Ohio St., Johnstown .' Cambria ' 


Moyer, Fred J., 226 N. Tenth St., . . . Allentown Lehigh. 

Mt. Oliver Plumbing & Heating Mt. Oliver, Allegheny. 


Mulch Bros Blair & Wayne Sts., . . Hollidavsbnrg, Blair 

Mnllpn & Nolan 728 Oxford St Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Mulligan Co.. James, 206 Arch St M^adville, Crawford. 

Mundorf & Gossler 21 Sharpsville St., . . Sharon, '. Mercer. 

Murphy & Co.. Harry F., Inc., 1615 Sansom St., ...Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Musselman & Schwarz, 130 N. Christian St., Lancaster, Lancaster 

Musser, O. C, 432 Lobinger Ave., . .N. Braddock, Allegheny' 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Nash and Company, H. L., ... 1907 Sanderson Ave., . Scranton Lackawanna. 

Nauss, Christian, 339 Chestnut St Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

Neal, T. G., Warren, W arren. 

Neff, Geo. R., 326 W. Chestnut St., . Washington, Washington. 

Nesbett, John J 1538 Cherry St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Nick, Oscar H 1513 Peach St., Erie Erie. 

Noif , R. W., Nazareth, Northampton. 

Northeast Plumbing Co., 25 S. Lake St., North East, Erie. 

Norton, Henry J., 29 W. Lancaster St.,. Ardmore Montgomery. 

Nuss, C. L., Weatherly, Carbon. 

Oakes, William, 260 S. Tenth St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Oakmont Plumbing & Heating Oakmont, Allegheny. 


O'Brien & Son, W. H., 132 E. Jefferson St., . Butler Butler. 

O'Hara Bros., 424 Lackawanna St., . Olyphant, Lackawanna. 

Oldfield, J. P., 105 W. L. Ave., McDonald, Washington. 

Oliver, «T. P., Lock Box 145, Corry, Erie. 

O'Malley, Thos. J., 1808 W. Main Ave., . Scranton Lackawanna. 

Osier, Edwin, Slatington Lehigh. 

Osier, G. Bailey, 315 Market St New Cumberland, . . . Cumberland. 

Overbrook Steam Company, Overbrook, Philadelphia. 

Overbrook Steam Heat Co., . . . 112 Drexel Bldg., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Palmer Alex., Oakmont, Allegheny. 

Palmer', George J., 12 W. Market St., . . . West Chester, Chester. 

Pancoast Co., Henry B 940-62 N. Front St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Parcell & Haigh, Fifth & Juniper Sts., . Quakertown Bucks. 

Paterson F. C ■ 76 Mechanic St Bradford McKean. 

Patterson, John L., 1509 Seventh Ave., . .Beaver Falls Beaver. 

Patton Plumbing Co., 307 Freeport Ave., . . Asyinwall Allegheny. 

Patton & Roosa, .......... .... . . . Aliquippa I^/Ti .- 

Peale's Sons, A. R., N. E. Cor Twelfth & Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Norris Sts. 

Peerless Supply Co 721 Land Title Bldg.,. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Penman Bros , . . . .' 230 S. Oak St Mt. Carmel, Northumberland. 

Pennock J Sellers',' .'. 33 N. Seventh St., . . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Perrv MacH ,....' Meadville, Crawford. 

Peters W Ado'lph, 2838 W. Lehigh Ave., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Peters' Wm J., . .' 134 Church St., Lock Haven, Clinton. 

Pfadt 'Edward, ' . .' 1317 Parade St., Erie, Erie. 

Phillips Arthur Prospect Park Delaware. 

Pittsburgh Heating Co.',' '.'.'.'. '. '.& Wood St., . . - Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Plank A B 32 N. Stratton St., . . Gettysburg Adams. 

Plubell HE' '. . 12 Colfax St., Weslcysville Erie. 

Pontius Homer E State Road & Pine West Fairview Cumberland. 


Porath Max E 421 W. Eighth St., . . Erie Erie. 

Portage Plumbing & Heating Caldwell Ave., Portage, Cambria. 

Poutius HE Pine St., Enola Cumberland. 

Powers ' James' V 5657 Chew St., Germantown, Philadelphia. 

Powers' & Bro G J., Heinckley Ave., Ridgley Park, Delaware. 

Powers and Magee 5657 Chew St., Germantown, Philadelphia. 

Price J M 318 Main St., Irwin, Westmoreland. 

Pritciiards. Thomas 150 W. Ridge St., . . . Lansford 9? 1 rb ? n - 

Provan & Co., John F., 5606 Penn Ave., . . . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Ouinlan M J 129 E. Mam St Lock Haven, Clinton. 

Rahner 'H G ' 707 Second Ave., Tarentum, Allegheny. 

Rankin' Wm G 704 Monongahela Ave. Glassport AlWieny. 

Ravnor' Plumbing Company, . .1332 McKean St., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Rending Supply & Construction 335 N. Tenth St., Reading, Berks. 

Redenbau^h Co , The 1003 Brown St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Redington, James A., ■ • • Pittston, . Luzerne. 

R Pe d S G 313 Ninth St .New Brighton, Beaver. 

Regan Thos F., 129 Chestnut St., Dunmore Lackawanna. 

Regan' & Ho'rnwell, 518-20 McKean Ave., . Charleroi, Washington. 

Reichmann, G. F 241 W. King St., . . . .Lancaster Lancaster. 

Reliance Heating Company, . . .3610 Fifth Ave., . . . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Renovo Plumbing & Heating 114 Sixth St., Renovo Clinton. 

Rentschler & Bro., William F., 2631 Girard Ave., . . .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Rettew, C. H 843 Main St Honesdale Wayi L e - 

Reuwer, F. W 1928 Logan St Hamsburg Dauphin. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Rhoads Bros., Fifth & Concord Ave., Chester, Delaware. 

Rhodes, Thos. H., Parker & Sharon Sts., Colliugdale, . .* Delaware. 

Rice, C. Walter 4209 Frankford Ave., Frankford, Philadelphia. 

Richards Plumbing & Heating 120 Fairfield Ave., ..Johnstown, Cambria. 


Righter, H. L., 5424 Germantown Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Riley Co., J. D 2625 Sarah St Pittsburgh, Allegheny 

Rinker & Mover, 23 S. Courtlan^ St.,. .E. Stroudsburg, Monroe. 

Rippey, O. H Highland Ave., Allison Park, Allegheny. 

Roberts, John T., 525 Bennett St., .... Luzerne, Luzerne 

Rodan, Lewis T 127 Radcliffe St., Bristol, Bucks. 

Rodgers Bros 127 Collins Ave., .... Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Roop, A. H 164 W. Main St., . . . Norristown Montgome'rv 

Rudolph, H. H., Main St., Homer City, Indiana. 

Ruffner, D. E., 31 W. Pittsburgh St., Greensburg, Westmoreland 

Runt, Brothers, 132 Main St Irwin, Westmoreland' 

Russells, Sons, Wm. H., 3916 Terrace St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Ruth, Albert, 223 S. Irving Ave., . . Scranton, Lackawanna' 

Ruth, L. Elkanah Wernersville, Berks. 

Saeger, Edwin P 131 N. Franklin St.,. . Allentown, Lehigh 

Sauer Plumbing Co., W. N., . .806 Chestnut St., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Scanlan, Michael F., 207 Swede St., Norristown, Montgonie'rv 

Scattene, J. R 319 Birch St S. Bethlehem, Northamnton 

Schaeffer, John P., 108 Wood St Pittsburgh Allegheny. ' 

Schaum, John G., 110 S. Water St., . . .Lancaster Lancaster" 

Schestak & Co., Inc., H. L Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Schick & Hausman, 621 Front St Catasauqua, Lehigh 

Schobell & Winston, 2027 State St., Erie Erie. 

Sehoeser, H. H., 510 Market St., Westmoore, Luzerne. 

Schwab, Lewis W 309 Grant Ave., Millvale, Allegheny. 

Scott, H. J., Washington Road, . . .Mt. Lebanon, Allegheny' 

Scott, J. W., 524 Charters Ave., . . .McKees Rocks, Allegheny' 

Scott Son, Jas. D., 231 Chestnut St., . . . Coatesville Chester. 

Scott, Robert, Inc 1723 Ranstead St., . . Philadelphia PhiladelDhia 

Scull, Edward & Co., 10 S. Fifth St Reading, Berks. ' 

Seagreaves & Koons, 140 N. Seventh St., . .Allentown, Lehieh. 

Seasholtz, Frank 332 Beech St., Pottstown Montgomery 

Seesholtz, Wm. K., Cor Walnut & Water Selinsgrove, Snyder. 


Seigh & Bro., B. L Thomas & Morrison Johnstown, Cambria 


Seitzinger Mandon Company, . .336 N. Sixth St., Reading, Berks 

Sellers, Wm., S. Pittsburgh St Connellsville, Fayette 

Sewickley Plumbing & Heating Trust Co. Bldg., Sewickley, Allegheny. 


Shaddick & Fessler, 1205 S. Mill St., New Castle, Lawrence 

Shafen & Willenbecher Bros.,. .817 Hamilton St Allentown, Lehigh 

Shaffer Plumbing & Heating 502 Central Ave., ...Johnstown, Cambria. 


Shainline, A. L., 745 Willow St Norristown, Montgomery 

Shand Company, 1421 Susquehanna Philadelphia, Philadelphia' 


Sheek Hardware Co., Tunkhannock Wyoming. 

Shetron, Jesse E., 1308 Mifflin St., Huntingdon, Huntingdon 

Shisser Bros., 580 Alter St., Hazleton, Luzerne 

Shive & Eming, 28 S. Water St., York York. ' 

Shoemaker, Guv 261 Third Ave., Freedom, Beaver. 

Shoemaker, T. W 312 Wyoming Ave., . . Wyoming, Luzerne. 

Shook, Benj. H Tunkhannock, Wyoming. 

Siegel, Wm., 458 N. Penna. Ave.,. . Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne 

Siegfried, H. E., 212 Hamilton St., . . .Allentown, Lehigh 

Simon & Gallagher, 443 N. 63d St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Sinclair Plumbing Co., 512 Wallace St Wilkinsburg, Allegheny 

Singer, Jacob B 204 N. George St., . .York York. 

Sloan Heating & Ventilating 6309 Broad St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Smith, Chas. W., 320 Neshanock Ave.,. .New Castle Lawrence. 

Smith, E. J., Powell Ave. & Second Cresson, Cambria 


Smith, George, 1819 Church St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Smith, Joseph A 25 S. Seventh St., . . .Lebanon Lebanon 

Smith, Joseph A., 5134 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Smith & Co Howard, 42 Armat St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Smith & Co'.', Wesley S., 1830 W. Susq Ave.,. . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Snivelv Plumbing Co., H38 N. Euclid Ave., . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Snvder C W 2'629 Beale Ave., .... Altoona, Blair. 

Snvder' G S "' iyy 5 Union Ave Altoona, Blair. 

Soder, John P., Brownsville Road, . . . Mt Oliver, Allegheny. 

SnfM Ho Geo H 425 Second Ave., . . . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Soles C. "E^ lu9 s - Main St -> • • ■ ■ Lewistown, Mifflin. 

Sparmaker C. A., . . . . Reading Ave., Yardley, Bucks. 

Suarr Joh'anssenE., ........ .2314 Centre Ave., ...Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Spech't A. C, I 9 E - Hish St., Waynesboro, Greene. 

Sueicher A J 431 George Ave Parsons, Luzerne. 

Stahl Plumbing Co., 322 S. Pitts. St Connellsville Fayette. 

Standard Plumbing & Elec. Co., Barnesboro, Cambria. 

Starr Rrnthers Shiremanstown, Cumberland. 

Steinacker, Otto 3958 N. Fifth St., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Stevenson Co The 30 N. Beaver St New Castle, Lawrence. 

Stickrath Est.', John A., 312 Sixth Aye., McKeesport, Allegheny. 

Stinson-Kennedy & Co., 121 Fourth Ave Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Sfinp "RHwin 62 Centre Square, . . .Easton Northampton. 

Stokes M E ' 501 E. Centre St., . . .Mahanoy City Schuylkill. 

Stone Geo R.," ! 1007 18th St., Altoona, Blair. 

Stran'ev F° D ' 1808 15th Ave., Altoona Blair. 

Streeper &" Son *D°. P., 143 W. Main St Norristown .Montgomery. 

Stron°- Edgar W., ' 408 W. Main St., Smethport, McKean. 

Stumpf Edward P 514 Poplar St., Lancaster Lancaster. 

Succop 'Co Inc , W. J., 105 Hazelwood Ave., . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Suckling John R 408 Seventh St., Juniata, Blair. 

Sweeny Jas A 3808 Butler St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Swissva'le Plumbing Co., 2030 Noble St., Swissvale Allegheny. 

Swoyer E D., 30 N. Sixth St., Allentown, Lehigh. 

Tabv&Co Jo's C Cor. Second & Wal- Shamokin, Northumberland. 

" nut Sts. 

Tarentum Hardware Co., East Seventh Ave . . Tarentum, Allegheny. 

T^vlnr T/IpwpIIvti 121 W. Market St., . .West Chester Chester. 

Tavlor' William J.,' ! '. 513 S. 12th St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Tavlor' Bros . .' HI ^. Main St., .... Corry, Erie. 

Terrill John ... 14 Mill St., Lock Haven Clinton. 

Thomas, Abraham F., 4ia Bellevue Ave., . . -Wayne Delaware. 

Thomas & P 51 Welles Bldg., Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Thomas' Geo L° ". ~Nqw Bethlehem, .... Clarion. 

Thomas' John ...!.... .8 White Ave Craf ton, Allegheny. 

Thompson Bros., 123 N. Fifth St., .... Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Thorn A Boyd Clearfield, Clearfield. 

Titus ' Bros '. '. '. '. .......... Broadway, Point Marion, Fayette. 

Todd' Thomas' F 222 Exchange St., . . . Susquehanna, Susquehana. 

Tracy George m' 527 W. Willow St., . . Williamsport, Lycoming. 

Tucker Plumbing Co.', H. W.,. . W. Washington St., . .New Castle, Lawrence. 

Turner George E 215 12th St McKeesport, Allegheny. 

Turner' & Co., John L., Market St., Nanticoke, McKean. 

Turner Plumbing Co Fifth & Edge Ave., . . Chester Delaware. 

Turner & Van Scoy Co., 27 E. Northampton Wilkes-Barre Luzerne. 

Tn^ev Tas C Hollidaysburf Blair. 

Tussev Jas c" 507 Allegheny St., . . . Altoona Blair. 

Tvler' Plumbing Co., Chas. M.,.712 Broadway, McKees Rocks, Allegheny. 

Tyrone Plumbing and Heating Box 44, Tyrone, Blair. 

Uber' & Co Geo F 13 Fairmount Ave., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Underkoffler, H. K., • Souderton, Montgomery. 

Undesrove Frank 544 Locust St., Johnstown, C ambna. 

Valley Plumbing & Electric Co., 602 Fallowfield Ave.,.Charleroi Washington. 

Vaughn P H 1432 N. Third St., . . Harnsburg, Dauphin. 

Veith Fred W ,' 1616 Parade St., Erie Erie. 

Verona Plumbing Co., 617 E. Railroad St.,. -Verona, Allegheny. 

Vespar Pietro 411 19th St., Windber Somerset. 

Villinger Plumbing & Heating 46 W. Fourth St., ...Williamsport Lycoming. 

Voelker, Fred J 261 Butler St., Etna, Allegheny. 

Voss, John A., 434 S. Queen St., . . . .York, . York. 

Wagner E C. Jr 21 S. Sharon Ave., ..Sharon Hill, Delaware. 

Wagner Elmer E 33-37 W. North St., . Carlisle, Cumberland. 

Wagner, R. W. & Son, . . .207 Locust St., Harrisburg Dauphin. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Walck & Sons, Richard, 72 S. Wyoming St., . . Hazleton, Luzerne. 

Walezak, Albert W., 1226 German St., Erie Erie. 

Walter, William J., 102 S. 60th St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Walters, Purks & Mellon 4419 Ludlow St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Walton Plumbing Co., Broadway, E. McKeesport, Allegheny. 

Wanner, Louis, Jr., Inc., 1723 Ludlow St., .... Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Wasner & Redding: 142 N. Sixth St., Reading, .Berks. 

Watson, Richard H., 1707 Chestnut St., . . . Philadelphia,' Philadelphia. 

Wayne Plumbing & Heating 105 N. Wayne Ave.,. .Wayne, Delaware. 


Weber, E. S., 14 E. Main St., Mechanicsburg Cumberland. 

Weber, William F., 1606 N. Sydenham St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Webster, Frederick, 804 Third Avenue, . .New Brighton, Beaver. 

Webster Co., E. W., 20 E. Long Ave., DuBois, Clearfield. 

Weigel, Harvey E., 644 W. Philadelphia York, York. 


Weldon & Kelley Co., 427 Fourth Ave Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Welteroth, Joseph, Fifth & Philadelphia Indiana, Indiana. 


Welty, C. P., Magee Ave., Patton Cambria. 

Werst, L. W 104 S. Sixth St., Perkasie Bucks. 

Wey Brothers, 707 Middle St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Whelan & Bro., Wm. F., Ardmore, Montgomery. 

White & Crawford 424 Main St Monongahela, Washington. 

Wickes & Co., 608 Ann St., Homestead, Allegheny. 

Wien, John, Cumberland Ave., . . . Mt. Penn Berks. 

Wilkins, Jas. A., 731 Rebecca Ave., . . . Wilkinsburg, Allegheny. 

Will, H. & C. K., 118 S. Queen St Lancaster, Lancaster. 

William, C. M., Plains, .Luzerne. 

Williams, J. Howard .238 E. Broad St., . . .Tamaqua, Schuylkill. 

Williams & Co., S. E., Church & South Sts.,.Uniontown, Fayette. 

Willinbecker & Bro., Thos. F.,.31 S. Sixth St Allentown, Lehigh. 

Windber Plumbing and Supply Windber, Somerset. 


Wolf, Clyde S., 409 Windsor St., McKeesport, Allegheny. 

Wolf, Moritz, Jr 1407 Fifth Ave., McKeesport, Allegheny. 

Wolf Plumbing Co 77 N. First St., Duquesne, . . Allegheny. 

Wood Heating Co., James P., . .239 N. Fourth St., . .Philadelphia Philadelphia 

Wismer, Geo. W., 532 N. Fortieth St.,. . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Wissler, Wm. E., 18 E. Seventh St., . . .Erie Erie. 

Withers & Sons, R. F., Now Castle, Lawrence. 

Witmer. C. E Elizabethtown, Lancaster, 

Yoder, Frank D., Perkiomen Ave Mt. Penn, Berks. 

Yoder, J. J 325 Arch St Sunbury, Northumberland. 

Yonts Co., The C. H., 903 Market Square, . .Meadville, Crawford. 

York Engineering C<l, Inc., . . .358 N. George St., . . .York York. 

York Heating & Ventilating 22-26 N. Penn St., . .York, York. 


Young, Elmer M., Third & Pardee Sts.,.WeatherR Carbon. 

Young, W. Wirt, Coatesville, Chester. 

Zeigler Brothers, Main St., Elizabethville, Dauphin. 

Zerman, Harry, 9th & C. & L. R. R.,. Lebanon Lebanon. 

Zimmerman. W. H Lansdale Montgomery. 

Zuern Plumbing & Heating Co., Rock St., Shamokin, Northumberland. 


Brogan & Co., James, 313 Commercial Trust Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

_ Bldg. Darby, Delaware. 

Burke, Timothv 433 Connell Bldg., . . . Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Corbett, Jas. H Kittanning Armstrong. 

Urossan Construction Co., . ... ilO Lanu Title Bldg.,. Philadelphia Philadelphia 

Eyre, T. L., 1537 Commercial Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Trust Bldg. 

Faber Engineering & Construe- Bessemer Bldg., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

tion Co. 

Ferguson & Edmondson Co., ..412 Keystone Bldg.. .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Ferranti Construction Co., The,322 E. Norwegian St., Pottsville Schuylkill. 

Goll & Co., John, 1539 Filbert St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Grace Contracting Co.. Robert, Box 1114 Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Hunter & Co., J. T., Inc., R. F. D. No. 3, Washington Washington. 

Kelley Co., John A., 512 Penna. Bldg., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 



Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 



Lathrop, Shea & Henwood Co., 613-15 Peoples Nat'l Scranton Lackawanna. 

Bank Bldg. (Pen Argyl). 
McMenamin & Sims, 415 Commercial Trust Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Miller Construction Co., The, .DuBois, Clearfield. 

Trexler, James B., 927 N. Third St., Reading, Berks. 


Adams, Charles N 6322 Woodland Ave., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Aiman, Arnold, Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Angermyer Co., W. F 714 Homewood Ave.. . Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Armstrong, Charles W., 918-20 N. 46th St., .. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Armstrong & Co., 2033-37 N. 2d St., . . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Atlas Sheet Metal Works, 603 W. Seventh St.,. .Allentown, Lehigh. 

Auer, Geo. P., 456 E. 21st St Erie, Erie. 

Aughinbaugh, Chas. E., 136 N. Main St., Chambersburg Franklin. 

Balzar, A. J., 2930 Cherry St., Erie, Erie. 

Bartholomew & Son, R. W 2032 Germantown Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Barrett, John C, .1131 S. 16th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Basford, Erickson & Co., 24 Armat St Germantown Philadelphia. 

Baum, J. B„ 600 West Phil. St., . . York, .York. 

Bauman & Leeds, 840 N. Eighth St., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Beaumont & Son, James, 219 W. Rittenhouse Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Beers Furnace Co., L. E., 613 South Ave., Wilkinsburg, Allegheny. 

Beiman, Samuel, 805 N. 13th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Benjamin, Michael 1718 S. Fourth St.,. . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bennett Co., A. E., 1632 W. Thompson Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Berner, George, S. W. Cor Rising Sun Philadelphia, ...... .Philadelphia. 

Ave. & London St. 

Berner, William, 3045-47 N. Third St., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Beswick, Richard, 330 S. Fourth St., . . .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Blankemever, Alphonse J., 1335 N. Eighth St.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Blefgen, Henry J 868 N. Fourth St., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Blum. J. Nevin, Manheim Lancaster. 

Bonsalls' Sons, Wm. S., 3824-26 Market St., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Bortel Co., E. S., 39 S. 18th St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Brady, John S., 26 Deitrick Lane, . . .Wilkes-Barre Luzerne. 

Braggin & Son, J. W., 152 W. 12th St., Erie, Erie. 

Brenner, Edward, 1650 Germantown Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Bressler & Co., C. W., 314 Willow St., Lebanon Lebanon. 

Brown Co., Joseph E., 1003 Race St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bush & Phillips, 310 Center St., Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Callahan, Charles 42 N. Second St., . . .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Cambria Tinning & Slate Roof- 503 Broad St Johnstown Cambria. 

ing Co. 
Campbell, Benjamin F., 3433 Germantown Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Campbell, James F 2362 N. Lambert St., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Campbell, J. G., South Main St., Butler, Butler. 

Carre, Louis H 143 N. 13th St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Champ, W. M., 912-14 Lincoln Ave., . Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Charney, Victor, 1033 Parrish St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Clayton's Sons, Frank B 1227-33 N. 11th St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Clockner & Burke 1226 N. Third St., . .Harrisburg Dauphin. 

Coburn, George A 7216 Germantown Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Colbert. Francis M., 5208 Baltimore Ave., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Columbia Heating & Roofing 6212 Grays Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


ComDa Co., Wm. P., 2021 Carson St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Copes & Son, Edwin L., 214 Washington Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Corbin, James W., Union Ave., Oak Lane.Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Cornell, H. T., 1845 N. Sixth St., . .. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Cummin?, R. P., 1009 Callowhill St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Cusick Cornice & Roofing Co., 2602 Fifth Ave., Pittsburgh, .Allp°-hen- 

Darbler, Jos Wilkinsburg Allegheny. 

Davenport, Thos 1809 E. Cambria St., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Decker & Son, John, 2704-06 Girard Ave.,. Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Doan, Joseph L., 144 N. Fourth St., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Donnelly, John P.. 938 N. Huntingdon Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 



Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

WORK — Continued. 

Donovan, Emmet, 700 S. 52d St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Donovan, Wm. J., 2012-14 Poplar St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Dougherty, James A., 3901 N. Broad St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Diehl, William W 909 N. American St., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Duffcy, Thos. C, 302 N. Frazier St., .. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Dux, Frank J., 2239 N. Second St.,. . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Easton Cornice Works, 1021 Ferry St., Easton, Northampton. 

Edwards & Son, R. M., 30 E. Pike St., Canonsburg Washington. 

E. E. Auto Lam" & Radiator 5908 Kirkwood St., . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Eisenhower, Leon D 2016 S. Juniper St.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

English & Co., William, 259 N. Lawrence St., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

English & Company, Inc., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Epple & Creed, 4849 Lancaster Ave., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Fackenthal & Roberts 734 Sassafrass St., . .Easton, Northampton. 

Faiiiey, A. W 1609 N. 17th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Fallon, John T 3522 Haverford Ave., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Farra & Packer, 5727 Germantown Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Fellman, Philip F., Dorwart & Lafayette Lancaster Lancaster. 


Fisher, John T 2432 Nicholas St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Flounders, W. M., 1624 N. 19th St., . . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Fogel, Barnett, 642 N. 54th St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Ford City Roofing Co., The, . . Box 617, Ford City, Armstrong. 

Fossett & Son, Geo. W., 8-10 N. Vodges St.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Foster Co., Benjamin, 22d & Sedgley Ave.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Fox, Andrew G 1624 E. Passyunk Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Freidhoff & Mahoffer 400 Franklin St., . . . Johnstown, Cambria. 

Frey, Gottleib, 1250 N. Tenth St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Frick, John, 1219 N. 29th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Friedman, Hyman, 1834 Bedford Ave., . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Fuhrer, A. G., 1603 N. Fourth St.,. .Pittsburgh Allegheny 

Gara-McGinley Co., 1631 Ludlow St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Garraty & Co., 1629 Ranstead St., . . Philadelphia, ... Philadelphia. 

Gehrino- Mfg. Co., The, 317 N. Second St., . . Pottsville, Schuylkill. 

Geissler Bros., 731 Penn St., Reading, Berks. 

Geissler, Chas. F., 3211 N. 17th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Gerlach, Charles H, 256 S. 60th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Getzfread, A. J 20 E. Lancaster Ave., Ardmore Montgomery. 

Geyer, Joseph J., 2821 N. Lambert St.,. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Girard Cornice & Roofing Co., . 1022 Ridge Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Globe Slag Roofing Co., Wyoming Ave. & Pine Scranton, Lackawanna. 


Gotschall, L. U., 4851 Lancaster Ave., . Philadelphia, Philadelnhia. 

Graff Brothers, Inc 5912 Penn Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Green, J. J., 7012 Edmund St Tacony, Philadelphia. 

Groman, D., 1629 N. 21st St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Gross, Wm. E 1224 W. Oxford St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Grover, Thos. E., 6015 Hazel Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hahn Brothers, Magee & Watson Sts., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Hahn, R. S., 236 Church St Easton Northampton. 

Haines, George W 1619 Catharine St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hammer, C. Otto, 1623 Locust St Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Hansen & Co., 2027 N. Second St.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hart, Christopher, 34 E. Graners Lane, . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hartman, A. S.. Jr., 3051 N. 22d St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hartman Co., H. B., 533 Fifth Ave., McJOespovt Allegheny. 

Hartman Hardware Co., 521 Fifth Ave., McKeesport, Allegheny. 

Hazleton Sheet Metal & Roof- 229-31 E. Green St.,. .Hazlcton, Luzerne. 

ing Co. 

Heckler Bros 828 Liberty Ave Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Helt, Geo. P 1915-19 Sedgwick St., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Hendricks, J., 2361 N. Sixth St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Herman, Andrew, 1300 N. Newkirk St., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hersh & Bro., 829 Hamilton St., . . . Allentown, Lehigh. 

Hess, Jacob, 321 Adams Ave., .... Scranton Lackawanna. 

Hill Top Roofinsr Co., 2754-60 S. 18th St.,. .Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Holden & Son. Harry C, 4830 Frankford Ave.,. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Holland, M. J., 610 Fourth St Altoona Blair. 

Hopely's Sons, Philip F., 1018 N. Cumberland Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 



Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

WORK — Continued. 

Hopkin Co., Chas. E., Inc., . . .107 Bethlehem Pike,. .Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia. 

Hopkins, Samuel K., 1226 N. 11th St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Howarth's Sons, Robert, Chester, Delaware. 

Howell, Joseph E 5510 Fairhill St., . . .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Hutchins Car Roofing Co., Hyde Park, Westmoreland. 

Iron City Roofing Co., 6943 Frankstown Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Irwin Mfg. Co., Thos. W., 307 Cremo St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Jannan, Frank, 4823 N. Broad St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Jaspan, S., 226 S. Second St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Johnson Sons Co., T. S., 622 Cherry St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Jones Heating & Roofing Co.,. . 733 Green St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Jungkurth, Samuel, 49 Manheim St., .... Philadelnhia, Philadelphia. 

Kearns Bros 1012 Penn Ave., .... Wilkinsburg, Allegheny. 

Keely, John P., 2626 W. Huntingdon Philadelphia Philadelnhia. 


Keighlev Metal Ceiling & Mfg. 124 Third Ave., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Co., S., 

Kelly, Chas. G., 639 N. 53d St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Keystone Roofing Company, Pittston, Luzerne. 

Kincaid Bros., 211 Water St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Kinney & Burgess 4225 Main St Manayunk, Philadelphia. 

Kirk, Chas. H 1018 Beaver Ave., . . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Kirsch Co., Jacob 3234 Penna. Ave., . . . Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Kirst Bros 314 S. Fourth St., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Klein, Samuel 512 N. Second St., ..Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Knodel, Emil, 7 W. Girard Ave., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Knodell, W. H., 510 E. Diamond St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Koerbel Bros Jeannette Westmoreland. 

Kohler, Paul 21 Brady St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Kossler & Son, Wm 448 S. Main St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Kornbou & Son, Herman N. W. Cor. Franklin Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

& Oxford Sts. 

Kraemer, George A., 112 N. Fifth St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kramer & Sons, Jacob 126 N. Cumberland St.Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Kramer, Samuel A 211 Tilgham St., . . . . Allentown, .Lehigh. 

Kunz & Hericks Co., 907 Locust St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kunzler & May, 55 S. Tenth St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Lackawanna Boiler & Grate 308 Miller Bldg., Scranton, Lackawanna. 


Laughlin & Co 239 Elm St Oil City Venango. 

Lee, Edwin S., 8th & Luzerne Sts.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Le Goullon, P., 27th St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Lenihan. M. J 134 N. 52d St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Lewis, H. W., 2Q09 E. York St., . . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Liebelt, Henry, 131 Biaiham St., .... Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Limerick. J. Hunter, 4809 Trinity St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Lindsay, John 213 Montgomerv Ave.,Cynwyd, Montgomery. 

Locke, Hiram W 1916 W. York St., ..Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Lorenz, Charles, 1018 Callowhill St., . , Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Lufkin & Halbkram 2215-17 N. 12th St.,. .Philadelnhia, Philadelphia. 

McCabe, C. A 158 S. Main St., Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

McCartnev, T. J., 1731 Christian St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

McCrearv' Roofing Co 259 W. 22d St., Erie, Erie. 

McFassoi, E M 4801 Woodland Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

McFarland-Meade Co 46th St. & Woodland Philadelphia Philadelphia. 


McTlroy & Sons. J. D 508 Second Ave., Pittsburgh, Allesheny. 

Mcllvaine, A. F., N. Jefferson Ave Canonsburg, Washington. 

McOinlev & Co.. Howard J.... 1719 Ludlow St., Philadelnhia, Philadelphia. 

McGratti, Edward, 1536 Frankford Ave., Philadelnhia Philadelphia. 

McOrath, Thos 3165 N. Fifth St.. . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

McGuigan, C. F 19th & Huntingdon Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


McSorley, Frank J 113 N. Sixth St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

MeVeety & S"llick Central Ave Cheltenham, Montgomery. 

MicDonald, Ernest, 20 E. Mt. Airv Ave., Philadelnhia, Philadelnhia. 

Malonev, John J 429 N. Third St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Malthaner. George, 1225 Federal St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Manlove, H. P. C 1931 E. Passyunk Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Manning, Edwin N., 1843 Cedar St Philadelphia, Philadelnhia. 

Marshall, Samuel B., Oakmont, Allegheny. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

WORK — Continued. 

Marvel Burner & Mfg. Co., ...912 Moravian St., ..Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Matthias, Joseph E 659 N. 52d St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Mearus, J. B., 267 S. Tenth St., ..Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Mehrer, George, 2435 N. 26th St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Messick & Son. W. K N. W. Cor. Sixth & Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Reed Sts. 
Metal Cornice & Roofing Co., Front & Dickinson Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

The. Sts. 

Meyers & Sons, George J., . .3223 Kennett Square,. Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Miller, A. P., Second & Carson Sts.. Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Miller Cornice Works, E. H.,. .136 Ferry St Easton Northampton. 

Miller & Bro., L. A Stoner St., Scottdale, Westmoreland. 

Miller, H. A., 436 Main St Irwin, Westmoreland. 

Mohler & Bro., C. M Akron, Lancaster. 

Monaghan, Peter J 2315 N. Tenth St., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Monroe, C. A., 233 E. Maiden St., . . .Washington, Washington. 

Moore & Son, J. E., 765 N. 20th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Morgan Bros 525 Homewood Ave., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Morrison, Andrew G., 1619 Bainbridge St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Mulholland & Bro., James, . . . Trenton & Fifth Aves..Philadelphia. Philadelphia. 

Munro, Hugh F., 1737 N. Fifth St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Murphy, Albert, 1933 Callowhill St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Murphy Brothers, 22 N. Perry Square, . . Erie, Erie. 

Nacey, John 7109 Woodland Ave., Philadelphia, PhiladelDhia. 

Naegele, John A., 5436 Boynton St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelnhia. 

Nagel, Fred, 1530 N. Fourth St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Nagler Bros., 1003 Wood St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Neff Brothers, 739-41 New St Allentown Lehigh. 

Nehlig, Philip, 306 N. Fourth St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

New Kensington Repair Wks., 930 Stanton Ave., ...New Kensington, ....Westmoreland. 
New York Tinning & Roofing 2127 Center Ave., ...Pittsburgh Allegheny. 


Nimpfer, A. J 1628 Rhine St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Nobbs Co., Grant C, 2516-22 Smallman St.,Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Norb^ck & Co., C. E 133 S. Duke St., York. . York. 

Northampton Cornice Works, .734 Sassafras St., ..Easton, Northampton. 

Ott, John P 1525 S. Eighth St., . .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Ottinger & Co., Henry, 5408-10 Jefferson St.. Philadelphia, . Philadelphia. 

Owen. John E 1930 Carson St., Pittsburgh Alleghenv. 

Paessler, Otto F 2859 N. Lawrence St.,Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Palmer & Son, Geo. W., 3512 Market St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Palmer. Harry K., 4029 Lancaster Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Parks, F. G., Oil City, Venango. 

Patterson & Sterling, 119 E. 12th St Erie Erie. 

Pearce, Charles H., 2120 Columbia Ave Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Pearson Manufacturing Com- 800 Beaver Ave. & B. Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

pan-". & O. R. R. 

Peet Roofing Co 7716 Frankstown Ave.Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Perritt Iron & Roofing Co., . . .Rosedale St. & Penna.Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Phillips, C. W., 35 W. Wheeling St... .Washington, Washington. 

Phy, John B 835 N. Holly St., . . .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Pitt Roofing Co., 7716 Frankstown Ave.Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Pittsburgh Cornice & Roofing 1817-19 Mary St., . . .Pittsburgh, Alleghenv. 


Pittsburgh Metal Ceiling Co.,. .118 Fourth Ave Pittsburgh, AlWheny. 

Pittsburgh Roofing and Heating 2525 Perrysville St.,. .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Pittsburgh Tinning & Roofing 538 Schoonmaker Ave.Monessen Westmoreland. 


Pittston Iron Mfg. Co Snring St Pittston Lycoming. 

Pohl, John E., 41 E. Chestnut St., . .Lancaster Lancaster. 

Polk, Philip, 5101 Carnegie St., . . .Pittsburgh Allegheny 

Pototsky, Isaac, 1504 S~. Eighth St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Poulson, Andrew R., 15th & Wharton Sts., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. - 

Power & Co.. A. E 255 N. 52d St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Powers & Carr 426 High St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Pritcgard, L. L., 164 Lowell St Pittsburgh Alleghenv. 

Putzl, John A 1420 S. 52d St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Ouaker City Cornice Works, . .1033 Parrish St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Ouigley & Son, James J 1342 Ridsre Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Quinn, A. M., 1420 N. 20th St., . . .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Qumn, Thos. N., 5539 Pulaski Ave., . , Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

WORK — Continued. 

Rabinovitz, Joe 1711 Centre Ave., . . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Raschler, Edward W., 316 W. Chelton Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Rasner & Dinger Co., Second Ave. & Ferry Pittsburgh Allegheny. 


Rath & Son, Jacob, 19 E. Chelten Ave Germantown, Philadelphia. 

Raynor, Wm. C, 1539 W. Passyunk Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Reader Bros. & Hoffman, Muncy St., Tyrone Blair. 

Reading Tin & Sheet Metal 903 Bingaman St., . . Reading, Berks. 

Real Estate Roofing Co 2343-45-47-49 Wallace Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Real Estate Roofing & Manu- 24th & Wallace Sts., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

facturing Co. 

Reed & Co., F. M 1312 Fifth Ave McKeesport Allegheny. 

Reed & Co., O. W., 30 Lawn Ave., Uniontown Fayette. 

Reed, William K., 1307 W. Montgomery Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Reichert, Emil 226 N. Clarion St., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Reisinger Bros., 5324 Second Ave., . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Reuss, Edward H., 921 S. 46th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Rickert, Wm. J 2264 N. Fifth St., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Rieb & Son, Louis F., 118 E. Ohio St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Rigg, R. B., 660 Hillsborough St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Robertson, James G., 6375 Germantown Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Rome & Co., Geo., Carnegie Allegheny. 

Ross, Lewis P 2429 E. Norris St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Ruger, Louis, 1603 N. Fourth St.. . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Saffian, Leon 1016 W. Girard Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Salinger Company, The Charles, 1110 Ridge St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Sambert, Charles W., 226 E. Cumberland Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Scarborough & Klauss Co 3809 Fifth Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Scarborough Roofing Co., 1027-29 Ohio St., . . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Schaffer, A. F 30 Larimer Ave Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Schmidt Co., Geo. P., 1018 E. Ohio St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Schmidt, George J., 337 Poplar St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Schmidt, Henry S 622 Campbell St., . . .Williamsport, Lycoming. 

Schmitt, Edward F., 521 Lucllow St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Schimpf, Geo. A., 506 N. Centre St., . .Pottsville, Schuylkill. 

Schnaufer Roofing Co., 816 Concord St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Schnehler. Albert G., 1022 Ridge Ave Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Seholes, W. H 112 W. Parkway, ...Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Scholze & Co., A. A 8960 Perrysville Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Schreib^r & Altenderfer, 710-12 Willow St.. . .Lebanon, Lebanon. 

Schroeffel & Son, John, 1507 Spring Garden Pittsburgh Allegheny. 


Schuch, John L., 930 W. Diamond St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Schuck, Jacob, 744 Warrington Ave., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Schuehler Bros 142 Edward St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Schweiker Sons, Inc., Wm. G., 2621-23 Jefferson St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Serine, John 1056 Laundale St., . .Pittsburgh Allegheny 

Seybert, Henrv G., 1007 Christian St., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Shea. James M 3013 Richmond St., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Shenk. J. E., 2903 Main St., Penbrook, Dauphin. 

Shausrhnessv, Frank V 7 Grafton Ave Crafton, Allegheny. 

Shinfield, J. B 633 Dickinson St.. . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Sidebothom, Harry, 1454 S. Ringgold St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Simpson & Murray, 1719 Christian St., . .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Smith, F. E.. . . .' 1619 Watson St., ...Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Smith, Horace, 5010 Detman St., . . . Frankforrt Philadelphia. 

Snyder, I. H.. Jr., North Wales, Montgomery. 

Souders, Willis, 539 W. Cumberland Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Stanier Bros 4739 Second Ave Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Si-ppIp & Bros.. F. M. 905 Seventh Ave., . . .Beaver Falls, Beaver. 

Sterling Supnlv & Lumber Co., Carnegie, Allegheny. 

Stem Mfg. Co., Inc., The, 1023 Race St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Stratomeier. Jos. W., 224 Edmond St Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Straver, J. H McAlisterville, Juniata. 

Street, Adam J., 24 N. 52d St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Struble Bros., Inc 755 Rebecca St Wilkinsburg, Allegheny. 

Sutton, J. G., 866 Locust Ave Germantown, ...... .Philadelphia.. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

WORK — Continued. 

Sweigard, U. D 2001 Peach St,, Erie, Erie. 

Taylor Sheet Metal Company, Fifth & Barclay Sts., Chester, Delaware. 

Tnomason & Sons, Wm. J., . . .108 Arch St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Tienemann, F. B., 1521 Mifflin St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Tiffany, J. F., 727 Liberty St Franklin Venango. 

Tinnermann & Co., 51 N. 60th St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Tinney, Walter H 63d & Woodland Ave.,Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Togeweiler, Henry, 3120 Ridge Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Union Roofing Co 1805 Ninth Ave., Altoona, Blair. 

Wacker, H. L 1821 East St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Wackerman, Albert 859 Church Lane, . . . Germantown, Philadelphia. 

Wagener Bros . 3605 East St Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Wagner. Herman B., . . y 3535 N. 15th St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Wahl, George E 3935 Lancaster Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Wakeley, John, 1804 S. 12th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Walker & Wilcox, 5124 Penna. Ave., . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Ward, H. H., Chester, Delaware. 

Warner Co., A. S Verona Allegheny. 

Warren Co., The, 411 E. Tenth St., Erie, Erie. 

Weiman & Tobias, 1018 Lehman St., . . . Lebanon Lebanon. 

Weisberg Roofing Co., 1231 Penn Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Welsh, R. J., 1121 S. 20th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Welts & Son, Paul, 450 N. Fifth St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Werner, August J"., Seventh & Lycoming Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


White, Scott A., 626 Oliver Bldg., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Whittier, W. E., 1450 W. Fourth St.,. . Williamsport Lycoming. 

Wiest, Harry W., 718 E. Phila. St York, York. 

Wilhelm's Sons, Theo., 128 N. 16th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Williams, Ralph, 25th & Montgomery Philadelphia Philadelphia. 


Wohlforth & Greenfield, 218 Arch St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Yackly, H. T 4638 Westminster Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Yeager, John A., Jr., 401 Diamond St., ...Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Yocum, Charles H., 129 E. Chelten Ave., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Zeller, H. W., 1414 Ninth Ave., Beaver Falls, Beaver. 

Zvirman, Morris, 1604 Wylie Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Beaumont Co., R. H., 1043 Drexel Bldg., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bingham, G. L., 250 N. Marvine St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bland & Co., John I., 1104-5-6 Harrison Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Brownworth & Co., 1611 Sansom St., .... Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Corry Bridge & Supply Co., . .101 S. First Ave., . . . Corry, Erie. 

Eichleay Co., John, Jr., S. 20th & Wharton Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Elevator Engineering Construe- 250 N. Marvine St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

tion Co. 

Forgy & Wrigley, 5525 Ridge Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Gaylord Engine Ring & Con- Mears Bldg., Scranton, Lackawanna. 

struction Co. 
Lawrence Steel Construction 3324 Smallman St.,. .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Matthews & Co., S. G 916 N. Ninth St., ...Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Mullen Construction Co., John 604 Wabash Bldg., . .Pittsburgh Allegheny. 


Nass & Hare Construction Co., 113-15 Tasker St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Pennsylvania Engineering Co., 1119-21 N. Howard Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Seaboard Construction Co., ...1024-6 Witherspoon Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Turner Concrete Steel Co., 1713 Sansom St., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Abel, A. F 1 Wood St., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Achenbach, E. J Bangor Northampton. 

Allen & Son, Jas. T., 510 N. Eighth St., ..Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Allentown Construction Co., ..401 Auburn St., Allentown, Lehigh. 

American Construction & Se • Greensburg, Westmoreland. 

curities Company. 

American Dredging Company, .. 510 Mariner & Mer- Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

chant Bldg. 

American Parquetry Floor Co., 1124 Walnut St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

American Water Softener Co., 1011 Chestnut St., ..Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Anthracite Reclaiming Co., Shoemakersville, Berks. 

Armstrong, George B., 341 Wyoming Ave.,. .Olney Philadelphia. 

Armstrong & Latta Co 532 Land Title Bldg., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Artesian Well Drilling Co., . . . 937 Real Est. Trust Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Atkinson, Hugh Carbondale Lackawanna. 

Azzara, Polo C Caroline St., Barnesboro, Cambria. 

Badenhausen Co 1425 Chestnut St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Badman, James H Jones St Nanticoke, Luzerne. 

Baker & Owen Construction Johnstown, Cambria. 


Ball, James W., 901 Glenside Ave., . . Wyncote, Montgomery. 

Bancroft, Willis. Jr., 1015 W. Seventh St., Erie, Erie. 

Banks Construction Co., Jos., 51 S. Washin^on St.,Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Barendell, J. C., 150 Woodland Ave.,. .Mt. Oliver, Allegheny. 

Barrett, G. M., 5306 Magnolia Ave., . . Germantown, Philadelphia. 

Barrett Construction Co., 716 Connell Bldg., ..Scranton Lackawanna. 

Hartley & Bros., A. C 121 S. Rebecca St., ..Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Bastre'ss & Co., J. N., Scranton Lackawanna. 

Baumann, Carl H. H., 1107 Richmond St., . .Scranton Lackawanna. 

Bean, L. M Wyncote, Montgomery. 

Beatty Bros., 6817 Kelly St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Beatty Bros., 2001-03 Metropolitan Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Beaver Valley Cement Work 1818 Fourth Ave Beaver Falls, Beaver. 

Benjamin-Schreiner Construe- Nanticoke, Luzerne. 

tion Co. 
Bennett and Smith, Greensburg, Westmoreland. 

Benzing & Merkle Floor Co., . . 431 E. Seventh St.,. .Erie Erie. 

Bickel Fred. L., ;.Mascher & Jefferson Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Boas, F. J 201 N. Broad St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bollinger Brothers, Carnegie .Allegheny. 

Bollinger Brothers 812 Fulton Bldg., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Boulden, C. C 422 N. 63d St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bouquin, L. O Oil City. Venango. 

Bower, Chas. P Emerald St. & Read- Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

ing Ry. 

Boyer, Norman J 205 Fifth Ave., Butler Butler. 

Brann & Stuart Co Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Breckenridge, R. J., Grove City Mercer. 

Breig Bros., 316 N. Washington Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Brenneman Co., J. E., 1519 North American Philadelphia Philadelphia. 


Brockman, Henry G., 663 E. Phila. St., . . . York York. 

Broome Bros 723 Locust St., Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Buhl Oil & Gas Co Bradford, McKean. 

Burkhart & Degler, 636 N. 11th St., Reading, Berks. 

Busse & Co.. H<mry Main & Wabash Sts., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Buzza, S. S., & Son 1108 Fourth Ave Coraopolis Allegheny. 

Cantrelj Construction Co 30th & Walnut Sts.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Casey Co., John F., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Central Construction & Supply 2222-24 Arch St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

r Co. 

Central Penna. ^uarry, . Hazleton Luzerne. 

Challis & Sons, D. W 420 Centennial Ave., Sewickley Allpshen'". 

Chandler, Harry W., 710 Raustead St., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Clark & Co 4415 Frankford Ave., Frankford, Philadelphia. 

Clement & Co., F. H., South Bethlehem, . . .Northampton. 

Cliffe Company, Walter R., ... Abbott Bldsr Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Connor. Thos 3329 N. Fifth St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Coup, C. H., Church St., Homer City, Indiana. 

Cronin Co., Thomas 17th & Muriel Sts., . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Crumbling, Jacob Wrightsville, York. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Culp Bros., 42 Gates St., Wilkes-Barre Luzerne. 

Curry, Wm, 622 N. Vine St., Hazleton, Luzerne. 

Cuyle & Son, N. J., . 22 N. Church St Hazleton, Luzerne. 

Def erest, Barton, Huntingdon Huntingdon. 

Denburger Co., Inc., H Room 18, First Na- Bethlehem, Northampton. 

tional Bank Bldg. 

Derr, Walter Box 92, Norristown, Montgomery. 

Detig, Joseph, Boebel Ave., Mt. Pittsburgh, Allegheny. ' 

Oliver Star 

Detwiler, Geo. M., 11 W. Marshall St.,. . Norristown, Montgomery. 

Dick, A. E., Markle Bank Bldg., . . Hazleton, Luzerne. 

Dick Construction Co., Markle Bank Bldg., . . Hazleton, Luzerne. 

Dick, Drake & Sharkey, Hazleton Luzerne. 

Dickerson Paving Co., 24th & Potter Sts., . . Chester, Delaware. 

Doll Company, William Chas., Abbott Bldg., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Doyle, William H., Berwyn, Chester. 

Drake Drilling Co., A. W., 712-13 Markle Bank Hazleton, Luzerne 


Dravo Contacting Co., The, . .Diamond Bank Bldg., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Duffin, David, 2501 E. Lehigh Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Dunleavy Bros., Vennegar Bldg., Coatesville, Chester. 

Duquesne Contracting Co., 710 Diamond Bank Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Ebcrz, Henry J., 711-13 Foreland St., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Egan, Charles J., 1204 Vickroy St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Eline Bros., Littlestown, Adams. 

Engineering Company, The, Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Evers Co., Jos. A., 5924 Harvard St., . . . Pittsburgh Allegheny 

Excelsior Glazing Co., 2051 Federal St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Expanded Metal Fireproofing 541 Wood St., Pittsburgh, Alleghenv 

Co., The. 

Farrell, M. K., West Chester, Chester. 

Fayette Construction Co., Fayette City, Fayette. 

Flanagan, John 4862 Second Ave., . . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Flick & Simons, 15 Green St., Nazareth Northampton 

Focht & Son, L. H., 400-02 Baer Bldg., . .Reading, Berks. " 

Fraser, H. A. & D. M., 100 E. County Line Ardmore, Delaware. 


Frederick, E., Pittsburgh, Alleghenv. 

Frmgs Parquet Floor Co., 3639 N. 11th St Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Fritz & LaRue, Inc., 1124 Chestnut St., ..Philadelphia Philadelphia 

Gailey, Alvey Fullerton, 6268 Frankstown Ave.Pittsburgh, Allegheny 

Garman & Bro., N. H 102 Neversink St., ..Reading B«rks ' 

Gaynor, J. M., 77 S. Grant St Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Gaynor Contracting Co., 303 Board of Trade Scranton, Lackawanna. 


Gayton & Heasley, 369 E. Main St Bradford, McKean 

General Supply & Construction 10 W. Market St., . . York, York. 


Gerhart, A. L 286 Duke St Ephrata Lancaster 

Getty & Son, W. P., 311 Park Bldg., Pittsburgh Allegheny 

Gilson, F. A Sheffield Warren. 

Golden, M. B 70 Estella St Pittsburgh, Allegheny 

Graham Bros., R. D. No. 1 Pitcairn, Allegher^. 

Greene, H. N. & M. A 990 N. Marshall St., Philadelphia Philadelphia 

Greensburg Reduction Co., ...127 S. Main St Greensburg, Westmoreland 

Greenwood Construction & Sup- 47 Terminal Way. . . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

ply Co. 

Groah Construction Co., B. A., 847 W. North Ave.,. .Pittsburgh Alleghenv 

Groman, Harvey E 2224 N. Sixth St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Gypsum Fireproofing Co., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hafer, Quigley, 155 Garfield St., Chambersburg, Franklin 

Hagan Co., George J., 401 Peoples Bank Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Hagan Corporation Pittsburgh, Allegheny 

Hahn, Chas. H., 301 House Bldg., Pittsburgh, Alleghenv 

Hamel, S. A., 317 Giffin Ave Mt. Oliver Allegheny 

Hanna, Richard 1816 Wayne St Erie Erie 

Hanna & Sons, John 12-14 E. Fifth St., . .Chester Delaware 

Hardman, Fred W 506 S. Water St., . . .York York 

Harnsburg River Coal, Sand P. O. Box 277 Harrisburg, Dauphin 

& Stone Co. 
Harrison, Mertz & Emlen, Inc., Commercial Trust Philadelphia, Philadelphia 



Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Harry Company. S. J Counellsville, Payette. 

Hart & Co., Thomas, 3721 Charlotte St., . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Hedden, W. H., AJden, Luzerne. 

Heebner, Geo. K 1231 Vine St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Heinicke, Inc., H. R., 147 Fourth Ave Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Henderson & Brother, Inc., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Henick Construction Co., 55 Bennett Bldg Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Herbert & Son, W. A 5430 Haverford Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hering Bros. House Moving 1010 Middle St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Herman Riebe Co., Lansford, Carbon. 

Henry, Frank N., 540-44 S. Main St., . .Wilkes-Barre Luzerne. 

Hoffman Bros., 1 Eberhart Bldg., . . . Punxsutawney, Jefferson. 

Hoffman Company, F., 901 Wood St Wilkinsburg Allegheny. 

Hogg Company, The George, ..700 Century Bldg., ..Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Howell & Co., F. J., . Coal Exchange Bldg., Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Hower & Stender Madison Ave. & Ash Scranton, Lackawanna. 


Humphreys & Son, John C, . ,1233 St. James St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hungerford & Terrv, Inc., . . .1414 Penna. Bldg., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hutt & Knod, Messrs 882-84 High St., Pottstown, Montgomery. 

Jellett Co., Stewart A .1718 Real Estate Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Trust Bldg. 

Johnson Company, R Pittsburgh, .Allegheny. 

Jones. Howard H 1509 Foulkrod St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Karrenbauer, John, 192 Arlington Ave., . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Keas Sons, Geo., 4919 Knox St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Keating & Black, Inc., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Kennedy. David E., Inc., 1524 Chestnut St., . . .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Kerrick Estate, E. J., 228 W. Hortter St.,. .Germantown, Philadelphia. 

Keystone Diamond Drilling Co., Patton Cambria. 

Keystone House & Window 311 Lippincott Bldg., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Cleaning Co. 

Keystone Paving & Constr. Co., 321 Richmond St., . . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Kocher Bros Oakdale Allegheny. 

Kolbflusch Corporation, The, Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Koppers Company, H., Eighth Floor. Union Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Kraft. A. B., 511 S. Water St York York. 

Krantz & McCay, 9th & Duquesne Way, Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Kress House Moving Co., Inc.,. 460 Melwood St., . . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Laidlaw & Co., Adam, 1102 Bessemer Bldg., . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Lam Chas M., Bids. Company, 1101 Wood St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Lars'en, Marcus, 705 W. Fifth Ave., . .Warren Warren. 

Laudenslager & Dormey Emaus, Lehigh. 

Lee Thomas P., 5629 Cherry St., .... Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Lewis & Mouldon, McDonald, Washington. 

Lines, Frank, 1508 Cambridge St... . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Linker Company, William, .... 831 Cherry St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Livezey, John R., 1933 Market St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Lvkens ' Vallev Coal Sal^s Co., Pottsville Schuylkill. 

McHugh J Joseph, 1430 S. Penn Square, . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

McHugh] M. & J. B 892 N. Market St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Mclntyre & Sons, Wm., 78 S. Irvine Ave., . . . Sharon Mercer. 

McKeeman & Sons, John, 1488 N. 53d St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

McKinney & Ferguson, Bradford, McKean. 

McMahon, Est. of David, Post Office Bldg Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

McSorley, John, 4609 Bayard St., .... Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Mahoney Contracting Co., The, Silver Creek, Schuylkill. 

Mangan & Dolan Morris Bldg., Pottsville, Schuylkill. 

"Mangan, Pugh & Dolan Morris Building, Pottsville, Schuylkill. 

Hark Contracting Co., Frank, 2820 N. 21st St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Markley, S. B Rochester, Beaver. 

Mazer Acoustile Company Bniley Barrell Bldg., . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Melan, E. Francis, 423 Carey Ave., Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Meters Co.. F. Guy, Inc., 908 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Miles David W ?27 Chestnut St., Kingston, Luzerne. 

Miller & Sons Co., H 502-3-4 May Bldg., . . Pittsburgh, < Allegheny. 

Minsinger Bros., Third Ave. & Horace Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Morgan, Thos., 333 Main St., Nanticok-^ Luzerne. 

Mullen, James A 5512 Vine St., .... Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Murphy and Company, 261-63 S. Tenth St.,. . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Naismith & Son, George 6312 Butler St Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Name and Industry. Address City or Town. County. 


Neeld Constr. Co., Chas. M., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Neumeyer, R. E. & E. H., 1416 E. Fourth St.,.. South Bethlehem, ...Northampton. 

Nicola Building Co., The Penna. Ave. & Lam- Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

bert St. 

Nixon & Co., J. A., 209 W. Spruce St., . . Titusville Crawford. 

Nolen, James F., 64 Church Lane, .... Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Ochs Constructing Co., 442 Wire St., Allentown, Lehigh. 

Ohio & Allegheny Contracting Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Oil City Drilling Co., Box 527, Oil City, Venango. 

Ott & Co., Matthew, 414 Warington Ave., . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Overdorff, G. C, 109 Campbell St., . . . Blairsville, Indiana. 

Pascoe Construction Co., The,. . 6-7 Knecht Bldg., . . . Easton, Northampton. 

Pave & Son, H. C, Forest City Susquehanna. 

Pawling & Co., George F., 1432 Penn Square, . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Peck & Cammody Lumber Co., . 702 Third St., Dunmore Lackawanna. 

Pennsylvania Drilling Co w .... 30 Carson St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Pfeifle, Robert, .Church & Elm Sts., . . S. Bethlehem, Northampton. 

Phoenix Bridge Co., The, 410 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Pickett & Co., Wm 35 Forrest Ave., .... Washington, Washington. 

Pinkerton, Andrew 3034 W. York St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Pitt Construction Co., The, . . .1331 Fulton Bldg., . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Pittsburgh Hardwood Floor Co.,Park Bldg., .' . Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Plummer, J. Lee, Inc., Hollidaysburg Blair. 

Porter- Gildersleeve Co., Inc., . .Pier 1, So. Wharves,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Portland Contracting Co., The, South 21st St., Pottsville, Schuylkill. 

Prosser Construction Co., .... 409 Chestnut St., .... Carnegie, Allegheny. 

Quinn & Herron, 2609 W. Allegheny Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Reading Contracting Co., .... .622 Court St., Reading, Berks. 

Reeves, J. W. & C. H., 925 N. Darien St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Reing & Co., P. M., 5 W. Centre St Mahanoy City Schuylkill. 

Remley, R. J 18 S. Franklin St., . . Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Rhoads Contracting Company. . 807 Centre St Ashland, Schuylkill. 

Rhoads Co., The John, 738 N. Holly St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Rhodes & Smith, 1328 Penna. Ave., . . . Wilkinsburg, Allegheny. 

Richards, J. R., Indiana, Indiana. 

Richardson Constr. Co., R. D.,.828 Connell Bldg., . . . Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Ridnath & Potter Co., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Riffle, David T., 1402 Keenan Bldg., . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Ricbp Company, Herman 227 W. Ridge St., . . . Lansf ord Carbon. 

Schellenberg & Co.. F. F. 1202 Hartje Bldg., . .. Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Scholl, P. L., 130 W. Spring St., . . Reading, Berks. 

Schreiner, J. W., Nanticoke, Luzerne. 

Shanley Co., The J. F., Commercial Trust Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Sharp Construction Company, Reading, Berks. 

Sheesley & Janney Constr. Co., 902 First Nat'l Bank Johnstown, Cambria. 


Shepherd. Jas. M., 391 Maple Ave., Kingston Luzerne. 

Smith, Charles S Center & Graham Sts., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Smythe Co.. S. R., Inc., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Snyder & Co., Paul J., 176 E. Tulpehoeken Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Snvder-Philins Company, Philadelnhia, Philadelphia. 

Soliday & Company, Inc., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Souder, George C, 214 E. Orange St.,. . .Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Souder Construction Company,. Lancaster, Lancaster. 

South Shore Construction Co... 9 Penna. Bldg., Erie, Erie. 

Spahr Bros., 611 Linden Ave York, York. 

Sprague & Henwood, Inc., Cor. New York St. & Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Monsey Ave. 

Standard Floor Co 405 Lloyd Bldg., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Standard Elevator Interlock Room 1300, Widener Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

c Co., Bldg. 

Stark, H. F., Greensburg, Westmoreland. 

State Construction Co., Fifth St. & River, . .New Kensington, Westmoreland. 

Steinbach's Sons, W. D., Lewistown, Mifflin. 

Stephens, Dick Miller St., Homer City Indiana. 

Stewart. R. T. & C. D., Con- 14 S. Third St Easton, Northampton. 

tractins: Co., The. 

Strayer Co.. J. D 617 Elder St Johnstown, Cambria. 

Streepy, William M., Drake Building Easton, Northampton. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Stuart, James L 233 Oliver Bldg., .... Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Sweeney, Thomas 415 Evaline St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Sweigard & Co., Jos. L., 1121 Lincoln Bid?., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Swope, M. E., Hill & Eighth Sts., . . Lebanon, Lebanon. 

Tannehill, R. C, 1315 Federal St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Thompson-Lockhart Company, . 2636 Callowhill St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Thornton, Joseph 122 N. 62d St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Trimble & Sons Co., W. F., ... 1719 Penna. Ave., . . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Tri-State Construction Co., . . . Park Bldg., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Trunk, J. E., 335 Main St., Clarion, Clarion. 

Turon & Schwartz 7 W. Railroad St., . . Pittston, Luzerne. 

Van Zandt Contracting Co., Lebanon, Lebanon. 

H. M. 

Walker & Curley Co., 611 Bessemer Bldg.,. . Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Warfel, D. S 958 E. Orange St., . . Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Weaver & Brother Terre Hill, Lancaster. 

Webster Lumber Company Webster, . Westmoreland. 

Whitman Studios. Inc., The, . . 900 Oxford St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Wholey, Daniel F 1109 W. Indiana Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Wichert Co., The E. M 1104 Hartje Bldg., . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Wiggins Co., John R., Inc 709 Otis Bldg Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Wilson Constr. Co., Fulton Bldg., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Wood & Co., E. J 1910 Brandywine St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Woods & Golder Constr. Co., . .404 S. Jefferson St.,. . New Castle Lawrence. 

Zacharias, Jos. H 468 N. Cortland St., . . E. Stroudsburg, Monroe. 


Publicker-Ward Co., Swansan & Snyder Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 



Barclay Chemical Company, . .402 First Nat'l Bank Williamsport, Lycoming. 

Bldg. (Laquin, Bradford.) 

Bartley, John, Mt. Alton McKean. 

Clawson Chemical Company, Ridgway, Elk. 

Corbett & Co., M. J., Kaulmont, Elk. 

Coryville Chemical Company,. .78 Main St Bradford, McKean. 

Crossley Chemical Works, The, Starrucca Wayne. 

Custer City Charcoal Milling Custer City, . . .' McKean. 


Custer City Chemical Co., Custer City, McKean. 

Day Chemical Co., Westline McKean. 

Forest Chemical Company, Sheffield, Warren. 

Plants at, Lyman, McKean. 

Gilson, Warren. 

Gaffney Wood Products Co., Galeton, Potter. 

Genesee Chemical Company, Genesee, Potter. 

Gray Chemical Company, Roulette Potter. 

Heinemann Chemical Company Crosby McKean. 

James Manufacturing Co., .... 106 Chestnut St., .... Kane, McKean. 

Keelor Chemical Co., Ltd., < Wetmore, McKean. 

Keystone Wood Products Co., Betula McKean. 

Kinzua Valley Chemical Co., Kinzua, Warren. 

LaMont Chemical Company, . . 106 Chestnut St Kane, McKean. 

Plants at, LaMont . . . Elk. 

Lewis Ru^ McKean. 

Liberty Wood Products Co., Port Allegany, McKean. 

Lewis Run Manufacturing Co., Bradford McKean. 

McKean Chemical Company, Williamsport, Lvcoming. 

Dahoga, Elk. 

Marvindale Chemical Company, 78 Main St Bradford McKean. 

Milanville Chemical Company, Milanville, Wayne. 

Minard Run Chemical Co Degolia, McKean. 

Monaghan, Charles E., 1249 E. Columbia Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Mt. Hope Chemical Charcoal Mt. Hope, Lancaster. 


Nansen Chemical Company, ... 78 Main St., ........ Bradford, McKean. 

National Chemical Company, Galeton, Potter. 

Newton Chemical Company, Newton, Warren. 


'Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

CHARCOAL — Continued, 

Nordmont Chemical Company, Nordraont, Sullivan. 

Nusbaum Chemical Company,. .5 Main St., Bradford McKean. 

Oswayo Chemical Company, Coneville, Potter. 

Otto Chemical Company, . . . .• Williamsport, Lycoming. 

Sergeant, McKean. 

Penn Chemical Company, Hutchins McKean. 

Peuwarden, E. D Carley Brook, Wayne. 

Russell Chemical Co., Ltd., Russell, Warren. 

Straight Creek Chemical Co Straight, Elk. 

Susquehanna Chemical Co., Straight Elk. 

Tionesta Valley Chemical Co., Mayburg, Forest. 


Thomas Bros. Co., Inc 324 E. Allen St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Union Charcoal Co., . 162 N. Union St., Straight Elk. 

Wright Chemical Company Glen Hazel Elk. 

Wyman Chemical Company, Port Allegany, McKean. 


Air Reduction Sales Co., 120 Broadway, New York, New York. 

Plants at, Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Allentown Copperas Co., Easton, Northampton. 

American Aromatic Disinf ector 430 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Co., The, 
American Magnesia & Cover- Plymouth Meeting, . . Montgomery. 

ing Co. 

American Phosphorus Co., . . . .Third & Dauphin Sts., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Atlantic Potash Company Stockertown Northampton. 

Beckton Chemicals Co., The, . . 1100 S. 35th St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bird Archer Co The 4337 N. American St.,Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bonner Co., George H 702 Liberty Bldg Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Botanical Manufacturing Co.,. .315 Race St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bower Chemical Manuf actur- Gray's Ferry Road, . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

ing Co., Henry. 
Carbon Dioxide & Maenesia Montgomery Ave. & Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Co., The. Ninth St. 

Chemical Company, K. T., York, • York. 

Chemical Construction Co., Fort Washington, . . .Montgomery. 

Colfab Manufacturing Co., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Conewango Chemical Company, Warren, Warren. 

Coopers Creek Chemical Co., Conshohocken, . ." Montgomery. 

Crescent Phosphorized Metal 2314 Wood St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Co. ' 

Cummings Chemical Co., W. L., Lansdowne, Delaware. 

Daugherty & Son Chas. S., ..312 N. 15th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Endura Manufacturing Co., . . . 63d & Jiiastwick Ave., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Franklin Manufacturing Co. Franklin Venango. 

The. Stoneboro Mercer. 

Fuller, Company, W. A., Greensburg Westmoreland. . 

Carbo-Hydrogen Company of Coraopolis, Allegheny. 


General Chemical Company, Easton Northampton. 

General Magnesite Magnesia Montgomery Ave. & Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Co. 29th St. 

Guarantee Chemical Company, Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Hachmeister Lind Chemical 1910-12 Forbes St., ..Pittsburgh Allegheny. 


Hance Brothers & White, Inc., 623 Callowhill St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Harrisburg Chemical Company, Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

Harrison Brothers & Co.. Inc., 3500 Gray Ferry Rd., Philadelphia, Philadelnhia. 

Holliday Chemical Company, . .Magnolia St., Pittsburgh, AlWheny. 

Imperial Chemical Works, Warren Warren. 

International Oxygen Co., Verona Allegheny. 

Kali Manufacturing Company, . 1410 N. Front St.. . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Karbrak Chemical Co., Wellsboro, Tioga. 

Lackawanna Iron & Steel Com- Lebanon Lebanon. 

pany, The. 

Liberty Lubricating Co., Ellsworth & P. R. R., Pittsburgh, AUpshenv. 

Linde Air Products Co., The,. .18th & Cambria Sts.,. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Norristown, Montgomery. 

Liquid Carbonic Co. The, .... Winebiddle Ave. & Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Yew St. 
Maignen Chemical Co., 1306 Arch St Philadelphia, Philadelnhia. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

CHEMICALS— Continued 

Meyer, Theodore, 924 Locust St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Mifflin Chemical Corporation, . . Delaware & Tasker Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Morey Flax & Chemical Co., . . 110 E. Main St., Parkesburg, Chester. 

Mulford Co., H. K., 412-30 S. 13th St., ..Philadelphia, Philadelphia. ' 

Glen Olden Delaware. 

National Ammonia Co. of Pa., Delaware Ave. & Van- Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

The. kirk St. 
National Chemical Mfg. Co., Empire Bldg Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Inc. Manor Westmoreland. 

New Jersey Zinc Co. of Penna., Palmerton, Carbon. 

The. Freemansburg, Northampton. 

Nitrogenous Chemical Corpora- Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Norwich Chemical Co., East Smethport, . . . .McKean. 

Oriental Manufacturing Co., ..107 W. Palmer St.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Penn Chemical Works, The, . .1332 Washington Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Pennsylvania Salt Manufactur- Widener Bldg., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

ing Company. 

Philadelphia Quartz Co., 121 S. Third St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Philadelphia Suburban Gas & 712 Locust St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Electric Co. (Chester). 

Phillips & Jacobs, 622 Race St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Pintsch Compressing Co., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Pitt Chemical Company, Inc., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Pittsburgh Insect Exterminat- 424 Fourth Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

ing Co. 

Pittsburgh Salt & Chemical Co.,Bessemer Bldg., .... Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Powers-Weightman-Rosengarten916 Parrish St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Presto-O-Lite Co., Inc., The, . .3565 Grant Bldg., . . .Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Pryde-Wynn Company, New Brighton, Beaver. 

Reading Chemical Mfg. Co., . . 5th & Richmond Sts., . Reading, Berks. 

Republic Chemical Co., Inc., . . P. 0. Box 946, Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Republic Color & Chemical Reading, Berks. 


Rodman Chemical Co., E. Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Rhom & Haas Company, Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Samozone Chemical Co 5 N. 20th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Shoo-Fly Mfg. Co., 1310-1 2 N. Tenth St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Smith, Kline & French Co., . . . 429-35 Arch St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Stauffer Chemical Co., Inc., Monongahela City, . . Washington. 

Thamm Chemical Co., 255 Jameson Place, . . Reading, Berks. 

Ware Co., The, Walter F., 1034-36 Spring St., .. Philadelphia, •. Philadelphia. 

Westmoreland Chemical & 925 Chestnut St., ...Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Color Co. 
Williams Co., Inc., Joseph, . . .Twenty-third St Sharpsburg Allegheny. 


A-l Mfg. Co., Hancock & Columbia Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Acme Polish Co., 71 S. 12th St., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Baker & Co., C. P., 1112 Mt. Vernon St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Baugh & Sons Company, 20 S. Delaware Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Best Chemical Co., 533 N. 11th St Allen town Lehigh. 

Bover & Co., 2460-72 Amb°r St., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Cadwallader Dougherty & Co.. 113 N. Third St., ...Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Call Again Washing Compoundl216 Federal St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Callery & Co., W. W., 188 36th St., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Chase O Mfg. Co., Hancock & Columbia Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Cherry Chemical Co., The 1018 Callowhill St.,. . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Columbia Metal Polish Co., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Deal Boiler Compound Co., ..Third & Huntingdon Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Diamond, John & Sons, N. Third St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Duquesne Polish Co., 78 S. 13th St Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Eclipse Cement & Blacking Co., 1238 Belmont Ave.. . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Etch-O-Lite Company, Inc., . . .Highland Bldg., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Hatcher Mfg. Co., Chas. M., . . 191 W. Berks St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


"Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Heinle Specialty Co., The Chas.2731 Kensington Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Hike-Dirt Company, Franklin Venango. 

Idealo Co., The, 321 Bourse Bldg., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Imperial Polish Co., 54 N. Second St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Justice Co., A. R 612 Chestnut St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Keep Brothers, 225 Sansom St., .... Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kelley Bros. & Spielman Co., . . N. W. Cor. Swanson Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

& Moore Sts. 

Kleanall Chemical Co., Leechburg, Westmoreland. 

LaFrance Manufacturing Co., 128 N. Front St Philadelphia Philadelphia, 

La Parfait Manufacturing Co., 6378 Penn Ave Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Leader Manufacturing Co., . . . 338 S. Main St Wilkes-Barre Luzerne. 

Levi, P., 840 N. 12th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia.- 

Martin Co., The L Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Modoc Co., Inc., 1040 Dr^xel Bldg., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

National Milling & Chemical Fox Chase, Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


National Shoe Polish Mfg. Co., 1112 S. 17th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

New Knapp Powder Co., .... 2223 Laekins Alley,. .Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Nu-Blu Mfg. Co 3828 Market St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Noxall Polish Mfg. Co., 1238 Belmont Ave.,. . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Paxson Manufacturing Co 219 Sansom St., .. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Philadelphia Whiting Works,. .2609 E. York St., . .. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Porcela-Radax Co., 1110 Bessemer Bldg., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Railroad Chemical Manufactur-114 Race St., Meadville Crawford. 

ing Co., The. 
Rath Manufacturing Co., Inc., Hedley St. E. of Rich- Philadelphia, Philadelphia, 

The. mond St. 

Rex-Oil Polish & Dye Works,. .404 Duquesne Way,. .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Sanitary Chemical Co., 930 Behan St., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Shuler Son, T. C 1120* Buffalo St., . . . Franklin Venango. 

Silver Suds Manufacturing Co.,Ridge Ave. & Green Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Snyder & Sons, Jno. C. G 2006 Sedgley Ave., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Stevens-Wiley Manufacturing 2110 N. Fairhill St.,. .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Tomson, P. C. & Co., 27 Washington Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia- 
Try Me Manufacturing Co., . .540 E. Second St., . .Erie, Erie. 

United States Dyestuffs Works, Johnetta, Armstrong. 

Van Home Manufacturing Co., 29th & Segley Ave.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Warley & Co., Thos. C, 227 S. Front St., ...Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

West Penn Chemical & Mfg Manor Westmoreland. 


Wulf, John, . 1213 N. Pennock St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Young's Boiler Compound, Catasanqua, Lehigh. 


American Dyewood Co., Chester Delaware. 

American Extract Co., Port Allegany, McKean. 

Baugh and Sons Company, ...20 S. Delaware Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Diamond McDonnell Co 409 N. Fourth St., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

General Chemical Company, Easton, Northampton. 

Hires Company, The Charles E.,206-10 S. 24th St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hydrocarbon Chemical Prod- Cardington Delaware. 

ucts Company. 
Keystone Dye and Chemical Blairsville Indiana. 

Mt. Union Tanning & Extract Mt. Union, Huntingdon. 


United States Dye Stuff Co.,. Johnetta, Armstrong. 

Wyoming Witch Hazel Co., Tunkhannock, Wyoming. 

Young & Co., J. S., Park Ave., Hanover, York. 


Ahrens Fertilizer Co., Lorane Berks. 

American Agricultural Chemical Philadelphia Philadelphia. 


Arbogast & Bastian Co., Allentown, Lehigh. 

Baugh & Sons Co ,20 S. Delaware Ave., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 


~Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

FEE TILIZER.S— Continued, 

Baxter, Heury W., 1016 Kerlin St., .... Chester, Delaware. 

Berger Brothers, . Easton, Northampton. 

Braitu Rendering Co., Herr's Island Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

New Brighton, Beaver. 

Burk, Louis, Girard Ave. & Third Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Cambria Fertilizer Co., Stonycreek & Market Johnstown, .Cambria. 


Downward Co., Jas. G., Coatesville, Chester. 

DuBois Fertilizer Works, Inc., DuBois Clearfield. 

Duncan Fertilizer Company, Doylestown, Montgomery. 

Dunlevy Packing Company, ...Hamilton Ave. & Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Enterprise St. 

Erie Reduction Co., The, Eric, Erie. 

Espy Humus Fertilizer Co., Espy, Columbia. 

Farmers Fertilizer Co., Elizabethtown, Lancaster. 

Farmers Fertilizer, Seed and Womelsdorf, Lebanon. 

Hide Co. 

Ford «Jity Lime Fertilizer Co., Ford City, Armstrong. 

Franklin Reduction Works, Franklin Venango. 

Gawthrop, Joseph R., 517 S. Broad St., . . . Kennett Square, .... Chester. 

Globe Rendering Co., .27 N. Sixth St Reading, Berks. 

Hafleigh & Company, American & Cambria Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Harrisburg Rendering & Hide 11th & Walnut Sts., Harrisburg Dauphin. 


Hewett Fertilizer Co., 215 Pauli Bldg., .... Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Kenderdine & Sons, T. S., Newtown, Bucks. 

Keystone Hide Company, Williamsport, Lycoming. 

Keystone Hide Company, Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Keystone Glue Company, Williamsport, Lycoming. 

Lamparter's Sons, Geo., Rockland St., Lancaster Lancaster. 

Lancaster Chemical Co., Box 184, , . . . . Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Lebanon Fertilizer Works, Lebanon, Lebanon. 

Maines Rendering Co., H. E., 522 Academy St., . . . Peckville, Lackawanna. 

Martin Companv D. B 30th & Market Sts., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Monongahela Melting Co., Ltd.,Purdan St. & U. P. Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

R. R. 

Oxford Packing Works, Oxford, Chester. 

Oyler and Spangler Fertilizer 7". Gettysburg, Adams. 

Works, Inc. 

Penn-O-Va Company, Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Penn Reduction Company, 80S Bulletin Bldg., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Peters Packingr-Company, .... 922 Rose St., McKeesport, Allegheny. 

Philadelphia Animal Product 30th & Race Sts., . . . Philadelphia, . . Philadelphia. 


Pittsburgh Melting Co., Herr's Island, Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Pittsburgh Provision & PackingHerr's Island, Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Reading Abattoir Company, Reading, Berks. 

Reading Bone Fertilizer Co., . . Box 932, Reading, Berks. 

Reichard, Robert A., Allentown Lehigh. 

Romberger, O. L., Pottsville, Schuylkill. 

Romberger & Son, S. B., Carlisle, Cumberland. 

Schaffner Brothers Co., 15th & Reed Sts., . . . Erie, Erie. 

Sharon Rendering & Fertilizing Sharon, Mercer. 


Shoemaker & Co., Ltd., M. L., Delaware & VenangostPhiladelphia, Philadelphia. 


Smith, Le. Lloyd, Milesburg, Centre. 

Soil-Bac Laboratories Co Warren, Warren. 

Staah Soap Co., 54 Royal St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Stickler Fertilizer Works, Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Suler Company, John, 2200 Spring Garden Pittsburgh, . . .- Allegheny. 


Swift & Company, Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

Trinley & Sons, Jacob, Linfield Montgomery. 

Tunnell & Co., Inc., F. W., 15 N. Fifth St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Union Chemical Works Inc., r North Wales, Montgomery. 

Waltemyer, A., Stewartstown, York. 

Warren Fertilizer Co., Box 990 Warren, Warren. 

Weissinger & Bro., George, . . , 250 Peacock St., Pottsville, Schuvlkill. 

William, Zoller Company 367 Spring Garden N. S., Pittsburgh, ...Allegheny. 




Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County 

FERTILIZERS— Continued. 

York Chemical Works, York, York. 

York Sanitary Reduction Co., York, York. 

Zoller, Wm., Co. v 367 Spring Garden Pittsburgh Allegheny. 



American-Italian Fire Works Dunbar, Fayette. 

Co., Inc. 

American Fireworks Company, 38th & Elmwood Ave. Erie, Erie. 

Fazzoni Brothers, Box 517, New Castle, Lawrence. 

Pittsburgh Cap Pistol Co., . . . .1739 Liberty Ave., . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Acme Extract & Chemical Wks., , 

Blackmail & Co., S 1025 S. Fifth St., . 

Favorite Manufacturing Co., . . 201 N. Front St., . . 
Hamm & Lentz Chemical Co., 253 S. 'Fifth St., . . 

Jewel Baking Powder Co., 3128 N. 15th St., . . 

Knight Cooking Extract Co., . . 211 Arch St 

Krout Company, Albert 84-66 N. Front St., 

Michael & Co., David, 1239 Ridge Ave., . . 

Mountain City Drug Co., 130 Charles St., . . 

Parke Company, L. H., 232 Market St., . . 

Pittsburgh Food Products Co., 2517 Penn Ave., . . 

Post Flavor Co., 400 N. Fifth St., . 

Premier Extract Co 816 Tenth St 

Shearers Extract Co., 722 W. Market St., 

Twitchell Co., S., 221-27 Vine St., . . 

Ward Bros 80 Roberts St 

Whittle & Mutch, 176 W. York St., . . 

York Chemicals Co., The, 

. . Hanover, York. 

. . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

. . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

. . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

. . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

. . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

. . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

. . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

. . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

. . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

. . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

. . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

. .Beaver Falls, ...... .Beaver. 

. .York, York. 

. . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

. . Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

. . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

. . Connellsville, Fayette. 


American Glue Co., Springdale, Allegheny. 

Baeder, Adamson & Company, Richmond St. & Alle- Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

gheny Ave. 

Baugh and Sons Co., 20 S. Delaware Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bingham Brothers Co., 521 Cherry St., Philadelphia, -. .Philadelphia. 

Byron & Sons, Inc., W. D., Mercersburg, Franklin. 

Cooper & Co., T. G 47-49 N. Second St.,. . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Delaney & Co 209 N. Third St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Grays' Ferry Abattoir Co., ...36th St. & Grays Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Ferry Road. 

Janney & Co., Thomas, 315 N. Third St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Keystone Glue Co., Williamsport, Lycoming. 

Keystone Hide Company, Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Keystone Hide Company, Williamsport, Lycoming. 

Penn Paste Milling Co., Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Perkins Glue Co., Lansdale, Montgomery. 

Tunnell and Co., Inc. F. W.,..15 N. Fifth St., ....Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Chester Graphite Co Chester Springs, Chester. 

Delany & Co., 209 N. Third St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Elk Graphite Milling Co., St. Marys, Elk. 

Kellv & Co., T. P., Inc., Stockertown Northampton. 

McCormick, J. S., Twentv-fifth St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

National Graphite Lubricator Trader's Nat'l Bank Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Co. Bldg. • T , 

Pettinos Bros., River St., Bethlehem Northampton. 

Standard Carbon Company, . . . Chester Springs Chester. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Ahrens Fertilizer Co., Lorane ? 1 e 1 rk ?" 

American Glue Company, Sprmgdale, Allegheny. 

American Reduction Co. of 1942 Forbes St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Animal Oil Company, The, Ontario St. east of Philadelphia Philadelphia. 


Baugh & Sons Company, 20 S. Delaware Ave., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Baxter, Henry V 1016 Kerlin St Chester Delaware. 

Berg Co., The, Ontario St. east of Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Braun Rendering Co., New Brighton Beaver. 

Burk, Louis, . Girard Ave. & 3d St., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Central Oil Grease Co., Williamsport, Lycoming. 

Cohen Rendering Co.. H. J., . . R. F. D. No. 4, New Castle, Lawrence. 

Commercial Lubricating Co., . . Meadow & Jackson Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Dickson Rendering Co., Dickson City Lackawanna. 

Donley, John F 128 Penn St., Sharpsburg Allegheny. 

Dunlevy Packing Company, . . .Hamilton Ave. & En- Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

terprise St. 
Enterprise Tallow & Grease Co.,2606 E. Allegheny # Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Erie Reduction Co., The, Erie, Erie. 

Exeter Rendering Works, 604 Wyoming Ave., . .Pittston Luzerne. 

Falk Company, 1217 Farmers Bank Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Farmers Fertilizer Works, Elizabethtown Lancaster. 

Globe Rendering Co., 27 N. Sixth St., Rpading Berks. 

Gove, Arthur, Third & Curtin Sts., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Grays Ferry Abattoir Co., 36th & Gravs Ferry Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Hafleigh & Company, American & Cambria Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hahn, Edward, Hickorv St. & B. & O. Johnstown, Cambria. 

R. R. 

Harrisburg Rendering & Hide 11th & Walnut Sts.,. .Harrisburg Dauphin. 


Hazleton Rendering Works Hazleton, Luzerne. 

Hewett Fertilizer Co., The, . . .215 Pauli Bldg., Scranton Lackawanna. 

Hunter & Son, J. L., 604 Wyoming Ave., . . Pittston Luzerne. 

Independent Manufacturing Co.,Wheat Sheaf Lane & Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Armings Ave. 

Keystone Hide Company, ~ Lancaster Lancaster. 

Keystone Hide Company, Williamsport, Lycoming. 

Lamparter's Sons, Geo., Rockland St Lancaster Lancaster. 

Leechburg Oil & Paint Co., Inc., L^eehburg, Armstrong. 

Maines Rendering Co., H. E., . .522 Academy St., . . . Peckville Lackawanna. 

Mardorf & Sons, C, Cheswick Allegheny. 

Monongahela Melting Co., Ltd., Pindam- St. & W. P. Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

R. R. 

Penn Reduction Co., 208 Bulletin Bldg., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Penna. Lubricating Co., Thirtv-fonrth St., . . . Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Peters Packing Company, . . . .022 Ros° St., McKeesport, Allegheny. 

Philadelphia Animal Product 30th & Race Sts., ...Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Philadelphia Grease Mfg. Co., 848-50 S. Swanson St.. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Pittsburgh Grease Extracting Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Pittsburgh Melting Company,. . Horr's Island Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Pittsburgh Provision & Pack- Herr's Island Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

ing Co. 

Pottstown Abattoir 17-23 E. Third St., . . Pottstown Montgomerv. 

Reading Bone Fertilizer Co., . .P. O. Box 932 Reading Berks. 

Romberger & Sons, S. B., Carlisle Cumberland. 

Samuels, W. H.. Brandonville, Schuylkill. 

Schumacher, A. B \ Hazleton Luzerne. 

Sharon Rendering & Fertilizer Sharon Mercer. 

Shoemaker Co., Ltd., M. L., . .Delaware Ave. & Ve- Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

nango St. 

Sickler Fertilizer Works, . Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Smith, Win. H 2606 E. Allegheny Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 



Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Staah Soap Co., 54 Royal St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Suler Company, John, 2200 Spring Garden Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


v Swift & Company, Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

Tunnell & Co., Inc., F. W., . . .15 N. Fifth St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Union Chemical Works, Inc., North Wales, Montgomery. 

Van Tassel, A. R., .DuBois Clearfield. 

Veit's Estate, George, * West Chester, Chester. 

Vogt, G. L., Chillisquaque, Northumberland. 

Weissinger & Brother, Geo., . .250 Peacock St., Pottsville, Schuylkill. 

Weissinger & Brother, L. W.,. .Railroad St Mount Carmel, Northumberland. 

White Lily Soap Works 1620 Spring Garden Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

William, Zoller Company, 367 Spring Garden Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Williamsport Stanle Company, .941 Nicholas Place, . . Williamsport, Lycoming. 

York Sanitary Reduction Co., York York. 

Zoller, Wm., Co. , 367 Spring Garden Pittsburgh, , ■. .Allegheny. 



Ault & Wiborg Co., The 255 N. Twelfth St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Eclipse Cement & Blacking Co., 1238 Belmont Ave., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia." 

Johnson & Co., Charles Enew,. .509 S. Tenth St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Okie, Francis G 150 N. Fourth St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Queen City Printing Ink Co., 438 N. Eleventh St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia 


Royal Bronze Ink Co., 150 N. Sixth St Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Sleigh Metallic. Ink Co., 5907 Market St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Wright Printing Ink Co., J. K., 531-33 N. Ninth St., . Philadelphia, v Philadelphia. 


Barnes National Ink Co., 222 N. Fifth St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Raignel, E. M., Inc., .31 Bank St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Swearingen Ink -Co., J. C 222 Wick St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Fleischmann Co., T'he, 247 N. Queen St., . . .Lancaster, Lancaster. 


Fred Fear Match Co., Eighth & West Sts.,. .Bloomsburg, Columbia. 

Pennsylvania Match Co., The, Belief onte, Centre, 


Atlas Supply Co., 108 Ring St., Mana- Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Continental Manufacturing Co., 4615 Girard Ave., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Eclipse Cement & Blacking Co., 1238 Belmont Ave., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Excelsior Paste Co 304 Race St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Montgomery Bros., Inc., 45 S. Second St., . . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Peerless Paste Company, 304 Wood St Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Pennsylvania Paste Co., . ; 238 N. Second St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Albert Oil and Gas Co., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Alexander, Thomas 1415 Elk St.. Franklin Venango! 

American Gas Company, Rural Valley Armstrong. 

American Oil Works, Titusville Crawford. 

Anchor Oil & Gas Company, Howe Jefferson. 

Associated Producers Company, 11 Broadway New York, New York. 

Plants at, Bradford, McKean. 

Butler Butler. 

Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Warren Warren. 

Washington, Washington. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

OILS — CRUDE — Continued. 

Back Chemical Co., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Barnhart, B. L Kaylor Armstrong. 

Bartley, John, Mt. Alton, McKean. 

Beach Oil Co., Argentine, Butler. 

Beaty, D. W 312 Coneway Ave., . . Warren Warren. 

Bell & Co., J. B Taylorstown, ....... Washington. 

Belsano Oil and Gas Co., Johnstown, Cambria. 

Benedum-Trees Oil Company, . .1503 Benedum Trees Pittsburgh! Allegheny. 

Bldg. (Washington). 

Bessemer Oil and Gas Co Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Boyne, E. A 112 Mechanic St Bradford McKean. 

Brooks Hoffman Co., 54 Main St., Bradford, McKean. 

Brundred & Co., Chambers Bldg., .... Oil City, Venango. 

Bryan Oil Co • Titusville Crawford. 

Casing Head Gas Co., The, Titusville Crawford. 

Plants at, . Fagundus - . . Warren. 

Titusville, Crawford. 

West Hickory, Forest. 

Chartiers Oil Co., The, 248 Fourth Ave., Pittsburgh, . : .». Allegheny. 

Chippewa Refining Co., Pittsburgh" Allegheny. 

Combination Oil Co., 2231 Land Title Bldg., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Crescent Oil & Gas Co., 1109 Arrott Bldg., . . Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Plants at Harmarville, Allegheny. 

Monaca Beaver. 

Cromack, Wm., Rouseville Venango. 

Crude Oil Co 433-435 Chambers Oil City, Venango. 


Diamond Oil Company, Land Title Bldg., .... Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Doly & Company, Henry, Clarendon, Warren. 

Dorseyville Gasoline Company, : Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Duff City Gas Co., Butler Allegheny. 

Duke, D A T., 1501 Penn Ave Warren J . . . Warren. 

Eastern Petroleum Co., 1417. Penna. Bldg., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Economy Oil & Gas Co. of Alle- 601 W. Diamond, . . . Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

gheny County. 
Elrama Oil & Gas Co., 2205 Fifth Ave., McKeesport, Allegheny. 

Evans City Butler. 

Emery Oil Co 43 Main St., Bradford McKean. 

Emery, W. H., Bradford McKean. 

Engeehard Oil Company, Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Eureka Oil and Gas Co., Philipsburg, Centre. 

Excelsior Oil & Gas Co., R. D. 2 Canonsburg, Washington. 

Faith Oil & Gas Co., Titusville Crawford. 

Foco Oil Co., Franklin Venango. 

Foggan, Robert, Oil Creek, Venango. 

Forest Producting Company, . Bradford McKean. 

Foster Oil & Gas Co 28 Congress St., Bradford McKean. 

Plants at, . . Armstrong, Butler. 

Clarendon, Warren. 

Fox Estate, .Foxburg Clarion. 

Francis Oil Co Marienville, Forest. 

Frankforcl Oil & Gas Company, : . . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Franklin Quality Refining Co., Franklin Venango.' 

Freehold Oil & Gas Co., 912 Columbia Bank Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Bldg. (Washington.) 

Gridiron Oil Company, . Bradford McKean. 

Hampton & Co., 109 E. Walnut St., . . Titusville Venango. 

(Oil Creek Township.) 

Hawkins, H. W 9 Chautauqua Place, . Bradford McKean. 

Hazelwood Oil Company, 632 Oliver Bldg. Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Plants in Allegheny, Butler, 

Elk, McKean and 
Venango Counties. 

Hempfield Oil and Gas Co Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Henderson Oil and Gas Co., Brackenridge '. .Allegheny. 

Highland Oil Co., 604 Main St •. . .Clarion Clarion. ' 

Jennings Bros. Co., E. H., ... .1010 Columbia Bank Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Johnston, F. M. Bradford McKean. 

Jones, Jos. T., Estate 1024 Prudential Bldg.. Buffalo (N. Y.V 

Plants in Elk and McKean 

Kane Oil Company, Kane ' McKean. 

Kennedy, Thos. H., 69 Main St., Bradford McKean. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

OILS— CRUDE— Continued. 

Kennedy Company, Wm. C, Bradford McKean. 

Kettle Creek Oil & Gas Co., Franklin Venango. 

Knight Bros., Clarendon, Warren. 

Lewis Run Oil Co., Lewis Run, McKean. 

Liberty Oil Well & Manufac- Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

turing Co. 

McCullough Oil and Gas Co., Imperial, Venango. 

McGregor & Grant Bradford McKean 

Mallory & Son, L. E., Main St Bradford, McKean 

Minard Run Oil Co., 43 Main St., Bradford, McKean 

Natural Gas Co., The, of West 323 Fourth Ave Pittsburgh Allegheny. 


Newfield Oil Co Pittsburgh, Allegheny 

Northern Oil Co 40 Davis St., Bradford, McKean. 

Russell City, Elk. 

Oakmont Oil & Gas Co., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Pennsylvania Fuel Supply Co., . 2017 Farmers Bank Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Plants in Armstrong, Butler, 

Clarion and Ve- 
nango Counties. 

Peoples Natural Gas Co., The,. 424 Sixth Ave. Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Petrolia Coal Company, Kittanning, Armstrong 

Philadelphia Oil Co., 435 Sixth Ave., Pittsburgh Allegheny 

Phillips Gas & Oil Co., T. W.,.120 E. Cunningham Butler, Butler 


Phinny Brothers Company, . .Oil City .Venango. 

Phoenix Oil and Gas Co., Jeannette, ' Westmoreland 

Pittsburgh & Venango Oil Co., Pittsburgh, .Allegheny. 

Pittsburgh-Cumberland Oil & Pittsburgh, . Allegheny! 

Gas Company. 

Pittsburgh Petroleum Co., 516 Federal St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Pontiac Oil Co., Oil City, .' Venango. 

Premium Oil Company, Franklin, \'/ m Venango.' 

President Oil Company, Emlenton, \[[ Venango' 

Plants in Butler, Clarion and ' 

Venango Counties. 

Preston Oil Company, Elk. 

Propheter-Oakleaf-Skinner Co., Pleasantville, ...... .Venango. 

Quaker Oil Company .... Warren, ' ' Warren ' 

Ramage, S. Y., Oil City, '. '. '.Venango. 

Rial, J. B., Point Hill, Venango. 

Rock Oil and Gas Company, Cambridge Springs, Crawford 

Hoy, Robert, 48 Walker Ave Bradford, .' [McKean 

Schofleld & Co., J. A., , . Warren, . . '. .Warren " 

Service Creek Oil and Gas Co.,. Pittsburgh, ... Alleffhenv 

Shear Oil & Gas Co Mt. Morris, ....'..'. '. [Greene. 

Slate Oil Company, Bradford McKean 

South Penn Oil Co., Oil City, \' m \ Venango' 

Southern Oil Company, 1005 Farmers Bank Pittsburgh, ... " " Allegheny 


Plants in ....Butler and Clarion 


Spreter & Fitzgibbon, Bradford, .... McKean 

Strong Oil Co., 214 Chambers Bldg., . Oil Citv Venan-o' 

Sun Company, Finance Bldg., 1428 S.Philadelphia, \ Philadelphia 

Penn Square. Marcus Hook Delaware 

Sykesville-DuBois Oil & Gas Sykesville, Jefferson ' 


Teddy Oil and Gas Co., Pittsburgh, Allegheny 

Tionesta Oil Company 434 Diamond St Pittsburgh, Allegheny' 

Titusville Oil Works, Titusville Crawford " 

Tompsett Bros., 15 Main St., Triumph Twp Warren. 

Trafford Oil and Gas Company, Trafford, Westmoreland 

Venango Oil & Land Co., The,. Reno Venango 

Walnut Oil Co., Pittsburgh, Allegheny 

Washington Oil Co Washington Washington 

Winger, William W 219-25 Second Ave.. . .Warren, Warren 

Wolcott (J A Shingle House Potter. ' 

Wood, Williston P., Grand Vallev, Warren 

Wyoming Fuel Oil Company,. . C.-meron R. D. No. 2, West Virginia, (Aleppo) 


Name and Industry. Adaress. City or Town. County. 


Essential Oils Specialty Co., . . 3500 Grays Ferry Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Marine Oil Company, , . .1217 W. Carson St.,. .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Ahrens Fertilizer Co., Lorane Berks. 

Grove Linseed Oil Co., The, Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Pennsylvania Linseed Products Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Bayerson Oil Works, . . . : E 12th & P. & E. Erie, Erie. 

R. R. 

Crawford Oil Company . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Cronger Co., • Johnston, Cambria. 

Eagle Lubricating Oil Co., 226 First Ave., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Erie Oil Co., 1510 Myrtle St Erie Erie. 

Fannon & Co., J. L., . .4639 Germantown Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Franklin Oil Works, Franklin Venango. 

Galena-Signal Oil Co Liberty & S. Park St.,Franklin Venango. 

Hew Chemical Co 2018 E. Willard St.,. .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Journal Oil Co., Bradford. McKean. 

Keystone Lubricating Co., . . . .21st & Clearfield Sts.,. Philadelphia, Philadelnhia. 

Lehigh Oil Co., Railroad Ave. & Wal- Dorranceton, Lackawanna. 

nut St. 

Metal Lubricant Company, Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Penn Petroleum & Sunnly Co.,. 115-17 N. Second St., .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Pittsburgh Compound Co., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Robinson & Son Co., Wm. C, Coraopolis, Allegheny. 

Union Grease & Oil Company, . 827 Penn Ave., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Union Petroleum Co., Widener Bldg., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Union Oil Co., Erie Erie. 

United Oil Company, Preble Ave. & Frank- Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

lin St. 

Valvoline Oil Works, Ltd., East Butler, Butler. 

Wallover Oil Co., Smith Ferry, Beaver. 

Warley & Co., Thos. C, 227 S. Front St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Whitefield, Richards, G 1732-34 Carlton St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Wolverine Lubricants Co Franklin Venango. 

Zurn Co., The O. F., 2736-40 N. Broad St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Amber Oil & Realty Co., Warren Warren. 

Atlantic Refining Company, ..3144 Passyunk Ave.. . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

The. Plants at Franklin, 



Barrett Co., The, Margaret & Bermuda Frankford, Philadelphia. 


Beaver Refining Co., Henderson Ave., . . . .Washington Washington. 

Bessemer Refining Co., E. Spring St., Titusville, Warren. 

Butler County Oil Refining Co Bruin, Butler. 

Canfield Oil Co., The, Coraopolis* Allegheny. 

Carnegie Steel Company, ....Carnegie Bldg., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Clarendon Refining Co., Clarendon, Warren. 

Cochran, J. & J. D., Sheffield, Warren. 

Continental Refining Co., Oil City, Venango. 

Conwango Refining Co., The,. .Market St Warren, Warren. 

Cornplanter Refining Co., .... Parker St., Warren Warren. 

Crystal Oil Works Oil City, Venango. 

Dau2,herty & Son Refining Co., Petrolia, Butler. 

W. H. 

Emery Manufacturing Co 43 Main St Bradford McKean. 

Emlenton Refining Co., Emlenton, Venango. 

Empire Oil Works Oil City, Venango. 

Freedom Oil Works Co., The,. . 1270 Liberty St. Freedom Beaver. 

Fulerum Oil Co., Franklin, Venango. 

Germania Refining Co., 94 Main St Oil City, Venango. 


Name and Industry. Address.* City or Town. County. 

— Continued. 

Gilmore Gasoline Co Bradford, McKean. 

Glade Oil Works Warren, Warren. 

Glensbaw Development Co Coraopolis, Allegheny. 

Haight, J. J., Cooper Tract, Forest. 

Hunter and Hawkey West Hickory, Forest. 

Independent Refining Co., Ltd., Oil City, Venango. 

India Refining Co McKean & Swanson Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Island Petroleum Co., The, Neville Island, Allegheny. 

Johnston & Matthews, 28 Sherman St., Foster Brook, McKean. 

Kendall Refining Co., Box 364 Bradford, McKean. 

Millers Sons Co., A. D., Columbus & Preble Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Mutual Refining Co., Warren, Warren. 

Mutual Sales Company, Warren Warren. 

Patton, Frank S., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Pennsylvania Refining Co., Ltd Karns City, Butler. 

Pennsylvania Oil Products Re- Eldred McKean. 

fining Co. i 

Peoples Natural Gas Co., The,. 424 Sixth Ave Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Petroleum Products Co., 39th & B. O. Rwy., . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Petrolia Refining Co., The Petrolia, Butler. 

Piquignot, Edward, Tidioute, Forest. 

Pittsburgh Oil Refining Co., . . .916 Bessemer Bldg.,. .Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Coraopolis Allegheny. 

Processed Oils Corporation, . . . Stock Exchange Bldg., Philadelphia Philadelphia 

Pure Oil Co 812 Lafayette Bldg., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Seneca Oil Works, Warren, Warren. 

Shields Oil & Gas Co., The, Oakdale, Allegheny. 

Siggins Oil Company, Oil City, Venango. 

Plants at Tidioute Warren. 

West Hickory, Forest. 

Smith, Levi, Ltd., Clarendon Warren. 

Smith Refining Co., Levi, Clarendon, Warren. 

Snowden and Companv Trunkeyville Forest. 

Starlight Refining' Co Karns City, Butler. 

Stroud Co., The B. B Colevill- McKean. 

Sunlight Oil & Gasoline Co.. . .49th St. & Grays Ave.Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Superior Oil Works Warren Warren. 

Tiona Refining Co., 917 Widener Bldg., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Titusville Oil Works, Titusville Crawford. 

Union Petroleum Co. . . Widener Bldg., Philadelnhia, Philadelphia. 

United Refining Co., Warren Warren. 

Vulcan Oil Refining Co., Coraonolis, Allegheny. 

Warren Refining Co Warren Warren." 

Waverly Oil Works Co 54th St. & A. V. R. R. Pittsburgh, .Allegheny. 

Wilburine Oil Works, Ltd., Warren, Warren. 


Aetna Chemical Co Noblestown, Allegheny. 

Ahrens Fertilizer Co., Lorane, Berks. 

Animal Oil Co., The, Ontario St. east of Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Richmond St. 

Atlantic Paint Co Wyoming, Luzerne. 

Barclay Chemical Co., 402 First Nat'l Bank Williamsnort, Lycoming. 

Bldg. (Laquin.) 

Barrett Company, The, 17 Battery Place, . . .New York, . , New York. 

Plants at, Johnstown Cambria. 

Latrobe Westmoreland. 

Lebanon Lebanon. 

Philadelphia, Pihladelphia. 

Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Baugh and Sons Company, ...20 S. Delaware Ave., . Philadelnhia, Philadelphia. 

Baxter, Henry V., 1016 Kerlin St Chester Delaware. 

Chamberlin & Johnson, Inc., . . 1053 Spring Garden Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Crossley Chemical Works, The, Starrucca .... Wayne. 

Custer City Chemical Co., Custer McKean. 

General Manufacturing Co 30th & Market Sts., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Gorgas-Pierie Manufacturing 126 E. Allen St., . . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Co., The. 

Harding, H. C, Inc., 18th & Sedgley Ave.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Headly Good Roads Co., 30th & Spruce Sts.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Houghton & Co., E. F 240 W. Somerset St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Keystone Wood Products Co., Betula, • McKean. 

MeVay Brothers Oil Co Bradford, McKean. 

Manufacturing Paraffin Co., . . Second & Price Sts., . Chester Delaware. 

Marvin Manufacturing Co., 1010 Chestnut St., ..Franklin, Venango. 


National Aniline Chemical Co Marcus Hook Delaware. 

Oleum Products, 1129-31 Capouse Ave., Scranton, Lackawanna. ' 

Printz Degreasing Co., 1011 Chestnut St., ..Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Robinson Oil Co., The, 641 Fourth St. Ave.,.Coraopolis Allegheny. 

Scranton Anthracite Briquette Dickson City, Lackawanna. 

Shoemaker & Co., Ltd., M. L., .Delaware & Venan- Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

gost Ave. 

Simonin, I. M., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Straight Creek Chemical Co., Straight, Elk. 

Subers Chemical Co., Stanley 2222 Master St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Susquehanna Chemical Co., Straight, Elk. 

Tully, Jas. T., 179-181 Master St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Walton Co., F. S., Orthox St. & Dela- Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

ware River. 
Watson Company, H. F., Erie, Erie. 


Allentown Manufacturing Co., S. Sixth St., Allentown, Lehigh. 


American Chemical Paint Co., .318 Liberty Bldg., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Atlantic Drier & Varnish Co., . Meadow & Wolf Sts., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Atlas Paint Co., 18th & Noble Sts., . . Sharpsburg, Allegheny. 

Ball Chemical Co 1201 Fulton Bldg., . .Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Barrett Company, The, 17 Battery Place, ...New York (N. Y.). 

Plants at, Johnstown, Cambria. 

Latrobe, Westmoreland. 

Lebanon, Lebanon. 

Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Bean Co., Lewis H., 922 Cherry St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Blue Ridge Paint & Color Co. Allentown, Lehigh. 

Bowen's Son, S., Fourth & Sedgley Sts.. Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Cambria Paint & Color Co., Messenger St. & B. & Johnstown, Cambria. 

Ltd. O. R. R. 

Capital Paint & Varnish Co.,. .4th & Chartiers Sts., .Washington, Washington. 

Chessman & Elliott, Williamsport, Lycoming. 

Coyne Bros. Varnish Co., Inc., . Second & Pike Sts., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Croll & Son, Jesse G 2326 Germantown Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


■ Denny, Hilborn & Rosenbach,. .234 N. 12th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Eagle Paint & Varnish Co., . . .225 Galveston Ave.,. .Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Erwin & Sons, Henry, Mauch Chunk Road, .Bethlehem, Northampton. 

Fastdura Company 4725 Ridge Ave., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Felton, Sibley & Co., Inc., 136 N. Fourth St., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Flexible Compound Co., Inc., 3607 Haverford Ave., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

- The. 

Fort Pitt Oil & Paint Co 3209 Liberty Ave., . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

French & Co., Samuel H., 410 Callowhill St., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Gilbert Spruance Co., The, 310-12 N. Third St., . . Philadelphia, ... Philadelphia. 

Glenn Tint and Chemical Co., Glenside, Montgomery. 

Globe Varnish Co., 6125 Butler St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Graves Corporation, N. Z., 22 S. Third St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Trainer Delaware. 

Graves, N. Z., Inc., 22-24 S. Third St., . .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Harrisburg Wall Paper & Paint Harrisburg Dauphin. 


Harrison Brothers & Co., Inc., .3500 Grays Ferry Rd.. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Eaufler, F. G., 2058 E. Sergeant St., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Highland Chemical Products S. Pittsburgh St Connellsville Fayette. 

Howell & Co., Inc., Charles H.,. 212-20 Race St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

lliulsondale Ochre Works, Weatherly, Car bon . 

Impervious Metal Corporation, . 421 Wood St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Rochester, Beaver. 

Iron City Oil & Varnish Co., . .808-10 Inwood St., . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Jamestown Paint and Varnish Jamestown Mercer. 

Kahn & Co., L., . , 4543 N. 19th St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Keystone Albumen & Paint Co., 134G N. Marston St., .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Keystone Bitumen Enamel Co., 1802 Edgmont Ave.,. .Chester, Delaware. 

Keystone Paint & Filler Co Muncy Lycoming. 

Kn'oxville Paint Co Knoxvillo Allegheny. 

Lancaster Paint & Glass Co.,. .235 N. Prince St., ... Lancaster Lancaster. 

Lawrence & Co., W. W., W. Carson St., Pittsburgh Allegheny 

Lawrence McFadden Co., The,. 1400 Frankford Ave.,. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Lewis & Bros. Co., John T., . .705 Lafayette Bldg.,. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Luzerne Ochre Manufacturing White Haven, Liuzerne. 

Co. Moosehead. Luzerne. 

McCloskey, John A., 424 N. Orianna St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

McCloskey Varnish Co., 30th & Locust Sts... .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Macher, Wm. & Son 1533 W. Clearfield St.Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Maxwell Paint Company Philadelphia, Phi lade phia. 

Meves and Gregg, 110 N. Front St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Miller Brothers, 1620 N. Ninth St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Murphy & Company, John J., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

National Load & Oil Company 314 Fourth Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

of Penna. 

Plants at, Parnassus Westmoreland. 

Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Sharpsburg, Allegheny. 

Nevin Co., T. H., Island & Preble Ave., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Nice, Eugene E., 268-74 S. Second St.,. Philadelnhia Philadelphia. 

Niles Est., William J., Trenton Ave., Rush & Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Auburn Sts. 

Painter Co., Joel T 406-10 Ringgold St.,. .MpKoesnort, Allegheny. 

Pecora Paint Co., 4th & Sedgley Ave.,. .Philadelnhia, Philadelphia. 

Penn-Keystone Co., Antes Fort Lycoming. 

Penn Mineral Oil Paint Co., Port Allegany, McKean. 

Philadelphia Glazing Co., N. E. Cor. Third & Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

McKean Sts. 
Phoenix Paint & Varnish Co.,. .124 Market St. Philadelnhia Philadelphia. 

Price & Son. Oliver C, 3929 Lancaster Ave.,. Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Prince Manufacturing Co., The, Bowmanstown Carbon. 

Prince's Metallic Paint Co 707 Allenton Bank Allentown Lehigh. 


Protective Paint & Wall Paper Philadelphia, Philadelnhia. 


Pruett-Schaffer Chemical Co.,. .Tabor St Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Puritan Paint and Oil Co., . . .1310 Sheffield St., . . . Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Pyramid Paint Co., 131 N. 22d St.. .... .Philadelphia Philadelnhia. 

Rambo, Theo G 981 N. Second St., . .Philadelnhia Philadelphia. 

Riesenman Manufacturing Co., Franklin Venango. 


Rinald Bros 1142 N. Hancock St.. ."Philadelnhia Philadelphia. 

Ruth & Co.. B. F 212-14 g. Eighth St.,. Reading Berks. 

Pchrack & Co., C 152 N. "Fourth St., . .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Schroeder Paint Co l°R-36 Sherman St... .T.aveastor Lancaster. 

Shoemaker & Co.. Robert, N. E. 4th & Race Sts., Philadelnhia Philadelphia. 

f!ipe & Co., James B Res^mer Bldg Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Smvthe Bros 3R53 Market Rt Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Sterling Varnish Co., The, 5?8 "nVilt^n Bldg Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Struck Co.. Chas ?045 N. Second St.,. .Philartfilnhia, Philadelphia. 

Sntdam Co., M. B., 61st & Butler Sts., . .Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Thompson and Company, Pittsbirrsrh Allegheny. 

Thomson Wood Finishing Co.,. 829-35 N. Third St.,. .Philadelnhia Philadelphia. 

Tioga Paint Company. Inc., T ; o.?a Tioga. 

Trainer Co., Walter L., 3319 N. 12th St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Tnlly Paint & Varnish Co., 1815 Stiles St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 


Tunlin Paint Co Queen St. & Cres- Wyndmoor Montgomery. 

heim Rd. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Turpsene Manufacturing Co.,.. 1901 Callowhill St.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Union Paint Co South Ave. & B. & O. Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

R. R. 

Vitro Manufacturing Co., The, . Bessemer Bldg., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Watrous Varnish Co., The, S. E. Cor. 20th & Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Tasker Sts. 

Watson Paint & Glass Co., McKeesport, Allegheny. 

Wehmeyer, L. H 837 N. Second St., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Welsh Bros. Manufacturing Co.,243 Arch St York, York. 

Westmoreland Chemical & Col- 925 Chestnut St., ...Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

or Co , The. New Castle Lawrence. 

Wetheri'll & Brother 126 S. 30th St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Wetherill & Co., Inc., Geo. D.,.114 N. Front St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Wheeler & Son, Henry, 119 W. Ohio St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Wilbur Company, J.-, Foot East Tioga St., . Philadelphia, . . . Philadelphia. 

Wilhelm Co.. The A Third & Bern Sts., . .Reading-, Berks. 

Williams & Co., C. K., Easton Northampton. 

Wilson Company, W. L 2520 W. Hagert St.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Wocher & Son Co., H. M., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Woodhouse, Inc. Samuel F., . . Frankford, Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Wyoming Painting & Paint 120 Wyoming Ave., . . Wyoming Luzerne. 

Mfg. Co. 

Yarnall Paint Company, 1026-28 Race St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Young Company, J. F., 34th & A. V. R. R., . .Pittsburgh Allegheny. 


American Laboratories, 1716 Ludlow St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

American Ointment Co., The, . .8th St. & 3d Ave., . . .New Brighton Beaver. 

Aschenbach & Miller, Inc., 400 N. Third St. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Baker Co., John O, 131 N. Tenth St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Barker, Moore & Mein Medi- 316 Green St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

cine Co. > 

Barens Companv. A. O, 24 N. 40th St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Boericks & Tafel, Inc., 1011 Arch St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bowman, Mell & Co., 1347 Howard St Harrisbursr Dauphin. 

Bromo-Mint Company, Inc.. ..110 E. Market St.. . Wilkes-Barre Luzerne. 

Chasco Co., The, . . .' 136-38 N. Second St., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Chase Chemical Co., Dr 927 Sansom St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Colonial Food Digester Co.. ... 17 Chestnut St., .... Montrose Susquehanna. 

Delavan Co., J. W. S 319 N. Sixth St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Dill Medicine Co., The 555 George St., Norristown Montgomery. 

Eckman Mfg. Co., 23 N. Seventh St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Economy Medicine Stores, Chester Delaware. 

Evans, George B., 1106 Chestnut St., ..Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Fahnestock Co., B. A., 5776 Baum Boulevard Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Fleming Brothers Co., Inc 5776 Baum Boulevard,Pittsburgh. . Allegheny. 

Food Digest Medicine Co., 1302 Filbert St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Fore '& Co., , 44 N. Fourth St., Philadelphia. . . . Philadelphia. 

Foster Drug Co., The 221 Linden St Seranton Lackawanna. 

Frederick Brown Co 17 N. Sixth St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Glamser-Venn Drug Comnany, . 301 Federal St., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Gottschall, P. B., 250 Hummel St Harrisburg, Daunhin. 

Groblewski. Albert G., 241 E. Main St., Plymouth Luzerne. 

Groves Son & Co., Dr. M. F.,. .803 S. Front St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Hacker Specific Co., Dr 417 W. Oley St., Reading Berks. 

Hoffman, J. L., 13th & Linden Sts., . . Allentown Lehigh. 

Hollander Bros. Drug Co Fifth & Harriet Sts.. .Rankin Allegheny. 

Home Remedy & Supply Co.,. .16 E. Market St., . . .York York. 

Hostetter Co., The, 59-60 Water St., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Jayne & Son, Dr. D., 242 Chestnut St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Johnston Holloway Co., 1730 Spring Garden Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Keasbey & Mattison Company, . . .* Ambler Montgomery. 

Kelly Co., George A 102-12 Ninth St., Pittsburgh Allegheny. ' 

Kessler. Henry, 440 W. 18th St., Erie Erie. 

King Manufacturing Co., Ltd.,. 100 W. First St Condersport Potter. 

Kopp's Baby's Friend Co., The,. 318 E. Poplar St., . . .York York. 

Kunkel & Bro., C. H., 259 N. Ninth St., . . .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

McNeil, Robert, Front & York Sts., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

MEDICINES— Continued. 

Mason, Henry T., 5533 Pulaski Ave., ...Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Micajah & Company 224 Liberty St., Warren, Warren. 

Miller, Inc., John Henry Lancaster Lancaster. 

Mitchell Chemical Company, . . . Altoona, Blair. 

Morgan & Sons, Frank E 1629 Walnut St .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Morgan Drug Company, M. D., Altoona, Blair. 

Munyon's Homeopathic Home 5260 Parkside Ave., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Remedy Co. 

National Drug Co., The, 4679 Stenton Ave., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

National Druggists' Syndicate Standard Life Bldg.,. .Pittsburgh Allegheny. 


Ophthalmic Remedy Co., 1152 Perkiomen Ave., .Reading, Berks. 

Oregon Indian Medicine Co., . .Cor. Washington and Corry, Erie. 

Wright Sts. 

Ozo Remedy Co., The, New Brighton, Beaver. 

Paper Makers Chemical Co., . .640 N. 13th St., Easton, Northampton. 

Par Laboratories Co., First National Bank Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Parker Brown Co 305 Scotland St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Phelps, John H., Estate of, ... 801 Board of Trade Scranton Lackawanna 


Piso Company, The, 2 Liberty St Warren Warren. 

Pittsburgh Pharmacal Co Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Pugh Bros. Co Somerset Somerset. 

Rorer, William H 267 S. Fourth St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Royal Drug Comnanv, Pittsburgh Alleghenv. 

Schenk & Son, Dr. J. H., 537 Arch St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Sheffer, William 3947 Fairmount Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Shull & Co., D. F., 3928 Market St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Simpson Drug Co., Wm. M., Wilkinsburg, Allegheny. 

Smith & Co., Valentine H., . . .Second & Green Sts.,. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Sterling Salt Brick Co., Terminal Warehouse, . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Trager, M. G., 1016 Price St., Scranton Lackawanna. 

Tryalax Manufacturing Co., 214 Chancellor St., ..Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


United Medical Co., Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Valley Drug Co., 334 Washington St.,. .Johnstown, Cambria. 

Valley Drug Co., 159 S. State St., Wilkes-Barre Luzerne. 

Vanadium Chemical Co., Vanadium Bldg Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Velvetta Manufacturing Co., 142 N. Fourth St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Veta Manufacturing Co.. The, Allentown Lehigh. 

Wampole & Co., Henry H., . . .426 Fairmount Ave.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

White Drug Co., Stroudsburg, Monroe. 

Wilson Chemical Co., The, Tyrone, Blair. 

Wise Old Indian Manufactur- Altoona Blay\ 

ing Co. 

Wyeth & Brother, Inc., John,. .1118 Washington Ave..Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Zemmer Co., Inc., The, 3945 Senate St., .... .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Aetna Chemical Company 120 Broadway, New York (N. Y.). 

Plants at, Carnegie, Allegheny. 

Emporium, Cameron. 

Mount Union, Huntingdon. 

Oakdale Allegheny. 

'Sinnemahoning, Cameron. 

Warren Warren. 

American Glycerine Co Custer City McKean. 

Atlas Powder Co 11th & Market Sts., . .Wilmington, Delaware. 

Plants at, New Bethlehem and 


Augustus Pease Victory Township, . . .Venango. 

Black Diamond Powder Co., . .180 William St., . . . .Pittston, Luzerne. 

Plants at, Suscon. 


Blue Label Safety Squib Mann- Plymouth Luzerne. 

facturing Co. 

Bowers Torpedo Co Veach Bldg., Seneca Oil City Venango. 

Clarendon Torpedo Company, Titusville Venango. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

SIVES — Continued. 

Cressona Powder Company, N. Manheim Twp., . . Schuylkill. 

DuPont de Nemours & Co Wilmington, Delaware. 

J3, I. Olyphant Furnace, . .Fayette. 

DuPont de Nemours Powder 719 Traders Bank Scranton Lackawanna. 

Company of Penna. Bldg. 

Plants at, Jermyn -.Lackawanna. 

Laurel Run, Schuylkill. 

Moosic Lackawanna. 

Peckville, Lackawanna. 

Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Fort Pitt Powder Co., The, Kittanning, Armstrong. 

Grasseli Powder Co., The, 712 Empire Bids- Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

(Quaker Falls). 

Hercules Powder Company, Ringtown, Schuylkill. 

McAbee, G. R., Powder & Oil Second National Bank Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Co. Bldg. 

McAbee Powder & Oil Co Tunnelton, Indiana. 

G. R. 

Miners Supply Co., S. Second St St. Clair, Schuylkill. 

Nuremberg Powder Co., Inc., Tomhicken, Luzerne. 

Pennsylvania Trojan Powder 17 N. Seventh St., . . .Allentown, Lehigh. 


Powell, John R., 300 W. Main St., Plymouth, Luzerne. 

Pringle Powder Co., 139 Main St., Bradford McKean. 

Roberts Powder Co., 121 N. Jardin St., . . .Shenandoah Schuylkill. 

Shamokin Powder Co., Shamokin, Northumberland. 

Semple & Co., John B., Inc., Sewickley, Allegheny. 

Standard Powder Company, . . .708 2d Nat'l Bank Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Bldg. (Horr-ell). 
West Penn Torpedo Co., Bradford McKean. 


Cooper & Co., 47-49 N. Second St., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Day & Frick, 1760 N. Howard St... . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

DeJourna, Victor, 20th & Walnut Sts.,. .Allentown, Lehigh. 

Eagle Soap Works, Cherry St., West Reading Berks. 

Enterprise Mill Soap Works, 2229 N. 12th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Falck & Co., F. L 1400 High St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Fels & Company, 73d St. & Woodland Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Flint, George, Manayunk Philadelphia. 

Fox, Chas. J., 313 S. Phillip St., . .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Fromite Laboratory, 422 First Ave., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Gartsidc's Iron Rust Soap Co., 4054 Lancaster Ave., . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Gerbig & Son, John C, Chambersburg, Franklin. 

Gets There Soap Co., 147 Elm St., Conshohocken, Montgomery. 

Good, James 2111-15 E. Susque- Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

hanna Ave. 
Greenberg Soap Mfg. Co., 112 ti. Elm St., Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Chas. F. 

Harding & Fancourt, Inc., 516-18 S. Delaware Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Hasley & Sons, George, 1540 East St Pittsburgh, '. . . .Allegheny. 

Harding, H. C, Inc., 18th & Sedgley Ave., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Idealo Company, The, 321 Bourse Bldg., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Inter National Liquid Soap Co. ,113 Franklin Ave., . .Scranton, Lackawanna. 

International Soap and Mfg Scranton Lackawanna. 

Laurel Soap Manufacturing Co.,1528-30 Frankford Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

The. Ave. 

Leberman's Son, Inc., L. M., . .2626 Martha St., Philadelphia, ".Philadelphia. 

Lehigh Soap Works, 325 Water St., -. Allentown, Lehigh. 

Lessley, A. L., 548 Weidman St., . . .Lebanon, Lebanon. 

List & Son, J., 1776 N. Hancock St., . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

McCullough. John P., 420 Monroe St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Manufacturing Company of 439 N. 12th St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Miller Soap Factory S. Third St., Allentown Lehigh. 

Miller s Soap Works, 336 S. 18th St., Reading Berks. 

Mione Manufacturing Co., Collingdale, Delaware. 


Name and Industry Address. City or Town. County. 

SOAP — Continued. 

National Milling & Chemical Fox Chase, Philadelphia 


O. K. Soap Co 1224 Shackamaxon St.. Philadelphia Philadelphia 

Pennsylvania Soap Co., The, . .628 S. Prince St., . . .Lancaster Lancaster 

Philadelphia Textile Chemical Arrott St. & Reading Philadelphia Philadelphia 

Works. - R. R. 

Reiner & Co., John F., .American & York Sts., Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Sanitary Liquid Soap & Sup- 220 S. 38th St., ...W. Philadelphia, ..-.Philadelphia 

ply Co. 

Scholler Brothers, Inc 3301 Amber St., . . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Shucker & Shindel 351 S. Sixth St., . . . .Lebanon Lebanon. 

Sibley Soap Works, 315 Atlantic Ave Franklin, Venango' 

Staah Soap Co 54 Royal St Pittsburgh, Allegheny 

Strumz & Son, S., 708-16 Bingham St.,. .Pittsburgh, Allegheny' 

Tacony Soap Works, Meadow & Wolf Sts., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Tomson & Company, P. C, ... .27 Washington Ave.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia' 

Tully, Jas. J., 179-181 Master St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia' 

United States Chemical Co., . . . 407 Bakewell Bldg., . . Pittsburgh Allegheny 

Walker, Wm. H., , Herr's Island, Pittsburgh, Allegheny." 

Warren Specialty Company, Warren, Warren. 

Wilkes-Barre Soap Co., 84 S. Penna. Ave., . . . Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne' 

Young Company. Charles W.„ .1247-49 N. 26th St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


American Alkali & Acid Co., . .43 Main St., South Bradford McKean. 

American Zinc & Chemical Co., Langeloth, Washington. 

Brighton Chemical ' Co New Brighton, Beaver." 

Crown Chemical Company, . . . 1217 Farmers Bank Pittsburgh, Allegheny 


Donora Zinc Company, Donora, Washington 

General Chemical Company, 25. Broad St., New York (N. Y.). 

Plants at, Newell, Fayette. 

Easton Northampton 

Grasselli Chemical Company of Beaver Falls, Beaver. 

Penna., The., 

Lennig & Co., Inc., Charles, . .112 S. Front St Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

New Jersey Zinc Co. (of Pa.), Palmerton Carbon 


Oak Extract Co., The, Newport, Perry. 

Pennsylvania Salt Manufactm*- Widener Bldg., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

ing Company. 

Riverside Acid Works Warren, Warren. 

Stanley Anilin Chemical Works, Lock Haven Clinton ' 

Inc., The. 

Thorkildsen Mather Co., New Brighton, Beaver. 

Trojan Chemical Company, . . .17 N. Seventh St., . . .Allentown, Lehigh.' 

York Chemical Works, York York. 


Carnegie Steel Company, Carnegie Bldg,'. Pittsburgh, . Mlng'hony. 

Farrell, Mercer. 

Crossley Chemical Works, The, Starrucca, Wayne. 

Lackawanna Iron & Steel Co., Lebanon, Lebanon 


Lebanon Gas & Fuel Co 17 N. Eighth St.. .... Lebanon, Lebanon. 

Lock Haven Gas Company, . . .309 Vesper St., Lock" Haven, Clinton. 

Miller Brothers 1620 N. Ninth St Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Philadelphia Suburban Cas & 712 Locust St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Electric Co. Plants at, Chester Delaware. 

Coatesville, Chester. 

Wyncote, Montgomery. 

Pintsch Compressing Co., 2 Rector St New York (N. Y.). 

Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Straight Creek Chemical Co., Straight, Elk. 

Towanda Gas & Water Co., . .207 Main St., . . . .Towanda Bradford. 

Tyrone Gas & Water Co 960 Penna. Ave . . . .Tyrone, Blair. 

Watson Company. H. F., Erie, Erie. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Cave & Company, Joseph 116 Market St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Chapman & Rodgers, Inc 510 Arch St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Denny & Denny, 27 N. Seventh St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Foral Products Co., 347 Fifth Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Fromite Laboratories, 442 First Ave Pittsburgh. Allegheny. _ 

Harino- Co., The, 36th & Market Sts., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hoyt & Co!, F., 28 Strawberry St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kal-Phena Chemical Co., The,. 3218 Chestnut St., ..Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Mutual Barber Supplies, Inc., Pittsburgh, Allegheny _ 

Nace's Sons, J. F Second & Race Sts.,. . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Publicker Ward Co., Swanson & Snyder Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Schandein & Lind Company, . . 1031 Race St., ...... Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Stahl Chemical Company, 610 Bakewell Bldg., . . Wilkinsburg Allegheny. 

Tetlow Mfg Comoanv 51-59 Mascher St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Vail Brothers, .....' 2344 N. Fifth St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Walker, Wm. H., Herr's Island, Pittsburgh Allegheny. 


Barclay Chemical Co., 402 First Nat. Bank Williamsport, .Lycoming. 

Bldg. Laquin; Bradford. 

Bartley, John, Mt. Alton McKean. 

Clawson Chemical Co., Ridgway, Elk. 

Hallton, Elk. 

Corbett & Company, M. J., Kaulmont Elk. 

Coryville Chemical Co., 78 Main St Bradford, McKean. 

Crossley Chemical Works, The, Starrucca, .Wayne. 

Custer City Chemical Co Custer, McKean. 

Day Chemical Co., Westline, McKean. 

Forest Chemical Co., Sheffield Warren. 

Plants at Gilson Warren. 

Lynch Forest. 

Gaffney Wood Products Co., Galeton, Potter. 

Genesee Chemical Co., Genesee, Potter. 

Gray Chemical Co., Roulette, Potter. 

Heinemann Chemical Co Crosby, McKean. 

James Manufacturing Co 106 Chestnut St., . . .Kane, McKean. 

Keelor Chemical Co., Ltd., Wetmore, McKean. 

Keystone Wood Products Co., Bctula, . .■ McKean. 

Kinzua Valley Chemical Co Williamsport, Lycoming. 

/ Kinzua, Warren. 

Lackawanna Chemical Co., .. .First Nat. Bank Bldg., Olean (N. Y.). 

Straight, Elk. 

LaMont Chemical Co., 106 Chestnut St Kane McKean. 

LaMont Elk. 

Liberty Wood Products Co., Port Allegany, McKean. 

Liberty, McKean. 

Lewis Run Manufacturing Co., 71 Main St Bradford, McKean. 

McKean Chemical Co., Willhimsport Lycoming. 

Dahoga, Elk. 

Marvindale Chemical Co., 78 Main St., Bradford, • McKean. 

Marvindale, McKean. 

Milanville Chemical Co., Milanville, Wayne. 

Minard Run Chemical Co., Degolia, McKean. 

Mt. Hope Chemical Charcoal Mt. Hope, Lancaster. 

Works. . I 

Nansen Chemical Co., 78 Main St., Bradford, McKean. 

Nansen Elk. 

Newton Chemical Co., Newton, McKean. 

Nordmont Chemical Co Pittston, Luzerne. 

' Nordmont, Sullivan. 

Nusbaum Chemical Co., 5 Main St Bradford McKean. 

Oswayo Chemical Co Coneville, .Potter. 

Otto Chemical Co., Williamsport Lycoming. 

Sergeant, McKean. 

Penn Chemical Co., Susquehanna, Susquehanna. 

Hutchins, McKean. 

Penwarden, E. D., Carley Brook, Wayne. 

Riefler & Son, Inc., R. D. No. 1, Honesdale Wayne. 

Farmers Falls Wayne. 

Russell Chemical Co., Ltd., Russell, Warren. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

OF LIME — Continued. 

Smethport Wood Products Co., First Nat. Bank Bldg.,01ean, New York. 

East Smethport Mclveau. 

Straight Creek Chemical Co., Straight, Elk. 

Susquehanna Chemical Co., Straight Elk. 

Tionesta Valley Chemical Co., Mayburg, Forest. 

Inc. Kingsley, Forest. 

Wright Chemical Co., Susquehanna, Susquehanna. . 

Glen Hazel Elk. 

Wyman Chemical Co., Port Allegany, McKean. 

Wyoming Chemical Co., Brandenburg Ave. & Pittston, Luzerne. 

Riverside Park. 


Air Reduction Sales Co 120 Broadway New York (N. Y.). 

Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

'Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Animal Oil Co., The Ontario St. E. of Rich-Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

mond St. 

Barnett & Sons, Wm., 730 S. Broad St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Knowlton, Delaware. 

Benolite Co., Inc., 331 Fourth Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Manor, Westmoreland. 

Bilm & Wolfe Co., Ash & Almond Sts.,. .Bridesburg, Philadelphia. 

Bituco Coating Co Commercial Trust Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Boley Co., C. H., 3726 N. Randolph St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Chamberlain Co., The Joyce Bldg., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Clawson Co., The, 240 Chestnut St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Co-Arda Co., The Dime Bank Bldg., . . . Scran ton, Lackawanna. 

Crescent Chemical Co., 2314 Wood St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Direct Oxidation Process Cor- Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Federal Stock Food Co Railroad St., Miminburg, Union. 

Frick, Mahlow 905 Diamond St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Fritz Co., The Ontario & Brabant Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Grape Capsule Co., Jordan & Union Sts., Allentown, Lehigh. 

Green, Charles A., 1214 Girard Ave., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Gulf Refining Co., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Helios Manufacturing Co., Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Independent Manufacturing Co.. Wheat Sheaf Lane & Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Aramingo Av\ 

Kingsbury Packing Co., Ltd., Moscow Lackawanna. 

Lebanon Chemical Co., 16th & Cumberland Lebanon, Lebanon. 

Lesser Manufacturing Co., Inc.Cor. South St. & Lex-Warren, Warren. 

ington Ave. 

Mcllvaine Brothers, 1500 Hamilton St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Marcus Company, Ruth, Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Maurer & Son Co., D 331 N. Eighth St., .. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

National Carbon Co., Jefferson Ave., Scranton Lackawanna. 

Paschall Oxygen Co., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Philadelphia Drug Mill & Cey- 224 N. Front St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Ion Spice Co. 

Philadelphia Lye & Chemical' 1811 Fitzwater St., ..Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

• Co. 

Philips-Brinton Co., Kennett Square, . . .Chester. 

Pratt Food Co., 124-132 Walnut St.,. .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Pulley Facing Co., The, 424 Bulletin Bldg., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Reichard, Robert A., Allentown, Lehigh. 

Rodd Co., Commonwealth Bldg., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Shoemaker & Co., Ltd., M. L.,. .Delaware & VenangostPhiladelphia, Philadelphia. 


Standard Chemical Co., The, . .Vanadium Bldg., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Temp Cement Co 915 Taf t Ave., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Tevis & Co., John C S10 Race St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Weber & Co., F., 1125 Chestnut St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Wilkie Carbon Gas Co., Inc.,. .842 N. Third St., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

Alliance Hollow Cement Block Northampton, Northampton. 

American Cement Tile Manu- Wampum, Lawrence. 

facturing Co. ■ „ ■ , „ T 

Barney Cement Block & Con- Clarendon, _ Warren. 

crctG Co. 

Bloom Marble Co., Louis, 609-13 N. American Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Hutler Plaster & Concrete Co., Negley Ave., Butler, Butler. 

Carbon Cement Block Co., The, Palmerton, Carbon. 

Carbon Sand & Construction Shamokm, Montgomery. 


Century Cement Stone Co., West Reading Berks. 

Concrete Ornamental Works, Florin, Lancaster. 

Concrete Products Co. of Pitts- 803 Diamond Bank Pittsburgh . . Allegheny. 

burgh. Bldg. 

Corry Art Stone Co., Cor. Eagle & Essex Corry, Erie. 


Dambacher Cement Block Co Greenville, Mercer. 

Dexter Concrete Mfg. Co., Nazareth Northampton. 

DuBois Art Stone Works, 62 Spring Ave., DuBois, Clearfield. 

Fluegel Cement Block Co., . . .21st & Cherry Sts.,. .Erie Erie. 

Frauenberger & Co., J 4911 N. Fairhill St.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Freilins Bros. Leechburg, Armstrong. 

General Crushed Stone Co., . .Drake Bldg., Easton Northampton. 

Glen Mills, Delaware. 

Greenville Cement Products Co.,N. Race St., Greenville Mercer. 

Hall Concrete Products Co., Grassland, Delaware. 

Inc. T ■ _ , . 

Heslop Manufacturing Co., Johnstown Cambria. 

Hott & Sons, R. M., N. Jefferson Ave., . . . Canonsburg, Washington. 

International Pavement Co., 25 Broad St New York (N. Y.). 

The. New Castle, Lawrence. 

Kantner, F. N Somerset, Somerset. 

Keller & Son, F. S Mt. Union, Huntingdon. 

Kelley, J. R., Lock No. 4 Washington. 

Leach, S. B Lemoyne • Cumberland. 

Leibensberger Brothers Hazleton, Luzerne. 

Mentzer-Romberger Mfg. Co.,. . 18th & Chestnut Sts , Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

Mickley, J. B., R. D. No. 3, Allentown, Lehigh. 

Moran, Thomas J. Oil City, Venango. 

Moran & Parsons, 1203 W. First St Oil City Venango. 

Moski, Louis, 1148 E. 28th St., Erie, Erie. 

National Fireproofing Co Fulton Bldg., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

North Girard Concrete Works, North Girard. Erie. 

Penn Concrete Co., . Fishers Ave., Olney,. . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Pianta and Co., C., 27th & Penna. Ave.,. .Erie, Erie. 

Providence Blue Stone Co., . . 2415 Amelia Ave., . . . Scranton Lackawanna. 

Raymond Concrete Pile Co., . . Union Bank Bldg., . . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Romberger Mfg. Co 137 S. 14th St., Allentown Lehigh. 

Shamokin Cement Bldg. Block 716 N. Shamokin St., Shamokin, Northumberland. 


Shaw and Co 2020 & 2022 N. 10th Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Smith & Schossle 408 Seneca St., Oil City, Venango. 

Souder Concrete Co., Lansdale^ Montgomery. 

Teilhet, Louis, 411 Spearman Ave., . . Farrell, Mercer. 

Waynesboro' Hydraulic Stone 119 Main St., Waynesboro, Franklin. 

Western Penna. Granitoid 1 Bridge St., Oil City, Venango. 

Monumental Works. 

Wolf & Co., Aug Commerce St Chambersburg, Franklin. 

Woodring, Geo., 317 Mauch Chunk St.,Nazareth, Northampton. 


Allegheny Brick Co., Ltd., 19th St. & W. P. R. R.Sharpsburg Allegheny. 

Alumina Shale Brick Co Bradford, McKean. 

Lewis Run, . .. McKean. 

Alvine Bros. Brick Co., Berlin Junction, .... Adams. 

American Brick Co., 216 Board of Trade Scranton Lackawanna. 

Bldg. Brandt, ^Susquehanna. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

BRICK — Continued. 

Auburn Shale Brick Co., Auburn Schuylkill. 

Plants at Auburn Schuylkill. 

,, «,-«,, „ x Gettysburg, Adams. 

Button Clay Manufacturing Co., I'atton, Cambria. 

Beaver Clay Manufacturing Co., New Galilee, Beaver. 

Bellefonte Brick Co., Milesburg, Centre. 

Bessemer Brick Co., Monongahela ( !ity, . . Washington. 

Bigler Est., Sarah L., Cameron & Seneca Harrisburg, Dauphin. 


Blair & Bros., D., . -1761 Liberty Ave., . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Bloomsburg Brick Co., First National Bank Bloomsburg, Columbia. 


Booth & Flinn, Ltd., v. 1942 Forbes St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Bradford Pressed Brick Co., . . 2 Main St Bradford, McKean.' 

Bradford Shale Products Co., . .23 Main St Bradford, McKean. 

Brick & Stone Co., The, Waynesburg Greene. 

Byrne Estate, Joseph T., 29th & Clearfield Ave.,Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Cambria Steel Company, Widener Bldg., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Johnstown, Cambria. 

Carbaugh, W. EL, Berlin Junction Adams. 

Carroll & Sons, H. C, 67th & Gibson Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Centre Brick & Clay Co., Orviston, Centre. 

Clearfield Clay Working Co., Clearfield Clearfield. 

Clearfield Brick Manufacturing .Clearfield Clearfield. 


Conway, William, 5800 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Corry Brick & Tile Co., W. Pleasant St., Corry, Erie. 

Darlington Brick & Mining Co., Darlington Beaver. 

Darlington Clay Products Co., Darlington, Beaver. 

Daugherty Bros. Brick Co., ..200 S Grant Ave., . . Kittanning, Armstrong. 

Davidheiser, F. B., Stowe, Montgomery. 

Derstine, H. C, Telford, Montgomery. 

Diamond City Brick Co., 818-22 Miners Bank Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 


Dickover & Son, Geo. T., ....82 Simon Long Bldg., Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Parsons, Luzerne. 

Donley Brick Co., Washington, Washington. 

Dunn Brick Works E. 12th St., Ext., . . Erie, Erie. 

Earley, John K., Nicetown Lane & "E" Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Eastvale Face Brick Co., 1343 Oliver Bldg Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Elk Fire Brick Co., St. Marys Elk. 

Entress Brick Co., Bedford Ave. & Duff Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Excelsior Brick Co Main St., Rockwood Somerset. 

Fallston Fire Clay Co., 1345 Oliver Bldg., . . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Fallston, Beaver. 

Federal Brick Co Hite Ulegheny. 

Glassmere Alleshen^. 

Federal Granite Brick Co., . . .815 S. Washington Scranton, Lackawanna. 


Ferro Brick Co Watsontown, Northumberland. 

Fields Brick Co., The, Tenth & Broomall Sts.Chester Delaware. 

Fleurie, E. E., Fifth & Reno Sts., . .New Cumberland, . . .Cumberland. 

Flory's Brick Works, East Downingtown, . . Chester. 

Flory's Brick Works, Spring City, Chester. 

Flory's Brick Works, Inc Roslyn, Montgomery. 

Fort Pitt Stone & Brick Co., . . Main St., Carnegie, Allegheny. 

Fox, Jas. T., 121 Wabash St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Frankford Brick Works, Torresdale Ave. & Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bridge St. 

Frederick Brothers, 15th & Allen Sts., . . Allentown, ' Lehigh. 

Freeport Clay Products & Min- Freeport Armstrong. 

ing Co. 

Fries, W. E N. Front St Milton Northumberland. 

Garfield Fire Clay Co., Robinson Indiana. 

Gaynor Estate, Michael, 30th & Moores Sts.,. . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

General Refining Co., Eldorado, Blair. 

General Refractories Co., . . . .903 Trinity Bldg., . . .New York (N. Y.). 

Karthaus, Clearfield. 

Sandy Ridge, Centre. 

West Decatur, Clearfield. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

BRICK — Continued. 

Gise and Diehl Pressed Brick 8 E. Market St York, York. 

Works. ' _ , 

Glen-Gary Shale Brick Co., ..22 N. Fifth St Reading Berks. 

Glenwood Brick Co., R. F. D. No. 1 Erie, Erie. 

Gloninger & Co 1507 Arrott Bldg., . . Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Vanport, Beaver. 

Goodwin, John A., 27th & Tioga Sts., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Grothe, William H E. Boundary Ave. & York, York. 

Albemarle St. 

Guard Clay Products Co., Wilkes-Barre Luzerne. 

Hamburg Vitrified Brick Co.,. .1116 Fidelity Bldg.,. .Hamburg, Berks. 

Harper, C. M. C, Boston, Allegheny. 

Haws & Sons, A. J., Ltd., .... Front St., Johnstown; Cambria. 

Haws Refractories Company, Johnstown Cambria. 

Henckeroth, John H., R. F. D. No. 5, Quakertown Bucks. 

Highhouses Sons, E., R. F. D. No. 4, Warren Warren. 

Holmes Brick Works, .Holmes Delaware. 

Homestead Brick Co., 805 Amity St., Homestead Allegheny. 

(Main Ofiice.) 

Hooper Brothers Co., Blaekadore Ave., .... Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Howe Brick Co., R. H 20th St., New Brighton, Beaver. 

Hummelstown Brown-Stone Co., Waltonville, Dauphin. 

Hunting Park Brick Co., 20th & Cambria Sts., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Hydraulic Press Brick Co., Cowansville Armstrong. 

Hydraulic Press Brick Co., DuBois, Clearfield. 

Falls Creek, Clearfield. 

Hydraulic Press Brick Co., Falls Creek Jefferson. 

Iron City Brick & Stone Co.,. .Stanton & McCandlessPittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Jarclen Brick Comany, 1433 Land Title Bldg., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kane Brick Company, 83 Fraley St., Kane, McKean. 

Keller & Milliken, Box No. 284, Braddock Allegheny. 

Kelly, Estate of Christopher, . . Wyoming Ave. & B St.Philaclelphia, Philadelphia. 

Ketcham, O. W., 24 S. Seventh St., . . .Philadelphia, . . .Philadelphia. 

Keystone Brick Co., E. Labor Rd. & God- Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

frey Ave. 

Keystone Clay Co., 1024 Miners Bank, . .Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Keystone Clav Products Co Greensburg, Westmoreland. 

Kier Fire Brick Co 2243 Oliver Bldg., . . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Salina Westmoreland. 

Kittanning Ceramics Co., Kittanning Armstrong. 

Kittanning Clay Products Co., Gowanshannoc, Armstrong. 

Bradford, McKean. 

Kittanning Clay Mfg. Co., . . . .260 Oak Ave., Kittanning, Armstrong. 

Kittanning Brick & Fire Clay, Kittanning Armstrong. 

Kittanning Buff & Gray Brick Kittanning, Armstrong. 


Kline, Simon S., 464 Chestnut St., . . . West Reading, Berks. 

Kushequa Brick Co., Kushequa, McKean. 

Lambert Company, R. R., ....Charles & Charlotte N. S., Pittsburgh, ...Allegheny. 


Langhorne Brick Yard, Langhorne Bucks. 

Latrobe Brick Co First Nat. Bank Bldg.Latrobe Westmoreland. 

La vino & Co., E. J., Bullitt Bldg., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Layton Fire Clay Co., .' McKeesport, Allegheny. 

Layton, Fayette. 

Lehigh Brick Works, 617 Comm. Bldg., . . .Allentown, Lehigh. 

Lehigh Brick Co Fox & Juniata St., . . Philadelphia, ....... Philadelphia. 

Lenten Brick Co., 24th & Passyunk Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Lock Haven Brick & Tile Co., Lock Haven, Clinton. 

McFetridge Bros. Brick Co., Creighton, Allegheny. 

MacDonald, Thomas, ........ W. South St., Carlisle, Cumberland. 

Mattern, Edward G Tenth & Tilghman Allentown, Lehigh. 


Meteor Brick Company, Johnstown, Cambria. 

Miller & McClaskey, Sixth & Engle Sts., . . Chester Delaware. 

Mill Hall Brick Works, Lock Haven, Clinton. 

Mill Hall, Clinton. 

Milton Brick Co Milton Northumberland. 

Monessen Brick Works, East Charleroi, Westmoreland. 

Monongahela Clay Mfg Co., ..Alexander Bank Bldg.Monongahela Washington. 

Mountville Brick Co., Mountville, Lancaster. 

Moyer & Co., 721 Penn St West Reading, Berks. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. Count)/. 

BRICK — Continued. 

Mt. Gretna Brownstone Co., . . Nutting Blclg., Lebanon Lebanon. 

„ . „ , ,, , Mt. Gretna Lebanon! 

Mount Union General Refrac- Mount Union, Huntingdon. 

tories Co. 

Nazareth Brick Co Nazareth, Northampton. 

New Cumberland Brick Co., New Cumberland Cumberland, 

North Philadelphia Brick Wks. .Third & Luzerne Sts., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Oak Brick Co., . . . Latrobe, Westmoreland. 

Oclis & Frey Brick Co., The, . .Mill St., AllentOwn, Lehigh. 

Paxton Brick Co., Middleburg, Snyder. 

Paxtonville Snyder. 

1 'eerless Brick Co Lebanon, Lebanon. 

Penn Brick Co., Bradford McKean. 

Pennsylvania Clay Co., 421 Wood St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Plants at Conway. 

New Sewickley Twp. 
West Bridgewater. 

Pennsylvania Fire Brick Co., Beech Creek, Clinton. 

Perry Manufacturing Co., ... .80 E. Fayette St., . . .Uniontown, Fayette. 

Perryopolis, Favette. 

Philadelphia Brick Co., The, . . 25th and Passyunk Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Pittsburgh Callery Brick Co.,. .631 Wabash Bldg., . .Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Plants at Callery, Butler. 

Butler Butler. 

Pontz, Jacob, 517 Charlotte St., . . . Lancaster, Lancaster 

Pope, Frauk B., 1403 Arrott Bldg., . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny." 

Sligo Clarion. 

Porters Brick Co., Codorus York. 

Seven Valleys York. 

Reading Shale Brick Co., P. O. Box 652 Reading Berks. 

Reed, Chas. M., Pennsburg Montgomery. 

Reynoldsville Brick & Tile Co Reynoldsville Jefferson 

^ The - ^ ~ Sykesville, Jefferson. 

Ridgway Brick Co., P. O. Box 324, Ridgway Elk. 

*,.,, „ , ^ . , „ „ „ „ „_ Watson'town, Northumberland. 

Ridley Park Brick Co., P. O. Box 324, Ridley Park, Delaware. 

River Stoue & Brick Co Point Marion Fayette. 

Rochester Clay Products Co„ Rochester, Beaver. 

Royalton Shale Brigk Co., r. Reading, Berks. 

Sankey Bros.., 2112 Carson St., Pittsburgh, AJleekeny. 

Savage Fire Brick Co Meyersdale ^Somerset. 

Plants at Hyndman Bedford. 

Williams, Somerset. 

Scholl Bros., Lansdale, Montgomery. 

Schuylkill Pressed Brick Co., . . Baird Bldg., Pottsvillc, Schuylkill. ' 

Shawmut Mining Co., St. Marys Elk. 

Shawmut Elk. 

Shull & Badger Brick Co., 312 W. Penn St., Butler Butler 

Siner, H. M. & C. B Church & Tacony Sts.,Frankford Philadelphia. 

Smith Co., The A. F 1300 Allegheny St., . .New Brighton, Beaver. 

Snyder, Jr., Edw. H., 438 S. Franklin St., . . Hanover York. 

Soisson Fire Brick Co., Jos., Connellsville Fayette. 

Moyer, Fayette. 

Speeceville Brick Mfg. Co., Speeceville, . Dauphin. 

Spring Garden Brick Co., R. F. D. No. 12 York York. 

Squirrel Hill Brick Co Bigelow & Bristol Sts.Pittsbnrgh Allegheny. 

Standard Fire Clay Co., New Brighton, Beaver. 

Fallston Beaver. 

Stear, L. W Wilkinsburg, Allegheny. 

Stipp, Peter & Sons, 327 N. Washington Scranton Lackawanua. 

Ave. Nay Aug, Lackawanna. 

Stipp, Mathias, : 435 Moir St., Scranton Lackawanna. 

Buttonwood, Luzerne. 

Strickler & Hinkle Maytown, Lancaster. 

StuempnVs Sons, David,' 332 Penn St., Williamsport, Lycoming. 

Sullivan, John 15 Rigbv Ave Lansdowne, Delaware. 

Swoyer Bros. Brick Co 14th & Allen Sts., . . Allentown, Lehigh. 

Tempest Brick Company 500 Fifth Ave Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Thompson & Wills, .- Royersford Montgomerv. 

Tobias & Sheridin, Hamburg, Berks. 

Tyrone Brick & Tile Co R. F. D. No. 2 Tyrone, Blair. 

Umberger, Grant, Langhorne, Bucks. 

Union Brick Company 407 E. Sunbury St., . . Shamokin Northumberland. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

BRICK — Continued. 

United Fire Brick Co Uniontown, Fayette. 

Upper Kitta nning Brick Co East Brady Clarion. 

Valley Brick Co. Valley Camp York. 

Van Ormer Brick Co., Piteairn, Allegheny. 

Vesuvius Crucible Company, . . Palmer St., Swissvale Allegheny. , 

Wagner Fire Brick Co., Union National Bank Scranton, LackaAvanna. 

Walkers Mills Stone & Brick 1504 Keenan Bldg., . . Pittsburgh Allegheny. 


Walter, Scott B 323 N. Carlisle St., . . Greencastle, Franklin. 

Ward & Sons Co., John H., ... Oakwood & Batavia Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Watsontown Brick Company . . 127 S. Main St., .... Watsontown, Northumberland. 

Waynesboro Brick & Supply Waynesboro, Franklin. 


Weber, Frank, Perkasie, Bucks. 

Webster & Keyser, 30th & Tasker Sts., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Weinman Brothers, 810 Southern Ave., . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Wilkes-Barre & Hazleton Brick 818-22 Miners Bank Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Co. Bldg. 

Williamsgrove Brick Co., Bigler Clearfield. 

Wilson Brick and Tile Co., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Wise & Bro., Christian 826 Manor St., Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Wvnn & Starr Co. Trafford Westmoreland. 

Yingling-Martin Brick Co Empire Bldg., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Johnsonburg, Elk. 

York Shale Press Brick Co., . . 21 W. Princess St., . . York, York. 

Young, Charles A., 1928 Point Breeze Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Zehnder Brick Company Philadelphia Road, . .Easton Northampton. 


Allentown Portland Cement Evansville, Berks. 

Co., The. 
Alpha Portland Cement Co., Easton, Northampton. 

Martins Creek Northampton. 

Atlas Portland Cement Co., 30 Broad St New York City. 

The. Plants at .Coplay, . .* Lehigh. 

Northampton, .....*.. Northampton. 

Bath Portland Cement Co., Bath, Northampton. 

Blair Silica Brick Co., Claysburg, Blair. - 

Coplay Cement- Manufacturing Coplay Lehigh. 


Crescent Portland Cement Co., Wampum Lawrence. 

Dexter Portland Cement Co., Nazareth, Northampton. 

Federal Refractories Co., Alexandria, Huntingdon. 

General Refractories Co., Mount Union, Huntingdon. 

Giant Portland Cement Co., ..603-10 Penna. Bldg., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia.. 

Egypt, Lehigh. 

Hercules Cement Corporation Nazareth, Northampton. 

Lawrence Portland Cement Co.. Northampton, Northampton. 

Siegfried, Northampton. 

Lehigh Portland Cement Co., . . Young Building, . . . .Allentown, Lehigh. 

Plants at Fogelsville, Lehigh. 

New Castle, Lawrence. 

Ormrod, Lehigh. 

West Coplay, Lehigh. 

Nazareth Cement Co., Easton Road Nazareth Norrh nm pton. 

Penn-Allen Cement Company, Allentown Lehigh. 

Pennsylvania Cement Co., Bath, Northampton. 

Philadelphia Fire Brick Works, 2308 Vine St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Phoenix Portland Cement Co., Nazareth, Northampton. 

Sandusky Portland Cement Co., York, York. 

Universal Portland Cement Co., Frick Bldg. Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Universal, Allegheny. 

Vendor Cement Company, The, Easton, Northampton. 

Whitehall Cement Manufac- 1736 Land Title Bldg., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

turing Co., The. Cementon Lehigh. 


Name and Industry, Address. City or Town. County. 


McCullough-Dalzell Crucible 36th St. & A. V. Rwy.,Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Ross-Tacony Crucible Co., Tacony Philadelphia. 

Seidel, R. B., Inc 1322-34 Callowhill St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Taylor, Robert J., Inc., 1900 Callowhill St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Abrasive Company, James & Fraley Sts., . Bridesburg, Philadelphia. 

Jackson Mills Emery Co., Inc.,. 14th & Franklin Sts., .Easton, Northampton. 

Keystone Emery Mills, 4329 Paul St., Frankford, Philadelphia. 

Scran ton Whetstone & Abra- Scranton, Lackawanna. 

sive Wheel Co., The. 
Tanite Company, The, R. F. D. No. 3, Stroudsburg, Monroe. 


American Glass Products Co., . . 1208 Ridge Ave., .... Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Atlantic Bottle Co Tarentum, Allegheny. 

Beck, Albert W., 3640 N. Second St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Berney-Bond Glass Company,. .80 Mechanic St., . . . .Bradford MeKean. 

Plants at Clarion, Clarion. 

Smethport MeKean. 

Brockway Machine Bottle Co., , Brockwayville, Jefferson. 

Crescent Bottle Co., McDonald, Washington. 

Cunningham Glass Co., D. O., . . 22d & Jane Sts Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Diamond Glass Co., First Ave., Royersf ord, Montgomery. 

DuBois Glass Company, Falls Creek Clearfield. 

Fairmount Glass Works, 828 N. 23d St., ..... .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Flaccus Glass Co., C. L., Empire Bldg., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Fox & Sons, H. O, Inc ..'... Schuylkill Ave. & Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Catharine St. 

Freas, Francis L., 148-150 E. Ninth Ave.,Conshohocken, Montgomery. 

German- American Glass Works, 928 N. Eighth St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Glenshaw Glass Co., Inc., Glenshaw ., Allegheny. 

Greensburg Glass Company, . . S. Main St., Greensburg, . . Westmoreland. 

Haak & Sons, Otto, 545 N. Fifth St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hamilton, J. T. & A., 26th & Railroad Sts., . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Hawley Glass Co., Hawley, Wayne. 

Hazel-Atlas Glass Co., Washington, Washington. 

Heinz Company, H. J., Sharpsburg, Allegheny. 

Imperial Glass Co,, Charleroi, Washington. 

Jeannette Glass Company, Jeannette, Westmoreland. 

Keystone Bottle Mfg. Co., Inc., Penn St., Uniontown, Fayette. 

Knox Glass Bottle Company Ebensburg, Cambria. 

Marienville Glass Company, Marienville, Forest. 

Maris Co., John M., 528 Arch St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Morgan Co., The, 1520 S. 58th St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Morris Glass Co., The, Point Marion Fayette. 

Moyer, W. A., Parkers Landing, . . . Armstrong. 

Newborn & Co., W. H., Royersford, Montgomery. 

Philadelphia Vacuum Specialty 1124 Marlborough St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Pittsburgh Bottle and Cork Co., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Puritan Glass Co., 31 Puritan Ave Shingle House Potter. 

Ruth Glass Company, 10th & Hallowell Sts., Consliohocken Montgomery. 

Sheffield Glass Bottle Co., Sheffield, Warren. 

Wilcox, Elk. 

Simplex Vacuum Mfg. Co 1729-39 N. Philip St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Smitheman, A., Jr 40 E. Nyack Ave., . . . Lansdowne Delaware. 

Spring City Glass Works, Ltd., Spring City Chester. 

Steele Glass Co., 622 Locust St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Thatcher Manufacturing Co Kane, . .^ MeKean. 

Whitall Tatum Company, . East Stroudsburg, . . . Monroe. 

Wightman Glass Corporation, Punxsutawney, Jefferson. 

Wightman Co-operative Glass Port Allegan" MeKean. 


Wormser Glass Co 2d & Sylvan Aves., . . Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

W. & S. Bottle Company Roulette Potter, 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Allen Cut Glass Co., Johnstown Cambria. 

Bitner & Co., S. K., 446 Lafayette St Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Clark & Co., Inc., T. B., Honesdale, Wayne. 

Clinton Cut Glass Co., Inc., Aldenville, Wayne. 

Diamond Cut Glass Works, . . . 214 W. Dauphin St., . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Dorflinger & Sons, Inc., C, " White Mills, Wayne. 

Fry Glass Co., H. C, Rochester Beaver. 

Gibbs & Co., Wm. H., Inc., . . . Scott St., Stroudsburg, Monroe. 

Independent Glass Apparatus 7 S. 48th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Irving Cut Glass Co., Inc., . . . E. Park St., Honesdale, Wayne. 

Keystone Cut Glass Co., 404 Diamond St., .... Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Keystone Cut Glass Co., Ltd., . . Keystone St. & Penn Hawley, Wayne. 


Krantz & Sell Co., Inc., The Honesdale Wayne. 

Kupfer, Emil F., 239 Greenpoint Ave., . Brooklyn New York. 

Plants at Clearfield, Clearfield. 

Honesdale, Wayne. 

Laurel Cut Glass Co., Jermyn, Lackawanna. 

Luzerne Cut Glass Co West Pittston Luzerne. 

McKanua Cut Glass Co., Honesdale, Wayne. 

MeKee Glass Company, Jeannette, Westmoreland. 

Pennsylvania Cut Glass Co., Prompton, Wayne. 

Phoenix Glass Co., The, Monaca Beaver. 

Pioneer Cut Glass Co., 7th Ave. & Mill St.. . . Carbondale, Lackawanna. 

Pittsburgh Cut Glass Co., .... Phipps Power Bldg.,. .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Powelton Cut Glass Co., The,. .3d & Cambridge Sts.,. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Quaker City Cut Glass Co., . . . 60th St. & Baltimore Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Rochester Cut Glass Co Railroad St Rochester Beaver. 

Schwartz, Francis J 2704 Boudinot St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Shields, Charles W Hawley, Wayne. 

Stage Brothers Cut Glass Co., Lawrenceville, Tioga. 

Stott Bros., 4450 Main St Manayunk Philadelphia. 

Susquehanna Cut Glass Co., . . 731 Locust St., Columbia, Lancaster. 

Wangum Cut Glass Co Hawley, Wayne. 

Wayne Cut Glass Co., Towanda Bradford. 

Wickham Cut Glass Co 342 Gibson St Scranton Lackawanna. 


American Glass Specialtv Co., Monaca, Beaver. 

Century Stained Glass Works, 212 S. Eleventh St.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Columbia Stained Glass Works, 25 S. Second St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

D'Ascenzo Studios, 1608 Lindlow St., . . . Philadelphia, Philaderohia. 

Decorative Glass Co., 3248 Chestnut St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Deidrick Glass Co Monaca Beaver. 

Dukes Glass Works, 2217 Chestnut St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Gillinder & Sons, Inc Tacony, Philadelphia. 

Godwin, Alfred 1343 Arch St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Graeser Manufacturing Co., . . .55 Taggart St., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

HaAvkins, Thos 3829 Germantown Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Honesdale Decorating Co. The, P. O. Box 101, Honesdale, Wayne. 

Houze Convex Glass Co., L. J., Grant St. Point Marion Fayette. 

Hunt, Henry, Wabash St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Jefferies, Alexander Duncan, . . 1128 Beaver Ave Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Johnstown Stained Glass Co., . .253 Conemaugh St.,. .Johnstown . .Cambria. 

Kase & Co., J. M 30 N. Eighth St., Reading, Berks. 

Kolb & Martin 934 N. 13th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Liberty Glass Sign Company, Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Linus, James E 3115 Germantown Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Long, W. J., 1038 W. Lackawanna Scranton, Lackawanna. 


Marcus Bros., 1217 Irwin Ave., .... Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Mehr & Son, a. 105 W. Columbia Ave.. Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Mississippi Glass Company, . . .220 Fifth Ave., New York (N. Y.). 

Plants at Floreffe Allegheny 

Port Allegany, McKean. 

Osterle Stained Glass Works, . . 327 N. Eleventh St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Paddock & Son, G. E., 599 Market St Kingston, Luzerne. 

Pctgen Co., The 6709-11 - Hamilton Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Pittsburgh Art Glass Co., . . . .Warden & McCartney Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co 1618 Frick Bldg., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Charlcroi, Washington. 

Point Marion Glass Novelty Guyaux, Fayette. 


Quaker City Stained Glass 224 N. Fourth St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Roescher, Wm. A 1224 N. Tenth St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Rudy Bros., Co., 5994 Center Ave., . . . Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

York York. 

Rudy Company, C. Day, 1835-41 N. Third St., . Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

Smith & Sons, H. J., '. . .236 S. Eighth St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Twin City Art Glass Works, . . 14 E. Lacock St., . . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

United States Glass Company,. S. Tenth & Sarah Sts., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Glassport, Allegheny. 

Weeder, Frank Ellsworth 34 S. 16th St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

West Philadelphia Art Glass 4219 Market St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Willet Stained Glass & Dec. 7900 Lincoln Drive, . . Chestnut Hill Philadelphia. 



Allegheny Plate Glass Co., Glassmere, Allegheny. 

American Plate Glass Co., .... Office Address, Kane, McKean. 

James City, Elk. 

American Window Glass Co.,.. 1618 Farmers Bank Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Bldg. New Eagle, Washington. 

Atlantic Glass Company 222 First Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Columbia Plate Glass Company, .Blairsville, Indiana. 

Conroy-Prugh Co., 1430 Western Ave.. . .N. S., Pittsburgh, . . .Allegheny. 

Gray '& Son Glass Company, . .West First St Falls Creek Clearfield. 

Heidenkamp Plate Glass Co., Sprinsrdale Allegheny. 

Hires Turner Glass Company, .230 S. 30th St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co., . . .1618 Frick Bldg., . . .Pittsburgh, .Allegheny. 

Plants at Creighton, Allegheny. 

Ford City, . Armstrong. 

Tarentum. Allegheny. 

Sergeant Glass Co., Burrows McKean. 

Standard Plate Glass Co Butler, Butler. 


Beaver Valley Glass Co., Rochester, Beaver. 

Bryce Brothers Company, Mount Pleasant. ..... Westmoreland. 

Co-operative Flint Glass Co., . . Cor First Ave. & 15th Beaver Falls, Beaver. 


Diamond Glassware Co., Indiana Indiana. 

Duncan & Miller Glass Co., Jefferson Ave., Washington Washington. 


Higbee Glass Co.. John B., : Bridgeville Allegheny. 

Locke Art Glassware Co 442 Carl St Mt. Oliver Sta Allegheny. 

No-Touch Straw Holder Co., Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Ripley & Company. Inc Box 637, Connellsville, Fayette. 

Rochester Bulb Corporation, Rochester Beaver. 

Rochester Tumbler Co., Rochester Beaver. 

Smith Glass Co., L. E., Liberty St Mount Pleasant, .... Westmoreland. 

Stott Hecht Glass Works, 42P N. Sixth St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Sun Glass Company Nilan, Fayette. 

Tarentum Glass Co., : Tarentum Allegheny. 

United States Glass Comnany, .S. 9th & Bingtiam Sts.,Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Plants at Glassport Allegheny. 

Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Westmoreland Specialty Co., Grapevilte, Westmoreland. 

William Penn Glass Manuf ac- Jeannette Westmoreland. 

turing Co. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


American Window Glass Co., . . 1618 Farmers Bank Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Plants at Arnold, Westmoreland. 

Belle Vernon Fayette. 

Jeannette Westmoreland. 

Kane, McKean. 

Port Allegany, McKean. 

Brookville Glass & Tile Co Brookville Jefferson. 

Caldwell Glass Company Hawthorne, • Clearfield. 

Consolidated Window Glass 82 Mechanic St., .... Bradford McKean. 

Eldred Window Glass Co., P. O. Box 324 Punxsutawney, Jefferson. 

Empire Glass Company, 100 Hilton Ave., Shingle House Potter. 

Federated Glass Co., • • • . Point Marion, layette. 

Highland Glass Co 6 S. Main St Washington, Washington. 

Hires Turner Glass Company, .. 230 S. 30th St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Jeannette Window Glass Co., Point Marion Fayette. 

Kane Glass Co Oak St Kane, McKean. 

Masontown Glass Co., Inc., Masontown, Fayette. 

Mountain Glass Machine Co., Smethport, McKean. 

Mullen Replaceable Vault Hartje Bldg., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

New^Bethle'hem Window Glass New Bethlehem, .... Clarion. 

Company. ■ _ ' _ 

Pennsylvania Window Glass . . . : Kane, McKean. 


Penna Wire Glass Co., 915 Penna. Bldg., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Dunbar, Fayette. 

Pittsburgh Window Glass Co., Washington, Washington. 

Point Marion Window Glass Point Marion Fayette. 

Co., Ltd. 

Quertinmont Glass Co., L. B., . No. 327, Fairchance, . Fayette. 

Reliance Window Glass Mfg DuBois, Clearfield. 


Ruth-Hastings Glass Tube Co., Conshohocken, Montgomery. 

Slane Glass Company, G. W., York York. 

Smethport Glass Co., .' Smethport, McKean. 


Mitchell Grindstone Works, . . .607 N. Front St., Philadelphia, ...... .Philadelphia. 

Pennsylvania Grinding Wheel Wayne Ave. & Berk- Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Co., The. ley St. 


Scranton Whetstone and Abra- Battle St. & Diamond Scranton, Lackawanna. 

sive Wheel Co. Ave. 


Consolidated Lamp & Glass Co., Coraopolis, Allegheny. 

Gill & Co., E. York & Thompson Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Homes Lantern Co 328 E. Girard Ave.,. . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Jeannette Shade & Novelty Co., N. Fourth St Jeannette, .Westmoreland. 


Keystone Lantern Company, ..Tacony & Cottman Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Lehman Co., The 713 Race St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

MacBeth-Evans Glass Co., Wabash Bldg., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Charleroi Washington. 

Novelty Incandescent Lamp Co., Emporium Cameron. 

Pittsburgh Lamp Brass & Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Glass Co. Plants at Swissvale Allegheny. 

Jeannette, Westmoreland. 

Pittsburgh Reflector & Ulumi- 3117 Penn Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

nating Co. 
United States Glass Company,. 21st & Wharton Sts.,. Pittsburgh Allegheny. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


American Lime & Stone Co., Tyrone, Blair 

Plants at Bellefonte, .... '. '. '. . . .Centre. 

A .„ T . „ T , Union Furnace Huntingdon. 

Annville Lime Co., Lebanon Annville, Lebn uon 

Baker Co., J. E 114 N. George St., . . York, ..... York 

Beard, B. Frank, N. Front St., Wrightsville, York 

Beaver Valley Lime Co Rock Point Lawrence 

Bittmger, John R., Bittinger, Adams 

Bradley, Walter T., 9th & Thompson Sts., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Plants at Hummelstown Dauphin. 

Palmyra, Lebanon 

Briar Creek Quarry Co., Berwick, Columbia 

Building Co., J. C 142 N. Queen St., . . .Lancaster, Lancaster 

Centre County Lime Co., Bellefonte, Centre. 

Chemical Lime Co., Bellefonte Centre! • 

Climax Lime & Stone Co Wick, Butler' 

Clydesdale Brick & Stone Co... .2326 Oliver Bldg Pittsburgh, '. Allegheny 

Corson, G. & W. H., Whitemarsh, Montgomery 

Cox Lime & Stone Co., Plymouth Meeting, . .Montgomery 

Easton Lime Co 16 N. Bank St., Easton Northampton 

Emig Lime Co Hellam York. 

Empire Lime Kilns Bellefonte Centre. 

Enterprise Lime & Ballast Co Hyndman, Bedford. 

Given, Samuel, 40 Jacoby St., Norristown, Montgomery. 

Howellville, Chester 

Grove City Limestone Co Grove City, . . Mercer.' 

Keller, Luther 813 W. Lackawanna Scranton Lackawanna. 

Ave. Portland Northampton 

Knickerbocker Lime Co 366 N. 24th St Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Kottcamp, Chas. E., N. George St., York, York. 

Low Brothers & Co., Lime Ridge '. Columbia 

Lukens & Yerkes, Stephen Girard Bldg., Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

.. . . „ _ Norristown, Montgomery." 

Merion Lime & Stone Co Norristown Montgomery 

Neely, J. L., Fairfield, Adams. 

New Jersey Zinc Co., (of Pa.), Allentown Lehigh. 


Palmer Lime & Cement Co., York York 

Paragon Plaster & Supply Co., Lime Ridge, Columbia 


Reading Quarry Co., Temple, Berks 

Reeder, M. E., 7 Smith Bldg Muncy, Lycoming. 

Rose Point Stone & Lime Co., New Castle, Lawrence. 

Standard Lime & Stone Co., Confluence, Somerset ' 

Steacy & Wilton Co Bittinger, Adams 

Wrightsville, York. 

Stoner, C .D., , . . .Columbia Lancaster. 

Thomasville Stone & Lime Co., Thomasville, York. 

Trexler Brothers, 113 E. Hamilton St. ..Allentown, Lehigh. 

Tyson, Jacob L., 900 Jefferson St., . . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

' Bridgeport, Montgomery. 

Vance Company, Winfield, Union. 

Wal-Bar Specialty Works, Ltd., York York. 

Warner Co., Charles, Tenth & King Sts., . .Wilmington, Delaware. 

Plants at Devault Chester. 

Bridgeport, Montgomery. 

West Branch Lime Co., 3 E. Third St Williamsport, Lvcoming. 

VV. Virginia Pulp & Paper Co., Williamsburg Blair. 

Whiterock Quarries Bellefonte, Centre. 

Whittock, J. M., Paxtang, Dauphin. 

York Valley Lime Company, . . R. F. D. No. 7 York, .... York. 


Aiken & Co., 500 Century Bldg., . .Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Allentown Tile Mosaic Works,. 634* Linden St., Allentown, Lehigh. 

Barnscole, W. J 320 N. Washington Scranton, Lackawanna. 


Beaver Falls Art Tile Co Beaver Falls Beaver. 

Beechview Mantel Tile Co 1541 Fallowfield Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Belfi Bros. & Company, Com. Bldg., Allentown Lehigh. 

_ ,.■"_> 1923 Market St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Carr, John D 64 Morgantown St.,. .Union town, Fayette. " 


Name and Industry. Address. ■ City or Town. County. 


Crosby Marble Co., 322 S. 25tb St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Cullen & Brody 5982 Center Ave Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Delaware Tile Company Garrettford Delaware. 

Duquesne Marble Co.. Inc 712-22 Jarvella St., . .Pittsburgh, N. S., . . .Allegheny. 

Embossed Wall Covering Co.,. .880 N. 48th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Greenwood, John, 3245 Germantown Philadelphia Philadelphia. 


Hagerty, Mantel Co., Frank J., 309 Fifth Ave Homestead, Allegheny. 

Highland Mantel & Tile Co., . .5813 Penn Ave Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Interior Marble & Tile Co., 714-5 Ferguson Bldg., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 


Keystone State Marble Co., . . .Widener Bldg. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kutsch, Joseph, 607 N. Monroe St., . . Butler Butler. 

Lewert, Henry V .6 E. Jackson St Wilkes-Barre Luzerne. 

Moore, John 427 N. Sixth St., Reading, Berks. 

Moravian Pottery & Tile Wks., Doylestown Bucks. 

National Mantel Co., 1109 Fifth Ave McKeesport, Allegheny. 

Patrizio Art Mosaic Co 33 Fernando St., . . . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Peacock, George R., 1111 Vine St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Penn Tile Works Co., Aspers, Adams. 

Penn Tile & Mantel Co 731 Penn St., Reading, . . Berks. 

Pennsylvania Fireproofing Co St. Marys, Elk. 

Penna. Fireproofing Co., 1005 Palace Hard- Erie, Erie. 

ware Bldg. 

Reading Tile & Mantel Co., . . .224^ N. Ninth St Reading, Berks. 

Re-enforced Fireproofing Co., . . 304 Finance Bldg., . . Philadelphia, PhiladelDhia. 

Bristol, Bucks. 

Robertson Art Tile Co., Morrisville, Bucks. 

Roman Mosaic & Tile Co 435 Green St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Ryan, M. I., Inc., 1614 Cherry St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Twin City Tiling Company, . . .16 W. North Ave., . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Venango Tile & Mantel Co., Franklin, Venango. 


Alessi, A. R., Tenth & Cedar Ave., .Darby Delaware. 

Altoona Marble & Tile Co., . . .808 Green Ave., Altoona, Blair. 

Arendtsville Granite & Marble Arendtsville, Adams. 


Atglen Marble & Granite Wks., ' Atglen, Chester. 

Auker, R. L„ Mifflintown, Juniata. 

Bannister Marble & Granite Bristol, Bucks. 


Barre Granite Works, Dunmore, Lackawanna. 

Baughman, N. H Main St Dover, York. 

Beaver & Son, F. 513 Mifflin St Huntingdon, Huntingdon. 

Berger & High, Box 264, Chambersburg, ..... .Franklin. 

Berk, William J., Tyson St New Ringgold, Schuylkill. 

Berkehite & Gabriel!, 19 Iron St Johnstown Cambria. 

Bernd, Elwood, Riverside Ave., Norristown, Montgomery. 

Blckel & Stewart 3112-18 W. Lehigh Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Bigelow. R. D., Presqueisle St., Philipsburg, Centre. 

Biltett & Sons, H. K Third Ave & Latimer York, York. 


Billiard, James W. Montgomery Ave., North Wales Montgomery. 

Binder, P. J. A., 1029 Centre St East Mauch Chunk, . .Carbon. 

Bingaman & Pauber, Market St Elizabethville, Dauphin. 

Birchall & Son, G. W., 250 S. George St., . . .York York. 

Birkmire's Sons, John H., ... .4445 Main St., Myk., Philadelphia, . .Philadelphia. 

Bittenbender, Ira E., 1068 Dreher Ave Stroudsburg, Monroe. 

Black, R. H., Canonsburg, Washington. 

Bolster Brothers Locust & Grant Sts., .Ephrata, Lancaster. 

Brinkman, Brothers 164 S. First St Lehighton Carbon. 

Brown, F. W., 711 Itaska St., S. Bethlehem, Northampton. 

Buchall & Sons, G. W., York York. 

Buffington, J. N Pillow Dauphin. . 

Burchill Bros., Towanda Bradford. 

Burn, Frederick, 224 W. Main St., . . . .Uniontown, Fayette. 

Campbell Granite Company, Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Campbell & Horigan 4718-26 Penn Ave., . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Canfield, Martin, 1036 Main St Honesdale Wayne. 

Cannistra, Jos., Shamokin Northumberland. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Cartledge, William J. N N. Lansdowne Ave... .Lansdowne, Delaware. 

Carroll Co., Inc., Edw. xx., Pencoyd, Montgomery. 

Coble Monumental Works, Elizabethtown, Lancaster. 

Coble and Trego, 28 N. Market St Mechanicsburg Cumberland. 

Collegeville Marble & Granite Collegeville, Montgomery. 


Colwell Granite Co., The, 602 Farmers Bank Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Consolidated Granite & Marble California, Washington. 


Coup & Co., O. R 516 High St., Williamsport, Lycoming. 

Culley, John M., Lehigh & Ridge Aves., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Cullis, John F., 713 Upland St., Chester, Delaware. 

Culp, C. B., Schellsburg, Bedford. 

Daugherty & Son, H. I., 8th & Chestnut Sts.,. .Lebanon Lebanon. 

Dawson & Young Monumental Beallsville, Washington. 


Delahunty, Thomas, 3821 Ridge Ave Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Derr, Oswin H 127 E. Third St., .... Greenville, Montgomery. 

Detwilers Monumental Works, W. Bridge & Hall Sts.,Phoenixville, Chester. 

Dietrich, Charles, 127 Warren St., Tunkhannock Wyoming. 

Dolan, T. & J., 24th & Delancy Sts.,. .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

DuBois Granite Works, The, . . 301 N. Brady St., . . .DuBois, Clearfield. 

Duncansville Granite & Marble Duncansville, Blair. 

Eastern Marble, and Granite 2700 Diamond St., .. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Ebling, Wm. D., Hall Ave Meyerstown, Lebanon. 

Eisenbrown Sons Co., Inc., 300 N. Sixth St., . . . .Reading Berks. 

P. F. 

Ehman & Son, Philip, Canal St., Reading, Berks. 

English Est., J. E., 414 E. Washington Media, Delaware. 


Epp Granite Co., Spring St. Subway, . .Reading : Berks. 

Everett, E. F., S. Third St., Mahanov City Schuylkill. 

Ferguson, John 3489 Ridge Ave Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Fiester, Nelson' E., 625 Allegheny St Jersey Shore, Lvcoming. 

?inney & Son, 531 N. Twelfth St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. / 
leetwood Steam Granite Wks., • Fleetwood, Berks. 

Forbes Granite Co., Hood St., Chambersburg, Franklin. 

Forney, Emanuel, Everett Bedford. 

Franklin Granite Works, Franklin Venango. 

French Creek Granite Co., St. Peters Chester. 

Gallagher & Co., P. F„ 1106 Lincoln Bldg., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Gettysburg Monumental Wks., N. Washington St., . .Gettysburg Adams. 

Gibson, Frank B 119 Sixth St. , Lock Haven, Clinton. 

Goshow & McBride, 6105 Ridge Ave. , .... Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Green, J. Robert, Main St. , Stewartstown, York. 

Hadfield, Minnie, Mrs., 213 S. Fraley St., . .Kane, McKean. 

Hagan & Co., John, Conley Ab. Delaware, Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Haldy Marble & Granite Wks., 121-31 S. Queen St. , Lancaster Lancaster. 

Hamburg Marble & Granite Hamburg, Berks. 


Harts Marble & Granite Wks., 21 N. Jefferson St., . .New Castle Lawrence. 

Hecker. J. S.,' Market St., Millersburg Dauphin. 

Herb, Michael, Rising Sun & Wyom- Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

ing Ave. 

Hersh, John F., Wrightsvill" York. 

Hersh. J. F., Marietta, Lancaster. 

Hillside Granite Co., Roslyn, Montgomery. 

Hollenberry Marble & Granite 440 Liberty St Braddock Allegheny. 

Horner Marble & Granite Wks., Titus ville, Crawford. 

Wm., The. 

Hoskins, David F., Ogden & Union Sts., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Howard Marble & Granite Howard Centre. 

Works. . 

Howell's Sons, D. J Easton Northampton. 

Huyck & Demander, 313 Grand St Susquehanna, Susquehanna. 

Iron City Marble Co 69 Conestoga Bldg... .Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Isaac & Son, Wm. H., 250 Main St Monongahela Washington. 

Jacoby & Son Co., 2025 Market St., Philadelnhia Philadelphia. 

Johnson, A. H., Salsburg St., Meyerstown, Somerset. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


TmM navifl 130 E. Market St., ..West Chester, Chester. 

Jones Georoe E '.'■'■ 416-18 Market St., . . Oxford, Chester. 

Jones' & Abt»ott ' 13 S. Washington St.,Wilkes-Barre Luzerne. . 

Keener, J. H., May'town Mar- • • Maytown, Lancaster. 

ble & Granite Works. „ 

Keller & Nerz ..-.." 22x5 Chestnut St., . .Erie, Erie. 

Kellev Robert' D 5931 Woodland Ave., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Kenne'tt Granite' & Marble E. State St., Kennett Square, Chester. 

Keystone' Marble & Granite Reading, Berks. 

Kim> 0r p" 2831 Ridge Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Klonm«-e'r William, '. Telford, Montgomery. 

Knipe "Harry J ... .31 S. Fourth St Columbia Lancaster. 

Knipe' Marble &" Granite Wks., Columbia, Lancaster. 

Knoxville Marble & Granite Knoxville, .Tioga. 

Kocher Thos. P Coopersburg, Lehigh. 

Koontz' & Woodruff, 316-18 W. Otterman Greensburg, Westmoreland. 


Kornban Daniel 2446 Germantown Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

' ' ' Ave. 

Ku'nkel H. F., 1012 E. Ohio St., . . . Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Kurtz & Son "' '. 139 E. Second St., . .Berwick, Columbia. 

Kurtz Monument Co ■ • Washington, Washington. 

Kutztown Marble & Granite Kutztown Berks. 

Laird R. H., 41 S. Bedford St., . .Carlisle, Cumberland. 

Lake Son & Co'.,' H. R., S. E. Cor. Ridge Ave. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

& Huntingdon St. 

Lattimore & Fox, 702-4 W. Marshall St.,Norristown, Montgomery. 

Lemont Granite & Marble Wks., • Lemont Centre. 

Liebegott & Co., C, Market & Bank Sts., Duncansville, Blair. 

Liverpool Marble ' & Granite : • • • Liverpool, Perry. 


- Loebig & Son, Jacob 1010 Spring Garden Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Logue & Son, H. N., Sligo, Clarion. 

Low, F. F., 14th & Herr Sts., . . .Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

Luckenb'ill, A. H., 568-80 N. Union St., . Middletown, Dauphin. 

Lynch, A. S Bunting Ave., Yeadon, Delaware. 

McColly & Son, 320 Penna. Ave., .... Greensburg, Westmoreland. 

McDonnell & Bro., John, .... Hazelwood Ave. & Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Frank St. 

McGhee, C. J., E. White St., Summit Hill. ....... Carbon. 

Mack Monumental Wks., D. W.,High & Cemetery Sts-,Williamsport, Lycoming. 

Mahan, Howard H., 103 N. State St Newtown, Bucks. 

Malsom Granite & Marble Co., 11-13 Railroad St., . . Sharon, Mercer. 

Manchester Marble Works, . . . High St., ,. .Manchester, York. 

Manheim Marble & Granite Manheim, Lancaster. 


Mann Bros 136 Main St HellertoWn, .Northampton. 

Martin, W. R., Cedar Ave. & Tenth Darby Delaware. 


Mason Co., The H. A 17 W. 16th St., Erie, Erie. 

Meadville Granite & Marble 956 Market St Meadville, Crawford. 


Memorial Art Studio Penn Ave.j West Reading, Berks. 

Mercer Marble & Granite Wks.,135 S. Erie St., Mercer Mercer. 

Messinger Bros., 124 S. Front St Steelton, Dauphin. 

Messerly, J. 28 Mohawk Ave., . . . .Warren Warren. 

Middleton, John, : Broad & Haines Sts., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Miller, Charles A., Linesville, vCrawford. 

Miller, Chris, Wyoming & B Sts.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Miller & Son, Daniel, Tulpehocken St. & L. West Reading Berks. 

V. R. R. 

Miller & Son, I. N., , Quarryville Lancaster. 

Miller & Co., W. C, Mansfield, Tioga. 

Milton Marble & Granite Wks., Milton, Northumberland. 

Minters Marble & Granite Hanover & Fourth Pottstown, Montgomery. 

Works. Sts. 

Moedinger's Sons. John M., ..25 S. Queen St., ....Lancaster, ...Lancaster. 

Montgomery & Waldinger, 2117 Chestnut St., . .Erie Erie. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 



Moore, J. Howard, 258 E. Court St Doylestown, Bucks. 

Mountain City Marble & Gran- 1206 Seventh Ave., . .Altoona, Blair. 

ite Works. . „, ' -, t 

Mount Joy Marble & Granite W. Main St Mount Joy, Lancaster. 

Works. , 

Mover & Son, William, Freeburg, Snyder. 

Murrays Sons, C. F., E. Market St., Blairsville, Indiana. 

Newport Marble & Granite Newport, Perry. 

Newville' Marble & Granite Newville, Cumberland. 

Works. ' _ T 

Oak Park Monument Works, . . 1418 Neshannock New Castle, '. • Lawrence. 

Oil City Marble & Granite Oil City, Venango. 

Works. ■ , 

Owens Bros Dunmore, Lackawanna. 

Owens Monumental Works, . Bangor, Northampton. . 

Park J. F., Monroeton, .Bradford. 

Penn Monumental Works 4423 Penn Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Penna. Marble & Mosaic Co., 515 Third Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Pesav'ento & Son, Daniel 1422-24 Pittston Ave.,Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Pierce & Huntley, 66 S. Pearl St., North East, Erie. 

Pittsburgh Vault Co 19th & Mary Sts., . . .Pittsburgh Allegheny 

Port Carbon Marble & Granite pike & Market Sts., . . Port Carbon, Schuylkill. 

Pottsville Granite & Marble 533 N. Centre St Pottsville, Schuylkill. 

Works. ^ , _ , 

Price, Welden, Jr., Granite Upper Darby, Delaware. 

Co., Ltd. 
Punxsutawney Granite & Mar- • Punxsutawney, Jefterson. 

ble Co. _ . - , 

Pyle, M. E., ; Mount Union, Huntingdon. 

Pyne, Isaac, 1 Ambler Montgomery. 

Quick, Wm. A 62d & Kingsessing Philadelphia, . Philadelphia. 

Quinn, Joseph P., Cor. 30th & Thompson Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

StS. . • ., ' , _ : . 

Reibstein, M., 425 S. Sixth St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Reinhard, Fred. C, 1016-20 Lehigh St., . .Allentown, Lehigh. 

Rennos Sons, Geo., 221 W. Clay St., Butler, Butler. 

Richlandtown Marble & Granite Richlandtown, Bucks. 


Ridding, C. F 245 Baltimore St., . .Hanover, York. 

Ringer, J. F., 1202 E. Wash. St., . .New Castle, Lawrence. 

Roslyn Monument Works, Roslyn, Montgomery. 

Rom'ig & Bear, 241-55 N. Tenth St.,. .Allentown, Lehigh. 

Sallade, J. Frank, 1401 W. Market St., Pottsville, Schuylkill.. 

Sander, August F., 4329-31 E. Thompson Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Schaeffer & Son, James, 433 Union Ave., Kittannmg, Armstrong. 

Schleiter's Sons, C, Freedom, • • Beaver. 

Sellersville Marble & Granite Sellersville Bucks. 


Shaffer's Sons, W. F . .Somerset, Somerset. 

Shapiro, Moses, Llanerch Delaware. 

Sheetz, S. S.. 156 E. North St Bethlehem Northampton. 

Sherman & Royer, 118 Railroad St., Cambridge Springs, . .Crawford. 

Shoenfelt, J. K Duncansville, Blair. 

Shull, J. Carl, 39 Lincoln Way Chambersburg, Franklin. 

Snyder, Frank, Duncannon, Perry. 

Steadman, Fred. R., 808 Fifth Ave McKeesnort, Allegheny. 

Stilwell. John P Main St Doylestown, Bucks. 

Stone Rough Box & Grave Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Stone Co. . 

Storchs Sons, V., 1301-5 Brownsville Mt. Oliver Allegheny. 

• Stuart, James C, 81 S. 13th St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Sullivan, W. M., .127 W. Main St., Norristown, Montgomery. 

Sunth, J. L., Vine & Stonycreek Johnstown, Cambria. 

Sts. „ , 

Sylvan Green Marble Co., Eastou Northampton. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

Continued. » 

Thomas Marble & Granite Llazleton, Luzerne. 

Works. „ ■ , 

Travaglini, Antonio, 433 N. Sixth St., .... Scranton Lackawanna. 

Union Dale Granite & Marble 2141 Brighton Rd., . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Updcgraff & Co., David 3 W. Third St., Williamsport, Lycoming. 

Van Dusan, L. D., Main St., Westfield Tioga. 

Vermont Marble Co 22d & Westmoreland Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Watson & Co., W. H 649 N. 17th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Waynesboro Marble & Granite 213 W. Main St., . . .Waynesboro, Franklin. 


Wellman & Thomas, 811 Amity St., Homestead, Allegheny. 

Wesley, Sloan, 2009 Market St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Wentz Company, 1141 Hamilton St., . . Allentown, Lehigh. 

Westfield Marble! & Granite i Westfield, Tioga. 


White, W. L., Honey Brook Chester. 

White & Sons, Simon, Claysville, Washington. 

Wieder, John M., 143-45 S. Seventh St., Allentown, Lehigh. 

Wilkinson & Son, J Ebensburg, Cambria. 

Williams, W. R 955-57 17th St., Altoona Blair. 

Wood, J. F., Fernwood, Delaware. 


American Mirror Works, Grant & Maple Ave., Butler, Butler. 

Falconer Mirror Co., Youngsville, Warren. 

Hires Turner Glass Co., 230 S. 30th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kensington Mirror Co., 153 W. Susquehanna Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Liberty Mirror Works, 6615-19 Kelly St., . . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Mirror Rouge Company, Tarentum, Allegheny. 

Warren Mirror Works, Warren Warren. 

Waxman & Co., A., 420 N. Third St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Wickboro Mirror Co ,. Kittanning Armstrong. 

Williamsport Mirror and Glass Railroad St. & P. R. Williamsport Lycoming. 

Co. R. 


Barber Asphalt Paving Co., Third & Union Sts.,. . Allentown, Lehigh. 

The. 239 N. 30th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Barrett Company, The, 17 Battery Place, ...New York (N. Y.). 

Plants at Johnstown Cambria. 

Latrobe, , Westmoreland. 

Lebanon Lebanon. 

Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Biddington & Co., J. W Dormont, Allegheny. 

Cronin Co., Thomas, S. 17th & Muriel Sts., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Gray Westmoreland. 

McNeil Co., The Donald, 6120 Jenkins Arcade Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Mayer Brick Co., C. O., Bridgeville, Allegheny. 

Municipal Asphalt Plant Prov. Road & Olive Scranton, Lackawanna. 


Patton Clay Manufacturing Co., Patton, Cambria. 

Penna. Clay Co., West Bridgewater, . . Beaver. 

421 Wood St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Conway Beaver. 

New Sewickley Twp., Beaver. 

Pine Grove Vitrified Brick Co., 20th & Sedgley Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Pine Grove Schuylkill. 

Soisson Fire Brick Co., Jos S. Connellsville Fayette. 

Plants, at Bolivar, Westmoreland. 

Kingston, Luzerne. 

The Waring-Underwood Co., . . 620 Commercial Trust Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Watson Company, H. F Erie, Erie. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


American Sewer Pipe Co New Brighton, Beaver. 

Apollo Refractories Co., West Apollo, Westmoreland. 

Batton Clay Manufacturing Co., Terra Cotta Ave., . . . Patton, Cambria. 

Beaver Valley Pottery Co Rochester Beaver. 

Bickford Fire Brick Co., Curwensvillc Clearfield. 

Blackfox Brick Company, . . . .111 Market St. Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

West Monterey, .... Clarion. ' 

Blair Silica Brick Co., Claysburg, Blair. 

Borgner Co., Cyrus 23d St. above Race, . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bradford Fireproofing Co., ... .2 Main St., Bradford, McKean. 

Brighton Fire Brick Co., New Brighton, Beaver. ' 

Buckwalter & Co., Thomas, Royersford, Montgomery. 

Cambria Steel Co., Johnstown, Cambria. 

Cambria Clay Manufacturing 933 First Ave., Lovett, Cambria. 

Co., Inc. 

Canonsburg Pottery Co., Meadow Lane, Canonsburg, Washington 

Cassel, Jacob C 915 Arch St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kennett Square, .... Chester. 

Cassel Terra Cotta Works, Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Centre Brick & Clay Co., Orviston, Centre. 

Century Conduit Co., Pittsburgh, Allegheny 

Clarion Fire Brick C©.. The, St. Charles, Clarion. 

Clearfield Sewer Pipe Co., . . . .East End Clearfield, Clearfield. 

Clermont Sewer Pipe Co., Clermont, McKean. ' 

Climax Fire Brick Co Climax, Clarion. ' 

Conkling-Armstrong Terra Nicetown, Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Cotta Co. 

Cope & Bro., Wilmer, Lincoln University, . . Chester. 

Courtney Fire Brick Co., 204 Main St Monongahela, Washington 

Diehl Pottery Co., 207 Drexel Bldg., Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Dipple, A. G. C.,. 234 Valley St., Lewistown, Mifflin. 

DuBois Clay Mfg. Co., 215 W. Long Ave., . .DuBois, Clearfield 

Elk Fire Brick Company, Luhr Block, St. Marys, Elk. 

Elk Refractories Co., St. Marys Elk. 

Elverson Pottery Co., W. H., New Brighton, Beaver. 

Eureka Fire Brick Works, Mt. Braddock, Fayette. 

Federal Refractories Co., Alexandria, Huntingdon. 

Findlay Clay Pot Co., The, Washington, Washington' 

Fox C, E. S Front & Franklin Sts.,Rcading Berks. 

French Creek Merchandise Co., . v Saint Peters, Chester 

Fulton Fire Clay Products Co., Bigler Clearfield 

Galloway Terra Cotta Co., 32d & Walnut Sts.,. . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Gardner Co., James, Jr., Bolivar, Westmoreland. 

General Refractories Co., Sandy Ridge Centre. 

Mount Union, Huntingdon. 

George Pottery Co., The W. S., Kittanning, Armstrong. 

Canonsburg Washington. 

Gilinger & Bros., Sylvester, Lafayette Hill, Montgomery. 

Gloninger & Gloninger, Welch, Snyder. 

Good Fire Brick Co., Geo. S., Curwensville, Clearfield. 

Harbison-Walker Refractories Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Hawthorne Pottery Co., Hawthorne Clarion. 

Hays Run Fire Brick Co., Orviston, Centre. 

Hester Brick Co., C. M., Watsontown, Northumberland. 

Humphrey Brick & Tile Co., Brookville, Jefferson. 

Hyzer & Lewellen 952 N. Ninth St., .... Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Ingram & Co., New Brighton, Beaver. 

Jackson China Co., Falls Creek Clearfield. 

Keller Pottery Co., The, 219 Pearl St Norristown, . ." Montgomery. 

Kennedy Refractories Co Union Arcade Bldg., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Bainbridge Lancaster. 

Ketcham Terra Cotta Works, Crum Lvnne, Delaware. 

O. W. 

Keystone Clay & Reduction Co., Stroudsburg, Monroe. 

Kier Fire Brick Co., The, 2243 Oliver Bldg., . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Childs Fayette. ' 

Kolb, Geo. & Wm., Meadow & Jackson Philadelphia, Philadelphia 


Limerick Pottery, Neiffer Montgomery, 

Lock Haven Fire Brick Co., Lock Haven, Clinton. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Logan & Co., R. E., Ferguson Bldg., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

McFeely Brick Co., Bolivar, Westmoreland. 

Latrobe, Westmoreland. 

McGeary Fire Brick Co Brackenridge, Allegheny. . 

McLain Fire Brick Co., The, Merrill, ?f, av ? r - 

Manown Manufacturing Co., . . Oliver Bldg., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Martin Brick & Paving Co., Hite, Allegheny. 

Mayer China Co., The, ?, eaver Falls > Beaver. 

Mt. Union General Refractories Mount Union, Huntingdon. 

New Bethlehem Hollow Tile Co., New Bethlehem, Clarion. 

New York Architectural Terra Keenan Bldg., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Cotta Co. 

North Bend Fire Brick Co., Gleasonton, Clinton. 

Osceola Silica & Fire Brick Co., Osceola Mills, Clearfield. 

.Paterson City Products Co., Clearfield Clearfield. 

Penna. Clay Products Co., West Winfield, Butler. 

Pfaltzgraff Pottery Co., The York, York. 

Philadelphia Terra Cotta Wks Spring Mill, Montgomery. 


Philadelphia Fire Brick Works,2306 Vine St Philadelphia, . Philadelphia. 

Pittsburgh Clay Pot Co., 1247 Reedsdale St.,. .Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Queens Run Fire Brick Co., Lock Haven, Clinton. 


Reading Fire Brick Works Reading Berks. 

(McHose & Co.) 

Remmy Son Co., Richard O, . . Hedley St. & Dela- Bridesburg Philadelphia. 

ware Ave. 

Rogers & Co., First Ave., Royersford, Montgomery. 

Royal Brick Company, Connellsville, layette. 

Saint Marys Sewer Pipe Co., St. Marys, Elk. 

Sharon Fire Brick Co 112 Vine St Sharon Mercer. 

Shawmut Clay Mfg. Co., Shawmut, Elk. 

Shenango Pottery Co., New^ Castle, Lawrence. 

Sherwood Bros. Co., New Brighton, Beaver. 

Snow Shoe Fire Brick Co Clarence, Centre. 

Soisson Fire Brick Co., Jos., Connellsville Fayette. 

Plants at Bolivar, Westmoreland. 

Kingston, Luzerne. 

Layton, Fayette. 

Moyer, Fayette. 

South Fork Fire Brick Co South Fork, Cambria. 

Speese & Pfeffer, fil Hanover St Gettysburg, Adams. 

Standard Fire Clay Co., New Brighton, Beaver. 

Fallston Beaver. 

Standard Refractories Co., Claysburg, Blair. 

Superior Silica Brick Co Orviston r Centre. 

Swank's Sons, Hiram First St Johnstown, Cambria 

Trvona, Clearfield. 

Union Sewer Pipe Co 539 Jerome St., McKeesport, Allegheny. 

United States Cement Tile Co., New Castle, Lawrence. 

Universal Sanitary Manufactur- New Castle, Lawrence. 

ing Co. 

Welch-Bright Co., Monaca, Beaver. 

West Branch Fire Brick Co., Renovo Clinton. 

Westmoreland Brick Co., 908 Second National Pittsburgh, Allesrheny. 

Bank Bldg. Hunkers, Westmoreland. 

Willett-s Co., The S. Tenth St Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Whilldin Pottery Co., The, . . . .711-19 Wharton St., .. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Allegheny County Wood Fibre McKees Rocks Allegheny. 

Plaster Co. 

American Cement Plaster Co., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Boyd & Schaefer 1920 Parade St., Erie Erie. 

Capitol Wall Cement Co., Lemoyne, Cumberland. 

Charleroi Hard Wall Plaster Sneer's, Washington. 


Crown Wall Plaster Co., Second St., Braddock Allegheny. 

Eclipse Wall Plaster Co., 256 W. Main St Waynesboro Franklin. 

Granitine Wall Plaster Co 7th & Guilford Sts., . . Lebanon Lebanon. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

WALL PLASTEK— Continued. 

Johnstown Builders Supply Co., Hickory St. & B. O. Johnstown, Cambria. 

R. R. 
Keystone Plaster Company, . . .Delaware Ave. & Jeff-Chester Delaware. 

rey St. 

Paragon Plaster & Supply Co., Bloomsburg Columbia. 

Paragon Plaster & Supply Co., 101-23 Green Ridge Scranton Lackawanna 


Richey, W. H 1237 Columbia Ave., . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Thayer & Son, O. C, Chestnut St. & N. Y. Erie, Erie. 

R. R. 

Tognarelli & Voigt Co., 1745 N. 12th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Wandles & Wamhoff, 2119 Centre St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Warner Co., Charles, Devault, Chester. ' 


American Photo Glass Co., Monongahela, Washington. 

American Vacuum Glassware 5600 McMahon Ave., .Germantown, Philadelphia. 


Eberhard, H. A., 213 S. Eleventh St.,. . Philadelphia, ... Philadelphia. 

Poerderer, Robert H., Wheatsheaf Lane & Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Coral St. 

Foote Mineral Co 107 N. 19th St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Fornaci, Horace, 324 Darien St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Industrial Glass Co., 1924 E. Westmore- Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

land St. 
Keystone Fireproofing Co., . . . .Delaware Ave. & Jef- Chester, .Delaware 

frey St. 

Philadelphia Milk Exchange, 909-11 N. Sartain St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Sail Mountain Co., Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Scott-Warman Glass Company, East Stroudsburg, . . . Monroe. 

Tibby Bros. Glass Company Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 



Abrahams & Co., S., Juniper & Vine Sts., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Adlin & Co., I., 40-42 N. Third St., . . Philadelphia, , Philadelphia 

Allen Co., W. & T R09 Chestnut St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

American Trousers Co., 947 Penn Ave., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Anglo-American Waterproof 127-29 N. Eighth St., . Philadelphia ; Philadelphia. 


Appelbaum, Isaac * 2459-65 Kensington Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Arnold, Louchheih & Company, 11th & Wood Sts., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Bally Clothing Factory Bally, Berks. 

Bauling Clothing Co., Theo. F., Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Beatty & Welin 1300 Walnut St Philadelphia Philadelphia' 

Becker Brothers, B29 S. Washington St.,Butler, Butler. 

Beidler, Geo. R., 420 Race St Perkasie Bucks.' 

Bellevue Worsted Mills, Wister S. & P. & R., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bennett, Hollander & Lewis, . .1316 Forbes St., . . . .Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Besser Bros 245 Market St., Philadelphia Philadelphia 

Bixler & Co., The F. S., 126 S. Third St Easton, Northampton. 

Bondart, P. J. G 817 Edgmont Ave., . .Chester Delaware. 

Boys' Novelty Suit Co., Inc., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Brandt & Nelson Company, . . .1424 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Breinig & Bachman Company, Allentown, Lehigh. 

Brener & Sadiker ?>022 Kensington Ave.,Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Brettschneider Bros., 337 Market St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Brumbach, A. J., Box 603 Reading Berks. i 

Brumbach, A. J., 160 E. Main St Lansdale, . Montgomery. 

Brummer, Max B. & Son, Sellersville, Bucks 

Cassidy, Thos. B., S. W. Cor. 12th & Philadelphia Philadelphia. 


Central Tailoring Co., 219 Amanda Ave., . . . Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Cohen, M., 131 S. Tenth St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Cohen, Goldman & Company, Perkasie, Bucks. 

Crouthamel, W. A., Souderton, Montgomery. 

Crouthamel Bros Hatfield, Montgomery. 


Na?n~e and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

CLOTHING — MEN'S — Continued. 

Crown Tailoring Co., 732 Chestnut St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Cunningham & Co., Frank A., .1425 Walnut St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Daroff & Son, H., 726-28 Market St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Degerberg, P. N., Inc., 1621 Chestnut St., . . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Dektor, Samuel, . Tenth & Berks Sts.,. . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Delia, Donald, 301 Highland Bldg., . .East Libertv Allegheny. 

De Virgilus, John, 108 S. Eighth St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Dilkes & Co., G 1106 Widener Bldg., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Dittrick Company 1417 Locust St., . . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Dreyfous & Land Company Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Duffy-Sillivan Co., Inc., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Dupont Manufacturing Co., Dupont, Luzerne. 

Eastern Waterproof Co., 1827J3. Fifth St., . . .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Ehrlich Tailoring & Steam 647 Monroe St Scranton Lackawanna. 

Cleaning Co. 

English & Co., George, Jr 9-11 Independence St.,Shamokin, Northumberland. 

Epstein Company, Scranton Lackawanna. 

Ermilio & Co., L. R., 1117 Walnut St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Evans & Co., Geor<™ 132 N. Fifth St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Excellent Manufacturing Co., 26 N. Fourth St., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Feinberg & Son, Nathan, 40 N. Third St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Feldman, Nathan 213-17 South Ameri- Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

can St. 

Fern, Thomas, 1307 Walnut St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Fine, Louis 803 Washington Ave., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Finkelstein, H., 787 S. Second St, . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Fleet, David, 152 S. Third St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Freeland Overall Manufactur- Freeland, Luzerne. 

ing Co. DuBois Clearfield. 

Freeman, Hyman 61-63 N. Second St.,. . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Fretz, Wm. F., Bedminster, Bucks. 

Pipersville, Bucks. 

Friedman & Jaslow 336 Monroe St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Gansert & Co., Geo., 1504 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Gegan, H. James, 110 S. Sixth St., Perkasie Bucks. 

George Company, Wilson K., Quakertown, Bucks. 


Gethen Co., George S., 1306 Arch St., Philadelphia. Philadelphia. 

Geyer, G. A., 3874 Lancaster Ave., . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Ginsburg Bros., 1030 S. Tenth St., v . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Gittelmacher & Sons, 706 Market St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Glaser & Company, Sol., Larkin Bldg Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Globe Clothing Manufacturing Third & Arch Sts,, . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Goldberg, B., 264 S. Fourth St ... Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Goldsmith Company, Joseph, . .428-438 N. 13th St.,. . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Gottfried-Weiss Co 149 N. 12th St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Greenberger, Samuel, 204 Lyceum Bldg., . . .Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Hannah Brothers, 291 S. Main St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Harris & Sons, Isaac, 16 N. Third St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hart Trouser Company, 712 Penn Avo Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Hawkins Invisible Belt Co., . .Penn & Highland Sts.,Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Hazeltine, John F., Jonestown Lebanon. 

Hemphill & Son, J. W., 300 E. Sixth Ave., . . .Tarentum Allegheny. 

Hertfelder Brothers, 1635-37 South St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Himmelreich, Max, 43 N. Eleventh St.. . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Holzhauer & Co., Harry A., . . .1120 Walnut St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

I. X. L. Clothing Company. . . .133 N. Seventh St., . .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Jackson & Brother, I., 954 Libertv Ave Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Jacobs, R Broad & South Sts., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

•Jamison Bros 624 Chestnut St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Jones, W. S., Inc 1116 Walnut St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Kessler & Co., Andrew, 1333 Arch St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kilner & Co., H. L., 824 Arch St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kirschbaum Company,. A. B., . .1001 S. Broad St., .. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Klaes, Aim 150 W. Third St. . . .Chester. Delaware. 

Klein & Bro., D., 927 Market St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kline & MacNair 910-12 Chestnut St., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Koch, Will H., Centre Square, Allentown Lehigh. 

Kornfield Bro 1002 Race St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Koshland. Incorporated, Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kraemer & Co., Louis, Shippensburg Cumberland, 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

CLOTHING— MEN' S— Continued. 
Lackawanna Shirt Manufactur- 4-6 Green Ridge St., . . Scranton, Lackawanna. 

ing Co. 

Laninger & Co., M., 322 Market St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Lauria Brothers, 1600 E. Passyunk Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Lawrence & Bovaird, 1613 Walnut St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Leaf & Shine, 3 Strawberry St., .... Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Leff, Abraham, 57 N. Third St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Leinbach Co., Th« J. G.. Inc.,. .337-343 N. Fourth St..Reading Berks. 

Levyn, S., 731 S. Fifth St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Lewis, United Tailors, Johnstown CamDria. 

Linsky Bros., 522 S. Randolf St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. . 

Lippy, J. D., Gettysburg, Adams. 

Lipschutz, Jack L., 908 Walnut S* Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Lisberger & Wise, 1307 Market St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Little & Golze, 123 «*. 16th St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Liveright-Greenwald & Co., . . .Eighth & Spring Gar- Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

den Sts. 

Loniash, Samuel, 604 Market St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Loudon Sons, A. L., 906 Forbes St Pittsburgh, Alleghenv. 

McGann, James A., 3049 Jenkins Arcade. . Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

McGlade, Jos. J., 7.262 S. 20th St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Maimon, J 213 Church St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Malick & Lloyd, Oak & Wat»r Sts., . . Shamokin Northumberland. 

Mandel & Son, B 334 Market St Philadelphia, Philadelnhia. 

Manko & Co., L. H., 313 Arch St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Marks & Co., E 206 Seventh St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Martin, W. J 420 Smithfield St Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Melnick, Joseph, 207 Monroe S+- Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Melnick & Cohen 828 S. Second St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Meyers Brothers, Inc., 22d & Market Sts., . .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Meyers, Obermayer & Co., 238 Market St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hatfield Montgomery. 

Meyer, Speiser & Co S. E. Cor. 11th & Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Race Sts. 

M. & M. Co., The 519-521 Lackawanna Scranton, Lackawanna. 


Molloy, James E 207 S. 13th St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Montgomery Clothing Co., Kulpsville Montgomery. 

Harleysville, Montgomery. 

Moock & Co., Otto T 1437 Columbia Ave.,. . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Oppenheimer & Co., M., 115 Seventh St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

1 Oppenheimer, Greenbaum & 44-46 N. Third St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Patent Garment & Manufactur- 916 Fifth Ave., . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

ing Co., The. 

Patterson B. C Milford Springs Bucks. 

Penn Clothing Co., Inc., 704-6-8-10 Market St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Penn Garment Co., Inc., 4th & Camnbell Sts... . Williamsport, Lycoming. 

Penn Pants Co., Inc., 155 Penn St., West Reading, Berks. 

Penn Trouser Co 1018 Fifth Ave Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Peterson & Co., E. H., 1119 Walnut St., . . . .Philadelphia, 1 Philadelphia. 

Pfohl & Olney, -531 Wood Sf Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Philadelphia Knee Pants Mak- 9 N Third St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

ing Co. 

Pool & Son Lansdale, Montgomery. 

Progressive Coat & Apron Co.,. S. W. Cor. 2d & Mar- Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

ket Sts. 

Quaker City Raincoat Co., 405-7 Market St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Raugh Bros Masonic Temple, .... Altoona Blair. 

Reed's Sons, Jacob, 1424-26 Chestnut St., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Reier & Schenfele 1231 Girard Ave Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Reliable Manufacturing Co., . .238 Arch St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Rich & Bros., John Woolrich. . . Clinton. 

Rienzi & Co., Inc., Michael A., 110 S. 16th St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Ritch & Grasheim, 12th & Cherry Sts., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

r oc j J - Dublin Bucks. 

Rosenk'off '& Sharp Bros., 200 Market St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Rothfuss Edward A., 4 S. Sixth St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Rowland, William C 1024 Race St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Royal Trouser Manufacturing Perkasie, Bucks. 

Company. ,. , 

Royal Trouser Manufacturing Allentown Lehigh. 

Company. * 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

CLOTHING— MEN' S — Continued. 

Rubin George 1029 S. Fifth St., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Rummel Hime's & Co., 38 W. Garfield St., . . Shippensburg, Cumberland. 

Rvttenbere & Co Lanber, Damelsville, Northampton. 

Sa y ck & So S nf Gottlieb, .' 411 Grant St., ^burgh, ^ e ^ en ^ 

Sadowskv & Son F , 3550 Butler St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

SahHnG H . . ...... 444 Wood St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

qanprblatt M " ' .... 637 Arch St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Schano & Fleisber ".'.'...'. G006 Penn Ave Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

IKinger MS ........ 625 Smithfield St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Schmidt Overall Factory, Hall & Court Sts .. Allentown, Lehigh. 

Schmotzer Chas 200 Brownsville Rd.,.Mt. Oliver Sta., Allegheny. 

Schneider ' Jacob,' 2032 Jenkins Arcade Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Schneyer & Mesirov .... 1304 Arch St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Schoeneman, J., . . .' . '. Souderton, ••••••■•• Montgomery. 

(Baltimore, Md.). 

Scholze Company, C. F., • • • • • • • ••• • • • • • ■ • • • -Pottsyille Schuylkill. 

Schwartz & Son, F., 1013-19 Linden St., . . Allentown, Lehigh. 

Scott & Cohen, ' 4325 Butler St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Seitchik & Rirkind, 19 S. Fodrth St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Spmbello A E & F 227 S. Eleventh St.,. -Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

ShUaDhv M D 009-11-13 S. 4th St.,. . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Si^rnan B., '...".....'. 805-09 Washington Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

' ' Ave. 

Simon Oscar, §24 Fifth Ave., ..... Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Snellenburg Clothing Co., The, . Broad & Wallace Sts., Philadelphia, ..:.... Philadelphia. 

Snyder & Sons, Harris, 212 S. Third St:, Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Specter Bros 304 Market St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Stafford & Co., T. J., 1302 Arch St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Stalman, J., 814 Penn Ave., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Standard Garment Company, •••••••• • • Wrightsville York. 

Standard Manufacturing Co.,. . 1501 State St., Erie, Erie. 

Standard Tailoring Co., Inc., 1215 Market St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 


Stein Bros. Manufacturing Co., 401 High St., Williamsport, Lycoming. 

Stewart, Robert, 1501 Walnut St., ...Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Stilz Brothers, 1127 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Stilz & Son, John, 1208 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Stolman, Jacob, .- 614 Penn Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Stone Jacob A., 204 Spruce St Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Straus Mfg. Co., 1511-19 State St., . . .Erie, Erie. 

Susskind, S 405 Market St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Sussman Son & Steinberg, M.,.318 Market St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Swartz & Sons, M 312 Ohestnut St., .... Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Thompson, J. G., 830 Filbert St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Thornton & Voight, 927 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Traymore Tailoring Co., 637 Arch St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Union Woolen Mills Company, Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Universal Pad Company, American & Diamond Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Walther Manufacturing' Co., Torresdale Ave. & N. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Louis, St. 

Wanamaker & Brown, Sixth & Market Sts.. . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Weber & Son, Peter 1125 N. Hancock St., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Weiner & Bank, 10 N. Third St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Weiser & Hendricks 1212 Walnut St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

West Branch Pants Co., 253-261 N. Third St., . Williamsport Lycoming. 

Wiener & Poliner 416 Market St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Wiley, David, 525 Market St., Chester Delaware. 

Williams & Co., CD., 246 S. Eleventh St., . . Philadelphia, ... Philadelphia. 

Wismer, J. C, Silverdale Bucks. 

W. J. W. Manufacturing Co., . . Ill N. Fourth St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Zendt, M. D., 119 S. Front St., Souderton Montgomery. 

Zendt Bros., Souderton Montgomery. 

Zerfing & Lightner, .....' 30 Bank St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Zindel, Wm. & Geo., 109 S. Tenth St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Zion & Co., Sol., 5 Strawberry St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Acme Waist Company, Garden & Eighth Sts.. Philadelphia, Philadelnhia. 

Adelphia Coat Co., 821 Arch St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Albus, Nathan W 806 Arch St Philadelphia, Philadelnhia. 

Alpern, B., 1332 Fifth Ave., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

DREN'S — Continued. 

Altemus, Mrs. S. G., 1526 Spruce St., . . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Altman, H. J 1020 Filbert St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

American Dress Co.. 305 Walnut St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Aranovitz Herman Co., 505 Market St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Axe & Co., B 1315 Cherry St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bailey & Co., Lewis L.. 1020-24 Filbert St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bean, C. Irwin, 3545 Germantown Germantown, Philadelphia. 


Beckman & Co., S., 1315 Cherry St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bergman, A Cor. 6th & Market Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Berks Manufacturing Co., .... 23 Penn St., West Reading, Berks. 

Bernstein Baum Da Costa Co., 2200 Arch St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bernstein & Co., M., N. E. Cor. Eighth & Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Spring Garden Sts. 

Bernstein & Smellow 522 Market St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bert & Leonard Weil, 4634 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bettelheim & Coyne, 15th & Wallace Sts.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Biberman Bros N. W. Cor. 23d & Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Chestnut Sts. 

Bloch & Benzbach, 435 Mill St., Danville Montour. 

Blough Mfg. Co., 419 Reily St Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

Bowman, Mrs. E. C Strasburg, Lancaster. 

Branson & Co.. Howard 1 924 Cherry St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Brookes, Sadie M., 1410 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Brown & Bro., 831 Cherry St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Cantor Bros., 718 Arch St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Caplan & Co., A. H., 919 Walnut St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Carlisle Garment Co., The, . . .44-48 N. Bedford St.,. Carlisle, Cumberland. 

Central Cloak & Suit Co., 606 Arch St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Chertcoff, H 234 S. Fourth St., . . .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Climax Manufacturing Co Shamokin, Northumberland. 

Cohen, A. E 1349 Fifth Ave Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Cohn Co., Harris J., 11th & Race Sts., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

College Clothing Co., 914 Walnut St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Coquette Waist & Dress Co., 730 Arch St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Cramer & Sons, N 1427 Vine St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Degenstein & Co., D., 147 N. 12th St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Dittman Co., Joseph F 134 N. 13th St .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Dorshow Bros. & Gruman 435 Market St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Edelsman. P., 319 S. 13th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

ElkTsh & Brother, 1315 Cherry St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Ellman, B., 1230 S. Seventh St., . Philadelphia, .Philadelphia. 

Emporium, The, 3040 Kensington Ave.,Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Enterprise Skirt Company,.. . . -Cherry & 13th St., . .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Eureka Cloak & Suit Co 135 N. 12th St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Excelsior Cloak Manufacturing 2019 Germantown Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Co. Ave. 

Fahrer & Co 818 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Fashion Cloak & Suit Co., 735 Arch St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Feingold & Malito 821 Arch St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Feinstein, I., 3612 Lancaster Ave., .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Fickler & Co., Joseph, 1033 Race St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Fisher, I., 145-147 N. 4th St., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Frank & Co.,- M., 718 Arch St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Freedman & Sons. W., 3 315 Cherry St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Freeman, Samuel D 121 Chestnut St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Freund & Co., H 1215 Market St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Frey, Sheridan & Co., 1015 Diamond St., . .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Fullaytar, F. J., 212 Oliver Ave., Pittsburgh, .Allegheny. 

Gamson & Co 1023 Filbert St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Gavigan Co., The, 322 Lackawanna Ave.,Scranton Lackawanna. 

Gertrude Dress Co 806 Arch St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Girard Dress Co., 240 Market St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Glarfelter, U. L., Abbottstown Adams. 

Good Value Children's Dress 128 N. Third St., .... Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Mfg. Co. 

Gordon Garment Co Rochester, Beaver. 

Gordon & Noble 117-21 N. 7th St., . . .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Graham, A. E., 1812 Chestnut St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Great Eastern Manufacturing 103 N. Sixth St Reading, Berks. 

Co., The. 


Name and Industry. Address*. City or Town. County. 

DREN'S — Continued. 

Greenberg & Sons, M., 505 Arch St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Greengross, Morris 212 Market St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Greenwald Bros., Inc., 247 S. Third St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Gross Bros., .' 927 Filbert St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Gross & Co., M., 22d & Arch Sts., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hannach Brothers, 291 S. Main St Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Harrisburg Apparel Co., N. Sixth & Herr Sts., Harrisburg," Dauphin. 

Harrison, Levy S. E. Cor. 12th & Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Race Sts. 

Hawthorne's, 1626 Chestnut St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Henry, Miss M 927 Belmont Ave., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Herman & Sons, J 126 Market St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hertzstein & Co., M 709 Filbert St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Hindin, A., 1815 S. Fifth St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hirmac Co., The, 137 N. Seventh St., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia 

Holstein,' A N. E. Cor. 12th & Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Arch Sts. 

Homara Waist & Dress Co., ..420 Sansom St., . . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Horn & Co., P., 621 Cherry St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hurwitz & Carney 1032 Filbert St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Imperial Cloak & Suit Manu- 513 Lackawanna Ave.,Scranton Lackawanna. 

facturing Company. 

Infant Wear Knitting Co., Malvern, Chester. 

Initial Towel Surely &. Laun- 109 N. 22d St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

dry Co., Inc., 

Isdaner & Schmidt, 315 N. 12th St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Jaffe Bros., 735 Filbert St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Jennings' Manufacturing Co., . . N. Fourth & Dela- Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

ware Sts. 

Joseph, Elias, 1173 S. Tenth St., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Kater, James, 1316 Walnut St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Kauffman & Company, Louis, . .Tenth & Filbert Sts., .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Keating & Lukens 130 S. Fifteenth St., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Keystone Knitted Fabric Co., Ontario & L. St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Kolb & Co., J. F 1423 Vine St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kramer, B., 737 Oxford St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Kranskoff Co., Nathan, Chestnut & Walnut Dunmore Lackawanna. 


Kurtz, F. G., 1217 Market St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

LaReine Waist Company, Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Liberty Manufacturing Co., The, Shrewsbury, York. 

Lichtenstein & Reichlin N. E. Cor. 11th & Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Arch Sts. 

Lindenheim Company, Fifth & Chestnut Sts.,Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Lmsk & Co., H., Broad & Wallace Sts.,Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Liss., Julius E., 25-27 S. Eighth St.,. . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Liss & Bregman, 25-27 S. Eighth St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

McCawley & Co., Inc New Freedom, York. 

McLoughlin, John J 1106 Arch St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Mady, C. A., 1227 Webster Ave., . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Malis. I., 313 & 321 South St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Maneles, Max, 721 Cherry St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Manhattan Cloak Manufactur- 713-15-17-19 Race St.,Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

ing Co. 

Martin & Co., H., Peoples Trust Bldg., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Mascioli & Co.. M. G 239 Fifth Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Mayer & Co., Charles S 1024 Filbert St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Mayerus & Co., E 627 Jenkins Arcade,. . Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Mechanicsburg Garment Co., . .E. Main St Mechanicsburg Cumberland. 

Meeley, A. C, 2012 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Mikkal. Isaac, 248 S. 12th St., Philadelpb 'a, Philadelphia. 

Miller Co., Inc., M. R 225 S. Fifth St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Miller & Pokrass 806 Cherry St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Moldawer Manufacturing Co., 709 Filbert St. Philadelphia. Philadelphia. 


Moskovitz & Teiltelman, 122 N. Eighth St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Nahbotsky Co., H. J., 313 Arch St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Neff, Irvm D., 316 Penn St., Reading, Berks. 

Norwiek & Sons, M., 67 N. Second St., . . .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Nue, Sarah K 261 S. 15th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Nu-Fit Petticoat Co., 218 WalnuU St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Novelty Cloak & Suit Co 730 Arch St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Novor, Samuel S., 511 Market St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

DREN'S — Continued. 

Novor & Israel, 637 Market St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Ortzuian & Wisolzky 211 Dock St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Pack Bros N. E. Cor. Tenth & Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Filbert Sts. 

Patrick, John, 211 Dock St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

I 'erlberg & Cooper, 721 Arch St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Perlstein & Company, Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Pestcoe Bros. & Co., 216-18 S. Third St.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Pollack, Morris W., 972 N. Second St., .. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Quality Embroidery Co 927 Market St .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Quindlen, Jno. W., 735 Arch St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Reichman & Co., S., * 707-09 Arch St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Reinish & Son, L, 1001-3-5 Filbert St.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Reiter, S. L., 420 Fifth Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Rienzi, Luigi 1714 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Robinson, A., 34 N. Fourth St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Rogow & Sons, Jos., 1026 Fifth Ave., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Rootkin & Co., Max, 320 Cherry St. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Rosen, Sol D., 27 Jackson Bldg., . . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Rosenblatt & Blum Bros., 405-7 Market! St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Rosenblatt Sons & Co., A., : . . .718-24 Arch St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Rosenblum & Lamp, 20 N. Third St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Ross Manufacturing Co., Betsy,2632 W. Hagert St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Rothschild & Co 1516 Callowhill St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelnhia. 

Rothschild & Co., S 315 N. 12th St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Royal Apron & Petticoat Co.,. .414 Gordon St., Allentown, Lehigh. 

Rutledge,' Mary S., Inc., 703 Parkway, Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Sacks, S. 1831 Spruce St., .... Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Sacks Bros., 1228 Cherry St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Salus Cloak & Suit Co., Inc.,. .25 S. Eighth St Philadelphia, Philadelnhia. 

Samuels, A. L., 322 Chestnut St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelnhia. 

Schenley Tailoring Co., 420 S. Craig St Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Schlein & Kahn, 314 N. 12th St., Philadelphia, . Philadelphia. 

Schneider, Isaac, 516 Federal St., . . . .N. S., Pittsburgh, . . . .Allegheny. 

Seibel, Marie C, 1712 Walnut St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Seltzer Bros., 321 Market St., Philadelphia Philadelnhia. 

Sheffler & Co., Louis, 324-26 Market St., . .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Shoyer & Co., S., 202 S. Ninth St., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Siefert, Theodore F., 1426 Walnut St.,, ...Philadelphia, ... Philadelphia. 

Silver Star Manufacturing Co., 147 N. Seventh St.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Singer Brothers, 124 N. Seventh St., .. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Smukler & Sons, H., 726-28 Market St.,. . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Soiffer Bros. Co., 15-17 S. Third St., .. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Sporkin & Sons, J., 529 Arch St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Standard Garment Co., Inc., . . Third & Walnut Sts., Columbia, Lancaster. 

Steelier, Louis, 420-24 Mark- : St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Sterling, Rothstein & Co., 914 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Stern & Co., Inc., David, ....12th & Cherry Sts.,. .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Stern Manufacturing Co., The, 160 E. High St., . . . .Elizabeth town Lancaster. 

Stevenson, Isabel, 1427 Walnut St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. , 

Stewart, Agnes B., 2020 Walnut St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Stone Company, L., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Strawbridge & Clothier, 801 Market St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Surefit- Dress Co 313 Arch St., Philadelnhia, Philadelphia. 

Tanguay, Chas. S., 1208 Race St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Triumph Manufacturing Co., .Columbia Lancaster. 

Trunka & Kolar 214 S. 12th St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Uetz, George, . . /. 815 Race St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Tllrich, Joseph 1206 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Union Dress Co., 324 Market St., .... Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

United Waist Co 18 N. Sixth St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Veranti, Dominic, 1302 Walnut St., Philadelphia, ... Philadelphia. 

Verna Brothers, 1225 Walnut St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Wasdey & Co., C. M 212 Oliver Ave Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Waitsman Brothers 132 N. Third St., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Waitsman & Greenblatt, 430 Market St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Waseca Manufacturing Co., . .Broad & Wallace Sts.,Philadelphia .Philadelphia. 

Weiner Bros 321 N. Eighth St., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Weir Brothers 306-08 Grove St., . . . New Castle Lawrence. 

Wenger, Morris, .» 1229 Walnut St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Wertheimer Bros 1315 Market St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Wexelblat, Elias 528 Market St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

DREN'S — Continued. 

Wexler, Goldstein & Co.,' 32 S. Seventh St., ..Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Wiesen & Co., L., N. E. Cor. 12th & Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Arch Sts. 

Wilson, S., 224 S. 15th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Wirtschafter, J. & M., 1029 Race St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Wolf & Lit Co., Inc., 640 N. Broad St., . . .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Wolin & Small, 321 N. Eighth St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Wollach & Company, 972 N. Second St., ..Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Yellin & Amsterdam, N. E. Cor. 12th & Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Arch Sts. 
Zolot Manufacturing Co., C, . .825 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Adler, Elionore, 1505 Walnut St., . . .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Benjamin Corset Co., Inc., Meadville, Crawford. 

NuBone Corset Company, The, Erie, Erie. 

Corry, Erie. 

Scott-Juneform Co., The, 501 N. 62d St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Spirella Company, Inc.,, The, Meadville, . .'. Crawford. 


Andrassy, Joseph, 120 S. 17th St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Ayers, H. H. & A. B., 1330 Walnut St., Philadelphia, . . .. Philadelphia. 

Betzold Bros 2d & Glenwood Ave., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Bodek, Joseph, Cor. Penn & 6th Sts., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Brown & Brancher, 58 W. Chelten Ave., Gerniantown Philadelphia. 

Cohen's Fur Store, 1725 Columbia Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Cotzen Brothers, 207 S. Ninth St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Davidson & Sons, 1026 Arch St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Dodge, Edwin R., 118-20 S. 11th St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Dorfman, K 907 Arch St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Fur & Millinery Shop. Inc., The,1423 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Gericki, William, 1806 E. Passyunk Philadelphia Philadelphia. 


Gittelman's Sons, 916 Arch St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Glass, Joseph 218 S. 12th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Goldinger, A., 600-6-8 Penn Ave., . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Grabowsky & Son, Wm, 514-16 Wood St., . . .Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Habisreitinger, Joseph, 1604 Chestnut St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Herrmann, Carl W., Inc., 516 Federal St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Heyne, Carl, 7 E. Montgomery Ave.,Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Kines, George 315 S. 13th St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Laifer, David, 4526 Forbes St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Lowenthal, W., 541 Wood St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Luchs, Freedman Co., . . . . 1030 Arch St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Malsch, Chas. C, Jr., 49 N. 13th St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Mawson's Fur Company, Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Montroll Fur Shop, 212 Oliver Ave., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Nathan, George, 1328 Arch St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Nathan,' Max J.; 1343 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Offen, M., 1314 Arch St., Philadelphia, .Philadelphia. 

Paulson Brothers Co 515 Wood St., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Rappaport, L., 1227 Walnut St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Rappaport Brothers 211 S. 17th St., ....Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Rienzi, Lingi 1714 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Rosenblum, M., 127 S. Highland Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Rosenburg, K., 928 Arch St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Schuck, Oscar H 1816 N. 17th St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

• Siefert, Theo. F., 1426 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Strawbridge & Clothier 801 Market St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Wiepert, Theo 33 W. Third St Williamsport, Lycoming. 


Blum Manufacturing Co., The, 1020 Market St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bowker & Bowker, Inc., 1602 Chestnut St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Eagle Suspender & Belt Co., 1208-10-12-14-16 Race Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Inc. St. 
Edelstein & Eckstein, 505 Wood St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

SPECIFIED — Continued. 

Frackville Manufacturing Co Lebanon Lebanon. 

Inc. St. Clair Schuylkill. 

Liebovitz & Son, S 75 Leonard St., New York (N. Y.) . 

Monarch Garter Co., 38 N. Ninth St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Penn Manufacturing & Supply 65 S. Penna. Ave., . . Wilkes-Barre Luzerne. 

Co., The. 

Pittsburgh Garter Co 339 Second Ave., .... Pittsburgh, Alleghen v. 

Regie Manufacturing Co., Ed- 1719 W. Columbia Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

gar. Ave. 
Sheplan, Sabul & Palmer 625 Arch St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Acorn Glove Factory Palm Montgomery. 

Gilberg Manufacturing Co., . . 1st St. & Maple Ave., Johnstown Cambria. 

Graves Manufacturing Co., . . . Sampson Ave., North Girard Erie. 

Hamilton Manufacturing Co., Buffalo St., Beaver, Beaver 

G. H. 

Harris & Sons, Lee S., Lena & Armat Sts., . . Germantown Philadelphia. 

Hyde Park Glove Co Hyde Park, Westmoreland. 

Keller Glove Mfg. Co., Plumsteadville Bucks. 

Langdon Glove Mfg. Co., 2910 N. 16th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Loewcntein & Co., H. B., ... .Cor. Lincoln & CentralWarren, Warren.. 


'Meinig Co., The E. Richard, . . McKnight & Oley Sts.,Reading, Berks. 

„ . „ „ . ^ Pottstown Montgomery. 

Moosic Manufacturing Co Moosic, Lackawanna. 

New Bethlehem Fabric Manu- New Bethlehem, Clarion. 

facturing Co. 

Parker Manufacturing Co., . . .643 Elmira St Williamsport, Lycoming 

Raub Silk Co., H. F High & Kline Sts., . .Bangor Northampton. 

Sakura Silk Company, Wetmore Rd., Kane, McKean 

Schuylkill Silk Mills, Reading Berks. 

Seal & Co., Wm. E MiHersburg, Dauphin. 

Smith & Son, M. M., Gaines Tioga 

Steelton Glove Company 709-713 S. Second St.,Steelton Dauphin. 

Sterling Silk Glove Co., Inc.. . .25 Messingor St.. . . . .Bangor, Northampton 

Why Eros. & Co., 5130 Wakefield St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia.' 


Allies, Hoope & Camlin 108 N. Tenth St Philadelphia Philadelphia 

Alexander & Co., Inc., G. W., West Reading Berks. 

Altoona Cap Factory Altoona Blair. 

Blaylock & Blynn, Inc., 1528 Chestnut St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bollman & Co., Geo. W., Adamstown Lancaster. 

Carlton Knitting Co., 728 Cherry St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Cohen, Reuben, .230-32 Hamilton St., Allentown Lehigh. 

Dickman Axelrod & Perlman,. .246 Market St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Duff. John M., 1117 S. Broad St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Farber, Samuel, 912 S. Seventh St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Federal Hat Co., 1434 Federal St., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Fenton. J. H 407 N. Second St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

F. & M. Hat Co., Denver Lancaster. 

Frank & Son. John, 100 N. Third St., . . .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

French Cap Company 234-36 S. Eighth St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Gelbert & Co., H., 140-42 N. Third St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Guyer-Roelofs Co 12th & Brown Sts... .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

liable, Henore Reading Berks. 

Hampden Hat Factory, 728-36 Mulberry St.,. .Reading, Berks. 

Heid & Co., Frank P., Juniper & Vine Sts., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Heister, L 239 New St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hendel & Sons, Geo Shillington Berks. 

Hendel Company, Charles W., 433 S. Third St., Reading, Berks. 

Hendel's Sons, John, S. Fifth below Laurel,Reading -. . .Berks. 

Hendil Hat Company, Tenth & Spruce Sts., Readme: Berks. 

Hmkle's Hat Store, 752 S. Second St., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Holite-Thistle Co., Inc., East Stroudsburg. . . . Monroe. 

Jones Co., T. R., 191 S. Meade St Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Josephson, B., 1106 Fifth Ave Pittsburgh Allegheny. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

STRAW — Continued. 

Kain Company, Howard M., ..17 N. Fifth St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kaplan, Edward, 231 Market St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Kessler & Sons, C. F., 11th & Spruce Sts., .. Reading, Berks. 

Kuenzel Brothers 329-331 Arch St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Leblicher, E. B 261 N. Eighth St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Lehman Co., Inc., E., 807 Arch St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

McGlone, M., 207 N. 15th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Mackey Hat Company Adamstown, Lancaster. 

Miller Co., Henry R., Fourth & Laurel Sts., Reading, Berks. 

Model Cap Company, 308 Market St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Mohn Brothers Co., 213 S. 11th St., Reading, . Berks. 

Mt. Carmel Cap Factory, 402 W. Fourth St.,..Mt. Carmel, Northumberland. 

Munchen & Co., Joseph T., ..N. W. Cor. 12th & Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Race Sts. 

Northern Straw Works, 1326 Vine St„ Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Penna. Cap Co., The, 415 Linden St., Scranton .Lackawanna. 

Penn Manufacturing & Supply 65 S. Penna. Ave., . . Wilkes-Barre, .Luzerne. 

Co., The. 

Progress Cap Factory, 215 W. Coal St., . . . Shenandoah Schuylkill. 

Racusin & Son, S., 1000 Fifth Ave Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Reading Hat & Cap Co., 246 N. Ninth St., ..Reading, Berks. 

Redcay Hat Co., Adamstown, Lancaster. 

Riday & Son Co., J. Thompson, 1010-14 Race St., . . .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Roland & Co., Thomas, Green & Gordon Sts., Reading, Berks. 

Ross Hat Co Tulin & Palmer Sts., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Salesky, H., 432-34 Market St., . .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Schoble & Co., Frank, Tenth & Oxford Sts., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Sckwarz, Conrad S., 1504 Sansom St., .... Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Scranton Cap Mf ■-. Co., 336 Penn Ave., Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Shaw Co., The Ora D., Inc., . .340 N. 17th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Smith & Sons, W. H., 25 N. Fourth St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Smulovitz & Sons, 35 S. Third St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Steinberg, B., S. W. Cor. Third & Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Arch Sts. 
Stetson Co., John B Fifth & Montgomery Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Susskind & Co., J. N., 1208-16 Race St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Trager & Gelgood 708 Arch St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Weinberger, Louis H., 154 N. Seventh St.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Wittman, Joseph F., 302 N. Fourth St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Northern Straw Works, 1326 Vine St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Potter and Son, Joseph, 1029 Arch St Philadelphia, '. .Philadelphia. 

Seeds & Co., Jacob J., 115 N. Seventh St.,. . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Abele Company, H. C Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Aberle & Co., Harry O, "A" & Cleartield Sts., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Acme Hosiery Co 580-82 W. Philadel- York, York. 

phia St. 

Acorn Hosiery Mill, The, 210 to 234 Maple St., Reading Berks. 

Alacrity Knitting Mill Co., Inc.,S24 Cherokee St., . . .South Bethlehem, . . .Northampton. 

Alberta Knitting Mills, Lena & Armat Sts.,. . Germantown, Philadelphia. 

Alland Hosiery Co., 1427 Catherine St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Allegheny Hosiery Mill, Jasper & Orleans Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Allen Hosiery Co., Wayne Ave. & P. & Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

R. Rwv. Co. ' 

Allen, J. & B., 4980 Sheldon St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Allentown Branch of Phila., . .Scott Ave. & West St..Bothlehem Northampton. 

Allentown, Lehigh. 

Allentown Knit Fabrics Co., Allentown, Lehigh. 

Ambrose West Knitting Manu- Shawnee Ave., Plymouth, Luzerne. 

facturing Co. 

American Knitting Co Honesdale Wavne. 

Amnion, Edward R West End Penn St., West Reaaing, Berks. 

Anchor Knitting Mills, 801 Locust St Reading. . Berks. 

Ansty Knitting Mills, 4971 Wakefield St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Arrow Hosiery Mills, Inc Reading, Berks. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Bangor Silk Knitting Co., Bangor Northampton. 

Barger, Bains & Munn, Inc., Bloomsburg, Columbia. 

Bargcr, Bains & Munn, Inc., Nescopeck, Luzerne. 

Barger, Bains & Munn, Inc., . . Jasper & Adams Sts., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Barket Knitting Mill, L. A., . .401 Minersville St., . .Pottsville, Schuylkill. 

Bath Knitting Mills, S. Chestnut St., Bath, Northampton. 

Beattie Hosiery Co., 4328 Trenton Ave., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bechtelsville Knitting Mills, . . Berks Engineering Co.Reading, Berks. 

Bergey Co., M. B., 38 Green St Souderton, .Montgomery. 

Bergman Knitting Mills, Pastorious & Osceola Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Berks Knitting Co., Third & Bern Sts., . . Reading, Berks. 

Berkshire Knitting Mills, Reading,. Berks. 

Birdsboro Hosier? Mills, Knox Alley & First St.Birdsboro, Berks. 

Black & Son Co., Joseph 1200 W. Market St., York, York. 

Blickle's Sons, John, 2424-30 N. Orkney St.,Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Blood & Co., Inc., J., 7th & Somerset Sts., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Blue Cross Knitting Mills, Adamstown, Lancaster. 

Blue Ridge Knitting Co., Mechanicsburg, Cumberland. 

Blue Ridge Knitting Co Chambersburg, Franklin. 

Bower & Kaufman, Front & Columbia Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Boyle & Bro., A., Fairhili St. above Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Brentmore Knitting Mills, ..."I" & Ontario Sts., .. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Brooks Knitting Co., The C. E.,939-41-43 Lawrence St.Allentown Lehigh. 

Brooks Hosiery Mill, Norris & Howard Sts.,Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Brown-Phelps Hosiery Co., . . .Third St. above West- Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Brown & Sons Co., Henry, ...Ontario & First Sts., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Brown & Sons, Thos. E., Second & Westmore- Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

land Sts. 
Brown Co., William Kensington Ave. & Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Ontario St. 

Brownhill & Kramer 406 Memphis St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bftck Hosiery Co., The Thos. N. W. Cor. Jasper & Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

W. York Sts. 

Burns Knitting Company, Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Cadet Hosh ry Company, Second & Allegheny Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Calvin Knitting Mill, Lena & Wistar Sts., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Cambria Silk Hosiery Co Indiana Ave. & "A" Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Carbondale Mills, Inc Carbondale, Lackawanna. 

Hawley, Wayne. 

Casten Hosiery Mills, 265 S. Fourth St., . .Philadelphia, . . . Philadelphia. 

Central Hosiery Company Adamstown Lancaster. 

Central Knitting Mill, 241 Market St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Chambersburg Hosiery Co Chambersburg, franklin. 

Chipman Knitting Mills, Easton Northampton. 

Clark Manufacturing Co., Pastorious & Osceola Germantown, Philadelphia. 


Clinton Manufacturing Co., ..1645 N. Tenth St., ..Philadelphia, ..Philadelphia. 

Coaldale Hosiery Company, V. . .Slatingtou, Lehigh. 

Concordia Silk Hosiery Co., W yoming Ave. & Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Inc. Fishers Lane. 

Conestoga Hosiery Co., Brownstown, Lancaster. 

Continental Eiderdown Co., Lena & Armot Sts. . .Germantown, Philadelphia. 


Credential Manufacturing Co., Front & Oxford Sts., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Crown Knitting Co., Topton Berks. 

Crown Silk Manufacturing Co., Bangor, Northampton. 

Crystal Hosiery Mills Co York York. 

Crystal Knitting Mills, North of Main St, Slatington, Lehigh. 


Darlington & Clouser New Bloomfield Perry. 

Davies Hosiery Co., The, Eighth & Olev Sts., Reading, Berks. 

Deeds & Staoudt Hosierv Co.,. .ll?8-30 Moss St., . . .Reading, Berks. 

Deem Loonina: Mill, W. M., . . .1046 N. 11th St., Rpadinar, . . Berks. 

Diamond Knitting Mills, S. W. Cor. Seventh & Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Green Sts. 

Dover Hosiery. The, Dover York. 

Driefus, Jacob S, 833 Arch St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Dries Hosiery Mills, A. S., ... .204 S. Diamond St.,. .Shamokin, Northumberland. 

Durbin-Mellon Hosiery Co., Williamstown Dauphin. 

Economy Hosiery Mills, 1838 E. Huntingdon Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

St. ^ 

Electric Hosiery Co., Mohnton, Berks. 

Enterprise Hosiery Mills Elizabethville Dauphm. 

Ephrata Hosiery Mill Co., . . .Locust St., Ephrata, Lancaster. 

Epler & Son, H. R., 1626 N. Front St., . .Reading Berks. 

Eshelman & Co., J. J., Mohnton Berks. 

Evans Silk Hosiery Co., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Excelsior Knitting Co., Womelsdorf, Berks. 

Federal Knitting Co., Inc 1011 Diamond St., ..Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Fidelity Knitting Mills Palethorp & Hunting- Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

don Sts. 

Fisher, Harry, Sinking Spring, Berks. 

Fisher, Robert P., North St., Lykens Dauphin. 

Fisher Hosiery Co 911 Geigers Court, . .Reading, Berks. 

Fisher Hosiery Mills, Harry, Adamstown, Lancaster. 

Florence Knitting Mills, Lehigh Ave. & Mas- Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

cher St. 
Frankford Hosierv Mills Co.,. .Asylum Road & Unity Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Franklin Hosiery Co., 2632 N. Mascher St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Franklin Underwear Co., 2d & Franklin Sts.,.. West Reading Berks. 

Fuerns Bros 1930 N. Fourth St., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Fussner Hosiery Mills, S. E. Cor. Amber & Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Seltzer St. 

Gabriel Hosiery Co., Coopersburg, Lehigh. 

Gehrke Knitting Mills, Locust & Perry Sts., Reading, Berks. 

Gem Hosiery Co., Mohnton, Berks. 

German American Hosiery Co., Lawrence & Luzerne Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

The. Sts. 

Germania Hosiery Mills, 3211 Kensington Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Giles Manufacturing Co., Shamokin Northumberland. 

Gilt Edge Hosiery Mills, Reading, Berks. 

Girard Knitting Mills 218 Arch St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. ' 

Glasser Hosiery Co., Inc., .... 13th & Muhlenberg Reading, Berks. 

Glen Knitting Company, .... 2d & Westmoreland Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Gloss Knitting Mills, Eighth & Spring Sts., Reading, Berks. 

Gouglersville Hosiery Mills, Reading Berks. 

Grill Hosiery Mill, R. F. D. No. 1, Reading, Berks. 

Guenther, Geo. G., 946-50 Court St Reading, Berks. 

Haak, A. C, Richland, Lebanon. 

Haber, Jos. B 1010 Race St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Haddon Hosiery Co., Inc., .... 346 E. Walnut Lane, Germantown, Philadelphia. 

Hadfield Hosiery Co., Kensington Ave. & Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Harold St. 

Hahn, Harry, 126-132 Orange St., . . Reading, Berks. 

Hain Bros., Wernersville, Berks. 

Haines Hosiery Mill, 1825 Bristol St., .... Nicetown Philadelphia. 

Halcyon Knitting Mills Co Hellertown, Northampton. 

Hall Hosiery Mills, Markel, Seven Valleys, York. 

Halycon Knitting Mills Co., ..328 Birch St., South Bethlehem. ...Northampton. 

Hampden Knittinf; Mills Co., Reading, Berks. 

Hancock Knitting Mills, . „ . .S. W. Cor. Hancock &Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Westmoreland Sts. 
Hanif en & Co., John E., E. Oxford & Thomp- Kensington, Philadelphia. 

son Sts. 

Harris Hosiery Company, Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

Harrison, W. Jos 5815 Jackson St., ...Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hartman Hosiery Co., Gousdersville, Berks. 

Hawk Co., George W., Inc., " Shillington, Berks. 

Hellmer, Magnus 311 Poplar St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Herbein & Anthony, , . Strausstown, Berks. 

Hess & Rummel, . . . . Front & Lehigh Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hiester & Hirst, Front & Lehman Sts., Lebanon, Lebanon. 

Hildebrand, Herman, Pike Rittersville, Allentown, Lehigh. 

Hock Knitting Mills, John, Pottsville, Schuylkill. 

Hope Hosiery Co Adamstown, Lancaster. 

_ . Reamstown Lancaster. 

Hosiery Co., D. & S 1130 Moss St., Reading Berks. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County 


Houser's Hosiery Mills, Schaefferstown, . . ' Lebanon 

Hub Knitting Mills, . 831 Cherry St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Hunt, Rowland, .Westmoreland & Col- Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

lins Sts. ' ' 

Hutton Manufacturing Co., . . .44-46-48 N. Third St., Philadelphia, Philadelnhin 

Hygienic Fleeced Underwear 2415 N. Howard St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Ideal Hosiery Mills, Jasper & Orleans Sts., Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Industrial Hosiery Mill, .Mohnton, . .Berks 

424 Guilford St Lebanon, Lebanon 

Invincible Hosiery Mill Sixth & Walnut Sts., Reading Berks 

Iris Hosiery Company, Reading Berks' 

Juniata Hosiery Mills, Fourth St Mifflintown, . . . Juniata 

Kaser & Co., Fred, 3561 Sepviva St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Keen & Kniley, lykens, Dauphin. ' ' 

Kelchner, D. F., Fleetwood Berks 

Keystone Underwear Co., Inc., W. Main St., Lititz, Lancaster 

Kinzel, George P., Church Lane & Lena Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Kistler, 'A. W E. Stroudsburg Monroe 

Knitting Co., A. M., 1613 Haak St., Reading, Berks 

Kraemer Hosiery Co., Nazareth, Northampton 

Kreider & Brother, A. R., ... .232 N. Ninth St Annville, Lebanon 

Sixth & Willow Sts., Lebanon, Lebanon! 

Elizabeth ville, Dauphin' 

Kuersten & Rick, 132 Wood St Reading, Berks 

Kutz Brothers Fleetwood . . . !Berks 

Landerberger & Co., J. W., . . . Randolph & Columbia Philadelphia, Philadelphia 


Lando, Wm. H., 152 W. Second St., . . Reading, Berks 

Laubach Company, M. B., ...Indiana Ave. & "A" Philadelphia, ..... 1 '. Philadelphia 

Si. ■■' 

Lazowick, A. & M., 239 S. Third St., .... Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Lehigh Silk Hosiery Mills, Inc., Jasper & Orleans Sts.,Philadelphia, Philadelphia' 

Lehmuth Co., Henry, Ontario & "D" Sts., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia' 

Leininger, Wm. G., Mohnton, • Berks. 

Leininger, William G., Lyons, Mercer 

Lennox Knitting Mills Bethlehem, . Northampton 

Leonard & Pester, Hawley Wavne 

Lewistown Knitting Co Lewistown, . ' ' Mifflin ' 

Lincoln Hosiery Mills, Allegheny & A. Sts., .. Philadelphia, . Philadplnhi., 

Linenwear Hosiery, Clifton Heights Delate -p 

Lion Hosiery Mill, Kensington Ave. & Philadelphia, " ' PhiSlnn,-* 

Huntingdon Sts. muaaeipnia. 

Lititz Knitting Company, Lititz, LaneiQtpr 

Lititz Springs Hosiery Mills, .Lititz Lan^S^' 

Lykens Knit & Mfg. Co Lykens, Dauphin 

Lyon Knitting Mill, Inc., Herndon, NorthnmWi. t 

McElroy, Frank T Boiling Springs ' .' ! .' '.WS^S 1 ^ 

Maidencreek Hosiery Co., Temple, Rm-V* 

Mathias Bros., 1820 E. Venango St., Philadelphia, '.'.'.'.'" Philadelphia 

Maybaum Manufacturing Co., 2246 N. Ninth St., ..Philadelphia; . . . . . J ,. Philadel?hi!: 

Miehpaul Manufacturing Co., Tacony St. & Torres- Frankford, . Philirlpi^i,,-. 

Inc. dale Ave. " '. rn waaeipJua. 

Miller, S. S., 118 120 N. Third St., Reading, .... B prk* 

Miller & Sons Co 5309-15 Westminster Philadelphia, ..,!.. '.Philadelphia 

Millheim Knitting & Manuf ac- Millheim Centre 

turing Co. 

Mohn Bros., Adamstown, Lancn^f-Pr 

Mohnton Knitting Mill Mohnton, Bm*T 

Montello Knitting Mill, Montello, ' 'Berks' 

Moorhead Knitting Co., Inc., . .Cameron & Walnut Harrisburg, Dauphin 


Morris Ellis Company 37-39 S. Third St., . .Philadelphia, PhiHdplnMn 

Mossop & Co., Isaac, Wiconisco, .... . . ffu p 

Mottram, Thomas, 274 W. Rittenhouse, Philadelphia, .. . PiKpItA™ 

Mount Carmel Knitting Mills Mount Carmel, ....'. Norttumbe?land. 

Musser & Sons, Joseph, Lewisburg, Union 

Myerstown Hosiery Co Myerstown, RptW 

National Knitting Works, 522-34 Jefferson St., Philadelphia, "Philadelphia 


Name und Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Nazareth Hosiery Co.; Nazareth Northampton. 

New Castle Knitting Mills, New Castle, Lawrence. 

New Cumberland Knitting Co., New Cumberland, . . . Cumberland. 

New Idea Hosiery Co., Inc., . . 14th & Mayflower Harrisburg, Dauphin. 


Newmanstown Hosiery Mills, Newmanstown. ..... .Lebanon. 

Nolde & Horst Co., The, Ninth & Douglass Sts. Reading, Berks. 

Noon & Son, Edward, 4021 Germautown Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Norma Knitting Company, . . . Third & Huntingdon Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

North American Hosiery Mfg Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Notaseme Hosiery Company, . .Mascher & Oxford Sts.Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Novelty Hosiery Co., The, . . . .739 Meadow St Allentown, Lehigh. 

Novelty Knitting Mills, 1011 Diamond St., ..Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Oakbrook Hosiery Mill, P. O. Box No. 626, . .Reading, Berks. 

O'Connell Co., Inc., The James Kensington Ave. & Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

A Huntingdon St. 

Oliver Knitting Co., 2730 N. Fifth St., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Oriental Knitting Mills 5629 Tulip St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Osborne, Owen, 4th & Somerset Sts., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Osenbach & Kramer Allentown, Lehigh. 

Parker Woolen Mills, Inc Parkers Landing Armstrong. 

Payton, Albert J N. W. Cor. Front & Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Lehigh Ave. 

Peberdy & Son, Charles, E. Penn St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Peerless Silk Hosiery Co., 1849 E. Willard St.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Penn Hosiery Company Reading, Berks. 

Penn Hosiery Mill, York Haven, York. 

Penna. Knitting Mills, The, . . 330 N. 16th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Pennant Knitting Mills Railroad St., Nantreoke, Luzerne. 

Pennsylvania Knitting Mills Spring Grove, York. 

Co., The. 

Philadelphia Hosiery Co., .... Scott Ave. & West St., Bethlehem Northampton. 

Philadelphia Knitting Mills Co., Indiana Ave., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Philadelphia Sweater Mills, 1801 N. Howard St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Phoenix Knitting Co., The, Phoenixville Montgomery. 

Norristown, Montgomery. 

Pilling & Madeley, Inc., 2150 E. Huntingdon Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Pioneer Hosiery Mill, 810 Windsor St., Reading Berks. 

Powell Knitting Co., The, 28th & Parrish Sts., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

West Chester, Chester. 

Powell Knitting Co., The 28th & Parrish Sts., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Puritan Knitting Mills, S. E. Cor. Juniper & Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Vine Sts. 

Purpur-Peckworth Knitting Co., Danville, Montour. . 

Quaker City Sweater Mills, ..1421 Wallace St., ...Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Quakerknit Knitting Mills, The, Quakertown, ....... .Bucks. 

Quality Knitting Mills 147 N. 12th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Queen Knitting Mills, Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Querns Brothers 1912-30 N. Fourth St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Rambo & Regar, Inc., Mnin below Ford St., Norristown, Montgomery. 

-Raub Silk Company, H. F., ... High St Bangor, Northampton. 

Reading Knitting Mills, Fourth & Elm Sts.. . .Reading, Berks. 

Reber Manufacturing Co., 14th & Market Sts., Pottsville, Schuylkill. 

Redcay & Mcel Knitting Co., . .805 N. 12th St., Reading, Berks. 

Regal Hosiery Co., 222 Pearl St., Reading Berks. 

Reliance Hosiery Co., The, . . . 5155 "Wakefield St., . . Philadelnhia Philadelphia. 

Resolute Knitting Mills 247 Diamond St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Richte'r, Louis, 617 S. Fourth St., . .Philadelphia. Philadelphia. 

Rick Knitting Co Reading, Berks. 

Riehm Knitting Mills Co., Adams & Unity Sts., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Ritemard Hosiery Mills Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Ritter Hosiery Co., Fleetwood Berks. 

Robesonia Knitting Mills Robesonia, Berks. 

Bernville, Berks. 

Rockledge Hosiery Mills, Rockledge, Montgomery. 

Romberger, H. A., 334-340 Bourse Bldg., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Newport, , Perry. 

Romberger Knitting Co., H. A.,3?4-340 Bourse Bldg., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Romberger Manufacturing Co., 334-340 Bourse Bldg., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

H. A. Middletown, Dauphin. 

Rosedale Knitting Co ., Rosedale Berks. 

Rosenan & Loeb Hellertown Northampton. 

Rosenan & Loeb 1822 Cadwalder St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Rotz, Alfred S Reservoir St Chambersburg, Franklin. 

Roxboro Hosiery Mills 2011 E. Arizona St.,. .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Royal- Ascot Knitting Mills Co., 240 Ashmead St., .... Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Royersford Needle Works, Inc., Royersford Montgomery. 

Rumpf & Boll Manufacturing Bristol, Bucks. 


Sachse & Anke, Hawley, Wayne. 

Sandon Knitting Mills Inc., Reading Berks. 

Schmidt, George, Doll & Luzerne Sts., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Selinsgrove Hosiery Company, Selinsgrove, Northumberland, 

Shamokin Knitting Mills, The, Snydertown, Northumberland. 

Sheeler, H. W., Robesonia, Berks. 

Shillington Hosiery Mills, Shillington, Berks. 

Shippensburg Knitting Co., . . .63 E. King St Shippensburg, Cumberland. 

Simons & Struve Hosiery Co., 4155 Frankford Ave., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Sinking Spring Knitting Mills, Sinking Spring Berks. 

Slatedale Knitting Mills, Inc., Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

Slatington Knitting Co., Ltd.,. .Main St Siatington Lehigh. 

Smalley, Harry R 113 E. Rittenhouse Germantown Philadelphia. 


Smith Hosiery Mills, E. O., . . .N. Fourth St., Newport Perry. 

Southard Knitting Company, Pittston Luzerne. 

South Bethlehem Knitting 219 Broadway, S. Bethlehem, Northampton. 


Spatz & Spannuth', Inc., Reading, Berks. 

Standard Hosiery Co., 1310 N. Lawrence St.,Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Starrels & Co., Morris 2122 E. Dakota St., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Staunton & Co., H. A., N. W. Cor.- Hancock Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

& Somerset Sts. 

Stockton Brothers, 2836-38 Bowdinot St.Adamstcwn Lancaster. 

Stork Brothers Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Supreme Knitting Company Hawley, Wayne. 

Susquehanna Hosiery Mills, . . 2720 W. Susquehanna Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Sutro & Son Co., E E. Thompson & Clear- Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

field Sts. 

Swissonia Knitting Mills, 28 N. Fountain St.,. . Allentown Lehigh. 

"Taubel, Lewis E., Penn & Arch Sts., . . .Norristown, Montgomery. 

Taubel, Wm. F., Inc., Riverside, (N. 3 .) 

Plants at Lebanon Lebanon. 

Mt. Carmel, Northumberland. 

Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Reading, Berks. 

Shamokin, Northumberland. 

Tamaqua, Schuylkill. 

Taubel Brothers Hosiery Mill, Hatfield, Montgomery. 

Terre Hill Hosiery Co ' Terre Hill, Lancaster. 

Thompson Bro., Milroy, Mifflin. 

Threapleton's Sons, Wm. B. . .N. E. Cor. Howard & Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Huntingdon Sts. 

Thurman Manufacturing Co., . .427 Ashmead St Germantown, Philadelphia. 

Titelman & Neuman, S. E. Cor. Juniper & Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Vine Sts. 

Titlow & Pfeifle Manufactur- Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

ing Co., Inc., The. 

Tonner & Moyer, Lansdale Montgomery. 

Norristown, Montgomery. 

Triangle Textile Company Reading Berks. 

True Shape Hosiery Company, 1825 Bristol St., ....Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

United Knitting Mill 125 Schiller St., Reading, Berks. 

United Knitting Co., N. W. Cor. 17th & Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Vine Sts. 

Union Knitting Mills of Pa., . .53-55 N. Third St., .. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

U. S. Silk Knitting Co., S. Langhorne, Bucks. 

Universal Hosiery Company, . .2002 N. Second St., . .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Unrivaled Hosiery Mill, Williamstown Dauphin. 

Value Hosiery Co., The 238 Walnut St Reading, Berks. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Vaughan Knitting Co., The, . .2 High St., Pottstown, Montgomery. 

Venango Knitting Mills, Inc.,. .3819 Frankford Ave.,. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Vernon's Sons & Co., Wm., . . . Howard & Jefferson Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Victor Knitting Mills, Inc., Tamaqua Schuylkill. 

Vim Knitting Mills 2421 Mascher St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Vogue Knitting Company Womelsdorf, 5, e r ks : . . . 

Wallace Wilson Hosiery Co., 4368 Walnut St., Frankford, Philadelphia. 


Wanner, C. A Virginville, Berks. 

Wanner, C. A Fleetwood Berks. 

Wanner' Hosiery Mill, Louis, Pottstown, Montgomery. 

Warner Underwear Co., The, . .124 Maple St., Reading, Berks. 

Waymart Knitting Mill Waymart, ^ a y ne \ , . 

Wear Best Knitting Co., Jasper & Orleans Sts.,Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Weber & Co., AlDert 12th & Muhlenberg Reading Berks. 


Weierman Hosiery Company, . .2008 N. Second St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Weinerth Knitting & Machine Eighth & Spring Sts., Reading, Berks. 

Co., Inc 

West Branch Knitting Co., . . .Centre St. & Maple Milton, Northumberland. 

West End Manufacturing Com- Mohnton Berks. 

pany of Mohnton. 

Wexler Knitting Mills, 29 N. Second St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

White King Mills, ..1132 N. Second St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Willow Creek Knitting Mills, Maiden Cre«k Berks. 

Wilton Hygiene Underwear 2239 N. Delhi St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Knitting Cu. 

Windsor Knitting Mills Greencastle Franklin. 

Wolfinger Knitting Mills, Walnut & Rose Sts.,. Reading, Berks. 

Womelsdorf Hosiery Mill Womelsdorf, Berks. 

Wood, M., .Hawley, Wayne. 

Wyoming Valley Knitting Mills,Shawnee Ave., Plymouth Luzerne. 

Wyomissing Hosiery Co., Mohnton, Berks. 

Wyomissing Knitting Mills ' Wyomissing, Berks. 

York Knitting Mills Company,. Wheatfield St. & M. York York. 

& P. R. R. 


Berustem, M. W 114 N. Juniper St., . .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Bestfit Petticoat Co., Inc., 13 S. Third St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Brown, Wm. D., 1439 N. Tenth St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Cramer Skirt Company, 210 N. 13th St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Commercial Skirt Manufactur- 134-36 Market St., ..Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

ing Co., The. 

Enterprise Skirt Company, Cherry & 13th Sts., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Epstein & Jatlow, 1701 Vine St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Famous Skirt Co., The, 44-46 S. Third St., . -Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Feinberg & Co., I., 617 Arch St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Gerstein Co., E., 606 Arch St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hendler Sons, G., 316 Market St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Ideal Skirt Co., 306 Market St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Imperial Skirt Co 1207 Fifth Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Jaffet Karmel, >S21 Arch St., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Katz and Kessler, 928 Arch St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Largman & Bros., M Tenth & Berks Sts.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Lipman Manufacturing Co 1023-27 Race St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Magill, Samuel N S. W. Cor. 16th & Cal-Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

lowhill Sts. 

Murray C, Edward G., Inc., . . 9 Bank St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Pechter Manufacturing Co., Parkesburg Chester. 

Philadelphia Waist Co., 13th & Callowhill Sts.,Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Progress Skirt Manufacturing 1300-04 Arch St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 


Rand Manufacturing Co., 33 S. Second St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Reliance Skirt Co., 927 Market St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Seltzer, Miller & Seltzer, 305 Arch St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

LADIES' SKIRTS— Continued. 

Singer Brothers, 124 N. "Seventh St., . .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Smukler & Sons, H., 726-28 Market St., . . .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Stein & Co., Louis, 1015 Filbert St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Superior Silk Skirt Co., 1711 Poplar St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Tarlow & Co., I., 154 N. 11th St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Ulman Brothers, 9th & Sansom Sts., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Warshaw, A 9 S. Third St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Weiss, S. & Sons 1026-28.W. Filbert St.,Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Apt & Co., .729 Arch St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bastian, Grace, 1427 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bernstein, J., 628 Arch St Philadelphia Philadelphia 

Callingwood & Co., 1020 Wood St., Wilkinsburg, Allegheny. 

Carroll, A. M 3063 Kenisngton Ave.,Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Chertale, B., 1229 Walnut St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Clewell & Co., M. M., .4097 Lancaster Ave., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Clewell & Co., MM., 4852 N. Broad St., . .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Columbia Straw Works, 118 N. Seventh St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. ' 

Custer Son & Co., Inc., I. S., . .711 Arch St., Philadelphia Philadelphia 

Cox Co., Will J., 316 Fifth Ave., McKeesport, Allegheny. 

Davenny Millinery Manuf actur- 811 Liberty Ave., .... Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

ing Co. 

Durham Millinery Co., C. T., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Eames, H. A., 506-12 Race St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Ferguson, Jane E., 3230 Chestnut St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Fizler, M. J., 4045 Lancaster Ave., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Fort Pitt Hat Co Penn Ave & Third St.,Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Friedman Brothers Millinery PittsDurgh, Allegheny. 


Goldberg H., 608 Arch St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Goldman & Co 617-19 Arch St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Goldstein & Perhman, 821 Penn Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Goodman Bros & Hinlein, .... 1238 Callowhill St., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Gottlieb & Company 806 Arch St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Jassenoff, H. E., 133-37 N. Seventh St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Justice & Co., Inc., George S.,. .1011 Diamond St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kolb Bros. & Hulsman Co., . . .930-32 Penn Ave., . . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Lindeman & Goldberg 721 Cherry St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Lipper Manufacturing Co., Inc.,317 N. Darien St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Lit Brothers Eighth & Market Sts., Philadelphia, Philadelnhia. 

Mohrhoff Millinery Co., 1737 Carson St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Paulson Brothers Company, . . .515 Wood St Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Rienzi, Lingi 1714 Walnut St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Rosen, Celia 513 S. Eighth St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Shaw & Ewing Co 1009 Race St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Steiner. Chas 631 Arch St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Steinman, Inc., 54 N. Seventh St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Strawbridge & Clothier, 801 Market St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Strehle & Co., J. P., 726-8 Market St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Studio Shop, 4552 Baltimore Ave., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Acme Knitting Co., Inc., 2787 Emerald St., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Alsher & Co., 41 N. Sixth St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Apple & Co., Lou W., 1201-05 Race St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Belmont Manufacturing Co., 2545 N. Broad St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

The. Inc. 

Benkert, J. & C, 214-18 S. 12th St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Diamond Knitting Mills, 7th & Green Sts Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Federal Knitting Co., Inc 1011 Diamond St Philadelphia Philadelphia. , 

Hancock & Co., CO., Cor. 4th & Market Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Hughes & Bradley Co., 13th & Arch Sts Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Largman Brothers Tenth & Berks Sts.. . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

McCutcheon & Bros., Inc., T. 1027 Arch St., Philadelphia, ....... Philadelphia. 

O'Neill Silk Co., Hanover, York. 

Philadelphia Sweater Mills, 1801 N. Howard St., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Rose, B. D 1024 Filbert St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 



Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

NECKWEAR— Continued. 

Seidman & Co., Chas., 237 Green St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Seidman's Sons, D., 232 N. Second St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Sheplan, Sabul & Pelmar, 15th & Wallace Sts., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Stein & Sondheimer, 1228 Cherry St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Weisberg, B., 222 Market St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Altoona Overall Factory, 1422 Eleventh St., . .Altoona, Blair. 

Amity Overall Manufacturing Douglassville Becks. 

Anthracite Overall Manuf ac- 226 Franklin Ave., . . Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Atlantic Overall & Shirt Co.. . .625 Arch St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Becker Brothers, 329 S. Washington St., Butler Butler. 

Big Four Overall Co 235 E. Coal St Shenandoah, Schuylkill. 

Bixler & Co., The F. S., 126 S. Third St., Easton, Northampton. 

Black Diamond Shirt & Over- 49 S. Penna. Ave Wilkes-Barre Luzerne. 

Brubaker & Sons, E., 1001 Filbert St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Cohlman & Cutler, Inc., 2524 W. Dauphin St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

English & Co., George, Jr., 9-11 E. IndependenceShamokin, ; .Northumberland. 


Freeland Overall Manuf actur- Freeland, Luzerne. 

ing Co. DuBois Clearfield. 

Ginsburg' Brothers, 308 Market St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hannach Brothers Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Hartman Schneider Co., 631-33 Elder St., Johnstown, Cambria. 

Keystone Manufacturing Co Bair, York. 

Kurtz & Son Mifflmburg, Union. 

•Lark & Lark, Shamokin, Northumberland. 

Malick & Lloyd, Oak & Water Sts., . .Shamokin, Northumberland. 

Rifkin & Co A 39 E. Northampton Wilkes-Barre .Luzerne. 

M St. 

Schmidt Overall Factory, Hall & Court St., . . .Allentown, Lehigh. 

S. and E. Shirt Co., Clearfield Clearfield. 

Van Thuyne, A. J. & M. L., . .425 Vine St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Wax Charles 215-17 S. American Philadelphia Philadelphia. 


Weinraub, Klinger & Goodman, 218 Dock St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Weir Brothers, 306-08 Grove St., New Castle Lawrence. 


Anders, J. H., 526 N. Broad St., . . . Lansdale, -. . .Montgomery. 

Alburtis Shirt Mills Alburtis, Lehigh, 

Plants at Alburtis, Lehigh, 

Hazelville, Lehigh, 

Seisholtzville Berks. 

Zionville, Lehigh. 

Atlantic Overall & Shirt Co.,. . .625 Arch St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Aughenbaugh; Alpheus, Etters, York. 

Beaverstown Shirt Co ■■ Beaverstown, Snyder. 

Bellefonte Shirt Co., Bellefonte, Centre. 

Belles, Wm. E., Frackville, Schuylkill. 

Biglerville Garment Factory. Biglerville, Adams. 

Birdsall Brothers Co., Honesdale, Wayne. 

Blue Ball Shirt Factorv Blue Ball Lancaster. 

Bob & Baskind, St. Clair, Schuylkill. 

Bob & Baskind, Tamaqua, Schuvlkill. 

Bowker & Bowker, Inc 1602 Chestnut St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bravman Shirt Co., 201-03 S. Washington Wilkes-Barre Luzerne. 


Brenner & Hermann, 436 Fourth Ave., . . . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Brubaker & Sons, E., 1001 Filbert St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Brusstar Co., 709 Penn St., Reading, Berks. 

Cohn, W. I. & J., Emaus Lehigh. 

Columbia Embroidery Co., Wrightsvilks York. 

Compton, J. C, Shady & Penn Ave., . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Conway, Philip S. W. Cor 16th St. & Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Cornwell Manufacturing Co., . .901 Second St., Williamsport Lycoming. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

SHIRTS — Continued. 

Cramer & Owings, Belvidere & Lincoln York York. 


Cressona Skirt Co., Cressona Schuylkill. 

Daisy Skirt Factory, Hugkesville, Lycoming. 

Dalmatia Skirt Co., Dalmatia, Nortkumberland. 

Decker, J. R., Beaver Springs, Snyder. 

Deidrick, George H., 138 Ninth St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Elverson Shirt Factory, Elverson, Chester. 

Engel, Sander, '. Glenlyon, Luzerne. 

Enterprise Shirt Co., '. Tower City, Schuylkill. 

Esklemain & Craig Co., Tke, . .1304 Walnut St., Pkiladelpkia Pkiladelpkia. 

Faggen, Natkan, lltk & Race Sts. Pkiladelpkia Pkiladelpkia. 

Fidler & Co., I., 246 N. Ninth St., . . .Reading Berks. 

Fine & Sons, M 1 Greene St., N. Y.,. .Reading, Berks. 

Fiskerville Shirt Factory, Fisherville, Dauphin. 

Fox, Will S., Tremont Schuylkill. 

Fox & Moore, E. Pottsville St., Pine Grove, Sckuyluill. 

Freeland Overall Manufactur- Freeland Luzerne. 

ing Co. DuBois, Clearfield. 

Friedman-Casper & Co., 919 Walnut St., Pkiladelpkia, Philadelphia. 

Gerhardt & Co., Inc., Jacob, Hazleton, Luzerne, 

Mahanoy City, Schuylkill. 

Gerkardt & Co., Inc., Josepk, McAdoo, Sckuylkill. 

Gettle, Wm. R., Rekrersburg Berks. 

Gettysburg Skirt Factory, Gettysburg, Adams. 

Givler, J. M., Poplar St., Epkrata, Lancaster. 

Glatfelter, Y. L., East Berlin, Adams. 

Godskall, J. G., Telford, Montgomerv. 

Goodville Skirt Factory, Goodville, Lancaster. 

Greenbaum & Brotber, Pkiladelphia, Pkiladelpkia. 

Greenbaum Bros. & Co., 22d & Arck Sts., . . . .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Harvard Custom Shirt Co., 204-205 E. End Trust Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

The. Bldg. 

Heilman Lumber Company, Ford City, Armstrong. 

Hendrickson, F. S., Paradise, Lancaster. 

Hildebrand & Son, I Codorus, York. 

Hoffman Shirt Company, Lebanon, Lebanon. 

Holly Shirt Works, ; Mt. Holly Springs, . . Cumberland. 

Homestead Hand Laundry, Erie, Erie. 

Hull, E. L., 216 W. State St., . . .Sharon Mercer. 

Ideal Shirt Company, Montgomery Lycoming. 

Industrial Sewing Company, Glen Rock, York. 

Jacobs & Janowitck, Hazleton, Luzerne. 

Joblin Manufacturing Co., 1030 S. Tenth St., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Johnson, M. S., Watsontov/n, Northumberland. 

Keystone Manufacturing Co., .Bair York. 

Kitzmiller, H. C, Enders, Dauphin. 

Kline, H. A., Auburn, Schuylkill. 

Klinger and Barr, Betkel, Berks. 

Kneedle Brotkers Pen Argyl, Northampton. 

Kolm & Son, M., 809 Arck St., Pkiladelpkia, Pkiladelpkia. 

Kokn Company, Inc., Alfred, . .13th & Hamilton Sts., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kreamer Shirt Manufacturing Kreamer, Snyder. 


Laneson & Son, L., 237-41 N. Sixth St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Lansdale Shirt Factory, 526 N. Broad St., . . .Lansdale, Montgomery. 

Lark & Lark Shamokin, Northumberland. 

Lehighton Shirt Factory Lehishton Carbon. 

Lichtman & Hayman 405-07 Market St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Liebovitz & Sons, S., 75 Leonard St New York (N. Y.). 

Plants at Becktelsville, Berks. 

Blossburg, Tioga. 

Donaldson, Schuylkill. 

Fredericksburg, Lebanon. 

Hazleton, Luzerne. 

Kutztown, Berks. 

Moknton, Berks. 

Myerstown, Lebanon. 

Philadelphia, PhiladelDhia. 

Pottstown, Montgomery. 

Reading, Berks. 

Rosetta, Northampton. 

Shattlesville, Berks. 

L. Loewy & Son, Inc., Ephrata, Lancaster. 



Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

SHIRTS — Continued. 

London & Hyman, Bangor Northampton. 

Lurio Brothers & Company, . . .10th & Onestnut Sts., Reading, Berks. 

Lustberg, Nast & Co., • • • York, York. 

McCandless & Gordon Co 231 Oliver Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

McFall & Son, York, York. 

Mahanoy City Shirt Works, . . .Main & Market Sts.,.Mahanoy City, Schuylkill. 

Manly Shirt Co., inc., 700 Franklin St., Reading Berks. 

Mann & Dilks, 1102 Chestnut St., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Mechanicsburg Shirt Factory, Mechanicsburs- Cumberland. 

Mexico Shirt Co., Millerstown, Juniata. 

Meyerhoff Son & Co., Pottstown, Montgomery. 

Miller Sons & Co., Jacob 16th & Reed Sts., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Miller Brothers Co., 640 N. Broad St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Miller & Schaeffer, Strausstown, Berks. 

Mt. Aetna Shirt Co Mt. Aetna, . . Berks. 

M. & M. Shirt Company, • Pen Argyl, Northampton. 

Needles Co., L. Brooker, 10th & Berks Sts.,. .. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

New Oxford Shirt Manufactory New Oxford, Adams. 

Newport Shirt Factory, Newport Perry. 

Noggle & Sons, William H., Rexmont, Lebanon. 

Novelty Shirt Manufacturing 1822 Cadwallader St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Oppenheim, Oberndorf & Co., • • .York, York. 


Parsons Lumber Company, . . .53 Carson St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Phillips, Jones & Co., Myerstown Schuylkill. 

Phillips, Jones & Co Pottsville, Schuvlkill. 

Pottstown Shirt Manufacturing Pottstown, Montgomery. 


Price, Will, 209-11 Sixth St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Quaker City Shirt Manuf actur- Norristown, Montgomery. 

ing Co. Lansdale, '. Montgomery. 

Lewisburg, Union. 

Quinn & Co., John F 1666 Kinsey St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Rauh Brothers & Company, . . .1)51 Penn Ave., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Reed, W. B., Hazleton, Luzerne. 

Reed & Fort, 1114 Chestnut St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Richfield Shirt Company, Richfield Juniata. 

Rickabaugh, G. B., Mt. Holly Springs, . . Cumberland 

Rie Mur Shirt Company, 90S Chestnut St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Rife, J. Arthur, Duncannon, Perry. 

Rippman, W. F • Thompsontown, Juniata. 

Roomberg Manufacturing Co.,. .1021 Filbert St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Roomberg Brothers, 12th & Cherry Sts., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Root, R. Morgan, 221 High St., Pottstown Montgomery. 

Rossman-Weaver Company • Elizaoethville, Dauphin. 

Rush Shirt Company, Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Selinsgrove Shirt Co., Selinsgrove, Snyder. 

Shanfilder, F. P., • Newmanstown, Lebanon. 

Shedaker & Sons, Charles E., . . 1001-09 Lombard St., . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Shellenberger & Sons, L. McAllisterviile, Juniata. 

Shirk, Elam H., Union Grove, Lancaster. 

Shuler, H. W'., Alburtis, Lehigh. 

Sion, P., 1701 Vine St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Smith, W, W., Bentol, Columbia. 

Smith Overall Factory, 123 Main St., Shenandoah, Schuylkill. 

S. & S. Shirt Company, The, . .312-18 N. Sixth St.,. . Philipsburg, Centre. 

Standard Shirt Company, McClure Snyder. 

Standard Shirt Factory, 229 N. Market St., . .York, York. 

Steppacher & Brother, Inc., 145-50 N. 13th St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Walter M. 

Sterling Shirt Company, New Berlin, . . : Union. 

Sternberg Company, Samuel,. .31 N. Tenth St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Strauss, Martin C, Schubert, Berks. 

Strawbridge & Clothier, 801 Market St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Superior Shirt Company, Myerstown, Lebanon. 

Superior Sewing Co., 239 N. George St., . . York, York. 

Tabuer Ryttenberg & Co 78 Leonard St., New York (N. Y.). 

Plants at Hanover, York. 

Lititz, Lancaster. 

Marietta, Lancaster. 

Penryn, Lancaster. 

Terre Hill Shirt Company, : Terre Hill, Lancaster. 

Trostle, C. C, Fourth St., Gettysburg, Adams. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

SHIKTS — Continued. 

Tutelman Brothers & Alex- American & Jefferson Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

ander. Sts. 

Union Shirt Manufacturing Co., Beavertown, Snyder. 

Unterberg & Co., Inc., York, York. 

Updegrove, C. G., Hegins Schuylkill. 

Valley View Manufacturing Co., Valley View, Schuylkill. 

H. Verlit & Co., 321 N. Eighth St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Wagner, F. M Blue Ball, Lancaster. 

Weaver, John M., Goodville, Lancaster. 

Weir Brothers, 306-8 Grove St New Castle, Lawrence. 

Werner, Wm. G., r. . . Walnut St., . Mohnton Berks. 

Winter, M. D. Reinholds, Lancaster. 

Zimmerman, Amos M., . S. 11th St., Akron Lancaster. 


Ash & Co., Jacob, 1304 Arch St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Blitz & Co., 1029-1031 Race St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Brawevman Manufacturing Co., Sixth & Vine Sts., ..Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Brod Brothers, 406 Race St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Brod & Co., I., 809 Chestnut St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bronner Manufacturing Co., . . 2149 Warnock St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Brown Marinoff Co., 807 Arch St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Elgin Silk Waist Company, . . 1001 Filbert St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Emerson Shirt Waist Co., 927 Filbert St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Emery Waist Company, Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Enterprise Skirt Company, ...Cherry & 13th Sts.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Faggen, I. & S., 718 Arch St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Feldman, H., 507 Wood St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Ferguson, Hene & Nevens, Pottstown Montgomery. 

Feustman Rubin Company, . . . 715 Arch St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Forsch-Straus-Englander Co., . . 1401 State St., Erie, Erie. 

Globe Waist Company, 508 Lackawanna Ave.,Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Goldhaber & Harris, 141-47 N. 12th St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Goldich, M. L., 121 N. Seventh St.,. . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Greenspan & Co., 12th & Arch Sts., . . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Haber & Co., M., 220-22 S. Fifth St., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Hagedon Merz Co., The Third & Brown Sts., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Harnick & Block, 200-6 N. Fourth St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Harnik & Block Sixth & Vine Sts., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hart, Wang & Stein, 211-21 N. 13th St., .. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Honey Kuttner & Raab 1326 Vine St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hy Grade Waist Co., 1010-14 Race St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Jacob Bros. & Levene, Stewartstown, York. 

Kauffman & Co., Louis, Tenth & Filbert Sts.. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Lcchowitz Sons Co., S., Mohnton, Berks. 

Lion Waist Co., 806 Cherry St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Lyon & Co., M., 121 N. Seventh St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Martin Co., H., 12th & Arch Sts., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Maxwell & Polin, 1001 Filbert St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Maxwell & Woodring Waist Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Co., Inc. 
Metropolitan Dress & Shirt Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Waist Co. 

Miller, Neufeld & Co., 706-10 Market St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Modern Waist & Dress Co., . .1023-25 Vine St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Mohnton Pans West Reading, Berks. 

Morris Silverman, 56 N. Second St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Moskovitz & Teitelbaum, 122 N. Eighth St., ..Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Ost Brothers, 931 Market St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Phillips & Jones, New Philadelphia, . . . Schuylkill. 

Practical Waist Co., 245 S. Sixth St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Quakertown Waist Co., 22d & Arch Sts., .... Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Rishel, O. D., New Philadelphia, . . . Schuylkill. 

Sarner & Schlesinger, 821-23 Arch St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Schneyer & Co., Inc., A., 316 N. 17th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Schoenfeld & Co., M., 7 ""8 Arch St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Schwartz & Co., I., 718 Chestnut St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Shtulboim Estate, L 1027 Ridge Ave Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

. Sternfeld & Polin, 925-27 Filbert St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Stewartstown Sewing Co., Stewartstown, York. 

Surefit Waist Co., 324 Market St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Teller & Co., L. H., 121 N. Seventh St., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

SHIRT WAISTS— Continued. 

Trades Manufacturing Co 223-25 S. Fifth St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Trio Waist Company, 22d & Arch Sts., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Tuch & Co., Benj., 1304 Arch St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Weidenfeld Brothers, 505 N. Eighth St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Weil & Meyers, 1210 Race St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Weiner & Co., A., 925 Market St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Wertheimer & Co Broad & Wallace Sts., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Wilson, John A., 1027 Ridge Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Windsor Waist and Dress Co., 61-63 N. Second St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Wolfson, Selig I., 224 Market St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Eagle Suspender & Belt Co., 1208-10-12-14-16 Race Philadelphia. ..." Philadelphia. 

Inc. St. 

Hawkins Manufacturing Co., . . 1451 Zarker St., Harrisburg Dauphin. 

Pioneer Suspender Co., 315 N. 12th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Schirner Co., The L. H., ....Elm & Penna. Aves., North Wales, Montgomery. 

Star Suspender Co., The, 721-29 Arch St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Union Suspender Co., 22 Third St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

York Suspender Works, 582 W. Market St., . . York York. 


Achuff Knitting Mill, Inc., . . .D & Ontario Sts., . .. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Acme Knitting Co., Ninth & Laurel Sts., Pottsville, Schuylkill. 

Allen Knitting Mills Co., Boyertown, Berks. 

Alpine Knitting Mills, East & Tompkins Sts.,Pittston, Luzerne. 

Ammon, Elijah S., 17 S. Front St Reading, Berks. 

Auburn Knitting Mills, Auburn, Schuylkill. 

Ballard Knitting Co., Noble & Washington Norristown, Montgomery. 


Bast & Sons, J. F., Inc., Schuylkill Haven, . . . Schuylkill. 

B. B. Knitting Mills, Phoenixville Chester. 

Berger Brothers, Schuylkill Haven. . . . Schuylkill. 

Bestock Underwear Co Williamsport, Lycoming. 

Blood & Bro., John, Inc., Trenton & Allegheny Philadelphia Philadelphia. 


Bolich Est., H. C, Sixth & Lehigh Sts., Allentown Lehigh. 

Boltz Knitting Mill, Jacob, . . .317 N. Ninth St., . . . .Pottsville Schuylkill. 

Brown-Sailer Company, C, Reading, Berks. 

Burky Underwear Co Shoemakersville Berks. 

Byrne, Thomas F Phoenixville, Chester. 

Carbon Knitting Co., 120 Iron St Lehigh ton, Carbon. 

Carbon Manufacturing Co Port Carbon, Schuylkill. 

Cedarbrook Knitting Co., ....Mt. Airy, Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Century Knitting Co., Spring City, Chester. 

Champion Knitting Mill 204 Haven St Schuylkill Haven. . . . Schuylkill. 

Cheltenham Knitting Co., . . . .249 E. Collom St., . . Germantown Philadelphia. 

Cherry & Co., Inc., 440 Market St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Clover Underwear & Bleach Hamburg, Berks. 


Coldren Knitting Mill Schuylkill Haven, . . . Schuylkill. 

Comfort Underwear Co., West Reading. .• Berks. 

Coombe Garment Co Minersville, Schuylkill. 

Crescent Knitting Mills, Boyertown Berks. 

Cressona Knitting Mill, Cressona, Schuylkill. 

Crossingham Knitting Mills, 245 Ashmead St., . . . Germantown Philadelphia. 

Crown Silk Manufacturing Co Bangor, Northampton. 

D. & S. Manufacturing jCo., . . 954 Jackson St., .... Allentown Lehigh. 

Deisher Knitting Mills Kutztown, Berks. 

Donahues Knitting Mills, 701 N. Second St., . .Pottsville, Schuylkill. 

Eagle Knitting Mills Leesport, Berks. 

Elk Knitting Mills Co Tenth & Norris Sts., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

E. Emmers & Co Royersford, Montgomery. 

Ersting Brothers Knitting Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Mills, Inc. 

Eskimo Knitting Mills Germantown, Philadelphia. 

Excelsior Knitting Co. Orwigsburg, Schuylkill. 

Fahrenholt. John, 312 Penn Ave., Scranton Lackawanna. 

Feustman Rubin Company, . . . 715 A-rch St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Franklin Knitting Mill, The, Orwigsburg, Schuylkill. 


Name and Industry. Adctress. City or Town. County. 

UNDERWEAR — Continued. 

Girardville Knitting Mills, Girardville, Schuylkill. 

Glen Knitting Mill Co., The, Pottsville, Schuylkill. 

Globe Underwear Co., Shoemakersville, .... Berks. 

Glorie Underwear Mill, The, . .-. Reading, Berks. 

Hamburg Knitting Mills Hamburg ? e , rks \, .„ 

Harner Co., J. A., Ltd., Margaretta & Wilson Schuylkill Haven, . . . Schuylkill. 


Hazle Knitting Mill Co., Hazleton, Luzerne 

Hess, H. H., Pine Grove, Schuylkill. 

Hirsh Knitting Mills, Juliue, . . S. E. Cor. Tenth & Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Berks Sts. 

Hoffman, R. J., 122 Margaretta St., .. Schuylkill Haven, ...Schuylkill. 

Imperial Underwear Co 441 N. Main St., Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Itsynson, Harry, 233-235 Market St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Katz Underwear Co., Sixth St., Honesdale Wayne. 

Keystone Knitting Mills, 815 Grant St., Pottsville, Schuylkill. 

Kremer & Co., Theo. E., 1023 Vine St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Lackawanna Mills, The, 330 Brook St., Scranton Lackawanna. 

Lagrecque Underwear Co., Scranton Lackawanna. 

Landing Knitting Co., : Landingville, Schuylkill. 

Leaman Knitting Mills, The, . . 89 Main St Pottsville, Schuylkill. 

Leesport Knitting Mills, West Leesport, Berks. 

Lehighton Knitting Co., 326 Poplar St., Lehighton, Carbon. 

Lehman Brothers, Inc., Easton, Northampton. 

Lesher-Raig Knitting Co., Ltd., Reamstown, Lancaster. 

Lewis & Sons, D. J., Inc., Carbon St. & Bakers Minersville Schuylkill. 


Mackey Knitting Co., 238 Walnut St., Reading, Berks. 

Manheim Underwear Co Ephrata, Lancaster. 

Meek & Co Schuylkill Haven, . . . Schuylkill. 

Merit Underwear Co., The, Shoemakersville, .... Berks. 

Middendorf Brothers 215-17 N. Third St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Miller & Co., R. P., Shoemakersville Berks. 

Miller Knitting Mills, J. J., Shenandoah Schuylkill. 

Miller & Son, H. L., Coal St., Port Carbon, Schuylkill. 

Model Underwear Co., Inc., West Lawn, Berks. 

Modern Textile Co., The, ■. Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

Mt. Penn Underwear Mill , . . . 12th & Green Sts., . . Reading, Berks. 

Mountain City Knitting Co.,. . . Water St., Pottsville, Schuylkill. 

Moyer , Walter W Ephrata Lancaster. 

National Underwear Co., First Ave., Royersford Montgomery. 

Nazareth Waist Company Nazareth, Northampton. 

Newville Knitting Co. , Newville, Cumberland. 

Oak Lane Knitting Mills, 79-87 Wister St Germantown, Philadelphia. 

Orwigsburg Knitting Mill, 218 S. Wayne St., . . . Orwigsburg, Schuylkill. 

Page , C. C. , '. Millerstown, Perry. 

Parsons & Baker Co., The, Phoenixville, Chester. 

Penn Knitting Co., 1011 Diamond St., . . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Penn Knitting Co., Mine St Pottsville Schuylkill. 

Perseverance Knitting Co., The, 543 Washington Ave., Phoenixville, Chester. 

Philadelphia Sweater Mills, The,1801 N. Howard St., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Pottsville Underwear Mill, 17th & W. E. Ave., . . Pottsville, Schuylkill: 

Progressive Knitting Mills, Royersford, Montgomery. 

Reading Underwear Co Reading Berks. 

Rems & Sons, John, Macungie, Lehigh. 

Richmond Underwear Co., Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Rohrer Knitting Mill Orwigsburg. . . .' Schuylkill. 

Roxford Knitting Co. Randolph & Jefferson Philadelphia Philadelphia. 


Royal Knitting Mill, 722 Linden St Allentown, Lehigh. 

Royal Manufacturing Co., 339 Hamilton St., . . . Allentown, Lehigh. 

Royal Underwear Co., Inc., . . . 7th & Walnut Sts., . . Reading, Berks. 

Sakurk Silk Company Wetmore Road, Kane, McKean. 

Schurer Sons Mfg. Co., Wil- Pottsville, Schuylkill. 

Ham F. 

Schwenk & Co., Schuylkill Haven, . . . Schuylkill. 

Scranton Textile Co., . Scranton Lackawanna. 

Segal Brothers, 205 Cuthbert St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Shamokin Underwear Mills. Shamokin Northumberland. 

Shearer Manufacturing Co., 308 Hamilton St., ...Harrisburg, Dauphin. 


Shraden Est., Daniel, Schuylkill Haven, . . . Schuylkill. 

Simon Sterns Co., Inc., Scranton Lackawanna. 

Sinking Spring Underwear Co. Sinking Springs Berks. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

UNDERWEAR — Continued. 

Sphinx Underwear Co., . .721 Cherry St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Sprenkle Manufacturing Co., Bair, York. 

H E 

Spring City Knitting Company, . Spring City, Chester. 

Standard Knitting Mill, Hamburg, Be rks. 

Sterling Silk Glove Co., Inc., . . 25 Messinger St., Bangor Northampton. 

Stratford Knitting Mills, Wayne Junction, Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Superior Knitting Company, Pottsville, Schuylkill. 

Sylvan Knitting Company, West Reading, Berks. .,, 

Tamaqua Underwear Company, Tamaqua Schuylkill. 

Thomas Knitting Mill. S., Schuylkill Haven, . . . Schuylkill. 

Topton Underwear Mills, Topton, ? e , rks -„ .„ 

Tower Citv Knitting Mill, Tower City, Schuylkill. 

Triumph Manufacturing Co., . . 420-26 Walnut ^t., . . Columbia Lancaster. 

Union Knitting Mills., Schuylkill Haven, . . . Schuylkill. 

United Underwear Mills Boyerstown, 5 e , rks *,, .„ 

Valley Knitting Co., 1600 W. End Ave., . . Pottsville, Schuylkill. 

Wagner & Co., James H., Mohrsville, S, e l' ks ; , , . 

Wakefield Knitting Mills, 5155 Wakefield St., . . Germantown, Philadelphia. 

Watco Knitting Co., Phoenixville Chester. 

Waynesboro Knitting Co., Waynesboro, .... -J ranklin. 

Wentzel Knitting Mills, H. V., . Reading, S erks - , , , 

West Branch Knitting Co., . . . Centre St. & Maple Milton, Northumberland. 


West End Knitting Mill, Pottsville, Schuylkill. 

White Haven Knitting Co., White Haven Luzerne. 

Wyoming Valley Undermuslin Wilkes-Barre Luzerne. 

Company. _„ ., , , , . 

Zerren, Bradley Company, 1427 Vine St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 


Aland's French Dry Cleaning 140 S. Main St., .... Butler, Butler. 

&• Dyeing Works. 
Allegheny Cleaning & Pressing 612 California Ave.,. . Avalon, Allegheny. 

Altland's Cleaning & Dyeing 1012 Market St., Harrisburg Dauphin. 

Altoona Cleaning & Dye Works, 918 Eighth Ave., Altoona, Blair. 


American Cleaning & Renairing 104 N. Highland Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

American Dry Cleaning & Dye 55 Main St., Oil City, Venango. 


Ammerman & Haws, 810 Amity St Homestead, Allegheny. 

Anderson & Sons, J. B., .' Shickshinny, Luzerne. 

Anthracite Dye Works, Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Applebaum & Floss, Inc., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Barg's, Inc., 1618 N. 21st St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Beaver Falls Cleaners & Dyers, 1416 Seventh Ave., Beaver Falls, Beaver. 

Beck & Beck, .• 236 W. Fourth St.. . . Williamsport Lycoming. 

Becker Dyeing & Cleaning New Kensington, .... Westmoreland } 

Bethlehem Cleaning & Dyeing 94 Broad St., Bethlehem, Northampton. 


Bodamer, F. O., 217 W. Spring St., . . Titusvillc, Crawford. 

Bornot Bro. Co., A. F!, S. E. Cor. 17th & Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Fairmount Ave. 

Boston Steam Dye Works, The, Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Bugle Linen Supply Co., Inc.,. .1206 W. Montgomery Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Button, John, 14 S. Mercer St., . . New Castle, Lawrence. 

Childs, A. M., 143 N. Ninth St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Cohn & Tipkin Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Commercial Cleaning & Tailor- 1727 Columbia Ave., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

ing Co. 

Cornwell & Graham, Ltd., 145 S. Highland Ave., Pittsburgh, . . .■ Allegheny. 

Crandall McKenzie Co., 7025 Chaucer St., . . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Cronenwerth's Dye Works, . . . 923 Wood St Wilkinsburg Allegheny. 

Davis Steam Dye Works, Amelia Ave. & Race Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Dorfner, Anton 1324 Girard Ave., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Dorfner & Son, John, 516 Race St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

DuBois Dyeing & Cleaning 5 Park Ave., DuBois, Clearfield. 


East Liberty Dye Works, 6333 Station St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Eggerts's Cleaning & Dyeing 1245 Market St., . . . .Harrisburg, Dauphin. 


Engel, W. H., 4005 Butler St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Erie Cleaning & Dyeing Co., Erie Erie. 

Esser Bros., 711 Penna. Ave., .... Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Eyre & Co., Incorporated, 1139 S. 58th St., .... Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Fabric Specialties Company, Cochranton, Crawford. 

Fanarie, A. C, 214 Pittsburgh St., . . Scottdale, Westmoreland. 

Finkelstein, Samuel, 1322 N. Sixth St., . . .Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

Fisher's Cleaning Works, 132 E. Wayne St., . .Butler Butler. 

Fonnemann, Anton, 1324 Poplar St., .... Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Fort Pitt Dry Cleaning Co 100 E. Ohio St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

French Dyeing & Cleaning 114 N. Broad St., . . . Ridgway, Elk. 


French Dye Works, The, 114 W. Second St., . . Greensburg Westmoreland. 

Galblum & Runyan 57 i\. Seventh St., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Getz, J. Luther, 19 S. Beaver St., York, York. 

Goldberg, N., 8 N. Third St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Goldman Company, Rosa, .... Bigelow Blvd. & Fifth Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Goodwin Co., The, Wills Road, Cohnellsville, Fayette. 

Grubnau & Son, Carl, Second & Erie St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hannah Dry Cleaning & Dye Tarentum, Allegheny. 


Harris Volk Company, Reading, Berks. 

Hazleton Steam Dyeing & Hazleton Luzerne. 

Cleaning Works. 

Heller's Dry Cleaning Works,. . 332 Market St., Williamsport, Lycoming. 

Henderson Bros., 443 Lincoln St., Johnstown, Cambria. 

Herold & Son, J. L., Hodgkiss & Bartold Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Herzog & Co., I., 5904 German town Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Hutchinson Co., 1026 N. Canal St., . . Sharpsburg, Allegheny. 

Imperial Dye Work, Inc., 611 Fifth St., Altoona Blair. 

Indiana Dye Works, 720 Rhen St Indiana, Indiana. 

Irlbachers Dye Works, . 3700 Butler St., .... Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Jefferson Dye Works, The, 240-42 S. 12th St., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Jefferson Hat Co 125 S. Tenth St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kauffman & Sons Johnstown, Cambria. 

Kensil & Son, 215 S. Eleventh St., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Keystone Wardrobe Co., 1702 Columbia Ave.,. . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kings French Cleaning & Dye- 225 Ferry St Easton, Northampton. 


Laderer & Co., C. F., 119 N. Broad St., . . . Grove City Mercer. 

Lancaster Hat Co., Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Leh French Dry Cleaning & 207 N. Eighth St., . . . Allen-town, Lehigh. 

Tailoring Co. 

Levan, Maur, Inc., 239 S. Fifth St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Lewis, Benj. B., 1535 Chestnut St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Liberty Cleaning & Dyeing 1127 Liberty St., . . . .Franklin, Venango. 


Linker & Co., J., 831 Cherry St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Lorish & Son, M. F 1031 Hamilton St., . .Allentown Lehigh. 

Lycoming Steam Dye Works,. . 323 Hepburn St Williamsport, Lycoming. 

McComsey, W. H, 43 W. Chestnut St., . .Lancaster Lancaster. 

McKain & Son, J., 205 Seventh St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Manger's Dyeing & Cleaning 8 Peter St., Uniontown Fayette. 


Mansfield, H. W., 1332 Columbia Ave., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Mansfield, Jos. W., 1527 Ridge Ave Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Marshall Cleaning Co., J. H., Erie, Erie. 

Matthes, Otto., 1926 N. 20th St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Meadville Dry Cleaning Co., . . 916 Water St Meadville, Crawford. 

Miller-Costumier, 236 S. Eleventh St.,. . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Miller, H. W., 711 Linden St Allentown, Lehigh. 

Millvale Dye Works 225 Grant Avp. Millvale • Allegheny. 

Model Cleaning & Dyeing Co., Reading Berks. 

Mont Alto Garment Company, Mont Alto Franklin. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Morgan's Dye Works Meade Ave Bellevue, Allegheny. 

Morrison, M. C, 303 E. Price St Germantown Philadelphia. 

Muench, The Hatter 1537 Filbert St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Newman Bros., 208 Seventh St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Paris, Blake & Doyle 820 Vine St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Patton, J. G 763 S. 17th St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Pauschinat, Adolph, 1824 Columbia Ave., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Pennsylvania Sanitary Shop, . . 953 Hamilton St Allentown Lehigh. 

Pfeire, William, 915 Seventh Ave Beaver Falls Beaver. 

Pittsburgh Direct Clothing Co., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Pittsburgh Dye Works 3454 Bates St. Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Piatt & Son, S., N. W. Cor. 15th & Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Morris Sts. 

Post, Jacob, '. . 302* N. Centre St., . . Pottsville, Schuylkill. 

Punxsutawney Dyeing & Clean- 222 W. Mahoning St., Puuxsutawney, Jefferson. 

ing Works. 

Raymond, S. S., Co., Franklin, Venango. 

Reich, C. W 517 Seventh Ave., . . . Beaver Falls, Beaver. 

Rosen Brothers, Inc., 1218 S. Eighth St., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Rossweg Cleaning & Dyeing 1401 Peach St., Erie Erie. 

Works, The. 

Royal Cleaning & Tailoring Co.,603 S. 49th St., ..... Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Salomon, G., 1505 Seventh Ave., . . Beaver Falls Beaver. 

Sanitary Cleaning Co 2236 La Place St., . . . Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Sanitary Cleaning & Dyeing Co. ,12 Public Square, . . . Wilkes-Barre Luzerne. 

Sanitary Cleaning & Dyeing 133 S. Main St Washington, Washington. 


Scott-Juneform Co., The, 501 N. 62d St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Sheffler, H., 7 Crafton Ave., Crafton, Allegheny. 

Smith, Marshall, 904 Woods St., Wilkinsburg, Allegheny. 

Smith Co., A., 5 S. 18th St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Smith's Dye & Dry Cleaning New Castle, Lawrence. 

Smith Dyeing & Cleaning, Main St., Reynoldsville, Jefferson. 

Frank S. 

Solomon, G., Beaver Falls Beaver. 

Solomon Manufacturing Co., . . 70-72 N. Fourth St.,. . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Sopher & Anderson Swissvale, Alleghenv. 

Standard Hosiery, Dyeing & 3211-13 Frankford Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Furnishing Works. Ave. 

Star Cleaners & Dyers 937 Hamilton St., . . .Allentown, Lehigh. 

Steen, Warren A .Corry, Erie. 

Stern Co., B. S., 4535 Frankford Ave., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Stewart Apparel Company, Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Taylor & Co., J. H 5145 De Lancey St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Thomas, William, 4071 Market St Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Thomas, Wm. S., Jr 1991 N. 63d St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Tiemann, Edward A., 1608 Columbia Ave.,. . Philadelphia Philadelphia 

Trimble, M. W., 450 Market St Sunbury, Northumberland 

Union Dye Works, 1036 Walnut St., McKeesport, Allegheny. 

Union Dyeing . & Cleaning 120 W. Main St Carlisle Cumberland. 

Union White Coat & Apron Oxford & Mervine Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Supply Co. Sts. 

United States Trimming Co... .1410 N. Sixth St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Van Horn & Son •. . . . 919-21 Walnut tot., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Wellers Cleaning & Dye Works, Canonsburg, Washington. 

Wellers, Krouse & Company, Sharon, Mercer. 

Weinest, John 4738 Frankford Ave., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Werner & Son Co., Oswald. . . .Bryant & N. St. Clair Pittsburgh Allegheny. 


Wick Narrow Fabric Co., 931 Market St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Williamsport Steam Dye Works. 239 W. Third St Williamsport, Lycoming 

York Fancy Dye Works, 31 S. Duke St York, York. 

Young's Dye Works, 918 Federal St N. S., Pittsburgh. . . .Allegheny. 

Zeebiec, Joe, 813 Seventh Ave., . . . Beaver Falls Beaver. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Byrnes & Liefer, 1128 Perm Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Hubbard & Co., Geo., 305 Third Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Jewel Baking Powder Co., 3128 N. 15th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Krout Company, Albert, 64-66 N. Front St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Parke Company, L. H., 232 Market St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Scranton Baker Supply Co., . .409 Cedar Ave- .... Scranton, Lackawanna. 


Acheson Bread Company, 554-60 S. Main St., . .Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Acker's Bakery, Henry, 1542 W. Lehigh Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Acme Bakery, t Ben'tleyville, Washington. 

Acme Baking Co., Shrub & Linden Sts., . Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

Acme Tea Company, 4th & Noble Sts., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Adams, R. W., Seventh St., Renovo, Clinton. 

Adams & Co., Inc., J. T., 335 Cherry St., Reading, Berks. 

Aftergood, Harry 1758 N. 31st St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Ahrenholz, Albert, 2930 Wharton St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Albert, Oscar, 920 Knox Ave., Monessen Westmoreland. 

Aletter, Aug. L 1901 W. Norris St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Alexander, C. W., Lemaster, Franklin. 

Alexandro & Co., F. D Hazleton, Luzerne. 

Allentown' Pretzel Co 730-32 Tilghman St.,.Allentown Lehigh. 

Alleva, G., R. F. D. No. 2 Phoenixville, Chester. 

Allmaras, Herman 675 N. 13th St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Alpha Cone Company, Hatboro, .Montgomery. 

Alpine Bakery, Third St. above Rose Williamsport, Lycoming. 


Althouse, E. S., Blooming Glen Bucks. 

Altratter Bros. Bakery, 1604 Beaver Ave., . . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Ambrose Bakery, Ligonier, .' Westmorelan 1 

Amenhauser, Herman, 2614 E. Lehigh Ave., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

American Bakery, 906 N. Darr Ave., . . . Farrell, Mercer. 

American Pretzel Co., Tenth & Susquehanna Philadelphia Philadelphia. 


Amman, Benedict, 1700 Wolf St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Anderegg's Bakery, Warren Warren. 

Anderson, I. L., , Youngsville, Warren. 

Andrae, August, 1301 Montgomery Philadelphia Philadelphia. 


Andressohn, Valentine 1636 N. Second St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Andrews, A. J., North Park & Peach Erie, Erie 

Sts. ' - 

Andrews, James P., 1197 Market St., Bangor, Northampton. 

Arbegast, John C, 131 E. Locust St., . . .Ephrata, Lancaster. 

Arctic Ice., Ninth St Charleroi Washington. 

Arlington Bakery 200 Arlington Ave., . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Arnold, Robert D., 1318 Walnut St Allentown, Lehigh. 

Asher, Chester A., 5605 Germantown Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Atticks & Atticks, 217 Broad St., ...'.. .Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

Atticks & Bro., 135 Evergreen St., . . Harrisburg Dauphin. 

Ausnehmer, A., 52 N. Centre St., Corry, Erie. 

Avonmore Baking Co., Avonmore, Westmoreland. 

Ayerle, William, 1003 N. Fourth St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bachmann, A 4240 Frankf ord Ave., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bachman, Geo. S., Danielsville, Northampton. 

Bachman Est., J. S., 836 N. Eighth St Reading, Berks. 

Bailey, Edwin S 248 Main St., Slatington, Lehigh. 

Baker's Baking Company, Inc., 52d & Market Sts., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Balbo, Alf onse, Midway Washington. 

Balles, Joseph, 80 E. Northampton Wilkes-Barre ". . Luzerne. 


Bantel, August C, 115 N. Main St North Wales Montgomery. 

Banzhaf , W. H., 36 S. Main St Muncy, Lycoming. 

Barrell, L. B., 148 N. Tenth St Reading Berks. 

Barthold's Bakery, 500 W. Norris St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Barton Bros Norwood & Taggart Pittsburgh Allegheny. 



Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

PRODUCTS— Continued. 

Barton & Green 54 Mauch Chunk St.,.Tainaqua, Schuylkill. 

Bastian Bakery, B. F., 249 Eekman Ave., . . .Sunbury, Northumberland. 

Batz, David A., .Main St., Wernersville, Berks. 

Baudel, Eugene, 2433 Pine St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bauder, W. A., Elizabeth ville, Dauphin. 

Bauer, John M., . .1420 S. 58th St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Baum, E. M., 43 Main St Palmyra Lebanon. 

Baum, J. I., . ..." . . . Barnesboro, Cambria. 

Bauman Bakery, A. W., 39 E. Patriot St., . . .Somerset Somerset. 

■ Baumgartner, Sr., Albert C, . .270 N. Fourth St., . .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Bay, John, 727 Shirley St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Beam, John M., Intercourse, Lancaster. 

Beard, N., 607 S. Seventh St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Beck, Jacob, 2400 Coral St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Becker, Gustave, 4310 Frankford Ave.,. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Becker, Peter, 2501 Carpenter St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Becker's Bakery, Washington Ave, . . . . Jermyn, Lackawanna. 

Beckmann, Herman, 305 Oxford St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Becsner, Martin Co., 1325 N. Second St.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bello, Antonio, 813 Catherine St., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bell's Bakery, A. J., 32 North Park Row,. Erie, Erie. 

Belzer, George, 1940 IS. 19th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Belzer, Joseph, 2401 Hancock St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Benkendorf , Herman, 121 W. Gay St., .... West Chester Chester. 

Bensing & Deppen, 422 Weidman Bt i^ebanon Lebanon. 

Benzel, Adolph, 52o Crawford Ave., . . Altoona, Blair. 

Berlitz Bakery, Henrv, 550 Alter St., Hazleton Luzerne. 

Berlitz Bros., 24 E. Grant St., McAdoo Schuylkill. 

Bernard-Koenig Co., 3400 N. Fifth St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bertenthal, S. & F 515 Arch St Carnegie Allegheny. 

Betz, Henry, - Silverdale, Bucks. 

Betz Bakery, 315 S. 52d St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Betzner, Louis, 208 S. Fifth St., .... Duquesne, Allegheny. 

Beyers Bakery, 4121 Main St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Bilger, C. H., '. Middlesburg Snyder. 

Bird & McCormick, 1713 S. Second St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bitzer, Conrad 2927 Almond St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Black Co., J 628 Liberty Ave Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Blairsville Bakery, Market St Blairsville, Indiana. 

Blake, C. P 402 Market St., Chester, Delaware. 

Blatman, Joseph, 229 Fairmount St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Blattan, Michael, 27 Mt. Oliver St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Blume's Home Bakery, Max, . . 228 N. Main Ave., . . . Scranton. . Lackawanna. 

Bobst, Solon P., N. E. Cor. Hunter & Tamaqua, Schuylkill. 

W. Spruce Sts. 

Boegly, Julius X., 321 N. 19th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Boehm & Co., John, 448 Dorgan St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Boehm Company, W., 4650 Friendship Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Boehmler, Chas. F., King St., Malvern, Chester. 

Bohan's Bakery, Frank 128 S. Main St Pittston, Luzerne. 

Bold, August 821-29 Industry St.,. .Pittsburgh, . .Allegheny. 

Boll, Emil, . . ' 3832 Penn Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Bollinger, N. B., W. Main St., Richland, Lebanon." 

Boltz Brothers Baking Co., . . .521 Lehman .St Lebanon, Lebanon. 

Bonhey, Edward Exposition Park, .... Crawford. 

Bonnet, Christopher, ' 1462 Newkirk St., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bonsai, Susan, 220 E. Girard Ave., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia! 

Book, A. M., E. State St Quarryville, Lancaster 

Bopp Bakery, 3400 E. Street Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bon Ton Bakery, .- 300 Chestnut Ave., . . Altoona, Blair. 

Bon Ton Bakery, 106 Finley St., Punxsutawney, Jefferson. 

Bon Ton Bakery, Fogelsville, Lehigh. 

Bormann, Ernest, 158 W. Huntingdon Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bormuth, Lorenz, Jr. 652 S. 59th St., Philadelphia .Philadelphia 

Bostian's Bakery, W. A., 131 Elm St., Milton, Northumberland. 

Boswell Baking Company, Center St., Boswell Somerset 

Bower, George W., 308 W. Market St., . . Pottsville, Schuylkill 

Bowers Bakery, .121 W. Front St., . . . Berwick Columbia 

Boyd, W. T 322 Market St Oxford, Chester. 

Boyle Bros., 215 Wyoming Ave., . .Kingston, Luzerne. 

Braslavsky, Harry 613 S. Fourth St., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia 

Brasted, D. M., Smethport, McKean. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

PRODUCTS — Continued. 

Bratzler, Theo., 2651 Dickinson St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Braun Bros. & Co Island Ave. & Mag- Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

nolia St. 

Brecht, Anton, 313 E. Walnut St., . .Titusville, Crawford. 

Bredenbeck, Robert 201 W. Clanier St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Brehm, Anna M., 1750 N. 13th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Brehm, Henry, 1901 N. Warnock St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Breischaft, Carl, 2864 N. Mascher St., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Brenninger, Chas. W., Main St., Strasburg, Lancaster. 

Bretenbucher, Gottleib, 800 E. Hilton St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bridge, J. H., Manheim Lancaster. 

Briegel Bakery, The, 3518-20 Haverford Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Brill, Charles 4056 N. Eighth St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Brimmer Pretzel Bakery, 72 Locust St., Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Browne's Bakerv Princess & Hartley York, York. 


Brownstown Bakery 21 S. 27th St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Bruch, E. J., 38 S. Third Ave., Bethlehem, Northampton. 

Brugger, M 2901 N. Sixth St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bruning's Home Bakery, Carbondale, Lackawanna. 

Buettner, Michael, 505 Broad St Johnstown, Cambria. 

Burgettstown Bakery .• Burgettstown, Washington. 

Burk Bakery, D. H., . . . . W. Bridgewater, .... Beaver. 

Burkarth, George 916 East St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Burns, Frank, 118 N. 22d St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Burry Co., W. C 113 N. Diamond St., Pittsburgh, . .Allegheny. 

Burza, Lucia, 19 S. First Ave., Coatesville, Chester. 

Buscemi & Son, 716 W. Lackawanna Scranton, : . Lackawanna. 


Butter Pretzel Baking Co., 1942 Wallace St., . . .Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

Camino, D., Belle Vernon, Fayette. 

Camino, Jos., Box No. 734, Brownsville, Fayette. 

Canonsburg Bakery, 24 W. Pihl St Canonsburg, Washington. 

Capital Bakery, 214 Allegheny St., . . . Hollidaysburg Blair. 

Caplan Baking Co., 7'379 Logan St., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Carmino, Dominick, Main St., Belle Vernon Fayette. 

Carr Biscuit Co. J. B., 169-177 N. Penna. Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Ave. __ 

Carroll, Jas. L., Webster, Westmoreland. 

Caskey Baking Co 120 S. Harrison Ave., Chambersburg, Franklin. 

Ceader's Bakery, 26 S. Allegheny St.. . . Belief onte, Centre. 

Central Bakery Penna. Ave Monaca, Jl eaver - 

Central Bakery, Souderton. Montgomery. 

Cerra, Antonio, 100 Dundaff St Carbondale, Lackawanna. 

Chalfont Steam Bakery, , Chalfont Bucks. 

Chamberlain Bakery, 238 State St., Sharon ?|. erc , e . r - 

Cheeseborough, W A., McDonald, Washington. 

Chessrown, D. T., 420 W. Main St., Monongahela, Washington. . 

Christman, Chas. F., 3269 Woodland Ave., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

City Bakery, Clearfield, Clearfield. 

City Bakery, Fairchance Fayette. 

City Bakery, Penn St Point Marion, Fayette. 

Clark's Bakery, Galeton, Potter. ■ 

Cleone Bakery, Cleone, Lebanon. 

Clewell, Chas. W., 19 W. Centre St., . . . Nazareth Northampton. 

Clewell, T. W., Nescopeck, J^F?";- , . 

Colonial Biscuit Co., The 12th & Brown Sts., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Columbia Baking & Mfg. Co.,. . 169 Locust St Columbia Lancaster. 

Commercial Bakery, 65 S. Beeson Ave., . . .Uniontown, £ ayette. 

Comstock's Bakery, New Mulford, Susquehanna. 

Conrad & J. M. Mumaw, J. W., Uniontown, . . . > Fayette. . 

(Sanitary Baking Co.) 

Connellsville Macaroni Co., . . . Sixth St., Connellsville F a Z- et ^ e - 

Connor & Spohn, 514 N. Law St., Allentown, £? h , lg k\ , . 

Console, Pasquale, 1308 S. Eighth St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Cooper, Alex., ... .029 Shamokin St., . . .Trevorton Northumberland. 

Cope's Bakery, 4313-15 Fleming St., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Cornwall Bakery, Rexmont, . . Lebanon. 

Oieliy's Bakery ; Linwood Park, Delaware. 

Crock's, 5465 Thomas Ave., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Crossman, S. G.. 709 Jarvella St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Crown Baking Co., Washington St. Corry Erie. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

PRODUCTS— Continued. 

Culton, B. K., First St., Lehighton, Carbon. 

Cupp, H. B., Milton, Northumberland. 

Cupp's Bakery, Georp-" W., . . . .373 S. Jefferson St.,. . Kittanning, Armstrong. 

Custer, Harry, 606-08 W. Marshall Norristown, Montgomery. 


Dahl Bakery, W. L., 304 Market Square, . . Meyersdale, Somerset. 

Dale, William, 129 W. Market St., . . Scranton Lackawanna. 

Dalton, J. F., 1601 Providence Ave., Chester, Delaware. ' 

Dattola, Paul, 1905 Fifth Ave Arnold, Westmoreland. 

De Angelis & Co., R., 915-21 S. Seventh St.,Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Dearborn Bakery, 4816 Dearborn St., . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

DeCoursey, M. M 618 Allegheny St., . . . Jersey Shore, Lycoming. 

Deffner, Martin, Mt. Oliver, Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Delmar, Frank 2525 W. Allegheny Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


De Long Bakery, Charles, 640 Schuyler Ave., . .Dorranceton, Luzerne. 

Delzerth, Jacob, ' 629 Walnut St Columbia, Lancaster. 

Dembowski, Bernard First & Maple Sts., . . Conshohocken Montgomerv. 

Dentler Baking Co., 334 W. Spring St., . .Titusville Crawford. 

Deppen, Paul I., 243 W. Gas Ave., . . . York, York. 

DeSerio, Alfonso 1814 Dickinson St., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Desideno, Donate, 5130 Lancaster Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Desser's Bakery, 727 E. 13th St., Erie Erie. 

Dewald, Irwin Market St., Auburn Schuylkill. 

Dexter & Co., C. L 121 S. 17th St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Didra, John A 20-22 Centre St Allentown Lehigh. 

Dieckhaus, Anton, 5437 Lawrence St., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Diehl & Sons, Philip, Centre & Lookout Ave.Butler Butler. 

Dieter Bros., 108 E. Centre St., . . .Mahanoy City Schuylkill. 

Dieterle, Carl, 424 Diamond St., . . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Dietz, Aug., 41 w. Pike St Canonsburg, Washington. 

Di Faggs, Leonard, 216 Center Ave. Butler Butler. 

Diller, Charles, 2501 N. 31st St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Doebhng's Bakery, Phoenixville, Chester. 

Donm, Nathan, 17R Tilghman St., . . . Allentown Lehigh. 

Dorm, Kive 946 S. Fourth St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Dorney, F. T., R. F. D. No. 5 Allentown Lehigh. 

Dotterweich, J. M., 191 Shetland Ave., . . Pittsburgh, -. . Allegheny. 

Douglas, W. R 28 Main St., Canton, Bradford. 

Downs, Bakery and Grocery,. Confluence, Somerset. 

Drewes, Chas. E., i^ifth & Main Sts., . .Darby Delaware. 

Drissel & Diehl, 108-10 Main St Souderton Montgomery. 

Drozdowski Bros., 133 W. Noble St Nanticoke Luzerne. 

Dryburgh Wm. T 030 Brush ton Ave., . . Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Dubeck, John, 1.34 Vine St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Duchynski, Henry, 4.17 Maple St., Reading, Berks. 

Dudt, Jacob, 331 p ear ] St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Durrwachter, G. F., 500 Alleghenv St., . . Jersey Shore, Lycoming. 

Dusenberry Baking Co 21 38 Tustin St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Eagle Bakery 1208 Fifth Ave Altoona Blair. 

Eagle Baking 'Co., Sixth & Cherrv Sts.-, . . Glassport, Allegheny. 

East Allentown Bakery 14s E. Hamilton St., Allentown, Lehigh. 

East Lebanon Baking Co., 310 E. W«idman St., Lebanon, Lebanon. 

East Street Bakery 10 East St., New Castle, Lawrence. 

Easton Pretzel Bakery E^ston Northampton. 

Ebensburg Steam Bakery, Ebensburg Cambria. 

Eberly & Son, J. A., Hisrh St Womelsdorf Berks. 

Ebert Louis, 2001 W. York St., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Lbert s Bakery,* Lvnnport Lehigh. 

Eberwirn- Chas. A., 2316 N. Tenth St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Ebnei% Phillip, 1300 Lawrence. St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Lby, E. S., ••••*• Cap Lancaster. 

Eckenrode, George F., McSherrystown, Adams. 

Economy Bakery, 1200 Merchant St., . .Economy Beaver. 

Economy Bakery s. Main St Scranton Lackawanna. 

Eddystone Bakery, Uth & Saville Ave., Eddystene, .- Delaware. 

Edwards, C. p., ._ 809 Lancaster A™., . . P.r^n Mawr, Northampton. 

Egelkraut, Christian, n?o R. Second St.,. . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Egenrider, Thomas 1811 N. Third St., . . Harrisbure Dauphin. 

Es-er, Hugh M., ?9dg Hhristian St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

S gne !' £-, C -' • 'A ■ ■ v 226 Mflin St Emaus, Lehigh. 

Egypt Bakerv Co., Ltd., . . Eeypt . Lehigh 

Ehly, Geo. M-, 300 Dock St Schuylkill Haven, .' .' .' Schuylkill. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

PRODUCTS— Continued. 

Ehret, Francis X 1901 W. Dauphin St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Eidenmuller, Adam, 500 Foreland St., ... Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Eimer Bakery, Frank, 32 Lincoln Ave., .... Carbondale Lackawanna. 

Einselen, Albert G., 1527 Vine St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Emselen Geo. W., 1327 W. Somerset St.,Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Eisele, Chas. A 2860 Amber St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Eiselen, Christ 1928 S. Front St., . . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Eisenbeis, C. & A., 4178 Germantown Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

. Ave. 

Electric Bakery Peer St Smithton Westmoreland. 

Elite Bakery, .... 310 Bedford St., .... Johnstown, Cambria. 

Llkland Steam Bakery, ; Elkland Tioga 

Ellenberger's Sunshine Bakery, 526 Braddock Ave.,. .Braddoc'k, .'....'.'... .'Allegheny. 

El hott s Bakery, 23 Liberty St., New Castle, Lawrence. 

Ell s Sons, Valentine 194 Hazle St Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Elterich Bakery, L., 77 N. Main St., .... Pittston Luzerne. 

Engel, Fred. W., 19 Walnut St., Sharpsville, Mercer. 

Engelbert, Hermann, 3148 Jasper St., .... Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Engist Bakery, Henry, 1231 E. 21st St Erie Erie. 

Enterprise Cake Co., 1531-33-35 N. 26th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Eppers, Emil 609 N. Fifth St., .... Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Erie Baking Company 432 W. Ninth St., . . .Erie Erie. " 

Erie Cracker Co., Fourth & French Sts..Erie Erie. 

Ernst, W. C, 44 E. Market St., . . . Waynesbo-o Franklin. 

Essig & Son, H., 441 W. Girard Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

i^ ne , r ' &, Main St ' Wellsboro, Tioga. 

Etzel, Mike, 1016 Somerset St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Evans & Ca, 310 S. Main St Scranton Lackawanna. 

Everhart, Chas., 2100 N. Park Ave., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

" ans, kj. b., Bainbridge Lancaster 

Fairenbach, Charles, 406" W.' Norris St.', ' . '. Philadelphia,' ".'.'.'.'.'.'. Philadelphia. 

Fan- Haven Bakery, Fair H £ ' Allegheny. 

Faist, Charles, 142 Richmond St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Faller, Edward J 528 Moss St., Reading . Berks 

Famous Biscuit Company 1801-9 Forbes St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Farrell Baking Co., 30 2 French St., ..... Farrell, Mercer 

Fechner, Waldemar, 8 16 N. Fourth St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Feierman, Joseph, 1 605 South St., ..... Philadelphia Philadelphia 

Si?nnn g ' TT U US ' 856 N". Marshall St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Feltoon, H., 452 N. Sixth St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Sn V np r r B £ ke M' M ' R ' gL N r ™ M St Easton ' • '• •• Northampton. 

Fenner, E. M 768 Lancaster Ave., . . Bryn Mawr, ........ Montgomery. 

Fetterhoff Henry, Tower Citv ' Schuylkill. 

Feucht, William, 650 Trenton Ave Wilkinsburg, Allegheny 

Feulner, Henry ... 4257 N. 16th St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Fink Bakery, Chas. M Main St AnnviUe, . Lebanon 

* ink, H. C, Main & College St., . . M.verstown Lebanon. 

Fink, Henry 313 W . Yo rk St., .... Philadelphia, \ Philadelphia. 

Fink, John W Vesper Place, Sinking Snring P,-rks. 

Fink, Wm. A 2501 W. Lehigh Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

i mley, R. W., Tremont Schuvlkill 

Finley Acker Co., 121-23-25 N. 8th St., 'Philadelphia,' '.'.':.'::: Philadelphia. 

Fmleyville. Bakery, Finley ville, Washington. 

Firch Baking Co., The, 463 W. Fourth St., . . Erie, Erie. 

1 ischer, Alexis, 1212 Rockland St.. . . Philadelphia, . » Philadelphia. 

Fischer, Gottlob, 1621 W. Dauphin St.,Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Fishel s Bakery, 1523 AV. King St.. . . York, York. 

Fisher, Geo. W., 417 Ppnn gti Huntingdon, Huntingdon. 

Jnsher, Roman 2247 W. Somerset St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Fleetwood Bakery, Main St Fleetwood Berks. 

Bak nnS a Model 21st & Arch Sts., ... Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Fleischer, Joseph, . 3050 Richmond St.. . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Fleming Brothers, .Fayette City Fayette. 

l? ^ e rs, -Harry B., 27 N. Seventh St., ..Lebanon r .^banon. 

Foell Bakery, J. F., 109 S. Lake St., North East, Erie. 

Foery, Simon, 2561 N. 16th St., .... Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Folmer, Daniel H., 824 Locust St Reading, Berks. 

* ontanelh, Mrs. M., 37 E. Donner St., . . . Monessen, Westmoreland. 

ioote Ray H, . P ort AlLeganv MeKean. 

Fox Baking Co,, Edw 212-14-16 W. George York, York, 



Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


PRODUCTS— Continued. 

Fox & Sons, Julius 612 Centre St., . .Freeland, Luzerne. 

Fraas, Albert 328 Stoner Ave McKeesport Allegheny. 

Fralick, A. C, 47 Buckingham Ave., Luzerne Luzerne. 

Franklin Hygienic Baking Co., Franklin, Venango. 

Franklin Wafer Co., 1355 Germantown Philadelphia, . Philadelphia. 


Franzen, Jas 635 Richmond St., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Freed Bros., 816 Chew St., Allentown Lehigh. 

Freedman, Israel 2001 S. Fourth St.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Freeman, Amelia, Mrs., Reinholds Station, . . . Lancaster. 

Freihofer Baking Co., 20th & Indiana Ave., Philadelphia Philadelphia,. 

Freithaler's. Bakery, Charles, . . 1901 Judson St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

French American Baking Co., 162 Elm St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

French Bakery, 45 E. Coryden St., . . Bradford McKean. 

French Creek Mdse. Co St. Peters Chester. 

Frey, E. W., Wrightsville, York. 

Frey, W. H., Springtown, Bucks. 

Freymeyer, J. K Florin Lancaster. 

Fricke, Henry W., 1343 South St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Fridolin Stopper, 1419 N. 19th St., .... Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Friedman, B. C, ." 620-22-24 S. 7th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Friedmann, George H. 4231 Lancaster Ave., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Fritschler Bakery, 107 S. Seventh St., . .Allentown, Lehigh. 

Fritz, Charles C, 2100 E. Somerset St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Fritz, E. C, 19 S. Hellertown Ave.,Quakertown, Bucks. 

Fritzinger Bakery, James, Walnutport, Northampton. 

Fromm, Paul, 1327 Pike St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Fullerton Bakery, Fullerton, . Lehigh. 

Fultz, R. E., Milroy Mifflin. 

Funk's Bakery 2065 S. Cecil St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Gabbert & Son Co., G., 322 S. Craig St., .... Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Gall's Bakery, Willow St Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Gambino, Rosario, 816 Carpenter St . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Gantert's Bakery, Conrad, 312 N. Ninth St., . . Reading Berks. 

Garbarino, John, 510 Queen St.. . , . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Gartner, Charles E., 2343 N. 31st St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Gaslemann, Geo. A., 2017 N. Second St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Gass, Geo. E., Main St., Hughesville, Lycoming. 

Gava's Bakery, Charles 166 S. Front St., . . . Milton Northumberland. 

Gebhardt, Charles, 4800 Greene St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Gehman, Isaac M., Adamstown, Lancaster. 

Gehman, Richard H., Mohnton Berks. 

Gelhard, John P., 619 Marietta Ave., . .Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Gemsenyager, Christian, 2640 W. Oxford St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

General Baking Company, .... 2201 Mahon Ave Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Genyenhauser Bakery, The, 801 N. Prince St., . . Lancaster, Lancaster. 


George, A. L., Kittanning, Armstrong. 

George, Stephen, 330-32 E. Scull St., . . Lebanon, Lebanon. 

George & Kemmerer, 15 South St Nazareth, Northampton. 

German American Bakery, . . . .1814 14th Ave Altoona, Blair. 

Germscheid, John, 2133 Carnenter St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Geus, George I., Church St Gallitzin, Cambria. 

Gibboney Bakery, H. B., 509 14th St., Altoona, Blair. 

Gilepsey & Snyder, DuBois .Clearfield. 

Girardini, Henry 225 S. Oak St Mt. Carmel, Northumberland. 

Givler & Anderson, 412 N. Christian St., Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Glaser, John G 1231 Buttonwood St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Glaser & Co., Jacob, 6 E. Ridge Ave., Crafton, Allegheny. 

Glen Rock Steam Bakery, Hanover St., Glen Rock York. 

Glenside Bakery, Glenside, Berks. 

Glock, C. J., 4516 Liberty Ave., . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Godycki, Ludwig, 443-45 Birch St., South Bethlehem, . . . Northampton. 

Goettner, Max, 5161 Wakefield St., . . Germantown Philadelphia. 

Golden Wafer Co., The, 915 Blackadore Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Goldsmith & Leslie, 814 S. Second St., .. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Goldstrohm's Bakery, C. W., , .824 W. Grant Ave.,. .Duquesne Allegheny. 

Good Bread Baking Co., Church St Parnassus Westmoreland. 

Gotthardt's Bakery, G., 3512 Longshore St.,. .Tacony, Philadelphia. 

Graessle, Emil Frederick, 714 N. 24th St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Graf, Edward, 1442 Venango St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Graff, William 1848 S. 15th St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Gramhch, F. F., 343 Washington St., Williamsport, Lycoming. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

PRODUCTS — Continued. 

Grasmeder, John M 108 W. Diamond St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Grater's Bakery, 729 Ohio St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Gratz, Theodore, Dorrance & Wood Bristol Bucks. 


Grauer, Moses, 2149 Centre Ave., . . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Graul, Chas. A., 118 Church St., Mt. Pleasant Westmoreland. 

Graul's Bakery, 1700 S. 20th St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Gray's Bakery, E. R., 655 E. Main St., . . . Coatesville, . ". Chester. 

Greb's Bakery, 1808 Carson St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Green, Solomon, 1024 S. Fourth St.,. . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Greenberg, Jacob, 624 Grant St., Allentown, Lehigh. 

Greensburg Baking Co., . . Fourth St., Greensburg, Westmoreland. 

Gregg Bakery, J. D., 154 Columbia Ave.,. . Vandergrift, Westmoreland. 

Grehsler Bakery, Bert, 508 N. Main St., Sharpsburg, Allegheny. 

Greisel, Ernst, 4058 Girard Ave Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Gremer, George C 146 Brighton Ave., . .Rochester Beaver. 

Gremer, John T., 576 Third St., Beaver, .Beaver. 

Grenat, E. H., 21 Vine St., North East Erie. 

Grey, Wesley 200 W. Third St., . ...Chester, Delaware. 

Griffin, George, Est., Main St., Honey Brook, Chester. 

Griffith Baking Co., 1272 S. Main St., . . . Meadville, Crawford. 

Grisnik, Frank, 650 Main St Clairton Allegheny. 

Grissinger Cake Bakery, The, . Lemoyne, Cumberland. 

Gross, E. J., Slatedale, Lehigh. 

' Grossmiller, Henry, 6148 Ridge Ave., .... Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Gruber, Charles 1300 E. Columbia Ave.PMladelphia, . . . Philadelphia. 

Gruebele, Ferdinand Rimersburg, Clarion. 

Grundler, Christian, 2457 Cedar St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Guano & Raggio, 924 S. Seventh St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Guarini, Guiseppi, 516 N. Water St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Gutmann's Bakery, 4024 Butler St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Haas, John, : 423 Girard Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Haas Pretzel Bakery 4 Beech St Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Haasis, Christian, 400 W. Penn St., . . . Germantown, Philadelphia. 

Habecker's Bretzel Bakery, Lititz, Lancaster. 

Haerich Baking Co., 1520 Spring Garden Pittsburgh, .Allegheny. 


Haerringer, Chas., 2400 Federal St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hagerty Baking Company, Philipsburg Centre. 

Hagner, Ernest, 5014 Germantown Philadelphia, «« Philadelphia. 


Hain, J. D., Main St Myerstown, Lebanon. 

Halbert, Morris, 714 N. Second St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Haldeman's Bakery, 135 W. Mahanoy Ave.,Schuylkill, Chester. 

Hall, F. M., 600 Fourth Ave., Juniata Blair. 

Hall, Oscar P., 709 Penn Ave., West Reading Berks. 

Haller, Charles A 225 Southern Ave., . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Haller, Charles F., -Brownsville Road, . . .Mt. Oliver, Allegheny. 

Haller, C. W 1864 Main St., Northampton, Northampton. 

Haller Bakery, The, 2203 Centre Ave Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Hambrecht, George F., .. 6700 Woodland Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hamer, J. C, Roaring Spring, Blair. 

Hamer, John, Railroad St Dushore, Sullivan. 

Hamilton Baking Co., C. G.,. .425 S. Liberty St., . . BlairsviUe, Indiana. 

Hammerschlay Bakery 917-23 Hancock St.,. . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Hanscam Bros. & Hanscam 734 Market St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bros., Inc. 

Happel, J. A Tatamy, Northampton. 

Harris-Boyer Co., The, 147 Fairfield Ave., . . Johnstown Cambria. 

Harrisburg Baking Co., 443 S. Cameron St.,. .Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

Harrisburg Pretzel Co., 2414 N. Second St., . .Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

Harrison Bakery, Weissport, . Carbon. 

Hartman, Christian A Elverson, Chester. 

Hartman, Joseph, 870 N. Marshall St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Harvey Brothers, 220 E. College Ave., State College, Centre. 

Hasenfuss, Gustav, 652 S. 60th St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Hasinger Brothers Indiana Indiana. 

Hasis, George C, 903 Carson St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Hassler S C., Lititz, . Lancaster. 

Haubrich, ' John, 423 W. George St., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Hauck, Leonard,- 535 E. Ninth St., . . .Tarentum, Allegheny. 

Hauck, Philip, 1546 Thompson St.,. .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Hauser, H. 740 Third St., ..... .Catasauqua, Lehigh. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

PRODUCTS— Continual. 

Haushalter, A., Liberty St., Jamestown Mercer. 

Mayes Bakery, Chas., 31 Ohio St., Sharon, Mercer. 

Hays Bakery Co., 2 State St., Oil City, Venango. 

Hazleton Baking Co., West Hazleton, Luzerne. 

Hazleton Macaroni Mfg. Co., . . 103-5 Noble St Hazleton, Luzerne. 

Hazelwood Model Bakery 4907 Second Ave., . . Hazelwood, Allegheny. 

Heede, Alfred G., 5028 Haverford St.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Heermann, John L., 4136 Lancaster Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Heess, C. F., 2957 Frankford Rd., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Heffrean, Edward, 1233 N. 26th St., . . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Hehr's Bakery, 515 N. Shamokin St., Shamokin, ^. .Northumberland. 

Heiberger & Kummerer, 174 Charlotte St Pottstown Montgomery. 

Heilman Brothers, . . . R. F. D. No. 4, Annville Lebanon. 

Heim, Albert G., 5111 Penn Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Heim, Chas., 901 S. 58th St West Philadelphia, ..Philadelphia. 

Heimbach Baking Co., The, ..901 Tilghman St., . . .Allentown Lehigh. 

Heintz Bakery, Henry, 4928 Baltimore Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hellmann, Chas 320 Main St., Irwin Westmoreland. 

Hemmerle, Julius A., 632 N. 57th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hendricks, Mark Y 435 West St., Pottstown, Montgomery. 

Henle, Edward R., 2125 N. 16th St., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Henler, Joseph, 414 Beaver St., Sewickley, Allegheny. 

Hennig's Bakery, 35 York St., Gettysburg, Adams. 

Henninger's Bakery 48 S. Second St Shamokin Northumberland. 

Henss Bakery, Charles F., 231 W. Ontario St.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Henze, Fred., 1108 Franklin St., . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Herch, Chas. F., 899 N. 48th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Herrmann, J. Geo., 24th & Firth St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Herrold, Chas. L., Mrs., 65 Main St., Montgomery, Lycoming. 

Hershey Baking Company 40-48 Jefferson Ave., York, York. 

Hersperger, Lucas, 347 W. 18th St., Erie, Erie. 

Hertel's Bakery, 127 Lancaster Ave., . .E. Downingtown, Chester. 

Hertenstemer, Otto 133 Green Lane Manayunk Philadelphia. 

Hess, Harry W., Main St., Gratz, Dauphin. 

Hess Baking Co., J. E., 517-21 Ash St., Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Hessler, W. G., Honesdale Wayne. 

Hewitt's Sanitary Baking, Blossburg, Tioga. 

Hildenbrand, Christian, 119 State St., Kennett Square Chester. 

Hill, Jacob C, 721 Madison Ave., . . . Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Hill Baking Co., Oil City, Venango. 

Hinges Bakery 2900 N. 13th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Him, Jacob, 442 W. 18th St., Erie, Erie. 

Hitchner Biscuit Co., The Exeter & Ann Sts., . .West Pittston Luzerne. 

Hoennmger, A. R W. Mifflin St., Lancaster Lancaster. 

Hofer, S. K., 505 High St., Pittston, Montgomery. 

Hoffacker Bakery, H. J., 105 E. Chestnut St., Hanover, York. 

Hotter s Bakery, 325 E. Pittsburgh St.,Greensburg, Westmoreland. 

Hoffman, Harry, Berwyn, Chester. 

Hoffman Bakery, Peter, 420 Reily St Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

Hoffman Company, The W. E., 1346 Logan Ave., . . . Tyrone Blair. 

Hoffman's Bakery 129 W. Third St., . . . Lewistown, Mifflin. 

Hoffmann, Adolph 618 Braddock Ave.,. .Braddock, Allegheny. 

Hofhemz, Adolph- R., 1106 W. Girard Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hofheinz, Wm. J., 102 W. Susquehanna Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hofmann, S. John, 2348 N. 28th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hoge, H. L., 115 E. High St., Waynesburg Grdene. 

g°§g- R - . J - • Algen, Chester. 

Hoke Baking Co., 132 N. Newberry St., York, York. 

§°!J' S^S W " ■ Temple, Berks. 

Holl, Mark D., Kutztown, Berks. 

Holmesburg Bakery 7935 Frankford Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Holz, Peter J., New York 520 Gordon St., Allentown, Lehigh. 


Home Bakery 316 Mahoning St., . . . Punxsutawney, Jefferson. 

Home Bakery, Duncannon, Perry. 

Home Cash Bakery, Mt. Pleasant, Westmoreland. 

Home Made Bakery, The, 23 E. Washington St., Bradford, McKean. 

Homestead Baking Co., 229 Seventh-Ave., . . .Homestead, Allegheny. 

Honskamp, A., Indiana Indiana. 

Horn & Hardart Baking Co., . .202-10 Tenth St., . . .Philadelphia Philadelphia 

Hornick, Peter 1420 East St., N. S., Pittsburgh, . . . Allegheny. 

Horwitz, E., , 233 E. Market St., . . Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 


Name, and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


PRODUCTS— Continued. 

lotel & Restaurant Bakery,. .333-335 First Ave., . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

louseal, Geo. W., Maytown, Lancaster. 

lubbell, F. C, 1734 Callowhill St... . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

luber, Geo. H., 119 Pine St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Iubcr's Bakery, Chas 202 S. Darlington St., West Chester Chester. 

luber's Bakery, Jos., Hannah St., Houtzdale, Clearfield. 

luber Baking Co. of Chester Chester, Delaware. 

lucfner, Geo. J., Broad St., Trumbauersville, .... Bucks. 

luegel, Peter, 1000 Chestnut St., . . Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

luf, Peter, 5319 Girard Ave., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

luff Bakery, Daniel, 600 Erie Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

lughes, Edward, 113 S. Second St., ..St. Clair, Schuylkill. 

Iuntingdon Bakery 412 Allegheny St., . .Huntingdon, .Huntingdon. 

luss, Arthur T 884 N. 49th St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

lutchison Bakery Co 3240 Walnut St., . . . .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

luth, Nat, Brookville, Jefferson. 

latter, Frank, 26 Southern Ave., . . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

lygienic Bakery, Box 457, Franklin, Venango. 

hrig, William 1628 Forbes St Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

imperial Baking Co., 925 Scranton St., . . . Scranton, Lackawanna. 

.mperial Macaroni Co., 936 Moravia St., ....New Castle, Lawrence. 

ndiana Macaroni Co., Indiana Indiana. 

rwin Baking Co., 304 Main St., Irwin Westmoreland. 

talian French Bakery, 88 S. Gallatin Ave.,. .Uniontown Fayette. 

talian Macaroni Co., Jeannette, Westmoreland. 

talo-French Produce Co., ....500 Sampson St., ...Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

vin's Son, Inc., J. S., 625 N. Broad St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

zzo, Vincent, 640 Federal St., .... Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

rackson, James, 2422 N. Front St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

facobs Bakery, 317 S. Main St., .... Chambersburg, Franklin. 

Facobus Baking Co., 865 Fourth Ave., . . . .New Kensington, . . . .Westmoreland. 

racobvelli Mfg. Co.. A., 724-30 Kimball St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

faffe's Bakery, Louis, •. 121 Chestnut St., . . . . Coatesville, Chester. 

aim, G .. .617 W. York St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Cantzen, William C 1304 Spring Garden Berwick, Columbia. 


r efferson Macaroni Co., Reynoldsville, Jefferson. 

Fena, Frank, 211 Carothers Ave., . .Carnegie, Allegheny. 

etter, John Oil City, Venango. 

>eskc, Julius, 1624 Pittston Ave., . . Scranton, Lackawanna. 

"oerg, Bal., 1701 Point Breeze Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


lohnstown Bakery Co., 80 McMillen St., . . . .Johnstown, Cambria. 

royce, J., 610 Rebecca St Wilkinsburg Allegheny. 

lunker, Jules, 211 S. 13th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

<Caffenberger, Adam, 2081 Ann St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Caiscr, John, McKinley. . Montgomery. 

£alinouski, John A., 3011 Brereton Ave.,. .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

hammer, Max M., 1408-10 W. York St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

■Cane Bakery, 208 Chase St., Kane, McKean. 

<anffelcl, H. J 1555 Southern Ave., Williamsport Lycoming. 

||plan, Morris, 526 W. Centre St., . . Mahanoy City, Schuylkill. 

Yapp, Adolph, 155 McKean Ave., . .Donora, Washington. 

Sfcrl, Hugo F., 820 Penn Ave., Wilkinsburg, Allegheny. 

Karstettcr, Mrs. . M. F., Curwensville, Clearfield. 

Saslovsky, B., 1520 Newport Ave., . . Northampton, Northampton. 

Katz, Charles, 1819 Columbia Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kauffman's Bakery, Alice M.,. .135 W. Gay St., West Chester, Chester. 

Kauffman, David, 1123 W. Somerset St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kauffman, J. G., East Prospect, York. 

Kauffman, Webster, 64 N. Fourth St., . . .Sunbury, Northumberland. 

Kaufman, J. B., Lancaster Lancaster. 

Kaufmann, George, 633 W. Montgomery Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Kausch, John, 914 S. Soles St., .... McKeesport, Allegheny. 

Kays Bakery, Hopewell Bedford. 

Kazmienzak, Joseph 4731 Cambridge St.,. .Frankford Philadelphia. 

Kebler's Sons, J. T. 136 Finley St Kane, ..McKean. 

Keebler Weyl Baking Co 258-68 N." 22d St.. . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Keefer, Joseph G Mifflin St Pine Grove, Schuylkill. 

Keener, Elvin P., 1125 N. Third St.. . .Catasauqua, Lehigh. 

Keidel, John 53d St. & Greenwood Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

z Ave. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

PRODUCTS — Continued. 

Keims Sanitary Bakery, 248 Third St., Columbia, Lancaster. 

Keithan Frederick 104 N. Mam St., Shenandoah Schuylkill. 

Keithan' John A 340 Market St., Sunbury, Northumberland. 

Ke-Kone Company 102 Orchard Alley, . . Connellsville Fayette. 

Keller HeniT.' 426 S. 11th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Keller' Howard G., 509 Walnut St Perkasie Bucks. 

Keller' John, 244 Dinwiddie St., . . Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Keller's Bakery A. R., Lititz, Lancaster. 

Kellerman's Bakery, Chas. C, 149 Main St., Taylor, Lackawanna. 

Kellev's Steam Bakery, 918 W. Mahoning St.,Punxsutawney Jefferson. 

Kemmerer, A. J., Main St., Bath, Northampton. 

Kennedy W. T., Belleville Mifflin. 

Kercher E R., 941 N. Penn St., Reading, Berks. 

Kettelbe'rger Eugene 815 Vine St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Keystone Bakery, 1808 Seventh Ave.,... . Altoona, Blair. _ 

Keystone Bakery, Nanty-Glo, Cambria. 

Keystone Bakery 45 N. 14th St., Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

Keystone Baking Co., 519 Franklin St., . . . Johnstown, Cambria. 

Keystone Macaroni Manufactur-15-17 N. Sixth St., . . Lebanon Lebanon. 

Keystone' Pretzel Company, . . . 147 W. Lafayette St., Norristown, Montgomery. 

Kieny Joseph A., 2969 Amber St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kienzle Charles W 812 Warrington Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Kin" D D., 508 Lincoln St., Sayre, Bradford. 

King W A ' & Co 20 S. Main St., Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Kink'ead ' L J., 210 Main St., Ridgway, Elk. 

Kircher ' William 2200 S. 22d St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kirchne'r William, 414 S. 54th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kirstner ' William, 1025 Fifth Ave., Altoona, Blair. 

Kittanni'ng Macaroni Co Kittanning, Allegheny. 

Klein John 741 E. Third St., South Bethlehem, . . . Northampton. 

Klein' Louis' ' 428 Berch St South Bethlehem. . . . Northampton. 

Klement Silian & Co., 163 Third St., Rankin , Allegheny. 

Klemm Carl, 121 E. Westmoreland Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Kley L. A., 115 Main St., Phoenixville, Chester. 

Kiev' Baking Co., The, Bank & Prospect Sts., Phoenixville, . .- Chester. 

Kleysteuber Bakery, G. M., ... 134 Suburban Ave., . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Kline & Hill • 13th & Muhlenberg Reading, Berks. 


Klins-er Frank J 205 Front St., Catasauqua, Lehigh. 

KlotI, Gottlab, 877 N. 20th St., . . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Knauer Fred Tamaqua St., McAdoo ■ Schuylkill. 

Knauss' John' G 152 W. Dauphin St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Knedeisen E F ' '. 1428 Unity St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Knoff Samuel, .' 223 Market St Chester, Delaware. 

Koch ' William' 1030 Filbert St., .... Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Koch's Sons Christian 711 W. Girard Ave., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Koch's Bakery Henry, 600 Walnut St., .... Perkasie, Bucks. 

Koehler Brothers, W. B. K, . . 21 W. Fifth St., .... Lansdale, Montgomery. 

Kohl William 028 Main St., West Stroudsburg, . . Monroe. 

KohFs Bakery', . '. • • • • • • ■ • ....../....-.■•.. Stroudsburg M ° nr ° e - 

Kohler Christ, 23G0 Salisbury St., . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Kohn Louis, 615 N. Third St., . . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kolb Bakery Co' " Tenth & Reed Sts., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kolb Bakery, Frank C, 233 N. Fourth St., . .Reading, Berks. 

Kolb's Bakery, Washington & Ash Scranton, Lackawanna. 


Kolb's Bakery, 214-22 Hamilton St., Allentown, Lehigh. 

Konrad's Bakery, Stephen, ...2400 E. Cumberland Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Kopp H M 441 S. Queen St., .... Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Kopp Oliver M., 239 S. Ninth St., .... Lebanon Lebanon. 

Kosto'rs Bakery, Frank, 6421 Frankstown Ave. Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Kowalski, Adam, 609 E. 13th St., .... Erie, Erie. 

Kraemer & Wolfe, 109 *N. Mam S f Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Kraft's Bakery, 63 E. Market St., . . . Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Kraiss Charles F 511 Eighth St., New Brighton, Beaver. 

Kramer M M., Main St., - Schwenksville, Montgomery. 

Kramer' Bakery, Mathias, 1100 Walnut St., McKeesport Allegheny. 

Kranking, J. F., 40 Market St., Tohnsonburg Elk. 

Kreider D K Altoona, Blair. 

Kricher', William, .2200 S. 22d St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

PRODUCTS— Continued. 

Krincr, Scott 234 Union St., Pottsville, Schuylkill. 

Kropp, Frederick W., 1821 Memphis St., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Krug, Henry, 2301 S. Colorado St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kruinm & Son, A. G 1012-18 Dakota St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Krupp, Vincent, 7 W. Main St., Lansdale, Montgomery. 

Kuehfuss, John G., 741 S. Second St., . . .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Kuehner, William F 219 Front St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kuenzig, Thomas, Mon Ave., Glassport, Allegheny. 

Kuhn, M. R., Main St., Clarion, Clarion. 

Kuhnt, Charles EL, Collegeville Montgomery. 

Kunst, Paul, 502 Spruce St Lebanon Lebanon. 

Kunz, Oscar, Tenth & Morris Sts., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Kurtz Bakery & Confectionery, Lincoln & Sheridan Bellevue, Allegheny. 


Kutz, H. D., Kutztown, Berks. 

Kweller, Max 930 Washington Ave., Braddock Allegheny. 

Kyling, F. T., Main St., Great Bend, Susquehanna. 

Labedzki & Company, A., 1916-18 Roberts Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Lackawanna Pretzel Co 422 Race St., Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Lampas, Charles T., 414 Market St Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

Lang, Chris, 319 N. Lawrence St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Lang, J. E., Washington, Washington. 

Lang, Samuel, 2000 N. 32d St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Langman, Matthew 1913 S. Seventh St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Latorio, Frank, 778 S. Sixth St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Latrobe Baking Company, . . . .1914 Ligonier St., . . .Latrobe, .Westmoreland. 

Laubach, Clinton E. E. 456 N. Centre St., . . Pottsville, Schuylkill. 

Lauterbach, C, 121 E. 21st St Erie, Erie. 

Lawall, Frederick 2327 S. 12th St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Lawton, A. D., 2638 N. Lawrence St.,Philadelphia, ...... .Philadelphia. 

Leacock Bakery, Leacock* Lancaster. 

Lecher, C. W., 120 Main St., Nanticoke, Luzerne. 

Leechburg Bakery, Market St., Leechburg, Armstrong. 

Lefever's Bakery, R. F. D. No. 1, .... Quarryville, Lancaster. 

Lehigh Baking Company, 701-3 N. Seventh St., Allentown, Lehigh. 

Leichthammer Baking Co., .... 333 E. Airy St., .... Norristown, Montgomery. 

Leidy, Albert B., 105 W. Phila. Ave., . .Boyertown, Berks. 

Leinhardt, H. B., Wayne, . . . Delaware. 

Leiser, Fred, 5046 Baltimore Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Lemki, Ernest C 6011 Rising Sun Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Leonhardt, Henry, Second St., Girardville, Schuylkill. 

Leopold's Bakery 205 Haynes St., .... Johnstown, Cambria. 

Lerza, Fred., 902 Ohio St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Lessing's Bakery, 4349 Pechin St., .... Roxborough, Philadelphia. 

Letham, Robert, 918 Penn Ave., Turtle Creek, Allegheny. 

Letterman Bros., Lewistown, Mifflin. 

Lev an, John F 583 King St., Pottstown, Montgomery. 

Levin, Abraham, 733 S. Third St., . . . .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Levy, Nathan, 1915 S. Sixth St., . . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Lewis Bakery, Main St., Zelienople, Butler. 

Ley, Peter, 1511 Lincoln Ave.. . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Liberty Baking Company, 6014-22 Houston St., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Lieb, Felix W., 1033 Jefferson St., .. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Lilly Bakery, . .'. Lilly, Cambria. 

Limber, L. L., Franklin, Venango. 

Limber's Bakery & Grocery, C Franklin, Venango. 


Lindenmuth, Morris, Egypt, Lehigh. 

Link, Chas., 20j 3 Orthodox St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Link, Jacob J., 129 S. Fourth St., . . . Columbia, Lancaster. 

Link's Bakery 142 W. Cumberland Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Lit Brothers, . . . Eighth & Market Sts.,Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Lithuanian Bakery, 1020 Butler St., . . . .Easton Northampton. 

Lititz Pretzel Co., Lititz, Lancaster. 

Loch, B. P., 2109 Lowrie St N. S., Pittsburgh, . . .Allegheny. 

Loechel, Henry, 108 N. Center St., . .Pottsville, Schuylkill. 

Lohmeyer Est., Joseph P., ... .7250 Kelly St., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Lombardo and Brothers, 1219 Wood Way, . . . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Lonergan's Bakery 245 S. George St., . . .York York. 

Long, John D., 514 N. Third Et., . . .Lebanon, Lebanon. 

Long Baking Co., P. S., 923 Scull St., Lebanon Lebanon. 

Lorentz. Charles, 800 N. 46th St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

PRODUCTS — Continued. 

Love & Co., M. A., 910-912 Poplar St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Luck, William, 124 S. 20th St., .... Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Ludwig's Bakery, Chambersburg Franklin. 

Luhrs Steam Bakery, St. Marys, Elk. 

Lukashcwich, Casimer, '. E. Vandergrift, Westmoreland. 

Lutz Adam, 609 Larimer Ave., . . Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Lutz, C. L., .701 W. Market St., . . Pottsville Schuylkill. 

McCaskey-Willets Company, . . 807 Empire St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Mclntyre, William F., 2125 N. 63d St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

McManus Bakery, 812 Guirt St Homestead, Allegheny. 

McWilliams, J. M 1048 Penn Ave., Tyrone, Blair. 

Machus, John, 2220 Callowhill St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Mader, Alois, 2610 Parade St., Erie, Erie. 

Maginn, E Parkway & Lockhart Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Mahoning Valley Bread Co., 608 Sampson St., ...New Castle, Lawrence. 

The. „ ,. 

Maier, Andrew, 413 Lancaster Ave., Reading, Berks. 

Mailey, J. G 335 Main St., Latrobe, Westmoreland. 

Malena, Harris, 227 N. Second St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Mangione, Michael, 1337 E. Passyunk Ave.Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Mann's Bakery, 262 S. 60th St., Philadelphia, ■ . . Philadelphia. 

Manos Baking Co., Inc., 1531 Federal St., . . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Marasco Bros., Republic, Fayette. 

Marchl's Bakery, 166-174 W. Price St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Marker Bakerv, C. J., 229 Liberty St., .... Warren, Warren. 

Markovitz, David, 617 S. Third St., .... Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Markowitz, B., 1017 Talbot Ave., . . . Braddock, Allegheny. 

Markowitz, Herman, 705 Poular St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Marsh, Percy, 2866 N. Hancock St., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Martin, W. A Uniontown, Fayette. 

Martindale & Co., Thomas, . . . Tenth & Market Sts., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Martinsi, Konvaliski, Monaca, Beaver. 

Masel, John, Wyoming, Luzerne. 

Mashwitz, Herman, 1943 W. Dauphiu St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Mason Bakery, The, 120 Market St., Kittanning, Armstrong. 

Master, L., 234 Lombard St., .... Philadelphia, , Philadelphia. 

Matthews Bakery, Frank D.,.. 700-2 Clay Ave., . . . . Jeannette, Westmoreland. 

Matthews Bakery, 3d Ave. & Main St.,. . Royersford, Montgomery. 

Maurer, William, 300 St. Joseph St., . . Easton, Northampton. 

May, Joseph, 1151 Snyder Ave Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

May' Bakery, The, Christiana St Martinsburg Blair. 

Mayer, Gottlieb 124 Schuylkill Ave., . . Reading, Berks. 

Mayer, Jacob, 510 Island Ave., .... McKees Rocks, Allegheny. 

Mayer Baking Company, Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Meckling John 1462 N. Myrtlewood Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Medlar Biscuit Company 2202-16 Alter St., . . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Mees' Bakery, 916 W. Thompson St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Meess, August, 1422 N. 23d St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Merkle & Kaiser, 1713 Ridge Ave., .... Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Merklein, Charles 518 Somerset St., .... Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Merlino & Jannucci 7406-08 Tioga St., . . . Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Merwarth, Henry D 21st & Northampton Easton Northampton. 


Messner, H. K., Adamstown, Lancaster. 

Metz, Frederick, 1410 N. 25th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Metz, George H., S. E. Cor. Franklin Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

& Diamond Sts. 

Meyers, Samuel, Holsopple, Somerset. 

Meversdale Bakery, Meyersdale Somerset. 

Michel, Louis H., 31st & Diamond Sts., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Michel Bros., Main St., Schuylkill Haven, . . . Schuvlkill. 

Michelf elder, George 209 Harmony St., . . . Coatesville Chester. 

Mid Valley Bakery, 7 Depot St., Peckville Lackawanna. 

Miesse, D. W 123 N. Queen St., . . . Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Mifflin Bread Company Mifflin Schuylkill. 

Mill, Harry, 1427 Wolf St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Miller, Edwin M., 429 Gordon St., Allentown, Lehigh. 

Miller, Geo. H., 1508 Eleventh Ave., . . Altoona, Blair. 

Miller, O. H., Avondale Chester. 

Miller, Sallie A. L., 8 N. Second St., Coplay, Lehigh. 

Miller, William 1448 S. 17th St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County- 

PRODUCTS— Continued. 

Miller, William Or, 1037 Turner St., Allentown, Lehigh. 

Miller Baking Co., The, Ill) N. Oak St., Mt. Carmcl Northumberland. 

Miller, D. D., Red Lion York. 

Mills Co., CD., 7424 Tioga St., Pittsburgh Allegheny, 

Milone, Antonio, 925 S. Sixth St., .... Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Milone, Suigi 9U8 Catharine St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Mink, Henry, 4101 N. Sixth St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Minnick, E. P 623 W. King St., York, York. 

Mitinger, J. E., Greensburg York. 

Model, John, 2944 N. Fifth St., . , . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Model Bakery 5525 Walnut St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Model Bakery, Bentleyville, Washington. 

Model Steam Bakery, Lykens Dauphin. 

Model Vienna Bakery, The, . . . 938 Main St., Annville, Lebanon. 

Moesel, John C 706 Cedar Ave., Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Moessinger, Charles F., 1741 Fifth Ave., . . . . .Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Mohr, John, 717 E. Ontario St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Mohr, John H., 1320 Chew St Allentown, Lehigh. 

Mohr, R. G Main St., East Greenville Montgomery. 

Moll's Bakery, W. H Milton, Northumberland. 

Molz, John G 2641 Buckins St., .... Bridesburg, Philadelphia. 

Mondel, Alex 610 Chartiers Ave., . . McKeesport, .Allegheny. 

Moore, S 70 Broadway, Milton, Northumberland, 

Moore Bread Company, 1119 Spring Garden Philadelphia Philadelphia. 


Moore's Home Bakery, 2649 Olyphant Ave., . . Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Morganstein, Bernett, 737 S. Fourth St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Morgenthaler, A., Front & Ontario Sts., Philadelphia Philadelphia: 

Morreale's Sons, S 233 N. Ninth St Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Morrison, Thos. A., 112 W. Cunningham Butler, Butler. 


Morsovich, Morris, 138 Liberty St., Allentown, Lehigh. 

Morton, C. A 10 N. Main St., Union City, Erie. 

Moskowitz, Isadore S. W. Cor. Eighth & Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Ritner Sts. 

Motheral Avenue Bakery, 477 Motheral Ave., . . Monessen, Westmoreland 

Mt. Braddock Bakerv Mt. Braddock Fayette 

Mt. Pleasant Bakery 650 Main St., Mt. Pleasant Westmoreland 

Mountain City Bakery, Altoona, Blair. 

Movsovic, Morris, 138 Liberty St., Allentown, Lehigh. 

Moyer, C. L 1001 Washington St., . Easton, Northampton. 

Moyer, J. H., 1334 Vernon St., .... Harrisburg Dauphin. 

Moyer, T. M., 39 W. Locust St., Mechanicsburg, Cumberland. 

Moyer, Willis D., Macungie, Lehigh. 

Mullerschon, John George, .... 2474 Charles St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny 

Munz, Henry, 1713 Snyder Ave., . . . Philadelphia Philadelphia 

Munzinger, George 1600 E Street, Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Murko, John, Berwick, Columbia 

Murphy, James F., 551 W. Fifth St., Erie, Erie. 

Musser, Geo. W., Main St Yoe, .. . . York. 

Mustaro, Emanuel, 925 S. Eleventh St.,. . Philadelphia Philadelphia 

Mutschler, Otto, 708 Merchant St Ambridge, Beaver 

Mutz, Henry 1211 N. 13th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Myers, Bressler, Tower City Schuylkill. 

Myers, D. L., N. Main St., Mercersburg, Franklin. 

Naab, A. M., Linesville Crawford. 

Namislo, Anton, 3021 Belgrade St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

National Biscuit Company, . . . 409-421 Liberty Ave., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

National Biscuit Company, . . . 1301-29 Glenwood Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Neff Brothers, 23 S. Earl St., Shippensburg, Cumberland 

Neumann, F., 2127 E. Dauphin St., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Neumayer, Lewis, 849 N. 13th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Newell, Jas. M., 24 Market St., Mt. Union, Huntingdon." 

New Bethlehem Steam Bakery New Bethlehem, .... Clarion. 

New Cumberland Steam Bakery, New Cumberland, . . . Cumberland 

Newhanner, Mrs. Susanna, .... 25th & Ashen Sts Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Newhard, J. M 637 Washington Ave., Northampton, Northampton 

Newhard, Robert E., R. D. No. 2 Allentown, Lehigh 

New Park Bakery, The, 343 Market St., Williamsport, Lycoming 

New York Bakery, 208-210 E. Church Lock Haven, Clinton. 

New York Bakery, 1015 N. Second St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

PRODUCTS — Continued. 

New York Pie Baking Co 2503-21 Lombard St., . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Nicholas, Toma., S. E. Cor. 18th & Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Morris St. 

Nicholas, Wm. F., 619 Homewood Ave., . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Nicholson Company, The, 5704 Penn Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Nickel, Joseph, 5329 Butler St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Nickeli Bakery, John 4428 Penn Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Niemiec, Michael, 4540 Stiles St., Frankford Philadelphia. 

Nistle, Frank P 1039 Green St., Reading, Berks. 

Noffz's Bakery, Columbia Lancaster. 

Noll, Charles, 1351 E. Susquehanna Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Nonnemacker, Wm., 1924 Montgomery Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


North Eastern Steam Pretzel 2113 E. Huntingdon Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bakery. St. 

Northern Liberty Pretzel Bak- 325 Brown St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Novic, George, 721 Jerome St McKeesport, Allegheny. 

Obereker, Frank, . . * 523 New St Allentown Lehigh. 

Ochman Bros., 414 Tasker St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Oglesby's Bakery, 201-3 E. Broad St., . . Chester Delaware. 

O. K. Baking Co., Bentleyville, Washington. 

Olbrich, Hugo, 5172 Haverf ord Ave., . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Old Home Baking Company, . . 19th & Cranberry Sts.,Erie, Erie. 

Olszewski, A. W., 36 E. Ridge St Nanticoke, Luzerne. 

O'Neill, Geo. B., 19th & Centre Sts., . . Ashland, Schuylkill. 

Orr Baking Co., O. C, 310-12 Grove St., New Castle, .Lawrence. 

Orth, J. G., 11 S. Front St., Steelton, Dauphin. 

Orthwein, Ernest, 5800 Pine St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Osceola Bakery, .Osceola Mills, Clearfield, Clearfield. 

Oswego Baking Co., Braddock Allegheny. 

Ott, John G., 1309 Frankford Ave., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Oxford Bakery, 1918 W. Oxford St.,. . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Pailer & Averbach, 4060 Lancaster Ave., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Palm, M. J., Titusville, Crawford. 

Pancoasto Bakery, Confluence, Somerset. 

Pannier, Wm. G., 825 Linden Ave Pittsburgh, Alleghenv. 

Parkway Baking Co., 1228 Ridge Ave., .... Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Park Wood Bakery, 64 Hazel Ave., Wilkes-Barre Luzerne. 

Pasquarello Angelo, 4908 Wayne Ave., . . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Paterson Bakery, 423 Main St Moosic . . . . Lackawanna. 

Paul, Albert 613 Laurel St., Reading Berks. 

Pechan's Bakery, 648 Ninth St., Ford City, Armstrong. 

Peddie, L. J., 101 Henderson St., . . Lock Haven, Clinton. 

Peerless Biscuit Company 3212 Liberty Ave Pittsburgh, . . Allegheny. 

Pehlert, G. Emil, Kimberton, Chester. 

Peightal Bread Bakery, J. C.,. .1504 Tenth St., Altoona Blair. 

Peiter's Bakery Doylestown, Bucks. 

Penn Baking Co., 305 Penn Ave Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Penna. Baking Co., 341 Brook St Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Penna! Pretzel Co., 228 Court St., Reading, Berks. 

Peoples Bakery, HI Pike St., Carbondale, Lackawanna. 

Peoples Baking Co., • ■ • • -New Freedom, York. 

Perrone Bros., 159 S. Main St., Pittston Luzerne. 

Peterson, Christian, S. W. Cor. Fifth & Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Westmoreland Sts. 

Pfaff, Gustav, 2846 Kensington Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Pf altzgraff, George, 5141 Westminster Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Pf autz, John W 415 S. Tenth St Reading Berks. 

Pf eiffer, Frederick, 847 N. Ringgold St., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Pfeiffer', Wm. G., . . 700 W. Allegheny Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Philadelphia Bakery, . 121 S. Maple St., Mt. Carmel, Northumberland. 

Philadeplhia Home Made Bread 1331 N. Twelfth St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Pickersgill Bakery, Main & State Sts., . . Smethport, McKean. 

Pinzker, Ludwig N., 5829 Master St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Pipher Bakery, H. B Stroudsburg, ¥ 1 ? ni ? e - 

Pistel, George, 929 Fifth Ave., McKeesport, Allegheny. 

Pistner Brothers, 301 W. Washington DuBois Clearfield. 



Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

PRODUCTS— Continued. 

Pitcairn Bakery, Pitcairn, Allegheny. 

Planitzer, E. Otto 2518 Sarah St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Pleitzsch, Herman, 330 Callowhill St Philadelphia, . Philadelphia. 

Plogstert & Son, Wm 272 Paulson Ave., . . . Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Polish Baking Co., 129 W. Long Ave., . . . New Castle, Lawrence. 

Polish National Baking Co., . . Ill South Main St.,. . Shenandoah, Schuylkill. 

Pomraning, J. W., Dover, York. 

Pontello, Frank, 1212 Main St Sharpshurg, Allegheny. 

Portner, Louis, 1901 S. Fifth St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Poulos, John, 1410 East St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Povero, Henry Burgettstown, Washington. 

Provenzano, Antonio, 116 Chestnut Ave., . . Scranton Lackawanna. 

Pure Food Bakery Co., New Brighton, Beaver. 

Quakertown Steam Bakery, . . . 236-38 W. Broad St., . Quakertown, Bucks. 

Quality Bakery, Zelienople, Butler. 

Quillen, P. L., Beaver Falls, Beaver. 

Rabold, Henry, 1417 Jackson St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Raech, Herman, 1700 S. Twelfth St.,. . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Rahner Bakery, Adolph 1421 Tasker St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Raisch, Jacob H 1400 S. 52d St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Ralich, G. H., 701-3 N. Seventh St., . Allentown, Lehigh. 

Ramsey, Roy M., Sunbury, Northumberland. 

Randall, Daniel J., 404 E. Fourth St South Bethlehem Northampton. 

Raping, Joseph Lock Haven, Clinton. 

Rathgeber, Chas. F 5901 Arch St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Rautenstrauch, Karl 423 E. Twelfth St., . . Erie, Erie. 

Reading Biscuit Co., 120 S. Third St., Reading, Berks. 

Reading Steam Pretzel Co., . . . 584 E. Third St., . . . . Williamsport, Lvcoming. 

Rebe's Bakery, 1025 W. Columbia Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Rebman, August, 2010 Monongahela Swissvale, Allegheny. 


Reck Co., Jules 524 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Reeser, John A., 309 S. Eleventh St.,. .Reading, Berks. 

Reeser Bakery, Charles C, Bernville, Berks. 

Reichard & Co., G. H , Red Lion, York. 

Reinhard's City Bakery, 2272 Main St Northampton, Northampton. 

Reinhardt, Hermann, 3533 Germantown Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Reiser, George A 2204 Peach St., Erie, Erie. 

Reiser, George M., 3563 Marvine St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Rein, Bros., Birdsboro, Berks. 

Rener, Frederick C, 3116 Emerald St., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Rentschler Bakery, 533 Prescott Ave., . . . Scranton Lackawanna. 

Renz, Charles, 2340 N. 26th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Renz, Mrs. George, 1312 Parade St., .... Erie, Erie. 

Revoyre, Joseph A., 221 Broad St., Milford, Pike. 

Rhoads, Ammon K., 117-19 S. Third St.,. .Reading Berks. 

Rhoads, Cloyd, Reamstown, Lancaster. 

Ricchezza, Antonio, 1151-59 S. Ninth St.,. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Ricci, Michele, Clairton, Allegheny. 

Rice, Mrs. L. M., 119 S. Orange St Media, Delaware. 

Ricker, Andrew F., Park St., Elizabethtown Lancaster. 

Ricker Pretzel Bakery .Elizabethtown Lancaster. 

Riedemann, Bertha, 2036 W. Tioga St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Rieker Bakery, G. F., ... .1921 Fairmount Ave., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Riess Pretzel Bakery, Louis, . .' 1329 Frankford Ave., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Rigby, D. M., Mercer, Mercer. 

Riggi & Company, Joe, 211 Corner St Scranton Lackawanna. 

Rilling, Jacob, 223 Green St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Rippel, John, 1701 S. Second St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Rippelmeyer, H. B., 204 W. Pitts St., .... Gree^.sburg, Westmoreland. 

Robinson, J. H 252 E. Washington New Castle, Lawrence. 


Rocco, Alfonzo, 121 Miller St., Rankin Allegheny. 

Roesch, Henry, 5601 Wyalusing Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Rohmasser's Bakery 341 Penn Ave., Scranton, Lackawanna 

Rohner Co., Henry, Fifth & Race Sts., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Roll Biscuit Co 125 S. Penna. Ave., . .Wilkes-Barre Luzerne. 

Roman, Walter, 422 Chestnut St., . . .Johnstown Cambria. 

Romanoff, Abraham, 1400 S. Fifth St., . . .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Roof, Wm. N 126 S. Main St Ghambersburg Franklin. 

Roscoe Bakery, 1 Roscoe Washington. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

PRODUCTS — Continued. 

Rose & Hanna, Bellevue Allegheny. 

Rosen, Nick, 409 17th St., Beaver Falls, Beaver. 

Ross, Robert, 217-19 Morton St., . .Chester Delaware. 

Roth, Conrad, 2959 N. Eighth St., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Rothe, Max 527 North Ave., Millvale, Allegheny. 

Roush, Wm., : Lebanon, Lebanon. 

Rowles Bakery, W. E., Shiremanstown, Cumberland. 

Royal Bakerv, Bellwood Blair. 

Royer's Bakers, Denver Lancaster. 

Rucker, Joseph, 5426 Woodland St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Rudolph, Frederick, 424 W. York St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Rudolph, George, 2908 Maple St Erie, Erie. 

Rudy, Jr., Christian, 565 N. Queen St., . . .Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Ruhl, C. H., 2700 Main St Penbrook, Dauphin. 

Ruoff, Charles 259 E. Cambria St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Rural Valley Bakery Rural Valley Armstrong. 

Rybolowicz, Mike, 404 Olivia St., McKees Rocks Allegheny. 

Sabetta, Thos., New Kensington, . Westmoreland. 

Salomone, John, 705 S. Seventh St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Sangmeister, Henry F 627 N. Franklin St.,. .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Sanitary Bakery, 517 Bryden Road, . . . Ambridge, Beaver. 

Sanitary Bakery, Ill Main St., Bradford McKean. 

Sanner, Mrs. C. S Frackville, Schuylkill. 

Sassi & Son, Daniel, 816 Fitzwater St., . . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Sautter Sons, C, Inc., 1227 Chestnut St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Saxton Bakery, Saxton, Bedford. 

Saylor, J. T 341 Hazel St., Tamaaua Schuylkill. 

Scavone Bakery, M. D., 892 Water St Meadville, Crawford. 

Schach, H. G Tremont, Schuylkill. 

Schad, William F 783 S. Front St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Schafer, Joseph, 4501 Salmon St., .... Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Schaffer, Peter, S. W. Cor. Eighth & Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Dauphin Sts. 

Schaff nit, Jacob, 1312 Reedsdale St., . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Schaffnut, George W 3053 Brighton Road, . Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Schaible's Bakerv Easton .Northampton. 

Schaller's Bakery Green & Foster Sts., . Greensbnrg Westmoreland. 

Schanbachef.'Carl, 1007 W. Tioga St.. ..Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Schandt, George 128 N. 21st St.. .... .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Schaney, R. C, 1301 Madison Ave., . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Scharadin, Wm. D Orwigsburg, Schuylkill. 

Scharrch, Anton 8 State St Newtown, Bucks. 

Schaumburg, C. J„ 832 N. Ninth St Reading Berks. 

Scheer, Jacob °500 S. Sixth St., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Scheider, Joseph, Main St., Shenandoah, Schuylkill. 

Schell, E. W., 1512 Derry St Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

Schell, George, St. Marys, . . Elk. 

Schellhammer Bros., Rear 618 N. Locust Hazleton, Luzerne. 

Schenck, George R N. W. Cor. E. Tioga Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

& "A" Sts. 

Scheuer Baking Company Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Schilling, Adolph, 721 S. 20th St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Schilling, C. W 1949 Norris St Philadelnhia Philadelphia. 

Schillinger, Felix, 1119 W. Thompson Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Schimmack, Frank, 324 Burton Ave Washington Washington. 

Schimmel, Adam, 37 Boggs Ave., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Schimmel, T. R., Coopersburg Lehigh. . 

Schindele, Fred, 1729 Winghocking St.,Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Schlaefer, G. P., Bushkill Pike. 

Schlafer, John, 806 S. Sixth St Allentown Lehigh. 

Schlater, L. A., 4500 Frankford Ave., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Schlegel's Bakerv 1108 Centre St., Ashland Schuylkill. 

Schhchenmaver. F. L. 712 S. 21st St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Sehlosser, Chai-les, 2400 N. Grantz St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Schlosser, Eugene, S. E. Cor. Natrona & Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

„ . , Cumberland Sts. 

Schlosser, Joseph 3515 Frankford Ave., . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Schlotthauer, Charles, 629 Manor St Columbia, Lancaster. 

Schlotzhauer Baking Co., Inc., . 435-27 ftreen St., . . .Lancaster Lancaster. 

Sclimerzer, John, 161 S. 18th St Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Schmid, Charles, 4730 Tacony St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

PRODUCTS — Continued. 

Schmidt, Chas. J., 408 Eric Ave., Susquehanna, Susquehanna. 

Schmidt, Mrs. E 732 Parade St Erie Eric. 

Schmidt, Gustav, 3801 N. Seventh St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Schmidt, Melchior 2400 E. Clearfield St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Schmidt, Steward W., 19 North St Nazareth, Northampton. 

Schmidt's Bakery 18th & Mulberry Sts., Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

Schmitt, F. W., 24 N. Second St Clearfield, Clearfield. 

Schmitt, Karl, 2800 W. Water St.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Schmoyer, Alfred, 1025 Cley St Reading Berks. 

Schmoyer, A. P., 730 Gordon St., Allentown .Lehigh. 

Schnaebele, Herman J., 2216 N. 30th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Schneider, Fred., 147 W. Norris St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Schneider, Louis J., -. .2462 N. 17th St. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Schneider, M., 1123 Diamond St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Schnessler, E. C, 316 Ferry St., Easton, Northampton. 

Schoeller, O, 719 Front St., Freeland, Luzerne. 

Schoenthaler, August 1414 Shunk St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Schoettler, Louis H., 2109 Centre Ave Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Schofer's Sons, Henry, 233 N. Eighth St., . .Reading, Berks. 

Scholl, Hiram C Telford, Montgomery. 

Schubel, Anna, 803 Greenfield Ave... .Pittsburgh, . . . : Allegheny. 

Schuck, Adolph J., 1339 Rockland St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Schuler, Wm. L., 223 Horton St., Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Schultz Baking Co 609 Walnut St., Pottstown, Montgomery. 

Schumann, George, 3101 N. Front St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Schumm, Christian, . 1800 S. 18th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Schrack, J. Walter 118 Main St., Coatesville Chester. 

Schrech, Philipp J., 514 E. Penn St., Bedford, Bedford. 

Schwab, J. F., High St., Stowe, Montgomery. 

Schwamtein, Carrie & Charles, . 1119 Centre St., . . . .Ashland, Schuylkill. 

Schwarter, George F., 1038 Arrott St., Frankford Philadelphia. 

Schwartz, Wm., 1018 Willow St., Norristown, Montgomery. 

Schwartz, Karl G., 202 E. 22d St Erie Erie. 

Schwarz, Paul G., 801 Ferry St Easton, Northampton. 

Schwechten, H. R., 135 S. Third St., Easton, Northamnton. 

Schwehm, Henry, 229 W. Tioga St., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Schweiger, G. W Barth Lancaster. 

Schweizer, August 1743 Orthodox St., . . Philadelphia, . . . Philadelphia. 

Schwenker's Vienna Bakerv . . 740 Main St., Honesdale Wayne. 

Scott, W. H., 11 W. Third St., S. Bethlehem, Northampton. 

Seaman's Bakery 26-28 North Third St.,Hamburg, Berks. 

Seber's Bakery 126-28 Pine St Lancaster Lancaster. 

Seega, Frederick A., 5923 Lansdowne St.,. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Seibel & Stofflet 633-35 Northampton Easton Northampton. 


Seitz, F. A., Freeport, Armstrong. 

Seneca, Ferdinand 230 Penn St Bristol Bucks. 

Seuffert, George W., 3936 Locust St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Seven Baker Brothers, Wabash & Lowe Sts., . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

S. & G. Pretzel Co., 1106 Court St., Allentown, Lehigh. 

Shafer, Joseph E., 56 E. Main St., .... Nazareth, Northampton. 

Shamokin Noodle Co., Orange & Water Sts., Shamokin, Northumberland. 

Sharbone, Clayton, R. D. No. 5 Elstonville, Lancaster. 

Shaud, Edward A., Market St., Jonestown, Lebanon. 

Shaw, W. H., Westfield, Tioga. 

Shead's Bakery 106 W. Lancaster Ardmore, .Montgomery. 


Sheaffer, Jno. M., 905 Third St., Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

Sheesley, Geo. O., Powls Valley, Dauphin. 

Sheffield Wholesale Bakerv, Sheffield Warren. 

Sherkel, Fred .' Houtzdale Clearfield. 

Sherman Baking Co., .... 229 Centre Ave Butler Butler. 

Sherrick, M. D., Lawrence & Wilson Middletown, Dauphin. 


Shively Bros., Mifflinburg, Union. 

Shoemaker, Chas. E., Mertztown Berks. 

Shoemaker's Cafe, 2210 N. Front St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Shower's Bakery, E., Manheim, Lancaster. 

Shull's Steam Bakerv, J. D., Marysville, » . Perry. 

Siegfried, F. J 540 Northampton St., Easton, Northampton. 

Siff E 342 Lehigh St Easton, Northampton. 

Sigler Bakerv, Ralph Lewisrown, Mifflin. 

Simon, Jno. L., 102 W. Market St., . .West Chester, Chester. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

PRODUCTS — Continued. 

Simon & Veigel, 100 Hazelwood Ave., . Pittsburgh, . . . . Allegheny. 

Singer Bakery, 1 2027 S. Seventh St.,. . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Sinner, .□.., 2553 Cedar St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Sitz, Emil J 3701 Fifth Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Sluman, John, Plymouth, Luzerne. 

Small Bakery, .1628 Jackson St., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Smith, Chas. H., Spring Grove, York. 

Smith, Irvin, Newport, Perry. 

Smith, W. M., Schaefferstown, Lebanon. 

Smith Bakery, M. F., 501 E. Eighth St., . . .Erie, Erie. 

Smith Bros., 2605 East St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Smith's Bakery Red Lion York. 

Smith Company, S. R Grantham, : Cumberland. 

Smith's Hiland Annex 204 S. Highland Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Smith Steam Bakery, 210 Main St., Greenville Mercer. 

Smuckler, Louis 891 N. Sixth St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Snow, E. J., 701 First Ave., Farrell, Mercer. 

Snyder, D. J., Nazareth, Northampton. 

Snyder, E. G., 1249 Main St., Northampton Northampton. 

Snyder, J. D., Rockwood Somerset. 

Snyder's Bakery. 226 N. Bedford St., . . Carlisle, Cumberland. 

Sobers, E. F., 17 S. Second Ave., . . Bethlehem, Northampton. 

Sokol, A 1004 Main St., Dickson City, Lackawanna. 

Sommer, John, S. E. Cor. 17th & Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Susquehanna Ave. 

Southwark Bakery, 813 Carpenter St., ..Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Spangler, H. S., • Biglersville, Adams. 

Spannuth, Paul E., 932* Penn St., Reading Berks. 

Specht, Chas 440 S. Main St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Spohn, Martin, 1254 S. 22d St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Springer, Ralph, R. F. D. No. 2 South Bethlehem, . . .Northampton. 

Stablein, George, - 805 Crest Ave., Charleroi Washington. 

Stabley, Charles E., Dallastown, York. 

Standard Bakery Co., 6th Ave. & Beech St., Burnham, Mifflin. 

Standard Baking Co., 10th & Market Sts., . . Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

Stangl, P., 1113 Third Ave., New Brighton, Beaver. 

Star Bakery, 601-03 Second St., . . Juniata Blair. 

Stark, W. U., Mt. Pleasant Westmoreland. 

Starke, Ernest, 511 Dixon St., Homestead, Allegheny. 

State College Bakery, State College Centre. 

Stauffer, Harry O, Ringtown, Schuylkill. 

Stauffer Biscuit Co., Inc., D. F.,7-21 W. Princess St., York, York. 

Staver, Mrs. Emma S., 426 N. Highland Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Stecher, Wilhelm, 2401 S. Tenth St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Steeble Bakery, Frank 3818 Market St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Steelton Steam Bakery, 409 Bessemer St., . . .Steelton, Dauphin. 

Stef ens, Robert, S. E. Cor. 60th & Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Vine Sts. 

Steinecke, Ernest, 313 W. Indiana Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Steiner, Charles, 3560 Emerald St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Steinmetz, Alois F„ 212 Main St., Carnegie, Allegheny. 

Steinmetz's Bakerv, 38 Broadway, Bangor, Northampton. 

Stern, Louis, ' 1801 N. 16th St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Sterner, N. E., Montgomery, Lycoming. 

Stett, F. A., 2463 Jefferson St., . . Harrisburg Dauphin. 

Stewart, H. T., 10 Fourth St Sharon Mercer. 

Stewart Bros 1222 Federal St., Pittsburgh Allegheny 

Stier, Frederick, 1021 Oxford St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Stine, Joseph, Church Ave McKees Rocks Allegheny. 

Stinson's Pretzel Bakery, Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

Stites, E. H., 8 Exeter St., West Pittston Luzerne. 

Stoebenan, Frank, 2726 E. Huntingdon Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Stoebenan, Wm., 2855 E. Thompson St.. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Stoeber's Bakery, 808 N. Eighth St-., . . Reading, Berks. 

Stoecklein Bros. Co 7027 Spencer St., ...Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Stohrer, Richard, 2988 Richmond St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Storck's Bakery, Adolph, 801 N. 17th St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Stough, H. D., Scottdale Westmoreland. 

Strauss, Chas., Shillington, Berks. 

Strauss, C. M., Fredericksburg Lebanon. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

PRODUCTS— Continued. 

Striffling & Solliday, 235 Race St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Stritzinger, Lewis G., 263 W. Main St., .... Norristown, Montgomery. 

Stroebel, Gotthief, 5622 Girard Ave., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Strohm, Fred 917 Market St Marcus Hook, Delaware. 

Sturgis, N. D., 219 E. Main St., Lititz, Lancaster. 

Suchma, Jos. F., 7904 Frankstown Ave.. Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Suhr, Louise, 103 Main St., Wellsboro, Tioga. 

Sulock, Stephen, 353 Master St Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Sullivan Bros., 222-26 S. Water St.,. .York York. 

Sulz, Isaac, 1302 City Line, Philadelphia, ■ Philadelphia. 

Sunbury Baking Co., The, ; Sunbury Northumberland. 

Sunrise Baking Co :653 Washington St., Williamsport, Lycoming. 

Superior Steam Baking Co., Portage, Cambria. 

Swain, Axle, Bristol, Bucks. 

Swisher, S. G DuBois, Clearfield. 

Szoch Bakery, D., 1008 Second Ave., . . . New Kensington, .... Westmoreland. 

Szymanowicz, Stanislaus, 701 E. 22d St., Erie Erie. 

Tasty Bakery, Warren Warren. 

Teitelbaum Bros., 602 S. Second St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Templeton, A. J ; 289 Fairview Ave., . . Connellsville, Fayette. . 

Terzyk, Stanislaus, 2578 Orthodox St., ..Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Theur, John, 5821 Penn Ave. Pittsburgh, Allegheny 

Thorn, M., 159 N. 58th St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Thomas, Andrew C 1239 Penna. Ave., . . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Thomas, Ira B., 155 W. Catharine St.,Chambersburg, Franklin. ' 

Thomas Bakery, Summit Hill, Carbon. 

Thommen, John, 1700-02 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Thompson, H. A., Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Thompson, W. H., 229 S. Croton Ave., . .New Castle, Lawrence. 

Thompson & Son, A., Snow Shoe Centre. 

Thorns, Charles, 1616 Lowrie St., .... Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Thorley Baking Co.. 6th & Delaware Sts., Harrisburg Dauphin. 

Thornton Home Bakery, 4540 Baltimore Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Thrasher, T. K., Confluence, Somerset. 

Tietz, Charles, 1315 James St., .... Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Timpe, Fred, Broadway 46 Mauch Chunk Carbon 

Tischler, Jos., 228 E. Market St., . . Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Tisherman, Harry, 15 Townsend St., . . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny 

Todt, Michael, 720 S. 52d St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Tragash, Abraham 446 N. Centre St., . . Pottsville Schuylkill. 

Trauch, Ira E., Bedminster, Bucks. 

Trimble & Ford Jeannette Westmoreland. 

Tromctter & Son Cressona Schuylkill. 

Trostle Bakery, H. W., 2323 Eighth Ave., . . Altoona Blair. 

Truman Bakery, J. F., 204 N. Main St., Butler, Butler. 

Tupperry Bakery, Charles H., 23 S. Sharon Ave., ..Sharon Hill, Delaware. 

Ulrich, A. D 24 N. Railroad St., . . Palmyra, Lebanon. 

Ulrich, Robert, First & Wayne St., . .West Elizabeth Allegheny. 

Ulrich Bakery, John A., 2843 E. Venango St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Umlauf, Jacob, 1411 Centre St Ashland Schuylkill. 

Union Baking Co., 108 Pine St., Carnegie, Allegheny. 

Union Baking Co., 923 Evan St., ... .t. New Kensington, ...-Westmoreland. 

Uniontown Baking Co., 66 S. Gallatin Ave., . . Uniontown, Fayette. 

Unley, John 1427 Capons^ Ave., . . Scranton, Lackawanna 

Uram, Henry, 509 South St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Uram, Louis 925 S. Third St., .... Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Vaha, Henry, 5328 Market St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia! 

Valley View Bakery, Valley View, Schuylkill 

Veith, Charles, 2727 Buckins St., . . . Bridesburg, Philadelphia. 

Ventimiglias, T., 1127 Meadow Ave., . . Scranton Lackawanna. 

Ventimilia, Joseph 1116 E. Locust St... . Scranton, Lackawanna 

Verlohner, Adam,' 2000 S. 22d St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Verna, Luigi 1021 S. Ninth St., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Vernaecini, Emil, 465 Donner Ave., .... Monessen, Westmoreland. 

Vesper's Bakery, Bros., 138 Main St Greenville Mercer. 

V. G. Pretzel Co., The, 637-39 N. Lumber St.,Allentown Lehigh. 

Vienna Bakery, 218 Mulberry St., . . . McKeesport, Allegheny. 

Vilotte, C. L 633 Fitzwater St'., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Vischer, Fred 1921 Cnyuga St., .... Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Vogel, William C, 838 Locust Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Vogt, Henry A 1501 N. Fifth St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Vogt, William, 2113 Perrysville Ave., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Vogt's Bakery, F., 4846 N. Leithgow St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

PRODUCTS— Continued. 

Volandt, Philip, 501 Diamond St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Volz, John Michael, 827 Prospect Ave., . . Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Von's Health Biscuit Co., Dr., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Vonderhud, C. G 220 Grant Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Wachter Max, 1017 Poplar St., .... Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Wagner,' Herman C, 2201 S. 15th St., . . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Wagner^ William, 4652 Stiles St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Wagner, M. A., Elk Lick Somerset. 

Wagner Baking Co., Coatesville Chester. 

Wagner Baking Co., . Mt. Union, Huntingdon. 

Wagner Baking Company, Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Wagner Vienna Bakery, 2316 Carson St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Wahl, George, 451 Charlotte St., . . .Pottstown Montgomery. 

Wahl' Home Bakery, 407 Adams Ave., .... Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Walbert, W. M., 823 Chew St., Allentown, Lehigh. 

Walsh's ' Bakery, Towanda : Bradford. 

Walten & Zeiter, 4020 Lancaster Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Walter & Son, F., Inc., West Bridgewater, . . Beaver. 

Walters & Sons, Inc., F., Cherry St Ephrata Lancaster. 

Walter's- Steam Bakery, 390 East St., Bloomsburg, Columbia. 

Walz, Charles J., 528 W. Venango St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Ward Baking Company, 6452 Penn Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Ward Baking Company 3100 Liberty Ave., . .Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Warner, Phillip, 138 St. Joseph St., . . Easton,. Northampton. 

Warren Bakery, Warren Warren. 

Washington Bakery, 6230 Germantown Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Washington Baking Co., Forgie Bldg Washington, Washington. 

Wayne Junction Bakery, 4331 N. 18th St., ...Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Weaver & Son, Frank, Warren Warren. 

Weber, Louis 516 S. 21st St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Wehinger, Mrs. Jos. A., 1508 W. Norwegian Pottsville, Schuylkill. 

Weiler, Conrad 1501 E. Susquehanna Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Weiler, Emil, 855 N. 16th St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Weinstein's Bakery, < . .504 S. Washington Scranton, Lackawanna. 


Weiss, A., 6 Linden Ave., Duquesne, Allegheny. 

Weiss, Frank, 456 High St., Pottstown Montgomery. 

Weissburg, Louis, 330 Erie Ave., Aliquippa, Beaver. 

Weiler, Geo. J., Akron, Lancaster. 

Weiler, Louis C, 2566 N. 30th St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Welsh, J. B. 135 Fifth St., Renovo Clinton. 

Wendt, Charles, 200 Ryers Ave., .... Cheltenham Montgomery. 

Weng, Frederick J., 720 N. 38th St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Wenger, Oscar, Parkesburg, Chester. 

Wentzel, Franklin, 872 Braddock Ave., . . Braddock Allegheny. 

Werlinich, Nick Ella & Shingiss Sts., McKees Rocks Allegheny. 

Werner, F. M., Market Square, Fredericksburg Lebanon. 

Wernert, August, 2649 W. Lehigh Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

West End Pretzel Bakery, 1241 N. 28th St., . . .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

West Homestead Baking Co., . . 467 W. Eighth Ave., . . West Homestead Allegheny. 

West Penn Pretzel Co 412* Pacific Ave., . . . McKeesport Allegheny. 

West Shore Bakery, Lemoyne, Cumberland. 

West Side Bakery, 112 S. Main Ave., . . .Scranton Lackawanna. 

Westling, Leonard L., 201 Brnshton Ave.,. . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Whitaker's Bakery, ,4367 Cresson St., . . .Manayunk Philadelphia. 

Whitmore, C. A., N. Park St Mercersburg, Franklin. 

Wichensky, J., 18 W. Washington St.. Bradford, McKean. 

Wichtermann, John G., 1900 E. Cumberland Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Wiederrecht Bakery, The, . . . .615 S. Plum St., . . . .Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Wiesen Bakery & Grocery Co., 424 E. State St., Sharon, Mercer. 

Wilde Bakery, Gustav, 1711 Carson St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Wilde's Bakery, John, 1111 Lincoln Ave., . . Moore, Delaware. 

Wildermuth's Bakery, Louis, . . 247 E. Girard Ave., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Wilkes-Barre Baking Co , . '. Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Will's Bakery, L. H. E Main St., Homer City Indiana. 

Williams, J. D 63 S. Main St Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Williams, Thomas, 641 E. Girard Ave.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Williams Bakery, Franklin Ave. & Lin- Scranton, Lackawanna. 

den St. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

PRODUCTS— Continued. 

Williamsburg Bakery, First St., Williamsburg Blair. 

Williamsport Baking Co., 334 N. Fourth St., . . VVilliamsport, Lycoming. 

Willing, Nicholas, 5101 Race St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Wimley, Horace B., 1604 N. Broad St., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Winner-Franck Baking Co., . . . 533 Arch St., VV^lliamspoit, Lycoming. 

Wirth Bros., 519 Semple St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Wishart, Andrew Dunbar Fayette. 

Wisler, R. L North Weissport Carbon. 

Wissman, G., 410 E. Ohio St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Wittenberg Noodle Co., 2331 N. 13th St., . . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Wittmann, John G 5150 Keystone St., . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Witzgall, Conrad 2553 Tulep St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Wohlfarth Bros. Bakery, 117 E. Eighth Ave., . . Homestead, Allegheny. 

Wojcieckowicz, T. M., 4221 Main St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Wolf Bakery, Andrew M., Bernville, Berks. 

Wolf Bakery, W. H., Main & Camby Sts.,. . Penbrook, Dauphin. 

Wolfe Company, D. M., 417 Brushton St., . . . Pittsburgh,*- Allegheny. 

Wolfert, Geo. H 2222 Coral St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Wolfgang, E. J 419 Penna. Ave., Scranton Lackawanna. 

Wolicki, Michael, 300 S. Eighth St., . . . Reading, Berks. 

Woll, Louis F., 1548 Cayuga St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Wollschlager, Paul 301 W. Cambria St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Wonsosky, H., 1433 S. Seventh St.,. . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Wood, Jas. B., Depot St., Youngwood, Westmoreland. 

Woodlawn Bakery, 538 Franklin Ave., . . Woodlawn, Beaver. 

Wormstall, August Ill Caldwell Ave., . . Wilmcrding .Allegheny. 

Wrede, Christian 1353 N. Tenth St., . . Reading, Berks. ' 

Wright, R. H., New Holland, Lancaster. 

Wright's Bakery, Hatboro, Montgomery. 

Wurzbach, Emil, 1538 Strunk St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

• Wyand Baking Company, 136-140 W. Third St., Waynesboro, Franklin. 

Wyoming Baking Company, ... 37 W. Eighth St., . . . Wyoming, Luzerne. 

Wyrie Baking Company, R. H New Castle, Lawrence. 

Yeide, Harry, Weatherly, Carbon. 

Yerger, George 1225 Washington Ave.Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Yetter, George P., 4932 Second Ave., ..Pittsburgh, Allegheny. N 

Yoch Bakery Co., 34-36 W. Chestnut St.,Shamokin, Northumberland 

Yoder & Snyder, 733 Whitehall St., . . Allentown, Lehigh. 

Yons, Robert E 506-08 Broadway, . . . South Bethlehem, . . . Northampton. 

York Baking Co., 338 W. Market St.,. . York, York. 

York Pretzel Co., York, York. 

Young, August „ Franklin Venango. 

Young, John G : 561 E. 18th St Erie Erie. 

Yurgensen, George, 5000 N. Fifth St., . . . Pmladelphia, Philadelphia. 

Zaenkel, Fred 2716 Penn Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Zahren, George P., 1814 Beaver Ave., . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Zeigler & Etchberger, Mt. Penn, Reading, Berks. 

Zelt, John, Uniontown, Fayette. 

Zepp, F. K., Broad St., Hatfield, Montgomery. 

Zibelman, Morris 700 S. Third St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Ziegler, C. A., Derry, Westmoreland. 

Zielbauer, Joseph, 1711 Wylie Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Zimmerman, Ike, 724 Dickinson St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Zimmerman, Morgan B., 32 N. Sixth St., . . . .Emaus, Lehigh. 

Zinsser, Adolph, 5128 Butler St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Zinsser, W. F., 3602 Butler St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Zinter, Chas. A., 5901 N. 13th St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Zoeller, Chas. L. 20 Congress St., Bradford, McKean. 

Zotter, Joseph 1042 Walnut St McKeesport, Allegheny. 

Zuckerman, Herman Pierce Ave., Butler, Butler. 

Zwerling, Louis, 2115 S. Seventh St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kwiebach Co., Ott, 849 -N. 16th St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 


Abbotts Alderney Dairies, .... 31st & Chestnut Sts., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Abington Dairy Company, .... 324 Linden St., Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Academia Creamery, Academia, Juniata. 

Alba Butter & Cheese Manu- Alba Bradford. 

facturing Co. 

Allegheny Dairy 1224 Palo Alto St., . . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Allentown Dairy Co., 1021 Turner St., . . . .Allentown, Lehigh. 

Altenwald Creamery Co Altenwald Franklin. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

DENSED MILK — Continued. 

American Dairy Company, Philadelphia, Philadelnhia. 

Anderson Ship Supply Co., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Auburn Four Corners Creamery Meshoppen, Wyoming. 

Aratinburg Dairy Co., Austinburg, Tioga. 

Beiler Gideon, Lenover, Chester. 

Belleville Condensed Milk Co., ^i 1 ^ 6 ' ' • ^ iffl l n - 

Bethlehem Creamery Bethlehem, Northampton. 

Risrein's & Sons Co., J. D., ... 48 N. Irvine Ave., . . Sharon, : Mercer. 

Borden's Condensed Milk Co., 108 Hudson St New York (N. Y.),... 

Plants at Genesee Potter. 

Honesdale Wayne. 

Lakewood Wayne. 

Montrose, Susquehanna. 

Ulster Bradford. 

Bradford County Creamery Co., LaceyviUe, Wyoming. 

Brendlinger Brothers, Spring City, Chester. 

Bridge Farm Creamery £/ nd ^' Chester. 

Brooklands Company ^u Stei % Chester. 

Brown & Co., Percy A., Wilkes-Barre, Luzer ne. 

Burdan Brothers Pottstown Montgomery. 

Burlingame, J. T., Canton Bradford. 

Butler Pure Milk Co S u £ er ' K "l £, utl ? r - 

Callensburgh Creamery, Callensburgh, Clarion. 

Carter, Clarence, Cnatiiam ^ es } er - 

Clemens, M. C. & Co., Harleysville Montgomery. 

Clifford Creamery Co 2-$°£'„- Susquehanna. 

Clinton Stock Farm, Mi Hall Clinton. 

Coburn Grain & Creamery Co., Millheim bentre. 

Crest Farm Dairy, Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Cumberland Valley Creamery Franklin & London Chambersburg, Franklin. 

& Dairy Co. Sts. 

Darlington, M. R., Pomeroy, Chester. 

Gap, Lancaster. 

Darlington & Bro., E. Chadds Ford Junction. Chester. 

Darlington's Sons, M., . Pomeroy Chester. 

Darlington & Sons, M. F., U&Tlmg, ... Delaware. 

Degler W H., Womelsdort, Berks. 

Delmont Canning Co., Delmont Westmoreland. 

Dewart Creamery JJewart Northumberland. 

Dickinson, Gilbert & Keen, ^OT^ ??"£ 

Dilworth Company, Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Douglassville Creamery, Douglassville Berks. 

Drakes Corner Creamery, £ ati [ eld ' • : v : Montgomery. 

Drakes Mills Cheese Factory, Cambridge Springs, . . Crawford. 

Dublin Dairying Association, Dublin Bucks. 

Eastburn Place Guernsey & Newtown Bucks. 

IC6 Co 

Easton Sanitary Milk Co., 25-29 S. Front St., . . Easton, Northampton. 

Eberly H E., Denver, Lancaster. 

Echo Vale Creamery Co., ?^ d /°T d ' Bedford. 

Eckman, William J., „ illlv 3 lle ' Columbia. 

Elk Dairy Products Co w^,'^ <t m \ §-*• Mar y s > ^k. 

Elmo Creamery Co., .......... R. F D. No. 1 Knox Clarion. 

Erie County Milk Association, 2014-32 State St., . . .Erie, Erie. 

Erie Pure Milk Co., Erie, Erie. 

Export Creamery Company, t£P ort » Westmoreland. 

Farm and Dairy Products Co., Milton, Northumberland. 

Farmers Creamery Association, Worcester, Montgomery. 

Farmers Creamery Co., -™ nt ^ Lancaster. 

Farmers Dairy 41 S. Mam St Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Ferndale Creamery, Ferndale Bucks. 

Forest Lake Creamery Co., Ltd..R. F. D. No. 5, Montrose, Susquehanna. 

Forsythe, C. J., R. F. D. No. 1 Genesee, Potter. 

Frankeiser, R. H., Bechtelsville, Berks. 

Franklindale Creamery Co Towanda, Bradford. 

Frederick Brothers 15th & Allen Sts., . . . Allentown, Lehigh. 

French Creek Cheese, Waterford, Erie. 

Friendsville Cooperative Cream- Friendsville, Susquehanna. 

ery Co. 

Galeton Dairy Products Co., Galeton Potter. 

Garber & Son, E. L., Lititz, Lancaster. 

Gettysburg Ice & Storage Co Gettysburg, Adams. 

Goldendale Creamery Co Edinburg, Lawrence. 

Groves Company, Joseph, 344 Collins Ave Pittsburgh Allegheny. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Hanover Creamery Co Hanover, York. 

Harford Dairy Co., The Harford, Susquehanna. 

Harmony Creamery Co., 407 Liberty Ave Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Harrington, M. J., Dushore, Sullivan. 

Hecktown Creamery Co 67 Gropp St., . . -. Bethlehem, Northampton. 

Hecktown, Northampton. 

Helvetia Milk Condensing Co Highland Bradford. 

Westfield, Tioga. 

Wellsboro Tioga. 

Hershey Creamery Co 401 S. 11th St., Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

Highland Milk Condensing Co., Elkland, Tioga. 

Hires Condensed Milk Co 913 Arch St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hobbie Creamery Co-Op. Asso- Nescopeck, Luzerne. 


Holly, John, Colmar, Montgomery. 

Holly Brothers, Souderton, Montgomery. 

Howard Creamery, Coburn, Centre. 

Howden Cheese Factory The Corryville McKean. 

Huffs Church Creamery Co., Huffs Church Berks. 

Hunsberger, R. S., Mainland Montgomery. 

International Cheese Company. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

I. X. L. Creamery, Friedus, Somerset. 

Jackson Center Creamery Co. Millerton Tioga. 

Jersey Hill Creamery Co., Ruch, Susquehanna. 

Kersey Co-operative Creamery, Kersey, Elk. 

Kieffer, I. L R. F. D. No. 2, Oley, Berks. 

Knaulz Company, Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Knight Creameries, New Bethlehem, .... Clarion. 

Kurtz, George, 126 N. Seventh St., . . Allentown, Lehigh.' 

Lancaster Sanitary Milk Co., . . N. Queen & Frederick Lancaster, Lancaster. 


Lander Creamery, Russell, Lander, Warren. 

Landis Store Creamery, Landis Store, ^Berks. 

Lawsville Center Co-op. Cream- Lawsville Susquehanna. 

ery Association, Ltd. 

Lear, Asher R., Doylestown, Bucks. 

Lebanon Creamery Co., Lebanon Lebanon. 

Lester Milk Company, 15th & Race Sts., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Levy Dairy Co., Laceyville Wyoming. 

Linfield Creamery, Linfield, Montgomery. 

Lucinda Elgin Butter Co., Lucinda; Clarion. 

McClows Creamery, New Berlin Union. 

Magaw Cheese Co., L. C, 156 Center St., Meadville, Crawford. ■ 

Mahaffey Creamery Co., Mahaffey, Clearfield. 

Mammala Corporation, Knoxville, S oga * 

Maple Place Creamery Sugar Grove, Warren. 

Marion Center Co-op. Creamery Marion Center, Indiana. 


Martin Company, D. B., 30th & Market Sts., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Mercer, R. S., New Wilmington, . . . Lawrence. 

Merrell-Soule Co Union City, Erie. 

Mifflin Creamery Co., Inc Mifflintown, Juniata. 

Mohawk Condensed Milk Co., Cambridge Springs, . .Erie. 

Corry, Erie. 

Monroe Cheese Company, Monroe (N. Y.) , .... 

Covington, Tioga. 

Montoursville Co-op. Creamery Montoursville Lycoming. 

Musselman, H. F., Telford, Montgomery. 

Neimeyer, Asa H., Jefferson & Walnut Allentown, Lehigh. 


Nemath, J. Charles, 3536 N. Eighth St.,. .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Chalf ont, Bucks. 

New Era Creamery Co., New Era, Bradford. 

Newark Cheese Co., Galeton Potter. 

Newark Milk and Cream Co South Montrose, Susquehanna. 

Newfoundland and Sterling Newfoundland, Wayne. 


Noll, J. C, Butztown, Northampton. 

Nunundah Creamery Co., Smethport, McKean. 

Oak Grove Dairy Co., Inc., Franklin Venango. 

Oley Creamery, Oley, ?, e , rk f • 

Peerless Milk Co., Etna, Allegheny. 

Pennsylvania Milk Products Co. 2112 Atlas St., Harrisburg Dauphin. 



Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Peoples Sanitary Dairy Swede & Markley Sts.,Norristown, Montgomery. 

Petersburg Co-Operative Cream Petersburg, Allegheny. 

Pittsburgh Provision & Pack- Herrs Island, Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Plea! ant Valley Creamery Co., • • • • • • • • Milton, ... Northumberland. 

Producers Dairy Co., 13 W. Willow St., . . Wilhamsport, Lycoming. 

Puo-h j3 a Oxford, Chester. 

Quaker City Dairies; ".'.'.'.'.'.'. '.236 Greenwich St., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Reeser, Robert R., 015-21 New St., .... Allentown, Lehigh. 

Richardson, Charles M., S 6 ™^ \ ??/*!• 

Rieck Company, Edward E.. ..1345 Forbes St Pittsburgh 4M eny - 

Rieck McJunkin Dairy Co., l lt! t b i U f gh * Allegheny. 

Rockdale Cheese Factory Rockdale Twp., ,. . . . Crawford. 

Rockwood Co-operative Cream- Rockwood, Somerset. 

Roti? Dairy Company, EfflSf ' ' n^f' 

Rosedale Creamery, Rosedale, Chester. 

RoseSale Dairy Co Gibson, Susquehanna. 

Rush Creamery Company, £ ush < ■ ■ •• ■ • • Susquehanna. 

Sassamansville Creamery Co.,. Sfj^Sh"" 6 * Montgomery. 

Saverese & Co., V., 2002 Penn Ave., . . . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny 

Say re Creamery & Cold Storage bayie * • • Bradford. 

Rehafer Reinhard 1814 S. 20th St., . . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Toughkenamon, Delaware. 

Unionville Delaware. 

«Jilvo»- Rm-ino- Diirv Co Holtwood, Lancaster. 

I .Wfl«£ rfe^merv Co East Canton, Bradford. 

sSksbu^So^ti^'Crea^. Smicksburg Indiana. 

Wh &°*Sons G Inc . . .Seeleyville, Wayne. 

luring Gi S o°ve S C?eamoS'. ""'IB St., Sggj Grove, York. 

strini Mills Creamery, Tn™.ll£ * n T a 

Squie* & Son, A. L ^ownv ille Crawford. 

Standard Dairy Co., 2 Si ' Luzerne. 

State College Creamery, ItSnsbuS g ' S^kf 

If midsburf Creamer; ! - Stroudsburg, Monroe. 

I* nrooV R C rea y ' Birchrunville Chester. 

Snllivan Oountv Creamery 'Co., Jefferson ville, Wayne. 

Suple n MUk Co. ". .'.m8 Jefferson St., ..Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Three Moore Brothers Co Mea ^ llle Crawford. 

Timblin Creamery Co., wS &* "iv £ eff !£ S0, V 

Towanda Valley Creamery Co., West „* ranklm - Bradford. 

Towanda Valley Creamery Co., S? W w ' "7 Bradford. 

TYinVhannnck Oeamerv Co , . lunkhannock, ....... Wyoming. 

?unSr& WescoTt "iS. .'...2932 Market St., ...Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Glen Koy, Chester. 

Ulmer, Elias, ..•'-. Pipersville, Bucks. 

Walker & Co The H Somerset, Somerset. 

Walker Ice Cream Co., , 309-11 Union St., . . -Warren, . Warren. 

Wall AW Sheakleysviile Mercer. 

Wartkington, R.*D.,' '. T h ree Tuns, Montgomery. 

Wellsville Creamery Wellsville, York. 

West Auburn Creamery Co., . .335 Hamilton St., . . .Allentown, Lehigh. 3 

Plants at Leroysville, Bradford. 

North Orwell Bradford. 

West Auburn Susquehanna. 

West Burlington Dairy Co., Troy 2 ra ^ or 3' 

West Burlington, .... Bradford. 

West Chester Dairy, West Chester g he *& er - 

Wildi Evaporated Milk Co., Troy. Bradford. 

The John Lewisburg, Union. 

Wilkinsburg Dairy Co., Wjlkinsburg, Allegheny. 

Willow Hill Creamery, Wallow Hill Franklin. 

Windsor Castle Creamery Si 1 . 1 ? 5 ! * T . wp " S^i r*i i u- 

Winters & Kesler, Ine Lafayette Bldg Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Wyalusing Creamery Co., ....32 W. Market St., . . Wilkes-Barre ..Luzerne. 

Wyalusing. Bradford. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Wykoff, J. L Cambridge Springs, . . Crawford. 

York Sanitary Milk Co., George & Jefferson York, York. 

Yough Ice & Storage Co., Connellsville, Fayette. 


Adams County Preserving Co., Front & Market Sts., Harrisbnrg, Dauphin; 

Grantham, Cumberland. 

Allen Canning Co., Inc., A. H., Peach & Wood Sts., . . Erie, Erie. 

American Preserve Co., Inc., 950 Beach St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Asher, Chester A., 5605 Germantown Philadelphia, ...:.. .Philadelphia. 


Bannon, C. M., 43 E. Walnut Lane, Germantown, ...... .Philadelphia. 

Bauman Manufacturing Co., ..313-15 Carbon Ave.,.. New Castle, Lawrence. 

Botsford & Tweed, 1023 Forbes St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Boyle & Williams, 72-74 Webster St., . . Bradford McKean. 

Carter & Company, 821 N. Ninth St., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Chances Sons, R. C, 122-24 Pine St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Chandee, Ira W Delta, York. 

Cochrane Brothers, 115 Jarvella St., . . . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Codorus Canning Co., Codorus, York. 

Colgan, Louis P., Fawn Gro^-* York. 

Columbia County Canning Co., j Bloomsburg Columbia. 

Cruikshank Brothers Co., .... Preble & Isora Sts., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Devilbiss, George W., Stewartstown, York. 

Ellin Canning Industry, C. B., .Morrisville, . .Bucks. 

Farmers Canning Co., Red Lion York. 

Finley Acker Co 121-23-25 N. 8th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Fisher, Simon, 109 Third Ave .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Garrahan Canning Company. . . Factory St., Luzerne, Luzerne. 

Gifford, E. P., " Erie, Erie. 

Girard Canning Co., North Girard, Erie. 

Haas, Oscar Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Harting, Mrs. G. L., Inc 4147 Germantown Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Heinz Company, H. J., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Plants at Avonmore Westmoreland. 

Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Sharpsburg, Allegheny. 

Hershey, P. H., Spring Grove, York. 

Highrock Canning Company, Highrock, York. 

Hyson, R. B., Bridgeton York. 

Jenkins-Kirby Co.. The, Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

King & Son, William P., Peterscreck Lancaster. 

Lancaster Vinegar Co., Water & Hazel Sts., Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Lauterjung, William, 234 Vine St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Lehman Company, A. G., .... Merchant & Martin- Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

dale Sts. 

Lutz & Schramm Co., 1412-64 River Ave., . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny 

Mitchell & Son, C Mill Village, Erie. 

Musselma.n Canning Co., Biglerville, Adams. 

Musselman Canning Co., Gardners, Adams. 

New England Supply, 4118 Ludlow St., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

North East Preserving Works, .North East, Erie. 

Orrtanna Canning Company Orrtanna, Adams. 

Philips J Ritter Conserve Co., 2219 Frankford Ave., Philadelphia Philadelphia 


Price, Hester, Kromer Ave., ....;. .Berwyn Chester 

Pross, Oliver S 4628 Tacony St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Pure Food Canning Co., R. F. D. No. 2, Erie, Erie. 

Quaker City Preserve Co., 1920 E. Venango St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Ritter Company, P. J., 1628 Arch St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Rode & Co., A., .510 Sandusky St., ...Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Roxboro Mfg. Co 4629 Umbria St., . . .Manayunk Philadelphia 

Ruff, Edward G., Delta, York. 

Ruff & Rehmeyer, Woodbine, York. 

Scarborough Brothers, Delta, York. 

Scheld, Mrs. P. C, 2027 E. Susquehanna Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 



Name and Industry. Address. . City or Town. County. 

GOODS — Continued. 

Schramm Company, J. H., 1003 Constance St.,. .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Schramm & Son, John, .4329 N. Lawrence St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Scranton Vinegar & Preserving 401 S. Washington Scranton, .Lackawanna. 

Co. Ave. 

Shriver & Co., B. F., Littlestown, Adams. 

Smith, C. C, Airville, York. 

Smith, James T., Fawn Grove, . York. 

Smith- Yingling Co., Kingsdale, Adams. 

Snyder & Sons, T. T., Sunnyburn York. 

Stohrers Keystone Pickle Wks., 118-20 Spruce St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Stowers Packing & Provision 226 Green's Place, . . Scranton, Lackawanna. 


Thorton Bros. & Co., Springboro Crawford. 

Wickham Brothers, r. 1740 Madison Ave., . . Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Wilkinson, G. A Nottingham, Chester. 

Wilmar Manufacturing Co., 331 N. Lawrence St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Winebrenner Company, D. E., Poplar St. & Penn. Hanover, York. 

R. R. 


Bachman Chocolate Manufac Florin, Lancaster. 

turing Company. 
Blumenthal Brothers, Margaret & James Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Hershey Chocolate Company Hershey, Dauphin. 

Ideal Cocoa & Chocolate Co., Lititz, Lancaster. 

Lafayette Chocolate Co., 120-22 Beaver St., ; . .Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Pennsylvania Chocolate Co., . . 5850 Centre Ave., . . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Wilbur & Sons, H. O., Inc., . . .Third, New & Bread Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 



Cambria Spice Mills Co., 414 Washinfton St.,. .Johnstown Cambria. 

Campbell & Woods Co.. The, . .2014 Penn Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegehny. 

Castor Brothers, 4649-51 Frankford Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Colburn Company, A., The, . . . 110 N. Second St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Dannenhauer & Hun, 106-08 S. Second St., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Dilworth Brothers Company, . . 1521 Terminal Way, . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Elliott Coffee Co., J. S., Newville, Cumberland. 

Enterprise Coffee Company, Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

Finley Acker Co., 121-23-25 N. 8th St.,. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Fort Pitt Brewing Company, . .16th & S. Canal Sts., . Sharpsburg, Allegheny. 

Frank, Fred 2937 Kensington Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Glendora Products Company Warren Warren. 

Harvey Estate, Jos. C, 627-29 N. Third St. . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Haworth & Dewhurst, Ltd., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Kemmler Company, Henry, . . .630 Grant St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Krouse & Son, Paul W., 826 N. Second St., . .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Lowry Coffee Company, Cor. Front & Walnut Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Marshall Brothers, 4049-51 Market St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

National Essence for Coffee Co., 19 Washington Ave., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Parke Company, L. H 232 Market St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Philadelphia Tea Company, Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Rothrock Co., Inc. E. W., Tyrone, Blair. 

Scott, William J., 2202 South St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Stem, J. W Knight Building, .... Ambler, Montgomery. 

Vienna Coffee Roasting Estab., . 1927-29 W. Tioga St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Weikel & Smith Snice Co., 133 N. Front St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Young Mahood Co., 646-48 Grant St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Adams, Chas. F., 218-224 N. Water St., Lancaster '. . .Lancaster. 

Adams, Sarah G 920 State & 706 PeachErie, Erie. 

Adams Argood Chocolate Co.,. .219 S. Broad St., . . .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Aland Bros .843-47 Jarvella St., . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Allen, Wm., 3545 Germantown Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Allen Candy Manufacturing Weatherly, Carbon. 


Alex, Leo S. Main St., Nazareth, Northampton. 

American Caramel Co., Lancaster, Lancaster. 

American Caramel Co Broad & Walnut Sts., York York. 

American Chicle Company, . . . .24th & Hamilton Sts., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Annas, L. J., 511 Mohr St., Allentown, Lehigh. 

Arata & Son, John 424-26 S. Front St... . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Asher, Chester .&.., 5605 Germantown Philadelphia Philadelphia. 


Atlantic Candy Co 636 Kater St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bachman Chocolate Company, Florin, Lancaster. 

Bacon Company, The D., 435 S. Cameron St.,. .Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

Bader, William, 7040 Woodland Ave.. . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Baeder, Philip W 4823 Woodland Ave., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Baker, Joseph, 2313 Frankford Ave., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bartholomae.'John W 26 N. 52d St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bauman Ice Cream Co., Dick, New Castle, Lawrence. 

Becker & Co 10 N. Ninth St Reading, Berks. 

Becker & Co., J. J .32 W. Market St., . . .Wilkes-Barre Luzerne. 

Bedford Bottling Works, Bedford Bedford. 

Benson, S. A., ., West Chester, Chester. 

Bitner & Co., S. K., Inc., Market & Grant Sts., . Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Boeckel & Company, R. C, W. College Ave. & P. York, York. 

R. R. R. 

Bone, Eagle & Co., 8th & Franklin Sts.,. .Reading, Berks. 

Bossard & Co., F. P., 807 Edgemont Ave.,. .Chester, Delaware. 

Brandle & Smith Co., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Brogdens Sons, Wm. T 243-45 E. Ontario St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Butter-Nut Candy Co., 20 E. Lacock St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Chauveau, A. J., 242 N. Eleventh St.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Clark Co., The D. L Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Coatesville Candy Co., Coatesville, Chester. 

Cocoanut Specialty Co., Inc., . . 1214 Crease St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Confectioners Specialtv Co., . . .228 N. Third St., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Continental Candy Mfg. Co., . .129 Christian St., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Cook & Son Co., J. M., Inc., Meyersdale, Somerset. 

Coughlet Company, The, 1132-42 Moss St Reading, Berks. 

Croft & Allen Co 33d & Market Sts., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Crown Chocolate Co., 136 Fifth Ave McKeesport, Allegheny. 

Cummings & Manos, 200 E. Washington New Castle Lawrence. 


Deakyne Bros., Third & Parker Sts., . Chester, Delaware. 

Dexter, E. Milton 1218 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia.- 

Dusenberg, T. Charles, 282 S. 52d St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Economy Bros., 2314 N. Front St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Elegance Confectionery Co., . . .837 W. North St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Elk Candy Co., St. Marys, Elk. 

Essig, Charles 3958 Market St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Evangeline Candy Shop, 2 S. Main St., Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Fiedler & Co., 2043 N. Second St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Finley Acker Co., 121-23-25 N. 8th St... .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Fleer, Frank H., Tenth & Diamond Sts..Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Frantz Candies, Inc., Grant & Cherry Sts., .Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Frey, Wm. C 1714 S. 19th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Fries, J. M., 1017 Chestnut St Reading, Berks. 

Gates, Inc., B. D., Reading, Berks. 

Gates Candies, Inc., 5th & Market Sts., . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Gates Home Made Candy Co.,. .106 W. Norris St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Gettysburg Candy Kitchen, . . .Chambersburg St., Gettysburg, Adams. 

Gibbs & Son, G. W., 339 W. Orane- St., . . Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Golamis, C. P., 16 N. Centre St Pottsville, Schuylkill, 

Greer, Harrison D., 1128 S. Broad St., . . . Philaderohia Philadelphia. 

Hallis, W. G., Franklin & Plum Sts.,Reading, Berks. 

Hanscam Bros. & Hanscam 734 Market St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bros., Inc. 

Hardie Brothers Co., .1601-9 Liberty Ave.,. .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Harlacker, Wm 16 East Market St.,. .York, York. 

Hartzell, Isabel A., Easton, Northampton. 

Haussmann, Herman A 1545 Germantown Philadelphia Philadelphia. 



Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Heckerman, H. C • • ,••:••• Bedford, Bedford. 

Hein Company, The, 32 Isabella St., N. S., Pittsburgh, ...Allegheny. 

Helm Candy Company, Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Henry Co., Inc., Dewitt P., . . .67 Laurel St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Herrmann, Henry G . 1529 South St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hershey Chocolate Company, Hershey, Dauphin. 

Heuber, Louis E 2959 Kensington Ave. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hiorth, Isaac A., S18 Edgmont Ave., . • .Chester Delaware. 

Hipp, Helen R., 1008 W. Girard Ave., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hobart Mint Company, Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Hofmann, Charles, 1953 Germantown Philadelphia Philadelphia. 


Hollis, W. G., 415 Market St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Huhn, R. R., Inc., 825 Wood St., Wilkinsburg, Allegheny. 

Huling, Charles C. 925 Locust St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Huyler's, 522 Wood St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Huyler's, 1320 Chestnut St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Izzo, Vincent, 640 Federal St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Julep Mint Company, Paxinos Northumberland. 

Kauffman & Co., Frederick A., . 1716 Perkiomen Ave., Reading, Berks. 

Keeley, A. C, 2215 N. Front St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Keppel & Brothers, R. F., Inc., Lancaster Lancaster. 

Keyte, F. H., . 137 W. Fourth St., . . Williamsport, Lycoming. 

Kiehl,' Chas. W., Willow & Laurel Sts., Williamsport Lycoming. 

Kimmey, Harry M., 1129 S. Broad St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kirias & Co., John, 603 Hamilton St., Allentown, Lehigh. 

Kirst, George, 1725 McKean St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Klein Chocolate Co., Elizabethtown Lancaster. 

Koch's Sons, Chas., 711 W. Girard Ave.,. . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Krause, William G., 5838 Germantown Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Kruse Co., Edward D 4903 Baltimore Ave., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Lancaster Candy Co., Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Laurent & Sons, F., 1308 Chestnut St., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Lehigh Candy Co., 324 N. Seventh St., . . Allentown, Lehigh. 

Lieber, Leo, ' 854 N. Eighth St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Lit Brothers, Eighth & Market Sts., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Litras & Co., John, 1103 Market St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Lock Haven Candy Co., Lock Haven, Clinton. 

Long, A. B., Reading ■: Berks. 

Love Manufacturing Co., F. S.,.621 Railroad St., . . . .Johnstown, Cambria. 

Luden, Wm. H., 208-242 N. Eighth St.,Reading, Berks. 

McBride, T. Brooks 1000 W. Third St., . .Chester Delaware. 

McClintock & Musser, Tyrone, Blair. 

McDonald & Company, 381 S. Main St., . . . . Wilkes-Barr» Luzerne. 

McWilliams Manufacturing Co., Shamokin, Northumberland. 

MacDonald, George F., 535 Liberty Ave., . . . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Manesiotis Bros 203 Market St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Manufacturing Co. of America. 439 N. Twelfth St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Maron, A. C, 1614 Chestnut St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Marquet, Louis F., 4800 Baltimore Ave., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Messer Candy Co., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Michelbach & Sons, E., ........ 1308-14 N. Orianna Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Miller, Chas. B., Jr., 1622 W. Susquehanna Philadelphia Philadelphia. 


Miller, Charles W 3735 Filbert St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Miller & Son. John M., 335-337 N. Third St.,. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Model Candy Co., 7th Ave. & 6th St., . . .Beaver Falls, Beaver. 

Moore Brothers, 8 E. First St., Oil City Venango. 

Morrison, Thos. A., 112 W. Cunningham Butler, Butler. 


Newmeister, Herman F., ?8-9 Girard Ave., .... Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Nichles, John P., 1 38 Market St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Norris City Mint Candy Co.,. . .100 W. Lafayette St., Norristown, Montgomery. 

Old Virginia Chocolate Shop. . . Jenkins Arcade Bldg., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Ottens Manufacturing Co., The 129-131 S. Front St., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Henry H. 

Oxford Confectioner^ Co South St. Oxford, Chester. 

Paist Company, F. M., R21 Cherry St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Pedrick, J. N., 521 Fayette St Conshohocken, Montgomery. 

Penn Candy Co., Margaret, . . .1341 Columbia Ave.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Petri, A. H., 2204 N. 29th St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

l'flaum, Christian, Jr., S. W. Cor. Fourth & Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Vine Sts. 

Pierce & Kuehfuss, 717 Edgmont Ave., . . Chester, Delaware. 

Pine Bros., Inc., 140 N. Eighth St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Pittsburgh, Cash Candy Fac- 1725 Penn Ave Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Plaginos, Frank G., 413 Ninth St., New Kensington, . . . .Westmoreland. 

Planters Nut & Chocolate Co., Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Pottstown Candy Co., 242 High St., Pottstown, . . : Montgomery. 

Pulakos & Sons, George, ' 926 State St., Erie, Erie. 

Purity Candy Co., 922 Master St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Purity Candy Co., Lewisburg, Union. 

Quaker City Choc. & Confec- 2134-60 Germantown Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

tionery Co. Ave. 

Quaker Maid Candies, 108 S. 52d St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Regennas & Sons, C. Fred, 120 W. Lemon St., . . Lititz Lancaster. 

Regenthal, H. F., 205 Jefferson Ave., . . York, York. 

Reichle, George W., 1066 N. Second St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Repetto Bros., 703 Welsh St Chester, Delaware. 

Reymer & Bros., Inc., Forbes & Pride Sts.,. . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Richardson & Early 140 N. Sixth St., Reading, Berks. 

Ridgway Confectionery Co 7 Market St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Rodda Candy Co., The R., 329 Church St., Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Rolles Brothers, 409 Market St., Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

Rose, John A., Second & Walnut Sts., Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

Ross & Shannon, Inc., 1318 Penn Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Sander, William, 3217 N. Front St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Sauppe, J. M., 432 S. George St., . . . York, York. 

Sauppee, V. C, 226 N.-Franklin St., . . Allentown, Lehigh. 

Sautter Sons, C, Inc., 1227 Chestnut St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Savidge, E. M Bloomsburg, Columbia. 

Schmitz, Otto, 3852 N. Fifth St., : . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Schultz, F. D., 102 Eighth St Erie Erie. 

Schute's Sons, Frank, 1227 N. Third St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Sheetz, Jet D., 121 N. Queen St Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Shellenberger Co., J. Frank, . . 152-56 N. Front St.,. . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Shuholz Chocolate Shop, 45 S. 52d St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Slavin, M. A., 5941 Market St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Smith & Peters Howard & Jefferson Philadelphia, 'Philadelphia. 


Southwark Candy Co., 1711 S. Eighth St.. . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Standard Caramel Co., Prince & Lemon Sts.. : Lancaster Lancaster. 

Steffan, John L 2100 S. 20th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Steppacher & Son, August, 1422 Susquehanna Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Stevens, Arthur P., 3500 Haverford Ave., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Stickler & Co., 1008-10 Chestnut St., . Reading, Berks. 

Thomas Candy Company, Allentown Lehigh. 

Tomlinson, H., 217 Conemaugh St., . . Johnstown, Cambria. 

Tri-State Candy Co., Connellsville, Fayette. 

Tzukatos, Andre D 506 Main St., Stroudsburg, Monroe. 

Vetter, John 509 W. Lehigh Ave.,. . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Wagner, Brooks & Moodv, 609 Callowhill St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Weaver, Costello & Co., Inc., . . 234-36 Second Ave.,. . Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Weglein Brothers 918 N. 30th St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Wellner, John, St. Clair, Schuylkill. 

Wenz, Ezra E., 302^ Adams Ave., . . . Scranton Lackawanna. 

Whitman, E. G., 323 N. Eighth St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Whitman & Son, Inc.. S. F., . . Race & Lawrence Sts., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Williams Chocolate Co Cliff St., Scranton Lackawanna. 

Williamsport Candy Mfsr. Co.,. . North & State Sts... . Williamsport, Lycoming. 

Wintermints Company '. Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

Wolfgang, C. J 602 N. Water St., . . . York York. 

Wunderle, P. H., 118-132 Pegg St., Philadelphia, Philadel-Ma. 

Young, Louise S., 5316 Germantown Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Ave. _ „ 

Yount's Candy Kitchen, , Reynoldsville, Jefferson. 

Zipf, Karl, 929 Penn St., . . . Reading, Berks. 


Dryden & Co., 323 S. Lawrence St., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hires Company, The Charles E., 206-10 S. 24th St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Acme Milling Co., Corry, Erie. 

Allison Brothers Spring Mills, Centre. 

Altoona Feed Mills, Altoona, Blair. 

Ames, J. Alvin New Holland, Lancaster. 

Anderson & Sons, J. B., Shickshinny Luzerne. 

Arendtsville Flour Mills Biglerville, Adams. 

Athens Milling & Produce Co., Athens, Bradford. 

Auburn Roller Mills, . . . . ; Auburn Schuylkill. 

Ayer, H. O., Ulster, : Bradford. 

Bahn & Co., W. D., New Freedom York. 

Bainford Milling Co., D. G., Midway, Washington. 

Bamitz, U. G Bamitz, Cumberland. 

Bare Milling Co., Roaring Spring, Blair. 

Barnes, S. D., Starrucca Wayne. 

Bassler Milling Co., C. W., Williamsburg Blair. 

Beers, W. E. & R. A., Academia, Juniata. 

Beidler, Henry S., 212 S. Main St., Doylestown, Bucks. 

Belleville Flour Mills Co., Belleville, Mifflin. 

Benn, G. D., Coalport, Clearfield. 

Bergin & Co., 163 Broadway, Nanticoke, Luzerne. 

Bergstresser & Flasher Three Springs, Huntingdon. 

Bieber, H. L., Montgomery, Lycoming. 

Bieber Bros., Allentown, Lehigh. 

Big Run Milling Co., Big Run, Jefferson. 

Blaine-Mackay-Lee Co., North East, Erie. 

Blank & Gottshall, S. Front St., Sunbury, Northumberland. 

Bosler Co., C. W., Ogontz, Montgomery. 

Bowman, B. C, Orangeville, Columbia. 

Bowman Est., T. J., East Hickory, Forest. 

Boyer & Sons, Levi, Pillow, Dauphin. 

Brackbill, C. E., Gap, Lancaster. 

Bradford & Son, Centre Hall, Centre. 

Brandt, D. G., Annville, Lebanon. 

Brooklyn Milling Co., Spartansburg Crawford. 

Brown, G. W., Williamsburg, Blair. 

Brown & Fassett, Tunkhannock Wyoming. 

Brown's Mills Milling Co., . . . . R. D. No. 8 Chambersburg, Franklin. 

Brown & Son, A. C, -» Waltersburg Fayette. 

Brown & Son, J. S., Loysburg Bedford. 

Bunnell, J. W., Pleasant Mount Wayne. 

Bushkill Milling Co., . . R. D. No. 2 Easton Northampton. 

Butturf, T. H, Newport, Perry. 

Campbell, Joseph, Woodville, Elk. 

Canonsburg Milling Co., Canonsburg, Washington. 

Carbondale Milling Co., Carbondale, Lackawanna. 

Central Roller Mills Waterford, Erie. 

City Flouring Mills, Inc., Sherman & Water Muncy, Lycoming. 


City Roller Mills New Castle, Lawrence. 

Clarion Feed Mill Co., Clarion, Clarion. 

Clarion Flour Mills, Clarion, Clarion. 

Clarion Milling Co., Edenburg, Clarion. 

Clark Company, H., 32 Bridge St., Union City, Erie. 

Clifton Milling Co., Kennett Square, .... Chester. 

Cochranton Milling Co.. The, . . Adams St., Cochranton, Crawford. 

Collegeville Mills, Collegpville, Montgomery. 

Columbia Milling Co., Columbia, Lancaster. 

Conestoga Milling Co., R. F. D. No. 8 Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Craighead Flour Co., The, 332-34 Meade St Wilkinsburg Allegheny. 

Crisban, John C, Berwick, Columbia. 

Crock & Son, M., North Main St Nicholson, Wyoming. 

Crouch Bros. Co., 1519 Holland St Erie Erie. 

Cumberland Mills, Huntsdale Cumberland. 

Curry Est., John B., Swatara, Dauphin. 

Danville Milling Co., Danville Montour. 

Davis & Hyde, Spartansburg Crawford. 

Dayton Milling Co., 807 Main St., Towahda Bradford. 

Dean Bros., New Milford, Susquehanna. 

Deerfield Milling Co., Knoxville, Tioga. 

Deistine Brothers Sellersville Bucks. 

Deitrick, D. W., Lewisburg, . Union. 

Densmore Co., The Wm., Erie, . Erie. 

Dillinger, H. K., R. D. No. 3 Manheim, Lancaster. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

PRODUCTS— Continued. 

Dinger Milling Co., J. F DuBois Clearfield. 

Dinger Milling Company, Summerville, Jefferson. 

Donnally, L. E., R. D. No. 4, Millerstown Perry. 

Duncannon Flouring Mill Co., . Duncannon, Perry. 

Dunn & Co., E Mifflintown, Juniata. 

Easton Flour & F^ed Co 144 S. Third St Easton, Northampton. 

Eberts, J. W., Clearfield, Clearfield. 

Eisenhart, E. B Thomasville, York. 

Elizabethtown Roller Mills, Elizabethtown, Lancaster. 

Elizabethville Milling Co., Elizabeth, Allegheny. 

Elkland Roller Mills Elkland, Tioga. 

Ellis & Son, David, . . . . 940 Oakland Ave., . . . Indiana, Indiana. 

Emlenton Milling Co • •. Emlenton, Venango. 

Emporium Milling Co Pine St., Emporium, Cameron. 

Enterprise Flour Mill, Millheim Centre. 

Enterprise Milling Co., Oil City, Venango. 

Export Milling Co., ■ • Export, Westmoreland. 

Farabaugh, F. E Magce Ave., Patton Cambria. 

Fegley's Sons, Chas Pinegrove Schuylkill. 

Fisher, John P., R. D. No. 1, Boyertown, Berks. 

Griesemersville Berks. 

Fisher, W. G Milton Northumberland. 

Flannery, John A Monocacy Berks. 

Flory Milling Co., Main St Bangor, Northampton. 

Nazareth Northampton. 

Forest City Milling & Supply 312 Railroad St Forest City, Susquehanna. 

Co., The. 

Fort Pitt Brewing Company. . . 16th & S. Canal St., . . Sharpsburg, . Allegheny. 

Frankenfield, Chas. B., Wm. Penn, Montgomery. 

Franklin Milling Co., Franklin, Snyder. 

Freas & Son, W. B., 9 W. Market St., Scranton Lackawanna. 

Frederick, A. M., Jr., Fairchanco, Fayette. 

Fritch & Sons, T. D., Bethlehem, Northampton. 

Furry, P. B., Loysburg Bedford. 

Gamble, Gheen & Co Bellefonte, Centre. 

Gantz, A. L Elizabethtown Lancaster. 

Gardner, Baker & Co., Factoryville, Wyoming. 

Garland Roller Mills Garland Warren. 

Geisinger, J. J., Centre Valley Lehigh. 

George, Thos. K Railroad St., Homer City Indiana. 

Ginter & Son, Jas. G., Newville Cumberland. 

Girard Roller Mills, Girard, Erie. 

Gish, C. L., Fort Loudon, Franklin. 

Gish, D. L., Mechanicsburg, Cumberland. 

Gladfelter, Nace & Co., Carlisle, Cumberland. 

Glatfelter, I., High St Glen Rock, York. 

Glen Moore Mills, 109 N. 34th St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Globe Flour Mills, Globe Mills Snyder. 

Godshall & Co., A. O, Inc., Lansdale, Montgomery. 

Golden Leader Milling Co., . . . Mill St., Middletown, Dauphin. 

Good & Bro Denver, Lancaster. 

Good's City Mills, 2115-17 Webb St., . . . Williamsport, Lycoming. 

Graybill & Son, John D., . Belleville, Mifflin. 

Grazier, A. C. & F. E., Warriors Mark, Huntingdon. 

Great Eastern Mills Co., Second & Fry Sts., . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Hadley Milling Co., Hadley, Mercer. 

Haines, Jacob S., R. F. D. No. 5, Allentown, Lehigh. 

Hancock Mush Co., 108 East South Dia- Pittsburgh, ".Allegheny. 

mond St. 

Haney-Frazier Mill & Elevator Danville Montour. 


Hanover Mill Company Cor. High St. & P. Hanover, York. 

R. R. 

Harmony Cereal Mills, Harmony, Butler. 

Earned, P. C, Conneaut Lake, Crawford. 

Harrington's Mills, Montrose, Susquehanna. 

Hartzel's Sons, F. D., Chalfont, Bucks. 

Hatfield, W. D Brandamore, Chester. 

Hawk, Joseph H, S. 20th St., Allentown, Lehigh. 

Hayes Milling Company, Montoursville, Lycoming. 

Heffner-Dietrich Co., Kutztown Berks. 

Hefty Milling Company Watsontown, Northumberland. 

Helfrich, Thomas Route No. 3, . Allentown, Lehigh. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

PRODUCTS — Continued. 

Heller Milling Co., • • • • • • • • • • •. Wapwallopen, Luzerne. 

Hershey, S. W., North End of City, . . York, York. 

Herzog Milling Co., Smethport, McKean. 

Hess & Son, A. S Kinzers Lancaster. 

Hetrick, Wilson & Co., Oak & Eighth Sts., . .Indiana, Indiana. 

Hill & Son, S. N., Markham Delaware. 

Hockman, C. W., State College Centre. 

Hoffer Flouring Mill Co., John, Steelton, Dauphin. 

Hogsett & Son, J. F., Uniontown, Fayette. 

Holcomb Est., Isaac W., New Hope, Bucks. 

Honesdale Milling Co., Honesdale Wayne. 

Hooke, B. P., . . . Landisburg, Perry. 

Hoover, G. B., Woodbury, Bedford. 

Hunsecker, H. S., Lime Valley, Lancaster. 

Huntingdon Milling Co., Huntingdon, Huntingdon. 

Ikeler, R. R 630 Locust St Bloomsburg, Columbia. 

Irwin Flour Mills Irwin . Westmoreland. 

Isett, Sidney T Spruce Creek, Huntingdon. 

Johnson & Co P. O. Box No. 355, . . Franklin, Venango. 

Johnstown Dry Grains Co., The,313 Power St., Johnstown, Cambria. 

Johnstown Milling Co., 823-7 Railroad St., . . Johnstown, Cambria. 

Jones, E. G Larue, York. 

Jones & Wright, Ltd., DeKalb St., Bridgeport, Montgomery. 

Julius, George R Littlestown Adams. 

Kerr Hill Mill Co., Ltd., P. O. Box No. 173, . .Titusville, Crawford. 

Kerr Milling Company, ' Titusville, Crawford. 

Kerrtown Milling Co., Meadville, Crawford. 

Kester, Jeremiah Mainville Columbia. 

Keystone Mills, Penbrook, Dauphin. 

Kirhuff & Heller, Stroudsburg, Monroe. 

Klauder Estate, J. O, 1900 N. Sixth St., . . .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Klepser Bros., Martinsburg, Blair. 

Klines Sifter Mills, 9 First St., Brookville Jefferson. 

Kling W H New Oxford, . Adams. 

Klingler & Co., H ; . J., 139 E. Jefferson St., Butler, Butler. 

Knecht Milling Co R. F. D. No. 1 Mill Hall Clinton. 

Knepp, Elmer E., Allensville, Mifflin. 

Knoxlyn Milling Co., R. F. D. No. 4 Gettysburg, Adams. 

Kohler, Geo. A. & Bro Egypt, Lehigh. 

Kolb, Wm., 3047 Chestnut St., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Kraft, W. G Porters York. 

Kratz, Horace B., Schwenkville, Montgomery. 

Kreider & Sons, Jos. H., Annville Lebanon. 

Kunkel & Son, Jacob B., Wellsville York. 

Lakeview Milling Co Chambersburg, Franklin. 

Landes Bros., Ycrkes Montgomery. 

Lanson Bros., Tionesta, Forest. 

Lavery's Sons, J. H N. 13th St., Franklin Venango. 

Lebanon Milling Co Ninth & Maple Sts., Lebanon, Lebanon. 

Lefever Brothers, York, York. 

Lemont, Fred. L., 4522 Lancaster Ave.,. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Levan & Sons, • Columbia Lancaster. 

Lewis & Son, J. W Orson Wayne. 

Lewistown Ice & Storage Co., Lewistown, Mifflin. 

Lickdale Flouring Mills, Lickdale, Lebanon. 

Lindsey Milling Co., Punxsutawney Jefferson. 

Linesville Coal, Lime & Cement .Linesville, Crawford. 


Linesville Milling Co., Erie St Linesville, Crawford. 

Lingle, John B., Linglestown Dauphin. 

Littlestown Milling Co., Littlestown, Adams. 

Lohrer, C. O, Fairview, Erie. 

Long, J. Harold Flemington, Clinton. 

Long, W. H., Howard Centre. 

Luckenbach, D. & A., Bethlehem, Northampton. 

Lucky Roller Mill, Red Lion, York. 

Luzerne Milling Co., Main St., Luzerne, Luzerne. 

Lvnn Co., C. O, 27 E. Third St., South Bethlehem, ...Northampton. 

McCauley, McKay & Co Brockwayville, Jefferson. 

McConnell & Son, T., R. F. D. No. 3 Portersville, Butler. 

McDonald Milling Co., McDonald, Washington. 

McFall & Moser, Flicksville, Northampton. 

McMurray Bros. Milling Co., . . R. F. D. No. 2, Canonsburg Washington. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

PRODUCTS — Continued. 

McQuiston & Sons, C. W Jamestown, Mercer. 

Mack Brothers, Titusville, Crawford. 

Mahoning Valley Milling Co., Punxsutawney, Jefferson. 

Manbeck & Co., W. H., • • • • • Mifflin, ,- • ; •■ • • ■ • • • • Juniata. 

Manheim Milling Co., 323 Produce Exchange,New York (N. Y.),. . . 

Manheim Lancaster. 

Mann & Allshouse Cor. N. Third & Dela- Easton Northampton. 

ware Sts. 

Mapleton Milling Co., Mapleton, Huntingdon. 

Marion Centre Milling Co Marion Centre Indiana. 

Mars Milling & Feed Co., Mars Butler. 

Martin, J. E., R. F. D. No. 5, Carlisle Cumberland. 

Mathenson Estate, E. M., Factoryville, Wyoming. 

Mather's Brothers, Cor. Main & Water Greenville, Mercer. 


Matthews & Sons, Inc., OP., Scranton Lackawanna. 

Mauser & Cressman Catasauqua, Lehigh. 

Mauser Mill Company, Tremblers, Northampton. 

Danielsville, Northampton. 

Hazleton, Luzerne. 

» Howersville, Northampton. 

Laurys, Lehigh. 

Northampton Northampton. 

Palmerton, Carbon. 

Treichlers, Northampton. 

Menges & Brother, A. L;, Menges Mills, York. 

Meyer, E. E., Loganton, Clinton. 

Meyer Milling Co., The, Annville Lebanon. 

Miles, Anthony, Coalport, Clearfield. 

Millard & Scureman, 254 Walnut St., Kingston, Luzerne. 

Millersburg Milling Co . Millersburg, Dauphin. 

Millerstown Flour Mills Chicora, Butler. 

Miner Hillard Milling Co., Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Miners Mills, Luzerne. 

Pittston, Luzerne. 

Plymouth Luzerne. 

Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Monongahela Milling Co Arensberg, Fayette. 

Monroe Milling Co., : Selmsgrove Snyder. _ 

Moore Brothers Madera, Clearfield. 

Morgantown Mills, Morgantown, Berks. 

Murdock Storage 900 Penn Ave Wilkmsburg, Allegheny. 

Musick, T. O., Ligonier, . . .» Westmoreland. 

Mussina, Heiser & Co Cowan, Union. 

Mymard Roller Mills. F. T New Albany, Bradford. 

New Model Milling Co., 32 W. First St., A* 1 City, Venango. 

Nickel Plate Flour Mills 1901 Parade St., Eri e, Erie. 

Nitch, D. D. & N. D Macungie, Lehigh. 

Nyhart, J. T 525 Mill St., Peckville Lackawanna. 

Oil City Milling Co., E. Second St., Oil City, Venango. 

Orbisonia Roller Mills Orbisoma, Huntingdon. 

Otto Bros., North East, Erie. 

Packard Roller Mills, ; . Fleetwood, . . Berks. 

Pantall Milling Co., 226 Penn St., Punxsutaw.^- ... Jefferson. 

Parker Milling Co., Parkers Landing Armstrong. 

Patterson Milling Co., Saltsburg, Indiana. 

Paxton Flour & Feed Co., 437-445 S. Second St.,Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

Kerrsville Cumberland. 

Penn Mill Company, Broad & Chestnut Hanover, York. 


Pennock & Brosius Avondale Chester. 

Perry, F. V., Scottdale Westmoreland. 

Perrv & Henderson, Connellsville Fayette. 

Persing & Co., A., R. F. D. No. 2, Sunbury, Northumberland. 

Philipsburg Milling, Light & Pine St Philipsburg, Centre. 

Heat Co. 

Pittston Milling Co., . 55 Broad St Pittston Luzerne. 

Pollock & Fulton Jefferson, Greene. 

Port Allegany Milling Co Port Allegany McKean. 

Pottsville Feed Co 501 Mahantongo St., Pottsville Schuylkill. 

Prospect Roller Mills, Prospect, Butler. 

Pugh, S. J., Box No. 62 Lancaster, Lancaster. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

PRODUCTS — Continued. 

Quaker City Cracker Co., • • • • Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Quaker City Flour Mills Co., . .Fourth & Market Sts., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Rachau J L , Clintondale Clinton. 

Raidehusy ' Mills,' '....'.'.'..'.'.'.. Aspers Adams. 

Raub & Son, Samuel fc uzer .£ e ', ,- L Luzerne. 

Red Bank Mills, Inc., fe Bethlehem, Clarion. 

Reece & Greenly, Millville, Columbia 

Reed William A Growl, Northumberland. 

Reeds Grist Mill,". '. .' i!!! ".!'.." ! Philipsburg, Centre. 

Reiff I C Kimberton Chester. 

Renn'all,' C."l.",' '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. Brillhart, York. 

Ressler, J. K., Mascot, Lancaster. 

Rick, J. E McKean Erie. 

Riggs John B • Shippensburg, Cumberland. 

Ritter, Leonhar'd,' ! '.'.'.'.'.'.'. '.'.'. '. Mill St St. Marys, Elk. 

Robbins Milling Co , 80-82 S. Penna. Ave., Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Roberts Bros Co . . . 631 Erie St., Peckville, Lackawanna. 

Rockwood Milling Co., Rockwood Somerset. 

Rodgers, John P., McVeytown Mifflin. 

Rohm Brothers Pottsgrove, Northumberland. 

Rosenberg Milling Co . . . i ! 231-35 Fulton St., .. Philadelphia, -. . .Philadelphia. 

Rosenberg & Son, J., 614 S.- American St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Rowe Brothers, Mllforc i? £ ike % ^ 

Rundell Company, Inc., Towanda Bradford. 

Runkel Irvin F . . . R. F. D. No. 1, Lmglestown, Dauphin. 

Sabinsville Milling Co., Sabmsville, Tioga. 

Saeger Milling Co Allentown, Lehigh. 

Sandy Lake Flouring Mills, • .Sandy Lake Mercer. 

Schaeffer, Wanner & Co., Fleetwood, S erk , s - 

Schimmel, Charles, j . Ackermanville, Northampton. 

Schuylkill Flour Mills Leesport Berks. 

Scranton Flour & Grain Co., . . 201 Vine St., Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Search & Sons, T. R. Shickshinny Luzerne. 

Sees Milling Co., W. Third St., Wilhamsport Lycoming. 

Shane Bros. & Wilson Co 63d & Market Sts., .. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Sherman Milling Co.". Meadville, Crawford. 

Sherretts & Son J M Dicksonburg, Crawford. 

Shmidheiser, Godfrey. .' '. . .27th & York Sts., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Shoemaker, A. B., * Tullytown Bucks. 

Shoemaker, Grovcr C Bloomsburg, Columbia. 

Shuey, A. H., R. F. D. No. 3, Annville Lebanon. 

Shultz, W. C High Rock, .York. 

Sickman, Fred. N S? n , e . st °ga, Lancaster. 

Sinking Spring Roller MiH, £in k mg S P rm S> Berks. 

Skelton & Baker, Edinboro, Erie. 

Small Milling Co., P. A. & S., * ork > • • J. ovk -, , 

Smith, F. W., Unionville, Crawford. 

Smith' & Bro'.', John W., .'.'...'. Clearfield Clearfield. 

Smith Co., R. G., Embreeville Chester. 

Smith, Hough & Co., Smithton, Westmoreland. 

Smith & Sons, J. H., . . . Spring St Chambersburg, Franklin. 

Snavely, B. B., R. F. D. No. 1, Lititz, Lancaster. 

gnavely, J. C, Gordonville Lancaster. 

Snyder T S. '........... '. Brodbecks, York. 

Spanog'le-Yeager Milling Co., . .19 Valley St., Lewistown, Mifflin 

Spencer, Homer E., Susquehanna, Susquehanna. 

Sprenkle, E. O., Wrightsville, York. 

Spruce Creek Milling Co., Spruce Creek, Huntingdon. 

St. Clair, Charles M., Latrobe, Westmoreland. 

Stager Company, New Brighton, . .Beaver. 

Stahhucker, John T„ R. F. D. No. 2 Williamsport Lycoming. 

Stanton & Sons, Jas. F., New Stanton, Westmoreland. 

Stehman & Brandt, Mount Joy Lancaster. 

Stewart Bros., Claysville Washington. 

Stewart Company, Jesse C, . .504 Neville St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Stofflet Milling Co Delabole Northampton. 

Stolz, Thomas G., Muncy, Lycoming. 

Stony Fork Roller Mills, Wellsboro Tioga. 

Stoutt Milling Co., Shoemakersville, Berks. 

Strawn, J. & J Quakertown, Bucks. 

Strayer Brothers Co., York, York. 

Strickler Milling Co., C. F. & Lebanon, Lebanon. 

W. H. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


PRODUCTS— Continued. >. 

Strickler's Sons, E., 157 N. Ninth St., . . .Lebanon Lebanon. 

Stritzinger & Co., F. G., Norristown, Montgomery. 

Stroh & Seaman, ■. Hamburg, Berks. 

Swartzwelder, H. O Chaneysville, Bedford. 

Swope Brothers Cor. Locust & Feeder Johnstown, Cambria. 


Thorn Creek Roller Mills, R. F. D. No. 20, Saxonbdrg, Butler. 

Tioga Milling Co., Tioga, Tioga. 

Titusville City Mills, 213-219 S. Franklin Titusville Crawford. 


Truckenmiller, F. E., Watsontown, Northumberland. 

Trump & Miller, Montoursville, Lycoming. 

Tucker & Squires, Springboro, Crawford. 

Tyrone Milling Co., Tyrone, Blair. 

Union Roller Mill Co Box No. 572, Hamburg, Berks. 

Union Roller Mills, Palmyra, Lebanon. 

Ursina Milling & Supply Co., Mill St., Ursina, Somerset. 

Valley Milling Co., ,. .Harrison Valley Potter. 

Vanceervort, A. L., Laceyville, Wyoming. 

Vaught, E. B., Paxinos, , Northumberland. 

Venango Milling Co., Venango, Crawford. 

Victor Brewing Co., The, 11th & Penna. Ave., Jeannette Westmoreland. 

Wagner & Emrich Womelsdorf Berks. 

Walter & Son, Geo., Butler, Butler. 

Walters Milling Co 30th & Master Sts., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Walters & Son, Geo., Hamburg, Berks. 

Wampum Mill Company Wampum, Lawrence. 

Wanner Estate, J. T., Stony Creek, Berks. 

Washington Milling Co., 271 W. Wheeling St., Washington, Washington. 

Wayne Milling Co., Honesdale, Wayne. 

Waynesburg Milling Co., Washington & First Waynesburg, Greene. 


Weaver, Jacob S., . . . . . Churchtown Lancaster. 

Webber Bros. Flouring Mill, Greenville, Mercer. . 

Weidner, M. E., Earlville, Berks. 

Weiss, Charles Z Avon, Lebanon. 

Wellsboro Roller Mills, Wellsboro, Tioga. 

Welty Brothers, Waynesboro Franklin. 

Wentz, A. F., Jersey Shore, Lycoming. 

Wentz, Geo. W., Wernersville Berks. 

Wertz Milling Co., 139 W. Buttonwood Reading Berks. 


Wertz & Son, F. S., Reading, Berks. 

White Milling Co., The, Seventh & Ivon Sts., Bloomsburg, Columbia. 

Whiting, J. W., Meadville, Crawford. 

Wilkes-Barre Milling Co., 12-50 Dana St., Wilkes-Barre, . . Luzerne 

Williams, Frank O, N. 13th St Easton, Northampton. 

Winwood Milling Co., Lakewood, Wayne. 

Winwood Milling Co., : Lake Como, Wa'vne. 

Witmer & Son, Geo. M., Selinsgrove Snyder. 

Woodward & Co., W. S., N. W. Cor. 23d & Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Cherry Sts. 

Woolman, C. L., Yardley, Bucks. 

Wyckoff, J. M., - East Stroudsburg. . . . Monroe. 

Yardley Mills Co., Inc., Yardley Bucks 

Yerkes Bros., Fox Chase Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Yocom's Sons & Co., Aaron, . . 244-46 N. Eighth St., Reading, Berks. 

Youngman, J. F Selinsgrove, Snyder. 

Youngsville Milling Co., Youngsville, Warren. 

Zartman, E. K., R. F. D. No. 1 Lititz, Lancaster. 


Abels, 243 Northampton St., Easton, Northampton 

A J<P' Leo, S. Main St., Nazareth, Northampton! 

Alfred Ice Cream Co Ridgway Elk 

Allen, Wm, 3545 Germantown Philadelphia," ....... Philadelphia. 


Arnold, J. W., 454 Liberty St., Allentown, Lehigh. 

Atherton & Rumberger, Inc., DuBois Clearfield 

Auman, William D., Fifth & Sumner Sts., AJlentown, Lehigh 

Austermehle Henry G., Glenside, Montgomery. 

Baeder, Philip W., 4823 Woodland Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

ICE CREAM— Continued. 

Baker, Joseph., 2313 Frankford Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Banquet Ice Cream Co., W. Tenth St., Tyrone, Blair. 

Barrell, L. B., 148 N. Tenth St., . . . Reading, Berks. 

Bartholomae, John W., 26 N. 52d St., West Philadelphia, . . Philadelnhia. 

Bassett Ice Cream Co., The, . . 504 Market St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Batastini, A. & G., Main St., Brookville Jefferson. 

Becker, Charles, . .... 192 N. Penna. Ave., Wilkes-Barre Luzerne. 

Becker & Co., J. J., 32 W. Market St Wilkes-Barre Luzerne. 

Bedford Bottling Works, Bedford, Bedford. 

Behm & Co., H., 1025 Fourth Ave., .. New Kensington, ....Westmoreland. 

Berwick Creamery, 409 Adams Ave., .... Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Bierman, F. H 650 Cleveland Ave.,. .York York. 

Biggin & Sons Co., J. D., 48 N. Irvine Ave., . .Sharon, Mercer. 

Brenninger, H. G., '. . .85 Hope Ave., Coatesville, Chester. 

Breyer Ice Cream Co., Ninth & Cumberland Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Bonini, Charles, 121 Second Ave., ...Pittsburgh, .Allegheny. 

Bossard & Co., F. P 607 Edgmont Ave., . .Chester Delaware. 

Burdan Bros., Partridge Ave., Lebanon, Lebanon. . 

Calvert, S. R., 120 E. Main St Monongahela, Washington. 

Canonsburg Bottling & Ice Canonsuurg, Washington. 

Cream Works. 
Carothers Ice Cream Factory, McKeesport, Allegheny. 

W. E. 

Cartwright, W. A., 1323 Third St., Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

Cechechni, Peter, 231 E. Centre St., . .Shenandoah, Schuylkill. 

Clarion Dairy & Creamery Co., Clarion Clarion. 

Clark Bros 123 Mabon St., Brookville Jefferson. 

Coatesville Candy Co Coatesville, Chester. 

Columbia Ice Cream Co 1030 Court St Allentown Lehigh. 

Crane Ice Cream Dairy Co., . .258 S. 23d St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Cresson Ice Cream Co., Second St., Cresson, Cambria. 

Crompton Bros., , South Fork, Cambria. 

Curry, J. H., 222 S. Broad St., Grove City, Mercer. 

Dairy Kitchen, The, . .- 119 N. First St .Lehighton Carbon. 

Davison, J. M., Greensburg, Westmoreland. 

Dieter Bros., 108 E. Centre St., . .Mahanoy City Schuylkill. 

Easton Sanitary Milk Co., ...25-29 S. Front St., ..Eastou, Northampton. 

Eck & Wagner, 1311 Early St., Allentown Lehigh. 

Eckenrath, Charles T., Mohnton, Berks. 

Eckman, William J., Millville Columbia. 

English Ice Cream, The, 116 S. Walnut St., . .New Castle, Lawrence. 

Erie County Milk Association. 2014-32 State St., . . . Erie, Erie. 

Evans Ice Cream Co Kingston, Luzerne. 

Fadden & Sons, M. F., Inc., . .1409-11 Mulberry St., Si ran ton . . .Lackawanna. 

Ferndale Creamery, Fercdale, Bucks. 

Finley Acker Co., 121-23-25 N. 8th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Fittery, C. F., 445 E. Cumberland Lebanon, Lebanon. 


Folmer Ice Cream, W. Middle St., Hanover, York. 

Forney, R. T., .213 W. Hanover St., Hanover, York. 

Franklin Wafer Co., 1355 Germantown Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Freed, Preston, Telford, Montgomery. 

Fricke, Henry W., 1343 South St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Fries. J. M., 1017 Chestnut St., . . Reading, Berks. 

Galliher, Louis, 451 Franklin St., . . . .Johnstown Cambria. 

Gartner, Charles, 1408 N. 50th St., . . . Philadelphia, . Philadelphia. 

Gastin, S. A., 205 E. Lloyd St., . . . Shenandoah Schuylkill. 

Gettysburg Ice & Storage Co., . ' Gettysburg, Adams. 

Gibbs & Son, G. W., 339 W. Orange St.,. .Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Glocker's 134 S. 15th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Goheen, L. D., W. Tenth St., Tyrone, Blair. 

Grand Ice Cream Parlor 2027 S/ Seventh St., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Greiner, Floyd R., 608 Main St., Peckville, Lackawanna. 

Grove Brothers Middle St Waynesboro, Franklin. 

Haf endorfer, Anna C 4612 Woodland Ave., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Hagan Ice Cream Co., I. N Uniontown Favette. 

Hamburg Ice & Cream Works, Annie Alley, Hamburg; Berks. 

Hannaway & Gordon Ice & 715-27 Kohn St Norristown Montgomery 

Cream Co. 
Hanscam Bros. & Hanscam 734 Market St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bros., Inc. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

ICE CREAM — Continued. 

HarhSnson, John, 5331-33 Germantown Gcrmantown, Philadelphia. 


Harper, John F 244 Queen Lane, . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hartzell, Isabel A Easton, Northampton. 

Harvey's Ice Cream Co., The,. .116 W. Eighth Ave., Conshohocken Montgomery. 

Heivley & Fritz, Montgomery, Lycoming. 

Hemmerle, Julius A., 632 N. 57th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hendricks, Harry L 1614 S. Fifth St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Herren Brothers Ice Cream 215 Orchard Ave., . . .Oanon'sburg, Washington. 


Hildebrand, Chas. C, 742 E. Chelten Ave., Philadelphia, . Philadelphia. 

Hiorth, Isaac A., 818 Edgmont Ave., . . Chester, .' . Delaware. 

Hoffman Company, The, 1346 Logan Ave Tyrone, , Blair. 

Plants at Barnesboro, Cambria. 

Philipsbuig, Centre. 

Tyrone, Blair. 

Hofmann, Charles 1953 Germantown Philadelpiha, Philadelphia. 


Hofmann, S. John, 2348 N. 25th St., . . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Home, Paul E., 420 Church St., Reading, Berks. 

Houck & Co 34 S. Fourth St., . . . Reading Berks. 

Hubbard, J. F., 42 Davis St., Bradford, McKeau. 

Jeffries & Son, Z. L., Cherry Ave., South Brownsville. . .Fayette. 

Jersey Shore Creamery, 801 Allegheny St., . . Jersey Shore, Lycoming. 

Keefer, Philip Nanticoke Luzerne. 

Keishner Ice Cream Co., 23 N. Third St., . . . .Reading, Berks. 

Kenney, J. C 228 Pittsburgh St., . .Scottdale, Westmoreland. 

Keystone Ice Cream Co., 1705 Watson St., . . . .Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Keystone Ice Cream Co., Reed St., Clearfield, Clearfield. 

Kirias & Co., John, 603 Hamilton St., . . . Allentown, '. Lehigh. 

Klinesmith & Christopher, 925 Fifth Ave., New Kensington Westmoreland. 

Koch's Sons, Christian, 711 W. Girard Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia^ 

Koughan, W. H., 1000 Rose St., McKeesport Allegheny. 

Krause, William G., 5838 Germantown Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Lake Shore Ice Cream Co., . .15th & Parade Sts.,. .Erie, Erie. 

Lau, Noah, Seven Valleys, York. 

Leightman Ice Cream Co., Hazleton Luzerne. 

Lifter Ice Cream Co., 216-232 Lombard St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Limberg, F. W., 345 N. Cliff St., Butler, Butler. 

Lock Haven Ice Cream Co., . .Fallow 1 Ave., Lock Haven, Clinton. 

Loux Creamery Co 429 N. Eighth St., . .Allentown, '. . Lehigh. 

McCarty, L. A., Clearfield, Clearfield. 

McClow lee Cream Plant, Shamokin Northumberland. 

McKay & Son, G. W., 7-9 Summer Ave., . .Washington, Washington. 

McVey, Joseph, 6 E, Main St., Ephrata, .' Lancaster. 

MacNaughton, A. & M., 17th & Filbert Sts., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Marrow, G. B., 425 E. Orange St., . .Lancaster Lancaster. 

Merkle & Kaiser, 1713 Ridge Ave., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Meyer-Heiberger Ice Cream Co.,67 Goepp St., Bethlehem, Northampton. 

Meyersdale Dairy Co., Meyersdale, Somerset. 

Michener, E. S., Duncannon, Perry. 

Miesse, D. W., 123 N. Queen St., . . .Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Mifflin Creamery Co., Inc., Mifflintown Juniata. 

Miller Baking Co., The, 119 W. Oak St Mt. Carmel Northumberland. 

Montgomery, F. L., 15th & Oneida Sts... .Huntingdon, Huntingdon. 

Moore Brothers, 8 E. First St., Oil City, Venango. 

^oritz Brothers, Saxton, Bedford. 

Morrison, Thos. A., . . . 112 W. Cunningham Butler, Butler. 


Morrison, Wm. H., . Broad & Upland Sts. .Chester, Delaware. 

Mt. Pleasant Creamery, 117 Depot St Mt. Pleasant, Westmoreland. 

Mull & Co., J. L, 306 N. Ninth St., . . .Reading, Berks. 

Munn's Palace Creamery 68 Salem Ave Carbondale Lackawanna. 

Mutual Ice Cream Co Metropolitan & Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Branchpoint Sts. 

Nebinger, C. B., Lemoyne, Cumberland. 

Neff, Fred B Sixth St Perkasie, Bucks. 

Neimeyer, Asa H., Jefferson & Walnut Allentown, Lehigh. 


Nelson Ice Cream Co., Portage, Cambria. 

Neuman, Alex., 30 S. Penn St York, York. 

Neuman, H. L 30 S. Newberry St. . . York York. 

Newmeister, Herman F., 28-9 Girard Ave Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

ICE CREAM — Continued. 

Neumeyer, A. H., Jefferson St., Allentown, Lehigh. «b' 

Nicholas, George W 849 Washington Ave.. Northampton, Northampton. 

Noll, J. C, Butztown, Northampton. 

Oberholtzer's Bakery 720 S. 52d St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Ohio & Pittsburgh Milk Co., . .Forbes & Boyd Sts.,. .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Patrick, W. C, Columbus, Warren. 

Peters & Jacoby Co., 627 Hamilton St., . . .Allentown Lehigh. 

Pfeiffer, Frederick, 847 N. Ringgold St.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Pflaumer, Charles, 1400 N. Twelfth St., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Pierce & Kuenfus, 717 Edgmont Ave., . . Chester Delaware. 

Quarryville Ice Cream Co Quarryville Lancaster. 

Raker, W. L., 335 Washington St.. . .West Pittston, Luzerne. 

Rakestraw, R. C, Mechanicsburg Cumberland. 

Rank, W. S., 834 Gordon St., Allentown, Lehigh. 

Reinhold Ice & Ice Cream Co.,. Oakmont, Allegheny. 

Repetto Bros., 703 Welsh St Chester, Delaware. 

Richardson Ice Cream, 302 York Ave., ...... . Jenkintown, Montgomery. 

Rieck Company, Edward E., . . 1345 Forbes St Pittsburgh, . . .• Allegheny. 

Robertson, Mott, Sharon Mercer. 

Rolles Brothers, 409 Market St., Harrisburs Dauphin. 

Rose Ice Cream Co 409 N. Pittsburgh St.,Connellsville, Fayette. 

Rose Ice Cream Co Franklin, *. . Venango. 

Russ Bros. Ice Cream Co., 16th & Walnut Sts.,. .Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

St. Marys Creamery Co., St. Marys, Elk. 

Sandee, WiUiam, 3217 N. Front St.. . .Philadelphia, ... Philadelphia. 

Sarge, Robert D., 932 Penn St., Reading, Berks. 

Sautter Sons, C, Inc., 1227 Chestnut St., . . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Schandt, George, 128 N. 21st St. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Scheider, Joseph Main St., Shenandoah, Schuylkill. 

Schlaefer, G. P Bushkill, Pike. 

Schmidt, Gustav., 3801 N. Seventh St., . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Schmitz, Otto 3852 N. Fifth St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Schrack, J. Walter 118 Main St., Coatesville, Chester. 

Schuller Ice Cream & Bottling, Short St., Johnstown, Camoria. 

P. C. 

Seitz, F. A Freeport, Armstrong. 

Shanahan & Elliot, 2009 North St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Shanahan Ice Cream Co., 778 S Swanson St... .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Sharkey, James E 1315 S. 22d St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Shelley, John P., 183 N. Front St., . . . Steelton, Dauphin. 

Simon, Michael A 447 Cherry St., ." Columbia, Lancaster. 

Slater Co., The F. M., 11th & Ferry Sts., . . .Sharpsburg, Allegheny. 

Smethport Candy Kitchen, . . -205 Main St Smethport McKeanT 

Smith Bros., DuBois, Clearfield. 

Snigo's Ice Cream Factory, . . -607-11 Fifth Ave Pittsburgh, Alleghenv. 

Soden, Alfred Co., 1624 S. Second St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Spring Grove Ice & Ice Cream Spring Grove, York. 


State College Bakery, State College, Centre. 

State College Creamery, State College, Centre. 

Steffan, John L., 2100 S. 20th St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Supplee Milk Co 1118 Jefferson St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Thlein, Ludwig, .- 403 Diamond St., . . .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Thomas Candy Company, Allentown, Lehigh. 

Thompson Bros. Ice Cream Co., 400 W. North St., . . . Butler Butler. 

Tucker, G. W., 375 East Clinton St., .Lock Haven Clinton. 

Tupperry, Charles H., 23 E. Sharon Ave., . . Sharon Hill, Delaware. 

Universal Ice & Cold Storage Monongahela, Washington. 


Uram, Samuel, 441 South St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Van Horn, F. W 1901 Jackson St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Velvet Ice Cream Co S. 12th & Diamond Pittsburgh Allegheny. 


Waite & Sons, J. W., 808 Sixth St., Beaver Falls, Beaver. 

Wakenhut, George G., 246 William St., . . . . Williamsport, Lycoming. 

Walker, Dean F., 409 N. Second St., . .Harrisburg Dauphin. 

Walker Ice Cream Company,. .309-11 Union St., . . . .Warren, Warren. 

Walker & Co., The H., Somerset Somerset. 

Wang, Mrs. C, S. E. Cor Girard Ave. Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

& Seventh St. 

Weller, Louis C. 2566 N. 30th St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Wellner, John St. Clair, Schuylkill. 

Wentzel, Franklin, 872 Braddock Ave., . .Braddock, Alleghenv. 

Westbrook, J. L. 730 Washington St., . .Huntingdon Huntingdon. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

ICE CREAM — Continued. 

Westmoreland Ice Cream Co.,. . 133 N. Main St., . . . .Greensburg, Westmoreland. 

Williams Ice Cream Co., Cliff St Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Windber Ice Cream Company, .1707 Graham Ave., . . Windber, Somerset. 

Yeagley's Bottling Works, Confluence Somerset. 

Yeide, Harry, Weatherlv Carbon. 

Yeutter, Christian, 1724 Foulkrod St., . . Frankf<>rd, Philadelphia. 

York Sanitary Milk Company, York, York. 

Yough Ice & Storage Co., Connellsville, Fayette. 

Young, Louise S., 5316 Germantown Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Yount's Candy Kitchen, . . . Reynoldsville, Jefferson. 

Allegheny Valley Ice Cream Co.,N. Canal St., Brackenridge, Allegheny. 

Allentown Merchant Ice Co., . .514-32 Sumner Ave.,. .Allentown, Lehigh. 

American Ice Company, 600 Arch St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Arctic Ice Co., Duquesrie, Allegheny. 

,Ardmore Ice Manufacturing Ardmore, Delaware. 


Artesian Ice Company, Bristol, Bucks. 

Artificial Ice Co., The, Locust St., Williamsport, . f Lycoming. 

Ashmind Pure Ice Co., Ltd., . . 507 Centre St Ashland, Schuylkill. 

Athens Gonser & Co., 225 N. Sixth St Reading Berks. 

Bedford Ice Company, Annville, Lebanon. 

Belmont Water Company Carbondale, Lackawanna. 

Boyd Company, George W Farrell, Mercer. 

Bradford Brewing Co., 16 Fourth St Bradford, McKean. 

Bradford Ice Company, 6 St. James Place, . .Bradford, McKean. 

Brownsville Ice Company, Brownsville Fayette. 

Brownsville Ice & Storage Co., Brownsville Fayette. 

Bryn Mawr Ice Manufacturing Bryn Mawr, Montgomery. 

& Cold Storage Co. 

Butler Ice Company, 221 Fourth Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Butler, Butler. 

Butturf, T. H., Newport, Perry. 

California Ice Co., California, Washington. 

Canonsburg Ice Company, ... .17 N. Jefferson Ave., . Canonsburg, Washington. 

Cave Estate, The James, Robinson St. & Hav- Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

erford Ave. 

Cave Ice Manufacturing Co., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Chambersburg Ice & Cold Stor- Grant & Kennedy Sts.,Chambersburg, Franklin. 

age Company. Ogontz, . . . . .-> Montgomery. 

Cheltenham & Jenkintown Ice Wyncote, Montgomery. 

Manufacturing Company. 

Citizens Ice Company, 14 First Ave., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Citizens Ice Company, Ltd., Altoona, Blair. 

City Ice Co. of -Easton, Easton, Northampton. 

City Ice & Cold Storage Co. of New Castle Lawrence. 

New Castle. 

Clairton Brewing Company, North Clairton Allegheny. 

Clearfield Brewing Co., 295 Bigler Ave., .... .Clearfield, Clearfield. 

Clinton Ice & Coal Company. . . 16 Jay St Lock Haven, Clinton. 

Colonial Ice Company, 37-39 S. 16th St Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Conneaut Lake Ice Company Meadville, Crawford. 

Consolidated Ice Company, . . . 13th & Pike Sts Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Consolidated Ice Manufactur- 2331 N. Bodine St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

ing Co. 

Consumers Ice Company, Adams Ave. & Ash Scranton, Lackawanna. 


Consumers Ice & Coal Co., Chester Delaware. 

Consumers Ice & Coal Co., .... Plum St. & Ice Ave., . Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Corry Ice Company, 211 E. Columbus Ave.,Erie Erie. 

Crafton Ice Company 2208 Carson St., .... Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Cramer Ice Plant, W. H., Emporium Cameron. 

Cresson Ice Company, Mt. City Trust Bldg., Altoona Blair. 

Cresson Ice Cream Co., ...... Second St., Cresson, Cambria. 

Crystal Ice Company, Peach & American Catasauqua, . Lehigh. 


Crystal Ice Company, Mt. Carmel Northumberland. 

Crystal Ice Company, 142 N. Duke St., < . . . York, York. 

Delaware Storage & Freezing 211 Callowhill St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


n i 


Name and Industry. i_ Address. City or Town. County. 

ICE — Continued. 

DoU, Geo. L., Bellefonte. Centre. 

Doylestown Ice Plant, Doylestown, Bucks. 

Eastburn Place Guernsey Newtown, ; . . Bucks. 

Dairy & Ice Company. 

Easton Merchants Ice Co., The, Dock St., Easton, Northampton. 

Echo Vale Creamery Co., The, .-.„ Bedford, Bedford. 

Ehinger, Charles, 1150 Germantown Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Elk Ice Company 431 Hall Ave St. Marys, Elk. 

Polmer Ice Cream, W. Middle St., Hanover, York. 

Franklinville Ice & Storage 52d & Jefferson Sts., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Franklinville Ice & Storage 6th & Glenwood Aves., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Frey, Victor M 1222 Sumner Ave., . .Allentown, Lehigh. 

Ganoe Ice & Ice Cream Co., . .Archie St., Oakmont Allegheny. 

Ganoga Ice Company, 18 Scott St., Wilkes-Barre. Luzerne. 

Gettysburg Ice & Storage Co., Gettysburg, Adams. 

Glen Willow Ice Manufactnr- 4517 Main St., Manayunk, Philadelphia. 

ing Company. 

Gordon Ice Company, 200 Centre St Ashland Schuylkill. 

Graver, H. A., Lehighton, Carbon. 

Haefner's Estate, Josepn, . . . .Locust St., Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Hank Brothers Graham & Leonard Monongahela Washington. 


Hanover Ice Company, Hanover, York. 

Hazleton Ice Manufacturing 237 S. Cedar St., . . . .Hazleton, Luzerne. 

Hebrew Kosher Sausage Manu- Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

facturing Co. of Pittsburgh. 

Herbert, William, Fourth & Mill Sts.,. .Columbia, Lancaster. 

Herr, Christian L., Lancaster, .Lancaster. 

Hill Top Ice Company, Mt. Oliver Station, . .Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Hillside Ice Company, State College, Centre. 

Hoffman Company, The W. E., . 1346 Logan Ave., Tyrone, Blair. 

Hoffman & Follweiler, 1037 Sixth St., Catasauqua, Lehigh. 

Home Ice Company, The, 234 N. Main St Shenandoah, Schuylkill. 

Homer City Ice Company Main St., Homer City, Indiana. 

Homestead Ice Company, 207 W. Seventh Ave., .West Homestead Allegheny. 

Horlacher Brewing Co., 311 Gordon St., Allentown, Lehigh. 

Hygiene Ice Manufacturing Co., Jersey Shore, Lycoming. 

Irwin Ice Company, Lincoln Highway, . . .Irwin, Westmoreland. 

James Ice Manufacturing Co Holmes, Delaware. 

Jefferson Ice Manufacturing American & Cumber- Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Co., The. land Sts. 

Jersey Shore Creamery, 801 Allegheny St., . . .Jersey Shore Lycoming. 

Kaier Co., The Chas. D., Ltd.,. 113 E. Centre St Mahanoy City Schuylkill. 

Kane Pure Ice Company, Kane, McKean. 

Keener Brothers, R. F. D., No. 1, Kittanning, Armstrong. 

Kellner, F. W 400 Pitt St., Tamaqua, Schuylkill. 

Kensington Hygeia Ice Co., . . .Trenton Ave. & Hunt- Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

ingdon St. 

Keystone Ice Company Hanover, York. 

Klein Packing Company, Prosto, : Allegheny. 

Kraus, W .C, . Etna, Allegheny. 

Kuhns Coal & Ice Co., 210 Hamilton St., . . .Allentown, Lehigh. 

Lansdale Ice & Storage Co., . .S. Broad St., ...... .Lansdale, Montgomery. 

Latrobe Ice & Provision Co., Latrobe, Westmoreland. 

Lawrence Ice & Storage Co., . .701 W. Grant St New Castle, Lawrence. 

Lewis, Albert, Bear Creek, ..... Luzerne. 

Lewistown Ice & Storage Co., Lewistown, Mifflin. 

Littlestown Ice Plant, Littlestown, Adams. 

Lucas, F. C, Lock Haven, Clinton. 

Lykens Brewing Company, Lykens, Dauphin. 

Lynchwood Lake Ice Co., Tobvhanna Monroe, 

McKeesport . & Youghiogheny McKeesport, ........ Allegheny. 

Ice Company. 

Manheim Ice Company, Manheim, Lancaster. 

Marrow, G. B., 425 E. Orange St., . . Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Martin Company, D. B., 30th & Market Sts.,. . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Meadville Brewing Company, Meadville, Crawford. 

Media Cold Storage & Ice Co Media, Delaware. 

Merchants Ice Co. of Lebanon Lebanon, Lebanon. 



Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

ICE— Continued. 

Merchants Ice Company, Marshall & Markley Norristown, Montgomery. 


Mills, Harry, Philipsburg, : . . Centre. 

Mineral Spring Ice Company,. .56 River St., Bethlehem, Northampton. 

Monessen Pure Ice Company, Monessen, Westmoreland. 

Morgenthaler Brothers, Phillip & Jackson Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Mount Joy Brewery, Market & Railroad Mount Joy, Lancaster. 

Sts. , 

Mt. Pleasant Ice Company, Mt. Pleasant, Westmoreland. 

Mountain Spring Ice Company, 15 Post Office Bldg., . .Pittston Luzerne. 

Reeders, Monroe. 

Mutual Ice Cream Co Metropolitan & Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Branchport Sts. 

Mutual Ice Company, Front & Walnut Sts., Erie, Erie. 

Nanticoke Ice Company, The, Nanticoke, Luzerne. 

Nazareth Ice Company, Nazareth, Northampton. 

Nebinger, C. B., Lemoyne, Cumberland. 

Nelson Ice Cream Co., Portage, Cambria. 

New Castle Ice and Storage New Castle, Lawrence. 


New Kensington Ice Company, New Kensington, .... Westmoreland. 

North Boroughs Ice Co., Bellevue Lackawanna. 

North Penn Ice Manufactur- 26th & Sedgely Ave., . Philadelphia, , . Philadelphia. 

ing Company. 
Parkesburg Ice Manufactur- Parkesburg, ; . . Chester. 

ing Company. 

Penn Ice Works, Inc. Fourth & Penn Sts.,. . Chester, Delaware. 

Penna. Ice Company Mt. City Trust Bldg., Altoona Blair. 

Peoples Artificial Ice Co., 123 N. Jardin St Shenandoah, Schuylkill. 

Peoples Ice Company 134 S. Eleventh St.,. . Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

Peoples Ice, Light & Storage 136 Fifth Ave., McKeesport, Allegheny. 


Peoples Ice & Storage Co., 10 E. Chestnut St., . .West Chester, Chester. 

Peters, John, \ Williamsport, Lycoming. 

Phillips Ice Company, Warren, Warren. 

Philipsburg Ice Company, Philipsburg Centre. 

Phoenix Ice Manufacturing & Phoenixville, Chester. 

Cold Storage Company. 

Pittsburgh Ice Company, Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Pottstown Cold Storage & ". Potts-town, Montgomery. 

Warehouse Company. • 

Pure Ice Company, The, Athens, Bradford. 

Pure Water Supply Co 14 First Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Puritv Ice Manufacturing Co.,. 13-15 N. Front St., . .Allentown, Lehigh. 

Rakestraw, R. C, Mechamcsburg Cumberland. 

Rauch, Jos. M., 3336 Market St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Reading Cold Storage & Ice Reed & Elm Sts., Reading Berks. 

Reading Merchants Ice Com- Pear & L. V. R. R., . . Reading Berks. 

pany, Inc. 

Rex Ice Manufacturing Co., bpangler, Cambria. 

Ridgway Pure Ice Company, . .1 South St., Ridgway, Elk. 

Rieck Companv. Edward E., . .1345 Forbes St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Ritter Ice Co.," Franklin S 409 Washington St.,. .Allentown, Lehigh. 

Rock Spring Ice & Water Co., W llmerdmg, Allegheny. 

Russ Bros. Ice Cream Co., 16th & Walnut Sts.,. .Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

St. Marys Ice Company, St. Marys, Elk. 

Seitz, F. A Frceport, Armstrong. 

Sewickley Ice & Supply Co., . .Pine & McDonald Sts.. Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Shaffer Ice Co., F. M., 151 Horner St., . Johnstown, Cambria. 

Sharon Coal & Ice Company Sharon, Mercer. 

Singer Ice Company, W. L., . . 621 Charters Ave., . . McKees Rocks, Allegheny. 

Coraopolis, Allegheny. 

Slater Co., The F. M., '. 11th & Ferry Sts., . . Sharpsburg, Allegheny. 

Somerset Ice & Supply Co., . . .Casino Building, . . . Somerset, Somerset. 

South Hills Ice Company 2007 W. Liberty Av>: . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Southwark Ice Company .' Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Spring Grove Ice & Ice Cream Spring Grove. ... York. 


Standard Ice Company, Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Standard Ice & Cold Storage Butler Butler. 

Standard Ice Manufacturing 500-20 S. 27th St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Company. -v 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

ICE — Continued. 

Steele Ice & Refrigerating Co., Huntingdon Huntingdon. 

Stewart Artificial Ice Co., . . . .739 First St Williamsport, Lycoming. 

Stoneboro & Chautauqua Lake Oil City, Venango. 

Ice Company. 

Storage Ice & Supply Co., Indiana, Indiana. 

Stull, Arthur L Alderson, Luzerne. 

Thermic Coal & Supply Co Hollidaysburg, Blair. 

Tobyhanna Creek Ice Company, Tobyhanna, Monroe. 

Tobyhanna & Pocono Springs Tobyhanna, Monroe. 

Ice Company. 

Trout Lake Ice Company, Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Tucker, G. W., 375 E. Clinton St., . . Lock Haven, Clinton. 

Union Ice Company, 124 W. Ohio St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Union Ice Company of Erie, . .20th & Holland Sts.,. .Erie, Erie. 

Union Storage Company, Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

United Ice Company, JEngleside, Lancaster, Lancaster. 

United Ice & Coal Company, . . Forster & Cowden Harrisburg, Dauphin. 


United Ice & Supply Companv. 500 Gloster St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Universal Ice & Cold Storage Monongahela, Washington. 


Valley Ice Company, Third & Ninth Ave., . . Beaver Falls, Beaver. 

Vandergrift Ice Company. East Vandergrift Westmoreland. 

Victor Brewing Co., The 11th & Penna. Ave.,. . Jeannette, Westmoreland. 

Washington County Dairy & Avella, Washington. 

Produce Company. 

Washington Ice Company, .... Chartiers St., Washington, Washington. 

Waynesboro Ice & Cold Stor- Suite 11, Wayne Waynesboro, Franklin. 

age Company. Block. 
West Chester Cold Storage & Union & Franklin Sts., West Chester, Chester. 

Ice Co., Ltd. 
Western Ice Manufacturing 1119-21 N. Howard Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Company. St. 
Wilkes-Barre & Hazleton Ice v . . Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 


Wiikinsburg Ice Company Wilkinsburg Allegheny. 

Windber Pure Ice Company, Windber, Somerset. 

Wunderly, W. J., Nazareth, Northampton. 

York Ice & Cold Storage Co., York, York. 

York Ice & Milk Co.. Inc., W. Charch Ave. i*. P. York, York. 

R. R. 

York Sanitary Milk Company, York, York. 

York Storage & Ice Co., Arch St. & Mill Rd., . . York, York. 

Yough Ice & Storage Co Connellsville, Fayette. 


Boyle & Williams, 72-74 Webster St., . . . Bradford, McKean. 

Duff & Sons, P 922 Duquesne Way, . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Franklin Sugar Refining Co., 125 S. Orianna St., ..Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Heyle Brothers Company, . . . .101 S. Front St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

McCahan Sugar Refining Co., Front & Chestnut Sts., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

The, W. J. 

Metzel Company, T. B., 414 S. Delaware Ave., Philadelphia, .....'. .Philadelphia. 

Pennsylvania Sugar Company, .1037 N. Delaware Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Perfection Jar Closure Co 211 S. American St., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Spreckles Sugar Refining Co.,. .Stock Exchange, .... Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Stromeyer Company, J., 131-35 N. Third St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Abbott Packing Company Carnegie, Allegheny. 

Allen, Clement E., Inc., Brooke St., Media, Delaware. 

Arbogast & Bastian Company, . . . Allentown, Lehigh. 

Atmore & Son, Inc., 122 Tasker St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Breneman, W. H., 11th & Hamilton Sts.. Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

Brickley Co., John J., Inc 16-40 W. Md. St Chester, Delaware. 

Brooks, E. L., 155 N. Tenth St Lebanon, Lebanon. 

Burk, Louis, Girard Ave. & Third Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 



Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

PACKING— Continued. 

Carr, Frank L., 1200 Remington St.,. . Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Consolidated Casing Company,. 30th & Race Sts Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Consolidated Dressed Beef Co.,. 30th & Race Sts Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Croninger Packing Company, . .Fourth & Walnut Sts., Shamokin, Northumberland. 

Cudahy Packing Co., The Ill W. Monroe St.,. .Chicago (111.) 

Plants at Beaver Falls, Beaver. 

New Castle, Lawrence. 

Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Pittston, Luzerne. 

Denholm Bros. & Co., J. M., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Dunlevy Packing Co., Hamilton Ave. & En- Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

terprise St. 

Easton Abattoir Company, 130 Delaware St Easton, Northampton. 

Eby Bologna Company, 408 S. Sixth St., Lebanon, Lebanon. 

Ellsworth, A. M., 5 S. Juniper St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Felin & Co., John J., Inc., 4142 Germantown Philadelphia Philadelphia. 


Fried & Reineman Packing Co., Ewalt Station Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Gibbs & Son, G. W., 339 W. Orange St., . .Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Gregory's Scrapple, George, . . . 4812 Parrish St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Gregory Brothers, Inc., ' 4546 Baltimore Ave.,. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hahn, Edward, Hickory St. & B. & Johnstown, Cambria. 

O. R. R. 

Haibach Brothers 19th & Wallace Sts., .Erie, Erie. 

Hank Brothers, . . ; Graham & Leonard Monongahela, Washington. 

Hausman & Son, George, Inc.,. 5111 ' Westminster Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Italian Sausage & Provision Co., 1704 Penn Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Kellner, F. W 400 Pitt St., Tamaqua, • .Schuylkill. 

Keystone Meat Company, 2226 • Spring Garden Pittsburgh Allegheny. 


Kingan & Company, Ltd., . . . .1121-23 Penn Ave., . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Klein Packing Company Presto, Allegheny. 

Kooker Sausage Company, New Hope, Bucks. 

Kreider, B. L , Cleona, Lebanon. 

Kuhn, Frank J., 2112 East St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Leeder, A. N., Upland, Delaware. 

Lohrey Co., Henry 2234 East St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Maci Son & Company, John, . . .766 S. Eighth St., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

March Packing Co., A. H Front & DeKalb Sts., . Bridgeport, Montgomery. 

Martin Company, D. B., 30th & Market Sts.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Medford's Sons, C. B., Kensington Ave. & Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

P. R. R. 
Merchants Ice Company, Marshall & Markley Norristown, Montgomery. 


Moland's Sons, William 120 Market St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Mosemann, John H 19 Locust St Lancaster Lancaster. 

North Side Packing Company,. .1440-48 Spring Gar- Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

den Ave. 

Obert Co., Joseph, Inc., Lehighton, , Carbon. 

Palmyra Bologna Company, Palmyra, Lebanon. 

Peters, John, Williamsport, Lycoming. 

Peters Packing Company, 922 Rose St McKeesport, Allegheny. 

Pfund & Son, G. F., 3945 Germantown Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Philipsburg Beef Co., Inc., Philipsburg, Centre. 

Pittsburgh Provision & Pack- Herr's Island, Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

ing Co. 

Pottstown Abattoir, 17-23 E. Third St., . . Pottstown, Montgomery. 

Punxsutawney Beef & Provi- Box 42, Punxsutawney, Jefferson. 

sion Co. 

Pusey & Jones Co West Grove, Chester. 

Reading Abattoir Company, Reading, Berks. 

Saegertown Sausage Co Main St Saegertown, Crawford. * 

Sausage Manufacturing Co., . . .1907 Queen Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Schafer, H. S 450 Line St., Easton, Northampton. 

Schaffner Brothers Company, . .15th & Reed Sts., . . . .Erie, " Erie. 

Schuff, Charles, 2627 N. 27th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia, 

Seltzer Packing Company, Water & Temple Sts., . Pottsville Schuylkill. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

PACKING— Continued. 

Skaeffer, George, Shiremanstown, Cumberland. 

Shenandoah Abattoir Company, Shenandoah, Schuylkill. 

Simon & Sherman, 135 Grape St.,- Reading Berks. 

Streeker, Henry, 2066 E. Tioga St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Suler Company, John, 2200 Spring Garden Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Superior Engraving Co., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Swift & Company Chicago (111.) 

Plants at Bradford, McKean. 

Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

Oil City, Venango. 

Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Troxell, Harvey W., Nazareth, Northampton. 

Ulmer Packing Co., Jacob, Pottsville, Schuylkill. 

■ Van Pelt & Co., Pineville, Bucks. 

Vogt & Sons, P. G., Inc., 30th & Race Sts., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Weaver, John S., Lebanon, Lebanon. 

Weiland Manufacturing Co.. . .551 W. Bridge St., . . .Phoenixville, Chester. 

Weissinger & Bro., Georgp 250 Peacock St., .... Pottsville, Schuylkill. 

Weissinger & Brother, L. W., . .Railroad St., Mount Carmel, . , Northumberland. 

Wickham Brothers, 1740 Madison Ave., . . Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Young, E. J., Washington, Washington. 

Zoller Company, William, .... 367 Spring Garden Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 



Boyle & Williams, 72-74 Webster St., . . .Bradford, McKean. 

Franklin Sugar Refining Com- 125 S. Orianna St., . .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

pany, The. 

Heyle Brothers Company, 101 S. Front St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

McCahan Sugar Refining Co., Front & Chestnut Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

The W. J. Sts. 

Paramount Products Company, . 17th &'Lehigh Sts., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Pennsylvania Sugar Company, . 1037 N. Delaware Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Spreckles Sugar Refining Go... . Stock Exchange Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Erdman Vinegar Co., 1810 Frankford Ave., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Fisher, D. E., Unionville, P. O., Fleming, Centre. 

Gifford, E. P., Harbour Creek, Erie, Erie. 

Grimshaw Brothers, North East Erie. 

Lancaster Vinegar Co., Water & Hazel Sts.,. . Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Limerick Pottery, Neiffer Montgomery. 

Mitchell & Son, C Mill Village Erie. 

Musselman Canning Company,- Biglerville, Adams. 

Musselman Canning Company, Gardners, Adams. 

North East Cider Works, Vine St North East, Erie. 

Philadelphia Vinegar Company, . 1523 S. Front St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Price Co., Vernon D ". . 722 W. Lackawanna Scranton, Lackawanna. 


Shamokin Pure Food Products Shamokin, Northumberland. 


Swartley, W. H., 228-40 Wood St., Doylestown Bucks. 

Watkins, B. F., Bridge St., Ulster, Bradford. 

West Penn Vinegar Co., 811 S. Canal St-., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Automat Co. of Pittsburgh, Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Belgian Endive Co., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Bonton Potato Chips York, York. 

Clewell & Son, Thos. B., 431 Greene St., Allentown Lehigh. 

Community Stores Company Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Duff & Sons, P., 922 Duquesne Way, . .Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Dunlevy Packing Company, . . .Hamilton Ave. & En- Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

terprise St.- 

Franklin Baker Co., The 700 N. Delaware Ave., Philadelphia, . Philadelphia. 

Improved Stock Power Co., Dillsburg, York. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Jersey Cereal Food Co Cereal, Westmoreland. 

Kabisch & Co., Inc., 5526 Vine St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kerr & Brothers, Judson, 61st & Girard Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Ave. Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Keystone Food Specialties Co., .6635 Kelly St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Kreider, D. K., Altoona, Blair. 

Kuhn, Walter W., Holly & Carlisle Sts.,.Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

Lake Shore Fruit Co., '. North East, Erie. * 

Larkin, Thos. K., Kennett Square Chester. 

Lumis & Company, Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Majors, H. C, Rochester, Beaver. ' 

Mobley, CD 837 Jarvella St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Moseman Co.f 19 Locust St., Lancaster, Lancaster. 

National Products Company, . Midland, Beaver. 

Rosin & Company 611 Sanson St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Shamokin Noodle Co., ....... -.Orange & Water Sts.. . Shamokin, Northumberland. . 

Union Casein Co., 2314 Wood St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Union Provision Ice Storage Uniontown, Fayette. 

Wickham Brothers, 1740 Madison Ave., . . Scranton, Lackawanna. 



Alexander Bros., 414 N. Third St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Barlow Brothers, 543 N. 64th 8t m Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Belting Company, L. & G., . . . Reading, Berks. 

Bond Co., Charles, 520 Arch St., Philadelphia, ....... Philadelphia. 

Bridge, John, - Chester, Delaware. 

Consolidated Belting Co., Delaware Ave. & Jef- Chester, . Delaware. 

frey St. 

Covell Belting Company, Terminal Warehouse, . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Etsweiler, William, 230 N. Third St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Fisher Leather Belting Co., 221 N. Third St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Inc., The. 

Frissell Manufacturing Co., -. . . . North Wales, Montgomery. 

Gilmer Co., L. H., rTacony, Philadelphia. 

Hartley-Rose Belting Co., 425-27 First Ave., . . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Himmelein & Bailey, 248 Chestnut St., .... Philadelphia, Philadelphia. • 

Jones, George W., A. N. B. Bldg., Allentown, Lehigh. 

Leas & McVitty, Inc., 305 Vine St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Leas & McVitty, Inc., Summerdale Ave., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Main Belting Company, 1241 Carpenter St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Manheim Manufacturing & Manheim, Lancaster. 

Belting Co. 

Mulconroy Co., Inc., 54th & Jefferson Sts.,. Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Paulus & Co., Jos. C, 2507-9-11 Potter St.,. . Philadelphia,* Philadelphia. 

Philadelphia Belting Co., 6th & Spring Garden Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Pickin Belting Co Tonesdale Ave. & Or- Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

chard St. 

Slate's Sons, George, 214 W. Willow St., . . Williamsport Lycoming. 

Victor Balata & Textile Belt- Easton, Northampton. 

ing Co. 


Adams Shoe Co., Adamsdale, Schuylkill. 

Albright & Co., H. S., Orwigsburg, Schuylkill. 

Albright-Stanley Shoe Mfg. Co., 337 Penn St., Reading, Berks. 

All Wear Shoe Co. Catawissa, Columbia. 

American Shoe Manufacturing 24 S. Twelfth St., . . . Allentown, Lehigh. 


American Slipper Co., 309 Montrose St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Annar Shoe Company 239 New St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Barke-Gibbin Co., Inc 140 W. Turner St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

B. & E. Shoe Co., Inc., Miller St Denver Lancaster. 

Bean, C. H., Ferndale, Bucks. 

Bedford Shoe Co., Carlisle, Cumberland. 

Bray Brothers, 127 N. Ninth St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

BOOTS AND SHOES— Continued. 

Brown Shoe Co., Inc., A. E., . .Mifflin & Liberty Sts., Orwigsburg, Schuylkill. 

Burk & Co., 3.6th & Filbert Sts., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Callahan, Wm. C, 434-446 N. 14th St., . .Allentown, Lehigh. 

Carlisle Shoe Co., Carlisle, Cumberland. 

Century Shoe Co., Ltd., Railroad St., Macungie, Lehigh. 

Costello & Greenawald, Inc., Sellersville, Bucks. 

Coulder & Motter, Halifax, Dauphin. 

Crescent Shoe Co., The, Moss & Douglass Sts., Reading, Berks. 

Croxton, Wood & Company. . . . 313 New St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Curtis & Jones Company, 702-32 N. Eighth St., . Reading, Berks. 

Dauphin Shoe Co., The, ...... 320 Market St., Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

Dayton Co., J. E., Williamsport, Lycoming. 

Dengler Bros., 708 Howard Ave., . . Pottsville, Schuylkill. 

Devine & Yungel Shoe Manu- 16th & State Sts., . . .Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

facturing Co. 

Durland Weston Shoe Co., .... Main St., Honesdale, Wayne. 

Eagle Shoe Repair & Manuf ac- 1230 Filbert St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

turing Co. 

Eby Shoe Company, Lititz Lancaster. 

Edwards & Co., J., 314 N. Twelfth St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Elkin & Co., M., 501 Market St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Famous Shoe Repairing Co., . . 64 N. 13th St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Freed Brothers, Richlandtown, Bucks. 

Geiger Shoe Co., 118 S. Sixth St Pottsville, Schuylkill. 

Gerber Shoe Co., F. C, Orwigsburg, Schuylkill. 

Gibbons Co.. C. S., 54 N. Fourth St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Girard Shoe Manufacturing Co.,313 Vine St Philadelphia, . . : Philadelphia. 

Greenberg-Miller Co., Inc Jordan & Tilghman Allentown, Lehigh. 

Sts. • 

Grieb & Sons, J. G., 531 Market St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Haas-Berger Co., 16-20 S. Hall St., . . .Allentown, Lehigh. 

Halifax Shoe Co., Halifax, Dauphin. 

Hallahan & Sons, Inc Tenth & Washington Philadelphia, _. Philadelphia. 

Harrisburg Leather Products 1420 Wyeth Ave., . . .Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

Harrisburg Leather Products Wellsville, . : York. . 

Harrisburg Shoe Manuf actur- 1408-2Q Vernon St., . .Harrisburg; -Dauphin. 

ing Co. 
Honesdale Union-Stamp Shoe E. Park St., Honesdale, Wayne. 

Honest Shoe Manufacturing 18-22 S. Sixth St., ..Allentown, Lehigh. 


Huyett & Rhoades, Birdsboro, Berks. 

Jaindl Shoe Manufacturing Co., 346 Limestone St., . . .Allentown, Lehigh. 

Johnson-Baillie Shoe Co., Millersburg, Dauphin. 

Kepner Scott Shoe Co., The, . . 209 Liberty St., Orwigsburg Schuylkill. 

Keystone Shoe Co., 307 Race St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Keystone Shoe Manufacturing Kutztown, Berks. 


King, Mrs. A. R., 19th & Brown Sts., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Klingman, E. J., ." Dalmatia, Northumberland. 

Knapp & Bro., F. W., 336 N. Fifth St. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kreider Company, A. S., The, Annville, Lebanon. 

Plants at Annville, . . Lebanon. 

Elizabethtown, Lancaster. 

% Lebanon, Lebanon. 

Middletown, Dauphin. 

Kreider's Sons Manufacturing Palmyra, Lebanon. 

Co., W. L. 

Krell Shoe Co., Wm., Pen Argyl, Northampton. 

Kuhn-Pavord-Wilks Shoe Co., Harrisburg Dauphin. 

Laird. Schober & Company, . . . 22d & Market Sts.. . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Landis Shoe Co., J., .- Palmyra, Lebanon. 

Lehigh Valley Shoe Company, . . 1010-24 Chestnut St., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Allentown, Lehigh. 

Lindner Shoe Co., The, Cedar & Louther Sts., Carlisle Cumberland. 

Livingston, E. C, New Oxford Adams. 

Lorenz, Kun 510-2 S. Eighth St., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

McGrath, John : 442 N. Eighth St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Maibach. Jacob, Fourth & Race Sts.,. . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Miller, W. Y., Schuylkill Haven, . . . Schuylkill. 

Miller & Co., A. M., Orwigsburg, Schuylkill. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

BOOTS AND SHOES — Continued. 

Miller, Hess & Co., Akron, Lancaster. 

Millersburg Shoe Co., Millersburg, Dauphin. 

Morganstern, Jonas, 334 York Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Mulconroy Co., Inc 54th & Jefferson Sts., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Nahm Bros., 1850 Berks St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Nekervis & Co., Wm., 431 Brown St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

New Oxford Shoe Manufactur- New Oxford, Adams. 

ing Co. 

Newton & Co., J. R., 507 Arch St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

North Lebanon Shoe Factory, Lebanon, Lebanon. 

Passay & Olley, .812 Winter St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Perfection Shoe Machinery Co., Stroudsburg, Monroe. 

Perfection Shoe Manufactur- East Stroudsburg, . . . Monroe. 

ing Co. 
Philadelphia Shoe Repairing 27 S. Sixth St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Phillips, Milton, 410 Arch St., Philadelphia., ' Philadelphia. 

Plymouth Boot Shoe Manuf ac- 319 W. Main St., . . . Plymouth, Luzerne. 

turing Co., The. 

Prenzel & Co., A. H., Halifax, Dauphin. 

Quarryville Shoe Co., . Quarryville, Lancaster. 

Rehr Shoe Co., The, Orwigsburg, Schuylkill. 

Reider Shoe Manufacturing Co., 126 W. Main St., Schuylkill Haven, . . . Schuylkill. 

Reilly, Inc., David N., Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Reliable Shoe Co., Orwigsburg Schuylkill. 

Rohrer & Co., Orwigsburg, Schuylkill. 

Roney & Berger Co., 19-29 S. Hall St., . . .Allentown, Lehigh. 

Ryan Shoe Co., Halifax, Dauphin. 

Sancony Shoe Manufacturing Kutztown, Berks. 


Schneider Company, Philip, . . .328 N. Jefferson St., .Allentown, Lehigh. 

Sheidy Shoe Company, Pine Grove, Schuylkill. 

Sheppard & Myers Company, Hanover, York. 

Smaltz Goodwin Co 315-23 N. 12th St., . . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Smith's Sons, M. A., 600 N. 13th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Stahler Shoe Co., C. F., 14th & Liberty Sts., . .Allentown, Lehigh. 

Standard Shoe & Rubber Re- 14 E. Tenth St., Erie, Erie. 

pairing Co. 

Stanley Company, Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Sterner Shoe Co.-, Selinsgrove, Snyder. 

Valley Shoe Company, Elizabeth ville, Dauphin. 

Walkin Shoe Company, Schuylkill Haven. . . . Schuylkill. 

Watsontown Boot & Shoe Co., Watsontown, Northumberland. 

Webb Shoe Co., 205 Cuthbert St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Weimer, Wright & Watkin Co.,. 12 E. Allen St., .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Weis & Co., W. A., 30-32 Baltimore St., . . Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Werner Shoe Co., Orwigsburg, . Schuylkill. 

White & Co., Inc., Richard, 521 Vine St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Willitis Shoe Company, . Halifax, Dauphin. 

Willits, Henrv M., Inc., Birdsboro, Berks. 

Wolfe Shoe Manufacturing Co., 725 Court St., .Allentown, Lehigh. 

Yeager Shoe Co., R. E., ■. . Selinsgrove, Snyder. 

Ziegler Brothers Co 119 N. Fifth St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Zulick & Company, J. S., Orwigsburg, Schuylkill. 


Goodyear Rubber Co., Inc., Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Lycoming Rubber Company, Williamsport, Lycoming. 


Hanover Glove Company, Inc., . Exchange Place, Hanover, : . . . York. 

Pittsburgh Glove Manufactur- 413-15 S. Main St., . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

ing Co. 
Rank, W. J., Middletown, Dauphin. 


Arbogast & Bastian Company, Allentown, Lehigh. 

Baxter, Henry V 1016 Kerlin St., Chester, Delaware. 

Bernstein & Son, Max 1035-41 N. Front St., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Name and Industry. . Address. City or Town. County. 

HIDES AND SKINS — Continued. 

Bravm Rendering Co., New Brighton, Beaver. 

Brodsky Brothers 464 N. Third St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Burk, Louis, Girard Ave. & Third Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Cohen Rendering Co., H. J., ... R. F. D. No. 4, New Castle, Lawrence. 

Colin & Co., Meyer, 29-31 S. Prince St., . . Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Consolidated Dressed Beef Co., . 30th & Race Sts., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Drueding Brothers Company, . . Fifth & Master Sts., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Dunlevy Packing Co., Hamilton Ave. & En- Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

terprise St. 
East End Hide Co., . Putnam St. & Transit Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Farmers Fertilizer Works, Elizabethtown, Lancaster. 

Furst, Dean B., Clinton & Hanna Sts., Lock Haven, Clinton. 

Gray's Ferry Abattoir Co., .... 36th & Gray's Ferry Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Groezinger's Sons, G., South Water St., .... Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Hahn, Edward Hickory St. & B. & O. Johnstown, Cambria. 

R. R. 

Harrisburg Rendering & Hide 11th & Walnut Sts., . . Harrisburg, Dauphin. 


Hewett Fertilizer Co., 215 Pauli Bldg., Scranton, -Lackawanna. 

Lamparter's Sons, Geo., Rockland St., Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Lange, Wm. P., Pindam St. & W. Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Penna. R. R. . 

McGraw Wool Co., The, 1466-76 River Ave., . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Maines Rend. Co., H. E., 522 Academy St., . . . .Peckville, Lackawanna. 

Martin Company, D. B., 30th & Market Sts., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Penna. Hide & Leather Co., Reading, Berks. 

Penna. Hide & Leather Co., Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Peters Packing Company, 922 Rose St., McKeesport, Allegheny. 

Philadelphia Animal Product 30th & Race Sts., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Co. • , 

Pittsburgh Melting Co., Herr's Island, Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Pittsburgh Provision & Packing Herr's Island Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Pittsburgh Wool Co., Pindam St. & West Allegheny, Allegheny. 

Penn R. R. 

Pottstown Abattoir, 17-23 E. Third St., . . Pottstown, Montgomery. 

Reading Abattoir Company, Reading, Berks. 

Reichard, Robert A., Allentown, Lehigh. 

Romberger, D. W., Elizabethville, Dauphin. 

Romberger, O. L., Pottsville, '. Schuylkill. 

Romberger & Sons, S. B., Carlisle Cumberland. 

Romberger's Sons Co., S. B., . . 65-73 S. Tenth St., . .Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

Sauer Hide Co., 1039 E. Ohio St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Sharon Rendering & Fertilizing Sharon, Mercer. 

Shoemaker & Co., Ltd., M. L.,. .Delaware & Venan- Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

gost Aves. 

Sickler Fertilizer Works, Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Strauss & Co., D., -. . . -Ontario & Richmond Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Swift & Company, Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

Union Chemical Works, Inc., Kneedler, Montgomery. 

Union Leather Works, Orthodox & Bell Sts., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Weissinger & Brother, George, .250 Peacock St., .... Pottsville Schuylkill. 

Zoller, Wm. Co., 367 Spring Garden Pittsburgh Allegheny. 



Alexander Brothers, 414 N. Third St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Beck Tanning Co., . . - Corry, Warren. 

Byron & Sons Manufacturing High St. & Linden Hanover, York. 

Co., W. D. Ave. 

Elk Tanning Company, Masonic Temple, .... Ridgway Elk. 

Plants at Arroyo, Elk. 

Blossburg, Tioga. 

Brookston, Forest. 

Clarendon, Wyoming. 

Clearfield, Clearfield. 

Costello Potter. 

Coudersport, . Potter. 

Curwensville, Clearfield. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

LEATHER — SOLE — Continued. 

Elk Tanning Co. — Continued,. . Plants at . . .*. East Stroudsburg, . . .Monroe* 

Emporium, Cameron. 

Falls Creek Jefferson. 

Galeton Potter. 

Harrison Valley, .... Potter. 

Hillsgrove, Sullivan. 

Instanter, ,. . Elk. 

Irvona, Clearfield. 

Jamison City, Columbia. 

Laporte, Sullivan. 

Leetonia, * Tioga. 

Mann's Choice, ...... Bedford. 

Newport, Perry. 

Port Allegany, McKean. 

Portland Mills, Elk. 

Powell, Bradford. 

Ralston, Lycoming. 

Reynoldsville, Jefferson. 

Ridgway, Elk. 

Roaring Branch, . . . .Lycoming. 

Sheffield, .- . . . Warren. 

Titusville, Crawford. 

Tunkhannock Wyoming. 

Warren, Warren. 

Wilcox, Elk. 

Flaccus Oak Leather Co., Wm.,1228 River Ave., . . . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Gensemer & Salen, Pine Grove, Schuylkill, 

Gleason & Sons, L. R., ^, Driftwood. Cameron. 

Gleasonton, Clinton. 

Medix Run, Elk. 

Hanover, Heil & Innersole Co.,. High St., Hanover, York. 

Howard & Co., Ltd., J. W. & Corry, Erie. 

A. P. 

Janney & Co., Thomas, 315 N. Third St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Jones Leather Co., W. B., 220-22 N. Third St.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kistler, Lesh & Co., Lock Haven, Clinton. 

Johnsonburg, Elk. 

St. Marys Elk. 

Mt. Jewett, McKoan. 

Millville Tanning Company, . . . 351-353 N. Third St., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Mosser Company, J. K., Williamsport, Lycoming. 

Westover, Clearfield. 

Mt. Union Tanning & Extract Mt. Union, Huntingdon. 


O'Keefe Heel Mfg. Co., John.. .1219 Monroe St., Allentown, Lehigh. 

Park Run Tanning Company, Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Paskus & Son, Inc., J., Middleburg, Snyder. " 

Proctor, Ellison & Co., Elkland, Tioga. 

Rippman's Sons, C. A., Millerstown, Perry. 

Van Dyner Sons, E., Troy, Bradford. 

Van Tassel, A. R., DuBois Clearfield. 

West Hickory Tanning Co., .West Hickory Forest. 


Alexander Brothers 414 N. Third St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Amer Company, William, 454 N. Third St., . . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Beggs & Cobble, Confluence, , m Somerset. 

Best Kid Co., Leorcird & Wildey Philadelphia,* Philadelphia. 

Bockius Co., C, 421-23-25 N. Ameri- Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

can St. 

Bristol Patent Leather Co., . . . 327 Arch St.,' Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Burk Brothers, 926 N. Third St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Byron & Sons, Inc., W. D., Mercersburg, Franklin. 

Chester Enameling Company,. .15th & Crosby Sts., . .Chester, Delaware. 

Corona Leather Works, Bristol, Bucks. 

Curtis Leather Co., J. G Ludlow McKean. 

Dugan, Hood & Co., Inc 243 W. Susquehanna Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Eberle Tanning Company, Westfield, Tioga. 

England, Walton & Co., Third & Vine Sts., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Faust's Sons, A. D Ambler, . Montgomery. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

AND FINJSHED — Continued. 

Foerderer, Robert H., Wheatsheaf Lane & Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Coral St. 

Friedlander, D., 341 N. Orianna St., . .Philadelphia, . . .Philadelphia. 

Goetz Sons Company, The Fer- Reading, Berks. 


Gunnison Bros., Inc., Girard, Erie. 

Harkinson & Co., Robert, 249 S. Orianna St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hollinger & Son, Amos, Hollinger, Lancaster. 

Holmer, Henry, 52 E. Allen St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hubachman, E., i>. . . . . Orianna & Willow Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


McAdoo & Allen, 321 N. Third St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

McNeely & Price, 170-72 N. Fourth St., . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Matthews & Co., C. J., American & Willow Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Mitchell & Pierson, 36th & Reed Sts., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Parke Leather Co., N. H., Great Bend, Susquehanna. 

Penna. Hide & Leather Co., Curwensville, Clearfield. 

Perkins & McNeely, Wayne & Bristol Sts., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Printz Leather Co., 1305-7-9 N. 27th St.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Quaker City Morocco Co.', .... .519 W. Huntingdon Philadelphia, ...... .Philadelphia. 


Quirin Tanning Co., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Stern Bros. & Co., 1214 N. Orkney St., .. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Stifel Co., Chas. F., Preble & Juniata Sts., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Surpass Leather Company, 9th & Westmoreland Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Swoboda & Son, Inc., H 1027 N. Bodine St., . .Philadelphia, 1 Philadelphia. 

Thompson-Adams Leather Co.,. Orthodox St. & Frank- Bridesburg, Philadelphia. 

ford Creek. 

Thompson & Hottle, Inc., Wakeling & Stiles Sts..Frankford, Philadelphia. 

United Tanning Co. Schiller & Melvale Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Van Tasel Tanning Co., A. R., DuBois, Clearfield. 


Albright Purse Co 140 E. Dural St., Germantown Philadelphia. 

Alexander Brothers, 414 N. Third St., .... Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Altland, A. D., Dillsburg, York. 

Auer, C. A., 414-16 N. Centre St., . Corry, Erie. 

Beard & Co., H. B., Centre Square, York York. 

Birmingham & Co., William, .. 4054-56 Haverford Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Bowers, J. D., New Holland, Lancaster. 

Brady, P. H., 1347 Melon St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Braman, M. Lee, Honesdale, Wayne. 

Bray Bros., 127 N. Ninth St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Brougher Net Co., W. D., Wellsville, York. 

Cadwallader, Dougherty & Co.,. 1.13'N. Third St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Chodoff, Wm., 412 Brown St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Clippinger, H. C, Shippensburg, Cumberland. 

Coons Brothers, Tenth & Market Sts., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Crow, A. B 711 Braddock Ave., . .Braddock, Allegheny. 

Decker, J. C, Inc., Montgomery, Lycoming. 

Dickson. C. A. 27-29 S. Seventh St.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Diehl, R. J., 51-53 E. Broad St., . .Bethlehem Northampton. 

Donovan, Timothy, 1518 N. 23d St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Dorey, Daniel, .*. . . 235 Race St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Drueding Bros. Company, Fifth & Master Sts., . . Phil Welphia, Philadelnhia. 

Dusman, H. E., 151 S. George St., . . .York, York. 

Edelman, Abraham, 931 N. Second St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Erhart, Joseph, 1305 State St., ..*... .Erie, Erie. 

Felsberg, Edward, Montgomery, Lycoming. 

Forrest & Son, D., 417 S. 22d St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

. Forst & Company, H. S 831-35 Cherry St., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Gleckner Sons Co., W. W., Canton, Bradford. 

Groezinger's Sons, G., South Water St., . . . .Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Groff, Frank B., Mt. Joy, Lancaster. 

Guth & Bro., Geo. J., 832 Hamilton St., . . .Mlentown, Lehigh. 

Haag, John H., 326 N. Ninth St., Reading, Berks. 

Hafner, Parker & Co., 643 Elmira St., ..... . Williamsport, Lycoming. 

Haines Leather Goods Co., 137 N. Seventh St., . .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

LEATHER GOODS— Continued. 

Hale & Brother, Charles, 339 N. Third St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hannan, James, 4149 Ridge Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Harlacher, S. J., 4 York St., Hanover, York. 

Hermann & Co., A., 320 Cherry St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hirsh, Max 725 Arch St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Housell & Sons, Wm. S., 131 Market St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Ingber & Co., 1215 Market St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Iron City Harness Supply Co.,. 1100 Fifth Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Kaley, J. M., 702 N. Ninth St Lebanon, Lebanon. 

Keim Supply Company, 1227 Market St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Keystone Harness Co., Dillsburg, York. 

Kiefer Harness Company, 1140 Penn Ave., ; . . .Pittsburgh, Alleghenv 

Kline-Savidge Co., 161-63 N. Third St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Klinger & Laugbein Co., F. W.,.236 S. Ninth St., Philadelphia Philadelphia 

Lane, B. D., 514 Market St., Chester Delaware. 

Leathersmith Shops, 1033 Race St., Philadelphia, Philaaelphia. 

Lowell Harness Collar Co., ... 40 W. Orange St., . . . Lancaster, Lancaster. 

McClay, John, 36 W. Chelsea Ave.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Mapes, H. C, Tionesta Forest. 

May, N. O, 289 W. Market St., . .York, York. 

Melsheimer, Joseph, 446 W. Dauphin St.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Miller Closman Company, 12th & Buttonwood Philadelphia, Philadelphia 


Modern Novelty Co., 234 N. Third St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Olewine, Wm., 9 E. Broad St., Hazleton Luzerne. 

Pittsburgh Harness Supply Co., 325 Penn Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Rahns Manufacturing Co., . . . .529 Commerce St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Reading Harness Co., 754 Penn St., Reading, Berks. 

Reading Saddle & Manufactur- 
ing Co. 316 Maple St., Reading . Berks. 

Ringrose Net Co., J. W., 219 -N. Third St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Robinsteen Collar & Leather Indiana, Indiana. 


Rumpp & Sons, C. F., Inc., 114-130 N. Fifth St.,. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Schaeffer, John M., 108 N. Main St., Shenandoah Schuylkill. 

Shaff Harness Company, 430 Main St., Irwin, Westmoreland 

Sieger, F. G., 710-712 Hamilton St., Allentown Lehigh. 

Smultz, 24 N. George St., York York. 

Touey, P. J., 1135 S. Broad St., . . .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Universe Manufacturing Co., 2218-20-22 Vine St.,. .Philadelphia, . . .Philadelphia. 

Inc. „ 

Ursprung, Chas. O., 408 N. Market St., . .Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Van Dyke, ThoV E 1020 Frankford' Ave., Philadelphia Philadelphia 

Varwig & Bro., H., Inc., 1110 Sansom St., ,, . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Victor Leather Company, 615 Hamilton St., . . .Allentown, Lehigh. 

Victor Valise Company, Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Walker. W. H., 227 N. Front St., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia'. 

Weidel, Jos., 3958 Lancaster* Ave., .Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Weir, A. H., 2205-07 Germantown Philadelphia, Philadelphia 


Whittlesey's Sons, H. E., Corry, Erie. 

Williamsport Saddlery Co., . . .32 E. Third St., .■?. . .Williamsport, Lycoming. 

Williamsport Staple Co., 941 Nichols Place, . . .Williamsport, Lvooming. 

Wolf & Co 340 N. Twelfth St., . .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Workman Co., H. B., Lititz Lancaster. 

Youngsville Saddlery Co., Youngsville Warren. 

Zarfoss Harness Factory, Columbia, Lancaster. 


Bingham's Son Manufacturing 88 S. 13th St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Co., Samuel. 

Bloomingdale Rubber Company, . .* Chester, Delaware. 

Continental Rubber Works Erie, i . Erie. 

Corona Rubber Reclaiming Co. ,.400 E. Rittenhotise, . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Economy Tire Company, Baum Blvd. & Enfield Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Fisk Rubber Company, Conshohocken, Montgomery. 

Freeport Rubber Co., Freeport, Armstrong. 

Godfrey Roller Co., 1219 Race St Philadelphia, ? Philadelphia. 

Gordon Manufacturing Co., Inc., Cameron & Walnut Harrisburg ...Dauphin. 


Greensburg Tire & Rubber Co.,. 700 W. Atterman St.. Greensbnrg Westmoreland. 

Halifax Rubber Co., Halifax Dauphin. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

— Continued. 

Harrisburg Collar & Cuff Co.,. . 14th & Haehnlen Ave.,Harrisburg, . Dauphin. 

Hart & Zugelder, Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

International Tire Company, . . Broad & Cumberland Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

-v. Sts. 
Keystone Rubber Manufactur- 141 E. Eleventh St.,. .Erie, Erie. 

ing Co. /-,,,, »v 

Lee Tire & Rubber Company, Conshohocken, Montgomery. 

MeCreary Rubber & Tire Plant, Indiana, Indiana. 

Maigne Company, O. J., 1017-19 Sansoin St.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Mee-Tue & Rubber Company, Chester, Chester. 

Morgan Sales Company. Inc., . . Commerce St., Shamokin, Northumberland. 

National Rubber Company, Pottstown, Montgomery. 

Park Products Company, 205 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Pennsylvania Rubber Company, Jeannette Westmoreland. 

Perma-Log Manufacturing Co., Wilkes-Barre Luzerne. 

Philadelphia Rubber Works Co., 1305 Land Title Bldg.,Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Plexus Tire & Rubber Co., Philadelphia, . . . Philadelphia. 

Quaker City Rubber Company, .629 Market St .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Rex Hide Rubber Manufactur- East Brady, Clarion. 

Schwarzwaelder Co., The, 301 Cherry St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Spring Cushion Tire Corp., Meversdale, Somerset. 

Tillinghast Rubber Co., B. C, Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Vulcan Rubber Company, West Lake Road, Erie, Erie. 

Vulcanized Rubber Company, Momsville Bucks. 

Walton, Lewis F., 12 S. Fourth St., . . . .Philadelphia, . Philadelphia. 

Washington Rubber Company,. W. Chestnut St., Washington, Washington. 

William Penn Rubber Co., Penn Station, Westmoreland. 


Arata & Company, 118 S. 13th St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bains, Geo. B. & Son, Inc., . . . .1028 Chestnut St., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

B B '& B. Trunk Company, . .Cor. Ohio & Sandusky Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Belber Trunk & Bag Co., The,. 1641 N. Hancock St.,. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Boyd, Boyd & Boyd Trunk Co.,. 442 Wood St., PittsDurgh Allegheny. 

Brier, Fisher & Miller, ~>'o Arch St., Philadelphia, ■ Philadelphia. 

Cramer & Sherr, - 25-27 Letitiu St., . . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Crown Luggage Company, ■ • • -Railroad, York. 

Eagle Leather Goods Co., 305 S. Second St., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Fibre Specialty Manufacturing Kennett Square, Chester. 

Gerding G. W., 105 Commerce St Philadelphia, .Philadelphia. 

Grossman Trunk & Bag Co., . .720 Fifth Ave., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

H. B. Leather Goods Co 32-34 Bank St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Heller S., 345 N. Second St., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kirckgraber," Louis, 613-15 Cherry St., . . .Philadelphia, ....... Philadelphia. 

Kleber Trunk Company, 1208 Fifth Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Klein C & Co 830 Fifth Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

L & Z. Suit Case Co., The, . . .640,44 Fifth Ave., . .. Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

McQuinn, Robert & Co 38-40 S. Eiahth St., . -Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Mayer, Max, Estate Tenth & Cherry Sts.,. Philadelphia, Phi acelphia. 

Newfield Harry, 155 N. Third St., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Philadelphia Leather Goods Co.. Second & Race Sts.,. .Philadelphia,' Philadelphia. 

Pittsburgh Trunk Co., The, ... 722 Fifth Ave., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Rano-now & Hall, Inc., 67 Laurel St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Rhode Bros 224 S. Second St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Ries & Hoelzei,' . 1020 Race St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Ruehlmann, m'. Estate of, 145 N. Seventh St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Seitz J H & Son, 414-438 Brown St., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Simon S C & Co., 412 Brown St. Philadelphia, -.Philadelphia. 

Simons & Co . ■ • - 700 Arch St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

South Montrose Mill Co • • • -South Montrose, Susquehanna. 

Travelight Manufacturing Co... 237 N. Lawrence St.,. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

United Suit Case Co., ........ 1345 Fifth Ave., . . . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

White F H (Jo 1001 Hamilton St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Wohlfeld & Brother, lac, S.,. . 538 N. Sixth St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Alexander Brothers 414 N. Third St., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Ashworth Bros., Inc., American & Dauphin Philadelphia, ..' Philadelphia. 


Auto Tire Repair Co 115 Conemaugh St.,. .Johnstown, Cambria. 

Ball Quick Shoe Repairing Co., 109 N. Washington Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Ave. « 

Becker, Marcus F New Holland, , Lancaster. 

Boli Feed Bag Co., Wilkinsburg, Allegheny. 

Booth, Benj. & Co., Inc., 1717-29 N. Bodine St.,Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Butler Vulcanizing Co;, Butler, Butler. 

City Shoe Repairing Co., 18 N. Court St., Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

Cotero Cushion Manufacturing Scranton, Lackawanna. 


DeHart, Robert 937 Penn St., Reading Berks. 

Diehl, Robert J., 122 N. Eighth St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

East End Shoe Repairing Fac- 6232 Penn St., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 


Electric City Vulcanizing Co., .330 N. Washington Scranton, Lackawanna. 


Ennis & Son, W. A 1310 Race St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Fairies Rubber Co., 274 W. Third St., . .Williamsport, .Lycoming. 

Globe Vulcanizing & Tire Co.,. . 617 Spruce St., Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Gray's Ferry Abattoir Co., ...26th & Gray's Ferry Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Hahn & Company, Altoona, Blair. 

Harrisburg Boot & Shoe Re- 1531 N. Third St., ..Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

pairing Co. 

Hoffman, F. O, 17 S. Eighth St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Holmes, I. O. & G. P., 19-21 E. South St., . .New Castle. • Lawrence. 

Imperial Vulcanizing Works, . . 215 N. Fifth St., . . . .Allentown, Lehigrh. 

Indiana Leather Stamping Co., Williamsport, Lycoming. 

Inter State Rubber Co., 259 N. Fifteenth St.,. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Iron City Tire & Repair Co., . . 5968 Baum Blvd., . . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Keystone Hide Company, Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Keystone Hide Company, Williamsport, Lycoming. 

Leather Flooring Co., Glen Rock, York. 

National Shoe Repair Co., . . . 106 S. Main St., . . . . Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Paxson Co., J. W., 1021 N. Delaware Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Philadelphia Shoe Repairing 8 N. Ninth St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Co., Inc. 

Proctor, Ellison & Uo., Elkland, Tioga. 

Red Cross Antiseptic Telephone 5320 Spruce St., . .. .West Philadelphia, . .Philadelphia. 

Mouth Piece Co. 

Reliable Vulcanizing Co., 518-20 Wyoming Ave.,Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Rife, Henry J., 506 Market St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Schaefer & Son, Philip C, . :. .2327 N. Seventh St.,. Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Schiller, Joseph 10 Marion St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Shaw, Frank 1401 Wood St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Sterling Auto Tire Co 109 S. Second St., . .Harrisburg Dauphin. 

Strauss Leather Company, . . . .1117 Penn Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Tierney Bros 5939 Baum Blvd., . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Universal Repairing Co., 1311 Wood St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Walton & Son, Robert T 728 Buttonwood St.,. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Wilkinson & Reger 301 Florist St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Adams, W. L., Johnstown Cambria. 

Aldworth, William, 2715-17 Ann St., Philadelphia, •. . .Philadelphia. 

Alpa Company, Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Ambrosius, C. 1331 N. Hancock St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Apollo Soda Water Co., 16 Liberty Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Asher, Chester A 5605 Germantown Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Avenue Bottling Works 125 Brackenridge Brackenridge Allegheny. 


Bacon Company, The D., 435 S. Cameron St.,. .Harrisburg Dauphin. 

Bakemian Soda Water Co 1106 Brabec St., . . . .Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Beaver Valley Bottling Works, 825 Third Ave., Beaver Falls, Beaver. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Bedford Bottling Works, Bedford Bedford. 

Beltz's Bottling Works, 003 Market St., ....Brownsville Fayette. 

Berks County Bottling Works, . 409-11 S. Sixth St.,. .Reading, Berks. 

Berlin Bottling Works Berlin, Somerset. 

Bireliolo Company, . . , Main St., Dickson City Lackawanna. 

Blue Rock Bottling Works, 74" Fruit Ave., Farrell, Mercer. 

Bock Conrad 2100-08 Bridge St., . .Frankford Philadelphia. 

Booth Bros., Ruth & Clearfield Sts.,Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Booth & Shontz Co L'hilipsburg, .... Centre. 

Boswell Bottling Works Boswell Somerset. 

Bridgeville Bottling Works, Bndgeville Allegheny. 

Broad Top Bottling Works, Saxtou. Bedford. 

Buffum Co., J. C, 1230 Yoskamp St.. . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Burkhardt Bottling Works, . . . ^1-24 First St Braddock, Allegheny. 

California Bottling Works, California, Washington. 

Calvert, S. R 1-0 E. Main St., . . . .Monongahela Washington. 

Cameron, John W., 015 W. College St., . -Canonsburg Washington. 

Cameron, Wilfred TO E. Wheeling St.,. .Washington. Washington. 

Canonsburg Bottling & Ice Canonsburg Washington. 

Cream Works. ' ■„. .. -. r . . . _ , 

Carbon Bottling Works 131 S. Ninth bt Lehighton Carbon. 

Carbondale Bottling Works, ..Sixth Avenue Carbondale Lackawanna. 

Carr Frank P., 240-42 N. Juniper St. .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Champion Bottling Works 037 Fifth Ave., Williamsport Lycoming. 

Chelland & Company, S. J-, ... 107 Stewart St., . . . -Old Forge, Lackawanna. 

Cluiss L D., 320 N. Franklin St.,.Allentown Lehigh. 

Clear Spring 'Carbonating Co.,. 17th & Vine Sts., ...Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Coea Cola Bottling Works 144 W. Twelfth St.,. Erie, Erie. 

Coca Cola Bottling Works, . . . .2040 N. Tenth St., . -Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Coca Cola Bottling Works, Inc., 234 Suetter St., . Bethlehem Northampton. 

Couemaugh Bottling Co Rear 219 Main St., . -Conemaugh, Cambria. 

Coral Bottling Works Coral, . Indiana. 

Crompton Bros South i ork Cambria. 

Crown Bottliug Co 802 Fourth Ave., . . -New Kensington Westmoreland. 

Crown Bottling Works, 2456 Taggert St., . . -Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Crown Bottling Works Kittanmng Armstrong. 

Crown Bottling Works, Brownsville Fayette. 

Crown Bottling Works . . . '•£:*■ •Saltsburg Indiana. 

Crystal Soda water vvonss, . •;*»»"= ""TWr t t . * Z: ?. J V ■ 

Crystal Water Co., 318 Broad St., Johnstown Cambria. 

Dean's Bottling Works Comiellsville Fayette. 

Delta Bottling Works 531 Stanbridge St.,. -Nomstown Montgomery. 

SS&XfS SS SS : -:':::: SSa»«fc k : SSKW 1 ^. : £E3£ 

ivutztown, Berks. 


n -v •».;- t i> ivutztown, jserKS. 

Ireibeib.s J. 1 .. • • • Pottsville. Schuylkill. 

imscoii, \ . - • ■ 4 o , ]yj; ort i mer Ave.,. .Dunmore, Lackawam 

Dunmore Bottling W oiks, . . 1Vemh Ave Scranton, Lackawan: 

SS! S Works ".::.-. 21st & S. Court Alley.York, York. 

fe ' Sod? Water Cot ^ Niagara St Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

v i ? -r™ V . --'11 Wood St., DuBois Clearfield. 

^!^i re Bottlin-' Works' '!.... .215 Moss St., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

P'?l IXvSt : : 143 . B " m . r . *■■■ :: : : iSSff?. ::::::::: SBST 

S&S fc . : : : : rEJiSSS^SS"?: .:::::::::: :f* 

Excelsior Bottling vv oik ^^ pjdla Beaver. 

1 alls C oty . Bottling Oo g ^^ ^v^v. 

Farrell Bottling Works *w Mount Union Huntingdon. 

Faust & ^°%^- ;';; ; " mv " ' ' " ' West Easton, Northampton. 

gajo«te.Bottog Co>) LlK , -y ^ ^.^ th . . Lebanon> Lebanon. 

Began , feirnon jr., 161 N. Charlotte St.,.Pottstown, Montgomery. 

? e ""°« Son T "H ! . 35 N. Ninth St., . . ...Reading Berks. 

Fett & bon, J. a.., 121-23-25 N. 8th St... Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Fuiley Aekti *-° -> 7 g Hudson Ave., . .Miners Mills Luzerne. 

Finn Bros., . . . . Clear mdge FvAtan. 

FleckfnsSn Bottling Works,. . H7 N. Fifth St Columbia Lancaster. 

n«. m U6,ituii x ii s Punxsutawney Jefferson. 

F achman I '. '. \ '. *. '. *. '. ". '. '. 816 S. Fifth St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Franz, Jr., Chas. F 2007 N. Hancock St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Friedman, William, 1023 N. Third St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Fuhrman & Schmidt Brewing Gettysburg Adams. 

Co., Inc. 

Furman, Samuel 238 S. Sixth St., . . . .Reading Berks. 

Gallatin Bludwine Bottling Co., 804 McKean Ave., . .Donora, : . .Washington. 

Getz & S<fn, John L., 258 W. King St., . . .York, York. 

Glittering Soda Water Works New Salem, Fayette. 

Greater Pittsburgh Bottling Mill vale Allegheny. 


Greenville Bottling Works, .... 21 N. Mercer St., . . .Greenville, Mercer. 

Gross Bottling Works, 417 W. Main St., . . .Bloomsburf Columbia. 

Grove Bottling Works Expedit, ; . . . Cambria ' 

Gruber's Sons, Chas. J., 2220 N. Fourth St.,. .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Harrisburg Coca-Cola Bottling Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

Harrison Valley Mineral Water Harrison Valley, . . . .Potter. 


Haskins Bottling Works, New St., Pottsville, Schuvlkill. 

Hastings Bottling Works, Hastings, Cambria. 

Hazleton Bottling Works, 19-21 W. Hemlock St..EIazieton, Luzerne. 

Hein & Kugler 6015-21 Rising Sun Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Herrmann's Bottling Works, . .§£ S. Irvine Ave., . . .Sharon, Mercer. 

Hillemann, Louis, 412-14 N. Orianna Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Hires Company, The Charles E. 206-10 S. 24th St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Holsopple Bottling Works, Somerset Somerset 

Home Bottling Works 123 Camp Ave., Braddock Allegheny. 

Homer City Bottling Works, . . Homer City, . . Indiana. 

Horlacher Brewing Co., 311 Gordon St., Allentown, Lehigh. ' 

House of Quality, Columbia, . . .Lancaster 

Huggan Bros., 405 W. Washington DuBois, Clearfield 

Independent Soda Water Co.,. .Brushton & Tiogo Sts^Pittsburgh, . . Allegheny 

Kaier Co., Ltd., The Chas. D.,.113 E. Centre St., . . .Mahanoy City ' Schuylkill 

Karpinsky, Frank J. 235 W. Fifth St., Mt. Carmel, [ Northumberland 

Kayser, William, 1109 South St Philadelphia, . . . Philadelphia 

Keck, Will G., R. D. No. 2, Mt. Pleasant, Westmoreland 

Keller, Harry N 22 W. South St., . . . .Uniontown, Fayette 

Kennedy, C. H., 158 Race St., Butler Butler ' 

Keogh, B. J., 314-16 E. Lloyd St., . . Shenandoah, " ' Schuvlkill 

Keystone Bottling Co., The, . .27 S. State St Wilkes-Barre, 'Luzerne ' 

Keystone Bottling Co., 347 W. Ott St Greensburg, .' .Westmoreland 

Kilgore Bottling Co., . Alwine Ave Greensburg Westmoreland' 

Koch's Sons, Christian, 711 W. Girard Ave.,. .Philadelphia, .... Philadelphia 

Kolf, John, Jr., . . . . Vandergrift, .'. Westmoreland. 

Lambert, E. A., 405 Chestnut St., . . . .Emaus, Lehigh 

Larkin, Joseph A Mahanoy City, ...'..'. Schuylkill. 

Lascheid, P. W., 208 Alice St Knoxville, Pgh., .... Allegheny 

Lauterbach Spring Bottling Lower Alsace, Berks. 

Lawrence Bottling & Manufac- New Castle, . . . Lawrence. 

turing Company. 

Leber,. J. G., Ephrata, Lancaster. 

Levis, Abraham L., 507 S. Sixth St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Libus, John, Nanticoke, '. Luzerne. 

Lock Haven Steam Bottling Church & Grove Sts., .Lock Haven, Clinton. 


Longaker, H. D Lansdale, Montgomery 

Lowes Bros., Patton, Cambria 

Lowe's Bottling Works, D. P Mt. Pleasant,- Westmoreland 

Lykens Brewing Company, Lykens Dauphin 

McEldowney Bros., 1309 Twelfth Ave., . . Altoona Blair. 

McGowan, John, Ashcraft Ave Cresson, • .Cambria 

Manchester Bottling Works, . .1606 Penna. Ave., . . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny 

Marcuson, N., 1862 Centre Ave., . . .Pittsburgh .Allegheny.' 

Masontown Bottling Works, Masontown, . . Fayette 

Mehler Bottling Works 1218 Parade St., Erie, '. . !Erie. 

Mendelsohn's Bottling Works,. .Rear 415 Moss St., . .Reading Berks 

Meredith, J. E., . . ; Towanda Bradford 

Millard, Jas. B., 223 Trevor St., Connellsville Fayette. ' 

Miller, Amanda 23 E. Chelten Ave., . . Germantown, Philadelphia. 



— Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Milton Bottling Works, 182 S. Front St Milton, Northumberland. 

Morse's Sons, Lewis, 1216 Jackson St Scranton Lackawanna. 

Mt. Laurel Spring Water Co.,. .333 Church St., Reading, Berks. 

Mt Pleasant Bottling Works,. .2045 Diamond St., . .Mt. Pleasant Westmoreland. 

Murray Co., Thomas 106 Fourth Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Natrona Bottling Works, Natrona, Allegheny. 

Nelson & Sons, John, Mt. Jewett, McKean. 

Noe & Son, A., 221 Clay St Sharpsburg, Allegheny. 

North Eastern Bottling Works, Harrisburg Dauphin. 

O'Connell & Co., L., 1210 Buttonwood St., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Olyphant Bottling Works, .... 517 Delaware St., . . . Olyphant, Lackawanna. 

Orlieb Brewing Co., 301 W. Broadway, . .Mauch Chunk Carbon. 

Orr, John A., 816 N. 44th St., Philadelphia, . . .Philadelphia. 

Pennsylvania Bottling & Sup- 2915 Kensington Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

ply Co. 

Pepper & Co., Wm., First & Walnut Sts., Ashland, Schuylkill. 

Peterson, Paul, 60 Vine St., Plymouth, Luzerne. 

Pinsky Brothers, ■ 152 W. Twelfth St.,. .Erie, Erie. 

Pittsburgh Bottling House, . . . 368 Edmond St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Ponce DeLeon Mineral Water Meadville, Crawford. 

Reading Brewing Co., The, . . .Ninth & Laurel Sts., .Reading, Berks. 

Red Lion Bottling Works, Red Lion York. 

Regal Bottling Works, 407 Baltimore St., . . .Hanover, York. 

Reiners Co The, Washington & 13th Huntingdon, Huntingdon. 


Republic Bottling Works, Republic Fayettte. 

Richardson, E. J Hawley, Wayne. 

Rominiecke, Stephen 4498^ Livingston St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Royal Bottling House, 337-39 Pearl St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Ryan, Michael J., 219 W. Pike St Mahanoy City Schuylkill. 

Saegertown Mineral Springs Saegertown, Crawford. 

Sanders Bottling Works, Cassandra, Cambria. 

Satinsky, B., 114 Naudain St., Philadelphia, Pniladelphia. 

Sehmeltzer Bros., 9 N. Thirteenth St., . . Pottsville, Schuylkill. 

Schroff & Co., »., 1824-26 N. 25th St.,. . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Schuller Ice Cream & Bottling. Short St., Johnstown, Cambria. 

P. C. 
Seibel's Bottling Works, 6 Hill St., Carnegie Allegheny. 

Sheporaitis, Leo 40 Center St Pittston Luzerne. 

Sherman Bottling Works, 713 E. Third St Williamsport, Lvcominf. 

Soda & Mineral Water Co., . . . 220 Hickory St., Warren, Warren. 

Soft Drink Manufacturing Co.,. 106 E. Long Ave., . . .New Castle Lawrence. 

South Bethlehem Bottling 219 Spring St., .:.... South Bethlehem, . . . Northampton. 

South Brownsville Bottling South Brownsville, . . Fayette. 

Works, Inc. 

Spring Hill Bottling Works, . .50 Schwartz St Titusville, Crawford. 

Standard Beverage Compa.iy, Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Standard Birch Beer Co.. The. .2510 N. Eighth St.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Standard Bottling Works, . . . .915 Market St., Williamsport Lycoming. 

Star Bottling Works, •» • • .West Newton Westmoreland. 

Stich, L. C 514 Fifth Ave., Altoona, . . Blair. 

Stones Bottling Works, 14 Mill St., Carbondale, Lackawanna. 

Sunbeam Water Co 1937 Market St., .... Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Swartz & Son, H., 1520 S. Fifth St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Sweeney Bros., 421 Lumber St., Coatesville, Chester. 

Taylor Bottling Works, 152 W. 14th St Erie Erie. 

Thompson, Powell & Co., 250 Water St Rochester, Beaver. 

Tube City Bottling Works, . . .207 Market St McKeesport, Allegheny. 

Tucker, S. Allen, . . .* 3157-69 Weikel St., . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Union Bottling Works, 6 Peach Alley, Duquesne, Allegheny. 

Uniontown Bottling House, . . .Wood St., Uniontown, Fayette. 

United States Bottling Works, .233 Pillow St Butler, Butler. 

Valley Bottling Works New Kensington, . . . .Westmoreland. 

Vockerod, Charles E., 720 Broad St Johnstown Cambria. 

Wagner's Crown Bottling 113 Boyer St., Johnstown, Cambria. 


Water Delivery Co., 1615 Liberty Ave., . . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Waynesburg Bottling Works, Waynesourg Greene. 

Weilersbacher, John, 82 S. Thirteenth St.,. Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

West Chester Bottling Works,. 132 E. Gay St West Chester, ...... .Chester. 

Whipp, Frank 6149-51 Ridge Ave., . . Roxborough Philadelphia. 

Wilkes-Barre Bottling Works,. .90 Beaumont St Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Winburne Bottling Works, Lanse, Clearfield. 

Windber Bottling Works, 1307 Somerset Ave.,. .Windber, Somerset. 

Witkowski, Joseph, 2728 E. Allegheny Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Yeagley's Bottling Works, Confluence, Somerset. 

York City Bottling Works, 513 Cleveland Ave., . .York, , York. , 

Zeeh, Charles 707 Columbia Ave., . .Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Zclienople Bottling Works, Zelienople. Butler. 


Angelo Myers Distillery, Inc., Linfield, Montgomery. 


Arch Distilling Co., 60-72 Arch St .Union town, Fayette. 

Best, John G Bath, Northampton. 

Block, Elias & Sons, ; Cheswick, Allegheny. 

Bomberger's Distillery, Schaefferstown, Lebanon. 

Brumbaugh, Oscar L., New Enterprise, Bedford. 

Connellsville Distilling Co Connellsville, Fayette. 

Dougherty's Sons, J. A., 1136 N. Front St., .. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Economy Distilling Co., 805 Manufacturers Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Foust's Sons, William, Glen Rock, York. 

Gibson Distilling Company, . . .232 S. Front St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Greensburg Distilling Co., Greensburg Westmoreland. 

Guckenheimer & Bros., Co.; A., Freeport, Armstrong. 

Hamburger Distillery, Ltd South Brownsville. . . Fayette. 

Highspire Distillery Co., Ltd., Highspire, Dauphin. 


Hoover & Moore, Fairbank, Fayette. 

Johnston, Geo. M., Greencastle Franklin. 

Large Distilling Co., The, . . . .1406-10 Benedum- Pittsburgh, Alleghenv. 

Trees Bldg. 

Latrobe Distilling Company, . .Ligonier St., Latrobe, Westmoreland. 

Leech, J. C, Berlin, Somerset. 

Logansport Distillery Co., Logansport, Armstrong. 

Masontown Distillery Co.. , Masontown, Fayette. 

Mathias & Co., Inc., J., Manor, Westmoreland. 

Meadville Pennsylvania Distill- Meadville, Crawford. 

ing Co., Inc. 

Messmore Distilling Co., The, Messmore Fayette. 

Moore Distillery Co., Thos., McKeesport, Alleghenv. 


Moore Distillery Co., Latrobe, Westmoreland. 

Moss Distillery Company, Fitz Henry, Westmoreland. 

Mueller Distilling Co., The, Guyaux, Fayette. 

New Hellam Distilling Co., The New Hellam, York 

Overholt & Co., A 1010 Frick Bldg., . . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Perry Distilling Co., 33 Brown St., ". Brownsville Fayette. 

Phila. Pure Rye Whisky Distill- Edington Bucks. 

ing Co. of Penna., Ltd. 

Pleasant Unity Distilling Co., Pleasant Unity, Westmoreland. 

Reading Distillery Company, Lorane, Berks. 

Riverview Distilling Co Monongahela Washington. 

Rosenberg &• Molorensky, Catasauqua, Lehigh. 

Shultz Distilling Co., Berlin Somerset. 

Stewart Distilling Co., South Brownsville, . . Fayette. 

Thompson Distilling Co., 319 First Ave., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Unger, D. W., ."Poltz Franklin. 

Vanderbilt Distilling Co., Vanderbilt, Fayette. 

West Overton Distilling Co., Scottdale Westmoreland. 

White Rock Distilling Co., Connellsville Fayette. 


Acme Brewing Co., Bentleyville, Washington. 

Altoona Brewing Co., 1501 Thirteenth St., . . Altoona, Blair. 

American Brewing Co 1400 N. 31st St., . . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Anchor Brewing Company, . . .N. Canal St Bracken rid ge, Allegheny 

Anthracite Beer Company, The, 420-28 Nay Aug Ave., Scranton, Lackawanna 

Anthracite Brewing Co., . . . Mt. Carmel Northumberland. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

LIQUORS — MALT — Continued. 
Arnholt & Schaeffer Brewing 31st & Thompson Sts., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Co., The. 

Ashland Brewing Co., Ashland, Schuylkill. 

Baltz Brewing Co., The J. & P., 3101 Thompson St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Barbey & Son, P., 430 Court St., Reading, Berks. 

Bartels Brewing Co., Plymouth St., Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Bergdoll Brewing Co., The 29th & Parrish Sts., .. Philadelphia, ....... Philadelphia. 

Bergner & Engel Brewing Co., 32d & Master Sts., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Betz & Son, John F., Ltd 415 Callowhill St., .. Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Binders Brewery - Renovo, Clinton. 

Bradford Brewing Co., 16 Fourth St., Bradford, McKean. 

Brownsville Brewing Co., South Brownsville, . . Fayette. 

Budd Brewing Co., Patton, Cambria. 

Cambria Brewing Co., 401 Broad St., Johnstown, Cambria. 

Chester Brewing Co., 2400 W. Second St., Chester, Delaware. 

City Brewery, Ill South St., Titusville, Crawford. 

Class & Nachod Brewing Co., 10th & Montgomery Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

The. Ave. 

Clearfield Brewing Co 295 Bigler Ave., Clearfield Clearfield. 

Columbia Brewing Co., 245 S. Fourth St., ..Columbia, Lancaster. 

Columbia Brewing Co Main St Shenandoah, Schuylkill. 

Conemaugh Brewing Co., 431 Chestnut St., .... Conemau°-h Cambria. 

Consumers Brewing Co., 1306 Fitzwater St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Continental Brewing Co., 2100 Washington Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Crescent Brewing Co., Irwin, . . . . v . . .Westmoreland. 

Plants at, Duquesne, Allegheny. 

Irwin, Westmoreland. 

Tarrs, Westmoreland. 

Crescent Brewing Co., The, / Washington, Washington. 

Daeufer-Lieberman Brewing Co. Lawrence & Jefferson Allentown Lehigh. 

Sts. ' " 

Deppen Brewing Co., The, 341 N. Third St., Reading, Berks. 

Doehne, George, 29 S. Dewberry St., . . Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

Donora Brewing Co., Donora Washington. 

DuBois Brewing Co., DuBois, Clearfield. 

Easton Brewing Co., Easton Northampton. 

Elk Brewing Co., Kittanning, Armstrong. 

Elk County Brewing Co., 431 Hall Ave., St. Marys, Elk. 

Emmerling Brewing Co., Baumer St., Johnstown Cambria. 

Erdrich & Son, Andrew, Bridge & Walker Sts .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Erie Brewing Co., Th^ 22d & State Sts Erie Erie. 

Eureka Brewing Co., Smithton, Westmoreland. 

Falls Brewery, 35th & Queen Lane & Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

P. & R. R. R. 

Fayette Brewing Co., 30 E. Fayette St., . . . Uniontown Fayette. 

Feil Brewing Co., Fred 2207 N. Sixth St., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Fell Brewing Co., Belmont St., Carbondale Lackawanna. 

Fink Brewing Co., The, 312 Forst" r St., Harrisburg Dauphin. 

Finkenauer Brewing Co., Theo- 1700 Germantown Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

dore. Ave. 

Flock Brewing Co., .' . 601-625 Franklin St., Wilhamsport, Lvcoming. 

Fort Pitt Brewing Co., 16th & Canal Sts., . .Sharpsburg Allegheny. 

Fountain Spring Brewing Co Fountain Springs, . . . Schuylkill. 

Four B. B. B. B.'s Brewing Co New Bethlehem Clarion. 

Franklin Brewery Cor. St. Mary & Old Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

River Road. 

Freeland Brewing Co., Fern St., Freeland, Luzerne. 

French Creek Vallev Brewing Terrace St., Meadville Crawford. 


Froelich Brewing Co High & Manatawney Pottstown, Montgomery. 

Fuhrmann & Schmidt Brewing Cor. Washington & Shamokin, Northumberland. 

Co. Commerce Sts. 

Germania Brewing Co., Sixth Ave Johnstown Cambria. 

Germania Brewing Co., Danville, Montour. 

Glennon's Brewery, Joseph, Pittston, T uz^rn^. 

Goenner. & Co., 3d Ave. & Power St., Johnstown, Cambria. 

Graupner's Brewery, Robt. H., 829-841 Market St.. . .Hfrrisburg Daunhin. 

Greensburg Brewing Co., Greensburg, Westmoreland. 

Haefner's Estate, Joseph 123-139 Locust St., . . Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Hallgren Brewing & Ice Plant, Mt. Joy, Lancaster. 



Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

LIQUORS — MALT — Continued. 

Hazelwood Brewing Co.,r 5011 Lytle St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Helb, Theo. R 50 S. Queen St., York York. 

Home Brewing Co., The, .■»... 234 N. Main St., Shenandoah Schuylkill. 

Horlacher Brewing Co., 311 Gordon St., Allentown, Lehigh. 

Hornung, Jacob, 2125 W. Clearfield St.,Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Howell & King Co Sanderson & Glenn Scranton Lackawanna. 


Hyde Park Brewing & Ice Hyde Park, . Westmoreland. 

Manufacturing Co. 

Independent Brewing Co., ....First National Bank Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Beaver Falls Beaver. 

Braddock Allegheny. 

Carnegie Allegheny. 

Charleroi Washington. 

Homestead Allegheny. 

Latrobe, Westmoreland. 

McKees Rocks, Allegheny. 

Monessen, Westmoreland. 

Monongahela, Washington. 

New Kensington Westmoreland. 

Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Jenner Brewing Co., Boswell Somerset. 

Johnson Brewing Co., New Salem, Fayette. 

Kaier Co., Chas. D., Ltd., The, 113 E. Centre St., . . . Mahanoy City, Schuylkill. 

Kazmaier, John, 1808-10 Ninth Ave.. . . Altoona, Blair. 

Keefer, George W - Egypt, Lehigh. 

Keystone Brewing Co., 340 S. Blakely St., . . Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Kittanning Brewing Co., The, Jefferson St Kittanning, Armstrong. 

Klein, Philip, . . , 2309-11 Wallace St., . .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Koch Brewing Co., 501-47 Main St S. Williamsport, ....Lycoming. 

Kostenbader & Sons, H., Catasauqua, Lehigh. 

Labor Brewing Co., Pittsburgh St., Uniontown, Fayette. 

Lauer Brewing Co., Ltd., Reading, Berks. 

Lehnuts Brewery, 117 Railroad St., .... Catasauqua, Lehigh. 

Liberty Brewing Co., Hamilton Ave. & Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Penna. R. R. 

Liberty Brewing Co: Tamaqua, Schuylkill. 

Liebert & Obert Brewing Co., 173 Carson St., Manayunk, Philadelphia. 

Lion Brewing Co., N. Penna. Ave., .... Wilkes-Barre Luzerne. 

Lucas, F. C, Lock Haven, Clinton. 

Lykens Brewing Co., Lykens, Dauphin. 

Masontown Brewing Co., Masontown, Fayette. 

Meadville Brewing Co., Meadville, Crawford. 

Mellet & Nichter Brewing Co., 716 S. Centre St., . . . Pottsville, Schuylkill. 

Mercer County Brewing Co., . . Staunton St., Farrell Mercer. 

Meyersdale Brewing Co., 631 Grant St., Meyersdale, • Somerset. 

Moeschlin, J. & A., Inc., 4th & Packer Sts., . .Sunbury, Northumberland. 

Moose Brewing Co., Roscoe, Washington. 

Muhlenberg Brewing Co Bernhart Berks. 

Mutual Union Brewing Co., ...514 Union Arca^ '. . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

National Brewing Co., Meadville, Crawford. 

National Brewing Co., . Steelton, Dauphin. 

Neuweiler & Sons, L. F 401-53 N. Front St.,. .Allentown Lehigh. 

New Lebanon Brewing Co., . . . N. Seventh St Lebanon, Lebanon. 

Northampton Brewing Co., The,1247-73 Newport Ave. .Northampton, Northampton. 

Ortlieb, Henry F., 845 N. Third St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Ortlieb Brewing Co., 301 W. Broadwav, . . .Mauch Chunk, Carbon. 

Oswald, V. A., 407 Thirteenth St., . . Altoona, Blair. 

Tenna. Central Brewing Co.,.. .431 N. Seventh Ave., Scranton Lackawanna. 

Plants at, Carbondale, Lackawanna. 

Hazleton Luzerne. 

Scranton Lackawanna. 

Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Perry Brewing Co., 30<h & State Sts Erie, . Erie. 

Philadelphia Brewing Co., 3029 N. Sixth St., ..Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Philipsburg Brewing Co., N. Front St., Philipsburg Centre. 

Pilsener Brewing Co., Diamond Ave. & CcdarHazleton, Lucerne. 



Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

LIQUORS— MALT— Continued. 

Pittsburgh Brewing Co., 1619 Oliver Bldg., . . .Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Plants at Connellsville, Fayette. 

Jeannette, . . .'. Westmoreland. 

Latrobe, Westmoreland. 

McKeesport, Allegheny. 

Millvale Allegheny. 

Mt. Pleasant, Westmoreland. 

Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Uniontown, Fayette. 

Poth & Sons, F. A., Ins., 31st & Jefferson Sts., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Premier Brewing Co., 854 N. Orianna St.,. . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Prospect Brewing Co., The, . . . 11th & Oxford Sts., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Proto Brewing Co., 1224 Frankford Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Punxsutawney Brewing Co Punxsutawney, Jefferson. 

Reading Brewing Co., The, . . . S. 9th & Laurel Sts., Reading, Berks. 

Republic Brewing Co., Republic, Fayette. 

Rettig Brewing Co 900 W. Market St.,. .Pottsville, Schuylkill. 

Rex Brewing uo., '. Spangler, Cambria. 

Rieger & Gretz Brewing Co., . . 1536 Germantown Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Rieker Brewing Co., F. A., . . .554 W. King St., Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Rising Sun Brewing Co., The,. .1729 N. Marvine St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Rockwood Brewing Co., Rockwood, Somerset. 

Roehm Brewing Co., John, . . .2433 N. Broad St., . .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Roth Brewery, H Monongahela Washington. 

Saltzmann Brothers, , Cor. Union & CharltonOil City, Venango. 


Sayre Brewing Co., Ltd., The, Thomas Ave Sayre Bradford. 

Scheidt Brewing Co., Adam, . . Box 114, Norristown, . . Montgomery. 

Schmidt & Sons Brewing Co., 127 Edward St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Schwarzenbach Brewing Co., .Galeton, Potter. 


Seitz Brewing Co., The, Front & Bushkill Sts..Easton, Northampton. 

Smith Ale Brewing Co., The 38th & Girard Ave., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

South Bethlehem Brewine- Co., Fourth & Elm Sts., . .South Bethlehem, . . .Northampton. 

South Fork Brewing Co., Maple & River Ave., South Fork .'Cambria. 

Sprenger Brewing Co 203-5 Locust St., Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Standard Brewing Co., Penn Ave. & Walnut Scranton, Lackawanna. 

i St. 

Standard Brewing Co . . -. 510 Samnson St., New Castle Lawrence. 

Star Brewing Co., Williamsport, Lycoming. 

Star Brewing Co., S. Main St Greensburg, Westmoreland. 

Stegmaier Brewing Co., Market & Baltimore Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 


Straub Sons, Peter, • St. Marys, Elk. 

Strauhmuller & Son, Joseph, . .2411 Trenton Ave., .. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Stroudsburg Brewery Co., Stroudsburg Monroe. 

Susquehanna Brewing Co., .Nanticoke Luzerne. 

Tube City Brewing Co., 1200 Walnut St McKeesport, Allegheny. 

Uhl's Brewery, Bethlehem, ; . . . Northampton. 

Union Brewing Co., 3 Budd Ave., Sharon Mercer. 

Victor Brewing Co., The, 11th & Penna. Ave.,. .Jeannette, V. estmoreland. 

Vollmer, Elizabeth, Randolph & Jefferson Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Wacker & Bro., Chas. V., 203 W. Walnut St., . . Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Warren Brewing Co., Warren, Warren. 

Washington Brewery, Washington, Washington. 

Wayne Brewing Company, . . . .17th & Parade Sts.,. .Erie, ' Erie. 

Weger Brothers, 32d & Thompson Sts.. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Weisbrod & Hess Brewing Co., . Frankford Ave. & Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Adams St. 

Westmoreland B"-v- ; -i- Co., Sutersville, Westmoreland. 

Widman & Co., Jacob Bethlehem, Northampton. 

Widmann Brewery, R Lock Haven, Clinton. 

Wmdber Brewing Company, 1708 Graham Ave.,. .Windber. Somerset. 

No. 2, The. 

Witte Brewing Vo., The H. L.. 2229 N. American St.,Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Wolf, John Jacob, 927 N. Fifth St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

York Brewing Co., Comnany & West Sts., York, , York. 

Yough- Brewing Co., . . . , S. Arch St., Connellsville, .Fayette. 

Yuenghng & Son, Inc., D. G.,.501 Mahantongo St., . Pottsville, Schuvlkill. 

Zapf, Charles, 125 Sunbury St., Minersville, Schuylkill. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Cambria Distilling Company, Johnstown, Cambria. 

Hornung, Albert, 3127 N. 22d St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Sterling, J. & E. W., Masontown, Fayette. 


American Table Water Co., Ephrata, Lancaster. 

Blue Mountain Spring Co., . . .Dockash Place & 7th Scranton, Lackawanna. 


Carnegie Mineral Spring Co.,. .Fifth Ave., Carnegie, Allegehny. 

Consolidated Ice Company, . . .13th & Pike Sts., Pittsburgh, Allegehny. 

Deep Rock Spring Company, . .432 Lackawanna Ave., Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Dugan, Chas. W., 534 Martin St. Roxborough, Philadelphia. 

Glen Summit Water Co., 77 N. Franklin St., . . Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Great Bear Spring Co., Chestnut & 31st Sts., . Philadelphia Philadelphia- 
Hires Co., The Charles E., ...206-10 S. 24th St., ..Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Marietta Bottling Works, Marietta, Lancaster. 

Mineral Water Distributing 22 E. Washington St., New Castle, Lawrence. 

Mt_ Clemens Home Treatment Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Pure Water Supply Co., 14 First Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Red Raven Corporation, Jenkins Arcade, . . . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Silox Pure Water Co. of Phila.,3015 Chestnut St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Springfield Bottled Water Sup- 5740 Race St., . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

ply Co. 
Sunbeam Water Co 1937 Market St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Adam, Harry 4521 Frankford Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Allegheny Bottling Co., 48 Taggart St., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Amreim, Stephan, 1830 Frankford Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Arnholt & Schaefer Brewing 31st & Thompson Sts. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Co., The. 

Ballantine Bottling Company, . 5127 Market St., ....Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bangor Bottling Co., . . '. Bangor, . .•. Northampton. 

Bender, Frank J., 155 Sunbury St., Minersville, Schuylkill. 

Betzo Company, Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bientzle Bros., Reese & Somerset Sts.. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Blumle & Son, F. H., Emporium Cameron. 

Booth Bros., Ruth & Clearfield Sts.. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bosak Company, Michael, . . . .432 Lackawanna Ave., Scranton Lackawanna. 

Brockwell Distributing Co., ...428-30 Delaware St.,. Forest City, Susquehanna. 

Bunting & Co., 114 Walnut St Philadelphia, Philadelphia.- 

Bux, Chas. S., 818-20 Market St., . .Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

Cantor Brothers, 322 N. Penna. Ave., . . Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Casey Brothers, ■. . . .214 Lackawanna Ave., Scranton Lackawanna. 

Catherwood, H. & H. W., 114 S. Front St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Cauffman & Co., Emil, 322 N. Third St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Ciallella, Tony, 1128 S. Seventh St., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Class & Nachod Brewing Co., . . 10th & Montgomery Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Cleary Bottling Works, 17-19 S. Grant St., . . Shenandoah, Schuylkill. 

Cloverdale Water Company, Newville Cumberland. 

Coatesville Coca Cola Bottling Coatesville, Chester. 

Works, Inc. 

Coca Cola Bottling Co., Inc., . .939 Capouse Ave., . . Scranton Lackawanna. 

Coca-Cola Bottling Works, . . .1700 Jane St., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Cohn, Saul Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Conrad, Jacob, Jr., 2427 W. Lehigh Ave., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Crown Bottling & Supply Co Danville, Montour. 

Deni, Joseph 1?06 Unitv St!, Frankford Philadelphia. 

Dennis, Nicholas, 032 Poplar St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

DiNardo, Joseph, . 9 S. 41st St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Dreibelbis, J. P Kutztown, Berks. 

East Allentown Bottling Works,270-72 E. Hamilton Allentown, Lehigh. 


Eidenberg, Peter, 472-7B N. "Fifth St.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Empire Bottling Works, 215 Moss St.. . . » Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Erie Brewing Co., The, 22d & State Sts., Erie Erie. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Evans Bottling Works, W. Washington St., . . Chambersburg Franklin. 

Excelsior Bottling Plant, 37-39 Maple St. Reading, Berks. 

Ferraro, Michael, Spruce St., Nazareth, Northampton. 

Fieger, F. P., Erie, Erie. 

Fine, James S., 249 Wood St Bristol, . : Bucks. 

Flanagan's Bottling Works, Columbia, Lancaster. 

Fortunato, Jerry, 322 E. Haines St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Frantz, A. R., Waynesboro, Franklin. 

Franz Co., Valentine, 2513-17 N. Second St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Freidrich, John, Fifth & Rising Sun Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Frishkorn, E. S., 6th Ave & 6th St., . . Beaver Falls, Beaver. 

Gallagher & Burton, Inc 1204 Arch St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Gellhaus, Frank, Cor. 10th & Button- Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

wood Sts. 

Gilmore, John, 826 Walnut St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Glanzmann, Adolph, 2041-43 N. 2d St., ..Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Goessel, Frederick, 915 Master St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Goganzer, George, 2867 Kensington Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Greenwood, Herbert, 3106 Shedwick St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Gruber, Frank C, 22 E. Wister St., . . . Germantown, Philadelphia. 

Hacherl, M. J Main St Kersey, Elk. 

Harris & Harris, 1003 N. Market St.,. . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Haskins, Wm., ' New St., Pottsville, Schuylkill. 

Hassler, Irwin, 217 Penn St., Reading, Berks. 

Hays Bottling Works, R. A., . Lock Haven, Clinton. 

Helb, Julius C, 420-22 E. Market St., York, York. 

Hess, Joseph, 1100 N. Front St.,-. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hock, Jacques, 16 N. Sixth St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Honold, Christian, 109 W. Lehigh Ave., .Sayre Bradford. 

Horlacher Bottling Co., Slatington, Lehigh. 

Ingram, H. C, 718 Walsh St., Chester, Delaware. 

Irvin, E. G., 58 S. Front St., Steelton, Dauphin. 

Jaworowski, August, 4048 Main St., Manayunk, Philadelphia. 

Johnston-Carmichael Co., The, .332 First Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Kahanowitz Brothers, 425 Franklin Ave., . . Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Kane, Thos. B., 2540 Richmond St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kayser, Anthony, 238-40 S. 11th St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Keefer, W. W 317 N. Queen St., . . .Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Keystone Bottling Works, .... 341 W. Strawberry Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Kindelwitch & Cukozchuk, 631-33 E. Thompson Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Kloos & Derek, 308 Weldon St Latrobe Westmoreland. 

Kolek, John, 3038 Richmond St., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Krave^z, Joseph, 302 W. Centre St., . .Mahanoy City, Schuylkill. 

Krzykwa, Benj., Oneida ! & Sherman Shamokin, Lehigh. 


Kuhn & Sons, Valentine, 4646 Richmond St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Lebanon Bottling Works, . . . . N. Eisrhth St., Lebanon, Lebanon. 

Leonard, Austin, 1669 N. Keyser Ave., Scranton Lackawanna. 

Linck & Sons. Wm, 2067 ftidge Ave., ...Philadelphia, , Philadelphia. 

Ludwick Bottling Works, . . . .First & Main Sts., . .Irwin Westmoreland. 

McCarter, Robert, . . , 1512 Ritner St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

McHugh & Moran, Broad & Lincoln Sts.,Hazleton. Luzerne. 

Maher, John F., Bonsall Ave., Fornwood, Delaware. 

Maier, John, 2160 E. Serjeant St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Markley. Wm. H., 703 Wood St., Easton, Northampton. 

Marshall Brothers, W. King St Ohnmbersburg Franklin. 

Massey & Co., Thomas, ] 630 Chestnut St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Mayorosh, John J., P. O. Box 83, Nazareth, Northampton. 

Merkel, Joseph, Allentown, Lehigh. 

Mihms Bottling Works, Monessen, Westmoreland. 

Miller. Amanda, 23 E. Chelten Ave., . .Germantown, Philadelphia. 

Miller's Bottling Works, 711 N. Eighth St., . . Lebanon, Lebanon. 

Mulheirn, J. J., 123 Penna. Ave.. . . . -Corry Erie. 

Mulherin's Sons, Wm., . Front & Master Sts.,. Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

National Brewing Company, Steelton, Dauphin. 

Neis, William, Dovlestown, Bucks. 

Netter, Hilda H, 1215 Market St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

O'Kane, Francis, 701 S. 15th St., Philadelnhia, Philadelphia. 

Pen-Mar Distilling Co Cleveland Ave*. Wavnesboro Franklin. 

Perrine & Son Co., J. S., 62 N. Front St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Perun, Paul, Freeland, Luzerne. 

Pfund, Gottlob, 4731 N. Front St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Raubenhold Bottling Works, Hamburg, Berks. 

W. H. 

Reading Brewing Co., The, . . .Ninth & Laurel Sts.,. Reading, Berks. 

348 Lehigh St., Allentown, Lehigh. 

Repach Bottling Wofks, 309 Hellara St., . . .'.McKees Rocks, Allegheny. 

Ridgway Bottling Works, Ridgway, Elk. 

Roesch, George, 2435 N. Sydenham Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Rominiecke, Stephen 4498i Livingston St., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Rosenbloom & Co., S., 207-9-11 Market St.,. .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Rosskam, Gerstley & Co., 226 S. Front St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Schlitz-Pittsburgh Company, ..14th & Pike St., ....Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Schlotterer, Chas. A 4663 Umbria St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelpha. 

Schmidt Bottling Co., Carlisle & Chestnut Hanover, York. 


Schneider, Elizabeth, 612-14 Snyder Ave., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Schneider, M. A., Pine St., Lykens, Dauphin. 

Schreiber & Son, Inc., Jacob,. .2525 N. Broad St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Schuster, Stephen, . . .4501 Lancaster Ave., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Schwendt, Jr., Jacob J., 524-28 Manor St Lancaster, Lancaster. 


Scioli, Angelo, 725 Spring Garden Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Serwazi, Peter J., Grape & Dexter Sts., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

South Side Bottling House, . .2322 Josephine St., ..Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Spitzer. & Company 232 Mifflin Ave., Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Star Bottling Works, 219 Wood St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Steinhilber, John J., Newportville, Bucks. 

Talbot, John H, C, 2824-26 Bridge St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Ulmer, H. W., 241 . W. Strawberry Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Walker, Philip, 211 Edgmont Ave., . . Chester Delaware. 

Welch Grape Juice Co., The, North East, Erie. 

West Chester Bottling Works, 132 E. Gay St West Chester Chester. 

Weisenberger, Samuel 232 E. Third St., ...South Bethlehem, ...Northampton. 

Williamsport Bottling Works,. .112 Basin St Williamsport Lycoming. 

Williamstown Bottling Works, .Williamstown, Dauphin. 

Wischerman, Henry, 823 Third Ave., Beaver Falls Beaver. 

Wittmer, Chas., F., Mahanoy City Schuylkill. 

Wszolek, Joseph 4563 Stiles St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

York City Bottliag Works, ., . . 513 Cleveland Ave., . . York York. 

Zachar, Otto, 1434 Germantown Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Zeller, Frank, 212-214 Exchange St.,Susquehanna, Susquehanna. 

Zinn, W. N., 34 E. Locust St., . . .Carlisle, Cumberland. 


Bauer, George F 1409-23 N. 31st St.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bell Company, The Edwin, . . . Seventeenth St., .... Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Berry & Stewart, N. E. Cor. 36th & Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Wharton Sts. 
Cedar Vat & Tank Co., 1425 Spring Garden Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Corry Pail Co., Eagle St Corry, Erie. 

Eclipse Wood Pulley Co., Inc. Berlin, Somerset. 

Enterprise Stamping Co., McKees Rocks, Allegheny. 

Everhart, G. W., York, York. 

Farley, W. C, Linesville, Crawford. 

Fleming Tank Co., Inc., 3115 Liberty Ave., ..Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Greif Brothers Cooperage Co., Coraopolis Allegheny. 

The. Erie, Erie. 

Hall & Sons, Amos H., ...... 2915-33 N. 2d St., ..Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Hardwood Package Co Finance Bldg., ..... .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Marcus Hook, Delaware. 

International Silo Company, . . , .' Linesville, Crawford. 

Knabb & Co., Inc., A., Fifth & Market Sts., .Marcus Hook, Delaware. 

Kober Cooperage Co., Melrose Ave., Ambridge, Beaver. 

Newman, Henry Wm., 3d & Venango Sts., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Name and Industry. Address. . City or Town. County. 


O'Donnell Cooperage Co., N. Water & Moore Sts., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

& H. 
Penna. Cooperage Co., Oil City, Venango. 

Reno, Venango. 

Pittsburgh Steel Company, . . . Frick BIdg., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Monessen, Westmoreland. 

Progressive Cooper Works, . . . 1310 N. Fifth St., . . . Philadelnhia, Philadelphia. 

Rouseville Cooperage Co., Rouseville, .♦. . . .Venango. 

Schlichter Company, E. F., ... 10 S. 18th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Sehmitt Brothers, Rear 536 E. 9th St.,. .Erie, Erie. 

Siemon & Sons, Henry, 2219 N. Second St.,. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Smith & Sons, John M., 1425 Spring Garden Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Spaeter & Sons, Philip, 1334 N. 30th St Philadelphia, . Philadelphia. 

Walsh Sons, Morris, Inc., 72 S. Ninth St.. ....Pittsburgh, , Allegheny. 

Plants at Bridgeville, Allegheny. 

Connellsville Fayette. 

Monaca, Beaver. 

Rochester, Beaver. 

West & Son, F. D., , Brownsville, Fayette. 

Woolford Wood Tank Manufac-1429 Chestnut St., .. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

turing Co., G. 


Bernstein Manufacturing Co... .3d St. & Allegheny Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Crescent Furniture Co., Warren, Warren. 

North Side Bed Spring Co., 304 Anderson St., ...Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 



Delp Sons, S., 212 Fourth St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Herd Manufacturing Co., Clark,2419-25 N. Front St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Wuerthele, William, 412 Diamond St., ...Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Wuerthele & Sons, George, . . . 1724 East St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Allentown Bobbin Works, The, 417-31 N. 14th St., . .Ailentown Lehigh. 

Allentown Reed Harness & 387 Walnut St., Allentown, Lehigh. 

Mill Supply Co. 

Billington Co., James H., 113 Chestnut St., ■. . .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Clover Leaf Manufacturing Co., Carbondale, Lackawanna. 

Dover, B. R., 1126-28 N. Orianna Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Pavia Shuttle Co., The 559 Auburn St., Allentown Lehigh. 

Philadelphia Bobbin & Spool 39-41 Ashmead St., . .Germantown, Philadelphia. 

Co., Inc. 

U. S. Bobbin & Shuttle Co.. ..57 Eddy St., Provi- Newtown Bucks. 

dence, R. I. 


Bair & Company, H. E Franklin St. & Penna.Hanover, York. 

R. R. 

Balleit, A. H., 433 N. Franklin St.,. Allentown Lehigh. 

Bowman, J. Frank 515 Cherry St., Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Brecht's Sons, F., 109-11 N. Orianna Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Bucks Cigar Box Company, . . 210 Cedar St., ..... .Reading Berks. 

Detweiler, J. E., Red Lion, York. 

Ertel Brothers Company, 113-121 Seminary St..Williamsport, Lycoming. 

Eureka Cigar Box Factory, . . Rear 634 Washington Reading, Berks. 


Fry, Emanuel G., Rothsville Lancaster. 

Fuhr, Frank, 112 W. Grove St., . . .Dunmore, Lackawanna. 

Hartman, William, Jacobus, York. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

BOXES — CIGAR — Continued 

Heffener & Son, H. W., Boundary & McKen- York, York. 

zie St. 

Heim & Brothers, F. A .22 N. Mulberry St.,. .Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Hciscr, H. L., . : Denver, Lancaster. 

Hillegass, John J., 826 Third St., East Greenville, Montgomery. 

Inland City Cigar Box Co., . . . .716 N. Christian St.,. Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Jarrett, Monroe, Trumbauersville, .... Bucks. 

Jarrett & Company, H. W., . . .2200 N. Marshall St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Julius, George R., Littlestown, Adams. 

Kauffman & Brother, A., 230-36 York St., York, .York. 

Keystone Box Co., 26th & Liberty Sts., .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Koons, F. S., Boyerstown, Berks. 

Leschey, William N., High & Pine Sts., . . .Hanover, York. 

Merchants Cigar Box Co., Dallastown, York. 

Penn Box Co., Inc., McSherrystown, Adams. 

Pioneer Steam Cigar Box Fac- 4 W. Main St., Dallastown, York. 

Red Lion Cigar Box & Lum- Red Lion, York. 

ber Co. 

Schan, Andrew J., Jr., 688 Pearl St., Easton, Northampton. 

Sellers, Monroe D., Sellersville Bucks. 

Sheip Manufacturing Co., H. Sixth & - Columbia Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

H. Ave. 

Sheip & Vandergrif t, Inc. 814 N. Lawrence St., . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Smith & Brothers, P. O, .....100-2 Corry St Pittsburgh, N. S Allegheny. 

Smith & Spahr, Etters, York. 

Souder, H. S 18 Green St., Souderton, .Montgomery. 

Union American Cigar Co., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

United Cigar Box Co., 216 E. Robinson St., . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Victor Box Manufacturing Co., 810 Lincoln Bldg., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Quakertown, Bucks. 

Wallick & Gohn, . . 221-23 E. Poplar St.,. York, . . . . York 

Wasser, Joseph, . 1 Miller St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny 

Wechter, A. M., . Lincoln, . , Lancaster. 

Wechter, George M., Akron, Lancaster 

Wiest & Son, M. H. Richland, Lebanon. ' 

Williamson & Moyer, Womelsdorf Berks 

Windsor Cigar Box Co., Windsor York 

Wisner, Geo. E 217-219 Pine St., Lancaster, Lancaster 

Womer & Boch, 119 Railroad St Pottsville, Schuylkill. 

York Cigar Box Company, .... Howard & Mason York, York. 



Allentown Pocking Box Co., . . .Front & Chew Sts.,. -Allentown Lehigh 

Atkinson Box & Lumb?r Co. Hawley Wayne' 

Bitner Tobacco Case Co., J. R., 223 N. Prince St., . . .Lancaster Lancaster 

Bowman, J. Frank 515 Cherry St., Lancaster] '.'.'.. '.Lancaster' 

Coleman, John 100 Chestnut St., Williamsport Lycoming. 

Commercial Box Company, . .|3d Ave. & 13th St., . .New Kensington, Westmoreland 

Datz Company, Charles F., . . .482-84 N. Fifth St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Davidson, D. H., 2005 Washington Philadelphia Philadelphia 


De Jean, Dav.ern, ......... Spring Creek Warren. 

Deysher, Abner S., Second & Pine Sts.,. .Reading Berks 

Douglass, E. A., 437 N. Fifth St Philadelphia. Philadelphia. 

Droz Carton Company Ambridge, Beaver. 

Galbraith, John, Estate, 619 Commerce St., ..Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Orirard Box Company, 18th & Washington Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Glass. Robert, 217 Quince St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Greer & Garroway Butler Butler. 

Guile & Windnagle, Penn Yan (N. 1.) . 

Gaines .Tioga. 

Hamilton, James M., 6th & Bai'clay Sts., . . Chester Delaware. 

Harley & Company, J. P., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

1 Hires Condensed Milk Co., 913 Arch St Philadelphia, ... Philadelphia. 

Malvern Chester. 

Jones & Sons, Samuel, 3211 Spring Garden Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Kees, William J., 111-17 N. Orianna Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 



Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

BOXES— PACKING— Continued 

Keever Box & Lumber Co Columbia St., Schuylkill Haven, . . .Schuylkill. 

Keystone Box Manufacturing Slatington Lehigh. 

Keystone Box Manufacturing 701 E. Girard Ave.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Kress Box Co., F. J., 2920-38 Liberty Ave., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Kugler & Sons Co., George W., 919 New Market St., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

La tshaw, Walley & Co., Inc., Spring City, Chester. 

Leinbach Box Company, Inc.,. .404-16 N. Front St.,. Reading, Berks. 

Long, Marion H., Newberry & Princess York York. 


McCauley, J. & W., 636-38 Filbert St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

March's Sons, I. F., Fourth & Mill Sts., . .Bridgeport Montgomery. 

Martin, John, .- 1432-36 N. Sixth at., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Maxwell, John, 425 Locust St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Meisle & Bros., G., 217-19 iNew St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Meyer, William, 216 Quarry St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Meyersdale Box Factory Meyersdale, Somerset. 

Monessen Box Company, Monessen, Westmoreland. 

National Crate Company, . . . '. Galeton Potter. 

New Castle Box Company, .... 812 N. Cedar St., . . . New Castle, Lawrence. 

Nichols, Clayton W., 918 Beach St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Ohio Valley Lumber Co., 14th St. & Belt Line, Ambridge, Beaver. 

Pearson, Joseph T 1825 E. Boston Ave., .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Penna. Box & Lumber Com- American & Cumber- Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

pany. land Sts. 

Peterman Brothers, 1814 E. Russell St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Provident Lumber Co., Water & Dickinson Philadelphia,- Philadelphia. 


Rice & Sons Co., T. B., . . Mifflin St. Wharf, .'. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Ruhl & Watson, Inc., Millmont, Union. 

Schuylkill Haven Box & Lum- Schuylkill Haven, . . . Schuylkill. 

ber Co. 
Scranton Box Manufacturing 316 N. Washington Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Company. Ave. 

Skerred, L. S., Cussewago St., Venango, Crawford. 

Shoemaker's Sons, J. B., Front & E. Clearfield Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Snyder, George H., 3631 N. Smedley St.,. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Tait Brothers, 915 Montgomery Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Treen Box Company, Inc Tioga & Memphis Sts.,Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Union American Cigar Co., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Vandergrift Box Company, . . .Custer Ave., Vandergrift Westmoreland. 

Victor Box Manufacturing Co., 810 Lincoln Bldg., . . Philadelphia, PhiladelpBia. 

Quakertown, Bucks. 

West End Box Company, 278 Woodville Ave., . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Acme Wagon Company, Emigsville, York. 

Albright & Son, D. N., Perkiomen Ave. & Mt. Penn, Reading, . . Berks. 

23d St. 

Allen, A. S Scotland, Franklin. 

Alliance Wagon Works, 1369-71 Frankford Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Altemose Carriage Works, E. 1032 N. Washington Scranton, Lackawanna. 

F. » Ave. 

American Wagon Company, . . 825 N. Fourth St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Amrhein & Brother, Andrew,. .2215 Jane St., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Anderson, H. D N. Larimer Ave Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Armstrong Truck Company, • North Wales Montgomery. 

Ayers C. L., Murdock St., Canonsburg, Washington. 

Barron Estate" Philip H 684 Northampton St., Easton, Northampton. 

Bartsch & Johnson, 219 Penna. Ave., Warren, ^ arr , en - 

Bauer & Co., Fred., 44 Carson St., ....*« Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Becker Christ 251 E. Broad St., . . .Tamaqua, Schuylkill. 

Beckert & Son, William, 1001 Olive St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Berry Brothers, Mifflinburg Union. 

Berrv Truck & Body Co., Kane, McKean. 

Betz & Son, Max M., 1041 Frankford Ave. .Philadelphia Philadelnhia. 

Biehl's Carriage & Wagon 31 S. Fifth St., Reading, Berks. 



Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

PARTS — Continued. 

Biehl's Wagon & Auto Body Reading, Berks. 


Blocher's Sons, T. S., Littlestown, Adams. 

Blume Wagon Works, 800-02 N. Main St., . .Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Bollinger, C. W., 735 Green Ave., Altoona, Blair. 

Bond, E. New Oxford, Adams. 

Booth & Kohlerman Chester, Delaware: 

Boyertown Carriage Works, Boyertown, Berks. 


Brackbill, T. L., Strasburg, Lancaster. 

Breininger, Charles 4550 Richmond St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bright, William 1718 N. Main Ave., . . Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Brookville Manufacturing Co.,. 251 Water St., Brookville Jefferson. 

Buerklin, Leopold, 239 DeLancev St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Christ, Peter & Company, Cor. Hall & Maple Allontown, Lehigh. 


Coble, O. M., 1517 N. 21st St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Columbia Wagon Co., Columbia, Lancaster. 

Coopersburg Bending Works, Coopersburg, Lehigh. 

Crossland Wagon Co., 125 S. Ninth St., Connellsville, Fayette. 

Cupp, W. H., New Bloomfield, .... Perry. 

Dartt, A. P. & R. R 10 East Ave., Wellsboro, Tioga. 

Davis & Thompson Co., 1216 Reddom St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Deible Wagon Works, H. C, • Reynoldsville, Jefferson. 

Demart, W. F., Brownsville Rd., ..\.Mt. Oliver, Allegheny. 

Dengelden, John, 2134 Lombard St., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Deringer, Frank, Juniata St. & Metro- Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

politan Ave. 

Deutenberg, F. A., 126-28 S. 18th St., . .Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Doehle Wagon Co., 1055 Ohio St., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Donnell, Joseph, 6186 Ridge Ave., Philadelphia . Philadelphia. 

Dowdall, Thomas H„ 116 W. Allen St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Downey Brothers Spoke & 240 Harrisburg Ave., Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Bending Co. 

Eagle Carriage Works, Hazleton Luzerne. 

Eagle Wagon Works. The, .... Lefevre & Salmon Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Eberly & Orris Manufacturing Mechanicsburg Cumberland. 

Co., The. 

Eberly Wheel Works, 16-48 Hamilton Ave., York .York. 

Edgerley, Harry E., 302-4 W. Grant St.,. .Lancaster Lancaster. 

Eisaman Carriage 'Works, 232* W. Otterman St..Greensburg, Westmoreland. 

Ensinger, Emile, 526 Carpenter St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Enterprise Carriage & Wagon 1025-27 Oak St., Allentown Lehigh. 


Enterprise Carriage Works, . . .72 N. West St Easton Northampton. 

Ephrata Carriage Works, Ephrata, Lancaster. 

Ervien, Horace, Ogontz Montgomery. 

Etzrott, Charles Clinch St., Mt. Oliver, Allegheny. 

Eureka Coal Wagon Co., 614-618 North St., . . Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

Eves, John & Co Millville, Columbia. 

Faller & Fazio 23d & Smallman Sts., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Fauber Coach Works, 126 S. Seventh St., . .Lebanon Lebanon. 

Feely, John, 2012 Sedgelv Ave., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Finnesay & Kobler, Inc., 26th & Parrish Sts.. Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Fischer, A. G., 4947 Fairmount Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Fischer & Son 1641 N. 12th St Philadelphia .Philadelphia. 

Franklinville Carriage & Wagon3906-10 N. Fifth St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Works. . 

Fries Brothers, 1001-15 Holland Et., Erie, Erie. 

Fulton-Walker Co., 20th & Filbert Sts., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Gable, Charles L., 128 R-ed St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Gabriel, Otto 1305 S. Second St.. . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Garrett & Sons, Geo. W., 3008 Spring Garden Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Geissel & Sons, A., 487-89 N. Third St... .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Gilhool Wagon Works Washington Ave. & Scranton Lackawanna. 

Walnut St. .„ , 

Glatch, I. J., 4557 Second Ave., . . .Hazelwood Allegheny. 

Oodshall, William H., Chestnut Hill Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Gohl & Sons, C, 282 W. Third St Williamsport, Lycoming. 

Gordon, J. R., 810 Wyoming Ave., . . Scranton Lackawanna. 

Gordon, P. F., 323 Green St Scranton Lackawanna. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

PARTS— Continued. 

Gould & Sons, A. R 415^21 Linden St Scranton Lackawanna. 

Graves & Co., L. C . Springboro, Crawford. 

>T ro S o^ 1 Works, Aaron, Quarry ville. Lancaster. 

Groft & Weaver New Holland Lancaster. 

Gruber Wagon Works, Bernville, Berks. 

Gutehus & Son, Jobn, Mifflinburg, Union. 

Halm Motor Truck & Wagon Hamburg, Berks. 

Co., Inc. 

Haldeman, M. E., 1123 Capouse Ave., . . Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Hammond, L. . . Spangler, Cambria. 

Hanover Bending & Manufac- Factory St., Hanover, York. 

tunng Co. • 

Hansell, William P., 50th & Lancaster Ave Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Harper, T. N Christiana .Lancaster. 

Hartman & Madenford, 535 N. Centre St., . .Pottsville Schuvlkill. 

Hayden, R. J., 410 Libertv Ave Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Hayden Garage & Wagon Wks.,W. Main St West Newton Westmoreland. 

Hensel Wagon Co., William, . .717-21 Middle St Pittsburgh Alh^henv. 

Herrman & Son, M., 108 Cliff St. Honesdale, Wayne. 

Hess, D. T., Quarry ville, Lancaster. 

Hettner W. J., 3405 Liberty Ave., . .Pittsburgh Alleghenv. 

Hicks, J.. P., 2439 N. Ninth St., . .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Himmelberger Wagon Works, West Reading Berks. 

Hmkle Manufacturing Co., J. York & Allen Sts., . .Mechanicsbnrg Cumberland. 

Hobson & Co., ■ . •. Easton, Northampton. 

Hoffs- Blacksmith Shop, N. George St., York, . York. 

Hoopes Bros. & Darlington, West Chester Chester. 


Hoover Wagon Co., York, York. 

Hopkins Manufacturing Co., Hanover York. 

Hopp Carriage Co., 4th & Walnut Sts.',' . .Mifflinburg. ".'.'..'.'.'.'. ".Union. 

Howry, William E . Shiremanstown Cumberland. 

Howard & Son, J. M Uniontown, Fayette. 

Hunziki, Henry, 905 Forbes St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Huston-Irwm Manufacturing 108-10 Park Ave., . . .DuBois, .' Clearfield. 


Jacobs & Colley Co., Kingston Luzerne. 

Jahnke & Son, William 1825 N. Fifth St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Jentzsch Gustav, 2615-17 W. York St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Johnson Carriage Co., Oxford . . . Chester. 

Kaelin, Albert, , 1425-27 East St., . . .Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Kaiser & Co. , H, Inc., Race & 23d St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kalzenwaldl, Gottlieb, 2538-40 N. 25th St.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kaufmann Builder of Wagons, 1206 East St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Kelly Estate, J. C 5215 Germantown Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Kern & Son, S. Y., Main St. & Station Coopersburg, Lehigh. 

' Ave. 
Keystone Carriage. & Auto Eighth & Holland Sts.. Erie Erie. 


Keystone Wagon Works, 1953 N. Second St.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kevstone \\ heel Works & Mill Ephrata Lancaster 

Kholos Wagon Co., 2213-15 Forbes' St.'.' '. '. Pittsburgh! ".'.'.'.'. '. '. '. '. Allegheny. 

Kirgns, Charles, 2348 N. Second St.. . . Philadelphia, ...... Philadelphia. 

Kirstem, Hermann 2760 Frankford Ave., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Kister, George W., L ; ne Lexington, Bucks. 

lvoebly & Co., G., Warren Warren 

Koehler & Harvey \ .'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. [Philadelphia,' ".'.'.'.'.'.'. Philadelphia. 

Koller & Co., J. B Mechanicsburg, Cumberland. 

Kramer, Charles, 221 Fifth St., .... Braddock Allegheny. 

Kramer Wagon Co., The, - Oil Citv, Venango. 

Krause, Frank, 3511-13 N. 13th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kress Brothers, 1028-34 Ohio St., . . . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Laderer Carriage Co., W. C Zelienople Butler 

Landisville Coach Works LandisviHe, '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.. Lancaster. 

Lange ^ agon Co., H., 145 South St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Latrobe Carriage Co Latrobe/ Westmoreland. 

Lebzelter & Son Co.. Philip, . .241 N. Queen St Lancaster, .Lancaster. 

Leicht & Son A. R .Elizabeth town Lancaster. 

Leidich, Christian E 4112 Kensington Ave.,"FYankford Philadelphia. 

Leonhard & Son, W. H., 218-20 43d St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

PARTS — Continued. 

Linde, H., Cor. 24th & Sidney Pittsburgh Allegheny. 


Lockeman, W. A., Park & Clark Aves., . . York, York. 

Lodge, F. S., 113 N. Rittcnhouse Germantown, Philadelphia. 

Loeffler & Co., L 626 Fourth Ave., McKeesport, Allegheny. 

Long Wagon Works, Benton, Columbia. 

Lyter Wagon Co., 324 N. Fifth St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

McClinton & Co., 309 Sandusky St., . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

McGonigal, William, 115-17 DeLancy St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

McKay Carriage Co., Center St. & Erie Ave Grove City, . . Mercer. . 

Manayunk Wagon Builder Co., 4222-24 Main St., . . . Manayunk, Philadelphia. 

Martin Carriage Works, The York, York. 

Martins Blacksmith Works, Hazleton, Luzerne. 

Mathews & Son, Thos., Uniontown, Fayette. 

Mauser & Brother, A., McEwensville, Northumberland. 

Mayer Wagon Co., 6461 Frankstown AvePittsburgh, Allegheny. » 

Mehring, S. D., , Littlestown Adams. 

Merkel, Charles, . . J. . . . 204-6 N. 21st St., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Metz & Miller, Pittsburgh, ■ Allegheny. 

Mifflinburg Buggy Co., The Mifflinburg Union. 

Miller, D. B., Mifflinburg, Union. 

Miller's Son, R., Kutztown Berks. 

Mpehrle, Max, 2627 N. Huntingdon Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Monjar Carriage Co., Latrobe Westmoreland. 

Moretz, N. D., : . . . 2535 Ridge Ave Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Morgey & Sons, William B., ..1747 Cambridge St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Mt. Penn Carriage &" Wagon Mt. Penn, Berks. 


Murphy Brothers, Uniontown. .' Fayette. 

Myers Carriage Co., Franklin Venango. 

Neefe & Co., F. E., Coudersport, Potter. 

Ness Brothers & Co York York. 

Noftsker, G. W., Cor. Orange & Fayette ShippensDurg, Cumberland. 

Noll, Harry, Mohnton Berks. 

Oehme, Louis, 3045-51 Richmond St.. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Palm Wagon Works, H. S., . .1238 Moss St., Reading, Berks. 

Palmer, L. C 702-4 E. King St., . . Lancaster, . . : Lancaster. 

Parsons, J. L. & L., ,. Cynwyd, Montgomery. 

Passyunk Wagon Works, 26th & Passyunk Ave. Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Pettieoffer & Son, J. K., Reamstown Lancaster. 

Philadelphia Wagon Works, .. 408 Randolph St., ...Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Preisendauz & Son, Aug., 144-46 Moore St., . . .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Premier Spring Bed Co., Inc., -.' Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Randall, Clarence, Newtown Bucks. 

Randall, Wilson, 324 Bath St., Bristol Bucks. 

Rauch-Handwerk & Co., . . . Jordon Lehigh. 

Reber Wagon Works, Centrepo.rt Berks. 

Rech-Marbaker Co., 8th St. & Granite Ave. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Reisinger, Charles E., 639 W. Market St., . .York York. 

Roseboro, B. M., South Hermitage, . . . Lancaster. 

Roseboro, Chester E., New Holland Lancaster. 

Rowland & Rowland, 1408 S. Broad St., ..Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Royersford Carriage Works, . Royersford, Montgomery. 

Ruhlandt Wagon Works, C. G., 704 Bingham St., . . .Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Rush & Sons, J. L., Willow Grove Montgomery. 

Sauter Co., John, 414-16 Duquesne Way. Pittsburgh . Allegheny. 

Savior & Son, J. L., Annville, Lebanon. 

Schanz, Frank, 408 Randolph St.. . . .Philadelnhia Philadelphia. 

Scheid Brothers Co 1705-13 Jackson St,, Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Schuler, Thomas, Albnrtis Lehigh. 

Schumacker & Co., J. Harry, . .4819 Frankford Ave.. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Schwartz, G. F., 2300 Seventh Ave., . . Beaver Falls Beaver. 

Schwerer, Frederick, 1609-11 N. Front St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Scott Co., C. W 575 Lancaster Ave., . . Bryn Mawr Montgomery. 

Sechler, James M '. Breinigsville, Lehigh. 

Seiple, M. B., Quakertown, Bucks. 

Semmel, Palmer A., 305 Main St., Slatington, Lehigh. 

Shaffer Wagon 'Works, 80-88 S. Cameron St., Harrisburg Dauphin. 

Shapiro & Gurland Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Sharon Carriage Works 61 S. Dock St Sharon, , Mercer. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

PARTS — Continued. 

Sheffer, C. W 152 S. Baltimore St., . Dillsburg, York. 

Shenk, O. S., Rohrerstown, Lancaster. 

Shultz, Alvin E., 118 S. Queen St.; York, York. 

Shupp & Company, Simon, Effort, Monroe. 

Siegfried, Howard L., Nazareth, Northampton. 

Simplex Manufacturing Co., . . Norman Ave. & Erie Meadville, Crawford. 

R. R. 

Simpson, J. W., 403-407 Sixth St., . . .New Kensington, Westmoreland. 

Sippel Estate, Otto, Bell Ave., . . . : McKees Rocks, Allegheny. 

Skeen, S. M 114 S. Christian St.,. .Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Smith, J. Raymond, 334 E. King St., Shippensburg, Cumberland. 

Smith Bending Co., Inc., Ervin, 402 N. Queen St., . . .York, York. 

Smith & Brother, H. G., 312-14 Vine St Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Snavely, Samuel H., Manheim, Lancaster. 

Soffe, Morris, 211 Washington Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Sossong Company, Charles B., . Bank St., Bridgeville, Allegheny. 

Southwark Truck Company, . . 911 Ellsworth St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Sowney Brothers, 1204 Frankf ord Ave., . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Stancliff Carriage Company, Browns Ave Erie Erie. 

L. E. 

Stockton, George W., 4267-69 Ridge Ave., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Sutton, T. Parke Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Swab Carnage Company, Elizabeth ville, Dauphin. 

Swab Wagon Company, ^Market St., Elizabethville, Dauphin. 

Swatsky, Joseph W., 421 Gaskill St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Swisshelm, H. W., 227 Penn Ave., Wilkinsburg. Allegheny. 

Thomas A Company 6923 Fifth Ave., East Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Thrush & Stough, 11-13 N. Washington Shippensburg, Cumberland. 


Tobias &.Meily, Jonestown Lebanon. 

Totman Auto & Carriage 1219 French St., Erie,- Erie. 


Vallimont, G. A., Clarendon, Warren. 

Wacker, Charles 1345 W. Cumberland Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Waldman, George, 86-88 W. Johnson St.. Germantown, Philadelphia. 

Wallace Shop, R. E., Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Walt Carriage Works, S"hwenksville, Montgomery. 

Ward, Samuel 846-48 North Ave., . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Waxman, Joseph, 325 Wood St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Weigand & Co., 2214-16 N. 29th St.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Weir & Son, J. G., Pittsburgh, Allegheny; 

Weir & Son, J. G., 86 Bridge St., Etna, Allegheny. 

Weisel, M. T., Perkasie, Bucks. 

Wenkenbach's Sons, William,. .1312-14 Germantown Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


West Company, The, 4017-31 Liberty Ave., . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

West End Wagon Manuf actur- 1804-06 W. Carson Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

ing Company. St. 

Williams, John, 1135 Parrish St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Williams & Sons, Harry, Ogontz, Montgomery. 

Wise Brothers, South St., Lewisberry York. 

Wise Sons, S. B., Orrstown, Franklin. 

Wood, Geo. U Plum & Baker Sts., . .Media, Delaware. 

Wood & Son, J. T., Bridge & Milnor Sts., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Wright, Frank E., Kingston, Luzerne. 

Wynshelbaum's Wagon Works,. 410 Montrose St., . . .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

1 aissle, John, 310 N. Third St., Pottstown, : . . . Schuylkill. 

Yeakle, James M., 313-15 N. Linden St., . Bethlehem, Northampton. 

Yerger Carriage & Wagon Sinking Springs, Berks. 

Works. * 

York Body Corporation, Belvidere & Linden York, York. 

_ , Ave. 

lork Carriage Co., Hay & Franklin Sts., . York, York. 

lork Wagon Gear Co., Belvidere & Linden York, York. 

Zeh, Charles , 2319 N. 28th St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Tovm. County. 


Bassett, F., 144 N. Seventh St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bloch Go-Cart, 1136 American St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bossett, Frank 144 N. Seventh St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Carter, Joel T., 2969 Jefferson St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Carter Wagon Works, 2625-33 Jefferson St.,. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Eagle Wheel Manufacturing 946 W. Russell St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Co., Inc., The. 

Mecky Co., A., 1705 W. Allegheny Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Miller, D., 539 Mercer Ave Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Pinaird, William A., 16 S. Second St., .... Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Rieber & Co., L., 16-18 N. Fourth St.,. . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Safety Sled Co., Inc., The, Mt. Jewett, McKean. 

Thayer Co., H. N Erie, Erie. 

T. O. M. Manufacturing Co., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Topliff Ely Co., Washington, Washington. 


Atlantic Cooperage Co., Swanson & Wolf Sts., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Big Run Manufacturing Co., Allentown Lehigh. 

Sonestown, Sullivan. 

Corry & Son, C. B., Center Road Station, . Crawford. 

Cunning, James 132 Dickinson St., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Danovitz Bros. Cooperage Co., .750 South Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Dieffenbacher, J. F., . Coudersport, . Potter. 

Diehl, John, Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Enterprise Cooperage, Snydef Ave. & Dil- Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

worth St. 

Galeton Stone & Heading Co., Galeton, Potter. 

Germania Heading Mill, Germa'nia, Potter. 

Gruninger, John, 4621 Cambridge St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hamilton Estate, Richard, . . . .Meadow & Wolf Sts., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kelly & Co., Joseph, Snyder Ave. Wharf, . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Koch, Christopher Water & McKean Sts., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Lowell M. Palmer, Est.* .Roulette, Potter. 

Lynch, Charles, 113 N. Water St., . . .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

McCartney, J., 930 N. 51st St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Monocacy Barrel Works, Elizabeth Ave., . ». . . .Bethlehem Northampton. 

Olime & Beack, 260 S. Second St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

O'Neill & Black, 127 S. Water St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Penna. Stave Companv. The, . Laquin, Bradford. 

Pennsylvania Stave Company, Betula, McKean. 

The. Sheffield Warren. 

Pittsburgh Barrel & Cooperage 51 Carson St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Saam & Co., Christ P., 2242 N. Franklin St., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Southwark Cooperage Co., .... Tasker St. Wharf, . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Trexler Stave Lumber Co., Mertztown, Berks. 

Weissman, B., 543 Washington Ave.,Braddock, Allegheny. 

Wilcox, W. S., Lawrenceville, Tioga. 

Wilkes-Barre Stave & Lumber Pocono Lake, Monroe. 

Young & Russell, 1021-31 Mifflin St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


American Chair Manufacturing Hallstead, Susquehanna. 


American Furniture Company, Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Armenia Furniture Company, Canton, Bradford. 

Athens Furniture Co., Athens, Bradford. 

Bannen & Hamilton Front & Reed Sts., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Barber, John, 220 Chancellor St., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Bateman Co., A. F. C, Inc.,. .922 Pine St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bear Furniture Co., G. H., . . .15th & Green Sts., . .Allentown, Lehigh. 

Becker, David 437 N. American St., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Behrend, Jacob, 124 W. Allen St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Beitzel & Sons. Jacob York, York. 

Bent Rung Ladder & Manufac- Indiana, Indiana. 

turing Company. 



Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

FURNITURE— Continued. 

Bernard, Gloeckler Co., 1133 Penn Ave., .... Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Bernert, Ignatius, 1427 Gerniantown Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bernheim & Sons, B., 140tN. Third St., . . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Berry Brothers, Montoursville Lycoming. 

Beyer, John A., 1325-27 Osrden St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bloom Co., Jacob 1051 Frankford Ave., . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Bodenstein & Kuemmule. Inc.,. Lawrence & Cam- Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

bridge Sts. 

Boehm & Spiegel Co., Spruce & Oak Sts., . . Allentown, Lehigh. 

Boher & Phillips, 125 S. Earl St Shinpensburg. Cumberland. 

Bombayreed Willow Furniture 121 N. Second St., ..Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Boring & Bro., H. E 26 Ocean Ave., York, York. 

Brandt, A. G 100 Franklin Ave., . . Scranton Lackawanna. 

Brenn. George W.-. 1308 N. Marshall St.. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Brill Co., A., 1305 Germantown Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

- Ave. -^ 

Brown Furniture Company, . .308 'Washington St.,. .East Stroudsburg, ...Monroe. 

Burrows Brothers Co., Picture Rocks Lycoming. 

Burt Brothers, 2000-14 S. Ninth St., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Cabinet Fixture Company . . . .905 W. Diamond St., .Pittsburgh, ... Allegheny. 

Chapman Decorative Co., The. .1608 Walnut St., . . . .Philadelphia, . . Philadelphia. 

Colonial Art Furniture Co 3906 Fifth Ave., . . . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Columbia Cabinet Company, Bloomsburg, Columbia. 

Conewago Furniture Co., Warren, Warren. 

Connely & Son, John 56 E. Main St Plymouth, Luzerne. 

Corry Chair Co., 216 E. Washington Oorry, Erie. 


Corry Fibre Furniture Co., Corry Erie. 

Crandall-Bennett-Porter Co Montoursville Lycoming. 

Culler Furniture Co., • Williamsport, Lycoming. 

Dallastown Furniture Co Dallastown, York. 

David & Company L. E., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Decker, Isaac C, Inc., Montgomery, Montgomery. 

Deemer Furniture Co., A. D.,. .Brookville, Jefferson. 

DeFrehn & Sons, W., 813-25 Horner St., . .Johnstown, Cambria. 

Dise Furniture Company, . . . Glen Rock York. 

Dittmar Furniture Company. . .Day & Light Sts., . . .Williamsport Lycoming. 

Dorney Furniture Co., C. A., . . 612 Hamilton St Allentown, Lehigh. 

Dougherty & Co., H. D., Inc.,. .17th & Indiana Ave.,. Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Eagle Upholstering Company.. .229 Wood St ..Philadelnhia Philadelphia. 

Eastern American Chair Co.. . .1609-15 N. Fifth St... Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Eberle & Son, J. F., 13th & Jefferson Sts., . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Ebert Furniture Company, Red Lion, York. 

Emporium Lumber Co Galetou, Potter. 

Enterprise Furniture Co Glen Rock, York. 

Evans, G. Gerald 19 S. 16th St Philadelphia . Philadelphia. 

Exhibition Show Case Co., Erie Erie. 

Federal Equipment Co., The. . . N. West & Lincoln Carlisle, Cumberland. 

• Sts. 

Ferro & Co., Inc., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Finkelstein, N., 188 S. Washington St.Wilkes-Barre Luzerne. 

Fisher & Co., J., 1218 N. Fifth St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Fleischer & Silberman, 1220-22 N. Mascher Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Forest Furniture Manufactur- Youngsville, Warren. 

ing Co., Inc. 

Frosts Sons, J. O., Towanda Bradford. 

Gebert & Son, Christian, 1318-24 W. Luzerne Philadelnhia Philadelphia. 


Geissler, Chas. C, 62 N. Fourth St., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Gettysburg Furniture Co., . . . .York St Gettysburg, Adams. 

Goldsman, Harry, 1304 N. Second St.,. . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Gosnell, W. H 207 N. Second St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Gottleib-Buehler & Co., 301 Front St Allentown, Lehigh. 

Gross & Co., H. E 819-25 Reedsciale St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Grove City Buggy & Manufac- Grove City, Mercer. 

turing Co. 

Hagmair Upholstering Co 712 North Ave E. Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Halpern & Son, M 1532 N. Hancock St.. Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Haman Estate. W. H 227 Buttonwood St.. Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Hammond & Son, J. T., Inc.,. .4534 Hedge St., .-. . .Frankford, Philadelphia. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

FURNITURE— Continued. 

Hanover Cabinet Co., Hanover, York. 

Harding, Alexander, 510!) Germantown Germantown, Philadelphia. 


Ham & Co., C 422 N. Arrimia St.,. .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Heilman & Co., A. H., Williamsport, Lycoming. 

Herberg, S. Fred., 1236-38 Olive St., .. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hetherington, J., 206 Quarry St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Heywood Bros. & Wakefield Co.,244-54 S. Fifth St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hickory Furniture Schellsburg, Bedford. 

Holmes Co., E. J., 1525 Locust St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Home Furniture Co., E. Princess St. & M. York, ... 1 York. 

& P. R. R. 

Hopkins & Co., Frank, North Girard Erie. 

Home Co., Joseph 501-23 Penn Ave., . . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Hosbach, Frederick W., 821 Cherry St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hotel Service Co .1023 Liberty Ave., . . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Hughesville Furniture Co., The, Hughesville, Lycoming. 

Indian Rever Taole Co., Lock Haven, Clinton. 

Jansson & Co., Erih, 105 W. Columbia Ave.,Philadelphia, .... .Philadelphia. 

Johannesen Manufacturing Co;,114 W. 12th St., Erie, Erie. 

Josten, Peter, 1014 N. Third St., . . N. Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Barcher & Rehn Co 1608 Chestnut St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kaufmann Manufacturing Co., 712 N. Percy St., ...Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Keafer Lafem 329 W. Girard Ave., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Keller, F., 216 Ninth St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Keppel & Co., Chester, Delaware. 

Kerstine & Co., 64 N. Fourth St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Keystone Furniture Co., Williamsport, Lycoming. 

Keystone Table Manufacturing 328 Noble St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Kischhof & Co 448 N. 12th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kittanning Church Seating Co.,. Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Klages, Roach & Co., 239 N. Water St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Knoell, John & Sons, 171 Jefferson St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Koermcr, Henry, 1428 N. Susquehanna Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

K. P. L. Furniture Manufactur-E. Main St Corry Erie. 

ins Co., The. 
Kraan Furniture Co., Inc., The 1401-15 N. Sixth St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Kund & Eiben, 204 Warrington Ave?, Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Kurtz Brothers, Bethlehem, Northampton. 

Kurtz Furniture Co.. The, Fullerton, Lehigh. 

Lebanon Valley Furniture Co., Lebanon, Lebanon. 

LeRoysville Furniture & Toy . ." LeRoysville, Bradford. 

Mfg. Co. 

Lewisburg Chair Co., Lewisburg Union. 

Lincoln Furniture Co., 19th & Lehigh Ave., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Lincoln Furniturp Co., 415 Brown St., . K . . . .-.Philadelphia,. Philadelphia. 

Lindes, A. G., 5143 Baltimore Ave., West Philadelphia, . .Philadelnhia. 

Loeper & Son, 232 S. Ninth St Reading, Berks. 

Long Furniture Co., The, Hanover York. 

Ludwig, C. J., 6350 Germantown Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Lusch, Johanna, 1425 Carpenter St... . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

McCrackeu & Co., J. S., 1124 Washington Ave. Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

McLean Manufacturing Co., 735 Herron Ave Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

W. B. 

Macanite Co. of America, ... .18 S. Seventh St Philadelphia, Philadelnhia. 

Madalie Brothers, 608 Spring Garden Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Mansfield Novelty Co., Mansfield Tio^a. 

Melzer Co., S. M., 915 Filbert St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Menin, George, 804 N. Eighth St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Middletown Furniture Co., Middletown Dauphin. 

Miller & England Co., 1124 Washington Ave.Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Mirkel, Edward A 22 S. 17th St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Molino & Farnio, 1231 Federal St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Montgomery Lounge Co Montgomery Lycoming. 

Montgomery Manufacturing Co., Montgomery Lycoming. 

Montgomery Table Works • Montgomery Lycoming. 

Mt. Wolf Furniture Co., Inc Mt. Wolf, York. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

FTTB.NITTXKE — Continued. 

Muncy Furniture Co Muncy, Lycoming. 

National Cabinet & Folding 1510-12 N. Homewood Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Crate Co. St. 

National Furniture Co., Inc., . . 439 Walnut St., .... Williamsport, Lycoming. 

National Upholster Furniture 125 N. Second St., ..Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

New Farsen Manufacturing Chester, Delaware. 

Co., The. 

Newbold, J. R., Sellersville, Bucks. 

Newman, S., 339 N. Second St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

New York Piano Stool Manu-.Burson & Harris Sts.,East Stroudsburg. ...Monroe. 

facturing Co. 

Noll-Rily Co., 501 W. Tacock St., . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

North Branch Furniture Co., Bloomsburg, Columbia. 

Novelty Wood Works Co., The, Lincoln St., Union City, Erie. 

Nugent, William, 21st & Ridge Ave., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Nypenn Furniture Co., Warren Warren. 

Osada Mantel Co., 1422 S. Front St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Patterson, Winfield W 638 Filbert St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Peerless Furniture Co., Shippensburg Cumberland. 

Penn Furniture Manufacturing .Montgomery Lycoming. 

Co., The. 

Penn Furniture . Co., Conneautville, Crawford. 

Penna. Furniture Co. York, York. 

Pera, A. G., 5958 Baum Blvd., . . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Peterson, Samuel, 405 Laurel St., Warren Warren. 

Phenix Furniture Co., 1 Liberty St., Warren, Warren. 

Philadelphia Furniture Co., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Philadelphia Table Co 25 Letitia St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Piatt & Co., M., 1408 S. Front St., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Proessler & Son, C, 1221-27 Penna. Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Prouty Co., L. A., Inc., 1021-33 Ridge Ave., .. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Rainey & Co., Jos. C 230 S. Second St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Reading Cabinet Works, 834 . Court St., Reading, Berks. 

Reaser Furniture Co Gettysburg, Adams. 

Recchini, Nunzio, 1343 E. Passyunk Ave. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Red Lion Furniture Co., Red Lion York. 

Red Lion Table Co., Franklin St Red Lion, York. 

Reifsneider, John J., 251 S. Second St., . . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Rieder & Sons, Frank, 1507 Germantown Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Rishel Furniture Co., J. K., . Williamsoort, Lycoming. 

Ritter & Brother, William Tenth St. & German- Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

town Ave. 

Rosatto-Barry-Street Co., 222 S. Eighth St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Rosendale Upholstering Co., 250 Virginia Ave., . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


"Rossell Brothers & Co., 255-57 S. Third St.,. . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Rupp, F. C 240 S. Second St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Schantz Co., William P., Inc., Front & Turner Sts., Allentown Lehigh. 

Schilling, Anton, '. . . 442 50 Pine St., .... Easton, Northampton. 

Schnech Son, 1025 North St., Allentown, Lehigh. 

Schrewsbury Furniture & Shrewsbury, York. 

Manufacturing Co. 

Schwartz, C. E., 231 S. American St., Philadelphia, '. Philadelphia. 

Shrive Chair Co., The, Fourth Ave. & E. R. Union City, Erie. 

Shull Furniture Manufacturing Trenton Ave. & Dau- Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Co., Inc. phin Et. 

Sieling Furniture Co Railroad, York. 

Sikes Co., The, 23d & Passyunk Ave.. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Simmons Woodworking Co., ..417 W. Third St., ...Williamsport, Lycoming. 

Sjostrom Co., John E., Inc., . . 1715 N. Tenth St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Slaugh, Henry, 26-34 Washington St., Lancaster Lancaster. 

Smith & Co., Geo. W., Inc., . . 3907 Powelton Ave., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Stanaacher, Joseph, 152 Etng St Butler Butler. 

Standard Chair Co., Union Citv, Erie. 

Standard Chair Co., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Stevens, Joseph C, Front & Poplar Sts.. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Stewartstown Furniture Co., Stewartstown York. 

Stokes Manufacturing Co Montgomery, Lycoming. 

Stolzer, Charles, 2314-16 Washington Philadelphia Philadelphia. 



Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

FURNITURE— Continued. 

Strauss, William, 41G Arch St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Sullivan, E. Z., The 148-50 18th St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Sunbury Table Works, Sunbury, Northumberland. 

Swartz, George A., 719 W. Philadelphia York, York. 


Swift & Joseph, 112 N. Third St Philadelphia Philadelnhia. 

Tarlo & Son, Robert, 413-15 S. Fifth St., . .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Tidioute Furniture Manufactur-227 Main St Tidioute, Warren. 

ing Co. 

Topton Rug Manufacturing Co., Topton, Berks. 

Union City Chair Co., Union Cit^, Erie. 

Union Furniture & Novelty Co.,26 Mohawk Ave., . . .Warren, Warren. 

Unit Construction Co., 131 S. 31st St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

U. S. Chair'Co., The Corry, Erie. 

Valverde Manufacturing Co., . . Brook & Cedar Ave., Seranton, Lackawanna. 

Variety Turning & Furniture Union City, Erie. 

Mfg. Co. 

Vernon-Welsh Co., 4658 Ditman St., Frankford, Philadelphia. 

Wagenbaur, A., Estate, 534 N. Second St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Wagner, J. T., Shrewsbury York. 

Waldner, Adam, 11th & Chestnut Sts., Ashland Schuylkill. 

Warren Furniture Co., Lexington Ave. & Warren Warren. 

Parker St. 
Watsontown Table & Furniture Watsontown, Northumberland. 


Weber Table Co., Henry, .... Second Ave., ....... Union City, . Erie. 

Weis Manufacturing Co., ... .Foot Susquehanna St., Williamsport Lycoming. 

Weiss Manufacturing Co., 450 N. 12th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

West Branch Novelty Co., Milton, . Northumberland. 

Westing Evans & Egmore, Inc., 1315 Walnut St., .... Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Whip-O-Will-O Furniture Co., 715 Linden St ..Seranton, Lackawanna. 

Williamsport Furniture Co., Williamsport, Lycoming. 

Willson Chair Co., The, Montoursville, Lycoming. 

Winneberger & Son, J., 252 S. Third St Philadelphia, . . . Philadelphia. 

Winner Company, The, 2045 N. Seventh St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Wintrob, J. M., 926 Pine St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Wisler & Son, I. H., 223-25 N. Sixth St.,. .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Woolever Brothers Montoursville, Lycoming. 

Yeager Furniture Co., The, . . . 350-60 Lehigh St., . . Allentown Lehigh. 

Yerger Manufacturing Co., Lititz, Lancaster. 

Youngsville Manufacturing Co., Youngsville Warren. 


Kempton & Son, Inc., C. C, . .521-27 Vine St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Philadelphia Last & Pattern 316-18 Cherry St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Co., Inc. 

Redifer & Co., S. S., 139 Race St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Root, William C, 524 Race St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 


Abbott, John M Sugar Grove Warren. 

Ash, C. W., Coatesville, Chester. 

Back Creek Lumber Co., The, Uniontown, Fayette. 

Bagley, Chas. R., Mr.'. Jewett, McKean. 

Beach, F. E., Cambridge Springs, . . Erie. 

Bell, James, Estate of Marysville Perry. 

Berger & Son, O. F., Hamburg, Berks. 

Beyer & Co., F. D., Tyrone, Blair. 

Bierly, Bennett & Bierly* Milesburg Centre. 

Big Run Manufacturing Co., Big Run, . . . .' Jefferson. 

Big Run Manufacturing Co Allentown, Lehigh. 

Sonestown, Sullivan. 

Blair Lumber Co., Indiana, Indiana. 

Blystone & Son, C. W Cambridge Springs, . . Crawford. 

Bond, Alfred J., .- 20 Main St., Bradford, McKean. 

Brieck Bros. Lumber Co., McKeesport, Allegheny. 

Buckeye Lumber & Supply Co., Berlin Somerset. 

Bunday Lumber Co., Linesville, Crawford. 

Burnham, F. W 1902 Raspberry St.,. .Erie, Erie. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

UCTS — Continued. 

Burns, H., Shippensburg Cumberland. 

Caflisch & Sons' Lumber Co., Union City, Erie. 

C. Z. 

Central Pennsylvania Lumber Government Place, ..Williamsport, Lycoming. 

Co. Plants at, Costello, Potter. 

Galcton, Potter. 

Laquin, Bradford. 

Leetonia, Tioga. 

Sheffield, Warren. 

Williamsport, Lycoming. 

Clark, D. B. & W. J., Stoneboro, Mercer. 

Cole, G. S Center Road Station, Crawford. 

Coleman, Harter & McCormick, Williamsport, Lycoming. 

Tionesta Forest. 

Collins, Daniel, . . .• Norwich McKean. 

Collins & Kreitler, Nebraska, Forest. 

Cook Sons Co., A,, Cooksburg, Forest. 

Cornelius, Miles W., Saltillo Huntingdon. 

Corry & Son, C. B., Center Road Station, Crawford. 

Coudersport Mangle Roller Coudersport, Potter. 

Manufacturing Co. 

Covert & Carson, Williamsport, Lycoming. 

Crafton Lumber & Supply Co., Bradford Ave., Crafton, Allegheny. 

Grain, W. Scott, Port Matilda, Centre. 

Cramer Lumber Co., R. C, East Stroudsburg, . . .Monroe. 

Crossley, A. C., New Milford, Susquehanna. 

Curll Lumber Co., H. W., Clarion, Clarion. 

Dahlstrom Lumber Co., C. F., 508 Locust St., McKeesport, Allegheny. 

Daniels, A. E. Tionesta Forest. 

Deakin, C. W., 307 Erie Ave., Susquehanna, Susquehanna. 

DeJean, Lavern, .' Spring Creek, Warren. 

DeLong E., Bowers, Berks. 

Derstine Bros., Sellersville Bucks. 

Donaldson Lumber Co 212 Odd Fellows Bldg.Butler Butler. 

Dunmore Lumber Co 621 Blakely St., . . . .Scranton Lackawanna. 

Eastern Pennsylvania Lumber Stroudsburg, Monroe. 


Eiler Lumber & Mill Co., S. 23d & Wharton Sts. Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Emporium Lumber Co R. F. D. No. 1, Galeton, Potter. 

Finkel, A. N., Spring Mills,- Centre. 

Fries, W. E., N. Front St., Milton Tioga. 

Gallup & Sheldon, Youngsville, Warren. 

Gardner, Baker & Co., Factoryville, Wyoming. 

Gheen, C. S., Antesfort, Lycoming. 

Glase, W. F., Coudersport Potter. 

Grazier, A. C. & F. E Warriors Mark, Huntingdon. 

Greenville Lumber & Supply Greenville, Mercer. 


Griffith, Webster, -. Ebensburg, Cambria. 

Hagen & Co., Chas. A., River & Moltke Sts., Scranton Lackawanna. 

Harrington & Wilson, ■ Montrose Susquehanna, 

Higgins Lumber Co 33d & Liberty Ave... .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Hoffman Lumber Co., 626 Frick Bldg., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Hollenbeek, Frank, Carbondale, Lackawanna. 

Prompton, Wayne. 

Bollinger & Loudermilk, Confluence, Somerset. 

Holt, G. W., ' Union ville Crawford. 

Homestead Lumber Co 517 McClure St., . . . .Homestead Allegheny. 

Hormel, William C 1407 Vine St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Hudson & Wilson, E. A., .Three Springs Huntingdon. 

Hunter Estate, L. L., Tidioute Warren. 

Indian Creek Valley Lumber . Indian Crock, Fayette. 


Irvine, R. C, 414 Wayne St., Hollidaysburg Blair. 

Jamieson & Co., John G., Tionesta, Forest. 

Janney Lumber Co., 1147 Beach St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Jolmston-Davies Lumber Co., . .1806 Benedum Trees Pittsburgh Allegheny. 


Johnston Davis Lumber Co., . .Cor. 4th Ave. & Wood Pittsburgh Allegheny. 


Emlenton \ enango. 

Kelley, Joseph, » Reedsville Mifflin. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

UCTS — Continued. 

Kinney Lumber Co., A. M., South Heights, Beaver. 

Kinports Est., Martin, Church St Ephrata, Lancaster. 

Korb Bros. & Co. Lumber Co Venus, Clarion. 

Krumenacker, W. A. & G. L Carrolltown, Cambria. 

Kugler & Sons Co., George W., 919 New Market St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kulp Lumber Co., Shamokin, Northumberland. 

Kunz, Jesse E., Centerville, Crawford. 

Landis & Brother, S. H., Quakertown, Bucks. 

Lesher Lumber Co., Pitcairn, Allegheny. 

Lester, Frank, Linesville, Crawford. 

Litle, W. A., 222 Hall Ave Washington, Washington. 

Long, R. B., Blue Knob, Blair. 

Lutsey, John E., R. F. D. 1, Box 127, Wapwallopen, Luzerne. 

McKelvey Bros., Hollidaysburg Blair. 

McKelvey Lumber Co Fairhope, Somerset. 

McMullen & Patterson, Carbondale, Lackawanna. 

McNitt-Huyett Lumber Co., Waddle, Centre. 

Meyers-Kress Lumber Co., Wind Gap Northampton. 

Mill Creek Lumber Co., Mill Creek Huntingdon. 

Miller, James S., r. . . . Sunneytown, Montgomery. 

Miller Bros. Lumber Co., Alba, Bradford. 

Myers & Zehner Lumber Co., . .Second & Oak Sts., . .Berwick, Columbia. 

Norris, Robert, Williamsburg Blair. 

Norton & Co., E. E., Ltd., Tidioute, Warren. 

Wattsburg, Erie. 

Olson, D. E., Titusville, Crawford. 

Diamond, Venango. 

Orwig & Son, H. W Mifflinburg Union. 

Ott, John, Ridgway, Elk. 

Patterson & Co., J. E., Pittston, Luzerne. 

Paupack Lumber Co., Hawley, Wayne. 

Pittsburgh Wood Preserving 2004 Commonwealth Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Co. Bldg. Adelaide, ' Fayette. 

Point Bank Lumber Co., Somerset, Somerset. 

Quinn & Co., T. H., Straight Elk. 

Reading Wood Pulley Co 11th & Muhlenberg Reading, Berks. 

Reese-Sheriff Lumber Co., Julian, Centre. 

Huntingdon, Huntingdon. 

Reichley Brothers, Hopewell, Fulton. 

Reish, Jas. K., Mifflinburg, Union. 

Rodgers, A. Henry, Abbottstown, Adams. 

Rogers Lumber Co Warren, Warren. 

Rought & Sloat, Nicholson, Wyoming. 

Ryman & Sons, A Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Salmon Creek Lumber Co., Kellettville, Forest. 

Scheller Brothers, Mann's Choice, Bedford. 

Scheller, C. A. & G. E., Berlin Somerset. 

Schweibinz, A. L., 113 Merrimac St., . . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Confluence, Somerset. 

Rockwood, Somerset. 

Serfas Lumber Co., .• Easton, Northampton. 

Lehighton, Carbon. 

Shickshinny Lumber Co Shickshinny, Luzerne. 

Smith Lumber Company, Benton, Columbia. 

Snyder & Sons D., Tower City, .♦. Schuylkill. 

South Fork Lumber Company, South Fork Cambria. 

South Mountain Lumber Co., Lebanon, Lebanon. 

Bismarck, Lebanon. 

Specialty Manufacturing Co., 703 Garden St., Titusville, Crawford. 


Standard Tie Company Butler, Butler. 

Stoufers Heirs, C, New Bloomfkld Perry. 

Stump, W. F., Cressona Schuvlkill. 

Thomas Bros., Co., Inc., 324 E. Allen St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Tomajko Lumber Company, Ed- Langeloth, Washington. 


Trexler & Turrell Lumber Co.,. 703 A. N. Bank Bldg.Allentown, Lehigh. 

Vanderroot, H. L Laceyville Wyoming. 

Von Franck, Henry, Hawley, Wayne. 

Wallace Brothers, New Castle, Lawrence. 

Watkins, B. F., Bridge St., Ulster,, Bradford. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

UCTS— Continued. 

Watson Co., A. W. & W. M.,. . S. Lincoln Ave Newtown Bucks. 

Welles Lumber Co., M. H. & Wyalusing, Bradford. 

G. H. 

Wenzel & Stambaugh Blain, Perry. 

Wheeler & Dusenbury, Endeavor, Forest. 

White, A. P., Lock Haven, Clinton. 

White' Deer Lumber Co., 26 S. Second St., Sunbury, Northumberland. 

White Deer, Union. 

Whitmer-Steele Co., Sunbury, Northumberland. 

Clearfield, Clearfield. 

Whitmer-Steele Co., • • • Morrisdale Clearfield. 

Wilmot, C. L., • Rome, • • • : Bradford. 

Wilson Lumber uompany, Dickson City, Lackawanna. 

Williams Valley Lumber & Fuel Lykens, Dauphin. 

Wishart & Sons Co., A., 12th & Railroad Sts., . McKeesport, Allegheny. 

Wrigley, Miles, Duncansville, Blair. 

Young, J. Monroe, Easton, Northampton. 

Zartman -Lumber Co., W. P Shamokin, Northumberland. 

Dauphin, Dauphin. 


Acme Pattern Company, 241 First Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Albrecht Edward 4461 Salmon St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Anchor Pattern Company, 714 Fifth Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Beatty Co., J. M Imperial Power Bldg., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Bromeley & Son, E., 2500 Orthodox St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Butler Pattern Works, Butler Butler. 

Calely E. L., 945 Ridge Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Chester Pattern Co., Fourth & Ward Sts.,. Chester, Delaware. 

Cooper Frank P 130 Reed St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Eclipse Pattern Co., 27th & Mulberry St.,. Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Erie Foundry Company, Twelfth St., Erie, Erie. 

Eynon Manufacturing Com- 15th & Clearfield, Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Fairmo'unt Pattern Works, 1922 Brandywine St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Fitzpatrick Manufacturing Co.,3109 Penn Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

T C 

Fleisch'mann, R. G., 147 Florist St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Frank-Hill-Waliisch Company, . 2614 Smallman St., . .Pittsburgh, . . . .- Allegheny. 

Frantz E M 1301-03 Peach St., . . Erie, Erie. 

Gem City Pattern Works 1416 Cherry St., Erie Erie. 

Gever Pattern Works, August, . 2625 Sarah St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Gumphert, George A 240-242 Cherry St., .. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hoffman Brothers 431 W. Clark St., . . .York, York. 

Hunter Company, Thomas J.,. .310-16 N. 11th St., .. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Ideal Pattern Works, 143 Pearl St Reading Berks. 

Johnstown Pattern Shop 438 Horner St., Johnstown, g^* 1 ^ ■ 

Kalbach, Walter L., 12th & Olive Sts Phi adelphia Philade phia. 

Kempton & Son C. C, 521 Vine St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kennedy D B., Chester Delaware. 

Keystone Pattern Works, .1740 N. Tenth St Reading Berks. 

Lake Shore Pattern Works, Erie, Erie. 

Lippey, Richard J ,« 16-28 S. Sitgreaves Easton, Northampton. 


Mackintosh Hemphill & Co., . .1227 Liberty Ave., . . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Manufacturers Foundry Co. ?i nk J n 5, S P nn S' Berks. a 

Meadville Malleable Iron Co.,. •••••••• • • • • • • •. • • • • ■ .Meadville, Crawford 

Messenger Geo T , 609 W. Cambria St., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. . 

Modern Pattern Company 180 Second St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Modern Pattern Works 1123 Cherry St., . . . .Erie, ' ■|j ri 1- 

Mt. Penn Pattern Works, • • • • • • -Reading, Berks. 

Mummert-Dixon Company, . . .Phila. St. & P. R. R., Hanover York. 

Norristown Pattern Co., 308 E. Main St., Nornstown, Montgomery. 

Penn Pattern Works Front & Concord Ave.,Chester, Delaware. 

Pittsburgh Pattern Works, . . . .2926-28 Penn Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny 

Ouaker City Pattern Works, . .506 N. Twelfth St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Quinn & Updike, 323 Arch St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Reading Pattern Works, Rear 336 Chestnut Reading, Sp^i i u- 

Redifer & Co., S. S., 139 Race St Philadelphia, . Philadelphia. 

Reliance Pattern Works, 30th & Spruce Way,. .Pittsburgh Allegheny. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

PAPER — Continued. 

Renkin, W. W., 809 Penna. Ave., Pittsburgh, . . . Allegheny. 

Riverside Pattern Works, 1119 Third Ave New Brighton, Beaver. 

Rodgers, Robert 101 Water St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Samson, Charles 1113 Cherry St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Sprout, Waldron & Co., Cor. Sherman & Lo- Muncy, Lycoming. 

gan Sts. 

Standard Pattern Co., 28th St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Standard Pattern Works, 614 W. 12th St. Erie Erie. 

Steigelman, A. W 446 N. 12th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Turner, Ira B., 2178 E. Cumberland Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Vernon Welsh Manufacturing 46-58 Ditman St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Webb, William J., • 821 Cherry St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Williams, F. H., 424 N. Park Ave Meadville, Crawford. 

York Pattern Works, 352 Smyser St., York York. 


Acklin Lumber Co 326 S. Morgan St., . . . Waynesburg, Greene. 

Adams, Daniel, 2932 N. Marshall St.. . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Ahlburn Planing Mill, James, Hyndman, Bedford. 

Ahlers Lumber Co 928 E. Ohio St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Allen, Lumber Co., Ellwood, . .Trenton Ave. & Ann Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

St. . 

Amandes, Albright & Son, . . . .315 N. 14th St., . . . .Allentown, Lehigh. 

Anderson, C. A., 1629 N. Tenth St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Anderson & Sons, Inc., Geo. C, 135 Main St., Latrobe Westmoreland. 

Andrews Lumber Co., C. E New Bethlehem, Clarion. 

Ansley Lumber Manufacturing 801 Scranton St., .... Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Arendtsville Planing Mill & Arendtsville, Adams. 

Barrel Factory. 

Arnold Planing Mill, Bedford, Bedford. 

Aubrey Lumber Co • West Brownsville, . . . Washington. 

Balleit, A. H., 433 N. Franklin St., . . Allentown Lehigh. 

Bally Planing Mill, Bally, Berks. 

Bangor Lumber Manufacturing S. Main & Walnut Bangor, Northampton. 

Co. Sts. 

Basch & Co., 1420-36 S. Front St., . Phialdelphia, Philadelphia. 

Beaver Falls Planing Mill Co., . 302 Sixth Ave., Beaver Falls, Beaver. 

Beetem Lumber & Manufactur- 428 E. North St., Carlisle, Cumberland. 

ing Co., The. 

Beitzel & Sons, Jacob, York York. 

Belief onte Lumber Co., 75 S. Water St Belief onte, Centre. 

Bemis, H. C, 120 Hilton St., Bradford, McKean. 

Bennett Lumber & Manufactur- Millvale, Allegheny. 

ing Co. 

Berger, Gustav, 1143-47 N. Front St.,. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Berwick Lumber & Supply Co., Second & Oak Sts., . .Berwick, Columbia. 

Beyer & Co., F. D Tyrone, Blair. 

Bingham, George H., 140-58 W. Pine St., . .Dunmore, Lackawanna. 

Black Planing Mill Co., The, . .220 Church St West Chester Chester. 

Blaebaum, Frederick, 446-72 W. Clark Alley, York, York. 

Blakeslee Lumber Co., S. M., Manorville, Armstrong. 

Bolger-Grafius & Co., Martinsburg, Blair. 

Borland & Dimond Lumber Co., Oil City Venango. 

Boyd & Son, Wm, W. Diamond & Erie Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Boyertown Planing Mill Co., . . Jefferson St. & RhodesBoyertown Berks. 


Braddock Lumber Co., .' Eighth & Halket Sts.,.Braddock, Allegheny 

Bradley Lumber Company Bessemer IBldg. Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Breslin, Andrew, Summit Hill, Carbon. 

Broadway Planing Mill, Scottdale, Westmoreland. 

Brown-Borhek Co., 317 S. Main St., South Bethlehem, . . . Northampton. 

Bruckman Lumber Co., Preble Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Buffington, I. T., Elizabethville, .Dauphin. 

Builders Home Supply Co Shinglehouse, Potter. 

Bush Brothers First Ave Royersford, Montgomery. 

Butz-Frederick & Co., 1016-20 Maple St., . . .Allentown, Lehigh. 

Byers, D. N., Woodbury, Bedford. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Caler Edw. A., 62 Industry St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Calvert J. ' Island Ave. & Boro McKees Rocks, Allegheny. 

' '' ' Line. 

Campbell Construction Co., H. Noble & Poplar Sts., . . Hazleton, Luzerne. 

L., Inc. _, . . 

Carroll & Bro. Co., Geo ... . • • . • . ■ • • ._. . • - • • - -Erie . . Erie 

Charleroi Lumber Co., ...*...-■ First St. & Mcivean Charleroi, Washington. 


nisvlr Tj ros & Co Plymouth, Luzerne. 

C ark & Son Co fa ? 237 Franklin St., .... Corry, Erie. 

Clearfield Millwork & Lumber 301 Spruce St., Clearfield, Clearfield. 


pimi«o T W Confluence Somerset. 

Codorus Planing Mill Co., . . , . W. College Ave York, • York. 

PnlHnoTlale Millwork Co., Collmgdale, Delaware. 

Commercial Sash & Door Co.,.. 33d St. & Liberty Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


r^ndrnn t b 119 Canal St., Hollidaysburg Blair. 

Conemaugh Lumber Co 163 "F» St., Johnstown, Cambria 

Pnnfluence Planing Mill Co Confluence, Somerset. 

Connellsville Planing Mill Co. . 143 W. Fairview Ave.,Connellsville, Fayette. 

Cook & Sons, J. W., P} at l a Erie 

n""„„ p m Canton, Bradford. 

cSSy, Frank G.V:: Athens Bradford. 

Cornelius Lumber Co. Butler Butler 

Cottage Planing Mill Co., Everett, 5 ed % rd 'i. 

Crawford Bros., g^*? 1 *'* Bradford? 

p \\w &- «nn P B Bellefonte, Centre. 

Prnnks & Sons W K, ! Foot Park St., Williamsport, Lycoming. 

Cramrine, D?R., . . • - • -317-19 N. Edgwood Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Cutler Chas F : Millvillc Columbia. 

Knmbach Company, Edward, Evans City, Butler. 

Danville , Lumber Co., 322 Ferry St., Danville, Montour. 

Krtv W S • ' 1028 Phila. St., Indiana Indiana. 

nnvf«r£co John Locust & McKee Sts.,. McKees Rocks, Allegheny. 

T& is & Sons C R 1166 Murray St., . . . .Forty Fort Luzerne. 

Delp Sous S ,' " • • 212 Fourth St., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Tw^^'piniiinp-' Mill " '" Denver, Lancaster. 

Dewert G Dow • -' •' - • ■ • • ■ W. McCord St Tunkhannock Wyoming. 

Diebold Lumber '& Manufactur- 99 Wabash St., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Dixon Run Lumber Co., 2^ e \ Indiana. 

Douden Planing Mill Co., A., Millersburg, ?f, up 1 hin - 

Downie & McCord, 605 White St., McKeesport, Allegheny. 

n«rapr & Comnany, 615 N. Prince St Lancaster, Lancaster. 

' DuBarrv & Co G ' D 41st & A. V. R. R., . . Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

nnhs Tohn A • 269 S. Fifth St., . . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Duncan Porter Company, 310 Mendota St., . . . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Dushore Construction Co., Ltd., Headley Ave., Dushore, Sullivan. 

-FniWnn Planins Mill Co., Near Everett, . : Bedford. 

ISn ciiterf . .:..' Front & College Sts.,. Palmyra, Lebanon. 

TTa^TT'v.rl Planiii" Mill Co. Saxton Bedford. 

laS End Stair Factory, .. • . -6616-18 Kelly St Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

East Stroudsburg Lumber Co., 227 Washington St.,. .E. Stroudsburg, Monroe. 

EclFp C se Wood Pulley Co., Inc., £ erlin '-W Somerset. 

Edscomb & Sons, W. H., Knoxville, Tioga. 

Elizabethtown Planing Mill, ..48 Brown St., Elizabethtown Lancaster. 

Empire Flooring Co., 6133 Jenkins Arcade Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Emporium Lumber Co -R. F. D. No. 1, Galetoii Potter 

Ephrata Planing Mill Co., . . - .S. State St., Epnrata, Lancaster. 

Ephrata Saw Mill & Lumber Ephrata Lancaster. 

EsSwein & Boorse 1019 W. Susquehanna Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Ave. „ 

Eureka Lumber Co Boswell, Somerset. 

Everhart A. C, '.' Locust St. South of Williamsport, Lycoming. 

Third St. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Falls Creek Planing Mill Co Falls Creek, Clearfield. 

Fawn Grove Lumber Maim- Fawn Grove, York. 

factoring Co. 
Felin fy Co., Chas. F., Inc., . . .York Road & Butler Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Fetter's Sons, Jacob, 76 Centre St., Milton Northumberland. 

Finleyville Planing Mill Co., Finleyville Washington. 


Fite & Arbelo Co., The, 20th & Glenwood Ave.,Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Fitzgerald-Speer Co., Bushkill Drive Easton, Northampton. 

Fitzgerald-Speer Co., "C" & William Sts., Pen Argyl, Northampton. 

Flower, Chas. S S. Dock St., P. O. Sharon, Mercer. 

Box 93. 

Frazer, E. K., Lemoyne, Cumberland. 

Frederick Co., P. G., Chicora, Butler. 

Freeport Planing Mill Co., . . .Buffalo St., Freeport, ' Armstrong. 

Frey, Henry J. — Stairbuilder, Hasloge & Kaiser Ave.Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Friedline Planing "Mill, Meyersdale, Somerset. 

Frisbie Lumber Co., Inc., The, Fourth & Main Sts., Stroudsburg, Monroe. 

Frost & Co., Wm. M., Welsh Road & Mon- Holmesburg, Philadelphia. 

tague St. 

Gates Reversible Window Co.", 325 Pennwood Ave., Wilkinsburg Allegheny. 

(fearhart & Wrigley, Clearfield, Clearfield. 

Geho & Son, Jacob, 942 Allen St., Allentown, . Lehigh. 

Geiger Mill & Snyder Co., Mt. Carmel, Northumberland. 

Gerlitzki, Frank J., S. Main St Doylestown, Bucks. 

Gerry Co., Frederick R., The,. . Peltz & Schuylkill Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


I Jihson, William E., 3527 Market St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Gilbert, Geo. N., Mason & Park Aves., York, York. 

Glauser & Son, Stacy G., Parker & P. B. & W. Chester, Delaware. 

R. R. 

Glen Manufacturing Co., Glen Rock, York. 

Globe Column & Manufacturing Somerset, Somerset. 


fioff Lumber Co., The, 212-244 S. Penna. Ave.Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Goldsmith & Son, Franklin, ..814 Race St., Catasauqua, Lehigh. 

Grater-Bodey Co., Inc., Norristown, Montgomery. 

Green & Evans Lumber Co., 107 Warrington Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Greencastle Elevator Co., Greencastle, Franklin. 

Greensburg Lumber & Mill Co., Greensburg, Westmoreland. 

Greensburg Swing Co., 311 Coulter Bldg., . . Greensburg, Westmoreland. 

Griffith, E. R. & W. H Bernard St. east of West Chester, Chester. 

Walnut St. 

Growall, J. P., Rockwood Somerset. 

Gulden, H. C, Aspers Adams. 

Hagen Lumber Co Hickory & Mattes Scranton, Lackawanna. 


Hale & Kilburn Co., 1800 Lehigh Ave., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hall Bros. & Wood, 54th & Lancaster Ave.Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hall Co., Geo. M 135 W. Seventh Ave., Homestead, Allegheny. 

Hamilton, James M., 6th & Barclay Sts.,. .Chester, Delaware. 

Hamilton. T. R., 24 E. Howard St., . . Belief onte, Centre. 

Hamm, Chas. E 28-30 Clark St., Warren Warren. 

Hammonds & Bro.. T. W Brvn Mawr, Montgomery. 

Hare & Son. Frank 1711 Ranstead St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Harris, A. H., 347 N. Main St Pittston Luzerne. 

„ Tunkhannock Wyoming. 

Harrison. W. C 334 E. Spring St., . .Titusville, Crawford. 

Hart, I. S 115 S. Thomas Ave., Sayre Bradford. 

Hart Planing Mill Co., 7923 Hill Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Hartman, A. Bruce, Catherine St., Bloomsburg, Columbia. 

gaworth & Son, James, Philipsburg, CefTtre. 

Hazleton Manufacturing Co., . .Cedar & Hemlock Sts.,Hazleton, Luzerne. 

Healy, John W 48th & Upland Sts.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Heath Manufacturing Co., G Corrv McKean, 

D. & G. E. Betula McKean. 

Heaton & Wood 1802 Chestnut St., . .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Hcffner-Dietrich Co Kutztown Berks. 

Heilman Lumber Co., I. K., . .45 Canal St., Greenville Mercer. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Hemsing & Son, Souderton, Montgomery. 

Henson & Co., Edward F., .... 921 N. Delaware Ave.,Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Herndon Manufacturing Co., Herndon Northumberland. 


Hill, Edwin M., Pittsburgh, . . . Allegheny. 

Hippie Planing Mill Co., 309 Belief onte Ave.,. .Lock Haven, Clinton. 

Hoak, Isaac B., Myerstown, Lebanon. 

Hollinger Planing Mill Co Chambersburg Franklin. 

Hollweck & Bauer, 1638 Hutchinson St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Homestead Lumber Co 517 McClure St., . . . .Homestead Allegheny. 

Hoover, W. A Riverside, Northumberland. 

Housman, J. W. A., Millheim, Centre. 

Hubbs & Dunlap, Delta, York. 

Humphrey Manufacturing Co., 853 Main St Towanda, Bradford. 

Hunkele, A. B., 69 S. 20th St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Hunter & Sons, M. S., Hollidaysburg Blair. 

Hustand Sons, B. F., Chickies, Lancaster. 

Hyde Murphy Company, Ridgway, Elk. 

Ideal Building Co., Ambridge, Beaver. 

Indiana Lumber & Supply Co., Indiana, Indiana. 

Interior Milling Co., 2531 Poplar St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Irwin Lumber Co Irwin Westmoreland. 

James Lumber Co., The, 1019-31 Buffalo St., . . Franklin, Venango. 

Jeannette Union Planing Mill, Jeannette, Westmoreland. 

Jersey Shore Planing Mill Co., Jersey Shore, Lycoming. 

Johnson Lumber Co., 1820 Parade St., . . . .Erie, Erie. 

Johnstown Millwork & Lumber 524 Horner St., Johnstown, Cambria. 


Johnstown Planing Mill Co., . .420 Horner St., Johnstown, . .Cambria. 

Jones,- Wm. Potts, 351 Elm St., Conshohocken, Montgomery. 

Judge Lumber Co., Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Keath Planing Mill Co., Lititz, Lancaster. 

Keely & Sons, S. S., Main & Umbria Sts., Manayunk, Philadelphia. 

Kellmer Piano Co 136 W. Chestnut St., Hazleton, Luzerne. 

Kensington Planing Mill Co., 2304 E. Sargeant St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Inc. ■ 

Kern Lumber Co., Thos., Inc., Slatington, Lehigh. 

Keystone Lumber Co., The, . . Foot of 17th St., S. S., Pittsburgh, . . . Allegheny. 

Keystone Planing Mill Co., . . . .701 Second Nat. BankConnellsville, Fayette. 


Keystone Planing Mill Co., 532-36 New Holland Lancaster, Lancaster. 


Keystone Sash Co., 146 S. 18th St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Keystone Window Co., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

King Planing Mill & Supply Co Grove City Mercer. 

King & Son, A., Freeport, Armstrong. 

Kirchhof & Co., J., 448 N. 12th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kirkpatrick Manufacturing Co.,3d & Glenwood Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Klingler, John F., Kreamer, Snyder. 

Knoell & Sons, John 171 W. Jefferson St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Koons, E. B., Harveyville, Luzerne. 

Koser, John H 311 E. Garfield St.,. .Shippensburg, Cumberland. 

Kramer Woodworking Co., Inc.,3d & Cumberland Sts., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kreig & Bro Pottsville, Schuylkill. 

Kyle, George, . 73d & Grays Ave., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Lake Ariel Lumber Co., - Ariel, Wayne. 

Lane Company, Thomas, ....... Farmers Bank Bldg., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Larsen, Dalzell & Co Ferguson Bldg., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Laurer, E. L., Biglerville, Adams. 

Lebanon Lumber Co., 8th & Water Sts., . . . Lebanon, Lebanon. 

Lee, Edward B E. 9th St. & P. & R. Erie, Erie. 

R. R. 

Leechburg Lumber Co Leechburg, Armstrong. 

Lehighton Lumber Co., Lehigh ton, Carbon. 

Linehan & Co., J. C, 4300 Murray Ave., . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Lloyd, R. R 105 N. 22d St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Logan & Sons Co., J. W., 3d & 5th Sts., . .Parnassus, .Westmoreland. 

Long, Irvine A., Albion, Erie. 

Long & Co., E. T., 26-28 N. State St., . . Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Long & Son, James K., Punxsutawney Jefferson. 

Long Woods Lumber Co., Bangor, . . . . Northumberland. 

Lucas, J. C, Brookville, Jefferson. 

Lyman Felheim Co., Erie, Erie. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


McBride Lumber Co Fleet St. & Talbot Braddock Allegheny. 


McDaniel Lumber Co., Fred, New Brighton, ...... Beaver. 

McFeely, Frank 524 Melwood St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

McGowan, D. H., 1236 Filbert St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

McKeesport Planing Mill Co., . . 1617 Fifth Ave., McKeesport, Allegheny. 

Mackoy & Yerkes, Oxford, Chester. 

Mahoning Valley Lumber Co., .New Castle, Lawrence. 

Martsolf Bros. Co., 401 ..Seventh St New Brighton, Beaver. 

Mason & Snowdon Lumber Co., Wood St. & Diamond Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Masontown Planing Mill & Masontown, Fayette. 

Lumber Co. 

May Lumber Co., The, 1201 Irwin Ave., .... Pittsburgh, . . . . ' Allegheny. 

Means Lumber Co., S. W Putnam St. near Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Frankstown Ave. 

Meyersdale Planing Mill North St., Meyersdale, Somerset. 

Miles' Sons, Joseph, West Manayunk, .... Montgomery. 

Miller Planing Mill, Enoch, . Mifflinburg Union. 

Miller, H., Lehighton, Carbon. 

Miller Co., A. L., The, Conshohoeken, Montgomery. 

Miller Bros., Inc., 6th & Willow Sts., . .Lebanon, Lebanon. 

Miller & De Vore Lumber Co., 308 South St., ..;... Meadville, Crawford. 

Miller-Robinson & Co., 6th & Sedgley Ave., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Miller's Planing Mill Railroad St Mifflinburg, Union. 

Millersburg Manufacturing Co., Millersburg, Dauphin. 

Milloy, D. S., 12th & Cascade Sts., Erie, Erie. 

Mills & Co., F. W., Cor. Mill St. & 7th Carbondale Lackawanna 


Moffet, John, 1824-26-28 S. 10th St.,Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Mohler Planing Mill Co., W. T., Freedom, Beaver. 

Monongalrela Saw & Planing Monongahela, Washington. 

Mill Co. 

Moss, F. J. & E. T., Conneaut Lake, Crawford. 

Motz Lumber Co., 417 Donner Ave., . . . Monessen, Westmoreland 

Moul & Co., C, Inc., • Hanover, York. 

Mount Union Planing Mill Co., Mount Union Huntingdon. 

Moxham Lumber Co., The, Park Ave. & Griffith Johnstown, Cambria. 


Muncy Planing Mill, Muncy, Lycoming 

Munn Lumber Co Fayette & Bidwell Pittsburgh, Allegheny' 

Sts. -4 

Nay Aug Lumber Co., 1430 Rid?e Row Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Nazareth Planing Mill Co., Nazareth Northampton 

Neast & Co., Chas., Mauch Chunk, Carbon. 

Neversink Planing Mill Co., . . .Johnson St., & L. V. Reading, Berks. 

R, R. 
New Castle Lumber & Con New Castle Lawrence. 

struction Co. 

Newport Planing Mill, Newport, Perry. 

Nicholson Lumber Company, ..1742 Dickson St., ...Scranton Lackawanna 

Noss Sons, Herman, Inc., 348 W. King St., York, York 

Oermann, Casper H., .614-656 W. Poplar St.,York, York. 

Oglevee, McClure & Co., Vanderbilt, Fayette. 

Ohio Valley Lumber Co 14th St. & Belt Line, . Ambridge, Beaver 

Oil City Wood Working Manu- 20 Relief St., Oil City Venango. 

facturing Co. 

Omara, W. J., Huntingdon, Huntingdon. 

Orner Wood Working Co., DuBois, Clearfield. 

Ott & Co., David, 438 Horner St., Johnstown, Cambria. 

Pearson, Joseph T., 1825 E. Boston Ave., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Pearson & Ludascher Lumber Westmoreland St. & Philadelphia, Philadelohia. 

Co. Delaware River. 
Peck Lumber Manufacturing Scranton, Lackawanna. 


Penn. Planing Mill Co., Second & Grape St., . . Reading B^rks. 

Penn Wheelbarrow Co 4741 Kansas St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Pennsburg Planing Mill, ...... Third St., Pennsburg Montgomery. 

Pennsylvania Door & Sash Co.,. 900-908 Second Ave.,. Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Penwarden Manufacturing Co., Honesdale Wayne. 

Peoples Planing Mill, Punxsutawney, Jefferson. 

Perry Co. Bending Works New Bloomfield, Perry. 

Peterson & Skooglund Dawson St Kane, McKean. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Pevice & Williams, Bristol, Bucks. 

Philadelphia Screen Manufac- 56th St. & Woodland Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

turing Co. Ave. 

Pifer Sons, G. W DuBois, Clearfield. 

Pitcairn, James R., Standard Life Bldg., . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Pitt Planing Mill Co., 1119 Pitt St., Wilkinshurg, ....... Allegheny. 

Pittsburgh Finish & Stair Co., 925-37 Penna. Ave., . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Pratt,' Clyde F., Nicholson, Wyoming. 

Price & Alman, • • • • Braddock, Allegheny. 

Price & Co., E. H., 127 E. Fourth St., . -Pottstown, Montgomery. 

Progressive Planing Mill, 19th & Cotton Sts., . . Reading, Berks. 

Provost Bros., • • • • • • • ■ ••••.•'?■£,"■ Fair Haven, Allegheny. 

Punxsutawney Lumber & Sup- 600 E. Mahoning bt., . Punxsutawney, J efferson. 

ply Co. ,_ _ 

Pysher H. E-, Montgomery, Lycoming. 

Reed J Covode, Room 12, Huff Bldg.,.Greensburg, Westmoreland. 

Reeves & Sons, Stancy, 2011 Market St., . . . .Philadelphia, .Philadelphia. 

Reid Estate, A. R Paikesburg, Chester. 

Renting Estate D. F., 324 W. Central Ave., . Titusville Crawford. 

Rhoades Planing Mill, G. D., . .Sixteenth St. Tyrone, Blair. 

Rhoads Company, John L 9th & Green Sts., . . .Reading, Berks. 

Ritchie & Son, James, Southern St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Ritter & Smith, 1227 Gordon St., .... Allentown, Lehigh. 

Robbins Lumber Co., 57 Wood St., Wilkes-Banc, Luzerne. 

Robinson & Co., John, 49 Queen Lane, Germantown, Philadelphia. 

Rohrbaugh & Co., J 564 Broadway, Hanover York. 

Ross Co., J. Anderson, 2817 N. Broad St., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Russell Woodworking Co., Wil- 16th & Fitzwater Sts., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Ruth J. W., Scottdale, Westmoreland. 

Sailor Planing Mill & Lumber Pottsville, Schuylkill. 

Co., The. 

Schlosser Co., D., 15th & Sass Sts., .... Erie, Erie. 

Schwab & Co., John J., 70 Venture St., Pittsburgh .Allegheny. 

Schwerd Manufacturing Co., 145-55 McClure Ave.,. Pittsburgh Allegheny. 


Scott & Ehmann, 2057 N. Marshall St., . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Segall & Sons, • • -1401 N. Eighth St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Senger & Sons, John B., Kinzers, Lancaster. 

Shaffer, Isaac D 18 Maple St., Conshohocken, Montgomery 

Shaffer' Lumber Co. H., N. Grant Ave., Kittanning Armstrong. 

Shamokin Lumber & Manufac- 37 S. Fifth St., Shamokin, ' Northumberland. 

turing Company. 

Shank, I. L., East Central Ave., . . . Titusville, Crawford. 

Sheip 'Manufacturing Co., 6th & Columbia Ave., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

- Sheip & Vandegrift, Inc., 814 N. Lawrence St.,. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Shelly N. S., Manheim, Lancaster. 

Shenango' Lumber Co., White & Neal Sts., . .New Castle, Lawrence. 

Shenk Company, Henry, .' . 12th & Sassafras Sts., Erie, Erie. 

Sheppard, Joseph R., 916 Filbert St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Sinister, Wm. C., Jr., 44 S. Lansdowne Ave.,Lansdowne, .Delaware. 

Sigmund M. C 132 Church St., Reading, Berks. 

Simons Sons, M., 127 Anderson St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Smedley Bros. Co., Church & Tacony Sts.,Frankford Philadelphia. 

Smith Lumber Co., The, Meadville, Crawford. 

Smith & Son, R. T., Benton, Columbia. 

Smyers G W., 319 Daly St., DuBois Clearfield. 

Snedaker & Co., Frank C, Ninth & Tioga Sts.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Somerset Lumber Co., Somerset, Somerset. 

Somerville, E., . ." Cherry Tree, Indiana. 

South Hills Builders Supply Castle Shannon Allegheny. 


South Penn Building Co., , Uniontown £>yette. 

Soence. J. C. & S. A., Wollsboro, Tioga. 

Spring Brook Lumber Co., Moosic, Lackawanna. 

Sprout, Waldron & Co., Cor. Sherman & Lo- Muncy, Lycoming. 

gan Sts. 

Spruks Bros., Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Sqisjer & Seashol'tz 'Company, Cheltenham, Montgomery. 

Stablev. Noah C , Rpd Lion, York. 

Steinhauer Co., The, Kingston, Luzerne. ' 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Stetler Estate, Aaron, Middleburg, Snyder. 

Stevenson Cold Storage Door 1500 VV. Fourth St.,. .Chester, Delaware. 

Stewartstown Lumber & Manu Stewartstown, York. 

facturing Co., Ltd. 

Stokes & Cassidy, 2605 Bcale Ave Altooua, Blair. 

Stolzer, Charles, 2314-10 Washington Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Stonebaek, H. W., Quakertown, Bucks. 

Stouck & Co., A. F., .220 Walnut St., Lock Haven, Clinton. 

Stout & Holden, , Port Allegany, McKean. 

Strittmatter Bros., Hastings, Cambria. 

Summit Lumber Co., Clarks Summit, Lackawanna, 

Sunbury Planing Mill Co., Sunbury Northumberland. 

Sunderland Lumber Co., Sunbury Northumberland. 

Susquehanna Lumber Co., Inc., 120 Arch St., Nanticoke, Luzerne. 

Swartzweider, H. O., Chaneysville, Bedford. 

Sweger-Seasholz Company, ...Parkway Bldg Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Sykes Estate, J. B., Sykesville, Jefferson. 

Tarentum Lumber Co., The, . . .413 Fourth Ave., . . . .Tarentum, , Allegheny. 

Taylor & Crawford, Canonsburg, Washington. 

Teapole & Haney, 486 Washington St., . . Rochester, Beaver. 

Ternan & White, 20th & Erie Ave., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Thomas-Kinzey Lumber Co., 548 Horner St., Johnstown Cambria. 


Tracy, E. C, Wattsburg, Erie. 

Tressler Planing Mill, Harry, Littlestown Adams. 

Trexler Lumber Co., Allentown, Lehigh. 

Tuna Manufacturing Co., 70 Mechanic St., . . . .Bradford, McKean. 

Turbotville Manufacturing Co., Turbotville, Northumberland. 

Vallamont Building & Planing 1011 Market St., .... Williamsport, Lycoming. 

Mill Co. 
Van Brunt Manufacturing Co., Moscow, Lackawanna. 

C. P. 

Vanleer Bros., Brookville Jefferson, 

Vaught, Phillips & Co. — J. A. SliarpsDurg, Allegheny. 

Chene, receiver for. 

Vester, Stewart & Rossell Co., Washington, Washington. 

Vrooman Co., S. B. Ltd., 1135 Beach St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

W T agner & Co., L. B., Weissport, Carbon. 

Wallace & Co., W. W., Apollo, Armstrong. 

Walrath, Martin H., Park & Glenwood Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Walter Lumber Co., Geo. L., Sharpsburg, Allegheny. 

Walton Lumber Co., Inc., Charleroi, Washington. 

Warren Lumber & Supply Co., Uniontowu, Fayette. 

Warren Veneer & Panel Co., . Warren, Warren. 

Washburn- Williams & Co., .... 119 Meridan St., . . . .Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Watson Co., A. W. & W. M.. Newtown Bucks. 

Watsontown Door & Sash Co., Watsontown, Northumberland. 

Weber, W. J., Singer & Nimick Sts.,. Pittsburgh, ' .Allegheny. 

Weber Co., O. M., Inc., North Wales, Montgomery. 

Weertley Sons, Walter, 1216-20 W. Arch St., . Pottsville, Schuylkill. 

West Kittanning Lumber Co., . . 324 Arch St., Kittanning, Armstrong. 

West Liberty Lumber Co., . . . .209 Hargrove Ave., . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

West Lumber & Manufactur- Plymouth Luzerne. 

ing Co. 

Westmoreland Lumber Co., . . .9th & Donner Ave., . .Monessen, 'Westmoreland. 

Wetmore Co., L. D., Inc., ..Warren, Warren. 

Wheeler, M. B., Jr Eighth & River Sts., . . Towanda, Bradford. 

Whitmore & Co., Daniel, Hill Ave., Wilkinsburg Allegheny. 

Wilkins & Co., F. W., 212 New St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Williamsport Planing Mill Co Williamsport Lycoming. 

Wilson, John J., , 29th & Ellsworth Sts., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Wilson Cabinet Co 2603 Penn Ave Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Wilt & Sons, A 723 N. Front St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Windber Lumber Co., Ltd Windber, v Somerset. 

Wint, Co.. F. W., Ltd 738 Front St Catasauqua Lehigh. 

Wise Lumber & Coal Co 123 S. Murray St., . .Bangor, Northampton. 

Wisler, J. Jay, Columbia Lancaster. 

Wohlsen Planing Mill Co., The, 405-419 N. Mulberry Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Wolfe, Edwin S., Milford, Pike. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Woolsey & Co., J. B., 312-14 Forest St Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Wyoming Valley Lumber Co., Pittston Luzerne. 

Wyomissing Supply Co., Penn Ave., Wyomissing, Berks. 

Yeager, Frederick V., 9 S. 36th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Yohn Bros., 4th & Railroad Sts.,. . Monongahela, Washington. 

Young, Milton W., Christiana Lancaster. 

Young & Company, J. M., Belleville, Mifflin. 

Young & Schmidt, 3209 W. Carson St., . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Youngsville Lumber Co., High St., Youngsville Warren. 

York Woodworking Co., York, York. 

Zearfoss-Hilliard Lumber Co.,. Front & Bushkill Sts.,Easton Northampton. 

Zeigler Lumber Co., 11 Hamilton St., .... Duquesne, < Allegheny. 


Banta Refrigerator Co., Clearfield, Clearfield. 

Barrett Machine Co., 102-4 W. Park Way, Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Beaver Refrigerator Manufac- Allegheny St., New Brighton Beaver. 

turing Co. 

Bernard Gloekler Co., 1133 Penn Ave Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Delp Sons, S 212 Fourth St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Fisher & Co., J., 1216 N. Fifth St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Knoell, John & Sons, 171 Jefferson St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Quaker City Refrigerator Co., 1772 N. Front St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Reeder & Son, Frank, 1507 Germantown Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Ridgway Refrigerator Co., Inc.,3519-27 N. Lawrence Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Standacher, Joseph, 152 Etng St., Butler, Butler. 

Standard Refrigerator Co., Inc.,2539-47 Germantown Philadelphia, .Philadelphia. 

Wotherspoon, James R., < 240 N. Front St., .... Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Breneman Brothers, Landisvillc, Lancaster. ' 

Dellinger, A. M., 723 N. Prince St., . . Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Knall Manufacturing Co., .... 134 Maple St., Reading, Berks. 

Knoll Manufacturing Co., Jonasl07 S. Fourth St., . .Lebanon, Lebanon. 


Lovell Manufacturing Co., .... 13th & French Sts., Erie, Erie. 

Miller Manufacturing Co., Inc.,110 Chestnut St., . . . Meyersdale, Somerset. 

Pittsburgh Gage & Supply Co., 30th St. & Liberty Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Reading Wood Pulley Co., .... 11th & Muhlenberg Reading, Berks. 

Stroh, Martin, 3034 Germantown Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Trumbull, J. M., . .51 N. Water St., York, York. 


Anch, George, 3443 Germantown Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Back, Louis, 202 N. Water St., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Brusher, J. B., 101 Barbadoes St., . .Norristown Montgomery. 

Caflisch, Fred., 17 Grave St Union City, Erie. 

Castner, L. M., Fourth & Rose Sts., Williamsport, Lycoming. 

Codorus Manufacturing Co., Codorus, York. 

Cohen, N., 1126 N. Orianna St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Coudersport Mangle Roller Mfg Coudersport, Potter. 


Crown Art Co., 153 N. Tenth St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Dentzel, William H., 3641 Germantown Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Ely Manufacturing Co., Theo. 25th & Ash Sts Erie, Erie. 

Empire Company, The North Girard Erie. 

Eureka Bending and Wheel York, York. 



Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


— Continued. 

Forsyth & Company, 922 Walnut St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Gilpin, John R ( Jreentown, Pike. 

Gossert, John, 320 Harmony St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Grass Wood Turning Co., John, 140 N. Second St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Haines & Co., A. C, 835 Race St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Handle & Excelsior Co., Picture Rocks, Lycoming. 

Harvey & Watts Co., 1822 E. Venango St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Hasinger Company, The L. C, Indiana, Indiana. 

Herrmann, William G., 1111 Ridge Ave., .... Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Holgate Brothers Company, . . Biddle & Welsh Sts., Kane, McKcan. 

Howitz Son, M 309 Monture St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Huskey Manufacturing Co., . . Columbia & Howard Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Kamerer Company, The J. F., Union City, Erie. 

Keystone Handle Co., Corydon, Warren. 

* Kellettville, Forest. 

Keystone Handle Works, Springtown, - Bucks. 

Keystone Picture Frame Co., . . 029-31 Fifth Ave., . . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Klett, John, 1303 N. 27th St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Knoedler, Hall & Co., 120 N. Water St., . . . Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Lander & Moran, 1126 Washington Ave.,Philadelphia, Philadelphia. . 

Landis, Frank B., Cooperage, Lehigh. 

Leuter, G., 1020 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

McLaughlin & Sons, J. L., Bedford, Bedford. 

Mahle, A. H., & Son, 807 Grace St., Corry, Erie. 

Matthew Schramm & Son, 39 N. Ninth St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Meisner, Adolph, 43 N. Ninth St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Mercer Manufacturing Co., Mercer, Mercer. 

Metzger, Harvey A., 410 Market St., Perkasie Bucks. 

Meyersdale Handle Co., Meyersdale, Somerset. - 

Miller, D., 539 Mercer Ave., . . . .Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Musser, H. M., 717 N. Prince St., . . . Lancaster, Lancaster. 

New Castle Art Co., 27 N. Mill St., New Castle, Lawrence. 

Newman, George, 1224 N. 41st St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Newtown Handle Works, Newtown, Berks. 

Niagara Manufacturing Co., . . 104 Ridge St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

O'Hara Manufacturing Co., . . 1222 W. Columbia Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Ott & Co., Thomas, 1124 Washington Ave.Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Philadelphia Carving, Modeling 3907 Powelton Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

& Compo. Co., Inc., The. -^ 

Philadelphia Moulding Co., . . . Ninth & Race Sts., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Portland Frame & Picture Co., Portland, Northampton. 

Port Royal Pin Mill, Port Royal, Juniata. 

Prouty & Co., C Eldred, McKcan. 

Puritan Manufacturing Co., Ellenton Lycoming. 

Reading Wood Pulley Co., . . . 11th & Muhlenberg Reading, Berks. 


Reno Manufacturing Co 136 E. 19th St., Erie Erie. 

Rosenbach Co., The 1320 Walnut St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Sauer, Edward, 1126 N. Orianna St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Schaut Manufacturing Co., . . .234-40 Moss St., Reading, •. .Berks. 

Scheibal Estate, Otto 20 N. Ninth St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Sehmid Brothers 1634 Hutchinson St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Schneider, Charles F., 2018 Frankford Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Schneider & Co., L., North & Margaret Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Sergeson & Co., R., 1702 Tulip St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Sharp & Co., 205 Cuthbert St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Sheldon Handle Co., Kinzua, Warren. 

Sheldon Manufacturing Co., The Elkland Tioga. 


Smith Brothers, 119 S. Fourth St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Somerset Door & Column Co., Somerset, Somerset. 

Sonestown Manufacturing Co., 120 W. Fourth St., . . Williamsport, Lycoming. 

„ _ Sonestown, Sullivan. 

Star Handle Co., The Union City, Erie. 

fetaton Brothers, 5402-4 Germantown Germantown, Philadelphia. 


Strawbridge & Clothier, 801 Market St., Philadelphia ...Philadelphia. 

Titusville Handle Co., Titusville Crawford. 

Walz & Co., Edward A., 1622 Chestnut St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Weber, Charles, 2120 E. York St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 




Name and Industry. 

— Continued. 


City or Town, 


Weis Manufacturing Co., 

Weiss Bros. Manufacturing Co.,450-52 N. 12th St., 
Westcott & Son, J. D 

Williamsport, Lycoming. 

Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Union City, Erie. 

Endeavor, Forest. 

Williams, H. A Hancock (N. Y.) 

Lake Como, Wayne. 

Womer & Boch, 119 Railroad St., .... Pottsville Schuylkill. 

Woodburn & Elv, 104 Federal St., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Wyoming Shovel Works, Thft, Wyoming, .Luzerne. 

Young's Art Shop, H 2644 Germantown Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 



American Maker's Corporation, 

Belmar Manufacturing Co., The, 

Bierly Novelty Works, Albert 


Bvrnes & Kiefer 1128 Penn Ave., 

Carter Company, C. E., 1015 W. 19th St 

Eastern Chair Seat and Novelty 121 Washington Ave., 


Eclipse Co., The, Inc Rail Road St 

Emporium Lumber Co., R. F. D. No. 1, 

Fox Novelty Co., • • 

Fynetone Chime Co., 123 N. Seventh St., . . 

Gould Novelty Co 31 S. Second St., 

Harkness & Borden, 10 Charleston St., . . . 

Holmes & Gilfillan 

Hopkins Manufacturing Co., L., 

Household Manufacturing Co., 

Jacob's Bird House Co 404 S. Washington St 

Laanna Manufacturing Co 

Red Lion Cabinet Co., 

Smith & Henson Tenth & Westmore- 
land Sts. 

Standard Novelty Works, ■ 

Sutton Advertising Service, H. 128-30 Second St., . . , 

B., Inc. 

Telescope & Novelty Works, ■ 

Webb Manufacturing Co., 

York Novelty Co., 

Perkasie, Bucks. 

Canton, . . . . „ Bradford. 

Milesburg, Luzerne. 

Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Erie Erie. 

East Downingtown, . . Chester. 

North Girard, Erie. 

Galoton Potter. 

Erie, Erie. 

Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Wellsboro, Tioga. 

Smethport, McKean. 

North Girard Erie. 

Royersford, Montgomery. 

Waynesburg, Greene. 

Laanna, Pike. 

Red Lion, York. 

Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Duncannon, Perry. 

Allentown, Lehigh. 

West Pike, Potter. 

Brookville, Jefferson. 

, Hanover, York. 


Acme Dart Co., 505 W. Dauphin St., 

Acme Manufacturing Co., 1806 East St., 

Bailey, S. J., ■ 

Blasdell Novelty Works, Fourth & Ann Sts., . . 

Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburgh 

Railway Company. 
Eagle Scotch Home Works, . . . 235 N. Lawrence St., 
East Greenville Manufacturing Fourth & Railroad 

Co. Sts. 

Elmore, M., 

Hallstead Excelsior Manufac- 

turing Co. 

Hercules Manufacturing Co., 

Hoch Hames Co., Inc., The. ..938 Washington St.,.. 

Keller, C. C, 234 Ionic St 

Krewson, T. C, 803 Master St. 

Little, John P., & Co., Main St., 

Lovefl Manufacturing Co., 13th & French Sts., . . 

Ludwig, Christian J., 6350 Germantown 


T.utz-Myer Lumber Co., 

Marsh Gauge Pole Co., 312 W. Central Ave., 

Modernola Company, 

National Cabinet & Folding 1516 N. Homewood 

Crate Co. Ave. 
Nolu Oilless Bearing Co., , 

Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

N. S., Pittsburgh, . . . Allegheny. 

Nicholson, Wyoming. 

Towanda, Bradford. 

Bradford, McKean. 

Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Greenville, Montgomery. 

White Mills, Wayne. 

Hallstead, Susquehanna. 

Brookville, Jefferson. 

Freeland, Luzerne. 

Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Picture Rocks, Lycoming. 

Erie, , Erie. 

Germantown, Philadelphia. 

Clarion, Clarion. 

Titusville, Crawford. 

Johnstown, Cambria. 

Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

, Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Penn Manufacturing Co., The, North Girartl, Erie. 

Penwardcn Manufacturing Co., Honesdale, Wayne. 

Philadelphia Mineral Flooring 5632 Summer St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Philadelphia Toboggan Co., ...130 E. Duval St., . . Germantown, Philadelphia. 

Prairie State Incubator Co., Homer City, Indiana. 

Robinia Pin Company, 52 W. King St., Shippensburg, Cumberland. 

Roller Tray Incubator Co., Northampton, Northampton. 

Seitz, B. Frank, Glen Rock York. 

Standard Wood Pipe Co., Rose St., Williamsport, Lycoming. 

Vogt, John 628 N. Sixth St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Wagner Curtain Stretcher Co., Greensburg, Westmoreland. 


Wiebel, L. H., .* _ Huntingdon, Huntingdon. 

Wilson Brpthers, ; Utica Venango. 

Woodason, Thomas, 2900-2 D St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Woodolium Manufacturing Co., 203 Liberty Bldg Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Wood Products Co Watsontown, Northumberland. 

Zellner, A. P., Easton, Northampton. 




Boyer, Evans & Co., 1.15 S. 15th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Cole, Harry S 3909 Mt. Vernon St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Fairchance Macaroni Co., Fairchance, Fayette. 

Griswold, Wm. A., 208 N. Front St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Harrisburg Bag & Box Co., . . .1550 Vernon St., . . . .Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

Haverstick & Son, Albert, ... .11 Letitia St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hercules Paper Bag Mills, Reading, Berks. 

Karr & Co., George A., 411 N. Third St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Pcterman, A. J., New Cumberland, . . . Cumberland. 

Philadelphia Lancaster Bag Co., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Rankey Paper Box Co., South Bethlehem, . . . Northampton. 

Royal & Co., Thomas M., Bryn Mawr, Montgomery. 

Rutherford Paper Co., Tarcntum, Allegheny. 

Sanderson, Chas. E., 1506 N. Warnock St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Tarentum Paper Mills, Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Universal Paper Bag Co., New Hope. Bucks. 


Acme Paper Box Co., Shoemakersville, .... Berks. 

Adelphia Paper Box Co., .... American & Jefferson Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Advance Folding Box Co., .... Washington St., Reading, Berks. 

Allentown Paper Box Co., .,. . .41 S. Seventh St., . . . Allentown, Lehigh. 

American Paper Box Co., Bridge St., Spring City, Chester. 

American Paper Box Co., .... Hancock & Hunting- Philadelphia. Philadelphia. 

don Sts. 

A_rt Paper Company, Knoxville, Allegheny. 

Atlas Corrugated Box Co., .... 1085 Allegheny Ave., Oakmont, Allegheny. 

Atlas Paper Box Co., 2008 N. Second St.,. .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Beaver Valley Paper Box C>., Mercer Road, New Brighton, Beaver. 

Beggs & Graham 204 Chancellor St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bischoff Paper Boxes, F. S., . .1732-4-6 Blair St., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bisler, G. A., Inc., 245 N. 6th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Blakney, William G., Honesdale, Wayne. 

Boas & Co., Wm. J., 1427-33 Vine St., . . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Boice-Phillipson Co., Inc., 221 N. 23d St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Branditz, Edward 132 Fifth Ave McKeesport, Allegheny. 

Brown & Bailey Co., 410 N. Franklin St.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Carlisle Paper Box Co., Carlisle, Cumberland. 

Carper & Co., A. B Front St., Palmyra, Lebanon. 

Cigarette Paper Box Co., .... 152 York Ave., Philadelphia, . Philadelphia. 

Cleona Paper Box Co., Cleona, Lebanon. 

Collins Manufacturing Co., A. 226-240 Columbia Ave.Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Crescent Corrugated Paper Fifth & Noble Sts., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Products Co. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. Comity. 

— Continued. 

Crompton Co., The John, 203-217 Filbert St., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Datz Co., 417-19 N. Oriauna St. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Davis & Co., Haven St., Schuylkill Haven, . . . Schuylkill. 

Deisroth Co., W. H., Inc., 713 Spring Garden St. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Donaldson, H. S 445 N. Third St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Downingtown Paper Box Co., Downingtown, Chester. 

Edwards Folding Box Co., 27 N. Sixth St., Philadelphia, . Philadelphia. 

Eichhorn & Son, Albert, Palethorp & Turner Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Elkin Manufacturing Co., 1727 N. Sixth St., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Ertel Brothers Co., 113-121 Seminary St.,Williamsport, Lycoming. 

Eureka Box Factory, Front & Locust Sts., Columbia, Lancaster. 

Eureka Paper Box Co., Howard Ave., Williamsport Lycoming. 

Feidt & Co., George D., 242-244 N. Fifth St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Feroe, Robert A., Charlotte & Water Pottstown Montgomery. 


Ferriday Paper Box Co., 101 N. Cameron St., Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

Fleetwood Paper Box Co., Pearl St., Fleetwood Berks. 

Fuller Label & Box Co., 7-9 W. Canal St., Pittsburgh, . Allegheny. 

Gentzsch, G. A. F., 15th & Wallace Sts., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Haaz, Ignatius, 404-12 Brown St., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Harrisburg Bag & Box Co., . . 1550 Vernon St., ' . . . Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

Hauck & Son, Philip 1227-35 N. Fourth St.>Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Heffner, Franklin G„ Mohrsville Berks. 

Herald Paper Box Co., 251-253 W. 19th St., Erie, Erie. 

Jones Paper Box Co., Jesse, ..615 Commerce St., ..Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kachline, J. F., 1010-12 Elm St., Reading, Berks. 

Kenderton Paper Box Co., .... 1032 Sedgley Ave., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Kenyon Co., The, 503 Commerce St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Keystone Box Co., 26th & Liberty Sts., . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Keystone Egg Box & Filler Co., Railroad York. 

Keystone Paper Box Co., Cliff & Mechanic Sts., Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Keystone Variety Works, Hanover York. 

Kreeger & Connolly, 221 N. Lawrence St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kutztown Paper Box Manufac- Kutztown, Berks. 

turing Co. 

Lang & Co., 120 S. Bedford St., . . Carlisle, Cumberland. 

Lebanon Paper Box Co., Lebanon Lebanon. 

Leckuer Co., Charles, 349 N. Second St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Lee Paper Box Co., 1608 N. Howard St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Lehr & Son, H. R., Lykens, Dauphin. 

Leichner Brothers, Howard & Montgom- Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

ery Ave. 
Lititz Paper Box & Printing Lititz, Lancaster. 


Lockwood Folding Box Co 251-53 S. Third St., ... Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Loeb & Co., Herman, 237-39 N. Lawrence Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Luden, Wm. H 208-242 N. Eighth St., Reading, Berks. 

McCaffrey & Co., Inc., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

McCreary Manufacturing Co.,. . 1045 W. 19th St Erie, Erie. 

Malloch & Coddington, Inc., ..611 Cherry St., Philadelphia, ...Philadelphia. 

Mayall & Son, Lewis A 748 S. Swanson St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Miller Co., Walter P., Inc., . .452 York Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

National Metal Edge Box Co., 13th & Callowhill Sts.. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Nazareth Paper Box Co., Nazareth Northampton. 

Norristown Box Co Norristown Montgomery. 

Novelty Paper Box Manufac- 313 Arch St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

turing Co., Inc. 

Orwigsburg Paper Box Co., Inc. Warren St., Orwigsburg, Schuylkill. 

Palmer Paper Box Co., .40 Wister St., Germantown, Philadelphia. 

Paper Canister Co., 3009 Chestnut St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Paragon Paper Box Co., Mohrsville, Berks. 

Peerless Paper Box Manufac- 1432-34-36 N. Ran- Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

turing Co., Inc. dolph St. 

Penn Paper Box Co. 3d Ave. & Ross St., . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Philadelphia Paper Box Co., . .1706 Wylie St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Philpot & Co., M. P., 412 Locust St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Phoenix Paper Box Factory, Phoenixville Chester. 

Pierson's Box Factory, Edwin Phoenixville, Chester. 

Pittsburgh Paper Box Co., Inc.,51st & Butler Sts., .. Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. . County. 

— Continued. 

Plumby Co., George W., 213-217 N. 4th St.,. . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Plumly, Eugene K., Cor. Broad & Federal Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Pottstown Paper Box Co., Inc., York & Walnut Sts., Pottstown, Montgomery. 

Progress Paper Box Co., 209 N. Second St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Quaker City Folding Box Co.,. .Richmond & Brill Sts.,Bridesburg, Philadelphia. 

Rankey Paper Box Co., 335 Shaunee St., South Bethlehem, ....Northampton. 

Reading Ribbon Badge Co., . . 11th & Spruce Sts., . . Reading, Berks. 

Rex & Co., D. J., Boyd & Locust Sts., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Roggenburger's Sons, I., 130 N. Third St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Royal-Pioneer Paper Box Manu-942 N. Third St.,- . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

facturing Co., Inc. 

Ryan & Co., W. H., Allentown Lehigh. 

Saul & Zang, Inc., Hazleton, Luzerne. 

Saul & Zang, Inc., West Market St., . . . Schuylkill Haven. . . . Schuylkill. . 

Schmidt & Bro., Henry, Inc., . . 321 New St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Schoettle & Co., Edwin J 533 N. 11th St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Schoettle Paper Box Co., Front & Laurel Sts., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Service Paper Box Co., 400 N. 12th St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Shawnee Paper Box Co., Downing St., Plymouth, . . . , Luzerne. 

Sommer & Co., H. B., Inc., . .831 Cherry St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Souders & Co., I. D., 1021-27 Ridge Ave.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

South wark Paper Box Co., . . .2412 S. Sixth St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Sprowles, C. H., . .>. Frankford Ave. & Frankford, Philadelphia. 

Ruan St. 
Standard Paper Box Manufac- 441-445 Pearl St., . . .Reading, Berks. 

turing Co. 

Stationers Novelty Co 1002 Pine St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Sterner, Allen" W., 922 W. Norwegian St.,Pottsville Schuylkill. 

Stine,- W. F., Green St., Schuylkill Haven, . . . Schuylkill. 

Swayza Adv. Co., Canton, Bradford. 

Thaley, G., 2218 Race St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Tioga Paper Box Co., Hancock & Westmore- Philadelphia, .Philadelphia. 

land Sts. , 

Tunick Bros. & Kaplan, 720-28 S. 11th St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

United States Paper Box Co.,. .537 N. Third St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Walkers Sons, A., 1012 Grant Blvd., . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Wasser, Joseph, 1 Miller St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Weber & Co., David Cor. Fifth & Locust Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Wegman & Mescrow Co., Sixth & Vine Sts., ..Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Weissman, A 935 N. Orianna St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Werner & Sons, E. G., 240 Grape St Reading, Berks. 

Whiting-Patterson Co., Inc., . . 1101 Race St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Wieder, J. G., Macungie, Lehigh. 

Williamsport Paper Box & Elmira & Bridge Sts.,Williamsport, Lycoming. 

Printing Co. 

Wilson, Wyle T., 1151 W. Third St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Wisner, Geo. E., 217-219 Pine ►- . Lancaster Lancaster. 

Woods Paper Box Co., H. II., . . 15 Dasher St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

York Paper Box . Co N. Queen St. York York. 

Young & Keim, 307 Arch St., .• Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Arlington Sample Book Co., . .435 Market St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Bittner & Souder 2654 Howard St., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Capper & Son, John, 2628 Mascher St., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Cochran, David S., 2023 N. Hannah St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Crescent Textile Supply Co., . . Trenton & Susque-Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

hanna Ave. 

Davidson & Weyand, 2525 N. Second St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Fell Brothers 34 N. Fifth St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Haaz, Ignatius, 404-12 Brown St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hodgson, Walter W., 315 W.- Lehigh Ave.. . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Lawton, Thomas L., Ar^ber & Dauphin Philadelphia Philadelphia. 


Moniot & Co., A. D 2061 Coral St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Price Co., The Thomas W., . . .505 Ludlow St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Stephenson, A. E., 2553 N. Second St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Toicn. County. 


American Bank Note Company, 410 Sansom St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

American Engraving Co., Ninth & Walnut Sts., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

American Steel Plate Engrav- 711 Penn Ave Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

ing Co. 

Atkins Plating Works, Wm. A., 413 Cherry St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bachniann, Eugene, 909 Sansom St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bragdon, John C, 711 Penn Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Butler, Thomas & Co., Ltd., ... 25 N. Fourth St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Curley Company, J. B., 723 Liberty Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Dittmar Eng. Co., 814 Walnut St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Dunn Textile Engraving & Frankford, Philadelphia. 

Manufacturing Co. 
Electric Tint Engraving Co., 1227-29 Race St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Elliott Co., The Chas. H., 17th St. & Lehigh Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Erie Electro Plating Works, . . 156 E. Eighth St., . . Erie, Erie. 

Erie Engraving Company, 162 E. Eighth St., . . .Erie, Erie. 

Erie Metal Products Company, Erie Erie. 

Frank, Aug. C, 732 Sansom St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

George, Benj. F., 508 Arch St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Gould-Wilhelm Engraving Co., . 44 N. Fourth St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Hague & Son, Walter E., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Hall Company, The, 413-415 Wood St., . . . Pittsburgh .Allegheny. 

Hall Gill Corporation, Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Hammon, Johnson, Ill S. Eighth St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Herald Lithographing Co.', .... 505 French St., Erie, Er ic. 

Himmod Engraving Co., The,. .17 W. Seventh St., . . .Erie, Erie. 

Howell-Melville Co., Inc., 1223-25 Spring St., . .Philadelphia, .Philadelphia. 

Huston Engraving Co., The, . .34th & Paschall Ave., Philadelphia, .Philadelphia. 

Industrial Engraving Company, 4 Hays Place, Easton, Northampton. 

Jackson Plating Works, R. E., . 705 W. Dauphin St., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Jefferson, Christopher D., 25 N. Seventh St., . . .Philadelphia, .' Philadelphia. 

Jones, Frank L., 1517 Sansom St., . . . .Philadelphia, ...... .Philadelphia. 

Ludwig Electro Platitlg Works, Lexington Ave., Pittsburgh, '. . . .Allegheny. 

Ludwig Electro Plating Works', East Reno St., Rochester, Beaver. 

McCarthy, John J., 1011 Chestnut St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Meadows, John, 214 S. Twelfth St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Merwin Engraving Company, . .1501 State St., Erie Erie. 

Modern Engraving Co., Inc., . .619 Vine St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

News Engraving Company, . . .1138 Capouse Ave.. . .Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Ott Engraving Co., 1021 Chestnut St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Passant Company, The, 1112 Sansom St., .... Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Peiffer Brothers, 333 Chestnut St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Penn Bros. & Mfg. Co., 5715 Kirkwood St., . .Pittsburgh . .Allegheny. 

Pennsylvania Electro Plating S12 Noble St., ...... Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Phoenix Engraving Co., Thaw Building, Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Pietz, Adam 1011 Chestnut St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Pittsburgh Electro Galvaniz- 2624-6 Smallman St.,. Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

ing Co. 

Rawsthorne, Robert, • Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Reliance Engraving Co .'. Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Republic Bank Note Co., 2817 Forbes St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Ridley, Albert C, 1716 Sansom St., Philadelphia Philadelphia, 

Rodenbough, W..S., 36 S. Seventh St., . . .Philadelphia Philadelphia, 

Rossberg & Snyder, 217 N. Tenth St Philadelphia, . . . Philadelphia, 

Salzmann & Hamlin, Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Security Bank Note Co., 223-27 Chestnut St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Southwark Plating Co., 1633-35 Washington Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Standard Plating Works, 267 N. George St., . . .York, York. 

Stewart & Steen Co., The, 914 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Stuetzer & Friz! en 145 N. Seventh St.. . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Volk, Albert, 714 Sansom St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Weiss, Chas. W 524 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Wessels, C. Harlan 500 N. Second St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

World War Record Company.. .805 Otis Bldg., 16th & Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Sansom Sts. 

Wright Companv, E. A., 2545 N. Broad St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Wright Gas Iron & Novelty Co.,1301 W. Cumberland Philadelphia Philadelphia. 



Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Chirk & Company 1912 N. Third St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Denny Tag Co., The, West Chester, Chester. 

Eastern Pin Ticket & Tag Co., 7th & Spruce Sts., . . . Perkasie, Bucks. 


Fuller Label & Box Factory, . .7-9 W. Canal St., . . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Gifford Manufacturing Co., 925 Columbia Ave., ..Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

H. M. 

Jarden Lithographing Co., The, 310-16 N. 11th St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Keystone Cap Company, Lansdowne, Delaware. 

Keystone Tag Co., West Chester, Chester. 

Kjclgaard & Company, C. W., Galeton, Potter. 

McCourt Label Cabinet Co., . . .42-54 Bennett St., . . .Bradford, McKean. 

Reading Ribbon Badge Co., .' . . 1100 Spruce St., .... Reading, Berks. 

Reyburn Manufacturing Co., . .Allegheny Ave. & 23d Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Schneider & Co., O, 308 N. Third St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Sterling Paper Box Company, .1314 Spring Garden Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Strasburg Tag & Novelty Strasburg, Lancaster. 


Winona Label Co., . .440 Winona Ave., Germantown, Philadelphia. 

Wood Co., Thomas E., Penn Ave. & 3d St.,. .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Acme Paper Company, Reading, Berks. 

Amboy Paper Co., Bridgeport, Montgomery. 

Analomink Paper Company, North Water Gap, . . .Monroe. 

Bare Paper Co., D. M., . Roaring Spring, Blair. 

Bayless Manufacturing Co., . .• Austin, Potter. 

Bicking Paper Manufacturing E. Lancaster Ave., . . .East Downingtown, ..Chester. 

Co., S. Austin. 

Brown & Son, James, Jr., Manayunk, Philadelphia. 

Carroll Lukens Paper Tube Co., 459 N. Orianua St.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Chester Paper Company, 7th & Glenwood Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Collins Manufacturing Co., 226-40 Columbia Ave.,Philadelphia Philadelphia 

A. M. 

Columbia Paper Mills Co., Oakmont, Allegheny. 

Consumers Boxboard & Paper Lititz, Lancaster 


Diamond Etate Fibre Co., Bridgeport Montgomery. 

Dill & Collins Co 140 N. Sixth St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Dyson Paper .Board Co Second & Vine Sts., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Elliott & Company, B. K., 126 Sixth St., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Endura Manufacturing Co., . . .63d & Eastwick Ave.,. Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Ferry Hallock Co., -. .1819 N. Fifth St., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Garfett Co., Edwin T., Providence Road, .... Lansdowne, Delaware. 

Glatfelter Company, P. H., . . Spring Grove, York. 

Glen Mills Paper Company, . . .1006 Stephen Girard Philadelphia, Philadelphia 


Guies Sons, James, Downingtown, Chester. 

Hamilton & Sons, W. O, W x illiam Penn, Montgomery. 

Hammermill Paper Co., P. O. Box 700, Erie, Erie. 

Hansell's Sons, J. M., 142 Broad St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Hartung & Co., A., 506-12 Race St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hurlock Bros. Company, .3436-38 Market St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Keystone Paper Mills Co., Upper Darby, Delaware. 

Kress Box Company, F. J 2920-38 Liberty Ave.,. Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Lehigh Paper Mills, Inc., Pittston Luzerne." 

Lysle, Wilson, Est Landenburg, Chester. 

McDowell Paper Mills Main & Levering Sts., Manayunk, Philadelphia. 

Megargee Bros., Inc., Scranton Lackawanna. 

Megargee Hare Paper Company,12-14 S. Sixth St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Megargee Paper Mills, Modena Chester. 

Miller Paper Co., Frank P East Downingtown, . .Chester. 

Moorhouse Paper Co., R. T., . .2655 Bridge St Bridesbnrg, Philadelphia. 

Mt. Holly Paper Mills, Inc., Mt. Holly Springs, . .Cumberland. 

Mountain Paper Company, W T ilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

National Decalcomania Co 240 N. Sixtieth St., . .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

New Castle Paper Mills New Castle Lawrence. 

New York & Pennsylvania Co Lock Haven Clinton. 

Nixon Paper Co., M. & W. H., Manayunk, Philadelnhia. 

Palmer, W. B Doe Run, Chester. 



Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Paul Hiram F 402 Sansom St Philadelphia, . Philadelphia. 

Peerless Manufacturing Co Norristown, Montgomery. 

Pennsylvania Board & Paper 25th & Locust Sts., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Perkiomen Paper Company, Pennsburg, Montgomery. 

Philadelphia Wax Paper Co., Crum Creek, Delaware. 

Reading Paper Mills, • .Reading, §, e r ks : ' , . 

Reliance Shelf Paper Co., 1304 N. Howard St., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Rudolph & Son, Philip, Inc., . . Orianna & Willow Philadelphia,^ Philadelphia. 


Ryan & Co., W. H., Allentown Lehigh. 

Schmidt & Ault Paper Co., . . .423 King's Mill Rd.,. .York, York. 

Scott Paper Company, 7th & Glenwood Ave.. . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Shryock Brothers, 924-28 Cherry St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Sinclair & Valentine Co., 1106 Vine St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Springets Mill, The, M. & P. & Plank Rd., York York. 

Stulen & Son, John, 101 Market St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Swayza Advertising Co., Canton, Bradford. 

Tarentum Paper Mills, Pittsburgh, .Allegheny. 

Union Paper Mill Company, Monongahela City, . . Washington. 

Union Paper Mills Manufac- Main St., New Hope, Bucks. 

turing Co. 

United States Paper Mills. Inc., . Chambersburg, Franklin. 

West Virginia Pulp & Paper Williamsburg, Blair. 


Wyoming Valley Paper Mill, Pittston, Luzerne. 

Yoder, I. C Barto Montgomery. 

York Haven Paper Co., The, York Haven, York. 


Beck Engraving Co., 620 Sansom St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Chestnut St., Engraving Co., 702 Chestnut St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Inc., The. 
Commercial Photo-Engraving Tenth & Arch Sts., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Enterprise Engraving Co., . . . .815-17 Sansom St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Excelsior Engraving Co., 42 Reed St Reading, .Berks. 

Franklin Photo Engraving 632 Chestnut St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Gatchel & Manning, 537 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Imperial Engraving Co., 941 Liberty Ave., . . . .Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Industrial Engraving Co., 4 Hay's Place, Easton, Montgomery. 

Jefferson Photo Engraving Co.,. 27 S. Seventh St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Levy, Max, 220 W. Roberts Ave., . Germantown Philadelphia. 

Liberty Engraving Co., 612 Wood St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Modern Engraving Co., Inc., . .619 Vine St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Photo-Chromotype Engraving 920 Race St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 


Phototype Engraving Co., 147 N. Tenth St., . 

Pittsburgh Photo-Engraving 723 Liberty Ave., . 

Pottsville Engraving Co., The,. 215 N. Second St., 

Publicity Engraving Co., 525 Third Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Reading Engraving Co., 604 Court St Rpading Berks. 

Rembrandt Engraving Co., 140 N. Sixth St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 


Rodgers Engraving Co., 1318 Arch St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Rogers Engraving Co., The, Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Schappell & Co., Earl E., 1617 Spring Garden Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Standard Solar Print Co., 1008 Race St., Philadelphia. Philadelphia. 

Valley Engraving Co., Lincoln St., Johnstown, Cambria. 

Weeks Photo Engraving Co., . .923 Sanson St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

. Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

. Pottsville, Schuylkill. 


Abel, Carson C 54 N. 13th St Philadelphia. Philadelphia. 

Achey & Gorrecht, Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Ackerman Printing Company,. .4750 Liberty Ave., . . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Acme Press, The, 15th & Wallace Sts., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Acme Print Company, The, . . .320 N. Ninth St Reading, Berks. 

Acton Co., Frank M., 29 S. Seventh St., . . .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Adams, H. S Frankford, Philadelphia'. 

Adams County Independent Littlestown, Adams. 

Ad-Craft, Inc. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Addison, C. R % Hatfield Montgomery. 

Advance Argus Company, 236 Main St., Greenville Mercer. 

Advance Printing Company, . .Lincoln Ave . Leeckburg Armstrong. 

Advocate Printing Co., Dallastown, York. 

African Methodist Episcopal 031 Pine St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Church, Book Concern. 

Albion News, The, Albion .Erie 

Albright & Shenton 204 N. Sixth St., Reading, Berks. 

Aldine Printing Co., .1331 Fifth Ave., . . . .Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

All Nations Printing Co., 443 Third Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny! 

Allen, Wm. M., 424 Memphis St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Allen, Lane & Scott,, 1211-13 Clover St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Altemus Company, Henry, 1326 Vine St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia! 

Altemus & Co., Inc., 33 S. Fourth St., .... Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Althouse Publishing Company, .943 Green St., Reading, Berks. 

Altoona Times Co., The, .... .1113 Eleventh Ave... .Altoona Blair 

Altoona Tribune Co., The, 1110 Twelfth St., . Altoona, Blair! 

Ambacher, Chas. F., 529 Columbia Ave., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Ambridge News-Herald, Ambridge, Beaver. 

American Baptist Publication 1701 Chestnut St., ...Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


American Blue Printing Co., . .1222 Bessemer Bldg., . Pittsburgh, Allegheny 

American Printing Company, . Pittsburgh, ! ! Allegheny' 

American Printing Company, . . Howard & Mason York, York 


American Publishing Co .. . .Ligonier, Westmoreland 

American Tribune, Jas. H. 31 W. Pine St., Mahanoy City, Schuylkill 


Anchor Printing House, 312 Brodhead Ave., . .South Bethlehem, . . . Northampton^ 

Anderson & Co., Edward F., . .307 Diamond St Pittsburgh, Allegheny 

Anderson & Grater, 930 Duquesne Way, . . Pittsburgh, ' " Allegheny 

Anderson & Reber, . Pine Grove, Schuylkill 

Anderson Publishing Co., 2o9 Dock St Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Anthony Printing Company, . . .Hanover, . . York 

Anthracite Labor News, . . . .108-10 W. Coal St... .Shenandoah Schuylkill 

Anthracite Press, Inc., The, . .248-50 Wyoming Ave. Scranton, .' Lackawanna 

Antos, Andrew J., Barnesboro, Cambria 

Apollo Book Binding Co 1012 Elm St., Reading, Berks 

Arch Street Printing House, . . 1018 Arch St Philadelphia, ! ! ! Philadelphia 

Archbald Citizen, . Archbald, Lackawanna' 

Architectural Service Corpora- 140 N. Sixth St Philadelphia, Philadelphia 


Ardmore Printing Company, . .2 Cricket Ave Ardmore, Montgomery 

Ardon & Dixon, 404 All Nations Bank Pittsburgh, Allegheny 


Argus, The, Benton Columbia 

Arlington Printing Company, . .301-03 Wood St., . . Pittsburgh Allegheny 

Armstrong, James M., 718 Sansom St Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Arnold, A. W., 634 Washington St., . .Reading, Berks 

Arsenal Printing Co 3153-55 Penn Ave., . . Pittsburgh Allegheny 

Art & Commercial Printers, . . . 605 Phipps Power Pittsburgh, Allegheny" 


Art Print Shop, The, 1624 Vine St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Art Printing & Embossing Co.,15th & Wallace Sts. . Philadelphia, Philadelphia' 

Ashby Printing Company, 423 State St., Erie, . .'. Erie 

Ashland Daily News, Ashland, '.'. Schuylkill 

Atkinson Co., The, Wilmer, . . .230 S. Seventh St., .Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Atkinson Erie Directory Co., . . 1314 Peach St Erie, Erie 

Aughinbaugh Press 46-48 N. Cameron St., Harrisburg, Dauphin 

Aurand & Son, Beaver Springs Snyder. ' 

Austin-Keller-Damon Printing 1216 Peach St Erie . Erie 

Automatic Printing & Station- 826 Arch St Philadelphia, : . . . Philadelphia 

ery Co. 

Avondale Herald, The, Avondale, Chester 

Ayer & Son, N. W., 300-308 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Babcock, J. W., 22 Webster St Bradford McKean 

Baker, Ralph, 14-16 E. Mine St., . . .Hazleton, Luzerne' 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Baker Printing Co., The 4817 Penn St., Frankford, Philadelphia. 

Balsbach & Robb, Bellwood, Blair. 

Baltrusaites, Joseph, 2029 Fifth Ave., . . . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Bangor Daily News, Bangor, Northampton. 

Barclay & Son, J. D., 1515 feansom St., . . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bard, Silas E Denver, Lancaster. 

Bardman, I. H. Schwenksville, Montgomery. 

Barnes, W. H., 1 Barker Place, Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Barnesboro Eagle Printing Co., Barnesboro, Cambria. 

Barnsdall Printing Co 14 Chambers St., .... Bradford McKean. 

Barr, B. Frank, 808 Chestnut St., Altoona Blair. 

Barrett, William, 10 N. Church St., . . .West Chester Chester. 

Barrie's Sons, George, 1313 Walnut St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bartow, H. P., 612 New Market St., .Chester, Delaware. 

Bastian, Edgar H., 31 N. Fourth St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bates Company, James S 144 N. Twelfth St., . .Philadelphia, . .' Philadelphia. 

Baugert & Sons, Chas. J., DuBois, Clearfield. 

Baugh, Philander V., Jefferson & Duval Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Baumgarten Printing Co., The, . S. Main & Walbridge Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Baur & Son, R., 20 N. State St., Wilkes-Barre Luzerne. 

Bausman, Joseph E., 542 E. Girard Ave., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Beam, Walter H 34 S. Sixteenth St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Beaver, I. M., 123 N. Sixth St., Reading, Berks. 

Beaver Falls Review, The Beaver Falls, Bpaver. 

Beaver Printing C, Packard Ave Greenville, Mercer. 

Beaver Valley Labor News Co Beaver, Beaver. 

Beckman, Caroline V 310-16 N. 11th St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Beggs Brothers, The, Confluence, Somerset. 

Benshoff Printing Co., 107 Franklin Bldg.,. .Johnstown Cambria. 

Berger Brothers, 2323 N. Seventh St.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Berkemeyer, Charles M., Sellersville, Bucks. 

Berkemeyer, Keck & Company, .844 Hamilton St., . . . Allcntown, Lehigh. 

Berlin Print Shop, The, 2133 N. Fifth St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Berlin Publishing Company, Berlin, Somerset. 

Berliner Printery, 203 N. Third St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. ' 

Berry Brothers, Homer City, Indiana. 

Bertram Co., The, 1310 Arch St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Berwick Printery, 129 W. Front St., . . . Berwick Columbia. 

Bessemer Printing Company, .. Main St Greenville, Mercer. 

Bethlehem's Globe • Publishing 4th St. & Brodhead South Bethlehem Northampton. 

Co. Ave. 

Bethlehem Printing Co., 144 S. Main St., Bethlehem Northampton. 

Biddle Corporation 234 S. Eighth St., . . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Biddle Press, The, 210 W. Washington Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Bieble, John B., 60 Public Square, . . .Wilkes-Barre, . Luzerne. 

Binder, William J., - Pottstown, Montgomery 

Bingham Company, The, 139 N. Juniper St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bisel Co., The George T., 724 Sansom St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Black, Henry V., Huntingdon, Huntingdon. 

Black, "The Printer," 6000 Thompson St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Blair Company, The, 404 Bendley Bldg.. . .Pittsburgh Allegheny. ' 

Blair & Son, C. J., 1125-27 N. Third St.. . Harrisburg Dauphin. 

Blairsville Printing Co Blairsville Indiana. 

Blank, Louis, 2249 Germantown Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bletcher-Anchors Co.. The, . . 603 Gazette Times Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Blizzard Publishing Company Oil Citv, Venango. 

Bloomquist, F. J., 74 Fraley St Kane, McKean. 

Blossburg Herald, , . .- Hannibal St., Blossburg Tioga. 

Blue Label Press, Ill N. Sixth St Reading Berks. 

Blue Print Shop, The, . . : 1520-22 Sansom St.,. . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Blumhard Blue Paper Co 38 S. Sixth St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Boczkowski Co., W. D., 337-339 W. South St., Mahanoy Citv.' Schuvlkill. - 

Bollman & Kohler, 39 S. 14th St Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Bonnage, Wm. H., 1508 Seventh Ave., . . Beaver Falls Beaver. 

Borland & Co., John S., 530 Duquesne Wav. . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. ■ 

Borough Press, The, Post Office Bldg., .... Darby Delaware. 

Boswell News Boswell, Somerset. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Bowers Printing Co., 870 N. 11th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bowman, C. M., 908-10 Cumberland Lebanon, Lebanon. 


Boyd Co., W. EL, 634 Penn St., Reading Berks. 

Boyer Printing Co., R. J., Lebanon, Lebanon. 

Braceland Brothers, 225 S. Fifth St., .... Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Braddock Daily News Publish- 412-14 John St., . . . .Braddock, Allegheny. 

ing Co. 

Bradford Press, Inc., 22d & Market Sts., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bradford Printing Co., 6 Newell Court, Bradford, McKean. 

Bradford Star, The, Bridge St., Towanda, Bradford. 

Bradley Brothers, 200 S. Tenth St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bradley Printing Co 1214 Sansom St., .... Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Braggins Printing Co., 150 W. 12th St., Erie, Erie. 

Brandt, Geo. C, 861 Third Ave., Freedom, Beaver. 

Brandt Print Shop, 15 S. Market St., . . . .Mechanicsburg, Cumberland. 

Bratstvo Publishers & Printers, 11 North St., Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Brecht Printing Co., The, 20 N. Queen St., . . . .Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Brennar, R. G., 114 N. Sixth St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Breuker & Kessler Co., 701-09 Arch St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Brindle Printing Co., Apple Way, New Castle, Lawrence. 

Brinton's Sons, H. L., 20 S. Third St., . . . .Oxford, Chester. 

Bristol Printing Co., 206-08 Mill St., Bristol Bucks. 

Brockway Printing Co., Main St., Brockwayville, Jefferson. 

Brodhead Printing Co., 209 S. Jefferson St.,. .Kittanning, Armstrong. 

Bromley & Co., G. W 147 N. Fifth St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Broneniberg's Printing House,. .219 Vine St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Brookville Republican, Brookville, Jefferson. 

Brough Printing House, 2808 Bridge St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Brown & Brown, 46-48 N. Seventh St.,. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Brownfield Printing Co., T. N., 139* Bridge St Scottdale Westmoreland. 

Brownsville Publishing- Co., . . . . . Brownsville Fayette. 

Brugler, Chas. E. & R, A., Knoxville, Tioga. 

Bryson, Edward E 812 Winter St., . . , . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Buch, Frank J., Broad St., .Lititz, Lancaster. 

Buchanan Co., George H 420 Sansom St., .... Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Buchanan & Son, John A., . . .833 Arch St Philadelphia, .■» Philadelphia. 

Bucher Co., H. C, Honey Brook, Chester. 

Building News Publishing Co., 824 Berry Bldg., 16th Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

& Chestnut Sts. 

Bulletin Publishing Co., Dillsburp- York. 

Burbank & Co., Inc., S. H.. . . .147 N. Tenth St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Burgiern, George, 315 52d St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Burns, George J., 3332 Market St '.Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Butler County Record, The, . . 115 W. Cunningham Butler, Butler. 


Butler Herald, The, Butler, Butler. 

Butterfly Press 1233 Arch St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Byren & Weil, Inc., Keiths Theatre Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Cable, Ada, 20 Kennedy St Bradford McKean. 

Call, The, . -. Schuylkill Haven, . . . Schuylkill. 

Call Publishing Co., 27 S. Sixth St., Allentown, Lehigh. 

Calvin Brothers, 1442 W. Passyunk Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Cambria Freeman, Ebensburg Cambria. 

( Jambria Press 2875 Lee St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Cambria Tribune Publishing Ebensburg Cambria. 


Cameron County Press, Fourth St Emporium Cameron. 

Campbell, Samuel, Jr., 406 N. Tenth St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Campion & Co., Inc., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Canton Sentinel, The, Canton Bradford. 

Caporaso, James D., '. Box G, Pen Argyl, Northampton. 

Carbon Advocate. The, Lehighton Carbon. 

Carlin Brothers, 916 Filbert St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Carlisle Printing Co., 53 W. High S*- Carlisle Cumberland. 

Carnegie Signal-Item, The 18 E. Main Ave., . . . .Carnegie Allegheny. 

Carnegie Union, 144 E. Main St ... .Carnegie Allegheny. 

Carp's Creators, Philadelphia, ....... Philadelphia. 

Carrell, J. P., 318 Ferry St., Easton Northampton. 

Carsen, T. D., 5520 Germantown Germantown Philadelphia. 




Name and Industry. 



City or Town. 


Carson Press, The, 108 Smithfield St., . 

Carwardine, Ernest E., Cresson & Sunnyside 


Caslon Press, The, AA"^ T '"o j'il 

Castle & Heilman, 27 N. Second St 

Catawissa News Item, • • • • • • • • • • • 

Catholic Publishing Co., The, . . If Wood St. 

Catholic Standard & Times 610 S. Washington 
Publishing Co., The. Square. 

Cement News, The 1244 Mam St., 

Central News, The, AAA - ,:; ■'•,••'*« 

Central Publishing House and 329 Market St 

Book Store. 

Centre Democrat, The, High St., .......... 

Century Print Shop, 5o34 Market St., 

Century Printing Concern of 720 Sansom St., 

Philadelphia, The. __ „ -, 

Challinor-Dunker Co., 77 S. 13th St., . 

Chambers, Frank V., .210-12 N. 13th St., . . 

Chartiers Valley Mirror, • • • • • •. • ■ ■ • • 

Chemical Publishing Co., The, N. Third St., 

Chester Times 418 Market St., 

Chew & Asnip Co., 225 S. Fifth St., 

Chilton Company, Market & 49th Sts., . . 

Christine Printing House 2421 Frankford Ave., 

Chronicle & News Publishing 12 S. Seventh St., . . . 

Citizen Printing Co., The, 309-11 S. McKean St. 

Citizen Printing & Publishing 699 Merchant St., . . 

Citizen Publishing Co., The, ..801 Main St 

Citv Mission Publishing Co., 128 Collins Ave , 


Clarion Democrat, The, 645 Main St., 

Clarion Printing House, 143 E. Mam St 

Clarion Printing & Publishing 12 Fifth Ave., 


Clark, Perry C, 22 Public Square, . . 

Clark Co., John C, 230 Dock St., 

Clark-Peoples Printing Co., . .138 Wyoming Ave., . 

Clark Printing & Mfg. Co., The, 

Clearfield Republican Jno. F. 

Short, Prop. 

Clerics Shop, 221 W. Spring St., . 

Clover Press, 146 S. Fourth St., . . 

Clymer, W. M., 

Coal Trade Publishing Co., ..926 Park Bldg., ... 

Coalport Standard, 

Coatesville Record Publishing 202 Main St 


Cochranton Times, The, •• 

Colcord, M. J., E. Second St., . 

Colgan, Kieran I., 41 N. Seventh St., . 

Collins & Co., 628 Chestnut St., . . . 

Colonial Press, The 506-12 Race St., . . . 

Colonial Printing Co., 646 Mam St., 

Commercial List Publishing 241 Dock St 

Commercial Printing House, . .17 N. Prince St., ... 

Commercial Printing Co., 415 Linden St 

Commoner .Publishing Co 304 Penn Ave 

Conemaugh Printing Company, 341 Greeve St., .... 

Conestoga Publishing Co 227-31 N. Cherry St., 

Conn, John A., 2015 N. Front St., . 

Conn & Slote, 311 W. Grant St., . 

Connell Co., P. R., 209 Seventh St., ... 

Connellsville Publishing Co., . . 122 E. Crawford Ave 

Connor, M. C, 10 Vine St., 

Continental Press, Ill Locust St., 

Continental Printing Co., 302 N. Broad St., . 

Coons, R. J., 

Cooper & Son, Thomas V., 212 W. State St 

Co-Operative Publishing Co., ..20-24 East St., 

Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Waynesboro Franklin. 

Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Catawissa, Columbia. 

Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Northampton Northampton. 

Perkasie, Bucks. 

Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

Bellefonte, Centre. 

Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

, Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

, Craf ton Allegheny. 

Easton, Northampton. 

, Chester Delaware. 

Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

, Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

, Allentown, Lehigh. 

Butler, ■« . Butler. 

Ambridge, Beaver. 

Honesdale, Wayne. 

Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Clarion Clarion. 

New Holland, Lancaster. 

Clarion, Clarion. 

Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Philadelphia, ... Philadelphia. 

Seranton, Lackawanim. 

Lock Haven, Clinton. 

Clearfield, Clearfield. > 

Titusville, Crawford. 

Columbia, . Lancaster. 

Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Coalport, Clearfield. 

Coatesville Chester. 

Cochranton, Crawford. 

Coudersport, Potter. 

Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Johnstown, Cambria. 

Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Seranton, Lackawanna. 

Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Conemaugh, Cambria. 

Lancaster, '. . . .Lancaster. 

Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

.Connellsville, Fayette. 

Sharon, .... Mercer. 

Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

, Orbisonia, Huntingdon. 

Media, Delaware. 

Coaldale Schuylkill. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Corry Evening Journal, Corry, Erie. 

Cosmopolite Herald, The, Girard, Erie. 

Cossart & Co., John H., 214 Church St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Courier Co., The, Connellsville, Fayette. 

Courier-Herald Publishing Co., 176 S. Main St., Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Covington Sun, Covington, Tioga. 

Cowles & Son, D. B., 345 Lycoming St., . . . Williamsport, Lycoming. 

Cox & Mason, 1524 Sansom St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Craig, Finley & Co., 137-39 N. 12th St., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia*. 

Cramer Printing & Publishing Crafton, Allegheny. 


Crawford, Robert * 23 N. Sixth St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Crescent Press, The, 138 Ninth St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Cresson Publishing Co., The, Cresson, Cambria. 

Crist, W. E., 326 Locust S + Columbia, . Lancaster. 

Crown Printing Co., 435 Market St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Cunningham & Co., Laurel & Willow Sts., Williamsport, Lycoming. 

Curtis Publishing Co., Independent Square, . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Curwensville Herald, 202 State St., Curwensville, Clearfield. 

Daily Independent, The, 48 Sixth St., Monessen, Westmoreland. 

Daily Leader, The, 15 W. Washington St. Corry, Erie. 

Daily Local News of West 12 S. High St., West Chester, Chester. 


Daily News, 44 W. Third St., Mt. Carmel, Northumberland. 

Daily News, The, Mauch Chunk, Carbon. 

Daily News Publishing Co., . . .508 Walnut St., McKeesport, Allegheny. 

Daily Publishing Co., S en i re St - • • • Sunbury Northumberland 

Daily Times, The 25 Race St., Mauch Chunk, Carbon 

Daily Times Company, The, . . 570 Third St., Beaver, Beaver. 

Daily & Weekly Journal, Philipsburg, Centre. 

Dale, George, West Chester Chester. 

Dambly's Estate, A. E., Skippack, Montgomery. 

Dando Printing & Publishing 34 S. Third St., .... Philadelphia, Philadelphia'. 


Davis Company, F. A., 1914 Cherry St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Davis Mfg. Co., H. G., 1717-19 Gillingham St.Philadelphia, Philadelphia! 

Davis Printing Co., 415-21 Linden St., . . . Scranton, Lackawanna 

Davis & Sons, T. C 506-512 Race St., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia.' 

Davis & Warde 1st Ave. & Ross St., . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Dayton News, Dayton Armstrong 

Deibert Press, The, 10 N. 13th St Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Deist, Adam, 440 W. Dauphin St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Deitz Co., Charles A., 113 N. Sixth St., Philadelphia Philadelphia 

Delaware Co. Democrat, 714 Welsh St., Chester Delaware. 

Delaware County Record, Media, ' Elk. 

Democrat Publishing Co., Inc., 25 N. Apple Way, . . New Castle, ........ Lawrence. 

Democrat Publishing Co., .... 6th & Linden Sts. . . Allentown, Lehigh. 

democrat Publishing Co., Mercer, . Mercer 

Deputy Bros. Co., 63d & Dicks Ave., . . Philadelphia, ....... Philadelphia 

Dermitt Printing Co., 530 Duquesne Way, . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny 

Derrick Publishing Co., The, . .5-7 Centre St Oil City Venango 

Deuel, Herbert, 202 Race St., Philadelphia, ..'.'.'.'.'. Philadelphia. 

Devine Printing Co., 1026-28 Filbert St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Dibler, A. Park, 727 Talbot Ave., Braddock, Allegheny 

Direct Advertising Co Erie Erie 

Dispatch Printery, The, 113 Bridge St., '. Catasauqua' Lehigh 

Dispatch Printing Co The,. . -324-328 Ninth St., . .New Kensington',' .'.'.' .'Westmoreland. 
Dispatch Printing & Engraving 31 N. Park Row, Erie, Erie. 


Dispatch Publishing Co.,. The, 528 Smithfield St.. . . Pittsburgh. . A.lle°benv 

Dispatch Publishing Co., The, 15-17 E. Philadelphia York . . . ! ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' York 

Dobelbpwer. James . 29 S. Sixth St., .... Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Dominick De Benedicts, 121 N. 13th St., .... Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Donaghy, Thomas J , ... 703 S 20th St., .... Philadelphia Philadelphia 

Donore American Publishing Third St. & McKean Donora, Washington 

<^o. Ave. 

Doolittle Company. Wm. II.. . -112-114 N. 12th St.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Dorman William J I *"™ 9 , Ar £ h St Philadelphia Philadelphia 

Dougherty, Chas. A., 109 Cedar St., .... Bristol Bucks 

n™w,f ° W ?> Krr Shi P C ° East Downingtow'n,' '. ' Chester. 

Doylestown Publishing Co., ....... -. Doylestown, ....... .Bucks. 

Dravo, Harry S., , 605 Walnut St McKeesport, Allegheny. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


DuBois Daily Express Co., DuBois, Clearfield. 

Dukes, George, 1020 Arch St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Duncaunon Record, Duncannon, Perry. 

Dunlap Printing Co., 1315-29 Cherrv St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Dunmire Co., H. C, 1011-13 Green Ave.,. .Altoona, Blair. 

Ducpiesne Times Publishing Co.,N. First St Duquesne Allegheny. 

Duross & Co., Joseph P., 116 S. Sixth St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Eagle Printing Co., Butler, Butler. 

Eagle Printing Co., Sharon, Mercer. 

Eagle Printing House, Eldred, McKean. 

Eagle Printing House, . 1024 Race St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Eakins, Palmer & Harrar. Inc., 112-114 N. 12th St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Earley Printing House, Carlisle, Cumberland. 

East Berlin News, .- East Berlin, Adams. 

East Brady Review, East Brady, Clarion. 

East End Print Shop, 1524 Derry St Harrisburg Dauphin. 

Eastern Specialty Mfg. Co., . . . 1553 Dickson Ave., . . Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Easton Journal, The, 234 Church St., .... Easton Northampton. 

Easton Printing Co., 3d & Washington Sts., Easton, Northampton. 

Easton Publishing Co., Easton Northampton. 

Eaton, Charles J., 119 N. Sixth St., . . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Eberle, Ewens & Co., 210 Third Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Ebert Co., Otto H., 2707 N. Broad St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Echo-Pilot Co., The, 17 W. Baltimore St., Greencastle Franklin. 

Eckhardt, J. H., 402 Race St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Economical Printing Co., 1015 Webster Ave., . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Eddowes & Co., H., 806 Race St., Philadelphia, . . . Philadelphia. 

Edkius Brothers, 1604 E. Passyunk Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Eibel's Print Shop, 6303 Broad St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Eise Printing Co., 227 Sycamore St., . . . New Castle, Lawrence. 

Eisenhart, John H., 100 S. Market St., . . . Shamokin, Northumberland. 

Eisenhuth, J. M., 120 S. 60th St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Electric Blue Printing Co., . . .26 N. Second St., . . . Reading, Berks. 

Electric Printery, -N. McKean St., Kittanning, Armstrong. 

Electric Printing Co., Lock Haven, Clinton. 

Electric Printing Co., 143 N. Seventh St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Elite Press, 1413 Filbert St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Elizabeth Herald Publishing Plum & First Sts., . . Elizabeth, Allegheny. 


Elizabethtown Herald, Elizabethtown, Lancaster. 

Eiizabethville Echo, The, Elizabethville Dauphin. 

Elk Printing Co., Black Lick, Indiana. 

Elkland Journal, Elkland Tioga. 

Elliott & Mallery, 515 Cuthbert St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Ellis, William J., Morrisville, Bucks. 

Ellis, William J., Hulmeville, Bucks. 

Ellwood Citizen, The, Ellwood City, Lawrence. 

Elwell & Son, Geo. E., 40 W. Second St., . . Bloomsburg Columbia. 

Embosotvpe Co., The, 614 Penn Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Emery Co., Benjamin F., 1206 Race St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Emmert, M. H., 4054 J Lancaster Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Emporium Independent, 408 Broad St., Emporium Cameron. 

Energetic Printing Co., 331 Arch St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Englert Co., F., Bindley Bldg., 7th Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

& Grant St. 

Entelins & Son, C. W., Northumberland Northumberland. 

Enterprise Printing Co., Penn Ave. & Hay St., Wilkinsburg, Allegheny. 

Enterprise Printing Co., 312 Weldon St., .... Latrobe, Westmoreland. 

Enterprise Printing House, St. Marys, Elk. 

Enterprise Printing & Publish- Burgettstown, Washington. 

ing Co. 

Enterprise Publishing Co., ....275 Main St., Cambridge Springs, ..Cumberland. 

Ephrata Reporter Printing Ephrata, Lancaster. 


Era Publishing Co., 15 Exchange Place, . . Bradford McKean. 

Erie Lithograph Co 8th & Perrv Sts., Erie, Erie. 

Erie Lithographing & Printing 10-28 W. Fourth St., Erie, Erie. 


Erie Printing Co 1314 Peach St Erie, Erie. 

Erie Tageblatt Publishing Co., 525 French St., Erie, Erie. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Eschenbach Brothers 2 Hay's Place Easton, Northampton. 

Eschenbach Printing Co., ....207 Church" St., ....Easton, Northampton. 

Eslen Printing House, 2005 E. Susquehanna Philadelphia Philadelphia. 


Etchells, Edward M, 1800 S. Bancroft St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Eureka Printing House, 1309 Sansom St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Eureka Printing Press 310 Barbadoes St., . . Norristown, Montgomery. 

Eureka Specialty Printing Co., 530 Electric St., .... Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Evans Printing Co., Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Evening Bulletin, The, City Hall Square, . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Evening Chronicle, . . . . : 110 S. Centre St., . . Pottsville, Schuylkill. 

Evening Courier, The, . 10 Hunter St., Tamaqua, Schuylkill. 

Evening Herald Publishing Co Donora Washington. 

Evening Leader, The, 15-17-19 Mary St., . .Carbondalc, Lackawanna. 

Evening News, The Athens Bradford. 

Evening News, The, 5 N. Main St., Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Evening News Printing Co., . . News Square, Franklin, Venango. 

Evening Sun Co., Hanover, York. 

Everitt, Chas. L 206 Chancellor St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Everybodys Poultry Magazine Hanover, York. 

Publishing Co. 

Exclusive Company, Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Express Printing Co., 22 E. Main St., .... Lititz, Lancaster. 

Fabian, Stephen, 201 W. Main St., . . . Connellsville, Fayette. 

Fac-Simile Place, 35 Laning Bldg Wilkes-Baire, Luzerne. 

Faesig, Frank J., 32 Penn Square, .... Lancaster iLancaster. 

Fahey & Company, 25 Shingiss St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Farrell Publishing Co., The, . . Haywood & S. Lee Farrell, Mercer. 


Farrell Sentinel, 316 Idaho St., Farrell, Mercer. 

Farwell, W. H., Uniontown, Fayette. 

Faust Printing Co., The, Reading, Berks. 

Faxon Co., The A. A., 107 N. Marshall St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Fayette Publishing Co., The. . . 50 E. Main St Uniontown, Fayette 

Federal Printing & Binding Co.,1126 E. Ohio St., . . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Feeser, J. M., Littlestown, Adams. 

Fein, Morris, 212 Vine St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Feist Printing Co., 109 Susquehanna St., White Haven, Luzerne. 

Feister-Owen Press, Inc., . . . .Columbia Ave. at 6th Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Fell Co., Wm. F., 1315 Cherry St. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Felmley Printing Co., The, Tarentum, Allegheny. 

Fenton Label Co., 9th & Thompson Sts., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Ferguson Co., George S., 15 N. Seventh St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Ferriday Paper Box Co., 101-7 N. Cameron St.,Harrisburg Dauphin. 

Ferris & Leach, 29 S. Seventh St., . . . Philadelphia Philadelphia 

Fertig, R. A., 22 S. Centre St., Pottsville Schuylkill. 

Financial Statistics Corpora- Scranton, Lackawanna. 


Fink Sons, Louis 56 N. Seventh St Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

First Ward News, 1801 S. Seventh St.,. .Philadelphia Philadelphia 

Fischer & Faeth, 1628 Penn Ave./ Pittsburgh Allegheny 

Fisher, Melvin, 29 W. Market St., . . York, York. 

Fitzmaurice, W. J., 734 Sansom St Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Flatt & Brother, Wm. O., 722 Washington St., Reading Berks. 

Fleming, Geo. A Mercersburg Franklin. 

Flew & Fetterolf, 5954 Germantown Germantown, Philadelphia. 


Folwell Printing House, 35 N. 11th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Ford & Tracey, 117 S. 11th St., Philadelphia Philadelphia 

Forest City News, Forest City Susquehanna 

Forest Republican, Elm St., Tionesta, Forest 

Forman, S. L., 10th & Arch Sts Philadelphia PhiladelDhia 

Forsythe, R. L., 530 Duquesne Way, . . Pittsburgh Allegheny 

Fort Pitt Lithographing Co., . .701-3 Forbes St Pittsburgh Mlesjheny 

Fosnot & Son, H. J 9-13 S. Dorcas St., . . Lewistowh Mifflin. 

Fosnot & Son, Lew. C, Main St., Watsontown, Northumberland 

Franklin Printing Co., The, . . 13-1 Wunder St Reading Berks. 

Franklin Printing Co., 514-20 Ludlow St., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia 

Franklin Repository 66 N. Main St Chambersburg, Franklin 

Fredericktown Chronicle. Fredericktown, Washington 

Free Press, The, iSorth St., Minersville, Schuylkill. 



Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Free Press Publishing Co 16-24 S. Bank St., . . Easton, Northampton. 

Freeburg Weekly Courier, Freeburg, Snyder. 

Freed, S. B 12 S. Fourth St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Freed & Swift, 4303 N. 18th St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Friday Evening Call, The, 64 Fourth St., Monessen, Westmoreland. 

Frieder Printing Co., 1516 Sansom St., . . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Friedman, Isidor J., 419 Locust St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Fries, Frank M., 243 Market St., Kittanning Armstrong. 

Fry, Francis A., 9 S. Third St Newport Perry. 

Fulton Democrat Pub. Co., McConnellsburg Fulton. 

Fulton Republican, The, McConnellsburg, Fulton. 

Gallagher Printing Co 8th & State Sts Erie, Erie. 

Gaskill, H. S 2733 Kensington Ave.,Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Gazette & Bulletin Publishing 335 William St., Williamsport, Lycoming. 


Gazette Printing House, The,. . 4432 Frankford Ave., Frankford, Philadelphia. 

Gasette Publishing Co., McKees Rocks, Allegheny. 

Gazette Publishing Co .Bedford, Bedford. 

Gazette Publishing Co., St. Marys, Elk. 

Geddes Sons Co., W. F., 122 S. Eighth St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

General Manifold & Printing Franklin, Venango. 

Co., The. 
General Polish Book & Print- 2621 Penn Ave Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

ing Co. 

Gerlock & Co., F. H., 103-5-7 Washington Scranton Lackawanna. 

German American Printing & 108 Federal St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Publishing Co. 
German Daily Gazette Publish- 924 Arch St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

ing Co. 

Germania Printing House, .... 444 Washington St., Reading, Berks. 

Germantown Independent Ga- 5 E. Price St Germantown, Philadelphia. 


Germantown News, The, 6416-18 Germantown Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Gewaantown Publishing Co., . . 6332 Germantown Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Getts & Brother, John R, 427 Locust St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Gettysburg Compiler, ..126 Baltimore St., ..Gettysburg, Adams. 

Gibbs, Joseph C 437 Arch St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Gifford Mfg. Co., H. M., 925 Columbia Ave., ..Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Gilbert, Luther F., Boyertown, Berks. 

Gilder Bros., The Coaldale Ob- Coaldale, Schuylkill. 


Girard Press, The, 428 W. Girard Ave., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Glenn, James A., 44 E. Peter St., .... Uniontown Fayette. 

Glick, Joseph S 95 Logan St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Globe Printing Co., Inc., New Wilmington Lawrence. 

Globe Printing Co., 1241 S. Sixth St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Globe Ticket Co., 112-114 N. 12th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Glove, Josephus, 337 Chestnut St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Glynn-Mohler Printing Co 722 Sansom St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Goettler & Son, W. F., S. Front St., Souderton, Montgomery. 

Gohl-Welty Blank Book & Third & Penn Ave., .. Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Printing Co. 

Golclfus & Co 21 S. Seventh St., . 

Goldmann Printing Co., 843 N. Third St., . 

Goodman Co., S. W., 321-23 Cherry St., . 

Goodman Print Shop, 2303 Jefferson St., 

Grace, James W., West Otterman St., . . Greensburg, Westmoreland. 

Graf Brothers Company, Inc., . 36 S. Sixth St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Gragor-Connery Co., 924 Cherry St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. - 

Grantham Printing Company, Grantham, Cumberland. 

Graphic Printing Company, ... 33 E. Third St., Mount Carmel, ..... Northumberland. 

Grassmann, H. R., Cor. 5th & Race Sts., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Gray Printing Company, DuBois, Clearfield. 

Greathead, E. F., . 39 S. Tenth St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Greek Catholic Union, 500 Eighth Ave., Munhall, Allegheny. 

Greene, Washington L., Inc., . .806 Race St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Greene Company, Stephen 16th & Arch Sts Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Greensburg Publishing Co., ... 10 E. Otterman St., . . Greensburg, Westmoreland. 

Greenwood Printing Co., The, . . 1709 Sansom St., .... Philadelphia, Philadelphia, 

. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

, Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 



Greim, Harry A., 127 N. Fourth St., . .Reading Berks. 

Griffith, Wm. E., Glen Riddle, Delaware. 

Grit Publishing Co., 200-22 W. Third St.,.Williamsport, Lycoming. 

Grocers Printing Company, . . . 31-33 N. 29th St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Grossglass Printing Company, . 617 Eleventh St., Beaver Falls, Beaver. 

Grove City Publishing Co., Grove City, Mercer. 

Guarantee ^Printing Company, . 4041 Lancaster Ave., . Philadelphia, ..Philadelphia. 

Gunner & Forman 8 N. Thirteenth St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Gurney, R. T 19 S. Ninth St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Gwyer Press, The John, . . 412 Wood St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Haag, Haag & Haag, 330-32 Drexel Bldg.,. . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Haar, Rudolph H., 1029 Spring Garden Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Haas & Co., H. Ray, 312 N. Jefferson St., . . Allentown, Lehigh. 

Habgood, Ernest J., 7906 Craig St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Haines Co., Alfred E., .23 N. Sixth St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Halifax Gazette, Second St., Halifax, Dauphin. 

Hall, Henry, . Indiana, Indiana. 

Hall Printing Company Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Hallamn & Son, A. L., 38 S. Sixth St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hallowell Co., Ltd Ninth & Sansom Sts., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hallowell & West, 140 N. Sixth St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Haltnorth, O. F., 221-23 Sycamore St.,. New Castle, Lawrence. 

Hamburg Item, The, Hamburg, Berks. 

Hanover Printing Company, Hanover, York. 

Harper Printing Company, ... 1012-20 Chancellor St.,Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Harris & Partridge, 804 Sansom St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Harris Printing Company, . . . .Imperial Power Bldg.,Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Harrisburg Blue Print Co., . . .16 S. Market Square, Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

Harrold & Fernsler 45 E. Northampton Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 


Hart, Harry E., Birdsboro, Berks. 

Hart Printing Co., J. Paxton,. .1st Nat'l Bank Bldg., Wilkinsburg, Allegheny. 

Hartenstine, John, 64 E. Main St., Norristown, Montgomery. 

Hartzell Brothers, Carlisle Cumberland. 

Hathaway & Brothers, 4th & Sansom Sts., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Haywood, J. M. . 508 Butler Ave., .... Ambler, Montgomery. 

Hazzard Co., The Chill W., Main St Monongahela Washington. 

Heller Bindery, The C. F., 45-49 Reed St Reading, . . .' Berks. 

Henderson & Mong, 121 S. Main St., . . . . Chambersburg, ..... .Franklin. 

Henderson Press, The, Arrott Power Bldg.,. .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Henderson Printing Co., 135 N. Fourth St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Henry Printing Co., Chas. M., Greensburg Westmoreland. 

Hepworth & Company, B 4626 Frankford Ave., . Frankford Philadelphia. 

Herald Co., The 15-17 N. Mill St., New Castle, Lawrence. 

Herald Lithographing Co., . . . .507 French St., Erie, Erie. 

Herald Printing Company, Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Herald Printing Company, .... 807 Main St., Sharpsburg Allegheny. 

Herald Printing Company, « Mount Joy, Lancaster. 

Herald Printing Company, Shenandoah, Schuylkill. 

Herald Printing & Publishing Tenth & State Sts.. . . Erie, Erie. 


Herald Publishing Ca, 144 Main St., Jersey Shore, Lycoming. 

Herald & Times, Delta, York. 

Herbick & Held Printing Co., . . Penn Ave. & Water Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Herndon News, The, Herndon, Northumberland. 

Herr & Son, L. B., 46-48 W. King St., . .Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Herrman, C. O, Red Lion, York. 

Hess, Frank W., 1032 Lafayette St., . . Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Hess & Brother, Wm. G., 35 N. West St., Shenandoah, Schuylkill. 

Hess & Young, 31 S. Third St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Heston & Sons, David, 1525 Orthodox St., . .Frankford Philadelphia. 

Heymann Printing House, . . . .527 Callowhill St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Hickman, F. S., Gray & Church Sts., . . West Chester Chester. 

Hill Printing House, 2354 Frankford Ave. ..Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Hill Top Press, The, Walnut St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. ' 

Hill Top Record, The, Brownsville Road & Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Amanda Ave. 

Hipps, G. E., Carrolltown Cambria. 

Hipsley, B. F Ellwood City Lawrence. 

Hirado, Magyar, 4805 Second Ave., . , .Pittsburgh, , . . .Allegheny. 



Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Hirsh Printing Co., A., 416 S. Fifth St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hiscott Printing Co. 5451 Arch St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hobson Printing Company, Easton, Northampton. 

Hoeflich Printing House, 212 Dock St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hofberg, Myer, 246 Arch St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Hoke, Chas. E. & I. A., W. King St., Shippensburg Cumberland. 

Holben, Daniel D., 1035 Hamilton St., . . Allentown, . Lehigh. 

Holland, Hubert J 1413 N. Murtland St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Holland & Moyer, . .. 128 N. West St., Shenandoah, Schuylkill. 

Holman Co., A. J., 1222 Arch St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Holmes Press, The, 1336-40 Cherry St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Holzapfel Publishing Co., Cleona, Lebanon. 

Home News, The, 739 Lancaster iive., . . Bryn Mawr, Montgomery. 

Home Printery, The, 61 N. Main St., Carbondale, Lackawanna. 

Homestead Printing Company, .244 Seventh Ave., . . .Homestead Allegheny. 

Homewood Printing Company, . 7135 Kelly St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Homsher, John G., Strasburg, Lancaster. 

Hoover & Sons, Co., Jos., 450 N. 13th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hopkins Co., G. M., 138 S. Fourth St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hopper & Son, Thos. V., 825 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Horn Company, C. J., 1118-20 Chestnut St., .Erie, Erie. 

Home Printing Co., The, 728 Main St., Pennsburg, Montgomery. 

Horting & Snader, 914 Walnut St., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Horvath Printery, The 50 N. Front St., .... Steelton, Dauphin. 

Hosick, W. S Pittsburg St., Springdale, Allegheny. 

Hoskins Co., William H., 902-6 Chestnut St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hotel & Club News, 122 S. 13th St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Houtzdale Citizen, Houtzdale, Clearfield. 

Howe Addressing Company, . . .208 S. Fourth St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Huber, the Printer 107 E. Otterman St., . Greensburg, Westmoreland. 

Hubertis, Stephen, 320 Market St., Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

Huether & Co., Paul, 112 W. Park Way, . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Hughesville Mail, The, Academy St., Hughesville, Lycoming. 

Hummel, Harry E., 2832 N. Mervine St., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hummelstown Sun, The, Hummelstown, Dauphin. 

Hunter Company, Walter, .... 1524 Sansom St., .... Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Huntingdon Bank Book Co., . . . 1205 Washington St., . Huntingdon, Huntingdon. 

Huntingdon Globe, 509 Penn St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Hutchinson & Broadkent, .... 520 Walnut St., McKeesport, Allegheny. 

Illman Brothers 202 S. Ninth St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

H'Minatore Publishing Co., , . . . Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Imperial Engraving Co., 628 Chestnut St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Imperial Ruling & Binding Co., 45-46 Imperial Power Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Independent, The, Marion Center Indiana. 

Independent Company 742 Main St., Honesdale, Wayne. 

Independent Printery, Edinboro, Erie. 

Independent Printing Co Windber, Somerset. 

Independent Republican, The, Montrose, Susquehanna. 

Index Publishing Co., The, 233 Oliver Ave Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Indian Printing Co., Inc 2632 N. Fifth St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Indiana Printing & Publishing Indiana, Tndiana. 


Indiana Times, Indiana, Indiana. 

Innes & Sons, 129-35 N. 12th St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Inquirer Printing Company, . . . S. Juliana St Bedford Bedford. 

Intelligence Co., The, Doylestown, Bucks. 

Intelligencer Co., Newtown Bucks. 

Inter-Borough Press, Spring City, Chester. 

International Art Publishing 12th & Callowhill Sts., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Co., The. 

International Press, Lafavette Ave., Pittsburgh, \llegheny. 

International Printing Co., . . .88 S. 13th St Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

International Printing Co., . . . 236 Chestnut St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

International Textbook Co., . . . 434 Wvomins Ave., . . Scranton. Lackawanna. 

Interurban Printing & Pub- 118 N.' Sheridan Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

lishing Co. 

Iron City Printing Co., Inc., . .209 Ninth St., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Iron City Trades Journal Pub. Union Labor Temple, . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Italian Star Publishing Co., . . 16 E. Otterman St., . . Greensburg, Westmoreland. 

Item, The Glen Rock York. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 



Item Publishing Co., The, Sellersville, Bucks. 

Item Publishing Co., The, Mt. Carmel, Northumberland. 

Jacks, the Printer 16 S. Sixth St., Allentown Lehigh. 

Jackson, G. Wash 402 Sansom St. Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Jackson - Remlinger Printing Bindley Bldg., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Jacobi, Edward, 4th & Greene Sts., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Jacobs, Samuel, Inc., 724 Head Bldg., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Jacobs Company, The Frank D.,9th & Sansom Sts., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Jacobs & Co., Henry S., 121 N. Seventh St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Jacoby, Clarence 7 E. Chester Ave., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Jacoby, Edward, Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Jaisohn & Co., Philip, Inc., . . . 1537 Chestnut St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Jeannette Publishing Company, 227-229 S. Fourth St., Jeannette, Westmoreland. 

Jednota Printery, Middletown, Dauphin. 

Jenson Press, The, 1625 Sansom St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Jermyn Press, Jermyn, Lackawanna. 

Johnson Estate, Thomas, Lawrence & Clearfield Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Johnson & Prince, 305 Hale Bldg., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Johnsonburg Press, The, Johnsonburg, Elk. 

Johnston Co., William G., 1130 Ridge Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Johnstown Democrat Co., 329-31 Main St., Johnstown, Cambria. 

Johnstown Freie Press, 542 Main St Johnstown, Cambria. 

Johnstown Tribune Pub. Co., Johnstown, Cambria. 


Jones Bros., Olyphant, Lackawanna. 

Jones & Co!, Frederick, Inc., . . 406 Race St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Jordan, Wm. G., Athens, Bradford. 

Journal, The 223 Main St., White Haven, Luzerne. 

Journal, The, Mount Pleasant, .... Westmoreland. 

Journal Co., The, Fayette, Fayette. 

Journal Printing & Publishing 220 Third Ave., Pittsburgh, , . . Allegheny. 

Co. „ ' 

Journal Printing Co Freeport, Armstrong. \ 

Journal Publishing Co., IS W. Twelfth St., . .Erie, Erie. 

Journal Publishing Co., Annville Lebanon. 

Kalbach, Irvin S 422 Court St., Reading, Berks. 

Kane Republican Co., Chase & Boyard Sts., . Kane, .* McKean. 

Kauffman's Progressive News, . . E. Baltimore St Greencastle, Lebanon. 

Kaupp & Son, J. M., Fourth & Vine Sts.,. . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Keeler, J. V., LeRaysville Bradford. 

Kenedy, J. W.,' ....... '. 208 Huli Ave.', ...... Olyphant, Lackawanna. 

Kennedy Printing Co 20 W. Erie St., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Kennett Advance Publishing Kennett Square, Chester. 

Kensington Local Printing 2535 Kensington Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

House. „ ., , , , . 

Kent Co., Wilson G 1231 St. James St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kerr & Brother, J. R., 458-62 E. King St.,. . Chambersburg, Franklin 

Kessler Printing Co., 2659 N. Fifth St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Ketterlinus Lithographic Mfg. Fourth & Arch Sts.,. . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Keystone Consolidated Pub. Co.,302 Penn Ave., Pittsburgh, illegheny. 

Keystone Gazette, Bellefonte, Centre. 

Keystone Printed Specialties 323 Pear St., Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Keystone" Printing Co. of Pitts- Penn Ave. & Water Pittsburgh, Vllegheny. 

burgh. St. T ,. 

Keystone Printing Co., 1075 Phila. St., Indiana, Indiana. _ 

Keystone Printing Co., 915 Sansom St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Keystone Printing Co., Warren, Warren. 

Keystone Printing Co., New Kensington Westmoreland. 

Keystone Printing & Binding 2 Aberdeen St., Harrisburg, Dauphin. 


Keystone Variety Works, Hanover, York. 

Kinsloe Printing Co., 44 N. Fourth St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kittanning Free Press Market St., Kittanning, . ■ Irmstrong. 

Kittanning Tribune, The Kittanning, Vrmstrong. 

Klozbaugh & Co., 122 Fourth Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Knapp, H. C 3521 Butler St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Knauss, O. P., Macungie, Lehigh. 


% Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. 'County. 


Knecht, -W. F., - Tower City, Schuylkill. 

Knerr Printing Company, 20 S. Eighth St., Allentown Lehigh. 

Knox, I. H., Waynesburg, Greene. 

Knox' Herald, The Knox, Clarion. 

Koch, Wm. L 20 E. Front St., Oil City, Venango. 

Kocher, John E Zelienople Butler. 

Koehler-Schadt Printing Co., 122-28 Dix St., Scranton, Lackawanna. 


Kraemer & Company, 114 Market St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kraemer, Adolph, 236 N. Ninth St., Reading, Berks. 

Kreps & Waters, West Newton, Westmoreland. 

Kretschman, C. B., . . .' 134 S. Clifton St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kuehnert, Geo. C, • ■ 135 N. McDonald St., McDonald Washington. 

Kuhns, Thomas J., 301 Sandusky St., . . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Kunz Co., The J. B., Huntingdon, Huntingdon. 

Kurtz Brothers, Reed St., Clearfield, Clearfield. 

Kurtz & Co., Stephen J., 615-17 Ranstead St.,. . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kurtz Printing Co., 203 Brush ton Ave., . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Kurzenknabe, Harrv J., Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

Kutztown Publishing Co., The Kutztown, .Berks. 

Kyle Printing Company 140 S. George St., . . . York, York. 

LaBarre Printing Company, . .Delaware Ave. & Sec- West Pittston Luzerne. 

ond St. 

Labor World Publishing Co., . . 220 Third Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. • 

Lackawanna Printing Co., . . . .230 Spruce St., Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Lackawanna Publishing Co., ..309-11 Washington Scranton, Lackawanna. 


Lake Shore News, North Girard, Erie. 

Lamb, Geo. B., 4543 Lancaster Ave., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Lancaster Inquirer, Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Landis, A. F., 210 Fourth St., Jeannette, Westmoreland. 

Langdon Brothers, Youngsville, Warren. 

Lansdale Republican,"" Broad St., Lansdale Montgomery. 

Lappen, Walter, 420 Sansom St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Larkin Printing Co., 3450 Penn Ave Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Larzelere & Co., S. M., 217 Walnut St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Lasher, George F., 14' i N. 10th St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Latin- American Press The, »..1129 Christian St., ..Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Latin Press Printing Co 336 W. Girard Ave., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Latrobe Printing & Pub. Co., . .1305 Ligonier St., . . .Latrobe, Westmoreland. 

Laverty, J. M 1228 Wilbert St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Lawrence Publishing Co., 261-63 S. Third St.,. . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Lawyers' Book Printing Co., . .804 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Leader, The, .' Lansford, Carbon. 

Leader Dispatch Co., The, Galeton, Potter. 

Leader Printing Co., 83 Fraley St., Kane, McKean. 

Leader Printing & Publishing 221 Franklin St., .... Johnstown, Cambria. 

Leader Publishing Co., . . .431 Fifth Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Leader Publishing Co. . . . 38 N. Market St Lancaster Lancaster. 

Leader Publishing Co., 631 Hamilton St Allentown, Lehigh. 

Leader Publishing Co., The, . . .519 N. Rock St., Shamokin, Northumberland. 

Leather, John A., 2 Dean Block, New Castle, Lawrence. 

Lebanon News Publishing Co.,. 24-26 S. Eighth St.,. . Lebanon, Lebanon. 

Lee Wm F R. D. No. 2 South Bethlehem Northampton. 

Leet, George E., 1413 State St., Erie, Erie. 

Legal Intelligencer W. End Trust Bldg.,. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Legal Publishing Co., The, . . . Cor. Elmira & Bridge Athens, Bradford. 


Lehigh Printing Co., 1832-34 W. Norris St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Lehigh ton Press, The, 131 N. First St., Lehighton, SfF^ ?. _ 

Lehman & Bolton, Inc., 525 Arch St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Lehrfeld Printing Co., 408 Cherry St.. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Leigh Printing Co., W. C 1511 Seventh Ave., . . Beaver Falls, leaver. 

Leitenberger, J. E., 415 Main St., Johnstown, Cambria. 

Leonhardt & Son, Theo., 123-25 S. Fifth St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Lesher J C Mauch Chunk Carbon. 

Lesher'& Son. J. G Huntingdon, Huntingdon. 

Levis Seth Pancoast 1621 Sansom St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Lewis Co., R. T., 500 Phipps Power Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Lewis Printing Co. 443 N .Third St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Lewis Printing House, 2323 Jasper St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Lewisburg Journal, The, Lewisburg, Union. 

Liberty Show Printing Co., ...703 Phipps Power Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Ligonier Echo, The, Ligonier, Westmoreland. 

"Lilly Printing Co., Lilly, Cambria. 

Lindborn Printing Co., 226 Sixth St., McKeesport, Allegheny. 

Lindell, N. Edwin, Comly & Hagerman Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Lionhardt & Son, Theo., 123-25 S. Fifth St.,. . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Lippincott Company, J. B. 227-31 S. Sixth St.,. . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Lit Brothers, ...-..' Eighth & Market Sts., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Lithuanian Socialist Federation 229 N. Sixth St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

of America. 

Liverpool Sun, The, Liverpool, Perry. 

Lock Haven Express Printing Lock Haven, Clinton. 


Longhead & Co., 114 S. Seventh St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Lotz, Conrad, 221 Sprun St., Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Lowengard, H. & L., 320 Market St., Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

Lowing, S. W., Linesville, Crawford. 

Ludwig Printing House, 2309 South St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Luft Co., H., 612 Chestnut St., .... Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

L'Union des Travouilleurs Pub- 807 Fallowfield Ave., . Charleroi, Washington. 

lishing Company. 
Lutheran Publication Society, Cor. Ninth & Sansom Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

The. Sts. 

Lutz Printing Co., York, York. 

Luzerne County Express, 174 S. Main St., .... Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Lykens Standard, Lykens, Dauphin. 

Lyman Brothers, 87 Bridge St., Tunkhannock, Wyoming. 

Lynch's Sons, Robert E., Dramond & Howard Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Lyon & Armor, 7th & Cherry Sts., . . . Philadelphia, . Philadelphia. 

McCabe, Anna J., 141 N. Seventh St.,. . Philadelphia, ....... Philadelphia. 

McCandless-Yoeum, 1217 Market St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

McCarty, Daniel & Son, Seventh & State Sts.,. Erie, Erie. 

McClain & Son, T. W., Mercer Mercer. 

McCloy Company, A. W., 842-44 Liberty Ave.,. . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

McClung Printing Co., Brady Bldg Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

McClure Plain Dealer, McClure Snyder. 

McCreve & Company, J. P., . . .122 N. Sheridan Ave., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

McCullough, John B., 1511 Federal St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

McDevitt, John J., Bryn Mawr . Montgomery. 

McElvany & Company, 705 Liberty Ave Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

McFadden, J. B., Osceola Mills Clearfield. 

McFarland Co., J. Horace 200 Crescent St., .... • Iarrisburg, Dauphin. 

McFetridge & Son, John R., . ,.927 Arch St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

McGaw Printing Co., 505 S. Main St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

McGinty, Bernard, 31 E. State St., Doylestown . Bucks. 

McKay, David, 804 Washington Sq.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

McKean County Miner, Smethport, McKean. 

McKeesport Times Co 622-24 Walnut St., . . McKeesport, Allegheny. 

McMahon Brothers, 240 Diamond St., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

MeManus & Co;, F.. Jr., 21 N. Sixth St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

McMillin Printing Co., James, . Pcnna. Ave. & Bar- Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

beau St. 

McMurray & Sons, John, Brookville, Jefferson. 

McNamara, James J., 1224 N. 19th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

McPherson Printing Co., 205 Market St Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

MacCalla & Co., Inc 237 Dock St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

MacDonald, Doan & Young, 1336 Cherry St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 


MacGregor-Cutler Printing Co., 5 Parke Place Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

MacVay Printing Co., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Machine Composition Co., :...145 N. Seventh St.,. . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Madera. Hustler, The, Madera Clearfield. 

Magee Printing Co., 130 S. Ninth St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Magil's Printing & Publishing 716 S. Fifth St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

House, Joseph. 

Mahaffey Times, The Mahaffey Clearfield. 

Mahanoy American, Mahanoy City, Schuylkill. 

Mail Printing Co., 229 W. Penn Ave., . . Warren, Warren. 


Name and Industry. Address. . City or Town. County. 


Mail Publishing Company, . . . .211 Fifth St Charleroi, Washington. 

Maiswinkle Printing Co., 1502 E. Passyunk Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

• Ave. 

Malcomson, Wm. J., 350 N. Fifth St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Manaylovich, Nicholas, 726 Buttonwood St., . . South Bethlehem, . . . Northampton. 

Manayunk Review, 4412 Main St., Manayunk, Philadelphia. 

Mann Company, William, Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Mann Printing Co., Sig. C, . . .1446 N. Perth Ave.,. . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Manning, Chas. L., 1007 W. Oakdale St., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Mansfield Advertiser, L2 N. Main St., Mansfield, Tioga. 

Mansfield Co., M. W., 104 W. Fifth St., . . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Maple Press Company, The, . . . 212-18 York St., York, York. 

Mapleton Item, ., Mapleton Depot Huntingdon. 

Marcus & Co., Inc., 1303 Market St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Mardorff Printing Co Brownsville Fayette. 

Marietta Times, The, W. Market St Marietta, Lancaster. 

Market Review Publishing Co.,. Union Stock Yards, . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Marley Co., The Wm 712 Cherry St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Martin, C. R. New Holland, Lancaster. 

Marysville Printing Co., The .Marysville, Perry. 

Mathias & Company, A. H., . . .218 Diamond St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Matz, Wm. J., 802 East St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Mauger, V. H Bangor, Northampton. 

Mayer Publishing & Printing 231 Collins Ave Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Co., Inc. 

Meadville Messenger Printing Meadville, Delaware. 


Meinel, Robert T., 311 W. York St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Meisner & Rogers, Gazette Times Bldg., . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Mellon, William J., 43 N. Ninth St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Mellor Printing Co., 1034-36 Fairmount Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Mellor & Sons, John. 126 46th St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Melvin Brothers, Claysville Washington. 

Mennonite Publishing House, Scottdale, Westmoreland. 

Mercer Dispatch, The Mercer, Mercer. 

Messenger Publishing Co., Inc., . 139 E. Eighth Ave.,. . Homestead, Allegheny. 

Messenger Publishing Co Indiana, Indiana. 

Methodist Protestant Board of 219 Federal St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Meyersdale Commercial, The, Meyersdale, Somerset. 

Meyersdale Republican, Meyersdale Somerset. 

Middletown Journal Middletown, Dauphin. 

Middletown Press, The, Catherine & Wilson Middletown Dauphin. 


Mifflinburg Telegraph, The, . . .Chestnut St., Mifflinburg Union. 

Migeot, John D., 44 N. Fourth St., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Milford Dispatch, Milford, Pike. 

Miller, M. E., 200 S. Centre St., . . . Pottsville, Schuylkill. 

Miller Blank Book Co., Fred. 28 W. Fourth St., . . . Wiiliamsport, .Lycoming. 


Miller Brothers 1225 ' Franklin St., . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Miller, Printing Co., Harry J., 241-249 Buttonwood Reading, Berks. 


Miller, Pyle & Graham, New Castle, Lawrence. 

Millheim Journal, Millheim Centre. 

Milligan & Company, 4442 Main St. Manayunk, Philadelphia. 

Milner, T. J., 1615 Moyamensing Philadelphia Philadelphia. 


Miltonian Printing Co., Bound Ave., Milton, Northumberland. 

Milukas & Co., A., 3654 Richmond St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Miner's Journal & Newspaper 213-15 S. Centre St., Pottsville, Schuylkill. 


Minter Company, The, 110 N. Second St., . . Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

Mirror Printing Co., 1000 Green Ave., .... Altoona, Blair. 

Mirror Publishing Co., Inc., . .221 Penn Ave Warren, Warren. 

Mission Manufacturing Co., The,74-76B Charlotte St., Pottstown, Montgomery. 

Model Printing Company, 103 Glenside Ave., . . . Glenside Montgomery. 

Modern Printing & Publishing 1626 S. Fifth St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Mohr, Luther S., 815 Greenwich St., . . Reading, Berks. 

Monessen News, The, 750 Dormer Ave., . . .Monessen, Westmoreland. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Continued. I, 

Monongahela Times Publishing .- Moncmgahela, Washington. 


Monroe Publishing Co 14 N. Seventh St., . . Stroudsburg, Monroe. 

Monteith & Boettner, 707 Filbert St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Montgomery, A. F., 133 N. Franklin St., Washington, Washington. 

Montgomery Mirror, Main St Montgomery, Lycoming. 

Monthly Record Publishing Co.,7206 Kelly St. Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Montrose Democrat, Montrose, Susquehanna. 

Moore, J. Thomas, Franklin, Venango. 

Moore Brothers, 1627 S. 20th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Moore Company, C. R., 1-2-3 Barker Place, . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Moorhead, A. S. & A. R., Indiana, Indiana. 

Moorhead & Son; Joseph, ... .40 N. Spring St., .... Blairsville, Indiana. 

Moorhead Publishing Co., . . . .225 Fourth Ave., . . . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Morgan & Guckert, . Anott Power Bldg.,. -Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Morning News, '. Danville, Montour. 

Morning Republican, The, . . . .418 Market St., Chester, Delaware. 

Morrow & Son, John, 1230 Penna. Ave., . . .Pittsburgh, . . Allegheny. 

Mortheimer & Son, G. W., 178 S. First 'St Lehighton, Carbon. 

Moser, E. S., Collegeville, Montgomery. 

Moses Brothers, 209 Main St Cambridge Springs, .' . Crawford. 

Motion Picture Program Co., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Mott, Kiah C, Meshoppen Wyoming. 

Mount Jewett Herald Mt. Jewett, McKean. 

Mount Joy Bulletin, E. Main St Mount Joy, Lancaster. 

Mount Union Times, The, Mount Union, Huntingdon. 

Mount Washington News, The, 70 Southern Ave Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Mountainer Herald . . . Ebensburg, Cambria. 

Moyer & Lesher 223 E. Girard Ave.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Moyer & Lotter 2802 N. Park Ave., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Mueller Brothers, 1129 Oxford St., . . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Muncy Luninary, Main. St Muncy, Lycoming. 

Munn's Carbondale Review, . .71-73 Salem Ave., . . .Carbondale Lackawanna. 

Murdoch & Co., D. K 800 E. Diamond St.,. .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Murdoch, Kerr & Co., Inc Strawberry & Cherry Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Murphy Co., John P., 227 S. Fifth St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Murphy's Sons Co. Wm. F. . .509 Chestnut St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Murray Brothers, Titusville, Crawford. 

Murrelle Printing Co., 205 W. Lockhart St., Sayre Bradford. 

Muth Printing Co., 119 N. Ninth St., . . .Lebanon, Lebanon. 

Myers Manufacturing Co 1125-27 N. Third St., Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

Myers Printing Co., 6309 Broad St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Myers & Shinkle Co., The, 633 Liberty Ave Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Naly, P. O., 433 Fourth Ave Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Nanticoke Job Printery, Nanticoke, Luzerne. 

National Coopers' Journal, The,820 Witherspoon Bldg.Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

National Glass Budget, 426 Fourth Ave., .... Pittsburgh, ......... Allegheny. 

National Herald, Inc., ...... .611 The Bourse Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

National Labor Tribune, 434 Diamond St., .... Pittsburgh, . .*. Allegheny. 

National Printing Co., 711 Penn Ave. Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

National Printing & Binding Union City, Erie. 


National Publishing Co., 239-243 S. American Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


National Ticket Co., Pearl & Webster Sts., Shamokin Northumberland. 

National Union Fire Insurance 501 Bindley Bldg., . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Naylor Printing & Publishing . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 


Neeb-Hirsch Publishing Co., . .516 Grant St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

New Era Printing Co., The, . .39-41 N. Queen St.,. .Lancaster, Lancaster. 

New Era Printing House, State Road, Tacony ) Philadelphia. 

New Milford Advertiser New Milford, Susquehanna. 

New Oxford Item, .Lincoln Way New Oxford Adams. 

New York & Philadelphia Pub- 1011 S. Eighth St., . . Philadelphia, ...... .Philadelphia. 

lishmg Co. 

News Co., The, Sycamore St. & Apple New Castle Lawrence. 


News Gleaner, 4677 Frankford Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

News Printing uompany 210 Fourth Ave Tarentum, Alleghenv. 

JNews Publishing Company, ...Pittsburgh & Peter Uniontown, Fayette. 



Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 



News Publishing Co 420 Main St., Slatington, Lehigh. 

News Publishing Co., Inc., The,. Uniontown, Fayette. 

News Publishing & Printing 701-3 N. Rock St Shamokin, Northumberland. 

Co., Inc. 

News-Record Publishing Co., . .N. Fourth St., Apollo, Armstrong. 

News-Tribune Printing Co., Wilmerding, Allegheny. 

Nicholson Printing Co., 322 Third Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Nicholson Record, State St., Nicholson, Wyoming. 

Niles Press, The, S. E. Cor. Ninth & Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Sansom Sts. 
Nittany Printing & Publishing State College, Centre. 


Noel Printing Co., 112 N. Seventh St., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Noonan, Jas. T 701 State St., Erie, Erie. 

Nord Americka Printing House,1006 N. Fifth St., . .. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Norristown Herald, Norristown Montgomery. 

North American Co., The, . . . .Broad & Sansom Sts., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

North Cambria News Hastings Cambria. 

North East Advertiser, .' . . . .North East Erie. 

North Wales Record, - North Wales, Montgomery. 

Northeast Philadelphia Banner,3014 Kensington Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Northern Printing House, ....510 W. Susquehanna Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Notes Publishing & Printing 16 N. Jefferson Ave., Canonsburg Washington. 


Nowaczyk, Stephen M., 3022 Richmond St.,. . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Nupp Printing Co Sykesville, . .Jefferson. 

Nuss, Norman B., 137 S. Main St North Wales, Montgomery. 

Oakmont Herald, 657 Fifth St., Oakmont, Allegheny. 

O'Brien, John J., 426 French St., Erie, Erie- 
Observer Publishing Co., 77 S. Main St., Washington, Washington. 

O'Farrell, John, 1630 S. Tenth St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Oil City Blizzard, The, Centre St., Oil City, Berks. 

Old English Printing Co., 702 Arch St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Oldknow Printing Company, . .1008 W. York St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Olney Print Shop, The, 408 Somerville Ave., . . Olney Philadelphia. 

Omeis Printing Co., Inc 210 Third Ave Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Ormiston-Dick Co., Point Bldg., Penn Ave. Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Oser Brother G26 S. Third St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Oswayo Valley Mail, Shinglehouse, Potter. 

Otto- Jones Company, 2719 N. Reese St., . . . Philadelphia, . Philadelphia. 

Owen & Co., B. F., 517 Court St Reading Berks. 

Oxford Printing Co 210 S. Fifth St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Oxford Printing Co.. The, 105 S. Third St., . . .Oxford Chester. 

Palmer Co., John T S. W. Cor. Fifth & Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Locust Sts. 

Palmerton Printing Co., Palmerton Carbon. 

Pancoast, Olin T., 2204 W. Third St., . . Chester, Delaware. 

Paret Co., Edward S., 210 S. Fifth St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Park, John Crawford. . . 20 W. Stockton Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Parthemore Company, The, . . .21 N. Third St., . . . .Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

Passmore, Clarence, 1238 Market St. Harrisburg Dauphin. 

Patriot Co., The, . . .~ 11 N. Second St., . . . Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

"Patryota," 2660 Richmond St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Patterson Printing House, .... 1840 Market St., .... Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Patterson & White Co., 140 N. Sixth St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Payne, Fred. W., Plymouth, Luzerne. 

Peace, George H., 202 N. 13th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Pearl-Pressman Company, .... 611-613 Sansom St.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Peck, B. W., McConnellsburg, Fulton. 

Peck & Schryer, 531 Commerce St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Peckville Journal, Peckville, Lackawanna. 

Peerless Printing Co.. 603 Chestnut St., .... Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Pengelly & Brother, Edward, . . 635 Court St., Reading, Berks. 

Penn Printing Co., 635 Wood Way Braddock, Allegheny. 

Penn Printing House, 122 N. Seventh St., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Penn Show Print, 605 Sansom St., .... Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Pennsylvania Music Lithograph-144 N. 13th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

ing Co. 

Pennsylvania Printing Co., . . . 3451 Woodland Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Penron & Brother, Wm. A., . .400 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

People's Advocate and Press, New Bloomfield, .... Perry. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Pepper & Son, J. W 33d & Walnut Sts., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Perley, Harriet M., 1222 Arch St., . .. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Perry Co. Times, The New Bloomfield Perry. 

Peterman, A. J., New Cumberland, . . .Cumberland. 

Peters, H. O., "Advance," Rural Valley, Armstrong. 

Peters Brothers, 530 Locust St Philadelphia, . Philadelphia. 

Philadelphia Inquirer Co., The, 1109-11-13 Market St.,Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Philadelphia Printing & Pub- 612 Chestnut St., ...Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

lishing Co. 
Philadelphia Tageblatt Publish- 107 N. Sixth St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

ing Co. 

Philadelphia Tribune 526 S. 16th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Philipsburg Ledger Co., Philipsburg, Centre. 

Phillips Supply House, H. G Williamsport, Lycoming. 


Phoenixville Publishing Co., . . .167 Bridge St., Phoenixville, Chester. 

Pierpont, Siviter & Co., 119 Shady Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Pike County Press Milf ord, Pike. 

Piles Sons, William H., 422 Walnut St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Pilger Publishing House 144 N. Sixth St Reading Berks. 

Pitcairn Express Pitcairn, Allegheny. 

Pittsburgh Bulletin, 209 Ninth St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Pittsburgh Chronicle Telegraph Gazette Square, .... Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Publishing Co. 

Pittsburgh Gazette Times, .... Gazette Square, .... Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Pittsburgh Legal Journal, 407-9 Grant St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Pittsburgh Linotypesetting Co., 422 First Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Pittsburgh Observer, 336 Third St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Pittsburgh Printing Co., 518-20 Seventh Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Pittston Gazette, .Broad St Pittston Luzerne. 

Plain Speaker, The, Hazleton, Luzerne. 

Plaindealer* Publishing Co., Great Bend, Susquehanna. 

Piatt, Charles P., Gallitzin, Cambria. 

Polish National Publishing Co., 1002 Pittston Ave., . . Scranton Lackawanna. 

Polish Printing and Publishing 2813-19 Penn Ave., . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Polish Weekly Press, 175 S. Penna. Ave., . . Wilkes-Barre, TLuzerne. 

Polk & Co., R. L., 1331 Fifth Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Polycraft Press, The, 3301 Haverford Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Polyglot Press Association, Inc.,127-133 Forest Court, Scranton, ....:■ Lackawanna. 

Pomerantz & Co., A., 1525 Chestnut tot Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Port Allegany Argus, Arnold Ave. & Main Port Allegany, McKean. 


Port Royal Times, The, Port Royal, Juniata. 

Portage News Printing Co., Portage, Cambria. 

Post Publishing Co., The, 612 Wood St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Potter Democrat Coudersport, Potter. 

Pottstown Blade, The, Pottstown, Montgomery. 

Pottstown Daily News Publish- 17 N. Hanover St., . . Pottstown, Montgomery. 

Co., Inc., The. 

Pottsville Republican, 113-117 Mahantongo Pottsville, Schuylkill. 


Power, M. H 1110 Sansom St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Prendergast, Robert E., 229-231 Washington Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Presbyterian Banner PublishingH9 Federal St., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Co., The. - 

Presbyterian Publishing Co., . .1217 Market St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Press, The, Main St., Freeland, Luzerne. 

Press Company, The, 700 Chestnut St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Press Publishing Company, ...228 Oliver Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Press Publishing Co St. Marys, Elk. 

Press Publishing Co., The, . . .38 Crystal St E. Stroudsbur?, Monroe. 

Press, The Sterling 152 N. Fifth St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Presto Printing Co., 2502 Brownsville Rd., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Priestley Printers, The, 1312 Sansom St Philadelphia, , Philadelphia. 

Printer's Finishing House, 816-818 Cherry St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Progress, The, Darby, Delaware. 

Progress Publishing Co., 11 Canal St., Greenville, Mercer. 

Progressive Composition Co.. . .804-6 Sansom St., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Progressive Publishing Co., Inc., Clearfield, Clearfield. 

Prosvita Publishing Co., McKeesport, . Allegheny. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Providence Register, 1812 N. Main Ave., . . Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Pryce Printing Co., 116 S. Meadow Lane, Connellsville Fayette. 

Public Ledger Co., 600 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia.' 

Public Opinion Co., The," 22 Lincoln Way West.Ckambersburg, Franklin. 

Public Spirit, Market St., Clearfield Clearfield. 

Publishing House of the United Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

Evangelical Church. 

Punxsutawney Press, The, Punxsutawney, Jefferson. 

Quaker Printing Co., 150 N. Sixth St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Quality Print Shop, 113 S. Ninth St., .... Lebanon, Lebanon. 

Quality Print Shop 1914 Main St., Northampton, Northampton. 

Quarryville Sun, The, • Quarryville, Lancaster. 

Quinlin Printing Co., 319 New St., S. Bethlehem, Northampton. 

Quinn, Chas. S 202 N. 13th St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Raab & Brother, Wm. H., Lincoln St Johnstown, Cambria. 

Raeder Blank Book Lithograph-16-18 N. Franklin St., Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

ing & Printing Co., The. 

Raftsman Journal, Clearfield, Clearfield. 

Railway Printing Co Williamsport, Lycoming. 

Ramsey Co., The L. S., ..... .24 N. Seventh St., . . .Reading '.Berks. 

Raseley Printing House, Berwick, • ■ • Columbia. 

Rauch, L. L., Mauch Chunk, Carbon. 

Ray-Clough Printing Co., Clarion, • • -Clarion. 

Reader & Son, F. S New Brighton, Beaver. 

Reading Blue Print & Supply 30 N. Sixth St., Reading, Berks. 


Reading Eagle Co., 542 Penn St., Reading Berks. 

Herald, Reading, The 13 N. Fifth St., Reading, Berks. 

Reading Printing Co., 6th & Walnut Sts.,. . Reading, Berks. 

Record, The Farmers & Mechanics West Chester, Chester. 

Trust Bldg. 

Record Printing Co., 233 Lafayette St., . . . Tamaqua, Schuylkill. 

Record Publishing Co., The, Mahanoy City, Schuylkill. 

Record Publishing Co., 1034 Fifth Ave., Coraopolis, Allegheny. 

Becord Publishing Company, West Chester Chester. 

Record Publishing Company, Erie, Erie. 

Record Publishing Co., The, . .144 W. Otterman St., Greensburg, Westmoreland. 

Record Publishing Company, 917 Chestnut St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Recorder Printery, River St Roulette, Potter. 

Recorder Publishing Company, 64 Fayette St., Conshohocken Montgomery. 

Redfield Co., Scott F., Smethport, McKean. 

Reed, J. W., Houtzdale Clearfield. 

Reed & Walling Printing Co.„ 610 Wood St., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Reeder, W. F .2200 Morris St., Philadelphia, .Philadelphia. 

Reeser Bros. & Co., 305 Adams Ave Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Register Printing Co., Hollidaysburg, Blair. 

Rehrig Printing Co., 101 S. Sixth St., Allentown, Lehigh. 

Reichert & Co., Wm. H., ... .4412 Main St Manayunk Philadelphia. 

Report Publishing Co., 41 N. Ninth St Lebanon, Lebanon. 

Republican, The, Bellefonte, Centre. 

Republican Advocate Publish- 9 Queen St., Wellsboro, Tioga. 

ing Co., Inc. 

Republican Printing Co., Everett, Bedford. 

Republican Printing Co., 314-16 Main St., .... Irwin Westmoreland. 

Rettew Printing Co., 420 Franklin St Reading, Berks. 

Retzer Printing Co., C. N., Connecticut Ave. & Rochester, Beaver. 

Reno St. 
Review Publishing & Printing 4th & Locust Sts., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Reynolds & Son, James G., ..240-242 N. Third St.,* Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Rhen Printing & Publishing 147 N. Eighth St Lebanon, Lebanon. 

Co., The. 

Rhode Co., William S Kutztown Berks. 

Rialto Printing Co., 214 N. Eighth St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Rialto Printing Company 1231 Vine St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Richter Printing Co., ... .114 Market St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Ridgway Publishing Co., 204-6 Main St., Ridgway, Elk. 

Riegelsville News. The, Riegelsville Bucks. 

Riegert, Charles F 66 N. Fourth St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Rising & Radcliffe 218 Third Ave Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Robbins, Cbas. H., . 125-127 S. 11th St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Roberts & Son, Horace E 220 S. Third St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Roberts Printing Co., 2100-2 Sarah St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Robison, Fred- P Curwensville, Clearfield. 

Robinson Print Shop, Grove City, Mercer. 

Robinson Publishing Co., .York Road, Hatboro, Montgomery. 

Rocket Printing Co., Main St., Wyalusing Bradford. 

Rodgers Printing Co., Main St Irwin, Westmoreland. 

Rogers, Lewis K., 1907 Filbert St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Rogers, C. N. Co., 20 E. Lacock St., . . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Rollman Press, The, 527 Penn St., Reading, ?, e , rk ?- 

Romagnolo, Peter, 619 Webster Ave., . . . Pittsburgh, ^, • < ^ gll 1 e ! iy ,- • 

Roop, Joseph L., 5838 Germantown Philadelphia Philadelphia. 


Roschie, O. R., Inc., 422 First Ave., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Roscoe Ledger Roscoe, Washington. 

Roth, William G., 305 W. Susquehanna Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Royal Printing Co., 148 n! Sixth St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Royer, John R., 113 N. Plum St Lancaster k a ?, c ^ st , e ^ ■ 

Rumble, Francis M 148-150 N. Sixth St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Rupert, J. L., 717 Mifflin St., Huntingdon, Huntingdon. 

Rupert & Son, Jam s E 217 Main St Conneautville Crawford. 

"Rush" Printery, The, 1035 Wood Ave Easton, Northampton. 

Ruth & Baer, Imperial Power Bldg., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Ruthenian National Unicri, . . .524 Olive St. Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Sallade, John J Womelsdorf, Berks. 

Saltsburg Weekly Press. r l h , Saltsburg, Indiana.. 

Samuel, Gus, Orwigsburg, Schuylkill. 

Sanborn & Temple Lansdale, Montgomery. 

Sanders Printing Co., Y. M. C. A. Bldg., . . . Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Sandy Lake Breeze, The, . . '. Sandy Lake, Mercer. 

Saturday Journal, The, / 342 Brighton Ave., . .Rochester Beaver. 

Saturday News Publislr'ng C\, Lewisburg Union. 

Saunders Company, W. i ., . . .W. Washington Sq.,. . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Saxton Herald, The, Saxton Bedford. 

Sayre Printing Co., -. . Sayre, Bradford. 

Scattergood Co., H. \V 1722-28 W. Venango Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

% St 

Schiess, L. T., 627 Greendale & Edge- Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

wood Sts. 

Schindler, Hpnry J Warren Warren. 

Schlechter, Wm. F., 540 Hamilton St Allentown, Lehigh. 

Scholl Lithographing Co., 139 W. Fourth St., . . Williamsport Lycoming. 

Schuyler Printing Co., Lewisburg, ........ .Union. 

Schwalm Printing Co., 722 Anderson Ave., . . New Kensington, Westmoreland. 

Schwarz, Karl, 333 Orchard Place, . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Scottdale Independent, Scottdale, Westmoreland. 

Scottdale Observer, Scottdale, Westmoreland. 

Scranton Journal 730 Pittston Ave Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Scranton Lithographing C .,1014-16 Monsey Ave., Scranton, Lackawanna. 


Scranton Printing Co., 127-133 Forest Court, Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Scranton Times. The Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Scrantonian Publishing Co.,217-219 Spruce St., . . Scranton, Lackawanna. 


Searle & Dressier Co., Inc 1210-10* Turner St., Allentown, Lehigh. 

Seiders, J. F., Arch St", Pottsville, Schuylkill. 

Seiger, Joseph, 7 Miller St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Selak & Bros., 117 S. Duke £t York, York 

Selinsgrove Times, Th:\ Selinsgrove, Snyder. 

Sellersville Herald, Sellersville, Bucks. 

Semi-Weekly News Huntingdon, Huntingdon. 

Seneca Kicker, The, Seneca, Venango. 

Sentinel & Advertiser Manheim, Lancaster. 

Sentinel Printing Co 440 Washington St... .Reading, Berks. 

Sentinel Publishing House, . . . Court House Ave., . . . Bloomsburg, Columbia. 

Sentinel Publishing Company, . .Warren Ave., Apollo, Armstrong. 

Sentinel Publishing Company,. .Mechanic St., Spartansburg Crawford. 

Sentinel Publishing Co., Union St., California Washington. 

Shaffer, W. G 2338 N. 26th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Shapiro, Joseph, 327 N. Eighth St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 



Sharon Herald Publishing Co., Chestnut St., Sharon, Mercer. 


Sharon Telegraph, The, 20 S. Dock St., Sharon, . Mercer. 

Shaw Brothers, 62 Imperial Power Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Shaw Co., H. W., 129 W. Third St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Shaw Printing Co., 2152 E. Norris St., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Shelley Co., The, 62-64 W. Hamilton York York. 


Sheridan Co., P. H., 210 N. Broad St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Sherman & Co., 124 N. Seventh St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Sherrerd Brothers, 238 Ionic St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Shick, M. H . . Sheffield, . Warren. 

Shimp & Son, Aquila S., 203 Quarry St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Shippensburg Printing Co., Inc.,10-20 S. Earl St., . . . Shippensburg, Cumberland. 

Shoener, J. T., Shamokin, Northumberland. 

Shornhorst Co., G. H., 218 Fourth Avenue,. . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Shortz, R. P., 608 S. 60th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Sickler Company, A. H., 514-20 Ludlow St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Signal Light Printing Co 700 Prospect St., York York. 

Simpson Printing Co., Jas. N.,. Imperial Power Bldg.,Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Simpsons Publishing Co., Market St Kittanning, Armstrong. 

Slavonic & English Printing Co., 1001 Mfgs. Bldg., . . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Sleppy Printing Co., Commonwealth Bldg., Butler, Butler. 

Slevin, Julian B., 1027 Race St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Smith, J. L., 27 S. Sixth St Philadelphia, , Philadelphia. 

Smith, Percy F., 436 Forth Ave., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Smith, Thomas G., 210 S. Fifth St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Smith, W. O., 85 E. High St., Red Lion, York. 

Smith & Bailey, Centre Hall, Centre. 

Smith Brothers Co., Inc 407-09 Grant St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Smith-Edwards Company 129 N. Twelfth St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Smith Printing Co., Inc., The,. .228 Pine St., Williamsport, Lycoming. 

Smith Printing Company, 237 Dock St. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Snook & Levengood, Richland, Lebanon. 

Snyder, Edwin C, 708 Hamilton St., . . . Allentown, Lehigh. 

Snyder, L. A : Fullerton, Lehigh. 

Snyder Printing Co., C. W., . . 19 W. Third St., . . . .Williamsport, Lycoming. 

Somerset County Leader, Rockwood, Somerset. 

Somerset County Star, Elk Lick, Somerset. 

Somerset Herald, The, Somerset, Somerset. 

South, H. B 601 Walnut St., McKeesport, Allegheny. 

South Fork Record South Fork, Cambria. 

Southern B. B. Company, .... 54 N, Sixth St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Sowers Printing Company Lebanon, .- Lebanon. 

Spangler Publishing Company, Spangler Cambria. 

Spare Moments Publishing Co., Penn & Green Sts., . . Allentown Lehigh. 


Spence, John W., 101-3 S. Front St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Spencer, John, 517-19 Edgmont Ave., Chester, Delaware. 

Spencer Brothers, Printers, Honesdale, Wayne. 

Spencer & Company, James, . . 22 N. Sixth St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Spirit Publishing Co., The, . . .N. Findley St., Punxsutawnev .Jefferson. 

Spitzer, William, 1423 Colvell St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Splane & Armstrong, 3301 Frankford Ave., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Spring Grove Ripplet, Spring Grove, York. 

Spy Publishing Company, Columbia, Lancaster. 

Square Printing Co., The, ... .46 Public Square, . . .Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Stackpole Brothers, Lewistown, Mifflin. 

Standard, The, Somerset Somerset. 

Standard Home Sunnlv Co., . . . Penn & Green Sts* . .Allentown, Lehigh. 

Standard Press, 122 W. Twelfth St., . . Erie, Erie. 

Star Printing Company Turtle Creek, Allegheny. 

Star Printing Company, 1307 Eleventh St., . . . Altoona Blair. 

Star Printing Company, Barnesboro, Cambria. 

Star Printing Company Coatesville, Chester. 

Star Printing Office, Reynoldsville, Jefferson. 

Star Publishing Company, .... 12-14 S. James St., . . Bradford, McKean. 

Star Publishing Company, Wrightsville, York. 

Star & Sentinel Publishing Co., , Gettysburg, Adams." 

Starr Printing Company, The,. 1513 Sansom St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Stauffer, U. S Quakertown, Bucks. 

Steel, J. Irvin, Shamokin, . , Northumberland. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Steel City Envelope Company, . 305 Penn Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Steel & Iron Publishing Co., . . 108 Smithfield St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Steel Publishing Company, Ashland, Schuylkill. 

Steffcy, Marburger & Company, Denver, Lancaster. 

Steihman & Poltz, 8 W. King St Lancaster Lancaster. 

Stern & Co., Edward, Inc., . . . 140 N. Sixth St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Stevenson, Thomas H., 826 Walnut St., .... Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Stevenson & Foster Company . . 947 Liberty Ave., . . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Stewart Brothers, 120 Sheridan Square, . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Stewartstown News Company, Stewartstown York. 

Stinson Printing Comnany, Sewickley Allegheny. 

Stockhansen, Paul C, 53-55 N. Seventh St., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Stockman-Farmer Publishing 110 Shady Ave Pittsburgh, -. . Allegheny. 


Stoertz & Son, 1645 N. Tenth St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Strawb ridge & Clothier, 801 Market St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Streby, George, ' Dushore Sullivan. 

Strothers, James, Company, . . 341 Second Ave., .... Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Stroudsburg Printing Company, 604 Main St., Stroudsburg, Monroe. 

Sturgis, Albert O., Nazareth, Northampton. 

Suburban Printing Company, » . 14 Hawley Ave., .... Bellevue, Allegheny. 

Suehr, Harry C, . 63 Imperial Power Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Sun, The, North East, Erie. 

Sun & News Publishing Co., . . 246-52 W. Fourth St., Williamsport, Lycoming. 

Sun Printing House, Broad & Germantown Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Sun Publishing Co., The 612 Wood St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Sunday Dispatch, 718 Sansom St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Sunday School Times Co., The, . 1031 Walnut St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Sunk, CM., Realty Bldg., Pen Argyl, Mercer. 

Suplee & Brothers, H. L., 407-09 Locust St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Sutherland, H. A., 240 Jackson St., .... Rochester, Beaver. 

Sutton's Printing Office, Waynesburcv Greene. 

Sweeney Printing Co., The, ... 132 S. Eighth St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Tarner Brothers Co., Point Bldg., Penn & Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Water Sts. 

Taylor Printing Co., T. F., ... 108 Diamond St., . . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Teacher Publishing Co., The, . . Navajo St. & More- Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

land Ave. 

Tees, Joseph H., 316 York Ave., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Telegram Printing & Publish- First Floor Telegram Tarentum Allegheny. 

ing Co. Bldg. 

Telegraph Printing Co., The, . .214-16 Federal Sq., . . Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

Temme, Frank L 528 Vine St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Temple, Horace F., West Chester, Chester. 

Terre Hill Times, . Terre Hill, Lancaster. 

Textile Colorist, 607 Lafayette Bldg.,. . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Thomas, F. D., Queen St. & Perry York, York. 


Thomas & Son, Jesse O., Bristol, Bucks. 

Thomas Printing House, Mechanicsburg, Cumberland. 

Thompson, David R., ^ Carlisle, Cumberland. 

Thompson, George, 708 Penn Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Thompson Printing Company,. .310-12 Cherry St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Tiffany, Jesse L., Nicholson, Wyoming. 

Times-Chronicle Jenkintown, Montgomery. 

Times-Enterprise Publishing 23-25 S. Main St., . . .Union City, Erie. 


Times & News Publishing Co.. . Centre Square, Gettysburg, Adams. 

Times Printing Co., 19 N. Second St., . . . . Coatesville, Chester. 

Times Printing Co., The, '. Lock Haven, Clinton. 

Times Publishing Company Springtown, Bucks. 

Times Publishing Company, Butler, Butler. 

Times Publishing Company, ... 11 W. Ninth St., . . . .Erie, Erie. 

Times Publishing Company, Norristown, Montgomery. 

Times Publishing Company, ... 50 S. Main St., .... .Bethlehem, Northampton. 

Times Publishing Company, . . . 225 Penna. Ave., .... Warren, Warren. 

Times Publishing Company, Derry, Westmoreland. 

Tioga Printing House, 1237 Atlantic St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Titusville Herald, Titusville, Crawford. 

Todd, J. L., 2317 Columbia Ave.,. . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Towanda Printing Co., Towanda, Bradford. 

Town & County, Pennsburg, Montgomery. 

Town Printing Co., 1025 Callowhill St.,. . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Townsend Co., George, 146 N. Seventh St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Trades Union News Publishing 52-54 N. Sixth St., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Co., Inc., The. 

Transcript Publishing Co., .... Ill Euclid Ave., .... Susquehanna Susquehanna. 

Treichler's Printing House, . . . 1614 N. 13th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Tribune-Press Publishing Co.,. .221 N. Main St., .... Greensburg, : Westmoreland. 

Tribune Printing Co., 613 Sixth Ave Beaver Falls, Beaver. 

Tribune Printing Co., Ltd., . . . 824 Main St., Preeland, Luzerne. 

Tribune Printing House, 2675 Bridge St., .... Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Tribune Publishing Co., The, . . Federal St., Meadville, Crawford. 

Trimble, C. T 19 W. South St Corry, Erie. 

Trimbur & Highley, Barbeau St. & Penn Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Trimmer Printing Company, . .129-31 N. Penn St.,. . York, ' York. 

Trinler Art Printery, Woodlawn Trust Co. Woodlawn, Beaver. 


Trud Printing & Publishing, . . 507 Ross St., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Trust Brothers Printing Co., . . Roberts St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Truxal, L. M., 136 Main St., Belle Vernon, Fayette. 

Tunstall, W. C., 316 Washington Ave., Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Twentieth Century Printery, Waynesboro Franklin. 

Tyburski, S. J., 175 S. Penna. Ave., . .Wilkes-Bar re Luzerne. 

Tyrone Herald Company 1020 Penna. Ave., . . .Tyrone, Blair. 

Tyrone Times, The, 963 Penna. Ave., .... Tyrone, Blair. 

Uliviere, Fortunate, 1035 S. Eighth St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Ullrich Printing House, 1319 Buttonwood St., . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Uniontown Printing Co., 33 E. Main St Uniontown, Fayette. 

U. S. Fashion & Sample Book 1015 Diamond St., . .. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Universal Printing Company,. .1505 State St., Erie, Eric. 

Universal Printing Company,. .227 Linden St Scranton Lackawanna. 

Valley Journal, The, 125 Grant Ave., Millvale, Allegheny. 

Valley Spirit Publishing Co Chambersburg Franklin. 

Valley Time-Star Printing Co., Newville, Cumberland. 

Van Fleet & Son 112 S. Eighth St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Van Keuren, Frank E., Troy, Bradford. 

Vandergrift Citizen, 134 Washington Ave., Vandergrift, Westmoreland. 

Vandergrif t News, The, 109 Washington Ave., Vandergrift, Westmoreland. 

Vandersilce & Eyerly, Bloomsburg, Columbia. 

Varcoe Printing House, Honesdale, Wayne. 

Veltum, G. Frank, 18 Hutson St Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Venango Printing Co., 1252 Liberty St., .... Franklin Venango. 

Verona Leader, Verona, A llegheny. 

Viltis Printing Office, 58 S. Bowers St., . . . Shenandoah, Schuylkill. 

Vilits Publishing Company, Shenandoah Schuylkill. 

Vindicator Printing Co., Lafayette St New Bethlehem, .... Clarion. 

Volksfuehrer Publishing Co.. . .810 Thirteenth St., . . Altoona, Blair. 

Wagenseller, Geo. W., Bridge St., MifFlintown, Juniata. 

Wagenseller, Geo. W., Sugar St., Middleburg Snyder. 

Wagner, R. W., Co 6 S. Dorcas St., Lewistown, Mifflin. 

Wagstaff, W. S., 148-50 N. Sixth St.,. . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Walker, R. A., Indiana Indiana. 

Walker Publishing Company, . .117-21 N. Seventh St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Walker & Watson, 613 Church St., Indiana Indiana. 

Wallace, Leslie P., 105 W. Race St., Pottsville, Schuylkill. 

Walsh Company, J. F., 1123 Peach St., Erie, Erie. 

Walter, S., Inc., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Walther Printing House, 252 W. Girard Ave.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelnhia. 

Ward & Barnitz, 1732 Ridge Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Ward Printing Company, 20 N. Main St Washington, Washington. 

Ware Brothers Company, 1010 Arch St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Warner Co., The, 13 N. Ninth St., Philadelphia, ... Philadelphia. 

Warner Show Print, 715 Race St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Warren Publishing Company, Warren, Warren. 

Washington News Publishing Pine & Diamond Washington, Washington. 

Company. Aves. 

Washington Printing Company, Washington, Washington. 

Watchman Printing House, Belief onte Centre. 

, Waterford Leader, The Waterford, Erie. 

Watkins, D. G., Lansford, . . . .Carbon. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Waverly Printing Company, . . 607 Webster Ave., . . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Way Printing House, 1523 E. Susquehanna Philadelphia, Philadelphia 


Waynesboro Printing Co., .... W. Main St., Waynesboro, Franklin. 

Waynesboro Record Co., The,. .35 W. Main St., .... Waynesboro, Franklin! 

Weand & Son, A Westmoreland & Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Joyce Sts. 

Weatherly Herald, The, Weatherly, Carbon. 

Weaverling Printing Company, .143 Seventh Ave., . . .Homestead, Allegheny 

Weber & Co., F 1125 Chestnut St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Weekly Advertiser, 204 Main St., Royersford, Montgomery' 

Weekly News Job Printery, ... 15 N. Gay St., Parkesburg, Chester 

Weiler Printing House, 440 Court St., Reading, Berks. 

Weintraub & Company, 317 S. Fifth St., .... Philadelphia, . Philadelphia 

Weiss, Ignatz, 867 N. Fourth St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelnhia' 

Wellsboro Agitator, The, 104 Main St., Wellsboro, Tioga. 

Wellsboro Gazette, Wellsboro, Tio°-a" 

Welsh, John M., 242 Third Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny 

Welsh Printing Co., 15-19 W. King St., . . York, York. 

Welt Bote Publishing Company, 631 Hamilton St., . . .Allentown, Lehigh. 

Werner & Sons, Jos. J., ' Millvale, Allegheny 

Wertz, Cart M. 302 Fifth St., Charleroi, Washington 

Wertz Printing Company, . . . .Water St., Lancaster, Lancaster 

West, George W., 215 Pine St., Easton, Northampton 

West Grove Printing Co., West Grove, Chester. 

Westafer & Son, J. G., Elizabeth town, Lancaster. 

Westbrook Publishing Co. Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Westcott & Thomson, 114 N. Twelfth St., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia" 

Western Newspaper Union, ... 24 Cecil Way, Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Westfield Free Press, .- s Westfield, Tioga. 

Westminster Press, The *. 301 N. 53d St., Philadelphia, .... Philariplnhisi 

Whaley Estate, Edw. F., 28-30 N. Sixth St., .. Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Wheeler, The Printer, 58 N. Second St., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia' 

Whitaker, George E., 22 S. Norton Ave., . . Norton, Delaware 

White, Frank C, 163 Gambourne St., . . Wilkes-Barre, .Luzerne. " 

White Printing Company, . . . . E. Second St., Coudersport, Potter. 

Wickersham, H. W., Thompsontowii, .... '.Juniata. 

Wickersham Printing Co., .... 113-17 E. Chestnut Lancaster, Lancaster 


Wiemann Brothers 234 N. Third St., . . . .Philadelphia, Philadelnhia 

Wight, F. H., 20 Chamber St., Bradford, . McKean 

Wilkes-Barre Independent Co Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne.' 

Wilkes-Barre Record Company, 15 N. Main St., Wilkes-Barre, iLuzerne! 

Wilkes-Barre Times-Leader, . . . Leader Bldg., Wilkes-Barre, .Luzerne" 

Wilkinsburg Call, The, 711 Penn Ave., Wilkinsburg, \ Allegheny. 

Wilkinson Printing Company, . . 709 Seventh Ave., . . . Beaver Falls, Beaver. 

Williams & Marcus Company, . . 212 S. Darien St Philadelphia, \ Philadelphia 

Williams Printing Company, . .7621 Frankstown Pittsburgh, • Allegheny 


Williamsport Printing & Bind- 431 Hepburn St., . . . . Williamsport, Lycoming 

ing Co. 

Williamstown Times, Williamstown, Dauphin. 

Wilson, H. C, ». Parkers Landing, . . .Armstrong 

Wilson Company, S. A 1543 S. 12th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Wilson Printing Company, 1738 N. Fifth St., . . . Harrisburg Dauphin 

Winchell, T. A., 2107 Columbia Ave.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Wmdber Publishing Co.. Ltd., . . 508 Thirteenth St., . . Windber, Somerset 

Winston Co., John C, The. . . .Arch St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Wisegarver, S. C, 1612 Point Breeze Philadelphia Philadelphia' 


Witt, Frank S-, 527 E. Commerce St., . Shamokin, Northumberland 

Woerner, F. A., 30-32 N. Sixth St., . \ Reading, .Berks 

Wolf Brothers, . 533 Arch St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Wolford Printing Works, 100 Baltimore St., . . .Hanover, York 

Wood Printing Co., M. D 509 Cuthbert St., . .. Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

World Printing Company, .... 5429 Market St Philadelphia, Philadelphia' 

Wright Bindery & Printery, . . .7-11 S. Seventh St., . .Allentown Lehigh * 

Wright & Maris, Laceyville Wyoming 

Wright Publishing Company,. . 5939 Kirkwood St., . . Pittsburgh, '. . '.'. ' Allegheny 

Wycombe Herald, The, Wycombe, .'Bucks. 

Yeager, Chas. S., Ephrata Lancaster 

Yocum, Joseph W Columbia ... Columbia? 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Yoe & Lukens Co., 23 N. Thirteenth St., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Yordy Company, E. B., The, . . 71 Public Square, . . . Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

York Gazette Company, 35-37 King St., York, York. 

York Printing Company, The, . . 12-26 S. Water St., . . York, York. 

York Springs Comet, York Springs, York. 

Zabel Brothers, 520 Columbia Ave., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Zarfos Printing Company, 20-22 N. Penn St., . . York, York. 

Zeiger & Reimer, 1000 Arch St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Zimmer Printery, Monongahela, Washington. 

Zimmerman, Wilber H., 3431 Germantown Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Zook & Son, S. B., Belleville Mifflin. 


Cooper & Co., T. G., 47-49 N. Second St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Dill & Collins Co., 140 N. Sixth St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hammermill Paper Co., Erie, Erie. 

Highland Paper Co., The Johnsonburg, Elk. 

New York & Pennsylvania Co., Johnsonburg, Elk. 

West Virginia Pulp & Paper Tyrone, Blair. 

W. Virginia Pulp & Paper Co., Williamsburg Blair. 


Aquabar Company, The, 303 Real Estate Trust Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Barrett Company, The, 17 Battery Place, . . . New York (N. Y.), 

Plants at Johnstown, Cambria. 

Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Bicking Paper Manufacturing E. Lancaster Ave., . . E. Downingtown, . . . Chester. 
Co., S. Austin. _ • , 

Bloomsburg Paper Co., Bloomsburg, Columbia. 

Forest Mill West Chester, Chester. 

General Roofing Manufacturing York York. 

Co. ^ , 
Keystone Roofing Manufactur- Windsor Park, York, York. 

ing Co. 

Lang Paper Co., John, 24th & Vine Sts Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

National Roofing Manufactur- Emigsville, York. 

ing Co. _ 

Warren-Ehret Co., 1131 Reedsdale St., . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Warren-Ehret Co., 36th & Grays Ferry Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Watson Company, H. F., Erie, Erie. 

York Paper Manufacturing Co., York, York. 

Young Company, J. F., 34th & A. V. R. R.,. . Pittsburgh Allegheny. 


Baeder, Adamson & Co., Richmond St. & Alle- Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

gheny Ave. 

Barton & Son Co., H. H., 109 S. Third St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

United States Sand Paper Co., 1560 Erie Ave., Williamsport, Lycoming. 


Bechtel & Co., Wm. G., 210 S. Fifth St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Binney & Smith Co., Easton, Northampton. 

Blair Company, J. C, Huntingdon, Huntingdon. 

Blumer Printing Co., Jacob J., 711 Foreland St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Carpenter Co., Samuel, 2250 N. Ninth St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Carraine, Eugene, 1618-22 Mifflin St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Cohen Co.. Charles J., 510 Ludlow St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Dreka Co., The, 1121 Chestnut St., . . Philadelphia, ... Philadelphia. 

Fell Manufacturing Co.. E. C, 22d & Market Sts., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

FIED — Continued. 

Gans Brothers, 1225 Sansom St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Griffiths Envelope Co., Phillip, 417 Locust St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Guth Bindery, The R. H., 742 Hamilton St., . . . Allentown, Lehigh. 

Hopper Paper Co., Johnsonburg, Eik. 

Hopstitter Bros., Ins., 253 S. American St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Jewell & Co., Inc., 1302 Filbert St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia! 

Keating Co., The, 9th & Sansom Sts.. . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kurtz Brothers, Reed St Clearfield, Clearfield. 

National Crayon Co., West Chester Chester. 

National Fiberstok Envelope 34-40 E. Allen St., ..Philadelphia, Philadelphia 


Pittsburgh Envelope Co., Greensburg, Westmoreland. 

Plankenhorn Stationery Co., Williamsport, Lycoming. 

Prendergast, Robert E., 229-231 Washington Scranton, Lackawanna. 


Reed & Witting, 610 Wood St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Roaring Spring Blank BooTs Roaring Spring, . . . .Blair. 


Rossiter & Sons Co., A. DeO., Oak Lane, Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Spangler Co., E. J., 1237 N. Howard St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia! 

Standard Index Card Co., 701-9 Arch St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Stationers Novelty Co., 1002 Pine St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia! 

Stuart Bros. Co., 925 Columbia Ave., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Technical Supply Co., Wyoming Ave. & Ash Scranton, Lackawanna* 


Union Ribbon & Carbon Co., . . 67 Laurel St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

U. S. Typewriter Ribbon Manu-124 S. Eighth St., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia! 

facturing Co. 
Weaver Mailing Envelope & 243-45 S. Third St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Box Co. 

Weil & Co., J. H 1300 Arch St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Whiting-Patterson Co., Inc., . . 1101 Race St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Wilsem, Bernhard, 224 Ionic St., Philadelphia Philadelphia' 

Wolf Brothers, . . 340 N. 12th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia! 


American Electrotype Co., . . . .Ninth & Sansom Sts., Philadelphia Philadelphia 

Erie Electrotype Works, 156 E. Eighth St., . . Erie, Erie. 

Pert Pitt Electrotype Co., Inc., 530 Duquesne Way,. . Pittsburgh, Allegheny 

Hubley Printing Co., 14 E. Market St., . . . York, York. 

Hulton Printing, Progressing 3851 Frankford St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

and Dyeing Co. 

Royal Electrotype Co., 620 Sansom St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Scranton Electrotype Co., The, 1138 Oapouse Ave., . . Scranton, Lackawanna'. 

Standard Electrotype Co., ... .1 Banker Place, . . . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny 

Westcott & Thomson 114 N. 12th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

World Electrotype Co., ...... 621-23 Commerce St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 


Asdale Wall Paper Co., 5827 Alder St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Barnes & Co., Rudolph, York, York. 

Becker, Smith & Page, Inc., . . Water St. & Snyder Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Gilbert Wall Paper Co., Linden Ave., York, York. 

Haffelfinger, E. R. & Co., Hanover, York. 

Hayus Wall Paper Co., 919 State St., Erie Erie. 

Mcllvaine Co., T. J., South Langhorne, . . .Bucks. 

Marley Mill Corporation, 122 S. 13th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Nassau Mills Corporation, The, 1730 Land Title Bldg.,Chester, Chester. 

Pittsburgh Wall Paper Co., New Brighton, Beaver. 

Premier Manufacturing Co., Water & Morris Sts., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Quaker City Wall Paper Co., Westmoreland & E. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Inc. Thompson Sts. 

Steck Wall Paper Co., 1107 Penna. Ave., . . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Sun Wall Paper Manufacturing Seventh & Chestnut Reading, Berks. 

Co. Sts. 

Vornhold Wall Paper Co., Tioga & Memphis Sts., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

York Card & Paper Co., The, . . Carlisle & Linden York, York. 

York Wall Paper Co., Linden Ave., York, York. 



Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Arnold, James, 518 Ludlow St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bertsch & Co., William Sixth & Arch Sts., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bethlehem Bookbiudery, 144 S. Main St Bethlehem, Northampton. 

Bushnell Co., Alvah 925-27-29 Filbert St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Cann, N. L., . 611 Sansom St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Clark's Sons, John W., 7th & Commerce Sts., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Consolidated Calendar & Nov- 1401-5 State St Erie, : Erie. 

elty Co. 
Consolidated Map & Novelty 14th & State Sts., ..Erie, Erie. 


Co-operative Printing Co., 112 N. 12th St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Crescent Book Bindery, 811 Phipps Power Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Crescent Composition Co., ... .41 N. Seventh St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Crouse Binding & Mailing Co., 1112 Sansom St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

De Mers & Donnelly 66 N. Fourth St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Diehl, Frank I., 1933 S. 17th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Dixon, Geo. H., 514 Walnut St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Dorner-Tretbar Manufacturing Front & Venango Sts., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Doty & Scrimgeour Co., The,. .319 River St., Reading Berks. 

Edman, C. S., 5008 Glenwood Ave., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Emerson, Gilbert D., 209 N. Eleventh St., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Excelsior Bindery, 27 S. Seventh St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Fahringer Co., The 12 Public Square, . . . Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Franklin Bindery, Juniper & Cherry Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Geilfuss Son, H. H. 1202 Vine St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

General Advertising Co., The, 100 S. Fourth St., ..Reading Berks. 

Hirthler & Dreistadt, 30 Hughes St Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Hoedt Co., W. H., 308 Chestnut St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kaufmann, Charles, 716 Sansom St., .... Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kerr Paper Mill Co., East Downingtown, . . Chester. 

Keystone Bindery Co., 236 Chestnut St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Lackawanna Electric Blue 32-34 Burr Bldg., . . . Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Printing Co. 

Linfoot Manufacturing Co., . . .3720 Mt. Vernon St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

McCay Pamphlet Binding Co., 238 Ionic St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


McNutt, James 113 N. Seventh St.,. . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Magee-Stanwood Co., Inc., The, 125 N. Fifth St., . .. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Malotte Co., Chas. W., .1116 Sansom St., ...Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Meyer, Louis J.. Inc., 408 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Miller, George R., 1231 Columbia Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Moores Bookbindery, 901 Seventh Ave., . . . Altoona, Blair. 

Murphy-Parker Co 701-9 Arch St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Oldach Co., 51 N. Seventh St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Oxford Bindery, Inc., 529 Arch St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Penn Bookbinding Co., 630 Chestnut St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Pennsylvania Blue Print Co., . . 1015 Arch St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Philadelphia Bindery, 512. Race St., Philadelphia, Philadelphi%. 

Philadelphia Paper Manufac- Nixon St., Manayunk, Philadelphia. 

turing Co. 

Reed & Co., A., 1329 Lombard St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Roy, Wm. Z., 16 S. Queen St., . . . .Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Sehwarz, Wm., Sr 422 First Ave., Pittsburgh Allegheny. 

Schwenker & Co., G. F., 226 Wyoming Ave.,. . Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Scranton Book Binding Co., . .421 Linden St., Scranton Lackawanna. 

Scranton Waste Paper Co., . . 10 Dockash Place, . . Scranton Lackawanna. 

Shaw, William R 902 W. Susquehanna Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Small, Wm., 10 W.' Market St., . . York, York. 

Smith & Co., Alfred, 13th & Cherry Sts.,. . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Standfast Co., C. A 242 Third Ave Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Sterling Music Co., 1220 Wallace St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Stewart Company, S. A., Seventh' Ave. & New Pittsburgh, Allesheny. ' 

(jrant St. 

Strasburg Tag & Novelty Co., Strasburg, Lancaster. 

Sunbury Book Bindery, Sunbury, Northumberland. 

Taenzer, A. C, 420 Court St., Reading Berks. 

Trout's Book Bindery, Grant & Christian Lancaster Lancaster. 



Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


W illiard & Bro., Andrew, 350 N. Fifth St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Wirth, Andrew G., 109 Federal St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Wood Co., Thos. E., Imperial Power Bldg., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Woodruff, Wm. L., 529 Commerce St., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Wyomissing Glazed Paper Co., Reading, Berks. 

Yerger, Henry N., 10 N. 13th St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Zucker, Hyman 710 Sansom St Philadelphia, ........ Philadelphia. 


Ailing and Corry Co., River & Alcor Sts.,. .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Gilles, Monville & Co., 127-29 Catharine St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Keystone Manufacturing Co.,. . 1825 Bristol St., . . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Modern Bag Co., 836 Lawrence St., . . .Allentown, Lehigh. 

Nicholas, Wm. J., 309 Race St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Philadelphia Bag Co., 86 Tasker St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Robinson, Chas. T., 107-9 Walnut St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Adelphi Textile Co., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Birdsall Brothers Co., Honesdale, .Wayne. 

Cook Woolen Mills, Somerset, Somerset. 

Dobson, John & James, Inc., . . 809 Chestnut St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Freeland Manufacturing Co., Manayunk, Philadelphia. 

Gibboney & Co., A. R Reedsville, Mifflin. 

Graff & Co., Peter, Worthington, Armstrong. 

Hey & Son, Richard, Inc., .-. . . Main St., Manayunk Philadelphia. 

Huston Manufacturing Co., Chester, Delaware. 

Imperial Woolen Co Main & Hector Sts., Manayunk, Philadelphia. 

Jolles, A., 701 S. Fifth St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kent Manufacturing Co., Clifton Heights, . . . .Delaware. 

Muncy Woolen Mills Co., Muncy, Lycoming. 

Parker, George B., 1840-42 W. Columbia Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Pearce Manufacturing Co.. Latrobe, Westmoreland. 

Schadewald, Henry M., Third & Huntingdon Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Schaeffer, J. M., Sandy Lake, Mercer. 

Stafford's Sons, James, Kranis Ave., Manayunk, Philadelphia. 

Susquehanna Woolen Co., ....Third St. & R. R., ..New Cumberland, ...Cumberland. 

Webb & Son, T. A. W-, Allensville, Mifflin. 

Wilkes-Barre Lace Manufactur- Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. ' 

ing Co. 

Wilsker, Louis, 854 N. Marshall St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Woodcock Woolen Mills, Waterside, Bedford. 

Woods & Logan, 5416 Lena St., Germantown, Philadelphia. 

Wyoming Valley Lace Mills, Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 


Acorn Web Mills, Inc., Elm, & Penna. Sts.,. .North Wales, Montgomery. 

Adamson & Co., Joseph Columbia & German- Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

town Aves. 
Alva Tape Mills, Fifth & Columbia Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


American Textile Banding Co., Marshall & Hunting Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Inc. Park Aves. 
American Webbing Co., 2110 W. Allegheny Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bings, John, Mascher & Somerset Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Carney & McLaughlin, 1021-23 Callowhill St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Christ Bros. Manufacturing Co. ,1303 Buttonwood St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Crescent Textile Supply Co., . . Trenton & Susque- Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

hanna Aves. 

Eureka Braid Manufacturing Hepburn & Fifth Sts.,Williamsport, Lycoming. 



Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Excelsior Braid Mills, 346 E. Walnut St.,. . Germantown, Philadelphia. 

Fleisher, S. B. & B. W., Inc., 8th & Chestnut Sts., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Franklin Button Works, 1023-25 Vine St., . . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Franklin Mill, The, Inc., 100 Tunnell St., Pittston Luzerne. 

Friedberger-Aaron Manufactur- 18th & Courtland Sts., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

ing Co. 

Galbraith & Son, John, Mascher & York Sts., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Germantown Braid Co., 4663-71 Stenton Ave., Germantown, Philadelphia. 

Germantown Lace Edging Co., Lena St., Germantown, Philadelphia. 

Hensel-Colladay Co., 315 N. 12th St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hoffman, DeWitt & McDonough Cheltenham, Montgomery. 


Hontmann Co., Wm. H., Fifth & Cherry Sts., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hooper Sons, Manufacturing Juniper & Cherry Sts., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Industrial Tape Mills Co., Jasper & Huntingdon Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Krout & Fite Manufacturing Allegheny Ave. & Em-Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Co. erald Sts. 

Largman, Oppenheim & Co., . . 428-38 N. 13th St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Macungie Silk Co., Locust & Spring Sts., Macungie, Lehigh. 

Mansure Co., E. L., 1415 North St., .... Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Maurer & Sons Co., F. W., • • Wayne & Bristol Sts., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Murphy & Son, Matthew, .... Third & Cumberland Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Narrow Fabric Co., The Reading, Berks. 

Perry, Fergus, 5013 Wakefield St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Rosen'an-Frankel & Co., ''A" St. & Indiana Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Rosenau & Co., S., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Rosenfield & Burak, .'24-28 Cherry St., . .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Rubin & Son, A., 535 Arch St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Seideman Brothers, 117-21 N. Seventh St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Sidebotham, John, 4317 Griscom St., . . . Frankford, Philadelphia. 

Susquehanna Webbing Co., Bloomsburg, Columbia. 

Townsend Manufacturing Co., Hatfield Montgomery. 

United States Asbestos Co., . . .45-47 N. Duke St.,. .Lancaster, Lancaster. 

VonBuchwald, Wm. J., 101-3 N. Marshall St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Wavne Mills Co Wayne Ave. & Berks- Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

ley St. 

Weimar Brothers, 2046 Amber St., Kensington, Philadelphia. 

Wilson & Sons, James, 1133 W. Fourth St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Wislar, Geo. B., Bristol, Bucks. 

Yarrington Mills Corporation, 2012-20 E. Arizona Kensington Philadelphia. 



Allen Rug Weaving & Carpet Hamilton & Putnam Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Cleaning Co. St. 

Alva Carpet & Rug Co., Kinsey & Hedge Sts., Frankford, Philadelphia. 

Baumann & Sons, Gustave, . . .638-44 E.' Fifth St.,. .Erie, Erie. 

Beetem & Son, E. C, Carlisle, Cumberland. 

Belleville Carpet Factory Belleville, Mifflin. 

Bentz, H. K Codorus York. 

Boggs & Sons, Inc., Thomas, . . Second St. & Alle- Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

gheny Ave. 

Bolton Rug Works, Elizabetkville, Dauphin. 

Bromley & Sons, John, Ltd., . . Lehigh Ave. & Front Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Bush & Terry, Jasper & Ontario Sts.,Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Carbon Rug & Carpet Works, N. First St., Lehighton, Carbon. 

Carson, George, Marshall St. & Hunt- Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

ing Park Ave. 
Carson & Sons, Robert, Inc., .. Huntingdon St. & Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Trenton Ave. 

Cleeland & Sons, Robert, 1121-31 Waverly St., Philade.lnhia, Philadelphia. 

Cochrane Co., Chas. P., Kensington Ave. & Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Butler St. 

Collins, Lawrence, Front & Lehigh Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Colonial Rag Rug & Carpet 1614 Ridge Ave., ...Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 



Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Columbia Carpet Mills, Third & Huntingdon Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Columbia Rug Mills, 3252 Goodman St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Coral Manufacturing Co., The, 347 E. Oak St., Norristown Montgomery. 

Develon, Jr., Thomas, Hancock St. & Lehigh Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Dickey & McMaster, Second & Huntingdon Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Dobson, John & James, Inc., . .Falls of Schuylkill,. .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Donlon, John H., Palethorp & Somerset Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Dornan Brothers, Oxford & Mascher Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Duquesne Rug Co., 710 Diamond Bank Pittsburgh, . . . . Allegheny. 


Eden Manufacturing Co., S. Langhorne, ..... .Bucks. 

Erskine, Alexander, 4th & Somerset Sts., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Ferguson Carpet Co., .Wayne Ave. & P. & Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

R. Rwy. 

Fetterolf Co., H. G., Wayne Junction, .... Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Fiscus, Harral, DeLong Co., Kutztown, Berks. 

Fowler & Co., Wm. M., Kinsey & Josephine Frankford, Philadelphia. 


Fromuth, Chris 2421-23 Waterloo St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Gay's Sons, John, Inc., ...:.. Trenton Ave. & Ann Philadelphia Philadelphia. 


Gray, James, 5031 Lancaster Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hamilton & Sons, John, 2715 Howard St., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hardwick & Magee Co., 650 W. Lehigh Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Harris & Sons, Lee S., Norristown, Montgomery. 

Harvey Fibre Carpet Co Janney St. & Alle- Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

gheny Ave. 

Heavey, M. J., 1227 Arch St., Philadelphia, ... Philadelphia. 

Henderson & Co., Wm., Tacony St. & P. R. R.,Frankford, Philadelphia. 

Hinkle & Son, C. K., Shippensburg, Cumberland. 

Hirst-Roger Co., The, ....... Allegheny & Kensing- Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

ton Ave. 
Holmes & Son, Archibald, Inc., Allegheny Ave. & "A" Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Holmes Sons, Henry, Inc., ...Trenton Ave. & Au- Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

burn St. 

Indian Rug Co., Carlisle, Cumberland. 

Jewell-Benton Rug Co., The, Scranton, Lackawanna. 

• Keystone Rug Co., 1115 Montgomery St.Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

Klein, George J., Inc., 2333 N. Mascher St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kline, Geo. W Millersburg, Dauphin. 

Kriebel, Charles, 1121-23 S. Eighth St.,Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kuestner Manufacturing Co., 2045 Ruth St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Leedom Co., Thomas L., Bristol, Bucks. 

Lomax, Joseph, Jasper & Orleans Sts., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Long Valley Rug, Mertztown, Berks. 

Longcake & Bro., Geo., Green Lane, Montgomery. 

Ludwig Sons, Edward, Palethrop & Somerset Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Lukhart & Sons, Isaac Third & Huntingdon Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

MaCauley, Henry, ..Reese & Huntingdon Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


McDowell, David, Inc., 1811 Howard St., ...Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Magee Carpet Co., The, Bloomsburg, Columbia. 

Masland & Sons, C. H., Inc., . . Amber & Willow Sts., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Mehne, Jacob, 1346 Sanderson Ave.. Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Meyer Company, The H. H.,. .Coral & Dauphin Sts., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Model Mills Company, Ontario & I Sts., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Novelty Rug Company, 135 S. Beaver St., . . .Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Oriental Rug Weaving Co., The,1514 Chestnut St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Overbrook Carpet Company, . .56th & Lancaster Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Patterson Manufacturing Co.,. .Indiana Ave. & A St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Penn Rug Works, 11th & Noble Sts Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Petzoldt, Frank, 2214 Frankford Ave., Philadelphia, .Philadelphia. 

Philadelphia Axminster Carpet 1011 Diamond St., ..Philadelphia, Philadelphia, 



Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. Comity. 

Philadelphia Carpet Company,. Fifth St. & Columbia Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Philadelphia Tapestry Mills, .. Allegheny Ave. & Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Mascher St. 

Pollock-Huston Co., Tulip & Dauphin Sts.,Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Putnam Mills Carpet Co., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Quaker Mills, The, Waterloo & York Sts.,Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Rath, Henry, Jr Jasper & Adams Sts., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Read & Son, Edward G 2720 N. Hope St., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Reading Rug Works, 432 Washington St.,. .Reading, Berks. 

Royal Rug Mills, MeVeytown Mifflin. 

Schofield, Mason & Co., Cumberland & Fair- Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

hill Sts. 

Seholes Co., William, Wayne Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Seibert, Geo. P., 526 Northampton St., Easton, Northampton. 

Smith, Peter Shippensburg, Franklin. 

Smith Co., Oscar, 66 S. Washington St., Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Smith & Son, W. T., Inc 3d St. & Lehigh Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Snyder, E. N., Lancaster Lancaster. 

Swire, Herring & Cairns, Ill W. Huntingdon Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Todd Carpet Manufacturing 216-36 W. North St.,. Carlisle, Cumberland. 


Wangner, Oscar B., 2633 N. Bodine St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Werner & Sons Co., Ferd., . . . 151 AV. Glenwood Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 



Allentown Spinning Co., The,. .Gordon & Jordon Sts.,Allentown, Lehigh. 

Bailey Co., John T Water & Tasker Sts,., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Cockran-Fitzgerald Mfg. Co., . .216-22 Collom St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Elder, James, Germantown Philadelphia. 

Fitler Co., The Edwin H., ... .517 Arch St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Fricke Co., The J. E., 247 Market St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hulmeville, Bucks. 

Gasket Supply Company, 1729 Ludlow St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Gilles, Monville & Company, . . 127-29 Catharine St., . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Hanover Cordage Company Hanover York. 

Jackson & Son Co., The Thos., Reading, Berks. 

Klopp, Frank, Reading, Berks. 

Leather, Geo. E., 1545 Ruan St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Magee Webbing So., James, Bloomsburg, Columbia. 

Novelty Yarn Company, 2304-06 N. Waterloo Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Oehrle Brothers Company, 423 N. Third St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Radcliffe & Shaw Company Glen Rock, York. 

Rinek Cordage Company, Bushkill Drive, Easton, Northampton. 

Rope Fire Escape Company, . . 1602 Market St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Schlichter Jute Cordage Co., Trenton & Erie Aves., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 


United States Asbestos Co., . . .45-47 N. Duke St., . .Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Whitaker, William D., Westmoreland & Em- Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

v erald Sts. 

Winter, Oscar, 4430 Market St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Wyoming Valley Lace Mills Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Young, John B., J & Levick Sts., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Ada Manufacturing Company,. .Orthodox & Large Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Baker & Company, A. T., Fountain St. & Canal Manayunk, Philadelphia. 


Bancroft & Sons Co., Jos., Reading, Berks. 

Barber & Co., J. W., Krams Ave. & Pechin Roxborough Philadelphia. 


Baxter, Kelly & Faust, C & Tioga Sts Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bennett & Aspden Company, . .Krams Ave. & Pechin Roxborough, Philadelphia. 

Binns Patent Band Co., Inc., . .1842 Germantown Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 



Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

• COTTON GOODS— Continued. 

Bradford Textile Company, Bradford, McKean. 

Brooks & Son Co., George, 5428 Wyalusing Ave., Philadelphia. Philadelphia. 

Brown's Sons, George, Lenni, Delaware. 

Brown's Sons, George, Mount Joy, Lancaster. 

Bruner, Francis A., 2015 E. Boston Ave.,. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Burnhill Manufacturing Co., . .Main & Carson Sts.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

, Byrne & Hanni Hance Spin- Walnut & Cresson Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

ning Co. Sts. 

Caledonia Woolen Mill, Clifton Heights, Delaware. 

Clarke & Sons, W. M., Inc., . .Margaret & Darrah Fraukford, Philadelphia. 


Connelly & Sons, James, 17th & Dickinson Sts.,Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Corkran and Fitzgerald Mfg. 216 Collom St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Cotton & Cotton Company, Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Cox's, Charles A., 2137 American St.. . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Crowther & Company, B. B., . . . Conskohocken, Montgomery. 

Crozen & Son, Samuel A., Upland Delaware. # 

Ellis & Co., Inc., D. W. C, . . .Main & Carson Sts.,. .Manayunk, Philadelphia. 

Ewing-Thomas Converting Co., Chester, Delaware. 

Farnum & Company, John, 214 E. Prince St., . . .Lancaster Lancaster. 

Franklin Textile Manufactur- Adams & Church Sts., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

ing Company. 
Frankford Textile Mills, Gillingham and Hdg. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Goldthrop, Henry, 2615 N. Fairhill St.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Gordon & Company, A. J., Kensington Ave. & Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Huntingdon St. 
Gorman. T. C Adams Ave. & Church Frankford, Philadelphia. 


Hall & Company, Wm Lansdownc, Delaware. 

Hewett, C. G-, • -Unity & Leiper Sts.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hodson, John M Market & Boone Sts., Manayunk, Philadelphia. 

Irwin & Brother, A. D., Mascher & Turner Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Jones Company, The H. O, Conshohocken, Montgomery. 

Kelly, M., .1724 N. Hancock St.,. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kerr & Sons, Jas. H., 1832 E. Harold St.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kneedler & Company, Bridesburg Philadelphia. 

Lewis Company, Robert, Bridesburg, Philadelphia. 

Moore Sons & Co., John, 2d & Huntingdon Sts..Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Morice Twine Mills, Water & Tasker Sts., .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Lansdale, Montgomery. 

Mulholland & Son, Thomas, . . .Adams & Church Sts..Frankford, Philadelphia. 

Nicholas Bilger Webbing Co., 313-15 Vine St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Norris, John, 1839 E. Madison St.,. Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Oak Worsted Mills, Tioga St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Orinoka Mills, The, Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Patterson, John W., . Cor. 3r & Huntingdon Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Pearson & Co., Fred, Inc Leverington Ave. & Manayunk, . .Philadelphia. 

Wilde St. _ , 

Penn Tapestry Co Glen Riddle, Delaware. 

Philadelphia Tapestry Mill. . . .Allegheny & Mascher Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Porter Brothers Textile Co Marshall St. & Hunt- Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

ing Park Ave. 

Ritchie Co., Robert J. & R., 4080 Orchard St., ...Frankford, Philadelphia. 

Rose Manufacturing Co., Moss, Allegheny Ave. & Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hancock St. 

Royle & Company, George, 4090 Frankford Ave., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Saeford Mills Company, Hancock & Somerset Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Standard Mills, Adams & Church Sts.,Frankford, Philadelphia. 

Stead & Miller Co., The, 4th & Cambria Sts.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Stott, H. F 1139 E. Chelten Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Thorpe Company, Richard, . . .1657 Meadow St Frankford Philadelphia. 

Titherington & Sons, Eli, Lambert & Godfrey Germantown, Philadelphia. 

United States Asbestos Co 45-47 N. Duke St., . .Lancaster, Lancaster. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

COTTON GOODS— Continued. 

Victoria Plush Mill, Lenni, Delaware. 

Swarthmore, Delaware. 

Wall, Daniel Unity & Leiper Sts.,. .Frankford, Philadelphia. 

Wallworth Son, J Upland, Delaware. 

Wardlow, J. & M., .1615 Foulkrod St., . .Frankford Philadelphia. 

Welcome Manufacturing Co., . .Amber & Adams Sts., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Whitaker & Sons, William, . . .Cedar Grove Olney, Philadelphia. 

Whitehall Textile Company, . . .Torresdale Ave. & Ta-Frankford, Philadelphia. 

cony St. 
Whiteley & Collier, 5317-29 Westminster Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Wilkinson & Son, E., Amber & Adams Sts., Philadelphia ..Philadelphia. 

Williams Manufacturing Co., 12th & Carpenter Sts.,Philadelphia Philadelphia. 


Wolfenden, Shore & Company, Cardington, Delaware. 

Woll & Co., F. P Church & Tacony Sts.,Frankford, Philadelphia. 

Woroley Cotton Batting Co., Cumru, Berks. 

Wright Textile Co., . Naper & Orleans Sts., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Wyoming Valley Lace Mills, Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 


Alexander & Co., George H., . .410 Wood St Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Bender, Rockie & Ward, 2632 N. Mascher St., . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Bibly, Thos. J., 2627 N. Mutter St.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bradford Textile Company, Bradford, McKean. 

Bromley & Sons, John, Ltd., . . Lehigh Ave. & Front Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Chapman Decorative Co., The,. 1608 Walnut St., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Chester Lace Mills., Second, Clayton & Chester, Delaware. 

Trainer Sts. 

Columbia Embroidery Co., Wrightsville, York. 

Columbia Lace Company, S. Front St Columbia, Lancaster. 

Eastlake Manufacturing Co., . . Leiper & Adams Ave., Frankford, Philadelphia. 

Falk & Company, O. N., 1729 N. Philip St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Holmes Co., E. J., 1525 Locust St Philadelphia, Philadelphia; 

Karcher & Rehn Company, .... 1608 Chestnut St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Lewis Company, Robert, Bridesburg, Philadelphia. 

Lindley Manufacturing Co., . . .A & Tusculum St., . .Philadelphia, .Philadelphia. 

National Tapestry Co., Kinsey & Josephine Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Newton, Herbert B., 1819-21 E. Venango Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Pollitz, LeFort & Keoni Third & Huntingdon Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Primrose Tapestry Co., Inc., . .2015 Kinsey St Frankford Philadelphia. 

Quaker Lace Company, 22d & Lehigh Ave., . . Philadelphia^ Philadelphia. 

Rumpf's Sons, Frederick, South Langhorne, . . .Bucks. 

Scranton Lace Curtain Co., . . .Glen & Meylert Ave.,. Scranton Lackawanna. 

Strawbridge & Clothier, 801 Filbert St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Vigilant Mills, Adams Ave. & Leiper Frankford, Philadelphia. 


Wilkes-Barre Lace Manufac- Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

turing Co. 
Wyoming Valley Lace Mills Wilkes-Barre Luzerne. 


Aberfoyle Manufacturing Co., Chester, Delaware. 

Allentown Silk Dyeing Works, . 419-29 Summer Ave., . Allentown, Lehigh. 

Angola Dyeing Co., Inc., Howard & Clearfield Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Anthracite Bleaching & Dyeing Anderson St., Pottsville, Schuylkill. 


Ashdale Bleachery, 3215 Frankford Ave., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bower, William, 914 Fairmount Ave., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Brehm & Stehle, Trenton & Allegheny Philadelphia Philadelphia. 


Brophy's Sons, T 3104 Jasper St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Burns Company, W. H 4060 Orchard St., . . .Frankford Philadelphia. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

TILES — Continued. 

Burton Co., Inc., Andrew, Penn St. & Belfield Germantown Philadelphia. 

Caledonian Dye Works, Inc., . . Emerald and West- Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

moreland Sts. 

Campbell, John J., 4th & Somerset Sts., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Carson, John W., . , Glenwood Ave. & Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Palethrop St. 
Charlotte Dye Works Mercer & Westmore- Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

land Sts. 

Chrstos, Charles, 2821 Helen St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Cold Spring Bleaching & Fin- Yardley, Bucks. 

ishing Works. 
Columbia Silk Dyeing Co., 1726-28 N. Howard Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Crown Dyeing & Finishing Co., 2712 Jasper St., Philadelphia, . . . Philadelphia. 

Dawson & Co., Thomas, Amber & Somerset Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Diamond, James J., Trenton Ave. & Cam- Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

bria St. 
Duquesne Dye Works, Hodgkiss & Stayton Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Dwine & Co., T. H., 430 Race St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Dye Works, C. & M., Archbald, Lackawanna. 

East End Dye House, 6124 Centre Ave., . . . Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Easton Finishing Company, . . . Hilton St., Easton Northampton. 

Easton Silk Dyeing & Finish- 14th & Franklin Sts., . Easton Northampton. 

ing Co. 

Eddystone Manufacturing Co., 1011 Penna. Bldg., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Edgewatering Finishing Co., Frankford, Philadelphia. 

Eichler & Co., A 1736 N. Mascher St., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Electric Dye Works, 3942 Frankford Ave., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Electric Laundry & Cleaning ...".. New Castle, Lawrence. 

Fairhill Bleachery Emerald & Cornwall Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Fairmount Dye Works, 617 N. 24th St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Farnum Company, John, . 235 Chestnut St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Fidelity Finishing Works, Inc., Trenton & Allegheny Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Firth & Foster Company, Emerald, York & Ad- Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

ams Sts. 

Fleetwood Dye Works, Fleetwood, Berks. 

Ford Silk Hosiery Dyeing Co.,. 2111 E. Westmore- Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

land St. 

Foster & Sons, Jos. R., 3100 N. Second St.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Frankford Bleachery, 4330 Factory St., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Gayrand, H, , 314 Pine St., Philadelphia, PhiladelDhia. 

General Processing Co., Willard & Collins Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Germantown Dye Works, ..... 53 Wister St., Germantown, Philadelphia. 

Gilmour, R. & A. J„ Inc 2631-35 K Third St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Globe Dye & Bleach Works, Shoemakersville, . . . .Berks. 

Globe Dye Works Co., 4520 North St., Frankford, Philadelphia. 

Goldsmith, Stanley H., Inc., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Goodman, P., Prop., 213-17 S. American Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Gothem Bleach Works, .* Hamburg, Berks. 

Greenwood & Son, John Emerald, Huntingdon Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

& Braddock Sts. 

Hagar Hosiery Finishing Westmoreland & C Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Works. Sts. 

Harris Co., Inc., T. A. (Conti- 151 W. Thompson St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

nental Dye Works) . 
Haslam & Querner, Inc., Howard St. & Lehigh Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Haytock Bros. & Cronemeyer, 16th & Butler Sts., . .-Easton, Northampton. 


Hazleton Bleach Works, 271 S. Pine St Hazleton Luzerne. 

Helwig Silk Dyeing Co., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Horrocks & Brother, Adams & Unity Sts., . Frankford, Philadelphia. 

Janero Dye Works, Third below Hunting- Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

don St. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

TILES — Continued. 

Jennings, Kizer & Jennings, Towanda Bradford. 

Jordan Silk Dyeing Company,. .339 Summer Ave., . . Allentown, Lehigh. 

Kedward Dyeing Co., William, . Cedar & Cambria Sts., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kennedy & Britt, Mascher & Jefferson Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Kerr, James D., 1510 E. Oxford Ave., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Knipe & Sons, Walter E., Cor. Hancock & Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Berks Sts. 

Lees Plush Mills Company Glen Riddle, Delaware. 

Lehigh Bleaching & Dyeing 20th & Fairview Sts.,. Allentown, Lehigh. 


Lehigh Silk Dyeing Company,. .Catasauqua Ave., . . .Allentown Lehigh. 

Liberty Dye Works, Inc., Reading, Berks. 

Littlewood & Sons, G. J. Ltd., Main St. below Wal- Manayunk, .-. Philadelphia. 

nut Lane. 
Lorimer's Sons Co., William H.,Ontario & Lawrence Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Luithlen Co., L. B., Inc., Near Kensington Ave. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

& Ontario St. 

McCauley Dyeing Company, . . 2109 E. Somerset St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Manhattan Sponging Works, . . 525 Cherry St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Merit Finishing Works, 1706 Dyre St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Meyer, Robert, Lawrence & Luzerne Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


National Silk Dyeing Co., Allentown, Lehigh. 

National Silk Dyeing Co., Williamsport, Lycoming. 

Neversink Dyeing Company, . .500-540 Pear St., . . . .Reading, Berks. 

Nicetown Dye Works, Westmoreland & C Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Ontario Dyeing Co., Inc., The, .Ontario & D Sts., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Orianna Bleach Works 2560 N. Third St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Oxford Dye Company, 1410 E. Oxford St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Patton, R. H., .1605 Pine St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Pearson & Company, Inc., Fred,Leverington Ave. & Manayunk, Philadelphia. 

Wilde St. Bondsville, Chester. 

Peerless Bleachery, 4351-67 Elizabeth St., Frankford, Philadelphia. 

Peerless Company, The, 1845 E. Willard St.,. . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Pendlebury & Son, FranJsford Philadelphia. 

Penna. Dye & Bleach Works, Sixth & Water Sts.,..]\ew Cumberland, ...Cumberland. 

Penna. Silk Dyeing & Finish- Adams Ave. & Leiper Frankford Philadelphia. 

ing Co. St. 

Philadelphia Dye Works, Hancock below Berks, Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Philadelphia Silk Dye Works, 4040 Germantown Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

The. Ave. 
Phoeinx Dye Works, Clearfield & Witte Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Pickup & Kean, Inc., 441 Summer Ave Allentown, Lehigh. 

Pottsville Bleaching & Dyeing Worman St., Pottsville, Schuylkill. 


Primo Dye Works, 510-14 S. 13th St., .. Philadelphia,. Philadelphia. 

Prospect Dye Works. Inc., Reading Berks. 

Quaker Dye & Bleach Works, 3435 Richmond St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Reading Bleach Works, 316-320 Bingaman St., Reading, Berks. 

Reading Dyeing Co., Front & Bern Sts., . . Reading, Berks. 

Reyemdale Dye Works, Canal St., Northampton, Northampton. 

Rothe Dyeing Co., Norristown, Montgomery. 

Roxborough Mills Company Manayunk, Philadelphia. 

Royal Silk Dyeing Co., Inc., . .2616 Martha St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Schlatter Dye Works, 'Karl, 3323 Royer St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Schuylkill Haven Bleaching & Schuylkill Haven, . . . Schuylkill. 

Dye Works. 

Schwarzwaelder Co., The, 301 Cherry St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Schweigart, Albert, Tulip & Westmore- Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

land Sts. 

Shaeffer, Pepper & Gaily Co., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Shuman Cleaning & Dyeing Co., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Snow White Bleachery, Inc., .Royersford, Montgomery. 

Spring City Bleach Works, Spring City, Chester. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


TILES — Continued. 

Summerdale Dyeing, Printing , Holmesburg Philadelphia. 

& Finishing Works, Inc. 

Sunbury Converting Works, . . .Susquehanna Ave., . . .Sunbury, Northumberland. 

Tomalino Silk Dyeing Co., .... Womrath & Lacka- Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

wanna Sts. 
Universal Dye Works, Lackawanna & Worn- Frankford, Philadelphia. 

rath Sts. 

Valkone Dye & Finishing Mascher & Turner Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Works. Sts. 
Victor Dye Works, Westmoreland & Tu- Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

lip Sts. 

Weinmann & Sons, Thomas, . . 1732 Howard St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Weller-Krouse Company, 83 S. Main St., Sharon McKean. 

Wendt, Paul, 203 W. Market St., . . Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Westmoreland Dye Works, .... 1919 E. Westmore- Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

land St. 

Wiconisco Dyeing & Mfg. Co., Wiconisco, Dauphin. 

Wilson & Irving, Arrott & Large Sts., . . Frankford, Philadelphia. 

Wilson's Sons, Chas. H., Meadow & Darrah Frankford, Philadelphia. 

Wood & Company, William, . . . 22d & Spring Garden Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 



Cox & Brother, George S., Inc., Cambria & Ormes Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Sts. . 

Feldstein Co., Charles H., Inc., 1839 E. Madison St., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Gardner, W. A 2802 Boudinot St., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Gordon Brothers, Inc., Pierce & Orthodox Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kensington Hair Cloth Co., . . .Hancock & Somerset Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Mawson Hair Cloth Co., The Kensington & Glen- Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

John. wood Aves. 

National Hair Cloth Company, 2950 N. Jasper St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Penn Worsted Co York & Jasper Sts.,. . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Reetz, Ewald R., Hulineville, Bucks. 

Schadewald, Henry M. Third & Huntingdon Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Scheiter & Company, Joseph J., Third & Huntingdon Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Schwehm's Sons, John M., 13-25 Wister St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Sheerr, Philip L., Howard St. below Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Turner, J., A & Allegheny Ave., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Patterson Manufacturing Co.,. .Indiana Ave. & A St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 


Abrams, Joseph, 226 N. Fifth St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

American Embroidery Co., 2536 N. Third, St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

American Uniform Embroidery 1207 Race St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Atlantic Embroidery Co., Inc.,. 22d & Cambria Sts.,. . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Boyle & Company, T. A., 253 S. Eleventh St.,. . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Eagle Embroidery Manufactur- 305 Walnut St., Philadelphia, : Philadelphia. 

ing Co. 

Empire Embroidery Co., 900-02 Filbert St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Fleischli, Jacob, 616 Willow St., Philadelphia, * Philadelphia. 

French Embroidery Works. ... 21 N. Eleventh St., . . Philadelphia, . Philadelphia. 

French Pleating Company, . . .1111 Arch St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Funke & Sons, Herman, Ashley, Luzerne. 

Girard Manufacturing Co., . . . 730 W. Girard Ave.,. . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Gloor & Strubi Embroidery Co., Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Criterion Decorative Co., Inc.,. 508 W. Girard Ave.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Herrmann, Aukam & Co., Lebanon, Lebanon. 


Name and Industry. Address. . City or Town. County. 

BROIDERIES — Continued. 

Hessel, Raines & Company, . . .236 Church St., New Lebanon, .Lebanon. 


Ideal Art Needlework Co., 49th & Market Sts,,. . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Josephs, G., 1127 Frankford Ave., . Philadelphia, . . .Philadelphia. 

Kellermann & Co., Max, 831 Filbert St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Keystone Embroidery Mfg. Co., 145 N. Seventh St.,. .Philadelphia, , Philadelphia. 

Lehighton Lace Company, The, . Caster Bldg., Lehigh ton, Carbon. 

Long Handkerchief Company,. . Washington Ave Scranton Lackawanna. 

Moritz, Carl J., Estate, S. E. Cor. Fifth & Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Callowhill Sts. 

Nachman & Company, L., 40 N. Eighth St., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

New York Embroidery Works, . 806-08 Arch St., Philadelphia . .Philadelphia. 

North American Lace Co., .... 8th & Allegheny Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Novelty Embroidery Co., 1007 Filbert St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Paris Embroidery Co., 10th & Market Sts.,. . Philadelphia, . ." Philadelphia. 

Pennsylvania Embroidery Co., . 2720 W. Susquehanna Philadelphia, ...... .Philadelphia. 

Pollitz, LeFort & Keoni, Third & Huntingdon Philadelphia Philadelphia. 


Quaker Lace Company 22d & Lehigh Ave., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Roberts Embroidery Co., 3621 N. Lawrence St., Philadelphia, . Philadelphia. 

Rosenstein, A Lebanon, Lebanon. 

Royal Art & Novelty Co., The,. 5147 Delancy St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Schneebeli & Co., G. A., Inc., Nazareth Northampton. 

Sibson & Stern, Inc., 4663-71 Stenton Ave., Germantown Philadelphia. 

Smith-Ramsey Embroidery Co., 1640 Market St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Swastika Mill, 1307 W. Venango St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Warburton, Frank W., 5410 Mascher St Olney, Philadelphia. 

Wilkes-Barre Lace Manufac- Wilkes-Barre Luzerne. 

turing Co. 


Ayres & Sons, William, Third & Cumberland Philadelphia Philadelphia. 


Marquardt, Richard, 625 Arch St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Riley & Company, William B.,. 55th & Hunter Ave.,. . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Bowers' Sons, James, Ltd., . . . 6th & Madison Sts., . . Chester Delaware. 

Hall & Company, Wm, . . . ." .Lansdowne Delaware. 

Kitchen & Company, James G., 8-10 Letitia St., ..Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Lees & Sons Company, James, Bridgeport, Montgomery. 

Markland & Son, Charles E., Swedeland, Montgomery. 

Roosevelt Worsted Mills, 2023 Naudain St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Simister & Son, C. R Noxon & Umbria Sts.,Manayunk, Philadelphia. 

Spink, William, Manayunk, Philadelphia. 

Steel, Warner J., Bristol, Bucks. 

Wolstenholme, Fred, Chester, . .Delaware. 

Wolstenholmn Sons & Co., Inc., 3300 Frankford Ave., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Yewdall & Jones Co., The, 54th & Poplar Sts.,. .Philadelphia, .Philadelphia. 


Abeeco Mills Emerald & Adams Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

St. . . 

Alco Silk Mills, Lebanon, Lebanon. 

Allentown Silk Company, Allentown, . . Lehigh. 

Allentown Warping and Wind- 9th & Greenleaf Sts. ..Allentown, Lehigh. 

ing Co. 

Anchor Silk Company, Catasauqua, Lehigh. 

Anthracite Silk Throwing Co., .' Wyoming, Luzerne. 

Aronsohn, S. J., Inc., Coatesville, _. .Chester. 

Atwood Silk Company, 629 W. Main St Plymouth, Luzerne. 

Avoca Silk Throwing Co., Avoca, Huntingdon. 

Baer Company, The 7th & Bridge Sts., . . .Lehighton, Carbon. 

Baer Company, The, Berwick, Columbia. 

Bamford Brother Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

THEOWSTEKS — Continued. 

Bath Silk Company, Chestnut St., Bath, Northampton. 

Beetem & Company, R. N., ... College & B Sts., Carlisle Cumberland. 

Bentley & Twohey, . . ;. Pittston, Luzerne. 

Best Silk Manufacturing Co.,. . 2712 Jasper St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Bethlehem Silk Company, The,. W. Geopp St. Bethlehem, Northampton 

Bittner Silk Co., The A. F. Slatington, Lehigh. 

Black Diamond Silk Co., The, ... Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Bliss Silk Throwing Company,. Dickson City, Lackawanna. 

Jessup Lackawanna. 

o,.„ ,„-.„ North Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Bloomsburg Silk Mill, . W. Sixth St., Bloomsburg, Columbia. 

Lock Haven, Clinton. 

Bowman Silk Company, Bowmanstown, Carbon. 

Brown, Wilson H., Inc., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Buser Silk Co. Inc., 510-20 Wood St Johnstown, Cambria. 

Butler, Richard V., .213-15 S. Main St.," . -Old Forge, Lackawanna. 

Carbon Silk Mill Company, . . . Ochre St Lehigh ton, Carbon. 

Cardiff Silk Throwing Co., . . . . . Dunmore, Lackawanna. 

Cease Silk Company, Nanticoke, Luzerne. 

Century Throwing Company, Lansf ord, Carbon. 

Hudson, Luzerne. 

Chessauqua Silk Company, . . .7th St. & Upland Ave.,Upland, Delaware. 

Clemens Silk Co., Inc Archbald, Lackawanna. 

Collins & Aikman Company, . . . . .Manayunk, .Philadelphia. 

Colonial Spinning Mills, Inc.,. . E. Ninth St., ... Berwick, Columbia. 

Columbia Silk Mills, East Greenville, Montgomery. 

Concordia Silk Mills, Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Connellsville Silk Co., Inc Connellsville Jefferson. 

Crane Brothers, Inc., 416 Elm St., Kingston, ! . . . .Luzerne. 

Crown Silk Mfg. Co., Bangor, Northampton. 

David B. Edmund Reading, Berks. 

W. Princess St., York, York. 

Demarest Silk Co., Williamsport, Lycoming. 

Dery, D. G., A. N. B. Bldg., Allentown, Lehigh. 

Plants at Allentown >•> .Lehigh. 

Catasauqua, .Lehigh. 

Emaus, . .Lehigh. 

Forest City, Susquehanna. 

Kutztown, Berks. 

Marietta, Lancaster. 

Mauch Chunk, Carbon. 

Northampton, Northampton. 

Olyphant Lackawanna. 

Souderton Montgomery. 

South Bethlehem, .... Northampton. 

_ _ „ _ Wind Gap, Northampton. 

Dexter, Lambert & Co., Honesdale, Wayne. 

Diefenderfer, Howard A., 6th & Cypress Sts., . .Lehighton, Carbon. 

Dobson, John & James, Inc., . .Falls of Schuylkill, . .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Doherty & Wadsworth Co., The, Walnut & Jordon Sts., Allentown, Lehigh. 

Dorranceton Silk Works, Dorranceton, .Luzerne. 

_ •_ , ■ _. Kingston, Luzerne. 

Dunmore Silk Co., ; . 600 Clay Ave., ..... .Dunmore, Lackawanna. 

Duplan Silk Company, Hazleton, Luzerne. 

Dupont Silk Company, Dupont, Luzerne. 

Dushore Silk Manufacturing Dushore Sullivan. 


Dutton Silk Throwing Co., The Main St Duryea, Luzerne. 


Eagle, J. H. & C. K., Inc., Shamokin, Northumberland. 

•j Plants at Shamokin Northumberland. 

Kulpmont Northumberland. 

Phoenixville, Chester. 

_ „.„ _. ■ ■ Trevorton, Northumberland. 

Economy Silk Company, E. Grove St Taylor, Lackawanna. 

Edirose Silk Manufacturing Easton, Northampton. 


Egypt Silk Mills Corporation, Egypt, Lehigh. 

Plants at Egypt Lehigh! 

Northampton, Northampton. 

™ j. • ^. rr,, . ,,.„ Walnutport Northampton. 

Electric City Throwing Mills, .. Academy St. & S. Fill-Scranton Lackawanna. 

more Ave. Throop, Lackawanna. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

THROWSTERS — Continued. 

Emaus Silk Company, Minor St Emaus, Lehigh. 

Empire Silk Company, Belmont St Carbondale, Lackawanna. 

xi ■ «■„ ,»-.,, Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Erie Silk Mills, 26th & Cascade St., . .Erie, Erie. 

Eureka Ribbon Company, Pennsburg, Montgomery. 

I ellows-Huber Co., East Stroiulsburg, . . . Monroe. 

Fine Art Lace Company, Philadelphia, ... Philadelphia. 

Fleetwood Silk Company Fleetwood, Lehigh. 

Follmer, Clogg & Co., 258 W. King St., Lancaster, Lancaster. 

-fc orty Fort Silk Company, Forty Fort Luzerne. 

Franklin Silk Company, Weisport Carbon. 

t rast & Van Riper, Inc., West Pittston, Luzerne. 

Frederick, J H., Emaus, Lehigh. 

Frisbie, G. W., 514 Ash St., Scranton, Lackawanna. 

h risbie Throwing Company, Dickson City, Lackawanna. 

-turfabrics Manufacturing Co.,. Orthodox & Franklin Philadelphia Philadelphia. 


Gallia Silk Mill South Bethlehem Northampton. 

„ c.„ ~ Coplay Lehigh. 

Gary Silk Company Columbia .Lancaster. 

Gerhart Manufacturing Co., Hazleton, Luzerne. 

Gerli & Co., Inc., Paul 20 Cliff St., Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Gilbert Co., The William A Stroudsburg Monroe. 

Givernaud Silk Mill Company,. 801-25 Meadow St., . .Allentown, Lehigh. 

Globe Silk Manufacturing Co., 509-15 Cedar Ave., . .Scranton, Lackawanna. 


Green Lane Textile Company,. .18-20 S. Sixth St., ■". .Allentown, Lehigh. 

/-. ™.„. ^ Green Lane, Montgomery. 

Groce, William F., * Sassafras St., Selinsgrove, Snyder. 

Gudebrod Brothers Silk Co., Pottstown Montgomery. 

Hamburg Silk Mills, Inc., Hamburg, Berks. 

Hammer, George, 4th & Furnace Sts.,. .Emaus Lehigh. 

Handman & Bros. Co., Harris, Philadelphia Philadelphia. 


Harbred Silk Company, Benton Columbia. 

Plants at Benton, Columbia. 

Coudersport, Potter. 

Galeton, Potter. 

tt o-n /-, ™ , Shinglehouse Potter. 

Harn Silk Co., Charles, N. Brown St., Titusville, Crawford. 

Hart William H., Jr 242-46 Chestnut St.,. . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hartley Silk company, Inc., Towanda Bradford. 

Plants at Topton, Bradford. 

Towanda Bradford. 

_ West Pittston, Luzerne. 

_ _ _ , 'Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne.' 

Hartman, F. Q., Inc., Danville, Montour. 

„ , -, „ Herndon Northumberland. 

Hawley Silk Co., Hawley, Wayne. 

Haytock-Cronemeyer Co., 16th & Butler Sts., . .Easton Northampton. 

Haytock Silk Throwing Co., . . .15th & Elm Sts., Easton, . . Northampton. 

Helvetia Silk Mill, Lehighton, Carbon. 

Hensel Silk Manufacturing Co., 1100-15 Diamond St.,. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Hercules Silk Company Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Herndon Spinning Mill, Herndon, Northumberland. 

Hess, Goldsmith & Company, . .239 Walnut Ave., . . .Kingston Luzerne. 

tt- i rt.,, ,-, Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Higrade Silk Company, Inc., Allentown, Lehigh. 

Holmes Silk Company, The, • Williamsport, Lycoming. 

tt , ,-,.,. ., . Ridgway Elk. 

Holzman Silk Manufacturing 3d & Ontario Sts., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Company, The. 

Hnnsicker, Good & Company,. 634 N. Fountain St., . Allentown, Lehigh. 

Hutland Silk Company, York York 

Independence Ribbon Mills, ... 3d & Ontario Sts., . . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Ironwarp Si k Mills, Inc., Norristown Montgomery. 

International Silk Throwing 1005 N. Main Ave., . . Scranton, Lackawanna. 


International Textile, Inc., 1159 E. Elm St., York, York. 


Name and Industry. v Address. City or Town. County. 

THKOWSTERS— Continued. 

Jasper Mills, Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Jouvaud & Lavigne Co., Danville, Montour. 

Kaltenbach-Stephens, Inc., Allentown, Lehigh. 

Keysor Silk Throwing Co., The,121-27 Dewey Ave., . . Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Keystone Silk Company, Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Emaus, Lehigh. 

Keystone Silk Mills, Williamsport, Lycoming. 

Kilgour Silk Manufacturing Scranton Lackawanna. 

Co., W. H. 
Kimble & Company, H. W. Hawley Wayne. 

Moscow, Lackawanna. 

Kimble-Emmerich Silk Mills, Scranton, '. Lackawanna. 

Klotz & Bregenzer, Allentown . Lehigh. 

Rittersville, Lehigh. 

Klots Throwing Company 25 Madison Ave New York, N. Y. 

Plants at Archbald, Lackawanna. 

Avoca, Luzerne. 

Carbondale, Lackawanna. 

, Forest City, Susquehanna. 

Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Towanda Bradford. 

Knepka Silk Throwing Co., Elysburg, Northumberland. 

Lackman Bros. Silk Co., Ridge & Pitt Sts Carlisle, Cumberland. 

Lafayette Mills Co Lehigh Ave. & How- Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

ard St. 

Lebanon Silk Co., ; Lebanon, ........ Lebanon. 

Lecha Silk Company, 12th & Monroe Sts.,. .Allentown, . " 'Lehigh. 

Lees, Frank T., Glen Riddle . ' Delaware. 

Lehigh Valley Silk Mills, South Bethlehem, . .^Northampton. 

t, ^ , <-,.„ „ Williamsburg, . .'. '.'.'. Blair. 

Leon-Ferenbach Silk Company Wilkes-Barre Luzerne. 

Plants at Bradford, ..'.'...'.'. '. '. McKean. 

Parsons, Luzerne. 

Sugar Notch, Luzerne. 

T _ L . „ , Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Levy, Ernest & Herman, 4th Ave. & 19th St.,. .New York, N. Y. 

Plants at Allentown,' .". Lehigh. 

Hanover, York. 

Patton Cambria. 

_ . ^ „ _ , „ Portage, Cambria. 

Linton & Brother, Horace, 3081 Ruth St., Philadelphia, . Philadelphia. 

Lion Throwing Co., Reading, .... Berks. 

Littlestown Silk Company, Littlestown Adams. 

Lumley, Edgar J., 123 Hamilton St., . . . Allentown, Lehigh. 

Lund & Roeth i Co., ... 1157 Front St North Catasauqua, . . Lehigh. 

Luzerne Silk Throwing Co., . . .532 Scranton Life Scranton Lackawanna. 

lhe - Bldg. Freeland, Luzerne. 

_ . „„, „ Larks ville ...Luzerne. 

Lycoming Silk Company Scranton Lackawanna. 

McBride Brothers, Fullerton Lehigh. 

McCollom & Post Company Nazareth,' Northampton. 

McLane Silk Company, Barring Ave., Scranton, Lackawanna. 

MacGowan Silk Co., Beaver Meadow Carbon. 

Maltby Silk Mill, Inc., Kingston, Luzerne. 

Mapeie Silk Mills of- Alburtis, Alburtis . . . . Lehigh. 

Inc. - ' 

^ as ?? S ii k M l Ils - The ' Dopez, Sullivan. 

Ma thlee Manufacturing Co., . . . Cemetery St., Peckville Lackawanna. 

Mauch Chunk Silk Company, Mauch Chunk Carbon. 

™ ST*?] throwing Company, . . Main St., Jermyn, Lackawanna. 

Mayfield Silk Company Mayfield, Lackawanna. 

Meimg Company, The E. Rich- McKnight & Olev Sts.,Reading, Berks. 


Melcher George W., •. . .Bally, Berks. 

Mercer Silk Mills Mercer, Mercer. 

Meyer Silk Mills Co., John H.,. 50-54 Union Square,. .New York, N. Y. 

Plants at Northampton Northampton. 

■m-j in. <-, . . Weatherly, Carbon. 

Mifidleburg Spinning Mills, Middleburg, Snyder. 

Miesch Manufacturing Co Hallstead Susquehanna. 

Monroe Silk Mills, 827 Main St Stroudsburg Monroe. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

THROWSTERS — Continued. 

Morris, John, 1839 E. Madison St.. . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Morris Run Silk Company, Inc., Morris Run, Jefferson. 

Mt. Carmel Silk Manufactur- Mt. Carmel, .... Northumberland. 

ing Co. 

Muncy Silk Company, Munc^, Lycoming. 

Muster Company, Berwick, Columbia. 

Mutual Silk Throwing Co., Scranton Lackawanna. 

Nanticoke Silk Throwing Co Nanticoke, Luzerne. 

Narricot Company, 1849 E. Willard St.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

National Warping & Winding Allentown, Lehigh. 


Nino Silk Company, Nanticoke, Luzerne. 

Nino Throwing Company, The, Tobyhanna, i . Monroe. 

Northampton Silk Company, Perkasie .- Bucks. 

Northampton Silk Company, . .Ann & Joseph Sts., . .Easton, Northampton. 

O'Donnell, H. J 729 S. Webster Ave., . Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Old Forge Silk Company, Winter St., Barbertown Lackawanna. 

Old Forge, Lackawanna. 

Olyphant Silk Company, Olyphant, . , Lackawanna. 

Osborne Knitting Company, 116 W. Montgomery Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

William, Jr. Ave. 

Oxford Silk Company 110 Oxford St.; Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Palace Ribbon Manufacturing Allentown, Lehigh. 


Peckville Silk Company, Peckville, Lackawanna. 

Peerless Weaving & Throwing Wyoming, Luzerne. 

Company. Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Pelgram & Meyer, Second & North Sts., . Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

Pen Argyl Silk Confpany, Pen Argyl Northampton. 

Pennsylvania Silk Company, Bangor Northampton. 

Plants at Allentown, Lehigh. 

Bangor, Northampton. 

Souderton, Montgomery. 

Penna. Silk Throwing Co., . . .2012 Pittston Ave., . -Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Dunmore, Lackawanna. 

Pennsylvania Textile Co., York, York. 

Perkasie Silk Company, ...... Minor St Emaus, Bucks. 

Philadelphia Pile Fabric Mills, . Howard & Westmore- Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

land Sts. 

Phoenix Silk Manufacturing Race & Court Sts., . . Allentown, Lehigh. 

Company. Pottsville, Schuylkill. 

Piedmont Silk Co., Inc., The Chambersburg Franklin. 

Pine Tree Silk Mills Company,. 930 Market St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Post & Sheldon Corporation, Allentown Lehigh. 

Slatington, Lehigh. 

Post Silk Company, Lehighton, Carbon. 

Providence Spinning Company, Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Punxsutawney Throwing Co., Punxsutawney Jefferson. 


Puritan Silk Corporation, Wilkes-Barre Luzerne. 

Quakertown Silk Company, Quakertown, Bucks. 

Queen City Silk Company, . . . .21st & Linden Sts., . .Allentown, Lehigh. 

Spring City, Chester. 

Ramsay Silk Company, Hazleton, Luzerne. 

Read & Lovatt Manufacturing Palmerton, •. . Carbon. 

Company, The. Weatherly Carbon. 

Read & Sons Co., Wm. F., 209 Chestnut St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Reiling & Schoen, Inc., Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Relda Ribbon Mills, Fourth Ave., New York (N. Y.) . 

Doylestown, Bucks. 

Renard Silk Company, Hickory St., Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Richland Silk Throwing Co., Quakertown, Bucks. 

Rionor Silk Co., Auburn St Allentown, Lehigh. 

Robbins Silk Manufacturing- 373 Fourth Ave., ....New York (N. Y.) 

Co. Easton, Northampton. 

Roehlen-Pittenger Silk Co., . . .828 Packer St., Easton, Northampton. 

Roessel & Co., Louis, McKinley St., Hazleton, Luzerne. 

Rossville Silk Mills Co., Susquehanna, Susquehanna. 

Royal Silk Co., 180 Harvey Ave Doylestown, Bucks. 

Sakura Silk Co Wetmore Road Kane, McKean. 

Sau quoit Silk Manufacturing 302 Fig St., Scranton, ,,,,,.,.. .Lackawanna. 



Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

THROWSTERS — Continued. 

Sauquoit Silk Manufacturing 4015 Clarissa St Nicetown, Philadelphia. 


Schultz Manufacturing Co., ..1229 Callowhill St., .. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Schwarsenbach Huber Co., The,8th Ave. & 25th St.,. .Altoona Blair. 

Plants at Columbia Lancaster. 

Hollidaysburg, Blair. 

Juniata, Blair. 

Scranton Silk Co., Cliff St., Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Seltmann & Knight, Inc., York & Walnut Sts., Pottstown Montgomery. 

Sheldon & Leach, Inc Gilligan St., Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne. 

Simon Co., R. & H., .... N. 13th St., Easton, Northampton. 

Simpson Co., James, . . . . New Hope, ........ .Bucks. 

Scranton, Lackawanna. 

Smith, G. G. & G. A 611-13 Court St Allentown, Lehigh. 

Souter Silk Manufacturing Co., West York, York. 

Spaide Shirt Co., Butler, Butler. 

Spruce Worsted Co., 25th & Spruce Sts., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Star Silk Throwing Co., ...... S. Fifth St., Shamokin Northumberland. 

State Silk Co . 26 S. Hall St. Allentown, Lehigh. 

Stearns & Co., John N., 1627 Erie Ave., Williamsport, Lycoming. 

Stehli Silks Corporation, Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Stein Brothers Silk Co., B. & B. Bldg. Allentown, Lehigh. 

Steiner, Charles, .Reading, Berks. 

Sterling Silk Glove Co., Inc.,. .25 Messinger St Bangor, Northampton. 

Stewart Silk Co., Coal St Easton .Northampton.. 

Storb, Snader & Co., Inc New Holland, Lancaster. 

Stroudsburg Ribbon Mills, .... First St., Stroudsburg, ....... .Monroe. 

Stunzi Sons Silk Co., Inc., West Reading, Berks. 

Stuyvesant Silk Co Allentown, Lehigh. 

Sullivan & Sons Manufacturing2224 N. Ninth St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Co., J. 

Susquehanna Silk Mills, 149 Madison Ave., ..New York (N. Y.) 

Plants at Jersey Shore, Lycoming. 

' Lewistown, Mifflin. 

• Milton, Northumberland. 

Northumberland Northumberland. 

Sunbury, Northumberland. 

Tioga Silk Co., The, Pine St., Athens Bradford. 

Towanda Silk Mills, Inc t Towanda, Bradford. 

Tri-Borough Throwing Co., ...354 Fourth Ave., ...New York (N. Y.) 

Susquehanna, Susquehanna. 

Vera Cruz, Vera Cruz, Lehigh. 

Victoria Silk Co., Taylor, Lackawanna. 

Villa & Bros., A. P., Inc., Mifflinburg, Union. 

Turbotville, Northumberland. 

Viscose Co., The, -. Marcus Hook, Delaware. 

Voell, G. M. & S., ...Amber & Seltzer Sts., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Wahls, Rehhan Manufacturing 322 Spring St., Bethlehem, Northampton. 


Wahnetah Silk Co Catasauqua, Lehigh. 

Washington Silk Co., 435 Ridge St., Freeland, Luzerne. 

Watsontown Throwing Co., Inc Watsontown, Northumberland. 

Wellwood Silk Mills, Inc Honesdale, Wayne. 

Westerhoff Brothers Co., Denver, Lancaster. 

Westerhoff Brothers Co., Ephrata Lancaster. 

White Haven Silk Co., : White Haven, Luzerne. 

Widmer Silk Co., 14th & Liberty Sts.,. .Allentown, Lehigh. 

Wilkes-Barre Silk Co 92 S. Empire St Wilkes-Barre, > Luzerne. 

Williamsport Silk Co., 551 E, Third St., ...Williamsport, Lycoming. 

Willard B. Wright, 1512-14 N. Mervine St.Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Winona Silk Co., Allentown, Lehigh. 

Mountain ville, Lehigh. 

Winton Silk Co., Inc., t Winton, Lackawanna. 

Woodhouse Bopp & Co., . West Pittsburgh, . . . .Lawrence. 

Wright & Co., S. D., 1017 N. Front St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Wyandotte Silk Co., 17 Madison Ave., . . .New York (N. Y.) 

S. Bethlehem Northampton. 

Wyoming Silk Manufacturing 133 E. Eighth St., ..Wyoming Luzerne. 




Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Boston Thread Co., 15-17 W. 18th St., . . . Germantown, Philadelphia. 

Eder Thread Co., R. J., Unity & Elizabeth Philadelphia, _ Philadelphia. 


Gudebrod Brothers Silk Co., Pottstown, Montgomery. 

Hackenburg & Co., Wm. B., . .1211-17 Arch St Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Hughes Thread Manufacturing Orthodox & Horrocks Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Co., The. Sts. . 

Niagara Thread Co Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

United States Thread Co., 241-43 Arch St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Cheltenham Towel Mills, B & Lippincott Sts.,. .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Colonial Towel Manufacturing Clifton Heights, Delaware. 

Co., Inc., The. 

Downs Manufacturing Co., .... 2706 Hancock St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Foster, Louis H., Tioga & D Sts Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Girard Mills, The, Mascher & Turner Philadelphia Philadelphia. 


Hall & Co., Wm., Lansdowne, Delaware. 

Hohlf eld Manufacturing Co., . . Tenth & Allegheny Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Jamieson's Sons, D., Trenton Ave. & Ser- Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

geant St. 

Kershaw, Nelson, * Clifton Heights, . . . .Delaware. 

Kershaw Co., John W., Inc., . .1734 N. Fifth St., . .. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Morgenson & Co., W. H. & Jasper & Huntingdon Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

A. E. Sts. 

Reading Towel Mills, The, Reading, Berks. 

San-Knit-Ary Textile Mills, 1011 Diamond St., ..Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Star & Crescent Co., Hancock St. & LehighPhiladelphia, Philadelphia. 

Ward & Meehan Co., Lehigh Ave. & HowardPhiladelphia, Philadelphia. 

Watt's Sons Co., John, Trenton Ave. & Ser- Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

geant St. 
Welsh Co., A. P., Glen Riddle, Delaware. 


Allentown Waste Materials Co., Allentown, Lehigh. 

Blakeley & Son, John, 1089 Germantown Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Bruner, Francis A., 2015 E. Boston Ave., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Clapp & Co., Harry D. B., Inc.,824-32 American St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Corr, John, 1954 N. Second St.,. . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Corr & Sons, Patrick, Inc., . . .2305-9 N. Eighth St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Delta Spinning Mills, The, .... Lewis & Ashland Sts.,Frankford, Philadelphia. 

Devlin, Charles, 3219 Kensington Ave.,Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Doak Co., James, Jr., 2185 E. Norris St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Fleisher, S. B. & B. W., Inc., 8th & Chestnut Sts., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Fox & Cestelt, 1824 Russell St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Frankford Waste Co.,' Van Dyke & Orchard Frankford, Philadelphia. 


Franklin Manufacturing Co., Franklin, Venango. 

Frederick Lord Co Leverington Ave. & Manayunk, Philadelphia. 

High St. 

Goldwater, J. M., 943 N. American St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hagy & Son, Clayton L., Inc., Cor. 16th & CarpenterPhiladelphia, Philadelphia. 


Hagy Waste Works, The J. 836 S. Swanson St.; Philadelphia, ...Philadelphia. 


Hall Yarn & Waste Manufac- Hermitage St., Manayunk, Philadelphia. 

turing Co. 

Hepworth & Sons, William, ..121 Chestnut St., ...Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Higgins, J. & J., 2644 Coral St., Philadelphia, .Philadelphia. 

Kempf Brothers 2613 Coral St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kensington Manufacturing Co., 119 N. Front St., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kenworthy & Brother, T., .... Shurs Lane & Pechin Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 



Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

WASTE — Continued. 

Lindley Manufacturing Co., . . ."A" & Tusculum Sts., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Lord & Sons, John, 3828 Terrace St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

McGrath, John J., 1338 N. Front St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

McSloy Brothers, Amber & Silver Sts., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Merion Worsted Mills, West Conshohocken,. .Montgomery. 

National Waste Co.-, Nixon St. & Levering- Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

ton Ave. 

O'Neill Brothers, Inc Howard & Oxford Philadelphia Philadelphia. 


Pittsburgh Waste Co., Inc., Swissvale, Allegheny. 

Powell Knitting Co., 28th & Parrish Sts.,. .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Ritter Hosiery Co., Fleetwood, Berks. 

Shillington Hosiery Mills, Shillington Berks. 

Shippensburg Knitting Co 63 E. King St., Shippensburg, Cumberland. 

Sionsky & Co., Simon, 933 N. Front St., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Standard Waste Manufacturing2306-10 N. American Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Co. St. 

Stork Brothers, Adamstown, Lancaster. 

Trumbull Waste Manufacturing .Manayunk, Philadelphia. 


Wabash Mills Co Nixon St. above Lev- Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

erington Ave. 

Whetaker Co., Fred, 2140 Hazard St., t . .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Woll & Co., F. P., . Church & Tacony Sts.,Frankford, .Philadelphia. 

Wolstenholme, Fred, ..26-28 Letitia St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Woods & Hooker 1740 N. Front St.. . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Yewdall & Jones Co., The, 54th & Poplar Sts., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Bernstein & Son, Max, 1035-41 N. Front St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Eick Worsted Co., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hoistmann, Ignatius J., 315 Fitzwater St., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Keystone Hide Co., . .Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Williamsport, Lvcoming. 

McGraw Wool Co., The, 1466-76 River Ave.,. .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Pearce & England Co., • 25th & Spruce Sts.,. .Philadelphia, ... ..Philadelphia. 

Pittsburgh, Wool Co., Bindam St. & West Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

~ y c , Penn R. R. 

Strause'-Jc Co., D., A Ontario & Richmond Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 



Abbott & Co., Theo Berkley St. & E. Germantown, Philadelphia. 

Wayne Ave. 
Andrew's Mill Co., Adams Ave. & Leiper Frankf ord, Philadelphia. 


Ardross Worsted Co., The, . . . .Bridge & Charles Sts.,Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Berkshire Manufacturing Co., 235 Chestnut St., ...Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Bochmann & Co., F. A., Inc., . . 2d & Cambria Sts., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bradbury Brothers, Bristol St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Bready & Dixon, 2739 N. Fairhill St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Brighton Worsted Co Tioga & D Sts., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Brumbach, A. J., Reading, Berks. 

Bu'tterworth, George, Broad & Huntingdon Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Cambridge Worsted Mills, .... Alleghany Ave. & C Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Carlton Mills Co., Coral & Adams Sts., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Carruth & Co., John G Indiana Ave. & C St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Caswell, C. A., Sixth & West Sts., . . Bloomsburg, Columbia. 

Chambersburg Woolen Mills, Chambersburg Franklin. 


Cleveland Worsted Mills Co., Trenton & Wishart Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

The. Sts. 
Colonial Manufacturing Co., . . Allegheny Ave. & A Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Culbertson & Sons, Johu Third & Cumberland Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Delaine Mills, Inc., Baker & Mallory Sts., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


GOODS — -Continued, 

Diamond Worsted Co., Chester, Delaware. 

Dillsburg Manufacturing Co., Dillsburg, York. 

Dobson, John & James, Inc.,.. 809 Chestnut St., ...Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Elliott-Olden, Howard St. & Lehigh Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Erie Woolen Mills, Inc., Erie Erie. 

Erskine, Alexander, 4th & Somerset Sts., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Esterly Woolen Co., Esterly, Berks. 

Folwell Bro. & Co., Inc 623 Chestnut St., ...Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Franklin Worsted Co Mascher & York Sts., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Gardner, W. A., 2802 Boudinot St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Gebauer, Julius A., 4110 Frankf ord Ave., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

General Roofing Manufacturing York, York. 


Germania Worsted Mills, Indiana Ave. & A St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Girard Worsted Co., Howard & Hunting- Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

don Sts. 
Greaves Brothers, Huntingdon & Jasper Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Greer, Joseph, 4528 North St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Griffon Co., Asylum Road & Win- Frankf ord, Philadelphia. 

gohocking St. 

Grundy Co., William H., Inc., Canal St., Bristol, Bucks. 

Hancock Worsted Mills 2727 Mutter St., Philadelphia .Philadelphia. 

Heathcote & Co., S. E., Glen Rock, York. 

Hetzel Co., Geo. C, Front & Broomall Chester Delaware. 

Keim & Co., J. R., Inc., 153-179 W. Allegheny Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Kelly-Hughes Co., Inc., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Kent Manufacturing Co., Clifton Heights, Delaware. 

Kitson Son, Thomas, 411 Main St., Stroudsburg Monroe. 

Kraemer & Co., Louis, Stoney Creek Mills, . .Berks. 

Lehigh Star Bedding Co., ....310 Lehigh St., . . . , Allentown, Lehigh. 

Lewisburg Mills, Lewisburg, Union. 

Lincoln Worsted Co., Hope St. above Lehigh Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Melville Woolen Co., Spring St., Chambersburg Franks. 

Merion Worsted Mills, West Conshohock-n,. .Montgor °ry. 

Myers-Jolesch Co., Inc Howard St. & Mont- Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

gomery Ave. 

Newark Hair Felt Co., 8th & Maple Ave., . .Lansdale, Montgomery. 

Norristown Woolen Co., .' Norristown, Montgomery. 

Oxford Plush Mills, 110 Oxford St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Philadelphia Felt Co., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Prudential Worsted Co., Orthodox & Large Frankford Philadelphia. 


Quaker Woolen Mills, Inc., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Roob Manufacturing Co., Church & Adams Sts., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Saxonia Dress Goods Mills, ...Allegheny Ave. & C Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Scatchard Manufacturing Co., Basin & Violet Sts., Norristown, Montgomery. 

Henry F. 
Shelbourne Mills, H & Westmoreland Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Shepperd Manufacturing Co.,. .Leverington Ave. & Manayunk, Philadelphia. 

Wilde St. 

Shetland Worsted Mills Co., Germantown, Philadelphia. 

Smith Woolen Co., I. W., Bridgeport Montgomery. 

Stafford & Co., Kram's & Silverwood Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Steinmetz Co., Edwin B., Inc., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Sydney Worsted Mills Howard & Palmer Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Thompson Worsted Co., 3d & Hinkson Sts., . .Chester, Delaware. 

Thurlow Worsted Mills, Chester, Delaware. 

Verlendon Bros., Inc., Darby, Delaware. 

Victoria Plush Mill, Lenni Delaware. 

Swarthmore, Delaware. 

Walker & Stine, Adams Ave. & Leiper Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 



Name and Industry. . Address. City or Town. County. 

GOODS — Continued. 

Wallace & Brother, John H., . . 1620 Lombard St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Watt Woolen Co., George W., Buttonwood St., . . . . Norristown, Montgomery. 

Webb & Son, T. A. W., Allensville, Mifflin. 

Wilson, Thos. H., Inc., 1420 N. Howard St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Windsor Manufacturing Co., 4060 Orchard St., ...•Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Winter, Oscar, 4430 Market St., . . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Wolstencroft Felt, Manuf Jictur- Bridge & Mulberry Frankford, Philadelphia. 

ing Co., Inc., The. Sts. 

Wood & Co., William, 22d & Spring Garden Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Woodstock Woolen Co., Norristown, Montgomery. 

Yorkshire Worsted Mills, Chester, Delaware. 

Lenrii, Delaware. 


Adams Co., Jos. M., Main & Dupont Sts., Manayunk, Philadelphia. 

Allen & Son, William, Howard St. below Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Ball & Co., H. O, Main & Dawson Sts., Manayunk, Philadelphia. 

Beatty Co., Robert, Coral, Adams & Let- Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

terly Sts. 

Bentley & Twohey, Pittston, Luzerne. 

Beswick & Clay Co., Inc., . . . .25th & Callowhill Sts., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Boger & Crawford, E. Ontario & Janney Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Booth & Brother, Inc., , Gladwyne, . . .'. Montgomery. 

Brown, Wilson H., 18th & Fishers Lane, Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Burmont, Delaware. 

Bunkin-Howard Spinning Co., Howard & Berks Sts., Philadelphia, ...... .Philadelphia. 

Cameron & Co., A. J., Kensington & E. Glen- Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

wood Ave. 

Chelten Manufacturing Co., ..215-17 N. Front St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Chipman Knitting Mills, Easton, Northampton. 

Cleveland Worsted Mills Co., 2000 E. Allegheny Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

The. Ave. 

Davis, George W., 4416 Main St., Manayunk, Philadelphia. 

Dearnley Brothers Worsted Main Bldg Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Spinning Co., Inc. . 

Delph Spinning Co., The, Clearfield & C Sts., .. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Delta Spinning Mills, The Lewis & Ashland Sts., Frankford, Philadelphia. 

Doak Co., James, Jr., 2185 E. Norris St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Dobson, John & James, Inc., Manayunk, Philadelphia. 

Dornan Brothers, Oxford & Mascher Sts. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Chester, Delaware. 

Dutt, Fred A., Milltown, Chester. 

Emsley, John W., Adams & Emerald Sts. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Energetic Worsted Mills, . . . .Front & Depot Sts.,. ^Bridgeport, Montgomery. 

Erben-Harding Co., The, ..... .512 Commercial Trust Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Fibre Rock Manufacture Co.,. .4566 Silverwood St., Manayunk, Philadelphia. 

Finkler & Co., 527 Arch St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Fleisher, S. B. & B. W., Inc.. .807 Chestnut St., . . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Ford Manufacturing Co., W. Tacony & P. R. R., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

& R. 

Frankford Winding Co., 1543 Ruan St., Frankford, Philadelphia. 

Germantown Spinning Co Germantown, Philadelphia. 

Grayson & Sons Co., Geo., .... Mill & Lawrence Sts., Darby, Delaware. 

Griswold Worsted Co., Main St., Darby, Delaware. 

Grundy Co., William H., Inc., Canal St Bristol, Bucks. 

Hamill Spinning Co., Church Lane & Lena Germantown, Philadelphia. 

Havens Sons, Charles W., Fairhill & Huntingdon Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Henry & Sons, Thos., Inc., ...Tioga St. & Trenton Philadelphia, ...Philadelphia. 


Holliday & Zahn, 132-42 Burnside St., Manayunk Philadelphia. 

Holt, John P., Main St. below Shurs Manayunk, Philadelphia. 


Hooley & Son, P., 455 N. Broad St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hughes Co., John H., 2554 N. Third St., . . Philadelphia, . Philadelphia. 



Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

YAB.NS — Continued. 

Imperial Woolen Co Main & Hector Sts., Manayunk Philadelphia. 

Industrial Worsted Co., Inc., . .4615 Mam St., . . Manayunk, Philadelphia. 

Irving & Son, Jas., Ltd., 25th & Ridley Aye., Chester Delaware. 

Irving & Leiper Manufacturing Front & franklin Chester, Delaware. 

Co The. "*-S. 

Kelly' & Lampi, Main & Carson Sts.,. . Manayunk, Philadelphia. 

Kelso & Daly, • Rodkledge, Montgomery. 

Kent Manufacturing Co., Clifton Heights, Delaware. 

Kenworthy, Horace, . , Levenngton & Wilde Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Kenworthy & Brother, T Shurs Lane & Pechin Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Keystone Spinning Mills Co.,.. 1631 N. Second St., .. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Klenk-Landis Co., Inc., Emerald & Adams Sts Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Krook, Robert, Mam St., Manayunk, Philadelphia. 

Lees & Sons Co., James, zixk'™ •£ ' '■ • ■ V «7 ' £,™? g .? p , l t J Montgomery. 

Lees Sons, Wm. H., :.... 2426 N. Hancock St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Lefferts & Co., Geo. W, Inc.,. .Third & Moore Sts.,. . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Lehigh Spinning Co., The, . . . .2651 N. Fairhill St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Lings & Co., G. S., Ontario & D Sts., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Lion Yarn Co., The 60th & Baltimore Philadelphia, — Philadelphia. 


Lodge & Sons, John F., Inc.,. .Hart Lane & Emerald Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Lord's Sons, John -3828 Terrace St., .... Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Lundt Son, William Valley Forge, Chester. 

McCready, R. L 828 W. North live, . .Allegheny, . Allegheny. 

Madison Spinning Co Emerald & Willard Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Malcoln Mills Co., 601 Lafayette Bldg., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Manayunk Yarn ManufacturingMain St. & Walnut Manayunk, Philadelphia. 

Co., Inc., The. Lane. 

Morris E. H., Walnut Lane & Sta- Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

tion St. 

Nice & Co., J. Charles, Jr. Bridgeport, Montgomery. 


Nice Woolen Yarn Co., Bridgeport, Clearfield. 

Ontario Spinning Co., 431 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Parvin, Joseph H, 300 Chestnut St., ...Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Chester, Delaware. 

Penn Worsted Co York & Jasper Sts.,. . Philadelphia, . . -Philadelphia. 

Pennsylvania Textile Co., Carlisle, Cumberland; 

York, York. 

Philadelphia Silk Spinning Mascher & Westmore- Philadelphia, , -Philadelphia. 

Mills. land Sts. 

Piatt Brothers Main St., Manayunk, Philadelphia. 

Reach Co., A. J Tulip & Palmer Sts., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Rinehart's Sons, H. P., Adams & Emerald Sts. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Ring & Son, Jonathan, Inc.,. .Hancock St. & Mont- Philadelphia, Philadelphia'. 

gomery Ave. 

Ring's Sons & Co., Mark D.,. .3248 Somerset St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Roosevelt Worsted Mills, 2023 Naudain St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Sauquoit Silk Manufacturing 4015 Clarissa St Nicetown, Philadelphia. 

Co. Bethlehem -Northampton. 

Scatchard's Sons, Joseph, Inc., 443 E. Chelten Ave., Germantown, Philadelphia. 

Schadewald, Henry M., Third & Huntingdon Philadelphia Philadelphia. 


Scholis & Sons, Wm. M., Inc.,. .2d & Indiana Ave., .. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Sheble, Frank J., E. Thompson & Clear- Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

field Sts. 

Sheble & Kemp, Wayne Ave. & Berk- Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

ley St. 

Shefford & Co., Manayunk, Philadelphia. 

Spink, William Manayunk, Philadelphia. 

Steel, Warner J., Bristol, Bucks. 

Stratton & Simpson ,69th & Haverford Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Sykes Brothers, Inc Hancock & Hunting- Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

don Sts. 

Trainer Spinning Co., Third & Pine Sts Chester, Delaware. 

United States Asbestos Co 45-47 N. Duke St., . .Lancaster, Lancaster. 

Wabash Mills Company, Nixon St. above Lev- Manayunk Philadelphia. 

erington Ave. 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 

YARNS— Continued. 

Webb & Son, T. A. W., Allensville, Mifflin. 

Wliitaker, William D., Westmoreland & Em- Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

erald Sts. 

Wilde & Brother, John 3702 Presson St Wissahickon Philadelphia. 

Wister Spinning Company, .... Wister St. & Reading Germantown, Philadelphia. 


Wolstenholme, Fred, 26-28 Letitia St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Chester Delaware. 

Wolstenholme Sons & Co., 3300 Frankford Ave., . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Thomas, Inc. 
Wolsten & Son, Alfred, Inc., . . . Allegheny Ave. & 24th Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Yewdall & Jones Co., The, . . . .54th & Poplar Sts., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Alderman, K s M., Sharon, Mercer. 

Allegheny Carpet & Cleaning 2911-13 East St., ....Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

American Conduit Manufactur- Keystone Bldg., .... .Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

ing Co. New Kensington, Westmoreland. 

American Pile Fabric Co., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

American Silk Manufacturing 4341 Orchard St., ...Philadelphia, Philadelphia! 


Ararat Dye Works, 1015 Vine St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Automatic Carpet Cleaning Co., 3045 Chestnut St., . .Philadelphia, Philadelphia! 

Baker Compressed Air Carpet 456 N. Twelfth St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia! 

Cleaning Co. 
Bauman Air Carpet Cleaning 136-38 W. Fourth St., Erie, Erie. 


Bigart & Kerl, Church St., Hawley, Wayne. 

Bristol Fibre Company, Bristol, Berks. " 

Cedar Grove Manufacturing 65th Ave. & 21st St., . Philadelphia, . Philadelphia 


Club Pressing Company, 6339 Penna. Ave., . . .Pittsburgh, Allegheny 

Dawson, J. & E Palethrop & Somerset Philadelphia, Philadelphia 


Enterprise Cleaning Co., Graham St. & Penna. Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

R. R. 

Federal Finishing Company, . . 4272 Paul St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Fishers Cleaning Works 132 E. Wayne St., . . . Butler, Butler 

Geragocian, P. R., .- 7249-51 Frankstown Pittsburgh, Allegheny 


Glenwood Manufacturing Co., Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Hill Knittmg Company, Lebanon, Lebanon 

Hirsh & Dryfoos, Allegheny Ave. & 2d Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Hobdoll, H., 156 N. 13th St Philadelphia Philadelphia 

Jerrejian Brothers, 1609 Sansom St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia' 

Johnston, Wm. J., Leverington & Wilde Philadelphia, Philadelphia! 


Johnstown Pneumatic Carpet & Johnstown, Cambria 

Cleaning Co. 

Lansdale Rope Factory, Lansdale, Montgomery 

Lentz, Edwm , . . .1127 E. Columbia Ave.Philadelphia Philadelphia 

Lentz Wm. H., Jr., 2858 Emerald St., . . . Philadelphia Philade 6h a 

Linnekm Company, E. J., ... .6-14 Graib St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny 

Linton & Co., Josiah, 2 2-24 N. Fourth St., . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia ' 

Manayunk Plush Manufactur- Philadelphia! -Philadelphia! 

Morrell & Brooks Company, Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Murphy Brothers, 16th & Fitzwater Sts.,Philadelphia ...... .Philadelphia' 

National Bag Company, 401 Easton Trust Easton, Northampton 


Nau.din, M., . - 1936 Naudain St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia 

Parisian Dry Cleaners, 32^ S. Race St., .... Greenville, Mercer 

Parisian Plaiting & Novelty Co.,108 S. 13th St Philadelphia Philadelphia 

Peerless Cleaning & Dyeing Co.,218 Penna. Ave Warren, Warren 

Philadelphia Vacuum Cleaner 435 W. Coulter St.,. -Germantown, Philadelphia. 

E lu ? h ', A 4, L "1 602 Market St Philadelphia Philadelphia 

Pottash Bros 504 N. American St., . Philadelphia! Philadelphia! 


Name and Industry. Address. City or Town. County. 


Progressive Carpet Cleaning 2028 N. Tenth St., . . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 


Schaeffer & Company, 126 Carpenter St., . . . Reading Berks. 

Schilling, Joseph, 2609 Cherry St., Erie, Erie. 

Scientific Textile Company, Morrisville, Bucks. 

Smith Brothers, 822-4 Carson St., Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Star Textile Mills Unity & Leiper Sts.,. .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Strawb ridge & Clothier 801 Market St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Taylor, Herbert G., 1811-25 E. Russell St.Philadelphia, . Philadelphia. 

Taylor's Carpet Cleaning 211 Church Lane, . . . Germantown, Philadelphia. 

Third Street Franklin Carpet Third St Franklin, Venango. 

Cleaning Works. < 

Tioga Textile Co., Inc., Adams & Emerald Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Vandergrif t Dry Cleaning 111 Grant Ave., Vandergrift, Westmoreland. 


Walker, J. H., 2312 N. 15th St., Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Walnut Dyers & Cleaners -09 S. Ninth St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Way Brothers Manufacturing . Philadelphia Philadelphia. 


Wertsner & Son, G. S., 11th & Race Sts., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

West Philadelphia Carpet 3804-6 Delancey St.,. . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Cleaning Works. 
Wool Scouring & Carbonizing Somerset & Tulip Sts., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Zisette, Mme., 226 Scranton Life Scranton, Lackawanna. 



Alexander Bros., 114 S. Centre St Corry, Erie. 

American Laundry, 332 Washington St.,. .Reading, Berks. 

American Laundry, River & Silver Sts.,. . Sharon, Mercer. 

American Laundry Co., 1427 Catharine St., . .Philadelphia Philadelphia. 

Arblaster, G. W Arch St., New Bethlehem, Clarion. 

Arcade Laundry, Logan & Granite Sts., Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

Ashland Steam Laundry, Ashland, Schuylkill. 

Atglen Laundry 1110 W. Dauphin St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Athens Steam Foundry Athens, Bradford. 

Barnes Laundry Company, .... Penn Ave. & 30th St., l'ittsburgh, Allegheny. 

Bartlett, E. A., Est., Ill Belief onte Ave.,. .Lock Haven, . ., Clinton. 

Beach Haven Laundry Beach Haven, Luzerne. 

Beaver Falls Steam Laundry, Beaver Falls, .Beaver. 

Beaver Valley Laundry, . . .« Beaver Valley Beaver. 

Becker's Laundry, 320 N. Front St Reading, Berks. 

Bee Hive Laundry, 737 N. Tenth St., . . .Reading, .Berks. 

Bernd & Loux, Coatesville Chester. 

Berryman Laundry, P. G 116 E. Seventh Ave., . Tarentum, Allegheny. 

Berwick Steam Laundry, 338 E. Front St Berwick, Columbia. 

Borough Laundry, Baltimore & Union Lansdale Montgomery. 

Boston Laundry 1216 Spring Garden Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 


Bourne, Benj. F., 629 W. York St Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Brace Brothers, Inc. 608 Trenton Ave., . . . Wilkinsburg, Allegheny. 

Braddock Laundry Co., 210 Carey Ave Braddock Allegheny. 

Bradford Laundry Co 27-35 Bishop St., Bradford, McKean. 

Brew's Laundry, 210 N. Second St., . . .Pottsville Schuylkill. 

Bridesburg Damp Wash Laun- 4719 Edgemont St., . . Bridesburg, Philadelphia. 

Brighton Laundry Co Hodgkiss & Stayton Pittsburgh, Allegheny. 


Brittingham, L. G., • • • 649 N. Eighth St., . . . Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Broadbent Laundry Co., 1101 W. Penna. Ave., Warren, Warren. 

Brown's White City Laundry, . . Allentown, Lehigh. 

Burdick Laundry Co., 52 N. Main St., Wilkes-Barre Luzerne. 

Buri's Hand Laundry, 4345 Germantown Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Butler Steam Laundry Co 217J W. Cun St., . . .Butler, Butler. 


Name and Industry. ' Address. City or Town. County. 

LAUNDRY WOKK— Continued. 

Calnon's Laundry & Dye Second & Market Sts.,Mahanoy City Schuylkill. 

Central Laundry & Dry Clean- 301-9 W. Croton Ave.,New Castle Lawrence. 

ing Works. 

Chambersburg Steam Laundry, Chambersburg, Franklin 

Chester Steam Laundry & Dye Seventh & Edge Ave., Chester, Delaware. 


City Star Laundry, Sixth & Herr Sts., . . Harrisburg, Dauphin. 

City Steam Laundry 27-29 Pine St Bradford, McKean. 

£} ea 5s T £ w ? 1 Su PP J y Co., The,. .25 N. Third St., . . .. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. 

Clearfield Laundry Co., 310 Locust St., Clearfield Clearfield. 

Coatesville Laundry 39 S. Sixth Ave., Coatesville, Chester. 

Columbia Steam Laundry, Nanticoke Luzerne