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Turner faznil;; nrf^aj^lne . 

Ceesed publlcetlon rith A^ril 1917 ins"'ie, 

Pubr SoDt . e, 1920. 


burner Jf amtl|) i^laga^tne 

Genealogical, Historical 





JANUARY 1916, TO APRIL 1917 








Boston, Mass., Records 31 

Connecticut Early Settlers 2 

Connecticut Marriages 76-96 

Dorchester, Mass., Records 94 

Hanover, Mass., Births 61 

Harry Turner of Virginia 71 

Humphrey Turner's Descendants 33 

Jesse Turner of Arkansas 57 

Lemuel Turner of Maine 5 

Maine Marriages 23-48-60 

Maryland Marriages 64-67 

Massachusetts Marriages 81 

Micah Turner of Weymouth 59 

Missouri Marriages 7 9 

New Jersey Marriages 43 

New York Marriages 19 

New York Wills 47 

North Carolina Marriages 39 

Ohio Marriages 27 

Pennsylvania Marriages 53 

Philadelphia Marriages 73 

Revolutionary Records 11-49-65 

Rhode Island Marriages 89 

Scituate, Mass., Baptisms 92 

Turner Lines of Descent 13 

Virginia Marriages 7-4 8 

Virginia Records 86 

Virginia Wills 6 



The Turner Family 


JANUARY. 1916 


An ancient house of Norman-French origin, the Turn- 
ers appear in England at the time of the Conquest. In the 
thirty-five different branches of the British family there 
are as many varied coats-of-arms. The distinguishing 
feature of a majority of these is the mill rind in which the 
center of the millstone is set, indicating that the early 
Turners were millwrights or millers. 

In America perhaps the earliest arrival was Hum- 
phrey Turner, who settled in Plymouth, Mass., in 1628. 
He became prominent in Scituate and conducted a tan- 
nery there as early as 1636. The Turners became a 
numerous family in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and in 
Maine. , 

During King Phillip's War, Captain William Turner 
gained a great victory in the Connecticut Valley, where 
Turner's Falls, near Greenfield, Mass., was afterward 
named for him. 

In Maine the town of Turner was named for Rev. 
Charles Turner, one of the descendants of the first Hum- 
phrey. In Pennsylvania and Virginia, there were early 
arrivals who established large and prosperous communities. 
As early as 1672, Henry Turner was living in Northamp- 
ton Parish, Va. In 1750 the Turners were firmly settled 
in North Carolina. 

The Turner Family Magazine will endeavor to present 
in each issue, new and heretofore unpublished records of 
the Turners in America, and private data and records from 
family bibles are solicited for publication. In future 


numbers we purpose to print nearly complete lists of the 
early Turner marriages from all the United States, from 
1630 to 1875. These alone will be well worth the price 
asked for the magazine. W. M. C. 


In 1760, the first permanent settlers came to North- 
field, Conn., in the Litchfield hills. These came from 
North Haven by ox team, one, Titus Turner, building a 
log house. The well dug by Turner is still in use, though 
the house has disappeared. Others followed these first 
settlers, and in 1762, the first child, James Marsh, was born 
in the new settlement, then called Litchfield Southeast 
farms. In 1778 the woods v/ere still thick so that little 
Rhoda Turner, daughter of the first settler, when sent with 
dinner to workmen cutting timber, lost her way and the 
whole settlement was roused to find her. There is a tradi- 
tion of a battle between the Litchfield Indians, or "Bunk- 
ers" and the New Haven Indians, who had come up the 
valley in quest of certain shiny stones for traders, which 
resulted in victory for the former. 

There were several taverns in Northfield, as the stage 
route between Albany and Hartford ran through the vil- 
lage. One was on the top of the hill where the churches 
which have succeeded "the church and the meetin' house" 
are still located. Three taverns were built in 1782, it is 
said. About 1800, Jacob Turner, a descendant of the first 
Titus, established a tavern, whose sign is still in existence, 
which was a half-way house, where travelers were refreshed 
and horses changed in the old stage coach days. In 1791, 
when the first post-office was established in Litchfield, a 
post rider left it once a week, on Monday morning, carry- 
ing with him the mail for "South East Farms," when on 
his way to Hartford. South East Farms was incorporated 
by the legislature as a winter parish, from November to 

April .of each year, in 1789, and the first meeting is said 
to have been held October 15 of that year. At this meet- 
ing it was voted to hire a minister to preach the gospel for 
six months, and on November 2, it was voted to lay a tax 
of £25, one-third to be raised in money, the remaining two- 
thirds in wheat, rye, corn, buckwheat or oats. In 1794 
it was voted to build a meeting house west of Titus Turn- 
er's, if that worthy consented to let the society have a con- 
venient spot for a green. In 1 794 Northfield petitioned the 
general assembly to be set off as a parish and it was in- 
corporated in the fall of that year. 

The Rev. Joseph E. Camp was pastor from 1795 to 
1837, and was known as "Priest Camp." He married 
Rhoda Turner, daughter of Titus Turner, already referred 
to as the little girl lost in the woods in 1778. He made 
brick in the brickyard of Chauncey Warner in the first 
years of his ministry and later taught school in his house. 
One of his sons was for many years a physician at North- 
field, Dr. David Bushrqd Washington Camp — usually 
known as "Dr. Bushrod" — another was Dr. Joseph W. 
Camp, of Bristol, one was a clergyman, ?nother a judge. 


Among the office holders in the three original counties 
of Pennsylvania were the following: 

Cornelius Turner, justice of the peace in Sussex Co., 
in 1767. 

Robert Turner, one of the five provincial governors 
held office from 9 February, 1688, to 18 December. 1888. 
He was also a member of the Governor's Council from 1 693 
to 1700. He was appointed by William Penn. He was 
Recorder General from 5 May, 1686 to 4 March, 1690. and 
in 1686 was Deputy Surveyor. 

Joseph Turner was a member of the Governor's Coun- 
cil from 1747 to 1776. He died in 1783. 

1 3 




Lemuel Turner, baptized 2d church, Scituate, Mass., 
August 14,-1720, published, Scituate, September 29, 1750 
to Hannah Buck, daughter of Deacon Israel and Mary 
(Merritt) Buck of Hanover, is doubtless identical with the 
Lemuel Turner who married in Durham, Me., January 16, 
1755, Abigail Starbird. Mary (Merrit) Buck died in 1755 
and in the settlement of her estate mention is made of 
"the legal representatives of daughter Hannah deceased." 
Lemuel disappears from Massachusetts records after his 
first marriage in 1750, although an old Genealogy, pub- 
lished many years ago and sadly deficient in detail, gives 
to him and his wife Hannah Buck, a daughter Hannah, 
who is supposed to be the Hannah Turner, who married 
in Augusta, November 21, 1771, David Wall. There were 
Walls, also from Plymouth Co., in the new settlements 
along the Kennebec river about the time the Turners came 
to that section. Lemuel Turner was the first treasurer 
of the "District of Harpswell" set off from Yarmouth in 
1758. Durham and Freeport were originally included 
also in North Yarmouth. 

Plymouth Co. Probate 21-177. "Lemuel Turner of 
Harpswell Co., Cumberland, yeoman, appointed this day 
administrator of estate of his father, Isaac Turner, late of 
Hanover, deceased, September 9, 1779." 

The Maine Census, enumeration of 1790, says "Lem- 
uel Turner of Freeport, three males, including head of the 
family over 16; four females, including head of the family 
over sixteen." Lemuel and his wife were both living in 
1804. It had been no little trouble to corroborate this 
Census report, as in North Yarmouth Melzar Turner set- 
tled and his children married there. 

1. Starbird, born 1775-6, married (1) November 1775, 

Olive Davis; married (2) 1828 Blackwell, died 

Rome, 1838. 


2. Desire, born October 22, 1758, married November 
28, 1776, Stephen Weston, res., Durham, Freeport. 

3. Isaac, born , married 1788, Molly Hans- 

com. (He settled in Durham). 

4. Ezekiel, born , nriarried January 12, 1792, 

Joanna Roberts. He was drowned at sea at the age of 55 

5. Abigail, born 1772, married 1793, John Hatch. 

6. Elisha, born , married August 6, 1795, 

Rachel Bray. 

7. Lydia, born , married August 20, 1776, 

Benjamin Vining. 

8. Lucy, born , married June 22. 1786, Paul 


Starbird, the eldest son, served at various times in the 
Revolutionary War. In 1790 he was living in Newfield 
according to the census (Washington Plantation) and his 
family then was "one male, one male under sixteen, and 
four females." 

The records of Newfield, and of surrounding towns 
(N. H. as well) afford no clue regarding him, but in 1804 
his name appears on the town records of Rome, and for 
many years he took an important part in the business of 
the town. On those records is this data, "Starbird Turner 
and Olive Turner, Inhabitants of the town of Rome, June 
1804. Married November, 1775, and have issue as follows 

1. Avis, born at Durham, N. H., March 22, 1783. 

2. Sarah, born at Newfield, May 15, 1785. 

3. Lemuel, born at Newfield, May 25, 1787. 

4. Betsey, born at Newfield, June, 1789. 

5. Asa, born at Wakefield. October 16, 1791. 

6. Daniel, born at Newfield. January 15, 1793. 

7. Abigail, born at Newfield, May 1, 1795. 

There may have been other children born previous to 
1783, as a daughter Eliza is not enumerated with the fore- 


going, unless she can be identical with Betsey. She is 
buried at Rome in the same enclosure as her father. He 
has no stone to mark his grave, but hers, tells us she died 
July 17, 1837, aged 50 years. 

Descendants say that Starbird Turner's wife was 

Olive Davis. He married (2) 1828 Blackwell. 

He died in 1838. His sons, Lemuel, Asa and Daniel, all 
settled in Rome. 


Following are two recently discovered Turner wills 
on record in Campbell and Bedford Co., Virginia: 
Turner, John Campbell Co., Va. 

Will filed February 4. 1796. 

s. Caleb 

sister Sally 

d. Betsey Owen and her three children. 
Turner, Richard Bedford Co., Va. 

Will filed June 27, 1769. 

s. James 

s. Jesse 

d. Ann 

d. Prudence 

d. Mary Leftwich 


Benedict Arnold, second son of Benedict and Damaris 
(Stukeley) Arnold, was born in Newport, R. L, in 1641. 
He was an assistant to the governor from 1690 to 1695 and 
a representative to the general court in 1699. He died 
July 1727. He married, first, Mary Turner, daughter of 
John Turner, March 9, 1671. He married, second, Sarah 

Benedict Arnold, son of Benedict and Mary Turner 
Arnold, settled in Norwich, Conn. He married November 
8, 1733, Hannah (Waterman) King, widow of Abs. King. 



(From Original Rocords) 

Turner, Alex and Peggy Rollins, 17 May, 1786, Fauquier 

Co., Va. 
Turner, Alice P. and William B. Matthews, 12 January, 

1875, King George Co., Va. 
Turner, Andrew aid Ann Adams, 9 December, 1801, 

Fauquier Co., Va. 
Turner, Ann and Thos. Saunders, 1764, Lancaster Co., 

Turner, Ann and Matthew Crawford, October 2, 1766, 

Norfolk Co., Va. 
Turner, Anna and George Adams, June 9, 1769, Fauquier 

Co., Va. 
Turner, Armistead T. and Rebecca Booker. February, 

1808. Amelia Co., Va. 
Turner, Betty and Henry Dawson, 15 December, 1754, 

Stafford Co., Va. 
Turner, Charles and Mary Cox, 12 August. 1695, New 

Kent Co., Va. 
Turner, Edward and Anne Compton, November 6, 1802, 

Shenandoah Co., Va. 
Turner, Elias and Mary Cutly, October 4, 1785, Shenan- 
doah Co., Va. 
Turner, Elias and Susanna Smith, February 9, 1801, 

Shenandoah Co., Va. 
Turner, Elizabeth and Robert Harris, October 1699, New 

Kent Co., Va. 
Turner, Elizabeth and Leonard Philips, 1793, Amherst Co., 

Turner, Elizabeth and Joseph Wyatt, 22 January, 1783, 

Middlesex Co., Va. 
Turner, Eliz. and William Baylis, May 22, 1780, Fauquier, 

Co., Va. 
Turner, Esther, (daughter of John Furbush lurner) and 


Robert Cage, November 28, 1778, Northampton Co., 

Turner, Frances N. and Thomas Whittington, 1 1 May, 
[810, Westmoreland Co., Va. 

Turner, George and Ann Maupin, 1791, Albemarle Co., 

Turner, Hannah and Richard Martin, 13 August, 1718 
New Kent Co., Va. 

Turner, Henry and Mary Baker, 6 January, 1709, New 
Kent Co., Va. 

Turner, Henry andSydwell Minson, 9 March, 1701, Eliza- 
beth City Co., Va. 

Turner, Henry and Frankey Malbone, 31 July, 1817, 
Princess Anne Co., Va. 

Turner, James and Mary Matthews, 3 March, 1757, 
Stafford Co., Va. 

Turner, James and Eliza Wright, 3 May, 1809, Campbell 
Co., Va. 

Turner, James and Rachel M. Booker, September, 1792, 
Amelia Co., Va. 

Turner, James and Sally Leftwich, 24 August. 1778, Bed- 
ford Co., Va. 

Turner, John and Susanna Butler, 17 April, 1795, West- 
moreland Co., Va. 

Turner, John and Jenny Bailey, June 12, 1782, Fauquier 
Co., Va. 

Turner, John and Fanny Davis, 1790, Caroline Co., Va. 

Turner, John and Sarah Fitzgerald, January 28, 1790, 
Orange Co., Va. 

Turner, John and Fanny Lewis, 14 July, 1827, Princess 
Anne Co., Va. 

Turner, John and Martha Parish, 7 March, 1800, Norfolk 
Co., Va. 

Turner, John and Grace Benson, 17 January, 1801, Nor- 
folk Co., Va. 


Turner, John L. and Polly S. Eggleston, December, 1806, 
Amelia Co., Va. 

Turner. Josiah and Milly Key, 30 November, 1783, Bed- 
ford Co., Va. 

Turner, Kezlah and Thos. Elliott, August 10, 1784, 
Northampton Co., Va. 

Turner, Keziah and James Moseby, February 17, 1782, 
Campbell Co., Va. 

Turner, Letty and William Martin, November 18. 1798, 
Caroline Co., Va. 

Turner, Lucretia and Frances Robertson, 20 March, 1769, 
Amelia Co., Va. 

Turner, Mahale and Archibald Beard, September 12, 
1822 Rockbridge Co. Va. 

Turner. Maria and Pryor Wright, 24 November, 1825, 
Campbell Co., Va. 

Turner. Maria and Turner Dixon, 5 November. 1800, 
King George Co., Va. 

Turner, Mary and John Wall, 15 September, 1784, Em- 
poria, Greenesville Co., Va. 

Turner, Mary and Isaac McLain. April 2, 1801, Alexan- 
dria Co., Va. (Then D. C.) 

Turner, Mary J. and Isham Lawhorn, Jr., 4 February, 
1847. Bedford. Va. 

Turner, Nancy and Samuel Drinkwater, August 15, 1788, 
Campbell Co., Va. 

Turner, Patience, widow of John and Maj. Bool, February 
28, 1781, Northampton Co., Va. 

Turner, Patience and William Burrell Brown, 10 February, 
1784, Emporia, Greenesville Co., Va. 

Turner, Patsy and Arthur Applewheite, 20 August, 1789, 
Emporia, Greenesville Co.. Va. 

Turner, Pleasant and Agnes Woodson, October 11. 1781. 
Goochland Co., Va. 

Turner, Priscilla, daughter of John Furbush Turner and 


Holloway Bunting, November 5, 1787, Northampton 
Co.. Va. 

Turner, Rebecca and Laban Shipp, 10 February, 1786, 
Fauquier Co., Va. 

Turner. Robert and Peachy Morris, 27 December, 1838, 
Albemarle Co., Va. 

Turner, Rodah and Farthing Hix, 22 March, 1784, Bed- 
ford Co., Va. 

Turner, R. and Thomas Austin, 1799, Amherst Co., Va. 
>^urner, Sarah and Job Jones. 27 November, 1783, Amelia 
Co., Va. 

Turner, Sarah and Joseph Conway, 7 July. 1788, Fauquier 
Co., Va. 

Turner, Sarah and John Watkins, 1763, Goochland Co., 

Turner, Sarah (widow) and Thos. Fisher, August 1, 1754, 
Northampton Co., Va. 

Turner, Sarah and William McGlothler, December 17, 
1812, Rockbridge Co., Va. 

Turner, Stephen and Mary Roundtree, 16 July, 1782, Bed- 
ford Co., Va. 

Turner, Susanna and Thos. Dowty, August 2, 1797, 
Northampton Co., Va. 

Turner, Susana and George Wens, November 29, 1810, 
Rockbridge Co., Va. 

Turner, Tabitha and Henry Haynes, 20 May, 1784, Bed- 
ford Co., Va. 

Turner, Thomas and Eleanor Radcliffe, 13 September, 
1746, Stafford Co., Va. 

Turner, Thomas and Elizabeth C. Randolph, 2 October, 
1798, Fauquier Co., Va. 

Turner, Thomas and Catey Brown, December 24, 1787, 
Orange Co., Va. 

Turner, Wilham and Nancy Alexander, May 6, 1806, 
Rockbridge Co., Va. 


Turner, William and Dorothy Whitlock, 20 April, 1726. 

New Kent Co., Va. 
Turner, William and Nanny Conkling, 28 January, 1794, 

Westmoreland Co., Va. 
Turner, William and Catherine Maricha, August 5, 1800, 

Rockingham Co., Va. 
Turner, Wilson and Polly Hurt, May 3, 1797, Caroline Co., 

Turner, & Miss Ham, 1795, Amherst Co., 



Seth Turner, died at Randolph, Mass., 2 October, 
1842, aged 86 years. He was a revolutionary pensioner. 

Seth Turner, born 1727, in Weymouth, Mass., died 
1806, in Randolph, Mass. Commanded a company at the 
Lexington alarm and an independent company in defense 
of the sea coast. 

Seth Turner, Jr., born 1756, died 1842, was placed on 
the pension roll of Norfolk Co., Mass., in 1831, for service 
as a private and sergeant in the Massachusetts militia. 

' Zadoc Turner, born 1729, in Worcester Co., Md., died 
1819, in Hancock Co., Ga., was a private in the second 
regiment of Maryland militia. 

Cornelius Turner served as a private in the New York 

John Turner, born 1712, died 1 794, served on the com- 
mittee of correspondence of Pembroke, Mass., and was a 
member of the Provincial Congress. 

John Turner, Jr., born 1739, in Pembroke, Mass., died 
there 1820, raised a company of volunteers 

Edward Turner, born 1739, in Walpole. Mass., died 
1777, served as a lieutenant in the Massachusetts militia 
in the Burgoyne campaign. He died of small-pox in win- 
ter quarters near Albany, N. Y. 


James Turner, born 1759, Bedford Co., Va., died 1828, 
enlisted as a soldier at the age of 17. He subsequently be- 
came a clergyman and died in Virginia. 

Samuel Turner, born 1721, in Plattsburg, N. Y., died 
1808, served in the expedition to Canada in 1775. 

Abel Turner, born 1758, died 1829, served as a private 
in the Vermont militia. 

Ezra Turner, born 1743, in Guilford, Conn., died 1828, 
in Onondaga, N. Y., served in the Burgoyne campaign 
under Capt. Salmon White and Col. Ezra May. 

Matthew Turner, born 1733, died 1824, was a private 
in Capt. Geo. Markham's Co. of Connecticut militia, 1781, 
when Arnold led the attack of the British on New London. 

James Turner, born 1737, died 1803, served as a lieu- 
tenant in Capt. John McDowell's Co., of Chester Co., 

Robert Turner, born 1760, in Pennsylvania, died 
1838, in Indiana. Enlisted in 1776, in Capt. McDowell's 
Co., Penn., militia and served as teamster nearly four 

David Turner, born 17^4 in Scituate, Mass., died 
1826, in Lyme. N. H. Enlisted as a private in Capt. 
Wm. Turner's Co., Col. John Bailey's regiment. 

Isaac Turner, died 1829, aged 75, was commissioned 
a lieutenant in Connecticut, 1777. 

Nathaniel Turner, born 1717, died 1796, was at the 
Lexington alarm in Capt. Joseph Stetson's company. 

WiUiam Turner, born 1738, died 1799, served at Ti- 
conderoga in 1777, in Capt. Roger Gilmore's Co., and in 
1778, was a lieutenant in the Rhode Island Campaign 
under Capt. Samuel Twichell. 

James Turner of Amherst Co.. Va., died 1806 leaving 
a wife Rebecca and children: William, John, Tuisha, James, 
Stephen, Nancy, Mildred, Judith, Lucy, Patsy, Sarah, 
Elizabeth, Mary, Rebecca and Susannah. 



James Turner, of Chester Co., Penn., born 1737, died 
1803, married 1759, Rebecca Armstrong, born 1738, died 

Robert Turner, son of James, born 1760, died 1838, 
married Ann Carlisle, born 1760, died 1850. 

Rev. William S. Turner, son of Robert, born 1787, 
died 1877, married 1812, Matilda Adams, born 1796, died 

John Foster Turner, son of William, married in 1844, 
Harriet Seeley Knapp. 

Seth Turner, born Weymouth, Mass., 1727, died 
Randolph, Mass., 1806, married 1750 Rebecca Vinton. 

Seth Turner, Jr., married Abigail Wales. 

Sarah Wales Turner, daughter of Seth, Jr., married 
John King. 

Ntithaniel Turner, born Scituate, Mass., 1717, died 
1796, married Mary Bailey. 

Job Turner, son of Nathaniel, married Abial Bryant. 
John B. Turner, son of Job, married Hannah Nichols. 

John Turner, of Pembroke, Mass., born 1712, died 
1794. married Mary Randall. 

John Turner, Jr., his son, born 1739, died 1820, mar- 
ried Mary Little. 

Tobes Turner, son of John, Jr., married Betsy Mal- 

Fayette D. Turner, daughter of Tobes, married Gil- 
bert D. Parshley. 

Daniel Turner, of New York, had Cornelius Turner, 
■who married Mary Slocum. Their daughter, Maria 
Turner, born 1800, died 1879, married John Smith. 

David Turner, born 1754, Scituate, Mass., died 1826. 
Lyme, N. H., married Rhoda Porter. 


Benjamin Turner, son of David, married Charlotte 

Abraham Turner, of New York, married Eliz. Evarts. 

Samuel Turner, son of Abraham, born 1721, Platts- 
burg, N. Y., died 1808, married Mary Stocker. 

Abel Turner, son of Samuel, born 1758, died 1829, 
married Olive White. 

Abel Turner, Jr., married Mary Turner, daughter of 
Ezra Turner. 

Andrew J. Turner, son of Abel, Jr., married Mary 0. 

Matthew Turner, of Connecticut, born 1733, died 
1824, married 1760, Elizabeth Smith. 

David Turner, son of Matthew, born 1776, married 
Lois Baker. 

David Smith Turner, son of David, married Mary 
Ann Lord. 

Joshua Turner, of Saratoga Co., N. 'Y., born 1757, 
died Hadley. N. Y.. 1820, married 1781. Lydia Drury. 

Joshua Turner, son of Joshua, married Christy Cook. 

George W. Turner, son of Joshua, 2d, married Mary 

Joshua Allen Turner, son of Ceo. W., married Alice 

Moses Turner, of Candia, N. H., born 1753, died Can- 
dia, N. H., 1844, married Elizabeth Bean. 

William Turner, son of Moses, born 1796, died 1851, 
married Mary Jane Robinson. 

Mary Adelaide Turner, daughter of William, married 
Richard H. Huper. 

Zadoc Turner, born Worcester Co., Md., 1729, died 
Hancock, Ga.. 1819, married Ann Blizzard. 


Hezekiah Turner, son of Zadoc, born 1780, died 1846, 
married 1795, Sarah Giles, born 1774. died 1830. 

Ann Turner, daughter of Hezekiah, born 1806, died 
1879, married 1830, Hubbard Cozart. 

Edward Turner, born Massachusetts, 1739, died 
Albany, N. Y., 1777, married 1764, Hannah Fisher, born 
1744. died 1840. 

Ebenezer Turner, son of Edward, born New Ipswich, 
N. H., 1772, died 1859, married 1798, Mary Sumner, born 
1775, died 1845. 

Ebenezer Turner, Jr., born 1810, died 1878, married 
1833, Adaline Felt, born 1812. died 1880. 

Rev. James Turner, born Bedford Co., Va., 1759, died 
1828, married 1778. Sally Leftwich, 

Martha Turner, daughter of Jas., m. Wm. Mitchell. 

Matthew Turner, of Connecticut, born 1733, died 
1824, married Mary Fargo. 

Isaac Turner, son of Matthew, married Mary Corn- 

Isaac Turner, Jr., son of Isaac, married Esther Corn- 

John Turner, son of Isaac, Jr., married Maria T. 


In 1688, Elizabeth Turner arrived from England and 
settled in Henrico Co., (now Chesterfield) in Varina Parish. 
^ George Ryner Turner, of Cumberland Co., Va., sold 
lands in 1740 to John Watkins. 

In 1693, Henry Turner served on the grand jury of 
Bristol Parish, Henrico Co., Va. 

W. L. Turner, born Windham, Vt., 13 February, 
1824, settled in Minnesota, in 1866. 



Benjamin S., born Halifax Co., N. Car., 17 March, 
1825. In house 1871-73. 

Charles, Jr., born in Massachusetts. I n House 1 809- 1 3. 

Charles Henry, born Wentworth, N. H., 26 May, 
1861. In House 1889-1891. Residence, Washington, 
D. C. 

Daniel, born Warren Co., N. Car., 21 September, 
1796, died San Francisco, Cal., 21 July, 1860. In House 

Erastus J., born Lockport, Pa., 26 December, 1846. 
In House, 1887-91. 

George, born Edina, Mo., 25 February, 1850. In 
Senate. 1897-1903. 

Henry G., born Franklin Co., N. Car. 9 June, 1904. 
In House. 1881-1897. 

James, born Southampton Co., Va., 20 December, 
1766, died Bloomsburg, N. Car., 15 Januar'y, 1824. In 
Senate, 1805-16. 

James, born Harford Co., Md., 1783, died 1861. In 
House, 1833-37. 

Oscar, born New Orleans, La., 3 February, 1825, died 
1896. In House 1879-85. 

Oscar. Jr.. born Ballard Co., Ky., 19 October, 1867, 
died Louisville, Ky., 17 July, 1902. In House, 1899-1901. 

Smith S.. born Warren Co., Va.. 21 November, 1842, 
died Front Royal. Va., 8 April. 1898. In House, 1894-7. 

Thomas, born Richmond. Ky.. 10 September, 1821, 
died Mt. Sterling, Ky., 11 September, 1900. In House. 

Thomas J., born Trumbull Co., Ohio, 5 April, 1815, 
died Hot Springs. Ark.. 4 April. 1874. In House, 1847-49. 

Martha Turner, born 1815, married John M. Ammer- 
man, 1847, in Bloomington, Ind. They had one son, 
James Richard. 


The Turner Family 


APRIL. 1916 


The Moravian Seminary for Young Ladies, at Beth- 
lehem, Penn., is one of the oldest female institutions of 
learning in this country. Since 1786, thousands of 
young ladies have attended the Bethlehem school. In 
the early days few of the pupils were Moravians, but were 
members of aristocratic and wealthy families, and for 
many years the seminary was quite the vogue. The 
following list of pupils, recently found, will prove of 
great genealogical interest. 
1822 — Jane Turner, born 18 March, 1808, daughter of 

Mrs. Susan Turner of New Jersey. 
1833 — Emily Turner, daughter of Josiah Turner of Hope, 

Warren Co., N. J. 
1857 — Hester A. Turner, daughter of Thos. Turner 

of New York married 6 September, 1866, Rev. Thos. 

Crowther, Southfield, Berkshire Co.. Mass. 
1861 — Lizzie V. Turner, daughter of Samuel Turner, of 

Plymouth, Penn. 
1865 — Emma L. Turner, daughter of Francis S. Turner, 

of New York. 
1867— Mary H. Turner, ward of Miss Isabelle Lewis, of 

Brooklyn, N. Y. 
1867 — Lizzie M. Turner, ward of Miss Isabelle Lewis, of 

Brooklyn, N. Y. 
1867 — ^Isabella L. Turner, ward of Miss Isabelle Lewis, 

of Brooklyn, N. Y. 



(Turners in the Civil War. 1861-5) 

George A. Turner 
Edward Turner 
Stephen Turner 
James Turner 
Charles W. Turner 
Frederick F. Turner 
William Turner 
Henry Turner 
Peter Turner 
Samuel F. Turner 
Henry A. Turner 
William B. Turner 
Edward Turner 
Richard Turner 
John Turner 
Thomas Turner 
Charles H. Turner 
William Turner 


Tyngsboro, Mass. 


The following aged persons were living in Connecti 
cut in the year 1884: 

Alfred Turner, at Bolton, aged 87. 
Mrs. Alfred Turner, at Bolton, aged 80. 
Mrs. Hopestill Turner, at Glastonbury, aged 87 
Miss Harriet Turner, at Haddam, aged 82. 
William W. Turner, at Hartford, aged 84. 
Maria L. Turner, at Hartford, aged 81. 
Mrs. Hannah Turner, at Hebron, aged 94. 
Mrs. Freelovc Turner, at Ledyard, aged 84. 
Hannah Turner, at Mansfield, aged 93. 
Lydia B. Turner, at Stratford, aged 83. 



(From Original Records) 

Turner, Abigail and Thomas McCall, 5 December, 1802, 

Rye, Westchester Co., N. Y. 
Turner, Ann and Silvanus Dillingham, 30 November, 

1752, State Records. 
Turner, Ann and Silas Henry, 22 December, 1772, State 

Turner, Anne and John Peterson, 27 May, 1 738, State 

Turner, Archibald and Louisa M. Livingston, 15 April, 

1813, Port Richmond, Staten Island, N. Y. 
Turner, Catherine and Daniel Waldron, 27 November, 

1757, State Licence. 
Turner, Cornelia A. and Oliver Bliss, December, 1869, 

Potsdam. N. Y. 
Turner, Cornelius and Penelope Peneur, 9 June, 1759, 

State Licence. 
Turner, Cornelius and Esther Curry, 10 January, 1846, 

Peekskill. N. Y. 
Turner, Daniel and Eleanor Tate, 29 September, 1812, 

New York City. 
Turner, Elenor and Jonathan Gildersleeve, 23 October, 

1757, Hempstead, N. Y. 
Turner, Eliza A. and J. A. Woodland, 4 July, 1855, 

Staten Island, N. Y. 
Turner, Elizabeth and Robert Dale, 24 May, 1701, State 

Turner, Elizabeth and Joseph Totten, 22 December, 1 748, 

New York City. 
Turner, Elizabeth and George Davis, 14 August, 1758,. 

State Records. 
Turner, Elizabeth and Horace Taylor, 5 March, 1842* 

Smithtown, L. I., N. Y. 


Turner, Esther, widow, and Ebenezer Arnold, 6 June, 

1786, Hoosick, N. Y. 
Turner, Francis and Sarah Gray, 9 February, 1760, 

State Licence. 
Turner, Hannah and John Scofield, 7 November, 1774, 

New Windsor. N. Y. 
Turner, Henry and Farmelia Roberts, 3 November, 1841, 

Ulster Co.. N. Y. 
Turner, Horace A. and Ann E. Anthony, 2 February, 

1854. Brunswick. N. Y. 
Turner, Hugh and Eleanor Moffat, 16 February, 1778, 

New Windsor, N. Y. 
Turner, Jacob and Agnetie Wagner, 26 February, 1760, 

State Licence. 
Turner, Jacob and Ledea Neall, 5 July, 1812, Rhinebeck, 

N. Y. 
Turner, Jane and Nathaniel Cooper, 7 February, 1780, 

State Licence. 
Turner, Mrs. Jane and Elisha Thornton, 12 July, 1811, 

GreenfielJ, Saratoga Co., N. Y. 
Turner, Jesse and Catherine Beck, 8 November, 1783, 

State Licence. 
Turner, John and Christian MoncriefF, 20 February, 1779, 

State Licence. 
Turner, John and Catrina Wood, 6 December, 1779, New 

Windsor. N. Y. 
Turnier, John and Mary C. Maltbie, 10 May, 1813, New 

York City. 
Turner, John Bice and Martha Voluntine, 1819, Malta, 

N. Y. 
Turner, Levin and Hanna Brown, 23 June, 1782, State 

Turner, Louisa Jane and Mathew Abrams, 17 October, 

1860, Ulster Co., N. Y. 
Turner, Mahala and Jacob Pink, 16 March, 1822, Rensse- 
laer Co., N. Y. 


Turner, Margaret and Richard Blake. 30 August, 1759 

State Licence. 
Turner, Margaret and Plyna Saxton, 2 January, 1822, 

Palmyra, N. Y. 
Turner, Maria and Hamden Whitney, 20 August, 1840, 

Brunswick, N. Y. 
Turner, Martha and Edward Hubbard, 2 March, 1670, 

State Licence. 
Turner, Mary and John Jackways, 17 July, 1782, State 

Turner, Mary and James McAlpine, 13 August, 1783, 

State Licence. 
Turner, Mary A. and Richard H. Kuper, 31 October, 

1864, Buffalo, N. Y. 
Turner, Mary Ann and Edward C. Mersereau, 29 April, 

1846, Port Richmond, S. L, N. Y. 
Turner, Mary J. and Benjamin Brown, 1876, Middle- 
town, N. Y. 
Turner, Nathan and Sophia Sutton, 27 November, 1787, 

Westchester Co.. N. Y. 
Turner, Polly and John Westfall, 30 December, 1816, 

Rensselaer Co., N. Y. 
Turner, Rachel and Joseph Brace, 4 December, 1814, 

Saratoga Co.. N. Y. 
Turner. Robert and Nancy Hallett. 23 June, 1791, New 

York City. 
Turner, Robert and Rebecca Morgan, 18 February, 1796, 

New York City. 
Turner, Robert T. and Helen Boyd, 25 October, 1868, 

Buffalo, N. Y. 
Turner, Samuel and Sarah Cole, 13 March, 1782, Smith- 
town, L. I., N. Y. 
Turner, Sarah and Abraham King, 7 August, 1819, New 

York City. 
Turner, Sarah and John Devereaux, 3 December, 17o9, 

Westchester Co., N. Y. 


Turner, Thomas and Sarah Ketchum, January, 1784, 

Lansingburg, N. Y. 
Turner, Thomas and Jemima Wood, 5 November, 1823, 

New York City. 
Turner, Thomas W. and Emma Harman, October, 1864, 

New York. 
Turner, William and Margaret Weeton, 19 June, 1758, 

State Records. 
Turner, William and Sarah Adams, 27 May, 1762, State 

Turner, William and Ann Vanderhoff, 31 December, 

1765. New York City. 
Turner, William H. and Mary J. Robinson, 24 June, 1835, 

Troy. N. Y. 
Turner, and John Goff, 5 April, 1821, Orange Co., 

N. Y. 

(To be continued) 


On 9 June, 1704, Captain John Turner and others of 
Gloucester. Mass., volunteered to go in the fishing boat. 
Fort Pinnace, in search of pirates who were cruising off 
Cape Ann. near Snake Island. 

On 22 March. 1706. John Turner, living in Scituate, 
Mass., died suddenly, being stricken while "driving his 
Cart and Oxen after Dinner." He left a wife and young 

In Boston, 9 July, 1705, a "smart Clap of Thunder 
and Lightning with Rain, which split the Mast of a 
Sloop near Charlestown Ferry, belonging to one John 
1 urner. 


Young Flossie Turner's curly hair 

Was red as fire, or nearly; 
Her name's Florenza Tournier now. 

She gets ten thousand yearly. R. M. B. 



In Henry Co., 31 October, 1777, Abednezo Turner 
renounced his allegiance to Great Britain and on 30 
August, 1777, John Turner and William Turner took a 
similar oath. 

Henry Turner was Hying in James City in 1624. 

Thomas Turner sold land of which deeds are on record 
in Spottsylvania Co., 1 August, 1732. 

Harry Turner was a justice in Spottsylvania Co., 

in 1742. 

Major Harry Turner was vestryman of Hanover 
parish, King George Co., and clerk of the County from 
1742 to 1751. He was a member of the House of Bur- 
gesses from 1742 to 1749. 

Henry Smith Turner, born 1770, died 1834, was a 
justice of Westmoreland Co., in 1795, and a member of 
the House of Delegates, 1799-1800. 


(From Original Records) 

Turner, Abigail and John Hatch, 3 August, 1793, Free- 
port, Maine. 

Turner. Arvilla J. and Charles W. Gould, 13 July, 1851. 
Bangor. Maine. 

Turner, Betty and Samuel Riggs, 24 November, 1791, 
Freeport, Maine. 
^ Turner, Catherine and Philip Call, 20 December, 1821, 

% Dresden, Maine. 

Turner, Clarkson and Lydia Hatch, 24 May, 1812, 
Dresden, Maine. 

Turner, Desire and Stephen Weston, 28 November, 1776, 
Freeport, Maine. 

Turner, Desire and Jesse Coombs, 2 March, 1816, Isles- 
borough, Maine. 

Turner, Elisha and Rachel Bray. 6 August, 1795, Free- 
port, Maine. 

Turner, Esther and Thomas Weston, 5 March, 1794, 
Gorham. Maine. 


Turner. Eunice and Robert Sherman, 8 April, 1792, 

Islesborough, Maine. 
Turner, Ezekial and Johanna Roberts, 12 January, 1792, 

Freeport, Maine. 
Turner, Hannah and David Wall, 21 November, 1771, 

Augusta, Maine. 
Turner, Hannah and Thomas Worthly, 17 June, 1799, 

Freeport, Maine. 
Turner, Isaac and Molly Hanscomb, 1788, Freeport, 

Turner, Isaac and Desire Trim, 1797, Islesborough, Maine. 
Turner, James and Nancy Thomas, 13 September, 1800, 

Freeport, Maine. 
Turner, James and Elizabeth Call, 13 January, 1822, 

Dresden, Maine. 
Turner, John and Nancy Pollard, 13 December, 1812, 

Dresden, Maine. 
Turner, Lemuel and Abigail Starbird, 16 January, 1755, 

Durham, Maine. 
Turner, Lois and Benjamin Noyce, 29 September, 1791, 

New Castle, Maine. 
Turner, Lucy and Paul Morse, 22 June, 1786, Freeport, 

Turner, Lydia and Benjamin Vining, 20 August, 1776, 

Freeport, Maine. 
Turner, Margaret and James Norcross, 1797, Charles- 
town, Maine. 
Turner, Prudence and Jacob Coombs, 15 April, 1821, 

Islesborough, Maine. 
Turner, Samuel and Joana McMann, 14 December, 1794, 

Orrington, Maine. 
Turner, Sarah and Daniel French, 20 February, 1788, 

Turner, Miiine. 
Turner, Starbird and Olive Davis, November, 1775; 

Newfield, Maine. 

(To be continued) 



Prof. William W. Turner, Librarian at the Patent 
Office, died at Washington, D. C, November 29. 1859, 
in the 50th year of his age. Mr. Turner was born in Eng- 
land in the year 1810, and came with his parents to this 
country in 1818. The family settled in New York, and 
young Turner was sent for a time to the school of John 

Mary Turner, died 1809, daughter of Samuel Turner, 
niarried John Holmes, Jr., of Montgomery Co., Md. His 
father, John Sr., died in 1778. 

"-^ Lewis Turner, died Louisa Co., Va., 1838. His wife's 
name was Elizabeth. 

Daniel Turner, born 1765, son of Timothy Turner, of 
Vermont, married Adeline Willoughby, died 1815. 

Lewis Ellzey Turner, of Virginia, married Theodosia 
Payne, of Fairfax Co., Va. Her father, Edw. Payne, born 
18 November, 1720, married Ann Holland Conyers. 

Thomas Turner, who was guardian of Robert E. Lee, 
was of King George Co., Va., and married Elizah Ran- 
dolph. Their son, Edwin, lived in Fauquier Co., Va. 

John Turner, of Turner's Creek, Md., married Ara- 
minta Perkins, sister of the Revolutionary hero. Col. Isaac 
Perkins. She was a daughter of Ebenezer Perkins and 
Sarah Barney. John Turner's daughter, Araminta, mar- 
ried Col. Geo. Spry. 

Zachariah Turner, married Mary Casey, in Virginia, 
before 1800. They had children, John, William, Daniel, 
Rice, Asa, Robert and Nancy. 

Benjamin Turner, born Delaware Co., N. Y., 1779. 
His son Cornelius Brooks Turner, born 6 February, 1816, 
Delaware Co., N. Y. 

William Turner enlisted in the Revolutionary Army 
from old Canaan Conn. He died in Jersey, Steuben Co., 
N. Y. 


Mary Turner married West Harris of North CaroUna 
born 7 July 1758 died 23 December 1833. They had six 
sons and two daughters. 

Cynthia Turner of Ulster Co. N. Y. born 1782 
married Benjamin Quick born 24 April 1782. 

James Lloyd Turner of Amherst Co. Va. married 
Sarah Campbell in 1800. 


Children of Dr. Benjamin and Avis Turner: Seth, 
bbrn 20 July, 1795, Nathaniel D., born 4 April, 1797, 
Benjamin F., born 2 April, 1805. 

Mrs. Avis Turner, died 22 July, 1842, aged 64 years. 

Harrison G. Turner, died 12 October, 1813, aged 
13 years. 

Andrew Turner of Milton and Susanna Humfreys of 
Dorchester, were married 28 June, 1750. 


Captain William Turner was slain by Indians at 
Northampton, Mass., 19 February, 1676. 

Calvin Turner, died at Medford, Mass., 17 June, 
1849, aged 73 years. 

Mrs. Mary Turner, died at Auburn, Maine, 19 April, 
1849, aged 86. She was a revolutionary pensioner. 

The following children of Robert Turner and Pene- 
lope, his wife, were born in Boston, Mass: 

Ephriam, born 13 October, 1639. 

Sarah, born 11 January, 1640. 

John, born 1 October, 1642. 


(From a Newport, R. T., diary) 

1777, October 22. This morning a number of car- 
penters were discharged from the King'sj work, for refus- 
ing to work on Sunday. This day was buried Mrs. Mary 
Turner of Portsmouth, who kept a noted Public house. 



(From Original Records) 
Turner, Abisha and Priscilla Pickering, 27 August, 1825, 

Harrison Co., Ohio. 
Turner, Adam and Martha McComb, 5 June, 1821, 

Franklin Co., Ohio. 
Turner, Allen G. and Margaret S. Kennedy, 7 September, 

1837, Harrison Co., Ohio. 
Turner, Ann and Robert Gray, 17 April, 1830, Harrison 

Co., Ohio. 
Turner, Anna and Thomas W. Clarke, 19 December, 1833, 

Harrison Co., Ohio. 
Turner, Betsy and John Bell, 26 August, 1825, Harrison 

Co., Ohio. 
Turner, Caleb and Sylvey Bradley, 26 September, 1816, 

Jackson Co., Ohio. 
Turner, Catherine and Moses Gillespie, 16 April, 1836, 

Harrison Co., Ohio. 
Turner, David and Mrs. Janett Waters, 4 July, 1867, 

Marietta, Ohio. 
Turner, Daniel and Jane Hogg, 20 November, 1817, 

Harrison Co., Ohio. 
Turner, Elbridge and Elizabeth Johnson, 1 November, 

1821, Harrison Co., Ohio. 
Turner, Eliza Jane and John Thomas, 23 January, 1836, 

Harrison Co., Ohio. 
Turner, Elizabeth and Samuel McComb, 6 November, 

1821, Franklin Co., Ohio- 
Turner, George and Frances Lincoln, 28 October, 1817, 

Washington Co., Ohio. 
Turner, Henry L. and JuHene Sharp, 26 July, 1835, 

Harrison Co., Ohio. 
Turner, Isaac and Rachel Poulson, 6 October, 1833, 

Harrison Co., Ohio. 
Turner, Isabelle and John Wagstaff, 17 January, 1828, 
Harrison Co., Ohio. 


Turner, James and Jane Holmes, 23 August, 1834, Harri- 
son Co., Ohio. 

Turner, Joab and Arey Johnson, 4 April, 1822, Harrisoa 
Co., Ohio. 

Turner, John A. and Harriet Mahan, 8 April, 1840, 
Granville, Ohio. 

Turner, John L. and Margaret McComb, 29 August, 1820, 
Franklin Co., Ohio. 

Turner, Margaret and James McConigle, 31 March, 1831, 
Harrison Co., Ohio. 

Turner, Mary and John Pauch, II January, 1810, Frank- 
lin Co., Ohio. 

Turner, Mary and Enoch Matson, 25 September, 1817, 
Harrison Co., Ohio. 

Turner, Mary and Daniel Bowman, 30 April, 1826, 
Franklin Co., Ohio. 

Turner, Mary and John Bear, 6 March, 1827, Harrison, 
Co., Ohio. 

Turner, Mary and Jarret Bennett, 29 October, 1829, 
Harrison Co., Ohio. 

Turner, Mary and John Sneary, 3 August. 1830, Harri- 
son Co., Ohio. 

Turner, Matilda and Jesso Bradinburgh, 19 May, 1818, 
Harrison Co., Ohio. 

Turner, Nancy and William Poison, January, 1818, 
Franklin Co., Ohio. 

Turner, Otho W. and Mary Scott, 31 December, 1835, 
Harrison Co., Ohio. 

Turner, Rachel and Moses Cannon, 14 October, 1819, 
Harrison Co., Ohio. 

Turner, Rebecca and Sterling Turner, 24 August, 1819, 
Harrison Co., Ohio. 

Turner, Rosanna and John Summers, 19 April, 1838, 
Harrison Co., Ohio. 

Turner, Sally and William Mowder, 4 May, 1822, Harri- 
son Co., Ohio. 




Turner, Sara Ann and Barnabas Harris, 2 March, 1828, 

Franklin Co., Ohio. 
Turner, Sarah and John Shields, 27 December, 1816, 

Harrison Co., Ohio. 
Turner, Sarah Ann and Linton Wharton, 1 2 March, 1 835, 

Harrison Co., Ohio. 
Turner, Solomon and Elizabeth Porter, 12 January, 1832, 

Harrison Co., Ohio. 
Turner, Sophie and Jacob Barnhart, 3 February, 1825, 

Harrison Co., Ohio. 
Turner, Sterling and Rebecca Turner, 24 August, 1819, 

Harrison Co., Ohio. 
Turner, Susan and George Jones, 28 January, 1818, 

Harrison Co., Ohio. 
Turner, Thomas P. and Lydia Gilbert, December, 1819, 

Oberlin, Ohio. 
Turner. William and Mary Dixon, 7 April, 1825, Jackson 

Co., Ohio. 
Turner, William and Rebecca McComb, 11 April, 1826, 

Franklin Co., Ohio. 
Turner, Wisley and Clarissa McCaron, 20 February, 1823, 

Franklin Co., Ohio. 

(To b« continued) 



Robert Turner died in Northampton Co., Penn., in 
November 1862. His will was probated 2 December, 
1862, and he left to his wife, Isabelle, rents from property 
in Philadelphia. He mentions his eldest son Robert, and 
his wife's mother. Mary Ann McClatchey. 


John Turner was an early arrival in Franklin Co., 
Ohio, in 1807. He was elected Justice of the Peace in 
1608, and 1811. 

James Turner was marshal of Madison Tp., Franklin 
Co., in 1849. 



Dr. Henry Turner of Rhode Island, married Martha 
W. Greene, daughter of Gen. Nathaniel Greene. This 
was her second marriage. She was born 14 March, 1777. 

Dr. G. F. Turner of the United States Army, married 
Mary E. Stuart, born 22 June, 1814, daughter of Robert 
Stuart of Mackinaw, Mich. 

Joseph Turner, married Geraldine Fisher, daughter of 
Col. Daniel Fisher, of Pattersonville, La. He was 
drowned August, 1856, on Last Island, La. 

Thomas W. Turner, married in New York, in Octo- 
ber, 1864, Miss Emma Harman. They settled in St. 
Joseph, Mo., in 1870. 

Sarah Turner was married in 1763 to John Watkins 
of Goochland Co., Va. 

Col. T. T. Turner of Gallatin, Tenn., married Adeline 
Harper in 1857. 


Wood's History of Albemarle Co., Va., gives the 
names of the following who emigrated to other states 
from Virginia. 

Reuben and George Turner to Pendleton Co., Ky. 

Randolph and Elizabeth Turner to White Co., Tenn. 


William Turner lived in Chester, N. H., before 
going to Candia, N. H. He was the first settler in Candia, 
buying land there in 1741. In 1747 he married Sarah 
Colby, daughter of Enoch Colby and Abigail Sanborn. 
He died December 8, 1796; his wife 28 May, I810-1I. 


(Sharon Cemetery, Medina Co., Ohio.; 

Almira Turner, 17 March, 1842, aged 17 years. 
Betsy Turner, 14 July, 1845, aged 8 years. 
Nancy Turner, 24 November, 1862, aged 59 years. 
There are no male members of the family buried here. 



Births and Baptisms 
Ephriam, of Robert and Penelope, born 13 October, 1639. 
Sarah, of Robert and Penelope, born II January, 1641. 
John, of Robert and Penelope, born 1 October, 1642. 
Joseph, of Robert and Penelope, born 7 July, 1644. 
Benjamin, of Robert and Penelope, born 6 January, 1646. 
Timothy, of Robert and Penelope, born 27 August, 1649. 
Daniel, of Robert and Penelope, born 26 September, 1650, 

died young. 
John, of Robert and Elizabeth, 10 October, 1643, died 

John, of Robert and Elizabeth. 15 July, 1644. 
Habbakkuk, of Robert and Elizabeth, 13 February, 1647. 
Elizabeth, of Robert and Elizabeth, 13 May, 1648. 
Robert, of Robert and Elizabeth, 17 March, 1652, died 

Derlow, of Ephriam and Sarah, born 3 December, 1663. 
Robert, of Ephriam and Sarah, born 17 June, 1665. 
Sarah, of Ephriam and Sarah, born 24 March, 1666. 
Abigail, of Ephriam and Sarah, born 8 June, 1669. 
Ephriam, of Ephriam and Sarah, born 23 November, 

Elizabeth, of Ephriam and Sarah, born 19 August, 1672. 
Deliverance, of Ephriam and Sarah, born 1 August, 1673. 
Prudence, of William and Frances, born 12 October, 1665. 
Nathaniel, of John and Joanna, born 26 June, 1666. 
Hannah, of John and Joanna, born 15 July, 1668. 
Hannah, of John and Joanna, born 30 September, 1669. 
Joshua, of William and Ruth, born 28 September, 1679. 
Joshua, of William and Ruth, born 20 August, 1687. 
John, of John and Lucy, born 1 November, 1681. 
Abigail, of John and Abigail, born 29 June, 1690. 
Mercy, of William and Hannah, born 19 February, 1691. 
Hannah, of William and Hannah, born 25 February, 1693. 
Mary, of William and Hannah, born 12 December, 1699 


^ary, of William and Mary, born 29 March, 1696. 
Mary, of William and Mary, born 28 February, 1697. 

Edward Turner and Mary Sanford, 25 August, 1656. 
Sarah Turner and John Fairweather, 15 November, 1660. 
William Turner and Hannah Jackson, 28 August, 1689. 
John Turner and Susanna Kennet, 14 February, 1693. 
Eliza Turner and Alexander Dunkan, 6 July, 1698. 
Prudence Turner and John Marion, Jr., 28 June, 1700. 
Deliverance Turner and Edward Crostet, 29 September, 

John Turner and Elizabeth Tomson, 10 September, 1702. 
Joseph Turner and Mary Wayman, 11 July, 1706. 
Hanna Turner and Thomas Holman, 25 November, 1709. 
John Turner and Rebecca Watts, 24 December, 1711. 
Rebecca Turner and James Ingham, 16 February, 1715. 
Eliza Turner and Josiah Baker, 18 February, 1719. 
Seth Turner and Sarah Shaw, 18 April, 1720. 
Eleanor Turner and Daniel Merrow, 12 September, 1725. 
Elizabeth Turner and Samuel Everton, 26 December, 

Hanna Turner and Eliezer Smith, 23 September, 1729. 
John Turner and Mary Brown, 5 January, 1730. 
Mary Turner and Isaac Wood, 2 April, 1731. 
Philip Turner and Jane Nichols, 15 April, 1731. 
Esther Turner and James Hill, 8 March, 1732. 
Mary Turner and David Trufant, 9 July, 1732. 
John Turner and Agnes Hogg, 3 November, 1732. 
Mary Turner and Wilfred Fisher, 10 May, 1735. 
John Turner and Mary Osborne, 8 June, 1738. 
Mary Turner and John Snelling, 4 December, 1739. 
Lewis Turner and Hannah Weems, 20 September, 1739. 
Joseph Turner and Elizabeth Hazleton, 22 April, 1736. 
John Turner and Hannah Chadwick, 17 February, 1736. 
Joseph Turner and Elizabeth Kenney, 8 August, 1738. 
Joseph Turner and Elizabeth Kenley, 20 August, 1738. 


The Turner Family 


JULY. 1916 

Humphrey Turner, born Essex, England, 1593, the 
first and most important ancestor, came from England 
in 1628, to Plymouth, Mass. He was a tanner by occu- 
pation. In 1634 he removed to Scituate, and died in 
1673. His wife Lydia Gamer joined the church in Scit- 
uate, in 1636. 

Their children were: 

1. John, born England, 1620, married Mary Brew- 

-"■^ 2. Thomas, born Plymouth, married 6 Jan., 1652, 
Sarah Hiland. 

3. Joseph, born 1 Jan., 1636, never married. 

4. Daniel, married 20 Jan., 1665, Hannah Randall. 

5. Nathaniel, born 10 March. 1638, married 29 
March, 1665, Mehitable Rigby. 

6. Mary, born 25 Jan., 1635, married 13 Jan.. 1651, 
William Parker. 

7. Lydia, married 16 Aug., 1660, James Doughty. 

8. John, born 1628. married 23 April, 1649. Ann 

John Turner, eldest son of Humphrey and Lydia 
(Gamer) Turner, born in England. He married 12 
Nov., 1645, Mary Brewster, daughter of Jonathan, and 
lived in Scituate, Mass. 
Their children were: 


1. Jonathan, born 20 September, 1646. 

2. Ezekial, born 7 January. 1650. 

3. Lydia, born 24 January, 1652. 

4. John, born 30 October, 1654. 

5. Elisha, born 8 March, 1656. > 

6. Mary, born 10 December, 1658, 

7. Benjamin, born 5 March, 1660. 

8. Ruth, born 17 May, 1662. 

9. Isaac, born 30 April, 1665. 

10. Grace, born 2 August, 1668. 

11. Amos, born 4 June, 1671. 

John Turner, the younger, .son of Humphrey and 
Lydia (Gamer) Turner, born 1628, and died in Scituate 
1687. He married 23 April, 1649, Ann James. 

Their children were: 

1. Japheth, born 9 February, 1650, married Hannah 

2. Ann, born 23 February, 1652, married Joseph 

3. Israel, born 14 February, 1654, married Sarah 

4. Sarah, born 25 July, 1665, married Ichabod Hol- 

5. Miriam, born 8 April, 1658, married Nath^ 
Pickles. / 

6. Jacob, born 10 March, 1667, married Jane Vining. 

7. David, born 5 November, 1670, married Eliza- 
beth Stockbridge. 

8. Philip, born 18 Aug., 1673, married Elizabeth 

9. Ichabod, born 9 April, 1676. 


Benjamin, son of the elder John and Mary (Brew- 
ster) Turner, born 5 March, 1660, in Scituate, married 
16 April, 1692, Elizabeth Hawkins. 

Their children were: 


1. John, born 1 January, 1693. 

2. Joseph, born 18 April, 1694. 

3. Grace, born 17 December, 1695. 

4. Benjamin, born 5 August, 1698. Twin. 

5. William, born 5 August, 1698. Twin. 

6. Hawkins, born 27 August, 1704. 

Philip, son of the younger John and Ann (James) 
Turner, was born in Scituate, 18 August, 1673, and mar- 
ried Elizabeth •Nash, daughter of Joseph Nash, Jr. 

Their children' were: Ann, Elizabeth, Grace, Israel, 
Nathaniel, Philip, Jr. 


William, son of Benjamin and Elizabeth (Hawkins) 
Turner, born 5 August, 1698, in Scituate, married there 
2 January, 1723, Abigail Church, daughter of Nathaniel. 

Their children were: 

1. William, born 1724. 

2. Abel, born 8 June, 1729. 

3. Abigail, born 23 May, 1731. 

4. Ezekial, born 1 April, 1733. 

5. Lydia, born 13 June, 1736. 

6. Nathaniel, born 10 February, 1740. 

Israel, son of Philip and Elizabeth (Nash) Turner, 
was born in Scituate and married Deborah Lincoln. 
Their children were: 

1. Benjamin, married Mary Howard. 

2. Philip, born 9 February, 1741, died 1793, married 
I. Judith Hatch, married 2. Sarah Vinal. 

3. Israel, born 17 June, 1745, married Mercy Oakman. 

4. Joshua, born 31 August, 1747. 

5. Jacob, born 26 November, 1749, married Rachel 

6. David, born 16 August, 1753, married Rhoda 

7. Deborah, born 26 October, 1756, married Briant 


The William Turner Line 

William Turner, Jr., eldest son of William and Abigail 
(Church) Turner, was born in 1724, baptized 26 Novem- 
ber, 1727, in Scituate. He settled in Chester, N. H. 
He married in 1747, Sarah Colby, daughter of Enoch. 

Their children were: 

1. Sarah, born 5 November, 1747. 

2. Moses, born 1 November, 1755. 

3. Susannah, born 12 November, 1758. 

Moses Turner, only son of William and Sarah (Colby) 
Turner, was born Candia, N. H., 1 November, 1755. 
Served in the revolution. He married Elizabeth Bean. 

Their children were: Hannah, Polly, Theodate, 
Irene, Moses, Josiah and William Harrison. 


William Harrison Turner, son of Moses and Eliza- 
beth (Bean) Turner, born 11 April, 1796, died 21 March, 
1851, in Candia, N. H. Married Mary Jane Robinson, 
24 June, 1835. 

Their children were: 

1. George. 

2. Thomas Benton 

3. Charles Henry. 

4. Marie, married Plummer Cato. 

5. Mary Adelaide, married Richard H. Kuper. 

6. Sarah, rharried Albert C. Smith. 
Four others died in infancy. 

The David Turner Line 
David Turner, son of Israel and Deborah (Lincoln) 
Turner, born at Scituate, 16 August, 1753, married there 
December, 1781, Rhoda Porter, born at Coventry, Conn. 
He served in the revolution, and died at Lyme, N. H., 
6 September, 1826. 

Their children were: 


1. Deborah, born 13 October, 1783, married Free- 
man Josslyn. 

2. Nancy, born 24 December, 1787, married Asa 

3. Rhoda, born 29 June, 1789, married Joseph 

4. David, born 19 April, 1791, married Lydia Jenks, 

5. Philip, born 5 April, 1793, married Sarah Steele. 

6. Thomas Porter, born 26 December, 1796, married 
Lydia Gilbert. 

7. Joshua, born 23 September, 1798, married Phebe 

8. Benjamin, born 9 August, 1804, married Char- 
lotte Hamilton. 

9. Luther, born 12 August, 1807, married Sylvina 


David Turner, son of David and Rhoda (Porter) 
Turner, born Lyme, N. H., 19 April, 1791, married 
9 December, 1813, Lydia Jenks. She died 5 December, 
1821, and he married second 22 January, 1823, Phebe 
Kelly Andrews, born 21 June, 1800. 

The children by first wife (Jenks) were: 

1. Lavinia, born 22 October, 1814, died 1834. 

2. David, born 9 December, 1815. 

3. Louisa, born 28 September, 1816, married Sydney 
S. Grant. 

4. Maria Augusta, born 19 June, 1818, married 
Moses Wood. 

5. George, born 22 June. 1820. 

The children by the second wife (Andrews) were: 

6. Rhoda Ann, born 25 October, 1823. 

7. Matilda J., born 13 September. 1833. 

8. Lavinia Phebe, born 15 August, 1838, married 
Stephen W. Fuller. 

9. Julia Adelaide, born 27 December, 1842. 




Prior to 1748 were born in Virginia three brothers, 
named Shadrach, Meshack, and Abednego Turner, who 
were no doubt, the sons of Bible-reading parents. Their 
names were taken from the third chapter of the Book 
of Daniel, wherein is written: 

"Blessed be the God of Shadrach, Meshack, and Abed- 
nego, who hath sent his angel, and delivered his servants 
that trusted in him, and have changed the king's word, 
and yielded their bodies, that they might not serve 
nor worship any god except their own God." — Daniel 
III. 28. 

Shadrach Turner was the owner of 4400 acres of 
land in Halifax County. The first patent was in 1748. 
He was active in his county, being overseer of roads and 
processioner of lands. He lived next in Pittsylvania 
County, then in Henry County, where he died accord- 
ing to his will, made in 1783. 

William Turner a son of Shadrach was born in 1753 
and was in the Revolutionary War in 1777. He married 
Jane Hunter, daughter of William Hunter. For 72 years 
they were members of the Baptist Church. William 
Turner was the father of a large family and a remarkable 
thing was their longevity, twelve of his sons and daughters 
averaging 83 years of life. 


(From Town Records) 
Mix Turner, son of Mix, died 22 April, 1 826, aged 1 1 . 
Polly Turner, died 4 April, 1830, aged 24. 
Frances D. Turner, daughter of John G., died 4 Jan., 

1840. aged 16. 
Rebecca Turner, wife of Elijah, died 16 Aug., 1841, aged 

Elijah Turner, born New Haven, Conn., died 15 Dec, 

1845, aged 79. 



(From Original Records) 
Turner, Agnes, widow, & George Campbell, 21 January, 

1769, Chowan Co., N. Car. 
Turner, Ann and William Hinton, 7 March, 1770, Bertie 

Co.. N. Car. 
Turner, Anne and Thomas Dixon, 28 May, 1793, Orange 

Co., N. Car. 
Turner, Arthur and Keziah Young, 22 December, 1779, 

Tyrrell Co., N. Car. 
Turner, Asbury and Sophia Jordan, 9 February, 1842, 

Chowan Co., N. Car. 
Turner, Benjamin and Sarah Mullen, 10 April, 1790, 

Perquimans Co., N. Car. 
Turner, Dempey and Hartwell Pearce, 23 October, 1762, 

Perquimans Co., N. Car. 
Turner, Dempy and Sarah Muller, 9 April, 1781, Perqui- 
mans Co., N. Car. 
Turner, Elizabeth and Thomas Hendricks, 2 May, 1758, 

Perquimans Co., N. Car. 
Turner, Fanny and William Jackson, 7 February, 1785, 

Perquimans Co., N. Car. 
Turner, Hannah and Christopher Clark, 17 January, 

1773, Bertie Co., N. Car. 
Turner, Jane and John Fireash, 12 September, 1786, 

Perquimans Co., N. Car. 
Turner, John B. and Amelia Barnes, 29 December, 1789, 

Bertie Co., N. Car. 
Turner, Joseph and Mary Hawkins, 23 October, 1762, 

Perquimans Co., N. Car. 
Turner, Joshua and Polly Colston, 25 September, 1794, 

Perquimans Co., N. Car. 
Turner, Martha and John Fort, 30 December, 1774, 

Bertie Co., N. Car. 
Turner, Martha and James Kinsey, 7 April, 1787, Ber- 
tie Co., N. Car. 


Turner, Mary arid David Thompson, 12 November, 1774, 
Bertie Co., N. Car. 

Turner, Mary and Thomas Stafford, 6 January, 1786, 
Perquimans Co., N, Car. 

Turner, Mary and John Stafford, 31 January, 1797, 
Perquimans Co., N. Car. 

Turner, Miles and Sarah Snowden, 30 January, 1785, 
Perquimans Co., N. Car. 

Turner. MiUy and William Weeks. 7 July, 1797, Per- 
quimans Co., N. Car. 

Turner, Miriam and Elias Briggs, 14 Aug., 1779, Per- 
quimans Co., N. Car. 

Turner, Miriam and William Stafford, 30 September, 
1786, Perquimans Co., N. Car. 

Turner, Rachel and Job Orendall, 6 July, 1761, Per- 
quimans Co., N. Car. 

Turner, Sarah and Absalom ladlock, 19 August, 1780, 
Bertie Co., N. Car. 

Turner, Sarah and Richardson Moss, 27 September, 
1783, Perquimans Co.. N. Car. 

Turner, Sarah and Gilbert Colson. 13 August, 1792, 
Perquimans Co., N. Car. 

Turner, Thomas and Mary Stanton, July, 1786. Per- 
quimans Co., N. Car. 

Turner. WiUiam and Mary Millen, 11 October, 1780, 
Bertie Co.. N. Car. 

Turner, William and Kathren Kinse, 5 March, 1793, 
Berkley. N. Car. 

(To lie Continued) 


Turner. A.. 1 cav.. Co. B., Maryland, died May 11, 1864. 
Turner. C. 9, Co. E., Maryland, died May 26. 1864. 
Turner. C. C, 4, Co. E., Maine, died May 15, 1864. 
Turner, H.. 11. Co. A,. Conn., died October 18. 1864. 
Turner, S.. 120. Co. A., Illinois, died October 16, 1864. 
Turner, William P., 1 cav., Co". D., Maryland, died April 
22, 1864. 




William Turner, a native of Morpeth, Northumber- 
land, was educated at Pembroke hall, Cambridge. He 
warmly embraced the tenets of the reformation, and 
preached to various congregations, till Gardiner, jealous 
of his popularity, imprisoned him. When liberated he 
went to the continent, and took his doctor's degree of 
medicine at Ferrara. He returned to England, on Ed- 
ward's accession, and was made dean of Wells, but he 
went into exile, under Mary, till the elevation of Eliza- 
beth recalled him, and restored him to his ecclesiastical 
honors. He wrote a treatise on the baths of England, 
and Germany, and various botanical works. He died 
in 1568. 

Thomas Turner, an able divine, was born at Reading, 
Berks, and educated at St. John's college, of which he 
became a fellow. He was in 1629 made residentiary of 
St. Paul's, and chaplain to Charles I. whom he accom- 
panied in his expedition to Scotland, and in 1641, he was 
made dean of Rochester, and soon after of Canterbury. 
These dignities, and particularly the favor of Charles, 
rendered him very suspected to the parliament, and 
during the civil wars, he was stripped of his preferment, 
with every mark of cruel insult, and meditated ignominy. 
The restoration replaced him in his ecclesiastical offices 
and he died in 1672, aged 81. 

Francis Turner, son of the above, was educated at 
Winchester school, and New college, Oxford, and he 
afterwards obtained a prebend of St. Paul's, and the 
deanery of Windsor. He was in 1683, made bishop of 
Rochester, and the next year removed to Ely, but his 
opposition to the king's measures rendered him unpop- 
ular at court, and he was one of the seven bishops sent to 
the Tower. At the revolution he refused to take the 
oaths to William, and was consequently deprived of his 


perferment. He wrote some sermons, besides religious 
poems, and the life of Nicholas Ferrar, and died in pri- 
vacy, 1700. Robert Turner, an English divine, quitted 
the kingdom to preserve his attachment to the Romish 
church. He was for some time in the service of the 
duke of Bavaria, who employed him in negotiations, and 
he afterwards became canon of Breslau, and died at Gratz, 
1597. He wrote commentaries on Scripture and other 
theological works. 



David Turner was born in Greenbush, Rensselaer 
Co., N. Y., in 1792, and was married in 1812, to Mar- 
garet Passage, born in Greenbush, in 1798. They re- 
moved to Benton, N. Y., in 1815. 

Their children were: 

1. Maria, married Levi C. Knapp. 

2. Rueben, married Esther Jane Drake. 

3. Hannah, married Joseph Keech. 

4. Catherine, married Daniel Albee. 

5. Susan M., married George W. Stever, died 1858. 

6. Sarah Ann, never married. 

7. David H., married Diana Robinson. 

Rueben and Esther (Drake) Turner had children, 
Hannah, Margaret, Maria and Catherine. 


Thomas Turner, rear admiral, was born in Virginia, 
and entered the navy, 21 April, 1825. He was actively 
engaged in the Mexican war, and the war of the rebellion. 
He commanded the Pacific fleet in 1869. 

William H. Turner, lieutenant, was born in Ohio, 
and entered the naval academy, 22 July, 1865. He was 
made a lieutenant in 1876. 

Thomas J, Turner, medical inspector, was born in 
Pennsylvania, and entered the naval service in 1853. 



(From Original Records) 

Turner, Ann and Jonathan Scott, 4 November, 1780, 
Burlington Co., N. J. 

Tornere, Ann and Richard Walker, 3 June, 1746, Perth 
Amboy, N. J. 

Turner, Anne and Christopher Van Zant, 7 November, 
1770. Evesham, N. J. 

Turner, Daniel and Sarah Foster, 14 July, 1772, New 
Brunswick, N. J. 

Turner, Dinah and John Lame, 1 May, 1780, Burlington 
Co., N. J. 

Turner, Dorothy and Abraham Cowgill, 1 February, 
1725, Chesterfield, N. J. 

Turner, Elizabeth and Moses Allen, 8 December, 1772, 
Morristown, N. J. 

Turner, Jacob and Naomi Turner, 10 December, 1780, 
Morristown, N. J. 

Turner, Joana and Andrew Dilkes, 1 April, 1777, Glou- 
cester Co., N. J. 

Turner, John and Sarah Hizer, 29 December, 1842, 
Passaic Co., N. J. 

Turner, Margaret and Samuel Chew, 26 August, 1765, 
Gloucester Co., N. J. 

Turner, Margaret and Thomas McGee, 10 February, 
1780, Burlington Co., N. Y. 

Turner, Mehitable and Nathaniel Wheeler, 27 October, 
1761, Newark, N. J. 

Turner, Naomi and Jacob Turner, 10 December, 1780, 
Morristown, N. J. 

Turner, Priscilla and Heny Scott, 7 August, 1749, Bur- 
lington Co., N. J. 

Turner, Rebecca and John Coyne, 18 April, 1775, Glou- 
cester Co., N. J. 

Toorner, Riciiard and Catherine Tomson, 8 November, 
1751. Middlesex Co.. N. J. 


Turner, RicharJ and Margaret Alford, 6 December, 1762, 

Woodbridge, N. J. 
Turner, Robert and Abigail Burne, 8 January, 1738, 

Gloucester Co., N. J. 
Turner, Sarah and Jacob Simpson, 2 October, 1 783, 

Morristown, N. J. 
Turner, Stephen and Phebe Peck, 16 December, 1783, 

Morristown, N. J. 
Turner, Thomas and Ann Roberts, 30 November, 1736, 

State Licence. 
Turner, Thomas and Catherine Mecom, 19 June, 1774, 

New Brunswick, N. J. 
Turner, William and Mary King, 29 June, 1761, State 


Turner, Woodhull and Elizabeth Tomson, 3 December, 

1748, Middlesex Co., N. J. 

(To be Continued) 


Ezekiel Turner died in New London, Conn., 16 
January, 1 703-4. He was a son of John Turner of Scituate 
(wife Mary Brewster) and grandson of Humphrey Turner, 
immigrant of 1628. His mother was Mary, daughter of 
4 Jonathan Brewster. At New London we have no ac- 
count of him earlier than his marriage with Sussannah, 
daughter of John Keeny, 26 December, 1678. He left 
one son, Ezekiel, and ten daughters, Ezekiel Turner, 
second, married Borradil Denison and settled in Groton. 
Elisha and Thomas Turner, supposed also to come from 
the Scituate family, settled in the town after 1720. (Elisha 
was drowned 1734-5). From Thomas, who married 
Patience, daughter of John Bolles, 23 November, 1727. 
most of the Turner families of New London and Mont- 
ville are descended. Jonathan Turner from South Kings- 
ton purchased land in 1735. 



Among the pioneers of Wayne County, N. Y., was 
Noah Turner, born in Weymouth, Mass., 13 April, 1766, 
and married, in Cummington, 10 March, 1788, to Martha 
Bisbee. Their second son, Bela Turner, born in Cum- 
mington, 24 February, 1791, married, probably in Pal- 
myra, Laura Warner, daughter of David Warner and his 
first wife, Martha Cottle, widow of David White. Bela 
Turner died, and his widow, Laura (Warner) Turner, 
married Samuel Beals. Whites, Turners and Warners 
were pioneer families of Wayne County. 


(Continued from page 11) 
Turner, Allen H. and Wirt Johnson, 6^0ctober, 1866, 

Albemarle Co., Va. 
Turner, Benjamin H. and Louisa T. Wright, 31 Decem- 
ber, 1852, Caroline Co., Va. 
Turner, Daniel L. and Eva B. Denby, 3 February, 1896, 

Norfolk, Va. 
Turner, Esther C. and Robert N. Harris, 26 April, 1894, 

Bedford Co., Va. 
Turner, Frances and Stephen Preston, 1 February, 183i, 

Bedford Co., Va. 
Turner, George and Caroline M. Pratt, 27 January, 1807, 

Caroline Co., Va. 
Turner, George W. and Jesse T. Preston, 12 January, 

1898, Bedford Co., Va. 
Turner, Harriet L. and Robert E. Jordan, Jr., 7 January, 

1892, Albemarle Co., Va. 
Turner, James and Patty M. Cosby, 30 March, 1789, 

Goochland Co., Va. 
Turner, James and Mary Mahaney, 17 February, 1763, 

Halifax Co., Va. 
Turner, Lewis and Milley Hurt, 21 December, 1805, 

Bedford Co., Va. 


Turner, Lucy and Jubal Mitchell, 15 December, 1817, 

Bedford Co., Va. 
Turner, Mary and Arthur Brown, 17 November, 1778, 

Brunswick Co., Va. 
Turner, Mary A. and Robert D. Mitchell, 17 June, 1883, 

Bedford Co.. Va. 
Turner, Mary F. and Richard Preston, 1 November, 1913, 

Bedford Co., Va. 
Turner, Meshack and Rebecca Robinson, 6 February, 

1760, Halifax Co., Va. 
Turner, Rebeckah and Joel Frazier, December, 1797, 

Campbell Co., Va. 

Turner, Sarah and John Watkins, 3 January, 1763, 

Goochland Co., Va. 

(To be Continued) 


Rueben Turner, born 21 October, 1756, married, 
1 779, Lucy Everett, born 18 March 1760, in Dedham, 
Mass. He died 13 March, 1814. 

Elijah Brown, born 28 May, 1795. married 9 April, 
1818, Nancy Turner, born 10 September, 1796. 
He died in Wilton, Me., 31 May. 1875. 

Mary Turner died a pension in Auburn, Me., 9 April, 
1849, aged eighty-six years. 

Eleanor Haines, daughter of Jonathan, married 
Paine Turner, at New London, Conn., 3 November, 1745. 

Elizabeth Paine, married Jonathan Turner at North 
Kingston, R. L, 9 June, 1709. They removed to Great 
Neck, near New London, Conn., in 1735. 

Peter Hobart of Boston, married Betsey Turner, 
born 1784. 

Isaac Withington of Dorchester, Mass., married 
15 December, 1799, Mary Turner. 

David Hazen of Vermont, married Jane Turner, 
born 14 December, 1791, at Scituate, Mass. 



(From New York City Records) 

LAWRENCE TURNER. February. 1668. 

To wife Martha. 
DANIEL TURNER of Westchester Co.. 8 March. 1706. 

To wife Margaret 

To son Daniel 

To daughter Martha 

To daughter Mary 

To daughter Rebecca 
DANIEL TURNER of Westchester Co.. 15 March. 1742. 

To wife Phebe 

To sister Mercy Smith 

To sister Martha and her son Caleb Horton 

To nephew Joseph Gedney 

To nephew Elizur Gedney 

To brother-in-law John Viel 

To brother-in-law Elezur Gedney 
JOHN TURNER, shipwright. 1 December 1745. 

To wife Anne 

To daughter Jane 
ANNE TURNER (widow) 25 July, 1751 

To father-in-law John Turner 

To friends Hannah Play and Mary Perry 
JOHN TURNER, shipwright, 20 December. 1753. 

To son William 

To daughter Ann, wife of Silvanus Dillingham 

To niece Ann Griggs 

To nephew William Turner 

To granddaughter Elizabeth, child of Jose Totten 

Executors: Brother Israel Horsford and nephew 
Thomas Griggs. 

Joseph Turner, born 4 November, 1800, died in 
Johnston, R, I., 2 April, 1868, married Sarah (Mowry) 
Rose. He is supposed to have been the son of Enos 
Turner, who may have married an Elizabeth Bradley. 



(Continued from page 24) 

Turner, Abby N. and Daniel H. Wakefield, 29 March, 

1864, Gardiner, Maine. 
Turner, Abbie N. and Luther Haines, 6 March, 1867, 

Gardiner, Maine. 
Turner, Benjamin and Hannah Ware, 9 July, 1846, 

Gardiner, Maine. 
Turner, Benjamin M. and Clara E. Dingley, 20 October, 

1891, Gardiner, Maine. 
Turner, Calista A. and George E. Hale, 11 January, 1851, 

Gardiner, Maine. 
Turner, Charles W. and Kate Dwyer, 2 February, 1884, 

Gardiner, Maine. 
Turner, Edward B. and Abbie L. Coombs, 17 March, 

1885, Pittston, Maine. 
Turner, Eglantine and Abraham H. Pribble, 3 December, 

1854. Pittston, Maine. 
Turner, Emerson and Martha Sawyer, 28 July, 1833, 

Gardiner, Maine. 
Turner, Emerson, Jr., and Melinda A. Gilman, 3 Decem- 
ber, 1860, Gardiner, Maine. 
Turner, Emerson, Jr., and Mrs. Martha A. Tinkham, 

8 May, 1862, Gardiner, Maine. 
Turner, Emerson, Jr., and Emily J. Gould, 30 June, 1887, 

Gardiner, Maine. 
Turner, Francis and Mary McKnight, 9 February, 1851, 

Pittston, Maine. 
Turner, George and Ann Griffin, 11 July, 1836, Gardi- 
ner, Maine. 
Turner, George 0. and Mary L. Douglass, 10 May, 1879, 

Gardiner, Maine. 
Turner, Hannah C. and John Peaslee, 24 May, 1839, 

Randolph, Maine. 

Turner, Helen A. and Washburn Benjamin, 20 September, 

1867, Pittston, Maine. 

(To be Continued) 


The Turner Family 


OCTOBER, 1916 


With Important Genealogical Notes on Their Families and 


Benjamin Turner, born 1758, died 1836 in Lyme, 
N. H. Served as a private in the N. H. militia. Hi« 
daughter, Sarah, married Ezekial Wilson. 

Consider Turner of Mass., was at the Lexington 
alarm and served three years with the Continental army. 
He was taken prisoner by Burgoyne. His daughter, 
Elizabeth Turner, married Thomas Fassett. 

Daniel Turner and his son, Cornelius, served as pri- 
vates in the New York state militia. Cornelius, the son, 
married Mary Slocum, and their daughter, Maria, born 
1800, died 1879, married John Smith. 

David Turner, born 1754 in Scituate, Mass., died 
1826, in Lyme, N. H. He enlisted from Scituate as a 
private in Col. John Bailey's regiment. He married 
Rhoda Porter. Their son, Benjamin Turner, married 
Charlotte Hamilton. 

Edward Turner, born in Walpole, Mass., in 1739, 
died of small pox in winter quarters of the army near 
Albany, N. Y., in 1777. He served as a lieutenant in 
the Burgoyne campaign. In 1764, he married Hannah 
Fisher, born 1744, died 1840. Among their children 

1. Asa Turner, who married Abigail Baldwin. 
Their daughter, Martha, married Charles P. 


2. Ebenezer Turner, born 1772, died 1859, who mar- 
ried in 1798, Mary Sumner, daughter of Ebe- 
nezer Sumner and Catherine Smith. Their 
son, Ebenezer Turner, born 1810, married, 1833, 
Adaline Felt, daughter of Peter Felt and Mary 
Fletcher, married 1807. 

Ezra Turner, born in Guilford, Conn., in 1743, died 
in Onondaga, N. Y., in 1828. He served in the Burgoyne 
campaign under Col. Salmon White. He married Ruhama 
Jefferies. Their son, Ezra Turner, married Amy Beman. 
Their daughter, Mary Turner, married Abel Turner, Jr., 
son of Samuel Turner and Mary Stocker. 

Isaac Turner, of Mass., served as a private 1777-9, 
Col. Joseph Vose's regiment. He married Molly Turner. 
Their daughter Sarah Turner, married Floyt Pingree, 
son of Stephen Pingree and Ruth Hoyt. 

Isaiah Turner, born 1757, died 1828, in Medway, 
Mass. He served in the Mass. militia, Rhode Island 
alarms 1776, and was promoted corporal 1780. He 
married Judith Partridge, born 1762. Their son, Stephen 
Turner, married Polly M. Williams. 

James Turner, born 1737, died 1803. Served in the 
Chester Co., Penn., militia in Capt. John McDowell's 
Company, and also served in the Flying Camp. He mar- 
ried in 1759, Rebecca Armstrong, born 1738, died 1828. 
Their son, Robert Turner, born 1760, died 1838, served in 
the same regiments with his father. He married Ann 
Carlisle, born 1760, died 1850. Their son, Rev. William 
S. Turner, born 1787, died 1877, married in 1812, Matilda 
Adams, born 1796, died 1830. Their son John Foster 
Turner, married in 1844, Harriet Seeley Knapp, daughter 
of Wm. R. Knapp and Sally Payne. 

Rev. James Turner, born in Bedford Co., Va., in 
1 759. died in Bedford in ! 828. At the age of 1 7 he enlisted 
as a soldier. He married Sally Leftwich, daughter of 
Col. Wm. Leftwich and Elizabeth Haynes. Their daugh- 


ter, Martha Turner, married William Mitchell. 

John Turner, born in North Carolina, died 1813, 
in Madison Co., Ky. He was a sergeant in the First N. 
Car. regiment. He married Rebecca . His 

son, Thomas Turner, born 1764, died 1849, enlisted in 
Rowan Co., N, Car., as a private. He married Annie 
Berry. Their son, James, married Mary Jane Tribble. 

John Turner, born 1712, in Pembroke, Mass., died 
there in 1794. He was a member of the Provincial Con- 
gress. He married Mary Randall. His son, John 
Turner, Jr., born 1739, died 1820 in Pembroke, raised a 
company of volunteers. He married Mary Little, and 
their son, Fobes Turner, married Betsy Malcomb. 

Joshua Turner, born in Mass., in 1757, was placed on 
the pension roll of Saratoga Co., N. Y., in 1818, for three 
years' service as a private in the Massachusetts line. He 
died in Hadley, N. Y., in 1820. He married Lydia Drury * 
daughter of Luke Drury and Lydia Sherman. Their 
son, Joshua Turner, married Lydia Drury. Joshua, Jr., 
his son, married Christy Cook, and their son, George 
W. Turner, married Mary McMillen. 

Matthew Turner was born in 1733, in New London, 
Conn., where he died in 1824. He enlisted in 1781, in 
Capt. George Markham's company for the defense of 
New London. He married 1st Mary Fargo in 1752: 
2nd Elizabeth Smith, in 1760. Among his children were: 

1. Isaac Turner, born Montville, Conn., 1754, died 

1829, served as lieutenant in 2nd Conn, regi- 
ment. In 1776 he married Anna Comstock. 
Their children were: 

1. Isaac, married Esther Comstock 

2. Guy, married Grace Comstock 

3. Nancy, married Jonathan Comstock 

4. Elizabeth, married Samuel Comstock 

5. Mercy, married Gideon Palmer 

2. John Turner, married Sabra Tinker. Their 


daughter, Aurelia, married Joshua B. Wheeler. 

3. David Turner, born 1776, married Lois Baker. 

Their son David S., married Mary Ann Lord. 

4. Matthew Turner, Jr., married Nabby Chapell. 

Their daughter, Harriet, married Israel Newton. 

5. Peregrine Turner, born 1762, married Abigail 

Forsythe. Their son, George Turner, married 

Emily Atkins. 
Moses Turner was born in Candia, N. H., in 1753, 
and died there in 1844. He served as a private in the 
Revolution in both New Hampshire and Massachusetts 
commands. He was a son of William Turner and Sarah 
Colby. He married Elizabeth Bean. Their son, Wil- 
liam Turner, who was born in 1796, and died in 1851, 
married Mary Jane Robinson. A daughter of Moses 
and Elizabeth, Hannah Sargeant Turner, married Stephen 

(To be continued) 



James Albert Turner of Virginia descent, born 1 1 
February, 1838, married Susan Frances Dobbins, 30 June, 
1863. Their children were: 

L Ida Turner, born 20 August, 1864, died 21 
September, 1865. 

2. Thomas Edward Turner, born 22 June, 1868. 

3. Mary Charlotte Turner, born 3 October, 1870, 

4. James Albert Turner, Jr., born 9 July, 1873. 

5. Frances Turner, born 6 July, 1876. 

6. Florence Arnold Turner, born 25 May, 1879. 

7. Pauline Lucca Turner, born 21 June, 1882. 

8. Eugene William Turner, born 5 August, 1884. 

9. Elizabeth Kathleen Turner, born 25 December, 

10. JuHan T. Turner, born 20 June, 1891. 
Dr. Edward Thomas Turner, born 22 June, 1868, 
married Daisy Lee Moss, 25 September, 1892. 



(From Original Records) 
Turner, Agnes and Jamas Buchanan. II June, 17 71, 

Lancaster, Penn. 
Turner, Alexander and Anna Crickbam, 10 December, 

1789, Philadelphia, Penn. 
Turner, Alice and Henry Read, 27 November, 1770, 

Philadelphia, Penn. 
Turner, Amelia and John Brandt, 10 June, 1768, Phila., 

Turner, Ann and John Chabaud, 22 December, 1757, 

Philadelphia, Penn. 
Turner, Ann and James Bradford, 23 January, 1772, 

Philadelphia, Penn. 
Turner, Ann and William Morris, 18 October, 1773, 

Philadelphia, Penn. 
Turner, Ann and Daniel Meredith, 7 June, 1790, Phila., 

Penn. • 
Turner, Ann and George Keppele, 11 January, 1798, 

Philadelphia, Penn. 
Turner, Anna and Jacob Schmidt, 8 June, 1786, Phila., 

Turner, Anne and Samuel Smith, 5 May, 1782, Phila., 

Turner, Catherine and John Baldwin, 31 March, 1689, 

Philadelphia, Penn. 
Turner, Daniel and Catherine Pitts, 8 January, 1765, 

Lancaster, Penn. 
Turner, David and Mary Day, 2 June, 1781, Philadelphia, 

Turner, Ebenezer and Ann Estlack, 29 April, 1767, 

Philadelphia, Penn. 
Turner, Edward and Katherine Carter, 25 January, 

1687, Philadelphia, Penn. 
Turner, Edward and Rachel Hawkins, 17 August, 1751, 

Philadelphia, Penn. 


Turner, Elizabeth and James Pinker, 28 May, 1/78, 

Philadelphia, Penn. 
Turner, Elizabeth and James Baxter, 16 December, 1760, 

Philadelphia, Penn. 
Turner, Elizabeth and Patrick McWecker, 9 August, 

1779, Philadelphia, Penn. 
Turner, Elizabeth and John Smith, 15 October, 1795, 

Philadelphia, Penn. 
Turner, Elizabeth and Stacey Merriot, 18 August, 1796, 

Philadelphia, Penn. 
Turner, Elizabeth and David Forsythe, 9 October, 1796, 

Philadelphia, Penn. 
Turner, Elizabeth and John Green, 16 October, 1805, 

Philadelphia, Penn. 
Turner, Elizabeth and Samuel Strickland, 23 March, 

1815, Northumberland Co., Penn. 
Turner, Eve and George Piercy, 11 May, 1794, Phila., 

Turner, Francis and Anna Aschenbach, 24 February, 

1774, New Hanover, Penn. 
Turner, George and Joana Yanily, 9 September, 1741, 

Philadelphia, Penn. 
Turner, George and Sarah Meyer, 28 October, 1789, 

Philadelphia, Penn. 
Turner, Hannah and John Russell, 11 August, 1803, 

Philadelphia, Penn. 
Turner, Isabelle and John Chapman, 30 July, 1757, 

.Lancaster, Penn. 
Turner, James and Hannah William, 7 March, 1756, 

Philadelphia, Penn. 
Turner, James and Elizabeth Mackey, 19 December, 

1756, Philadelphia. Penn. 
Turner, James and Rebecca Armstrong, 1 November, 

1759, Lancaster, Penn. 
Turner, James and Elizabeth Morgan, 4 June, 1766, 

Dauphin Co., Penn. 


Turner, James and Isabell Chevelier, 19 February, 1782, 

Philadelphia, Penn. 
.Turner, James and Nancy McCurdy, 2 April, 1799, 

Carlisle, Penn. 
Turner, James W. and Mary Lawrence, 24 May, 1806, 

Philadelphia, Penn. 
Turner, Jane and Thomas Moderwell, 28 February, 1760, 

Lancaster, Penn. 
Turner, Jane and William Vaughn, 26 October, 1770, 

Philadelphia, Penn. 
Turner, Jean and William Dean, 29 May. 1750, Phiia., 

Turner, Jean and John Hutton, 12 May, 1772, Phila., 

Turner, Jesse and Margret Bush, April, 1793, Phila., 

Turner, John and Sarah Primbell, 30 January, 1743, 

Philadelphia, Penn. 
Turner, John and Mary Williams, 22 November, 1743, 

Philadelphia, Penn. 
Turner, John and Mary Dagger, 5 August, 1746, Phila., 

Turner, John and Elizabeth Boon, 28 March, 1750, 

Philadelphia, Penn. 
Turner, John and Jane Richmond, 31 May, 1768, Phila., 

Turner, John and Mary Green, 19 February, 1776, 

Philadelphia Penn. 
Turner, John and Mary Clark, 21 December, 1768, 

Philadelphia, Penn 
Turner, John and Mary Haythorne, 16 January, 1777, 

Philadelphia, Penn. 
Turner, John and Isabell Bettersby, 13 September, 1778, 

Philadelphia, Penn. 
Turner, John and Jane Dick, 22 May, 1792, Philadelphia, 



Turner, John and Eleanora Bows, 1 June, 1795, Phila., 

Turner, John and Mary Blyth, 8 August. 1795, Phila., 

Turner, John and Ann McLeod, 20 December, 1804, 

Philadelphia, Penn. 
Turner, Joseph and Susanna Hatfield, 5 September, 1744, 

Philadelphia, Penn. 
Turner, Joseph and EHzabeth Randell, 18 July, 1801, 

Philadelphia, Penn. 
Turner, Joseph and Nancy Simmons, 18 February, 1802, 

Carlisle, Pa. 
Turner, Juliana and William Miller, 22 December, 1790, 

Philadelphia, Penn. 

(To be continued) 


(From Original Records) 

CONSIDER TURNER of Georgetown, 30 October, 1799. 

wife Sarah Turner 

son George Turner 

son William Turner 

son Hodgkins Turner 

daughter Bethiah Turner 

daughter Betsy Turner 

daughter Sally Turner 
JAMES TURNER of Canaan, 5 September, 1794. 

wife Elizabeth 



William B. Turner, born Sand Lake, N. Y., married 
in Beckett, Mass., 31 March, 1835, Rhoda C. Remington, 
born Tolland, Conn. 

Their children, born in Beckett, Mass., were: 

1. Charles, born 13 May. 1844. 

2. Daughter, born 12 January, 1846. 

3. Lewis I., born 9 November, 1849. 




Jesse Turner, a famous lawyer of Arkansas, was of 
Irish ancestry. His grandfather Jam es, a highly re- 
-spectable farmer, emigrated from the North part of Ire- 
land and settled in Lancaster county, Penn., about the 
year 1760. The maternal branch of the family, by name 
Clendenin, were also from the same part of Ireland. 
Soon after the settlement of the grandfather in Lancaster 
county, James, the father of Jesse, was born. About 
the year 1765, the family removed to Orange county. 
North Carolina. 

The spirit of independence and liberty was exhibited 
in the Turner family before the revolution. In that 
serious and singular outbreak against the courts and 
lawyers of North Carolina, the elder James participated. 
He fought at the once famous battle of Almance, and 
acted as a "Regulator" in all the noted and daring inci- 
dents of the rebellion. 

In the war of the revolution which soon after fol- 
lowed, the younger James underwent the hardships, 
privations and misfortunes that were companions of the 
American soldiers in those days of tribulation. He 
fought under Greene on the bloody field of Guilford Court 
House. He served in expeditions against the Tories, and 
was prisoner for six months in the dungeons of the British 
at Charleston. 

After the revolution he remained in Orange county, 
an independent cultivator of the soil, and here Jesse 
Turner was born. At the Salem meetinghouse, under the 
tuition of Daniel Turrentine, he received the rudiments 
of his education. Upon leaving school his choice of pro- 
fessions fell upon the law. Accordingly, in the vicinity 
of Chapel Hill, under the direction of William McCauley, 
he entered upon and pursued that study with such close 
application and success that a license to practice in the 


county courts was granted him by the termination of 
a year. Another twelve months placed him in possession 
of a license to practice in the Superior Courts. 

Being now a full practitioner, Mr. Turner com- 
menced the prosecution of professional duties in his 
native State at Waynesboro, in Wayne county. But 
looking abroad, an ampler field for his exertions was 
presented in the new territories of the West, and he emi- 
grated to Arkansas. His arrival was at that time when 
rude log huts, scattered at far distances, marked the 
abodes of civilization; when the practice of courts was 
unsettled, and juries gave verdicts that illy accorded 
with "law and evidence"; when crimes and misdemeanors 
prevailed to an extent that blackened the character of 
the territory. 

Mr. Turner, a stranger stripling, without money or 
friends, without experience or advice, began the practice 
of his profession at the seat of justice of Crawford county. 
He was once elected to the General Assembly of Arkan- 
sas, and as a member attained the highest distinction. 
In 1840 he took an active part in the Presidential contest. 
At the Whig Convention held at Little Rock in that 
year, he was called to preside over its deliberations by 
acclamation. In 1841 he was selected by Hon. John 
Bell, Secretary of War, as one of the Committee of Visi- 
tation to attend the examination of Cadets at West Point, 
but was prevented from being present by indisposition. 

In 1842, Mr. Turner was married to Miss Violetta 
P. Drennen, of Pittsburg, Penn. She died the following 
year and there were no children. 

In the Presidential canvass of 1848, Mr. Turner was 
chosen one of the Whig electors for Arkansas. He can- 
vassed the western and northern portions of the State, 
battling with eloquence and enthusiasm for the princi- 
ples of his party. 

He never sought an office. When on a visit to the 


north in the spring of 1841, intending to pay his respects 
to the President, he arrived at Washington. But General 
Harrison was no more. He, however, called on Mr. 
Tyler, who disposing of the eager office seekers that 
thronged the White House, turned to Mr. Turner, in- 
quiring blandly what office he desired. Mr. Turner 
arose immediately from his chair, and remarked with 
warmth, "Office! good heavens, sir! I want no office 
whatever, and wish not to be "considered, sir, in that 
class that prowl about you seeking the spoils of our 



Micah and Betthiah (Allen) Turner of Weymouth, 
Mass., had twelve children, six of them sons. Of the 
later, three died in October, 1751, (Weymouth Vital Rec- 
ords). David, born 1741, Micah, born 1752, Jacob, 
born 1756. Micah, Jr., married Mary Pratt in 1779. 
The twelfth child of Micah and Betthiah Turner was a 
daughter, Betthiah. born 3 May, 1759. 

Betthiah Allen, wife of Micah Turner, was the daugh- 
ter of Nehemiah Allen and Sarah Wormel. Nehemiah 
Allen was born in 1681, son of Deacon Samuel Allen of 
East Bridgewater and Sarah Partridge, daughter of George 
Partridge and Sarah Tracy. The latter was daughter of 
Stephen Tracy, who came in the ship Ann from Leyden 
in 1623. 

Weymouth Records give marriage of a Betthiah 
Turner and Reuben Burrell, 3 December, 1789. Jacob, 
son of Micah and Betthiah, married Hannah Porter in 
1788. David Turner, son of Micah, died before 6 Febru- 
ary, 1775, as his widow, Abigail (White) Turner, upon 
that date married Lemuel Barber "of Chesterfield" 
(Weymouth Records). 



(Continued from page 48) 

Turner, Henry A. and Mrs. Elizabeth J. Somes, 29 
September, 1873, Pittston, Maine. 

Turner, Isabell B. and William M. Woodward, 30 Decem- 
ber, 1878, W. Gardiner, Maine. 

Turner, James H. and Matilda Scott, 8 November, 1882, 
Gardiner, Maine. 

Turner, John M. and Olive M. Lothrop, 26 September, 
1888, Gardiner, Maine. 

Turner, Joseph and Julia Currier, 9 August, 1818, Pitts- 
ton, Maine. 

Turner, J. W. and Flora I. Sargent, 11 November, 1882, 
Gardiner, Maine. 

Turner, Leonard and Harriet Kempton, 12 October, 
1859. W. Gardiner, Maine. 

Turner, Leonard and Mary E. Harlow, 31 July, 1881, 
Gardiner, Maine. 

Turner, Lucinda and Stephen Jewett, 17 November, 1822, 
Gardiner, Maine. 

Turner, Martha E. and Alexander Bigger, 19 February, 
1864. Hallowell, Maine. 

Turner, Mary A. and Otis Blaisdell, 5 November, 1884, 
W. Gardiner, Maine. 

Turner, Mary Jane and William H. Morgan, 15 Febru- 
ary, 1845, Gardiner, Maine. 

Turner, Philander H. and Harriet L Lewis, 6 April, 1861, 
Gardiner, Maine. 

Turner, Richard and Elizabeth Clark, 20 November, 
1808, Pittston, Maine. 

Turner, Sarah and Eli J. Longfellow, 6 July, 1833, Gar- 
diner, Maine. 

Turner, Seth S. and Ida E. Meserne, 4 November, 1878, 
Pittston, Maine. 

Turner, Warren D. and Isabelle C. Jewett, 2 October, 

1845, Pittston, Maine. 

(To be continued) 



(From Original Records) 
Children of Ezekial Turner and wife Barshebe 

Mary, born 4 June, 1729 

Deborah, born 24 June, 1731 
Children of Ezekial Turner and Ruth Randall, married 

17 June. 1734. 

Ruth, born 12 June, 1737 

Basheba, born April, 1739 

Ezekial, born 18 July, 1740 

Amos, born 16 July, 1741 

Elizabeth, born 30 March, 1743 

Abigail, born 9 April, 1744 
Children of Amasa Turner and wife Elizabeth 

Elizabeth, born 4 June, 1729 

Hannah, born 28 April, 1731 

Ichabod. born 3 March, 1733 

Zilpah, born 30 December, 1 734 

Nathaniel, born 31 January, 1736 

Samuel, born 10 July, 1738 

Ezra, born 22 July, 1740 
Children of Eliab Turner and Martha Barstow, married 

12 May, 1731. 

David, born 9 October, 1732 
Children of Abner Turner and Mary Munroe, married 

13 October, 1740. 

Abner, born 14 October, 1742 
Mary, born I March, 1744 
Children of Caleb Turner and wife Ruth. 
Lucinda. born 27 September, 1740 
Cornelius, born 5 May, 1742 
Briggs, born 19 February, 1744 
Caleb, born 8 August. 1746 
Ruth, born 10 October. 1748 
Alexander, born I August, 1750 
Barker, born 21 October. 1752 


Robert, born 1 February, 1 756 
Children of Waitstill Turner and wife Mary. 

Eliasha, born 15 March, 1762 

Mary, born 6 April, 1 764 

Hannah, born 23 July, 1765 
Children of Amos Turner and Mary Reed, married 25 

April, 1802. 

Mary Reed, born 3 April, 1 803 

Alice, born 2 April, 1805 

Clarissa, born 25 November, 1808 

David Reed, born 16 June, 1811 
Children of Ezekial Turner and Priscilla Josselyn, married 

24 January, 1820. 

Sarah Katurah, born 10 January, 1821 

Priscilla Josselyn, born 12 May, 1823 

Catherine Pierce, born 28 November, 1825 


The following members of the Turner family have 
been advertised for by attorneys and administrators dur- 
ing the past twenty-five years. These names refer only 
to American estates or money in this country awaiting 

Turner, Alfred H., Newark, N. J.. 1890. 

Turner, George, Utica, N. Y., 1866. 

Turner, Mary, Taunton, Mass. 

Turner, Mary Ann, nee Marshall. 

Turner, Samuel A., Farmington, N. H. 


Zadoc Turner was born in Worcester Co., Md., in 
1729, and died in Hancock Co., Ga., in 1819. He served 
as a private in the Second Regiment, Maryland Militia. 
He married Sabra Hicks by whom he had Phillip Turner, 
who married Judith Parker. Rhoda, daughter of Phillip 
married Joseph R. Sasnett. 




Spencer Turner of Amelia County, Va., married 
Mary Harris, a daughter of Benjamin Harris, and Mary 
(Woods) Harris, of Albemarle County, Va. 

Jane Turner, daughter of the above, married Wil'iam 
Carter, son of Colonel William Carter and Martha (How- 
ard) Carter. Martha Howard, daughter of Major Allen 
Howard and Martha W. (Woodson) Howard. 

William A. Turner, son of Spencer Turner and Mary 
(Harris) Turner, married first, Eliza Boatwright. (He 
was Representative from Albemarle County 1866-68.) 
They had one son, Allen Howard Turner. William A. 
married second, Dorothy Johnson, daughter of Benjamin 
and Elizabeth (Moorman) Johnson, of Albemarle County, 
Va. They had two sons, Benjamin and William (bache- 

Allen Howard Turner, son of William A. and Eliza 
(Boatwright) Turner, was born 1843, married Wirt 
Johnson, 6 October, 1866, died 3 December, 1876. Their 
■children were: 

1 . Mabel Hamilton Turner, born 20 April, 1 868, 

died 26 October. 1869. 

2. Harriet La Fayette Turner, born 28 January, 

1870, married 7 January, 1892, Robert E. 
Jordan, Jr. 


(From Vital Records) 

Consider Turner, 5 August, 1832, 87 years. 

Eli Turner, 14 May, 1844, 19 years. 

Jonathan Turner, 8 November, 1858, 1 year, 6 months 

Joseph Turner, 5 April, 1818, 74 years. 

Lucy M. Turner, 15 December, 1861, 69 years. 

Lucy Turner, 18 August, 1841, 35 years. 

Old Mrs. Turner, I February. 1808. 

WilHam H. Turner, 3 July, I 845, 25 years. 



(From Original Records) 
Turner, Abraham and Rebena Sadler, 27 November, 

1781. Prince George Co., Md. 
Turner, Amanda and Albert Burch, 22 December, 1837, 

St. Mary's Co., Md. 
Turner, Anna and George Magruder, 31 March, 1801, 

Montgomery Co., Md. 
Turner, Araminta and John Bryner, 18 January, 1798, 

Kent Co., Md. 
Turner, Charles and Teresia Alvey, 19 January, 1811, 

St. Mary's Co.. Md. 
Turner, Edward and Magaret A. Cooke, 14 November, 

1810, St. Mary's Co., Md. 
Turner, Edward and Sarah A. Raymond, 10 December, 

1821, St. Mary's Co., Md. 
Turner, Eleanor and Hezekiah Turner, 31 December, 

1794, St. Mary's Co.. Md. 
Turner, Eleanor and William Gating, 12 January, 1801, 

Kent Co.. Md. 
Turner. Eleanor and John Ellis. 20 January, 1824. St. 

Mary's Co.. Md. 
Turner, Eliza and Thomas J. C. Monroe, 28 January, 

1812. St. Mary's Co., Md. 
Turner, Elizabeth and Thomas Burk, 3 January, 1781, 

Caroline Co., Md. 
Turner, Ellen J. and Harrison Posey, 21 May, 1833. St. 

Mary's Co., Md. 
Turner, Ellen S. and W. S. B. Keibird, 20 February, 

1849, St. Mary's Co., Md. 
Turner, Garrettson and Sally Gowty, 3 January, 1812, 

Caroline Co., Md. 
Turner, George and Smith, 31 December, 1777,. 

Caroline Co., Md. 
Turner, George and Ann Gibbons, 5 September, 1797, 

Prince George Co., Md. 

('lo 1 10 continued) 


The Turner Family 

J ANUARY. 1917 


With Important Genealogical Notes on Their Families and 


(Continued from page 52) 

Nathaniel Turner, born 1717, died 1796, of Scituate, 
Mass., was at the Lexington alarm. He married Mary 
Bailey. Their son, Job Turner, married Abial Bryant, 
whose son, John B. Turner, married Hannah Nichols. 

Peter Turner, born 1751, in Newark, N. J., died 1822 
in East Greenwich, R. L He was a surgeon of conti- 
nental troops 1777, and was at Red Bank and Valley 
Forge. He married Eliza Child. Their son. Dr. James 
V. Turner, married Catherine Ray Greene, whose son 
Charles William Turner, married Annie Mary Coffin. 

Philip Turner, born 1740, in Norwich, Conn., died 
1815, in New York City. He was a surgeon at Bunker 
Hill and surgeon, general hospital, 1777. He married 
Lucy Tracy, Their daughter, Nancy Turner, married 
Judge Marvin Wait. 

Prince Turner, born 1753, in England, died 1800, in 
Harvard, Mass., served as corporal at the Lexington and 
Rhode Island alarms. He married Rebecca Keep. 
Their son, George Turner, married Azubah Johnson, 
whose daughter, Eliza Turner, married Horace Phelps. 

Samuel Turner, born 1721, in Plattsburg, N. Y., and 
died there in 1808. In 1775 he served in the expedition 
to Canada. He married Mary Stocker. Their son^ 
Abel Turner, born 1758, died 1829, married Olive White, 


Their son, Abel, married Mary Turner, daughter of Ezra 
Turner, Jr., and Amy Beaman. 

Seth Turner, born 1727, in Weymouth, Mass., died 
1806, in Weymouth, Mass, He commanded a company 
at the Lexington alarm, and an independent company 
in defense of the seacoast. In 1750, he married Rebecca 
Vinton. His son Seth Turner, Jr., born 1756, died 1842, 
was a private and sergeant in the Norfolk Co. militia. 
He married Abigail Wales. Their daughter, Sarah 
Wales Turner, married John King. 

William Turner, born 1738, in Londonderry, N. H., 
died 1799, in Jaffery, N. H. He served as a lieutenant 
at Ticonderoga and in the Rhode Island campaign. He 
married Jane Wright, born 1749, died 1842. Their 
daughter, Sarah Turner, married Jacob Baldwin, son of 
Jacob Baldwin and Elizabeth Lewis. 

William Turner, born 1745, in Scituate, Mass., died 
1807 in Turner, Maine. Commanded a company at the 
Lexington alarm, was a major at the siege of Boston and 
promoted colonel. He married Eunice Clapp. Their 

1. Eunice Turner married Martin Burr. 

2. Nancy Turner, married Henry B. Sampson. 
William Turner, born 1756, in Killingworth, Conn., 

died in New York City. He served at the siege of Boston 
under Capt. Edward Shipman. He married Hannah 
Williams. Their son, Reuben F. Turner, married Je- 
mima Tubbs, daughter of John M. Tubbs and Elizabeth 

Zadoc Turner, born 1729. Worcester Co., Md., 
died 1819, Hancock Co., Ga. He served as a private in 
the 2nd Maryland militia. He married Sabra Hicks. 
Their son, Philip Turner, married Judith Parker, whose 
daughter, Rhoda Henderson Turner, married Joseph 

Richard Sasnett. 

(To be Continued) 



(Continuod from page 64) 

Turner, Hannah and Pennell Emerson, 31 October, 1809, 

Caroline Co., Md. 
Turner, Harriet and John Maddox, II January, 1819, 

St. Mary's Co.. Md. 
Turner. Hatch and Eliza Hammett, 14 June, 1821, St. 

Mary's Co., Md. 
Turner, Henry and Eleanor Maddox, 5 December, 1797, 

St. Mary's Co., Md. 
Turner, Henry, Jr., and Sarah Blades, 10 September, 

1782, Caroline Co., Md. 
Turner, Henry, Jr., and Rebecca Eaton, 14 January, 

1791, Caroline Co., Md. 
Turner, Hezekiah and Eleanor Turner, 31 December, 

1794, St. Mary's Co., Md. 
Turner, James and Ann Elliott, 11 August, 1787, Caro- 
line Co.. Md. 
Turner, James and Priscilla Thornton, 17 February, 

1818. St. Mary's Co.. Md. 
Turner, Jane and Robert Hadley, 3 January, 1797, 

Kent Co., Md. 
Turner, Jane and James Maniove, 4 September, 1809, 

Caroline Co., Md. 
Turner, Jesse and Elizabeth Ewing, 22 January, 1799, 

Caroline Co., Md. 
Turner, Jesse and Margaret Jordan, 14 March, 1812, 

St. Mary's Co.. Md. 
Turner, John and Sarah Beck, 5 February, 1799, Prince 

George Co., Md. 
Turner, John and Araminta Wilson, 27 May, 1800, Kent 

Co., Md. 
Turner, John and Judy Evans, 3 January, 1810, Somer- 
set Co., Md. 
Turner. John F. and Rebecca Ward, 18 January, 1855, 

St. Mary's Co., Md. 


Turner. John H. and Margaret E. Green, 3 May, 1841, 

St. Mary's Co., Md. 
Turner, John H. and Monica C. Gough, 1 February, 1842, 

St. Mary's Co., Md. 
Turner, John H. and Eleanor S. Smith, 17 December, 

1844. St. Mary's Co., Md. 
Turner, Joseph and Sarah Price, 31 August, 1798, Kent 

Co., Md. 
Turner, Joseph and Ann Wilson, 11 January, 1802, Kent 

Co.. Md. 
Turner, Joseph H. and Susan R. Sinclair, 3 January. 1861 

St. Mary's Co., Md. 
Turner, Lewis E. and Anna M. Neale, 16 November, 

1835, St. Mary's Co., Md. 
Turner, Lucretia and John Blades. 30 May, 1785, Caro- 
line Co., Md. 
Turner, Lucretia and Selta Sponce, 8 January, 1805, 

Caroline Co., Md. 
Turner, Margaret and Edmund H. Owens, 22 September, 

1815, Caroline Co.. Md. 
Turner, Margaret and John W. Watts, 14 February. 

1827, Somerset Co., Md. 
Turner, Mary and Thomas Edwards, 6 December, 1798, 

Kent Co., Md. 
Turner, Mary and William Mattingly, 27 December, 

1799, St. Mary's Co.. Md. 
Turner, Mary and John Plummer, 25 August. 1807, 

Caroline Co.. Md. 
Turner, Mary and Littleton Mezick. 17 November, 1828, 

Somerset Co., Md. 
Turner. Mary Ann and Thomas Seymour, 3 March, 1807 

Caroline Co., Md. 
Turner, Nancy and Joseph Anthony, 19 September, 1811, 

Caroline Co., Md. 
Turner, Nice and James Fisher, 4 February, 1778, Caro- 
line Co., Md. 


Turner, Philip and Rachel Williams, 14 September. 

1787, Prince George's Co., Md. 
Turner, Philip and Eliza A. Bond. 31 August, 1815, 

St. Mary's Co., Md. 
Turner, Polly and Isaac Crouch, 25 January, 1812, Somer- 
set Co., Md. 
Turner, Rachel and Stephen Bryan, 16 March, 1799, 

Kent Co., Md. 
Turner, Rebecca and Peter Goodman, 15 May, 1793, 

Prince George's Co., Md. 
Turner, Rezin and Mary Scott, 12 December, 1799, 

Prince George's Co.. Md. 
Turner, Richard and Eleanor Williams, 10 January, 

1791, Prince George's Co., Md. 
Turner, Richard and Elizabeth Beall. 10 January, 1799, 

Montgomery Co., Md. 
Turner, Sally and Mason Abbott, 11 October, 1808, 

Somerset Co., Md. 
Turner, Sally and Richard Andrew, 14 December, 1813, 

Caroline Co., Md. 
Turner, Sarah and Isaac Cox, 2 September, 1749, Talbot 

Co., Md. 
Turner, Sarah and William Hanna, 3 February, 1778, 

Annapolis, Md. 
Turner, Sarah and Lancelot Anderwig, 19 December, 

1797, Prince George's Co., Md. 

Turner, Sarah and Charles Dean, 29 June, 1798, Caro- 
line Co., Md. 

Turner, Sarah and William Moffett, 6 April, 1799, Kent 
Co., Md. 

Turner, Susan M. and Samuel Wcisel, 14 November, 
1837, St. Mary's Co., Md. 

Turner, Susannah and John Stephens, 28 February, 

1798, Prince George's Co., Md. 

Turner, Thomas and Ann Andrew, 26 April, 1781, 
CaroHne Co., Md. 


Turner, Thomas and Mary Coad, 18 November, 1800, 

St. Mary's Co., Md. 
Turner, Thomas and Sally Sparklin. 10 January, 1807, 

Caroline Co., Md. 
Turner, Violetta and Kenelm Davis, 28 December, 1840, 

St. Mary's Co., Md. 
Turner, William and Dorcas Batt, 21 February, 1784, 

Prince George's Co., Md. 
Turner, William and Ann Dudley, 18 June, 1811, Caro- 
line Co., Md. 
Turner, William B. and Rebecca Adams, 2 May, 1839, 

St. Mary's Co., Md. 
Turner, William F. and Eliza Redman, 19 June, 1843, 

St. Mary's Co., Md. 

Turner, Wilson and Eliza Hayden, 13 January, 1846, 

St. Mary's Co., Md. 

(To be Continued) 


In 1887, one of the few remaining veterans of the 
War of 1812, Jabez Turner, died at his home, No. 183 
Hudson Street, New York City. He had almost completed 
his eighty-ninth year. He was born in 1797 on his father's 
farm, in Berkshire County, Mass., where he remained 
until the war of 1812 broke out. He enlisted as a pri- 
vate. After the war he came to New York, and after 
some time obtained employment with the Delaware and 
Hudson Canal Company, with whom he remained for 
about twenty years as a weigher. He never joined the 
Association of the Veterans of the War of 1812, nor took 
any active part in politics. 

William Turner was the first settler in Candia, 
N. H., buying land there in 1741. In 1747, he married 
Sarah Colby, daughter of Enoch Colby and Abigail 
Sanborn. He died 8 December, 1796; his wife 28 May, 




In Fewston, England, Robert Turner, who died in 
the year 1551, was of kindly disposition and charitable, 
as will be seen by the following bequest in his last will and 

"To Thomas Thorpe, my nevey, all my lether and 
all maner of stuff belonging to the occupacion within 
my shoppe. Allso I will yt he make thirtyn pair of 
shoys, which shalbe geven to thirtyn pooer folkes within 
the paryshe of Fuyston." 

Evidently Robert Turner was the owner of a shoe- 
shop in his native town. 


Major Harry Turner of Virginia, died in 1751 (before 
his father), and was the only son of Doctor Thomas Turner, 
the immigrant to reach manhood. He married Eliza- 
beth, the only surviving daughter of Colonel Nicholas 
Smith of "Smith's Mount" in Westmoreland County, 
Va. Major Harry Turner married Elizabeth Smith, with 
a goodly dower of lands and other possessions, inherited 
from her opulent father. Major Turner left one son, 
Thomas, who married Colonel William Fauntleroy's 
daughter. Miss Jane Fauntleroy of "Nayor's Hole." 
They had four sons and four daughters. 

Thomas Turner, the father of Major Harry, settled 
at Port Conway, and owned large estates. He probably 
married a Taliaferro. 

Major Harry Turner was one of the incorporators of 
Bary's Church on the Rappahannock. The titles were 
invested in Thomas Lee, Esq., Charles Carter, Thomas 
Turner, Harry Turner. Maxniillion Robinson and Nicholas 
Smith, gentlemen. 

In the graveyard of "Smith's Mount" is the tomb of 
Colonel Nicholas Smith, with this inscription: 


"Here lies the body of Col. Nicholas Smith, son of 
Elizabeth Smith, born in London, the fourth day of Sep- 
tember, 1666. Married his wife in the twenty-third 
year of her age, by whom he had no child. Married his 
second v/ife in 1722, by which he had three children, 
one son and two daughters. Departed this life the 1 8th 
of March, 1734, in the 68th year of his age." 

T wo of these children died, and Major Harry, as above 
stated married the surviving daughter, Elizabeth. 

At Port Conway, there is an Episcopal Chapel and 
in the yard is the tomb of Harry Turner, with this in- 

"Beneath this marble 
Are deposited the remains of 
Major Harry Turner, 
And Elizabeth his wife, 
"Who with credit and esteem possessed and enjoyed, 
an ample fortune from which unerring wisdom, 
thought fit to snatch them in their bloom, together 
•With three sons who all dyed in their infancy." 
The Arms on the tomb of Major Harry Turner, at 
Port Conway are Ermine, four fer-de-molines, sable. 
Crest: Allion (sargent) holding in the dexter paw, 
a fer-de-moline, sable. Motto "Esse quam videri." 



Edward Turner of Walpole, Mass., married in Med- 
field, 7 June, 1 763, Hannah Fisher. They lived in Temple- 
ton, where eight children were born. He was a lieuten- 
ant in the army and died in the service, 26 December, 
1777, aged thirty-two years. His widow was granted a 
State pension seven years, beginning 1777, and subse- 
quently a United States pension. She died in Temple- 
ton, 26 July, or 28, 1840, aged ninety-six years. 



(From the Original Registers of Old Swedes" Church) 

7 Mar. 
30 July 

23 Jan. 

12 May 


28 May 


13 Sept. 


9 Aug. 


5 May 


8 June 


15 Aug. 


5 Nov. 


7 June 


10 May 


22 May 




James Turner and Hannah Williams, by 

Rev. Olof Parlin. by publication. 
Hannah Turner and Peter Fitzgerald, 

by Rev. Charles M. Wrangel. by 

Ann Turner and James Bradford, by 

Rev. Andrew Goeransson, by publi- 
Jean Turner and John Hutton, by Rev. 

Andrew Goeransson. by publication. 
Elizabeth Turner and James Pinker, by 

Rev. Andrew Goeransson. 
John Turner and Isabella Bettersby. by 

Rev. Andrew Goeransson. 
Elizabeth Turner and Patrick McWheck- 

er. by Rev. Andrew Goeransson. 
Ann Turner and Samuel Smith, by Rev. 

Mathias Hultgreen. 
Susannah Turner and Conrad Lutz. by 

Rev. M. Hultgreen. 
William Turner and Mary Hulin. by 

Rev. M. Hultgreen. 
Mary Turner and Nathan Middleton of 

Gloucester County. N. J., by Rev. 

Nicholas Collin. 
Ann Turner and Daniel Meredith of 

Dover. Del.. by Rev. Nicholas 

Rebecca Turner and Hezekiah Till, both 

of Wilmington, Delaware, by Rev. 

Nicholas Collin. 
John Turner and Jane Dick, by Rev. 

Nicholas Collin, Robert Lee, witness 


11 April 1793, Jesse Turner of Philadelphia, son of 

Peter (dec'd) and Elizabeth Turner 
of New Castle, Del., over 30 years, 
and Margret Bush, daughter of Law- 
rence and Juliana Bush of the same 
place, aged 20. 

19 Dec. 1793, Priscilla Turner, past 20, daughter of 

Nathan (dec'd) and Latitia Turner of 
Lewestown, Del., to Gilbert Spence, 
past 23, son of James and Catherine 
Spence of Philadelphia. 

1 1 May 1794, Eve Turner, past 21, daughter of Andrew 

Turner of Philadelphia, and his dec. 
wife, Hester, to George Piercy, past 
22, son of dec. Christian and Sarah 
Piercy of Philadelphia. 

18 Aug. 1796, Elizabeth Turner, 21, daughter of An- 
drew, dec, and Catherine Turner, to 
Stacy Merriott, 22, son of Joseph 
Merriott and dec. wife Martha of 

25 Nov. 1797. Mary Turner. 19, daughter of Mary 

Turner of Philadelphia, to Thomas 
Morgan, 26, sea captain, son of Thomas 
Morgan and his dec. wife Mary of 

18 July 1801. Joseph Turner. 35, widower, son of 

William and dec. wife Mary Turner, 
of Philadelphia, to Elizabeth Randall, 
18, daughter of dec. Francis and Anne 
Randall of Worcester County, Md. 

16 Oct. 1806, Elizabeth Turner, 19, daughter of dec. 

William and Mary Turner, of Phila- 
delphia, to John Green, 21, son of dec. 
Thomas and Mary Green of Phila- 


24 Nov. 1807, Stephen Turner, 27, son of dec. Stephen 

and Jane Turner, of Delaware County, 
Penn., to Joanna Roe, 30, daughter of 
Uriah and Joanna Roe, of Delaware 
County, Penn. 


(Contributed by Mrs. Walter Matthews) 

Joshua Turner of Maryland, was born about 1750. 
In 1790, he moved to Virginia, and according to the 
Culpeper marriage records, he married in 1791, Mary 
Ann (Maddox) Corly, born 1756, the widow of Aquilla 

Their children were: 

Notely Turner; Samuel Turner; Mary Turner, 
born 18 August, 1799, died 3 April, 1889, married Thomas 
Ransdell; Joseph Birch Turner, born 14 February, 1803, 
died 3 November, 1898, married 5 September, 1839, 
Martha A. Jones, born 15 November, 1822, died 8 April, 

In 1816, Joshua Turner and his family moved to 
Henry County, Ky. The place was named for him, being 
called "Turner Station." 

The children of Joseph Birch Turner and Martha 
Jones were: 

William Turner, born 1840, married Frances Mont- 
fort; Joshua Turner, (2) born 1842, died 18 January, 
1863; Joseph Samuel Turner, born 1844, married Mary 
Campbell, November, 1871; James Polk Turner, born 
14 September, 1846, married Lena Ann Elston, 12 Octo- 
ber, 1871; Thomas Turner, born 1848. 

Joshua Turner (1) died 27 March, 1825, his wife 
Mary Ann (Maddox) Corly, died 25 January, 1856. 

It is presumed that Joshua Turner's (1) father was 
the Thomas Turner of St. Mary's County, Md., who 
married Eliza Guibert. 



(From Original Records) 

Turner, Abigail and Jeremiah Learning. 4 July, 1716, 
Durham, Conn. 

Turner, Abigail and Thomas Richards, 6 June, 1717, 
Hartford, Conn. 

Turner, Anne N. and Howard J. Rogers, 28 December, 
1877, New Haven, Conn. 

Turner, Ephriam and Mary Niccols, 2 May, 1700, Hart- 
ford, Conn. 

Turner, Elizabeth and William Tinker, 30 November, 
1786, Montville, Conn. 

Turner, Grace and Richard Christophers, 3 September, 
1691, New London, Conn. 

Turner, Henry and Mercy Risley, 19 June, 1788, East- 
bury, Conn. 

Turner, Isaac and Marcy Abbott, 30 April, 1713, Mans- 
field, Conn. 

Turner, Isaac, Jr., and Mercy Potter, 2 August, 1733, 
New Haven, Conn. 

Turner, John and Abigail Richards, 26 August, 1 726, 
Hartford, Conn. 

Turner, Joshua and Sarah Whipple, 5 September, 1785, 
New London, Conn. 

Turner, Mary and John Skinner, 24 December, 1724, 
Hartford, Conn. 

Turner, Paine and Elenor Haines, 3 November, 1745, 
New London, Conn. 

Turner, Peregrin and Abigail Forsy the, 23 February, 1 786, 
New London, Conn. 

Turner, Peter and Sarah Chapel, 1 1 November, 1 784, 
New London, Conn. 

Turner, Philena and Hope Newcomb, 23 December, 1822, 
Mansfield, Conn. 

Turner, Zipporah and Norman Lester, 19 May, 1785, 

New London, Conn. 

(To be Continued) ' 



Colonel Alfred Henry Turner, was born in 1842. 
He entered the army, and having seen service in the 
artillery, both at home and in Indian, Colonel Turner 
acted as private secretary to General Brackenbury, who 
was appointed the Head of the Police and Crime Depart- 
ment on the revival of Fenianism in 1882. He then 
became military private secretary to Lord Spencer when 
he was Lord Lieutenant, and subsequently volunteered for 
service when Lord Wolseley went to Egypt to rescue 
Gordon, and was attached to the headquarters staff. 
Returning to England in 1885, Colonel Turner, after 
being for a short time on the staff of Prince Edward of 
Saxe-Weimar, then Commander-in-Chief in Ireland, 
became private secretary to Lord Aberdeen. 


(From Town Records) 
Children of Joseph and Sarah Turner: 

Alven, born 2 April, 1796. 

Chloe, born 2 April. 1788. 

John, born 27 June, 1797. 

Leonard, born 27 May, 1792. 

Philinda, born 22 April, 1790. 

Reconcile, born 22 October, 1786. 
Children of Paul and Patience (Bradley) Turner: 

Benjamin, born 16 December, 1779. 

Catherine, born 6 December, 1781. 

John, born 15 September, 1775. 

Patience, born 6 November, 1784. 

Sarah, born 16 September, 1777. 
Children of Peter and Mindwell Turner. 

Clarinda, born 6 June, 1795. 

Ephriam, born 14 June, 1793. 

Lucy, born 20 January, 1782. 

Lurana, born 24 April. 1786. 

Lydia, born 12 November, 1772] 


Lyman, born 29 August. 1789. 
Marthy, born 1 December, 1775. 
Mary, born 24 February, 1774. 
Mindwell, born 16 December, 1777. 
Peter, born 9 December, 1787. 
Rhoda. born 16 July, 1784. 
Samantha. born 24 April, 1791. 
Solomon, born 28 February, 1780. 



Warren D. Turner of Whitefield, Maine, married 
2 October, 1845, Isabel! C. Jewett, daughter of John and 
Harriet Jewett, born 19 December, 1823. 

Their children were: 

1. Pauline S.. born 30 July, 1850. 

2. Edward B., born 17 October, 1856, married 
Abbie L. Coombs, 17 March, 1885. 

3. Willis Jewett, born 27 November, 1858. 

4. Charles W.. born 30 April, 1862. 

5. John J., born 30 October, 1864. 


Robert Turner of Pennsylvania, friend and adviser of 
William Penn, was a prominent man of affairs. He 
owned a quarter interest in the Rittenhouse paper mill 
established in Philadelphia in September, 1690. Turner 
disposed of his interests in 1697. The mill stood in a 
little ravine on the banks of a stream, called Paper-Mill 
Run, that emptied into the Wissahickon creek, through 
Germantown, now a part of the city of Philadelphia, 
about two miles above the junction of the Wissahickon 
with the Schuylkill river. 


At New Castle, Maine, 4 September, 1763, were 
baptized the four children of Nehemiah Turner. Their 
names were Benjamin, Sarah, Mary and Elizabeth. 



(From Original Records) 

Turner, Benjamin T. and Nancy J. McCoy, 1 1 Dec, 

1842, Carroll Co. 
Turner, Eaton and Nancy Weldy, 23 Oct., 1834, Pike Co. 
Turner. Eliza and James Carman, 3 Oct., 1835, Carroll Co. 
Turner, Elizabeth and David Hemphill, 23 June, 1835, 

Pike Co. 
Turner, Elizabeth M. and Charles B. Sawyer, 31 July, 

1851, St. Louis. 
Turner, Emeline and John Morgan, 14 Oct., 1835, Car- 
roll Co. 
Turner, Dora and Fabricus Keith, 7 Oct., 1874, Boone Co. 
Turner, Jean and Robert McConnell, 15 Nov., 1821, 

Pike Co. 
Turner, John and Margaret Gordon, 11 May, 1830, 

Pike Co. 
Turner, Joel and Cynthia Johnson, 18 Feb., 1846, Carroll 

Turner, Katherine and Oliver M. Spencer, 5 March, 1895, 

Turner, Manley and Nancy Phillips, I Dec, 1836, Carroll 

Turner, Martha and Aaron Cooley, 3 Jan., 1844, Carroll 

Turner, Martin L. and Hallie Switzler, 4 Nov., 1881, 

Turner, Mary and Augustus Redwine, 7 May, 1844, 

Carroll Co. 
Turner, Nancy and Gad Chapin, 3 September, 1829, 

Pike Co. 
Turner, Nancy J. and William McDaniel, 24 Oct., 1850. 

Carrol Co. 
Turner, Samuel and Martha J. Bailey, 23 Feb., 1843. 

Carroll Co. 
Turner, Sarah and George Burns, 25 Nov. 1830, Pike Co. 


Turner, Susan and Leander Strode, 22 July, 1845, Carroll 

Turner, Virginia and Harrison Wisdom, 21 Dec, 1837. 

Pike Co. 
Turner, William and Frances A. Johnson, 7 Aug., 1844. 

Carroll Co. 

(To be Continued) 


Lydia Bushnell, born in Lisbon, Conn., 9 March, 
1771, married Jonathan Turner, for second wife, at Wells, 
Vt.. 6 March, 1801, died at Homer, N. Y.. 26 July, 1859. 
Jonathan Turner, born at New London, 24 July, 1748, 
had first wife by name of Arthur, and ten children. He 
was the son of Paine Turner and Eleanor Haines, grand- 
son of Jonathan Turner and Elizabeth Paine. 


The following is a complete list of the Turner wills 
probated in Bedford County, Virginia, from 1754 to 
1830. The name of the testator and date of probate is 
given. Turner, Admire, 28 September, 1818. > 

Turner, Elijah, Sr., 23 October, 1820. 

Turner, Richard, 27 June, 1769. 


Barnabas Otis, born in Massachusetts about 1755-56, 
married in 1783, MehitabJIe Turner, of Litchfield County, 
Conn. He served in Revolutionary War, removed to 
Ontario County, N. Y., where he was pensioned. He 
then settled at Fearing, Washington County, Ohio, and 
died in Marion County, Ohio, 15 January, 1850. His 
wife died in 1850, aged seventy-nine. 


Silas Turner of Massachusetts married in 1776, 
Jane Smith, daughter of Stephen Smith and Deborah 
Ellis of Machias. Maine. Their daughter, Sally Turner, 
married Cyrus W. Foster. 


The Turner Family 


APRIL, 1917 


(From Original Records) 
Turner, Abigail and Samuel Bryant, 14 February, 1711, 

Scituate. Mass. 
Turner, Abigail and John Reed, 15 December, 1742, 

Salem, Mass. 
Turner, Abigail and Noah Benson, 27 October, 1750, 

Rochester, Mass, 
Turner, Mrs. Abigail and Lemuell Barber, 6 February, 

1775, Weymouth, Mass. 
Turner, Abigail and William Gushing, 23 January, 1777, 

Pembroke, Mass. 
Turner, Abigail and Nehemiah White, 1 1 September, 

1802, Sharon, Mass. 
Turner, Abigail and Theodore Drake, 3 May, 1806, 

Sharon, Mass. 
Turner, Abigail and William Harkness, 12 December, 

1816, Pelham, Mass. 
Turner, Abigail and Reuben H. Cheever, 12 December, 

1819, Boston. Mass. 
Turner, Abigail and Asa Ware, 26 January, 1825, Walpole, 

Turner, Abigail L. and Constant S. Chandler, 4 Novem- 
ber, 1848. Norton, Mass. 
Turner. Abigail N. and Nelson F. Orcutt, 5 April, 1849, 

Abington, Mass. 
Turner, Abner, and Abigail Smith, 9 December, 1753, 

Walpole, Mass. 


Turner, Abner and Hannah Petty, 5 December, 1771, 

Weymouth, Mass. 
Turner, Abner and Elizabeth Dexter, widow, 10 November 

1793. Walpole. Mass. 
Turner, Achsa and Amos Dwinell, II February, 1823, 

Wrentham, Mass. 
Turner, Adam and Chloe Bonney, 18 October, 1763, 

Pembroke, Mass. 
Turner, Adaline and Fisher H. Turner, 12 May, 1823, 

Upton, Mass. 
Turner, Adeline W. and John Augusta, 30 August, 1840, 

Hull, Mass. 
Turner, Alden and Mary Childs, 22 October, 1846, Pem- 
broke, Mass. 
Turner, Almira and Christopher D. Copeland, 7 July, 

1834, Weymouth, Mass. 
Turner, Almira K. and Elisha W. Tillson, 22 March, 1820, 

Pembroke, Mass. 
Turner, Alvin and Susan Poor, 23 December, 1846, 

Andover, Mass. 
Turner, Amasa and Ann Smith, widow, 14 December, 

1704, Scituate, Mass. 
Turner, Amasa and Experience Strecter, 27 February, 

1766, Charlton, Mass. 
Turner, Amasa and Eunice Sprague, 4 February, 1801, 

Temple ton, 'Mass. 
Turner, Amelia and Edward Seeley, 25 October, 1844, 

Great Barrington, Mass. 
Turner, Amos and Betty Perry, 14 February, 1771, Pem- 
broke, Mass. 
Turner, Amos and Mary Reed, 31 May, 1802, Abington, 

Turner, Amos and Mary R. Stetson, 27 October, 1816, 

Pembroke, Mass. 
Turner, Andrew and Susanna Humphries, 28 June, 1750, 

Milton, Mass. 


Turner, Andrew and Hannah Bell, 31 May, 1846, Pem- 
broke, Mass. 
Turner. Ann and Benjamin Woods, 28 March, 1723, 

Roxbury, Mass. 
Turner, Ann and Joseph Keith, 7 October, 1746, E. 

Bridgewater, Mass. 
Turner, Anna and Nathaniel Gushing, 24 October, 1751. 

Pembroke, Mass. 
Turner, Anna E. and Sam W. Chamberlain, 7 May, 

1847, Abington, Mass. 
Turner, Anne and John Powell, 21 March, 1771, Newbury- 

port, Mass. 
Turner, Ann E. and Daniel Safford, 26 June, 1833, An- 

dover, Mass. 
Turner, Asa and Nabby Baldwin, 8 December, 1790, 

Templeton, Mass. 
Turner, Asa and Susan Upham, widow, 5 February, 1 833, 

Templeton, Mass. 
Turner, Avery and Hannah Baker, 13 December, 1821, 

Templeton, Mass. 
Turner, Azubah and Jesse Day, 2 December, 1778, 

Wrentham, Mass. 
Turner, Barker, Jr., and Sophia Baker, 1 December, 1832, 

Pembroke, Mass. 
Turner, Benjamin and Elizabeth Hawkins, 14 April, 1692, 

Scituate, Mass. 
Turner, Dr. Benjamin and Avis Davenport, December, 

1794, Milton, Mass. 
Turner, Benjamin and Charlotte Hamilton, 27 January, 

1832, Danvers, Mass. 
Turner, Bethia and Reuben Burrell. 3 December, 1789, 

Weymouth, Mass. 
Turner, Betsey, Jr., and Jacob Peterson, 2 March, 1785, 

Pembroke, Mass. 
Turner, Betsey and Daniel Keen, 25 July, 1805, Pem- 
broke, Mass. 


Turner, Betsey and George Blankinship. 7 October, 1773, 
Rochester, Mass. 

Turner, Betsy and Jacob Pritchard, 24 July, 1806, New- 
buryport, Mass. 

Turner, Betty and Robert Barker, 20 May, 1750, Pem- 
broke, Mass. 

Turner, Bezahiel and Mary Thompson, 12 November, 
1772, Wrentham, Mass. 

Turner, Bezahiel, Jr., and Lucy Davis, 24 April, 1807, 
Princeton, Mass. 

Turner, Caleb and Rachel Dwelley, 27 October, 1713, 
Hanover, Mass. 

Turner, Caleb, Jr., and Ruth Briggs, 1 May, 1739, Pem- 
broke, Mass. 

Turner, Caleb and Elizabeth Newhall, 1 April, 1779, 
Newburyport, Mass. 

Turner, Calley and James Fisher, 13 December, 1810, 
Wrentham, Mass. 

Turner, Calvin and Sarah Baker, 4 November, 1773, 
Pembroke, Mass. 

Turner, Calvin and Olive Bullard, 24 December, 1793, 
Franklin, Mass. 

Turner, Calvin, Jr., and Rhoda Briggs, 8 December, 1802, 
Pembroke, Mass. 

Turner, Carmi and Polly Haskell, 14 May, 1807, Peru, 

Turner, Caroline and John Wallace, 21 May, 1847, Pelham. 

Turner, Caroline and Alpheus C. Tappan, 1863, Charles- 
town, Mass. 

Turner, Catherine and John Ross, 14 May, 1840, Worth' 
ington, Mass. 

Turner, Celia W. and Laban Leavitt, 13 February, 1806, 
Pembroke, Mass. 

Turner, Charles and Joana Tildcn, widow, 26 June, 1716, 
Scituate, Mass. 


Turner, Charles and Ruth Thomas, 7 January. 1789, 

Pembroke, Mass- 
Turner, Charles and Hannah Jacobs, 21 September, 1789, 
Scituate, Mass. 

Turner, Charles and Mary Lewis, 1 January. 1828, Wren- 
tham, Mass. 

Turner. Charles W. and Kate H. Hill, 1 October. 1866. 
Newton, Mass. 

Turner, Charlotte and James Fletcher, 26 October, 1825, 
Walpole, Mass. 

Turner, Chester L. and Sarah I. Robinson, 29 September, 
1838, Wrentham, Mass. 

Turner. Christina and Pool Spear. 10 May. 1861. Pem- 
broke, Mass. 

Turner, Clarissa A. and George E. Holbrook, 17 Septem- 
ber, 1837, Wrentham, Mass. 

Turner, Clary and David LeMoyne, 7 May. 1 806, Boston. 

Turner. Chloe and Jacob Boyden. 13 May. 1804, Wal- 
pole. Mass. 

Turner. Chloe A. and John T. Goldthwait. 23 June. 1 847, 
Worthington. Mass. 

Turner, Content and John Lincoln, Jr., 25 February. 
1740, Pembroke, Mass. 

Turner, CorneUa and Hugo Dewey, Jr.. 23 May. 1828. 
Alford. Mass. 

Turner, Cyrus and Catherine Wright, 17 December. 1826. 

Tynsboro. Mass. 

(To be Continued) 


Seth Turner, born 1785, died Hanson, Mass., 15 
May. 1853. and his wife Deborah had children, born in 

George W., born 31 July. 1843. 

Nathan, born 18 September. 1833. 

Priscilla B., born l5 October. 1845. 



In Hotten's "Emigrant Ancestors," 1600-1700, the 
following Christian names in the Turner family, appear, 
Henry, John, Jonathan, Joseph, Marmaduke, Martin, 
Mathew. Robert, Simon, Thomas, George, and Roger. 

In a small volume published by "The National So- 
ciety of the Colonial Dames of America in the State of 
Virginia" in 1904, containing the Register of St. Peter's 
Parish in New Kent County, Virginia, from 1680 to 1787, 
the following names appear, to wit, Henry Turner, 1686, 
William Turner, 1687, George Turner, 1690, and Charles 
Turner, 1692. 

In "Crozier's Virginia Colonial Militia" 1651-1776, 
published in 1905, the names of the following persons 
appear as Soldiers. 

Benjamin Turner, Spotsylvania County, 1758. 

Charles Turner, King & Queen County, Va., 1758. 

John Baker Turner, 1758, Sergeant in Col. Wash- 
ington's Reg. 

James Turner, Goochland County, Va., 1758. 

Anthony Turner, Frederick County, Va., 1758. 

William Turner, Spotsylvania County, Va., 1760. 

Richard Turner, Halifax County, Va., 1763. 

The following are the Christian names of theTurners 
who were soldiers in the Revolutionary War of 1776 
according to the Report made by the State Library Board 
of the State of Virginia in 1912 to the General Assembly 
of the State, to wit, 

Allis, Daniel, Daniel, David, Elkanah, Elkanah, 
Ellis, Francis, George, George, Henry, Isham, James, 
Jesse, Jo, John. John, Joseph, Madox, Meredith, Richard, 
Samuel, Smith, Stephen, Thomas, Thomas, William, and 
Zachariah, (Prince George County.). 

James Turner came and settled in Bedford County, 
Virginia at an early period: he was possessed of consider- 
able real estate. In 1761 he made deeds convey ng 


to his children and sons-in-law tracts of land in severalty: 
his wife, no doubt, had departed life as she did not unite 
in the conveyances. He died in 1793. 

Names of his children: 

Ruth Hurt, wife of Moses Hurt. 

Mary Hampton, wife of John Hampton. 

Isaiah Turner. 

Admire Turner. 

Elijah Turner. 

Nathan Turner, 

James Turner. 

Richard Turner died in 1769: he made a will dated 
28 October, 1768, and it was proved and admitted to 
record in Bedford County Court, 27 June, 1769: He 
mentions in his will his 

Wife. Ann Turner. 

Daughter, Mary Leftwich, wife of Augustine Left- 
wich, Jr. 

Son, James Turner, Presby. minister. 

Son, Jesse Turner. 

Daughter, Prudence Turner, married James Wright. 

Daughter, Ann Turner. 

Wife, Ann Turner and Guy Smith appointed exrs. 
& exor. of will. 

Moses Hurt (who married Ruth Turner, daughter of 
James Turner) died in 1806: he left a will dated I Feb., 
1802: it was probated in Bedford County Court 28 July, 
1806. In it he mentions his 

Wife, Ruth Hurt 

Son, James Hurt 

Son, Elisha Hurt 

Son. Nathan Hurt 

Son, William Hurt 

Son, Littleberry Hurt 

Daughter, Mary Hurt 


Daughter, Apphire Stone 

Daughter, Bethsheba Stone 

Granddaughter, Molly Stone 

Elisha Hurt and Wm. Leftwich, Jr., appointed exors. 

Admire Turner died in 1818. He left a will dated 
27 August, 1818. It was probated in Bedford County 
Court, 28 September, 1818. In it he mentions his 

Wife, Sally Turner 

Daughter, Lucy Chewing 

Three children of deceased daughter Frances 
Chewing, John, Milly and Kitty. 

Son, Benjamin Turner 

Daughter, Mary Ann Stratton 

Son, Lewis Turner 

Son, Admire Turner 

Daughter, Milly Leftwich 

Daughter Sally Grisby 

Son, George Turner 

Son, Jubal Turner 

William Leftwich, Jr., and Admire Turner appointed 

Elijah Turner, Sr., died in 1820. He left a will 
dated 15 May, 1820. It was probated in Bedford County 
Court, 23 October, 1820. In it he mentions his 

Wife, Sarah Turner 

Daughter, Tabitha Haynes, wife of Henry Haynes 

Daughter, Sally Holland, wife of Drury Holland 

Son, Richard Turner 

Daughter. Dosha Murphy, wife of John Murphy, Jr. 

Son, Elijah Turner 

Son, Wilson Turner 

Son, Jesse Turner 

Son, Meador Turner 

Daughter, Rebecca Ore, wife of William Ore 

Wife, Sarah Turner, Capt. Wm. Leftwich and Drury 
Holland Sr., appointed exrs. and exors. 


The Rev, James Turner departed life 18 January, 
1828. At the following March Term, 1828 of Bedford 
County Court his son, James G, Turner, qualified as 
administrator of his deceased father's estate. 

Wife and Children of Revd. James Turner 

Wife, Sarah Turner 

James G. Turner 

Malancthon Turner 

Mary Hopkins, wife of John Hopkins 

Elizabeth Hopkins, wife of Price Hopkins 

William Turner 

Jesse Turner 

Ann Turner 

Mildred 0. Turner. Married Thomas L. Leftwich. 


(From Original Records) 
Turner, Abbie and George Howe, 1 1 September, 1 823, 

Turner, Abby S. and Job Ashton, 5 May, 1844, Provi- 
Turner, Ann and Bennett Baley, 17 January, 1768, 

Turner, Anna and Chester H. Payne, 14 July, 1849, 

Turner, Barsheba and Joseph Bennett, 1776, Tiverton. 
Turner, Betty and Thomas Cook, 1 1 May, 1775, Tiverton. 
Turner, Caleb and Mary Glover, 8 August, 1773, Bristol. 
Turner, Caleb and Susannah Pearce, 12 November 

1783, Warren. 
Turner, Catherine and Joseph Borden, 21 April. 1751, 

Turner, Christopher and Mary Borden, 20 October, 

1748, Portsmouth. 
Turner, David and Ruth Drew, 20 June, 1849, Providence. 


Turner, Edward of Ralph, N. Y., and Sarah C. Murphy, 

26 October. 1850, North Providence 
Turner, Elizabeth and Edward Easton, 22 January, 1761, 

Turner, Elizabeth and George , 26 September, 

1773, Tiverton. 
Turner, Freelove and Thomas Fenner, Jr., November, 

1751, Cranston. 
Turner, Hannah and Charles Collins, 20 October, 1771, 

Turner, Hannah and Walter Burns, 28 April, 1772, 

Turner, Henry E. and Ann E. Stephens, 18 July, 1844, 

Turner, James 0. and Eliza Headley, 4 April, 1841, 

Turner, Dr. John, Jr., and Hope Borden, November, 

1797, Tiverton. 
Turner, Jonathan and Martha.' Bisbee, 1677, Scituate. 
Turner, Jonathan and Elizabeth Paine, 9 June, 1709, 

North Kingstown. 
Turner, Joseph and Abigail Smith, 16 August, 1744, 

Turner, Joshua and Freelove Westcott, 1725, Providence. 
Turner, Joshua and Sophia Redfield, 5 February, 1855, 

Turner, Lydia and Robert Carr, 30 August, 1767, Warren. 
Turner. Margaret C. and Alfred Barton, 15 October, 

1820, Warren. 
Turner, Martha and Ezra Tibbitts, 4 May, 1843, Provi- 
Turner, Mary and Benedict Arnold, 9 March, 1671, 

Turner, Mary G. and Robert B. Treat, 1 June, 1892, 



Turner, Nancy and Edward Tefft. 16 December, 1804, 

Turner, Nathaniel and Mary Wardwell, 27 May. 1731. 

Turner, Oliver C. and Sarah D. Read, 31 July, 1843, 

Turner. Peter and Mrs. Elizabeth Child, 21 March. 

1776. Warren. 
Turner, Peter and Sarah Stafford. 12 October, 1842. 

Turner, Peter and Sarah S. Jones, 22 August, 1844, 

Turner, Phoebe and James Coggeshall, 24 November, 

1723, Newport. 
Turner, Rebecca and Thomas Fish, 21 February, 1764, 

Turner, Reuben and Phebe Randall, 28 November, 1784, 

Turner, Roby and Henry Nemo, 12 October, 1794, 

Turner, Samuel and Rebecca Davison, 4 March, 1728, 

Turner, Samuel and Abigail Nutter, 26 November, 1761, 

Turner, Susanna and Josiah Torrey, 31 October, 1771, 

Turner, Temperance and John Wheaton, 28 February, 

1779. Warren. 
Turner, Temperance and Daniel Ingraham, 21 October, 

1798, Warren. 
Turner, Thomas G. and Mary P. Luther, 4 April, 1833, 

Turner, William and Anne Westcott. 9 September, 1753, 

Turner, and Sarah Thurston, 1750, Newport. 

(To be Continuod) 



(Records of Second Church) 
Jonathan, son of John Turner, Sr., May, 1649. 
Joseph, son of John Turner. Sr., May, 1649, 
Ezekial, son of John Turner, Sr., 19 Jan., 1650. 
Lydia, daughter of John Turner, Sr., 20 Feb., 1652. 
John, son of John Turner, 29 Oct., 1654. 
Nathan, son of Thomas Turner, 25 March, 1655. 
Israel, son of John Turner, 25 Nov., 1655. 
Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Turner, 10 Aug., 1656. 
I'lary, daughter of Thomas Turner, 7 Nov., 1658. 
Mary, daughter of John Turner, Sr., 2 Jan., 1659. 
Miriam, daughter of John Turner, Jr., 15 May, 1659. 
Benjamin, son of John Turner, Sr., 14 April, 1661. 
Eunice, daughter of Thomas Turner, 19 May, 1661. 
Samuel, son of John Turner, Jr., 4 Aug., 1661. 
Anne, daughter of John Turner, Jr., 17 May, 1663. 
Ruth, daughter of John Turner, Sr., 17 May, 1663. 
Isaac, daughter of John Turner, Sr., 30 April, 1665. 
Sarah, daughter of John Turner, Jr., 10 June, 1666. 
Grace, daughter of John Turner, Sr., 2 Aug., 1668. 
Jacob, son of John Turner, Jr., 20 April, 1673. 
David, son of John Turner, Jr., 20 April, 1673. 
Phillip, son of John Turner, Jr., 15 Aug., 1675. 
Margaret, daughter of Joseph Turner, 20 Sept., 1677. 
Deborah, daughter of Jonathan Turner, 9 March, 1679. 
Hannah, wife of Japthet Turner, 10 June, 1679. 
Barsha, daughter of Joseph Turner, 9 May, 1680. 
Jemymah, daughter of Jonathan Turner, Nov., 1680. 
Joseph, son of Joseph Turner, 25 June, 1682. 
Isaac, son of Jonathan Turner, 27 April, 1683. 
Ann, daughter of Japhet Turner, 24 June, 1683. 
Joshua, son of Japhet Turner, 24 June, 1683. 
Japhet, son of Japhet Turner, 24 June, 1683. 
Keziah, daughter of Jonathan Turner, 7 June, 1685. 
Jonathan, son of Jonathan Turner, I May, 1687. 


Elisha, son of Elisha Turner, 25 March, 1688. 
Mercy, daughter of Jonathan Turner, 1691. 
Ruth, daughter of Jonathan Turner, 1695, 
Ignatus, son of Jonathan Turner, 1698. 
Martha, daughter of Jonathan Turner, 1700, 
Mary, daughter of Elisha Turner, 1690. 
Elizabeth, daughter of Elisha Turner, 1692, 
Jacob, son of Elisha Turner, 1695. 
Elisha, son of Elisha Turner, 1700. 
Abigail, daughter of John Turner, 1690, 
John, son of John Turner, 1695. 
Margaret, daughter of John Turner, 1697. 
Lydia, daughter of John Turner, 1700. 
Richard, son of John Turner, 1702. 


Following is a list of pensioners of the Revolution, 
who served in Pennsylvania, with their age and last known 
place of residence. 

Daniel Turner, private, in the Penn, Line. Cambria 
Co., Penn., pensioner, 7 November, 1821, aged 80 years. 

Patrick Turner, private, Penn. Line. Was in Phila- 
delphia, Penn., 8 Nov., 1826, aged 72. 

William G. Turner, private, Penn. Line. Was in 
Fayette Co., Penn., 14 January, 1819, aged 81. 


Mrs. Lydia Turner, died at Antwerp, Jefferson Co., 
N. Y., 25 March, 1849, aged 86. She was the reUct of 
Capt. Joshua Turner. She was the eldest daughter and 
third child of Col. Luke Drury of Grafton, Mass. 


Will of Ann Turner, Allen Co., Ind., dated 18 July, 
1833, probated 4 August, 1834. 
To her sister Mrs. Hackley. 



(From Vital JRecords) 

Nathaniel Turner and Mehitable Rigby, 29 Jan., 1665. 

Andrew Turner and Susanna Humfreys. 28 June, 1750 

Elisha Turner and Lydia Holden, 31 Jan., 1790. 

Grace Turner and Joseph Foster, 26 June, 1808. 

Lydia Turner and Lemuel Collier, 24 Oct., 1816. 

Stephen Turner and Susan F. Adams, 2 Nov., 1820. 


Praise Ever, son of Jeffrey and Isabel Turner, born 22 

March, 1640. 
Increase, son of Jeffrey and Isabel Turner, born 16 Aug., 

Joseph, son of Joseph and Aseneth Turner, born 19 July, 

Elisha, son of Elisha and Lydia Turner, born 10 March, 

son of Elisha and Lydia Turner, born 28 June, 

Lydia, daughter of Elisha and Lv a Turner, born 24 

July. 1794. 
David, son of Elisha and Lydia Turner, born 25 July, 1792. 
Mason, son of Elisha and Lydia Turner, born 13 Jan., 1794. 
Lydia, daughter of Elisha and Lydia Turner, born 27 

June, 1795. 
Susanna, daughter of Elisha and Lydia Turner, born 

4 October. 1797. 
Mason, son of Elisha and Lydia Turner, born 4 March, 

Lucy, daughter of Elisha and Lydia Turner, born 1 Aug., 

Ann, daughter of Elisha and Lydia Turner, born Nov., 

Lucy White, daughter of Elisha and Lydia Turner, born 

Nov., 1807. 



Eliza, daughter of ElUha and Lydia Turner, born 4 Nov., 


Isabell Turner, died 12 October, 1660. 

William Turner, died 15 August, 1680. 

Aseneth Turner, died I September, 1773, wife of William. 

Joseph Turner, died 3 September, 1789. 

David Turner, died 11 September. 1793. son of Elisha. 

Mason Turner, died 22 August, 1795, son of Elisha. 

Susanna Turner, died 19 October, 1797, daughter of Elisha. 

Mason Turner, died 21 August, 1799, son of Elisha. 

Ruth Turner, died 14 January, 1801. 

Child of Elisha, died 4 February, 1804. 

Elisha Turner, died 2 June, 1825, aged 58. 


The following served in the early colonial wars in 
various Pennsylvania military organizations. 

Edward Turner, private in Capt. French Battell's 
company, Ye lower county, 1758. 

Ephriam Turner, aged 18. born Sussex, Del., enlisted 
Capt. John Wright's company, 1759. 

John Turner, aged 25, laborer, born Donegal, Ire- 
land, enlisted 29 May, 1759, Capt. John Mather's com- 

Joseph Turner, private. Independent Company of 
Foot, Philadelphia, Capt. Charles Batho's company, 1756. 

Peter Turner, private, Independent Troop of Horse, 
Philadelphia, Capt. Edw. Jones. 1756. 

Philip Turner, Jr.. ensign. Independent Company 
of Foot. Philadelphia, Capt. Charles Batho's company, 

Samuel Bevens Turner, ensign, Kent Co., regiment, 
Capt. Robert Killen's company, 1756. 

Samuel Turner, aged 22, stocking weav,er born in 
Ireland, enlisted in Capt. John Shanno's comany, 
14 July, 1746. 



(From Original Recoards) 

Turner, Abiel and Frederick Palmer, 5 Dec. »/93, Coven- 
try, Conn, 

Turner, Abigail and Thomas Richards, 1717, Southing- 
ton, Conn, 

Turner, Abigail and Clement Minor, 9 Jan. 1722, New 
London, Conn. 

Turner, Abraham and Hannah Smith, 24 Jan. 1751, Kil- 
lingworth. Conn. 

Turner, Abraham and Sarah Niles, 24 Nov. 1773, Col- 
chester, Conn. 

Turner, Ai and Hannah Harris, 6 May 1778, Killing- 
worth, Conn. 

Turner, Alexander and Meriam Basset, 21 Sept. 1769, 
New Haven, Conn. 

Turner, Alice A. and Nathan B. Munger, 13 Dec. 1865, J 

Roxbury, Conn. %, 

Turner, Amos and Hannah Dorman, 23 March 1789, Cov 
entry. Conn. 

Turner, Anar and James Prindle, 2 Jan. 1759, Newtown, \ 


Turner. Ann and Andrew Perkins, 21 Oct. 1766, Bozrah, 

Turner, Ann E. and Hurlburt C. Hayes, 3 Oct. 1 860, Tor- 

rington. Conn. ' 

Turner, Ann and Joshua Barrows, 7 Sept. 1786, Coventry, *"< 


Turner, Azubah and Joseph Deming, 15 Nov. 1796, i 

Wethersfield, Conn. 

Turner, Bates and Persis Humphrey, Feb. 1793, Norfolk, 

Turner, Benjamin and Martha Davis, 28 Dec. 1744, Kil- 
ling worth. Conn. 

Turner, Benjamin and Hannah Hull, widow, 11 Feb. 1753, 

Killingworth. Conn. 

(To be Continued) 





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