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Full text of "Tyronis thesaurus, or, Entick's new Latin English dictionary: designed for the use of grammar ..."

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This is adigital copy of a biK)k UiliI wlis presLTVvd for guiiLTLilions on lihrary sIil-Ivl-s ru-lbre il wlis CLirefully scliiiiil'lI by Googlc lls parl of a projccl 

to makc thc world's books discovcrablc onlinc. 

Il has survivcd long L-nough for llu- copyrighl lo cxpirc and thc book to cntcr thc public domain. A public domain book is onc that was ncvcr subjccl 

to copyrighl or whosc lcgal copyrighl tcrni has cxpircd. Whcthcr abook is in thc public domain rnay vary country tocountry. Publicdomain books 

Lirc our gatcways to thc past. rcprcscnting a wcallh of history. culturc LLiid knowlcdgc thLLt's oftcn diflicult to discovcr. 

MLLrks. notations and othcr riiLirginalia prcscnt in thc original volumc will appcar in this lilc - a rcmindcr of this book's long journcy from thc 

publishcr to ll librLLry Lind linally lo you. 

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public and wc arc mcrcly ihcir cuslodiLnis. Ncvcrlhclcss. this work is cxpcnsivc. so in ordcr to kccp providing lliis rcsourcc. wc Iillvc takcn stcps lo 
prcvcnt LLbusc by coiimiL-rciLLl pLirlics. mclLii.liiig placmg lcclmicLil rcslriclions on LLUloniLLlcd uucryirig. 
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X\\\H)X Mbrary 

Dttttrltturit Cnllrrttim. ' 

i m ; nrw yokk rruijc nn:<\m 

ki » kr-ncf di.pxrtmi.n i 

Thik book is umlcr r.o circiinisiisiu.-cs t«» V 
tiu.cxi (rom the Biiilili?:^ 




( .<■■:' ■'■■ r 

>,-,„ d,- ■■ 



■ • ... ■ ' * 


•. •■• 




> I C T I O N A R Y, 




3JU tfoe <DnorD$ anU $\>tW8 

Fiorii rom bxadihg thh 





ercry Improveinent to supply the Deficiencies of other Dictiokaeix», and to enable the 
jlar to perse and coratrue each word according to its various Interpretations by the bcst 
HOB9 in the Ehousr Toxeux. 








•'..-.1 ■ 

"- I ' 













THAT a great book is frequently a great evil, is an old remark ; but the e 
beeonies still greater, wben Ibe person who 19 to iiae it isa Wlle boy. Parct 
farva deeenU is applicable to this Dictionary 9 and might be the motto of it. 
was originally designed, and is partieularly calculated for the use of yon 
icholara, at their flrst entrance on Latin. But though the book is eompai 
tirely little, yet it raay be justly said to eomprehend, espccially in this ii 
proved edition, mottum ik pabvo. 

There are three prineipal articlcs in whieh this edition diflers greatly frc 
the earlier ones. 

1. Jlt very great additian is made to the numbtr of Latin ivords, many rtdu 
dancies in the English interpretation of thtm are rescindcd, and many errc 
throarhwt the icholc corrtcled. 

t. fhe propcr names of Persons and Places 9 whick were originally omitted* 
thegreat disadvantage offormer editions, are novs subjoiued as an Appendi 
tnd the Geographieal articlcs of this Part are rendcrcd in a pecntiar mann 
usrfuL by thc adilition of modrrn namcs qf pluees. 

5. The Lutin-English part is now pnblishcd separatehj. in order to prescr 
the rolumc, ajtcv all thc addition8 9 in a small size, and (whcn compared wi 
slher DictionaricsJ at u smuti price. 

An idea may be forincd of the number of additions, by tbc size of the bo< 
in its prescnt siate 5 for it is now almost as largc as when thc English-Lai 
part was prefixed. 


But, lest the courteons reader should be alarmed at the novelty of prin 
the Latin-English part in a volume separate from the English Latin pan 
will be proper to solioit hii patienee and attentjon, while the reasons are bri 

It was suggested to the proprietors that youth, for whom this Diotionar 
ehiefly designed, as was before observed, seldom make Latin 9 but with s- 
books as Clarke's lntroduction, or Garretsnn's Exercises, and Hermcs Roi 
nus, in which the Latinwords are already supplied; so that in this business ti 
do not oftcn want an Englisk*Latin Dictionary. Indced their principal usc 
a Dictionarj, is in learuing to construt their Cordery, their Latin Testame 
or whatever other books are selccted for their initiation. For this purpo 
the iAtin-English is qnite iufRcient f and the English-Latin quite unnccessa 
The Latin-Englisb may now, therefore, be had in a very eopious aod impnu 
state, and yet not incrcased in size, so as to be inconvenient. rhe moderati 
of priee is still retained, whieh could not have been the case, if the Engli* 
Latin bad been inseparably prefixed to the present enlarged volume. T 
lowness of the priee is certainly a recommendation, especiafly wheu it is con 
dered that boys use books so ill, as often to want two or three Dictionar, 
during the course of their sohool-education. 

They also beg leave to insert the following recommendation of Enticf 
Latin Dictionaey, from Dr. Knox's Lioerax Education.* «When 
••boy just out of his aecidence, begins to read the Latin Testament, he is und 
«thc necessity of looking ont almost every word in tho Dictionary. Ile loo 
«tbem out in Ainsworth ; a book which, even abridged 9 is, from its bulk, vc 
«ineonvenient to a very little boy ; and there, after much labour and loss . 
"tiroe, he finds the wora he sought. Under it he iinds twenty nieanings, bc 
«sides phrases and authorities. He reads them all as well as he can, and wbe 
«he has done, he is as much at a loss as at first. To avoid this great obtttacl 
**to hnprovcmentf I reeominend, for the first two or three ycars, the use of a liltl 
"portablc Dictionary, compiled by Entiek: it will bc, from its oonvenient size am 
«eonciseness, the best calculated for young scholars, of any, extant." 

• Page 61, folome ltt, tf the 9tk edition. 



Ereiy letp.yeir (called in Latin Bissextilis,) in wbich February haa 29 daya ooth the 24tk 
and *5th dayi of that month are written, ttxto dU ante Kalenda» Marti\i*. 

1 * 


jm. dmbtfiil gender. 


drfecU defectJTe. 
d. or dep. depuuent. 
dirn. diroinaare. 
/. feminine. 
yreg. frequent»tive. 

inXmt. infinitiTe. 

/1. OTpOtl, plMITe. 

frmt. preterite. 
pr.ciprep. prepoaition. 

mtti. «ibiUntire. 


The ttadentwill «taem mbo thc foOowinf rule«? 

1. " onr * rawel, «bowi tlnt ■vfeble to be tmy-. 
3. " orer ■ vowel, denotea tbet *yll»ble to be Mert, 

3, Tbe dipthongi *, ., ok, ™, «, ere «11 &ry. 

4. * rowol beforc r*t numJi, or befiwc j, x, »nd r, i* toy. 

;«. A Towel before aaMAer vnel, or befbre A foUawed by t vowel, U «A*rf. 

flieftj.urcsdenote tbe oanjugition of verhn, ind declensionof snbrtintiTes j ud tl 
hBMO lf.tti.Tt, joinedin thc s»me word, point out tite pirttof campound verbs, 


tn'm r LUi»tf itfnkr DtclonnoMof 8u^tantirM(fi«tkigi^«dby thecaJter^^* 


OtfdHve tingular. 

Genitive phtraL 






i ■- 




um & ium. 



. uum. 




eo throurii their dhTerent casee acxoxdme to tim foOowing 
r N. G. D. A. V. 


























domYn-us, i ; m. 







m*gist-er,rij m. 







regn-um, i; *. 











domhu» niagistri. 





% • 

18, n; 









Cfcp-is,ldis, ». 











Oum 5 







> um 


- » 







um . 



gr*d-us,usi «t, 







corn-u, U{ n. 























ftciea,*i ; / 




















JEnS-as» x ; m. 







Anchls-es, x ; m. 









comet»e,es; /. 












- onim 

eo 8c 





• is 

Ceum 1 














Orph-Sus, ei ; m. 

16g-os,i; m. 
lli-on, i ; n. 



t&nos ' 

> ssi 




Tit-an,anis; m. 

C5ms ] 

f oni 



Dld-o, dnis ; f. 




Jin 5 




Daphn-is, Ydis ; m 





Ces& > 













Air 4 uud bcforc consonants, which being tumed into an ad-jXbactu», a, um, part. driven aw 
butead of ab, is a prepos. jectivc or a genitive caae, will bej by force, or stealtb, &o. forc 
gsteniuiganablativecase. Abis miniater amanucnsis, or manus; toleave, turncd out,passed o^ 
«ed always before voweb, and seirus cubicularius, or cubiculrXbactus, us, m. 4 driving away. 
foqoently, especially by Uvy A or ab ia elcpantly uscd beforc aJtbacuhis, i, m. 2 dim. ab Abac 
udCc«ar, beforeallconsonantB, pcraon to signify his house or JLbacus, i, m. 2 a desk, a cupboai 
■* M and z be excepted. aome other adjunctj a* t ab ac a bcnch, a table, an account- 

Taii piepoaition has a great variJ egreditur foras, from his own ble, a chessboard, a square sto 
4* of agnifications ; somctimea house— After the verbs do, solvo, on thc chapitcr of pillars. Al 

faa the time that, or next to for| illi dices, you shall tell him thisLb&li€natus,a, um,f>art. alienat 

on oar stde, or party, on, with, inj from me, Cic. rcmoved, scparatcd, cut off, d 

^opahson of, as far as from, orjAbs, of, or from. It stands alonc 1 franchiscd, rcndered uscless» i 

mm by, towards, out of, by rea-, bcfore no letters but q and t ; at,\ voltcd. 

•jn o£ as to, , as for. | abs quivis, abs te. In composiHfltoalieno, as, act. 1 .to alienate, 

wprepositionitelcgantlyuscd tion also before c, at abscedo, estrange, to throw, or cast off, 

tt&circumlocution of an adjec-! abscondo. disposc of, to give or scll awi 

fre, or a genitive case, as in A in composition is only used be- to make onc lose favor. 

taese forms : Ab actis, a public; fore m and r ; ab before vowela,Xbalienor, ari, patt. to be disp 

ntary ; a cubiculis, a chamber-! and d, f, h, j, 1, n, r, s. Defore g. scd of. 

■io; a manu, a clerk, or aecre-1 only in abgrcgo, and bcfore p inXbavus, i, m. 2 a great gran 

tny; a capelli, a chaplain ; 1 abpatruus. In aufcro and aufu- fathcr*s fathcr, Cic. 

tlodus, a tutor. For by adding gio, ab is changed into au. .Abbas, atis, m. 3 an abbot. Hen 

WsisteT.servus, &c. it is minister Abactor, ftris, m. 3. a driver away,j comc Abbatia, *,/. 1 an abbac 

■ bwd» aervu8 a cubiculis, fccj a stealer or drireraway of cattl'e.\ and Abta&ss^ «. j A.vcl^ 





Abscldo [abs, csdo,] dcrc, idi, 

Isum, act. 3 to cut off. 
AbscTdor, ens, i, pao*. to be cut. 
Abscindendus, a, um, pt. Xo be cut 

off, to cut oft', in cutting off. 
.ffocindo, derc, scidi, scistum 

act. 3 to cut, or rend off, to put perfection. 

an end to. 

Abscindor, i, pa**. *ee abscindo, 
Abscise,4irftt in few words, shortly . 
Abscissio, dnis,/. 3 s cutting short. 
Abseissior, us, adj. shorter, se- 


Absconditus, a, um, pt. & aaj. 

Absolvor, i, absolutus, pau. to belAbstTneor, iri, pa*s. *ee abstinea 
acquitted, dischargied, &c. »46sto, starc, stiti, stitum, neut. ] 

AbsoiQtc, adv. perfcctly. AbstilQ. to stand at a distancc, to stand af 
tissTme, supcrl. most perfcctlv. Abstracturus, a, un, pt. about ti 

AbsolQtio, dnis, f. 3 absolution, draw off, er away. 
an acquitting, a discharging, Abstractus,a,un^/rf.drawnawaj 
" * dragged. 

AbsolQtdrium, i, n. 2 a cure. Abstrahcns, tis, pt. drawing away 
AbsdiQtdrius, a, um, ailj. pertain- ^&rtrabo, £re, axi, actum, act. 

ing 1 to acquitting, or pardoning. to draw, drag, or tear away, tn 
Abs&Qtus^iim, jM. acquitted,par- withdraw, to separate, to delivei 

donec%cleared,nniahed,pencct.Abstrahor n i pass. to be drawi 
Absone, adv harshly, improperlv. away. 

Abscissus, a, um, pt. U aaj. cut Absonus, a, um, adj. harsh in Abstrictus, a, um, ft. unticd 

off, ai* short, torn, parted, rug.j ' ' ! J ~* ' " A ~ ' ,y *— ~ 

ged, rough, sharp, sevcre 

AnscondTtc, adv. sccretly, closely .lAsorbeo, Sre, bui &. rpai, rptum, 

sound, discordant, irregular, un-pAfftrudo, derc, Gsi, Qsum, aet. I 
suitablc. to conceal, to hide, to banish. 

Jfocondo, dcrc, di 5* dldi, dTtum, away. 

& naum, act. 3 to hidc, covcr, or 

lteep ckwc, to bury, to leavc bc- 

Abscondor, i, dftus & nsus pa** 

to be hiddcn, to bc out of sight. 
Abscns, tis, pt. absent, distant, in 


Absentia, x,f. 1 absencc. 
Absflio, [ab salio, ] irc, lui, neut. 

4 to leap froin, or away, to fly off, 

or awav, to start back. 
AbsTmllis, e, adj. very unlike. 
Absinthites, x, tn. wormwood- 

Absinthium, i, n. 2 wormwood. 
Absistcns, tis, pt. ceasing, dcpart 

Absistltur, imp. tJicy desist. 
wfAsisto, terc, abstiti, ncut. 3 to 

depart from, to ceasc, to leavc 

off, to dcsist. 
Absolvcms tis, pt. acquitting. 
^solyo, vcre, vi, lQtum, act. 3 to 

acquit, to discharge, to relcase 

without, but, for, ezcept, if with 

AbstSmius, a, um, adj. abstemi- 

ous, sober, sparing, not fond of. 
Abstergens, tis, pt. wiping away. 
.ifotcrgco, erc, rsi, rsuin, act. 2 

jfojtcrrco, 5re, rui, iitum, act. 2 to AbsQmor, i, mptus, pat*. to bl 

a. 2 to sup up, to suck in, to luy 
under water, to covcr, to carry 

Absque, {prap. with abl. case,) Abstuli, prmt. ex aufcro. 

to w jpe clcan, or ofi', to brcak, ^6sQmo, £re, mpsi, roptum, a. I 

to dissipate. 
Abstergo, erc, oee abstergeo. 

frigiiten awav, to dcter, to forbid 
Absterrcor,cn,/>.tobc scared awav 
Abstcrrltus a, um,/^. affrighted. 
Abstersus, a, um, pt. wiped off. 
AbsUncndus, a, um, pt. to be 

kept from, to bc hindercd. 
Abstlnens, tis, adj. abstincnt, tem 

perate, forbearing, chastc. 
Abstincnter, adv. discrectly, mo- 

AbstVncntia, x, /. 1 abstincnce, 

modcration, integrity, justicc. 
Abstlneo, [aba, teueo,] cre, nui, 

to perfect or tinish, to cnd, tol stentum, act. 2 to abstain, re- 
caasume, to d±sp*tch, to dismiss | frain, or kcep from, to forbear. 

AbstrQse adv. secrctly, privately 
Abstrusus, a, um, pt. hidden, con 

cealcd, abstrusc, deep, secret 


46sum. essc, fui, f uturus, neut. M 
be abscnt, or away, to be want 
ing, distant, or far from. 

AbsQmEdo, Inis,/. 3 a wasting. 

AbsQmcndus, a, um, pt. to be con- 
sumcd, or destroyed. 

to consume, to destroy, to spen4 
to wastc, 

consumcd, er dcstroyed, to pe< 

rish. [constimft 

AbsumptQrus, a, um, pt. about U 

Absumptus, a, um, pt. consumedj 

lost, gone, undonc, dead. 

Absurde, adv. absurdly, foolishly 

Absurdus, a, um, adj. absurd, 

foolish, harsh, grating, unplea 

sant. [pious, vast 

Abundans, tis, pt. abounding, cn 

Abundantcr,oJi;. abundantly,fullj 


A.bundatio, dnis,/ abundance. 

AbundatQrus, a, wn, pt. about t( 






e, adv. cnoujjh, suflicicntly;AecoiulendiH, a, um, pf. to !u 
[i, :ts, •/"•.'/. I to abound, toj stirrod up 
, om»*./. 3 an abusc [be ridrAcecndcns, ti**, /'.'. exr : tin._f 
tc, prjrp from as for as. ' Acn ndo, [ad, <-andco,'i ilcrc, di. 
s iis. «*. 4 Hi\ ubusc- j iisum, nct. 3 to inrtamc, to srt on 

cabuscd. lirc, to li^ht, vr stirup, to exritc. 

Arrorso, erc, sivi, 3 to 
s.Mid for, to ucrusc, to procure, 
to hire [for 

Acoersor, i, sTtus, /•»#**. to bc scnt 
Accossio, onis, /. 3 :m ucccssion, 
uii incrcasc, intcrrM" uf inoncy, a 
bay of huililhiff, joincd to a 
housc, a houd_», a fit 

iwlus a. um/».. tob 

\s, tis, /> . . abusin^- f io mcrcasc, to "jdlcd 

', ti,usus, tirji. 3. to abusr, Accendor, i, nsus, /».w. to hc kin 

mpply, to pnlntc, to usc l.frcciisco, erc, sui, siim, tict. 2 toAecessurus, a, um, pt. about to 

w, i. /. 2. a bottomlcss pit j aild to, to rcckon among, to join approach, to bc addcd unto 

eotnposition, standsfor «'/ ' Acccnscor, cri, pus*. to be addcd Acressus, a, um, pt. approachcd 

•/. eipvi. and, aud indccd ; Acccnsus, a, um, t. sct on fire^Aecessus, iis, m. 4 an ucccss, an 

lon) ncither; than, aftcr kindicd, inHaincd, exaspcratcd | approach, an adinittancc, an in- 

i or adverbs of contrariety^Accensus, i, m. 2a ncw enlisted! crcasc, a risinp:, apursuit, afit 

mparison ; and somctiincs soldirr, a supeniumerary otticcr.Areideiitia, a:,/. a purposc, a dc- 

endered by as Thus idcni; thec-dlerofacourt, apnrsuivant sijrn, thc accidencc 

t, thc sanie as it has bcciij ushcr, maccbearcr, ser|*cant,&c.Acc;dcns, tis, n. 3 an accident 

, x./. 1. a tliorn. Aee.eiitus, u_V".4anacccnt,atoiic Acc.idcns, tis, pt. happcning 1 

nia, ae,/. acadcmy, aLVcccptans, tis, pt. accepting 1 , ta-Acridcntalis, v.,utij. aocidcntal 

rsitj. king" Aeeido, [ad, cado,l erc, di, sup. 

mcus, i. m. 2. an acadorni-Aceptio, 5nK /. 3 a taking', a rur. nrttt.'3 to fall down, to full, 

a mcmber of*. univcrsitv. gr:inting > , or allowing' a qucstimi, to comc to, to befal, to happcn 

a scnse, iit- notion, a mcanir.gvAccidn, [ad, cxdo,] diire, di, sum, 

respcct act. 3 to wcaken, to cut short 

Aocepto, [ad, capto,] vaftvq. 1 toAccicndus, a, um, pt. to be sent 

aeccpt, orrcccive, tosubmitto. for [fetch 

Acccptor, oris, m. 3 a rcceivcr ./rcico, erc, Tvi, Ttum, act. 2 to 
Aceeptrix, iois, /. .» a fcmalc re-Arrinrtus, a, um, pt. jrirdcd» fur- 

cimvci' nislird, proparcd for, ready. 

nicus, a, um. mtj. of the 
rsity [ like bcar 1 * foot 

Unus, a, um. tu/j. of, ot 
lis, idis,/ 3. a j^oldfinch, a 
:, groundscl 
ius, i. m 2. bcar f s foot 
i, 6rum pl. v. 2. Avy wood 

ni,i. n. 2.a pinnace, a barj^*: Acocptum, i, w. 2 a tliing' rccciv-./tcin;^o, K cru » nxi » nctum, act. ..• 
to,as. act. 1. to sin£to,©rby! ed, ortakrn, a rcreipt for moncy to gird to, to preparc for, to jjo, 
enfc, tis. pt coniiijjr, added' Acccptfirus, a, uni, pt. about to ©r srt about, toprovidc with 

-» ■ » ■* • _ _i. • a • ; ..__*.... a^. »-.!.«_ _M_i> 

itur, imptrrs. it is approach- rcceivc 

o, d£rc, cssi, essum act. 3. 
proach, to draw near, to go, 
Tie to, to be added, to as- 
*r apree, to comc over 
or, \.pas«. to be approachcd 

Accin^or, i, nctus, pass. to bc girt» 

Acceptus, a, um t pt. &? atij. receiv- propared for, or furnishcd with 

ed, tukcn, trcatcd, snbmittcd to,.-/crio, Trc, ivi, Ttum, act. 4 to semi 

acccplable, plcusinjf, beloved for,or call to get,cause,or procure 

Accerscndus, a, uin, pt. to be call- Acrior, Tri, pass. to be scnt for. 

ed, sent for, or procured Accipiendus, a, um, pt. to bc takcn 

Aco.erscns, tis, pt. sendiug for, received, or obeyed, to takc 

.ritio, onis./. 3.a hasteninjJ procurinp Accipicns,tis,^.taking',reccivins 

ritus, a, um. pt. hasto.nedAcccrjiio, Tre, 7vi, Ttum, act. 4 toAcclpio [ad capio] pere, ccpi, 

ro, as, act. 1. to hasten, toj fctch, or8endfor,totryoncbylaw ceptum, act. 3 to take, to re- 

liaste, to bc quick, to dis-;AcL-crsTtor, oris, m. 3 a sender for ceive, to undertakc, to lcarn, to 

jAccrsitus, a, um, pt. & adj. scnt acccpt, to suck in, to sustain, to 
iror, ari. patt. to bc hastcn-J for,far-fetchcd,aftccted,straincd bear, to treat, to obcy % to ^tvd^ 

«, te, m. 4 a sendtng Cor t to ^1,10 ^\.^rc\ 





Accom«idor, ari, pasv. t» be suitedl Accurrcns, tis, pt. runninjr lo. 
Accommodus, a, um, adj. suitab^./ircurTO,rcre,ri,rsiim,w'*w' , -3 toi 
Accredrns, tis, pt. hclicving [fit to, to hastcn, to nock tojrctl: 
AccTsus, a, um, pu cut ofV, cliptLircrcdo, dcre, didi, ditum, act. 3 Accursus, us, w. a concoursc 

^hort, shortcncd, imjniircd, catJ to brliuvc, to give credit, to Accusfibilis,c, adj. blamcablc,! 

en u p. jfor.j conscnt. Accusaudns, a, um, pf. blamca 

Accipior, i, pas». to bc rcccivcd. 

Accipfter, tris, m. 3a hawk, an 

oxtortioner, a plundcrer. 

■\ccitums a, um, pt. about to scnd 
Accltus, a, um,/ir. sciit tor. 
AcrTtus, (K "'• 4 a sriuling for 
Acclamaus, tis, pt, calling, shout- 

A 'lamatio, onis, /. 3 a calUng 
aloud, a shout, an huzza, a cry 
ing against. 

tfcclumo, as, </rf. & nerif. 1 to 

Accrciiicntum, i, n. 2 an incrcasc 

Accrcsccns, tis, pt. incrcasing 

ircrcsco, ccrc, evi, etum, nent. 3 

to incrcasc, to swcll, to gTow up 

Accrctio, ouis,/. 3 an incrcasc 

Acciibans, tis, pt. lying, or sitting 

down, ad joining to, ncar 

Accubiktio, onis,/. 3 a lying down 

Accusans,tis,/>/.acciising t bl:im 
Accusatio, onis,/. 3 an accusat 
AccusatTvus, a, um, ailj. accusal 
Acciisator, oris, m. 3 an accuse 

Accusatdric, adv. with ibc dcsi 

or mind of an accuscr. 
Accusatdrius, a, um, adj. acci 

tory of, or belonging to an 

cuscr* (cu 

Accubitorius, a, um, adj. of, or 

huzza, to shout for joy, to cry', bclonging to, sitting down 

out against, to cry aloud. [lcaii v \cc.iihitiis, iis, m. 4 a sitting down;Accusatrix, Tcis, /. 3 a fcmale 
AcclTnatiirus, a, uin, pt. about to.icciibo, burc, bui, bitum, neut. liAccusuturus, a, um, pt. aboul 
AcclTnatua,a,um,/ff. lcaning,bcnt.| to sit at tablc, to lic down, or. accu*c. 

Acclinis,' c, adj. lc:uiing, or reati ng 

on, inclining, pronc, inclincd. .irciido, crc, d«, usum, act. 3 tolAccuso, [ad causor,] as, art. 


[coinAccusatus, a, um, pt. accuscd 

Accumbcns, tis, pt. lying down 
./rcumbo, berc, iibui, iibitum, 

neut. 3 to lic, or sit down at mcat Accdia, ac, /. 1 sloth, ncglijrc] 

Vccumulans, tis,/>/. hcaping up 

adx\ wuperl. 

accusc, to*btamc, r»e n-primi 
unde Accusor, /»«**. 

Xccldama, indecl. a field of bh 

Xccr, eris, /i. 3 a maplc trec, 

Accr, iicris, rc, adj. sharp, s 

-^cclino, as, neut. 1 to lcan, or 

bcnd forward, to conscnt, or in-]. 

clinc to. 
Acclrvii, c, adj. stcep, asccuding. 
Accllvus, a, um, adj. steep, risiiur. 
AcclTvitais, utis, /. 3 steepncss, Acciiinulatissime," 


accoxnodated, or madc tit J latc, to heap up, to add, to in-Xcerbitas, atis,/ 3 sharpness 

Accommeklans tis, pt. fitting, crcasc (ed up verity, grief, anguish. 

[bly. Accumiilor, ari, pass. to be heap-ACcrbHudo, inis,/. 3 idcm. 
' - * - - -■ Yitt< 


xnodatc. to suit, to fit, to apply, 

» u " rt » n & . Accuratus, a, um, aaj. accurate,; aggTavatc,tohcightcn,toen 

Accomm6datus, a, um,j&r. & adj. done witlioare, strict, cxquisitc,Acei4)U8, a, um, ««/;. bittcr, s 

suited, dcsigiicd for, suitablc, choicc j unripe, harsh, crueT, scverc, 

fit, Iikc. Vccunitio, onis,/. carcfulness 

♦^ccommodo, as, act. 1 to accom- .iccuro. as, a*t. to takc carc of, 

to provide for 

rical, provokintr, sad,lamcnt: 
Acernus, a, um, adj. of m:iph 

(care oPXccrosus, a, um, adj. full of c 

a conscr, bo"* 

toput to, e>r upon, U tcnd, to Accuror, ari, pa»t. to bc takcnJACerra, x, /. 1 
*cuicrc. /Accuxritur, impert. Xhey run. | altar. 





tuperl. very bit- 
cstly, vcry busil) 
tfi. 1 a catamitc 

hcaped to£cther.icquiesco, ccrc,cvi, ctum, neiti.o 

:iout any order 
'. 3 a hcaping up 
, />/. hcapcd up 
o heap.or pilc up 
, to bc hcapcd up 
heap, a hoard. 
turning sour. 
\crp. 3 to grow 

2 a sauccr a cup, 
:lay, a mcasurc. 
'. 7i. a salad,mince 
incgur, raillery, 

Ac6nTtum 9 i, 7/.!2wolfsbanc,poison ActTvc, adv. activcly, in an ac- 
Acor, oris, m. 3 sourncss, tartncss tive scnsc» 
Acquicsccns, tis, />/. delighting in Actlvns, a, um, artj. activc 

Actor, ftris, m. 3 au actor, a mana- 
to rcst, to lic down, to dic, to ac-l ^cr, an njycnt, a comptrollcr, a 
quicscc, to assent, to dcltght pleadcr 

Acquictiirus, a, uui, pt. about to Actualis, e, adj. actual, rcal 
rcst jActuarium, i, n. 2 a pinnacc, a 

Acqulrendus, a, um, pt. to bc ac- barge 

quired, or obtained, to acquirc 
Acqulrens, tis, pt. gctting 1 
AcquTro [ad quaero,] rtre, Islvi, 

Tsltum, act. 3 to acquirc, to get, 

to obtain, to add 
AcquTror, i, pa$$. to bc obtaincd 
Acqulsltio, onis, / 3 an acquisi- 

tion, a gctting or obtaining 

ijyatc, a ringp 
3 a river in heil, 

Actuarius, i, m. 2 a clerk, a sccre- 
tary, a notary, a scrivener 
Actuarius, a, um, adj. light, nimble 
Actum, i, 7i. an act, an action, a 

Actum cst, impcrs. all is ruincd- 
Actuosc, adv. actively, carnestly 
Actudsus, a, um, adj. active, busy 

Acqulslturus, a, um, pt. about tojActfirus, a, um, pi. about to act, 

or do. 

Actus, a, um t pt. donc, pcrformcd, 
carricd on, led, spcnt, drivcn, 
impellcd, disperscu, accused 

gct, or acquirc 

Acqulsltus, a, um, pt. gottcn 

Acrc, adv. sharply, bitterly 

Xcredula, t,/. 1 a woodlark. 

pcrdition, de-,AcrIcuhis, a, um, adj. dim. somc- Ac-tus, fis, m. an act or deed, an 

(chcron. wliat sharp, ruthcr sharp j act of a play, a part, or stage, a 

um, adj. of A-Acplmonia, x./. lacrimony,sharp-; plcading 

/. 1 «Tasshoppers ncss, carncstncss, vehemence, Actutum,flrft^prcscntly,forthwith 

a sortofsponge. livelincss, briskncss Xcucndus, a,um,/>/. to be shar- 

a wild pear trcciAcrior, us, adj. comp. sharpcr | pencd (ting 

adj. dim. somc- Acrltas, atis, /. 3 sharpness, ea-Xcucns, tia, pt. sharpcning, whct- 

:r tart, or sharp 

[j acid, sour, tart. 

i edgc, or point, 

eve, an armv, a 

^erness JAcillcutus, a, um, adj. having a 

Acntcr, ucrius, accrrime, adv. prickle, or sharp point, biting, 
sharpIy,boldly,^aliantly,stoutly, stinging, kcen 
earncstly, warmly, vehcmently, Aculeiis, i, m. 2 a sting, a prickle 

of battle, quick- curiously, dccply, intensely, ae-ACfimcn. Inis, n. 3 the point or 

nsion, sharpness. vcrcly, soundly, steadfastly cdgc of a thing, a dait, cunning", 

3 a scimitar, aAcritudo, Inis, /. 3 sharpncss suhtility, smartness, quickncss 

Xcroama, atis, n. 3 an opcra, play, ! in rciish. 

1 a prodieul. or farce, an actor, a niusiciau Arinuinatus, a, um, pt. pointcd 
idj. fullofkcrnclsAcroasis, is,/ 3 an audience, fcrc, i, act. 3 to sharpcn, to 
:i«im, i, n. Aciiia.Acrostichis, is,/ 3 an acrostic I vlwt, to evcitc, to provokc, to 
nie, aii ivy-bcrryActa, »,/. 1 a sf-a^horc, a strand., improic. 

m. 3 a sturgcoiiJActa, 6riim,y»/. n. 2 acts, cxploits/Acuor, i, pa*$. to bc sharpcncd 
»lu>rt dart. | chronicles, a |ournnls, rc^i^tcr.n. : acuh, cris, n. 3 chaff 

tlic ])rimc, tlie^Actio, onis,/ 3action, an actinjrACiis, i, jii. 2 a long prickly sea- 

ing. an action, or suit, a procLSs.i iish 

2 a full»;wcr. JActitti, w*freq. 1 to ait. to ^lcadJ \cv\«, v\s N f A ^x ^t^ % -xXk^w^ 





Xcntc t adx: ius, issime, acuteh, 
sharply, kecnly, wittily, imjcni- 

Acutulus, a, nm, adj. dim. somc- 
what sliarp, or kcen, subtle 

AcutuB, a, uni, adj ior, issfmus, 
sharp pointcd, ingcnious, acutc, 
kecn, glaring, shrill, scorching' 

Ad, pvap. is rendered by to, be- 
fore, at, on, in comparison of. 
until, near to,towards, in, againsl, 
aftcr, for, bcsidca, by, accnrding 

.yjanibulu, as, uct. 1 to walk ii]> t<> 
.Maino, as, act. 1 to lovc mucli. 

to love 
. A/apcrio, Trc, rui, rtum, act. 4 to 

opcn, to imcovcr, to diselosc 
.vdapcrtilis, c, adj. that may bc 


Adapcrtus, a, luid opi n 
.\daptutus, a, um, pt. fittcd to 
Adaquo, (ad aqua) as a. 1 tu 

tdaquor, ari, />aw. to bc watercd 

to, with rej^ard. to, even, until, Ailauctus, a, uin, pt. incrcascd 
in order for, for thc *»ake of,;Adauctus, iis, ;•/. 4 an incrcase 

about, morc or lcss. 

Ad, in composition, commonly 

significs ncarness ; as adro, ad- 

jungu % &c. sometimes increascth; 

as adumo, adhibo. And in com- 

position urfchangcs its r/into tlic 

lirst letter of the simple, begin- 

ning with c, f, g, 1, n, p, r, s, t, 

Xdactio, bnis,/. 3 force, constraint 

Adactus, a, um, pt. forccd, drivcn, 

struck into, brought undcr 
Xdxquandus, a, um, pt. madc 

cven, level 
Adtcquatio, onis,/ 3 a lcvelling 
Xdxquatus, a, um, pt. lcvcllcd 
Adaequc, adv. equality [to lcvcl 
•^r/sequo, as, act. to makc, 
Xdxquor, ari, puss. to be cquallcd 
adxsiuo, as, ncut. 1 to ovcrflow 
«r</aggero, a*» act. 1 to hcap, or 

.\daugcndus. a, um,/j/. to iwreasc 
.frAmgco, are, xi, ctum, act. 2 to 

increasc, to improvc, to a^gra- 


Adaugcor, cri, p. to bc iucreasrd 
.ft/augesco, crc, inccp. 3 to bc in- 


.?r/bibo, erc, i, ltum, act. 3 to 

lay up, to hcap, or lay, ccre, ixi, ictum, act. 3 to 

Adagium, i, n. 2 a proverb 
Adalirgatus, a, um,/>/. ticd to 
•^//alligo, as art. 1 to tic closc to 
Adalltgor. ari,//rm. to bc boundto 
Adamautxus, a. um, adj. adaman- 

Xdumantinus, a, um, adj. hard as 

adamant, of a<lamant 

Xd-tmas, antis, m, 3 a stone, a.Wdisro, cerc, didici, act. 3 to 

drink, to suck in, to admit 
.fr/hlandior, iri, </«»/». 4 to spcak 

fair, to flattcr, to fawn 
Vdcrcdo, adcrcsco, see Accrcdo, 

./fcftlccct, impei-8. it bccomcth 
\ddendus, a, um, pt. to be added 
Addens, tis, pt. adding, joining 

ft/denseo, erc, sui, act. 2 to close 

togethcr, to thickcn, to shortcn 
.-fr/denso, as, act. 1 to thickcn 
Addlcens, tis, pt. approving 

doom, to condcmn, to scntcnce, 

Addiiumcntum, i, n. 2 an additi 
Additio, dnis, /'. 3 an addition. 
Additivus, a, um, adj. nddition 
Additurus, a, uni, pt. about 

Additus, a, um, /»/. addc-d, join 
Addivinans, ti.s, pt. jjucssing. 
.^/divino, as. utf. 1 t<»ct.njcciu 
.Vr/do, dcrc, didi, ditimi, mt. 3 
add, to jjivc, to ]>ut, to sct, 

Addor, i, ftars. to b<* addcd. 
.ir/dormisco, crc, mmt. 3 to slc 
Vddubitatio, cinis,/. 3 doubt. 
\<ldubitatur, impers. it isdouhl 
AddubUatus, a, um, />/. tloubtei 
.?r/diibito, as, act & neut 1 to tlou 
\ddnccns, tis, pt. bring^ing' to. 
. /t/dfico, ccrc, uxi, uctum, uct. 
to brinjr. to can-y, to inducc, 
persuadc, to tijrhtcn, to ca 
tract, to shortcn, to shrivcl up 
Addiicor, i, ctus, />a%*. to bc led 
Adductc, adv. closclv, ncarlv, 
Adductor, oris, m. 3 hc tli 

Adducturus, a, um, pt. about ' 

Adductus, a, um, pt. bi*oug"ht, ii 
duced, prcvailcd on, applici 
adcdo, crc, vel cssc, C-di, cftiui 
vcl estum, act. 3 to cat up, 1 

Xdemptio, bnis,/. a taking awa; 
a disfranchising, bauishmcnt 

to dcvotc, ov givc up, to sell, tOjAdcmpturus, a, um, pt. about t 

sct to sale, to confirm takc away 

Addicor,i,/w**. tobo dclivcrredto Xdcmptu*, a, inn, />/. takcn awai 
Addictio, 6iiis,/*3 a vahiiii£ I killcil, lost, pu1, out, dcad 

Addictus a, um, /r/. addictcd, giv-jAded,, to that pass, an 

oii up, dcvoted, doomcd, con- 
dcmitcd, valucd, much obli^cd 


/Omxtu*, a, um,/>t. bclovcd 

harn, to lcarn morc, undc Ad- 

thi:reforc, much morc, at thi 
timc, aftcr all, \cry much h 
d<>cd, insomuch that (Atqu 
adco) birt wliat is morc, (Adi: 
non) so far fmm. 





Ire, Tvi, & ii, Itum. n. 4. to This Tcrb govcrr.s an accusativc. 

r come to, to set out, to ad 
i, to undergo, to approach, 
ach, to be raised to, to un 
ike, to attack. 
rjri,^at«. to be jjone unto,8cc 
s, Ipis, d.g.3. tat- tallow. 
tio, 6nis, /. 3 a gctting-. 
turus, a, uxn, pt. about to gct. 
tus, a, um,/tf. having* gottcn. 
uitans, tis, pt. riding- up to. 
uito, aa. act. 1. to ride up to, 

ritus, a, um, pt. unccrtain. 
irio,ire, ntut. 4 to bc hungTy 

neigh aftcr, to exult, or applaud. 
flr/liorrcsco, erc, ;i. to bc jrrcath 

Adhortans, tis, pt. exhortinjr 
n, v, um, pt. catcn, consum-i.Vdhortatio, dnis,/ 3 un cxhor- 

indetcrmined, spcnt, gone 
adus, a, um, pt. to bv gone to 
pctcndus,a,unt, pt. dcsirablc 
im, adfectio, adfectus, adfo- 
dfremo, adfriiuro, adgemo 
flatim,afttfctio,uffcctU!», aflc- 
ifremo, astrango, agg-cmo. 
Tens, tis, pt. adhtring'. 
reo, cri, aesi, acsum, n. 2 to 
!re, to stick, to kecp closc to. 
resco, ere, tee Adhscreo. 
shi, onis, /. 3 adhcsion, a 

esus, us, m. 4. a sticking to, 
lo, as, act. 1 to breatbe upon. 
mo t [ad, hamus,] as, act. 1 


bendus, a, um, pt. to he uscd. 
*o, [ad, babeo] erc, bui, 
ro, act. 2. to apply, to sct, 
■e, to admit, to call, or scnd 

with a dativc cahc, or an ad-erb 
of place, instead thereof ; also it 
often has another accusativc 
with the prcposition ad, or an 
ablative with the prcposition ir. 

Adlribcor, eri, past. to be ap 
plicd, Etc. (usc. 

AdhTbiturus, a, um, pt . about to 

Adlribitus,a, um,/>/. uscd, applied. Adipatum, i, n. 2 fat mcat. 

ar/hinnio, Irc, Ivi, Ittim, ncut. 4 to Adipisccndus, a.tim, 6f. to fret- 

• i i». .. t. ii» i"-« • •■. i. *% 

tation (ajrer 

\dhortator, 6ris, m. 3 an cncour- 

Adhortatus, a, um, pt. havinjr cx- 

hortcd, exhortinfr. (to exhort. 
at/hortor, ari, dep. 1 to cncourajrc, 
Adhnc, adv. hitherto, as yct, be- 


A djacens, tis, pt. lying contiguous. 
.4</jaceo, ere, n. to ltc ncar, to 

border upon, to adjoin, to abut. 
Adjectio, 5nis,/ 3 an addition. 
Adjcctlvus, a, um, adj. adjcctive, 

added to, adjoincd to. 
Adjecturus,a, um,p*. aboutto add. 
Adjectus, a, um, pt. added, joined 
Adjectus, us, m. 4 an addition. 

Eish witha hook, to obtain Adiens, euntis,/*. going» to. 

Adfgcns, tis, pu driving 1 , forcing. 
Adlgo, [ad, ago] ere, egi, acttun, 

Vdimcndus, a, um, pt. tobe taken 
away, hindercd er rcscucd. 
\dimo, [ad, cmo] mere, demi, 
dempttim, act. 3 to take a^a}', 
to keep from, to rescue. 
Admior, i, pa*s. to bc takcn away, 
.ft/invfnio, tee Invcnio. [&c 

Vdinventus, a, um, pt. curiously 

act. 3 to drive, to forcc, to bring^Adjuiictus, a, um, pt. adjoined 

to. (vcn. 

Adtgor. i, actus, past. to be dri 

Butthe signification of thislAdjfcialis, c, adj. splcndid, gnrnd. 

» often dcpcnds on the fol- 
ng noun ; as, adhibere aux- 
d, to help; blanditias, to flat- 
cibum ct potum, to cat and 
k; consolationem, to com- 
; crudelrtatem, to bc cruel ; 
uetustthes, to accuston. 
2 • 

Adipibcor, i, adeptus, com. 3 to 

get, to obtain, to arrivc at, to 


Adipiscor, i, pa**. to be obtained. 
Adipalis, e, adj. fat, gToss, sump- 

Adltur, & Uditum est, impcrt. they 

jro, or went to. 
Aditurus, a, um, pt. about to jro, 

ov undcrgo. 

Adlttu, a, um, pt. g^one to. 
Aditus, us, wi. 4 a \ray, means, 

acccss, avcnuc. 

Adjudxcatus, a, um, pt. adjudg*cd 
.'7c/jiIdico, as, act. to adjudge, to 


Adjudlcor. ari, p. to bc adjudgcd 
»i(/|iigo, as, act. 1 to join togcthcr. 
AdjQmcntum, i, n. 2 hclp, aid. 
Adjunctio, 5nis, / 3 a conjunc- 

tion, or union, addition. 
Adjunctor, oris, m. 3 he who joins- 
Adjunctum, i, n. an adjunct, a 


joincd, \ oked, annsxcd, ncar. 
Adjtimfcudus, a, um, pt. to be 
joiacd to. 

AdjYcicnduSfa^umj/fr.tobeaddcd.^/junico, gerc, nxi, nctum, ar.t. 3 

Adjtciens, tis, pt. adding tn. 

Adjfcio, [ad, jacio] cerc, jeci, 
Jcctum, act. 3 to add, to cast to, 
er on, to apply, to direct. 

Adjlcior, i, patt. to bc added, to 
bc c»«t into, tobc fhrown. 

to join, to auncx, to add, t* in- 
rrcasc, to jrive up, to apply, to 
reconcilc, to procurc, to aumit, 
to fastcn, to yoke. 
Adjungor, i, past. to be JoiiwltA^ 





•<frijuro, aa» a. & n. 1 to adjurc,\A(lrnVnistrritus,a,um./>/.manapcdA^/.mitto, tere, mTsi, m 
to compcl to swear, to swear .irJministro, as, act. X to adminis-! 3. toadmit, to put, to s 

solcmnly- [ing. 

AdjQtabilis, e, atlj. assising, help- 
AdjQtanSjtis,/»/. assisting, hclping. 
AdjQto, as act. 1 to help, to suc- 

AdjQtor, ari, past. to bc liclped. 
Adjutor, dria, m. a helper, an as 


Adjiit6rium, i, n. 2 help, succour. 
Adu~itrix, Tcia/. 3 ■ shc wfio hclpeth . 
AdjQtum est, impers. I assistcd. 
Adj utfirus a, um, pt. alwut to hclp. 
AdjQtus, a, um,/tt. assistcd,helped. 
Adiutus, us, m. 4 hclp, aid. 
Adjiivandus, a, um, pt. to be 


Adjuvans, tis, pt. hclping 
•^rfjuvo, as, Qvi, titum, act. 1 to 

help, to assist, to favor. 
•4<ftnatQror, ari, patt. to be has- 

tcned, or forwardcd. 
Adiuensus, a, um, pt. measurecL 
«£cfaietior, Yri, mensus, dep. 4. to 

measure out, to retail, to sell 

Adimniculator, oris, m. 3. an as- stallion. 

aistant. [ped 

Adminiculatus, a, um, pt. prop 
Admfnlciilo, as, act. aud Atlmini 

culor, ari, dep. 1. to prop, to 

assist. [assistancc 

AdmTnicillum, i, n. a prop, aid, 
Administer, tri. m. tee Ministcr. 
Administra, »,/. tec Ministra, 
Administrandus, a, um, pt. to bc 

managcd, or govcrncd, to man- 

Auministratio, 6nis, /. 3. adminis- 
tration, nianagement, care of 
affirirs» (tical 

AdministratTvus, a, um. adj, prac- 

Admmistrator, oris, m. 3 an ad 
ministrator, an attendant, a ma- 
nager. [to managc, or gov ern 

icltn/hlstrsitQrus, «, about 

ter, to managc, to govern, to! apply, to commit, to ir 

scrve. JAdmittor, i, missus.jta** 

Atlnrfnistror, ari, patt. to be ad- mitted, &c. 

ministercd i.A<mi5deror, ari, dep. X 

Admirabilis, c. atff. admirable,' torulc. 

wonderful, astonishing, strange. Adm5dcstus, a, um, 
Adm!rabi11tas,atis,/. 3 wondcr. Lft/modulor, ari. dep. fc 
AdmTrubihtcr, adv. wonderfully.i play to. 
AdmTrandus a» um. pt. to be ad-!Adm6dum, adv. vcry, v 

mircd, wondcrful, remarkablc. ycs, truly, as yet, for s 
Adinirans, tis, pt. aduiiring, won-L^rfmolior, Tri, dep. to he; 

dcring. [wonder. 

AdmTratio, 5nis, /. admiration, 
Admiriitor, oris, m. 3. an admircr. 
.fr/miror, ari, dep. X. to admire, to 

wondcr at, to cstccm, to value. 
Admisccndus, a, um. pt. to be 


Admisccn.v, \\ mixing, joining. 
.ftmiiscco, ere, cui, mistum, and 

mixtum, act. 2. to mix, to med- 

dlc with 

Admisceor, cri, patt. to bc mixcd. 
Admissarius, a, um, adj. cquus, a 

Adinissurius, i, m. 2. a whorc- 

mastcr. [acccss. 

Admissio, 5nis, /. 3. admissiun, 
Admissiiun, i, «. 2. a crimc, an 

Admissura, x, /. 1. coition, thc 

timc, or act of cngendering. 
Admissurus, a, um, pt. about to 

Admissus, a, um, pt. admittcd, lct 

in, committcd, driven on, swift 
Admissds, m. 4. admission. 
Admislio, vel Admixtio, onis,/» 3 

a mixing, a mixture. 
Admistus, vel Admixtus, a, um, 

pt. mixed, or mingled with. 
Admittendus» a, um pu to be ad- 

Admittcns, admitting. 

Admbnendus, a, um. pt 


Adm6nen8, tis. pt. adm 
Jidmbnco, cre, nui, nit 

to admonish, to advist 

to infonn, to rcmind. 
Admoncor, gri. pt:*s. Xc 

nished, to be put in ni 
Admonitio, oms- /. a< 


Admbmtor, oris, m. 3. a 
^dmonitum, i, n. 2. an< 

tus, us, m. 4. admonitii 

Admoniturus, a, um, p 

admonisli, in order to 
Adm6nitus, ud 

^«/mordeo, cre, di, rsun 

bite hard. 

Admorsus, a, um, pt. bit 
Admotio, onis./. 3 a ir 
AdmotQrus, a, um. pt. 

\dmotus, a, um. pt. ar 

f>lied, put, brought nc 
aid on, uscd, nc ar, ac 
Adm5tus, fis, m. 4 an a; 
Admovendus, a, um. 
brought, # r movcd U 

Admovcns, tis. pt. hz 





\ ere, 5vi, dtum, act. 2 
r, or put to, bring near, 
', to raisc, to use, to lay 

ir,eri v /taj«.tobe 
, mv Mugio. 
bratio, «rcr Murmuratio. 
uro, tee Murmuro. 
i, tee Mutilo. 
bs,/W. swimming. 
; tee Agnascor. 
ls, ar*. 1 to swim to. 
\,tee Navigo. 
*ee Annccto. 
6tis, m. 3 a grcat grand- 

tr/ Adnixus, a, um, /»/. 
, leapingon, attempting\ 
, tis, />r. striving, con 

aet. 1 to swim to. 
, as oct. 1 to darkcn. 
is, act. 1 to nod to. 
, Ire, act. 4 to nourish 

is, x, um, ^l. to be con 
ire, lui & levi, dultum, 
neut. 2 to burn, to con- 
> perfume, to grow up, 

vri t pa*8. to be burnt up. 
ns, tis, r . g. 3 a young 

ntia, ac,/ 1 youth. 
ntior, ari, dep. 1 tofrolic. 
ntula, a%/. 1 amere girl. 
ntiilus, i. 7/i. 2 a stripung. 
nturio, irc, n. to -'— 

, e"rc, lui & cvi, n. 3 
?, to incrcasc, to bu 

(cr all over, 
, Ire, ui, tum, act. to 
, adv. secretly 
4 a, um, pt. 

Adoplnor, tee Opinor. 
Adoptans, tis, pt. adopting. 
Adoptatio, onis,/ 3 adoption 
Adoptatitius, i, m. 2once adopted. 
brought Adoptator, dris, m. 3 an adoptcr. 
Adoptaturus, a, um, pt. about to 

adopt, chonse, or pitch upon. 
Adoptatus, a, um, ftt. adopted. 
Adoptio, onis, /. 3 adoption, 


Adopttvus, a, um, adj. adoptive. 
^t/opto, as, act. 1 to adopt, to as- 

sumc, to take, to namc, to put, 

to ingraft. 

Adoptor, ari, patt. to be adopted. 
Ador, dris, & oris, n. 3 fine wheat. 
Addrandus, a, um, to bc w 


Adorans, tis, pt. adoring. 
Addratio, dnis, /. 3 adoration, 

Adoraturus, a, um, pt. about to 


Adbratus, a, um, pt. worshipped. 
Adorea, x, / a glft of corn, 


Adoreum, i, n. 2 fine wheat- 
AdSreus, a, Um, aaj. of fine wbeat 
Adoriendus, a, um, pt. to attempt 
4</6rior, tris, vel cris, iri, ortus, 

sum, tlep. 4 to attack, to assault, 

to accost, to attcmpt, to try, to 


AdomatCj adv. clcgantly. 
Adornatus, a, um, pu adoroed. 
Morno, as, act. 1 to adorn, to rig, 

to equip, to sct off, to prepare. 

Ldornor, ari, /*>««. to be adorned 
jfc/dro, as, act. 1 to worship, to 

lionor, to salutc. 
Adorsus, a, um, pt. begun. 
Adortus, a, um, pt. attacking, sct- 

ting upon, attempting, trying. 
Adpluo, adposco, adprecor, ad 

prime, see Appluo, &c. 
.Wpugno, are, o. 1 to ajsault. 




play Adornor, 

•Irfrado, derr, asi; asiim, a. 3 to 


Adrasus, a, um, pt. shaven. 
Adrcpcns, tis, pt. creeping to. 
.4rfrepo, pcre, psi, ptum, act. 3 to 

crecp to, or into, to insinuatc. 
Adscisco, see Ascisco. [or by. 
Adsltus, a, um, pt. planted near, 
~ida\im, es, fui, csse, futiirus, ;/. 

to bc present, or at hand, to be, 

to conie, to assist, to defcnd, to 

bc added, # r joincd, to favour, 

to attend, to be ready, to stay, to 

take courage. 
Advectio, dnis,/. 2 a carrying to. 
Advcctititis, a, um, adj. foreign. 
^<rvecto,as, act. 1 to carry oftcn to. 
Advccturus, a, um, pt. about to 


Advectus, fts, m. 4 see Advcctio. 
Advcctns, a, um, pt. carricd to, 

hrought, convcyed. 
.iJvclio, ere, exi, ectum, act. 3 to 

carry, to bring, to convey. 

Ldvehor, i, pa$s. to be carricd. 
Ad\t\v t as, act. 1 to vcil, to covrr. 
Advena, x, c. g. a stranger, a 

.Mvencror, ari, ikp. 1 to worship, 

to adorc. 

Advenicns, tis, pt. coming. 
^dv^nio, Ire, veni, ventum, n. 4 

to comcto, toarrivc, to happcn. 
Adveutans, tis, pt. approaching. 
Adventitius, a, um, adj. adven- 

titous, extraordinary, forcign. 
Advento, as, n. 1 to approach, to 


Advcntor, Sris, m. 3 a guest. 
Adventorius, a, uib, adj. gratu- 

latory. [comc. 

Adventurus, a, um, pt. about to 
Adventus, us, m. 4 a coming, an 

approach, an arrival ; Advent. 
AdverbialUcr, adv. advcrbia.U^« 

a Adv 





•f rfverbero, aa, act. 1 to beat much . 
Adversans, tis, pt. thwarting. 
Adversaria, orum, 2% memo- 

randum book, notet. 
Adversana, ae, /. 1 an enemy 
Adversarius, a, um, adj. oppositc. 
Advcrsarius, i, m. 2 an adversary, 

an enemy, a foc. [ponent. 

Advcrsatrix, Tcis, /. a female op 

Adultera, z,/. 1 anadulteress, a 
whorc, a loosc, or lewd woroan. 

AdulteVitio, dnis, / 3 adultcra- 
tion. [ccL 

Adulteratus, a, um, pt. dcbauch- 

Adultcrinus, a, uxn, aaj. countcr- 
fcit, false. 

Adulterium, i, n. 3 adultery. 

-LAdultero, as, act. 1 to adulterate, 
Adverse, adv. adveracly, crossly.l to mix, to debase, to corrupt, to 

AdvcrsTtas, atis, /. 3 advcrsity, 
trouble, contrariety, difTerencc. 

•fdversor, ari, dep. 1 to oppose, to 
withstand, to be against 

Adversum, i, n. 2 advcrsity, mis- Adumbratim, adv. obscurity* 

ery, misforUuic. 
Advcnum, pr. against, opposite 
to, towards, to; adv. towards 

debauch, to counterfeit. 
Adulteror, ari, dcp. 1 see Adurtero. 
Adultus, a, um, pt. adult, grown 

un, full. 

Adumbratio, 6nis, /. 3 a sketch, or frostbitten. 

sliadowing of a thing. 
Adumbratus, a, um,/*. shadowed, 

Adversus, a, um, pt. & udj. oppo- a</umbro, as, act. 1 to shadow out, 
aitc, ovcr against, rigiit towards, to shadc from hcat, to sketch, o 
advcrse, unfortuiiatc, cvil, hos- draw, to prcsent, to typify. 
tile, displeascd, unscasonable. Adunatio, onis,/ 3 an uniting 

Adversus, pr. & adv. tec Adver-|Adunatu8,a, um,jM.|oined,united. 

Advertens, tis, pt. obscrving. 
Adverto, te>e, ti, raum, act. 3 to 

turn to, to direct, to apply. 
Advcrtor, i, pa»$. to bc observed. 
•/fofvcspcracit,im/>fr*. it grows latc. 
Advlgilans, tis, pt. guarding. 
•frfvigilo, as, neut. 1 to watch, to 

kecp watch, to take care. 
Adulabilis, e, adj. to be flattered. 
Adulandus, a, um, pt. to be flat 

flattcred. [ing. 

Adfdans, tis, pt. flattcring, sootli- 
AdOlatio, onis, /. 3 adulation, 

Adulator, 5ris, m. 3 a flattcrer. 
Adulatorius, a, um, aaj. fawning. 
Adiilor, ari, dep. 1 to fawn, to 


.fc/volvo, vere, vi, lutum, act. ; 

rell to, to raise, to lift up. 
Advolvor, i, pasa. to be rolled 
Adv61utus, a» um, pi. rolled, p 


Adurens, tis, pt burning, very ] 
\durgens, tis, pt. pursuing. 
arfuro, cre, ussi, ustum, a. 3 

burn, to scorch, to pinch, 

hurt, to chafe . (scorct 

Aduror, i, ustus, pats. to 
Adusque, prap. cven to, until. 
Adustio, onis,/. 3 a burning. 
Adustus, a, um, pt. burnt, 

flamcd, consurned, parcfa 

Adytum, i, n. 2 a sccrct cel 
rcccss, thc most secret plac< 
a temple. 


JEdepol, 9ce Edepol. 

, , rM _ /Edes, vel JEdis, is,/. 3 a housc 

Aduncitas, atis,/. 3 hookedness, temple, a chapcl, a cliambei 

crookedness, a bcnding hivc. [o 

Aduncus, a, um, aqj crookcd. iEdlciila, x,/. 1 a littlc housc, 
Advocatio, onis, /. 3 thc officc of iEdfficandus, a, um, //f. to bebi 

an advocatc, a plca, a defence, a /EdiTicans, tis, pt. building. 

consultation, an advocate. iEdificatio, oni»,/ 3 a building 

Advbcutus, i, nu 2 an advocate, a iEdificatiuncula, ar, /. 1 dim. 

counscllor. small house, or building. 

Advbcatus, a, um, part. lmving iEdiiYcator, dris, ;u. 3 a builder 

callcd, callcd on, calling. foundcr. [bui 

.idvoco, as, act. 1 tocall, or sendUklificaturus, a, uin, pt about 

Adultcr, a, um, adj. adulterous, 

for, tocall, to summon, to plead, 

to advisc, lo assist, to conjurc, 

to allurc. 
Advocor, Sri, pats. to bc sum- 


Vdvolans, tis, pt. flying to. [fly. 
Advblatfirus, a, um, pt. about to 
Vdvblatus, us, m. 4 a flying to 

Adulter, t^ri, m. 2 an adulterer. Adsb\o, as, neut. 1 to fly to, to fly, 

to spring out, to make haste. 
Advolrens, tis, pt. roulng to. 

^Edificutus, a, u?n,/i/. built. 
^dificium, i, n. '2 a building 

.Edifico, [ttdcs, facio] as, act. 

to build, lo crcct, to makc, 


/Edificor, ari, pas*. to be built 
^dllis, is, m, 3 an cdile, a 9 

veyor. (cdi 

/Kdilitas, atis, /. 3 the office 
J^dilihus, a, um, aqj. of an edl 





dltuus, i, m. 2 an iFqu&lftas, atis,/. 3 equality. f/Era, »,/. 1 a pcriod of time. 
rchwarden. JEqualiter, ath. equally, evcnly. JEramcnlum, i, n. 2 brass, ©r cop- 

a nighting-alc. ASqnandus, a, um, pt. to be cqual- pcr-ware. 

l, adj. sick, w?ak,j led. JEraria, x, / 1 a copper mine, a 

ufticult, pensivc,'>fEquaniniitas, atis, / 3 evenncss forjre. 
ubtful, uncertain. of tempt r, patience, favor, can- /Erarium, i, n. 2 a trcasury. 
los, / 3 a shieldJ dor. JErarius, a, um, ailj. belonging t© 

hruss, or coppcr, or to a treasury. 
/Erutus, a, um, adj. made of brass. 
Homo xratus, a bankrupt, Cic. 
JEreus, a, um, adj. madc of brass. 
Acrius, a, um, adj. airy, lofty, higii. 
iErifcr, a, um, adj. bearing" brass. 
/. 3 sickness^JEquaturus, a, um, pt. about to /Erifftdlna, x,/. 1 a brass xninc. 

gerriinc, hardly, : ^quanimiter, ath. patiently. 
culty, gricvouslyJiEquans, tis, pt. equalling. 
pt. being sick. " jiEquatio, dnis,/ 3 an equation, a 
cept. 3 to bc sick,' making, or laying" even. 
worsc, to gricve.jEquator, oris, m. 3 the equator, 
\ 1 gricf, sorrow.J or cquinoctial line. [cqual. 

3 sickness. 
/. 3 sickness. 
to be sick, to bc 

adj. sick, ill, bad. 
log, Storm. 
female rival. 
um, pt. fit to bc 

. cmidating. 
/. 3 cniulation, 
rcd, contention, 

77». 3 a rival. 

•. 4 *ee JEmulatio. 

JEqufitus, », um,pt. madc equal. 
JEque, adv. cqually, as well, 

alikc, so. 
jEquldistans, tis, pt. equidistant. 
.flSqufllbris, e, adj. of equal wcight, 

ot the same Jevel. [weight. 

iEquilibritas, utis,/. 3 equality of 
JEquilibrium, i, n. 2 an even poisc. 
JEquinoctialis, c, atfj. equinoctial. 
JEquinoctium, i, n. 2 tlie equinox. 
JEqufparabllis, e, adj. to be cquaJ- 


JEquiparans, tis, pt. equa]ling\ 
/EquYparatio, dnis,/ 3 equality. 
JEquiparo, [xquus paroj Sre, a. 1 

to cqual, to vie with, to compare. 

rxccl, to imitate, 

p. 1 to rival, to^Equipondium, i, n. 2 equal 


[petitor. JEquitas, atis, f. 3 cquality, justicc. 

Ja rival, a com- iEquo, as, act. 1 to cqual, tb lcvel, 
adj. emulous, ri* to divide cqually, to compare. 

JEquor, 5ri, pas*. to be cqualled. 
JEquor, tfris, n. 3 the sca, any 
level, or plain, thc earth, the aif. 
JEquoreus, a, um, adj. of the sea, 
bordering' on the sca. 
JEquum, i, n. 2 cquity, justicc. 
JEquus, a, um, odj. cqual, likc, 
lcvel, cvcii, just, kind, fricndly, 
favorablc, patient, contcntcd. 
[sanic ajre.iAcr, is, m. 3 in acc. aera, pt. aercs, 
equal, af tnej thc air, or atmosphcrc, brcath. 


i.H trumpetcr 
dj. brazcn. 
3 a riddlc. 
;'. equal, alike. 
is, /. equality, 

. cqually, evenly. 
,adj. of thc same 

.Eripcs, pedis, c. g. swift of^bot, 
flect, brazen footed. 
iErisbnus, n, um, aaj. souuding 
like brass. 

JEro, onis, m. 3 a mat to lie on, a 

£r5sus, a, um, adj. full of brass, 
mixt with brass. 
JErugtadsus, a, um, adj. rusty. 
.Erupfo, mis, /. 3 rust, mildew, a 
bliglit, poison, slander, malice. 
iEnimna, x,f. 1 sorrow, affliction. 
iErumnabilis, e, adj. wretchcd. 
/Erumnatus, a, um, aaj. grievcd. 
JErumnosus, a, um, adj. wretched, 
calamitous, miserablc. 
/Es, xria, n. 3 brass, copper, iron, 
gold, money, a debt, a brazen 

^stas, atis, /. 3 summer, a year, 

^states, pl.f. 3 heats, freckles. 
.Esfifcr, a, um, adj. stdtry, hot. 
jEstrmabtlis, e, adj. estimable. 
^'stimandus, a, um, pt. to bc 
esteemcd, to be valued, or rated. 
.^Estimans, tis, pt. cstecming, sup- 
JEstimutio, onis, / 3 a valuc, a 
pricc, a rcwanl, a computation. 
/EstiinutOr, oris^ m. ^ N^V\va> >. 





JEsttmattJrus, a, um. pt. about tof Arthiops, 8pis. m. 3. a black. 

cstcem, to cstccm, ©r vulue. 
JEstimatus, a, um. pt. csteemcd, 

valued, prized, rated, aettlcd. 
JEstimo, as. act. 1. to estccm, to 

rcgard, to value, to settle, to 

judge, to think. 
JEstnnor, bc csteemcd 
•dEtiva, OTum. pl. n. 2. summer- 

quarters, a country-house, a fuld 
•«ntivalis, c. atfj. of summer. 
•Cstive, adv. as in summer 
jEstivo, as. neut. 1. to live, pass, 

or spcnd tlie summer. 
JEstlvus, a, um. adj. pcrtaining to 

JKstuabundus, a, um. adj boiling. 
JEstuans, tis. pt. boiling, scorch- 

ing, sultry, raging, furious. 
<£stuurium, i.7i 2 afrith, a marsh. 
JEfttuo, as. n. 1. to boil, to boil 

ovcr, or out, to be very hot, to 

swcat, to foam, to rage, to fret. 
«£stu5s£, adv. hotly. 
JEstuosus, a, um. adj. vcry hot, 

JEstus, us. m. 4.heat, a hot stream, 

raging sea, a tide, a storm, fury, 

love, great dcsire, fcrmcntation, 

JEtas, atis./ 3. age, an age, a hun- 

dred years, a year, a day, life, a 

time, a season, a gcneration. 
•fiftfitem, adv. an age,a lonir whilc. 
•^&tbJa, ae./ l.youth,childhood. 
•dEternrtas, atis./. 3. eternity. 
•Cterno, as. act. 1. to eternize, to 

•tfftcmo, »£tcrnum, adv. for cver. 
•dEtcrnim, a, um. adj. eteroal, con- 

tinual, pcrpetual, lusting. 
•^Jther, e*ris. m. 3. car. pl. in arr. 

acthera & jethfcrem, thc pure air, 

the sky, or firmament, heaven. 
JEthercus, a, um. adj. 'cthcrcal, 

*tri*l cclestiM), hoavetdy, divinc . 

/Kthra,ae/ l.the clear sky,thc ah\ 

rhetoric, a shewing of a causc, 

or rcuson. 

Actitcs, x. m. 1. the eaglestone. 
/Kviterous, a, um. adj. eternal. 
JEvum, i. n. 2. age, old age, life, 

timc, ctcrnity, a past action 

Affcctiirus, a, um. pt 

iEtiolbgia, a:. / 1. a figure in Aficctus, a, um. pt. af 

posed, cnducd, advan 
Affectus, us. m. 4. an 
a disposition, sicki 

Afferendus, a, um. 
Affcrcns, tis pt. bringi 
AF ^/fSro, afferrc, attul 

act. 3. to bring, to t 
to alledge, to rcply, t 
contribute, to cause, 
lay. [bi 

An eror, erri, allatus, 
Affertur, imp. ncws 
port is. 

Afficiendus, a, um. p 

fectcd, or punishcd, 

Afficio, [ad. facio,] 

fectum, art. 3. to affe< 

to influcnce. When 

noun, it is rendcred \ 

of that noun; as, affit 

tatione, to deliglit. 

Afficior, i, cctus. p 

Affictitius, a, um, adj. 

Affictus, a, um, pt feigw 

djfigo, e"rc, ixi, isum, t 

ten, to fix, to imprint, 

Afftgor, i, ixus, pass. t< 

Affingcns, tis, pt. formi 

•^/"fingo, £re, nxi, ictui 

form, or fashion, to f 

vcnt, tocounterfcit tc 

Affingor, \ 9 pu8x. to be 1 

Affims, e. adj. adj* 

rclatcd by marriage, 

necessary, guilty, pri 

AF, in composition, stands for ad> 
Afer, fra, frum, adj. of Africa. 
Aff abilis.c.rK//. affable, courtcous. 
AfFablhtas, atis./ affability, easi- 


Affubilitcr, adv. courteously [ly. 
Afl°&brc,ar/v. curiously,ingenious- 
Affabtil&tio, onis./ 3. the moral. 
Affumen, Vnis. n. 3. an addrcss. 
.f/Taris, vel. affiire, aff&tus, affari, 

from affor, inusit, to speak to, to 

address, to entreat, to thank. 
Affutim,arfr. abundantly, enough. 
Aff atus, a,um,/>r. speaking to, ad 


Affatus, us. m. talk, discourse. 
Affcctandus, a, um. pt. to be af- 

fccted. [dyng. 

Affcctans, tis. pt. affecting, stu- 
.Vffectate, adv. witli affectation. 
Affectatio, 6nis. / 3. affcctation, 

Afiectator, 5ris. m. 3. anaimer at, 

an aspirer to, an affcctcd pcrson. 
Affcctatus, a, um. pt. affected, 

conceitcd, dcsired, aimed at. 
Affcctio, onis./ 3. affcction, love, 

a natural disposition, a statc. 
Aflccto, as. act. 1. to aftcct, to dc 

sire, to aim at, to attcmpt, to as- 

Aff inis, is. c. §■. 
Afflnitas, atis. / S 

pirc, to purpose. 

Affcctor, ari./»«M. to be aflected. Aflirmantcr, adv. in : 
\ffcctu6sus, a, um. mdj. aftcction-jAfiircnatc, adv. solc 

ate. surcdh'. 





ttio, onis/ 3 an affi rmation. 
ktus, a, um, pt. affirmcd. 
Hu, a. 1. to affirm, to 

.tf/T&dio, dere, odi, ossum, ac/. 3 
to dig up, or away, to dig unto. 
Affbr, see Aflaris. 
L?/*fdrc, to bc prcscnt, to comc. 
, a, um. £/. fixcd, fastencd.T/Tonnido, as, nnit. 1 to hc afraid 
laced, imprintcd, sticking.j/Trango, crr, cgi, actum, <j. to 

break. [roar. 

i, breathing, ©r blow- .7/Trtmo, erc, w. 3 to murmur, to 
KjB^favouring,befrichding..Jftrico, as, ui, act. 1 to rub 
s, a, um. pt. blown upon, against. [against. 

i, blasted, inspircd. Anricor, ari, p. to bc rubbcd 

s, As. m. 4. a blast, a gale, Aftrictus, us, m. 4 a rubbing upon. 
mr, a steam, inspiration. j(/Trio, as, act. 1 to crumble, to 
£rc, evi, etum. n. 2 to grate. 

Xger, gri, m. 2 a ficld, land, 

gTound, a manor, a county, a 


Agesi&jflfc. go to, come on. 
JjrgemdPCre, ». 3 to groan, to 

sigh at.. 
►fgger, cris, m. 3 a leap, a pfrV, 

a mound, a bank, a dam, a shclf, 

a mud-wall, a rampart, a cause- 


Agggratio, 6nis,/ 3ahcapingup. 
Aggeratus, a, um, pt. heaped up. 
Aggerendus» a, um, pt. to be 

banked up. 

lio, 6nis./. 3. a throwing shine, to smilc upon, to favor. 
affliction, sorrow, pain. *f/Tundo, ere, udi, usum, uct. 3 

^f/fulgco, cre, Isi, lsum, n. 2 to Aggcro, aa, act. 1 to Iicap. to lay 

o, onis.y. 3. aiHictiou, dis- 

i, as. act. 1. to afflict, vex, 
V, ari. /K2#£. to bc dashcd. 
ir, dris. m. 3. a torracntor, 
urber, a troubler. 

us, a, ura. pt. afflictcd, dis- comc, or be prcscnt. 

to pourupon. 
Aflundor, i. ffisus, paw. to be 

pourcd upon, or into. 
Ailu&us, vcl. Adfusus, a, uiu, pt. 

pourcd upon. 
Affiiturus, a, um, pt. about to 

:d, thrown down, dashcd, 
gate, abandoncd. 
os. us. m. 4. trouhlc. 
3, fcre, ixi, ictum. act. 3. to 
i, to gricvc, to dash down, 
row doun, to dcstroy, to 
, to wcakcn, to hiunblc. 
>r, i, ictus. pa*t. to be af- 

is. act. 1. toblow, or breathe 
, to cmit, to blast, to favor, 
»pire,to infcct. 
ari. pasut. to bc inspircd. 
us, tis. pt. flowing, abound- 
rich, plentiful, rcsorting. 
Dtia, *./. 1. ahund&ncc. 
ntius, adv. comp. more abun 


• t ucre, uxi, uzum, neut. 3. 

Af&ris, adv. from uithout. 
Africanus, atlj. brought out of 
Africa. [wind. 

on heaps, to aggravate, to in- 

.iygcro, crc, cssi, estum, act. 3 

to )ay on a heap, to bring, te 

carry, to add. 
Aggeror, ,i pasa. to be heaped up. 
Aggcstim, adv in heaps. 
Aggcstioy bnis, /. 3 a hcaping up. 
Aggcsrus, a, um, pt. heaped up. 
Aggcstus, Os, vi. 4 a hcap, a 

mount, a pilc of carth, an cn- 


t, si* in, to abound, to steal 

Afncus, i, »i. 2 the soutli-w ^st .-^'glomero. as, act. 1 towindup, 

Africus, a, um, aaj. Africau. 


Ag, in composition, stands for ad. 
AgSso, dnis, m. 3 a groom, a 

Age,/>7. agite, impcr. comc on, go 

to, supposc, bc it so, wcll. well. 
Ag^dum, adv. come on, well. 
Agcllus, i, m. 2 a littlc fied. 
Ag^ma, atis, n. 3 a battalion, a 

Agendus, a, um, pt. to bc donc, 

or drivcn, that must bc donc. 

w upon, or in, to fiock to- Agcns, tis, pt. doing, dtiving, 

taking, living. 

Agons, tis, m. 3 an agent, a dotr., cr UQ»foV& V» \it toA^ -« w* 

to gathcr into a body, to crowd. 
.%-glGtmandus, a, um, pt. to be 

associatcd, sr joined. 
^glutino, as, act. 1 to gluc, to 

soldcr, to associate. 
Agglutmor, uri, p. to bc joincd. 
Ag^ravans, tis, pt. aggravating, 

heightcning, making hcavy, or 


Aggravatus, a, um, pt. aggravated 
Aggravesccns, tis. pt. gTOWing 

worse or morc troublcsome. 

^fgravcsco, ere, inc. 3 to grow 


•frgrfvo* as » acf - ^ to aggravate, 
to incrcase, tobcar hard upon. 
Aggravor, ari, pas*. to be nrcsa^do 





Aggrcdiendus,/»f.tobe attemptcd. Agmen, 
Aggredicns, tis, pt. going to, 

accosting, attacking , ^ f allina 

tipon. flr 

Aggredior, [ad, gradiorj^li, cs- 

sus, /Zf/». 3 to go unto, to accost, 

to attempt, to attack, to fall 

AggrSgo [ad, grcx,] as, uct. 1 to 

assemblc, to gct, or gathcr to- by the father's side. 

inis. v. o. an army, a 
troop, a coinpany, a crowd, a 
hcrd, a flock, a swarm, a pack, 
a coursc, a winding, a working, 
an attack. 

Agna, x.f 1 a ewc-lamb. 

•^iiascor, i, uatus. dep. 3. to grow 
upon, pr to be born aftcr a fa- 
ther\s will is madc, to be related 

gether, to join, to unitc 
AggrSgor, ari, past. to be gathcr- 

ed together. 
Aggressio, onis,/ 3 an attack. 
Aggressor, Sris, m. 3 au aggrcssor. 
Aggressurus, a um, pt. about to 

attack, or undertakc. 
Aggressus, a, uni, pt. attacking, 

Xgilis, e, adj. activc, hrisk, swift. 
Agilitas, atis, f 3 agility, swift- 

Xgilitcr, adv. nimbly, quickly. 
Agitabilis, c, adj. moveablc. 
Xgitandus, a, uin, pt. to be agita 

ted, to be movcd, to bc tossed. 
Xgitans, tis, pt. moving, revolving. 
Xgitatio, onis, / 3 motion, cxer- 


XgiUitor, aris, m. 3 a driver. 
Xgitaturus^ijUiii^/. about to chaae. 
Agitatus, us. wi. 4. a motion, 

Xgit&tus, a, um, pt. agitated, 

tossed, shaken, driven, moved, 

disturbcd, harrassed, cmploycd, 

debated, churned,activc, spright- 

ly, quick. 
Xgi tc, *ee Age. 
Xgito, as, act. 1 to agitate, to 

debate, to rcvolvc, to consider, 

to toss, to shakc, to drivc, to 

pursuc, to chasc, to cxercisc, 

to disquict, to managc, to spcnd, 

to live, to cclcbratc. 
Agitor, axi,/>u*«. to bc tossetj. 

Agnatio, onis, / 3. kindrcd by the 
fathei^s side, a growing to 

Agnati, 6rum.pL m.2. relations. 
by the father's sidc. 

AgnStus, a, um. pt. growing up- 
on, or to, grown up, or abovc. 

Agncllus, i, m. 2. dim. a lambkin. 

AgnTmib, a, um. adj. of a lamb. 

Agnitio, onis. an acknowlcdge 

Agnltus, a, um./tf.acknowlcdged. 

Agnomcn, inis. n. a surnamc, 

Agnomcntum, i. n. 2 a nickname. 

.^n&mino, as. act 1 to nickname. 

Agnoscendus, a, um. pt. to bc 

Agnosccns, \\ acknowlcdging. 

.%nosco, ciire, ovi, nitum, act. 3 
to own, to acknowledgc, to allow, 
10 know, to tind out, to discover. 

Agnoscor, i, pan*. to be acknow- 

Agnus, i, ffl.2a lamb. [lcdgcd. 

Ago, gere, egi, actum, act. 3 to 
act, to do, to pcrform, to trans- 
act, to manage, to take care of, 
to mind, to deal, to contract 
for, to require, to talk of, to 
drive, to sliakc, to disturb, to 
aim at, to behave, to exercisc, 
to apply, to give, to indite, to 
plcad, to rcckon, to spend, to 
livc. Aud it is oftcn Englishcd 
by the vcrb of the following 
noun : as, agerc cursum, to run. 
Plin. vitam, to live, Cic. 

3 a C( 

xgon, onis. m 

prizc, u match, a pl 

tcst, a prizc, a sacriti 
Agrtnista x. t.i. a 

Agor, j^eris, agi, artns 

driven, doiic, haiullt 

conccrned, &c. I.ib<. 

libertv lies at stukc, 
Agoranbmus, /. m. 2. 

thc markct. 
Agrarius, a, um. a>[ 

pertaining to fiekls, 
Agrc, es./. 3 a dng, 
Agrestis, e. adj. Ix 

ficlds, or tlie rount 

thc country, clnwi 

unmaimerly, slove 

harsh, coarsc. 
Agrestcs, pl. m. 3 rus 
Kgria, x. f 1. a scab, 
Agricola, «c. c. g. a lui 
Agricblaris, e. «://. oi' ! 
Agrlcultor, oris. m. 3. 


Xgricultura, x. / 1 
\gribdos, ontis. ;m. 3 
Agrlpeta, x. m. 1 cla 

(livisionofficlds, er i. 
Agrium, i. 7i. 2 u nitrt 


A II. abbr. for alii ho 
Ah ! i?iter}. ah ! oli ! : 

mc ! fic ! no, awa} 


Aha, intrrj. away, fie ' 
Ali, ah, interj. oli, in i 
Alieneus, a, um. adj. \ 
Ahenipes,edis. adj. br. 
Ahenum, i. n. 2 a L 

caldron, a kettle, a v 
Alifnus, a, um. adj. b: 
" of coppcr. 






Albatus, a, um, pt made whiteJxlea, Ytis, c g. 3. a fowl, or bird. 

dressed, or clothed in white. 
p. ab. ilo, say thou. Albedo, inis/ 3. whiteness. 

«r aisne ? say you so ! Albens, tis, pt. whitencss, whitish, 

is, ait, aiunt. verb. defect. in hoary. [grow white- 

f. aiebam, as, at, amus, Albeo, es, ui, n. 2. to be, or to 
nt in perfecto, only, aisti, Albescens, tis, growing white 

i: in imperat. mood, ai : in 
'. lias, aiat, aiamus, aiant. 
'. tiens. To say, to affirm, 


composition, stands for ad. 
/. 1. a wing, a feather, a 
of an army, an arm, an 
it, a turret, a hollow. Alx 
im, sails, Virg 
dicus, a, um, aaj. Alaban- 
osa, a damask rose- 
4F, i, m. 2. alabaster, an 
rum, i, n. % idem. 

Albesco, fere, incep. 3, to grow 

white, or bright 
Albtco, as, neut. 1. id. 
AlbTdus, a, um, aqj. whitish. 
Albor, dris, m. 3- whiteness, fair- 


AlbQcum, i, n. 2. a white daffodil 
Albtigo, Tnis,/ 3, a white spot in 

the eye, the white of an egg 
Albulus, a, um, atfj. somewhat 

Album, i, n. 2. a white table, a 

muster-roll, a Cst of names, a 

rcgister, white, whiteness. 
AlbQmen, mis, n- 3, the white of 


Alburnum, i, n> 2. a sap of trees. 
m. cris, / cre, n. andlAlburnus, i,m.2, a small whitc fish. 

i, e, adj. merry, cheerful, 

td, courageous, fierce, rea- 


adv. readily, cheerfully. 

r, us, adf. eomp. more 


is, atis,/. 3- alacrity, ea- 
as, readincss, checrful- 

•, adv. readily, cheer- 

x,f. 1. a slap on the face, 

&r boz, freedom. 
e, atff. belonging to a wing, 

, a um, aaj. idem. 
a, um, adj. winged, swift 

Mff 1- alark. 
im, i, *. 2. a whitewaahing 
ls, a, uro, aaj. of white 


Albus, a, um, atjj. white, hoary, 
pale, wan, fortunatc, happy. 

Alcafcus, a, um, aaj. alcaic. 

Alce, es, / 3* a dog, strong. 

AlcSdo, fnis/ 3. a king*s fisher 

AleSdOnia. 5rura,/>J. n- 2. happy, 
or peaceable times, a calm sea- 

Akhymista, a, m. 1. analchymist. 

Alesco, ere, incep. 3. to grow. 
Xlex, ecis, / 3. a pickle made of 

Xlexipharmacon, i, n. 2. an anti- 


Alga, *,/ 1. sea-weed. 
Algens, tis, pt. cold, chill, severe. 
Algensis, e, aaj. of sea-weed. - 
Algeo, €rc, si, n. 2. to be cold, to 

shake, to catch cold, to starve- 
Algesco, ere, inc 3. to grow cold. 
Algidus, a, um, adj. cluTl, cold. 
Algiflcus, a, um, adj. causing 


Algfor, firis, m. 3- cold, chillness. 
AlgSsus, a, um, adj- full of sea- 

weed, &c very cold, chilly, 


Xlia, adv. somc other way. 
Xlias, adv. at another time, in 

another manner, after another 

XlibT, aav. elsewere, in another 

place, with another person, else. 
Xltbtiis, e, adj. nutritive. 
Xlica, ac, /. 1. wheat, flummery, 

hasty pudding, pottagc- 
Xncastrum, i, n. 2. a kind of bread- 

XUcfibi, adv» somewhera, any- 

where, in some-placc, in any 

Xhciila, x,f. 1. child's coat. 

Xlca, x. f 1. a die, dice, hazard, XKcunde, adv. from some place, 

chance, fortune, gaming 
XlSator, 5ris, m. 3, a dice-playcr, a 

AleatOrius, a, um, a$. of dice- 
Alec, $ec Ualec 
Xlembtcuui, i, n- 2. an alembic, 


ilendus, pt. to be nourished, or Pffn. 


Xleo» 6nis, m. 3. *ee Aleator. 
Alea, Uis, aaj. winged, swift, Ught 

from some body, or thing. 

XliSnandus, a, um, pt. to be alien- 
ated. i 

Xlienatio, dnis,/. 3. an alienation, 
a making over to anotuer, an 
aversion, a dislike. Mentis aUen- 
atio, the loss of one't sensea, 

Alienftturus, pt. about to alienate. 
Xli^natus, a, um, pt. alienated 9 





Jtcutc, adv. iiis, issimc, acutely, 
sharply, kecnly, wittily, ingvni- 

. /'/ambiilo, as, act. 1 to walk up t< 
/s/amo, as, ac/. 1 to Jovc much. 
to love 

Aciitulus, a, um, adj. dim. somc-./c/apcrio, Tre, rui, rtum, act. 4 to 

wiiatsharp, or kcen, subtle 
Acutus, a, um, adj ior, issfmus, 
sharp pointeri, ing-cnious, acute, 
kcen, g-laring, shrill, scorching 
Ad, prxp. is rcndered hy to, bc- 
fore, ati on, in comparison of, 
until, ncar to.towarda, in, ugainst, 

opcn, to uneovcr, to disclose 
\dapcrtili.s, c, adj. that may be 


Adapcrtus, a, uin, pt. laid opcn 
Ariaptalus, u, um, pt. fittecl to 
Aclaquo, (ad aqua) as a. 1 to 


aftcr, for, besidcs, by, accordinfr|*daquor, ari, pax*. to bc watcrcd 
to, with repirtL to, cven, until,JAdauctus, a, um, pt. incrcascd 
in order for, for the sake of,\vdauctus, us, m. 4 an increasc 
about, more or Icss. JAriaugvndus, a, nni,/j/. to increase 

Ad, in composition, commonlyLftAuigco, ure, xi, ctum, act. 2 to 

sitrnifics ncarucss ; as adeo, ad- 
jungo, &c. sometimes increaseth; 

incrcasc, to improvc, to ag"gra- 

as atlamo, adlribo. And in com-IAdaugcor, cri, p. to bc iucrcascd 
position <if/chan|rcs its </into thc.ftiaujrc.sco, crc, inccp. 3 to bc in- 
nrst lcttcr of thc simple, begin- 

ning with c, f, £, ], n, p, r, s, t, 
Xdactio, bnis,/. 3 force, constrainl 
Xdactus, a, um, pt. forccd, clriven, 

struck into, broucrht uncler 
Xdzquandus, a, um, pt. madc 

cvcn, levcl 
Adxquatio, onis,/ 3 a leveUing 1 
Adxquatus, a, um, pt. lcvciled 
A'dacque, adv. equatity [to levrl 
.ir/<cquo, as. act. to make cqual, 
Adcequor. ari, pass. to be cqualled 
adxstuo, as, nvut. 1 to overflow 

3 to 

.ft/hibo, erc, i, itum, act. 

drink, to suck in, to admit 
.ft/blandior, iri, dep. 4 to spcak 

fair, to flatter, to fuwn 
\dcredo, adcrcsco, tee Accrcdo, 

./?</riecet, impcn. it becometh 
Addendus, a, um, pt. to be addcd 
Adriens, tis, pt. adding, joining 
.fr/densco, erc, sui, act. 2 to closc 

togvthcr, to thickcn, to shorten 
.>fr/rienso, as, act. 1 to thicken 

c/Vaggero. as act. 1 to hcap, or Addlcens, tis, pt. approving" 

1 4. I 1 A .1 •> f l^ •■ * * * A 

lay up, to hcap, or lay togethcr.j 
Adagium, i, n. 2 a proverb < 


Adall i^iU us, a, um, pt. tled to 
.ft/alli^o, as. urt. 1 to tie closc to 
Adalh^or. ari, paiw. to l>e boundt* 
Adamaiita:us, a, um, adj. adainan- 

Xdamantinus, u, un\, adj. liaixl as 

adamant, of adainunt 
Adimas, antis, m t 3 a stone, a|. ?f/di.sco, cere, didici, act. 3 to 

.YridUumontum, i, 7/. 2an : 
Additio, ouis,/ 3 un addi 
Adriitivus, a, um, adj. ndc 
Aririiturus, u, 11111, pt. al 


Adriitus, a, um, pt. ariric ri 
AddivTnuns, ti*>, pi. jrucKsi 
./r/dlvmo, as, avt. 1 to cc.n 
./c/do, clere, clidi, ditum, < 

add, to £ive, to put, to 


Addor, i, paw. to be acldec 
. /r/domiisco, cre, mt/t. 3 1 
Aririuhitiitio, cinis,/. 3 dn\ 
Addubitatur, imprvs. it is« 
Addtihitatus, a, um, /'/. do 
. ?</diibito, as, act & nvitt 1 1 
\dducens, tis, pt. bring*in{ 
./c/duco, ccrc, uxi, uctum, 

to hring'.. to can'y, to im 

persuade, to tighten, t 

tract, to shortcn, to shm 
Addiicor, i, ctus /*«**. to t 
Adriucte, adv. closcly, nei 
Adductor, oris, »n. 3 li 

Adriucturus, a, um, pt. al 

Adductus, a, um, pt. brou 

riuced, prcvailcd on, a 

ac/edo, £re, vel esse, cdi, 

vel estum, act. 3 to eat 

Ademptio, bnis,/. a taking 

Wdlco, cerc, ixi, ictuin, act. 3 to 

doom, to condcmn, to sentence, a clisfranchisin^, banishm 
to dcvote, or givc up, to sell, to-Aclcmpturus, a, uni, ///. u 
sct to salc, to confirni take away 

Vlriiror, i,/»cw*. to bv deliveredto Adcmptu*, a, iim, pi. takc r 
Vddictio, onis,/3 a \aluing' I killcri, lost, put, t>ut % ric:u 

Aririictus a, um, pt. addictcri, jriv- Arieo, udv. so, to thut pu? 
cn up, dcvotecl, doomed, con- thcreforc, inuch more, 
dcmnrd, valued, much c>blig"ed 

Jidamutus, a, uni, pt, belovcd 

h-arn, to learn niorc, undc Ad- 
discor, p€H%. 

timc, aftcr ull, vcri iii« 
dcc'(l, insomuch thut ( 
adco) but what is uiore, 
non) so far frora. 





', Ivi» & u, ftuxn. n. 4. to 
ome to, to set out, to ad- 
> undcrgo, toapproach, 
l, to bc raised to, to un 
, to attack. 

, patt. to be jrone unto,8cc 
»8, d.g.3. iat. tallow. 
dnis, /. 3 agetting. 
is, a, iim, pf . about to get. 
a, \im t pt. having gotten. 
ns, tis, pt. riding up to. 
, as. act. 1. to ride up to, 

is, a, um, pi. uncertain. 
,7re, ncut. 4 to bc hungry 

This Terb froverns an accusativc. 
with a dativc casc, or an ad*crb 
of place, instead thereof ; also ii 
often has anotlicr accusativi 
with the preposition ad, or an 
ablative with the preposition in 

Adlrfbcor, eri, past. to be ap- 
plied, &c. (usc. 

AdhYbitflrus, a, um, pt. about to 

Ad1iibitus,a, um,p/. uscd, applied. 

arflunnio, Irc, Ivi, Ttiim, neut. 4 t( 
ncigh after, to cxult, or applaud. 

arfhorrcsco, ere, n. to be grcath 

Adhortans, tis, pt. cxhorting 
», um, pt. eatcn, consum-lAdhortatio, dnis,/ 3 an cxhor- 

»termined, spent, gone 
s, a, um, pt. to bc gone to 
;ndus,a,um, pt. desirablc 
adfectio, adfectus, adfc- 
:rao, adfriiiK^ adgcmo 
Un,aftoctio,aflcctus, aflc- 
mo, astrango, aggcmo. 
s, tis, pt. adhcring. 
eri, scsi, acsum, n. 2 to 
to stick, to kccp closc to. 
:o, erc, *ee Adhxrco. 

, us, rt. 4. a sticking to, 

s, act. 1 to breathc upon 

[ad, liamus,] as, tict. 1 

ius, a, um, pt. to be used. 
(ad, habeo] erc, bui, 
act. 2. to apply, to sct, 
o admit, to call, or send 
ittlie signification of this 
ten dcpcnds on thc fol- 
noun ; as, adhibere aux- 
» help; blanditias, to flat- 
im ct potum, to eat and 
consotationcm, to com- 

tation (^'r 

\dhortator, 6ris, m. 3 an cncour- 
Adhortatus, a, um, pt. haviiijr cx 

horted, exhorting. (to exnort. 
a f/hortor, ari, dep. 1 to encouragc 
\dhuc, adv. hitherto, as yct, be- 


Adjaccns, tis, pt. lying contiguous. 
^Jjaceo, ere, n. to lie near, to 

border upon, to adjoin, to abut. 
Adjectio, 5nis,/ 3 an addition. 
dnis, /. 3 adhcsion, aJAdjectivus, a, um, adj. adjcctive, 

added to, adjoined to. 
AdjectQrus, a, um,pt. about to add. 
Adjectus, a, \im t pt. addcd, joincd 
Adjectus, us, m. 4 an addition. 
with a hook, to obtain Adicns, cuntis,pr. going to. 

Adigcns, tis, pt. driving, forcing. 
Adlgo, [ad, ago] e>e, egi, actum 

aci. 3 to drive, to force, to bring 

to. (ven. 

Adf mcndus, a, um, pt. to be taken 

away, hindered »»• rescucd. 
Adimo, [ad, emo] mere, dcmi, 

dcmptum, act. 3 to take awa)*, 

to kccp from, to rcscue. 
Adfinor, i, pa**.\o be taken away, 
/Uinv^nio, tce Invcnio. [&c« 

Vdinventus, a, um, pt. curiously 


Adipatum, i, w. 2 fat mcat. 
Adipiscciidus, a,um,pt. to get- 
Adtpiscor, i, adeptus, com. 3 to 

get, to obtain, to arrivc at, to 


Adipiscor, i, patt. to be obtained. 
Adipalis, e, adj. fat, gross, sump- 

AdTtur, & adltura est, impert. they 

go, or went to. 
Aditfirus, a, um, pt. about to go, 

or undergo. 

\ditus, a, um, pt. gone to. 
Aditus, us, m. 4 a \ray, means, 

acccss, avcnue. 
Adjfidicatus, a, um, pt. adjudgtid 
.i^lildVco, as, act. to adjudge, to 


Adjudicor. ari, p. to be adjudged 
.idjugo, as, act. 1 to join together. 
Ad jQmcntum, i, ». 2 help, aid. 
Adjunctio, dnis, / 3 a conjunc- 

tion, or union, addition. 
Adjunctor, oris, m. 3 hc who joins. 
Adjunctum, i, n. an adjunct, a 

Adjunctus, a, um, pt. adjoined 

joincd, \ oked, anncxed, near. 

Adigor. i, actus, patt. to bc dri-.Adjun^cndus, a, um, pt. to be 

a.1* *■•*■!* ji 1 1 * J _ m 1 a 

Adjiciatis, c, adj. splcndid, grand. 
Adj¥cicndus,a, um 9 pt. to be addcd. 
AdjTcicns, tis, pt. adding- to. 
Adjicio, [ad, jacio] cere, jeci, 
Jectum, act. 3* to add, to cast to, 
or on, to apply, to dircct. 
udelitatem, to be cruel ; Adjlcior, i, patt. to be added, to 
osHiejDi to accusto». I hc can into, tobe tbrown. 
2 • 

joincd to. 

^r/jungo, g-erc, nxi, nctum, .tu- 
to join, to anncx, to a<\come. 
rrcase, to give upw. about to 
reconcilc, to \r a coming, an 
to fastcn, to vrival ; Advent. 

Adjungor, i, adv. advcrhiail^. 





jEsttmatGrus, a, um. pt. about tojvtthiops, opis. m. 3. a black. 

csteem, to estcom, or value. 
JEstimatus, a, um. pt. esteemed, 

valued, pri/.ed, ratcd, scttlcd. 
JEslTmo, as. act. 1. to csteem, to 

rcgard, to value, to settlc, to 

judge, to think. 
JKstiinor, ^.n.pastXo be estcemcd 
•^tiva, orum. pl. n. 2. summcr- 

quarters, a country-housc, a fold 
•sstivalis, c. atf. of summer. 
•Cstive, adv. as in summer 
•£»tIvo, as. neut. 1. to live, pass, 

or spcnd the summer. 
JEstivus, a, um. adj. pertaining to 

-ffvstuabundus, a, um. adj boiling. 
JEstuans, tis. pt. boiling, scorch- 

ing, sultry, raging, furious. 
JEstuarium, i. n 2 afrith, a marsli. 
JKstuo, as. n. 1. to boil, to boil 

ovcr, or out, to be vcry hot, to 

swcat, to foam, to rage, to fret. 
•AZstuds£, adv. hotly. 
•ASstuosus, a, um. adj. vcry hot, 

JEstus, us. m. 4.heat, a hot stream, 

raging sea, a tide, a storm, fury, 

love, great dcsire, fermentation, 

JRXsls, atis./ 3. age, an age, a hun 

dred years, a ycar, a day, lifc, a 

time, a season, a generation. 
«fittltem, adv. an age,a long while. 
•Ctatiila, x.f. l.youth,childhood. 
•dEternttas, &tis./ 3. eternity. 
•Cterno, as. act. 1. to cternize, to 


•4Sterno,.£tcrnum, adv. forevcr. 
•&'tcrnus, a, um. adj. eternal, con- 

tinual, pcrpetuul, lasting. 
•dSthcr, tfris. m. 3. car. pl. in ncc . 

zthcra & xtherem, tlie pure air, 

the sky, or firmamcnt, hcaven. 
JEthereus, a, um. adj. ethereal. 

/Kthra, xf l.thc clearskv,thcair. 
jEtiblogia, x. f. 1. a hgure in 

rbetoric, a shewing of a causc, 

or rcuson. 

Xctites, x. m. 1. the eaglestone. 
iEvitcmus, a, um. adj. etemal. 
/Evum, i. 7i. 2. age, old age, life, 

time, ctemity, a past action. 


AF, in composition, stands for ad, 
Afer, fra, fnim, adj. of Africa. 
Aff abilis,e.«^;". aftable, courtcous. 
Aff&bilitas, atis./ affabllity, easi 

AftabYLitcr, adv. courteously [ly. 
Afl'abre,a</t;. curiously,ingcnious- 
AJVabiilutio, onis./ 3. the moral. 
\fl'amen, inis. n. 3. an addrcss. 
.7/Taris, vel. affare, aff atus, affihi, 

from aflbr, inusit, to speak to, to 

address, to entreat, to thank. 
Aff atiin, adv. abundantly, cnough. 
Aff atus, a,um,/>f. speaking to, ad- 


Affatus, us. m. talk, discourse. 
Affectandus, a, um. pt. to be af- 

fected. [dyng. 

Affectans, tis. pt. affecting, stu- 
Affectate, adv. witli affectation. 
Affectatio, dnis. / 3. affectation, 


Affccturus, a, um. pt. abo 

Affectus, a, um. pt. affectcc 
posed, endued, advanced, i 

Affectus, us. m. 4. an affc 
a disposition, sickness, 
thought. [brc 

Affercndus, a, um. pt. X 

Affcrens, tis pt. bringing. 

•tf/TSro, affcrrc, attiili, all 
act. 3. to bring, to bring ' 
to alledgc, to reply, to plei 
contribute, to cause, to ofl 
lav. [brough 

Aff e"ror, erri, allatus, past. 

Affertur, imp. news coxm 
port is. 

Afficicndus, a, um. pt. to 1 
fectcd, or punished, to affi 

Afficio, [ad. facio,] cerc, 
fectum, act. 3. to affect, toi 
to influcncc. Whenjoine 
noun, it is rendcred by tlw 
of that noun; as, afncere < 
tatione, to deligbt. [ra 

Afficior, i, cctus. pass. 1 

Affictitius, a, um, adj. adjd 

Afnctus, a, um, prfeigned, foi 

^f/Tigo, e're, ixi, ixum, act.3\ 
ten, to fix, to imprint, to co 

Aft^tgor, i, ixus, pa*s. to bc i 

Aflingens, tis, pt. forming. 

.yfingo, firc, nxi, ictum. aei 

Aflectator, 5ris. m. 3. an aimer at, form, or fashion, to feign, 
an aspirer to, an affectedpcrson. vcnt, to countcrfcit to rese 
Affcctatus, a, um. pt. affected, AfRngor, i, pas*. to be forme 

conceited, desircd, aimed at. 
Affectio, dnis./ 3. affection, lovc, 

u natural disposition, a statc. 
Aflccto, as. act. 1. to aftect, to dc- 

sire, to aiin at-, to attempt, to as- 

pirc, to purpose. 
Aflcctor, ari. pa»9. to be affccted. 

Affims, e. adj. adjaccnt, 
rclated by marriagc, parta 
nccessary, g'»lty, privy. 

Affinis, is. c. g. 2. a cous 
relation. [li 

Afflnitas, ntis. /. S affiiut; 

Affinnantcr, udv. in aflirm 

xena/, cdestin], hoa rcnJy, di vinc . I atc . 

Vflectudsus, a, um. adj. aficction- Aftirmatc, adv. solemnly 






Oydnii^/*. San affirmation. 

a, a, uin, /rf. affirnicd. 

as. a. 1. to affinn, to 

4/Tbdio, derc, 5di, ossum, 'act. 3JXger, gri, m. 2 a ficld, land, 

t,um. />/. fixcd, fastcned 
ced, imprintcd, sticking 

tia. w.breathing, ©r blow- 
% iavouring, betHchding. 

a, um. pt. blown upon, 
blasted, inspircd. 

Ǥ. m. 4. a blast, a gale, 
T, a steam, inspiration. 

re, cvi, etum. n. 2 to grate. 

to dig up, or away, to dig unto. 

Aff br, see Aflaris. 

Jffbrc, to be prcscnt, to comc. 

.:(/"formIdo,as, neut. 1 to bo afraid. 
ylrango, erc, Ogi, actum, a. to 
break. [roar. 

.fl/rremo, ere, n. 3 to murmur, to 
J/frico, as, ui, acf. 1 to rub 
against. [against. 

Afiricor, ari, />. to be mbbcd 

Aflrictus, fis, m. 4 a rubbing upon. 

^y/frio, as, oc/. 1 to crumble, to 

ground, a manor, a county, 

Agcsis»';J^B>. go to, come on. 
.f^gemdJRre, n. 3 to groan, to 

sigh at.. 

igger, cris, m. 3 a leap, a pile, 

a mound, a bank, a dam, a shel£ 

a mud-wall, a rampart, a cause* 


Agge*r£tio, dnis,/. 3aheapingup. 
Aggeratus, a, um, pt. heaped up. 
Aggercndus, a, um, pt. to be 

banked up. 

o, bius.f. 3. a throwing 
liBiction, sorrow, pain. 
, dnis./. 3. afHiction, dis- 

as. act. 1. to afflict, vex, 
, ari. pcut. to be dashed. 
, dris. m. 3. a tormentor, 
rber, a troubler. 

.4/fulgeo, ere, Isi, lsum, n. 2 to Aggero, as, act. 1 to heap. to lay 
shinc, to smilc upon, to favor. on hcaps, to aggravatc, to in- 

J/Tundo, ere, iidi, usum, act. 3 crcase. 
topourupon. ^gcro, erc, essi, estum, act. 3 

Affundor, i. fiisus, pa-ts. to be to Jay on a hcap, to bring, t» 

pourcd upon, or into. 
Atfusus, vel. Adfusus, a, um, pt 
poured upon. 

, a, um. pt. afflictcd, dis-J comc, or be prcsent. 

Afdris, adi\ rrom without. 

lo emit, to blast, to favor, 
ire, to infcct. 
ri. pass. to be inspired. 
i» tLs. pt. flowing, abound 
*h, plentiful, rcsorting. 
ia, x.f 1. abundancc. 
ius, adv. comp. more abun 

uere, uzi, uxum, nevt. 3. 
upon, er in, tu Hock to- 
, tr in, to abound, to steal taking, living. 



carry, to add. 
Aggeror, ,i pass. to be heaped up. 
\ggcstim, adv in heaps. 

Affuturus, a, um, pt. about to Aggestio, onis,/ 3 ahcapingup. 

Aggcstus, a, um, pt. heaped up. 
Aggcstus, us, m. 4 a hcap, a 
Africani», atlj. brought out ofj mount, a pile of earth, an en- 

Vfncus, i, m. 2 tlie snuth-wcst .^egUtaiSro. as, act. 1 to wind up, 

, thrown down, dashed, 
tte, abandoned. 
i. us. m. 4. trouble. 
ire, ixi, ictum. act. 3. to 
to gricvc, to dash down, 
iw down, to destroy, to 
to weaken, to humblc. 
i i, ictus. past. to be af-| 

Ag, in composition, stands for ad. 
.act.l. toblow, orbrcathc]Agaso, dnis, m. 3 a groom, a 



Afi'icus, a, um, adj. AfrJcan. 

Xge 9 pt. agite, imper. comc on, go 
to, supposc, be it so, wcll. weli. 
XgSdum, adv. come on, well. 
Xgcllus, i, m. 2 a little fie-d. 

AgSma, atis, n. 3 a battalion, a worse or more troublcsome. 

.vgendua, a, um, pt. to bc donc, 

or drivcn, that must bc done. 
Agcna, tis, pt. doing, diiving, 

to gatlicr into a body, to crowd. 
^rgfutinandus, a, um, pt. to be 

associated, sr joined. 
-fraiutino, as, act. 1 to gluc, to 

soldcr, to associate. 
Agglutinor, ari,/>. to bc joined. 
Ag^ravans, tis, pt. aggravating, 

heightcning, making heavy, or 


Aggravatus, a, um, pt. aggravated 
Aggravcsccns, tis. pt. growing 

(^gravesco, erc, inc. 3 to grow 

-te"gT* vo » as > oct. 1 to aggravate, 
to incrcase, to bear hard upon. 
Aggravor, ari, pas*. to be nresae4« 
#gons, us, wi. 5 an agent, a doer. 4 or UQu\A^V^\*t\saA&^iWfc. 





Aggrediendus, /u.iobc attcmptcd. 
Aggredicns, tis, pt. going to, 
accosting, attacking , ^ f allina 
upon. ^K 

Aggredior, [*d* gradiofl^li, es- 
sus, flrp. 3 to go unto, to accost, 
to attempt, to attack, to fali 

AggrSgo [ad, grcx,] as, act. 1 to 
ossemblc, to get, or gather to- 
gethcr, to join, to unite. 

Aggrfcgor, ari, pait. to bc gather- 

Aggrcssio, Onis,/ 3 an attack. 

Aggressor, Sris, m. 3 an aggressor. 

Aggrcssurus, a um, />f. about to 
attack, or uudcrtakc. 

Aggrcssus, a, um, pt. attacking, 

Xgilis, c, adj. activc, brisk, swifl. 

Xgilitas, atis, / 3 agility, swift- 

Xgihter, adv. nimbly, quickly. 

Agitiibilis, c, adj. moveable. 

Xgitandus, a, um, pt. to be agita 
ted, to bc movcd, to bc tossed. 

Agitans, tis, pt. moving, revolving. 

Agitatio, onis, / 3 motiou, cxer 

Xgitator, 6ris, m. 3 a drivcr. 

Agitaturus»a,uni,/!tf . about to chase. 

Agitatus, us. m. 4. a motion, a 

Xgitatus, a, um, pt. agitatcd, 
tossed, shaken, driven, moved, 
disturbcd, harrasscd, cmploycd, 
debated, churned,activc, spright- 
ly, quick. 

Xgttc, mcc Age. 

Xgito, as, act. 1 to agitatc, to 
debate, to rcvolvc, to consider, 
to toss, to shake, to drive, to 
pursuc, to chusc, to cxercise, 
to disquict, to maiiagc, to spcjid, 
to livc, to cclcbratc. 

XgitQrj iiri,/>a*a. to bc tossccj. 

Agnie», inis. n. 3. an ariny, 


troop, a compuny, a crowd, a 
hcrd, a flock, a swann, a pack, 
a coursc, a winding, a working, 
uii attack. 

Agna, x.f 1 aewe-lamb. 

•ijfiiascor, i, natus. dep. 3. to grow 
upon, pr to bc born aftcr a fa 
thcr*s will is made, to be related 
by the father's side. 

Agnatio, onis. / 3. kindredbythe 
father^s side, a growing to 

Agnati, orum. pl. m. 2. relations. 
by the father^s sidc. 

Agnatus, a, um. pt. growing up 
on, or to, grown up, or abovc. 

Agncllus, i, m. 2. dim. a lambkin. 

Agnlnus, a, um. adj. of a lamb. 

Agmtio, dnis. an acknowledge 

Agnitus, a, um.jM.acknowledged 

Agndmcn, mis. n. a sumainc, a 

Agn5mcntum, i. n. 2 a nickname. 

.%-ndimno, as. act 1 to nickname. 

Agnosccndus, a, um. pt. to be 

Agnosccns, acknowledging. 

.^nosco, cere, ovi, nitum, act. 3 
to own, to acknowlcdgc, to allow, 
co know, to iind out, to discover. 

Agnoscor, i, pass. to bc acknow- 

Agnus, i, m. 2 a lamb. [ledgcd. 

Xgo, gc re, egi, actum, act. 3 to 
act, to do, to perform, to trans- 
act, to managc, to take care of, 
to mind, to deal, to contract 
for, to rcquirc, to talk of, to 
drive, to shakc, to disturb, to 
aim at, to behave, to excrcisc, 
to apply, to givc, to indite, to 
plcad, to rcckon, to spcnd, to 
livc. Aod it is often Englished 
by thc vcrb of thc following 
noun : at 9 agcrc cursum, to run. 
Fliii. vitam, to Iive, Cic. 

Agon, onis. m. 3 a contest 
prue, a match, a place fm 
tcst, a prizc, a sacrincing p 
AgSnista x. w. a wrtstl 

Agor, geris, agi, artus. /mw. 
driven, done, handled, drl 
conccrned, itc. Libcrtas u 
libcrtv lics at stakc, Cic. 
AgorSnomus, /. m. 2. a ch 
tlic markct. 

Agrariiis, a, um. adj. agi 

pcrtaining to fields, or lam 

xVgre, cs./ 3 a dog, Catclu 

Agrestis, e. adj. bclongij 

fields, or the country, bi 

the country, clnwnish, i 

unmannerly, slovenlv, 

harsh, coarse. [tr 

Agrcstcs, pl. m. 3 rusticks, 

\gria, x. f. 1. a scab, an ulc 

Agricola, x. c g. a husbamt 

Agricblaris, c. adj. of husbaj 

Agricultor, oris. m. 3. a hut 

man. [ti 

Xgricultura, sc. /. 1 husbi 

Agribdos, dntis. m. 3 Whittf 

Agripet:i, x. m. 1 claimcr i 

(livision of fields, *r lands. 

Agrium, i. n. 2 a nitrc, a nai 


A H. abbr. for alii homincs, 
Ah ! interj. ah ! oh ! alas ! * 

mc ! fie ! no, ftway, ho ! 


Alia, interf. away, fie ! ho, hi 
Ah, ah, interj. oh, in sighin^ 
Aheneus, a, um. adj. brazen 
Ahcnipes,edis. adj. brazcn-fi 
Ahcnum, i. n. 2 a brass ] 

caldron, a kettle, a vat. 
Ah^nus, a, um. a<$. brazen, 
"of copper. 






. ab. aio, say thou. 

r aisne ? say you so ! 

% ait, aiunt verb. defecU in 

Albatus, a, um, pt. made whitejxles, Vtis, c- g- 3« a fowl, or bird. 

dressed, or clothed in white. 
Albedo, Tnis./ 3. whiteness. 
Albens, tis, pt. whitencss, whitish, 
hoary. [grow white. 

C aiebam, as, at, amus, Albco, es, ui, n. 2. to be, or to 
ot. in pcrfecto, onty, aisti, Albescens, tis, growing white 
: in imberat. mooa\ ai : in Albesco, ere, incep. 3, to grow 
aias, aiat, aiamus, ajant white, or bright 

Albfco, as, neut. 1. id. 

siens. To say, to affirm, 



unnposition, stands for ad. 
/! 1- a wing, a feather, a 
of an army, an arm, an 
it, a turret, a hollow. Alx 
im, sails, Virg. 
iictis, a, um, atf. Alaban- 
Dsa, a damask rose 
f t i, m. 2. alabaster, an 
rum, i, n. 2. idem- 

AlbTdus, a, um, adg. whitish. 
Albor, dris, m. 3- whiteness, fair- 


Albucum, i, n- 2. a white daffodil 
Albflgo, Ynis,/ 3, a white spot in 

the eye, the white of an egg 
Albulus, a, um, atfj. somewhat 

Album, i, n- 2. a white tablc, a 

muster-roll, a list of names, a 

register, white, whiteness. 
Albumen, inis, n. 3, the white of 

Alburnum, i, n. 2. a sap of trees 

m. cris, / cre, n- and Alburnus, i,m-2, a small white fish. 

i, e, adj. merry, cheerful, 
td, courageous, fierce, rea 

adv. readily, chcerfully. 
r, us, adj. comp. more 


as, atis, /. 3. alacrity, ea< 

*s, readincss, checrful- 


er, adv, readily, cheer- 

x,f. 1. a slap on the face, 

, «r boz, freedom. 

e, adj. bclonging to a wing, 


, a uro, adj. idem. 
a, um, adj. winged, swift 
, m,f. 1. a lark. 
im, i a n* % a whitewaahing 
li, a, um, adj. of white 


Albus, a, um, aqy. white, hoary, 

pale, wan, fortunatc, happy 

AlcaYcus, a, um, adj. alcaic 

Alcc, es, / 3« a dog, strong. 

AlcSdo, mis./ 3. a king^s fisher 

AleSdOnia. Orum,^ n. 2. happy, 

or peaceable times, a calm sca- 


Alchymista, ae, m. 1. analchymist. 

chance, fortune, gaming. 

Xlesco, ere, inccp. 3. to grow- 
Xlex, ecis, / 3. a pickle made of 

XlexTpharmacon, i, n* 2. an anti- 


Alga, s, / 1. sea-weed. 
Algens, tis, pt. cold, chill, severe. 
Algensis, e, adj. of sea-weed. 
Algeo, €re, si, n. 2. to be cold, to 

shake, to catch cold, to starve. 
Algesco, Src, inc 3. to ctow cold. 
Algidus, a, um, adj. chill, cold. 
AlgTfTcus, a, um, atf. causing 


Algor, oris, m. 3. cold, chillness. 
AlgGsus, a, um, adj. full of sea- 

weed, &c vcry cold, chilly, 


Xlia, adv. somc other way. 
Alias, adv. at another time, in 

another manner, after another 

XhbT, adv. elsewcre, in «mother 

place, with another person, else. 
XlTbflis, e, aqy. nutritive. 
Xlica, ae,/. 1. wheat, flummery, 

hasty pudding, pottagc- 
Xhcastrum, i, n. 2. a kind of bread- 

XUcubl, adx» somewhert, any- 

where, in some-placc, in any 

Xnciila, x,/. 1. child's ccat. 

Xlca, 3c. / 1. a die, dice, hazard, XlTcunde, adv. from some place, 

from some body, or thing. 

Xleator, 6ris, m. 3, a dice-playcr, a XliSnandus, a, um, pt. to be alien- 

Aleatdrius, a, um, aqy. of dice- 
Xlec, *ee Halec 
XlembTcum, i, n- 2. an alembic, a 

Xlendufl, pt. to be nourished, or 


Xleo, 6nis, m, 3. $ee Aleator. 
Xles, itis, aaj. winjred, swift, Ujht 


Xlienatio, 6nis,/ 3. an alienation, 
a making over to anotUer, an 
aversion, a dislike. Mentis alien- 
atio, the loss of one't senses, 

Xlienftturus, pi. about to alienate. 

Xlilnatus, a, um, pt. alienated 9 
parted, btrcvi «i ^l> w^^J^^. 





XTiEnYgSna, it t c.g. 1> aforeigncr,! what, a gTcat niattcr, of some ^/laudo, as, act. 1. to commend 

a stranger 
Xlignigenu», a, uxn, adj. forcign 
Xheno, as, act. 1. to afienatc, to 

sell, to part with, to estrange, to 

discard, to withdraw, to revolt. 
Xlienor, ari- paa». to be aiienated. 
Xlienus, a, um, <u#. another man's» 

of auothcr country, foreign, con 

trary. different, ahsurd, impro- 

pei't.'.irtiul, averse, offensive. 
aIiV'.:;, «.ra, erum, aoj. winged. 
Air:e.\ cra, crum, adj, winged. 
AiiMitntirius, a, um, aaj. nutri 

Xhmentum, i, n. 2. nourishment, 

Xlimonia, se, / alimoiiy, mainte 

Xhmdnium, i, n- 2. nourishment, 

XVid, adv. to another place, or 

Xlioqui, Xlioquin, conj- otherwisc 
Xliorsum* adv- clsewherc, to an- 

other purpdse, olherwise than. 
Afrpes, gdis, adj. swift of foot, 

Xliptes, x, m. 1. an anointer. 

note. I highly. 

Xliquis, aiTqua, aliquod vcl alf- AUectitio, dnis/ 3. an enticing- 

quid, pron. some, somebody 

somc certain person, sometliingi 

of some note. 
Ahquispiam, aJTcjuapiam, alTquod 

piam, vcl aliquidpjam, et 
Aiiquisquam, allquaqu&m, alt- 

quidquam, pro. any, somebody 
Xlfqud, adv. somewhither, to 

some place, any whither- 
Xlfquot, pl indecl aaj. some, a 


Xllqu&ties, adv. sometimes, divers 
times, several times, often* 

Xliquoversum, adv. one way, or AUegatus, us, m- 4. id. 

Xhqua, attv. by somc place, or Aliusniddi, adv. of another kind- 

Xlfquandiu, adv. a good while 

some time, a little wuile. 
Xllqu&ndo, adv. sometimes, at 

length.once, formerly, hereafter- 
Xliquantillum, adv. a very little 
XUquantisper, adv. a little while 
Xhquanto, adv. somewhat, a little- 
Xliquantulum, adj. some part; 

(adv.) ever so little. 
Xliquantura, adv. a little, in tome 

Xliquantus, a, um, adj. & little, 

Xllquatfnus, adv. somewhat 
Xhquid, tub$t. n. somethins;, lome 

Allecto, [ad, lacto,] as, act. 1 tc 

allure, to entice, to decoy . 
Allector, ari, p, to be enticfd* 
Allector, dris, m. 3- a wheedler. 
Allecturus, a, um, jW. about ts 

choose. (sen. 

Allectus, a um, pu allured, cho* 
Allegandus, a, um, pt. to be al< 


Allcgans, tls, pt. alieging» 
Allegatio, 5nis,/ 3. an allegation, 

a plea, an excuse, an embassy, 

an order. 

Aliter, adv. otherwise, after one 

manner, after another manner, 


Ahtura, <c,f 1. food, a nounshing- 
Alitus, a, \im,pt- nourished, kept 
vliubi, adv. in other places. 
Aliunde, adv. from another placc, 

of, or from some other pcrson. 
Aiius, ia, ud, gen. alius. dat. aii 

adj. another, other, different, 

contrary, changed, personated 

Allabens, tis, pt. sliding, slipping 
/l/labor, eris, absus» dep. 3 to 

slide, or sail by, to reach, to fuU AUevatio, bnis,/ 3. an easing" 


J/labdro, as, a. 1. to labour hard, 

to add. (in 

Allapsus, a um, pt. sliding, fal 
Allapsus, us, m. 4. a siiding a fall- 

ing upon. 

Allatrans, tis,/rf. barkingat 
V/latro, as, act. 1. to bark at, to 

AUaturui» a, 


Allatus, a, um, pt. brought, told, 
reported, ailedged, pleaded. | 

Allegatus, a, um, pt. sent. 
i4/l£go, as, act. 1. to alleg-e, to 

plead, to depute, to send» to 


Allagor, ari, p. to be allcsred. 
/4/lego, Sre, egi, cctum, abt. 3 to 

choose, to take, to admit 
AUegor, i, pav*. to be choscn. 
AUcgbria* se,/ 1. an allegory. 
AUcgbrlcus, a, um, aqj. alfepori- 

cal. (lief 

AUevamentum, i, n- 2. easc, re< 
Allevandus, a, \\m,pt. to be eascd 
AUSvans, tis, pt- raising up, ea» 


Allevatus, a, um, pt. raised, oi 
lifted up, eased, comfortcd, lcs- 

AlXtxOy as, act. 1. to lift, or raisc 
up, to ease, to mitigate, to light 
en, to lessen, to reheve, to grow 

AUevor, ari,/KW*. to be eased. 

roar. to rail at, to slander, to con- Alliatus, a, um, pt. tasting of gar 


um, pt. that will Allicefactus, a, um, />f, wheedled, 

Allfciendus, a, um, pt. to be aUur- 





[ad, Ucio,] £re, lexi and banter, to scoff, or smile upon, to 
ectum, act. 3. to allure, to favor, to fawn, or imile upon, to 
, to provoke, to draw on. resemble one. 

■, i, (Hui. to be alhtred 
[ad, Irdo] fcre, Tsi, isum, 
to dash against. 
, i, Isus, ^o» . to be dashed, 

AUuens, tis, pt. washing. 

Al\uo t fcre, ui, acf . 3. to waste, to 

Alluor, Sris, patt. to be washed. 
lurt, bruised, ©r worsted. AllfUio, ftnis, / 3- an alhision. 
o, Cnis, / 3. allipation, a Alluviea, ei,/ 5 a dirty, or muddy 
r, a binding, or tying. stream, a land-flood. 

>r, oris, m 3. a tier. LAlluvio, dnis,/ 3. an inundation. w o , .. _ c 

Ira, jc, / 1. a bandage, ajAlmus, a, um, ad)\ kind, cherish- coming and going. 

ing, nourishing, holy, pure, fair Alternatus, a, um, pt. ahernate, 
is, a, um, pt. bound, tied.j clear. 
as, act. 1. to bind, to bindjAlneus, a, um, adj. made of alder. 

tie, to fasten, to confine, 
tpgie, to stop, to engage, 

, ari. pa*i. to be tied. 
ere, ini, Ivi and €vi, Ytum, 
to anoint, to rub, to taint. 
, i. pa*t. to be rubbed 

a, um. pu dashed against, 

i. n. 2. gariic. 
io, dnia. f. 3. a speaking, 
address, a harangue. 
ftrus, a, ura. pt. about to 

Alnus, i, / 2. an alder trec, 

Xlo, Sre, lui, altum, and alitum, 
act. 3. to feed, to nourish, to 
bring up, to maintain, to sup- 
port, to cherish, to increase, to 

Xlor, i, p09*. to be nourished. 

aIoc*, es, / 3. aloes, a bitter drug. 

Alpha, the first letter of the 


sns, tis, pt. speaking to. 
um, i, n. 2. discourse, 
l, talk, addrcss, comfort. 
>r, i, cfttus, sum, d. 3 to 
to, to address, to salute, to 

co, [ad, lubet,] cere, bui, 
, act.Vy. to pleasc. 
i, fcre, uxi, a- 2. to shine 

*, tia, pt. alluding, sport- 

€re, ftai, usum, n. 3. to al- 

Ahcrcatio, onis, / 3. contention, 


Altercator, oris, m. 3. a wrangier. 
Alterco, as, n. 1. to contend, to 

debate. )scold. 

Altercor, Iri, dep. 1. to debate, to 
Alternandua, a, um, pt. to be al- 

tered, or changed by turns, to 

Alternans, tis, pt. doing by turna, 

changing, varving, wavering 

changed. (turns. 

Alterne, Alternatim, <uh. by 
Alternis, subaud. vicibus, by 

Alterno, as, act. 1. to do by tums, 

or course, to alter, to change, to 

vary, to waver, to come and go. s 
Alternus, a, um, adj, alternate,' 

by turns, in course, one afler 

another, every oue, every se- 

cond mutual. 
AltSriiter, tra, trum, adj. one of 

Greek alphabet, the first, orj the two, the one or the other. 
chief of any thing. Hence Al- Alteruterque, traque, trumque, 
phabJtarius, i, m. 2. one who adj. one or the other, either, on 

learns letters ; and Alphab^tum, 
i, n. 2 the alphabet. 

each side. 
Alterutrinque, adv. on both sides. 

sndus, a, um. pt. to be ad-Alpinus, a, um, adj. of fhe Alps. Althaca, ae,/ 1. marshmallows. 

Alsior, us, adj. comp. colder. JAItilis, e, adj. fed, fatted, cram- 

Alsidsus, a, um, adj. cold by na- med. 

turc, subject to cold, chiU. |Altis5nus, a, um, adj. sounding 

Altanus, i, m. 2. an eartern, on from above, loud, heroic, SU- 

high wind. blime. 

Altare, is, n 3. an altar. Altissime, adv. tuperl. vcry high, 

Alte, adv. on high, aloft, deeply, or deep. 

far, far ofF. |Alit6nans, tis, pt. thunderin?. 

Alter, era, erum, gtn. alterius, Altitudo, Tnis, / 3. height, deptb, 

dat. alteri, adj. another, anyj loftiness, stateliness, lfeight of 

other, the other, other, thc one, spirit. 

or fbrmer, the other, or latter. lAltfvblaas, tis, pt. flying high, 
Alterum tantum, as much more. I 9oaring. 
Attero tanto, twice as big. ;At\vb\ua, x, \\xi\» odj. S&sm. 

Ui play with, o#- upon, toAJtcrcafl*, tit, pt. contending. A\Viuj% adv. com{».V\\^iM»^«^« 





Altiutculus, adj. somewhat high- 

Altroversum, adv. in another man 

Ahum, i, iu 2. the main sea, thc 

deep, heaven. 
Altus, us, m- 4. a nourishing 
Altus, a, um, pt. & aaj- fed, 

Alvus, i, / sometimes m. 2. the 

belly, the paunch, the womb, 
thc stomach, the bowels, excre 
ments, a beehive. 

er. (feeder- 

Altor, 5ris, m. 2. a noorisher, a 
Altrinsccus, adv. on either sidc 
Altrix, Icis, /. 3. a fcmale nou- 

risher, or maintainer, a fostcr- AM. 

mother. ((jetative f % 

Altrix, Icis, atfr. nourishmg, ve- Am, or amb [from *^P'] in com- 

maintained, nursed, cherished Xmabd, interj. I prithee ! 

br^ught up, bred, high, lofty, 

branching, exaltcd, nobte, brave, 

deep, deeply rooted, anxious 
Alvear, Alveare, aris, n. 3 and 
Alvcarium, i, n- 2. abeehive, 

place where beehives stand. 
Alveatus, a, um, adj slated, chan- 

nclled, hollowed- 
Alveolatus, a, um, adj, idem. 

scoop, a tray, a bathing-tub, a 


Alvcum, i, n. and Alveus, i, m. 2. 
a channel, a pipc, a hollow large 
vessel, a belly, the hold of 
ship, a beehive, bces, a chess- 

Xlum, i, n- 2. comfrey 

Xlumen, Tnis, n. 3. alum. 

XlftmTnatus, a, um, 

nated with alum- 
XluminSsus, a, um, 


full of 

position, stands for circum. 
Xniabilis, e, adl ior, comp. issimiis, 

tuperl amiable, lovely 
XmabTlTtas, atis,/. 3. amiableness, 

XmabTlTt£r, adv. amiably, lovingly 

Xmandatio, Snis, / 3- a removal. 
Xmandatus, a, um, pt sent away 
Xmando, as, act. 1. to send away, 

or far off, to remove, to with- 


Xmandus, a, um, pt. to be lovcd. 
Xmans, tis, pt. & adj. ior, comp 

isstmus, ruperl loving, fond af- 

fcctionatc, studious, dcsirous. 

XmarHics, ei, / 5. a bittern* 

Xmaritudo, Tnis, / 3. bittcrnc 

sharpness, tartness. 
Xmaror, 5ris, m. 3- bitterness- 
Xmartilentus, a, um, adj. vcrj' 1 

tcr, spiteful, malicious, prov< 

Xmarus, a, um, adj. lor, ct 

issimus, auperl. bitter, salti 

spiteful, malicious, severe, tan 

ing, testy, froward, grieva 

Xinasio, 5nls, m. 3. 9ee Amasiui- 
Xmasio, i, m 2. a courter of * 

men, a sweatheart, a lover, 

suitor. (shi 

Xmatio.Snis,/ 3. dalliance, cou 
Xmator, dris, m. 3- a lover, ag 

Xmatorciilus, i,m- 2. a pitiful ton 
Xmat5ri£, aav. amorously, fou 

ly, lovingly, likc a lovcr- 
Xmat5rium, i, n. 2. a love potion 

Alveoius/ i, m. % dim a wooden Xmans, tis, c g. 3. a lover, a swcet- Xmatdrius, a, um, aaj. amom 

heart, a mistress. 

pigeon-hole, a, socket, a chess- Xmant&r, ath. tius, comp. tissTme, 

wperl lovin^ly, friendly. 
Xmknuensis, is, m- 3- a secreta-IXmatus, a, um, pt. loved 

n r , a clerk, a transcriber, a noH 

Xmacracinum, i, n. 2- an oint 

ment, or perfume of sweet mar 

Xmacracinum, a, um, adj. of, or 

afy impreg- belonging to swect marjorum. 

Xmaracum, i, n- 

2 sweet marjo- 

Xlumna, x, / 1. a nursechild, a-Xmaranthus, i, m. eve.rlasting 

Xmar^, adv. hitterly, spitefully. 

Xlumnua^ i, m. 2. a foster-child, 

a foster-father, a pupil, a scholar, 

a nourishcr, a maiiitainer. 
XlQta, x, /*. 1. tanned leather, a 

leather snoe, a pursc 
Atirtarius, i,m. 2. * tanneT. 

Xmorcsco, ^re, inc- 3. to grow bit- 

Xmarior, ius, adj. comp. morc bit- 

ter, or sour; issimus, tupei-i 

most bitter- 

{>rocuring love, lovely, abo 
Xmatrix, icis,/ 3 ashc lover. 

Ambigc, / abl. aing. arobigi 
pl and ambagibus, and in i 
othcr cascs ; a turning, or wifl 
ing, a shift, a prevarication 
words, a tedious story, a d* 
mystcrious sa>ing, a cliarro, 

Amhagi5sus, a, um, adj. intrical 

. i mhedo, ere, a 3. to eat, or gna 
about, to eat up, to consume, 

Ambcsus, a, um, pt- eaten aboUl 

Ambieus, tis, pt- courting. soln 
ting, going about, or round. 

Ambigens, tis, pt- doubting, e 
compasaing, going about. 

Anibl^itur, imper». lt is doubted 




rircum, a/v/JAmbrosia, ae, / 1 thcfood of Uic 
praeterpcr, gods- 

o doubt, to 
to encom- 

e doubtcd. 
^tedly, ob- 

■ ambigiutv, 

taintv, ob- 


•ubt, uncer-lAmbtilans, tis, pt- walking*, going 
r//. ambigii- Ambulfttio, onis,/ o- a walking. 
eri several Ambiilatiuncula, ae, / a place to 
trhangcablc, walk in- 

strin^, or thong, to flin£, tp 

.\nicntum, i, n. 2. a thong 1 , a itrap 

to hold a sling, spear, or javelin. 
Xmcs, Ytis, m. 3- a stakc, a stajr 

for ncts, a crutch. 
Xmethystmfitus, a, um, ac{p. clad 

in purple. 
Xmethystinus, a, um y adj. of amo- 

thyst, of a purple color, purple. 
Ambulandu9,a um,jw. to be walkcdjXmethystus, i, m. 2. an ainethyst, a 

Ambrosiacus, a, um, «<#. dcli- 

Ambrosius, a um, adj. ambrosian, 

divino, dclicate 
Ambiibaix, firum, pl f. 1 . com- 

mon whorcs, Syriau minstrels. 
Ainbfiiacrum, i, ?i. 2. a walk, 


prccious stone, a grape. 
Xmica, sc, /. 1- asweetheart, a 

lover, a concubine. 
AmTcabtlis, e, adj. amicable. 
Ambulator, oris, wi. 3. a walkerlXmicc, adv. in tuperl. ciss¥me> 

im, and co,]j abroad, a vagabond, a pediar. 
, act. 4. toAmbnJatdrius, a, um, udj. mov- 

fbr, to go 

*■ to be cn 
>ught after, 

bition, a de- 
ntation, af- 

omp. issime, 
nrately, af 
lestly, sub- 

idj. ambiti- 
id, earnest, 
■ge, favora- 
ncd, admi- 

ourted, en 
aincd, pro- 

compass, a 

ing up and doWn, going' on 

Ambnlatrix, lcis, / a gossip, a 

Ambiilo, as, act. 1. to walk, to 

amble, to pass along, to con- 

Ambiilor, ari, pass to be walkcd- 
Amourbium, i, n- 2. a solemn pro 

cession round tbe city. 
^mburo, rere, ussi, ustum, act. 

3- to burn all about, to scorch, to 

parch, to scald, to blast. 
Ambnror, i, pass. to bc burnt 
Ambustio, onis, / 3 a burning", or 

scalding», a bum, or scald. 
Ambustus, a, um, pt. burnt, blast 


Xmellus, i, m. 2 an hcrb, starwort. 
Amens, tis, adj. tlpr, comp. tissi- 

mus. superl. foolish, simplc, ri- 

diculous, distracted, mad. 

Ainicio [am for circum, and jacio,] 

clre, cui, civi, and ixi, ictuittj 

act. 4. to clothe, dress, cover, 

wrap up- 
Xmtcior, Tri, ictus, patt. to be 

clothcd, or clad, to bc covered, 

or hung- with, to be wrapped, or 

folded up- 
Amlcltb, x, / 1- friendship, alli- 

ancc, aympathy, fuvor, esteem, 

XmTco, as, aci. 1 to make propi- 

tious. kind, benevolent. 
Xniictftrium, i, n. 2. a linen veil, a 

Xmictus, a, um, pt. clothed, co- 

Amictus, fis m. 4. a garment, 

clothing, drcss. 
Xmicula, «,/. 1. dim. acourtctaji, 

a mistress, a little miss. 
XmTcuJum, i, n. 2 a short cloak, a 

coat, a mantle, a robe of state. 

Xmcntans, tis, jM.liurling-, driving-. Amiculum lintcum, a surplice, 
Xmentatus, a um, pu fkstencd, or rochct, Jptd. 

ncstncsa, a with straps, looped- XmTculus, i, m. a dear fricnd, a 

Amenter, adv. madly. crony. 

)th. Amentia, ac,/. l.madness, folly. Xmlcus, a, \\m, adj. tVst % cnrn^. 

Ipit, a cup XjBcnto, u, act. h totiewlih % ci«%lnvus» «u^eH. trvwv^w»^^ 






Xnrttomc, es, /. 3. and Xnatbmia, 'Andron, bnis, m. 3. a room for men 
■x,/ 1- anatomy, disscction. only, a gutter. 

Xn.-tomlce, es, / tlie art of ana- inncllus, i, m. 2. a little ring. 

tomy. \iiemdne, es, / a flower. 

AiritbmTcus, i, n. 2- an anatomist. vncthum, i, n. 2. anise, dill. 
Anceps, clpftis, atlj. doubtful 

uncertain, obscuro, double, dou- 

blcfaccd, two-edgcd, dangcrous, 

Anchbra, s, / 1. an anohor, a 


AnolibrSlia, um, />/. n. a cahle. 
Anchoriilis, e, adj. pcrtaiuing tojAiiffclicus, a, um, adj. angelical. 

\nfractus, a um, adj. rugged, 

Anfractus, us. m. £. and Anfrac 
tum, i, n. 2 a turning, or wind- 
ing of a way, a circuit, a com- 

ship. a last refugc. a main sup- pass- (compel. 

Angario, as, a. 1. to force, to 
Angchca, x./ an herb so called. 

an auchor. 
Anchbrariua, a um, adj. of an an- 

chor, or cable. 
Ancile, is, n. 3. a kind of sbield. 
Ancilis, e, adj. ma:le likc bucklers. 
Ancilium, i, n. 2. #*7? Ancilc 

Ancilla, x, / 1. a maid servant, a Ango, ere, nxi, nctum, a 3, to 

hand-maid, a captive. 
Ancillans, tis, pt. waiting upon. 

Angclus, i, m. 2 an angcl, a mcs- 

Angina, x,/ 1 thequinsy. 

Angiporttnn, i. n. 2. and fis, m. 4. 
a narrow \* ay, or street, a lane, 
an allcy, a passage, a wharf. 

strung_c, to choak, to chrottlc, to 
vcx, to trouble, to disturl). 

Angttlatus, a, um, adj. 1 

corners. (cc 

Angttlosus, a, um, adj. f 
\ngulus, i, m. % an anglc, : 

ner. (stral 

Angustandus, a, um, /»f. 
\ngustans,tis. pt. straitenh 
Angustatus, a, um, pi. macl 

Angiiste*, adv. ius, comp. i 

*uperl. narrowly, closely,s1 

bricfly, shortly, sparingly 
Angustia, x,/ straitness, n 

ncss, shortness, perplexit) 

ble, povcrty. 
AngustTclavius, i, m. 2- one 

equestrian oixler. 
Angustior, us, ndj. compoi 

narrow, or difficult, 
AngustissYme, adv. tup* 

straitly, vcry difficulty. 
Angustiss_mus, a, um, adj 

narrow, very pcrplexcd. 
Angustius, adv. more narro 

a lcss distance, in less ro 

compass, morc briefly, o 

Ancillariohis, i, m. 2. a nican spi- Angor. i, past. to bc vexed 
.._ i *'"* j-i 1— « Angor, bris. m. 3. anguish, pain, 

sorrow, vexntion, aqtiinsy. I 

Anci\laris, e, adj. belonging to ajAngiuconius, a, um, aaj. having cisely. 

maid-scrvant, mcan, pitiful, low.| snaky locks- JAngusto, as, a. 1- to sirait 

Ancillor, ari, dep. 1. to wait, to|Angiuctihis, i, m. alittle snakc | rcstraiu, to contract. 
humpvr» to whecdle. UxoribunAn^uifer, cri, m. 2. a constella- Angustus, a, um, adj. n 
ancillari, to live under pctticoat- tion, infonn likeascrpcnt; adj-\ strait, close» scanty, sl 
gbvcrment. I snaky. • short, brief, small, poor, 

Ancilliila, x, / 1. a waiting-maid- Anguig^na, x, c. e. g^endered by necdy, pinching 

Xnhclans, tis, pt. pantinp, [ 
and blowing, brcutlung fo: 

Ancisus, us, m. 4. a parin^- round. a ftnakc. 

Ancon, onis, m. 3. the part of aAngnilla, x,/ 1. aneel, agrif. 
nile whcrc thc pcq)cndicular,Angulmanus, i, m. 2. an clcpnant. Xnhclatio, onis,/ 3. a short 
and ba-iis mcct, hkc un elbow,Anguineus. a. um, adj. ofasnakc. brcath, the phthisic ( 
as in thc lcttcr L, a corner," aAngulnum, i, n. a bed, or knot of Anhclator, oris, «i. 3. on< 
crossbeam, a foreland, cape, or snakcs. Anhclatus, a, um,/>/. blown 

proinontory, a hook. 
Andabata, x, m. a iighter hood 

Andrbdamas, antis, m. 3. a pre 

cioua stone, a blood-stone.. 
Andrhgynos, vcL Andrbgynus, i, Angularis, e, adj. angular. 
»*. 2. s licnnuphrodite. jAmjuiatiua, adv. by corners. 

Angtiinus, a, um, adj. of a snake. brcathed fortli» ov out. 
Angni pedes, /»/. c. g. snakefooted. Xnhflitus, us, m. 4. the br 
Anguis, is, d. g. 3. a snake, ser- vapor, a scent 
pcnt, adder. Xnliclo, [an/or am, or circu 

AnguTtSnens, tis, tee Anguifer. 

halo], as, ?i. 1. to pant, to b 
short, \or out, to stetm, 


a» uro, adj. shortwiuded, 




Xniinatus, a, um, adj. affcctedJAnnTsurus, a, iim, pt. that will 

l, i, n. anise-seed. (man. 
e, a / 1. a mean old wo- 
a^/. 1- idem. 
mdj. of, «r like old wives, 
', foolish, simple, aged. 
fctis,/ 3. old age, dotage. 

«4r. dotingly, simpiy, 
old woman. 

!,/*. 1. the soul, life, the 
air, wind. 

u, e, adj. giving life. 
srsio, 6nia, / 3. animad 

reproof, correction, ob- 
n, attention, regard. 
srsor, 6ris, m. 3. an ani- 
er, a reprover, an ob- 


Antmor, ari, pass. to be animated. 
XnYmdsc, adv. ius, comp. issime, 

auperL courageously, boldly, 

bravely, resolutely, eagerly, 


Xnfmdsrtas, atis,/ 3. courage. 
Anlm6sus> a, um, oaj. courage 

ous, bold, bravc, daring, hardy, 

rsurns, a, um, pt. about 
idvert, 0r observe. 
Mtus, a, um, pt. consider- 
n notice of, punisbed. 
Mtendus, a, um, pt. to be 
1, to bc punishcd. 
trtens, tw, pt. observing. 
frto, [animus, adverto,] 
rsum, act, 3. to observe, 
ive, to regard, to con- 
punish, to chastisc. 
rrtor, i, pats. to bc ob 

to, minded, inclined, disposed. 
XnYmo, as, act. 1. to animatc, to 

give life, to encourage, to em- AnnTtens, tis, pt. earnestly cndea- 

Uis, ti. 3 an animal, a 

reature, a man, beast, 

e, adj. ammal, Hving, re 
life, scnsible, sensual. 
tis, pt. animating, put- 
into, cnceuraging. 
tis, m.f. or n. 3. any liv 
; 9 a living crcature. 
6nis,/3. animation. 

a, um, pi. animated, 

strong, stately, profuse. 
Xrif mula, «c, / 1. the life, a poor 

little soul, a little swectheart. 
Xnimtilus, i, m. a Ettle soul, a 

Animus, i, m. 2. the mind, thc 

soul, the hcart, conscience, in 

stinct, passion, anger, courage, 

spirit, resolution, disposition, 

humor, expcctation. 
Anisum, i, n. 2. anise-seedanherb. 
Annalis, e, adj. of a ycar. 
Annalis, is, m. 3. a year-book. 

endeavor, about to endeavor. 
\nmsus, a, um, pt. endcavored. 

voring, or contending. 
.4/inltor, i, ixus, and Isus, dcp. 3. 

to lean unto, earnestly to en« 

AnnTvcrsarius, a, um, aaj. anni- 

versary, yearly, annual, done at 

a certaih time every ycar. 
Annixurus, a, um, pt. about to 


spirited, mettlcsome, enragcd, Annixus, a um, pt. leaninjr to, en- 

Ann&les, pl. annals, histories cf Annotatus, us, m. 4. a remark* 

things donc from ycarto year. 
^nnavigo, as, act. 1. to sail to, or 

by. (not . ; 

Anne ? conj. interroq'. whcther ot 
Annectens, tis, pu joining to. 
^nnecto, ere, cxi, exum, a. 3. to 

anncx, to join, knit, or bring to- 

gether. (joincd. 

Annector, i, exus, pasa. to be 
Annellus, i, m. 2. dim. a little ring. 

deavoring earnestly, stnving. 
Annona, ac, / 1. a year*s increase 

from land, corn, a provision of 

corn, all sorts of victuals, an al- 

lowance of \ictuals. 
Anndsus, a, um, adj. aged, old. 
Ann6tatio, 6nis/3. an annotation. 
Ann6tatiuncula, ac,/ ashort note. 
Anndtator, dris, m. 3. one who 

writes annotations, or notes, an 

Annbtatus, a, um, pt. noted, ob- 


Anncxus, a, uro, pt, anncxt, join- Annulatus, a, um, adj. wcaring 

cd to. 
Annexus, us, m. 4. a joining to, 

6ris, ~m. 3. an encour-|Anniculus, a, um, adj. of one 

year*s age, or growth. 
Annifcr, a, uni, adj. bcaring all 

the ycar. 

AnnotTnus, »ee Anniculus. 
Ann6to, as, act. 1. to notc, to set 

down, to obscrve, to appoint. 
Ann5tor, ari, pasa. to be noted. 
Annua, 5rum, pl. n. a yearly sa- 

lary. (ing. 

Annucns, tis, pt. nodding, assent- 
Annularis, e, adj. having a ring. 
Annularius, a, um, aaj. likc a ring. 
Annularius, i, m. 2. a ring-makcr. 

Annulus, i, m. 2 a ring, any thing 

like a ring, a scal, a curlcd lock 

of liair, tbe mails in a coat of 

fcnce, fetters. 
Annumerandus, a. um, pt. to he 






Annumeritus, a, reckoned 
vffnuumero, as, a. 1. to numbcr 

to reckon amongst others, to Anseteiirlus, i, m. 2. dim. a goa- 

Annumercr, ari, />a«#. to be num- 

bcred amongnt others. 
Annunciatio, 5nis /. 3* the an- 

nunciation, the -delivery of a 

message. (known. 

Annunciatus, a, um, pt. made 
•i/muncio, as, act. 1. to deliver a 

roessagc, to tell, to dcclare. 
Annuncior, ari patt. to be de« 

*£nnuo, ere, a. and n. 3. to nod, to 

intimate by a nod, to hint, to 

aftirm, to promUe, to assent, to 

grant, to favor, 
Annus, i, m. 2. a year, a part of a 

year, time, a crop, or produce, 

a circle. 
Annuus, a, um, adj. ycarly, done 

every year, for a year. 
XnSdjfna, drum, ph en. 2. ano- 

dynes, medicines to ease pain. 
Xnomalia, at,/ 1. irregularity. 

Anser, eris, m. 3. a goose, or gan« 
der. (hng. 

Anserinus, a. um, aaj. of a goose. 
Antagdnista, ae, m. 1. an antago- 

Ante, pr. [governing an accusa- 

tive case] before. 
Ante, adv. before, afore, since.— .iatrfSro, fers, tuli, latim, ael 

Tt is set commonly after an ab. carrv, or direct before, to pi 

lative case of the substantive ofj 

time, or put hetween the adjcc- 

tive and that substantive; as, 

Paucis mensibusante, a few essus, dep. 3. to go befot 

months since : Aliquot ante an 

nis, tome years before. 
Antea, adv. beforc, afbretime, 

formerly, hertofore. 
Anteactus, a, um, pt. done before 

driven before, former, past. 
.fofeagor, i, patt. to be done be- 

fore, to be driven before. 
Anteambulo, onis. m 3. a foot- 

man of state, a client. 

Antfcursor, oris, m, 3. a scoi 
Ante-eo, iri, Ivj, itura, act. 

go bcfore, to exceed, to sur 
Ante-eor, Iri, Tsua, patt. U 

AnteTerendus, a, um, pt. 1 

preferred, to be estecmed 


Anteferor, ri» pats. to be pi 
Antegrfdior, [ante*, grmdici 

usher in. 
Antfcgressus, a, um, pt. | 

-Jnf^habco, «re, bui, brtum,« 

to prefer, to value, or ei 


Antehac, adv. formeriy, tifl 
Antelatfirus, a, um, pt. aboi 

prefer, that would prefer. 
Antelatus, a, um, pt. prefe 

Antecanis, is, m. 3. thelesserdogl more valued. 
star. Antelftgium, i, n. a prcaml 

Xndmalus, a, um, adj. anomalous, pn/rcapio, pfre, cepi, a. 3. to preface. 

Xndnymua, a, um, 

mous, without name. 
Anormis, e, adj. without rule. 
Ancjuirendus, a, um, pt. to bc in- 

quired into. 
AnquTrcns, tis, pt. inquiring into. 
AnquTro [an for ani, or circum, 

and qusero.] rfcre, sivi, situm, 

act. 3. to inquire, to makc dili 

gent search, to acquire, to try 


Anquisltio, Snis,/. 3. an inquiry. 
Anquisitus, a, um, pt. tried. 
Ansa, ae, / 1. a handle, a bucket, 

a latchet, occasion, opportuiuty, 

Ansatus, a, um, aaj. having a 
I/xndJc, w cm m , Lke a handle. 

take beforeliand, to anticipate^Antelucanus, a, um, 04j{j. b 
adj. anony-| to forcstal. ) day-light. 

Antecddcns, tis, n, 3- an antece- Antemerldianus, a, um, at 

dent. ; the morning, before mid-d 

\ntdc5dens. tis, pt. going before, Antemissus, a, um, pt. sen 

former, surpassing, excelling. I fore. 
Anteccdenter, adv. antecedently. Antenna, ac,/ 1. a sailyard. 
.intrcti\o % dere, ccssi, ccssum, Anteoccupatio, onis, / 3. a 

act. 3. to go bcfore, to excel, to| pation- ( 

excecd. j^;i/eocciipo, as, act. 1. to a 

\ntece11ens, tis, pt. excelling. Antepenultimus» a, uni, aAj 
Antcccllo, ere, lui. act. 3. to excel. last nut two. 
Antecellor, i, putt. to be exoelled. Autepilani, orum, pf. m. 2, 
Anteceptus, a, um, pt. prepos- middle rank of tlie Homan i 

sessed- (fore. Antcponendus, a, um, pt. X 

Antccessio, dnis,/ 3. a goinfc be- set, or placcd be ore, to bc 
\ntecessor, dris, m. one who go- ferred. | 

cth before. [Antcponena, tis, pt. settin^ 

Anlccctous, us, m. an earnest. . int epono, ncre, ovui, cv 





tbefore, or above, toAntScum, i, n. 2. a porch» a fore-fAntisto [ante* sto,] as, cr/. 1. to 

>(red. door, (ward. excel, to surpass, to outdo. 

i^paa», tobe prefer-Anticus, a, uni, adj. south, for- Antithalamus, i, m. an autichara- 
i, a, um,/tf. set before. Antfd&tum, i, ru and Antid&tus, i, bcr. 
, tis, aaj. more pow- /. 2. an antidote, a counterpoi- Antithfcsis, is,/ an opposition. 

| son. Antitheton, i, n. 2. a contrariety. 

adv. before that. lAntfpathia, «,/, 1. antipathy. Antitypum, i, n- 2. an antitype. 
1,04/. comp. former, in Antfphdna, ae/. l.anantiphon.thc Antlia, se,/ 1. a purop. 

act of singing by reiponse. Antlo, as, nAf. 1. to draw water- 

pt. m. 3. the foreranks. AntfpSdes, um, bl. m, 3. people Antrum, i, n. 2. a cave, den, grot- 
t, sr brigade of horse, that have their feetagainst ours, to- (ring- 

on tbe other side of the eartli. Anularis, c, aaj. pertaining to a 
oa, i, m. 2. he who. Antlquandua, a, um, pt. to be re- Anulus, i, m. 2. a ring. 
rst to defend a stand-j pealed. . Anus, i, m- 2. a circle, the fiuida- 

lard-bearer,an ensignjAntiquaria, x,/. 1. a female anti- mcut, a ycar. 
ier. (excel. quarian, a female wit, or critic. Xnus,us, / old woman, a 

n. to stand before, toAntiquarius, i, m. 2. an antiquary- eunuch; adj. old. 
i,dcp. l.tobe witness. Antlquarius, a, um, adj. studi-Anxie, adv. anxiously, diligently, 
Ire, i, ntum, n. 4. to ous, or fond of antiquity, aftect- careftilly, soiTowfully 

>re, to come, to pre- ed. 

iccl. Antlquatio, finis,/ 3. a repealing. 

dus, a, um, pt. to be Antfquatus, a, um, pt. repealed, 

to be surpassed, to old, (umejAnxittudo, inis,/ 3. disquict. 

.Antique, adv. of old, in ancicnt Anxifer, a, um, adj. bringing 

Anxietas, atis, / 3. anxiety, sor- 
rt>\v, uneasincss, conccrn, frrt- 

tcre, ti, rsum, act. 3. Antlquior, us, adj. comp. older, 

• to prevent, to prefer. dearer, more estecmed. 

, tis, pt. flying before. Antlquissimus a, um, aa]j. tuperl. 

s, acU 1. to fly befbre. oldest. 

db v / 3. camomile. >AntIqutta9, atis, / 3. antiquity, 

1, um, adj. made of mcn of ancient times, regard, 

love. (merly. 

a, drrxm,pl.n. 2. books Antiquitus, adv. of old time, for- 
ibe, «rtreat of flowersJAntlquo, as, a. repeal, to 
s, a, um, atij. black. forget. 

is,m. 3. a coal. (nibal. Antlquor, ari,/K2t«. to be abolish- 
ha^us, i, m. 2. a Can- ed, to be worn out of mind, or 
is, 1, m. 2. a foot of two use. 
>Iea, and a third short Antiquus, a, um, aqj. ancient,Ap, in composition stands for ad. 
is, f6rtuna. old, of long standing, oldfash-iApage, Apa^etJ, adv. away! get 

s, i, m. 2. antichrist, an ioned, out of date, worthy, hon- you gone» fae! fie! 

(tioh. est, dear. Apagtsis, aaj. fic 1 away! 

, onis, /. 3. anticipa- Antistans, tis. pt. excelling. Up*u*stri, adj. pt. rudc, ill-bred. 

\, a, um, pt. anticipa- Antistes, ttis, c. r. 3. a chief Xpeh6tes, c, m. the south-east 

priest, or priestess^ a prelate, al wind. (a Jew. 

intc% capio,] as, act. 1. master- JApella, ae, c. g. one circumciied» 

te, to toretUl. (Antistitia,*,/ l-prie»te«, Upec,pri,m.2,%.>iruji\iw^v\itjtt 


Anxius, a, um, adj. anxious, ua- 
easy, conccrncd, disturbed, cu- 


Acristus, i, m. 2. a Greek tense, 
used to aignity past indehjuie 






Xpenendus, a, um. pt. to be 

Xpenens, t\s,pt. opening. 

Xperio, Tre, rui, rtum, act. 4. to 
open, to sct, or lay open, to split, 
to disclose, to discovcr, to uncov- 
er, to show, to bring out, to ez- 
plain. (ed. 

Xpfcrior, Tri, rtus, paw. %o be open- 

Xperte, adv. ius, issim£, openly, 
plainly, clearly, manifestly, 

Xpertio, dnis,/. 3. an opening. 

Xperto, as, act, 1. to make naked. 

Xpertum, i, n. 2. a public placc 

Xpcrtura. x,/ a littlc opcning, or 

Xpertus, a, um, adj. tior, tissi 
mus, opcn, puhlic, cxposed 
wide, extended,clear, plain, hon- 

Xpes, see Apis. 

Xpcx, icis, m. 3. a top, a sliarp 
point, atuft, a plumc, a crcst, u 
comb, a cap, an acccnt, a letter, 
a mandatc, authority, diguity, a 
quirk. (ding- 

Xpexabo, onis, / 3. a black-pud- 

Aphractum,, i, n- and Aphractus, 
i, m. 2. an open sliip, a brigan- 

AphronYtrum, i, n- 2. saltpetre. 

Xphya, x,/ 1. a small cheap fish. 

Xpianus, a, um, adj. belonging to, 
or fit for becs- 

Xpiarium, i, n- a bce-stand. » 

Xpiarius, i, m. 2. a keeper of bccs 

Xpiastrum, i, n- 2. bahii, mint- 

Xpiutus, a, um, adj. likc a bce. 

Xpica, (ovis,)/ a small sheep. 

Xpicatufl, a, um, pt. tuftcd. 

ipicula, x,/. 1, a little bee. 

Xpiux,arum, pl.f.l. triflcs, toys. 

Xpis, is,/. .\. abee. 

Xpicor. ci, aptus, dep. 3. to get- 

Jpipm, *,*-u. pmty, smallagc. 

AplQda, »,/. 1. bran, refuse 
Xplustrc, is, n. Xplustruro, i, n. 

thc flag, or colors of a ship. 
Apdcalypsis, ig, /. 3. thc apoca- 

lypse, or revclation. 
Xp5c6pe, es,/ 3. a figure, which 

takes away the last letter of a 

word; as tun* /ar tune. (phal. 
Xpocryphus, a, um, adj. apocry- 
Xpodicticus, a, um, adj. demon- 

Apddytenum, i, n. 2. a room near 

a bath for undressing, &c. 
Apdgxum. i, 7i. 2. the point w 

a planet is farthest from the 

carth, the middle point of hca- 

vcn. (tcrn 

Apographon, i, n. a copy, a pat- 
Apftlactizo, as, act. 1. to kick 

person, to slight, to despise, to 

scorn. (nators 

Xpolecti, druro, m. principal sc- 
\pol6g£tlcus, a, um, adj. apolo 

gctic, defending, excusing. 
Apftlftgia, x, / 1. an apology. 
.\p516gus, i, m. 2. a fable. 
Apophthcgma, atis, n. 3. an apo- 

phthegm, or short pithy saying. 
Apdplexis, eos,/ 3. an apoplexy. 
AposidpEsis, tee Reticentia. 
Apostema, &tis, n. 3. an impos- 

thumc. (tlesnip. 

Apost61atu% us, m. 4. an apos- 
Apostblus, i, m. 2 . an apostle, one 

sent to preach the gospel a 

Xpostrophe, cs, / 3. a speakin 

to, instcad of spcaking of onc 

Xpostrbphus, i, m. 2. aee Apocopc 
Apdthcca, x, / 1. astorcnousc, a 

ccllar, an apothecary's shop. 
XptftheSsis, eos, / 3. a canoniza- 

tion. (pared. 

Apparandus, a, um, pt. to bc pre 
Apparans ,tis, pt. preparing. 

hcre Appai 

Apparate 4 , ius, isslme, adv. 

preparation, suinptuously, n 

Apparfitio, dnis, / 3 grcat 

{>aration, provision, bravcry, 
antrv*. (rt 

Apparatur, impert. it is ge 
Appar&tus, a, um, pt. tior, 

mus, prcpared, furnished, f 

Apparatus, us, m. 4. a pre 

tion, cquipage, an entci 

mcnt. (pea 

rcns, tis, pt. apparcnt, 

^Zpp&reo, erc, rui, ntum, ». : 

appcar, to bc visible, to be t 

coming, to attend. 
Apparct, impers. it appcan* 
a Apparitio, dnis, / 3. the ati 

ance, office, or place of ap 

tors, &c. 
Apparitor, dris, m. 3. an ap 

tor, s\immoncr, marsiial, 

dlc, clcrk. 
Apparitura, x, / 1. the itt 

ance of an apparitor. 
Apparfturus, a, um, pt. ab« 

^/>paro, as, act. 1. to prepafl 

provide, to get, or make re 

to furniab, to design. to attd 
Apparor, ari, pat*. to be ] 

Appellandus, a,um,^/.toba 

lcd, to be invoked, to be app 

gjAppcllans, tis, pt. calling. 
Appcllatio, dnis,/ 3. ant* 

title, an appcal, pronunciatifl 
Appellativus. a, um, adj. apfj 

tive,common. 9 

Appcllator, 6ris, m. 3. an afj 
Appcllatus, a, um, pt. Cftl 

named, entitlcd, caUed d| 

^pello, as, act. 1. to caH 





to call to, t upon, to call to, to attack, ©r aaiault, to ap- 

Lness, to speak to, to ad- 
to mcntion, to proclaim, 
fiounce, to accuse, to ap- 
:o dun, to demand. 
or, ari. pa%*. to bc callcd. 
i, 6re, piili, pulsum. act. 3. 

rc, to force, to bring, to»typingo,ere, xi. a. 3. to paint,to ably,to the purpose.conveniently 
* ■ " • - . r. . . . Appbsitio, 6nis. /. 3 apposition, 

to Und, to come, to apply, 
ote. (brought to land. 
w, i, pulsus. pat*. to be 
licula, x.f. 1. a little ap 
ge, a pcrquiaite. 
Jji, icis,/ 3. an appendix, 
>pcndage, an additiou, 
uxiliary troops, a tiiorn. 

.typlaudo, ere, ausi, ausum. neut 

3. to approve, to clap hands. 
Applausor, 5ris. m. 3. an applaud- 

cr, an approvcr, a clapper. 
Applausus, a. um. part. clapped 

upon, stroked gently, cherishcd. 
Applausus, us.m.applausc, aclap- 

ping of hands. 

lo, erc, i, stim. a. 3 # to hang Apphcans, tis. part. applying, ap- 

ip, to join, to weigh out, 

lor, i, nsus, pan to be 

d up, to be wcighed out. 

ms, a, um. part. hanged up, 

ed out. 

ndus, a, um. part. to bc 

d, to be sought after. 

ns, tis. pt. approaching, 

fupon, adjoiningto. 

nt, tis. adj. tior, comp. issl 

*p. desirous, fond, cove 

Applicitfirus, a, um.part. about to Apprehcndcns, tis pt. apprehend- 

otir, atbv. gTecdily. 
ntia, x. /. 1. a desirc, a 
jr for, a hankering aftcr. 
>ilis, e. adj. to be coveted. 
io, dnis./. 3. a strong dc- 
i carnest cndcavour aftcr, 
ling" at, an attack, an ap- 

iis, a, um. part. catched 

nptcd, set upon,attacked. 

us, us, m. 4. an appetite,a 

in. pl. passions, or aftec- 

Urc, tii, vel tivi, titum. 
to dcsire eancstly, to co-*J/*porto, as act 
aim, «r catch at, to aspire * ' 


to cause, to produce. 

proach, »r draw near. Apportor, ari. pa*t . to bc carried» 

Appetor, ti, titus. pa§*. to be de- or brought, to be occasioned. 

sired, assauhcd, approached,&c.»typosco, cere. act. 3. to ask, sr 
Appingo, [ad, pango] ; gtfre, pJ- rcquire more, or besides, to de- 

gi, pactum. act. 3. to join, fasten, mand. 

or bind to, to add. (write. Appoarte, adv. fitly,properly,suit. 

proaching, drawing near. (tion 

AppUcatio, bnis. /. 3. an applica- 

Applicatus, a, um. part- applicd, 

laid to, arrivcd, benl, inchncd. 

an addingto, an applyinjr. 

Appdsltum, i. n 2. an epithet 

Appcsltus, a, um. pt. & auj. put 
to, put, laid, or set near, sct up- 
on, scrved up, situate by, adjoirc- 
ing apposite, fit, mect, suitable, 

Appositus, us. m 4 a putting to. 

Appotus, a, ura pt. drunk, tippled. 

Apprecatus, a, um, pt. praying to. 

.4/>pr*cor, ari dcp 1 to pray un- 
to, to wish onc any good. 

apply, about to arrive at. 

Applicitus, a, uni. part. adjoincd. 

.ippiico, as, cui, & cavi, citum, & 
catum. act. apply, to set, put 
•r lay ncar, to bring*, or direct. 

•ipploTOy as.n.l.to1amcntwithone. 
topluo, ere, ui, & uvi, utum. act. 
3. to rain near, to rain upon. 

►?6p6no, ncrc, 6sui, bsitum. act. 
i. to put, or set to, to join, to add, 
to lay upon, or nigh, to tnix, ot 
put in, to reckon, to sene up, 
to suborn. (mixcd, &c. 

Apponor, i patt. to be joined, 

Apporrcctus, a, um pt. strctchcd 
out, lying near. 

.ypporrigo, rexi, cctum- a. 3. to 
strctch out, to reach near. 

ing, laying hoid ot, seizing. 

■/fpprchendo, & Apprcndo, d£rc> 
di, nsuni. act. 3 to appr/ehend, 
to sei/e, to takc, or lay hold of, 
to snatch, to get, to learn, toun- 
derstand, to hold, to contain. 

Apprehcndor, i patt. to be ap- 
prehcnded, to be taken. (oiu 

Apprchensio, 5nis./ 3. aseiziiuj- 

Apprchensus,a,um.^. laidholdof. 

Appressus, a, um. pt. presscd, put 
hard togctlier, crushed. 

Apprimc, vel Adprime. adv. very 
much,vcry well, greatly,chiefly, 
eminently, extremely. 

Apprimo [ad, prcmo], mere res- 
ai, ressum. act. 3. to press any 
thing closc to, to squccze hard. 

Appnmor, i. pat*. to be prcssed 

1. to carry, to 
bring. tobringnews, «rttdin^t, 

Apportundus, a. to be car- 
ricd, or brought to. (iug. 

Apportans, tis. pt. bringinjr, caus- Apprimus, vel Adprimus, a,ura 
Apportatio, onis./ 3. a bnnging. adj. chicf, princioa), surpasbing. 

Apprdbandut, a,u m. pt. to be a^- 





Apprfcbana. tis. />/. approving. iApsisvcl Absis,idi9./ 3.Uierin; vincia, a watcr-bailifPs plao 
Approbatio,6nis/ 3. approbution, of a curt-whccl, acircle about the Cic. 

allowancc, a hkiug, av>urauce. stars, thc bend of an arch. Xquarius, i, m.2. one ofthc tweh 

Apprbb&tor, oris m. 3. an approv- Aptandus, a, um pt. to be fittcd. signs ot the zodiac, a watcr-bai 

er. (toapprovc, or hke Aptans, tis. pt. fitting, suiting. iff, a water-bearcr. 

Apprbbaturus, a, um. pt. about Aptatus, a, uni. pt. fitted, suited, Xquaticus- a, uiu. adj. aquatic, c 
Approbatus, a, um, pt. approved, Aptc, adv. ius, comp, issime, tup. or bclonging to water, fiving, c 

allowed, liked. fitly, propcrly, suitably, pcrti- growing in, orabout watcr^ain 

•Apprbbo, as, act. 1. toapprove,to nently, agreeably, conveniently.Xqu&tile, is. n. 3, an aquatic, ai 

fike, to allow, to make good, to AptItudo,_nis/ 3.aptitudc,fitncss. creature tliat liveth in water. 

justify, to prove. Apto, as. act. 1. tofit, to make fit,XquatiIis, e. adj. living in, orne 

Apprbbor,ari /*if f .tobc approved, to adapt, to join, to prepare, to watcr, watery, moist. 

to be provcd. provide. Xquatio, onis./ 3. a watcring, 

Apprbbus, u, um. adj. very honcst Aptor, ari. paw. to be filtcd. 
•i/jprbmitto, tere, isi is-Uin- act. o. Aptoton, i. n. 2. un aptotc, 

to cngage tbr anotlier,to proimsc 
Apprbpcratus, a, hastencd 
-typrbpero, as. neut. 1. to makc n _ _. - --- , - - n »-, -, — ., 

hjuste; act. to hasten, to sct for- doptcd, equipped ,ioined, ter, watery, niixt with watcr. 

(near. wrought, fonucd, inclincd. (vy.Aqucus, a, um.adj. watcry. 


Apprtipinquans, tis. pt drawing *pua, x./la sinall fish, an ancho-Xquifolium, \,n. 2. aholly, a holi 
Apprbninquatio, onis. /, 3. an ap- ' ' ' ' " " ' *■ 

proacli, a drawing- near to. 
_4/>prbpinqwo, as. neut. 1- to ap 

Apricans, tis. pt. basking in tlie 

Apricatio, 6nis./. 3. a basking in 

the sun. a being abroad in thc 

Apricor, ari, </<_-. 1. to bask in thc 

IVl.lM.-W- »-■_.—•■ « - — - — -. — fj, 

carryiug, or fctchingofwatcr,w 
weathcr, a watcring-place, 

.vpud, piitp.cum. acc. close by,Aquila, x.f. cag-le, a consti 
nigh, near, with, at, among', in, lution, a Koman cusign, or b« 

-_-,,-__, ...-.- _ betbre, to. . ner, made of gold, or silvcr, 

proach, to draw or bc near, to Apus, odis. / 3. a martinet. I which each legion lvad one, tl 

be athand. (ed Apyrinus,a, um, & Apyi*cnus. adj. uppermost stor) in buildings. 

Appulsus, a, um. pt. arrivect, land- having uo kemel, or stone, hav- Xquilegium, i. n. 2. a catching 
Appulsut, us. m. 4. an amval, a ing small kernels, orsceds. | rain, a conveyancc of watcr. 
coming to, an advaneing. (sun.Xpyrum,i.n.2.brimsU>ne notburnt.Xqiiilcntus, a, uin. adj. dronsia 


Xquiiex, cgis. wi.3. a water-baill 

Xquihfcr, cris. m 3. tlie standar 

bcarer among the Romans, wl 

open air. Xqua, x.f. 1. water, rain, a wavejJ had on his ensi^n the figure < 

Aprlcitas, atis./. 3. thc wannth of a watcnsh humor, a bath. [ an eaglc, an ensign, or cornct. 

ihc sun, open fair wcathcr, a Aquacductus, us. m. 4. an aque-Xqullinus, a, um, aaj. of, or 111 
iclear air. (sun. duct, a conduit, a watcrcourse. an eagle,rapacious,quicksig*bte 

Aqu&liculus, i, m. 2. <#/». a hog*s 

Apricus, a, um. adj. ior, comp. i_- trough,the lower partofthebel 
snnus, sup. sunny, wuhned with ly, the draught, the stomach. 
the sun, that loves to bc in the Aquahs, is. m. 3, in acc. aqualim, 
sun. a watcr-pot, an cwer, a laver. 

Aprtlia, is. m. 3. April, a month. Xquarium, i, n.'2.u. watering-placc 
Aprilia, e, aaj. of April. tor cattle, asink, any water-pas- 

Aprugna, ae./, (caro) brawn. 
Aprugnus, a, um. adj. belonging 
\jo a boar. 

iXquilo, 6nis. m. 3. tlie north-wirn 

any water-pas 
sage. , 

Aquarius, a, um. adj. of, or be- 
longing to watcr. Aquaria pro- 

the north-east cold wind. 
Xquilonalis, c adj. noi-thcm. 
Xquilonaris, e. adj. northcrn. 
Xquilonius, a, um. adj. northern 
Xquilus, a, um. adj dark, oi' tt 

color of water.sunburntjswarth; 
Xquor, ari. dep. 1. to water, 1 

give water, to provide, «r fetc 






s, a, nm. arlj. ior, comp. i^T-lArbitrarris, a, um. aij. arbitr.irT ' 
t tp. watery, wet, rescmb-l vnluntary, leffc to one*s own 
oncrete ofwatcr. choicc. 

./. I. a littlc water, aArbitritio, 6nis/. 3. a^hiJration. 

Arbitrahis. a, um. pt. thinking". 
ArbYtritu*, us. m. 4. & judifincnt. 
opinion, ciioice, fancy, pleasurc, 
Arbitrium, i. n, 3. an arbitrement, 

, , _. w . or award, a ju-lj^mcnt, a scn- 

rhes x. m. 1. a prince, or tence, a deterraination, advicr. 
jf thc Arabians, a plundcr- will, plcasurc, fancy, ciioicc, dis- 

posal, power, moncy paid for a 

_r • w w 

ir concrcte of watcr. 

, '•/ I. 

. or brook 


;omposition, stands for atl. 
f. 1. an altar, a sanctuary. 

\, e, adj. strable. (cr. 

z % es./. 1. a spider. (cd 
% &, um. pt. to be plough- 
, x.f. 1. aspider, acobweb, 
own of willow blossoms, 
'the membr__nes of the eyc 
la, x./. 1. ttim. a small spi- 

lus, i. m. 2. alittle spidcr. 
» is, a, um, utlj. full of spi- 
•'ebs,orthiiijM)t!rc cobwebs. 
m, i. n. 2. tt v*-lcr's web, a 
. liicli spo..* ifrapes. 
s, i, m. 2.:< s.)i;lor f a spider' 
. scafish, a ficld mouse. 
5nis, / 3. a ploughing, 
:, ploughed, or tilled 

cula, z, /. 1. a Uttle iield 
bted, or farmcd of the pub- 


oris, m. 3. a ploujrhcr, aj 

n, i n. 2. aplough(plough 

is a, um, pt. about to 

a, um. jfrart., 

', tri- m. 2. an arbitrator, a 

, an umpire, a wiiness, an 

i ikcr, a princ-j, a rulcr, a 


., x./. 1. a shc-witncss. 

.iih, tis. pr thinkiii£. 

iri, nii*. arbitr.irily, a! 


Arbltror, __ri. d_ , a. 1. to arbitratc. 
or cnd by arbitration. to sen- 
tencc, or award, to supposc, to 
ima^inc, to tliink, to ovcrhcar, 
or listen to ; pat*. to be looked, 
or found out; also, a term iii 
taking a solcmn oatii. 
Arbor. & Arbos, oris./. 3. a tre* 
wood, a mast, an oar, thc timb.T 
of a prcss, a Larjre seafish. 
Vrborurius, a, um. alj. of, or be- 
longing to a tree. 
Arboritor, eris. m. 3. a planter, 
lopper, or pruner of trces. 
\rboresco, ore. inccp. 3. to jrrow 
to thc bigncs* of a tree. 
Arborc-tum, i. /t. 2. a grovc, a nur- 
sery of trces. 

\rborcus, a,um. adj. of, or bclnn^- 

ing to atree,branchcd likc a tre _■ . 

Vrbiisciila, :c/. 1. alittlc trec, :i 

shrub, thc navo of a cj-rt-wh-vl, 

the tuft on thc hcads of peacorki. 

\rbiistivtis, a, um. adj. ocloniriM^ 

ti> shrubs. (trces. 

VrbuHto, as. act. 1. to plant witl» 

\rbustum, i. n. J.a co;»e, a ^rovr 

nf trrcs, a plantation. an orcliard, 

a vincvarJ, a tree, a Hhrub. 

\rbutciis. a, um. auj. of, mxU* ol", 

... ._ „ --..- or beloiiirin^to,anarbiitc.(i>utuH, 

plcAsurc, or o*i\ choice. J \rbuum, i. /i. thc fruit nf thc Ui* 

Vrbi1tu% i,/. 2. vi arbiite, a kind 
of wil«l sira^vb-irn', or cherry 
trce, thc shadc of an arbutc. 

Arca. x, /, 1, an ark, a chest, a 

•coffcr, a desk, a cotfin, a totnb, 
a cs^e, a dam of wood, moncy. 

Arclno, adv. sccretly, privately. 

\ rclnum, i.n 2.a^secrct,amystery. 

Arclnus^um a>ij. sccret, hidden 9 
unknown, close" mystical, silent. 

Arcarius, i. m. 2 a trcasurer. 

Arcttus, a,um «^".rnade archwise. 

Arcendus, a. um. pt. to be driven. 
away, to drivc away. 

Arcens, tis. pt. drivin^ away. 

Arcco, ere, cui. act. s.ip. car. 2. to 
drive away, to keep otT, from, or 
out, to hinder, torestrain, to hold 
fast, or in, to save, or protect. 

Arccor,€ bedriven awajr. 

Arcera,-e/a covered cart,acoacn. 

\rcesscmlns, a, um. pt. to bc sent 

Arcessens, ti^ pt. sendiny for(fbr. 

Arcossior, iri, Itus. p. 4. to bc call- 
cd, f'> bc sent for, to be fetched. 

Arccwltor, vcl AcccssTtor, drit. 
m. 3. a messenger to fetch one, 
an accuscr. 

Vrcosiitiirus, a, um. pt. about to 
send for, to sen.l for. (for. 

\rce.4sitiis, a,um/)/. called,or."8cnt 

Arccsso. scrc, sivi, sTtum. act. 3. 
to *.*nd for, to call, to £0 to odl, 
to fetch, or tnt«^e, to procure, to 

\rcossor, i, /*.7t». to b? sent for. 
Vrcliaicus, a, uin. aij. old fashi- 

Vrciianffjlus, i, m 2 an archanjrel. 

Vrchctypum, i. u 2. an authcntie 

copy.thc ori>;i!ia.l of a writinjr. 

\rchctypus, a, um. adj. any thing 1 

at first hand, original, truc. 

Vrchidiaconus, i, m 2. an arch- 

deacon. (bv*h$\^- 




ic'ncendu»,a,um-«- tobetakenl ilerthefim ofgrett Bshet, and 

n,owned,dcsired. embraced, &c 

scisco [ad, scisco], fcre, Ivi, Itum 

act. 3. to Uke, to csJl fbr, to call, 

or bring in, to join, to associatc, 

to ally, to adopt. (in. 

Asciscor, i. Itus. patt. to be taken 

Ascites, ac- m. 1- akind of dropsy 

Aacititius, a, um> «<#• farfetched 
taken in, artificial, not natural. 

Ascitus, a, um. pt. taken, associ- 
ated» adoptcd, admittcd, acquir- 
ed, usurpcd, stranfrc, farfctchcd 

Ascius,a,um. ai(j. without shadow 

Ascl£pias,adis../ 3- swalwurt- 

Ascbpcra, nc/ 1 a bag:, a sack. 

Ascribo [ad- scribo], berc, ipsi, 
iptum. act. 3- to ascribc, to lm- 
put«, to attributc, to write, to en- 
rolf to admit, to adcl, or join, to 
anncx, to apply, to subscribe. 

Ascribcre alicui salutem, to pre- 
sent his serviccs 

Ascrlbor, i, iptus. past- to bc as- 
cribcd, rcckoned, &c. 1n civita- 
tcm ascribi, to be made free of 
thc citv, Cic- 

Ascriptio, 5ni-./. 3. a joining, en- 
rolling, or rcgistcring. 

Ascriptitius. a, um. adj. chosen, 
naturalized, cnrolled among ad- 

Ascripcivus, a, um« ai\j. supernu- 

Ascriptor, 5ris. m. 3. a subscriber, 
a promotcr, a maintainer, a fa- 

Ascriptus, vcl Adscriptus, a, um 

pt- aseribed, subscribed, enroll- 

ed, chosen. 
Asella, x. f 1. -¥m. a little she-ass. 
Xsellus, i. m. 2.alittle ass,an ass's 

colt, acodfish, an insect,a star 

Xstlus, i. m. vcl ASllum* i* n. 2. a 

horse-fly, agad-bcc, a dun-fly, 

"*"■ 9 ~a-bmexe uhirh trets UIl- 

-breeze whicb gets un- 

stings thcm. 
Asina, x.f. 1- ashe-ass. 
Asinarius, a, um. adj. bclonging 

to an ass. Mola asinaria, a horse- 

mill. Fabula asinaria* onc of 

Plautus's comedies, 
ASinarius, i- m. 2. an ass-driver. 
ASininus, a, um, aaj- of an ass. 
Xsinus, i. m. $. an ass, a block- 

Xsio, 5nis> m. 3> a Uorn-owl. 
Asfttus, a, tim. attj. riotous, de- 

bauched, extravagant. 
Xsdtus, i- m. 2 a sot, a drunkard- 
Aspllathus,^, m- 2- the rosc of Je* 

rusalem. or our lady's rose. 
Asparagus, i. m. 2. asparagus, a 

Aspectabftjs, e- adj. ior, comp 

ill-natured, strict, rijrid, sci 
crucl, unjust, curst. ficrce. i 
ly, r hardy, patient Aspcrac 1 
tix, dry, or biting jests. A 
nummus, rough (*• c) coine< 
vcr. Asper crater.a chascd h 
Asperatus, a, um- />!• madc ro 
Aspere, ius,errhne. adv. ro 
ly, 8harply, harshly, nn 

Aspcrgillam, i. n. 2. a watei 

Aspergo [ad, Bpargo] gerc* 

rsum. act. 3. to sprinkle, t< 

sprinklc, wct, or moisten, t 

termix, toaspersc, orbcspa 

Aspcrgor, i. patt. to be sprinl 

Aspergo, Yms. / 3. a bespi 

ling\ foam. 

Asperitas, gtis- f. 3. roughi 
uncvcnncss, sharpness, ch 

worthy to be looked upon, or ishncss, austerity, peevish 

obsened, visible. 
Aspectans, tis. pt. beholding 
Aspectio, 6nis/ 3. a beholding. 
Aspecto [ad, spccto]» as. act. 1. 

to bchold, to view, to look to- 

wards, or earncstly, to stare at, 

to regard- 

Aspector, ari.pau. to be looked Aspernans, tis. pt. dcspisir 

on, &c. to bc respected 

AspcctQnis^i, um. pt. about to see 

Aspectus us. m- 4, an aspcct, look 
or appcarancc, a siglit, or vicw, 
the sight, the prcsence. 

Aspello [abs, pello], lere. act. 3. 
to drive,or cliase away,to banish. 

Aspcllor,i patt to be tlrivcn from. 

Asper, era, erum. aaj. ior, comp. 
imus, Buperl rough, ragged, un- 
pleasant, disagrecable; to the cye, 
rough, ruggcd, hideous; to t/ie 
tatte, rougli» harsh, biting, bit- 
ter, stalc; to the touck, rough 
hard, sharp; to the nmell, stink- 
ing, fetid; to the eart, harsh, 
gTatingpt alto rude» unmanaerr> 

Asperitas animx, wheezin/ 
difficult brcathing, Plin- . 
ritas vocis, hoarscness, Lu 
Asperitudo, inis- / o- shar 
Aspernabllis, eadj. contcm 
Aspernandus, a, um. pt- 

Aspernatio, 6nis. / 3. a s( 

a slighting, ncglcct, dis* 
Aspcrnatus, a. \im- f>t. slif 
Aspcrnor [ad, spcmo], 

1. to slight, to dospisc, 

to flec from, to abhor. 
Aspero, as. act. 1. to ina 

or uncvcn,to frceze, t 

to point, or heajl, to ( 

Asperor, ari. patt. tr 

sharp, to be frctted, 
Aspen»io, 5nis./ .). a 
As])crsus, a, uni. pt. I 

bccicwcd, scattcrcd. 

pcrsus Laudibu&j 






ius, 6s m. 4. a sprinkling 
delus, i. m. 2- a daftbdil. 
endiu, a, um pt. to be seen. 
behcld, fit to be looked on. 

ent, tis. part. seeinjr, be- dant, a waiting-man, a sponger. 

o[ad, specio], cfcre, pexi, 

acf- 3. to behold, to Assectator, dris m. 3. a waiter, ©r a lever. 

to perceive Jto cspy, to look follower, an obscrver, an imitator. 
i, ur towarus, to overlook, ^tsector, ari freq. 1. to attend, to 
mjr, to lookfavourably up- wait upon to, follow, to dog. 

Assecnttirus, a, um. pt. about to 
ovcrtake. (overtaken. 

fticnrd, to csteem, to ho- 

br, i. pcctus. past. to beAssecdtus, a, um. pt. having 

d upon, rcgarded, consi- 
, fcc. 

men, Ihis. n. 3. a brcathing. 
ns, tia. pt. breathing. 
tto, 6nis./. d. a brcathing, 
raing of breath, an influ- 
a damp, or exhalation, thc 

[ad, spiro], act. 1. to as- 
to reach, to attain, to have 
S to wiah for, to breathe, 
v, to inspire, to infusc, to 
r, toassist, 

Idia/ 3. an asp, a spidcr. 
indus, a, um. pt. to be car- 

AasfttuM, k./. 1. roaoted meat. 
Assatus» a, \ roasted, board- 
ed, planked- 
Assecla, ac. m- 1. apage, an atten 

Assectatio, 5nis /. 3. attendance, 
a waiting upon, observation. 

.Atsequor, Sris. dep.3. to overtake, 
to reach, to equal, or match, to 
get, to obtain, to understand, 
to nnd out. 

Asscr, feris. m. 3. & Assis, gcn. 
assis, a pole, a chump, a joist, 
quarter,or square piece of wood, 

Asscrculus, i. m. & Asserculum, 
i n. 2. a little pole, or piece of 
wood. [serted 

Assercndus, a, um, pt. to be as- 
Assercns, tis. pt. asserting, af- 

Assensio, dnis. /. 3. assent, con- Asstro, erc, evi, Ttum. act. 3. to 

sent, an agreeing to a thing. 
Assensor, Ons. m. 3. he that as- 

sents, or consents, one of the 

samc party 
Asscnsum» cst. imp. it was agreed 

to. (assent. 

Vssensus, a, um. pt. assented to, 
agrcedto, admitted, having ad- 
mitted. (mcnt 

Assciisus, us. m. 4- assent, agree 
\sscntans, tis. pt. flattering. 
Asscntatio, dnis. /. 3. flattcry, a 
soothing, asscnt, compliance, 
intercst, influence, authority 
Uio, finis- /. 3. a carrying'Assentatiuiiciila, ae. /. 1. a coax 

! ing, a comp.imcnt. 
Ltus, a, um. pt. carriedAsscntator, 5ris. m. 3. aflattercr. 
we place to anottier. fAsscntatdrie, adv. lake a flatterer. 

plant, to sow, to set by, or near 

Asscro, £re, rui, rtum. act. 3. to 
assert, to afnrm, to claim, to 
challcngc, to frce, to deliver, 
to pronounce free. (sertcd* 

Assensurus, a, ura. pt. ready to Asseror, i, rtus. paso. to be as- 

x, aa. act. 1. to transport,'Assentatrix, icis. /. 3. she that Asserv&tus, a, um. pt. prcserved, 

ry off. 

(away. flatters. 


ir,*». to hc carricdAssentiens, tis. pt. assenting, a-^servio, irc, Tvi, Itum, act 

. • .■ "_ !• rt _I. _ _•_— * _ A __ '_ » 1 _ 1 _._ 

'tdo, tnis./. 3. sliarpness. L_f«seutio, Ire, nsi, nsum. a, 4. to 
ira, i. n. 2. a rougii placc, assent, to agree, to be of onc's 
sdy or full of buslics, a opinion. 

\ssentior, Iri, nsua. dep. 4. to as- 
./ 1. adrynurse, a mid- scnt, to agree, to comply, to 
wr nurse, that tenda wo- condescend. 
ing4n* Assentor, ari. dcp 1. to flatter, to 

nuu pl. n» 2. a dry bagnio. cajole, to comply with, to humor 
s, a, um. atfj. roasted. Assequcns, tis. pt. overtaking. 

Asscrtio, 9nis. /. 3. an asscrtion, 
an aflirmation, a claim of liber- 
ty, or a trial at law for it, a dis- 

Asscrtor. dris, m. 3. an asscrtor, 
a voucher, a vindicator, he who 
scts at libcrty, or bails a person, 
he who demands auother for his 

AssertQrus, a, um, pt. about to 

A9servandus,a, um, pt. to be kcpk 


serve, to help, to second, to sup- 

..tservo, as. act. 1. to preseve, to 

kcep, to kcep safe, to obscxre, 

to watch. 
Asservor, _un. />cm- to bc kcpt, de- 

fcnded, watched, or ohscrved. 
Assessio, dnis./. J. a sitting down, 






Asscssor, ftris. m. 3. an assessor, Assignor, ari. patt. to be assigncd. 

a justice, a counscllor, an assis 
tant. (ing 

Asseverans /r/. affirming-, display- 
Assevcranter, miv. ius, cotnp. con 
fidently, boldly, eagcrly, ear- 
ncstly. (ration 

Asslliendus, a, um. pt. to lcap. 

Assilicus, leapingjbubbling. 

AssTlio [ad, salio], Irc, ui, ivi, fci 
ii, ultum, n. 4. to leap upon, or 
against, to leap up, to leap, to 
assail, to attack. (madc likc. 

AssSvcrati, onis. / 3. an asscvc- AssTmTlandns, a, um. pt. to be 

Ass^vSrOi as. act- 1. to affirm, to AssTmTlatus, a, um. pt. made like. 
asscrt, to maintain, to show, to Assintflis, e. adj. verv like- 
dispiay. AssTmilfter, adv. in hke manner. 

Ass£veror,ari patt .to bc affirmed. /ftsimilo, os. act. 1. to assimilatc. 

•Jflsibilo, as. Jieut. 1. to liiss. to to makc likc, to takc thc like- 
hiss at, to whistle. (dry ness, to rcsemblc, to iiken, to 

«Arsiccesco, £re. inc- 3. togTow compare. 

•£«sjcco 1 lto dry,to hurden. AssTmtilans, tis. pt. comparing. 

Assiccor, ari.po««.to be dried up AssTmiilatio, 5nis./. 3, a counter 

AssTciilus, i. m 9 2. a lath. 

Assidcns, tis. pt. sitting by. 

Assideo [ad, scdeo], c"re, sedi, 
scssum. neut. 2. to sit by, or at, 
to sit close at, to attend, to sit 
on thc bench, to bc like. 

•£fsido, dfcrc, acdi, scssum, act. 


AssTmillatus, a, um- pt. counter 
feitcd, feigncd, forged, imitatcd 

.frsTmulo, as. act. 1. to pretend, to 
fcign, to likc-n, or compare, to 
forge, or counterfeit, to paint, 
to draw, to copy out. (like. 

3. tosit down, tosit by, to wait AssTmulor, ari. patt. to bc made 

upon. |AssTpondium, i. n. 2. a pound- 

AsBidu£,a£fo. issTme„™/>.constant- weight- (plank. 

Iy,continually, daily,vcry oftcn.i Vssis. is m. 3. .** Roman coin, a 
AssTduTtas, atis. /. 3. assiduity, di-.Assistens, standinfr by. 

ligencc. constant care, usc, at- : .4*sistn,terc, asllti. n. 3. to st.ind, 

tendencc. (nually, pcrpctually. to stand still, to assist, to bc an 
Assiduo, adv. constantly. conti- advocate. (by. 

Assfduus, a, um adj. assiduous, AssTtus, a, um- pt. planted close 

industrious, constant. (signcd. Asso, as. a. 1. to roast, to board, 
AssTgiiandus. a, um./>t to bc as- to ccil. 
Assignatio, onis. / 3. an assigna-.bsocio, as. a. 1- to as«»ociatc, to 

tion, an assigmncnt, a distnbu- accompany, to fit, to fix. 

tion. (assign. .frsolco, cs, cre. n.% to be usual, to 

Assignaturus. a, um. pt. about to be accuslomcd, to use. (custom. 
Assignatus, a, um. pt. asftigncd,Ass6le.t, imp. it is wont, it is the 

aJloitc(l.appointcd,agTced uponvfasfrno, arc, ui. n. 1. to rcsound, 
Assignatus, i- m. 2. an assignec. I to ccho. [toil. 

■Atsigno, as. act- 1. to assign, to;.4«sudo, are ui, n. 1. to swcat with 

allot, to appointt to proportion/Assuefacio [assuetus, raciol, ere, 

to imputc, tolay upon. to apply,; feci, factum- act. 3. to aceusLom, 
to subscribc, *et nmnd nad scaJ.] to inurc, to usc one to a thing. 

AssuefHctio, 6nis./. 3x 

AssuC*factiis,a,\mi />r. ai 

Assucscitur,im/^;'. the; 

/fasuesco, ccrc, evi. i 

& act. 3- to accustom, 

habituatc,to bc used,t 

AssuctQdo, Tnis. /. * 

usagc, usc 

Assuetus, a, i 
cotnp. accustomed, ini 
tised, usual 
Assiila, se. / 1- a boanl 
shingle, or slatc, a chi 
of woodt a splinter, a s 
Assulatim. ailv. piecem 
Assuldse, adv. in small 
Assultans,tis.^/. assaulti 
Assultim, adv by lcaps. 
Assulto[ad, salto], as. 
run, or leap upon, to 

Assultus, us. m. 4. an 
Assum, pro Adsum, to b 
Assfimcndus, a, um. pt 
siuned, reccivcd, en 

Assumentum, i- n-2. a \ 

^isumo, dre, mpsi, mp 

to assume, to take, t 

gmnted, to^admit, to 

to cat and tlrink. 

Assumor, i. pat*. to be i 

Assumptio, onis. /. 3. ai 

tion, an assuming 1 , a ta 

Assuinptivus, a. um. ad 

tive, cxtrinsical- 

\ssumptiis, a, um. pt. 

taken, imputed, attrib 

. f *suo, ere. ui .fitum act 

to, to scw on, to patch 

Assuor.ui, utus. pau-to 


Assurg^itur, impei*. they 

.^surg^o, crc, rexi, n. «I. 

risc, or stand up, t< 

hcight, to gTOw up, to 





e, to Tccovcr. 

a,um. aaj. roasted, dry, 

at mixtuxe, alone, pure, 

tol» the scorching sun 

n, a, um. adj. Malus Assy 
\ crange, lemon, ©r citron- 
Malum Assyrium, an 
p, lemon, or citron, Ptin. 
nj. but, and yet, howevcr, 
y, truly.(stamhng by, or up. 

Astrictio, ftnis. /. 3. astriction,Asturco,6nis.m.3. an ambling nagw 
sharpncss of tastc likc that of Astus, us, m. 4. craft, subtility, 



Astrictftrius, a» um, adj. stiptic,Astute, ach*. ius, comp. issime tup. 

astringent, binding, apt to bind.j craftily, cunningly, knavishly. 
Astrictus, a, um. pt. £3 adj. or,Astutia, x. /. 1 . craftiness, craft, 

comp. tied, bound, fastencd, con-! cunning, shuffling, knavery. 

fined, shackled,compcUed,forc-Astutus, a, um. adj. or, comp. issT 

ed, wrinkled, frowning, frozen, 
rough- unpleasant, niggardly. 
Astncus, a, um. adj. starry-(stars.' 

mus, aitp. crafty, cunning, sub- 
tle, politic. 
'Xsyluin, i, n. 2. a sanctuary, a teir.« 

\, tis. pt. being prescnt, Aatrifer, ira, fcrum, adj. bearingi plc, a privileged place, a refuge. 

Astrfger, fcra, erum, adj- adorncd.Asymbdlus, a, um. adj. shot frcc. 
with stars. Asyndeton, i, n. 2. a figure, when 

Astringcns, tis, pt. binding. I many words stand togethcr witl- 

Astringo, [ad, stringo,] gcre, nxij out their usual copula ; as, abiit, 
ictum. act. 3. to Uc, to bind, to; excewt, eva**it t crupit. 
fasten, to gird,to straitcn,to con- Asyntbctus, a, um. ad/.pure, clcar. 
tract, to obhgc, or engage. 

Astringerc, sc sacris, to takc or- AT- 

dcrs ; in jura, sacra, to takc an 

oath, Ov. fufti, to hc guilty of At, in composition, stands,for ad. 
fclony, Plaut. frontcm, to bend, At, conj. but. 
or knit thc brow,&vi. alvumVcn- £tat, interj. heyday ! how now ! O 

strangc ! O wondcrful .' ha ! how 
suy you ! 
Xtavus, i, m. 2. a great grandfa- 
thcr*s,orgn&ndmotlicr's, grandfa- 
ther,an old auccslor, an anccstor. 

Issm. t£s ( / 3. a comfit. 
■osj i. m. 2 a witty jcst, 
i m. 2. starwort, sharc- 
(the woJl. 
am, i. n, 2. pcllitory of 
cus, i. m. 3. a mark, a star. 
imiu, i, m. 2. an astcrism. 
o,[ad, sterno,] ere, stravi, 
to by by, or ncar to, to 

or, i. p. to bc laid, to lie 
fetio, flnis. / asscnt, trem, to bind, or makc costive, 
fittor, dris. m. 3. he who: Cet*. 

S or asscnts, a witneas, aAstringor, i. paat. to bc bound. 
er. JAstroldgia, *./. 1. astrology. 

atu, abl. m. 4. by asscnt. AstrolSgus, i. m. 2. an astrologcr. 

or, [ad, stipulor,] ari. aVrp.Astrttnomia, ae./ astronomy. Ixtellamcus, vcl Atcllanus, a, uin. 
ogagc for, to agrce, or con- Astrbiidmicus, ; a, um. adj. astro-) adj. merry, humorous droll 
>. I nomical, pertaimngtoastronomyJAtcr, tra, trum. adj. black, coal 

i.|'ad, statuo,] ucre, ui, Astrondmus, i.m.2. an astronomer. black, dark, brown, glooniy, 
act. 3. to set before. toAstruclus, a, \ built up. 
ir bring bcfore. Astrum,i,n. 2.astar, aconstellation. 

d, sto,J t&re, tfti, tTtum. Astruo, [ad, struo,] ucrc, uxi, uc- 
i atand, to stand by, to be tum. act. 3. to ouild ncar, to 

asaist, to wait upon, to join, to add, to accumulate. 

(plays. Astruor, i, uctus. pa*t- to be built 
, x. f. 1- one of Plautus's to, to bc added, erioined. As-AtetiamT corij, why but, ITl war- 
lus, i. m. 2. an hcrb, a truitur, his, besidcs this, Ptin. rant you. 
, nincpins, dicc, chess, 8tc. Astu, n. ind. the city, Ter. emph. Athara, x./ 1. gruel, panada. 
^ [ad, strcpo,] pere, pui, Athens. Xtheos, i, & Xtheus, i- tn. an 

«. 3. tpmake a noisc, As-Asttipeo, [ad, stupeo,] Cre, pui, atheist (pion. 

1 alicui, to applaud, Tac. neut. 2. to be amased at. (zard. AthlSta, x- m a wrestlcr, a chan.- 
,«sft/. cioacly» briefly* ^Aatur, ttris, m, 3. a hawk, a buz.|AUU$UcC) adv* stouUv^V^sxjA^^ 

moumful, fatal, mortal, hideous, 
stormy,raging, filthy, loathsomc 
Atra bilis, melancholy; atrum 
vcnenum, r&nk poison ; atcr pa- 
nis, brown bread ; atrum olus, 





AthlSticus, a, um. adj. atfilctic, 
strong-, hearty. 
Xtinia, *./. 1- an clm-trcc 

Vttegise, arum. pt.f. 1. cottages, 
huts, booths. 
jAttelabus, i. m. 2. a small locust. 

Xtdmus, i, d. g. 2. an atom, amitc. Attcllanus, i, m. 2. a mcrry actor. 
Atque, conj. and, as, espccially.Attcmpfcrati, adts seasonably. 

and yet, tlian, but, even as, after,j»4rtempero, as. act. 1. to make fit, 

after that ; atquc adeo, also. or meet. 

Atqui, conj. but, and yet, how- 
evcr, tnily, surciy. (horn. 

Atramentarium, i, «. 2. an ink-Attendens,tis pt. attending, mind 

Atramentum, i. 71. 2. ink, blacking, 

Attendendus, a, um. pt. to be at- 
tendcd to, to be regarded. (ful 

irtendo, dere, di, ntum, acv S. to 

black blood, coppcras, vitriol. attend, to listen, to observe, to 
Atratus, a, um- adj. madc black,! tukc heed, to mind, to apply, to 

dicd black, wcaring mounung 

Atricblor,oris.arf/.ot'a black color. 

Atricnsis, c atij. of a court>yard. 

^tricnsisjis. m-a porter,a stcward. 

Atriblum, i, /1. 2. a porch, a little 
court, or hall. 

Atritas, atis./ 3. blackncss. 

Atrium, i- n. 2. a court-yard, a liall 

Atrocitas, atis./ 3. cruelty, sa- 
vagencss, grievousness, trouble- 

Atrdciter, ath. ius, comp. issimc, 
Miip. cruelly, scverely, barbarous- 
ly, heinously, fierccly, harshly. 

Atrtfphia, *. f. 1- an atrophy, a 

Atrbphus, a,um.a<//. consumptivc. 

Atror, dris. m. 3. blackness- 

Atrox, ocis. adj. ior, comp. issl 
mus, tup. cruel, heinous, drcad 
ful, wickcd fierce, resolutc, 
bold, eag-er, stern, infiexible, 
parching, scorching. (lencc 

-tfrticeo, cre, cui- n. 2. to kccp si- 

Attactus, a, wm- pt. touchcd. 

Attactus, us, m. 4- a gvntle touch. 

Attafreii,enis.m.3.a dclicious bird. 

Attagena, x. / 1. a moor-cock, a 
rail, a snipc 
Attalicus, a, um. atlj. made ot 

clothof gold, brocaded, wealtliy, 

opulcnt. (thatjhowevcr. 

Aitxmlih adv. but, but yct, forall 


Attcndor, i. ntus, p. to be mindcd 

Attcntatus, a, um. pt. attemptcd. 

Attcnte, aitv. ius. comp. issinie, 
9itp. attentively, diligentlv, carc- 

Attentio, onis./ 3. attention, carc. 

.fttcnto, as. act. 1, to attempt, to 
setupon, to attack, toprove.o/ 
try. (attacked, corrupted, &c. 

Attcntor,ari,/>aJw. tobe attempted, 

Attentus, a, um, adj. & pt. ior, 
comp. issimus, sup. attentive 
heedful, carcful, anxious, listcn 
injr, held, detaincd, given up. 

Attcntus quxsitis, saving, penu 
rious, Jlor. (scned 

Attenuandus, a, um. pt. to bc les 

Attenuans, tis. pt. thinning-. 

Attenuate, adv. slenderlv, closclv. 

* • • • • 

Attcnuatiojonis^ 3. a diminisning . 

Attenuatus, a, tim. pt. diminishcd 
lcssencd, weakened, mude few 
er, made thinner, or ieaner. Ai- 
tenuata oratio, a low plain styk, 

.i/tcnuo, as. act. 1. to make tliin, 
to lessen, to impair, to wear out 
to bring low, to pull down ( wori . 

Atteuuor, ari, p. to be wasted o, 

out, or away, to waste, tohn 
to tramplc, or beat down, to ' 
sen, or detract from, 
Atteror, i, tritus. paas, to be w< 
Attestans, tis. pt. witnessing. 
\ttcstatio, onis. /. 3. an attc 
tion, a deposition of a witne: 
Attestator, ons. m. 3. a witnea 
Attcstatus, a, um. pt. proved 

./frtcstor, ari. dep. 1. to call, 

takc to witncss, to witncss, 

affirm, to provc, to illustrate- 

^rtexo, xirre, exui, extum. acU 

to knit, or wcavc unto, or wi 

to add, to join, to unite. 

Attexor,i, cxtus. pass.Ko be worc 

Atthis, idis./ -'•. a nig-hting-alc. 

Attice udv. eloquenth', eleganti 

Vtticismus, i. m. 2 an attedl 

elegance of the Attic dialect 

Atticus, a, um. adj. Athenil 

eloqucnt, ncat, fine. 

AttTneo [ad, tcneo], £re, ui, e 

'um. a. 2. to belong-, to perttl 

to stcp, to hold back, or fortk, I 

signify, to avail. (he) 

Attineor, eri, cntus. pa9$. to I 

Attmct, iwpert. it oclongi, 


Attingo, [ad tangv),] elre, ti 

tactum, act. 3. to touch,toto« 

lightly, or upon, to meddle vid 

to trcat of, to be related to> 1 

bclong to, to concern, to read 

to arrive at, or amongst. 

\ttingor, i.past. to be touchcd 

\ttollens, tis. pt lifling up^aiflQ 

v 9/tollo, cre. act. 3. \npr*t attd 

to raisc up, to lift up, to takeq 

to bring up, to raise, to extol,! 


.Vttollor, i, pas». to be Ufted up. 

Attercns, tis, pt. rubbing agains- Attondens, tis.^r sheering. 

■ittCTO, ere, trivi, tritum, a. .1. u 
rub agahist, «r upon, to wcai 

^rtondeo, Cri, di, nsum. a. 2- 1 
cUp, to cut, to she«r, to thare. 





poll, to round, to browsel AttrTtus, a, um. pt. vcl adj. c \ pat-t. much • (vance. 

louse. (pcd ior, cotnp. rubbed, worn, worn Aucto, as. n. 1. to increasc, to ad- 

r, eri, nsus- p. tobe clip- away,wastcd, diminishcd, dccay- Auctor, dns. c. g. 3. an author, a 
adv- wondcrfully. Attritio, dnis. /. 5. attrition. (cd.' causcr, a oontrivcr, an adviser, an 

,a,um. pi. astonishcd, a-Attritus, us. m. 4. a rubbing, a approver, a reporter, a writer, a 
thunderstruck, affri^ht- fretting, a wearing, a galling. I preccdcnt, an owner, an incrcas 
ihed, inspircd, raving, Attiili, pret. afo AfPero, I havej er, a leader, a commander, a 

s, nui, nitum. o- 1. to 
to affright out of onc's 

clip, cut, or sliave close 

brought. founder, a fathcr, a master, a 

AU. guardian.- 

Auctdramentum, i. n. 2. a stipu- 

Au, in composition stands for ab. lating, or contracting, the hire, or 

stiugily, continually, carefully,' bound to serve, prcssed, inlistcd» 
6nis-/3- attraction,the carncstly. | patronised. 

awing together. Avlrior, us. adj. comp. issfmus, Auctdritas, atis, / 3. authority, 

p a, um. pt. drawn, drag- sitp. more and most covctous, or crcdit, rcputation, awfulness, 
hcd, contractcd, wrmk- Xvarittr, adv. grccdily. (greedy.j wcight,force,powcr,jurisdiction» 
;, tis- pt. drawing. (Icd- Avaritia, x.f. 1. avarice, covctous- an ordcr, or commission, opinion, 
hcrc, axi, actum. act. 3. ness, grcediness, an immodcrate advicc, tcstimony, an authentic 
or bring to, to draw, to dcsire. dced, or instrument, a titlc, ov 

£tract,toallure,toinvitc. Xvantics, €i,/ 5. corctousness. propcrty, warranty. (or press. 
i./um.tobcdrag-ged. (ingXvarus, a, um. adj.cov etous, gree- Auctom, as. act. 1. to bind, bire, 
is, us. m. liandling, fcel- dy,pcnurious,desirous,insatiablc. Auctoror, ari. p. to bc bound by 
js, a, um. pt. handlcd, Auccps, cupis. c. g. 3- a fowler, al oath, to bc prcst, or inlisted. 

■ • n _. ■ 1_ 1 4. __.___..______, a __.___■_________ ___ _..______ _•_ _i _ 1 __. __ „ _ 

with, used ill. 
[ad, tracto], as. act. 1. 
, to handlc, to fcei, to 
■rith, to gropc. [at. 

ere, ui. 71. 2. to tremble 
, as. tieut. to hobble 

idus, a, um. pt. to bc at- 

or imputcd, to imputc. 

is, tis. pt. attributing. 

uere, ui, fltum. act. 3. to Auctio, onis./ 3. an auction, salc, 

_k ___. * -- ■* jt. • • I _n_ >- 

, to impute, to aswgn, 

i, dnis./. 3. the samc as. 
09, i. n. 2. an attribute, or 
>n, an affcction- moncv 
for the paymcnt of sol- 

\, a. t^tigned. 

birdcatchcr, a hawker. Ajccps, Aucturus, a, um. pt. about to aug- 

mcnt, o- incrcase. 

Auctum, i. 7i. 2. an iucrease. 

AuctQrus, a, um. pt. vci adj. ec 
part. ior, comp. incrcascd, ad- 
vanccil, improvcd, magnificd. 
multiplicd, enrichcd, rxalted. 
crcatcd, licgotten. 

syllaharum, a captiout fcllow, a 

cavillcr, a critic, Cic. Ne quis au- 

ccps nostro sermoni sict, leit any 

one should listcn, or over lu-ar 

us, Plaut. (and above, a surplus. 
AMCtarium, i. iu 2. somctlun^ ovcr 
AucUfer, era, ferum. aqj. bnngin^ 

increasc, or growth. Auctus, us. m. 4. increasc, gnrnUi 

Auctificus, a, um. «_(/. increasing. au,«rmcntation, risc, oh'>ing. 


to give, to pay down. Auctidnans, tis. m. 3. an auction- Auciipfiioriui, a, u:n. adj. *of, o. 
, i.pass.Ui beattributcd. Auctionarius. a, um- adj. of or bc- bclon^ing to fowlin^, fit io i*V 

longing to public salc. Auction- birds. (watclifoy, nv "u;ch a«. 

ari* tabulae, inventories; auc- AuciipaturuH, a, ur.i. y>' .''muttn 

Aucupans, tis. bt. watching for. 
Auciiputio.flni»./. J. fowling. yratu 

tionaria atria, places whcro opcn Auciipiuni, i. ;i. 2. fowlin;x, bir.i^ 

salc ismade. [tion. caught, a carcful scr_rc.i, a.i ear 

Auctidnor, ari. d. 1. to sell by aucJ nestdcsirc orcnd?avour, :\ f 

Auctito, as. frcq. l^ to incrcascf an cnticcmcnt, a v.^y, ur uvcwwi 





Auctipo, as- act. 1. to watch, to house, &c. 

Aucupor, Sri. dep. 1. to go a fowl 

ing, trhawking, to huntaftcr, to Auditus, a, um. pt. hcard, rclated 
■tnve,toobtain,towatch, to catch Auditus,us. m 4. thc sense of hcar- 

at, to seek, or gct by cunning. 

Audacia, x.f 1. legitur in plur. au- 
dacity, boldncss, assurance, im- 
pudcnce, rashness, courage, bra 

Audacitcr, adv. boldly, rashly. 

Audacter. adv- ius, comp. issime, 
sup. frcely, boldly, couragcously 
confidentlv, daringly, rashly. 

Audacfilus, a, um. adj. saucy 

\uditu_n, i. n- 2. report, hearsay 
AuditQrus,a-uni. pt. about to hcar. 

ing, hcaring, a relation of fact. 
Ave, vevb. drfect. avc, avelo- pfur. 
av? te» avctote : infin. sivcre, all 

Hke, to abhor, to rcjcct, to i 
rcgard, to slight, to tum awa 
Avcrsiims. pt. about to turn awi 
Aversus,a,um. pt. vel aaj- i 
comp. issimus, %up. turned 
way, avcrse, eatrauged, cont 
ry, shy, purloined, embezzk 
Aversus mcrcaturis, disliking 

hail, Uod save you : in the end mcrchant's lifc. 

of an cpistle. adieu. 
Avectus, a, mn. pt. carried away. 
Aveho, crc, exi, ectum. act. 3. to' 
carry away, to carry off. 
Avehor, i.jtaM. to bc carricd away. 
Avcllana, x. f 1. a filberd. 
Audax, acis- adj. ior, comp. issTmus Avcllo, lcrc, li, & vulsi, vulsum. 
*up. bold, daring, confidcnt, vali- act. 3, to pull or drag away, to 
ant,audacious,desperate, wicked. j>art, to kccp asunder. 

Audeudus, a, um- pt. worthy to bc.Xvcllor,i,vulsus. pa*v.ta bc pulIcd,Avertor, i, ersus. pan*. to be txu 
dared, or undertaken, to dare. or tom away, to be separated. ; cd away. to be alienatcd, ort 

Xvena, ac. / 1. oats, oaten straw, tranged- 
a pipc, a rced, a mean low styie. Auftrens, tis. pt. taking away, 

Avcrtcndus,a,um. pt. to be arerf 
to bc turncd away, to turn awi 

Avcrtcns, tis pt. turning away. 

Averto, tere, ti, rsum. ci 3. to 
vert, to tum, or drive away, 
put to flight, to turn, to rcnioi 
to pervcrt. or misemploy. Qi* 
omen .lupitcr avertat, whi 
(iod forbia, Cic. 

Audens,tis./>/. vcl adj. ior, comp. is- 
simus tvp. bold, daring, hardy. 

Audenter, adv. ius, comp. boldly, 
daringly, courageously. (rage. 

Audentia, ae. f fortitude, cou-Avens, coveting, dcsiring. 
Audeo, ere, sus sum. <i- 2. to dare- 
to adventure, to be bold, not to 

be afraid. 

Audcor, 6ri pat». to be dared. 

Audiendus, a, um. pt to be heard 

Audiens, tis. pt. vcl adj. hearing, 

obedicnt, Cum dat. Dicto audi- 

ens, Cic.Cum gen. Audicns impc- 

TiiyPlaut. Substpro Auditor [on. 

Audicntia, <e/.l. audicnce, attenti- 

Audio, \re, ivi,itura. ac *-4- to hcar, 

to listcn, toattendto. 

to regard* to believe, to grant, 

to try, or judge, to be spoken of 

Audior, iri pa*»- to be heard. [sav 

Auditio, 6ms-/3.a lieariiig-,ahcar- Aversans, tis. pt. dishking. 

Auditiunciila, x./l. areport. (er. 
Auditor. dris- m. an auditor a hear- 
A.tditdrium, i n. 2. an auditor) , or 

astembly of hcarers, a school, a Aversor, 6ris- m. 3. a purloiner. 

Xvcnaceus, a, um. aify. of oats. 
Xvenarius, a, um- adj. of oats. 

\ufero [ab, fcro], ers, abshTj 
ablatum. act. 3. to take, or car 
away, to carry oft*, to pct, to o 

Aveo,crc- «.2-car- pr*t&8t/p. to de- tain, to prcvent, to take up, ■' 
sire, to covct, to wish, to bc jrlad cease, to deccive. Inultum i 

AVernalis. e. adj. of hell, infcrnal* 

A\enius,a,um.aJ;. of hell, infcrnal 

Averro, rerc; ri, rsum. act. 3. to 
swccp, or ciiTty away, to rcmovc. 

Averror, i. pass. to bc swcpt away. 

Avcrruncandur, a, uni. pt- to be 
appeascd, or drivcn away. 

Avcrr.mco [ab, crunco], as act. 1 . 
to cut, scrape, tum, or take 
awny, to boc, to wecd, to prunc 
to avert. to appcase, to attonc. 


ferre, to j^o scotfree- Aufcrre j 

dicio, to get by law- Aufer ( 

hinc, g"et you gnnc 

.\uf6ror, crri, ablitus. poM. to I 

carried, or takcn away. (va^ 

Aufrtgicns, tis. pt. avoiding", shit 

Aiifug-io [ab, fugio], gere, | 

(rituni. «. 3. to run away, to ft 

from, to cscapc, to shun,toavoi 

to bc all gone, or spcnt, (large 

\u^endus, a, um. pt. to be e 

Aujren», tis. /»/. incrcasing. 

Avcrsandus, a,um./>/. to bc abhor- Augvo, crc uxi, uctm. act 

Xversatio. 'dnis. / 3- aversion, ab- 
horrence. (fusinfr 

Aversatus, a, um. pt. disliking, re 

hall of audience, a «essions-(Aversor, ari. dtp. 1. to hatc, to dis^Augescens, tis. pt. increasing. 

increasc, to enlarge, to advanc 
to sct oft", to cxaggerate, to t 
rich, to make, to creatc, to pi 
duce- (crease 

Augcor, eri, ctus. pas*. to be i 

. _, • . _ ■ • ___ 





co, cn t tncep. 3. to incrcase, Aviciila, x.f. 1. ilim. a UtUc bird. 
"ou , to plump up, to gTow:AVide, udv. ius, comp. issime, tvp 
(iiicrcase,growthofbody.j gree<lily, cagcrly, carncstly. 

en, iiiis, n. 3. augmentation, 
ento, tts. uct. 1. to i.icrcase 
eiiiiim, i, w. o. growth, in- 
',uri».c .£*-J.aiUkUgur.{crcasc. 
"llo, is. n. .)■ an insirumcnt 
gnrs a towcr for obscrva- 
w uigurs. (gurs. 

ftfis, e. ac{/. belonging to au- 
«ndus,a,uin./tf.tobc divined 
itio, onis./ 3. soothsaving 
&to, ac/r. by soothsaying. 
itus, a, um. pt. counruicd, 
ited by soothsaying 
itus, us- m. 4. thc officc, 
uiu, i, n. 2. augury,divina- 
»ooihsaying, a prcdiction, 
ccturc, a surmise, au ora- 
i answcr, a figii, a token, 
pectation. (augury. 

Xviditas, atis. /• 3. grccdiness, 

Aviditcr, tuiv. grcedily. 
AVulus, a, um. adj. ior, comp. issi- 

mus, sup. grcedy, covelous, nig- 

gardly, eager aftcr, camest, dc- Auratura, ac. f. 1. a gilding. 

us,a,iufi. adj. bclongingtG Aulicus, i, m. 2. a courtier.(court. 

sirous, fond, ravenous, hungry. 
Avis, is. / 3. a bird, a fowl, luck. 
Xvltus, a, um- adj. lcft by anccs- 

Xon, belonging to ancestors, an- 

ricnt, old. (acccssiblc, loncly. 
Avius, a, um. udj. unpassable, iu- 
Aula, x.f. 1. a ha.ll, a court, a pa- 

larc, a honcycomb. 
Aiilacum,i.;i. 2. aev.rtain.Lcg/re7. 

in pl. Aulxa, hungings, tanestry. 
Auletcs,3f.m.l. a pipcr,a niinstrcl. 
Auleticus, a, uni. adj. of, or bc- 

longing to pipcs. good for pipcs. 
Auhciui,tt,um.rt<{/.bfdonging to thc 

i, as act. £s/ Augiiror, ari. 
to presagc, to forebodc,to 
toirc, to gucss, to sumiise. 
iric, ii- 71. 3. a palacc, a 
xVn tcnt. 

aiia,um: pl.n- 3. plays, insti- 
u honor of Augustus, 7W. 
ilw t e.m//.inipcrial, statcly. 
e, adv. vcncrably, majcs- 

js, a, u in. adj. ior, cnmp. 
*, tup. august, splendid, 
ic, imperial, princely, no- 
cncrablc, sacrcd, diviiu, 

js, i- m. 2. the month Au- 
/. l.a grandmothcr. (cs. n 2. uupassublcpla- 
n, i. n . 2. an avian , a cagc, 
v, a bushy placc. 
, i. m. 2 a poultcrcr, a 

Ankrdus, i, *n.2 a minstrcl,a pipcr. 
Aulon, i. n. 2. an organ-pipe, a 

musclc. (dies. 

Aululiiria, onc of Plautus's comc- 
Avocamcntum, i.n/2-an avocation, 

rclaxation, rccreation, pastimc 
Avocans, tis pt. calling away. 
Avdcatio, ouis./. 3. acallingaway. 

o;from, a divcrting the thoughts 
AVoco,as.uc/.l. to call oflT, to witli- 

dmv, to ttirn aside, to disKuadc- 
AVocor,ari.^ bc called away. 
Avolaturus^i, uni. pt. about to fl\ 

awayj to fly away. 
Avblo, as. nru*. 1. to fly away, to 

hastcn away,top:»ssauayquickly 
Aura, x.j- 1. thc air, a cool air, n 

galc, a gcntlc gale,a wiixl, a blxst 

of wind,a brcath, favor, applausc, 

humor, brightness, bcauty, gai- 

ety. Aura, jethcrefi vcsci, to livc 

gen. pro aurac, Yirg. 
Auramentum, i. n. 2- an instru> 

ment to mine, and gild with* 
Aurantium, i- n. 2. an orangc 
Auraria, tc.f. 1. a gold minc 
Aururius, a, um> adj> ot, like or 

bclonging to gold, goldcn. 
Aurata, x.f. 1. a gilt head. 

Auratus, a, gilt with goIuS 

adorncd witli gold, goldcn.(lenU 

vurcolus, a,um-<i(^'.goldcn, cxcd- 

Aurcolus, i. m. 2. a piccc ot' gold. 

Aurc<ico, cre. ?t* to grow brightaf 

Aureus, a, utn adj. golden, made 

ofgold, of a gold color, yellow, 

shining, briglit, rich, valuuble» 

cxcellcnt, beautiful. (guinea. 
Aur?us, i. m. 2. auy gold coin, a 
Aurichalcum,i.n.2. latten, copper. 
AurTrdmus, a, um. adj. that hath 

hair likc gold, or goluen locks. 
Auricula, xf 1- tlie Uip, or flap of 

the ear, thc car, a flowcr. (ear. 
Auricularia, c.atlj. auricular,of the 
Auricularius, a, um. adj. *ee Au- 

rioularis. (ctli gold. 

Aurifcr, cra, Crum. adj. that bcar- 
Aurifex, Ycii. m. 3. a goldsmith. 
Aunfodina, r,/ 1. a gold-mine. 
AurTga, sc c.ff. 1- a charioteer, a 

cartcr, a waggoner, a horsekecp- 

cr, a groom, an equcrrv, a pilot, 

a sign. 

Aurigans, tis. pt driving a coach* 
Aurigariuj, i- m. 2. a coach-driver. 
Aungatin, dnis. /. a driving of a 


Aurigatfirus, pt. about to drivc 
Aungcr, crc, ciTim, adj. bcaring 

gold. (riot, or cart. 

.Vurigo, &<*. act. 1. to drive h clia- 
Aurigor, ari. d- 1. to stcer, to rulc 
AuripigDicntum t i.ft.2. auocAvtt ^. 

and breathc. Auras & auraii, ii\\ U\c c^x oA ^oXv^ ^w^x^k,-» ^\W 






Auris- is> /. 3. aii cnr, hearing-. 

Auriscalpium.i.ft.2- an ear-picker. 

Auritiilus, a, um. adj. loiifr-earcd. 

Auritfts, a, largc,9r 
long ciirs^icaring' wcll, Iisteniii;r. 

Aurdra, jc./, 1. the morning», thc 
timc JQBt bcfore sunriie.thc east. 

Aurosus,a, um.full of £oId,gt>lden. 

Aurfigo, Inis./. 3. thc jaundicc 

Aunun, i. n. 2» poUi, any thin£ 
madcof gold, a ycllow color.(iii|*. 

Auscultatio, cmis./. 3. a hearkcn- 

Auscultator, oris. m. 3. a ILstener. 

.Ausculto, .to listen,to hcar- 
ken,to obscrve, to mind, to obcy. 

Ausim, sis,sit pl. ausint, verbura 
defect, I durst be bold, 1 darc. 

Auspcx, icis. m. 3. a diviner by 
birds, a soothsaycr, a chief, oi 
leading- peraon, a conductor, an 

AuspTcans, tis pt bcginning. 

AuspTcatd, adv. by consulting thc 
augurs, auspicioutly,fortunately. 

AuspYcatuf, a, um. pt vcl adj. ior, 
comp. isslmus, oup. fct apart by 
soothsaycrs, auspicious, favora- 
ble, fortunate, iucky, luckily be- 
■gun. (lating to soothsaying". 

AuspTcialis, e. a<\j. uscd in, or rc- 

Auspfcium, i.n. 2.a consulting" tbe 
soothsayers, an auspicc, a sign, 
a token, a beginniiu?, an event, 
fortune, conduct, raanagcmcnt, 
■rulc, authority, will, plcasurc. 

Auspfcor,ari.<7c/>. 1. to scck, ©r ga- 
ther from omens or tokens,to be- 
gin, to undcrtakc,to cntcr upon. 

Auster, thc south wind,thc 
south part of the workl, wind. 

Austcr^, adv. austcrcly, sharply. 

Austcritas, atis. /. 3. sustcrity, 
harshncss, roughucss, sfcarpncss, 
sleriincss, gravity, ruserte, dcep 

AuMerus, a, um. adj. ior, cbmj>. clarc. 

austcre, harsh, rough, sharp, Avulsio, 6nis./. J. a pk 

sour, crabbcd, sad, jrrave, re- Avulsor, oris. m. 3. he u 

«••rved, racy, dccp. np, oft', or away. 

AustraJis, c adj. southern.(rainy.Avulsus, a, um. pt. pu 

Austriiius, a, um. adj. southcrn, ©r off, torn ofT, slippc< 

AuxUyubl m.with daring^or hazard. Avunculus,i. m 2. au un< 

Ausum, si. n. 2. an attcinpt, an un-' cle by thc niothcr*s si 

dertaking, ahardy cnterprise. | culus magiius,the jrran 

AusGrus, a, tliat will darc,; brother, CVc major, th 

or attcinpt, to attcmpt. j grandmothcrN brothc 

Ausus, a, um. />.', that hath darcd,Xvus, i. m. 2. a gTan 

cominitted, or cntcrprised. { grandsirc, an ancestor 

Aut, conj. or, or clsc, cithcr. >Auxi]iabundus, a, um / 

Autem, conj. but, howcvcr, not-Auxilians,tis/>f.hclpinir 

withstanding, ncvertheless, yea. Auxiliaris, c adj. auxil 

nay, and, also, bcsidcs, truly, in- tant, subscrvient, 

dced, on thc contrary, contrari-' hcaling-. 

wisc, not beforc. Auxiliarius, a, um. ac 

Authentjcii8,a, um. adj. authcnticJAuxiliator, dris. m. 3. a 

Authcpsa, *./. 1. astcw-pan. 
Author, oris. c. g. vide Auctor. 
Authdritas,atis. /vide A uctoritas 

Autogjaphum, l. n. one's handiAuxiliatus, us. m. 4. hc 

assistant, an aider. 
Auxiliatus, a, um. pt. 
helpcd, or cured. 

writinjr. (with one's own hand. 
Autographus, a, um. adj. writtcn 
Autdmaton, vel Aut6matum,in 2. 

an engine thatgt>cs with aspring, 

any picce of art that secms to 

move of itsclf, a», x clock, a jack, 

Automatus, a, um. adj. tliat which 

g-oes witli a spring-, or scrcw, 

seeming* to move itself. 
Yutumnalis, e. adj. autumnal, of, 

or belonjpng" to autumn. 
Autumirtas, atis. /. 3. thc time of 

aiitinnn, thc fall of the lcaf. 
Autumno,as nettt. 1. to be autumn, 
Autunuius, a, um. adj. autumnal. 
Autumnus,i.;n 2. autumn, the time 

Auxilior, ari. dep. 1. t« 
assist, to aid, to be c 
to do, or be good, to 
cure, or hcal. 

Auxllium, i. n 2. help, 
aid, protcction,patron: 
dy, rclief, casc, auxilis 


AxTculus, i. m. 2. a litt 

latch, lath, &c. a pin fo 

Axilla, ae./. 1. thc annp 

Axillaris, c. adj. of, oi 

Axibma,atis. m.3. an axi 

position,a gtneral rulc 

Axis, is. m. 4. an axletn 

wag-gt>n, or chariot, thc 

ven.a cliinate, a canop 

from thc sixtli day of Augiist to 

the sixth day of Novcmber, the a bourd. or tablo, a bc 
time of harvest and vinta^e. |Axitidsus,a,um.«f//.sooli 
Autumo, as. act 1. tothink,tosup-Axungi:i, x.f. cart-whe 
poae, to avouch, to affirm, to de4 fat. 





AZ. jBaccifer,a, iu 2.the feastofJBaccuIa, x./ l.dim.i smail berry. 

Bacillum, i. ;». 2. a littlc staff, or 

Baculum, i, n. & Baculus, i. m. 2. 

a staif,a stick,a batoon,a sccptre 

Badisso, a&. & B&dizo, as. neut. 1. 

d brcad. 

um. atij. unleavcned, 

ccre, not putied up 


Urj. strangc ! won 
! goodly! 

i, &, um. adj. formcd 
olors. (nativitics. 

a» \im.fidj. calculating 

a washing-place. 
Bxticus, a, um. aaj. brown tawnyJBalo, as. /t. 1. to bleat. (balm. 
1. a bcrry, any smafi Bajulans, tis. /t/.carrying, bearing. Balsaminus, a, um. adj. madc ojf 
irl. Bajulo, as- act. 1 . to carry, te bcar. Balsamum, i. n.2.balsam,balm,th* 

itus, us. m. 4. a bache. Bajulus, i.m.2. a porter, a laborcr. trce,and juice that drops from it 
:e, or standing. (arts. Balxna,z./l.a whale, a grampus. Baltcttlus, i. m. a small belt, 
is, i m. 2.a bachelorof Balanatus, a, um. aaj. anointedjBalteum, i. n« & Balteus, i. m, a 

/la bay trce,a laurci. 
um, atlj. of pcarl, sct, 
. witk pcarl. Monile 
l pearl-nccklace, Virg. 

cl against fascination, 
e, clown's spikenard. 
adv. with rcvelry. 
nis,/ 3. a debauch.^.raving, ragirig, 
out in a rage, dauced, 
r distractedly. 
a,um. adj. of Bacchus. 

Balnearius,a,um.a<(f. belongim| to 
baths. Balnearii fures, pilfenng 
rogues, who stole away peoplc's 
clothes in the baths, Catull. 

Balneator, 6ris. m. 3. the master 
of a bath, the keeper of a bag- 
nio, a scrvant attending a batK, 

or bagnio. 

(of a bath. 

to go, to walk, to pace, to amblc. 
Badius, a, um- a({j. brown, bay, 

Bxticatus, a, um. ailj. wearingiBalncum, i. n. 2. a bath,abagnio» 

brown, or dark-colored cloth. L * * 

Balncatrix, icis, / 3. the mntreas 
Balnc61um, i. n. 2. a little bath. 

with thc oil of ben, madc ofl belt, a girdle. (dusft, 

whalebone. (bcii.jBalux, ucis./ 3. gold-ore, gold- 

Balaninus, a, um, adj. madc of 
B&lans, tis. pt. bleating. 

1. a priestess of Bac- Balanus, i. d. g. 2. an acora, adate, 

a chcsnut,a kind of shellnsh, bcn. 
Balatro, dnis-/ 3. a pitiful fellow. 
Balatus, us. m. 4. a bleating. 
Balaubtium, i. n. 2. the flower of 

a pomegranate-trec 

lrtcsan, a strumpet 

lus*a, um.a<#.revelling 

alis. n. 3. the place 

feasts of Bacchus werc 

l,the fcast itself, a mad 

lara, a bawdy-house. 

upe. raging, mad. 

1 Baccar,aris, n. 3. & 

s./ herb thought Balbfities, ei./5. a stammering. 

i — :— * *—:_*:_ Balbutio, Ire, Ivi. n«i*.4. to stutter, 

to stammer, to lisp, to babblc 
Balmeum, i. n. 2. a bath, bagneo, 
Balidlus, a, um. (u^-tawny. (strew 

Bambacinus, a,um, adj. of cotton. 

Bambacion,i.».2.cotton, bombaat. 

Bambalio, Snis. m. 3. a stammerer. 

Bancus, i. m, 2. abank, a bench, a 
seat, ortable. Bancusrcg^us, the 
King^s Bcnch- Bancus comnui- 
nis, the Common Pleas. 

Baphiarius, i, iq. % a dief# 

Balbc, adv lispingljr- (lisping.baptisina, alis. n- 3. baptism. 
Balbus, a, um. adj. stammering, Baptismus, i. m. 2. baptiim. 
Balbutiens, tis. pt. stammering. Baptista, x. m. 1- a baptizer, Johci 

the Baptist, ao called emphati- 
callv. (bath. 

BaptistSrium, i- n. 2. a font, a 
Baptizo, as acu 1> to baptizc 

-, -, ^.«.w.-j . v „„ w„..Barathrum, i. n. 2. a gulf, a deep 

Balista, x./ 1. a warlike cnginc pit, a deep place, hcll, the bcl- 
uscd to throw stoncs, &ca shngj lv, ov pauncn, a glutton, a wasU^ 
a cross-bow. I ful harlot 

Baliatarium, i. n- thc place whcre|Barba, x. / 1. a beard, a claw. 

BarbSrO, adv. barbarously, cruel- 

. m. a foot in verse of thc balista was mounted, a slingJ 

indtwo longsyllables; Balius, a, um. aaj. tawny, black. 

Balneae,arum,/>/./ lpublic baths. 
. dep. 1. to rcvel, to ri- Balnearis, c adj. of, or for a bath. 
, to rage, to swagfer, Balncarium, i. a. 2. a placc whcrtRaT&na^«.{\^ 

i bath, or fitcw ia kept \ try »\>M^»V|v«vJ*l» v-s ' Jk w 

ly, rudely, clownishlv, unintclli- 
gibly, unusually, in anothcr 
tongue, not Grcek. 






unpoIiteneii,rudencss,rusticity.Baro, dnis. m. 3. a blockhead, a, battlc betwccn the frogs 
Barbaricus, a, um. adj. pcrtainingj fcol, a sot, a common soldicr, a Bntucns, tis. pt. fencing. (i 
to t or coming from barbarous' man, or husband, a baron. jBntuo, fere, ni, utum. act. '< 

pcople, barbarian, foreign, rich, Bardnia, x.f. 1. thc fee of a baron.| beat, or battcr, to fight, to f< 
aavajpc, unpolislted, wild, mcan. Barritus, iis. m. 4. tlic brayinff ofl to fence with foils, to bind \ 
Bai banca sylva, whcre trees an elcphant,a great shout befort jBatuor, i, utus. pa*s. to be bei 

■grow as it wcre wild and out of battlc. (tooth. 

order, all sorts togethcr. Barba-iBamis, i. m. 2, an elcphant, or his 
ricumaumm, brought from Bar-Basaltcs ae. m. 1. a kind ofmarble 
bary, 1. 1. Troy. Barbarica pavi- Bascauda, x.f 1 a baskct. 
meuta, floora made of liies, hme, Busiandus, a, tobe kissed. 
aud rubbish. Barbarica BUpeJIcx,;Basiatio, dnis./ 3. akissing 
mean furniture- Barbaricse ves-jBasiator, 6ris-m.3 oncthatkisscth. 
tes, embroidcrcd garmcnts. Bar- Basiatus, a, um. pt. kissed. 

Batus, i. m. 2. a bath, an Ilel 
measure of liquid thinjrs,coi! 
ing seventy-two sextaries. ( 
Baubor, Sri. dep. 1. to bark £ 
Baxea*x/la shoe with a wo 
solc, a clog, a pattcn, a alipp 


barici mores, savage, manncrs 
Barbaries. ci. / 5. barbarity, cru- 

barism, rudcncss, roughness. 
Barbarismus, i. m. 2. a barbarism. 
Barbarus, a, um. aaj lor.comp. bar- 

Bhsilica, x. / 1. atown-hall, or Bdellium^ n 2 a black treein 

court of justicc, a statc-house, 

elty, a barbarous people. a bar- a piazza, an exchangc, a large 

gullcry to walk in, a cathcdral, a 
inother-church, a grcat vein in 
the arm. 

bia, the gum of tlie same tit 
a fragnant scent, and bitter t 


barous, crucl, savagcwild, rudc,Basilicc, adv. royally, princely, 
unpolishcd, clowmsh, foolish,] riclily, splcndidly, uttcrly. Ba- 
simplc, unmteUigiblc, forcign- silicc viverc, to livc likc aprincc, 

Barbata, %./ 1. the osprcy-cagle. Flnut. 

Barbatulus, a, um. adj. having aBasihcon,i. ?i. 2. aprinccly robc, a 
little bcard, or newly trimmcd. I finc walnut, asa1ve,an ointmcnt 

Barbatus, a,um. ai\j. bcarded,Fsim-.Bastlicus, a, um. adj. princcly, 
ple, silly, doting, oldfashioncd. royal, noble, stately, dainty. 

Bcate, adv. happily, blcsft 
prospcrously, well, honestlj 
Beatifico, as. act.l. tobIess.{ 
Bcafif icus.a,um. adj beatificj 
Beatitas, atis /. 3. happinea 
Beatitudo, iius. / 3. beatit 
fclicity, liappiness. (ha 

Bcatiilus, a, um, aqj. somei 
Bcatus, a, um. pt. vcl aaj. 


Ba*io, as. act. 1. to kiss. (atricc. 
Basis, is. f. 3. a b.ase, a bottom, a 

foundation, a pedestal, a piilar. 
Basium, i n. 2. a kiss, or buss. 
Bassaris, Idis./ 3. a priestcss of 


Barbiger,a,umaf(/.havingabcard.JBasiIiscus,im 2 a basilisk, a cock-| comp isslmus, snp happy, b 

ed, joyful, rich, fruitfuJ, com 
matc, pcrfcct. 

Bellans, tis. />/. warring, figh 

Bellaria, orum. pl n. 2. n 

mcats, dainties, junkets, thc 

scrt, tlic choiccr sort of wini 

Bcllator, oris m. 3. a warrk 

bruiser, a chcssman. 

Bcllatorius, a, um adj. pertai 

to war, or warriors,wartike.(i 

Bellutrix, Icis / 3 a warlike 

Iiellatrix, Icis aaj. warlike,h 

Bellatulus, a, um adj. pretty 

Bellatur, imp. war is carriedc 

Bell~iturus,a, um pt. about to 

Bcllax, acis. adj. warlike, fiei 

Barbitos, i. c g. Barbitus, i. m. & 

Barbhon, i. iu a lutc, a harp, a 

Barbo, onis. m* 3- a barbel. 

Barbnia, x./ 1, dim a littlc beard. 

Bardalcus,^ Bardiacus, a, um. atfy. 

«Irestlike Gauls. Banhucus ju-|Bastcrna, x./ 1. a close Uttcr, 
<lcx, a judge-ndvocate. Barclai- chair, vr sedan drawn by beasts 
cus evocatus, an old bcaten sol- Bat, inteij. tush ! pshaw ! hush ! 
dier- (*ong Batillurn, i. ?i & Batilhis, i. m. 2. 

BanHtus, us m. 4. an old bard's 
Banlbciicullus, i. m. 2. a cloak 

witli a hood to it, a Frcnch cloak. 
Bardus^,um.a<(f.iieavy, slow, dull. 
Bardus, i. m. 2. a British bard, a 

poct amongst the old Gauls. 
«wj rdOmS-3. *bif, a barft. 

a fiiv-shovcl, an inccnsc-pan, a 

chaHng dish, a paddte staff, a 

lig-ht wooden shovel, or spadc. 

BatiHus cubicularius, a warming 


Bltis,fdis / 3 a skate, samphirc. 
Batrachdmyomachia, «./. 1. the BeUe, adv. issim^ *up. pm 





Jy, conveniantly dain-jBene 4 , adv. mclius, comp> optime, 

tup. well, rightly, wondcrfully, 
happily, luckily, prospcrously, 
pretty, vcry. Benc* mihi, beiie 
vobis, bcnc amicx mex, a good 
healthto, &c. Ptavt. 
Benedicc,u Jr courtcouslv,kindlv 
Bentdlco, cere, ixi, ictum act. 3. 

i the war abraad 

•hj. ius, comp. issime, 

irlike manner 

,um. a^.ior, comp. is- 

warlike, valiant, mar 

war, spcnt in war. 

.2.thesoundofatrum- to bless, to praisc, to commcnd, 

Jfor a battJe,an alarm 
[D.actf.warlike. Equus 
war-liorse. Navis bel- 
of war, Proper. (war. 
tiatlj warlikc, making 
im, adj. warlike,mar- 
;ii»j to war. 

tii, pt. making, or\ 
1 war. 

, imper*. war is made 
ellum. gero], ire act 
war, to cafry on war. 
te.udj mighty in war, 
werful. (to combat 

to applaud, to spcak wcll of, to tcous, indulgent, fond, bountiful, 


Benedlcor, ci. paso. to bc blcssed Beo,as.ocf.l. to bless,to inake im- 

to war, towage war, 

BSnedictio, 6nis./ 3. a blessing. 
Bencdictum, i. n. 2. a good say- 

ing, good language, a blcssing. 
jBtffffacio, cere, fcci, factum. a. 

3. to do well, to do a good tum, 

to bcnefit, to be scrviceablc to. 
Bencfactum, i. n. 2. a good dccd, 

a bcnefit, a favor. 
BSncffce, adv. liberally, kindly. 
Bcneftcentia, sc./ 1. bcncficcnce, 

tlie doing of a favor, or kindness. fight. 

. a beast,a grcat bcast, 

Bdneficentior, us. comp. &. 

Bencficcntissimus, a, um. tup. 
vid Beneficus. 
utc, a bcastly pcrson. Beneficiarius, a, um. adj. bene- 
adj. beastly, brutish. ficial. Fundus bcneficiarius, a 
, ura. atfy. wrought fee-farm, or copyhold-estatc. 
^ircs of beasts. Beneticiarius. i. m. 2. a pcrson o 

uro. adj. of, or be- bliged, one promoted,or cxcused 
i beast, beastly, mon-| from service in war, a pensioner. 

(ncatJBeneficium, i. n. 2. a ocnefit, a 
mfl^'.pretty, spruccj good turn, a kindncss, a favor, 
. 2. war» thestate.ofj an obligation, immunity, pro- 
me of war, warfare,' motion, a bencficc. 
Lttle, anengageinent,B&neficus,a, um. a/#,entior, comp. 

I entissimus, rup. bcncficent, libc- 
um. aaj. fidl of mon- ral,bountiful,kind,apttodogood. 
ures, fnghtful,bnital. Bhitfio, is n.p. 3. to be well donc. 
adj. ior, comp. isstmusBenev&le, adv. friendly, kindly. 
inc,chanxung,spruce,Benev6lcns,tis. adv- ior, comp. issi- 
, nice, delicious, cora- mus, sup. bencvolcnt, friendly, 
lrteoua, conversant. J kind. 

*. 3. the trumpet-fish. Bcnevolentia, se./l.benevo T cnce, 
> greM Mik stoae. | go^-wi&kvor^kJndaotf^ototy. 


friendly .kind,affectionatc, loving 
BfcnigncjaoV. kindlv, favorably, li- 

BenignitaS} Stis./. 3. benignity, 

kindncss, goodness, bounty, li- 

Benignus,a, um. adj. ror, comp. is- 

siraus, tup. kind, favorable, cour- 

plcntiful, fruitful, fortunate. 

mortal,to make happy,or glad,to 
do onc good,to obligc Bcarc sc, 
to indulgc,©/- enjoy himsclf. Hor. 

Beryllus, i. m. 2. a bcryl, a preci- 
ous stonc of a faint grcen color, 
a ringsctthercwitli,acup adorri- 
ed with this stonc set thcrein. 

Bes, bcssis, & Bcssis, bcssis. m. 
3. 8 ounces, i. e. two-thirds of 
the a», or pound, or perhaps of 
any othcr thing; amensurc hokl- 
ing 8 cyathi, or two-thirds of a 
pint. Usura ex bcssc, thc g&in 
of cight in tlic hundrcd. (inchep. 

Bcssalis, e. adj. of 8 ounccs or 

Bcstia, xf.1.9. bcast, a wild bcast, 
a fiercc bcast, any creaturc. 

Bestinrius, i. m. onc that fought 
with beasts at public sbows. 

Bcstiarius, a, um, adj. of, or be- 
lon^ing to beasts. (vermin., 

Bestidla, x.f. 1. a littlo beast, 

Beta, x. /. 1. bcet, the second lct- 
ter of the (ircek alphabct, but 

BStizo, as.acf.l. to flaglikc bcets. 

Hetdnica, *./. 1. bctony. (tivc. 

lietula, & BCtulla, x. f a birch- 

Bctulus^ i. m. 2. a whitish stonc. 


Biaeon, i. n. 2. a kind of wine de- 
vised for thc sakc of healtli. 





frugem, to becomc a ncw man, a horsc's forcfoot, a bougb, a Bronchocele, cs. /. 3. a si 

Ter. Bono modo. after a sort, in tendril, a forked stake, a linc, or, in thc throat like a ruptur 

some mcasurc, Cic (singyor cclio. work. I.cvi, vcl xnolli brachio, Brontiu, x.f l.thethundci 

Boo, as. ?*. 1. to low, to roar, to superficially, Cic [speech.Bruma, sc/. 1. thc shortc 

Bo5tes, ae. & is. m. a star. Brachylbgia, x t f shorcncss of mid-winter, the winter-* 

Bbrculis, e. aaj. northern. Bractea, x,/ 1 a thin leaf, or plate" wintcr. 

Bbreas, x. m. 1. the north-wind. ; of gold, silvcr, &c. tinscl, aspan-Brumaiia, um. pl. n. 3. fc 

BbrSas, a, um. aaj. northern. I gle, a chip, a wcathercock. ; Bacchurf kcpt twice a vea 

Juos, bbvis. c.g. 3. an ox, a bull. aBracteatus T a,um,a.7/covered with on the last day of Fcbiu 

cow, a heifer, money stamped< tliin piatcs, or lcavcs of any me the cnd of the wintcr, ; 

witb an ox upon it, a large fish. 1 , tal,plated,g1iUcrin£.shg-ht, [g-old. the fifteenth day of Augu 

Bos luca, an elcphant. Ptin. BosBractebla, «r, / 1. a small leaf of fore wintcr. 

mortuus,a whip. Plaut. iBranchiae, arum, pl. f 1 gills of Brumalis, e. *w//.wintcr-lik 

Btitanicus, a, um. adj. botanical^Brasstca, sc,/ acabbag-c [iish. Brutmni,vcl Brutiarii, 5mn 

pertaining to hcrhs. [Breve, adv. for a shor* time. . 2. scrvilc officers to ma^u 

Bot&nisinus, i. m. 2. a wecdiiur. Brcvl, aih-. shortly, in a a shortBriltus, a, um. tuij. brutish 

BbteHus, i. m. 2. a small sausugc. -time, soon, bricfly, inshort, ina tional, insensiblc, scnseles: 

Bbtrus, i. m. a bunch of grapcs. ■ few words. j insignificant. 

Botryo, onis. m. a bunch of pre-Brevia, mn, pl. n. 3 fords, shallowi Brydnia,x./. l.briony, wil< 

served grapes. placcs, flats, ^helvcs, sands. 

Bbtulariufl, i.m.2. a sausage-makerBreviarium, i. n. 2. a breviary a, 
Bbtulus, i. m. a sausage, hog's short drau^ht, an abstract, an; 



abridfrment, a brief, a rcgistcr, aj falo. 

Bubalus, i. m. 2. a wild ox, 


Buhilc, is. u. 3. an ox-stall, 
Bilbo, onis. d. if.3* an owl, s 

Bbvans,,roaring. mass-book. 
Bbvile, is. n. 3. an ox-stall, cow-Brcviculus, a, mn. adj. vcryshort 
housc. Brevilbqucns, tis. adj bricf, short- Buhula, *./. 1. becf. ( 

Bbvlnatio, dnis./ 3. acaviHing*. Brevilbcjuentia, x./.l.ashortway.,Iinl)ulci't.or, iiri. <&•/>• 1. t< 
Bbvinus,a, an ox,"r cow.j of spcaking^conciscncss, brcvity.iBiibulcus, i. m. 2. a hcrdsms 

iBrcvio,as,*bridg^,toshorten.'BFibulo, hootlikca 

""• 'Brevior, ari, pass, to be shortened- Hiibulus, a, um. adj. of an o 

Brabeuta, vcl Brabeutes, x. nu l.Brevis, c adj. ior, comp, issimus,. or cow. ('arobuhula, becf 

he who grvcs thc prize at games, tup. short, rompendious, bricf,; um bubulum, a huirs lfidc 

Bucca, -x.f l.the chcck, tl 
low pait of thc chcck, a 

a judge of contcsts. concisc, small, little, narrow. 

Brabyla, drum. pl. n. 2. damas- Ad brevc, a littlc while, Suet. 

ccncs, plums, pnincs. Brcvitas, itis. / 3. brevity, short- pct Uuod in buccam v 

Bracca, vcl Braca, x.f. l.brecch- ness, concisencss, lowncss. scrihito, writc whatevcr 

cs, slops, bn)|rues, thick cloaks,Breviter, ad-\ ius, comj). iestme, next. C:c. 

thick coarsc clothes. Lax* brac- &yp. bricfly, shortly, to bc short,|Buccea, x./. 1. ainorscl,ar 

cjc, trousers. (brccchcs.: in fine. [presscd gTapcs. Buccina, x./.l. a trumpet,s 

Buccinator, bvis.w. 3. a tr, a publlshcr, proclaiu 
settcr forth. 

Braccatus a. um. adj. wcaring.Bfisa, ac/. l.ahimpoftroddcn, ov 
Brachiale, is. ;i. 3. a bracclct. JBritunnica, x.f 1. spoonwort. 
Brachialts, e. adj. of the arm. iBrochitas, atis,/ 3- crookcdr.ess. 
Brachiatus, a, um. adj. havinjriBrbchus, a, um. adj. blubberlip- Buccinatuin, cst, imfwrs. tb 
anns«r!)ranchcs,branciicd> [ariii.* ped, crookcd andsliarp. Brochi- is givcn by sound of horn. 

Bucctiio,as. n. 1. to souJid a 
oats. Buccinum^. tL 2.a trumpet 

Brachiolum, i. n. 2. dim. a littlc' dentes, g-ag-tccth. 
MrScbjum, i. /t. 2. anann, aclawjBrbmos. i. /. oats. wild oj 





nis. m. 3 onc widcroouth- latx nujrx, swelling lincs, loflyiByssos, i./ 2. a finc fl 
(a bcaver, or murrion. words without scnse, cinty ex- Campa 

e./.l tlim. alittlc chcek, 
itus, a, um. adj. full- 

:1. (P*<* 

atis n. 3. the herb fonu- 
x. / 1. a herd of cattle. 

a, um. atij. of, or bclonjr- Bullo. as. n. 1. to bubblc, to scal, 

leasts, horncd. Armcnta 
berds of oxcn, or kinc, 
i, i. n. 2. a pasturc. ( Or 
b.m.1. a butchcr,one who 
A with ox-hidc whips. 
, erum. pi.n.2. pastorul 

s^im-adj. pcrtaininjrto 
>r hcrdsmcn, pustoral. 

pres&ions. Per. Bullatus doctor. 

adoctor by diploma. 
Bulliens, tis. /ri.boiling, bubblingv 
BulliOi ire, ivi, itum. act. hneitt. 

4- to boil, to secth, to bubblc. 

Bullula, x./.l.a little bubblc, stud, 
or p ish. 

BQmastus, i. m. 2. a largc grape. 
Bunu;c/.l.a ploii£htail,or haiidlc. 
Uuris,is. / in acc. burim. srr Bura. 
Hum, x./l. un ox-h;dc, a towcr 

finc flax or linen. 


(iXbala, vcl potius Cabbala, x. 
Jf 1. oral tradition compiled 
into a body in thc Talmud; a sci- 
cncc practised by thc morc mo- 
dern Jcws, in discovcrinjf mys- 
teries and expositions from the 
numbcrs, that lctters of worcls 
Cabalista, x. m. :i cabalist. (tical. 
Cahalisticus, a, um. adj. cabalis- 
at Carthage, an exchangc forCahrJlinus, a, um. adj.'of ahorsc. 

Cahalliirt, i. m. 2. a horsc, a jade. 
a millhorse, a packhorsc, a, 
druughthorsc, a vicious horsc, a 
snatclicr, or| 

fimcralCahuK.i.m. 2.thc cabc, anllebrew 
liquid mcasurv,containin{r about 

Bustuarius, a,um. ar{/.about tombs thrcr pints and u half. (tridg-c. 
or graves. Bustuaria incccha, aCacaho, as. n. 1. to cry like a par- 

mcrchants, a pursc. Bursa pasto- 
ris, the hcrb shephcrd'K pursc 

/l.ayoungcW.ahoifcr. Bustfrapus, i. m. 2. a robbcr of 

i. m. 2 a yoiiiig ox, a bul- tombs, or graves, a 

s. m. 3. a" toad. (lock. stealer of victuals at 

*, i. m. 2. borajrc, ox- fcasts. 

ia,a,um. &. (tonguc. 

i, a, um adj. bulbous, full 

beadslikc an onion. (on 

m.a bulbous root, an oni- 

/ 3. a council of state. 

x. m. a common-council 

lenator, an adviscr. 

ion, i. ». 2. a town hall, a 


, i, m. & Bulimia, x. f. 

iablc hungcr, a grcedy 


/ 1. a bubble of water, a 

iead of a nail, a stub, 

dcad bodios wcre burnt, a tomb, 
a sepulchre 

Cricephuton, l. n.2. a harsh soimd. 
Cuchcctcsyvel a,x. m. & C:»chectT- 

Butco,dnis m.3.a buzzard, a hawk.! cus.i. m. one of an ill consitution. 
Iluthysw, x./ l.a sacrifice of ox-jCachcxia,x : /.l.abad habitof hody 

Btityrum, i, n. 2. buttcr. (en. 
Buxea,x./l.a table of box-wood 
Buxetum, i. n. 2. a place sct with 
box-trees.(ofapale-yeUowcolor.|Cachinno , dnis, 
Buxcus,a,um. a<(/'.of box,like box,l^hcr. 

Cachiiuutio,dniB/3. a loud laugn- 

Cachinno, as. art.l. to laugh loud. 

m. 3. a jpvnt 

i oniamcnt worn roundiBuxrfer, a, um. adj. bcaring; box.[cacliinnor, ari. dcp % 
k, or atthc brcast of cliil- 
II thcy were seventeen 
d,and then hungup tothc 

1. to 

Buxosus, a, um. aaj. full of box. (Cachinnus, i, m. .>. a loud laugii, 
Buxum, i. n. 2. box, a pipe of box.| lauphtcrin derision, or scom. 
Buxus, i./ 2 box.ti-ce, box-wood, Caclda, x.f may-wccd, bad c:»- 

>ld gods, a seal7a*pope's a trumpct, flutc, or pipe of box,l momilc. 

tis, pt. bubblinp. (bull. with two rows of holes, a top,lCaco, as. act. 

6nis./ 3. bujbling. 
a, um. adj. decked witJi 
ain, empty. Ifullatushx- 
lild in his coats, a young 
nn under acrentee». Bul- 

comb, &c. made of box-wood. 


Byrsa, x./ 1. tee Bursa. 
Bysslnus, a, umtoo>'«made of Uwn. 

1. to po to stool, 
Durum cacare,to bc hard bound, 

Cacochymia, x.f 1. ill di^estion. 

Cacbchymus, a, um. adj % caus)s^« 
bad, or vm^v\\ax ^^caw; 




CacSdzmon, bnis. m. 3. an evil falling, or trickling down, rrail,j caedere, to talk togethcr, T! 
spirit, a devil. fading,ufecrtain,vain t ruinous,pe- Czdor,i,czsus, paoo. to bc bei 

rifihable, fallcn, slain, escheatcd. Czduus_ a, uui. adj. used t 
Cadurcum, i. n. 2. a white blank- ioppcd. 
et, a quilt, a shect, a bcd, a vcs- Czfamcn» inis. n.3. an engra 

Cacoethes,is.n.3. a bad custom, or 

habit, a boil, an ulcer, a cancer. 

Cacozeua,z/3.afTccted imitation 

-.. -i__ T — r» nv_*-._ ^i 

Cacozelus, 1. m. 2. an aflecter of sclto draw water with, a horse 

new words, a scurvy imitator 
Cactos, i./ 2. an artichoke. 
Cacula, z. m. 1. a soldiert boy 
CacGmcn, inis. n. 3. atop,a peak, 

•r aharp cnd, perfection. 
Cacumtnatus, a, um. pt- poiutcd. 
CScumino, as. a. 1. to sharpen, to 

wakc pointcd. 

Cadaver, eris. n. o. a carcase, a a wind bringing rain. 

« « i j _,__ • __j* _. _— ■ _ •■ 

turning the whccl. Cadurcz fas- story engraved, a device. 

cisc, bedclothes. Czlator, oris. m. 3. ai\ engri 

Cadus, i. m. 2. a cask, a measure or carver. 

about eighteen gallons, winc Czlatura,z/ 1. tlie skill, ort 

Cadus salsamentarius, a powdcr- cngraving, or rather embo* 

ing-t ub, Plin. (duced. engraving itsclf, or cmbostii 

Cxcatus, a, um- pt. blinded, se- Czlatus, a, um. pt engraved,* 

Czcias, z. m. l.a north-east wind, ed, adonicd, composed, iral 

dead body, the ruins of towns. 
Cadaverosus, a, um. a*{j. likc 

dead carcase, ghastly, wan- 
Cadcns, tis. pt. falling, running ( Czcitas, atis. /. 3. blindness. 

down, sctting, dying, decciving, 

failing, tcrminating, uttcrcd, 


CzcTeenus, a» ura. adj. born blind. ed,lonelv,8olitar>,standing-J 
Czcilia, z. /. 1. a slow-worm, a Czlebs, ibis. c.g-3. asingk 
| blmd-worra. unmarried pcrson* a bachek 

~ Czcitas, atis. /. 3. blindness. widower, a widow. 

Czcitfkdo, tnis./- 3 . blindness. Czlestis,c.a<(/.heavcidy,ofhei 
Czco, aa» act. blind. to dazzlc. Czlia, z./ 1. mura. 

Czcor, ari. pai$. to be blinded, to 
Cadivus,a,um. at\j. that falleth of be disappointed,to becorrupted. 

• f £* « « J • * 1 i* _1 _~l __. » • ■ _. 1_ 1 • J 

itseif. Voma cadiva, windfails. 

Cadmia, z./ 1. brass ore, 

Cado, dere, cecidi, casum. n. 3. to 

fall, or run down, to fall out, to be 

•hed^to cnd,todic,toset,todrop, 

to faultcr, to abate, to decrease, 

to miscarry,to fai1,to apply,to be- 

long, to bc derivcd. Cadcre cau- 

aa, in judicio, Cic. formula, Quint. 

to be cast in law, to lose a suit 

Incassum cadere, to come to no- 

thing, Piaut 

CadQceator, dris. m. 3. a herald. 

or ctching in mctal, a ftgur 

Czlebs, ibis. adj. singlc, unn 

Czcus,a, um. aaj. ior, comp. blind, 

dark, obscurc, ambiguous, se- of beaven, a god. 

crct, hidden, unsccn, confused» 
jumbled, uncertain, ignorant, 
rash, hasty, precipitate. Kme dic 

czcd olivum, id vcndito oeulata of heaven, gods, Aa]). C*I- 

regnis pulsus, Ov. Fait. a\ 
sing 1 . Czles, itis. cujus abl 
ap. eundem. 

die, buy on trust, and sell for 
rcady money ,Plaitt. Ensis czcus, 
a sword that strikcth at all ad- 

ventures, Stat. Ramus czcus. a Czlo, as. act. chase, f 
fruitless branch, I'Hn. Fluctus boss, to raise figurcs, to d 
czcus, a suddcn wave, IJv. or cngravc. 

(/zdendus,a, um. pt. to bc beaten. Czlum, i. n. pf. czli, drum. s 

heaven,the rirmament^flr skg 

air, thc wcather, a clhnate, 

gxwls. (i 

Czlum, i. n. 2. Stot. a gri 

ing down. CzmcntHius, a, um- adj. r* 

Czdo, dere, cScTdi, czsum. a€t. 3. rugjred, roughcast. 

to beat, to knock, to whip, toCzmcntum, f n. cement, nw 

chastise, to cut off, or down, to clay, rubbish, a wall. 

lop, to kill, to slay,to sacrifice, to Czpie, is.n.8c Czpa, z./ ancn 

CadQous, a, ma, *$. ro»dy jo <W2>( coBri*^tmt dbrros^emvms^^Mfe, vel GiakMid iy» 

CadQceum, i n & Caduccus, i. m Czilens, tis. part. beating (or cut. 

2. a stalf, ©r whitc waml, which Czdcs, is. / 3. slaughtcr, murder, 

heralds, or ambassadors carricd, massacro, destruction, liavoc. 

Whenthey wenttotreatofpcace; death, blood, acutting, erfell- 

a rod, or staif, witli two snakes 

twisted about it; Mcrcur> 's wand. 
CadQcifer, l.m. 2 Mercury, so call- 

ed from his caduceus. (windfall. 
CftdAcum, i. n. 2. an escheat, 

Cjcirbatus, us. m. 4. celibac 

single life, widowhood. 
Czlicdia, z. c.g. 1. an inhabi 


Czlifcr, era, um. adj. uphold 
Czlipotens, tis. at\j. heavenif 
Czlites, nm. pl. m. 3. inbabrt 






nonr, religion, holinesa, 


satus, *» um- adj. dicd bluc 

Cstti.-rftqtii, vcl Cxtcrftquln. adv'\ scrvant. 

othcrwisc, in othcr things. or rc- 
djK-ct*, brsi.lcs tiiis. 

C;iUltus, a, Calata comitia, 
racctinps of thc high-pricsts. 

s jin, 2. ultramarin;-..sand Cxtcrum, adv but hcnccforward,!Calcandus,a um />f« to bc troddcn 
L in jjold and silver ore. in all other rospccts. Calcancum,i. n Jk Calcancus, i. m 

rus, a, uni- attj. bluc, azurc. 
>lored-{rTeen,wan.pair (bhic 
is. a, um. a#(f skycolorcd- 
aius, a, uui. a((/'. bushy. 
jy. (hair. 

es, Si. /*. 5. hair, a licad ot 

, atlv. with the edgv, witb 

right blows. or short cla>t»-|CaUmistrutus, a, um. pt. crispcd.jCalcatus, a, mn./rf. trodden.tram- 

ftni»-/ 3. a pruning, a iop- 
s, a, um arf». cut. jagjfcd. 
^a,iim.a'4»/.grey, skycolored. 
bnis. m. ' a child cut, or rip- 
Mit oi iu mothcrs bellv. 
% Ttia. m. . a turf, a sod. 
tiui^t uin. aW/.made of turfs- 
m, i, »• 2- an insrrument to 
Wory witii, a picrccr, 

■,&■- m 4. a kind of j»lovc u- 
n boxiiu?,a wtiirlhat a club,a 
oflcatiicr with lcaden plum- 
rastcncd to it ; a thin platc 
•n used to dclcs.dthe arra 
a, m./. 1- a cut. a gash, or 
on, an intrailiiuc orcarving, 
ire in p.ietry, whcn a shori 
>lo at the cnd of a word, 
the beginnins; of a font, is 
long : aUo when a syllablt- 
: after a completc ibot. 
ua, a, um. pt. anout to cut- 
a, beaten, cut, cut 
- down, cut in pieces, Lill 
ain, shmghtcrcd, sanrificed. 
k Carterus, era, erum. a<lj. 
rto sunt dubue fidci ; thc 
the other. Caetcra, vel ad 
a, in othcr respects. (forth- 
i, adf fiirtherrooro.hence- 
*. «oV. howbfft, aftcrward*. 

C 'I.iuuHtro, as. act. 1. to curl thc 

C-damistrum.i. n. 2. a crispinjr-pin, 

a curliinr-iron. " * ' * '"' 

Calamariu8,a, um. adj. pcrtaining 
to pcns. Thcca calamaria, a pcn 

the heel. 

Calcans, tis. pt. trcading* upon. 
Caicar, aris n. 2. 0. aspur. (lime. 
CaHminaris lapis, a stone uscd Calcilrius,a,um. adj. pertaininfr to 
in the composition of brass. Calcarius. i m. 2 a lime-bumcr. 
Calnmintha, x.f 1- & 1. a treading.(upou 

cs./. '.calamint, wild pcnny royal.jCalcaturus a,uin /rtabout to tread 

curlcd' (hair. plcd upon, brokcn, dcspiscd. 

Calcatus, us m 4 a treading-.(sock. 
('alceamcn. inis. ;i. :>. a shoc, or 

i w 

Calainistrisinu-Calccamentum, i. n. 2. a shoc. 

Calccaiidus, ^ um. pt. to bc shod. 

r*lccurium,i n- 2. a place to kecp 

shocs in an allowancc for shoes. 

rcrc, to sct oft' with words. Civ. 
'.'ilumitas. atis/. 3. calamity,mis- 

fortunc, trouble, miscarriagc, da- 

ina^c, iiijury, miscliicf, havoc- !calce:1tusa, ahod. 
C -iHmftf*. cs. m. ii. a gTcon froft*. 'Calceatus. us m 4. a bcing shod, 
'J:\Hnutosc, adv. miscrably, 1 or having slioos on. 

urctchedlv. " ICalceo. vcl Calcin. as act. 1. to 

; !^Hnut0sus, a, um. adj. r:>r. cot,tp. uut o:i shocs. to shoc. 

issimus, utp. calamitous, miscra-Calceor,ari.j&n«f*. lo bc shod. 

ble, wrctch'*d, huriful, mischiev-Calccolirius,i m 2. a sliocmakcr. 

ous.injurcd, cast down, dcstroy- Calccohis.i.iu.2 tlim. a littlc shoc 

cd. " ICalceii», i- m 2- a thoe., apattcn, 

Calamus. i. m. 2. a recd, a canc,' any thimrwornon thc foot. Mu- 

a swcct canc, aitraw, «rstalk of- tr-.n* calccos. t<» be madca scna- 

corn, a pipe, a quill, o,- pcn, an 1 tor iW tlu-y worc a ]si*culiar shoe 

aiTow,orshafl, a^raft, or cion, a ; wi»h :i halt mo:>'u Ctr. Crit pc- 

limc-twi^,an anglmg^-rod a «tyle,- «U-m (ralcciu, niv shoc wnnps 

a way. or mannerof writing. \ mo, »»■ I a"» in <iio sh-u- liiaki-r** 

:alaniica. Calautica, h. Cacantiraj fci^ck*, Wr- 

x.f.l. a coif,a hood,»r krrchcifCah-itraiui us vt 4 akickin;;. 

for a wouian down to the ■iioiii-Ctdcitro. a*. "■ l to kick, s;uini 

< lalastcr, tri. m. 2-a finc bo}'.(ders- 

winre, or flin^. V.Jjbonih to ivs 

':ahthiscus,i m. 2 a little haskct. fusc (ini^ Ik-:h1. 

;ahthus, i. m 2. a ba>kel, a ham- Calcitio, 6«iis. *i a lil-k^r, a wi n-- 
per, a pannier, acup.aveMScl^o^, a-um w!j. kickintj 

pan for milk, a cheesc-vat. 
Ualatio. dnis. /. '6. a calling. 

backward, strikiii n s or flingiii^ 

Caiator, aris. m, an apparitor. aCalco. as. avt. 1. to trcad, to trcail 
summoucr, a crier, x baUiff, a uiidcrfocA, V> vtwm^ft >x\wvn* N» 





kick, or spurn, to trinmph over, 

1o contemn, or despisc. JEquor 

calcarc, to walk 011 thc sea, Ov 
Calcor, ari. pasit to bc trodi tmm- 

plcd, conlcuuiedy &c. 
Calculutor. oris m. \\ a calculator, 

a caster up of accountB 
Calctdo, as act. 1 to calculate, to 

cast accompts. 
CalculosuB, a, um. ai{j- full of little 

stones. or gravel, stony, rough, 

*ow,of March. Focmineae calcnda*, 1 
thc first of March whercon pre- 
scnts were brought to vomen, 
Juv. Ausoniic calcndsc, the Ko 
mancalends,because peculiar to 
thcm, Ov whence Augustus said 
Ad lirxcas calendas, at latter 
Lammas, ov ncvcr, Snet 
Calcndaris, o adj of, relating, or 
pcrtaining to the calends 


Caligatus, a, um. adj. 
hamcss for the lcgs, wc 
tred, stout, strong, comfl 

Caligincus, a, um. adj <h 

Cahgindsus, a, \\m,adj. d 
ty, gloomy, full of obsci 

Caligo, as. neut. 1. to be 
dim. to gTow dark, or di 
misty, or cloudv, to be i 

Caligo, inis. /. 3. darkn 
ness, obscurity, dizzinei 
ness, a mist, a shadc, ig 

Calendarium, i n. 2 a calendar,an 
subject to tlie stone or gravel j almanac, a book of accompts, a 
Calciilus, i m 2. a iittle stonc, a dcbt-book.(dcsirous, frcsh, new. 
pcbblc, a counter, a chessman,,Calens, tis pt. hot, warm, cagcr, 

aamall weight, a vote, a sen-Caleo. €re, lui. neut. be hot,.Calitnrus, a, tobe 
tcnce, an account,or rcckoning, tobc heatcd, or warm, to grow ! C&lix,icis. m. 3. a cup, i 
a doubt, or difficulty, a fortune, warni, to be in love, to bc ear- chalice, any vesscltod 
or incomc. Quam ratio calculo-j nest. or intcnt upon, to bc cxcit- of , a plattcr, or dish f 
rum patiatur, than tlicy can welll cd, to be aggravated, or increas- &c a shell, Cahx vitreui 
afford, Col. j ed, to bc intccted, to be frcsh,! ing-glass, Jlturt. 

Calda, z/ water, Jtfar/.(nio.j or new. Kuniorescaluerunt.thcrcjCallaicus, a, um. adj of 

tian or sca-grcen color.j 

Callarias, x. m. 1. a h 

whiting. £ 

Caldlrium, i.n. 2. a caldron,a bag-' wrs a hot report, Cic. (wann. 
Caldarius, a, um. adj. wbich mak- Calesco, crc, ui. inc. o- to grow 

eth hot, of. or pcrtaining to a cul-Cali tur, impers it is hot weathcr. 

droa Caldariu: ccllx, aclianibcrC'a1facicndus,a,um.^f.tobc warm-Callens, tis. pt. knowii 


adjoming to a hot house, PUn. Calf acio see Calefacio. 

Caldarium acs, cast brass, w.Calfactus, sce Calcfactus. 

ductilc, coppcr, urmolten brass.jCalfactus, us. m. 4. a warming. 
Caldus(pro Calidus) a, um. adj.i 'alfacto, as freq. 1. to heat otlcn 

hot, warm. [Caligulus,i ; m 2. dim. a little cup 

CalefacioA Calf acio [caleo,facio], ! Calidc,adi\hotly,wannly,eagerry. 

cgre,factum act. o. to makc hot,.Calidus, a, um. adj. ior. comp. issi 

or warm, to warm, to chcrisli, to: mus, sup. hot, scalding, warm, 

p.LSsionate, hasty, rash, bold, rea 

dy,quick swifl, unpremeditatcd 

Calicndrum, i. 7*. 2. a woman's 

vex, to irritate 

Calefactio, onis / 2. a heating. 

Calcfacto,as Jreq 1 to w arm oftcn.' 

Calcfactus, vcl Calfactus, a, um.l falsc hair, a wig, a towcr 
pt- warmcd. ncated, irritated. |Caliga,2e./'.l .a soTdier's stocking, a 

Caleff) ;/alco, fio], cri, factus sum. dcfcnce fo- thc leg - et fullof nails, 
nc-fi. Inut*. 3 to bc made hot, to and used by soldicrs, tlie state 
he A-armcd or heatcd ; or officc of a common soldicr. 

Calendnr, arum. pL f. 1. tlie ca- ! CalJgans, tis. pt. growing dark. 
lcmls.or firstdayof cvery month.Caligaris, e aaj. of, or pertaining 
Jaiu culcnda:, new yeaVs day, to ar:nour for thc leg.(the Caliga 
M;/]f lntcrcaUris calcndx, thc i;ahgarius,a,um.a<//. bclonging to 

ealemhi ofFcbrusury, or, as ^ow^jCallgatio, 5nis. /. 3. dimncss, 

Calleo, ere, hii. neut. 
tobc hardcncd, to knov 
undcrstand, to be skiH* 

Callcsco, cerc inc 3 to£! 

Callide,r?c/r.iiLS. c*»mp. isi 
tilly, smartly. cxpertly, 

C^alliditas, utis. /. 3. crsf 
ncss, subtilty, artifice. 
prudcnce, policj , warin 

Callidus, a, um. irdj. ior, r 
mus, sup cruftv, cunnin 
cumspcct, skiltul, wise, 

Calligraphia, x.f. l.fair' 

Callis, is. m. 3. a path, a I 

Callbsitas, atis. /. 3. I 

Call6sus, a, um. adj. k 
callous, brawny, havin| 
skin, hard, inscnsible. 





in. & Cullurn, i- 7i.2.hard-Calx, cis./ 3. a ohalk-rttonc, limo,! an opcn ficld, u placc for asscm* 
lug-lincss, akindofhard mortar, ccmcnt, Calx viva, un-| bly, or cxcercisca large subjcct, 
rawn, a jrlutinous sul>- slucked lime, P lin. | a tiold of discoursc. 

act. 1. to call. (stince. Calx. cis. d tf. '>.thchcc],aspurn,jCainuru8, a, um. adj. crookecl 
t. fn. 3. a soldier'* boyj or kick with thc liccl, thc cnd-Cumus, i. m. 2 a bridlc. hit, ©r 

, woodcn shocs, clogg, ofathing, 

Calyculus, i. m. 2, a littlc bud. 
w. ia.8cn.3. hcal, warmth,.Calyx.>ciH.77*.3.thccup ofaflowcr, 

at, lifc, anjr>r, hcrt lovc, 
tancy,eamestnesK. eajrcr- 
(warining-, calorific 
ais a, uni. odj. hcating, 
r./ 1. a mari£i>ld 

/ 1. a iranricnt of a Caiubio, irc- act- 4. to eschaiifrc. 

d-color, a ycllow frock. 
/ 1- a sciill, or scalp. 
x.f.l. Calvarv, a placc 
i f or hurial, a skull-(thin. 
a, um. titfj. madc hare, 
, [calvco,fio,] ieri,factus, 
tobc inade bald, «rbarc. 
irc,vi,&. calvus sum. neut. 
bakl, to grow buld 
, ecre,ific a .3-to frrow bald 
atis./J- baldncs*,dcceit 
, £i. / 4. baldncss. (ness. 
i,i n. 2. balducss, barrcn- 
i*ir / l-calumiiy,rilaiicK-r 
ccusutiou.a cavi),a quirk 
ins, tift. pt. calumniuting. 
njf, accusing falscly 
Uor, 6ris,iri.3.a Nlancicrcr, 
.ccuser, a caviller, a niuli 

or thc litllc green lcavcs on thc 
top of thc stalk in herbs. thc bud 
of a flowcr, the bottom of a rosc- 
bud not fullv blown, the inv/ard 
pcel, or nnd of a walnut, &c. 

Caniclinu; 1 , a, um. adj. of camels. 
Cumclla, :e- / 1 a caudlc-cup, 

Cumclopurdalis, is. / 3. abcast 

likc a camcl and a pautiier. 
Cumch:s, &/2. acamcl.(ctry 
('amcna, x.f. 1 • a musc,a song,po- 
Cunicra, vcl Cumara,a:./ arch- 

cd roof, a roof, a vaiilt art upper 

gallcry,a chauib^r,a kind of ship 
Camerarius,u,uiu. a<[j. of a vauit, 

or gidlcry, climbing. 
Ciiucrarius, i. m. 2- alord-cham- 

bcrlain,thc cluunbcrlaiu ofacit}, 

inn, &c. (furuacc, or chimncy. 
Caniinutus, a,' made likc a 
Cammor, ari. pas*. 1. to be niade 

like a furnacc. 
Cuminus, i. m. 2. a clumncy, u 

stovc, a lirc-hcarth, fire. (fish 

itru. Tci.s./ 3. a slander^Caiuiuarus, i. m. 2. akindofcrab 

nan, x gossip. 

itus. %y uni. /i.'- blandercd, 

IauK whii. 

(>4iii4:na,a./'l.a iiiusc.a song;,poc- 
Campuna. x.f. 1. a bell. (try. 
Campaiuda,a:./l.r//nj.a littlc bcll. 

\r t *r\drp Campcstcr, «i. tris./ trc, v. vel 

ze, tc> accusc, or char^t 

O find f:Milt v, cavil 

i*e, adv. by falsc acciiNa- 


uus, a» uni- adj. sbndcr- 


tris, m. & / trc, ;i adj. cham- 

paign, plain, o»en, flat. pair oi* brcech 

es, or apron, to covcr the privi- 

tics of wrcKt Icrs othcnviscnuked. 
C-amphora, w./ 1. camphirc. 

i uni. adj. tiaId,harc,thi:i.Ca'npus, i. m 3. u plain, a down, 

rcin. a snafflc, a cord, a chain. 
Cauachc, cs / 3. a dojr, Uarker. 
Chnabcola x.c.j?. 1. a skipkennel. 
Ciiiulicula, x.f 1. a littlc pipc, a 

jruttcr- (like a pipc,chniiiicllecl. 
( 'anal ,cumtus,a,um udj- fashionecL 
Cuualiculus, i. m. 2. dim. a trough, 

agnttcr, or channel in pillars. 
Canalis,'^ d- . J 7-^ a channel.a kcn- 

nel, a fruttcr, a sink, a trougb, a 

tiipc, a spout, the ncck of thc 
>ladder, a hollow c.hiruri^ical in- 
strumcnt, ati instrunu -nl lur mak- 
ingoil witlfT ('analis auiii.x, ihe 
windpipc, J'lin- Canalcs str-.ic- 
tilcs, sinks, made undcr jrro\i:id 
of archcd work, for the convcy- 
anccof watcr.ri#r.(conduit-pipe, 

Canahtius,a, uni. udj. of. or likc a 

Canarius,a,uni adj. of adog.(ccry. 

Canccllriria,K /thecourt ofchan- 

Cauccllarius, i m 2 a chancellor, 
ascribe, a notar>', asecrctary. 

Canccllktlm, adr. latticc-siUc. 

(^anccllatus, a, uni. pt made lat- 
tice wisc, crossbarred, liuuted, 

Cancelli, Orum. pi m.2- latticcs, 
windows made witli cross-hars 
of woocl, iron, &c. balustcrs, rails, 
bounds. liinitB, a cliauccl. 

Cancello, as. a 1. to makc likc a 
luttice, to cut ciiisswise, to de- 
face, to cancel. 

Cancer, cri. &. cris, m. a crabfish, 
a cancer, or cankcr, onc ot" the 
twclve sijrns. Cancri. pl. ideni 
c|udd Cancelli, ant /V«/. bounds, 

Candef acio, [candco, facio.] ccre, 
f cci, factum. a. 3. lo uiake whitc, 





lo bleach, to inakc fiery, or rery Contciila, ac/. 1. a littlc dog, or string, 7Vr. 

hot. (hot, aet on tire. hiich. thc dog-star,the dog-"days,Canor, eris, i. pat*. to be §xm£ 

ttandefactus, a, uin pt. made rcd- adojr-fish, the unlurkiest cast atCanon, onis. m -j acanon, aruk 

Candcla, x.f 1. a candle dice, ftce, a croas judc, a sian- :ui cxnct paturn, a mustcrpica 

Candelabruui,i u.2 a candlestick. dcrous, snarlin^, curris!i fcllow.Cmoiui.atus, i".s. m. 4 acanoun 

Candcns,tis /rf .vcl potitts, «/£;.ior,Camcul-iritf e. <i'f. of, or pertain-Canm-cus, a, um w//. canonka 

<y>m/>. issimus, tup. whitc, shin- ing* to thc dogxtays . accordlnjrto thc canon,oroxdtf 

ing, glittcring", bright, glowing-, Cunma, x f 1 adogsskin. rcccivtu into the canon, reguta 

hot, burning, foammg, frothy. C'<nmus, a, um. adj of a dog, dog- authcntic. Canonici Ubri, tneS 

Candeo, crc,dui.n 2. to bc wliite, gish, ciirrish, grcedy,Caniiiidcn- blc Canonicac horx, hours • 

to thine, or glittcr, to glow, to tcs,the eye-tccth, or fangs, Plin. pointcd for prayer. Caaonicsjl 

be hot, to burn- c. g. 3- a dog, or bitch, a jus, thc ccclesiastical law Cilfe 

Candesco,ere i*nr.3.togT0W whitcj hound, thc dog-star, a dog-tish, nici, tiioae that piaycd by ht^ 

or hoary,to wax hot,to be on firc. an accuscr, a backbitcr, a para- in music ; at 9 Harinonica, tfasjj 

sitc, a namc iu railing acast at that pleased the ear ■ 

dice losing all, tiic ace-point,C:>iibiucus,i m 2. acanonjiKfl 

chain, or fctter an attendant;. lar,orstatcd prcst (nmsic^oiflj 

aUo the Furies are called canes- C-utor oris m. .i.melody,hann|il| 

Canc pejus & anguc odisse, toCnnore, ath>. niusicidly, swectijj. 

hatc dcadly, Jlor. ,C» noroims, a, um. adj ■oundngi 

Cnnistrum, "i. n. 2. a basket. orCanorus, a, um. atjj. canortW 

flaskct, made of osiers, a voidcr,j musical, swcet, loud, shritt, II 

a canistcr. | sounding. m m ., 

Ciliiities, ei./ 5. hoariness, white-Cantabundus, a, ura. atti. ■ n 8J4 

ncss, or greyncas of hair, old age,:Cantamcii, Hnis. n 3.encnant«Bl 

gTavity. j witchcraft, a charm. 

Ch.ina,;e./l.acauc,a rccd,apipe,'Cuiitaiis, tis pt s;nging. # . 

a flute, a tiageolct, a canoc. Icantator, 6ris m. 3. a nngPfj 

Caniiabctum, i. v. 2- a hemp-plat.j songster, a chanter, a muaidifc 

Cannabinus, a, um. adj. hcmpcn.Cantatrix, icis,/. 3.awo mtn s i» | 

Candicans, tis pt. wlutish. 
Candico, as neut. 1. tobc whitish. 
Caudidritorius^ a< um. adj. of, or 

pertaining to a candidatc (whitc 
Candltiatus, a, um. pt. clothed in 
Candidatus, i. m. 2. a candidate, a 

suitorfora placeof honor,orprotit. 
Candide,a</ whitc, favonrably, 

g^ntIy,without maliccjorenvy (t) 
Candidulus,a, uni adj. whitc prct- 
Candidus, a. um. at(j. ior, comp 

isstmus, *up. candid, friendly, 

kind, sincerc, innoccnt, whitc. 

fair, clear, bright, shining', for- 

tunatc, favorable. 
Candor, flris. m. 3 candor, sinccr- 

ity, integrity, hoiicsty, fairncss, Cannabius,a,um. adj. hempcn, ofj cr, an cnchantreat ^ . a 

', brightncu, Cannabis, is./. .i. hemp. (hemp.Cantntrix, icls,f»{/ singing 1 , ■*■( 

whitcncss, heauty 

g"lowinp heat. 
Canendus, a, to bc sung 1 . 
Cancns, tis. pt. singing, declaring. 

Cannctum, i. n. 2. a plat of cancs.; musical, dclightful. ^ 
Canneus, a, um. adj. of a canc, or.Cantutus, us m. 4 a singing. 
rccd. jCantatus, a,uin. pt. sting. 

Cancns, tis. pt, hoary,gi'ey,w)ute.,Cano, nere, c^cini, cantum, act. 3.j celebratcd, enchantcd,c 
Caneo,t i rc,nui.nei/r.2. tobe white,' to sing, to play upon, to sound,Cantcriatus, a. um. aaj, 
to be hoary, to have grey hairs, to writ(- of, to praisc, to prcclaim proppcd. 


to grow old, to foam, to siiiuc. 

Cancphora, x.f. 1 a young nohlc; 
lady currying' a baskct upon lier 
ImtuiI on tiic festival of Min<.r\a. 

Cancsco, cere. incep. 3. to grow 
wlutc, or grey,to foam,to withe;, 
or decay, to bc anti^uatcd. 
&Ua, drum.//l. jn. 2. jprey hairs. 

aloud, to declare, to prophcsy.Canteriblus, i. w. 2 a^ littlc pfjl 
Canerc tibia,to play upon a pipe.jCantharis, *dis./o. afi>» a ^I*IjJ 
Classicum canc c, to soundan; rty uscd lo raisc bli»ter*. W 
alarm, Cx*. Ifeccptui ('ancrc, to thavidiun succi, iioiscm, ^* ' 
sound a rctrcat, Liv. Sibi intus Cantharus, i m. 2. a taukaroV 

cancrc, to spcak to his own ad- 
va -taj^c, Cir. Kandem cancrc, 
cantilenam, to harp on thc samc 

cup, a ju^, a pot, a black beeqj 
a iish, a constcllation, a kqfl^ 
ltnockcr. Cantharus pilulaD»,«" 





kind. Cxl. | to .1 goat. 

iid, 1, um, aiij. undersct.jCapt r, pri. m. 2. a buck. a hc-goat. 
is,a,iini.-i-//.]ikc ahorsc tlie sinell of the armholcs. 

rapci\itus, a, 11111. f>t. wrinklcd. 
Cipiro,us.., frown, to wrinklc 
the forchviKl, to knit thc brows. 
Capi_*.__ndus, a, \\\n. pL to hu un 
dcrlaken, or attemptcd. 
el is bound, a felloe. ICapesscns, tis/i/ taking in hand. 
i. n. 2 a son£, aballaiI,[C-ipcss:turus. a, about to 
to music. (saw.: take in hand. 

x.f 1. a sonjr, an oldCapcs«*o,scr.\sivi. sTtum,, 

is as he stands, sour. 
, vcl Caiit^rius, i. m. 2. 
a hboriu^ beast, a raf- 
•, a rail, a prop 
i.2.thc irtm whcrewith 


act. 1. tn cliirp, to sing 
\f. J. a sonjr, or tunc, 
an enchantiiicnt. (cd. 
a, 11111 pt. s*UMr, rhant 
: siujr sin^ 
uxy.l.acatcli, a hallad. 
f l. to sinjr. to chant,to 
rcpcat, to cnchaut. 
p. to bc suiifr, praiscd. 
(chantrr, a playcr. 
s m. 3. a sinjrer, 
i.y* 3. a fc;n:dc siiijrei 1 
ives, sinjrinjr birds. 
•» 4 a -_imrmjr,a soii£,a 
dy, a sound, a crow- 
wi. an cnchautmcnt. 
n «^(f.hoarj^gTcy.jrrcy- 
Jte. agcd, vencrablc. 
'.f 1 a jrarmcnt,inadc 
st, or purcst wool. 
ti a, umuflj arraycd in 
* of Canusian wool. 
-is./. 3. caparity, size, 
a giia^c. or mcasurc 
adj. ior, comp. issimus, 
ou*, larjrc, wide, liokl- 
lifijr. to bc containcd, 

sirn, D-am. capcssui. Tac. act.3 
to jto about to takc, to takc in bc^in,to takc thecharge 
ov govern.uent of,to cnter upon. 
Capesscre oculis, to vicw, LiV 
urbcni ali(p.iam,to jro to, Cic. Ca 

pcsscrc sc prxcipitcm ad malosj consilium,t7<r* doIorcm,7Vr. ex- 

./3. a jrrcat pot, jujr, 
capacity, jrrca-iicss. 
i 9 x.f.l.dtm a Httlc ]wt 
la kid,a star,achapcl. 
i. m. 2 a chaplain. ahundon hin_seIf,/ > /_-../ 
(■apesscrc se domiim, to jrethim 
hoinc.//. Capesserc cihum dcn- 
tibiiu, to chcw his incat, Cic. Jus- 
sa CHpcsscrc, to cxecute a com- 
inand, Viv*. (or trepanncd. 

Cipinidus, a. um. pt. to be takcn, 

CUpicns, tis pt. taking. 

Capillaccus, a, um. adj. hairy. 

Capillainciitum,i. n. 2. the natural 
hair, n pcrukc, or false hair, 
striiijp», or thrcads, a flaw. 

Capillare, is. n. 3. oil for thc hair 

to takc,totake by forcc, to scizc 
on,to catch,to car- 
ry jret, or obtain, to rcach» 
to hold, orcontain, to plcasc, to 
deli{rht, to charm, to win 
allurc, to trcpan, to admit of, to 
to makc choice of, to conccivc, or 
undcrstand, to dicover, or find 
out, to put on, or wear. Capcrc 
tcrram, to alijrlit, 1'iry. riman\, 
to chink.P/iii.usurim corporisal- 
terius uxoris, to dcbauch lier, 
Plaut. vitium, to putrify, to be 
corruptcd, Cot. With an accus. 
of a noun, it isoftenrcndered by 
thc vcrb of that noun, a, Cupere 
conjcctiiraiiiyOc. prxsagia, Plin. 

ordium, Cic finem, Terg. fugam f 
Ctc*. fraudium, Pfin. incrcmc-n- 
tum, Col. litborem, 7Vr. maturita- 
tein, Col. metum. Liv. miscricor» 
diam,(Vc ublivioncm, specimen, 
Plm. spcm, Liv. &c to (picRs, 
consult, picve, begin, cnd, fly, 
rcjoicc, increasc, toil, fear, pity, 
forget, cssay, hope Somctime» 
that accue. is tumcd into the nom. 
in the same sense ; «*, Capio 
satictatcm, Plaut. or, Capit me 
satictas, Ter. I am weary. 

Capillaria,is/. ;». thc hcrbniaidcn-Capistratus, a, um, pt. haJtercd, 

Capillatus. a, um. adj. ior, comp. miuzled, Imruesscd. (zle. 

wcarinjr lonjr hair. Capillati, *r.Capistro, to haltcr, to muz- 

pucri,sprucc bovtyMart. Capilla-Cai»'.stn)r,uri. /wim- to l»e hallercd. 

.-, whcn thc Capistrum,i. ;.-. '2. a haltcr, a hcad- 

to consulc, in old timc 
consuls worc long hair, Jttv. 

Capillitium, i. n 2. ahead of hair. 

Capillor, uri. deft. 1. to be hairy. 

tapillufl, i. m- 2. liair, a bush of 

stall, a muzzlc, a ropc, a cord, a 
bond, a noose* Maritale capis- 
trum, thc matrimonial noose, 
the bandofwcdlock,/wv. 
Capital> aljs.rt. 3.a capital ofience, 

. r hair, a bcard. . ._ 

a, um*<$' betonjringjCapio, pcire, c«pi, «apton. aiX, 3J a «nwt JaccnooSi ww^v ^«C^ v 



CA1 J 


woman'* coif, cau), or hahlacc. 
Capitalis, e. adj.ior, c<w»/>.belong 
ing to the head, or life, capita!, 
worthy of death, deadly, mortal, 
pemicious, shrewd. pcrt, sharp. 

Caprea, <e. /. 1. u roe, a decr, a cularly, he that flattercth 

frazel, a hranch that putteth fortt. to bc n"w heir. a sycophan 

tendrils. Captiitus, a* um. pt. taken, a 

Caprebhts, i. m. 2. a wild buck, a|Captio,6nis/ 3 ataking,a 

cheveril, a tendril, a cros» piece advanta£e,acatch,cpiirk,c 

Cap'ital»tcr,nr/T>. capitally, deadly. of timber, a bracc.a prop,a* adv captiously, su 

Capitatio, 6nis./ 3. a capitaticn- ed instrument used to dig with. Captiosus, a, um. atlj. ior. « 

tax, poll-moncy,a subsidy, allow- Capricornus, i m. 2. the constella- simus, *up. captious, fiill c 

ance for h^rsemcat. j tion Capricorn, containing twen- and dcccit, hurtful. injurii 

Capttatus, a, um. arfj. having a! ty stars. (drest as fig-trces are. Captiva,*/ 1 a captive.a pr 

hcad, growing with a hcad. jCaprificandus, a, um. pt. to bcCaptlvTtas, utis. / 3. caj 

"aplteUum i./i.2.di'm. a littl« head,'Caprif icatio, onis./. 3. a drcBsing slavery. 

the top ofplauts,a chapiter,a still. 

Capitium, i. n. 2. a stomacher. 

C&pito. 6nis, m. 3. a jolthcad, a 
kind of cod-fish, a pollard. Duri 
capitones, bold, impudent, or 
hcady, obstinatf fellows, Plavt. 

Capitdllnus, a, uui. adj. of, or be 
longing to the capitol 

otwild fig-trees. 

Cuptiunciila,x/1. a cavil, s 

Picialis,^oftorbclongingJCaptivo, are. a 1. totakcto 
to a fig-tree. Capriliciales diesJCaptivus. i. m. 2. a captive 

the dog-duys, on wliich women 

soner, one takcn in war, i 

uscd to sacpifice to Vulcan un-Captivus,a, nm.adj. captivi 
dcr fig-trees. captive t taken in war, impi 

Capnficor,ari dep.l. to be ripenedjCapto, as- a 1- to catch at, 
or brought to maturity,as fig» arc; at, to attempt, to lic in n 
Capitoiium, i. n. 2. thc temple oflCaprificus, i / 2. a wild fig-tree, : to watch for, to seek, to dc 
Jupitcrin Home,called thc capi- vainjrlory,osteiitationof learning.. take to insnare, to iniposi 
tol built on the Tarpean inount ; Caprifdlium, i. n. 2. honcysuckle.: to allure,to winover, tofc 
acliief tempie, ortower. Caprige nua, a, um. adj. goatish. | on, to wheedle, to trip 

Capltosus, a, uin. adj. having aCaprllc, is. n. 3. astable ibrgoats. clasp, to cinbracc Capfc 
largc head, heady, stubborn, Caprinmlgus, i. m. a goathcrd, a, ncvolentiam, to curty fav 
shrcwd. (books.i bird. 

Capitularia, um. /»/. ■■ -•-♦■■««■ •' 

. pf. n. statutc-iGaprinus, a, um. adj.ofn goat. 
Capitulatim, adv. by chapters. or Lana caprina,a thing of no value. 
parts, bricfly, summarily. Capripes, eclis- adj goat-footcd 

Capitiilatus, a, um. adj. headcd, Capsa, x.f 1. a chcst, a box, a cof-Captor, ari pa»» to be tol 

knobbcd. ^ fer, a case, a satchcl, er bag. 

Capitulum, i. n. 2- alittle head,orr:upsariu8, i m 2. a senant that 
top, a man, or woman, the head, carried books in asatchcl, orbag. 
ar cliapitcr of a pillar, a convoca- Capsula, se. / 1. a smali chest, a 
tion-housc, or cliapter, a chaptcr casket 

of a book, a brief account. 

Her- cucnam, to hunt aftei 
pcr, Jlbirt somnos, to sle< 
frigus, to cool himseh^ 9 
nitum, to listen, Uv. 

Caj)sus, i. m vclCapsum, i. n. 2. a vailed upon, delightcd. n 

aptura, ac/ 1 a catchinj 

ing, a thing caught, wagi 

Captfirus, a, about I 

r .'aptus, a, vm. pt. takcn, ti 

forcc, deceived, entangl* 

captivated, smitten, depl 

Capiundus, a, um. pt. to be taken- utull for cattle, the body of :i cha 
Capnias, ac. m. 1. a jaspcr- riot, a coach-box, a watrgon. (at- di 

Capnos, \.f 2. rumitory. (eunuch. Captandu.n, a, lun. pt. to bc caughtiCaptus, us. wi. 4 a taking 

Capo, onis. m. 3. a capon, an^aptans, tis.jb#.catcliingat,aiiiiiug tachment, or scizure, o 

Capparis, is. m. 3.capci*s,a slumb. at, endcavouring, attempting. understanding, conditioi 

Capra, x.f.l. a shc-goat, a con- Captatio, oiua./. J. a catching, or ability. 

stellution, a fiery meteor, the aimingat, abickering, adispute.'apula, *./. 1. aUdle,ti 

smeil oftlic armholes. Captator,6ris m 3. hc tlutt endca- apularis, e adj. vejv oU 

CTMju&ius, iM.2.* ^oaUifrtL TQureth %o gc,t ajy tlung, parU-iCapuiatoj, dri*. «. 3. hc l 





of vesselswithaladleJCarbunculus, i m. 2. a carbunclc.tCaries, £i./ 5 rottcnness, lccs 

of the prcfect who a blotch, an ulcer, a precioiih 

oil to tlie people 

act. 1. to lade out. 

n. & Capulug, i. m. 2. 

•r handle, a bier. 

. a capon, an eunuch. 

i. 3. thc head, a head, 

irin? } ov source, abc- 


an amount^ chapter, 

•r clausc, a chicf ci- 

polis, life, reputation, 

a beginncr, or ring- 

cak one's head, T+i: 
isam diccrc, to plead 
. Cic. Capitis dumnu 
tdemned to die,7i/. A- 
it,a rude fellovv, Fi/v*. 
put,a dcar friciid, Jlov. 

stonc,a blight, or smut of trees. 

a littlc coai, hot eartli, earth hav- 

ing black slate 
Carccr, eris. m. 3. aprison,or hold, 

a rog-uc,ajail-bird,agoa1,barricr, 

©r starting-place. a bcginning. 
Carccrarius,a,um. ar#. of a prison. 
Carchebus, i. m. % a largc ring. 
CarchSsium, i. n. 2. a tunncl, a 

ordrcgsof winc,a worm in wood. 
Cartna, x. / 1 thc kccl, or bot- 

tom of a ship.a ship. Carinse, pl. 

buildings iu llotne,like the kccls 

of ships. Carinx putaminum bi- 

fidse, tlic two halves of walnut- 

Carinatus, a,> like the keel 

of a ship. (of a sliip. 

Ci\rino,as. a.l tomake Hke a kcel 

holc, or scuttle, a large cup, or Cariosus, a, uni. adj. ior, comp. 

bowl, a cranefor gt>ods. 
Carclnfrlcs, is. adj. cancerous. 

crson. Diminucrc cu- Carclndma, atis. n. 3. a canccr. 

Carcfnus, i. m.2> a crabfish. 
Cardamomum, i. «. 2- cardamum- 

carious, rottcn, wormeatcn. 

Caris,tdis /5- a prawn, a shrimp. 

Caritas. atis. / 5. charity, lovc, 
attcction, coniplaccucy, delight, 
dcarncss, scarcity, waiit, dcarth. 

Cardiacus,a,um adj. gripcd at the Cartturus, a,um-/>r. about to want. 

stomach, sick at heart 
Cardinalis, e.adj. bclongingtou 
hinge, chicf, principal. 

2. a crab, a crayfish. Cardinalis, as m- 3 a cardinal. 
m. 1. the south-wcstCairdinutus, a. um atlj. hung, o; 
/l.a cassock. (wind 
i, um. adj- of iinc flax,' 
ii. (linen. 

a, um- adj. of finc 
r .*, drum. v. 
Mif cambric, lawn, 
rment, a vcil, a sail. 

a, um. adj. coarsc, 
dc of raw ox's Iiide. 

pinncd fast, fastencd. 

Cardo, inis. m. & ollm,/ a hinge. 

a very point, or crisis, a nick oi 

time, a conjuncturc, a scasoiii 

an end, or conclusion, a course, 

a pote, a tcnon. 

CarduSlis, is./ 3. a linnet» 

Carduus, i- m 2. a tliistle. 

. m- 3. a coal, a bum- at a gTcat pricc 

?arl>o contritus, ashes. 
otarc, to dislike, or 

s, a,um.o/(/. pertaining 
i, i. m, 2. a collicr. 
ns,tis. pt- hot, burning. 
tio, dnis./ o.ablight. 
, a*. n. U. a. 1. to bc 
a coal, to be blasted, 
i smut. (ed. 

Carmen, mis n. 2.vcrse,a verse, a 
book of vcrses, a ode,a 
sonjr, a ditty, a tune, a notc, a 
charm,orincantation,a prophecy, 
a praycr, aform of oath, curse, 
orsentence,un epitaph,or inscrip- 
tion, a card for wool, a hatchel. 

Carminatio, dnis./ 3. a nickinjr, 
or carding of wool, a hackling of 
flax- (coinbcd, teuzed, pickcd. 

Curminntus, a, um. pt. carded, 

Canuino, as.a- 1. to card, or comb 
wool. to hatchel flax. (Ecc!e&. 

Carti, adv ius, comp. dearly, hig-h^Carnalis, c adj. carnal, flcshy. 

Carectum, i. n. 2. a place where 
sedge grows. scdge. 

(to coals. Carendus, a, um. pt. tobe wantcd, 

to be deprivcd of. 
('arcns, tis pt wanting. 
Careo, crc, rui, & cassus sum, ri- 
tum, & cassum, neut. 2. to want 
to lack, to be without, to be frcc 
from, to be dcprived of, not wor- 
thy to have, or receive- 

r, iri. pa»$. to be blast-jCarex, fcis./3. 9edge,8hccr-gTttss. 

■us. a, um. a/(f. parch-ICarica, x./ 1. a fig, a lfnttQ fig » 

ip, bKfhtcd» rough. j a fhip 

Carnarium,i. n. 2- a larder,a vessel 
to keep mcat in, a shambles, a 
flcsh market, Hcshmcat. 

('arnfirius, i. m.2. a butchcr. 

Camcus, a, um. adj- flcshy. 

Carnifcx, Tcis. m 3- a haiigman,att 
cxecutioncr, a rogue, or villian. 

CarniftcTna, ac./ 1. aplace where 
malefactors are exccutcd, the 
ofiicc of a hangman, torture. 

Carnificius, a um. adj. «nanglcd. 

Carniflcor ftri. pa**- to be exe- 

cuted, and crueUy kill^vi. ^Kt^ 





CarnSsus, a- um. a(\j. ior, coiap 
issimus, ntp. flcsln , gross, tluck, 
pUimp, pulpy, pithy, rich. 

Caro, rnis./ •». flcsh, meat, thc 
substancc undcr thc peel of 
hcrbs and plants. 

Caro, ere. act. 3« to card wool. 

Citfbn, Caros, Carmon, Careum, 
& Carrium, i. 71. 2. caraway. (ed- 

Carpcntum, i- w. 2. a churiot, 
coach, a waggon. 

Carpinus, \.f. 2. a maple 

Carpo, p£re, psi, ptum. act- 3. to 
gathcr, to pull,»r phick,to take 
to pick, or choose, to crop, to 
snatch,to rob,to pillagcto wastc 
to consumc, to cnjoy, to carve 
or cut up, to dividc, to tcaze, 0; 
card, to carp at, to find iauh 
with, to sct out upon, to rcacli, 
to cut ofT. 

Carpor, i. ptus sum. p. to bc ga- 
thercd, cropt, troubled, wastcd 
speut, &c. 

Carptira, udv. here and there, 
summarily, in few par 
ccls, one by onc. Carptim vo 
cem rcsorbcre, to fetch thc 
breatli short, Pliu. 

Carptor, oris. m. 3. a carver, 
carpcr, a reprovcr, a cen.surer, 
a cardcr, or pickerof wool. 

Carptura, ae./. 1- a gathcring 

Carptus, a, um. pu pluckcd, ga- 
thcred, cropt, tozed, cardcd 

Carptu, abl m- 4. a gathering, a 

Carpus,i m.2.the wrist. (cropping. 

Carruca, se./ 1. a littlccart, aca- 

Carrus,i.m.2. a car, wain, waggon. 

Cartflagincus, a um. adj. gristly 
CArtiJapindsus, * um adj. full of 

gristlcs, gristly. ^Castclluriusi.m. 2. a vrater-hailiff 

Cartilago, inis, /. a cartilagc, aCustcIluthn, adv. from castlc to 

gristlc, or tendon, pith. { castle,insmall parties,piecemeaL 

Caruncula, ae. /. 1. dim. a little C:istellum,i.n.2a castle, a fort, ■' 

picce, or lump of flesh, a kcrnel. town,a conduit to convey wmtef. 
Carus, a, um. adj. ior, comp. is-.Casteria.x/.lahouscforoariftDd 

slmus, *up dear, costly, prcci-j othcr tacklingof ships. (chaste. 

ous, beloved. (walnut-.Castiflcus. a, um. adj. makiaf- 

Caryon, i. n. 2. a walnut-tree, ajCastigabilis,c.<2<// fit to be chc* 

Cascus, a, um. adj. old, ancicnt. .Castlgfitus, a um pt. chastMr 
Cascale, is.n.^a place for making,j correctcd,lesscned, or assuagct* 

or setting cheeses in, a cbecse-; to be umendcd, «r adjusted. 
room. ; Castigo tobot 

Casearius,a,um. at{/. pertaining to to corrcct,to punish, to repiwe* 

to chidc, to mend, to reduce. 
Castigor,ari./M2Mto bc chastised 
Castirnonia, «.f l.chastity. 

cheese- Caaearia forma,a chcese- 

Cascus,i. m. Caseum,i. n.2.checsc. 
Casia,ac/. 1. a shrub, aspicc likcjCastitas, atis. / 3. cliustity, 

cinnamon, a sweet flower. tincnce, purity. 

Cuso, •* tumble,torccl.:Castor, oris. w- 3. in acc. c&slbf*/ 
Casse,a</t\ in vain, to no purposc rJvv a bcavcr, or badger.(stoncs> 
('assula, x.f 1. a helmct, a skull. Castorca, druni. pl. n. heaver'» 

Cassis, tdis. /. 3. a helmet, a hcad, 
piece. (a cobwcb. 

Cassis, is-m.3- ahuntei^s net,atoil. 
Cassita, x.f 1. a crcstedlark 
Cassit^ron, i. n. 2. tin, whitclcad. 
Cassus, u,um. adj. vain, frivolous, 
of 110 valuc, void, empty, igno 
rant, rotten, wormeatcn. \"irgo 
cassa dotc, a maid without a por- 
tion, l'l*ut. 
Castanca, ac. / 1 . a chcsnut 
Castaneus,a. um- adj. of chcstnut. 
Caste, ius, issimd, adv chastcly, 
purely, honcstly, uprightly, <le- 
voutlv. (longing to a castlc- 

Castcllanus, a, um. adj. of, or bc- 
Castcllanus, i- m- a garrison-sol- 
dicr, thc govcruor, or constablc 
of a castle* 

Castoreum, i. n. 2. oilofbcarcr. 

t 'astdrcus, a, um. adj. of a beatc** 

Odor castorcus,a runk sinell.i'»» 

Castra, oruiii. pL n. 2. a campi ft' 

tcnt, a pavilion,an army eneanp* 

cd, war f a province, busineis,* 

urt. Castra stativa, a pitckoi; 

camp, Cic. Castra hiberna, wb>; 

ter-quartcrs ; astiva, tlu: 

mcr-campaign, CV?. Castram** 4 
tica, thc rendezvous of a flee^ 
.Yrf). Castra ccrca, a bcehnt» 
Cltiud. facerc, liabcrc, poneit» 
to cncamp, Ctet. nu>vcre v to de*' 
camp, or go oft", Curt. H 

Castramt tator,5ris. m. 3* tlie mi> 
shal who appointcth the c*mp% 
the quarter-uiastcr gencra). 

CWmmctor^Lri<(/«^.l. to encamp. 

Castratio, dnjs /. 3. a gckiimj, » 






gV sr cutting* of treai. ' •ap-a-pie,quitcsecured [poulticej diaordcr. 

«s *./ 1. a £eldinjr, arCatapli-flTna- at.s, n 3. a plasler,v.aurv»t_m t a//t\ in conopanies^ 
*av, a curtaihng, asncI-Cataplus, i. m. 2. a flcct of mer ! ' _■----_.. . _. . 

ulling of corn. chantincn, & voyage 

a, mn 


pt gclded, weak-CatapOtium, i- n. 2- a pill. 
ed, enfeebled. Catapulta, ae./l.a warlik 

i.ands, ©r flocks, in confusion, or 
Cathurticus, a, uni. adj. purging. 

i, c, adj. of, or pcrtain- gine to shoot darts, or stoncs 
camp, army, or war. Cattipultarius, a, um. adj. shot ou 
o 1 to jreld, to cut olf, to of un cngine. 
iborc hoics low in trecs, Cltaracta, vel Catarracta se./ & 
to dirainish, to wcakcii, Catamctes, ac. m 1 a cataract, a 
blc, to rac!: wincs. j gi cat fall of water, floodgate, 

li. patc. to be ^cldcd. I sluicc, or lock, a portcullis, 
i. n 2. a ca_»tle, a for-, drawbridge, a disease in thc eyc. 
citadel. j a cormorant. 

um. c«fy ior, comp. is*i-.Catarrhus, i m. 2 a catarrh,rheun: 
chaste, puiv, undcHl-Catascbpium, i. n 2. apinnance. 
pous, devout, honest, Catascopus, i. m 2 a apy, a scout 

ke en-Crithedra, x. / 1. a chair, a sea : , 


oi 4 aceremonv, aritc. 

/ 1 dim. a little cottagc. 

a dcsk, a pulpit, a scilan, or cov. 

orcd chair, an episcopal sec 
Cathedral.tius, a, um adj. bclong"- 

ing 1 to a chair (longing to a ch ir 
Citl.edrunus, a, uiu adj. of, or : >c- 
C ithetus, i m. 2 a pcrpcndicular. 
C.itholicus,a,um adj. catholic, ui.'- 

versal, gcneral addrcsscd to a!l. 
C ttillatio, onis /. o alickingxle.m 

thc dishcs, a namc of disgrac< . 
Catillo,H3 ncut.l to lick the dishct. 
( Utillo,onis m. 3 a glutton, a pikc. 
('..tillus. i m. 2 dtm. alittlc dish. 
• 'atmus. i m 2. a large dish, a pot. 
Catdchites, x. m. 1 a clainmy 

prccious stonc, a kind of fig. 
C.itularius, a, uin. udj. of, or bc- 

lonpi.g- to whclps. i atularia 


thc doj»-;;.ite at iloiiic. 

Catasta, re. / 1. a cage whercir- 

slavci werc cxposed to sale, u 

i, um- pt. ready to fall. jCatc, luIv. warily, cunningly [tical 
m. 4. a fall, chaucc, for-Cutecl.e" ticus, a, um udj. catcche- 
ccidcnt, an cvcnt, pcrU,iCatechisimis, i m. 2 a catechism. 
in,_-U_tfortune, an occaai»jCatcchisU, ac m. l.a catcchist, u\ 

te, a conclusion, a casc.j expounder of a catcchism- (mo.i jCut.u!iciis, tis. pt. cntcrwr.idinp. 
j. ia /. 3. a fijfure whcn-Catechumenus, i. m. 2. a c.".tcchu-C-itiilluus l .i,uin. adj. otalittlcdog-. 
ti is abusively put for.CatcgM-cmuta, um. pl. n prcdi-!ca.'ilio, iiv, r.<-ut -l. Lo de_.ire tl.e 
an uupro()er, hut somc-l cablcs. (in lopci iiiaic. (thc male. 

cutc way of spcaking'. Citejfbria, x-f. 1. a prvd'.camcnt!cati_litio, 6nis / 3. a dcsire ff 
is ipsc, capcr, Hr« [Catcg^oricus, a, um. adj. e\prc«s. CatiJus, i m. 2. a whelp, a puppy, 
us, i. m. 2. a general Catcia, x / 1. a barbcd ilait, or a littlc doij, a cub, the young cf 

elu^e, a great min 
is./. «i. a condcmnation. 

spear with a strin^, an ciigine to ht-astj, &.c. au iron collar. 
throw stoncs or dai^ts with. (py. Catuli w-.natici, hounds, er bca- 

us, a, um. adj. puiuted 
is / J. compreiicnsion. 
. m 2 a calalogiic, a biU. 
j. m 2 a catamitv-, an 
; pcmon, a cupbearer. 
a, * /. 1. abrcusiplate. 
us, a, uxn. auj. armed 

jCatgj.atio, onis / 3. a chaininjr* [C^v;i,a../.l. aholc forahlnPs ncst. 
Catcnutus, a, um, />r chaincd, ticdjC tv;cdium, i. n. 2 a portico. 

with, or in chains. linkcd. [Cavans, tis. pt. hollowing. 

Caterva, x./ 1. a baud of soldiciv < : ivuticus. :i, um aJj. hoilow*. 

cousisting of 600, a battaliou oi Cavatio, onis./ 3. hoilowness. 

foot,atroop^icn)wd,a inulutud^ C »\jtor, ons. m 3. In. that makcs 
Catervarius a, um. udj. pcrtainiu^ C".vritus,a,um./ir. hollowcd (holca 

to companies, iu a hu^dlc, o; CavuU, i:. /. 1 ^X^Vx^tvms^-,^ 


CAV * 



man's privv membor. Caudam cavil, to taunt, to bantcr, to jest. losc a causc, C/r- Causam non di- 

trahcre, to be mockcd, to havcCavilhim, i. n. 2. a cavil. (ness. 

co, I have no excute to make> 

Caudcx, icis, m. J. a stock, orCaidesco, ere n. 3. to jrrow to a' excused for any matter, bad. 
trunk,the stcm, body, or stumpCaulicutus,i.m.2. dim. a little stalk. Causatus, a,um /M. pretcndio£ 

of a trce. a tablc-book, a stool, Caulis, is. m. 3. a stalk, or stcm, a 
or block to sit on, a blockhcad quill, thc cnd of a bcast's tail, a 
Caudicalis, e. adj. of, or belong"- pothcrb, colewort. 

ing" to the stumps, &c of trccs.Cavo,:'_«. a. to hollow, to make, or Causulicus, i. m. 2. a lawyer t i 

Cavea, ae./. 1. a cave, or dcn, a wcar scoop out,to borc 
cage,or coop,a scafioldui cockpit througti. Cavat luna cornua, the 
the area in the midst of an am- moon is in thc wane, Plin. 
phitheatrc, a thcatrc, : ; y plareCnvor, ari. paxs. to bc hollowed. 
railed, &c. in, a bcehi» e VerbaCaupo, 6nLs. m- :». a vintncv, a vic 
ad summam cavcain spcctuntia, tualler, a suttlc *, an inkcepcr, a 
low language. fit fov tlic rabblc rctailcr, a drawer, a brokcr. 
to hcar, Sen. Caupdnu, x./.l. atr.vern, a ccIHir, 

Cavendus, a, to bc takcn or victualliiifr hon:c, a vinlress. 
hecd of, lookod unto, or avoided. Caupouuns, tis. ftf. hucksterinff. 
Caveo, ere, cavi, cautum. ant. & Caupdnuria. ?:./. 1. a tavcmcr's 
ncidt. 2. to bcware, to take carc, craft. 
or hced, to take carc of, ur for,Cauponius, a. um. adj. pcrtuinin^ 
to providc for, oragainst, topro-; to taverns, or victualling-houscs 

or victu- 
for gain, to 
Caveor,Cri. /"/**. lo be taken hced adultcrate. 
Caverna, *./. I. a cavcrn, a cave,Cauponida,3c./.l atippling-housi, 

a den, a vault, a hole. < a tap-housc, a little tavern. 

Caverndsus,a,um,ur// tull of holes, : Cu»irimis,a,um.arf/. cold, wcsterly. 

cavcs, or dens, hollow. (cave. Caurio, irc, ncut. 4. to cry,to roar 

Cavernula, ar. /. 1. diu. a littleCaurus,i.m-2. the north-west wind 

Cavetur, imprrs. carc is taken. .Causa & Caussa, ae, /. 1. a cause, 1. a cavil,scoiV,raillery. an occusion, a reason, a plea, a 

Cavillans, tis ///. ca\illi:i|£ at. \ pretence, aucxcusc, adefencc, a 

Cavillalio, ouis./ 3. acavillinjf, or motive, a dcsign, or purpose, a 

wrangling, an idlc exception, a thin^, or matter, an aftair, or bu- 

pretencc, a quirk, sophistry,' sincss, a suit, a protit, or advan- 

raillery . ■ tagc, a statc, or condition, a sake, 

Cavillator, dris. m. 3. a cavillcr, a or account, a side, or party, fault, 

wrangling fcllow, a sophister, a or blame, sickness. Indicta causa, 

jcstcr. (viller. without hcarinp,C?c. Tencre,ob- 

causam. to guin 

to providc ior, orag^ainst, topro-; to taverns, or victuallin 
vide, to prevent, to avoid, to ad-Cauponor, ari. deb. 1. to 
visc,toappoint, orscttle, togivc, to retail, to scll wine, 
or take security. (of.| a!s, to sell any thing fo 


Causatio, dnis./. 3. an excusc. 
Causia,w/1 .a broad-brimmed lnt. 

counscllor,aplenderoui advocttt- 
Causor ari. flep. I. to pretend, » 

plcad,to blamcyor acciuei jw» 

to be blamcd. 
Causticus,», um- at!j. caus6e,tklt 

can bum apt to burn, burniij- 
Causula.a:/ La small cause^rp^ 
Caute. ius, issifm^, adv. warilfi 

circumspectly, advisedly, cIojb- 

ly, lcisurely. 
Cuutela, ;c/. 1- a caution, apt- 

vision, an assurance, or sectlT*r< 

'auterium, i. /.«. 2. an instnHBB* 

to mark.bum, «r brand with. 
' 'aulcs.isY. *.ara£ j^ed rock^icnf. 
Cautim, cn/r. cautiously, wari%r- 
Cauti >i onis./J a caution, care, a 

bond, bill.woblipfation, sccaritf- 
Cauior, oris m. 3. a cautiou», * 

wary man,a providcr, or taker ofj 

care. an assurer, a warrinter. 
Cautum est, im^rr*. it ia protiW istaken,security »gt«> 
Cautus, a, um> a:lj. ior, comf. W 

mus,#i/^.cautious, warj-, cirrt» 


subtle, safe, secure. (P^ 8 ^ 

Cavum, i. n. 2. a hole, a holWj 
Cavus, a, um. atlj. hollow, full* 

holes. not at full (hot^ 

Cavus, i. m. 2. a hollow placc^ 

Cavillatrix, icis./. 3. a femalc ca- tincre, & vincere 
Cavillor, ari. atus, aum. ilcp. 1. to; a causc, Ov. Ci 


Ccdcns,tis./^. jrivinff place, 
Cadcrc causaT tol iug-, departing, fiiiUng- oft'. ' 






a chamber for servants, a room 
in a bath, or thc stews, a chapel 
iii a temple, a honcycomb. 

Cellaria,3e./l.a femalc butler. (lar. 

Ccllaris,c adj pertaining to a ccl- 

Cellarium,i. u. 2. a ccllar, a pantry. 

Ccllarius, i. m. 2. a butler. 

, impcii, thcy yield. much spoken of,mcntioned with 

re, dessi» essum. n. 3. to honor,rauchfrcquehtcd,offrrcat 
to subinit, togive way, toCclebriH,vidcCe'lebcr.(solemnity 
icc, to rctreat, to go back,'Celebntas, atis. /3. rcnown,good 
irt, to go off, or away, to' namc, rcpute, credit, jrreatness 
> pass, to pass away, to bc in thc world, a solcmn asscmbly, 
% to desist, or leave off, to a solemnity, a frequent rcsort. 

h, or resign, to suxceed,orCelebro,as.ac7. 1. to cclebrate, tolCellula, x.f 1. dim. alittlc cellar. 
, to bc instead of. Felici- solcmnizc, to makc famous, to Celo, as. act 1 to conccal, to hidc, 
cedat, much jrood may it praise gTcatly, to rccord, to pub 
, Ov.f'edcrc adfactum- to lish, to have in estimation, tolCelor, ari. pcu*. to bc conocalcd. 
;,»i^ffected,/ , /aK/.Ccdere exercise, or pcrform frequcntly, Cclox, 6ris / 3. a briguntine, or 
i brcak. Juv. Ccdit dics, to frequent. yacht,fly-boat,pinnace orwhcrry. 

t of payment is comc, Ulp. Celebror,ari. patsAo bc frequcnt- Cclsitas, atis./ 3 lofhncss, haugh- 
. Ccdite, jrive me, tell me, cd, solcmnized, publishcd, cx- tiness, height, tallncss. 
ne, appoint. crciscd, 8tc. 

s, a,<//.anointcdwithCcler. m- ccleris, c. $• celere,/i.ior, 
ce, or oil of ccdar. comp. rimus, & issimus,«r//>. swift, 

s, a, um. uilj. of ccdar. < cxpcditious, suddcn activc, nim- 
idis./. 3. a cedar-bcrry. blc, brisk, airy, lifrht, short. 
l, i. ii. 2. oil of ccdar. Celerandus a, um. pt. to hastcn, 
i./2.ccdar-trce,Cedrodig'- oi-bc hastcncd. 
rthy <if immortality, Per*.Cel^rans, hastcninjr. to hcconccalcd. Cclcrantcr, adv. swiftly, specdily. pcnt. 

is ///.conccaling,dis*<'mh-Cclcratus, a, um. pt. hastcncd. CenbU»phium,i. i/.2.acenotaph,an 
'elatim,tfr/T\secretly.(ling\Celcres, *ci equites, liy;ht horsc. 
oris. m. 3. a concealer. Cclcripcs, edis tidj. swift of foot 
a,um*/i/. conccaliidjkcpt, Cclcntas, atis/. 3.cclerity,cxpcdi- 

kept close, hiddcn. . tion, swiftncss, quickncss, specd, Ccnscns, tis. pt. thinkircg, dctcr- 

jn. ris, c. ?. rc, n. «(//.rior, haste. mining-. 

crnmus, tup. famous, rc-Cclerttcr,n</r.8wifUy,expctu*tious-f:cnsco, €rc, sui, sum. act. 2. to 
d,ennobled,crowdcd,very. ly,hastily, with specd, suddenly.J think, tosupposc. to judgcto bc 
frcqucutcd, amorous, so-, immcdiately» shortly, by.and-by.j of opininn, to rcsolve, or dctcr- 

JCcleritudo, vid Celcritas. | minc, to votc, or jrive a sufFrape, 

Time, adv. vcry famously,jCeTe*rius,«</z>.c9;n^. morcspcedily. 
mnlv, vcry frcquently. jCelcro, as. act, 1. to hasten. 
ndus,a,um. pt. to be solcm- Celcrrlme, adv. *up. vcry quickly. 
rpraisedjtocelcbrate.^ingCelcs, etis. m. 3. a horseman, ouc 

Cclsitudo, uiia,/. 3. highncss, no- 

hihty, cxcellcncy. 
Cclsus, a, um adj. ior, comp. issl- 

mus, ntp. high, tall, lofty, statc- 

ly, noblc, cxaltcd, crect, iipright, 

couragcous, bravc. 
Ccltis, is/. 3. a kind of lotos-trce. 
Cenchris, is. m. 3. a spccklcd scr- 

cmpty monumcntsct up in lionor 
of thc deari, an cmptv hearsc. 
Ccnsendus,a,um pt to nc thoughL 

to tax, lcvy, or asscss. to pay a 
r.itc 6i-ccss,to enrol, orsct down. 

ns,tis./>/.celebratin^,prais-] tliat ridcs on horycback in pub- 
tio,duis.y3. a cclcbration, lic sports. 

to takc an estimatc of, to bc dis- 
pleascd, to ccnsuro, torcprovc. 

mmziiifr, an assembly, orCelcusma, atis. n. 3. the shout, or taxed &c 

Ccnscor, Cri. /m*#. to bc numbcr- 
cd, mustcred, valucd, prizcd, 

ny, repiitation, renown. , noisc of mariners when thcy cry, 
tor, Oris m. 3. a settcr- Ho-up, What chcer. 
f pubUc plays. .Cclcustes, x. m. 1. a boatswain. 

Uis, a, um. pt. ior, comp. Cella, ac. /. 1. a cell, a cellar, a 

Ccnscor,cri.t/.2.tocnrol inthc cen- 
sor's table, to reckon, or account. 

Onsio,onis./.3.a punishinfr,o7 cen- 
suring-, a ratc, a finc, a ^cualt^. 

i tuo. reuowned, fiunous, 1 storchouse, a buttcry, a pantr\ACcra\V.or>QT\^. -m. ^>.vbl\ 





survcyorof lands, a steward. Ccnt : es,cf/r- a hundred timcs, in-^nturifrtus^um./^rcgislered^ 
Cvu^or f 6ris m.'o he who cxtcntcd dttimtcly, ovi r and ovcr. cnrollcd in tlie m.n.ber cf th 

thc centu», a ct nsuier. or scvtrc 

pcrson, a corrector. a cntic. 
Ccr.sorius, a, uni. «<# pertaining 

to the ccnsor, or his oflice, ccn- 

sorious, scvcre, grave 
C> iisualis, e udj ratublc. 
C« nsiira, ac / 1 . ccnsure, rcproof, 

judgment, severity, punishmtnt. 

'Ccntif blia, x f 1. a kind of rose 

with muny leaves 
Ccntimanus a, uni, adj hundred- 

hahdcd, having 10U hands 
( t ntmociia, x f 1 knot-grass. 
Centipeda, ae / 1. a worm with 

many icct, a cattcrpillar 
Ccntipcllio, bnis m 3. thc umhlcs 

the censorship, ©r oflicc of ccn-| ofa decr, the paunch of a stag-. 

gor, authority, a puttern, or ex-Ccnto, onis. m.3 patchcd clotlu s, 

amplc, a trial. or proof. a covcrlct, a shroud to kecp oft' 

C-Lsus, a, um pt cisscd, taxed, s*ones, uihapsody anidlestory. 

Tai.ed, valucd, registercd Ccntrulis, c. a<{j central, midst. 

Census, us m 4 the >aluation of (cnlru.cs, uni pl.m 3 gnats 

cvery maiv» cstate; the register- 

ing of a man, hisyenrs, trihc, fa- 

mily, profcssion, wife, childrt-n, 

aml si rvantH; a ccssing, valuing, 

or mustcring of the peoplc ; u 

tribiite, or subsidv. a suhsidy- 

book, a iuunV cstate, wcalth, oi 

j early n-t cnuc 
Ccntaiuia, a-. / Ccntaurfon, k 
CcMauivuin, i n. ceiitaury. 
Cchtaurcur.icluu, x / a fighting 

with centaurs. 

CJcutaiirus. l m, 2. a ccntaur, i> 
fcigncd creaturc, hall inan anti 
half horsc. tlie sugittary, onc of 
thc 12 signs, thc namc of a ship 
in Virgil. (dred 

hundredB,divided into hunrirtd 
Centiirio,5nis- m. 3. a ccnrurion, 
capialn over a hi:ndrcu footiMi 
Centiirio as uct- divideint 
comptnics, to divide ficlds ist 
two hundred acres. 
Centiirior, aii. ptits. to be dividn 
into hun« rcds, or ccn.panks. 
Ccnturionatus,u8. m. <i. a caplsirf 
Centussus, is. m ''.a RomanmoiKJ 
contaiuing forty scsteicrs, ta 
deniers ; 8iat is, six shillingst» 
three perice in our money. 
Ceiitro8iis,a,um aaj. full of knots.lCepa, x,f & Cepe, is n an onios 
Centrum, i n 2. a cenire,the mid-Ccpsra,»/ 1. brookUme, rureUin 
dlc poiut, a knot, a hard part. Cepetum, i- n 2. an onion-bed. 
C«iitum,(ir// a hundred, Cephalea, ae./ 1. the headache. 
many . (holly. Ccphallcus^, um aaj\ ccphaGc, ^ 

Cciitumcapita, x f athistle, sca- thehcad. (greatheid 

('cnti:n;gcmmr.s, a, um- ailj hun- Cephalus, i m. 2. a fish havinf l 
drcd-haiidrd, a hundred. Ccpina, x. f. 1. a bed of onions. 

(.( mtuii.virf;]is,e-tfr(/ pertainingtoCcpphicus, a, um. adj. very BgH 
thccciitiiuiviri6rhundred judgcs. very trifling, insigiuficant. 

Centi " * " rt J — 


ccrutin civil causes amcng the 
pcoplc, out of tvcr\' tribe three. 
(X'ntuiiculiiB,i. m. 2 a patchcdco- 
vcrlet, a horsccloth. 

timiviri,6rum/>/. w. 2. judgcsJCcpphus. i ^i 2. avciy lightHrd 
r>n:r.iissionerq, choscn to hear Cera,jc./1. wax. a tablc-book^c 

Ccntcnarius a. um atlj of a hun-,C( utiiphcato, adv. a hundrcd 

Ccnleims a. uin. ntlj a himdrcd. 

Cciittsimu, w f 1 interest of om 
in the hundrcd cvery month, m 
twtlvt- per tent. JUit others sav , 
a humlred pei* cen r . yearly. 

Ccrttcsuno,as. a 1 to punish hylot. 
or to tukc oiicout of thchundrcd. 

.•cntiiplcx,ic:s adj a liundredfold. 

Ceutes^nnis, a, um. a((i the hun- ahundred in a shire, or county, 

drcdtn, a hundred-fold. Cente- 

timcs (loublc. 

Ccntupondium, i. n. 2. a hundrcd 
weight, ajpvat weight. 

Ceiituria, x. f. 1 .accntury, a com 
panv, or band of ahundred men, 
a sulidivisicn. of the Koman pco 
ple into ccnturics, or hundrcds, 

acantred, or wapcntake. 

siimifruge. with a hundred-fold Centilnutim, adv. hy hundrcds. dccr t &c. (2. ac 

increase, Plin. (headcd company by company. Cdr&sum, i. n. 2. 8c Ceraaus, i. 

fc/itjccpt,, cipifa. adj. hujuJrcd-lccnturiuUiSjUii.m.^. a oaptaiuship. CSr&sns. i./. 2. a eherry-trcci 

cov cred with wax,a waxeiiiaisge 
or hust, a ccrceloth, a cellini 
honcy-comb, a pagc, #r side rfl 
Icaf,a will, or tcstament, cnamd 
Cci a punica, white wax, VU Cedl 
miniatula, rt»d wax, Cic- J 

( -eraria .sr./afcmale wax-chandlrft 
Ccrarium, i. n. 2. wax-moncy, ths) 
fee for a seal in wax,seaJ-mone£ 
Ccrarms, i. m. 2. a wax-chaudl^ 
Ccr.'simus, a, um. at{j. af a chenjjj 

or rcd color. 
Cerasium, i- n. 2. a chcrry. 
Cerastcs,x. m. 2. a svrncnt 
four pair of horns, hke a 





, i, um. atf. sophistical, 
, dark, perverted. 
i- n. 2. a husk, or shcll. 
i n. 2 a ccrecloth* plais- 
m.f 1. & waxinfr (ter. 
, waxed,covered 
l, pitched.smearcd over. 
z f. 1. & C ruinius, i. 
thunder-stone, a pulse. 
n i.n.2 a mushroom.(rid. 

low matter in it. 

CtrftusAum adj. mad, distractCvl. 

r Jcrnendus, a, um. pt. to bc sccn 
scrnens,tis.'/M.seeing, pcrcciving. 

Cerno, nere,crevi.t>e/.vidi, cr?tum 
vcl visum. act. 3 to see, to per- 
ceive, to discern, to distinguish, 
to forcsee, to presagc, to judge, 
to know, er undcrstand, to sepa- 

Certatur, impers. there is a strife,. 

quarrel, or diflerence. 
Ortfiturus, a, um. pt. about to 

strive, contcnd, or vie with. 
«lertutus, us. m. 4. a wrestlmg. 
Certatus, a, um. pt. striven, eoife 

tendcd for, contcsted. 
Certe, adv. ius. comp. isstme, tup. 

ccrtainly, for oertain>surely,8ure 

VLjimxLdj infernal, hor- ordetcrraine, to decree, to fight, 
fcus, L m. 2.a monkey. or engagc* to enter upon 
is. m. 3. a cobler, a cur« Cernor,cris x.patt. to be percciv- 
uicr. a smith. ed, sifted, dividcd, tried. 8cc. 

'.. a$. pertaining to Cc- Cernuo, as. a 1. to stoop with thc 
n, and food,that whcre- face forward,to tumblc and show 
is made erealia arraa, tricks,to throw one upon his facc 
its of husbandry, Virg. Cernuus, a,um adj. hangiug down 
quor, ale,ar beer, Plaid. the head, with thc facc down. 
ena,a costly supper, Id. Cernuus, i. m. 2. a ropedancer. 
solnm, a trcncher of Ciro,as.a. 1 tocere, or wax ovejv 
y.Cerealia munera, vel. Clror, ari./>aj*to bc waxed ovcr 

rattt, or dividc, to sift, or rcsolve, enoujrh,true, right, yes, assured- 

ad, Ov. 

n, i.- n. 2. the Mnderf tempcrcdwithwax.(withceroma 
ie head, brains. 

CerOmatfcus, a, um adj annointed 
M,uni. atff. passionatc, Ctrdsus, a, um. adj. mixed with 
ixy, wild, mad. 
i. n. 2. the brain, thc 
spinal marrow, pitlr 


i, *./■ vide Caertraonia 
/3.the goddess of corn, 
id, food madc of corn. 
«•/. 1. ale, beer. 
ura- adi. of wax, wax- 
■*x, soft, easy, pliant, 
ke any shape, yellow. 
ersona cerea, an image 
Kcr. Cerea regna, ho- 

•» y*rsr- 

n. 2. a wax-light. 
cera, facio], as, are, 
raake wax, aa bees do 
:./. 1. & Cerinthe, es' 
teysuckle, woodbinc. ' 
um. aaj.of a wax-color 
,. % an ulcer with yel- 

C€ ointmentofoil 

Iy, witliout fail, safely, at least 
Ccrtior,us a<{i comp. more certain. 
Certd, adv. certainly, surely, a*. 

Ccrto as act. 1 to strive, to con- 
tcnd, or contcst, to vie with, to 
fight, to quarrel, to oppose, to 
be earnest, to plot. 
Ccrtor, ari. pass. to be contested* 
Ccrtus,a,um adj ior,comp. isslmus 
sup ccrtain, safe, sure, secure 
sccurcd, distinct, dcterrainate» 
particular, propcr, lawful,conve* 
nient, stcady, s*.out, resolute, re - 
solvcd, dctcrmined, constant» 
faithful, trusty, uncrring, mani- 
fest, notorious. Faccre aliquem 
ccrtiorcm, to acquaintany one. 

wax. (to a mast, or holratrcc 
Cerreus,a,um. adj. of, orbelonging^ 
Cerrinus, a. um adj. made ofjCerva, x.f 1. ahind,a deer.(Cic. 

holmtree. (out of his wits .Ccnarius, a, um aaj. belonging to 

Ccrrltus, a, um. adj. mad, frantic, ! a stajr. (thc cnd of a sailyard. 
Cerrus, i. m. 2. a holm-trce. |Cerucnus,i. m. 2 a rope to manag^ 

Certamen, Inis. n- X a contcst, a Ccrvical, alis. n. 3. a pillow, or 

contrbversy, a disputc, a trial ofj bolstcr, a nig-htcap, a cravat for 

skill, a batUc, a bustle, er noisc,! thc ncck. 

hazard, or danger, a game, or ex-jCcrvTciila.x./l. dim. a little ncck. 

ercise, an eager pursuit, a thing-Cervinus, a, um. adj.of. or bclong- 

striven for. 1 ing to a stag, or hart, tawny. 

Ccrtandus,a,um. /» bccontend-Ccrvisia, *./. 1. ale, bcer. 

ed, or contestC(L for, to contcnd-Ccrvix. icis.y! 3. the ncck, thc 
Certans, tia. pt. contc nding, vy ing.' sho jlders. 1 ncervicibus csse . to 
Certatim, oth. earnestly, eagerly. be at onc*s hccls, Cic. Incervici- 
Ccrtatio, finis./. 3. a striving, ort bus imponere dominum, to seta 

struggting, an craulation, excr- pcrson up to cutone^sthroat,/*/. 

cisc. (tcnds. CSruIa, x.f t. dim. a little wax. 

CerUtor, 5ris. m. 3. one that con- CSrussa, x*f l.vb^V^^^^ 

9 X *\ 






or daubed with ceruae. 

Ccrvus, i. m. 2. a hart, or stag, a Ccv 

forked stake, or palisado. 

Cespes, Ttis. m. 3. a turf, grass. 

Cespitator, oris. m. 3. a stumb- 
ling horse, a stumbler. 

Cespfto, arc. act. 1. to stumble. 

Ccssans, tis.jM.ccasing, ling-ering, 
tiring, si* ting, or lying stifl, loit- 
cring, having nothing to do. 

Cessatio, 5nis./.3. eessatiou,a sit 
ting still, a doing nothing, a loit- 
ering, idlcness, slackncss, a ly- 
ing fellow (idlcr, a truant. 

Ccssator, oris. m. 3- a loitcr, an 

Cessatum, eat, impen. thcy have 
becn loitcring, or idling. 

Cessaturus, a, um. pt. about to 
ccase, to ccasc, not habitablc. 

Cessatus, a, \ ccascd, givcn 
out, untilled, liaving lain fallow. 

Cessim, adx>. id giving, or going 
back. (ingup. 

Cessio, 6nis. /. a giving, or yield. 

Ccsso, as. neul.l.toceaso, to lcavc 
off, to delay, to loiter, to-stay, to 
lic still, to Ivave nothing to do, 
tobe dciicicnt, or wanting. (to. 

Cessurus,Ja, um. pt. about to yicld 

Cessus, us. m- 4. a yielding. 

Cestrum, i. «. 2. vide Cxslrum. 

Cestua, i- m. 2. thc girdlc of Ve- 
nus, a nuurriage-girdlc, any kind 
of band to tie, or fasten with- 

Cetaria,drum. pl. n.2. grcat ponds 
near the sea-side. (to whalcs. 

CStariu8,a,, or belonging 

CStarius, i. m. 2. a fislimongcr 

C€tc, 7i. pl. indecl. whales. 

Cetrax/l.a sliort squarc buckler 
Cctratus, a, um. adj. tliat usetli a 
fhort target, or bucklcr. (fish. 

Cetus, i. m. 2. u wlialc, or largc 

CeUf adv. as it wcre, cven, or like 
as. Ccu vcro, as if, Ptin. 


side of paper, a writing, a 
or epistle,a book,a card,a c 
Charta virgo, an original 
copied, or read, Mart. Ch 
vcrsa, the backside of a lc 
Chartaccus, a, um. aaj. m 

Chxre, int. God save you, ali hail. 

Chxrephyllura, i. n. 2. chcrvil. 

Chalcanthon, i. n> 2. coppcras. 

Chalceos, i./2-a prickly lierb.(cn- „— 

Clialceus, a,um.a<//'.of brass,braz-' paper. 

Chalcdgraphusi. engraver Chartarius, a, um. adj. of 
on brass, a coppcrplutc-printer. | Churtarix officinx, pape: 
Hialxdus, i. m. 2. a Chaldcan, un 07%ationers' shops, PUn. 
astrologer. a caster of nutivitics. Cliurteusa,um.fl<7/.made of 

ChaldaYcus,a,um.. adj. of Chaldea, Chartiila, x./ 1. achartcl, 
Chaldcan, bclonging to astrolo- roll. 
gy, or fortune-tcUing. ^Chartularius, i.m.2- a bookl 

Chnlo, as. a. 1. to slackcnthe sail.Charus, a, uni. adj. dcar, 

Ohalybcius, a, um. attf. of stccl. bclovcd ; vide Carus. 

ihalybs, ybis. m. 3. a kind of thcChasma, atis». 3- agrcat o 
hardcst iron, stccl, a sword, or of thc earth, or firmament, 
othcr instrumcnt madc uf stccl- Chaus, i. m. 2. aspottcd w 
'bamxlcon, ontis, vel onff m. 3. aChclx, arum, pl /.!• crabs 

thistlc. .(■hclydnis, i. m. 2. a wat 

Cliamxnielum, i. n- 2. camomile. ; toisc, a watersnake, or se 
Chanue. cs. / .J. a percht a rufi'. Chclys, yos./ 3. a lutc, or 
Chaos, n. dat. & abl. chao, a dis-Chcnoboscum, \n- 2. a gw 
ortlcrcd, cr confuscd hcap of Chcrs8nesus,?'W Chcrr6n«< 
things,thc first matter whcrcof; 2. a pcninsula. 
pocts suppoHcd all things wcrc.Chcrsos, i./ 2. land unm 
[iiad.% any decp aud dark place,' mninland, a continent. 
bcll, cbaos. (instcad of brcad.jChia, xf. \. a delicious fij 
Cbai-a, ?:•/'. 1. a kind of root catenChiliarcnus, i. m. 2. & CIu 
Ciiuracatus, a, uni- mlj. stakcd, or\ x. m. 1. a captain, colc 
propcd up with stakcs. | commandcr of a thousam 

Charactcr, cris. m. 3. a character, Chilias, adis./ 3. a thousz 
a mark, a seal, a branding-iron,'t'himxra,x/.l. a poetical i 
a stylc, or manncr of writing, oi\ like a lion in thc forepar 
spcaking, a dcscription,a charm, 1 gon behind, and a goat 
an hicroglyphic. J middle ; thc name of a 

Charistia, orum. pl n- 2. a feast of| Virgil, and of a miss in Hi 
1 rcconcuiation, &.c ^mong k:us-.Clumxriifer,a,ujn. afj/. proi 







:ras> or monstcrs. !Chftrea,Te/. Chdr~*a,i / 1. aball, Ctbandus, a, ura. pt. to fatten. 

iiiS a, um. aiij. wintcrly.j a dance. iCibaria. n. 2. food,meat, 

se./l thchand-gtmt.(caitChbrb«ithdrista, x. m. 1. he that' virtuals, provisions. 
tXium, i. n. 2. a child's go-, pliyson the hurp, 8cc. whilst o-Cihuriuui, i. n. 2. the sccond sort 
iphum, i. n a hand writ-| thers dancc.(ofa country.amap of flour, bran, coarsc food. 
>ill, or bond under one^)Chdrogrjphia,.r./l.udcscription Ciburius, a, um adj. pertaining to 
tiid. Ch6rogAphus,i. m. 2. adescribcr >ictuals,or common food,coarse. 

mlis, x. m. 1 one that tel- of countries,a publisherof maps. Cibutfirus,a, aboat to feed. 
tunei» by the lines iu the.Chors, vidt Cohors. Cihatus, ns m. 4 food,su8tenancc, 

a chiromanccr. Ch6rus,i.;/i.2.acompanyGfsinger*, provision.thc fattcning ofcattle. 

nib.x./ 1. a kind of ges- or dauceis, a choir, a conccrt, aCibilla, x/ 1. a dining-table. 

band,any company, or as*embly.Ciho, nourish,fccd,fattcn. 
;liria, ae/ 1. a theme, a thcsis. Cibor, ari. piiMs. to be fed. 
Ctirisma,utju. n. 3. chrism,unrtion.Cfbdrium.i Egyptian bean, # 

th the hands. 

mon, ontis. udj. showingCl 
motions with the hand.-t 
mus,i. m.2. one ihat useth 
swith hishaiufcin dancing. 
a,x. /l.theartof *9rgery. 
ice, es./ 3. surgery. 
icus, a, um adj- pcrtain- 
«irgery, surgieal. 
iui» i. m. 2. a riurgcon. 
Litus, a, um. adj cloakcd 
lula, ac. /1. dim. a li.tlv 

Christijnisnius,i. m. 2.christianity. a large drinking-cup. , ^ 
Christiunus, i. m. 2. a christian- Cibus, i m. 2 mcat, tood, nourish- 
Chri.ttigcnus, a, um. ailj. boniof ment, incrcase. Eflamma cibum 

Christ, divinc. | peterc, Pmv. to do, ov suffer any 

Chroiua, alis. n. 3. sweet musica, thing for a mcarsmeat, Ter. 

color, afair prctence,anexcuse.Cicuda,a:./ 1. a grasshopper,a lo- 

i, ydis./. 3. a cloak, a sol- 

cust, a balm-cricket, a bad poet. 

Cicatricosus, a, um. cirfy*. having 

many scars, full of gashes, &c. 

Chr6maticiis,a,um /zr(/.soft f swcet. 
Chrbiiic:i,3ruin />/.;;. 2. chroniclcs. 
Chromrus, a, um. adj. chronical. 

Chromcus, i. »i. 2. a chronolopcr.vicatricula^x./l.cfima littlc scar. 
Chronologia, x.f 1. chronologyJCicatrix, icis./:5.a «car, a scam of 
coal,& tunic,or loose coat, Chr6noIogus,i.m.2.a chronologcrj a wound, an old sorc, a chop, ©r 
m\ guwn. or maiitlc, adiKsalis, dis. /. 3. a worm, ofl rcnt, a patch, the hatchings in 
s Toose-^armont. which ronies the buttcrfly. | a gravcn image forthc gpldine. 

dvs, iW tcs, is,/.i.a green Chrysanthemun, i. «. 2. crowfoot,Ciccum, rt/Cicum, i n. 2. tLc^skin 
•s sione. corn-marigold. (withgold.- in a pomegranate tliat partsthc 

x. f. 1. chohr, ang-er. Chrysendcton, i. n. 2. a cup tipt kcrnels. a merc triflc, a straw, a 

Chrysrtcolla,a'./l.borax,amincRil.| rush, a pin. (pcase. 

Chrysohthos, i. wi. a clir}'solite,Clccr, eris. n. 3. a vetch, chich- 

jasper. . Ciccra, x. / 1. a pulsc good for 

(ihrysomehmi, i n. 2. an orangc. fodder. (cs, 

Chrysophrys, ydis./3. a fish hav-Ciccrciila,a:,/3. dim littlc chich- 

injr a jfold color over its eycs. |<Jichor€uin;i.n.2. succory, endive. 

Chrysos. i. wi. 2. gold, a gillhcadjClicindela, *./. l.a glow-worm. 

Chyda:iis,a,iini.a.//.vile,worthlcss. l Ciconia,x./l,astork^imocksign. 

Chyliis.i.;n.2. chyle, a white juicc,Cicur,nris omn jjjen af//tame,gen- 

fn>m incat dijrested in the stom-j tlc.niild, that will come to hand. 

;hytra,x/ 1. a pot, a pipkin.Cach.-Cicuro, as. a. 1. to make tame, to 

le, iUnessof the stomach, 
tlux and vomit. 
:us, a, tini. adj- troubled 
lolic, choleric. 
um, i. «. 2. ihc dre<siiiij- 
rt playhnuse*. players' ap- 
irniture uf tl&c sta'gc,dress 

u, i. m. 2. thc mastcr of 
:hc keepcr of attire. 
es. ?:. i.i. 1. a in',:isircl. 
i.-i»ria,:E ./!.:-. sl.c-ininstrcl 
*./ l"a -i,»iiv;of a harp, 
trin£, a cor:!, ;t rij^ht linc. 



Ciba v . a c/1. a table.(meat, or food 

CicQta,x./l. hemlock,helleborc. 
poison, a shepherd's pipe, thc 

t, a u*n alj.vidt C.uvlin Cibatis, c- adj. of, ©r bclongingto di»Ui\cc \tv c^wvi^ *?&&.T*«k. > s«- 





twixt two knots. (mitre.C.ncfacio, [cinercs, facio,] ccrc, hair in locks and curls. 

Cldaria, is. / 3 a sash, turban, i eci, factum. act. 3. to bring, orCio, Irc, Ivi, itum* act. 4-toiur, 

Cidarum, i. n 2. a kind of ship. j rcducc to ashes. excite, or call. 

Cieus, \ raising oi-stirring up Cincfactus, a, um. pt. tumcd toCippus^. m- 2. a palisado,«riharp 

Cio, cs, icie, ivi, iiuni. ar/- 2. to ashcs, incincrated, stakc.wooden stockft raisc»*;- i.iuve, to ruusc, fmcrarcus. a, um. adj. of an ash- for the fect, a jail, a grave ftoafc 
to excite,to pro\ okc,tocall upon,' color, of, or like ashes.* ! or monumcnt, alittle hill. 

«rinvoke,tocall,to namc,to rcrk-Cineralia, drum. pl. n. 2. Ash- Circa, prap cum acc* about, netfy 
on,to cause,to rcpclordrive hack, Wcdncsdav, first day of Dent. , near to, with, in, concerninfj 
Alvum cicrc, to purge, CoL Clncrarius, "i. m. 2. a man who adv every where, round iboot 

Cieor, iri t pass. to bc stirred up. makes dresses for women, or at-Circanea, x.f. 1. a kitc. 

&liciuus,a,um. atlj ofhaircloth. tendsthcm (ashcs,of anash-color. Circences, «c ludi, Jur. gmmeti w 
' Cilicium, i. w- 2. haircloth. CTnereus, a, um. adj. of, or likc exercises of wrestling, nmnhfi 

Cilium, i-n. 2 the utniost edge ofCinericus, a, um- adj. baked, or\ &c keptin the circu*; a rumniig 
the cycIid,thchairsof thc eyclids roasted under ashcs. witli gTeat horses, tilts» barrier^ 

Cilldnc*, uin. pl. m 3. minstrcis Cincrosus,a, um- adj.fwM ofashes. justs, or tournamcnt 

using filthy and lcwd gesturcs 
Cilo, dnis. m. 3* aperson bectlc 

Clmex,ecis. c g. 3. a kind of worm 

in wood, or paper, a chinch, or 
C¥m5lia tcrra, fullcrs-earth (bug*. 
Cfoxdicus, a, um. adj. wanton,lc- 

cherous,bawdy,loosc, lcwd (ton 
Cinzdulus,a, um. ar//.ahttle waiv 
CYnxdus, i. m. 2. a geklcd youth 

acatamite, a wanton daucer, or 

■hower of tricks, a tumblcr, a 

yellow iish. 
Cilnxdus,a, um adj. loose, wanton 
Ctnara,?c./. 1. an artichokc. 
Cincinnatus,a, um. atfj. that hath 

curled, or frizzlcd hair. (lock. 
Cincinnulus, i. m. 2. dim. a littlc 
Cincinnus, i. m. 2. a curled lock 

Cincticulus, i. m 2. dim. a sliortjciunubari, n. & Cinnabaris, is. / 

coat from the loins. 
Cinctorium, i. n. 2. a girdle,a bclt. 
CinctOra, ac. /. 1. a girding. 
Cinctus,a, um. ^. £irdcd, cncom- 

passed, suroundcd, besetwith. 
Cuictus, us. m. 4. a inan's girdlc, 

a short coat girdcd a litttlc below 

thc paps, a ilreas, or garb. 

Cing-cndus,a,um,/;f. to be encom-Circenus,e.a<0. of, #rbelongingtfl 
passed, or girdcd about. I the cfrcut, or place of czercke* 

Cingcns, tis pt tying round, en-,Circes, itis m. 3. a kind of hoopi» 
compassing about. (dleJ ring, a sort of olives. * 

Ciugiilus, i. m. 2. dim. a littlc gir-Circinatio, Onis. / 3- a turnng 

Cingo, gcrc, nxi, nctum. act. 3. to! round, a raeasuring with cobv 
surround, to tie round, orabout,i passcs. (roundcd, turned roupi 
to gird, to cnviron, to besct, toCircinatus, a, um. pt- compaaie^ 
assualt,to dwcll round,to defencL Circino,as. a- 1. to make aciiclCj 
;ing-or.i. passXo be girt about, or to compass round, to tumround. 
8un*oundcd, to bc tenccd, or se-'Circinor, ari. pat*. to bc measufv 
cured, to be joined, or coupled. ed, or drawn by cpmpasies* 

Cingiila, x.f. 1. a girth, or band. Circmus, i. m 2. a pair of " 

Cingulum, i. n. 2. a girdle, a band, 
the cestcs of Venus,a zonc,a cli- 
matc. (dresser of hair,a chymist. 

Cinitio, onis. m. 3. a curler, or 

(Jinis, & Cineris. neris. d.g. 3 
ashes, cmbers, cinders, Telics. 

Cinctntus, a, um />/. armcd aiuliCinnus. i- m. 2. a hotch-potch, n 
ready to iight, girded. 

passes, the shingles. 
Circitcr, prap. cum. acc. & aif* 
about, nigh unto, nearly. 
Circito; as. act. 1. to go about 
Circlus,i. m. 2. />ro. Circu]us,ahO0p 
Circueo, vcl Circumco. ire, !n»< 
Itum.a.4.togo about,to turround. 
3. cimuibar,an Indian g^um, a soft CircuitiOfVeicircumltio, Cnis>/ 3. 
red stone called minJiim, red- a circuit,a going thc rounds, tbe , 
lead, vcrmillion, dragt>n's hlood- fctching a compass, a preax&bfe. 
Ciunumominus, a, um. udj. of 9 or Circuitor, 5ris.m. 7a night-witdv 

a"stroller a a pcdlar. 
Circuitus, us. m. 4. a circuit, t 
cutnpuss, a circumfcrence. 
Cii-cmtus, a, um. pt. gone abouU 
compassed round, surrounded. 

madc of cinnamon. 
-innaiiioinum, i. n. 2. thc cmna- 
montrcc, cinnamon itsclf. 
Cinnamum, i. n. 2. idcin. 

I mcdley, a potion, a plating olrfirculans, tis. pr.turninythebtfd 





staring about. , bout Circumcidaneum mustum, surroundcf), cnvironed, armcd, 

s, c.aitv. cirrulur, round. ofthc last pressinjr, Cato. clad. 

m, adj. in a cirt.Je. Circumcidendus,^rto bccut CVro///jdo,clure,dcdi,clatum, act. 1. 

>/, oris. m. 3. uny hawker cft", or circumcised, to bc for- to surround, to compass about,to 
, a jester, a mountcbank. biddcn. i incfosc,to clasp fastabout, to be- 

»rius,a,uRi.a<(/. bclongin£('ircuincTdo, [circumc«cdo,] derc, set, to prcscribc. Circumdarc 
crs, mountebanks, Stc. ldi, Isum a- 3. to cut about, or flaniniis. to setonfire, Ph*r<J. 

oft", to circumcisc, to prune, or Oci/mduco, ctre, uxi, uctum. a. 
lop, toshorten. or take off, to 5 . to lcadround, or about, tolcad 
abridgc, to detrench, to forbid. out of the way, to imposc on, to 
Circumcingcns, surround- abolish,to cancel, todraw aline 
in.dff/ mcet iu com- 1 ing-, ccmpassing round,inclosinir. quitc throujrh. Circumduccre 
>run to and fro,to huwk' CVrctfwcinjco.jrerCjnxi, nctum.a 3. diem, to spcnd the day, Suet. 
>sirolI, or gx> about. | to surioui.d, to compass round. Circuiffducor. i. pass. to beled, or 

ix, Icis. /. 3. a shc-frypsy. 
ia. act. U neiit. 1 . to cn- 
o cncompass ahout, to 
ind, or about. 

itting- togcther, a round Ciicui!iCisOra,a:./ 1. a cutting, or circumfcrence.a circuit, a cheat- 

| iucision, a pruning". i injr, achousing,acozcning. 

pr<rp. cnm. acc. about, Circtimcisus, a, uni. pt. pruned, Circumductus,a, um pt. surround- 

out, with orincompanv. 
h. around, obout. (with 
<\o, onis. /. a turning' 

lopped, cut off, or away, nared, ed, wrapped, or muffled. (cnce. 

circumcised, contracted, torbid- Circumductus, us. m a circumfcr- 

dcn, short, uvoided. CVrc//meo,Tre,Ivi, itunvo, 4. to go 

C/;ri///;claudo, dere, ausi, ausum. about,or"rotind about,to encircle. 
turncdl a. 3 to inclose round, to hem in. to er.compass, to surrouud, to 
turning Circumclaudor, i, ausus sum. pas*.\ bcset. 

to be inclosc d. [Circumeor, iri.pass. to be beset,to 


round, to cncompass, tohem in.!C7rc//mcrro, as. a. 1. to wander 

Circumcludor, i. f*uss. to be in 
closcd round, to bc surroundcd. 

LU-% a uin. pt. 
U5, us. m. a 

I to be inclosi < 
enduRya, to whirlCircumcludo,[circum,claudo1, dc-j be cncircled,orcompasscd about. 
Hrhirlcd about, tuininjr. rc, usi. flsum. act.3. toinclosc 1 CYrcum£qu'ito^ 
cna,tis./)f turning- round. 
gfratus, a um. pt. hcap- 
, covercd over. (ahout. 
frcrn, as. a. 1. to hcap 
o, gerc, e(ri. actum. a. 3 
ound, or about, to whirl 
whecl, or clrivc about, 
lo pursucto make frec. 
^r, i. actus sum. pass. to 
d,orwhirlcd about Xilo- 
i circumagi .you ncedr.ot 

ubout, to xnove about, orup and 
down. (about, to bc gonc round. 

Circumclusus, a, shut in, Circiimenndus,a,nm. pt. tobegone 
ciosed in, surrounded. |Cireuinfcrcns, tis. pt- carrying 

Circumr.blo, lere, lui, cultum, a | rouud* (er.ce. 

3. to dwell ubout, or nigh, to tilVCircumfercntia, *./ a circumfcr 

Circumculco[circum,calco], as. a. 
1. to trample ai ovcr, cr down. 
Circumcursans, tis. pt. running 1 
^r out of your way, JIor.\ ubout. 
bulo, as. act. 1. to walk C'/rrit/ncurso,as.n.l. to run upand 

outy to go round about. 
', as. act. 1. to plough 

^neut, %, um. aaj. cuta 


down, or hithcr andthither. 
Circumdandus, a, um. pt. to be 

surrounded, to surrounid. 
CircumdalUMf \ compamd 

CVrci/mfCro, tuli, a. 3. to carry 
about, or round, to rcport, or rc- 
latc, to purify by lust:*ation. 

Circumferor, eni, mlatus pas*. to 
bt* carricd round, to be rcported. 

Circumnrmandus, a, um. pt. to be 
upheld, or supported round. 

C/rcwmfirmo»as.a. 1. tofortifyand 
makeatrong on all sidts, to sup- 





Circumflans,tis. /*. blowing on alP all ovcr, cntirely fVoztn. * CircumlTtus, a, um. pt. v 

sidcs, or all rouncl. Circi/mge mo,mere,mui, mitum. «• &c over, washed, gilt, < 

Orc.i/mflecto, tcre, exi, exum artj 3. to groan, ©r roar roundabout.Circumlocutio, 6nis/3. a 
3. to bcnd abotit, to fctch a com-jC/rci/rogesto,as.< carry about. locution, a compass,tcdi 
pa«8,tocircumflecta word.(bout.!CJiTiiniglbba.tiis,a, um. pt gathcr-Circumlfcquens, tis- pt.% 

Circumflexio, 5nis./ atuming a- ed intohcaps maderoiiml. by circumlocution, tedio 

Circumflexus, a, um. pt. circum-Circumgrcdior, [circum, gTadior.] C/rc«ml6quor,i. quutus, 
flcx, bowed, or bent abotit (flcx., i dcp. 3. to go, or march about. dep. 3. to use many won 

Circumflcxus, us. m. 4 ;iciRMim-t 1 .irctimp^ressus*us.m.agoingaboiitCircumlGcen8,tis.^r sbinii 

Circi/mflo, as. «• 1. to blow on allCirctimhiimatus,a, um. a///.naving CYmimluo. ue*rc, ui- Ifktiif 
nidcs. ' earth castabout,tarthed,interrcd to wash round.or about 

Circiunfluens,tLS./»/. flowinground CiiTiimjacens, tis pt- lying round Circumluor, i./.««. tobe 

CircT/mfluo^uCrcuxi -«.3 toflowa- about, circumjacent. 

bout,to abound,tocomc togctlier nrc//mjacco,cerc n lie about. 
Circumfluus,a,um. adj. that flows,C;rcumjcctus,:i, laid, cast,Circumluvio, 6nis. f 3. t 

or ruus ahout, flowcd ahotit. , made,or sittiate about, adjaccnt,; ingabout of watcrs (roui 
C/rci/mf rtdio, dcre, di,ossum. act. near, stirrotindcd jcircummisstis, a, um. , 

fVrcwmlustro, as. «• 1. toi 
about, to rcconnoitrc. 

3. todtg round, «r about («about CiiTumiens,euntis/>^™ngroundjC/rci/mmitto, te*re, iai, is 
Circumfbdior, i. pass. to he dug^ircumjicio [circum,jacio], ccre.i 3 toseitd round about. 
Circumfcrancus, a, um. adj. thai jcci, jcctitm, uct 3. to cast, orCircummittor,i, issus. p& 
gocs up and down, thatis carri- tlirow round about, to compass. | sent round. 
cd abcut themarket. Circumtb-.(-iiT.iim:tiiru*,a, tm». pt. about toCircummccnio [circum, 
Taneus medicus, a mountcbaukJ go rotind, ur mirround. (about ! Iro, Ivi, Itum. «. 4- to wa 
Circumforaneum, a:s, interest-Circrimitio, 6nis. / 3. a golngCircummccnltus, a, um- p\ 
money, Cic. (round, or about Circtimttus, us m. 4. a going thcj round, or about. 
Circumfbratus, a, um. jM- borcdj tUrthestway.(gliding roundabout Circummu1cens,tis.^f. gcr 

C/rri/mforo,as.«. 1. to boreround Circumlubens, tis, pt. sliding, oi 
Circumfossor,6ns m. 3.apioneer ! C/rri/riilambo, bere- a. 3. to lick 
Circumfossura, se. / a diggingi ahout. 

about. (round, or about !Cirrf?7iiIatro f are. act 1. tobark 

Circumfractus, a, brokcn- round, to railandbawl at onc 
C/rcnmfr£mo,e>e,ui a. 3. to chirp, Circumlatus, a, 

chatter,ormake anoisc about 
CYrci/mfrTeo. as act. 1. to rub all 

ovcr, to rub thoroughly. 
Grei/mfulgco, gCre, lsi, n. 2. to 

shinc on evcry sidc. 
CYrcttmfundo,dere,udi, usum, a.3 

CYrc7/mlavo,as, lavi lotum. & lavu- 

tum, a. 1 to wash,or flow round 
C/rci/mlfgo,as act. 1. to tic about 
CiJTi/mlinio, Ire,ivi,ituma.4. to a- 

noint all over,to lard a discourse. 

to pour about, to encompass Circumlin!tu*,a,um./»/ besmeared 

Circumfundor» cE, fiisus pa*a. to 
bc pourod round, to be shed, or 

' run over, to be surrounded, to 
be routcd, or slain. 

Circumfusus, a, um pt circumam- 
bient, surrounded, routed, slain- 

^iivum^Ulu^ a, um, jW, frozen 

C/rci/iNhno, n€re, hvi, lcvi, & linis 
lftum. act. 3. toanoint, smear, oi 
daub all over. 

CircumlTnor, i. p. to be smeared 

CircumlitiOyOnis./ 3. an anointing 

about, a polishing,burnishing, or 

putting tufi laft haadto a thmg. 

C/rci/mmulceo, cre, lsi. i 

stroke sofily, to touch g 
Circtffiimfmio, ire, T\*i- at 

mtrench, to fence round 

Circummiiniorjri, rtus./w 

um. pu carricdj intrenchcd. or tied about 

Circummuntio, 6nis. /. i 

vcsting of a placc 
Circummunitus.a, um. pt. 

ed on every sidc, guai 

Circuminasccns, tis. /*/. | 
C/rcii»inascor,i.//. gro' 
C/rci/mnavigo^re .a. 1 .to 9 
Circt/mnecto,cre,xui, &ii f 

3to tic round,to connect 
Circumnexus, a, um.jW. ef 
C/rc7/mobruo,u £ re,ui T utun 

covcr over witli earth,to 




tt. (about the rivcrPo. Cfrci/msca1po,pere,psi,\ sit lay siejrc to,toinvest. 
Inus, a. um. adj. lyinjr. 3. to scratcli, ©r scrapc all round.jfVivK/risitrmyis a markro ind.^pactum, CVVrumscindo, dere, scidi, scis-.Circumsilio [circum, Aaliol, "uv, 
■et, or plant ai) about. sum. act. 3. to cut round about. | lui, nmt 4. to lcap round about. 
o, ire, ivi. Itum. act. 4- Circumscribendus, a,um./>/ tohc.Circumsistcns, tis. pt. staiulin^ 
un, «r beat about. circumscribed, boundcd, &c. round. 

rtus, a, um. pt. paved, Circumscrlbcns, tis jw. circuin- f Viriimnisto. tere, stlti, stitum. o. 
ed down all over. scribimj, conccaling. 3. tostand,orgathcrround (ed. 

es, um. />/. m. pagcs, CircMmscribo, bcrcipsi, iptum. a. Circumsistor, i.^. to bcsurround- 
waitcrs, attendants at 3 to circumscribc, to limit, orCircumsitus,a, um adj. scutcd, ov 

(round bound. to draw round, to com- dwelling- round about. 
dens, tia. pt. hanging- priso briefly, to chcat, or cir- Circi/msono, as. 1. to sound all 
tor, ti, exus. d 3. to cm-| cumvcnt, to cast out. (cd. about,to ring ajrain. (roundabout. 

cus, us. m. 4. an em- ing, aclicating, orovcrreachinjr.jCirciimspcctaiis, tis. pt. lookinjr 
r twisting about. Circumscriptor,oris m 3 a chcatcr. (Mraimspcctator,dris.m.3.onc that 

atus, a, um. pt. twistcd Circumscriptus, a, um,/>/. & adj\ lookcth ubout him on cvcry side. 
*inc-d, infoldcd. ior, comp. circumscribcd» conlin-'Circumspcctatrix,idis/:J.a\voman 

r>, as act, 1. to fold, ov cd, discarded, laid aside, dcceiv- * ' 

t, to roll, or wrap about. ed cozcncd, chcatcd. 
o,nerc,dsui,usitum.a 3 CVrc?imseco, as cui, ctum. a. 1. to 
iut all about (round. cut about, to circumcise. 
tus, a, pIacedCircumsecor,ari.£.tobecutround 
ktio, onis/ 3, a drink- Circumscctus, a, cut rouud 
, of about. (round. circumciscd. 
ro, as. a. to cleansc Cii'c//mscdco,tTC, 
±ue,adv oncveryside. sit round, to bcscigc. 
>, crc, si, sum. a. 3. to Circumscdeor, dcri. scssus/kjm. to 
id, to scrape about. bc bescigrd. (hedgcin f orinclosc 
ir, i. pau. to be serap- C/>c//mscpio,irc psi, ptum. a- 4. to 

(ofi* Circumscptus, a, hedged in, 
[>, onis./ 3. a scraping surroundcd, inclosed, guardcd- 
is, a, um. pt. scrapcu CVrc//msero,erc. a. 3. to sow about 

Circumscror,i.p tobc sownahout. 
3, [circum, retcl, ire, Circumsessio, oni*. / 3. a sitting 
.4. tocnsnarc, tocatch. round. ^ (to surrouud. 

tus, a, um. pt. catchcd CircumscHruB. a, um. />/. about 
nUnglcd liampered. Circumscssits, a, surround- 
ius, a, um. aaj. water- ed, encompasscd, bcsct. 
siiout. t^ircunisuleo [circum, scdeo], cre, 

>, eiv, si, sum. a. 3. to sedi,seKsum.ti.2.tobc beset.tobe 
tftodctract (spokenof. sic^c, vr block up, to invest. 
>r, i, 5sua. p. to bc e\*U. (;ircumsideor»eri./>.to bc inveated 
^«•l.WaMiQe roand- C/rc«m»ide, dgre # tc«suauic<« 3. to 

whiclilooketli abouton cveryside* 
Circumspecte, adv. ius. comp. cir- 

cumspcctly, warily, adviscdly. 
f 'ircumspcctio, 6nis./3. a circum- 

spcction, grcA carc, a lookin^ 

CVrc//mspccto,as a.\ to look about, 

to considcr a thing- dilipentlv. 
Circumspcctor, ari- pas». to be 

vicwid round. 
Circuinspectus, a, um. a^.issinui* 

uup. circumspect, wary, cautious, 

watchful,Vise, pnideiit, considc 

ratc.duly wc-ighed,or considcred. 
CucuinspeQtus, ua. m. circum. 

Circumspcrgo, [circum, spnrgo], 

gerc act. 3. tosprinklc ali round, 

to sprinklc about (round. 

CircuinspTcicna, tis. pt- lookinj? 
Circumsplcicntia, ac. / circum- 

CircumspTcio, [circum, specio], 

cCrc, pcxi, pectum. act. 3. to 

look round, or about, to survcj 

tO Ukc CftCC» to U^ ^A»^^ \A 






CdgftBtum, i. n. Z.athought, an in- 

tention, a design, a contrivancc 

Cdgitatus. a,um./H. thought upon, 

contrivcd, devised, designed. 
C5gito, are./re«. 1- to think. to 

muse, to cast m mind, or havc 

tend, to deaifm, toregard, to im- 
agine, or devuc, or invcnt 

Cognoscendus, a, um. pt. to bc 
known, to be understood, to be 
learned, to know. 

Cdgpitaturus, a, about tolCognosco [con,nosco], cerc, 5vi, 
'" * cognitum.a know, to under- 

stand, to know carnally, to expe- 
riencc,to lcarn,to inform onesclf, 
to cxaminc, to sift out,to heari 
order to detcnnine,to observe,to 

tlioughts about, to rcflect, to in- view,to perccive,to own,to recol- 

lect.(learncd,tobetaken notice 
Cognoscor,i, nitus mm-pa»». to bc 

C5g1tor, ari. bc thought of.'C6go [con, ago], gere, o€gi, oac 
Cognatio, 6nis/3. kindred, rclati-j tum. a. 3. to gather, or collcct, 
onsbip, likencss, agreement. 

Cognatus. a, um. ac/f .kindred, alli 
ed, of the same blood, very like, 
almost of the samc nature, ncar, 
adjoining, agrecablc, suitablc 

Cognatus,i m. 2. akinsman,/»-o/>rr- 
ly bif blood, a relation, a cousin. 

Cognltio, onis. /. 3. knowledgc, 
judgment, a tnal, a cognizance, 

examination, or mquiry. 

to get, bring, or assemblc toge- 
ther, to heap up, to tliicken, to 
curdle, to forcc, or compel, to 
oblige, to urge, to rally, or bring 
up, to draw up, or range, to con 
clude, or infer, to confine. NodolCohortali 
comas cogcrc, to truss up thc 
hair, Sen. Verba cogere in 
pcdcs, to makc verses, Ov. 

a rule, dcfinition, or preccpt, an>Cogor,i,coactus./ta**. to bc assem 

bled,driven, forced, curdled, &c 

Cognttor, 5ris m. 3. onc that takes CbhxrenB, tis pt. agrecing, unit- 

cognizancc, a proctor, a lawycr, 
onc that ovcrlooks the salc of 
confiscatcd goods. 

Cognitura, *./. 1. thepracticc of 
an attomey, proctorship, a prac 
tor*s fcc. (know, to know. 

Cogntturus, a, um. pl. about to 

Cognitus, a, um. pu &, adj. ior, 
comp issimus. tiip. known, un- 
derstoodknown by report,heard, 
tricd, cnjoyed. 

Cogn6mcn, inis. n. 3. a surname. 

Cognomentum, i. n. 2. a surname, 
a nfckname, a bvnamc. 

ing, or hanging together 

Cbhscrcnter, adv. ius. comp. or 
dcrly, without intcrruption, fitly. 

Cohacrentia, «./. 1. coherence, 
fastening, or bticking togcther, 
a subsisting, a support. 

Cohsereo, erc, aesi, scsum- n. 2. to 
stick, orhangtogether,to clcave 
togcther,to bc joined in otfice,to 
agrccto be all ofone mind,tolove 
each other heartily, to subsist. 

C6haeres, edis. c. g. 

C61ixrcscens,tis.^/. sticking.(ther. 

Cogndminans, tis pt. surnamingJCdh2crcsco,erc.inc3.tosticktog«- 
Cogndminatus.a,um./>rsurnamcd. C6hxsio, 6nw./ 3.a cohcsion.(ed. 
CognOminis, e. c. g. of the sameCohibendus, a, tobe curb 
name.(to surname, to nickname.Colribens, tis pt. rcstraining. 
Cognomino[con,nomino] are. «.1 JC6hTbco[con, habco], ere, bui, bT 
Cogiidminor, iiri./i. to be named.] tuin, a. 2. to restrain, to curb, er|Coftus,us 

hold in,tokeep under,orofF,tore, 
frain, to withhold, tocontain,t» 
keep closc, to bind, to tie up, ir 
about. (curbcd, detained, fcc< 
C6hYbcor, £ri./>.to be restraincd, 
CShTbessit, pro Cohibuerit 
Cohibttio, 5nis./ 3. a rcstraint 
in Cblubltus, a, um. pt. restnind, 
close. (gracc, to adon. 

— ,Cdh8nc8to,are, commend-to 
of C6h6nestor, ari./ be grac«L 
Cdhorreo;Crc,rui.7ieu/.2. to shakci 
to tremble for fear. 
Cohorresco, Sre. n. 3. Id. 
C5hors, tis./3.a cohort, a troop^i 
band of men,a regiment of fboU 
company,an asserably,a crowd,! 
coop,a pen.ayard for poultry,Co 
hors prxtoria, a lifcguard, G& 
^ohortalis, e- adj. fed in » coop. 
Cohortandus, a, um. pt. tobe ez 
horted, or encouragcd,to exhofl 
C5hortatio, onis/ 3. an exhmtati 
C6hortatus,a,um./i/. cncoura^ed 
having cncouraged>encouragiof 
C6horticida,3c./l.a small retintte. 
C6hortis, is./ 3. a coop, apen> 
Cohortor,ari,atus,sum. d. 1. to ex- 
hort, to encouragc, or heartea. 
a C6hum, i. n. 2- a thong, heaven. 
Cotbilis, e. adj. hanging together 
Coiens,euntis./»/. meeting, «rectt- 
ing closc togcthcr, closing. 
Coinquino, 5re. a. 1. to soil, or bfr 
daub, to corrupt,o;infcct,totiinfc 
to defilc, to pollute, to debauck 
Coin<iutnor,ari./iaw.tobe defilei 
Coitio, onis/ 3. an assembling t* 
gcthcr, a confcderacy. or unioii 
a correspondence,orpartnerih^ 
a shock, or cliarge, copulatioa. 
CoTtOrus, a, about to xnedi 
or join with. (aulei 

:oitus. a. um. pt. come togetlm 
4. a comingtogctta 





ng, copulation Coitus the same milk, nursed togetlicr.l written, or gathercd out of manjr 

njunctionof the sun &Collapsus, a,iim./»/.ruined,orfal1en works, coHections, observations, 

. Coitus humoris, the down, out of heart, faintingr, faU- notes. 

)f an humour, CeU. ing into a swoon, stoppcd. 

osition,stands for con. Collare,is.n.3.8c Collanum,i.n. 2. a 

*e.a.l.tobuffet,orbeat. collar,a band,a neckcloth, a cra 

m. 2 a box on thc vat, a nccklace. (for malefactors. 

on the chops, or face,Collaria,ac./l.acollar.oriron ring" 

l the list. (ed.Colluria.e.arf/. of the neck.(pious 

1. pt. strained, clcans-CoUatatus,a, um. pt. enlarged, co- 
i a flatter, aparasitcCollatcralis, e. adj. collatcral. 
xmptxo be worahipp-CoUatio,dnis./o.acoHation,acom- 
:nced,tobe cultivated. parison, a bringing, or joining to 
f. worshipping,tilting. gether, a tax, an assessment, a 
Jdlis, is m.X a stalk of collection,a contribution,asimile. 
. man's yard.(orbeast. Collatitius, a, um. adj contribut 

2. thestonesof aman, ed, conferred, lent, borrowed, 
1 Couca ac./the colic. hired, paid by several. 
i. 2. dim. a little stalk.Collativus, a, um. atfi. CoUativus 
um. adj. of the colic.j ventcr, a great paunch, or wen, 

vel Collipbium, i. n. Plaid. Collativa coena,a clubfeast. 
et used by wrestlersCollIto, are. act. 1- to widen, to 
make them strong. I enlargc, to extend. 

Collectancus, a, um. adj. collccted 
hcrc and thcre, scraped up to- 
gcther. -Es collcctaneum, old 
brass, PUn. 

Collcctio,dnis. /. 3. a collection,or 
gathering together,a picking up, 
an imposthume,a sweiling,a con- 
cluaion, orinference.(of all sorts. 

Col)ectitus,a, up« 

Collectlvus, a, um. aiij. collective, 
apt to make inferenccs gather» 
cd together, or put into one. 

Collectum, i. n- 2. that which ia 
gathercd together. 

Collectus, us- m. 4- a collection. 

Collectu»,a,um. pt- & adj.\or t comp. 
gathered togethcr, asscrabled, 
gotten, ODtaincd, picked up, re- 
covered and incrcascd, tied, or 
girded up. 

ItQneut. 3. to stagg-er.Collator, aris. m. 3. a coUator, a Collega, x- ra. 1 a colleaguc, % 

>, cere act. 3,to loosen, contributor, an cqual payer. 
> destroy, to waste. jCollatu, abl. m. 4- m comparison- 
ttus, a, um. pt. to beCollatum est, imper*. there was a 
•r mc1ted,weakened.| contribution made, Mart. 
iy are. act. 1. to throwCoUatunis,a,um. pt. aboxit to con- 
nfecble, or weaken. fer, ov comparc 
is,a,um./r/. overbornc.iCollatus,a,uin. /u.collated,compar- 

_ri. n. be brokcn,i 

lown to the ground,to 
in pieces, to founder. 
is. pt. ralling down 
ere.n.3.tofari,to totter 
apsus. dep. 3. to fidl, 

ed\set, or advanced over against, 

brought together, contributed, 
bcstowcd, cmployed, carried 
CollaudanduH,a,um ptXo be higtoly 
praised,orcommended.(prai8]iig > . 
, '-ollaudans, tis. pt. cotnmcnding, 
/c way, to stumble, toCollaudatio, dnis./. X praise. 
to siiik. ''ollaudatus, a, um pt. praised. 

», a,um. pt. torn.(with 

partncr, a sharcr, an associate^ 

an assistant, a helper. 
CollSgialis, e. adj. collegiate. 
Collegium,i n 2. a coUcge,a corpo- 

ration, a company, a fratcrmty, 

or society, partnership. 
Co/levo, are. act- 1. to give ease, 

to case, to lighten. 
Colllbertus i. m. 2. onethat is 

made free by the same master. 
Co/libet, colltbuit, colhbitum est. 

imp. it likcth, it nleascth. Si 
coUibuisset, if hc had bcen in the 

humor, Ilor. 
Colliciac, anim. pl. f. L pipcs, 

ro/laudo,are.a. topraise, to cora- troughs, gutters, drains, gntter- 

ans, tis pt. weeping mcnd. (ed. or commendcd 

itio, drMB. /. 3. a weep- Collaudor,ari. />tobe highly prais- 
thers. Collccta, ac./. 1. acollect, a col 

o,are. act. 1 to bewail, lection,or gathering'^. shot, club, 
r a tliing' with one* or reckoning, a sliare. 
i, um. nlj. nursed with Collcctanca, 5rum. pl. n, 2. tktngt 


ColITculus, i. m. 2. dim ahillock. 

Collido[condxdo], d£rc, isi, isum. 
act. ). to beat, strike, or dash 
togellier, to dash against« to 





nua, to clap hands, Qmnt. Colhquitio, onis / 3. a meltintf. parky. 

Coilldor, di, isus sum. paaa. to beXVluMicfacio,cere,feci,factuiu a. Coi1c()Uor,i.utussuin.<£3.ti 

dashcd against, to contradict. | .».to incltdown^erdissolve (down. or talk togethcr,to speal 
CoUkgandus, a, um. pt. to bind, orjColliquefaetus, a, iim- pt. melted with, to speak, to discoi 

be bound together. CWliqueo ere, kui. n.2. tomelt conversc, toconfcr. 

CoUigatio,6ma /:j ttbindingtogc-Co/fcqticHco, cerc. inc. tobcgintoCollubet, ar.e Collibet. 

ther, coujutiction. union, a knot.j melt. (ters. Coliucatio, dnis./. o. a lop 

Colligfttus, i. ?i. what is boun<iColli([uix, arum. A/./drains, giit-Cclliiccns,tis/W sivningtt 

togelhcr. (gether.lcoUis, is. w. 3. a hili.a Utlle hill, ( Vlficco cre, x. n. 2 to f 

' ColTlgatu*,* a, um. /'/ bound to-, a hillock, un casy asccr.t, a down. give a gcncrul light, to 
CoUlgendus,a,um///.tobc collcct-'CoUisio, onis /. •> a collision. a to be evuitnt. 

ecLgatlicred,onnfeii'cd,tocoUc«t.j dashiug, brt-aking, or bruisin^Colluco, Hic act l.toloj 
CoJngens, tis. pt. coUccting, gath-J togcthcr. (gethcr. Colluctnns, tis /><• strugg 

ering. iCollisu, abL m. 4. a thrusting to-Colluctatio, onis-/ v> a w tie, bind,or clap CollistiH,a, um />/.dasheri, or struckCoUuctiitor, 6ris. m. a wr 

together,to conncct,t° pinion, orj togetncr, battcrcd, bnused. Colluctor, ari- dep. 1. to 

fetter, to cntaugle. or entra».;e t to Coilitus, a, um> pt. bcsmcared. to contend. 

reprcss, or curb, losuit htly. .Collocundus.a,uni. pt. to be sct.or Co/iudo. cre, si, suin a 
CoJJigo,[_con, legoj. erc, legi, lrc-jCollbcans, tis. pt. placing.(placed. play, or sport togethcr, collect,to gct»or brmg"Coilccatio,6nis / 3. a pladiig.sct- concert, to plead by c 

together, to gather, to pluck, ov 
pick,to get,or acquirc,to liamess 
•r join togethcr, to tic, or truss 
up,to take,orpickup,to conclude 
or inier, to rcckou» or suin up, to 
contain,or comprcheud,iu recov- 
er, to recollect. Colligere vasa, 

Cic. sarcinulas,./Wto pack up his 
awlsjColligere srma navis,ionale 
in thc sheet, Virj. Iram coiiigit, 
& ponittemere,he is soon angry, 
and soou pleased, Uor. Fngua 
coliigere, to catch coid, Id. ^cd. 

CoUigor, i, lcctus. /*• to be gathci 

CoUiimtium, i. n. 2. the borders 
wliere two countncs lueet. 

Co/huio, & to look siraight. 
to aim, to hit tnc mark. 

Collineo [con, linco}, ore. uct- 1. 
to levcl, or aim u\ a right linc, 
tohitthc mark. 

Colhnitus, a,um, />/. daubcd over. 

Co/lino.erc, mi,ivi, &cvi,ituin a »• 
to bcsinear, to delilc, or d iui>, 

Collinus, a, um- a<//-oi'a hih (mg. 

VvJjjyixxn», tis. pt. inelting 9 wast- 

tin^,or disposmg,a bestowini;*, or cicceive, to jujrgle. 
setihug,a ibnndiug, a building, aColluin, i or 2.ihc neck, t 
posit:on Collocatio filiae, Uk ■ life. Obtorto collo Cic o 
disposing of a daughter in mar- l'luut. by head and shot 
riagc, CYc. ;(>)Uumino, are a. 1. to er 

Collocatus, a, um. pt. ]>laced, Co/luo, ucrc, ui, utuni. t 
postedjSct, bcstowcd,cmplo\ed.' rinse, wash, or scour. 

CWI6co,are.acr. 1. to place, or set,'Colluor, i. puss. to be wii 
to pitch, to put, or lay, to lay Collusio,6nis. /.i.collusior 
out, emplo> ,or letout,Coliusor,6ris./;i 3.he that < 
to lend,to give in marriage Col-' thing bycollusion,a fcllo 
locare se in otium, to dispose Cullusoric, adr. knavibhh 
hiinsclf to eu&e.Plaut. Collocarc.Collustrans, tis. pt. surve; 
pecuniam in capita, to impose a.CoUustratus,a,um./'f enlig 
capitation-tax, I*v. C'o/lubtro, makc 

roilocor, ari pas». to be placcd. I enlighten, to behold, to 

Collocup, letandus a,um> pt. to beCollustror,ariip.tobe emig 
enrichcd, or enrich. C'o/lutulo, are. a. 1. tode 

Co/lociiplcto arc. ac/.l- to enrichJ paragc, 

Coll^cutio,6uis./ o.aconfcrcnce.lcollutus» a,um. /^/.washed. 

Collocuturu.s, a, um. pt. about t('iC(iiiuviarium, i. n. 2* a sin 

convcrse, or confer. (ed with 
Collocutus, a, um. /*/. havn.^talk 
Collo([iiiuiu, i. n 2 a discourse, a 

Colluvics,ei. / 5. a sink,or 
lilth, dirt, hogwash, a ral 
oHscouringotanything (st 

Coliuvio onis/ 6. filtu, wi 

convereatien* a confcrcnce, a OoUybus t r.m.2. guin,or Iosj 





ng, •rtellingofmoney. 
ae/l.abuiva sippet.(broth 
us, a, urn. a<lj- sopped in 
nv.n.2.eye-salvc,a tcnt, or 
r 9 a clyster» (or cleansc. 
.<i strain,piirge > refine 

ahow. or bcauty, a cloak, or pre- housc, a dove-cotc, a pot 
tence, a plea,or.excusc. Colores Ctilurabarius, i.m. 2. a keeper of 
rhetorici, rhetorical figiires and a dove-house 
ornaments, Cic. Vitae color, the '61umb&tlm,aaVlike dovcs.(vain. 
state, or condition of life, Hor. C6lumb?na,se/ 1. columbine, ver- 
Color civitatis,thc beauty of a ci- 

C61umblnus,a> of pigconft. 
re, lui, cultum- act. 3. tojC6ldratc, pretence (ty,CVc. C61umbor,ari, atus, sura dep. 1. to 
cultivate, to dcek, trim, Coloratus, a,um./>*ior,com/». color- bill Kke dovcs,to kiss (or piceon 

Df to prune, todwellin, ed,paintcd,set out,or otf,garnish- '^ 1 * — ■*-*■'■—: — « " 

hit, to frequent, to wor- od, trimmcd vamped, varnished, 

honor,toloveandesteem, disguiscd, pretended, tanncd, 

tached to,to make lovc, or sunbumt, black, tawny. 

>,to exercisc, to practisc, ColSro, area.l. to colour, to die, 

r, to fbllow, to maintain, to give a complexion, or set a 

e andkeep.Inter sc colcrc gloss, to tan, to make tawny, to 

and live together, Cic. disguise, to cloak. 

cukus. pu3* to be tilled. Cbloror, ari. patt. to be tanned. 

a, x. /. 1. & C6l6casiuin, C61oss€us,a,um. adj. colosscan, gi- 

i Egyptian bean . ant-tike,gigantic, like a colossus. 

Jus.idjs/3.a kind of wild C&lossicus,a»'.of a huge aize 

«u-ging phlegm,the apple Colossmus, color, a bright purplc 
f iscalled ColoquintkU. COlossus, 

n. aaj. pcrtaining a snake, wily, crafty. Colus,i./. rard m.inabl. etiam co. 

huabandry. C6lum,i. n. 2. a colander, a strain-| lu, a distaff, a rock, or distaff. 

C61umbulus,i.m. 2. a young dove- 

C6Iumbus, i.m 2. a dovc,a pigeon. 

C61umclla, x.f 1. a little pillar,a 
torabstone.orpillar of inscription. 

Cdlumellaris, e.adj. of the fashion 
of a little pillar. Columellares 
dentes, the cheek-teeth, Varr: 

C61umen,Tni*7*.3.aprincipal beam 
er prop, a buttress, or shore, a 
stay, or support, a mountain* 

Cdliimis, e- aaj. safc, healthy. 

Cdlumna, x.f. 1. a coluran, a pil- 
lar, a post, a support, or stay. ' 

Columnarii, «■ 2. spcncL 
thrifts much in debt,and brought 
to thc columna Mcenia, where 
actions of debt were tried. 

C&lumnarium, i. n. 2- a tribute for 
evcry pillar,a vent-holc injaqtft- 

l. m. a huge pillor, ©r 
.2. the great gut wintungj statue. 

e left side to the right, in C61ostra, x./l.& trum.i. n. 2. first 
i* the disease called the milk aftcr birth, biestings, love 
meraber of a scntence. Colostratio, 6nis /. 3. a discase. 
c/ 1. a country-woman. C6lostratus, a um. aaj. thick like 
lm, i. n. 2. a land-tax- biestings,curdy & unwholcsome. 
*./ 1. a colony or plan- Coluber, bri. m. 2. a snake, a scr- C61umnatus, a, um. adj. pillared. 
company of people trans. pent. Colubri caeci, bclly-worms- C61umnella,x./l.(i'm.a lituc pillar 
fromone place to ano. Colubra, se / 1- afemale snakec/ C6lQri, drum. m. pl. imaginary 
ith an allowance of land adder. (ky tresscs, or locks- circles, raeeting in the poles of 
re, & farm, a fec-farm, or Cdlubrifer, a, um. adj. having sna- the world. 
ikl, a dwelling-housc. C61ubrlnus, a, ura. aaj. of, or like C61umus,a,um.ov#.made of hazel. 
s,a um. 
wiy, or 

a, um. ailj. of a colonyj er, a wheel, a raomhcr of a sen-|C61uthe«.,5rum.^/.n.2sweetmeats. 
( be tillcdtfit to be tilled. tence, tlie colic. CSlymbajdes, um. pl. / pickled o- 

i- m 2. a husbandman, a Coltimba, ae./ a dove, a pigeon. Com, in composition for fon(livcs 
a plantcr, a hind or ccmn« C61umbar^ns//.3.a pillory, a hole Coma, itis- n. 3. a lethargy. 
w at scrvice, a clown. in the side of a siup, a mortise C6ma, xf. 1. the hair, a brush, or 
i, dnia. m.3an end^ con- hole, a holc and spacc for water headof hair, abranch,a lcaf, a 
Colophonem addere, to from the whecl of a water mill. flake of fire, a sun-beam. 
, end of or finibli a thing, C61umbaria,x/1. a pigeon-housc. C6mans,ti8. pt. having long bair, a eolor, a Colurabaris, e. adj. oT a pigeon. hairy, bushy, bearing lonff grasa, 
e,«cmpksk>nyOUtward|cdlumb8iriuin, i. n. 2. a pigeon- fuUofleATts^wann^StAU*.^^- 





nns,a comet,or blazing^-star, O?. Cflmessor, t. Comissor- 
C5marchus,i.m 2 an carl, a gover-Cbmestio,6nis/.3 an eatingw Cmg". 

ernor of a city^&caburjromasteTC^mestura, ac/ an eating, a fecd- 
C^matorius, a, um. aay. of hair Cfcmcsus & Cbmeshis, a, um. pt. 
C5matus. a um. pt. having lonjr; eaten up, spent in luxury. 

hair, adorned with huir, hairy,Comesrirus,a, um. pt. about tocat. 

havin? branches, or leavcs. Cc : meta,&C6metes,x m l.acomet.ComitiSlitcr, adv. in mtntc 


nsscmblr. Comitiahs morbtt 
faUing-slekness. Diesconiti 
a day to consult of matten. 
Comitialcs, homines, fittf 
peoplc constantlr tttes 
courts, Plaut. 

Comhlbo, bferc,b'ibi,bTU\tum. a. 3.C6mYcc, atlv. like a comcdy,comi- 
to drink to£ethcr,to drink up, or cally, pleasantly, merrily, drolly 
in, to s\ick, to take in, to lcarn. ;C5micus, a, um. aaj. belonging 

by reason of the falling-sick 
Comitiarius, a, um adj. afte 
manner of a public assembl 

Combibor,i. /> to bc drank up.(on; to comcdy, represcnted in co- Cbmitifttus, ds. m. 4. a meeti 

CombTbcV»nis,m 3 apot compani-' medics, comical. (dics. thc people in town-balK &c 

Combfirendus,a,um./>* to be burntC5micus,i.m. 2. a writer of come- Comltissa, x.f. 1. acountess 

Comburens, tis. pt. burning, con-C5minus, atlv. near at hand, hand Comitium, i. n. 2. an asserofc 

Miming, dcstro}ing, dryinjf up. | tohand,furthwith, instantly. placeof anassembly-a parta 

CombCiro.[con,uro,] rere, ussi, us- i C5mis,c.«.r(;\ior,com/>.issimus, mip. house, a state house.atown 

tum,« burn,to consume with- grntle,mi!d, courtcou*. gracious, qu<_kl(a 

fire, to burn up,to scorch,parch, kind. nicc,curious,having a dcli-C6mitor,atus sum.«7&raro.£ 

or iliy up, to pass, or apend. | cate tastc.Ioving" curious arts(ing accompany, nr go atang *i 

Comburor,i./>.to bebumt[bunnng.'C6ittissabundu8, a, um. adj. revell- attcnd, orwait upon, to fi 

Combustio,6nis/.3.a combustion,a'("dmis8ans,tis.p/.rcveIhng (keting- to hc accompanicd, or atte 

Combustus, a, um. pt. burnt. jComissatio.dnis/.o.rcvclling', iun- Comma,atis n..*.a part ofa SM 

Cbmedendus, a, um. pt. to be cat- Comissatpr, 5ris. m. 3. a reveller. in a period marked thus (,) 

en up, or fcd upon, to eat 

Comedo, is. vel c&mes, c6mest, 
Sdere, vel esse, €di, esum, vel 
estum. act. 3. to eat, to cat up, to 
devour, to waste, to consumc, to 
«quander away. Comcdcre bc- 
neficium, to iorgct a kindness 
Cic. Comederc aJiquem, to cat 
oneoutof house and home, Ter. 

fc6medo, 5nis- m. 3. a glutton, a 
spendthrift, a prodiga). 

Cdmens, tis. pt. combing. 

C5mes, Vtis.c.^.3. a companion, an 
attcndant, a foUowcr, an assis- 
tant, a partncr, a partaker, an 
ubcttor, a confidant, an officer, a 
manager, acount, an earl. 

<!omcssabundus, vide Comissa- 

C5missor,atus sum.r/e/>.l. to revel, mata, um. /»/. floodgates, rt 

to fcjist, to dancc and be merry. Commaciilatus, a, um. pt. di 

Cbmitans, accompanying. Commacu1o,are.<i.l.tospot,< 

ComTtas, atis. / 3. afiability, com- stain, or soil, to imbrue, t 

{>laisancc, mildness, kindncss, parage. 
mmanity. Comina\leo,Sre, dui. neut. % 

C5mitutus.a, um. pt. ior, comp. ac- moist, or wct, to be well * 
companied, attended, foliowcd. Commandilcans, tis. pt. ch< 
Comltatus,us.m. 4. aretinue ofat-Commanducatus 1 a,um./tf. ch 
tendants, equipage, a princcWommanducatus, iks. m.4.a 

C5messatio, 5nis-/ v. Comissatio. 
C6messitor, v. Comissator. - 
Comcsse, pro Comedere. 

court, a convoy of provisions, a 

CSmrter, Issime, ntp. adv. gently, 

C6m!tia,5rum.^/ n. assembly, 

a mccting, a parliament, a com 

mon-council,acourt,a convention 


Commandfico,are.arf. 1. to 
Conimanducor, ari. pa$M. 

chewcd, or eaten. 
Commaniptilaris, m. 3. ai 

soldier, a comrade. 
Commcans,tis./>f. goingtoi 

Comitia curiata, when the people travelling, wayfaring, reB 

;5mcssans, tis.^p/. rioting(bundus gave tlieir votcs by wholc courts. 

l/oiufeaein, pro ComctUrem. jConittialis. e. aaj. pertaininff to an 

Varr. centuriata, when by hun- out upon a convoy .(a mei 
dreds, JUv. tributa, when byCommeStor, dris. m.3. ac 
tribes, Cic CommeatQrus f a,um /^ aboa 


Commcantes, soldier» tl 





roy,a passport.orpass 
i. removal, a furlow. 
Atus sura. d. mc. 
ium upon, to con. 
isse. t«r6. dcfect.Xo rc- 
lave in remembrancc 
bilis, e. adj. worth 
tin^yor remembcrinjr. 
ndus,a,um./>/. worth\ 
oncd or remembercd mentioning 
tio, tinit.f. 3. a coro- 
1, a mentioning, a rc- 
:. (tioned 

tus, a, um. pt. men- 
, ftrc act.l. to comme- 
all to mind,toreracm- 
tion,or spcak o£ to re- 
ntnt,or rehearse,to ad- 
ioned, recounted, &cc 
>r, ari. p. to be mcn- 
Ylis,c. adj. commcnda- 
wortky to be praised 
4us, a, um. pt. to bc 
d, or praiscd. 
s, commendinjr 
io, 5nis./3 a commcn- 
.-commendation, plau 

itius,a*um. aaj. rccom- 
, of rccommcndation. 
or, dris. m. 3. he that 

Commcnsus, us. m. 4/thc measure 
of athinginproportionto another 

Commentans,tis. pt. commenting. 

Commentark>lum,i n. 2.ajourna1, 
a day-book. (book of commcnts- 

Commentariolus, i. m. 2- a notc, n 

Commentarium, i. n. 3. acommcn- 
tan', an cxposition, a note, an 

Commentarius, i. m. 2. a commen- 
tary,an cxposition, a brief rcgis- 
tcr, or account. a historical mc- 
morial,a book of notc.%a day-book 
or diary, a common-placc-book- 

Commcntatio, dnis. /. ;*, a mcditat 
ing, musing", or thinking upon, a 
dcscription, a gloss, a comment 

Commcntator, oris. m. 3. a coni 
mentator, an inventor, a diriscr. 
a forger, a Uar. 

Commentatus, a, um. pt. act. & p 
studied, devised, hammcrcd, 
thought upon; commcnted, dis- 
puted. (jrethcr, or join in a lie 

Commcntior,Tri. dep 4. to ajrree to 

Commcntltius, a, um- adj. feigucd, 
dcviscd, newly invcnted, imagi- 

Commentor, atus sum dcp. 1. to 
comment, to writ e,or composc, to 
dcvise,or invent,to fcign,or forge, 
to discourse,rcasoi>,or disputc; to 

rix, icis.y*. 3. shc who 
um a, um. pt. & a*\j. 

and selling, a bartcring, an inter- 

course, acquaintancc, conversc, 

a common use. (traffic. 

Commercor, atus sum drp. 1. to 
Commereo, erc, nii, rltum- act. 2. 

to descrvc wcll, or ill, to commit. 
Commfcreor, eritussum. d. 2. todc- 

serve i11,highly tooff end.(servecL 
Commeritus,a,um./tt. that hath de- 
Commctior, iri, cnsus. d. 4- to take 

Commictilis, 2. adj. contemptible. 
CommlgTfitio, onis./. 3. amotion, 

a removal, a froinjr elscwhere. 
Cowmifrro, arc«c/ remove, to 

jro away, to go, or come. (dier. 
Commilcs, itis. m. 3. a fcllow-sol- 
Commihtium, i. n. fcllowship in 

war. In commilitium adscisci, to 

bc listcd as fcllow-soldicrs, Tac- 
Commilito, onis m. afcUow-soW 

dicr, a comradc. 
Comminandus, a, um. ptXo thrcat- 

en, thrcatencd, thrcatenin^. 
Commlnans, tis. pt. thrcatcnui|r. 
Commlnatio,5nis/3. comminatioo 

a thrcat, a thrcatening, a cursing 
Comminatus, a, um. pt- threaten* 

ing-, thrcatcncd. (bepiss, Ihr 

Coiumingo, ere, nxi, ictum. a. 
Comminiscor, mentus sum. tlrp. 3. 

,<irpraiscs.(commcnds muse, meditatc, orthink upon,to to dcvisc, invcnt, fcijrn, or forge* 

rcvolvc, to romance, to imitntc 
Commcntor, dris. m.3. aninvcntor. 

issimus, tuperl com- Commentum, i.n. 2. an iuvention, 

praiscd, valued, es- 
nrded,recom mendcd, 

^rintrustcd.givcn up. Commentus,a,um.^. thatimajrin- 

[con, mando] arc. a. 1. 
id,tt> praisei to recom- 
(lorn, to commit, or in- 
mended, praised, &c 
•, ari. pa$t. to bc rccom 
is^a. c.j^.3a boarder, 
npnottcr* a dium. 

a contrivancc, a devicc, deccit, 
artifice, a tale, or ston*, a fable. 

cth, or dcviscth, forgxid, feigncd, 
deviscd contrived, invented. 

Commco, are. ncut. 1. to go to and 
fro, to (to, or comc, to paas, or 
move, to tnivcl, to rcmove. 

Comroercium, i. n. 2. commerce, 

to recollect, or call to mind. 
Comministro, v. Ministro. 
Comminor, ari, atus. d 1. to thrcat- 

en greatly. (brokcn in pieces. 
Commtnucndus, a, to be 
Comminuo,iurc, ui, iitum act-3. to 

break in picccs,to bruisc.orcrum- 

ble,to brcak,to abate,to wcakcn» 

to diminiali, to Icssen, to ovcr- 

Comininuor, i, Qtus/;.to bc brokca 

to picces. to bc molificd, &c. 

traftc, m«rolnindfc> a Uu) ingjCounninatiin, adv. b* niccc,*. 





Commfnutus, a, um. pt. broken in 
picces, impaircd, diminished. 

CommisccndusAum./M. io be min- to enjoin, to cxpose, to vcnture, 

glcd, or mixed with, to mix 
Commiscco, ere, cui, istum. act. 2. 

'taix, or mjngle together, to mix, 

to jiunble, to adulteratc, to join. 
Commisceor, eri p. to be mixed, 

«r mingled togethcr. (pitied. 
Commfeerandus, a, um. pt. to be 
Commlserans t tis. pt. pitying.(sion. 
Commfscratio,6nis/pity, compas- 
Conmuserescit, tmp. tb have pity, 

•r compassion of. (mcnt, or pity. 
Commiscror, ari- d. lto bcwail, la- 
Commissio, 6nis/ 3. a setting to- 

Cowniitto, tcrc, misi, nus9iim. fl. 3 (Commbdum, adv. in good 
lo commit, to instrust, to impart, seasonably, luckily, just 

to do amiss,togive cause,to bring, Commodus, a, um. auj. ior. a i 

to engage ,to give begin, issimus,™/». convenie nt, soil 

to set on, er stir up, to »end,or lct 

go together, to betake, to join, or 

close, to pair, or match, to com- 

pare,to weigh, to repeac,orrccite, 

to stretch, or exert, to confiscate. 
Committor, i, issus. p. to be joined Commotreo, tee Mcereo. (d 

together, committed, intrustcd, Commdlior, iri,tus. <£4.toei 

&c. (ther.j vour, to attempt, to deTtsi 

Commixtio, 5nis. /. amixingtoge- threaten. 
Commixtura, ae./ 1. a mixture. Commblitus, a, um. pt- grow 
Commixtus, a, um./ri.mixed,?r»ing- Coimnblo, lere, lui, Utum. 


fitable, benefictal, lucky, I 
nate,scasonablc, courteoos» 
obligi ng,ci vil,gentecJ,m\n<k 
graceful* neat, just, exactf 

ludorum,thc beginning, or repre 
senting of plays upon the stage, 

x attcmpt,a secret, or trust,a forfci 
ture. Commissum, stvtr commis 
sum vectigal, tlie seizurc of con- 
traband goods. 

Commissura,x. / 1. a joint, a clo- 
surey-aseam, ajoining, or couch- 
ing of tiiings togcther. (commit. 

Gommissfirus, a, um. pt. about to 

Commissus, a, um. pt committed, 
intrusted, communicated, or im- 
parted, donc, pcrpctrated, join- 
ed, cemcnted, soldercd, fought. 
engaged, begun, forfcitcd, con- 
fiscatcd, (gled together. 

Commistus, a, um. pt. mixed, min 

CommTUgo, are. acu 1. to bruise, 
to break, to makc soft, tosoftcn. 

Commltfgor, ari. p. to bc bruiscd, 
to be broken, to be made soft. 

Committcndus, a, um. pt. to be 
committcd, intrusted, begun» 
joined, pcrmitted, cxposcd, &c 

Committens, tis. jrt. commiUing> 

grind, bruisc, or break smtl 

cether two, for trial of masterics led, or blended t< 

m any exercisc, Svet. Commissio Comm6dandus,a,um. ptXo be lent. Commonefaciendus, a, um j 

Commodans, tis. pt. lending. I be admonished, to be remia 

Commodatio, onis./ 3. a lending,'Commbnefacio,[commoncOjfi 

orobligingonc.(ormade,fit,suited ' ce>e,feci, factum. a. 3. toj* 

Commissum, i. n. 2. an offence, oriCommbdatus, a, umjM. lent,ntted,| nish,to ad\nse, to putin miB 

fault, acriinc, an undertaking, or Commbde, adv. ius, comp. issime, rcmind,to rehearse, ormea 

up. well, handsomely, elegant-Comm6nefio[commoneo,fioJ 
ly, conveniently, fitl) r , advauta- factus, neut. pau. to be p 
geously, luckily, indiffcrentlyJ mind,to be reminded,«r 
Minus commode audire, to be.Comm5neo,Sre,nui,nitum. 
ill-spokcn of, Cic. warn, advise, or put in 

Commoditas, atis/. 3. commodity,'comm6neor,eri./>.to be 
profit, advantage, convenience,Comm6nitio,6nis/ ^ 
fitness, handsomeness, opportu- 1 ing,a warning, asummingB 
nity, ci\ility, an obliging friendi IComm6nlt6rium, i. n. 2- a k 
Mea commoditas ! my precious ! mandatory, a privatc agreen 
Plaut. Comm6nttus, a, um. pt* vn 

Comm6do,are a lend,to give, advertised, putin remembn 
to yield, or afford, to profit, or do Commonstro, are. uct. 1. to d 
good, to bcnefit, or help,to serve, or point out. 
or oblige,to suit,adapt,ormake fit. Commbrandus, a, um. pt. to i 
Commodor, ari. past. to be lent. jCommbratio,6nis/. 3. a stavii 

continuing,a dwelluig,a pw 
abodc, a delay,orlingering> ( 

Commddulc, adv. somewhat con- 
veniently, fitly, or patly. 

Commbdulum, adv. pretty well. JComm6raturua,a, aW 

Commodum, i. n. 2. advantag , e, l Comm6ratus,a,uin.p/.havuigi 

bencfit, profit, gain, interest,C'ommordeo,ere,di,sum.aJ3i8 

convenience, a reward giycn toCommoriens,tis./M.dyios;tofd 

dUcharge^ soldiers. |Ccmm6rior, i.tuua Mm^d^. 






:, pro Commoverit. 

r, iri. d 1. to abide with, 

:o dwell, to sojourn, to 

Longv to atop, or hinder. 

oate, to impart, to share with, to coinh,or deck thc hair, to* trim, to 
confcr, to coiisult, to dtscoursv, to attirc, ©r make jray . (dressed, &c. 
make welcome,to;idmit,todcfile. C<unor,i,comptus./>. tobe combcd, 
Comiminlcor, uri pa*t. to hc iin-C6inijcdia,;e./.l.acomcdy,an intcr- 
parted; a>p.\o impart. &c. hido, or tarcc, a dramatic pnrm. 

W, a, um,u uitteii closcv Communio, irc, ivi, a- 4. to fortify. (7>mu:dicc,fi</v.comical]y,mcrrily. 
Uij, c. «/#. very fruil. iCoinmrinio, onia /. 3. communioiuCoinadtous, n, um. tulj. comic. 
mt, pro Cominovcmnt. inutuaT participation, un equal(<cdu*, i. m. 2. acomcdian. 
n, pro Coinmovissem. privilcgc, the commtinity, o/*Comu*dus, u, um« adj. pcrsonatintr, 
t, onis / 3 commotion, wholc company. ' pretcmling to be what. one is not. 

dbquict, disturbuncc Connnunis, e. adj ior, romp. com-Comosus, a, mn adj. issimus, »up. 
nctilx, x. /. 1. a smafl mon.froncraJ, univcrsal,thc mnic, hairy, routfh, full of branchcs or 
orpasiioii' all alikc, cquai, on a levtl, ordi- lcavos, tuftcd, shagtry. 

M^urri.^r.ior, comp. mov- nary, familiar, geiitlc, frec, all. Compactiiis, c. adj. coinpact, join- 
ltVcXcduncensed, affcct- Communitas, ittia./ 3. commtutity,; cd, or sct together. 
niahed, quick, expedi- a having all thingn in common,Compactin, onis./ 3. ajoining, or 

fcllowship,socicty,riirht,justicc.; settintr tojrcthor. 
d, 2re, flvi, <5tum. a. 2. to,Communiter, adv. in common, in- Compactum.i.n.2.a compact, an a- 
> astouisb, 

Communiiuro.arc.n. 1. to murmur, 

orwhispertogether, tognimhle.(>unpar, aris. adj. ecpial, cvcn, 
Commurmuror, uri, utus bum. dep\ likc, afrrceable, well-matchcd. 

fenced, uuuic strong. 
or v Srif 5tm. patt. to bc|Commurmuratio, onis,/. a grum- 
obc raised. (smooth up. 
.•o,€re,h* cajole,to 
►, are. act. 1. to beat. 
ia n. ■». a coinmon- 
:, the public wealth, 
re {Plaw- 

jo, pro Communiuru, 
sandus, a, um pt- to be 
catcd. or sharecl. 
^iw, tis. pt. communi 
utnng, injpurtiii^- 

Compafrcs,is/3<a close joininjr, or 

sctting- tojrcthcr, a joint, an ein* 

brace. ^ (surc. 

Compagt), inis./. 3. a joint, or clo- 

1 to mutter ormuiiiblc. 
Commutabilis, e adj cluingeablc, 

mutablc, subjcct lo chanfrc. 
Commutandus, a, um. pt. tit to bc 

Co!nmiitiitio,dnis./. 3. achange, oi 

ulteration, a ti urc in rhctoric- 
r&tjo, duis. /. J. co:nniu-|CommritatrinLS, a, \im 9 pt. about to 
thc inaking" of a tlnng c:ju;j^c, or alter- (chancred 

Co nmuiatus, a, um. pt. altcied. 

aMu^a, im, ^/confcrred, 
. Coinaiumcato mter sc 
iiaviiur, laid tiicir hcavU 


Atikrusy a, um. pt. about)Commi"itatus, us. m. 4. a change, 

or altemtion. 

(.'ommuto, are. a. 1. to change, to 
alter, to exchun^c, to bartcr, t< 
•Jtimmutor* ari. /». to bc chanireci 

:epji, ipis. m. 3. a towns- CcSmo. arc a. & ;i. 1. to adorn, to • 'omparutus, a, um. pt- comparc-il, 
llf>w-citizen. attirc, to wcar a busiiof hair. prcparcd, ordaincd, desi^rned, 

;u 9 3m.4.1.toooTBniuni-Cdino. crc, mpai, mptuni. a. iMo Jjottcn, procurc<l> ^Uw\^\. 

Compur,:iris c.^.3. a companion,or 
sccond, a colleafruc, a compccr, 
a partncr, a husband, or wifc. 

Comparribitis. c. adj. coinparablc. 

Compli*andus,a,um pt. to be com- 
pared, to bc j«)ttcn, or providecL 

Comparate, adv in coinpamon. 

Comparatio, 6nis./. 3. a cojnparv- 
sfin, a frctting, provision, prepa- 
ration, proportion, rejrard, or- 
dcr, appointment 

Comparative, adv comparatively. 

Cor.iparativu«i,a,um. adj. compara- 
tivc, rclatiw, of coiuparisoii. 

Coinparltuin, i.-st, imp. it is provi- 
lcd, it is broii ; rht to that pais. 





ComparStus, us. m. 4. comparison. Compcllor,ari. jtow. to bc address- a. 4. to find discon 

derstand, know for cei 
jret jrood intcliigrencc, 

Comparco, cere, rst, rsum. n. 3. to cd, to be impcached, or accuscd, 

sparc, or hnsbaiid wcll. to be summoncd, or convened. 

Compareo, ere, rui, ntum. w- 2 to,Compv:Uo,lcrc,pu)i,pulsum.a. 3. to 

appear, to bc extant, to bc sccn. ! compel, totbrce, or constrain, to.Comperior, fri, rtus sum 
Comparilis, e. atlj. like, evcn. | drive.or brinjr tojrethcr,to thrust | know assurccllv, to be si 
Comparo,are. act. 1. to comparc,toCompcllor, li. p. to bc compellcd,jCompemis, is. c. g. 3. om 

prepare,orprovide,toprovideibr,j driven, chnsed, &c. (transparent.| knecd. 

subom, to join, todrcss, or adorn. Compcndiarius,, a, um. atlj. com-' cd, taken in thc act, o 

Comparor, ari. pa*s. to bc com-pcndious, bricf, short, abridfrcd. 

pared, procured, prcpared, &c. Compendif &cio[compendium, fa- 
Compasco, cfcre. cui. avt. 3. to fced cio, J cere, feci, factum. a. 3. to a 

together in the same pasture. brid£c,toshorten,toprofit,tosave 
Compascor, ci, stus. pa*$. to bc Compendi6sus a,um.u<//. compen- 

eaten up by cattle. I dious, bricf, gainful, profitable. 

Compascuus, a, uin. adj. AgcrCompcndium,i.n.2.anabridirmcnt J 

compascuus, a commou pasture,= an abstract, a short way, or meth- 

Cic. Jus compascuum, thc rigbt; od, a short cut, jrain, profit intcr 

of commonage. Scav 
Compastus,a,um- atljScd tog-cthcr. 

est. Verba conferre ad compcn- 
dium, to be brief, Plaut. 

Compatior,i.</ suiTcr together.Compcnsandus, a, um pt- tobe rc 

Compedis,/, y<vi. &Compcde, cibl 

in ting. solum inveniuntur, plttr. 
Compedes, a fctter, or shacklc for tion,a rccompence,a satisfaction. 

the feet, stocks, ornamcnts tliat,Compensatus,a,um./>/. recompcns 

women wore about their feet. 
Compgdio, ire, Ivi, itum. act. 4. 

tosnacklc, or fettcr, to bind. 
Compeditus, a, um. pt. fettercd- 
CompcUatio, dnis./ 3. an address 

by name, a chiding', a rcproof. 

Compes, cdis. v. Compe 
Compesccndus, a, um. J 
Compcsco [con,pasco], < 
act. 3 to rcstrain, to 
chcck, to curb, or bridlc 
or keep in, to easc. or 
to quench, to suppress, 
to rcrbear.or leave ©ff, 1 
to pasturc tojrether. 
Compescor, i. p. to be rc 
Compctens, tis. pt. dcsir 

CompeUuturus, a, um. pt. about Compcrce, let mc alonc, Plaut 
to call upon, oi' accusc by name. Comperendinatio, onis/ 3- an ad- 

Compcllatus,a,um./>*. called upon; journmcnt, or putting- offa trial. 
by name, callcd, addressed. Comperendinfitus, us. 4. Idem. 

Compellcndus,a,um pt. to be com- fompcrendinatus, a, um. pt. pro- 

pelled,orforced,to compcl.(ciiur 

CompcUcns,tis./>r.coinpcUing, for- 

Compello,[con,appello,] arc.a. 1 .to 

caU by namc, to spcak to, to ad- 

dress, to accost, to salutc, to 

compenscd, or made amcndsfor.| ing. 
Compcnsatio, 6nis/.».acompensa-Competcns,tis adj. comp 

"""' '' -a!_ " ficient. Competens ju 

proper judgc, Vfp. Com 

cd, requitcd,rcwarded, equallcd suitors for thc same U 

Compenso,arc.a 1. torccompense, als, /r/. 

or make amends, to requite, toCompetentcr, adv. com 

reward, to etiual, to abridgv, orCompetentia, x.f \. a © 

shortcn. (sed, rcquited, &c.' cy, a fitness, a proporti 

Compensor,ari./>. tobe rccompcn-Competitio, 6ms /' 3. 

tition, a rivaiship, a cs 

or suin£ for one thing 1 . 

Competitor, 6ris m. 3. a 

Competitrix, Icis./. 3. a 

Competo, tere, tr. i, titui 

lonjfed, adjourned, dcfcrrcd. 
('ompcrcndino, arc. act. 1. to ilc- 
lav, to dcfcr from daiv to dav, to 

f>ut off, or adjourn till thrcc days; orsue for thc sanic tlunj 
lcucc. (natiis.' ; for the same placc, to 1 

ntnit. 3. to agrce, tosi 
l^roper, or convenient, ' 
meet,to fall out, or upo 

chidc, to call bcforc a ma^is-ICompcrendinus, *re Compcrendi- to bc sound, ov wcll. Cv 
tratc, to summon. |compcrio [cou,pario] irc,ri, rtum. eum actio, an uction Ke 






tio, 5uis/.3.pillage, plun- 
obbuig, a hcaping up. 
lor, 6m. m. ;j. a robbcr, a 
rcr, an extortioner. 
lus, a, u m. pt. robbed, 
L, plundcred. 
ire. act. 1. to rob, to pil 
phinder,to strip, to filch, 
, to pilc, ar heap up. 
50 [con, panjrol,gerc, pc- 
um. a 3. to join, ©r fasten 
?r, to make, or form, to 
■r fashion, to thrust in. 
yor. gi. paf». to bc tbrmcd. 
lia, ium. ///. n. 3. fcasts 
r of the rural gods. 
lis, c- at{h of, or belong- 
he crus3-ways. 
ibtia, id quod Compitalia. 
ultius, a, um. adj, hclong- 
the feasts Coinpitalia. 
imu.n a crossway,orstreet, 
where several ways meet. 
*o,ere, cui, & citus sum, 
a. 2. to pleasc, or be welJ 
loc Dco complacitum est, 
leased God, Plaut. (ing. 
atus^a, umpt. well-pleas- 
o,are. a. 1. to gainfavor, 
e court to, to appcax 

take hold of,to comprise, to con4Compl5nUus, a,um. pt. bcwailed, 

tain,to comprehcnd, to compass, 
to conceivc, to describc, to set ; 
pas». to bc comprchended. Arc- 
ta familiaritate complecti aJi- 
quem, to makc him his conii 
dant, o~ bosom-friend, Plin. 
Complememturn, i. n. 2. a cornplc 
ment,a completion,a nJling- up,or 
perfccting, an accumulation. 

Complcndus, a, tonll, orCompliirics, adv. scveral timcs. 
be fillcd up. Compluscidi,drum atlj.ycry many. 


Complcns, tis. pt. fdling up. 

Compleo,ere,evi com 
plcte, to finish, to pcrfcct,to Hll, 
to iill up,to recruit, tosupply thc 
placc of, to supply, to fulfil, to 
makc good. (pcrfccted, &c 

Complcor, eri. pant. to bc fillcd< 

or midnight devotions, *1ug. 

ished,ended,filled,complete, full 

Complexio, dnis./I.'). a comprchen 
sion, or compnsal, a compass, a 
period, or full scntence, a con 
clusion, a dilemma, a grammati 
cal figurc, whcn two syllablcs 
are contractcd into one. (tive. 

Complexivus, a, um. adj. conjunc 

Complexus. a, um. pt. embracing, 

i&txo, dnis/. 3.a levclling. containing,cmbraccd, contained, 
lator, Aris. m. 3. he thmt comprised, comprehendcd, com- 
plain, lcvel, »r smooth. plex. 

AtuA,a, um/tf. madc evcn,Complexus, cmbracc, af- 
I witli the ground. I fection,or lovc,a comprehcnsion, 

[con, planus], are. a. 1-| orcnumeration,acompass.(cd up. 
■ plain, level, or evcn, toComplicandus,a,um./;*tobe fold- 
to finish. to conclude . 'Compllcatus, a, um. pt. foldcd up. 
do, dere.ausi, ausum^i. &.' Co /nplico, c&re, cui & cavi, citum 
clap hands, to applaud. I & catum. a. 1. tofold wrap 
tendus» a, um. pt. to em- up, to wrap togcther. 

|Complddo[con, plaudo], dere, osi, 
fccns, tis. pt. embracing.l 6suin. act. 3. to clap together. 
»r, tL exui •um.dty-3. to'Compldrans,tis.^.bewailing(tion. 
j» to nugi to grapple, tojComploratio, onis./. 3. a ktmcnU- 

lamented,given up for lost.(tion. 
Comploratus, us. »1. 4. a lanienta- 
Comploro, are. act. 1. to bcwail. ' 
Comploror, ari. p. to be bcwailed. 
Cojnplbsus,a,uniy>f.clapt together 
Complfires, c. g. 8c hxccomplGra 

& conipluria, n. potit. gradus 

non compar. ut. ait Gcll. many f 

several, a grcat many. 

or mudc likc a guttcr- (a gutter/ 

Complmium, i. n. 2. a]>enthousc, 

Com])luvius, a, um. adj. that into 
which rain falls. 

Compdncndus, n, um. pt. to com- 
pose, &/■ be composcd of. 

(Jomponens,tis./#/.composing, put- 

6'oT»p6no,ncrc.cftiu, bsitum,a 3. to 
compose,to put,orlay togcthcr,to 
join, to sct in order, to adjust, to 
mcthodizc,todispose,to confront, 
to com]>:u*e, to liken, to set, or 
placc,to appcasc. or quiet, to sct- 
tlc,to reconcile,to finish,or makc 
an end of, to closc, or shut up, to 
muke,07<fonn,to build,to adorn,to 
countcrfeit, to compound, to at- 
tack,to burj r . Componere pretio, 
to redcem, Sall. socictatem cum 
aliquo, to kcep company, Id, fal- 
lacias, to trepan, Pluitt. 

Comp6nor,ni, baiixxs.p. to bc com- 
poscd,to be put,or laid togethcr, 
to bc confrontcd, to bc buricd. 

Comportandus, a, um.^. to carry, 
or be carricd together,to convcy. 

Comportatio, dnis./. 3. a carrying, 
or fctching,acarriagc.(togcthcr, 

Comportatus, a, um. pt. carriccl 

Comporto, are. act. lto carry, to 

Comportor^n.tKuiXa^t. cjistv^.. 





Compos, titis. r. g- ^.that 
hath obtaincd his dc*ire, a pur- 
taker, one m his right scnses. 

Coinpo*ite,«//r. in order, ordcrly, 
handsomcly, elegantly. 

Coinpbsitio» 6nis./ o. a composi- 
tion, or niingling, a composition, 
m disposal, an agrcement, a 
matching, or puiring. 

Compbsito, a</r.& dc vel. ex com- 
posito, on purposc, on sct pur- 
pose, by design, by compact. 

Compositor,6ris. m.-i. a coaiposer 

npprchend, or seize, to takc, or C omprYifto[con f premo],mti 

catch,to take,orlay hold of,to tind 

out,crdiscovcr,to contain orcom- 

prise, to express, to join, to cm- 

brace, to conccivc, to takc root. 
( 'omprehcndor, di, nsus. pa*t. to 

bc laid hold of. 

< 'n.uprehensihilis, e adj. cotnpre-Compribatio,6nis/i appro 

hcnsiblc,that may he undcrstood. ' omprbbator, oria. m. 3. ' 
Conmrchensio, onis / •■. a com- provcr, 

prcliension, an undcrstanding-, Comprobatus, a,um. /*.app 

an apprchcnsion, a scizurc, or ('omprobo, &re.acf*toappn 

allow, to commendi tt 

si, rcssum.a 3 to prcM toj 
orclosc,to closcito keep cl 
hold in,to restrain,to aupp 
rcprcs8,or kecp under^oi 
make costivc,to ravish«ord 
Comprfmor, mt« rrssns./«N 
stayed, appeased, fitc 

hc wi.o sets, orputs thingsiogc- anvst, a compass. 

ther, a makcr, a coinpoaiior. ( 'oniprchcnsus, a, compre- good, to verify, 

Coinpositura,x/l aj6iiiing,orput- hcnded, undcrstood, discovcrcd, Compr5bor,&ri~ p.tobe appi 
ting togcther, a scttingin order I found out, apprehcndcd, sciz- Compr6missum, i n. % a M 

Compositus, a, uni p'. Sc adj. ior f| cd, laid hold of, takcn, caught, mise, a boiiri, or eniagsM 
comp isMimis,*///' composcd, sot,| c.uight at, contained. fomprSmitto, tere,is^ issM 

or placed togctlicr, sct in ordcr,Coinprendo, proMJoinprchcndo. to putin arbitration,tocoss 
dispost-d. adjustcdffitud, 'iiutch-Coiuprcs^c, utlv. ius, comp. bricf- arefercnce, tostsndanttf 
ed, confronted, madc, f»nucd, ! ly, concisely, corr.pactly, closcly. Compte,ius.o<n>.ncatly, ekf 
fasbioned, adorncd, prcparcdjjConipressiojOnHs./.j.compixssion, Oomptus, vel Comtus, a»ij 
scttlcd, appointc'1. a^rccd upon.i a squeeziiur togcthcr, aclosc em- combed,adoraed, trimmedil 
fcijrned, dcvisvd, ransonitd, or bracc, a bncf comprchcnsion. cd, made spnice, neat, fist' 
bought off, coi.ipouiulc:!, ialiii,(!nr,iprc5siuiiciilu, a- / a gvntleComptOra,:r./l.aittdonBaf( 

s^ueoziiig-, a crushing^g-cntlv. f)omptus,u8.m.a deckingidsl, om 
< r, :i nivislicr. 

cloquont, clcjrant 
Compostus, pro Compositi.s 
Compotatio,6nis/3.a dnukin^to-] 

^cthcr.a drinVinir-ir.atch, :i club.jCoi.iprcssrims, a, um,/>/. about to 
C'ofri])6to.arc.M.l.todrinkt<»gcthcrj, stop, supprcs^, &c 
Compfttor, 6ris. m. 3, a pot-com-Coin|>rcssus, a, uni. pt. ior, comp 

pamon. t^ossip 

Compdtrix, icif./ ". a d: n .ing 
Compransor, biis m, o. hc tliat 

dinex with anottur. 
Comprccutio. 6nis/. 3. a suppli- 

cation, a solcmn pr&yiiur. 
C^mprccutus, a, um pt. ! esought 
Cvmprecor, atus sum* utp. 1. to 

C >mprohendcndus, 

prehcnd, or bc apprchcmlcd, to 

tcizc, to bc wrapped, nr put up 
Comprehendo, dcrc,di, nsum.rt. 3. 

m. o. a dcrlour- CompugTianSjtls jk/.fightiajpi 

ing. (ther, to quarrcU lil 
Compugiio.ft c.« . 1. tofigU 
Compuuo, Sre. fieq. 1. tfJ 
against (beatcn upon, oril 
(.'ompulsor^ri. p. to be ii 
Compulsor, oris. m. «1iM 

prrssod togethcr, or closc, kcpt, 

ov shut clobc, clinchcd, closcd, g 

s((ticc/.cd, crushcd, supprcsscd,Compulsus,a,um.^f.drivefli/ll 

compellcd, coiistraintiUM 

Compunctio, 6nis. / ^- 08B| 

tion, distrcss, a prickinrfl 

stitch. (m 

Compunctus, a, um. pL fk 

Compungcndus, a, nnii >* 1 

pricked, markcd, spottcAl 

C'ompungt),gcre. nxi, ncoat 

to prick, to sting, to rci, * 

raent, to offend; to dastl» a 

ivpivs-i'd,stoppcd 9 ravisbcd, de- 
flourcd, costivc, narrow. Anno- 
na comprcssa» corn hoardcd up 
to n.akc ii dearcr, Iav. ('om- 
prcs^ih nianibus scderc, to bit 
btill, and do nothing, Ll. 

Coiii])rCbi»ii, abL m. 4. a prcssing 
closcan cinbracing,a dcrlouring. 

Coniprimendus, a, uin. pt. to bc 
stopped,curbcd»orrcprcsscd (ing 

to comprehcadfto Comprimcns,tifl.^/.stoppiii^, bind- Compimgor,bctus. j*.tobej0 





rgo v 3Lre.n.l tocIear,topu-Concamcrandu8, a, tim. pt- to be 
(counted, or ntimbered. archcd, or vaulted- 

tabllis, e. adj. that may bc 
tans, tia. pt. reckoning. 
t&tio, 6nis/ 3. a computa- 
n account or rcckoning 
:&tor,dris m- 3.a computer. 
o, ire. act. 1. to coinpute, 
nt, «r rcckon, to cast up, 

Concameratio, finis./ 3. an arch, a 
ceitiug,an arbour,an arched walk 
Concameratus, a, um. pt. arclied 
Concamero, arch,to ceil 
Concameror, ari./>. to be arched. 
Concandco,gre n.tobe warm,orhot 
Concastigo, are. act. lto chastisc. 

iki ©r deem, to show, orConcatenatus. a,um./>r linkedto- 

oot, to prune, «r lop. 
tor,ari. pa*s. to be countcd 
ie*co,cere,rui.snc*3. to pu 
•gTowroUcn. (rcckoning 

Conc&vatus, a, hollowed. 
Co»cavo,arc. act. to make hollow, 
to bow, to bend, to wind- (low. 
us, i. fn. 2. an account, aJConcavus,a,um. adj. concave, hol- 
»mposition,usually stands Concedendus,a,um./)l.tobegranted 
r, with, ortogether; ascon-Concedens, tis pt. yiclding, grant- 

ing, departing, making room 
agminst, as cbntcndo: andjConccditur, impers- it is grantcd 

mes it incrcaseth, and sig- Conccdo. dcrc, essi,essum a. il. toConcerpor,i.ptus/>. tobe torn.(eB. 

he samc as valde, greatly, 
' much ; as, concrcpo. 
n,Tnis. n 3. anatteinpt,an 
ji essay (hclpcth, a lcver 
ntum, i. n 2. that which 
iis, a, um. pt. to attempt. 
tw. pt. cndcavouring. 
t Snis. / 3. an attempt. 
o, i. n. 2. an attempt.(fort 
,us. m.4 M\ attem])t, an cf- 
p a, um. pt. attcmptcd. 
, irc uct. 1. to bcwray 

tion of a femaJc, a brceding', the 
wording, writing, ov drawing up 


Oonccptum, i. n. 2. a conccption. 

Conceptus,a, um/>*.conce!vcd,be- 
gotten,brcd,hatched, tuoughi of, 
causcd, occasioned duly formed, 
sct down in writing, stated. 

"onceptus, us m 4. a conception, 
tlie act of conceiving,a brceuing- 
a tlung conoeivcd,a conceit,a no- 
tion, an idea. Ex conccptucami- 
ni, by the chimncy's taking fire, 
Suet. Conccptus aquarum inerti- 
um, ponds, or sloughs, Sen. 

Concerpo [con, carpo], pcre, psi, 
ptum. act- 3. to pull in pieces, U) 
rcnd, to tear, to dcstroy. 

yicld,to submit, to givc placc, or 

way,to rcsign,to go over,or away, 

to depart,to withdraw, to come, 

to die,to grant, or allow, to con- 

sent, to pardon, to dcscend, to 

abatc. (ed. 

Conccdor,i,cssus. p. to be pcrmit- 

Concclebrutus,a,um./'f celebrated 

Co; ( xciebro,arc.a. 1. to cclcbratc, 

to solemnize, to make famous, to 

Concclchror,ari'/>a««- tobc solem- 
t^vam.pLf. 3.IoppingsofjCfr/icclo. arc act. 1 to conceal, to 
ireds,barricadocs- (chafe. hidc. (mclody 

!acio,cerc. a«J-tou'arm,toConcentio, dnia. / 3. a concert 

fkctio, 6nis-/3.a warming 

ractSrius, a, um. atfj. that tric. 

Conccntrlcus, a, um. atlj. concen- 

Conccnturio,ure. a. &n.l. to tak< 
votts in the centuries, to call 
ovcr, to asscmble, to colloct. 

ConcentUK, us. m 4. a conccrt of Conccssurus, a, to rcmovc 

t warm, heating, hot. 
actus, a, um. pt. warmed. 
"io, ieri, factus sum. nevt. 
to be hcated, grow liot. 
ico 9 Coficalco, lui. n. to be 
bc made warm, or vcxcd 

0,ere,« 3.togrow brawny, birds. (tajcle 

tobe welt vcr<rd t inur-XTonccputculum, i. n. 2. a rccep- 
iraclisccl. Conceplio, 6nis./ 3. thcconccp- 

9 J 

Conccrptus,a,um./>f .pullcd inpiec- 

Conccrtandus.a,um./»rto contcnd. 

Concertans, tis. pl. striving". 

Conccrt&tio, Onis./ 3. coutention, 
dispute, jarring, difterencc, op- 
po ,; ition. (tions. 

Concertativus, a,um. atlj. conten- 

Concertator, 6ris. m. 3. a rivaf. 

Concertatdrius, a, um. aJ/.bclong»-* 
ing to plcading, contrmcrsial- 

Conccrtatus, a, um. pt. debated. 

Co7icerto> are. n. 1. to strivc toge- 
thcr,tocontend,to qiunrrel,to (le- 
batc,to brawl,to strivc for victory 

Consessatio, 6nis/ 3.a leavingoff", 
a lohering,a stopp?n^ bythe way. 

Concessio, dnis. /. 3. concession. • 

Conces>o t are.n. 1. to cease (grant. 

Concessu,rxA/. m. 4 by pcrniission, 

Conccs.«im, i. n- 2. ugrant. 

music, conseJit, agreemcnt, con- 


cord, the chirping, or melody of Concha,x./l.a slictl-rlMi 9 n sl.cll, s 
* ' ' " f pearl a hollow vcsscl,» wine-pot, 

&c. a large box, a trumpet, a 
dlettsure ottwo sooun(ulvt»v tkt 





dT-achms, a ladle, sccd. ConoiiaConciliatura,*./ 1. a rcconciHnjr.|Concino[eon,ca3io],nere, n«y 
, Mart 

Cytheriaca, Mart. Erycina, Prop Coiiciliaturus, a, uui- pt. about to tum. act. ;». to sing, or phj 
mothcr of pearl Concha salis, a rcconcile. 

concert tosing.toplay orsoi 
saltsellcr, Ifor Conclia ccei*ulea-Co7iciliatu&,a,um/</.&a^// ior,rom/; to moum, to oelcbratc, toag 
thcaziuv arch of hcavcn. ; reconcilcd, brought over, gaiii- consent, or acord, to foretel 

Conchatus, a, um atlj. made likej ed,procurcd, purchascd, bought, prophesy. 

f»c sheh ni a fish, hollow, v.idc. joincd together, favorable. ConcXnor, ni pa*t. to besung 

Co !chis. is /■ o. a boan unshcll-Concilio, are. a rcconcile,to '*0Mcio,7re,ivi, itum. act. 4. to 

ecl, a hcan boiled in a shcll. \ bring,orwinover,touuiite,tobring togethcr, to suramon. tostir 

Coucula,:. /l.a liltlc shell.(color about, to cngage, to gain, to ob-Concio, onis / 3. mn asscmbh 

Conchvliutus a um. arij. of violct- tain, to prociirc, to purchasc, to congrcgatiou. an oration,#rf 

Conchylium, i- ;/. 2. a shcil-fish, a rccommcnd,tocausc,oroccasion. : lic aiscourac, a spcech, a 

purplc, or violct color, a gar»Concilior, ari pasa tobejoincd. I mon, apulpit. (prcscki 

mcnt of that color. Concilior, ari, uius. dep. 1. to full Concionabundus, a, um. .< 

Conchyra, x m. anoyster-roan. cloth, or work felts, Varr. Coiicidiiah3,e. arf/. of,or bekmf, 

Concidcndus.a,uni./>.'. to bc cut in Concihum, i. 71. 2. a councihan as-l to haranguing, &c. (or seffl 

Concideus tis /rf.faii.ig. (picccs. senibly, a company, a place ofConoionans^tis/rf makLngaspe' 

Concido_con,cxdoj,derc,iJi,isain.j mecting, a consistbry, an agrec-Concionarius, a, um. adj. tra 

a. cut iu picces,to cut ofl % , to mcnt,a niixturc,a flov cr,counsel.. oftcn in,or cometh toasaembl 

cut,t° hack, to maiin, or Concincns.tis /tf.singing togcthcr. Concionator, dnstn. 3. aptead 

m&nglcto bcat, or l:ish,to kill, or Concinentia, x. f 1. liannony. Concidnatorius,a, uin. aaj belfli 

flay,to dcstroy,to ruin,to ovLTacl/Concinnfttio, 5nis./ 3. a tittiug. « ing to preaching. 

Coucidor, di. ptm. to be. cut. ;Concinjiator,6ris.m. d. a drcsscr, aConcidnor, ari. dep. 1. to ■■ 

Concido [con,cadol, derc, di. n. 3: trimincr, one tiiat trims a thing, public orations, to preach. 

to fall down, to fair, to fall into. or 'nakca it fitfor his purposc, aConcipicns,tis pt coDceivint;. 

decay, to goto ruin, to fail, \o forgcr. (ing todressing, &c.Concipio [con, capio], pcre*ci 

faiiiti todie, to bc sl:iin,oi- kilicd.(-oncinnatdrius,a»uni.a^/.pcilain- ceptum. act. 3. to conceive* 

<3onciens, ils-pt. stirring- up. IConcinnatus, a, um. pt. trimmed, brecd, to dcvise, to plot* oro 

fo/icico, ere, ivi, itum. act. 2. toj fittcd. 1 trive,to form,to caaq 

movc, or stir uj>, to call togttlu-r.iCoiicinnc, a<lv. ncatly, prettily. ■ hcnd, to cntertaia, to reioh^ 

Concibubtilum, i. iu 2. a conventi-;Concinnitas«atis./. ncatness, com-l dctcrminc, to undertake,tore 

cle, a juirto, an uulawful as*cm- pactness, quaintness, a jingUng- 

bly, a riot. 
Conciliandus, a, uin pt. to be pro- 

curcd, to bc g-ained. (^11^1^^.' 

C-onc" ,: — '"'- "' I,: ! 


uii,an a^ivemeiita procurcmcnt. 
Conciliator, Ans. m 3. a rcconcil 

cr, a mukcr-up, a procurcr. 
C'>nciliatncnla, x.f & httleprocu- 

rc**, a small bawd 
Conc.iiat ix,icis./.3 sbc tliat pro- 

of words. 
Concinniter, adv. prettily, neatly. 
Concinnitudo, inis. f. o> neatness, 

on, or sum up, to catch Ctf 
perc vcrl)ajuramentl,togive< 
an oath, to prescribc a fom 
words to wliich another ■ 
iliariSjtis . pt, reconciling^pm-i clcgance, pohtcuess. swear,todraw up anoathinfa 

i*hatio.6uis./3. areconcihati-Concinno, arc. a 1. to inakc ncat,,Concipior,i,ccptus./).tobccooci 

finc.or iit. to makc rcady, to pre- ed, containco, forrucd, &c« [tt 
pare,to mix,to dnss, or curry, toConcipilo, arc<i.l toscizeupM 
rcndcr, make, causc, or excitc. Conclsc adv conciscly, in ptfi 
Concinnor, ari pass. to bc ftttcd. ConcisoiiiiSia, ura. adj. forpaji 
Concmnus, a, um. udj. ior, comp. Concisura, x. /. 1. a cboppin|. 
neat line, trim, vvclj fashioncd,ConcTsus, a, um pt. cut iopi<( 

OTs a bawd, a inatc:iinakcr.(tioii. 
Concilwtu. abl. m. 4- by coropoai- 

curcs in a ^ood sense.a reconcil- compact.dexterous, elegant, po- cut, chopt, battercd, bnui 

hte, comciy,bccominjf, pleasant,' killcd, brokcn, humblcdi 
agTceable^ | short, brief. 





icRtum,i.ff.2.aninccntive.Conclavium, i. n. 2. a parlour. 

«, tis- pt- stimng- up. 
:, ativ. hastily, liotly. 
o, duis /. 3. a stirrinj? up, 
i, a passion, mutiny. 
ir, 6ris. m. J. a stirrer up. 

Conclaiisr,s, p/shut i.p logc-l to be iu tunc, to hold to.rothtr. 

\x. icis/. J. she, or it that finish, to shut, or lock up, to in 

rovokes, tv stirs up.(up 

rus.a,um />/.about to stir circumscribc, to contain, ©r com- llke, ofthc samc sort,consisient, 

ar(/. ior. prise, to gather, or infer, to stop. timahlc, harmoiiioi 

is, a tun. pt. & 
irnus, *#/^ stirrcd up,stir- 
■ed, cxcitcd, pushcd on, 
red,provoked, incenscd, 
fhemcnt, violent, rapid 
re a 1 to stir up,to raise, 
, to push on «or forward, 
,»r pursuc, to disturb, to 
, to causc, or occasion- 
ari. ptun. to bc stirrcd. 
rcubled, &c. (a causer 
oris. m. •*. a stirrcr up, 
i,um pt atirred up, mov 
..puahcd on,hastcncd,in- 
Lum />/. summoncd (ed 
da,ac /. 1 a short orat ion, 
i, a small assembly 

ther,incloscil,containcd (tainin 
Concludcns,tis./;/ concludinjr, con- 


Concordo, arc. ncut. 1. to ajrrcc r 

« , o«rorpbro. r irc act.l to inixto^c- 
tbcr, to incorporate, to unitc. 

Conclfido [con, claudol, dvre ussCoiicorporor, iiri. f>. to bc nih..*d. 
«isum.«..i. to coitcludc,to cnd, *.• Concors, dis adj. ior t comp. issi- 

imis- 8up. of onc mind, unani- 

closc,to eneonrpass.toconfine, to moiis, peaccable, quict, equal, 

Concludor,i.fisus/»- to bc inclosed. Po/icrcbrcsco/.iv,ui.M 3.toresound 

Concl&sio,dms./3.a conclusion an 

end, a shutting up, * sieg*e,an in- Cowcredo derc, didi, dituin.a. to 

ferencc, a reason, an arjrument 
Conclusiunciila,ae./. 1 asophism, 

a wrestcd silly inference. 
Conclusura, x.f an cxtremity. 
Conclfisfirus, a, um. pt. about to 


ConcTcditus, a. um. pt. in'rusted, 
dclivcrcd to one's charjrc- 

intrust, to commit upon trust. to 

trust with,to hazard- or venturc. 
Concrematilru5, a, um pt. about 

to bum. 
Coiicrcmcntum,i. n.2 acollection. 

Vmcremo.arc.a to burn, toseton 

Concl*isus, pt tnadj. lor^conp ;Concrcmor,nri. /> tobe b*irnt.(fire. 

concludcd, cndcd, finishcd, shutConcrcpans, t-s pt. lattiwig'. 

up, incloscd, cntcrtaincd, (Tfin-jrVwcnipo.p^rc.pui.pitum «.&« 1. 

pri5cd,confined,liinite<l/^restion.l to inakc a noi.icto rattlc,to rinjr, 
Concoctio, onis./ concoction, <ii- to snnp, to crcak, to cry softly. 
Concoctus^»um./>/ concoctcd,boil-Concr{\ 1 an incrcase. 

cd (tojrcthcr.a supping togclhcr.ii' 'o/Tcresco,ccrc.rc\ irC Lnin. « • . to 

luijtis pt. shoutinjr, cry-Concamatio,onis /3-a banquetin;rj jrrow tojrcther, to conjreal, to bfr 

tio, onis / o. a shout, a 

Concblor, oris. ailj. of thc sann j trozcu,toclot,tocunllc,tot!iickcnt 
color. (panied.iConcrctioonis./ 1. a concrction, 

L-nncst imp it is j^ivciiJConcomUatus, a, um- adj. acrom-j a ^rnwinjf tojrethcr, a jrrowing 
st, is all ovcr. (buricdJ or:cfipuii>,arc.r{ 1 tocouple t toj:>i;.j hard or thirk- a conj^calinj^. 
fis. a, um. pt. dcad amljConcoquciulus a, uni /u. to bc di-f'oncrctiiin,i ?i 2 a concrctc, a suh» 
o,5re ./•£'/. l.tocryaloud' jjfcstcd I stance, o?* j,oliil thing,a niass, the 

arc «l.tocry to^clhcr.|C;>nco(jucns, tis. pt di^stinjr. j (jiia'ity co:i>i<i« n:d with its sub- 
buwl out, tocry, or cair^V/cncjuc», crc, oxi, octum. ad. .' .j j> cts; us, nij^ru.n, a black thinj^. 
•hout,to pn>rlaini. Vasa \p hoil, orscelli, to concoct^t«> di-!« 'oncrf-tus, a, um pt> &««//'•, ior, 
:iofio conclamarc jubetj cnduustosiiffVr.toabidc.j comp joincd toj»;clher, ini;.c(I, 
•orclci-s for maifhiiij^Concoquor, i. pa*s. tobc boil.-J. ■ conipound:-d, forined, conjrcal- 
an.l ha^jr^tjfc, t\rs. .('onconlantia, x / 1 ajrrcciiKiit, cd,fi4/cn,i •!itttcd t crnilfd» thick, 
r,r»ri />.tobc proclair.icl uconcorduncc gTOit», fixcd, habiiual (thcr. 

^mSUiii. «•(/'. lockcd -ip. Concordia. xj'. 1. concord.ajrrcc-Co .t'rrtiis,iis.»i..i a jri"owinjj toj^c- 
i*. n ;>. :iu inncr cha;u- mont, union, haimon), pt a«. % c 'Con^rumnor. i!us siuu.c/ 1 to ac- 
i\atc- room, a dinin^- ConconliKr, adv. issimt, *rtp. l.a:^ 1 cuse, to tax, to blumc, to rail at 
«:■ conclavc whcrc ihc monioiisly, unanimously, v ttli Concriicio, arc .aci 1. to tormcnt. 
c^osc 1lu" popc- "onc ronscnt. (^oncriicior, aii. p«?* s U*^\**pl 





mented all over. (ovcr. 

Concrustatus, a, um. adj. crustcd. 
Concubma, x- f. 1. a concubine. 
ConcnblnTitus, us. m 3. concubi- 

Concubmus, i. m. 2. a catamitc. 
Coiicubitarus, a, um. />/. about to 

lic with, to lie with. 
Concubitus, us. m. 1. a lying with, 

copulation, an cmbraoc. 
Conciibiuni, i. //. thc still and dead 

time of thc night, when pcople Concursandus, a, um. pt. to go to- 
gj-c in tlieir first slccp, the lying Concursans, tis. pt. meeting,or go- 
with a woman (asleep. ingtogcther,ninningupanddown 

'oncuhius, a, um. adj. in bcd and Concursatio,5nis / 3 arunning of 

/nculcandus, a, um. pt. to be 

'.r.nlden, or tramplcd down. 
<>niculcatio,onis./;4. a trampling, 

*» pawingwith the foot(dcrfoot. 
( irnculcatus^um. pt. trodden un- 
< lomvilco, [con, calco], arc, act. \. 

\n i-ead, or tramplc under foot, 

t'j !'.v wastc, to ruin, to dcstroy. 
Concwlcor, ari. p. to bc tramplcd 
Oi .rr.inbo, bcrc,ubui, iibitum./i.i). 

to ].>• togethcr, to lie witli, or by 
C ..7w»ipio,crc,ivi, long, 

or lust for, to covct, to dcsire. 
< i ;oncupisccndus,a,um. /»/.to be dc- 

sire.l; i«iV/ Concupitus. (ingaflcr. 

Conciipiscibilis, c adj. that which 

dcsircs eamestly. 
Conciipisco, crc, ivi, itum. a. :t. 

to covet, or dcsirc, to lust aftcr. 

to aim at. 
Conciipiscor, ci. p. to be dcsircd. 
Concupitus.a,uin./i/.covctcd, long- 

cd forju^ted afu-r.(low guurdian. 
Coiic«.ii\ttor,6r.s //». a trustee, a fcl- 
Co/iciirojSrc act.l to takc carc of. 
Concurrens, tis. pt. concurring. 


ther, tlicy givc the shock, 

Co7icurro,rcrc,ri,rsum. n. 3. to run 
witli, or togethcr, to flow,or flock 
together,to run at, or against, to 
fall foul on one another, to give 
a shock, or chargc, to grapplc, 
to cngagc, to mcct, or join to- 
gcther, to ajzree, or unite, to bc 
equal, or alike. (gcthcr. 

ConcurriUir, imp. thcy run toge- alarnuc 

quiet,to disturb,to affect,to | 
to strikc hard, to exAmine,u 
Concutior,i. /■to be shaken( 
Condalium,i //.2. a thimble^. i 
Condeccns, tis pt. convenient 
Condecenter, adv. becomiiigl 
Ce;rdecet,j' is mect,ornt(i 
Condec5ritus, a,um.jM. adflfl 
Condecdrc, adv. very gracef 

Co /idec6ro,are a. 1 .to£race,tod 

toadorn, to embelhsh, to ho 

Condeliquesco, erc. n. to mel 

getlier. (nd 

Condemnatio, dnis. / 3. cond 

Condcmnator, oris. m. 3. a i 


Condemnatums, a,um. pu&M 

condemn, rcady to condemi 

Condemnatus.a, um. pt. condf 

ed, cast. 
Condemno, [con, damno],4r 
1. to condemn, todoom,U 
votc,accuse,to cm 
bc cast in a court of justice 

peoplc together, an camest con- 

tention, a mcdjey, or confusion, 

a riot. 
Concursator, dris. wi. 3. a runnerl 

to and fro, a skirmishcr. 
Concursio, onis./ 3. a running, or 

mecting togcthcr. 
Co/icurso,are./ry. 1. to mn hithcr 

and thithcr,to run, ur gad about. 
Concursfirus, a, uui. ///. about to 

come togethcr, ©rcngagc, toen- 

Concursus, im. m.4. a concoursc, a Coiulcmnor,ari. //. to be eondc 

crowd, a rcsort, au encountcr, 
an engagcment, a concurrencc 

Concurisccns,tis.///.dcsiring, hist- Concussio, 5nis./. 5. ashakiug, a 
Concupiscentia,ic./l. a covcting, shock,a jumbling; a combination 
conrupisccnce, lust. acrainst thc innocent. Crimen 


concussionis, wlwen au ofticer bv 
thrcats, or pretenccs of autho- 
rity cxtorts any thing from thr 
pcoplc, .///- JCC. 

f'oncusso, shake oftcn 

(Joncussu, abl.m. 4. by shaking. 

C-oncussus,a, um. /// shaken, mov- 
cditronblcd, dis\piictcd,afl'cctcd 

'.!onciitiendus,;i,um///. to bc shak-l 

Condcus, ///• lucling, coverinf 
Con<lcndus, a, um. pt. to be I 

to bc laid up. 

Condcnsatio,5nis- /. 3.thickeu 
Co//dcnsco,ercac/. condc 
('ondensitas, atis. /. 3. thicfa 
C0//denso,arc.a. 1. tocondem 

thicken,to flock togcther,to 

closc- (e 

Condcnsor, ari. //a*?. to beti 
Cnndeiistis, a, uin. a<lj. conde 

thick.close, or wedgedtogel 
Co//depso, scrc, sui, situm, oi 

to minglc, o/- knead togemM 

Concutiens, tis. pt. shnking. (cn.!Co//dico.ccre, ixi, ictum o.3^B 

Conciitin,[con,quatio], tcre, cussi. 

flowing togcther, coming on iuj cussum a shakc, to move,to 
» body. J brandish, to tremblc, to jog, to 

point, ov order, to ajrrcc upo 
dechirc, topromise,to undert 
to enguge,, to claim, to dem 





,0,11171. adj. bclonging 
lfOrclaim (abargain 
. n 2. an agrcement, 
, um. JM mutually ap- 
mised Subita condic- 
ia a short supper,such 
Is himself to, Suer. 
fv. worthilv, suitablv. 
, um. adj. worthy, bc- 
able, like, descrvcd 
ius, a, um. atlj. bc 
iticc, or pickle. 
ius i- m. 2 a saltcr. 
n, i- n. 2. saucc, sca 

Conditor,8ris. m. 3. a niakcr, :i 
buildcr, a foundcr, thc first in- 
vcntor, or heginncr, a compiler, 
©r writer. 

Conddnor, ari p. to hc pardoncd. 
Co/fdunnio,7re,ivi v itum. neut. 4. to 
slecp togethcr, to fall aslecp. 
Comlormisco, ccre. incept. 3. to 

ConditSrium, i. ?». 2. a placc to la) fall asleep. 
up.or hidc things in, a sepulchre. Conduceiidus,a,um pt. to he hired 

a coftin, an araenal, an armory. 
Condftrix, Icis-/ 3. a founircss. 

Conduccns,tis. pt hiring,enguging 
Conducenlcr, adv. convcnicntlv. 

Condftflra.a:./l sauce,pickle. [ingCondurihilis. e adj. ior, conip. 

Conditura, ac./ a building.a frani- conducible cxpedicnt, availabh- 

Conditus,a,um./ri.laid up, conccal- Conducit, in tcrtia pcrsona,&/n^n. 

ed, hidden, inclosed, buricd, itconduces,it isprofitablc.advan- 

i,itum. a. 4 toscason 
■n. to pickle, to prc- 
nbalm, to sweeten, 

bojs. to be scasoned. 
is pt. lcarning. 
, x. /. 1. a femalc 
, or school-acquaint- 
(siiip atschool. 
:ns, fls m. 4. fellow- 
4, i. m. 2. a school- 
?,dfdici a3- to learn 
pa**. to be learncd* 
a, uni adj. that may 
, •■• kcptandlaidup 
i.j. ;i. a scasoning. 
i / 3. a condition, a 
intion, a situation, a 
, or coursc, an ordcr, 
•ce, a tcrm, or oflcr, a 
rrccnicnt, a trcaty, a 
lon, a choicc, a lihcr- 
?, u laying, or hoard- 
itation,unlawful love 
c adj. conditional 

founded, built, madc, composed, 
stale, rank. 

Conditus, a,um./>/& at{j. \or,comp. 
scasoncd, corncd, picklcd, pre- 
scrvcd, made savory, wcll-rclish-l 
ed, tcmpcred, niixcd, emhalmcd 

Conditus, us m. 4 a scasoning, a 

tageous, cxpcdicnt, or availablc, 
Comluco.cert-, uxi, uctum, a- 3. to 
conduct, to lead, ov bring along 
u ith. to assi:inblc, to hirc, to un- 
dcrtakc, to do, to contract, to 
engage. (hircd. 

Condficor, ci. pttss to be led, or 

:pty>rlaidup (vault. 
i. n. 2. a graye, a 
, um- at(j- tliat is, or 
rvcd,& kcpt for use. 

preserving,apickling,aii crcction Condiictio.onis./3 a hiring,a rcnt- 
Cendo,d£rc,didi,ditum.a. 3. to Jay ing,or taking by lcasc,a takin^ to 
up, to hoard, tostow, to hide, or do :it a pricc, a collcction, an in- 
conccal, to keep closc, to put up, fercncc, a dcduction, a corollary. 
or into,to closc, to shcathctobu-CondnctVtius, a.inn. adj that is, or 

ry, to found, to makc, to huild, to 
rcbuild, to compose, or writc, to 
institutc, or ordain. to gct, or ob- 

Condor, di. p. to bc hiddcn. (tain 

Conddcefacio [coii; doceo, facio,] 
ccrc,feci,factum. a :i. to teach,to 
instruct, to acquaint, to inform. 


Co«dbceo,erc,ui,ctum a.2 to tcach 

Condoctus, a, um pt. ior, comp. 
taught, or instructed togctlier 

Co7id6lco,erc . n2 tocondolc,orsym- 
pathisc with. to grievc, to ache. 

Cond61csco # ccrc inc neut. 3. to 
grieve to mourn,to smart (given 

may he hircd ov takcn to hire. 

r !ondiictor,5ris.m. 3- hcthattakes* 
or hircs» a tcnant an undertakcr. 

Condnctum, i. ;i 2 a thing 1 hircd. 

Conductus.a, um pt hired, taken 
to hirc, takcn up at usc, brought 
togethcr. Opera: conductx,hircd 
servants. Cic Tcstes conciucti, 
kniphts of the post, Ov. 

Conuuphcttns, tis. pt. doubling' 

Condiiplic^itio, onis. /. 3. a doub- 
ling, a duplicate, a repctition. 

Conduplfcatus, doublcd. 

Co?iduphco, are. a 1 to double,to 
pay double, to rctuni double. 
("onddnandus, a, um. pt to be for- Conduphcor, aii. p. to be douhlcd. 

Condonatio,5nis / a giving away 

um adj seasoncd, Conddnfitus,a,um. pt givcn,gTant- Condus,i m ahutlcr asteward. 

ed, forgivcn, pardoned. 
Condono,are a 1- lo give willingly 

don,or forgivc,to omit, or pass by. 

Co«duro,are a.lto harden grc.itly 

CondylOma, atis v a swclling, a 
scab. (aring, or thimblc. 

&frcely,to bestow,togrant,to par-Condylus,i m. 2. a kuuckle, ajoint 

Coni abricor£Uw sa\si^ V. \a \sk^. 




^ • 

©r make, to devise» ©r contrive. j to ihe point, C/c. manum,fcrvum, 
Conf abulatirt.6nis./. 3. confabula- to fijjht, Id. capita. to consult, Jd. 

tion,discoiirsc,atalkinjrto£cthcr.j sjgna, to cngagc in battle,/«/rra- 
Confabfilo, onis. ro. 3. apratcr. | tioncs,tocastaccoi:nls or reckon 
Co/jfahulor,atus mm.dep- l.totell. witli onc, Cic. castra castris, to 

tales,to talk,0»*liscourse tojrctheri pitch their camps over against 

thcr, ov conclude. 
Confictio, onis./l 3. a forjcii 
Confictus, a, countcrl 
Conf ldens, tis. pt. fc. udj. ior, 
issimns, mp. tmsting, h< 
confidcnt, bold,dariii£, rasl 
sumptuous, foolhardy , impi 

Confarreatio, 5nis./ «5. thc solcm-! onc another, Id. (carried. 

nizing 1 of a marriajre, by mcans ofjConf cror, erri,collatu8. pata. to bc shamclcss, grave, stc.idy. fi 

cating a bridc-cake togcther. |Confcrtim, adj. ina heap, closcly. Conf idcntcr, adv. ius, con 
Confarrcatunis, a, um. pt. aboutjConfertu.s, a« um. f>t. ior, comp. is- sime, sup- coiifideiitlv, h 

to marry with a bride-cake. snnus, sup. full, fillcd, crammcd, with assurancc, nudaciousl 

Confarreatus, a, um. pt. marriod crowded thick & close togcther. pudently, shumefully. 

with a bribe cake eatcn togethcr, 

lawfully couplcd togethcr. 
C*onfarrco,avi, atum. n. 1. to marry 

with a bridc-cake catcn tog-cther. 

Confcrtum agmen, a closc bodyoi 


tcs incurrit, hc rushed into the 

verv thickestof theencmv» Safl 

Conffitalis, c. adj.of the samc fatc CV>nfervcfacio,eTC.fl.3-to make hot ConfidentTlOquus, i. ra. 

Confcctio.dnis / 3. a making u]),ajf>i//fcrvco, cro w.2. tobc very hot, 
writinjr,a dispatehing,a chc wing*. u> hoil up,to knit. to^ join 

Confcctor,6ris. wi. 3. dispaU*lu:r,an 
ondef, »r finishcr, a consumcr, 
wastcr, ur dcslrover, onc who 

C^ifc^vcsco, cerc. ino 3. to grrow 
scaldinpr. or boiling hot, to sceth 
Confessio, onis./. 3. confcssion. 

Confidentia,2e/'.l .conndcnce 
ness, couragc, assurancc, 
sumptiou, fool-hardincHS, I 
ness. (spc 

fought with wild bcasts in thcConfcssus, a. uui. pt. confcssing', 

amphitheatrc (doinjr of a thing*. owning, confcssed, profcsscd. 
Confectura, *./ 1- thc makinjroj*; pbTni,, not to be dcnied, 
Confectus,a,um./-/.finished.c ndcd,| noiorious Exconfcsso, Qiurvt . in 

dispatchcd, pcrformed, obiaimd,' 'i»nft:j^iO,/Vm.confcssedly. (with. 

won, worn out, wastc.d, spoik<V*^>nfcstim,f7r/r.immediately,tbrth- 

drstroyc(l,killcd,murclcr( , d.coni-C()nfihula.T/.aclasp,awoodcnpin. 

posed, written,chcwcd, digvsicd.;f ".nnfiriendus,a,uni pt. to be madej 
Conffrbeo,erc,bui.n.2. togrowvc-; cUmu\ dispatched, procurcd, 

ry hot,togTowtojfcthcr,to imitcl killcd, &c 

Conferens, tis. pt. bringinjr, or gct- 
n bring,carry,put,orlay toge- 
thrr,to confer,to conduce,to con- 
tributc,to add,orjoin,to bestow,or 
lay out,tocmploy,toapply ,to com- 

of, to dispatch, to pcrform, to cf. 
fect, or accomplish, to get,or ob- 
tain, to procurcto raise, to spend 
or wastc,to consume,to wcar out, 
o;-away,to conqucr,to kill,or slay, 
to wearj", to ch(?w, to concoct, ov 

parcito compose, or digest,to dis- dijrest, to pass over, to provc, or 
coursc or talk togcthcr, to lay, ©r makc cvident, to b>rgain. 

Jo betakc,todefer,orput of^jConficior, ci. p. to bc dispatchcd 

(Vmftdo, dcrc. Idi, & isus si 
3. to confidc, rclv, or dcpen 
on, to put confiduucc in, 
coniidcnt, or well assuit 
trust, to cxpect, or hope. 
Configo, frcre, ixi, ixuro. a. 
stick, or thrust into, to n 
fastcn tojrcther, to pierc 
shoot, to kili, to fix earnei 
Confi^uratusa, fashi 
Conf igiror,ari pam.Xo bc lik 
IConfindo, crc, f tdi, fissum.i 

Confindor, i- issus- ptus. 

i^jConfme, is. n. 3. a place iq| 

Confingo,gferc, nxi, ictum. i 

form, or make, to shape, m 

on, to fcijrn, forg^e, or inve 

Confin^or, gi. ptiss. to bc ft 

Confima, ium.p/.n.3.the co 

Confinis,c. adj. next to^dji 

bordcring, bounding, l)in 

near, joir.ed to, like, of tb 

Confinis, is. m. a borderer 

Confinitas, utis. /. 3. neig 

hood, ncaniess. 

Contlnium, i. n. 2. a confia 

t. 6'ojj/crrcped«m,tocomc|Conflcxtur, impcn. we may ga- marcheSjfrontier.limit, tr 






?ss of plare. Ilkeness a ly, or the truth, of mysclf, Cic. 
bour. Confinia lucis ct noc- Confixtis, n, pricked, 

ilijfht, Or. 
. cri. //. p. 3. to be brought 
S madr T or donc. [firmcd. 
naiid'is,a,um./>7. tobccon- 
nans. tis. pt. conhrnmig. 

nr shot through, pierccd, stuck. 

killed, cast, condemncd. 
Co/iflaccesco,is n. 3. to hc allaycd, 

or wcakcncd, to grow cahn. 
Conflagratus, a., bunitup 

makc himhated, Cic ncgotium, 
to causc- him trouhle, /#/. 
Conflnr, ari- pun*. to bc forjred. 
C'///fluctuor,:r_ri.c7<_>.l to fluctiiatc, 
to hc unre rtain, to wavc to and 
fm. (flocking in. 

■>mfluens,tis./>* flowing togethcr, 
natio. onis/3.confirmationJr«»iflaffro,arc.r/.l.toburn,orsct on Conflucns.tis ;-f.3.aconflux,a place, 
mce. cnroiirapcnient, con-Conflans, tis. pf blowing. [firc. where two rivcrs nm tofrether. 

Conflatilis, c. adj. cast, ormolten. 
Conflatio,dnis/ thc melting of mc- 
Jiitflnis.a, um, /i/. aboul toConflator,orism.3. afoundcr. [tal 
m,ahout to encouragc. Coiiflatura,xf.l.amelting,acastinfr 
irtitii*. a, & ndj. ior,Conflatus,tt,um^f.blowntofrclhcr 
confirmcd, madc stronij. mcltod down, cast, forged, con- 
cd, constanl, rosolute, firiu, trived, made up, composcd, levi- 
n. cd, raiscd, kindlcd, occasioncd. 

nita*, atis. / 3. stunlincss. 
ltion, stoutncss, tirnm^ss 
no, arc. #/. 1. to confirni, to 
li*h, to slreiigtbrn, or for 
o cncouragc, to hcartcn, to 
t jrct strcngth, to makc 
, to asctrtain, to avow, tc» 
i, ■• sav boldlv. 
ftor, ari. p. to he confirmcd, 
^thcncd, closcd, £cc 
:5tio,onis./.>.a confiscation. 
:itus, a, confiscatcd, 

Conflc.xus, a, flm- pt. bent, bowed 

Conflictatus, v^xww. pt stnigfrling; 
gTapplinff with, contending" 

Conflictio. onis. f. 3. a crashiiur, 
rlashin{r,9nUshinfn)f one afrainst 
anothcr, a conflict, a comhat. 

Conflicto, arc. n. 1. to 9trufrjrlc, to 
strivc, to encountcr, to troublc, 
1o disturb, to vex, to afflict. 

Conflictor, atus sum- </■ 1 to stnig- 
jrlc, to cncountcr, to havc to do 
with, to bc frcttcd, or troublctl- 

red to thc exchequcr, sciz-JConflictus, us m. 4- thc dashing; oi 

strikinfr of onc thinfr against anc- 
thcr,a justliugtO[rcthcr,aconU st . 

Confligo, gere, ixi. ictum, a. :l. to 
contcndtto strivc,to cncountcr,to 
enfrajrc,totry by law,to dcbatc,to 
dispute, to clash, to contradict 

Confligor, i. p. Undc Confligitur, 
thcy fitfht, or strivc, Claud. 

Can no,arc,u.l. to b!ow,nr blow to- 
|rcthcr,to me1t,to forgc, tofnund, 
or jjet, or procure,lo raisc, 
to causc, or work,to makc,to con- 

, laid u p in thc trcasury. 

:o [con fir cum,<mf/fiscus], 

. 1 to coufiscate, to seizc as 

ted to Uic treasury, or kinjr 

:or,ari. /#. to bc confiscated. 

eizedfor thc princc*susc,to 

X up in thc public trcasury. 

lOt&msJ o. an aflianccoi-as- 

ce. [iiig-,ordcpcndingup()n 

it, a, um. pt. trustintf, rcly 

cnduvMiin./rr tobe confcs 

cns, tis pt. confcssiiip. [scd. 

jot, [con, fateor], cri, fcssus 

12. to confcsR, to own, to ac- 

ledgc f toprofess,todeclare. , — . , _. 

mc«onfitttr,to8peakfrcc-| diam, to drnw cnvy pponkim^lo.Corfottu»» ^ mtcv^ ^t. vost^ cwr^ 

Coiiflucutia, x. /.* 1. a conflucncc 
Co/ifluo, ucrc, uxi, iixum. w. 3. to 
flock, or flow togrthor, to run, to 
rcsort, to come, to apply. 
Confluus. a, um. attj. confltient. 
Co/ifodio.dcrc, 6di, ossum. «. 3. to difc up, to gore, to stab, to 
cut. (stahlu-d. picrcod, cut, &c. 
■"'onfbdior, i. p. to bc he 
Confccdcro^arc u.l. to confcdcrate 
Cowfoiv, to bc, to bc bronght 
about. ( c d. 

^^/.to bc form- 
f*onform:1tio,6nis./ o- the framiug, 
fushioning onlcring", or disposing- 
of a thinfr, an embcllishmcnt, or 
"onforniritus.a,um.///. fonncd (on 
r', c. «///. of likc form, or 
sliapc, comfonnablc, ajrrccablc, 
suitablc, coiivcnicnt,fashioiiablc. 
Conforimtas atis./ X conformity. 
''onfonniu-r, aitv. agTccably. 
Contbnmi, are- act to conform, to 
adopt, to form, sliape, orfaslii. 
on, to makc likc. Conforsnarc 
sc ad voluntatcm alicujus, to 
comply wilh him, Cic. 
Uonfoniior, ari. pa*s. to bc formed. 
CWbnuco, arc a. 1. to make likc 
an arch, to arch, to vanlt. 
Confomicor. ari. p. to bc arched 
ConforLo, arc. a 1. to strcm?thcii 

trivconlcvisc, tomakc up.orcom- Confossio, 5nis./ a stabbing. 
posc. i*Esalicnumconflare,to run Confossor, 5ris m. 3. he tliat stab- 
ln dcbt, Sa f l Conflajc alicui invi-l betli, or digs. 





dijrged, stahhed, thrustthrough, t r.onfiVsim, rw/7'. confuscdh 

picreed, wounded, disnial 
Cojff*vco,Erc.a 2. tochcrish (e<l 
Confractus,>*. broken, bruis- 
Confractus,us.m .4. roujrhncss. (ly. 
Confrajrose, a dv. roujrhly,ni|r{rcd- 
CoQfi-ag6sus,a,<//. rough, rujr- 

jred, cragjry, uneven. uiicasy and 

troublesome to jro in, hard to un- 

derstand, rudc m langtiatre, tin- 

Confragus, a, um. adj. rough, rug- 
Confremebuudus, a, um. adj. mak- 

Gonfreinitus,iis. m. 4. a grcatroar- 
C»iifrcmo,mere,mui. n. 3. to make 

a great noisc, to roar, to murmur, 

to mutter, to ring to resound 
Confricatus, a, uni. /i/. nibbcd. 
Coufrico, care, cui. a. 1. to rub, to 

rub hard, or down, to scratcluto 

Confricor, ari. to bc rubbed. 
Co/ifrigco, ere- n 2. to grow cold. 
Confriiigo [con,frango], gere, rcjri 

ractum. a 3 to break, or dash in split, to brcak 

opcn. Confringere rcm, to wastc 

and spe.nd it,/'/<JM/. break 

or violate the laws, Vic. 
Confrinjror, gi. pass. to hc brokcn. 
Confiijricns, tis ph fleeing. 
Co/ifugio-gercilgi. gitutn. n.X to:Congeminatus, a, uni pt. doub ed 

: Jonfusio,onis/3.a mi\in;r, o/jum-l tcr (togethcr.gTOwing i 
bling together. confusion, dis- Congerminatus, a,um. p, 
ordcr,uncasincss,troubIe,shamc Conjrcro. rere, essi, essu 
shamcfaccdncss, a blushing. hcap, pile, or lay up, to : 

Confiisurus,u,uin. pt. about to con- gct together, to hoard, • 
found, or disordcr, to confound. or cast, to build, or mal 

Confiisus, a, um. pt. & adj. cx part. Congeror, i. $. to bc heap 
ior, comp issimus. sup. confus- Congen'o,6nis. m. a merr 
ed, jumblcd togcthcr, mixed, or tongestlm, adv. in hea 
mingled, having mixed, con- fuscdly. 
fnundcd, frightcd, terrified, dis- Conjrestio, ftnis./a heap 
turbcd, discordcd.troubled, con- r.ongestitius, a, um. aaj. < 
cerned. immcthodical, obscurc. heaps, heapcd up, raise 

Confiitatio, finis./3 a confutation, 'ongestfirus, a, um. pt. 
a dispix» ing, an answcr (cused. heap up. 

Confiitatus,a, um. pt. confutcd, ac- Coiijrcstus,a,um./*f> hcap< 

Co;/futo,are a. confute,to dis- or laid up, amasicd, h< 
provc,toconvict,to rcprove,to al- brought together, built. 
lay, to reprcss, to cool, to dazzlc 

Conf r itor,ari./ww». to be reprovcd 

Congelubilis, c <idj. congcalable 

Congclatio,onis/. 'i. a congealing 

'JongeTitus, a, um. pt. congealcd 

Jonirclidus, a, um. adj. chill, cool- 

.?«»ig .*lo, Sre. act. 1. to congcal 
to freezc, to starvc. Congelare 
otio, to grow stift" with havi ng 
uothing to do, Cic. 

Congclor, ari. pass. to bc frozcn. 

Congjminans, tis pt doubling. 


hoaril. S.-evacongcrics. 

flee, orgo for shelter, to liave rc- 
cour»c, to bctake, to rctirc. 

Co;jfrennno, are. act. 1 to redou 
ble, or multiply, to doublc, to 

Confugiumj./i 2.a placcof succour makc two of one. 
an:l r fiire, a retrcat. aharbour. CoMjremo-mciv.inui n.3. to jrroan, 

or sijrh round, to groan; a. to be 

Co/ifulg^eo, Sre, si. n. 2. to shinc- 

Confaiidcus, tis. pt. minjjlinjr. 

Co 'itundo,derc,fudi,fiisum, u. 
confoan 1 to mix,minglf,or jum- 
blc togcthcr, to blend, to 
disturb,to trouble,todiscompose, 
to disordcr, to abash, to dismay. 

Confundor.di.frit* vid. Confundo 
Confusv,atfv.iQ3#9mp. ctfnfasedly. 

wail,to lamcnt. [kiudred, or sort 

Conjrcner,eneris adj. of one stock, 


Co«jrynero,urc. a. 1. to join in alli- 
Congenitus, t, um, adj born with. 
Conjrer, & Congrus, i m. 2 a fish. 
Congtries, Si./ 5. a hpap, a pilc, a 

ongestus,us.nj 4 a heap 


Congialis, e. adj holding 

Fidelia ronjrialis, a jug; 

cr. contaiuiug a gallon, 

Conjriririum,i.7* 2. a vesse 

a gallon, a larjress, a dp 

in corn, or money, a 

prescnt to a private ma 

Congiarius, a, um. adj \\ 

Congrius, i m. 2. agallon 

Conglaciatus, a, um. pt- i 

Co/iglaciOi arc. /i. 1 to fi 

turn to ice, to grow stiff 

^o/iglisco, cre. n 3 to st 

' 'onjrl61)atim,««/T'.in a rou 

Cong"lobatio, onis./. X s 

ing round, or like a balJ 

Conjrlobatus, a. nn. pt. 

rouud togethcr, accum 1 

Co wjrl6i)o,art:.«. 1 to jrat 

ball, or lump. Conglob 

unum, to rally and jratli 

sclvcs into companics, 

dy, Liv. (roundone* 

Conjrlobor, ai-i, p. to be 

Cong^omeratus, a, vmpt 





nd together. i togcthcr, asscmblcd, condenscd, wind upon. tliickt ned. 

m, to heap up, to hcap. Congrego[con/or cum, andgrtx], 

leror, m.p. to be wound, gare, gavi, gatum.a. 1. to gathcr< 

bottom. (thcr, closing. or asscmblc togethcr, to collcct 

[nans, tii. pt. gluing toge- Congrcgor, ari./ bc a9sembled, 

Lnatio,dnis/ 5.a gluing,a or gathcred togethcr. 

, or.closing togcthcr. Congressio, 5nis'/ 3. a coming to- 

(natus, a, um. pt. glucd to- getlier,a mecting with, an assem- 

, cemcntcd, unitcd, made bly, an encounter, a conflict. 

med, «r composcd. Congrcssus, a, mccting, as- 

inc^are.a.l. to glue, or ce- 

} confirm a scandalous in- 

by a lawfhl marriage, Ter 

:o,are .». &, f,'ongra:cor, utus 

1. to fcast, to makc good 

Coiijector, 6ris.wi.Van interpreter 
of drcams, a divincr, a guesser. 

Conjectrix, icis./ she who inter. 
prcts drcams. 1. a conjecture,or 
gucss, an imagination, orconccit, 
an interpretation, or divination. 

Conjecturalis, e. adj. conjcctural. 

Conjcctfirus,a,um./rt about tocast. 

Conjcctus, a, um. pt. cast, hurlcd, 
flung, thrown, conjectuntd, 

sembling,encountcring,cngaging gucsscd, divined, imagined. 

ojoin,to close up. Mcre- CongrcssuB, fis. m. 4. an engagc- 
•mores nuptiis congluti-j ment, or battlc, an encounter, a 

mceting, or coming togethcr, an 
intcrvicw, a conference, or con 
versation, a conjunction, a copu 
lation. (stock. 

to livc mcrrily, to futidlc. Congrex, cgis. c. g: of the samc 
lor ari d.\ to rob, or stcal. Congrucns, tis. pt. & tulj. issimus. 
6lans,tis^f.congratu]atingf> ntp. agrecing, answcring, suita- 
Matio, oiiih. / 3. congra- blc, meet, tit, roiivcnient. (ably. 
i,«r a wishing of joy, aCongrucnter, «r/r.apth, fitly, suit 
ig witli any one for hisCongrucntia,a:./?l. agrceabicness 
Mtune. suitablencss, Jitncss. likcncss. 

nlator, oris. m. 3. hc that Congruftas atis/.3. agrceablcncss. 
th at one's prosperity. Cofigruo,ucrc,ui. ncut. 3. to agrce, 
llor, atussum.r/.l. to con- to accord, to suit, to answcr, to 
>e, or wisfi onc joy. fall out, to comc togcther 

iens.tis./j/.going togcther. Congruus. a, uin. adj- agrccablc, 
^encountcringten^aging. suitable, propcr, fit, apt, convc 
ior [eon,gradior] di, csstis nient- 

to go togcther, to mcct,Conjectanea,orum./>/.7ia common- 
iblc, to encounter, to en- placc-book,aincmorandtim-book. 
>join battle, to dispute, Conjectans,tis.p/gucssing at. (ing. 
erfce, or talk, toaccost »r ConjcctStio, ouis/ '6. aconjectur- 

Conjcctutdric. adv. by conjccturc 
abilis. adj. easily asscm Conjcctio,5nis/-».a casting,throw 
brought togetlicr, socia. ing. or hurling, a dischargc, a di- 

(gcthcr. collectingto- 

drcams, a conjccture, or guess 

itio, 6nis./3.a congrcga-Conjecto [con,jacto], are. a. 1- to Cdnissans. tis pt. butting. 

i asscmbfy, society, or throw, or cust, to conjccture, oj- ( ?ouisso,are ti. butt,to frisk, a- 

y, an asMsmbling, *r ga- guess, to dhinc, or imaginc, to 
togctiier. think* 

Conjcctus, r.s m- 4. a casting, hurl- 
ing,or throwing, a cast, or throw, 
a (lischargc, a cast, or glance. 

C5nlfcr, vef CSnifcrus, a, um. aaj. 
tapcring,spiring. Conifcra arbor, 
a tree that bears taper fruit like 
thc pinc-apple, Virg. 

C5nfgcr, cra, crum. adj. idcm. 

Conjicicndtts, a, ura. pt. to be cast. 

Conjicio [con,jacio] cerc jeci, jec- 
tum,a.3. to cast togethcr, to cast, 
to tlirow,to hurl,to drive, 
to put, to comprise, to digcst, to 
state,to lay conjecturcto 
guess,to divmcto imagine,to in- 
terprct, to fix,or limit. Conjiccre 
sc in pcdcs^ fugam- Cic. to 
bctakc himsclf to his hecls and 
run away; intro, to run in doors, 
'/Vr.oratioiicm in aliqucm,to talk 
of him. Conjiccrc pallium in col- 
lum, to put on bis cloak, Plaut. 
aliquem in lztitiam, to make one 
glad, Ter. in fugam, to put him 
to flight, C*s. sc in versum, to bc 
intent upon, Cic. (&c. 

Conjlcior, i- p. to be cast, thrown, 

vinalion by, or interprctation of Conisco, are. neut. 1. to butt as a 

ram, to throw the dust about. 

bout & raise thc dust, to prcparc 
for fight in wantonncss and play • 

itun, a, um. pt. gatheredtCoiijector, ari/x/^.tobc gucwd- Cbnisterium^ \. iv. 1> ^\>W-t W > 





Consectio, dnis. / 3. a cutling, a 

hcwing, a felling of trocs. 

Cowsector,ari.f/.lto follow up und 

down,to lollow,to run, or hunt af- 

tcr,'to chasc, to pursuc, to perse 

cutCfto haunt,to court, to hanker. 

or lust ailer, to overtakc, to sct 

forth, or v enunicrate, to imitate 

Consecutio,5nis/3.a scqucl,a con- 

sequence, an attainment. Conse- 

cutio verborum, grammatical 

syntax* (obtain, about to cftect. 

ConsecQturus, a, um- pt- about to 

ConsecQtu8,a,uni/>r followin^rsuc- 

ceeding,having gottcn, acquired 

Consemtnulis,e. adj. sown. (secds. 

Conscmincus,a,um,<i<{f. sown with 

Consenescens, tis. pt. growingold- 

Conscnesco, cere, senui incept- 3 

to grow old, or out of datc, to dc- 

cay, to fade, to abate, to cool. 

Conseiisio,6nis/,>.conseiit, agrcc- 

ment, one mind, or purpose 

plot,a conspiracy, a confedcracy. 

Consensus, a, um. pt. granted. 

Consensus,u8 m.4 consent, accord, 

or agrccment, a granting,or own- 

Consentanee, adv. agreeably (ing 

Consentaneus»a,uin. adj. consenta- 

neous, agreeable, consonant, an 

swerable, convcnicnt, rcasona- 

ble, probablc. 

Conscntia, sacra, sacrificcs to the 

gtxls calledConsentes (agrecing 

Consentiens, tis pi. conscnting 

CoMsentio, ire, nsi, nsum. /i. 4. to 

conscnt, to agTcc, to bc muini- 

mous, to unitc, to plot togethcr 

Consentitur, impers. it is agreed 

Consensum est, allmcn agree up- 

on it, Quint. (hedge in,to inclosc. 

Conscpio, Ire, psi, ptum. act. 4. to 

Conscptum,i./i.2.aii inclosurc.(cd. 

Conseptus^um.p/ hedgcd, inclos- 

ConsequcnMi» « 3. tubtt. a conse- 

guencetj>t JoMovring, next,mect. 

Coniequcnter, arfr. consequently. Conscrvor, be pri 
Consequentia,x/.l.aconsequencc!Conscrvus,i.fn.2. a fellow-t 
C'o?isgquor,qui, quutus/ 3. to fol- Consessio, 6nis./3.a shtii; 
low with, or closc, to follow, to ther. (tcth with, erby 
reach,orovertake,toget,orobtain, Conscssor, 6ris. m. 3. hc 
to purchasc,orprocure, to eftect, Conses&us, assem 
to reckon up, or comprise, to 
imitate. (to obtain, or compass. 

ting together,a meeting, 

|Considcns,tis pt. sitting, p 

Consequutflrus, a, um- pt about Constdeo, [con, sedco], ei 

sessum,fi.2. to sit with, or 
sit down,to pitch, or lighl 
tlc,or be settled, to sink c 
beabated,tostop,to take v 
ters, to encamp. (con 

Conacquutus, a,um- pt. foflowing, 

Conscrenat, is fair wcather. 

Coiiserendu&Aum. ptto be sown 

Co//sero,reTc,sevi&s£rui, situm, & to sow,set,orplant, to OonsidSrandus, a, um. pi 
close, or join, to put, or lay toge- ConsTderans, tis. pt. cons 
thcr, to ordain, or makc ConsTdcrantia,x-/2 consid 

Conscror ri. pas*. to be sown,set, ConsIdErate,aoY. ius» comp 
or i>lantcd, to be joincd. up. with considcration, 

Conscrratus, a, um, adj. indented, cautiously- 

Conserte, adv. fast,clo8c.(toothed. 

Conscrtor, 5ris. m. 3. a fastencr. 

Conscrtus,a, um- pt. joined. inter- 
woven, tacklcd, or braced toge 
ther, grapplcd, inhabitcd, plant 
ted,throngcd.Ex jurc manua con 
scrtum rccover by law- 

Conscrva,x./ 1. she that scrveth 
the same mistress. 

Consenandus, a, um. pt. to prc- 
scrvc, or be prcserved. 

Conservans,tis /;*.presemng.(tion 

Conservatio, 6nis./3. a preserva 

Conservator, oris.m 3.a preserver, 
a kccper,a ])rotector,a defcnder. 

Conscrvatrix,Icis. /3.she that pre- 
serveth. (preserve, or observe. 

Conservaturus, a, um. pt. about to 
Conscnatus, a, um. pu prcserv 
cd, saved, (in scrvicc 

Conscnitium, i. n. 2. fcllowship 

Conscrvltus, uutis / 3. idem. 

Conservo, are. act. 1. to prcsen-c, 
to save. to keep warily, 
or cntirc, to maintain, to defend, 
to obsenc, rnind, or rcganl 

Considtratio, anis. / 3. c 

ration,regurd, good hee4 

Considerator,6ns.m. 3. a a 

er. (to consider, or &d» 

Consider&tflms» a, um- pt. 

Conslderatus, a, um. pt. km 

issunus, svp. conaidered, i 

regurdcd, weighed,wcllt 

of;a^'.considerate, wary,< 

spcct advised, discrcet H 

Con8id^ro,are.€i. 1. to coat 

tliink of, to revolve,to re 

view earnestly, to take e 

Consideror,ari . /».tobe com 

Considitur, impcrt. they «1 

CofisTdo. dere, s€di, sesstti 

3. to sit down, to pitch,f 

to settle, to sink down,t€ 

o.r cease, to be allaycd>ri 

ed, to dwell,totake up cn 

to cncamp. \ 

Consigillo, are. act. !• tot 

Consingnandu»,a,um. pt. I 


Consignanter, adv. rcmarl 

Consignatio, 6nis/ .1. a sa 





nd writinr. 

im. pt scaled, sign 
t down,put in writ- 
pe. a. 1 to signify, 
kens, or words. 
1. ltoseal, tosign, 
rister, or record, to 
uify. Lcgem con- 
d a condition to a 
•riten, UUt. 
pan. to be signed. 
i.2. to keep silence. 

iConsisto, terc, stiti, stituni. «. 3. (<j|rfinso!idor, ari. / be consol- 

n be silent, er setter. 

r, counsel» advising 

/tf. giving, or ask- 

., um. ao>. fciving 

consist, to ajrrcc, to staud toge 
thcr, t.o stand faat, or good, to 
stand, to stop, or halt, to abidc, 
•r stay,to bc at astay, to bc stop- 
ped, or staycd, to be ahated, o» 
at casc,to sct.tle, or be scttled, to 
be rr.covercd, tocontcnd,er con 
tcst,to appcar,toride,tO bc frozen 
ConsistSrium, i. n. 2 a consistory, 
a council house-, a council. 

Co u>'~>\ot, atussum comfort, 

to ciicounurc; p. to be comfortcd. 
CottHOtnmo, are. act. 1. todream. 
Consbnans, & adj. ior, comp. 

sounding together, consonant, 

Consonans, tis./ 3 a consonant. 
Consriiiantia,*/ 1 harmony (ably. 
Cora6naiitissim£, arfo most agrcc- 

Consilio* dnis- /. 3 a plauting. jConsone, adv. withone voice. 
'lonsttor, 6ris. m. 3. a pkinici*, aTowsbno, nare, nmneut. l.tomake 

(tation- a grrat noise, to ringagain, torc- 

m. 2. a 

i. m.;3. a ccunsellor, 
ic of the council. 

Consitura, ae./.a planting, a plan- sound, to ccho, to agrce, or be 

'.'onsitus, a, um. pt. set, plantcd, suitable. 

sown- Consitus scncctute, over-.Consonus.a, um. adj. nflike sound, 
grown with agc, Plnut. C:eca : ov tunc, convenicnt, agrceable. 
mentis caliginc consitus. darL inj ( Tmsftpio, ire, ivi, itum. act. 4. to 
his understanding, Catull. I lull aslecp. (aslecp. 

Consobrina, ac. / 1. a cotisin, aConsdpior, Iri. paa* to bc laid 
mother , s sistcr's daughter. Consopitus, a, u:n. /»/. laid asleep. 

a, um. pt. about to 

»rconsult.(terwort.!Consobriiius, i. m.2.9. cousin,a mo-Consors, tis. c 

l *3. bears-foot,orsct 
salio], ire, lui, & 

. 4. to leap upon, 

o assault. 
sum d. 1. togive 

vice, to advise.(scl. 

m. adj. full of coun- 

2 counsel, advice, 


a consort, a 

rcason,wisdom, un- nius, *«/>. associatedjoined iu fcl- 

liscrctioii,* design, 
ojcct,a coiiirivance, 
mcaiis» a resolution 

rivy-conncil, an 
lnseilors, a session 
idj. very like. 
dv. very likc(bled. 
a, um. pt. rcsem 

i um. pt. to stop 
4 Jtaying, long Ust- 
uObearetb agc weU 

ther*S8istcr'sHon,amothcr's bro-; partncr, a sharcr, a partaker. 

ther*sson, a father's sistcr*s son.| Consor* gcnens, a kinsman, th\ 
Consdccr, eri. m. 2. thosc whoscj thalumi, a bcdfellow, ///. imperii, 

soire and daughtcrs havc marri-! a rcyal consort, Claud. concilii 

ed togethcr. pubiici, a co(nmon-council-man 9 flf.tounite(ctv parliamcntman. &c. Plin. 
ConsAciatio,oius/. tellowship.soci.jCtiiiiKjnt, tis. a((J partaking", shar- 
Conadciatus. a, um pt. & adj. issi- ing, like, fricndly. 

lowship* unitcd. 

Consortio, onis./. 3. partncrship, 
frllow.diip, socicty, intcrcoiirse. 

Consdcio, arc. a. 1. toassociate, trtConsortium,i.n.2 fi-liowship, part- 
jointx>gctlicr,tomakcpartakcroi' ncrship, intercourse, correspon- 

re,cabsKtheRomanCons6lablus,e.arf7. that may bc ap-| dcncc, sympathy, nmtual -tr»ec 

peascd.which comforteth.(fortcd; tion. 
Consdlandus. a, um. pt. to bc com-Conspcctus, a, um. pt. & adj. ior. 

ConsOlans, tis. pt. comforting. 

Consolatio, dnis. /. o. consolation, 
sapio], pere.n^. to Consolator, dris. m. 3. a comfortcr. 
s well in his wits. 

comp bchi'ld,secn, lookcd, or guz« 
ed at, visiblc. Ed conspectius, the 
more rcmarkablc,/.h>. (prcscnco. 
Conspcctus. fis.m.4.a sight,or view. 

Consoiatdrius,a,um.o4/. consolato-jConspcrgo [con.spargo], pcrc, rsi, 
Cons6latus,a,um./>/ comforted.(ryJ rsum. act. •>. to bcspnnkle, to 
ConsolTdatus,a,umprjoincdinoneJ strew, to sprinkle. to dusli. 
Cons6Udo,arc a. 1. to consoliduteXonspergor, i. p. to be *\»rvi^^ 





law,advice,a wiscaction ^consult. Consurgcns, tis. pt. rising- with,ri 
Consulturus, a, um. pt about to ing" (at once, they riae up 

Consultus a,um./rf>consu]tcd with,Con:»urgitur, imp. they risc up ai! 
debated, considcred, weighed; CVisiir^o.^crc, lcxi, rectum. uct 
adj. issiiuus. sitp Hkiiful, bk«!lcd, S* u- o. to nsc up 9 to rise against 
wcll versed, wise, prudcnt. Con- to rise, to ftrow, to grow up. 
sultoopus est, you ought to con- Consurreeiio, onis / 3. a rcspect 
aider tnc mattcr wcll, Sult. ; ful rising up, a risinjr. 

Consultus, i. m. 2. a cuuitscllor. 'Consurrccturus, a,uui. pt, aboutto 
Con&iltus, us. m. 4. advice, a lcap-i risc up, or a^uinst. (tojrcther 
ing. (suiiied.JCoiiMisurrOjarcac:/ 1. to wliispci 

Consfimendus,n,um./>/. to be con-Consuium, i. n. 2. ascaui. (ing 
Consumens, tis. pl- consumin^. jConsutiira, x /. a scwiiig,a stitch- 
Consummabilis, c u(fj that L'iay,Consiiti;s,a,uiii./j/.scwed,«r8titch- 
•r is to be perfccted. I cd togethcr,iii\ci]ted, pieccd up. 

Consummatio, onis.m. 3-a pcrfcct-Contabef acio, [con, tabco, tacio] 
injr, an accompiishmcnt, a sunii ccrc. act. '.i. to waste au ay. 
total. (to end, about to finish. Contabcscens^tis jH.wasting [away 
Consummaturus, a, um pt. about C'o7ttabesco,rere,tabui.?i 3. to pinc 
Consiimmatus,a,um./fr complctciI|ContUbiilalio,6nis f.i aplanking,a 
cnded, finished, accomplishcd., hoardin^,Scc atimbcr-frame.(ver. 
siimmcd up; adj issiiuus.*///;.con-ContabuluUis, pt. boarded o- 
aummate, complete, perfect lConlabido, [con, tabula],are 
Consunimo,[con«siimiiia],fu'c. a. l.j fioo;*, to framc, a build- 
to completc, to cnd, to tinish, to ( ing of timber. to makc a bridjre 
pcrfcct,to accomplish,to sum up. l ConUibulor,uri./)«««.to l>c boardcd 
Consummor, uri /Mo be nnishcd.ContacTus.a,um pt> touchcd,dicd 
Co/tsiiino. mcre, mpsi, mptum- «. 8iained,colorcd,Uiiited,iiifcctci! consumc, to spend, to spcnd movcd,inspired.Salc modico con- 
lavisiilyt 10 eat up, to dcvour. ta tactus,corncd, Cel. Cnntactus rc cut lay waste,lo! li^ionc d':es,an unlucky day, Li-v. 
wcar out, to wastc away, to sat-^Conuictus, us. m. 4. touch, an in- 
isfy, bestow, to discard, or throw : fcction, dcfileinent, pollution. 
ofi. jContagt:s,is /3a in- 

ConsUmor,i. bc consumcd,! fcction, a rot, a murrain, any in- 

snent, wastcd, worn away, &c. fcctious disease, ov distemper. 
Consumptio, 6nis / 3. a consump jCmiUigio» flnis./ 3. a conlagion. 
tion, a Bpcudimj, a lajingout, ;t| ;m intec.ticn, u pollution, an cf 

wasting". tcr 

Consumptor, firis. m. 3. a coiisum 
Consumpturus a, um. pt. about tc 

coiisumc, about to dcstroy. 

fect, oraflccrion 
Contiigium, i. 71. 2. a contagion. 
CoiiUiiiiuutiOyOnib /'.3 apollutiou 
(jont^minator, 611 s. //;. J. adcfilci 

Consumptus, a, uin /■/. consumciUContamiualus, a &<*'// con- 

apent,wiatcd,decay c d,ruincd,dc - 

BtiMv wU,buriit,peri*hcd, expircd 

/?/?/jsuovvrc,ui,utum.« sew tip. 

taminatcd, polluted, deHled, dc- 
bauched, distained, spoilcd by 
mixture, cornipt, naughty, hasc. 

ri s n ContamVno,ure. 11 l.toconta 

to pollutc,to defilc, to cor 

spoil by mixing, to disgi 

make uncns\, or uncomfc 

Contununor, nri. p. to be c 

staincd, n»angle<i, patcki 


<:ontutio, onis./. 3. a delaj 

Contatus, a,um pt. dallied, 

witu a pike. or lance. < 

ConUchnatus, a, um. pt. \ 



Contegcns,tis pt covering^ 

Contcgo, gerc, exi, ectum, 

covcr, to liidc, to conceal 

ovcr, to cloak, to dothe, t 

Contcgvr, gi past. to be ci 

Ccmtcmero, are. a 1- to tk 

profanc, to polhtte, to inj 

Contemncndus.a,um. pt to 

spised, conlemptible, desp 

to Contemnens, tis. pt. conte 

Oontemno, nere, psi, ptui 

«>. to contcmn, to despise, 

dervalue, to slight, to dii 

to bid defiance to. 

Coiitcmnor,ni/»4« bc al 

Contcmplaiis,tis. ///.contem 

Contemplaiio,dms / -coui f considcration, ' 

11 survey. a view, a behoL 

CoatempiatiVLS. a, u,u. a* 

tjmplative, sp.culaiive. 

Contemplitor, ons- m. 3. o 

contcmplates, a beholdei 

Contemplatrix, Icis. f 3. 1 

contemplatcs, mcditateii 

liolds. ( 

Contcmplktu, abl. m. by < 

Contemplatus,a,um. p(.\\n 

Contemplo, are. a. 1. & 

Coutemplor, ari, atus snm- 

conteinplate, to considci 

flect, or meditate ou, to 

to look upon, or at, lo vie 





hcld, strctched, draWn,bcnt, gird- Contexte, adv. closely, compactly. 

ed,*crcwcd; adj. contcnt^atisfiedContcxtim, adv. of one piece 

wclj pleascd, speed, swift. Contextio, dnis /3. a comnosition. 

6'outerebro^ire.a.l.toborethroughConteztQra, ae. / 1. a contextur*. 
Contcrendus, a, um, pt. to bruise. Contcxtus,a,um.ftf.w,'ven,wr<>qght, 

or be bruiscd togcthcr. together, interiaced, made up. 

Contcrimnatio, dnis / & a bordcr- Contextus, us. m 4. a weaving, 

jnjr on. an adjoinini?, 
Contcrmihatus, a, border- 

c*d on, iVing 1 neur to. 
Contcrmmium, i.n 2. aborder.(on 
Co«U, are.u.l. to border up- 
( ':oiiten>iim.s,a, um. adj- bounding', 

borderinjr, adjoining", nigh 
Coiitcrmmus, i. m. 2. a bordcrer. 

, scornfuUy, lightly. 

x» onis./ contempt. 

r, dris. m. 3. a contem- 


r, ari d. 1. to slight. 

ix, icis / 3 she tliat 

res notfor, ©»• fears not 

rus, a, um. /M. about 

n, disdaiii, 8cc. 

«, a, um pt & a<//. ior. 

fius,#f/». contemt-d, de- 

idaincd, slightcd, con 

, abject, incan. 

s, iis. m. 4. contcmpt, 

lain, derision, dcspite. 


notiffht, Jmv. Contem- 

toslight, Suet. (firmi ng 

i, tis pt. coutendiiifr, af- 

cre,di, nstun & ntum. u. 

«Hitend, to tight, to en 

arrel, to dispute.or de 

\ positive, to affirm, toj 

strain, torack.toexert Conterrancus, a, um. adj. of thc'Continctus,a,um />f • died, colorcd. 

or twisting together, a compo- 
sition, a tcxt, or context. 

ContTceo [con, taceo], «re, cui. tu 
2. to nold onc's peace, to be- 
comc speechlcss 

Conticcsco;ccre.»ic 3. to behush, 
or stili, to be silcnt, to desist, or 
ccase. (still time of the night 

Conteriiutus, a, um. adj. partcdjContiniiiiim, i. n. 2. the dcad and 

into conipanics by three* 
Co7?tero,rere,trivi,tritum. a. .'*. to 
break, or bruisc sinall, to pound, 

Coiitigii&tio, dnis /. 3. the rafter- 
ing", or boarding» of a house, a 
floor, a story of a house. 

-endcavour,to labor, to 
, to urg-e, to request, oi 
narch, to g"o, to hasten, 
dircct, to compare. 
di- p. to be Bought for 
t, ftvit. impers. it gTOwa 

to cnish, to wastc, or consume, u hContignatus, a, um. pt. railered, 
spcnd,or pass,to wear out,to tire, " " ' "' * ' 
or tease, to sli^Iit, to despise. 

floorcd. built into stories. 
Co7iti^no,ire.a. 1. to floor a house. 

Conteror, i. pas$. to be worn out*Contigiius, a, contiguoui, 
tired, wcaried, &c. | adjoining', very near. 

i, um. adj. very. swift 

same land, or countr) . jContf nendus.a,um./>* to be keptin. 

Cofitcrrco, erc, rui, rltum. a. 2 toConfinens, tis. pt & adj. ior, eomp 

__ . . ^ . •». • » .. . • » •» . »••• .. . 

put in attrigrht, to astonish 
Conterrito, are. a 1. to put in fear. 
Conterritus, a, um. pt> put in fcar, 

aflrightcdt scared, alarmed. 

istflinu9,n./) adjoining, continent, 
chaste, modest, rirtuous, tempe- 
ratc, moderate» uninterrupted, 
continual, continued, close- Con- 
tincntia, um. pl. n. 3. thc hinge.or 
principal point of a matter in con- 

Contcstans,tis./tf.callingto witness. 

Contestatio» onis./ 3. atriai I 
tv. ius, eomp. closcly Contcstato, adv. before witnesses.j trovcrsy, Cic. (thc main huid. 
rncstly, vehemcnUy Contcstatus, a, um pt. witnesscd, Continens, tis. / 3. the continent, 
idrv. eamcstly, hastdy. provcd by witncsscs,well known. Contiincnter, adv. continently, 
nis / -i.a contcntion^i Cowtcstor, ari, atus sum. dep. 1. to chastly, soberly, sparingly, close 

debjtte, a quarrel, 
wsuit, a straininjr, #r 
an eflbrt, eagernesa, 
, a comparison, a con- 
an equality, a su^ta- 


call to witneas, to make protes-i ly, continually, witliout intermia- 
tation. Contestari litem, to put 1 sion, together. 
in the plaintifPs declaration, andjCoutjnentia,ae.rl.continence,chaa. 
the dcfendanfs asawer, Cic. I tity, moderation, abstinence, for- 
Contexo, xere, xui, xctum. a. 3. to! bcarancc, a keeping.or hol:hn^rin 
waave, to tic, join, or twist to$*i a joinuig^ #r bojdejni^ % MaK«(sA. 





Contmeo, fcon tenco% ere, nui. 
tcntinn a contain,to kccp, o; 
hold kccp,cr hold in, 
to kccj) closr, oi-Kccrct, to kcep» 
or holcl, to prcvciit, to hindcr, to 
withbo1d,to rcstrain, to bridlc, to 
8t0»,tobiiid,togovcni tore-rain,to 
forbcnr, ocomprchendtopreservc Co 

Contfncar, eri. p. to bc containcd 

Contingens, tis pt. touching, ad- 
joining, rclating to, chancing, o/ 
liappcning, contingent, akin. 

Contingentcr, aoV. by chance. 

Contingit, impevv. it happcns. 

Contingo [con, tanj^o], gcre, Ugi 3. to touch, to hundlc,tc 
lav hold of, to happcu, to fallout. 
to bcfal, to arrivc :'t, to rcach, U. 
attain, to hit, to uiicct, or influ 
cnce, to bc allowcd, to bc akiu. 

Cwitingo, gcrc, nxi, nctum. act. 
3 to ano nt. to scason. 

Contingor, gi. pass- to he touchcd 

Conftnuans.tis ^f.continuing. (tion 

Contimuuo, 5nis/. 3. a ccntinua 

Continuatus, a, um- pt. continucd. 
joined, adjoiuiiift cnntioious. 

Coutmuc, udv. continualiy, duily 

Continuitas, iitis f. 3 thc couii.iu- 
ity, or wholc lciijgth, depih, &.c. 

Coniinuo,ci/«t'.b\aud by,prescntl\ , 
forth vvith,- mnicdiatcly,thcrcforc. 

Conunuo, are. a. 1 tocontinue, to 
persevcrc, to join, to close togc 
tltc r. (nucd. 

Contiuuor, ari. pass. to bc conti- 

Co.tinuus a, uin. adj. continual, 
continue :. constant, whole.closc, 
togetber, tonching, adjoiniug, 
pliiiu. evcn, uniform. 

Contoilo, lerc. act. 3. to take, o;lift|c 
up togcthcr, to mcnd, orhasten. 

Co/itbnat, impen. it thunders. 

Contor,ui-i. J. 1 to sound, to fcel thi 
botto:j , to inquirc dibgently. 

C~>utorquendus, a, um. pt. to bt 

twisted about,to oe movedround. 

( "ontorquensjtis-/*/ whi rli ng roundL 

Contorquco, cre, rsi, sum, & tum- 
avt. 2. to wind, or wliirl about, 
to twist, to tum round, to cast, 
fling, or hurl. (round. 

Contorqucor, eri. p. to be tumed 

ntorsio,onis/a wresting.screw- 

i ng ( tricat c ly,obscurely,forcedly . 

Contortc, adv. ius, comp. awry, in- 

Contortilis.c ai//.writhed, twistcd. 


Contortor, oris m. o. a twister. 

Contnrtulus, a, utn. adj. somewhat 
wre»ted, ov foivcd. 

Cuntortiiplicatus,a,um pt writhed 
in many tblds ,h:ird topnmouncc. 

Contortuplico.urc a toiold,orwrap 
U>£cther,io plait, orwrithe awry.,a,um pt.&. «#//. hiu*lcd t or 
flung with forcc,violcntly turned 
about, twistcd. writhcd, circlcd, 
crispcd, curlcd, : pcrplexcd, in- 

Contra, prAp.Yc%, arcaguinst,ovci 
Hguin>t, opposite to, contran»' to 

f:o;.tni,n.'/f.on thc contrary,on the 
ot!>er hun-j, coiuiariwisc, otber- 
wisv, oppoMitv. mutualiy, rccipra- 
cully. ?.on carus cst auro contra, 
hc is worth bls wcight in g*uld, 

Contractc, ius adv.bviclly.^laut. 

Contractio, onis. J\ 3. a contrac- 
tion, au ahridgmcnt, a shrink- 
ing", or drawing in, a bcnding, or 

Contractiunciila, «e. /. 1. a pinch. 

Contractori um,i . tt .2.acord,a string 1 

Contractuni, z / 1. thc inaking 
of pillars small about the top. 
^ontractus, a, um. pt. & adj. ior, 
comp. contracted, shortcned, a- 
bridged, drawn* or gotten toge- 
ther, raised, gathcred, mustered, 
gotten, procured, carried on 
moderated wrinkleu^ shriveiled, 

joincd close, riretted, nai 
strait, difficult. 
Contractus,us. m. 4. a cootnc 
vcnant, or bargain, a lesscnii 
making small. 

Contradicens, tis. pt. contn 

ing, gainsaying, opposing. 

Cw/radico,cerc,ixi, lCtum. a. 


Contradicor,ci./»to be contn 

Contrudictio, onis/ 3. contr 

tion,acontradicting^ui objcc 

Contradictum,i- n 2. contradk 

Co;jtrado,trc,didi.tum a tode 

Co;i/raeo, go contiBi 

aguinst, to oppose, to conta 

Contrahendus, a, um pt. t 

contracted, to be transacto 

bc hargaincd for- 

CoiitrahOjhcrc^xi, actum.o^ 

contract, to draw.orget toge 

to gather,oi-pick up, to get • 

cure, to muster, tr raise, U 

g-ain,oragTce,to shortcn,orabj 

toshrink. Contrahere «a alic 

lo run into debt, Cic vels,ti 

the sails, Id. collum, to shrii 

his ncck, Id. turn, «rc 

mi\k,Pu'u. animum, to sadde 

mincL Cic. ventrem, tobifl 

make costive, PUn. cicaUi 

to closc up, Id. 

Cbntrahor, hi. p- to be contn 

drawn together, shrunk in, 

Contraiicvor, cri.d- 2. to che 

ContripOsitufl^a, um adj. opp 

Contrarie. adv. contrarily. 

Contrarietas, atis./ u. contn 

opposition, disagTeement, 

Contrario, are. act 1 to thw 

Contrarius, a, \im.aqj. coutn 

oppositc, repugnant» hurtfa 

Corttrascriptum, i.n 2 a reply, 

Contravt nio, Tre, ni, ntnm, t 

neut. 4. to comc ag^inst, 1 

pose, to thwart, to cross. 





itur, imper*. opposition, Controversus, a, um. pt. & adf. con- 

jce ismade. 
fllter,a<fo.palpably (led 
dua^a,um /* to be hand 

troverted, debated, disputed, 
doubtful, quarrelsorac, litigioua 
Contrticldatus, a, uxn. pt- wounded 
gTieviously^mang-ledJeftfor dead 

OM^um.pi' oftcnhandl- Contrucido, are. act. 1. to kill, or 

[con, tracto] /are. act 
& often, to handle, to 

ned with, to lie whh. 
, ari. p. to be handled 
o, cere. n. 3. to trcmble 
arf. to be afraid of, 
■ere,mtu n.5.totremble< 

, to wavcr, or faulter- 
M, a, um. adj. fearful. 
idta^, um. pt. to be giv- 

butcher. (crowd in 

Contrudo, fre, si, sum. act. 3. to 

> peruse, to meddle, or Contrudor, di. patt- to be thrust, 

rammed, or packed together. 

Contrunco,are act.l. to mangle, to 
hack, to chop, or cut in pieces, to 
cut ofFby the stnmps,to diminish. 

Contrusus.a, um/*.thrustto$rether 

to ahakc; a. to tremble Contubernalis, c. aihj. of, or belong- 

, ui. p. to be reckoned 
■, a, um. />f contributed 
under the same gov- 

ingrto the same quarters, &c. 
Contubernalis,is. c.jr.3. a'comrade, 

a companion, a bcdfellow, a col 
,e.ooj.ofonetribe. (en league. or partncr in an officc. 
i«re,ni,utum.a.3.tocon- Contubernium,i. n. 2. acompany of 
1 P vc » t0 distribute, to soldiers that lodge in the same 
grant, or allow, to attri- tent,or are billeted togcther,a file 
tckon among, to join. of soldiers under a scrjcant, a hut 

or tcut, fellowship in one house, 

conversation, company, acquain 

tancc, marriage with a servant, 

o/< of scrvants with one another, 

an unlawfui familiarity. (upon. 
i, a um. pt. grieved. Contuendus, a, um. pt. to be lookcd 
con, tristis ] are. act. Contuens, bcholdingvvicwing 
\ sorry, hcavy, or sad, Contueor,eri, Vtussum.d.2. tolook 
ark, or lowenng'. wistfully upon, to survcy. 

iri patt. to look sorrily. Contuttiuvi, having beheld. 
ftnia, / 3. contrition, Contultus, us. «. 4. an earnest, orjConturbitio,onis/. 3. a troubling.a 

steadfast looking, sight,presence.| confounding, disorder, conftision. 
Iria, m. 3. awearer out. Contumacia, se. /. 1. stubbornne*a,'Conturbator, Oris. m.3.a troubler,a 
a, tun. pt broken, or obstinacy, wilfulness, inso1ence,| disturber, aji undoer, a bankrupt. 
mall, crushed, filed, haughtiness, sullenness, peev-Contiirbatus^,um. pt. vel aaj. ior, 
h uaed, common. ishness, stoutnesa, nrmness, re-| comp. troublcd, disquieted. 

a, «./ 1. acontrover- solution. Conturbo, are. act. 1. to trouble, 

te, a dispute, a quar- Cont&roacrUr, adv. ius, comp. ob- disquiet, or dismay, to disturb, 
bc. (tentious, litigious stinately, stubbomly, frowardly, to disorder, or put in confusion, 
6sua> a, um. aaj- con- proudly, witli grcat reluctance. to spcnd, or waste, to turn bank> 
>r, [contra, versor,] ari, Contttmax, &cis. aaj. ior, comp isst- nipt, to break. 
dfp 1 to controvert, mus, wp. contumacious,obstinate, Conturbor, ari. p. to be disturbed. 
#T be> tf rarjance. stubborn, headstrong, rc^oluteilCoRturgeo^te^act.^.X» w^. 

restv, hard & stiff, constant, stea- 
dy, hau^hty, insolent, rcbellious, 
disobedient. Contumax mori, 
loath to die, a long time in dvimr, 
iVm.Contumax syllaba,a syllable 
hard to be fettercd in verse^Hfarf . 

Contumelia, c/. 1. a bitter taunt, 
or reproach, a sarcasm, aharp 
raillery, or wit, a railing, scujv 
rility, foul language, saucinesa, 
haug^htiness, an anront, a dis> 
grace, a shock, or onset. 

Contumclidsc, adv. ius, comp. is- 
simc, tup. spitefully, reproach- 
fully, outrageously, injuriously^ 

Contum^liosus, a, um. aaj. issi- 
mnSftvp. contumelious, reproach- 
ful, abusive, insolent, outrage- 
ous, disgraceful, injurious. 

Contilmeo,cre.n. 2. & Contiimesco, 
cerc, n. 3. toswcll together. 

Contiimulitus, a, um. pt. intcrrcd. 

Contiimulo, are. a. to intcr,to burj'. 

ContOmulor,ari./kw*. to bc buried. 

Contundo, dSre, tudi,tGsum. aJ3. to 
beat,knock,or thump,to battcr, or 
bruise, to crush,to strike down,to 
take lowcr,to humblc, to repress, 
to mitigatc, or assuage, to tame. 

'Contundor, di. patt. to be beaten. 

Contuor,cri,itus sum. dep. 2. to be- 
hold, to spy, or see, to observe. 





battering, or bruising, a blunting. 

Contnsuft,a,um./>/.pounded,stump- or assembling togethcr, agrec- 

ed,bcaten, bruisod, worn, dulled, ine, becoming, convenient, suit- brush, to make clcan 

wasted, disheartencd, afflicted. 
Convidatxis, a, um. pt. that goeth, 

«r is put undcr surcty. 
Co/iv&dor,an.atus,surn.<7.1. to bind 

one to appcar, to put in surcty 
Convalescens. tis. pt recovcring- 

C©nvalesco,cerc,lui,htuin. /Mc...tolCoiivenientia, x.f. l.ameetingor 

grow strong, to get sirength, to 
fecover, to grow, to prcvail. 

Conval&tus, a, um. pt intrenched. 

Convallis, is./. 3. a valley, a dak*. 

Convaso,[con,vas,]are.a pack, 
or bundle up, to pack up all. 

Convectio, dnis./ 3. a carrying'. 

Convecto, are. /m/. 1. to carry. 

Convector, 5ris. m. 3. a fcllow-pas- agrec, to be agrced upon, to suit, 

aengcr. (up. 

Convectum, i. n. 2 pro\ision laid 
Convectus, a, um. pt. carried, 

broutrht. (carry, or convcy. 

Conveho here, exi, cctum. «. 3. to 
Convehor, hi, ectus. p. to bc car- 

ricd, or conveyed (concealod. 
Convelatus,a,um. /jf.covercd over, 
Convclu*ndus,a,uin. pt tobe wcak- 
Convellens,tis./>f wcakcning^cned 
ConveIlo.lerc,veHi,&vidsi, vulsum. 

pieccs, to rend, or tcar, to tnv 

loose, to rcmove, to pervert, to come together, or agrec. 

unscttlc,to disanntd,orreverse, to 
wcnkcn, to destroy, to confute, 
or disprovc, to rob, or steal. 

Convcllor, li, vulsus. />. to be rcnt. 

Con v5lo,arc. a. 1. to veil, cover, or 

Convena, x. c- g. 1. pcople of di 
vcra couutrics assemblcd togeth- 

er todvrcUin one phcc. 

Conveniendus, a, um. pt. to mect, Convcrberirus, a, uin 

Contus, i. m.2.a !ong pole,orsta(!',a! 
pole, a weapon tonghtbcastswith. or coinc togethcr. 
Contftsio, 6nis- /. 3. a contusion, aConveniens,tis./>f. & adj. ior, comp 

issimus, svp. coining, guthcring, 

ablc,proper,meet, ftt, applicable, 
agreeable, peaceable. 
Convenienter, adv. ius, comp. con 

venicntly, agreeably, to the pur- turning round or abc 

pose, fitly, suitably,' in good time " " ' l " 

and season. 

coming togethcr, suitahleness, 
ajrrecment, accord, consent, pro- 

C7wvcnio,!re,veni, vcntum. n. 4. to 
coine, or meet together, to resort flock round,to asscra- 
blc,collcct,or mcet, to come,or gt) 
to, to resolve, or agree upon, to 

or fit,to answer, or correspond, to 
bcfit, or become, to summon, oi 
sue, to couplc. (to bc convened. 

Convenior, Iri, ntus. p. to be met. 
onvenit, imp. it is convenieitt, it is 
ajrrced tipon,it is meet,or seemly. 

Conventiciilum,i. «. 2. a conventi 
cle.a littleprivate asscmbiy,a riot. 

Convcntio,dnis. /*3.a convention. a 
coveTuint,a meetiug,an assembly. 

Conventftii patrcs, whoremasters 

C*onverb€ro,are. a. 1. 1 
C'onvcrjro,erc.» Ato b< 
Cowverro,rere, ri& rsi, 
to swcep, or cleansc 

Conversans, tis. pt. tu: 
bchaviour, earriage, i 

a. 3. to tear, pull, or pluck up, toCoiiventum, i. n. 2. a covenant, 
rcnd, or tear asundcr, to tcar in lcague, or compact. 

Conventurus, a, um. pt. about to 


Conventus, a, um. pt. mct 
talked with, agTeed upon. 

Conventus, us, m. 4. an assembly, 
or mecting, a pack, or crew, 
hundred, or county, a district, a 
covenant, bargain, agrecment, or 
contract, an assizc. or session. 
Convcutus juridici,thcfour terms, 

Converse, aiiv. neatly, 

Convcrsio,6nis./3 a c 

change,an altiraticm, 

or course,a tuniing »i 

a confiision <'onvi 

rum a period,an ern 

or fulness of a perlod, 

ConYersoftre.frey.l .to 

C'o/iversor,atus sum.r/r 

vei-sc uith, to be oft 


ConverMU, abl. m. 4- 

('onvcrbus, a, uin- pt. 

changed, tunied, tu 

or towartls, turning 


Convcrstirus. a, um- j 

Convertens, tis pt. 

turning, chanjring. (< 

Convertibilis, e. adj. c 

Co7iverto,tere,ti, rsum 

vcrt, to turn,to tum ; 

wards, to whirl, to 

transform, tq translat 

to givc up.Converter 

to rcturn homcCtc.lii 

vertere, to put to fli 

admirationem omnes 

to make thcm admi 

vcrtdiH? vias, they we 

same way tliey camc, 

Convertor,ti,rsus. pa** 

bc tunied, &c. to tur 


Coflvcstio,fre,1tum. a. • 

Convestior,iri. pau. to 





us, a,um./rf.clotlicd, clad.' Convivo,vere, ixi. ictum.u.S lo livc CodpercQlum, i. n. 2.a cover, ©r lid 
is atis. / o. convcxity • or dwell together, to eat andConperfmentum, i. n. 2.acovcring. 
uk. act 1. to hurass. , drink together. (fcast, to rcvel. fofiperio Irc cover 
,a, uin.p/ convei,crook-CoiivIvor, atus, sum. cfe/>. 1. to all over, to cover, to overwhelm. 
ling down ou cvery side'Convocandus,a to beca]]cdCo6pcrior,fri,rtus./>. tobecoveredV 
eavens, vaulted, arched, together, asseuiblcd, or raised. " ' *""~ ? "' ,# ~ ~ 
Csliconvexa, heaven, |Convocatio,6nis/3. aconvocation, 
irv.a 1. tosuake. (I'ir^» calling togcther, an asscmbly. 
rari. pasa. to be shaken, Convdcaturus, a, um. pt. about to 
is, tis. /»/. rctiling, re- call togethcr, or assemblc (ther. 
\g. IConvdcatus, a, um, pt. called toge- ( 

or, oris. m. 3. a railer. iCo«v6co,arca. 1. to call togctker, 
Vitussum d\. to Uiunt,] to asseniblc, to suuimon. 

ii. to revilc, to rail at.Conv6cor,ari, p. to be called toge-|< 

tkcr. summoned, or asscmbled. 
Conv&lans, tis pu flying together. 

n i n.2 a reproach, abuse, 
jisr, ur bawling, a loud 

cxclamation- importuni- Co/tvolo,are, n. 1 to tty togcthcr, to 

rry jcst, a pleasant farce. 
, dnis, f.-i.x conviction, 
nc«, a living togcther. 
•, oris m- ... a companion 
a fe Uow boarder, a guest. 
i, a uiu. pt. convictcd, 
*1, tkoroughly proved, 
t, us, m. 4. a living toge- 

diet, nieat and drink. 
, ccrt, ici, ictum, a ii. to 
j, to convict, to confutc, 

fly, to come togctker inall haste. 
'Jonvolvens, tis, pt. rolling about. 
Convolvo, verc, vijQUim. act. 3 to 

to be buried alive. Cooperiri la- 

pidibus,tohc stoned to death. Cic. 
Ccopertoiium, i. n. 2. a cassock, a 

cover. (cd, uverwhelmed. 

Coopcrtus, a, covcrcd,buri- 
Cooptandus^, um. pt. to choose, or 

be cnosen with othcrs. (choose. 
Cooptttio, 6nis. / j. axhoosing, s> 
Cooptltus,a,um pt chosen,adoptcd 
Coopto, area 1. to chooscor elect 

by vote, to choosc, to adopt» to 

Cooptor, Iri, atus. p* to bc chosct, 

madc choice of, or substituted* 
Coorior, iri, 6rtus dcp 4. to rise. 

round. (rollcd up, or together 

onvolvor, vi,lutus sum. paas. tobe 

Convolutus, a, um. pt. rollcd up. 

Convolvulus, i. m 2 a vine worm. 

lowahip. society, ordina-| or fretter, thc hcrb witkwind, or 

bindwced, a flowcr. (up. 

Conv6ino, erc, mui. a. 3. to vomit 
Conus, i m. % a cone, the crcst of 
e clearly, to show, to a helmet, a pine apple, the fruit 
ic, to vauquish. of a cyprcss trec, a nincpin. 

r, ci, ictus, pOM». to bc Convulnerandus, a. um pt. to beCdpittUr, arum. pl.f. 1- dim. small 
rd, convictcd, &c. woundcd with, to be hurt. 

o, onis/. . a conjunction. Convuncratuv, 
icrc, sum. u. 3 to visit. to woumlcd. 

wmp, or wind about, to roll toge- Cooitus, a, um. pt. riscn up» arisen. 
ther,or up, to encompass, to sur-Copa, k./ 1. ahostcss, a vinti-ess. 

Cophinus, i.nt. 2. a twig-basket, 
pannicr, a cofFcr, a cotiin. 

Cdpia, x.f. 1. plenty, abundance, 
wealth,nchcs,store,numbcr, pow- 
er, ability, possibility, lcave,libcr- 
ty, hclp, assistancc, an assistant, a 
hclper, a supplicr, tlie goddcss 
of plenty,Copui,& Copiac,arum./>/. 

/ provision of victuals, forces of 

>r, oris m jirailer (go sec. 
, vid onvicior 
z. c. g 1 . a gucst 
s,c.ojr of^or bclonging to 
•;• banquet, festive. 

ia, c. adj convivial (cr. 
n, i n 2. a fcast, a ban- 
entertainment. a txcat, 
Ubl% t suppor- 

Convulncro, arc. act. 1. to wound. 
Convuln»ror,ari /i.tobc woundcd 
Convulsio, oms.f.6. a couvulsion, 
a slmnkiug &.c. up, tlic cramp. 
Convulsfirus, a, um. pt. about to 

ir, bna m 3. an entcrtain- tcar up, about to dcstroy. 

forcc, or store, a little army. 
a. um. pt. sorclCdpior, ari. p. 1. to be wcllstored. 

Cfipidsc, adv. ius. co?np.issimc,«ii/;. 
copiou&Iy, plentifully, abundant- 
ly, in plenty, with a gre:it traii^ 
&c. pompously, at largc, fully. 

Copidsus,a,um. adj. ior, comp issl- 
mus, «t//>. » opious, plcntiful,abun- 
dant, rich, amplc, wcll provided, 
or storcd,much frcqucutcd, popa- 

Copw, Vilis./ 3. a hangcr. (lous. 

Copis, c. adj. rich, plentiful. 

Convulsus, a. um. pt. pluckcd,pul- 
led, or torn up,shrunk up, takcn 
with thc cnunp, convulsed.(load 

Cedntro, aro. aH. 1. te burdwij tojCopo, oiiis. /^ ^. ai\t. {ira.Ca&u^ 




ckster, a vinter, a \ictuallor. ( "orban, ntinfrr\R%\f\. to pious uscs. 

iria, & Coprias, x. m. 1. a jester, Corbicuia, x. f. 1. u very small 

pros, i. m. 2. dung". (a buftbon.' hasket. (a twip-pannier. 

pU, x.f. l.acakc,ahardbiseuit.Corbis, is. d. g. .>. a twijr-baskct, 

>pula, x.f 1. a couple, a dog^Corbita,»:./. 1. a hoy, a slow sailcr 

ollar, a fcttcr, chain, or shac-Corbito,are acf.l. toloadaship, to 

de, a band, or tic, a Dtcans of cram thcfruts, togobblc.(baskct. 

jnion, a conjunction. (ed. Corbula, x.f. 1 a littie pannicr, a 

Opulandus, a, to bc join-Corchorus, i. m. 2. chickwced 

JSpal&td, adv. jointly, conjointly . Corculum, i n. .'. a littlc, or poor Cornicularius, i. m. 2. a 
Jdpuliitio, 6nis./. 3. copulation, a hcart, a swcetbcart, a minion, troopcr, a brifratlier, an 

coupbng-, or joining, an union. a prudent person, a surnamc of or clerk under the tribum 
Cdpiilativus, a, um.auj.copulative. Scipio Nasica. (dcut. Corniciilum, i. n. 2. a littlel 

Cdpulatus, a, umpt coupied, join-j' orculus, u, um. atfj. wise, pm- kindofornamentprcHciited 

ed, unitcd, compoundea (tounitc.Cordate, adv. wiscly, discrectly. 
Cdpulo,ire. o. 1. to couple, to join,!Cordatus, u, tim. a<//.ior,com/>.wisc, 
Cdpulor, 4ri,atus. pn$». to be coup-J prudcnt, judicious, considcrate. 

led, or joined, to be mamcd ;Cordax, acis. m. ;. a kindof dance, 

dep. to couple, ov join. | used in comcdies.ti/tothc. Trocha:- 

C6quendus, a, um. pt. tobe diftcst-Cordicitus, adv. to the beart. (us. 

ed, or ripencd, to be drcssed. jCordolium, l- n. 2. grief of hcart 
Coquma, x.f l.akitcbcn (cook. Cordus, & Chordtis, a, um. arfj. 
Coqulnaris, c. adj. belonpnfr to a late in the )car, rather late, late 
Cftquinarius, a, um. aitf. ofa kitch- born. Fcenmn cordum, thc lat- 
C&quino, are. act. 1. to cook. (en. tcr math, Cuto- Agni cordi, lambs 
Coquinor, ari, atus sum. dcp. 1. to yoaned after lammas, cosset- 

drcss victuals, to act thc cook. lambs, Plm. 
Cdquinus, a, um. adj. pertaining Cbriaceus, a, um. adj. of lcatber 

to a kitchen, or cook. 

Cdquo, quere, coxi, coctum. n.3. to 

cook,or dress, to boil, to scctli, to 

bakc,to heatjto scorch/.o burn up, 

concoct,or digcst, to contrivc, to 

CbriagD inis. f 3. sickncss cai!- 

cd hidc-hound. (herb. 

Cdriandrum, i. n.2. coriander, un 

CdriariiiH, i m. 2a currier,atann< r, 

that cndurc all weathcra, I 
Coniea fibra, a rigid dispost 
insensibilily, Pen- (t| 

Comeu-, a, um. adj. of thccon 

Corniccn, inis. c. g. 3. one l 
blov s u horn, a cornet 

Comicor, atus sum.<i cW 
to prate, to mutter. (a 

Cornicii!a,x./. 1 .a jackda v, a 

to consume, to dry, to ripcn, tolCdrias, x.f 1. n fish. (an lierb. 

('brintluaca: uvac, corinths, cur- 

Conicolus, a, um. adj. almost as: mooii, Luc Conui.i ;. 

cxcite, to vex, or torment, to fret.'f;6riH,;s./U.St.John , b wort. (rants 
Coquor,i,coctus. pats. to hc boiied.Corium,i n.2.a hidc,a skiu, lcather, 
CoVmus, i. »1. 3. a cook, a bukc.r. I a htisk of chesnuts, acorns, &r. u 
Cor, in composition, stamU iov ron.' covcrin^ of a Hoor.(hard as honij 
Cor, dis.n-.i.the hcurl, thc niiiul, or" -' ' ' 

soul, a nian, or person, couragi:, 

wit, wisdom, judgment, allcction. 
Corocinus colov, as black as a ra- 
Coralium, i. n. 2. coral. (> «^i 

Cbnm.prap. bcforc, in prosiNir.r of 
Cdrim, udv. facc to face, opeiily. 
Vdnx,HcJ3.M,3. a ravcn, au engiin-. 

diers, and worn in thcir 
^OT-rng-cr, a, um. adj. horned,! 
ing", or wearitifr horns- 
buli, an cpithct of Jupiter. 
Comipes, eilis. adj. hom- 
Contipcs, edis. m. .'*. a hone. * 
('onix, icis/. 3. a crow, or nrt 
rin^ iron, ov knocker at adof 
Comicum oculos confingen 
det ractfrom»»rdeframlabcttf 
tlian himself, or speak a£iir 
ancicnts, Cic CornicibuJ i 
tes, a man lon^-lived. Ma 
''ornu./i indcct. pl. cornua,a 
comct,atrumpef.,po>\ er,sf 
couru^e, a wing- ot an 
Si;uadron,a chief poinM 
corncr.cmUor extrc:mty. 
orbosscs ofthe stick abc 
books \vc \*. rolled, u w 
dividcd streai.i,a creek 
oIepliant*s touth,.i la:it' 
Coucttini cornu rhw" 

Corncsco, erc. n to j^row hard as 

horn. (trcc* 

Conictum, i. «. agTOve of conieil-, a, iini. «»//. liorny, of, or\ a prov. cleu-.Hiu'- 
likc horn, hard, or whitc a.s hoin, 
inaile ot' hom. (yornea roitra, a 

tiie vanl-arms ut .» ^it 
ui^riuim coni>i. li ■■ '■ 
tv, Hor. Focnun» li . 

m w 

pcrson, Id. Co: • 
jcvvcl likc a ratn » ) 

bird's bill, Cic. Comca corport^C^ormuirius, i. m. 2. ; 


ipia,z/l the horn ofplcn- 
udaiK j. cif »1! thiiiprs. (ry 
,i. u acoimil,a v\ ild cher- 
i-c ».1 to bond l : kc aliorn 
i 5«. ua. / the oorncil-trce, 
in nade thoreof 
\i% m. 4. a liw_*n. (nard. 
, *./ 1. R fiih, thc j;iir 
,a^i.iini.a*//.linrncd. havin^ 


poral oath, Ulp. 

Corpbratio,*nis/3. thc size,pligh 

state and fashioii of the body, a 

corporation, comp;iny, or body, 



I scized, rcpro\cd, chiddcn, made 
i short. 

that hath the privilrges «f a city. 
CorpdratQra, *./ 1 bulk of body- 
CorpdrStus, h, um. pt. liavinj* a bo- 
dy, embodied, incorporated. 
Corporeus,a,um-Uf/;. corpnival, bo- 
nrniitci 1/ chap ? et,acoronct dily,thathath,or bcionp> to abody . 
*./l.*//™a little crown, aCorporo, are. act- 1. to form, or\ 
rium, i. n- 2. a corollury, fi^hion into a body, to kiil. 
net, an overplus, an acccs- Corp&ror, ari, attis. fm«s. to hc sha 
Bttle gift, «r present ped, or fashioncd into a body. 

x.f 1. acrown, a diadc m, Corpfilentc, «<// cor|.ukn»ly(ness 

Comdco, dcre, is ; , isum. n. 2. tf> 
laugh,or smilc, to look pleusantly. 

Con -£cndus, », um. />/.to corrcct- 

Cqrngvns, tis. pt. ^01^«^^^^. 

Comgia, x.f. 1 a latchct of a shoe, 
a thong oi lcather (thong makcr. 

«ei, a chaplet, a garlaml, a 

( 'orpu1cntiu,a:/l corpulciicc»,|rroKs 

Corritfiarius, i. tn. '2. a point, or 

Corrifribilis, c- atlj. corrigible. 

Corri£o[con,rej*o] erc, cxi, cctum. coircct, to amend, to make 
bcttur,to inform,to sct to riffhts,tp 
straitrhten, to makc unicncLs for. 

CoiTijr^>r, gi ptiHs. to bc correctcd. 

Compicndus, a, uin. pt. to scize, 
or be scizcd. 

Cornpiens, tis. pt. rebukiiur. 

Compio [con, rapio], pere, pui, 

reptum. act <3. to snalch up, to 

seiz^ on, to scizc, to lay hold of 9 

to repi-ovc, to rcbuke, to cliidc, 

lume,a company, or corporation, ;i| to cliastise, to shortcn, to cut, or 

makc s>horl, to Icsscn, to hastcn, 
to slip, or stcal away. (cd. 

Corripior i, v\)t\iHpais. to be sciz- 

Corrivalcs c g. 3. those who 
driuk of the samc stream, ov lovc 
and court thc sanie wonien, rivals. 

CorrTvahtas. atis./ 3. rivalship. 

Corrivatio, onis. / 3 thcrunning of 

a round thing likc acoro-Corpidentua, a, um. a<!j ior, comp. 
rompany of pcrsons stand- corpulcnt, well-llcshi-d, bulk\, 
i<ttin|r in a nn^, a constcl- jrross 

a copinjr, or conice. Corpus,oris.'7i. 3. a body, ihe flcsh, 

is,e. atfj. bclonging" to a substance, the whole man, a spirit, 
(flowerato makejrarlands. a shade, a frhost, asystem, or vo. 
nentum» i* » 2. stufF, or 

is, tis pt crowning'. wholc nation,a tcmpcr, or consti- 

•ia, x.f 2. a woman who tution(body,an atom,acollection. 
and selLs jrarlands. Corpusculum, \.?t. 2a littlc,&r sinall 

riiw, a, um.n<(/.that bclonjr- Corradens, scrapiu^, collect- 
r scrveth to inake frarlands ing.(or rakc togethcr,to hoard up. 
rna, like a gurland (onied J Co/Tado, ere^i, sum. scrapc, 
ais, a, um. pt. crowned, ad-jCorrcctio, dnis. / 3. corrcction, 
au, i. m. 2. a crown-picce. amcndment. 


ila, a./ 1. a musk-rosc. Corrector, 5ris. «1. 3. a corrector, a wuter in onc stream. 

Comvatus, a, um. pu madc up of 

sion, a mark. 
are. a- 1. to crown, to sux- 
•r encorapass, to finish- 
% iri pas$. to be crowned. 
xklium i. 71. 2- dandelion. 
pus, odis. m. 3. thc herb 
torn, or dogs-tooth. 

, idis /. 3. the top, or peak, rcformcr,an amcndcr, a .^-ovcrnor, . , 

1, &c- thc utmost part, orj or ruler^, dircctor.(rect,oraincnd. sevcral strcams. 
cornicc, a wcathercock, aCorrecturus,a,um./>/. about to cor- Corrivo [con, rims], are, netit. 1. 

to dniw into one stream. 
corrected, reformcd, redrcsscd. Corrivor, ari, atus sum. dtp- 1. to 
Correpcndus, a, imi. pt. to creep. 
Correpo,pere, cpsi, eptum. n. 3. to 
crcep^sneak, or slink into a place 
Correptc, artv. ius, comp. shortly. 
Correptio, onis./ 3- a correction in 
LlU, e. adf corporal, that words, a checking 1 , or rebuking", a 
>ody,belonging- tothebodyj reproof, a punishment, a shortcn- 
tiit&Ttodv. corporally. Cor-:Correptor,6ris.m.3.a reprover.(ing > . 

% • ^_ __i — i.;~ _._._ r*\ ___ _ _ __ i_«.i _._»_> _ 

ir jnrare, to t»ke his cor-.Correptus, a, um. pt. Laid hold oo, rodc,to ^c_k« Ji» ^wsmt- ^e^ 

run, or flow tog-cther from sevcr- 

al streams. 
CoiTob5ratus, a, corrobora- 

ted, strengthened, cohrmed. 
Corrob6ro, arc.o. corroborate, 

to strengthen ,to confirm. (ened. 
Corrdbdror, ari. p. to be strength- 
CorrOdo, 2rc,6si f 5sum. a3. to cor- 





Corroclor, di. paat. to be gnawcd. Corruptio, dnis./ 3« corruption. , a surgcon** instrument 
Corrdgatus, a, um. />/. invitcd, bid-.Corruptor, 5ris.m.3. a corrupter, aC5rycxus, i. m. 2. aapr, aa 
den, scrapcd up, got togcther. dcbaucher, a spoiler, a ruiner. | telltale, an infbrmer. 
Co;rr6go are bring.or get to- Corruptrix, Icis./3. a corruptcr. ,C6ryd61us, i. m. 2. a lark. 
gcthtr, to seek up and down, to Corruptfirus, a, um. pt. about toCtiiylelum, i. n. 2. a hazel-g 
scrapc.or hoard up.(got togcther. corrupt, about to brioe. Icbrylus, i./. 2. a h&ael-tree. 

Corr5{*or, Zlri. /> to bc brought, or 
Corrdaio» 6nis./ _J. corrosion. 
Coirfisivus, a, um. adj. corrosive 
CorrOsus, a, um. pt corroded, 

gnawed, wasted, cousumcd. 
Corrtitundo. are. act. 1. to make 

round, (made round 

Corttitundor, ari, atus. paw. to beCors, tis./. $ee Cohors 

CorrOgatio, 5nis./. 3. a wrinkling. 
Corrugatus, a, um. pt. wrinklcd. 

Corruptus, a, um. pt. & artj. ior, C&rymbifer, a, um. atfi. tba 
com/>- lssmuis, *m_> corruptcd, de-j eth berries like ivy, an < 
pravcd,taintcd,infccted, debauch-' of Dacchus. 
cd, defloured, spoilcd, wasted,.C8rymbion,vel C6rymbt_m, 
gTpwn lean, mixed, confounded, a peruke worn by women, 
bribed forgcd, falsified, soft, de- C6rymbus,i.f».2. a bunch tri 
licatc, effcminate. wanton- of i vy-berries,Ule fruit^rflo 

Corsa, x.f. 1. the forcpart of the 
head, an ornamcnt for doors- 

Corrtigo, are. act. 1. to wrinkle, to-Cortex, icis. dub. gen. 3. a rind, or C6rypharus, i. m. 2. a ringtq 

makc in wrinkles.CorruKire fron- 
tem, to frown, ©r knit thc brows, 
Ptaut narcs, to makc one loathe, 

Corrugor, ari. p. to bc bent. (I/or. 

Corrumpcndus, s^ to 1>c cor- 
ruptcd, or spoilcd, to bc bribed. 

Corrumpens, corrupting. 

Corruinpo, pcrc, upi, uptum. a. 3. 
to corrupt, to pollute, to taint, or 
infect, to debauch, to dcflour, to 
spoil, to wastc, ov (Ic.stroy, to de 
ncc, to mar, to injure, to dcbase, 
tobribc, or suborn, to forge, or 
falsify, to lose, to putrify. 

Comimpor, pi,uptus./>. to be cor- 
rupted, spoded, putrified, &c. 

Corruo, ucre, ni. nettt. 3. to fall to 
gethcr,to fall. or tumblc down, to 
come to ruin,to dccay,to bc spent, 
to faiI,to misca_Ty,to" tJirow down, 
to heap up. 

Cormptd,a//i>.ius,cofn/>. issfme, tup 

the herb chrysocome, the 1 
an artichokc, a roscbud, thi 
of a ship, a bush, or tre» d 

bark, a shell, a pcel. Cortez ca-C6rytos, i. m. 2. a quiver. ^ 

vata, a mask, Virg. [a rind. C6ryza, »,/ 1 a running 

Corticatus, a, ura. pt. that hath Cos,' c5tis./3 a whetstone^ 
Corticdsus, a, um. aitj. full of bark. a grindstone, an incentrre. 
Corticula, x ■/. 1- dim. a thin rind. Cosmeta, x. m. vel/ 1. afi 
Cortina, x/ 1 a caldron,or kettle,a Cosmianum, \.n. 2. arich pa 

dying vat, a vesscl sct to reccivel made by Cosmus, a pernui 

oil whcn the olives wcre prcsscd,K 'osmianus, a, um. atf. vcrri 

the tripos of Apollo from whence " v " J * ~ 

oraclcs wcrc given, the oracle it- 

seif,a curuiin,or hanging. Cortina 

carli, the hcmispherc, Enn. Corti- 

natheatri,the round convczcom- 

pass ofthelhcatre at thc top,Srrt; 
Cortlnale, is.n.3.a place for fccttles 
CorvTnus, a, tun. aaj of a raven, orjCosta, c/ 1. a rib, ande«t 

' ostatus, a, um. adj. hariaf 

ribs. [callcd zedoary, an oii 

f iostus, i/.& Costum,i» 1« 

Cothurnatus, a, uxn. ad). Unt 1 

buskins, tragical, wnttefc 

sublimc, srlofty stjie. 

C6thurnus, i. m 2. a bnskinji 

of shoe worn by thc actoitl 

JCSruscus, a, um- aa[j. glittering, gcdies, a high-soled shoe«l 

ing, a corrupter/or spoiler» bribe-l shining, bright, moving, waving. tofle, a lofty *train, #r V& 

ry, bane, or mischief. Con-us, i.m.2 aravcn, a fish callcdl a tragedy. [stone, a too» 

€orruptrbilis, e. m\j. corruptible, a cabot, a term in aTChitecture,JC6tictSla, «./. 1. dh*. ahttfei 

subjectto corruption. \ a kind of grapple or iron hooJ.,|C6tidH, adv. daily; nd^nl 

Corrupt€la, ae/. 1 . coruption, a de- 
pravmg, or falsifying, a debauchi 

crow, black as a raven, or crow. 
Corus.i m 2 the north-westwind, a 

Hebrew measurc of 30 bushels. 
C6ruscans,tis./J^. shining.glittcring. 
C5ruscatio, onis/ 3. a glittering. 
C6rusco, are.n.l-to shine, to glittcr, 

to flash, or lightcn; act. to bran- 

dish, to shake, to wave, to move. 

CosmYcua, a, um- aaj. 

cordingtothe course ofthe 
Cosmdgraphia r/.l cosuaj 
Cosmographus, i. m. a e» 

rapher. [ 

Cossis, is. m. 3. a worm hf 
Cossus, i- m. 2. idem. 





L/ 2 a wild ottre. 
n, i. n. 2. a quiace. 
t, a, um. adj. belonging 1 
nce< (w*.ip. 

, i. m. 3. the smmck of a' 

winc, thc thick part of blood. Cre"ber, bra, brum. Jr(/. ior cotnp. 
Crassc, adv. ius, comp. OiickJy, crrimus, vel. issimus, sitp. fre 

homcly, bun^lingly, rudely 
Crasscscens, tis. p§. thickeninjr 
Crassesco. cSre. incep. 3. to thick- 

rel Cotona, Tel Cottbna,] cn, or grow thick, to grow fat. 

lana, 6nim. pl n- 2. aiCrassfties, ei./ 5. thickncss,gross- 

small Syrian fig. 
, lcis / 3. a qnail. 

Crassitudo, inis./ 3. idcm. (ncss. 
Crasso, are. act. 1. to fatten. 

e. /• 1. a measure lcss Crassus, a, uui. adj. ior, ro/ii/>. issi- 

• _ %m m_ ■ A - «1 • 1 J* - 1 

int, a dish, or a vcssel to 

n, onis./ 3. the hollow of 
lc-bone , wall-pc nny-wort 
is, i. m. 2. a charioteer. 

i. m. a chariot armedCrastiiitf. a//r*. to-morrow. 

?ks, a coach, a calash. 
um. atfj. Coan, of thc 

us, i. m 2. a brother by 
i. /i. 2. hcaven, a hollow 
Kwt a plough- 
f 1. the hip,»rhaunch,the 
MHie,thc jointof the hip. 

jone- Coxundicis lnor- 
sciatica, or hip-gout. 


>ra, hrum. adj. slcnder. 
nis m. 3. a hornet,a wasp 

mus, tup. tliick, fat, gross, hcavy, 
dull, coarso, homely, simple, art- 
less, foggy, closc, clotted, ricl», 
fruitful. Crassa niinerva, rudcly, 
bluntlv, Hor. 

m 9 

Crastinus, a, um. adj. of to-mor 
row, of the tiinc to conic. 
(the mothcr^sside.lCratcr, eris./n. 3. in. acc. ting. cra 

tera, pl- criitgras, a grcat cu;>, &/ 
bow!,a gtihlct, a cistcrn,a trou^h- 

Crcbre, adv. frequcntly, closely. 

Crebrcscens, tis. /)/. growingtbick 

Crebrc»co,& Crcbcsco, ere incep. 
3. to g-row, or come thick, to in- 
crcase morc and inore, to multi- 
ply- (commonness. 

CrebrVtas. atis. / 3. frcquency, 

Crcbritcr,udu. frequcnth ,usually. 

Crcbro, nrfviu*. comp. erf imc, tup. 
often, frequently, pclluiell. 

Crebro, arc act. to do often. 

Crcdcndus, a, um, jM. to be belicv - 
ed, or trusted. 

Crcdciis,tis. pt. bclicving,trusting, 
tljiiikin^, venturing, crcdulous. 

Crcdibilib, e. aqj. credible, pro- 

Crat8ra,ac./ 1. id. quod Crairr. 

i, tcis- /. a the hip, the|Crates,&.Crati*,.is./ .i. a hurdlc of 

rocls wjttled togcthcr, a grate, u 
dv i£, or harrow, an instnuncnt to 
punish with dcuth, a chinc. 
Ci^tenta, x.f- 1 a rack for a spit 
Crnticula, *./. l.a ^ridiron. 
Cratio, wattlc,to harrow 
»./3. a kind ofcolcwort Crutior, iri. pa»». to bc liarroucd 
i. n. 2. the skull. Crutitius, a, um. adj. wattlcd 

ac. /. 1. a surfcit, a sur- madc of sticks. 
a cuzzincss, a mcdicinal Creagra, x.f. 1. a flcsh-hook. 
(with wine, drunk. Creandus, a, um. ptto bc crcatcd, 

to be rcduced, or formed. 
Crcatio, dnis. /. 3. a crcation, a 

is, a, um. o/(/. drunk 
oa, a, um. adj. drunkeu. 
r. to.morrow, iu timc to 

crcatin^, or makinp, a beg^ctting'. Crcrior, di pann. to be bclicvcd 

Crcator, dris. tn. 3 a crcator, a nm- 

/ 3- a mixture, a tempc- 

i contraction into one. Creatriz, icis./ J. a mother. 
n, Inia. n. 2. dregs, sc-Creatura, «./ 1. acreature. (ate 

CreatOrus, a um pt about to cre- 
ntom, i. n. 2. thickncssJCreatua, a r um, pt. crcated, madc, 
«cdiment, or lccs ofj framed.formed, born, desccndcd, 

qucnt, thick, thick grown, close, 

bablc ■ (bably. 

or receiver of water,'a platt<*i-, aiCrcdibiliter, atff crcdiblv, pro- 
hole, ov vent, a constellation. Civditor, oris. m. 3 a crecfitor. 

(:rcditri.v,Vcis/3 shc thatjtends. 

Credituin, i. n. 2 credit, a trust, 
a dcbt. 

Crcditur, impers. ]>eoplc believe, 
or think. Nonbenc ripx creditur, 
it is not good trusting- to it, Virg. 

'. rcditums, a, about to be- 
iicve, or think. (iiitnibted, lent. 

(!rOditfls, a, um, pt. believcd, 

CrCdo, dcrc, didi, dituin, act 3. to 
crcdit to bi-lie\ c, to think,to sup- 
]>osc, or iuiu£inc,to trust, to put 
coniidcnce in, to trust,to commit, 
to lcnd, to vcnture, to te!l,to dis- 
close; iiwricafhf, I warrant you. 

Creduam, as. pro. Credam. 

kcr,afatiicr,afoundcr 9 orbuildcr. CrcduliCas, atis. / 3. crcdulity, 

■ "■ rashness oi belief, foolishness 

Crcdulus, a,um. a^j. credulous, ea- 
sr, or light of belief. silly, simple, 
foolish Interse credula convivia 
habucrunt, thcy had entertaisv 




<nV > 

ments, which showed their con^Crepitans, tis. pt . crackling, ring 

fidence in each other, Juat. 
Crtmabalunri.w 2. a child's rattle. 
Cremandus, a. um. pt. to he burnt 
Cremans, tis. pt. burning. 
CrSmastcr, cris. m. 3. a hook. 
Crematiojdnis- m 3 aburning. (cd. 

Crematus,a,um. pi- burnt,consum- Crepitus,us. m. 4.a rusUing noisei tio, a sticklmg for offices» 
Cremium,in.2. a dry stick,a bavin, a creaking, a crashing, a ringing, Crcteii 

&c. flesh fricd in a pan. 
Cr&mo, are. act. 1. to burn,to burn 

up, to set on firc, to bury in nre 
Crenior,ari,atus. pa*$. to bc burnt 
Cremor, oris. m. 3. thc thick juice 

of barley, panada, frumenty 

Crcna,x/l.a notch,a jagg,a mark, 

a dont, a slit, a cleft-a nib,a scorc. 
Crtnatus, a, um. atlj. notched, 

Creo,are.acf. 1. to crcatejto niake, 

to form, or foshion, to hcgct, to 

breed, or bring forth, to cause, to 

choose, to ordain, to establish. 
Creor,ari,atus pas». to bc created. 
Crcpans, tis- pt. rustling. 
Crepax, acis. atlj. cracking. 
Crepems, a,um.a<#.doubttul,dark 

ing, rattling, chattering, making Cretstrium, i. n. 2. a chalk-pit 
a noiie. Cretarius4.m.2. a workerincUt 

Crepito, wc.freq. 1. to cracklc, to Cretarius, a, um. aaj. chalkv. 
creak,to clatter, or muke a noise, Cretatus, a, um. <u£. chilkra»«ftfc 
to growl, ©r grumble, to clatter, ed, Cretati pedei, feet 
to gnasli. with chalk, Plin. Cretatasatf- 

Crctxf ikUna, *./. 1. a cfaifcfiL 

Crcteus,a»»ni,a<fy. of chalk- Crtsff- 
or iingling,a slashinjr, or ierking, peraona,amaskof plaster of f0 
a clap,a fart Crcpitus dentium, CrStfcus, a, um. oa>*. Creticw«sV 
the cnattering, r gnashing of tlie Cic Cretica terra, white _Mt*> 
teetli, Cic. giadiorum, the clash- Crttio, 6ni*./ 3. a aolemnityHrf 
ing of sworas, Ilirt. armorum, on emtering upon an estata^..' 
the rattling of armour, Plin. car- Crctdsus, a, um. anj. full ojf dtffc 
dinum, thc creaking of a door,ICr€tula,x./. 1. adialkufwdkM' 
Plaut. I sealing of letters^i kind of opfcit, 

Crepo,pure, pui, pitum. neut. 1. toCretQra^x/l.pollard, UMUialltj 
makc a noisc, ov sound, to re4cretus,a,um.p/. born, desceaiklf 
sound, to crack, to crackle, to sprung, served, or parted fasV 
crcak,to crasli, to clattcr,to ring, resolved upon, determined. •?! 
or jinglc,to growl, or grumble,U> Crc v\ t pnet- 1 am grown up^srsWj 
chatter, to brag,or boast, to com- cr, I havc determined, sr tesfsf j 
plain of, to brcak, •/* burst Lx- edj havcentercduponani 
tum tcr crepuit . sonum, madcCribcllatus,a,um./tf.sifted 
three huzzas, Jlor. Cribello, are. act. 1. to mSt *\ 

Crcpundia,drum./#/.m.2. cluldren , siCnbellum,i.ii.2. Uim. alittksil 
playthings,bawbles,bwlls, rattlesjCribrarius, a, um. atfj. of •' ' 

Crepida, x./ 1 alow shoe with a puppcts, &c. tlic iirst apparcl,] sifted. 

latchet, a slipper, a sandal,a last 
Crcpularius, a,um. adj. pcrtaining 

slippers, or shoemakers. (&.c. 
Crepidarius, i. m.a slipper-makcr, 

usc<l for children. Cribro, are. act. 1. to sh%trj 

Crcpusci, 6i*um.^/. m. 2. childrchjCribror. ari,atus pa*. tobei" 
born about twihght Cribrum, i. n. 2. a sieve, #r • 

repusciilum, i. n. 2. the twilightl fmbrem in cribnim gereR. 
Crepidatus, a, um- adj. wcaring Crescens,tis. />/. increasing, risingj lose his timc and pains, Pr§* 
shoes, or slippcrs. Crcsccntia, x/ 1. an increase. jCrimcn inis ». 3. a crime,u 

Crepido, mis/ 3. a creck,a shore, Crcsco,ccre,crevi,cretum. ncitt. 3. fence,a fault,an error, tr i 
or bank,thc top, cdge, or brow of to grow, to incrcase, to swcll, to a scandal^ircproacb, a si 
a steep rock, a place, or hole by grow up,to be brought up,to get a charge, an accusation, 
the highway whcrc bcggars sit, advantage, to rejoice, or exult. dictment, or impeachment, »t 
the moutli, border,brink, or brimCreta, z./ 1. chalk, fullcr's clay, lain. 
of a tliing,tlicfotindation,bottom, loam, wliite paint, the g^oal, orCrimfnali 
or ground of a pillar. (sUppcr. mark at the cnd of a race. CretaCriniinani 

'CrIminaUs,e. adj. crijcdnal, gni^ 

grouna oi a puiar. (sUppcr. mark at the cnd of a race. CretajCriniinans, tis. pt, accusinff- _J 

Crepidiila, x. / 1. dim. a httle Asiatica, the chalk wherewith CrIminatio,6nis/ 3. the wjecflP 

Cr^pis, idis./ 3. a sfipper, or pan-' they marked their slaves* feet, of a crime, an accusatk>o,s«^j 

tofle. [rattlc, a rattle,a timbrel.; or sealed letters, Cic. [chalky. peachment, a charge. - 4 

Crtpiaculom, i. n. 2. a child^Cretaceuii, a, um. oo>'. of chai^lcrinilnalor.ori», ,«. 3. ao tectB» ■• l 





iiSriUM, um. cu$. ctfaiina- 

tuti a* accusing 
S ftre. nrut. 1. Enn, pro 
r, atussum. rfe^. 1. to ac- 
o chargeVith a crime, to 
10 tind fault witb, to de- 

crumplcd, jagged, vcined, grain- 


Crissans, waggingthe tail. 
Crisso,5rc.7i«ir. movc wanton- 

ly,or obscencly,to shakc, ©r wag. 

ndalous, criminaJ, worthy 

ie, punishable. (a fiilct 

is. «.3..i bodkin,a hjurlace, 

e. a^j. pcrtaining to hair 

offcathcrs, or hair, acomb, an 

Crttton, dnis,/ an Egyptian hcrb 
called Palma Christi. (ful. 

<Jrficiabilis,e. adj. vexatious, pain- 
Cri1ciabilitdr,ar/v.painfully, cniel- 
Criiriamcn,ihis.n.o. a tormcnt.(ly. 

Crita,x/. 1. a crcst,a tuft,a pluuie Criiciamentum, i. n. 2. torturc, an- 

guish, pain, troublc 

herb- Tollere cristas, to grow Criiciandus, a, um. pt. to be tor- 
proud» Jwv. mented, or tortured. 

Cristatus, a,um. a^/. crested ,tuft-Crucians, tis. pt. tormenting. 
cd, having a crest, or comb. Cruciarius,a,um. adj. worthy to be 

•£, adv. ius, comp. issfine, 

minalry, slanderously 

•us,a, ior, comp. is-l 

•n£ accusatory, rcproach- Cristiila. se. / 1. a littlc crcst, 

plumc, tuft, or comb. 
Crithe, cs./. 3. a sty on the eye. 
, Criticus,a, umao)'. critical. Critici 

dies, the 3d, 7th, 9th, &c. 
%a, um&dj. wearing- muchlCrltTcus, i. m. 2. a critic, onc who 

riry, rough. judgcs of thc genuinencss ancLCruciatus, us. m- 4. tormcnt, tor- 

ind£. jku*. Crfnior, iri. 4. goodncss of othcr men's writings turc,anguish,pain,affliction, gricf. 
rested, or tufted. Cr6catus,a,um adj tincturcd witn, Crttcifer, a, um. adj. carrying a 

.mJ5 hair, a tress, or lock or colorcd like safTron. (yellow- cross. 

a band of horscs' hair, a Crbccus, a, um adj. like safTronJcriicifigo, [crux, figo], gerc, ixi, 
in of a fish. Cr5clnum,i. n-2. aanron-ointment ixumacf. 3. to crucify, to nail, or 

a, um. atfj. hairy, full of Crdcinus, a, unuadj. of aaffron,of fasten to a cross, to han^. 

tormcntcd, or hangcd. 
Crticiarius, i. m- a tormentor, a 

pcrson hangcd. 
Cruciator, 6ris. m. a tormentor. 
Cruciltus,a,um pt tormented, tor r 

tured, afflicted, gricved. 

.ving much, or long hair. 

the color of saifron. 


CrucTfixus, a, um. pt. crucificd. 

non,i.n.2. an issue in law. Crocio, I*e.;i.4. to croak like a ra-Crucio,are.ocf tornn-nt,to tor* 

.*. 2. a rcddish lily(rams CrticTtatio, 6nis./ 3. a croaking. 
im, i. n. 2 a sacrificc of Cr8cito,are./reg.l. to croak,or cry 
./ 1. a kind of syrup. likc a ravcn, or crow. 
/. 3. a judgmcnt," thc dc- Croc&dIlia,a:/.l. excremcnt of thc 

of thc conflict betwcen 
and a distemper, a crisis. 
tis. jW. shaking, brandish- 
mbfing, wreathed,wrink- 

s, x, um. pt. curlcd, qui- 

land-crocodile, a wash«for thc 

05c6dTlinus^,um. ar{/. likc arcro- 
codilc, sophistical, ambiguous. 
CrftcotlTlus, i.m 2. a crocodilc. 

„ r .^ r .. , t Crftcomagma^tis.ti. ^. dregu of oil waving, curling.lof saffron madc into balls. 

io, inis./ 3 curlcdness. Cr6c6ta,x/.l.ayellow £own.(ment rity, inlmmanity« ficrccncss. 

Bre. act. 1. to curl, orb^rbcatula, x.f. a littlc ycllow gar-lCrQdelit^r, at/r-.ius, comp. isslmc, 

i, to shakc, or brancliih,to Crocdtularius, i. m. 2. a dyer ofl tvp. cruclly. 

d shine. ycllow. (fron.jCriidcsccns tis./>.'. gnroing ficrcc. 

ari. poit. to bc shaken. Crocum, i- n. & Crficus, i. m. saf-CrudcHCo,cerc. neut. >to grow nw, 

s, a, uiu. adj. dim. having "'rotalistria, se./ 1. a minstrcl. grcen ,er frcsh, to inciexse morc 

tresaes, or locks. Crotalum, i.n. 2. castanct. and more, to grow more ficrce 

ture,to pain, to vex, to grieve, to 

afflictjto distress,to makc uneasy. 
Crucior, ari, atus pat». to bc tor- 

mcntcd, or troubled, to bc vcx- 

cd, or frettciL • 
Criidaria, x /, 1. a vein of silver 

at thc top of a mine. 
CrudSlis, c. adj. ior, comp. issimus, 

*ff^.cruel,barbarous, fiercc,ill-na- 

tured, hard-hearted, incxorable. 
Criidelitas, atis/3. cruelty, barba- 

a, um. adj. ior, comp iasl- CrbtaphTtse firum, pl m. 
i. crispcd, curlcdyfrizzled, muscles in the templcs, 

1. two 

and crticl. 

tCrtdTtas, ftlis/. 3. cmditv, baddl- 





gestion. crude hun.our, rav» nc»«. CruvUitus, s, um. /tf. crustcd, plas- 
Criidus, a,itm. adj. ior. comp. iami- tcrcd, roughcast, covcrcdwith .1 
mus, *///>. cmde, raw, iindrc*<cdj| .shell, scalcd, cmbo-scd, platcd, 
gTccn, unripe, sour, unpleasant,: iulaid- [servc 

too young, fresh, new-mude, un-('nista,ure plastcr, to prc 

digested, qucasy, scpieauiish 

fierce, bloodv. cnicl. < ruda sc- crust\ . 

ncctus, strong and lusty, Vivtr 
Soluni cnidum, land that lics un- 
ploughed, Col. 

Cmstostis, a, um. adj. ior. comp. 


(•rustida, x. f. 1. a littlo crust, or pul, or closct, Id- 

Cubicus,a,um.a</; cubical, 1 
iibi)Cfi8.ii..i.a bcd,&rcouch 
a kennel,a bird's nest,a b< 
aminc,a gToundwork, or 
of stoncs in building. No 
in cubili,it wms%iot wcll lai 
Cubilc salutatorium, a littl 

Crustiiluriu.», i m. 2. a pastrycook 
>Cnistuhim,i ».2.a wafer,a thmcake 

Crucnt|tus.a, iim/^ma:le bloody,;*;nistuni,i. «.2 a crust, a emull 

dicd with blood,bloodshot U th« ih 
Crucntc, nttv- iuh % comp. hlondily, 

Crucnto,ire.acr.ltofetch blood.tcrCnix, iicis./ ii. a cross, a gibbet.01 

Crurifra#ium,i. /1. 2. a brcaking of Crvstallum, *i. n. 2. crvstal. 

piece, a morscl, a bun. 

Cubital,a1is. n. 3. a cu&hion 

thc elbow, a forc-sleeve. 

Cnbitalis, e adj. a cubit hij 

Cubitans, tis. pt lying alon 

i.-rustumiuu pyru. Catharinc pcars. Cubitissim, adv- with the e 

gulIows,uny thing, or pcrson, tliat Ciibltor, oris. m. 3. he tha 
troubles,vexcs,ortonnent9 us, af- 
flictiou. Quxte mala cmx agitat, 
What a mischief ails you ? Plaut. 

makc bloody, to imbnic, pollute, 

or sprinklc witii blood [bloodv 
Cruentoi^ari,atus pats. to be madc 
Cruentus,a,um. atij. ior, comp. is«i 

mmjvp. bloody, of blood, as rcd|Crypta,x/l.ahollowplace,a vauH 

as blood, cnie), fierce. Ihajj * 

Crumcna, x. / 1. a purse, pockct, 
Crumeniseca,x. <\?. 1. a cutpurse 
Cr or,6ris m.3.blondfi > omnwoumiJ si-crct. 

blood, gorc. [arined cap-a-pic. 
Crupcllarii, 6ruin/»f* m. 2. soldicr* 
-Cruralis, e. adj. cniral. 

a j»ink,a common sewer, a grotto, 
a cell, a cloister, a low galTery. 
Crypticus, a, um. adj. hid, close, 

Cr\ stallinum,i. n 2. a crystal glass* at table 
Crystullinus.a,um. adj crystaTline, 
made of crystal, clear aa crystal 

Cubito.are/ be usec 

down. » 

Cubitum, i. n. 2. a cubit, a 
Ciibitus,im. 2. a cubit, a fc 

a half, thc clbow. 
Cubltus, us. m. 4. a lying 
(ubo,bare,bui,bTtum « 1 t( 

•lie down, to be in bed, t 

one's bcd,to lie in childbc 

leg^s upon the cros*. 

Crurulis, e. udj. btdonging to the 
lcg. Crumles fascix, garters 

Crus, iiris. v.-$i. the lc£ from tht 
knce to theanele.the leg,the hin 
der leg of a quudrupcd. Crus ar- 
boris, thc bocly ot' a tree, CoA 

Crusculum i n 2. dim alittlelo^ 

Crusma, atis. «1. 3 a timbrel, a ta- 
bour, a tiiikling noise, or sound. 

CnsUillus, i./. 2. crystal- 

(;iibauuVs« ^, um. pt. to bc laid. 
Cid)aiis, i\s- pt lying, or sitting, ly- 

ing sick,o.<* dl, lcaning, stooping, 

dcscending, low. 
(_'iil).iiio, bnis./ 3. a lying down. 
Cubatus iis. >», 4. a lying down, aj uscd 011 mauy acci 

lyin^ in, a l»rooding. Cuciima, x./*l. a v 

Cruitii, x./ t. a crust of bre.ul, :J'.'uhi'-ularis, e. adj. pertaining to a 
piecc of icc frozcii, a pieec oti ehaniber,or lodging roum. 
wood,or stone, &.e. eiigraven andjiJuliiculuriiis, a, uin. adj. Id. 
finely inluid into vessels, a shell|Cul>iciih\rius \.m 2 a ehambcrlain. 
of lobstcrs&c a shcl1,pceLor«kiii{C'uhiculatus a, uin- adj, formcd to 
of any thing, ascurf, or scab of :»! lic 111. Navis cubiculata, a plca- 
sore,"a shanl or'marblc. ! sure-boai, or yacht, Sen. 

Cnistarius,i,.,i. 2. aplastcrcr,a ma-|('ubiculum, i. /r.2.a bcdchambcr, a 
11 engravcribr iidain work. parlour, a pavilion, a tcnt. 

Cubus, i. m. 2. a cubc, a di 
Cflcubo, are. n. 1. to cry 
1. i1cu)so,dnis.m. ... a hood < 

travel in,akind of frock[c 
(iicullatus, a, um. udj 1 
Ciicullus,i. m. 2 a hood, a 

frock^i pa|)cr,or coffcr fo: 
Ciiciilo, are, neui. 1- to cr 

Cuciilus, i. m. 2. a cuckov 

kuld-maker, a name of rc 
tssel lil 

cumber, a littlc bath. 
Cuciimcr, eris. m. ii. a cuc 
Cuciimis,is.m3. in acc. ciic 

cucumber, a shell-fish. 
('iicurbita, x.f. 1. agourd 

CucurbitInus,a,um.<jJ/. of 

made like gourds. 
Ciicurbitiila, ar. / 1, ci 





», vel Cucurrio, ire Tvi. n.4.|Ctiligna,x. /l.a bow), a dish. Cultrarius,i. m. 2. a slaughter-man 

v, or cluck like a cock. Cftlina, x ./ 1. a kitchcn, a sink, a for sacrificcs, a cutler. 

crc,di, usum. a. J. to ham- common scwer. Culinx, publicCultratus, a, um. aaj. made sharp. 

arge, stsmp, or coin. places for the burial of the poor. Cultrix,icis./3. a fcmale polhther 

U.usufl,/>.to be hammered.Culmarius, a, uni. adj culinarv. or drcsser, a worshippcr, an in- 

Mc In me isthxc cudctur.Culmcn,-nis. n.3.the top,or height habitant. 

[ shall pay dearly fbr that,> of athing, the ridge of a housc,Cultnnui. n. 2. ploughcd land. 

(cap.j or hill,the crown of onc's hcad,CultQra$./l.cujturc, cultivatio.., 
nis. m. 3. a leathcr, or fu/i hoiior,advancemcnt,dignity. Cul- husbandry, tillage, a dressing, or 
ttis. pronom. of what coun-j men fkbac, a bcan stalk, or straw, pnming, improvemcnt, instruc- 
sectr belonging to whom r Ov. . tion, a waiting upon, attcndance. 

oratio, any man's spcech.Culminia, x./. 1. a sort of olive. Cultus,a, um. pt.&.a(Ij. \ov, comp. is- 
pro Cuicunque. Culmus,i. m. the stalk, or straw of sTmus,«u6. cultivated, tillcd» ma- 

■Mi, be what it will. • corn. ! nured, dressed, adorned, trim. 

• um. /»ron-whose,whereof.Culpa,x. / 1. a fuult, an offcnce, med,garnished,wonihipped,ador- 
unmodi, of some sort or guilt, blame, mischicf, a miscar- ed,3ervcd,fine, ncat, gay, polite. 
9 !Culpabilis,e.a^'.blameable.(riagc. Cultus,us.m. 4. culture, a tilling, a 

6di, vox imkcl cx duobus.Culpandus.a, um. ptXo be blamecl manuring, husbandry, tilth, 

ds, cujus &. modi, of whatCulpans, tis. pt. blaming. 
uincr* fasliion, or quality r.Culpatc, ius. adv. faultily. 

trimming, apparel, dress, finery, 
tfnamcnts, worship, scrvice, ho- 

r rclativd, infinitivc, intcr-Culpatio, dnis/ 3. a blaming. nour,respect,obscrvance, attend- 

re t Sc adinirative. Cujusmo- Culpatus,a, ior, comp. ancc, provision, furniture, a way, 
such as it is, whatever jt blamed, disliked, blamcworthy. j or mcthod of living, a nursin£,or 
:. (ncr, or sort soever. Culplto,arp.a. 1. to blame, to cen- bringing up. (chahce. 

Sdicunque, of what man- suro. (sureCulullus, i. n. 2. a pitcher, pot, 

lcmddi, of what manncrCulpo, are. <r 1. to blame, tocen-Culus, i. m. 2. the tail. 
, such as it is. Culpor, ari. pa»a. to be blamed. ,Cnm,pr*p. [serv. ablat] in compot, 

x. /1. the tick of a bed, aCultc, adv. ncatly, handsomely. fere dic. con. with,together with, 
ihion, or pillow Cidcitam!Cu]tcllatus,a,um')M. & aaj. sharp in conjunction with, orassisted 
n faccrc, to fall on liis ownj likc a knife, edged, made plain. by, against, in, so that, providcd 
Plaut. (stcrer..Cu]teUo,arc.a.tocuteven,tolevel.j tliat. Somctimes it is clcgantly 

trius, i. m- 2. an uphoI-jCultcllus,i.m. 2. dim. a little knifc, ' used to denote thequality;often 
ila,x./.l.c/iiM.alittle pillow | apruning-kmfe. I itisto be cxprcssed in Knglish 

i, e. adj. containing the Cutter, tri./n.2.a coulter,a plough-i by anadverb signifyingtheman. 

(ty urns. 
n. a mcasure of for- 
m. 2. a satchel, a 

un, i 

t, i. 


vel CuUeus, i. m. 2. alea- 

ack, or bag,a sack,a mea- 

' our mcasure 1 80 gallons, 

(tlc fl^r. 
cis-flf.^. 3- a gnat, orht- 
\i3m%* ura.fl-//.driving away 
n cpithct of Apollo. 


sharc^i knifc, the part of a sicklc 
towards the handle. Cidtrr ton- 
sorius, a razor, Cic venatorius, a 
wood-knifct Suct. Relinqucrc 
sub aiitro, to lcavc in great dan- 
ger, Hor 

ntaining 20 bushels, or40JCultio,dnis/ 3.a tilling, a manur- 

ing, culturc, tillagc, tiith 

Cultor, oris. m. ^. a tillcr, a fius- 

bandman, a drcsscr.or pruncr of 

a vinc, a dweller,or inhabitant, a 

ner, and sometimes it is clcgant 
h' rcdiindant. Cum primis, in the 
first place,cspecially, Plaut. Cum 
equis.on horseback,r'.'c.Cum nri- 
mo lucl, vel Jprima luce, at day- 
brcak,or assoonxs it was day,/r/. 
Cum dicto,forthwith v iinracdiate- 
ly, J/»M4Postponitur hisce ablati- 
vis, mc, tc, se, nobis, vobis, qul & 
quibus; ut, mccum, tccum, se- 
cum, &c. 

wowhippcr, a Iover,an ob.cnr6rJC\tfC.i adv, U conj. V^_> ^N.>i\a5, 





gestion, crude humour, mw CruKUitus, n, criiHtcd, p]a.s-|Cubinuvi,um.aii/ cul 
Criidus, a,um. adj. ior. comp. issj- tcred, roiighcaMt, covcrcd with a v'ubilcfis.n.3.a bcd,o« 

mus, *up. crude, raw, undrcNScd, 
grecii, unripe, sour, unplcasant, 
too young, fresh, new-inade, un- 
digestcd, qucasy, squcainish, 

ficrce, bloodv. cnu-1. t mda sc- cmstv. 

ncctus, strong and lusty, fmr 

sliell, scalcd, cmboiiscd, platcd, 
iulaid- [sen'c 

l.'riist:i,are «. 1. to plastcr, to pre- 
Cmstosus, a, um. udj. ior. romf 


Cmstiila, i. /1 1. a little crust, ov 

Soluni cnidiun, landthat lies ur.-.Crusttilarhis, i m. 2. a pastrycook 
ploughed, Col. jCrust idum,i »2.a wafcr,a tlun cakc 

a kcnneUa bird's hcj 
amine,a groundwor) 
of stones in buildinf 
in cubili,it wasftiot w 
Cubile salutatorium, 
pcl, or closet, /</• 
Cubital,alis. n. 3. a ci 
the elbow, a forc-sle 

Cruent|tus.a, um. /;f madfe blooriyjcnistum, i. w. 2. a cmst, a «mall Cnbttalis, e. adj. acul 
" " ^ 11 --' 11 ' l ' -' piccc, amorscl, a bun. Cubttans, tia. pt lyinj 

(.niatumnia pyra. Catharinc pcars. Ciibitissim, adv- with 

Crux, iicis./ _. across, agibbet.orCubito^are/reg.l.tob 

gallows,any thing, or pcrson, that Cubltor, 5ris- m. J. 1 

dicdwithblood,bloodshot [crm thj piccc, a morscl, a bun. 
Cniente, adv- ius, comp. bloodily, 
Crucnto,are._c/.ltofetch bIood,to 

makc bloody, to imbmc, pollutc 

orsprinklc witii blood [bloody 
CruentoCtari,utus/KZff«. to bc made 
Cruentus,a,um. adj. ior, comp. ism- 

mus^itp. bloody, of blood, as redCrypta,a-/l.ahollow place,a vault 

aa hlontL rrn<*l. ficrrt* 1h_!r •> ^iiib .. /*/*— m*is*n _««.,*.*. « .—»_«««« 

as blood, cruel, ficrce. Ibag 
Criimena, sc. / 1. a purse, pocket, 
Crtimeniseca,x. cj. 1- a cutpursc 
Cr or,6ris m.J.bloodfrom n woitmi. 

blood, gorc. [armed cap-a-pie. 

legs upon the cross. 

Crurulis, c. adj. bclonging to tht 
ieg. Crurules fascix, garters. 

Crus, uris. n.-ji. the leg from tlu 
knee to theanclcthe leg,the hin- 
der leg of a quadniped. Crus ar- 
boris, the body of a tree, GW. 

Cnisciilum i n 2. dim alittlclog 

troublcs,vcxes,ortormcnts us, af- 
flirtiou. Quaetc mala crux agitat, 
What a mischicf ails vou ? Plaut. 

a sink,a common scwer, a grotto, 
a ccll, a cloister, a low galtcry 

Crvpticus, a, um. adj. Irid, close, 

Crystallinum,i. n 2. a crystal glass* 

Crupcllarii, orumytf. m. 2. soldicrs<jrystulI»nus.a,um. aaj cnstallinc, 
-Crurulis, c. adj. madc of crystal, clcar as crystal. 

Criinfra^-iuniji. n. 2. a brcaking of|CrystaIlum/i. ». 2. cnstal. 

Crystallus, i./. 2. cxystal. 


Cuband^H, a, um- pt. to be laid. 

Ciibans, tis. ^l.Iying, or sittiug, ly- 
ing sick t o." dl, lcaning, stooping, 
dcsccnding, low 

Cub.iiio, onis./ 3. a lying down. 

Ivin^in, a broodin^. 

, w./ 1. a cnist of hrcAd, :.'.'':bi'ularis, c. adj. pertaining to a 
of ice frozcn, a picco of| chamber,'or lodging room. 

Cmsma, atis. v 3 a timbrcL a t2t-|('iibatu.4 us. wi, 4. a lying down, a 

bour. a tiukling noisc, or sound 

picce ^- .-- , _ , , 

wood,o»' stonc, 6.c. cngravcn andihibicul&riiis, a, uin. udj. Jd. 

fir.elv inlaid into vessels, a shcll 

of lobsters,&.c a shcll,peel,or skiu 

of any thing, a *curf, or scab of n 

sore, a shard of marblc. 

«on, ;m cngravcr ior iidain work. 

Cuhicularius i.m 2 a cliambcrhun. 
( ■ubiculatus, a, um- adj % lbrmcd to 

lic iii. Navis cubiculata, a plca- 

sure-boat, oryacht, Srn. 

Ciibitum, i. n. 2. a cu 
(Jubitus,im. 2. a cubi 

a half, thc elbow. 
Cubftus, us. m. 4. a '. 
C ubo,barc,bui,bltum 

lie down, to bc in b 

one's bcd,to lie iu cl 

at tablc 

Ciibus, i. m. 2. a cube 
Cflciibo, arc. n. 
i. OcQlso,dius.m. ^. a 1 

travcl in,akind of fr 
i ucullatus, a, um. 
Cuciillus,i. m. 2 a ho 

frock,a papcr.or cof 
Ciiculo, are, neut. 1. 

Cuoulus, i. m. 2- a cu 

kold-maker, a namc 

used on manv accoi 
Ciicuma, x. f 1 . a ve» 

cumber, a littlc batl 
Cuciimcr, eris. m. ;i. 
CucumiSjis m -. in ac< 

cucumber, a shell-fi 
(-iicui-bita, x.f. 1. aj 

, CucurbitTnus,a,um.«K 

Cnistariu&,i,j;i. 2. aplastcrer, a ma-ICubVcuIum, i. /;.2.a Ivedchamber, a' made likc gounis. 

parlour, a pavilion, a tent. 

'Cucurbitula, ac. /. 





* vel Cucurrio, Ire Tvi. n.4.|Ctiligna,x. /ll.a bowl, a dish. Cultraritis,i. m. 2. a slaughter-man 
*, or cluck Hke a cock. Cftlina, x ./ 1. a kitchen, a sink, a for sacritices, a cutler. 
£re,di, Osum. a. 3. to ham- common scwcr. Culinx, pubticCultratus, a, um. attf. made sharp. 
wge, stamp, or coin. places for the buria) of the poor. Cultrix,icis. /.3. a female polisher 

i.usus,/>.to be hammered.CuIhiarius, a, um. atjj culinary. or drcsser, a worshipper, an in- 
,&c In me isthxc cudcturCulmcn,Tnis. n 3the top,or height habitant. 
shall pay dearly for that, of athing, the ridge of a house,Cultnnui. n. 2. ploughed land. 

(cap. or hill,thc crown of one's head,CultOraJ*./.lculture, cultivation, 
nis. m. 3. a leather, or fur honor,advancemcnt,dignity. Cul- husbandry, tillagc, a drcssingt or 
itis. pivnom. of what coun-j men fkbx, a bcan stalk, or straw, pruning, improvemcnt, instruc- 
iect? belonging to whom r Ov. i tion, a waiting upon, attcndance. 

omtio, any man's speech.Culminia, x.f. 1. a sort of olive. Cultus,a, um. jW.&ar(/.ior, comp. is- 
pro Cuicunque. Culmus,i. m. the stalk, or straw of sTmus,*w/>. cultivatcd, tillcd» ma- 

i&di, be what it will. ■ corn. ! nured, aressed, adorned, trim. 

um. /rron.whose,whereof.Culpa,x. / 1. a fault, an offence, med,garnished,worshipped\ador- 
mmodi, of some sort or guilt, blame, mischicf, a iniscar- ed.servcd,fine, neat, gay, polite. 
* ;Culpabilis,e.a4^.blamcable.(riage.CuItus,us.m. 4. culture, a tilling, a 

kli, vox indecl. ex duobus, Culpandus.a, um. be blamecL; manuring, husbandry, tilth, 

trimming, apparcl, dress, finery, 
ojnaments, worship, scrvice, ho- 
nour,rcspect,obscrvance, attend- 

is, cujus & modi, of whaiCulpans, tis. pt. blaming, 
uiner, fa&liion, or (juatity r Culpate, ius. adv. fauhily. 
r rclative, infinitive, intcrJCulpatio, onis/ 3. a blaming. 

i,8c atlmirative. Cujusmo- Culpatus,a, ior, comp. ance, provision, furniture, a way, 
tuch as it is, whatevcr »t blamed, disliked, blamcworthy . j or mcthod of living, a nursino;,or 
(ncr, or sort soever. Culptto,arp.a. 1. to blame, to cen-» bringingup. (chahce. 

kficunque, of what man-j suro. (surcCulullus, i. n. 2. a pitcher, pot, 

lembdi, of what mannerCuIpo, are. a* 1. to blamo, tocen-Culus, i. m. 2. the taiL 
, such as it is. Culpor, ari. pa»a. to be buuucd. ,C\im>pr*p. [serv. ablat] in compor, 

c.y 1. the tick of a bed, aJCulte\ adv. neatly, liandsomcly. | fere dic. con. with,togcther with, 
ihion, or pillow CulcitamlCultcllatus, a, uiri pt. & aaj. sliarp! in conjunction with, or assisted 
q facerc, to fall on his ownj likc a knife, edgcd, made plain. j by, against, in, so that, providcd 
Plaui. (stcrer.'Cultello,arc.a.tocuteven,tolevcl., : tliat. Sometimesit iselegantly 

rius, i. m. 2. an uphol-Cultellus,i.m. 2. dim. a little knife, 1 used to denote the quality; often 

U,x/.l.</»m.alittle pillow. 
, e. aaj. containing the 

(ty urns. 
im, i. n. a measure of for- 
, i. m. 2. a satchel, 

rel CuUeus, i. m. 2- a lea- 
ick, or bag,a sackot mea- 

ourmcasure 180gaUons, 

(llc fl^r. 
:is> d.g. 3- a gnat, or ht- 
iSpa* umo^/.driving away 
n cpitbet of Apollo. 

a pruning-knife. I it is to be cxprcssed in Knglish 

Cutter, tri./n.2a coultcr,a plougli-, by an adverb signifyin^ the man- 
sharc^i knife, the part of a sickle ner, and sometimes it is clegant 
towards the haudle. Cultcr ton- ly redundant. Cum primis, in the 
sorius, a razor, Cic venatorius, a nrst place,especially, /'ioii/. Cum 
wood-knitc, Suet. Relinqucrc * v '^ 1- **-'-** : 

sub cultro, to leavc in great dan- 
ger, ffor. 

itaining 20 busheb, or 40tCu1tio,dnis./. 3.a tilling, a manur- 

ing", culturc, tilhige, 

Cultor, 5ris. m. 3. a tiller, a hus- 

bandman, a drcsser.or pruner of 

a vinc, a dweUer,or inhabitant, a 

ec]uis,on horseback,r*c.Cum pn- 
mo lucl, vel |prima luce, at day- 
breakjorassoonas it was day,/r/. 
Cum dicto,forth>*ith, immediate- 
Iy,^M^Postponitur hisce ablati- 
vis, mc, te, se, nobis, vobis, qul &. 
quibus; ut, mccum, tccum, se- 
cura, &c. 

wor&Luppcr, a Iover,an obscrvcr.lCvtfii» achj, li. conj. ^Vft.t^ *N. Vw5, 





abacta: curriculum, midnightJ amall, imperfect, curtailcd, bob- ly, to retain. 


Curriculus, i. m. 2. dim. a chariot. 
Curritur, intprra. they nin. 

Cuiro,i^rc,cucurri,cursum.n. 3. totCurvamen, Vnis. n. 3. a bcnding. 

mn, to run on, ©r ovcr, to go fast, 

to post away, to pass, or turn Curvatio, onis./ 3. a bending, oi 

swiftly,to fly, to sail apace over, 
toflow, to thrill, to picrce. 

CurvatQra,x./la bending,abencl 
Curvatus, a, um. pt. bent, bowed, 

Curruca, se./l.a hedge sparrow, a archcd,winding.[ed,orbowdown 
tomtit, a pinnock, a cuckold, or Curvesco,c£re.n grow crook- 

tailed, battcred, broken, circum- Custodior, iri, itua. p. to 

cised. [bowed. 

CurvabTlis, e. adj. that may bc 

Curvans,tis.p{.bending. [winding 

Currus,us.m. 4. a chariot, a coach, 

a car, the horscs, a triumph, a 

waggon, or cart, a pinnacc, a fly- 

Cursans, tis- pt. running up and 

down,lcaping, frisking, honping. 
Cursatur, imp. they hurry about. 
Curs&turus, a, wmpt about to run, 

or happen upon. 
Cursim,a<fo.hastily, swiftly, apace, 

as fast as he can run, in full 

speed, in a hurry, cursorily, by 

the bye. 
Cursio, 6nis,/ 3. a running 
Cursrto, are./rog. 1. to run to and 

fro, to run. [fro 

Curso, arc. neuL 1. to run to and 
Cursor, oris-m*3.a runner, a raccr, 

a courier, or atated post, a mcs 

Cursdrius,a,um,ac^.cursory. Navis 

cursoria, a packet-boat, Sidon* 
CursQra, ac/ 1. arunning. 
Cursunifl, a, um. pt. about to nm. 
Cursus, us. m. 4. a course, a race, a 

ninning, spced, or hastc, a flight, 

a journey,or way,a voyage, a pas- 

sage, a progress, a career, a re- 

sort, or reeoursc, a manner, or 


Curtatus^.um.p*. shortcned. [off. 

Curto,areacr 1. to shorten, to cut 

Vurtor, Ori.Jku*. to be shortened- 

CurtuM, m, um. adj. ahort, tfttle. 

Curvitas, atis. / 3. crookcdncss 

Ciirulis, e. adj. bclonging to a cha 
riot. Sclla bhair of state 

Curu1is,is.m. 3. a chief magistrate. 

Curvn,arc.a. 1. to bcnd, to bo\v,to 
wind, to tum, to influence. 

Curvor, ari, atus, pass. to bc bcnt. 

Curvor, oris. m. 3. crookedncss. 

Curvum, i. n. 2. a plough handlc. 

Curvus, a,um. adj. crookcd, bcnt, 
bowed, turning, winding. 

Cusor,5ris. m. 3. a coiner, a forgcr. 

CuspTdatim, adv. witli a point 

CQsptdatus, a, um. pt- pointed. 

CuspTdn, are. a- 1. to point, to tag 

Cuspis,Tdis/3.thc pointofaspear, 
8cc. a spcar, javchn, arrow, &c. a! 
sting, a spit, an earthen pipc 

Custddia, ac. / 1. custody, carc, 
charge,a keeping, or prescrving. 
a prcscrvation, watch, tuition, or 
education, a keeper, or guard, a 
prisoner, or number of prisoners, 
a prison, or jail, a watch-towcr 
Custodia mihtaris, when thc pri 
soner and his kceper wcrc tied 
togcthcr, Sen. Custodia libera, 
when thcy had thc liberty of the 
prison, Sali. [kcpt 

Custddicndus, a, um. pt. to be 

Custodicns, tis. pt. kceping safe. 

Cusiodio,ire,ivi,itum, a 4. to kcep 
safe, to guard, to preserve, or de- 
fend, to look to, to attcnd to, to 
obscrve, watclv^ or mark diligent 

prcservcd, guarcicd, &i 
CustodTle, adv. ius, com, 
CustodTtus,a,um.p/. kcpt 
ed, guarded, secured. 
Custos,odis.c. t?. 3. a kee] 
dian, or prescrrcr, a w 
an overseer, a tutor, al 
a spy, a scntinel, a ' 
house-dog, a young bn 
Cutlcula, x. / 1. the cui 
outmost skin, a thin ski: 
C utTcularis,e atf/.belongi 
skin. Cuticularea mei 
Cutio, 5nis./ 3. a woodk 
COtis, is./3.a skin, the X 
pccl, or outmost coat c 
an outward show. Cura 
to make much of himsel 


Cy&mus, i-wi. Egypt 

Cyaneus, a, um. aaj- of 

bluc. Cyaneuslapis, tl 

stone. [bh 

Cyanus, i m m. 2. a lazuh 

Cyathisio, are. n 1. to p< 

into, or serve up a cup. 

Cyatlius, i. m. 2. a cup,a \ 

or glass to drink out o: 

mcasure conkuiung th 

part of a sextarius, a 

weight of ten drachms, 


Cybea, *./ 1. a large sli 

Cybiosactes, is. m. a flsl 

Vcspasian so called fa 


Cvbium, i. n. 2. a rand o< 

Cyclaclatus, a, um. aaj. ] 

woman's gown on. 

Cycliminus, i./. the h 

Cyclas, idis/ a woman': 

u round form wilh a ]od 






veil, a thin mantle. | written of, <$r about hunting. | ricgated,cunning,skilful, expert. 
•a uni- utlj. circular, tiirn-Cynice, adv cynically, churlishh . D.rmoiuonis. m. .1. a. dcmon,or spi- 
u L Cyclicum jumentum,'Cymcus,a, um ailj. cynical,churl-! rit,anan£clgood,«rbad,thede.vil. 

tiiat hatli thc vives, Jttn. 
• cyclicus, a trivial poct, 
:s a coutiiiued series of. Petron f apc, a name of Anuhis.iD.einonicus, a, um. adj. dcvilish, 

ish, currisli, doggcd. like a doj£. Dxmbnlacus, a, uni. adj. dcmoni- 
Cynic<t cirna, a mean supper,| ac, possessed with a devil, mad. 

without any of thc orna-,Cyii6ccphaLus,i. m. 2. ababoon,anj vilc. (gcnins, or angcl. 

fpoctry, 11 *r. a writcr of Cynoglossus.i.m 2. the hcrb dog's.I)semonium, i. n. a dcvil, a good 
ipsodies, as,of thc rapc of tonguc, a kind of tisli, a solc Dama, ae. */. g. 1 . a fallow dcer, a 
Achilies,Priain,&e..itT0/i.Cynorrh6dioii,i n. 2 tlie wildrose, decr, a buck, or doe,a wildgoat 

er one who makes and the flowcr of thc red lily. 
illaus ahout, Ttirnrb. [Cynosbatos, i./ 2. sweetbriar, the 
xlia, see F.ncyclopxdia. : capcr-bush. 

c*, se 
s, a, uni 

Damascenus. a, um. adj. of a da- 
mask prunc, ©r damasccne. 
Damnandus, a, um. />/. to be con- 

ja.2 acycle,circle,round.,Uyndsfira, x.f 1. the lesser bear.| demned. 

Damnans.. tis. pt. condemning. 

Damnas, atis adj. per synrop pro 
iy >IalaCydonia,quincevCypariss fc-r, a, \\m! adj. beariug, damnatus, Qnhit. scntenccd (on. 
ike a swan,soft and sweetj or havmg cypresses. . : Damni\tio,onis./ 3. a condemnati- 

i, a, tim. atlj. of a swanjcyparissus, i.f 2. a cypress trcc,Damnator,6ris.m.3. a condemncr. 
vel Cycnus,i. m. 2. a bwan,;Cyperum,i n.2.galingal (vct-tn-c.Dainnatdrious, a,uni. adj. thatcon- 
a nicknaine for a black-Cyprimis, a, utm adj. of thc pri- dcmns. Damnatoria tabella,a bill, 
'nerof, orlike a cylindex. Cy prinus, i. m 2 acarp. Cyprinus ©rverdictof a jury, finding one 
ceu», um. a/(f. iu theman-j latus, a bream. ■ S^i^y» Svei. 

is, i m. 2. a cylinder,a roll-]Cypriiis,'a, um adj. of, orfrom Cy-Damnaturus, a. um. pt. about to 
ling" pin, a precious stone^ prus. JEs Cyprium, copper> J*lin. eondcmn, that will con<lemn. 
and rotind, which womcnCydnis.i/. a bush like privet-caiti-Damnatus,a, um. pt ior. comp.con- 
i han£ at their ears, a fig-iC\pselus,i. m. 2. amarten. (pliire- demncd, cast, hlamcd, disliked, 
[jeometry . (sprout. Cythara/a. /. 1 . a turbot. ' bound, ©r obliged to a thing. (on. 

Cyma, atis. n. aCytmus, i. m 2 the firstbudof 

b, e- ndj blue, green. 

m, i. n. 2. carved work 

liii|f waves. 

ce. /. 1- a boat, ptnnace, 

oat, fisliilkfr-boat. 

stes, vel ('ymbalista, x. m. 

tiat plavs on thc cymbal. 

stra. x. f. she that playsDactyliotheca, xf. 1. a box,&c.for 

cymbal. (pipc. 

um« i n. 2. a cymbal, a 
n, i- n. 2. a cup like a boat. 
k,a:./l.a sculler. (cummin. 
tus,a, tim adj. mix<*d\titli 
m,i m 2. cuninun (sprouts. 
s, a, itm. adj full of young 
be, es./ 3. tlic quinsey 
dca, 5rum. pl. n. 2. books 

Cytisus, i- dub. gen. 2. hadder. 


DXbula, x.fa. kindof palm. 
Dactylicus, a. um. atlj. of, or 
bclonjring to a dactyl. 

rings, a collcction of jcwcls 
DActylis, idis./. 3. a long grape 
Dactylus, i. m. 2. a dactyl, a datc, 
thc fniit of a palni-tree, a shell- 
fish, a muscle, a jirccious stonc 
likc a fingxrr. 

Dasdalus, & l)*dalcus, a, tim, adj. 
artitifcial, ncatly, or curiously 
made. hamlsomely contrived, va 

aDamnatiis,us. m. 4. a condemnati- 

Damnif icus,a, uin. adj. that bringv 

'. harin damage, loss, ov prejtidicc. 

Damnigurtilus, a, um. adj. Id. 

Damno, ure. a. 1. to condcmn, to 

dislike, to disapprove, to doom, 

to devote,orconsi|rn over, to cast 

in a suit,to prove gtu^ltv,to obligt; 

»r bind to. (demnco\ c:ist, &c. 

Dainnor, ari, atus. //«**• to he con- 

Damntise. adv. with hurt, or loss. 

Damnosus» a,um. adj. ior, nnnp. is- 

simtis, #i//». hurtful, mischievous, 

dcstnictivc, prc judicial, causing, 

or suHering daniagis wasteftil, 

prodigal, cjLti-:ivagsint,expensive. 

Damnum, i n 2 loss. misforttme, 

hann. hurt/vwjwv^^^wwKiBt^XKt- 





judicc, disadvantagc, ruin, dc- Dp it 

structiou. 1 

Dandus, a, um. pt. to hc given. *De,pr*p. cum. abl. of, conccming. 

Daus, tis. pt (p\in£, showiiur. [cr. 
Danista,;t.m. 1. :m usurer, a bank- 
Diipalis, c tufj. sumptuou*, cobtly, 

presiding over fcasts. 
Dupatlcus, a, um. iu{j. sumptuouv 
Dapatilis, e. adj. sumptuous. 
D&pes>uin.b/. /*.3 good chcer, dain. 

tics, fcasts, banqucts, food. 
Daphane, cs.. o.a bay-trcc.[jrrovc 

Dapino,are providc, to pre 
pare, to drcss. [fcast, meat,food 

Daps, dftpis. /. 6. bauquet, or 

Dapslle, Dapsilitcr, adv. suinptu- 

Dapsi'Iis,e.a<//. noble, frcc, bountiJ 

touchinj? or ahout, from, out oi\ 
by,accordinj»; to, after, on, ©r up. 
on, for, upon tlie account of,pro- 
<•.<. cdinjr from, in, with rcgrard to 
by rcason of, at. De intvgro» a- 

a. 1. to wlnten, to wlii 
bcautify. Duos parict 
dcm fidclia dcalb:»r*", 
hiiiis wiil one stonc, _ 
Dcalhor, 7«rl. he 
Dcamatus, a, um. / 
loved,or valucd, dcarl 
Deambulatio, 6nis./ 3. 

fresh.anew,7Yr. De c*tero,hcre4 abroad, orabouta wal 

after,hence forward,AV« Dc com- 
pacto, by confedcracy,/VrtK/- Dc 
improviso, unexpectedly,by way 

Daphnon, onis. nn. 3- a laurel- of suq>risc,7Vr. Dc industria,forl/J<?amo, arc. a. 1. to lov 

thc purpoHc, Plaut. De transvcr- 
so, crosswisc, athwart, Cic De 
dic,by day, Curt. De mco, at my 
cost, Tcr. Dc scripto diccrc, to 

rcad a spcech, Cic. Dc omnium Deartuo, [dc,artus], arc 

.scntcntia,bv unanimous conscnt, 

Deanibiilatdriuin, i. ». S 

jralleryorplace to walk 

//cambu !o,~ire .n 1 . to ta 

Dcarmatus, n, um. ptAi 
/tearmo, ure. act. 1. to 
Dcartuatus, a, um. pt. d 
ed, disjointcd, entirely 

ful, liberal, plentiful,costly f statc-j /*VAdvcrbialtcr, Siisquc dcquc 

ly. ,' habcrc, tostogh %.Plaut- Dc pra> 

Dardanarius, i. m. engrosscr, : facili, very easily, lu. 

regratcr, or forcstallcr of tlieDc, in composition, usually sijjni- 

market. fies from or oft; as, descco: somc- 

Dardania: artc.s, witchcraft, Col- I timcs it sijrnifics hy; as, dcbcllo: 

Dardanium,i.n-2. a gold onutmcnt, somctimcs it stands f 6r deorsiim, 

to wcar on mcn's arms. 

i down, or dowuwards; as, descen-. an ax, to bc cajoled. 

tcar limb from limb, 

quarter,dismcmbcr,«»r < 

ces, quitc and clcan t 

dcstroy. [ed, squarcd, 

Deasciatus,a,um./i/. cliip 

/Jrtiscio, tochi 

to cut in pioces. 

Deascior, ari. p. to bc h 

Datarius, a, um. adj. frccly givcn. do: somctimcs it implics diminu- 

Datatim, adv. from hand to haud. tion; as, dccrcsco: somctimcs it . , ._. t . „.. 

Diitio, 6ius/, a yivin^, an appoint- decrcasctli, and sifrniiics thel)eauro [dc, aiiruml, ar 
iii^". [givctli, giving\ samc as valde, jrreatly, or vcry' frild, to lay ovcr witii ' t 

Dcaurator, 5ns. m- i». a 
Dcauratus, a, um /». # j*il 

Dativus, a, um. wlj. dative, that 

Dato, ure. a. to )pw. i;-oni onc to 

another, or from hund to hand. 

Dator,oris. m. i». a ftivcr, a causcr. 

Datum. i n. 2 a ^ifi, a prcscnt. 
Datur,im/>> ut. Ciuantuin dr.tur, as 
for as I can, or muy, Qtti/it. 

much; as, deamo: somctimcs itDcbacchatim.r/r/T. ravii 
sijrnifics the samc as oiiinino, Dehacchatio, onis- /. .>. 
wholly,or cntircly; as, dcmando: Debacchutus, a, <\ni .pt. 
somctimes it sijrnifics t.lic same jjcd,stormc<l, erplayct 
us apeite, plainly, or clearly; as man. 
dcmonstro: and somctimcs it dc- /ifhaechor, ari, fitus sui 
nics, and stands for non, not; as, mar, to stonn. to ravc 

Daturus,a, um. pt. wliich wiil ^ive. l)ea, x.f. I. a ffodde-w [ Dcbe1landu«, a, iun. /rf. 

Datus, a, um. pt. jrivcn, jcranted,|"jcannatus, a,um./i/ atonc.) [cned. due- 1 l>v war, to hc coi 
lcnt, joincd with, iqipoiuttd, as^Dcalbaudus, a, um./>/. to hc whit-Dchel] : ltio«diiiH i / > . ;>.n vzx 
sijrncd,' datcd. Data oper.i, on Dcalbatio, onis* /" .1. a whilcniiiirDchellfito, pi. :\b*n\. och 
purpose, Cic. [ii»}r. o\cr. [washrr. Vclut jani ilebcllatrv ; 

Datus, us. m. 4. a jriviitjr;. crrgrant-Dcalhator, oris. in. 3 a v» hite- t!»e war *v,is rini?»heiU - 

Daiicus,i. m. 2. a of wiid carJDealbatus, a, uni. />/. wiiil'.:ued. Dei>el!alo:',oris.w.>. a v; 

rvt, u Jinkbvi, a loKlihcurcr- ]Ucftlbo,[dc, ulbus], ure, avi, atuni. l)ebeilatrix,ieii</: o. sbji 





imp. the war is at 

(an end.{D£cacuminatio f 5nis./ 3. a lop- cd, or coupled togcthcr. (long. 

s, a, um. pt. about to Decacfiminatus, a um./rf. loppcd. Decenipedutor,6ris m. 3. a survey- 

ping off the tops of trces. 

jDcccinpeda, x.f. 1. a rod ten feet 

war,about to subdue 
a, um. pt conquered. 
.act.. 1. to conqucr, to 
j subdue,to ovcrcome, 
ri. />. to be conquered. 
pt. owing, indcbted. 
bui,bftuin.a.2. to owe, 
to be indebted, to be 
Cum infin 1 ought, or 
umarn dcbcrc, to owe 
one is worth, 7Vr. 
p.\o l»c duc, or owfng, 
lious to. 

(uij. ior, comf. weak« 
e, impotent, maimcd. 
itis./. 3.weakness, fec- 
decay of strcngth. 
,6nis./3.a wcakcning, 
ling, a discouraging 
, a, um. />/• weakcned, 
, discouragcd, dismay- 
<sfr. wcakly,fcebly.)cd. wcakcn,oren- 
hurtf to break, tu dis- 

0£ cacfimmo, are. act. \. to lop. iDecempIex, icis. adj, tcufold- (or 
DecacumYnor.ari. atus. pass. to be DecemprTmi,5nini./>/.w». 2. thc tcn 

topped, or lopped. 
Dccalbgus, i. «. 2. thc decaloguc, 

thc ten commandmcnts. 
Decanatus, us, w. 3. a dcanery. 
Dccantatus, a, sung, or so 

lcmnly proiiounecd, much spo- 

/Jrcanto, arc.a.l. to sing or chant, 

to makc an cnd of singing, to 

celebrate, to extol, to rcpeat of- 

tcn, to pratc. 

Decantor, ari pat*. to be praised. 
Dccanus, i. m 2. thc lcaderof thc 

file,a dean.thc hcad of a college 
Dccapito [de, caput], arc, a. 1. to 

behead, to cut oif thc hcad. 
Decapulandus a, to bc lad- 

cd out (out 

ri. atus. p. to be wcak- 

s- «i. 3. a weak person. 
\\M.f. owing. 
•is. m. 3. a debtor. 
n. 2. a dcbt- Debitam 
;ath, Cor. JKlep. 
k,um. pt. about to owe. 
un, pt. due, owing, de 
signcd, appointed. 
js, a, um. pt. foolishly, 


chief hcadboroughs, gencral rc- 
ccivers of tributc. 

Deccmscalmiui, a, um, adj. having 
tcn bcnchcs, or oars- 

Deccmvirulis, o. adj. pertainingto 
tlic ten governors. Collcgium dc- 
cemvirale, the council of slate, 
Cic. (of thc ten govcrnora. 

Dccrinviratus, ito. m. 4- the oflice 

Decem% iri, onim pl m. 2. ten men 
choscn und appointed for writ- 
ing thc twclve tables of the Ro- 
man law,.io.U.C. 301, governors, 

Decennalis,e. artj. deccnnial,of tcn 
vcars, or thsit lasts ten vears. 

Dcccnuia, ium. pl. n. o. snlcmn 
gaiiicstobc kept cvcry tcnth year 

/JFcapulo,arc.<i.l. to lade, or pourlDcccnnis, e. adj. of, or lasting ten 

Dccas, adis. / a decade, tcn m 
numbcr. (pillars. 

Dccastylus, a, um. adj. having tcn 
/7?caiilcsco,cere.i nc. 3, to go to a 
stalk, to Bhcd lcavcs. 
cnfcebled, to be cast|D£cedens,tis. pt. departing, going 
hcartencd, or discour- oft', oraway, giving placc, dying, 

altcring, changing, varying. 
Uecedo,dcrc,cessi,cessum. n. 3. to 
depart,to go off,or away,to retirc 
retreat, or withdraw, to give 
place,or way,to yicld, to ccase,to 
dic,to weaken, or dccay,to be di- 

avoid- (havc thc way givcn. 
DecSdor, di. dep. 3. to dcpart, to 
D^ccm, adj. inilecl. pl. ten. 
Deccmber, bris. m. 3. Dccember. 

are- 1. to bubhle, toDCcembris, e. at(j. of Decembcr. 

lor, dris. m. 3. a trum- Libcrtate Decembri uti, to play 

is own praise. (forth. Christmas gambols. 

ire. u. 1. to trumpeVDCccmjugis,; luving ten yok- 

Dccennium, years. (years 

l)Ccens,tis./>/. Uadj. ior, comp. issi- 
n\u %g/if> decent,belonging. sccm- 

Deccntcr, mlv. itis. comp, issimc. 
up. deceutly, becomingly, sccm- 
ly, litly, gracefully, exeellently. 

Decenti:i,3c/. decency,comclincss. 

Decco,ere.cui.w. 2. to bccome, bc- 
fit or bescem. Decctme Iikc vcs- 
tis, it bccomes mc, or sits well on 
me,Plaut. Lcgitur tantum inter- 
tia pcrsona, idque fere impcrs. 

minished, or abated, to shun, or Dcceptio,dnis.y.' 3. deception, de 

ceit. (guilcr. 

Ileceptor^ris.jn. a deccivcr, a be- 
DcceptQrus/i, \\m>pt. about to de- 

Duceptus, a, um. pt. dcceived, bc- 

giiled, dcluded, caught, disap- 

pointcd. (crecd. 





«cernens, tis. pt. dccrceing. ; it is convenient,apt,ormect.(cay 
JJccruo.ncre, crevi, cretum, a. 3. Decidium,i.7>. 2. a downfall, a dc- 
to decrce,to dctcrmine, to ordcr, Decido, [de, cado], '"cre, idi.w. 3 
or appoint, to decide, to give sen- caret »up. to fall, to fall down, or 
tcnce, to pronounce, to judge, into,to drop,to fall,to be brought 
concludc, or infer, to discern, or low, to dic. 
ctistinguish, to contend, or dis.Decido,[dc,c<cdo|,dere, idi,istim. 
pute,to fight,orcngagc,to dcsign, 1 a. 3.tocut off.orout,to determine, 
or purpose. I to concludc, to scttlc, to com- 

Dcccrnor, ni, oretus. p. to be de- pound, or capitulate, to express. 

, crccd, appointed, proposed, de-Dccidor, di. pasn, to be cut ofF. 
termined, &c. 

Decerpcus. tis. pt. gathcring. 

Decerpo [dc, carpo], perc psi, 

ptum.r/ '6. to pull, orpluck. ofl', toj horns, PUn. (cut. 

pull away, to crop, or gathcr, toDcciduus, a, um.adj. hcwn down 
get, or gain, to duuinish, lcsscn,!Decics,ar/i'.tcn times,oftcn, ncvcr 
or abate, takc off. { so oftcn, indefinitcly. Decics, 

Deccrpor, pi. /></**. to be plucked 1 aloncor with the gcnit. sestcrti- 

Decerptio,6nis/. ;J. a plur king off. uin, sign, so many hundrcd thou- 

Dcccrptus, a, um- pt. gathcrcd, sand scsterccs. 
plucked f»ff, takcnfrom. Dccima, *./. 1. a tenth, or tithe. 

Dcccrtandus, a, to bc con-Dccinia:,aruiii.p/./l.tcntlistithes 
tcndcd for. DecTmani, drum. pl. m.2. tithe-ga- 

Deciduus, a, um. atif. subjcct to 
falling, falling, fading. Cnrnua 
cervis dccidua, stags shed their inatory, of dcclaiming 

Dcclamaturus, a, um. pi- iW 
Dcclamftans, tis. pt. dcdtit^ 
/ieclami^, arew,l todechii 

Decertans tis, pt. contrndiug 

Deccrtatio, 6nis./3. astriviiigtbr 

mastcry, the. management of a 

dcbate. (strives for the mastery. 

Dccertatorius, a, um. adj. that 

Deccrtatur, imp. a quarrcl, or coii-|Dccimo, 

tention is madc 
Deccrtuturus, a, um. pt. al)0ut to 

contcnd, or engage. 
Dcccrtatus, a, um. pt coiiteuded 

about, strovc, or fought for, per- 

formcd,orobtaincd by contcntion 
7i?certo,are.7< contcnd, or en 

gage, to strive, or dispute, to try 

it out by words, or blows. 
Deccssio, onis./ 3. a departurc, a 

lcsscningiof abatcrocnt, an inter- 


Dccessor,5ris.m. 3. a prcdecessor. 
Dcccssus, us. m. 4. a dcparture, a 

ccasing, a deceasc, death 

thcrcrs, soldicrs, of tlie tcnth lc- 

gion. (fair, of a largc si/e 

Dccuiianus, a, um adj. the tcnth, 

Decimatiojdnis./ 3.dccimation, a 

titfiing. (tithc. 

Decibio,6nis./3. a deciston,* 

termination, a cutting off, m 

Decisus, a,um. ptxvX ofTjdedd 

determined, ended, exptcfl 


Dcclamans, tis. pt. decltinuf 
Dcclamatio, dms /. 3. a dedl 

tion,a oratkfl 

on a theme, the subject cfli 


Dcclamator,5ris m-3. a 
Dcclamfitdriu*, a, um 

are. a. 1. to dccimate, tol dcclarc. 
r,ari.atus./>.to bc dcrimat-JDeclaratiis, a, 

/)?clamo,are. n. 1. to deekH 

cry out cry out tga 

to inveigh, to rail. (or setll 
Declarandiis,a,iini./ be ski 
Declaransytis. pt. declaring, s) 


Dcclaratio,6nis /3 a dedsif 
Declarativus, a, um. adj At> 

tivc. (« 

Declarfttor, oris, m. 3. he * 
Declaraturus, a, d 


cd. (containing tcn bushcls. 

Dcc1m6dius,a, um «</;'. holdiug, o; 
Decimum, aih\ thc tenth time. 
Dccimus,a,um. adj thc teuth.(cd. 
Decipiendus,a. tobcdeceiv 

Decipio,[de, capio],erc, ccpi,cep- Dcclinanclus, a, umpt f 

tum. a. to deceive, to beguilc, to 
chcat, to imposc on, to take, or 

Decipior, pi, ceptus. pa*8. to be 

Dccipiria, ;t./ 1. a snarc, a trap. 

/Vcircmo, are.u. 1 to draw a cir- 
clc, or bring into compass 

Decircmis,is./ " agallcy withtefl 

OiccU/ftp. it bccomcB, it bchovcs, ranks (if oars,or ten oarsin a scat, k Decliiiaturus, a, tur 

um. ptAcd» 
portcd,rcmonstrated. ciis 

/Jc^claro, are a. 1 to dc 
show evidently, tn makf proclaim orpr 

Declaror, ari./hi^.to be 

or bc declincd, to be a 
Declinans, tis. pt. def 
crttasingjdrawing tow 
Dcclinatio, 6uis,/3 a • 
a declension, a turn 
turning aside, oraw; 
ing, or eschewing, 
digressiun, a clime, 





iidc, shnn, &c. j bankrupt, or brcak,to niin. Deco-1 thcy fought in earnest, as at 

tus, a, um pt. turncd, or qucrc fortumc, non vitio suo, to sharps,&w. hora, the fataJ, orlast 
r asidc, ilcclining-. Declin- bccomc bankrupt through mis-| hour, not to be avoided, /</. 
is, dccliiiinir ycars, Quint. fortune, Cic. (ed down. Decrctum,i.ji.2 adccree.astatute, 

tarc.a.&. n-l. to declinc, to|DScbtiuor,i,octus. pa*a. to bc boil-j an act, a principle, or axiom. 
idc, •/• away, to bend, onDecor,6rU m. 3. comchncss,gx*ce,Decretunis, a, about to de- 
>shiin,avoid,«reschew,to gniccfulncss, bcauty, loveliness.j cre c, detcrminc, or cngage. 

or pa*» hy, to lcssen, or Dcc&ramcn. inis. n. an ornament,Dccretus,a,um./^dccreed,ordain- 
to digrcss. Dccorandus^i, to be adorn- ed,votcd,assigncd, detcrmined. 

, c tulj. hcnding down- cd, set forth, or rccommeuded. Deculco [de, calco,] are. acl. 1. to 
lescc-nding, stccp, old. Dccorans. t'mpt. adorning. trampleupon,totreadunderfoot. 

iS atis. / i. a dcelivity. Decoratus, a, um. pt. adorned,em- Dcculpatus, a, um. pt. blamed. 

i^ <\n DcclivU hcllished, rcconimendcd. (fitly 
, x/. 1. wati-r hoilcd and Decore, adv. coincly, gTacefiilly. 

Dcc6ro,slrc.ri. 1. lo atlom,to gTacc, 

x>1c;l with siiow. 
3, dnis f 3. a dceootiuiv 
n*. oris. m ■ ». a spcndthrift. 
im,i.n.2 a dccoction.broth. 
Ira, x.f. 1. ///. 
is.A,um- pt. & adj. \or t comp 
toddcn, or boiled, mclted 
luacious, well digcstcd 
«fincd, riotously spcnt. 
is,us.jn 4-ahoiliiig'ofliaiior 
Uo, dnis. / 3. a behcading. 
.[de,collum.] arc,avi,atum. 
1 put, or loosc a thiiu? ofl 
ac's neck, to behcaci, to 
disappoint, to be gone 
a ,an- pau. to be bchcadcd. 
1 6rU aaj. discolourcd,that 
«tthe colour, tawny, dc- 
, cornipt, shameful, dUho- 

- _ (ing. 

itlo, 5nis./ 3. discolour- 
Itus, pt. discolourcd 
j^ jirc. act. 1. to dUcolour, 
sii, to stain. 
>r«&rit atus. p. to bc disco- 
:ndusa,uni. pt. to be boil- 
», ere, oxi, octum. a. 3. 1. 
sccib. to boil away, to hc 
cd in melting, to con- 


Dccfima, *. /. 1 tlie tcnth part 
Dcciimx, arum. pl. /. 1. tenths, 
tithcs. an impost, aticket. (men. 

to cinbcllisli, to set forth, to rc-jDeciimani, orum. pl. m. tithing 


De'c5ror, ari pas*. to bc adorncd. 
Decorticatio, onis/. 3. a peeling, 

or barking of a trce. (barkcd. 
DecortTcatus, a. um. pt. pceled, 
Dccortlco [dc,cortex,] are. a. 1. to 

bark, or pecl a trcc. 
Dccorticor, ari. p. to be pceled. 

DccQnianus,a,um adj. of the tenth, 
grcat fair, of Iarge sizc, huge. 

Decumbcns, tis. pt. l>ing down. 

/?<*ciimbo,bcrc,tibui, ltum. n. 3. to 
lie down,to sit at keep his 
bcd when sick, to fall down and 

Decunx,ncU.m o.ten ounces (die. 

Dfccuplo. adv. tcnfold. (much. 

Dcc5rum,i<n-2.dccoruni,comclinGujD£cuplus, a, um at{j. tcn times so 
seemlincss, suitableness, good D2cfiria,ae./l-a sct of ten men ap- 

gracc, good fashion, or carriagc, 

Decdnis,a,um adj. comely, becom- 
ing, dcccnt, graccful, handsomc, 
fashionablc, lovcly. 

Dccrcmentum, i. n. 2. a dccrcase. 

Dccrcpitus a » um - ai \l- decrepit, 
crazy. [lcsscmng. 

Dccrcsccns, tis. pt. dccreasing, 

Dccrcsccncia, x/l.adecreasing. 

W?crcsco, cere, crevi.crctum.n. 3. 
to dccrcasc,to lessen, to wauc, to 
wcar away, to decay, to abatc. 

Ducritfct/pro. Decrcvissct. 

DocrCtorius, a, um. adj dccrctor, 
jndicial, criticAl, dccUlve. Dccrc- 
torium sidus, thc dogstar. sc. 
which dctcrmincs whctlier tlte 
vinc and othcr fruit4recs are 
likely to do wcll^PiVn. Arma dc- 
cretoria, wrapons whercwith 

pointed to any office,&c. a sct, or 
roll of judgcs, a company of sol- 
diers, a sct of jolly fcllows. 

Dccflriatio, 5nis. /. 3. a dividing 
into wards, or companies. 

Decitriatus, a, um. pt. divided into 
wanls, hands, or troops. 

Decuriutus, us. tn. 4. the dividing 
into companics of ten mcn each. 

DccQrio, 5nis. m. 3. a captain over 
tcn mcn, thc lcader of a iile, a 
serjeant,a corporal^t civil oflicer 
likc our high coiistablc, a tith- 
iug* man in a county, an alder- 
man. Decurio palatii, thc lord- 
steward, or perhaps the house- 
kccpcr,Jf(jrc. Dccurio cubicula- 
rionim, onc of the head-cham- 
berlains, Suet. 

Dccurio,are. o 1. toputintp small 





companics, to range, or ruiik. iypdeceo, cre. w. 2. lo m_sbecorae. Dcditurus a» 
Decurior, ari- Jfcm. to be rankcd. />ed<:cel, iw/> it doth not bccome. surrender. 
Decurionatus, us. m. a serjeant\s Diidecor, ons. adj. uusecmly, dls- 
DecuiTens,tis.^f. running. (place. graccful. 
Dccurrltur, imp. they ruu, or have Dcdcc&raus, tis. pt. disgracing 

recourse to. D€dccoratus, a, disgraccd. 

Decurfo, rcre, ri, & cucurri, ur- /}?dcc5ro, are. a. 1. so dishonor, 

iuni. ?t. _>. to run down, along, or to disgrace, to disparagc. 

hastily,to run,or pass over, to sail Dcdccorose, adv. shamcfally. 

along,to sct down, or dcscribc, to Dedecordsus,a,um. at\j. shameful. 

resort, or havc recourse to. Dedecbrus, a, um. cufj. Itl. 

Dccursio, onis. /. 3. a running, or Dedecus,oris.n. 3 disgrace,discre- 

coursc, a sailing along,a descunt, dit, dishonor, infamy, shamc, a 

orinroad,atilt,or tournamcnt.(run shamcful thing, or action.(dcrcd 
DccursQrus, a, um. pt about to Dcdcndus, a, um. pt to be surreu 
Dicursus, a,um./>/. passed, or mn Dcdcns, tis. pt. surrendcring. 

ovcr, run out, finishcd, endcd. .Dedicandus, a, to be dcdi- 
Decursiu,U8.m.4. a runuing dou n, 1 catcd. (voting. 

a dcscent, a ounse, a strcam, orDedicans, tis. [4. dcdicating, de 

current, a going, or passing.Dcdicatin, onis./ 3. a dcdicution 

through, thc end of a coursc, or Dedicatfirus, a, uin. pt. about to 

race,atjlt,ortournament,un attack'- dedicatc. (consccrated,de votcd 
Dccurtatio,dnis./ 3. asnortcning.Dtdicatus, a, dedicatcd, 
Dccurtutus, a, un_. pt. sbortcned. //rdico,are. act. 1. to dcdicate,to 
Jfccurto, are. act. 1. to shorteu. i consecratc, to dcvotc. Dedicant 

n^ua rima ti '.\ on hnnra>4 imro ' m_nrl<itn fli/»v _l_«1iv«»i* tli/Mi» rr»/-c_ 

um. pt. a 

Dcditus,a,um. pt. ior, com 
up, surrcndcrcdtaddicte 
cd,subservient. Dcdita 
sct purposc, CVr. 
/J£dn,dere, dcdidi, ditun 
Bubniit,or yield,to givc u 
render,to give over,to o 
intrust. (signcd, give 
Dcdor, di, deditus, p. h 
/Jedoceo, cre, cui, ctum- 

Dcdolandus, a, um. pon 

Dcdolatio, onis. /. 3. a h< 

Dcddlator, dris- m. 3. a h 

Dedolitus, a, um. pt. hei 

__>?dolco,ere,hii- n.2.togr 

roughly, to grievc no m 

/Jpdolo, arc. a 1. to cut, . 

chip, or squarc, to fas 

smooth, to planc. 

Dedblor, ari, atua. tt. to b 

smooth, fashioncd, &c. ( 

Dedftccndus, a, um. p* 

Dccugjoris. ». 3. aa honor,a grace, mandata, thcy dclivcr thcir mcs- Dcducens,tis pf.bringin^, 
an omainent, a commendation. | saffc. »»--i« -■ * 

Decussatim,a_/t>.crosswise (cross. Dcdicor,ari./>. to bc dcdicated (cd. 
Decussatio, onis./ 3. a cuttin^ a- Dcdignandus,^ um.ft/.to be dUdaln 
Decuss's,i8 m. 3 a coin,or piccc ofDedigiians, tis pt. disdainin^. 

moncy,of the valueof the ltomartDcdignatio, dnis. / a disdaining, 

dcnariua, ten asscs, ten j)ounds contempt. (daincd 

veight,tlie number of ten, the i'_- Dedignatus, a, um. pt. haviug (hs- 

gure of tiie letter X. 
Decusso, are. a. to cut, or dividc, 

aftcr the form of the lctter X, to 

cut croi swise, to cross, to bisect 
Dccusbus, a, shuken, bcat- 

en down, demoushccL 
Decussus.iis.m. 4. a beating down. 
Dechtieus, tis. pU shaking down. 
Deciitio [de,quatio], terc, ussi,us- 

sum.a 3. to shake or strike ofT, to 

shake, or beat down. 
D€cutior,ti,us8us. p. to be siiaken 

off, or strickcu down^ 

/>?(lii;nor,arj,atus sum. d. dis- 
daiu,to count umvorthy,to refusc 

Dedim,pro Dederim,7 Vr.(to deny 

Dedisccndus, a, um. pt. to bc un 
learncd,to bc practised no morc. 

7J>e disco,ccre,d€didfci, car. »up> a 
3. to uidearn, to forgct what one 
hath learned, to leavc one's for 
mcr habit (disusud, &c. 

Dediscor, ci. p. to be forjjotten 

Dedltio, onis. / 3. a yielding up, 
a surrendcr. 

Dcditztius,a, uax.aqj, «ffrendieicd 

Z>cduco.cere,uxi, uctum. 

bring,orfetch down,to ta 

or away, to aubtract» or 

derive,to make sm&lJ, w 

to draw or spin out, to i 

unfurlato prolong, to cai 

launch, to lead forth, 

plant,to remove, or witJ 

convev, or conduct,to w 

«rattcnd, to cngage, or \ 

Deducor,ci,uctus^.to be 

Deductio,5nis. i- 5. aded 

abatement, a bringing, i 

forth, a conveyancc. 

/>fducto, are./re?. 1. to 

Deductor,5ris. m.3. act 

an attendant, a follower 

DeductQrus^um./^. aboi 

DCductus, a, um. pg. ior, 

ductedyUkeA fryn^tr %\ 





-ivcl, bronght, »r han(le<lll)Efcctu%6s m.4 » defect, a want.i languid, listlesi, hcartlrs*. 

broiiglit-fctchcd, condact- 
lrvyed, brought over, o> 
*wn f divided, scparatcd, 
uder, low, mean, humble 
i». tis. pt. stragjrling-, stray- 

firus, a, um. pt. about to 

are. n wandcr out of Defendor, di, ensus. p. to bc de- 

y,to strafrjrle, or go astray, 
•ess. to miss thc mark. 
Le 1 , adv purcly, clearly. 
tio, onu f 3. a fininjr. 
tus, a, um. pt. fined, clcan 
Iregs, quiet, casy. 
[de facx], carc, cavi, c*. 
cf . 1 to clear, or frcc from 
toftnc, to 8train t todccant. 
r, ari ^. to be drawn from 
etyto be plain, or ccrtain. 
itio 6nis f ■»- a pnming. 

a failing, an cclipse. (fended.lDcfctiscor [dc, fatiscor], ci, fcssui- 
Dcfendendus, a, um. pt. ti> be dc- dfp. .>. to lie wciry. or faint. 

!K*fcndcns, tis. pt. defending. 

Dcfcndo,de>c,di,nsum, <i. 3. to dc- 
fend, to guard, to presenv, or 
kcep,to kecp,o)-ward oif, to kccp 
out, or away,to act, to support, to 
afnrm. avouch, or maintain. 

fcndcd, kcpt off, avouchcd, &.c. 

DCfensans, tis. pt defendinjr. 

DcTensio, 6nis./.3. a dcfcncc, a de- 
fending. (very oftcn. 

DcTcnsito, Src.frtq. 1. to defend 

Dcfcnso, arc. a. 1. to dcfend often 

Defcnsor, ari pats to be dcfcnded 

D&fcnsor, 6ris. m. .J. a dcfcndcr, a 
kceper, a prescrver, a saver, a 
guardian, a cliampion, an advo- 
cate. (dcfend or maintain 

Dcfcnsikrus, a, um pt. that will 
itus, a,nm. pt pruned, cut Defcn*m,a,unt.^/. dcfcndcd.kcpt, 
x, are a. to prune, to cut a-1 ma ; ntained- (ool. 

ttu*M-um/tf.definTcd(way.;Deferbco, erc, bui «.2. to grow 
o[de, fa:n.i] are. a. 1. todc-;Dcfcrendus,a,um./-f. to bc carricd. 
toslander. to scandalizc. jD€fcrens,tis^f. brinjringjcarrying. 
f-tio, 6n:s. f. 3. wearincss. /J^fcro, fers tuli. lutum. a. I*. to 
•itus. a, um. pt. uearied.tir-! bring,or carry o(f, to bringf,©/* car- 
imVworn out of htart. [tire.! ry word,to bring,carry .or convey. 
jo.arc- act. 1 to wcary, to to tell, ov infonn, to offer, or prc- 
*or,ftri />«tt. to !.*e wcaried 1 scnt.toconfer,orl>cstow. DefVrre 
ecns, tis. pt. langnishing, nomcn alicujus to implcad nn-*..DcfiiiiTivus, x, uin. «///. dcnnitivc, 

or complain of him. Deferre pri- to bc cvpUint-l. 
«,6nis/ 2 defcction,nr rc- mas alicui, to givc him thc prc- Dcfinituin est, imp. it is resolvcd. 
defec%or want^ failing. or fcrcnce Cic. DefinitUH,a, uni. pt. defincd, deter- 

injr, a feeblcncss, ov weak- Dcfcror.rri, latiis p. \o l>c carried, miued, liiuitcd, fixcd. (wuntinjr 
swoon,orqualm,an cclipse. convcyed, committcd, fcc. i/Jtfio, ieri. n. p. ^. to lack, or bc 

rua, a, um. ailj defective. /i?fervcfacio,cerc f5ci factiim,» Dcfioculus *• ni. 2. hc that lar.ks 
ir, oris m. J. a rcvoltcr. .l.tomakctoboil,toniake<piiTv.*hot an eye. (fasten, set, &c. 

irus. a. about to i^-Defcn*efactus,a,iiin.W. h.>ile Iwrll. Defixunis, a, um. pt abont to fix, 
esert, or forsakc /icfenesco, cere, fervi £c fcrbui. Diifixus a.uiu. pt. nxed, fastcncd^ 

ij, a, um. pt. ior, comp. issT- i/ic.3 to grow cool,to ahate, or bc set, intent, at a stand. 
•p w.u»Vd, speut, woni out, abated, to relcnl. .Dcflajrrans, tis. pt. rons-.iminff. 

•4, haviuir Io«t, d.s:itutc,/>?fcn'o,vcrc.\i.7i 3. to {rmw cool.Dcfla^rratio, onis. f. u burninjr, U, 
( t inaswo*>n,qu!t'-fi!iishcd. D?fi^in, a, um. pt. trwry. »ir«-d,i ronriu^raiiaw. 

DeffcieniStis. pt. failing, fainting, 
bcinjr in an cclipsc. 

Dcficio [dc, facio,] cerc, f?ci, fcC» 
tum, act. .1. to fail,to leave, to for- 
sake, to revolt, to faint, or bc dis- 
courafred. to sink under, tobe in 
an cclipsc, to bc dcfectivc, t dccay,to break,to cnd 

Def icior, ci, fcctus, p. to be dcsti- 
tute, or not supplicd, to want. 

Defi^cndus, a, um. pt to bc fixed. 

Defigcns, tis. pt fixing". 

/)cf!go.gerc, ixi, ixum a. 3. to fix# 
to fasten, to put down, to thnist 
into, to plant, to set, or place, to 
pitch, to astonish. Diris depreca- 
tionibus dcfigere, to bewitch 
onc. Ptin. 

Def igor, gi. ixus, pnt». to be fixed 

Definiendus, a,»nn. pt. lo be dctcr 
mined, or limited. 

/)*?finio, ire, ivi,itum. act. 4 to de* 
finc, to detcnninc. to scttle, to 
end, or conclude, to bound, or li- 
mit, to choosc, or sct apart. 

Dcf inior, iri paxs. to bc bounded. 

Difinitc, a</r.prccisely. cxprcssly, 

Defin:tio, onis /. 3. a dcfinition.a 
limitinvr, or bui:.idin|T. 

I.v— t»- ..... _. ..... »• 





or fall down, to fall, to decay, td 

fall, orrun into, to dcsccud. 
JDrlaccitvirca. 1. to tcar, or rend 
Dehcrymatio,6nis./ 3.a wccpincr, 
/JpUcrymo, are. n. 1. to wccp, to 

DcMactatio, 5nis./ 3. aweanincr. 
DfclactatrixJcis/.J.Bhc that weaiis 
DglacUius, a, um pt wcaned 
J)t?Ucto,arc.fl.l to wcan. (smooth. 
Dglwvo, are. a. 1 to planc, ©r 
D?lambo,cre.acf to lick crently all 

Dfl&tncntor, ari, atus snm. d. 1. to 

lament,to bewail, to jrrievc for. 
D?lapido, Are. act. 1 to pick out 

■tones, to pavc w ith sloncs 
Delupsus, a, um./>.\ sliddcii, slip4, 

fallcn, dcscendcd, dcsceiidinjr. 
Df 1;is>al>ilis,e. tnlj. weariablc. (ed 
DShuMatus, a, uni. pt. tircd, weari 
Delasso, arc a. 1. to tirc out, to 

wcary. (rictl 

Delassor, ari, atus- p. to bc wca- 
Delatio,onis/-3 an infonnation, oi 

accusation,aii iinpeachment. 
Dclator, oris. m 3. an informcr, a 

necret accuscr, a tclltalc. 
Dclutftrius. a, um- adj. accusatory. 
Delatura, *./ accusation. 
Dclatiims, a, um. pt- about to tcll 

of, mention. or accusc 
DSUtua- a, um. jM carricd,broufrm\ 

arrivcd,told,accuscd, co i n plai necl 

of, oflcred, confcrrcd, bestowod 
J)£Uvo.are.a.lto w:i»h away .(«nit 
Delcbili*,e.c7^/.that may bc blottcd 
Dclcctabilis, e adj ior,contp. delcc- 

tablc,plcasant, ciclicrhtful,savory. 
Delcctabihter, adv. deliirhtfiilly 
Delectamcntum, i- n. 2. dclicrht, 

sport. (lijrhted, or pleascd. 

Delectandus, a, um. /»'. to be de- 
IKdcctatio onis./. •*. dclectation, 

plcusure, dclijrlit, amusement 

plcased, amused. 

| out,to deface, to abolish, 

to destrov, to extinjruish 

to cut oflf, to rout, to vai 

Dclcor, dn, etus p. to be 

out,rascd, destroyed, coc 

Dclctcriuft^k, um. adj de.i 

Dcletllis, c adj. to wipc < 

Dclctio, onis. /. 3. a rasin 

Dcictitius, a, um. a^. th* 

blottcd out. 

Dcletor,6ris. m. 3. a dcstrc 

I)elctrix,Tcis/3 afemalc 

Dclctus.a, blottcd 

faccd, dcstroycd, cut ofl 

DclTbamcntum, i. n. 2. a j 

Dclibans, tis. pt tastinirli 
■^— i-i— .■ • •• » 

DClecto[de,lacto,],are. a. 1. to dc- plcasc, to allurc, or dra »\ 
Dclcctor,ari, atus pat». to bc de- 
lightcd, plcascd, &c. 
Dclcctus, a, um. ///. choscn, select. 
Delcctus, us. m 4. an clection* u 
choice,a sclection,a pirkincr out,u 
detachment, or levy,a diftercncc. 
Dclcgandus, a, \im. pt. to bc dcle- 
gated. (charging. 

DclCgans, tis. pt. delcgating, 
DclCgatio, 5nis./ 3. a scnding a 

way,a giving in chargc.or putting 

in commission, a deputation, an 

Dclf^tus, a,um.^, scnt away,ba-|l)clibatio, onls./. •». un i 

nishcd, appointcd, dcpiitcd, as- tuste, acharginjran csfv 

niirnc-d, ortlered, consccnitcd. k-crncy. 
Dclcgutus, i. m. '2. u dclcg.uc, a Dclibatus, a,um pt. gcnll 

commi«sioncr, a rcfcrcc. cd,pickcd,choacn, takcii 

'Vlcjro, aiv. a. 1. to dclcjrute, to 

scnd on an cmbassv, nr avva\ , to 

ilcputc, to commit, or cntnisi, to 

assijrn.e>?-alloi,to rcfcrjo attrihn' c. 

or iinpute, to druw u bil) u]>on 
Dclcgor, ari,atus p. to be sciit an 

umbassador, to be imputcd. 
Dclcndus, a, uin. pt. to be blottcd 

out (crcntlc 

DclcnTfTcus, a, um. adj. smooth, 
DclcnTmcn, Inis. n. 3. a lcnitivc. 
/ielcnioJrcjTvi, Itiiin. a. 4. to miti- 

gutc, to cnse, to comfort, to 

sniooth onc up, to cujolc, to cn- 

ticc, to put onc out ofhis wits,to 

mopc oih* 
Dclcnior, iri. p. to bc mitiirutcd, Dclibcratus, a, & 

calmcd,or pacilicd, to hc prcvail-) comp. delibcrated, deba 

cd upon, to bc cnsnared. 
Dclemturus, a,um pt. aboutto mi. 

ticratc, lcssen, or casc. 
f)clenltus, a, um. pt. charmcd, dc- 

lighted,cnticed,mopcd. (stroyinjrj revokcto rcbolvc, to di 
DSlcns, tis. pt. blotting out,* dc-'/>?libo, arc. act. l.totas) 


Dcliberabundus, a, um. d 
Dclibcrandiia»a, um. /»/. U 

bcr.itx'd,to dclibcnitr (ir 
I >clmcrans,tis./>/ dclihera 
Dclibcratc, adv. delibcra 
Dclibcratio,6nis./.3 u deli 

a debatc.orconsidcratioi 

libcrativc kind in rhctor 
DciThcrativuR,a, um. adj. 
Delfoeratur, oris. m. 3- ar 
DSliberatuin. i. /i 2. a rc 
DcllTbcnitur imp. Dclihcr 

thcy consult, or advisc, 
DclihC-ratunis, a, um. pt. 

dcliberatc, or considcr. 

sidercd, resolved on, c 
ed, delibcratc. 
/ic?lTb5ro y arc.u. 1. to deli 
dcbate,to considcr, to o 

Vc/actutttft a, um. pt. dclighted, Dclco,crc,e\i, 2. to blotj li^btly^/lakcasmackc* 

- CT 





t c?»say cnjoy,to picle D~lifror,jri,lcrtus. /». to bc chosen.f edipsc of thc snn, Pfin- 

•u!\ to br ••-1% nelimatio, ftnis./ 3. afilinjr. (cil 
., to dcfilc, to cliMhii. ' if Dclfmatus, a, um. pt. fded, polish- 
■,.!*, atus. fu to bo Lintc.' /rlimo.are a 1. tofilc, or polish. 
ndiisa,um. /» bc pullcl DCdineatio,onis /3. a delineation. 

(bark.illclineritor, oris. m. he who dcli- 
tio. onis./. 3. a pullii\jr oif! ncates. 

.tus a, u m- pt havin 
ake*» oti", nrcVu. 


!K'Iincn«lusa«tim. ptAo bc mbhcd, 
or daubed o\i*r, to hc anointcd. 
>,' 1 •Jiber",. ifc. u. 1. to pull '/"Ifnco, arc. u. 1. to dcliueatc, to 
* : v\rk,to ned,to wcigh out.j draw thc outlincs, to sketch. to 
ir r *iri. /i to-K» t t * -le !.(sta'.ii.< niakc arudedranirhMo chalkout. 
o, en. ue*. J. to a f :oint, to./)~r»iijro,crc,xi rt.3.tolickoff,orup. 
•u.S a, uin. frt. :iii(»intcd,.DcTmjror,jri. p. to bc lickcd oflT. 
■d over, !i-smcar?'l,'"'.:un«'<I, , I)cliiiimcii»iiiii, i n 2.a mitijratinjr, 
•1 (lv,dclicio j^lv,ivantoiil\.j or assiMjrinjr, a mitijration,a lovc- 
•v, t-.V. iiis. r<9in\ ."licate ; potion, nr powdcr, a chann. 
tus :t, um. i-'//. io , rnmp. is- /Jr1inoi,nr,ivi,itum. uA. totouch, 
s *'//•. dcliciV, ii.i •, daiuty, or nih sofily, toassuajre, to ap- 
vanton, cHcmiuate. Mki*tisli, pcasc, to allurc, t(» charm. 
i,t. /".l.adarlinjr,amis* (my.jDclinitio, onis./ 3 a mitijratiiur. 
*, r inim. ph ./* 1- a dolijrtit,.DClimtor, oris, m. 3. an appcascr, 

dcHjrhts, dchjfhts, plea-. a snothcr, a cajolcr, a flatterer. 
,pa*tinu»s toys jokcsj, jcst.s : IK'linitus,a, urn. pt touchcd jrcnt- 
uiee, wantoniKSi, uicciiess ly f appcased, allurcd, won ovcr, 
unithness, fmwardii"-»s.pee- bewitchcd. mopcd, 
£**, a durlinjr, a favoritc, a /Jrlino, ncrc, im,cvi,& ivi, Ttiim a. 
m, a littlc rogue, a sweet-; 3 to bcsm'.'ar,or anoint,to blot/» 

ftrhquo. arc. tu 1. to drain, to de- 

cant, to strain clcar, or clarify. 
D~liquor ( ari. atus. p. to bc fincd 

down, to bc straincd. 
DC-liquus, a, wm.atlj. wantinjr. 
Ocllrabundus, a, um. adj. doltish. 
DHlramentum, i. n. 2. a doting;. a 

foolish idlc stoiy, a halk in 
Dcliratio, onis. /. 3. dotajrc, folly, 

mndncss, thc makinjr of a balk. 
Dchrium.i.». 2. a dclirium,dotairr. 
/irliro, ai*c. dote, to talk,o-* 

act idly, to act arniss to ravc, to 

makc a balk in plou^hinfr. 
i)c!irus a. lini» *n{t. dotin,r, sillv. 
Dclitciis tis. pt. lurkin^r. (foolisii. 
l)clitoo,[dc,latcol,crc, tui. ti. 2. to 

hc hid, t(» lic hid, ©•• conccalcd. 
I)clitcs'cns, tis. pt. hirkin^. 
DclitcKco,[dc, latcs^o" 1 , rcrc. n. 3. 

to lic sc;i!k,to lurk,to shcl- 

tcr, to conccal. 



/>(~litijro arc. nrtit. 1 tc» brav. 1. to 
Dclitiis, :i, uni. pt. hcMiivaivd, a- 

noiiit'.-.!, blottcd, dcfiiccd, shib- 


(tlc dclijrht. blur, to dcfacc. 

nlac, arum. p/. f. 1. my lit- Dclinquitur, impt-rs. a fault is; ;;;. 2. a dolphin, a const.cllation. a 
6lum,i. n. 2. a httlc darlinjr. /Jrlimpio, crcdinui,lictum n. X to. vcsscl (likc thc <i 

(committcd ;I)clphin, Tnis, mXZs. DclphTnus i. 
„ c^..u :... -. i i ....... •onstcllatioiit a 

rcck a, dclta 

indiis &• x * m P r ' tobeticd. !Delii|iiuitio t onis./3.ameltiii(~.(vy. 
Itio, dnis./. 3. a hinding up.'l)clm«iatus,a,uin. pt moltcn, melt- 
Uiis *, nm. pt. tied up. (scn /irliquco, Cn.^, mclt.(cd. 
:mluM, a, um. pt. to bc cho- /J?liqucsco, ccrc, cui, n. >. to mclt 
•ns tis. pt. clkoosinjr, sclect- 1 down, to be di^solved, to wax 
B,*rc tic,or bind.(iiifr.l soft, or moist. 
), [de f lejro], }rert% lcjri, lce-JD"lTqui:e, anim. pl.f. pittcrs 
«.i. to cboosc, pick out, orjDeliquium,i./i.2.1ack,dcfcct, want, 

loss. Dcliquium animi, afaintinjr, 

lo separate, to gather. 
w,*ii.p. tobeboumh 

or swoonin--. pcliqaium solis, att 

formcd sacrificc Dclubra musa. 

rum colcre, to dcvotc himscltto 

his studies, Cic. (wrcstle 

I)e lucto, are, n. X. to strujrjrle, to 
/>eluctor,ari,atus.siim.</. 1 .to wres- 
//"ludif ico, arc. a. mock.(tlc. 
Dcludif icor, ari. atus sum.r/. Sc /». 

to mock, to impose upon, to hc 

Dc\\nV\v\Tdi .i\ ?l & "jyN vcv^ w « nJwj 




/J?ludo,erc, si y dclude- bejruile,to cheat,tc. 

mock, to Jisappoint,to gi\ e wci 

l)eludor,i.«sus./ be deludcd 
Delumbatus, a, uin. />/.hippe'l,hip- 

«hot, wanting- sincws. weak, fee 

ble. (kenbavkcd, soft, wanton. 
Dclumbis. e a<(/.wcak.fccble, bro- 
Delumbo[,dc, lumbus], fire, avi. u. 

1 . to hreak the back, to hipshot 

to weaken, to mutilate 
Dthio, uere, ui,utum a.3. to wash 

clean, to wash oft', to blol out. 
Dcluor, ui. past. to be washcd. 
Delusus, a,uin. pt. deliulcd, di ap- 
D?liitumentum. i 71. 2. a datihimr. 
Dclutio, finis/ .». a washingr.kait 
/Irltito, are. «. 1. to lute, to daub 
Dfinadro, cre,dui.//. 2. to be wct 
Dcmadidus,a,um adj.\, ct throujrh. 
Dcmagofrus. i m 2. a demajrojrue 
Dcmandatus. a, itm. /"'. intrusied 
/Jcinando, arc a 1, to com.nit, to 

Dcmar.dor, uri- atus. /». to be rom 

rnitted to, or jrixin iu ehargv. 
/)t'mauo, sttvam.or I!ow 
I)eniarelius,i. »1. 2 a ruler, ur pro- 

ctor of tlic pcopk, a ti-ihinn 
/)?mcinin't, dcfect. Iforirot. 
Dcmcndus, a,um. p:. to !<>•' 
be take.n avvay. uoun 

Dcmcns,tis- adj. ior, r*ws/. i.^iii:i*,J/Jrnieio,tcri\essui, essum. ri. 3. to 

np. mad, outragv.ous, rantiii^.j n*up,or mow.tocutdown,tocrop, 

• <• !• I • 1 "11 L " I a I a l * ■Of* 

fol!y.(to be mad,orstupid,to dotc. 
Dmecntio,[dc, mcns], irc, ivi nA 
Demento, are. n. 1. to jrrow nuul. /tftobe oblig-ed 
/Jemereo,rerc,rui a. 2. to earn, to 
acquire, to deservc, to oblijre, ov 

/>?inercor,cri,itus.r/. descrve 
wcll at one's hands, to endear. 

Demerjrcns, tis. pt. drownimr. 
/icinerjro, gero, rsi, rsum a. 3. to 
divc, to plunge over head and 
ears,t.o sink,to drown,to swallow 
down, to brinjrdown, to oppress, 
to sow, to plant. (cd. 

Dcmcrgor, jri.rsus. ^.to be drown- 

Drmeritus, a, um. pt. descrvcd. 

Demcrsio, dnis. /. a drowniiur, a 

l)CMiicrsus,a,um. pi. drowned,over 
whclmed,sunk down,or swallow 
cd up,put,or ])lanted deep. jftre 
ulicno dennrsus, ovcr head and 
ears in debt, ]Jv. 

DemcfMis, us. m. a drowninjr 

IK uiessu^.a, um />M*eaped,pluck- 
cd, erop:>. d N;*t out in hounds. 

Demeiiitus, ,:!:u.//;. disting-uishcd 

D» ii!Cl«'ii-!'i:vu uin pt. to bereap- 
ed, '/:* dov» u. 

/ir mciior,iri.m. k iis*.is sum. d4. to 
iin.aMiiv- e\acih . to Tr.casurc. 

Dr uieU:u:»,a,um. /"Mneasured, set 

roarin^fooliihviiiiipk, silly, hair- 

Demensum,i. n. 2. an allowancc to 

servants of meat, drmk, orcorn. 
Demensus,aaim. //r measured out, 

Deinentiitio,6nis./i.a making-, or 

being mad, madncss. (simply. 

/Jeinentcr, adv. msully, foolisiilv, 

Memeiitfa.T.Smadm.-si, stujjirlity. 

or jrather, to chop, or ctit ofl*. 
/i?metor,ari, atus, sum d. 1 . to sctj cut down, to dismiss. or 

out bounds, or limits. 
DemigTans, dcpartiiijr 
Demigratfinis, a, um. pt. about to 

remove.fa change,an expcdition. 
Demigmtio, onis. / I». a removal, 
/Jfinigro, arc. n. 1. to remove, to 

changcone\s abodc,todcpail.Dc 

rnifrarc c\ \\vj., vo d\^> Cic. . 


miuish, to lesscn. Dc-mi 

put, to brcak one's hen 

Dcminuttirus, a, um. pt 


Deminutus, a, um. pt. di 
lesscned. Demintitus ca 
who has lost his freedon 
graded into a meancr 
familv, or onc who is ; 
to servc his creditor, 01 
by the cnemy. 
DOmTrandus, a, um. pt. 
/)?mlrnr^ri ^tus sum. d. 
mire, to wonder at gr 

Dcmissd, adi*. ius. comj> 
sitp. low, mcanly,pitifull 
Iv. humblv. 

DcMiussio, onis. / 3. alel 
dejection, discouragenu 

Demissititis, a, um. adj. 
down, low, flowing. 

Demissus,a, adj.i 
sent fi-om, or awav.dismL 
or han^rinfF down, put, 
down. put, «rcaa:, deri 
scended. dejerted, di 
inelancholy, sad, low, 
mcan,abject, cheap, lonj 

/>^nuti{ro,arc. a.l. to ap| 

Demitigt>r^iri, atus. p. to 
£cntlc and calm, to hc a] 

Deinittendus, a, uni. pf. 1 

/JiTmitto» terc. Tsi, issum. 
sciul.lct,»." haug^ down,t< 

casi.or thrust,to throw,«r 
to humble, or submit, tc 
sink. Dcmittcrc voctm, ' 
low,rir^.per aures, ifcri 
Viry. to hear ; animum, 
CVc. [taken, or k 

Demittor, ti. iuus. patt. 

Ucmiurg-usi. 'v. 2. a publv 





cxpire, lo dic for love. 

c* emoj, mere, mpsi, mp-Deni6ror, ari, atussum-J. 1. to dc 
). to take away, or off, to tain,to kcep back,stop,or hinder, 
:o banish, to abate, or les- to wait,to look for» to taTry, or a- 
arc.Dcmcre caput,to cut Demorsus>a,um./tf.bittenofT.(bide 
icad. CYc supcrcilio nu- Demortuus, a, um. />r. dead. 
rheer up,to be frce, Hor Demotus, a, urnpt- removed, ba- 
i,mptus./>.to bc takcn off. nishcd,thrust back,or aside. [ed. 
tia, ac/.l . a democracy, a D€m6vendus,a,um be remov- 
;, a frcc statc. [crutical.|/)?in6veo, ere. 5vi, rc- 
iticus, a, urn. atij. demo-j movc,to scnd away,to banish, to 
ticusj.m. 2. a rcmiblicaiv; put out, to displace. 
is,tis. />r. demohshinjr. ;Dem6vcor, eri, otus.p. tobc re- 
r,Iri,itus.d. 4. to demolish,- moved,banishcd,&c. [take away. 

Z??narro,are.a. 1. to tell, to relate. 

wn, to abolishjto remove, Demptus, a, um pt. taken off, or 
iff, w away. [downj away,pluckedorpullcd,off, cropt, 

o, dnis. /. 3- a throwing.' gathercd, abatcd, dead 
>r,5ris.m. u. ademoUsher.!DemugItus,a,um./>/. ringing with 

oy,to beat, throw, pull, or DcmptOrus, a, um- part. about to Dcnicales feriae, a solcmn purifica- 
, m.i. A i« .... .. ._i _ip tion on the tenth day aher any 

onc dicd out of a house, Col. 
Denigratio, 6nis/3. a blackening. 
De nigro,are.a.l. to black,,to smut. 
Dcnique, adv. in iinc, in short, at 

last, tinally, at length, in procese 

of time, only, or indecd. 
/>enodo, are. a. 1. to loosc, to un- 

b cnd, or unstring. (nation. 

DcnSminatio, 5nis./. 3. a denomi 
lK , n6nunativu_,tt//;.denominative. 
Denominator, 5ris. m. hc that 

names. (names. 

is, a, um pt. demolished. 
trabitur, imp. it shall be 
irdeclurcd, Cic. 
tundus, a, bc de 

the lowing of beasts,rcsounding. 
/Jemulceo, erc,lsi,lsum,&lctum. a. 
2. to stroke softJy, to coax. 
Demulctus,a, uin pt. strokcd gent- 
ited,to bc dcclarcd. (inir. 1 ly, appeascd, allurcd. 
rans, tls. pu demonstrat- Demum, lcngth, at last, too 
rantia,z/l. ademonstra-, late ncver till now, or thcn, only, 

ccrtainly, indeed. Quantum de 
ratio, 6nis/ 3. a demon- mum?how much,T prayr Cic. (vcr. 

Z)?nascor, ci, natus. d. 3. to dic, to 

ccase \o bc, to perish. 
Deuaso[dc,nasusJ,arc. <f. 1. to cut, 

bite, or pull offa. person's nose. 
Drnato, are. swim down. 
Denegandus.a, be denied. 
Denegans, tis.jW. denying. (deny. 
DSnegaturus, a, um'. pt. about to 
Dgnegatus, a, denied. 
Z)enegr>,are.a.l. to deny,to refusr, 

not to permit, to di&avow. 
Den£gor, ari. p. to be denied. 
Dcni, ae. adj. pl. ten. 

aclcarproof, thedemon-j/)£murmuro, are a.l to muttcr o-JDendminutrix, Icis. f. she that 
gemiH in rhetoric (tivclyDemussatus, a, muttcred. JDcn6minatus, a, um. pt. namcd. 
r&u>v, tith\ demonstra-,Dgmutabiiis,e.or/;'.changeable.]cd|Z>?n6mino, dcnominate, 
■itivus a,um. ar^*.jdcmon-!D£mutandus,a,um.p/. to be chang-j to name, to give a name. [order. 
(er, dcclarcr, or rclatcr. DSmutatio, onis/ >. a chang-ing'. iDenormatus. a- um. pt. set out of 

i^tor, 6ris. m. •» a s!iow-j/>rmutilo,& Demiitulo^irfc. a.l. to ¥k * rJ "* * — - ' •- 

nitus »» um. pt. demon-! brcak, or lop off, to abridgc. 
vidently shown,dcclared 7^m(ito,are. a. 1. to changc, or al- 

set out of rule, or squarc,to makc 
unequal, to dingtirc. 

no, arc. act. 1. to demon-j ter, to revoke, or unsav; neut. toDen6tandus,a,um./>/. to denotc.or 

to provc cvidently, to, change, or swene, to differ. to be denoted. 

t ilcclare, to relatc, to DCmutor, arc, atus./». to be chang- Den6tans, tis. pt. marking. 

to act. I ed, or altcrcd. DSnfttatio, 6nis./ 3. a noting". 

or, m.p to bc shown. (Denarium, i. n. 2. a pcnny. DenOtatus, a, um/»/. obscrved^ 

ia, a, um pt having-tarri-jDSnarius, i. m. 2 a Roman denier, marked, drawn, or chalkcd out. 

red, stopped, hndered. t in valuc cight pence threc far- />?n6to,are.a. 1. to dcnote, to im- 

jt€rc,dv*u?n a 2 tobiteoir things. (numbcr of tcn, a tcnth. pl) , to point out, to sct down, tu 

ir,eri p. to be bittcn oft*. Dcnarius^i, uma^/ containing tlie fix upon, to mark, to brand. 

4 rtuus Bum.o* die, to,Df narralio, onis./ 3. a nlatin<r. DC notor, iri utiu. p Ui \m: ^xas^^V 





Dcns, lifl. m 3 a tooth, a tusk, orjDenticiilitus. a. um. alj tkathatl 
faii£, any thing likc a tooth, thc tecth,orclawg tikethosc ofa saw, 

_• _• _ __~_ - ~_ r.-l, • !.-. a..i-.. 

tine of a pron£, or fork f thc flukc 

of an anchor,a fccy. Dentium ca- l)enticulus,i.w. 2. a httle tooth, :< 

vcrnx, the sockets of the tecth ; 
infirmitas, thc loos.ness, PUn 
Dente aliquem roderc, to soari 
at,orrail against,JHarr. Albisden- 
t-bus derid«re, to laugh one to 
acorn,P/aK*.DensLybicus, ivory. 
Fropert. DensErythrzus, an elc- 
phant's tooth, Mart. Dentcs cri- 
nales,the teethof acomh, Claud 
Bburnus dens, an ivory com!), Id 

jaggcd.notched (cogofa whcel 

v . » » 1 • rt !*_*.! __ _1 

Dentiens, tis. pt. breeding tecth 
Dentifrangfbiilum, i. n. 2. an in 

strumcut to break tccth with. 
Dcntitricium,i.u. 2, a dentifrice, a 

powdcr to rub the tecth with. 
Dentfloquus, a. um adj that lisps 

or speaks through the teeth 
DenLio,irc ivi, itum.n 4. to brecdj 

teeth, to chatter 
Dentiscalpiumj. a. 2. a toothpick 

Perpetui dentcs, thc tceth of a Dentitio, onis./ 3. dentition, a 

_aw, Ovid. 
Densans, tis. pt growing thick. 
Densatia,oris/.5 u thickeningfciig 
Densator,6ris m. .1. hc that thick- 
Dens&tus, a, um/>*. made tlrck, 

standing, or hcld close together 

DenscyzaV. ius. comp. issimc, sup 

tliick,close togxithcr, frcquently 
Densco,ere.n thickcn,orgrow 

thick, to clot; a .to makc thick 
Denseor,«.to be thickencd 
DcnsTtas, atis / 3. thickness 
Densc,ure.a.l. to th';ckcn,or make 

thick,to Bct^rhold close togethcr 
Densor,ari, atus. p. tn be condcns- 

ed, to bc thickcned, or closed. 
Dcnsus a, um. adj. ior, cump. issT- 

mus,»r//f.thick, closc, full of. Ag 

men densum,an army sct iu closc 

array, Virg. 
Dcntale,is n 3. thc wood whercin 

thc sharc, or coultor of a plough 

is put,a coulter,orsharc,a plough- 

tail, a rakc, or harrow. 
Dentatus,a, um adj. toothcd, hav- declared, foretold 

Denuncior,Iri £.to bc dcn< 
Denuo*, adv again, anew, ■ 
l)enuptus,a,um» pt- marric 
Deoccatio, 6nis /. 3. a 
/tejcco» are act. 1. to h* 
Deoccor,ari pa§§. to be h &re. a.l. to disbc 

Df&pcrio, ire. act. *♦. to 1 

/)enpto, are. aet. 1 to wii 

Dcorsum, Deorsus, ad~ 

downward, up and dowi 

Deosculatio, dnis. / 3. a 

Dcosc ul atus,a,um.p\kisse 

Dtfo^cillor, Sri. ' d. 1. to ' 

i9?parjscor,ci,pactus suro 

make a contract, to barg 

grec upon,to covenani.o- 

Depactus,a,um./W fastene 

ed, or sct in the earth, f 

forcappointed, bargaine 

Depalatio, onis./ 3. ftn i 

/)?pango, jrere, nxi, 8e pi 

tnm. a. 3 to plant, faste 

stick in thc g-round, to \ 

/>?parco,cere o-3- to spai 

DSnudor, are, atus. p. to be laid'Dcparciis, a, um. adj. ni 

barc, or nakcd. {Dcpascendus, a, 1 

/)enumero,are. a. tcll out, or Depasccns, Xispt. catingi 

count money, to pay in rcady fccding- upon. 

money. | /)£pasco,cere p&vi.pastui 

Denuncians, denouncing. ; 3. to feed. to frrazc, tn b 

Denunciutio,5nis,/. U>. a denuncia- fced upon, to eat up, 

tion, a dcclaration, a thrcat, or waste. to connvime. [gr 

mcnacc,a tokcn, a pro^no.tic, aDepascor, ci, stiii p. to 1 

summous. Manifest» denuncia-Depascor,ci,stus <i.i. to e 

tione quietis tcrritus, frightcd by feed upon. to prey upor 

his drcam, Pater. Depastio, onis./ 3 a f< 

Dcnunciatum, i n. 2. a thrcat. Dcpastus, a, um. pt. t 

DcnuitciutU!i,a, um pt. dcuounccd, browsed on,g-nawed,bai 

^rowing.or brceding* of tecth. 
/>enubo,ere,upsi,uptum 7i.3. to be 

DCnildandus,a, um pt. to be made 

bare,ornaked,to makc barc (bare 
Denildatio, 5nis. / 3. a laying 
Dcnudatus, a, umpt. stript, madc 

Demldo,are a. 1. to make barc, or 

naked,to strip, to despoil, to dc-j 

posc. to cxposc to vicw. 

ing,or formed with tccth, single, 
or gagtoothed, born with tccth, 
smooUied,oipo1iHhcd withatooth, 
made,or set like a cnmb . (teet l\. 
J^jentex^ iois, pia fislk wilh Hharp 

in^ fcd 011, or browsed* 
/)tfnuncio,are-a.l. to dcnouncc,to /?£paup£ro,are. act. 1. U 
proclaim,to signify» to Dcpeciscor, [dc, paciscof 
give notice,9r a warnin^ v toforctcll, to bargain,or covenant. 
or forcshow, to thrcatcn, or me- ci mortc cupio, I woi 
nfacc, to charge,to saramoii. i pound vitli dcath, I v< 






:re, cxui, cxum. a. 3. to 
irim or dress, to curry. 
i,exus.^. to be combcd. 
10, 6nis. f. 3. a robbiiijr. 
3r, dris. m. 3. a robbcr 
Le, an extortioner, an 
f. (robbed. 

im a, um. pi. that hatli 
, ari, atus. sum. <f. 1. to 
poU,pdlage,orrob (away 
ia i a 9 um.p/. to be drivcn. 

DcpetTgdsus, & Dcpe^tigiSsus, a, to tiill down. 
um. a<(/. that hath the mcaslcs, Z)?polio,irc,ivi,1tum. aci. 4. to po- 
©r leprosy. ' lish, to finisii, to staiu. 

D?pcxus^i, combcd, trim-Dcpolftio, 6nis. / 3. a polishing. 
m»d, dres% curricd. DepcxumDcpolitiL», a, iim. /W. polishcd, fi- 
dabo, I will curry his hidc, Ter. nishcd, pcrfectcd. 

Dcpictus,a, (thchairD£p5ncndus, a, to bc laid 

D€ptlutio, 6nis./. 3. a puliin^ oflT aside, or forgottcn. 

Depflatus, a, um. pt. uude bald, DSp6nens> tis. pt. layingdown. 
madc thin. ;D£pdnens, tis. n> 3- a deponent. 

Dcpllis, e. arij. void of hair, bald J0i?p5no, ne>e, 6sui & bsivi, 6s;- 

|/>f ptlo,ure pull offthe hatr tu.n a.3 to put off,or dowii,to Jay # away. (ttay 7)»pingo,e're,xi,ictura.a.3 to paint, 
o,are. a. to excoriai c,to 

or draw, to sct forth 
re, puli, pulsum. a. 3. to|Depingor,gi,ictus./».to bc painted 

k y,or out,to drive along . ■*"-' •---*.- — - « *.- 

to banish, to keep off, 

o remove,to wean. 
i.pulsus. p. to be driven 
it,tobe rcmovcd.(down 
lua,a,um. pt. to bc paki 
S, hanging down. 
£re,cu,nsuin.n. 2. to de- 
hang from, down, or 

dere, 6% to 
poise,to give by wcight, 
bestow,to examinc. De- 
pcenas, to be punished, 
jt, to losc his head, ar 
, be paid(life, Lnc. 

down,or aside, to rcsign, or give 
up toleavc oT,to takeofforfrom, 
to lcavc,or,to put,place,or 

De plaugo,gcrc,nxi,nctum. a. 3- to. iix, to set, phmt, or sow,to stake , 
beat,to bewail,9r buncnt greatly.j orvvagcr, to lay out,to imposc up- 

Dcplangor,gi.^.to bc be\vaded(sct on,to qucnch.Dcpoucre animam, 

Deplantitus, a, um. pt- plantcd.or; to dic, Proprrt. 
D£planto,arc-a.l. to root, or takcjDtponor, n>, bsftu*. p. to bc laid 

up, to brcak off, to plant, to set. down, to bc laid aside. (ofticcr*. 
Deplantor, ari, atus. paxs. to beDC-pontuni, pl. m. supcrannuated 

unplanted, or torn up. JDcpopulandus. a, um. pt. to dcpc 

Depleo, c*re,€vi,eti *».«. 2. to omp pulatc, or be dcpopulatcd. shift out of ■ "esscl into Uepopulans, tis. pt. depopulating-. 

another, to decam "%|fe, onis. /. 3. a layini; 

drink oflT, or up. Dep ^VjiH waste, aspoiling 1 , robbing, or pil 

ncm, to lct blood, Plin. \\ lagiiijr. (a waster. 

Dcpleor.dri,ctus. pa»8. tohc cmp-Dcpdpfflatio, 6ris. rn- 3. a spoiler, 
Dcplcxus, a, um. pt. winding', o>Depopnluturus,a,um. pt. about to 

claspinir about. (one lamcntingJ dcpopulate. or Ky waste. 
um. atf. hanging Dcpldrabundus, a, um. atlj. likc Dcpopulatus, a,um pt. depopulat- 
(mined, weigned DEpl6randus,a,um/)r tobcbcwail-j cd, laid waste, havinglaid wastc 
_ „ :.i D€pl6rans, tis. pt. bcwailing. (cdJopptipiilo, urc act. 1. sce 

DCpl5r&tio,6nis./ 3. abcwailing*. Z>t?p6pulor, hv\,~a\\£. p.lkdlXo lay 

a, um. pt. paid, exa- 
s, tU. pt. losiug. (donc. 
«, a, um pt. utterly un- 
ere, didi, ditum. a. 3. 
o hmir« k—Ied, or takcn 

r«, Ivi, 6cii, ftum.n. 4. to 
i be loat or gone, to dle, 
perataly iu love. (rish. 
LiSya^um.^. ready to pc- 
rum .^/.n.2. winc-vessels 
terificcs. (scurf,t_c itch. 

IR» / 3: * TiflgWQSJU, 

DCpl5rator.dris m. 3. a lamcntcr. 


waste, to rob, ravagt;,or plundcr. 

Dcpidrotus, a, um. pt. beu^aikHLjDeportandus, a, uui. pt. to bc car 

ricd away, to carry, or convcy. 
Dtportatio, dnis./ 3.a carr>ing, a 
carrying away, a conveyance, a 
transpurtation. (carry away. 
Deportiiturus, a, um. pt. about to 
D£portatus,a, um. jM.carried, con« 
vcycd, banislicd, cxiled. 

laniented, dcflpemtc, pust 

hope, given ovcr. 
Dirpl6ro v are.a.l to deplorc, to bo- 

waiUto lament, to complaiu(cd. 
Depl6ror,ari,atua.//. to be hment- 
Deplumis» c- aJj. void of fcathers, 

callow, unfledged- (tl\cxs. 

OPplumo, are. o- to plvck otf feajOeporto^ire.a. 1. to carry awa^y»^ 
i>?pluo,neYe A at % atum./».i terafciJ o^obcf»%NC^45S^W^^^T>^ 





Dens, tis. m 3. a tooth, a tusk, orDenticrtlatiis : a. um.o/; tkat hatl. 
fang; any thing liko a tootli, the tceth,9rclaws likethosc ofa saw, 
tine of a prong, or fork,thc flukc jagfrcd.notched (cojr of a whcel 
of an anciior,a fccy. Dentium ca- l)enticulus,i.w. 2. a kttle tooth, » 

vernx, the sockets of the teeth ; 
infirmitas, thc loos.ncss, Piin 
Dente aliquem rodere, to snari 
atiorrail ayainstyJfcfari- Albis den- 
tibus derid^re, to laugh onc to 
scorn,Pfrw/.DensLybicus, ivory, 
Propert. DensErythrxus, an ele- 
phant's tooth* Mart Dentes cri- 
nale*,the teethof acomb, Claud 
Bburaus dens, an ivory comb, Id 

Perpctut dentes, thc teeth of a Dentitio, 5nis./. 3. dentition, a 

saw, Ovid. 
DensanB,ti8./»f. growing thick. 
Dcnsatio,5ris/.J.u thickening(ens 
Densator,dns. m. 3. hc that thick- 
Densatus, a, um pt. made thick, 

standing, or hcld close together 

Densc,aaV. ius. comp. issimc, *up 

thick,close togcthcr, frequently 
Denseo,€rc.n thickcn,orgrow 

thick, to clot; a .to makc thick 
Denseor,ari.pai«.to bc thickened 
DensTtas, atis / 3. thickncss 
Dcns£,urc.a.l. to thickcn,or make 

mus,rr//f.tliick, cloae, full of Ag 
nien dcnsum,an army sct in close 
array, Virjr. 
Dentale,is. n 3. the wood whercin 
thc sliare, or coulter of a plough 
is put,a coulter,orsharc,u plough- 
tail, a rakc, or harrow. 

Dcnttens, tis. pt. breeding tecth 

Dentifrangibulum, i. n. 2. an in 

strument to break tccth with. 

Dentifricium,i.n. 2, adentifrice, a unload. 

powdcr to rub the tecth with. 
Dentfloquus, a, um adj. that lisps 

or speaks through the teeth 
Dentio,Irc ivi, itum.n 4. to brecd 

tectli, to chatter 
Dentiscalpiuma- ». 2. a toothpick 

Denuncior, be d 
Denuo, adv again, ane^ 
)enuptus,a,ura. pt> man 
Deoccatio, 6nis / 3. 
/teocco, arc act. 1. to 1 
Deoccor,ari paa§- to bc 
/)«?6nero, are. a.l. to du 

DtfSpcrio, ire. act. 4. t 

/)eopto, are. aet. 1 to ' 

Deorsum. Deoraus, a 

downward, up and do 

Deosculatio, dnis. / 3. 


Deo^ciilor, ari. ' d. 1. t 

/)?p3riscor,ci,pactus s* 

make a contract, to bs 

gree upon,to covenant 

Depactus,a,um./W faste 

growing,or breeding of tecth. 
/)?nubo,ere,upsi,uptum 7i.3. to be 

Denudandus,a, to be madc 

bare,ornaked,to makc barc-(barc ed, or set in the earth 
Denudatio, 6nis. / 3. a laying forcappointed, bargai 
Denudatus, a, . stript, made Depalatio, 5nis./ 3. ai 

barc. /)?pango, gere, nxi, 8c 

/)?nudo,are a. 1. to make harc, or tnm. a. 3. to plant, fas 

naked,to strip, to despoil, to dc-j stick in thc frround, t( 

poac, to cxposc to view. |/)?parco,cere a-3. to sj 

DSnudor, are, atus. p. to be laidjDcparcus, a, um. adj. 

barc, or nakcd. 

jDcpascendus, a, \xm.p 
/>enumero,are. a. tcll out. or Depascens, t\s pt catin 
thick,to set^rhold closc togethcrl count money, to pay in rcady fcedinfr upon. 
Dcnsor,ari, atus. p. to be condcns- moncy. j/>Fpasco,c£repavi,pat 

ed, to be thickcned, or closed. Dcnuncisns, tis.p/. denouncing. : 3. to fecd. to frrazc, tn 
Densus a, um. adj. ior, comp. isst- Denunciiitio.onis,/. 3. a denuncia- feed upon, to eat u| 

tion, a dcclaration, a threat, or wastc. to consume. [j 
menacc,a tokcn, a prognostic, aDepascor, ci, stus p. x 
summous. Manifest» denuncia-l)epascnr,ci,stus 
tione quietis tcrrltus, frightcd by fced upon. to prey up 
his drcam, Patcr. Depastio, onis. / 3 a 

Denunciatum, i- n. 2. a thrcat. Dcpastus, a, um. pt 
Dcnunciatus,a, um pt. dcnounccd, browsed on,gnawcd«l 
Dentatus,a, um adj. toothcd, hav. declared, forctold. ing fcd on, or browse 

ing,or formed with tccth, single, /)^nuncio,are-a.l. to dcnounccto /)^paupero,are. act. 1. 
or gagtoothed, born with tceth, dcclarcto signify, to Depeciscor, [dc, pacisi 
smoothed,oipolishcd withatooth, givenotice,9r h warning,toforctcll, to bargain,or covenan 
made,or sct hke a comb. (tecth. or forcshow, to thrcaten, or mc- ci morte cupio, I * 
JJsentex, jcm, pi. a fisli with ^Uarp nacc, to chargc, to sammoii. I pound vitli death, I 






v tere, cxui, cxura. a. 3. to 
o trim or dress, to curry. 
r,ti,exus.^. to be combcd. 
atio, 6nis. f. 3. a robbiiig. 
ator, 5ris. m. 3. a robbcr 

icf. (robbed. 

atus* a, ura. pt. that hath 
or, ari, atus. sum. d 1. to 
r,spoil,p'dlage,©rrob (away 
)dus,a,uin./>/. to be drivcn. 
is,tis./M.driven # away. (day 

Dcpet?g5sus, & DepgtijriSsus, a,' to fall down. 
um. adj. that hatli the m-jaslcs, Z>-p'jlio,irc,ivi,Ttum. act.4. to po- 
or leprosy. ' li.-ih, to finisli, to stain. 

l)?pcxos^i, um. pt- combcd, trim-Depolitio, 6nis./. 3. a polishing-. 
m»d, dres% curricd. DepcxumDcpolitiL», a, poliahcd, fi- 
dabo, I will curry his hidc, Ter. nished, perfcctcd. 

tate, an extortioncr, anDcpictus,a,um./>r.paintcd (thchairDepSncndus, a, to be laid 
* ' /— ui-.. i DgpfljUio» 6nisi /. 3. a pullinjr off aside, or forgotten. 

Dcpilatus, a, um. pt. made bald,DSp5nens, layingdown- 
madc thin. Depdnens, tis. n- 3- a deponent. 

DcplLis, e. adj. void of hair, bald j/>?p5no, n£re, 6sui & fcsivi, 6s;- 
/>eptlo,urc pull offthe hair tu.n a.3 to put off,or down,to lay 

down.or asidi% to rcsijrn, or give 
up tolcave oT,to takeoff orfrom, 
to lcave,or inirust,to put,place,or 
oj fix, to set, plawt, or sovv ( to stake, 

I)f pingo,2re,xi4ctura.a.;i to paint, 
;iilo^Lre. a. to excoriaic,to| or draw, to dcscribc,to sct fortli 
,lcre, puli, pulsuin. a. 3. to Depingor,gi,ictus./».to bc paintcd. 
**ay,or out,to drive along. De plangt>,gcrc,nxi,nctum. a. 3. to 

:1, to banish, to keep on', beat,to be\vail,<?r Umcnt greatly.j orvvager, to luy out,to imposc up- 
t, to wean. Deplancror,gri.^.to be bevvuded(set on,to quench.Dcpoiiere aniraai», 
r v li v pulsus. p. tobe driven DepUntatus, a, um. pt- plantcd.or 1 to die, Protwrt. 
rout,tobe rcmovcd.(down D£planto,arc-a.l. to root, or takcjDtponor, n>, bsitus. p. to bc laid 
cadus»a,uin. pt. to bc paid up, to brcak off, to plant, to set-| dovvn, to be laid usidc. (ofticcrs- 
eas, tis. pi. hangin^ down. Deplantor, ari, atus. ptnts. to bejDfpontani, pl. m. supcrannuatcd 
teojt re v cu,nsuiii.}i. 2. to dc- unplanted, or torn up. iDcpopulandus. a, um. pt. to dcpt- 

to hang from, down, or Depleo, ere,£vi,eti v ».a. 2, to emp pulatc, or be dcpopulated. 
to hang. ty,to shift out of • "essel into Depopulanx, tis. pt. dcpopulating. 

Lo,dere, di,^. to another, to decain *^b, oins. /. \\. a layim? 

isrpoise,togive by wcight, drink oif, or up. Dep ^Vsi-j waste, aspoilin^, robbin^, or pil 
to bcstow,to cxamine. De- nem, to lct bloo<l, Plin. '.| laging. (a waster. 

re panaa, to be punished, Depleor.eri,ctus pa»a. to bc cmp-Depdpfllatio, 6iis. n- J. a spoiler, 
kput v to losc his hcadf or Dcplcxus, a, um. pt. winding-, *jrl)epb|)uluturus,.%um. pt. about to 
br v di.^.tobepaid(life,Lnc. claspin^ about. (one lamcntinjr.! dcpopulatc. «r lay waste. 
kilus, a, um. aoj. hanjpnp; Dcpldrabundus, a, um. adj. likcDepopulatus a,ump/. depoptdat- 
(raincd, weig^hed D€*pldrandus.a,um./>/.tobcbcwail-j cd, laid waste, having 1 laid waste. 
ns, a, um. pt. paid, exa-Depl5rana, tis. pt. bcwailing'- (edJOrpopulo, ar« act. 1. sce 
cns, tis. pt. losiiig. (donc. DCpl5rfttio,6nis. / ;). abewailin^.'£>tpbpiilor, ari,fitiis. )>.&(/. lay 
rtus, a, um pt. utterly un-DCpldrator.6ris m. 3. a lamcntcr. waste, to rob, rava£c,or plunde.r. 
o, ere, didi, dftum. a. 3. DCploraius, a, um. pt. bewai!cd.Deportandus, :i, uui. pt. to be car- 
, to have killcd, or tukcu lamcntcd, desperatc, past all ricd awsy, to carry, or convey. 
le. hope, given over. 

o,Irtt» Iviff fcii» Ytuni.». 4. to ftrpl6ro,are.a.l to deplorc, to bo- 

to be lost #r gone, to die, wail, to lamcnt, to complaiu(cd. 
Lespcrataly iu iove. (rish. Dcpldror,ari,aius./t. to be lamcnt 
jrnff^ryim^r ready to pe- Deplumirf, e adj- void of fcathers, 
^6rum.^/.n.2. winc-vcssels callow, unfledged. (thciv. 

tssverinccs. (scurf,thcitch. H^plumo, are. o- topluck otf fea- 

l^ IR» / 3* * riW>'<wm, 

Dfportatio, 6nis./ >).a carr> ing*, a 
cariying away, a conveyance, a 
transportstion. [carry awuy. 

Deportaturus, a, um- pt. about to 

Deportatus,a, um jM.carried, con- 
vcycd, banialicd, cxilcd. 

tf£porto,are.a. 1. to carry awvj^v 

Z?rnluo,neTCjaUutiim. rt. 3, Xp ra^i^ o^jbea^^Nt^^^xv^^^T^t 



DEL 1 


homc, to transport, to baniah. 
Deportor,ari,atus. /».to be carried, 

or conveyed, to be banished, 
Deposcendus, a, um. pe, to bc dc- 

mandccl [ing. 

Deposccus,tis./>/. demanding, ask- 
HrposcOterc, poposci. t/. 3. to de- 

mand, to require, to call, ask, or 

wish for- 

Deposcor, c\.p. to bc dcmanded. 
Dep6sitio,6nis./. 3.a deposition, a 

deprivation, death* 
DepSsltum,i. n 2.a trust,a pledgc, 

a stakc, a wager. 

Deprecandiis,a,umiw to be dcpre- ressum, a. 3. todeprcst, 
catcd, or removeu by entrcaty. thrust l press,weigb,kccp 

Deprecancus, a, um. adj. scarintf, down,tobearhardupon,1 
but liarmlcss. to stoop,to sink, to lesser 

Dcprecans, tis. pt. cutrcating» or plant. 

Deprecatio,finis/3*praycr,aiien-Deprimor, mi pressus. £a 
treaty,a petitioning,a begging of wcighed» or borne down 
pardon,an excusing/importunitv Dcproctil, o//r.afar off- (d; 

Deprecator,<5ris. m. 3. hethat en-Depromendus, &, um. pt 
treats, an interccssor, a solicitor, /)£promo, ere, psi, ptum- 
an excuser,a preserver.(precatc. take, draw, or fcteh out, 

Dpprecaturus,a,um./Mabouttode- forth. 

l)eprccutus,a,um./><. deprccatingDepr6mor, i. ptua. />. tob 

/>rprccor,ari,atus sum. d. 1. to de-Deprompturus, a, urn.^f.3 

DcposHQrus, .a, um. pt. ubout to' prccate,to pray,orwish against,to draw, or take out. 

lay down, tliat will lay down. 

De'p6sYtus,a. dcposited, in- 
trustcd, deposed» dcgraded, iaid 
down.or aside, rcjected, or rcfus- 
cd,ruined,dcsperate, dangcrous- 
ry ill, dying. (mandcth 

Dcpostulator, Oris. m. he that dc- 

/Jepostulo, are act. 1. to dcmand 

Dcprxdatio, onis./. J. a robbing. 

Deprxdator, dris. m- 3. a robber. 

/fcprzdor,ari,atus sum d 1-to rob, 

Deprxliatis, tis. pt. scutRing, figr> 

/teprsclior,ari, atus sum. tkp. 1. to 
fight, to scnfflc,to bustlc, to hufl". 

Dcpravutc, adv. corruptly, badly. 

Dcpravatio, onis./. 3. adcprava- 
tion. a corniption, a crooking, or 
writhing, a misinterprctation, a 
false gloss. 

Depravator, oris.m. 3.a corruptcr 

Depravatus *» um< pt. dcpraved, 
corrupted, marred, spoiled. 

Depravo, [de, pravus], arc, avi, 

bcg pardon,to pray eaniestly. toDepromptus, a. um.^- di 
bcg, or petition, to bescech, or talccn out.fctched out. (h 
entrcat, to request, or desire, to Dcprtiperaiidua, a, um. M 
avert, or rcmove. l)epr6peratio,6nis/.3.ana 

/><-prehendo,&Deprendo,dere, di, /teprdp£ro,are.a.l. to mak 
nsum. u. to catch,or find, to takc or speed, to hasten. 
unuwares, or in the fact, to disco- Depsiticus, vel Depsitiiu, 
vcr,or find out,to pcrceive,or dis-J adj. kncaded, mouldcd. 
ccrn,to reacU>orovcrtake»toseizc : Dcpso,crc,sui^itum,a.'). to 
Dcprehcndor, Sc Dcprendor, di,| ormould,to tan,taw, orcu 

Depresse, ius. adv. low. (ed 
Dcprcssio, dnis. / 3 a prcssing 

Depressurus, a, um. pt. about to 
sii:k,about to makc navigablc. 
Depressus,a,um /»/.& a^.ior, comp 
dcpresscd, prcssed, or weighet 
atilma 1. to deprave, tocoiruptJ down.keptdown,thrust, orcmsh 
to wrest, to rack, or distort. ed down, troddcn undcr foot. 

Depravor£ri,atus. bc deprav- sunk,ordrowned,low,shallow,flat 
cd,wrested misconstrued, &c. Depretio{dc,pretium],are. a. 1 to 
Dcprecibilis,e. aqj easv to be en- depreciate,undervalue.(pr«^sscd. 

nsus. p. to be caught, seized, 

discovered, &c. 
Deprchcnsio,onis/.3. a discovcrv. 
Deprehonsus,& Dcprensus,a, um. 

ther, to lie with, to seeth, 

Depstus, a,um, pt. kneade 

ther,worked,or trodden « 

fcet, tawed, tanned, curri 

/>f.cauglit, caught unawares, ta-!Dcpflbis,cis. Sc Depuber,ii 

ken iu the fact, detected, disco- 

vercd,tripping in evidcncc, seiz- /)?pudesco,cerc.«.3 cum. i 

Depudet, uit. Sre. imp. it 

shamc,he has lost all shav 

Dcpugnator, 6ris- m, 3. ae 

Depugnatur, imp. tlicy figfc 

DepugnatQrus, a, um. pt. sl 

fight, or fight it out. 

Depugnatus, a,uiu. pt. fou| 

/)rpugno, are- n. to fight it 

fig-ht, to contend, tp disgl 


Depulsto, 5nis. /. a thruHi 
beating away,a removal, i 
treated, ready to forgive. (ingJDeprimendus, a, um- pt. to be de-l ing not guilty. 
JtepT&c&mndus, m, um. tnfj. pray-lDeprimo [de,premo], mere, ressi,]ocpulso t ftre. n. 1. toposk 

unripe of age, young. (asl 





Isor, dris. m. be that repcj*. ride,to laugh at, to mock/to des- 

tsurtis, a, um. />/• about toDeruleor,ere/>tobe dcridcd (pis&Deruncinatus, a, ump/. snioothed. 

; away Deridfciilum, i. neut. 2, a scurn, a 

Isus. a, um./>/. put, or drivcn luughing' stock, a jcst, a foolery. 
,thur*t outby iorcc.wcaiied. Deridiciilus, a, um. adj. fit to be 
ritio, o.iis /. 3. s. clcansing of laughed at, silly, ridicuious. 
• matter in a wound- Deripio |de,rapio], perc, pui, rep- 

■jundu.i. a, um. pt. to bc tuiu. a. 3. to take, puil, or pluck 
iscd, or clcured. ytivc. down, to steal, or tilch. [tcmpt. 

rgtiUvus, a, um. ar#. purga- Dcnsio, 6nis- / 3. dcrision, con- 
;^o, are- ci. 1. to purgc, toDcrisor, bris wi. 3 a laughcr at, a 
ne. to clear, tu frcc, to gut. scofler, a jester, a bufloon. 
titus», a, uni pt cut ofl*. lop- D?fisurus, a, um. pt. about tu de- 
pnined. depu*ed, assigncd. ride. or laugh at 

Deruncinatio,dnis./ 3. a pruning. 

/)?runclno, are. a. 1. to plane, to 
smootb, to cut, to cheat. 

/Jeruo,utrc,ui, utum. a. 3. to pull 
down,ortake fall down. 

Deruptum, i. n. a craggy placc. 

/J?ruptus,a, nmpt & aaj iur, comp. 
broken,craggy,stecp, downward. 

/>?sacro,are. a. 1 to consecratc,to 
hallow, to dcvote. 

Desxyio, ire, ivi, itum. n. 4. to be 
quict,or calm, to rage extremelj, 
to show crucltv. (ing of a dance. 

to, ar\. act. 1 to judge, or DcYfrus,a, uiii./j/derided,iiiocked Dcsultatio.onis./ a leading,or cnd- 

;r\, to tiiink, to account, cr Dcrisus, iis m 4.a dcrision,ridicule, 
m, to prune, ©r cut ofl*. jest.[ed anotlierway, to turn oil 

tor, ari /uu. to bc pruned. Dcrivandus, a, um. pt- to be turn- 
jkif*, e. adj pinch-breeehcd. Dcrivatio, bnis / 3-a dcrivation, a 
«. mh: aiisqucdcquc, up, or drainingof water, or a turning of 
n, iiut to rcptid (plaincd of. its course, a turning aside. 
cstus, a, uni pt having coiu- Dcrivativus, a, um. adj derivativc. 
iendus, a, um. pt. to be sha- Dcrivator, oris. tn he that tunis 
•r scrupcd off. j away 

lo, dero, asi. asum. ast. 3. toDcrivatus, a, um. pt. dcrivcd, de- 
f, bark, or scrapc oft*. I duccd,drawn from,or down, turn- 

lor, di. p. to bc scraped oft'. ' cd converted. 
u-S a, uni. pt. scraped off. iDerivo,[de, ritus], are. a. 1. to de 
ic;jto, onis/. '6. dcreliction, u rivc, to deduce, to draw from, or 
;!•*, or forsakiii/. j down to convey,toturn asidc,to 

ctus, us. m. 4 a tbrsaking. | diveit, to intercept 
Ctus.a,iun./>^.forKaken, ahan- Df nvur,ari^to be derivcd.[away 
i, "krft, dc»titute, solitary.jDerogandus a, um. bc takcn 
erelicto habere, to give up.Dei*6gatio, oriit.f. '6. dcrogation 
if^for lost, Cic- [abandoncd >Di?rogaLor oris.* m. S. he that dc 
nqticndi^, a, um- /»/. to be' rog:itc», ortakes away. (ry. 

nquo,ere, hqui, S.-DerdgUtorius,a, um,adj. dcrogato- 
vt-y to abaiiuon, to forsakc. Derogaturus a,um. p/.about to de 
jiiUv*'fo tfuddcnly, quickly. rogate, or take away(ly,to pray 
•ntlndyar/fjHiddeuly.idown Z/frogito, urc. a. 1. to ask instant- 

j 9 erc, psi. n. 4. to crecp 
u^,a, um /*i.sii.*ttched away. 
ndusyayum pt.lo !>e derided. 
ns» Ucriding, laugh- 

/Jfrogo, are. a. 1. to derogatc, to 
abatc, or lesacn, to taitc away, to 

Der6gor,ari, atus /».to be lessencd 
iDerdsi^a, iun, p/.gnawed,nibblccL 
x>, €ri, rsi, I^uin. a- 2. to d4jx>cruj^,pc^ij[ braak<nTt)iC8Cilbo^ bt» ipUis» ^v u> bc dc. 


Desaltutus, a^ um. pt. danced. 
/Jfsalto. are. n. 1. to leap »or danc«, 
to cnd a dancc. 

//fsarcino, arc. o. 1 to unload. 
Descendens, tis. pt. dcscending. 
Dcscenditur^'mp. it is gone dowrt. 

Descendo [de, scandoj, dere, di, 
ensum n. descend, to go, ov 
come down, to fall, or run down, 
to aJight, to takc root, to conde- 
sccnd,or agree, to be contcnt, op 
satished,to degeneratc, to digcst- 

Descensio, onis./ .*. adescent,a 
going down, a landing.(descend. 

Descensunis, a, um. pt. about tp 

Desccnsus, us. m. 4. a dcscent. 

Dcsciscens, tis. pt. revolting. 

•O<fcisco.ere, Ivi. u. 3. to revolt, tp alter,to changc,to vary. 

Dcscissus^, um. pt. torn asunder, 

Descitum est, imp. they rcvoltcd, 

Desciturus, a, uin. pt. about to rc^ 

/yrscrIbo,birc*ipsi# iptum. o, 3. to 
describe, to draw, copy, or write 
out,to dividc, to distnbute, to or, 
der,or appoint,to dcfine,to-tai,«r 
assess. Dcscriberc jura, t<> try 
causcs, to sit in judgtnent, Oic. 




issunu». *:ip- discrtcd, fornakcn,Desidi&se. adv. slothmlly, i<J3 


scriptio, 6nis /'. ,».a description, 
copying,or writing out, u cop\, 
r transcript, a plan, »r modcl, a 
egistering, ov cnrolling, a tlistri- 
mtion.anappoinliucnt (scription 
cscriptiiuicula, x ./. 1-a short dc- 
tescriptum,i.ri.2 a thingdescribed 
lescriptus, a, nm. pt. & attj ior, 
comp. dcscribed, writtcn otit, co 
picd,sct down.crin onlcr a.ssign-1 
ed appointed, dlwdcd, distribut- Dcsidcns, tis pt. sinking under, 

ed. taxcd. 
Dcsecans, tis. pt. cutting oflT. 
/Jrseco,care,cui,r.tuni a. 1 to cut 

ofF,ordown,to inow down,to rcap, 

to clip, otT, to poll. 
Dcsecor, ari. pnxx. to bc cut oflT. 
Dcsccratus, a, iim pt profaned. 
Desecro,i\lc sacroj,are, avi, atuin. 

a. 1. to profanc, to pollutc. 
Desectio, onis. /. &a cutting oif, or 

down, a mowuur. 
Desector, oris m .>. a cuttcr down, 

a mowcr, a reaper. 
Dcscctus, u,um./»iTcut of,down. or 

up,mowed.rcapcd,cut,hcwn (cd. 
Descrendus,a, um/i/ to be dcscrt- 
Deserens,tis./>f forsuking, lcuving. 
/Jrsero, rerc,serui, scrtuni.n. -i- to 

dcscrt,to quit,to leavc, 

to lcaveofKto give up,to fuil,tou»< 
Dcscror,ri, ilus p to be dcscrted, 

forsakeii,&c Deser. i a mcntc, to 

bc distracted, L\c. 
y)^serpo,pere,M. '.'*. to crccp along. 
Descrtatua,a, for*akcn,lrft. 

Icft, set, plantcd, fixed, deseit, 

lonely, uiiiuliabitcd, untillcd. 
I)e scrvio,irc, Tvi, ituni /». 4. to do 

servicc, to wait upon, to attend 
Dcscs idis atlj, idlc, slotbful, inac- 

tive, slow, carcicss. 
Dcsiccatio, Gnis. / J a drying up. 
Desiccativus,a,um «r//.drying up. 
//rsicco, are. act. 1 to dry up. 
Dcsiccor. ari- /». to bc dricd up. 

sinking, falUngto dccay 
Dcsidco.j/lt\scdco], crc, sedi.n- 2. 
to sit sti)l,to sit. to bc idlcto loi- 
tcr, to spcnd idly, to go to stooi 
Des7dirabilis,c uttj. ior, comp. dc- 
sirublc, to be desired, v.anted 
Desidcrandus.a,um./jl to be dcsir 
DesidcraitH, tis. pt. desiring. (cd 
Dcsideratio.onis/ J. a dcsiring, or 
wishing for, :> desire- 
Desideratha \erbasunt, qua*ter- 
miuantur in urio, ut scripturio, 
micturio,&c. i\\ix a prisc iucdita- 
tiva vocvcrbs of dcsiring.(dcsirc 

Dcsididsus, a, wm.adj ior, rrt 
simus^u/» lazy. slothftil, idl 
dolcnt, disengagcd. 

2/rsTdo, dcre, sedi. n. 3. toi 
or fall down,to sct»le, to ligl 
sit down, to go to stool, i 
suagc, to chink, or gape. 

Designatio, 5nis/-i.a dcsigm 
an appointment, a delineitk 

Designator, oris. m»- ant 
tliat appointetli a processia 
a master of cercmonic#,a W 

Designatus,a, um.yw.desiptifd 
pointed, clioscn, clected. mi 

/>csieno,arc.a> 1- to design,t 
tcnd, to mean, to appoiot 
choose, to mark, or pointou 
doom, to show, or signHy, tt 
note. ( pointed at, brandcd, 

Designor,ari, atus./>. tobesb 

Desiliens, tis. pt. runniiujddf 

DCsilio <le,salio], ire, Ivi, & i 
tuni.n 4 to leap down, orft 
aliglit, to vault. 

Desmens, tis. pt. ccasing, < 

Dcsidcraturus, a, uiu. /»/ about toDesinitur, imp. an endis n 

Desideratus, a, um pt dcsired, 
longcr l,orwished for,wantcd,rare . 

DOsTderiuni,i n.2. dcsire, love, af- 
fcction,a longing,orcraving,want, 
or supplication. Mcuni dcsidcri- 
um,uiy swectheart, my love, CVc. 
Scabcndi desiderium, thc itch, 
Plin- Desiderium ventris, liat to 
do his nccds, JMart. 

Ueserlio, onis./. a dcscrtion, afor-DesidcVo, are. act. 1. to dcsirc, to 
«aking. (sake. wibh,or long for,to need, to want, 

Dt !»erto,are. a. 3 . lo descrt, to for- to ask, lo requirc, to dcmand. 

5)eycrtor,oris m.J. adcscrter,afor- Desidei-or.ari. atus/>.to be requir- 
sakcr, a turucoat, an cxile.(ncss. ed, or bc missing, oi 

DC-Kcrtum, i. n. a descrt, a wilder- lost. to bc abscnt. (ncss 

/)cscrtunis, a, iira. /*/.that will de- Desidia, sc / 1 idh-ness, slothful- 
«i-rt • leave, orforsakc. DCsidiiibulum,i. n. 2. anidlc placc. 

Ocsertusa, um-^/.&u^.ior, compu 

DcsidieS) ci. /. 5. id. qu. Dvtndia- ofl> to discootimii 

/)?slno,nc n*,i vi,Jc li, itum- 
to ceasctoleave off,togi 
to desist, to discontinui 
nounce, to hold onc's i 
cnd.or concludc,to die 
in tcnuitatcm,to be tan 
pi«*ri«ni, to Iiavc a fish j 

Dcsipiens, tis. pt. dotin 

Dchipientia, ac./. 1. sill 

Desipio,[de,sapio], pc 
to dotc,to trifle,to pT 
to bc foolish, to rave 

Desistcns. tis. pt. cea* 

Desistftur, imp- it is •! 
Mtuin cst, it fiathce 

i)rsisto,stf tisis terc. ; 
to ccase, to givc o 





(T, tr apsxt, to go awajv>r' spising-. ppcwuiamatiia, a,um- pt pceleil oft". 

(off. Dcspiciendits, a,um. /rf. to be con- M'squanio,arc.rtlto scalctobark. 
is,a. uni. /rtabout to leavc teraned,slightcd, or disrcgarded. Dcsquumor, ari,utus./». to bc scaj- 
a,um pt plantcd, set,cea,s- Despiciens, tis. part. dcspising, cd, to bc scourcd, or cleaned. 
0,0 nii /3 dcsolation (ed. slighting. Destans, tis. pt- standing 1 off*,or bc- 

rius a,um. «J/comfortlcsa DcspYcicntia, x.f 1. contcmpt, n hind one another. 
s, a, uiTi- pt. desolatc, for- disrejrard, a looking down. />cstcrto,crc, ui. n. 3. to snorc, to 

" Dcspicio, [de, spccio], cCre, pexi, Icave offsnoring. [run. 

pectum.o.3. to despisc, to slight, /JfStillo, arc n. 1 to distil, drop,o?* 

desertcd, abandoned, left 
jud waste, depopulatcd. 
irea l.tolay wastc. upon. 
ans tis. pt. lookinir down 
Stio. dnis / 3. a fooking 
1 prospect. a view. 
io.dnis f. 3 alookinrr down, 
pt,dis.£iin 1 on,to dcspise 
o,urc al.tolook down up- 
or, ari. p. to bc bchcld 
ir,dris m. -a lookcr down. 
^irus, V m - pt .that will sce 
ls, a, um pf bcn<//.is.simus, 
spiscd, slighud, looked 
pon. Iro dcspcctissimo 
to account very despica- 

is,ti-«.ra.4.a dcspising.con- 
lespite, a lookiiig down- 
ndus, a. uin- pt. to be de- 
of, desjpcrate 
ns, tis. pt. despairing, bc- 
t hopc, de.*pcraU. 
nter, mh. despairinjrly. 
lio, oni:*. /3.a dcspuirinpr, 
. a want of spirit. 
tus a, uni pt. &, ailj ior. 

to disregard, to look down 
Despicior, ci.pectus sum. p. to he 

dcspiscd, slightcd, ovcrlooked, 

viewcd, soen, &c (bed 

Dcspoli.'indus,a, um. /tf.tobc rob- 
Dcspolifitor, dris. m. a plundercr. 
Dcspoliutus, a, um. pt. pillagcd 

/>?sphlio,arc a.l to rob,toplundcr, 

to pillajre,tostrip,to empoverish 
Dcspolior, firi. p. to be robbcd. 
Dcspondens, tis /»«*. betrothing. 
/>rspondeo,er<',di, & spdpondi.u. 

&. 71. 2 to promise, to proinise in 

marriafre. to bctroth, to dcspair 

of Despondcrc animum, to f:iii 

into dcspair, Pluut. 
Despondcor,crc />.to be promiscd,! 

to be givcn Xn iiiarriage (er. 

Dcspoiisfitor.oris. «1. 3. a bctroth- 
Desponsatus, a, um. pt bctrothcd. 
Desponsio, 6nia./3. a brtrothingr 
DcsponsiiK, a. promised,be- 

trothcd, affianccd- (:»;>'? ed. 

Desprctus, a, uni- pt. grcatly dc 

smiu.s *::fj dcspaired of Debpucndus, a, um pt. to be con- 

ite, pa»t cure, rcsolule. tcmncd, «*• despijsed- 

0, ncre.spK^vifSpreturii.a^DcNjiriiiiatio, onis. /. 3. af-jamin;» Mi^ht jDcspumufis, u. um. pt clarilicu. 

,:ire a 1 todespair, to be /iVspilmo, urc.c/ 1 toscuin,totukc 

ss, orout ofhopc (cd o'.'- off', to clarif\,t«> diir st,to Icsscn. 

r,.lri,utua. p to be dt--,pui;./><rspuo, tiv,riuiiu uct. .'». l<> spil 

tio, onis./ .*. contcmpt* I dowu.upon.'"* pouront, to 

tus,a,um />/ &»*«(/ issiinu* detcst (upon, to hc spit ou1..D':?tituoi', ni,i)tus. f>- to bclcftde- 

c>piscd. slitrhted, .UsL-.-Dcspuor. ui- /»«#*. to be ?»pit. down! stii.ute. (<lisapp'untmcnt. 

L, dcspisin^« coiitcmnin>r. Desquamatio.dQTH. /.-i.a sralin^* ot|D«.^titutio. onis. / a f orsaking, a 

uis, tb. si« dcjipit»*, a dc' ( fislu 'Deslv.^Vl^, ^\n\. \»t . ^v^nT&r.^^ 

/7csti'mulo, arc a. 1. to prick, to 

Destina,». /1 a supporter,apillar. 

Destinandus. a, um. pt. bound. 

Destinans, tis. pt designing. 

Dcstinatio, dnis./ 3 a dcstination, 
a purposc, resolution,or determi- 

Dcstinato, ndv with full purpose. 

Dcstlnatus, a, um. />/.destined,ap- 
pointcd, dctennincd, fixed, re- 
solved on, pitchtnl, betrothed» 
bound fast. 

Dcstfno.ure a 1. to dctcrmine, to 
dcsign,iiitcnd,or purposc, to aim 
at, to mark out, to ordcr, or ap- 
point, to suspcc.t,'jrconjccturc,to 
value,o»\sct a price on, to buy, to 
fix. or bind to cithcr, to betroth. 
Destinarc spe,to liojii* it will be» 
Jav. sertnonibus, U> gi\c outitis 
so, /'/. 

Dcstinor,uri,utus./i lobc ticd fast, 
aimcd at,hetrot.I.r.d, niarkcd ou.t» 
&c. [»lestitute, to be forsakcn. 

Destituendus, a, um pt. to be lcft 

Dcstitucns, iU.p/. foi-saking 1 . 

Dcstituo, [de, statuo], ucre, ui, 
uluni./i. ^*. to lcave destitute, to 
lcave,to fors:ikc,lo descrt,to jrive 
u»>, /#;• o\er, to dcceive, ordisap- 
point, to fail, to sct, ct pUcc, to 
lix, ur fis^en. 





in picccs, to bc destroyed, to de- sed, put off, sprcad abroad- to di»solve,to coisnme 

stroy.(picces, dcstroyed,ruined.DIlauaatio, 5nis./ 3. praise, cora- DIluor,ui,Qtus./>.to be v 
DUaceratus, a, um. pt. torn in mendation. (to cxtol. to bc refuted. tcar,orrcndin7)Tlaudo,are.a- 1- topraise highly, DilQte, adv. ius. ceatifl 

picces,to destroy, to consume, toDllectio, onis./ 3- love. DilQtium, i. n 2. an imi 

spend,to wastc,or makehavocof,Dilectus,£f. & ooj ior, cwn/». DIlutus^,um. ft. & aay. 

to trouble and vex,to harass.(cd.< issimus. *w/>. dearly beloved, be- issimus tt//>.diluted,wai 
Dilac£ror,ari,auiB./> to be destroy- loved, cbosen, choice. ted, tempercd, mingle 

«Dilacrumo, arc n. 1. to wccp, toDuemma, atis. n. 3 an argument thin- Dilutus color afi 

drop. (to cleave, or split in two. that convinces both ways. Gcff.Dilutissima potiOyi 

Dilammo, [di, lamina], arc. act. l.Diligcns, tis atfi. ior, comp. issi- draught of watcr, sr « 
Dilaniandus, a, um. pt. to bctorn. mus.«ifp.diligcnt, industrious, ac- Dllimes, fct / 5 aderag 
i Ilaniatus, a, um p*. torn, rent, tive, careful, mindful, studious, Diluvio, arc. a. 1. to ov 

tearing. (glc, to devour. fond of, thrifty, wary; pt. loving, DIluvium,i n 2. a delug 

i/ilinio. are. tear,to man- choosing. dation, a calamitj , dett 

Dilanior,ari p- to be torn 'in pie-DilYgentcr, adv. ius. comp. issYme, DTmachar,arum.^/. m 1- 

ces, rent, or dissipatcd. j §up. diligently, carcfully, with /)imadeo,€re,dui neut 2 

I flapldans, tis. pt. stoning. ; distinction. wet. to melt. (to sprei 

Dilapiddtio, dnis./ 3. a dibpida-DIlig^ntia,x./l.dilig]cnce,care,at. /)imano,are w 1 toflow,i 

tion, a wastcful spcnding. tcntion,labor,fmgality,<tiscrction Dlmensio, 5nis / a dio 

2)ilapido,urc.a 1 to clear ofttones, Dlllgt) [di, log-o], gcrc, lcxi, lcc- mcasuring. 

to pelt with stones,to consumc,or tum.acf. 3. to love, to favor, or re- Dlmensor, oris. m. a mc 

squander away,toembe/,zlc [way spect, to divide, or cut up. Dlmensus, a, um. pt. ba 

Dilapsurua^,u'n/>/.aboul toslip a-DilTgor, gi. p. to be loved. sured, or meted out, n 

Ddapsus, a, gliding along, /)Xl5rico, are. a.l.toiingird,toun- /)imcrgo,gere,rsi. a. 3. 

sl' opi ng asidc, fallen down, de- do, to tear off, to rip opcn. Dimetatus, a, um. pt. m 

cayed. /JilQcco, Src, uxi. n 2. to shinc, to Dimetatio.onis. / 3. a t 

/)uargior, Tri, Itussumo*. 4 to be- bc clcar, evident, or* manifcst. Dlmeticndus, a,um pi 1 

stow Hberally, to give, to dividc. Z)tluccscit, imp it grows light, it Dimetien8,ti»./>f mcasuxi 
Dilargitus, a, um. pt. having bc- dawns, the da} brcaks. (tion. Dimetiens, tis/ a diam 

stowed, bestowcd givcn. (ing. DilucTttitio, onis. f. 3. a delucida- /)Imetior,iri, mensus sui 
Dilitana,tis/)r c-nlarging, cxlciul-Dilficidc, adv- evidently, clcarly. measure, or metr, to 
Dilatatio, onis./ •». an enbrgin;r. Dilflcido [di, lucidus], arc. a. 1. to rcckon up, or tell ovei 
D.Iatltor, 5ns. m. 3 an cnlarger- ' makc plain, or clcar. /)imetor,ari. d. 1. to nra 

Dilatatus, a, um. pt. dilatcd, ex- DilficiduH, r., um. adj. ior, comp. DIinlcans,tis. pt fightinj 

tcndcd strctchcd out^ enlarged. ! clear, pl.iin, man'.fest, bright. ing- (b:tttlc,a strugglc,( 
DiIatio,dnis./3 a delaying, delay. DiluculaM^.itdawns. (morning. Dimlcatio, dnia./ 3. sfc 
Dilato^li, latus], arc, avi, atum. c. DIluculo adv. betimes in theiDIniicator, 6ris. m. 3. a 

1. to dilatc, to enlarge,1)iluculum, \.n 2. cLiybreak»dawn. DimTcatur, imp. it is con 

to make, or opcn wide. Dlludium, i. ra. 2. rcspite from ex- Dimicaturuj, a, um pi- 

Dilator, ari,atus./ b<j enlarged, ercisc. (ed iight. 

to be writtcn at largc. Dilucndus, a, um. pt. to be clear- Dimtco,care,cui & clvi 

Dilator, 6ris. nu \\. a dclaycr. iDiluens, tis. pt. washing, clearing fight, to engage, to sk 

DJJatorius, a, um. adj. dilatory. i/)7luo,u£rc,ui,utum. a. 3. to wasb, contend, to struggle, ti 

DilitQnia, a, um. about to defer. { or rinse, to wash off, or away, to DlmVdiStim, o*iv. by ha| 

IWttiBy m, um. fii. Welaycd, defcr- DHrgu,sr cV^ittoejLuUui^ t*> mijt,|Dimidiata»A um< p*~ <& 





i, halved, half. jDfmoreot, cri. p. to be remoYcd. Directo,8t DTrecte\ aav. ius, confp* 

, i. n. 2. the half. (tus.iDintrio, Ire. n. 4. to squcak like ai directly, straight,simply,without 
a, um. adfr. see Dimidia- mouse. (numbered- condition, downright. * (guide» 

u£re,ui,utum.a. 3. to di- Dlnumerendus, a,um. pt. to bc Dlrector, 5ris. m. 3. a director, a 
xi lessen, to abate, to Dinum£rans, reckoiiing.(ing. Directunv.n.2.rig , ht,juatice,equi- 

pieces,to alienatc.Dimi- 
put,to break one's head, 

,01, Qtus. p. r. Diminuo. 
, diiis./3. a diminution 
lg.Diminutio captis, the 
one's head, or freedom. 

linutio mentifl, a raving, Diocccsanus, i «i. 2. a dioccaan. 

one 9 s xnst%,Suet (word 
um,i. n. 2. adiminutive 
\j a, um. pt. diminished 
nis. /*.a uismission,a dis- 
sending forth, or awuy . 
is, a, um. o/(/. dimissory 
s, a,ura. ^f .about to dis- 

i, um. ^f dismissed,sent 

Dinihntratio, dnis. /:i. a numberl ty. (line 

Z)iniim£ro,are.a. 1. to number, to Directura,ae./l.alaying out by a 
rcckon, to count, to pay money. DTrectus,a, um. pt.hadj. ior, comp. 

Dmumeror,ari. pXo be numbefed. directed aimed, raised, ordercd. 

Diobdlaris, chcap, vile. Dio- set in array, ©r order, made, op 
bolare scortum, a common slut^ ruled, straight, cut, divided, di- 
hackncyed whorc, Plaut. rect, plain, downright. 

DTremptio, 5nis./ 3. a seperation. 

ken up,sent,dropped,or 
id, paid, remittcd, yivcn 
livorced. divulgeu, dis- 
HtDinrissh» manibus fu- 
un in all haste, Plnut 
>.ia a,uni pt.Xo be dismis- 
tis- pt. dismissing (scd 
*re,iiiipssum a >. todis 
and, or btnd awuy, to 
tischarge. or acquit, to 
iet sIip,tolctfall,to drop. 
> lcave, to abatc,to sub- 

Diarccsis, is,vel cos. /•>. a diocese, orbrcaking ofF.(part,ortake away. 

a jurisdiction, a govcrnmcnt, a Dlrempturus, a, um. pt. about to 

provincc, a bailiwick. Dircmptus,a, um. )M.divided,sepa* 

Dicecctcs, x. ra. 1. a stcward, an rated, parted, taken sway. 

oversccr, a managcr, a builiff Dfremptus,us.m.4.a parting.[soft]y 
Didtu, x/ 1. a drinkin^ -pot with Z)Trepo,£re,psi,ptum.a.3. to creep 

two cars. Dircptio,5nis./!.J.a robbing,pillag» 

Dipthongus, i./ 2. a dipthontj. ing, plundering, or rifling, extor- 
'Dip1inthus.a, two brteka tion. (spoilcr. 

Diploi*, idis./ J. a doublct. 
Diploma,atis. n a diploma, a char- 

c advouchcsit, Cic. (ed 
i,issu* p. to bc dismiss- 
~ rcmovcd, ba 
Lhrust away, parted, 

erc,dvi, otum a.2 to re- 


ter,a prince , B lettcrs patcnt, an Dfreptus^,um. pt. plucked,or torn 

cdict, a mandamus, a passport. 
Dipondiarius, a, um, aaj- of two 

pounds wcight. 
Dipondium i n. ScDipondius, i. m. 

vcl Dilpondium,i.?/.&Dupondius, 

i.m. 2. a wciglit of two pounds, a 

penny hal»'pcnny. 
Dipsacum, i n. 2. a teasel. 
Dipsas, adis / 3 scrpcnt. 
utt in,soplunge.Eorctn|Dipt6ton, i. n. 2.a diptote, a noun 

Direptor, Oris. m. 3. a robber, 1 
Dlrepturus,a,um. pt. about to tear 
in pieccs, about to plundcr. 

m picces, torn from, robbcdV 
spoilcd, plundered, beaten, or 
pullcd down. 

Direptus, us. m. 4. ataking away. 

Diribco, Sre, count over, 
to distribute, to pay. 

Dinbeor, Sri. p. to be distrihuted. 

DirfbTtor,oris. m. 3. an officcrthat 
makes a scrutiny, ajudge, ade- 
terminer, a carver, a sewer. 

put away, *r a^icle, toJDine.aruni* pl-fl cuMes^rimprc- withfear. 

«ie, to movr, to b;mish,! cations thc luries Dirigo, [di, rego], gcre, rexi, rec- turn >*p,|Directio,onis / >. a dircction,a di- tum.n.3,todirect,to rulc,or guide, 
ahrh, to cnga^r. i rcct leading to a thin , an aim. to ^ead, or cwiduct, to rau^ ta 

that hath only two cuses. DirtbHorium,i.n. 2. a place whcrc 

Dipyros.i.c. g. 2twicc in the fire. soldiers were mustcrt-dand paidj 

Dlradiatio, dnis. / ..-. a sprcading Dirlgendus,a,um. pt. tobe dircct- 

&c of vincs in tlie form of sun- Dirigcns, tis. pt. directing. (ed> 

beams. (likc thc rays of the sun. //Tn^eo,ere,ui n. 2. to grow stiff, 

2/7ridiy,a;-c. a 1- tospn^ad, or set to siand on end, to grow cold 





sct in ordcr, 0»* array, to steer, toDirutua.a, pulled, broken, 
ani^or le vel, to raise, or lifl up, to or cut down, dcstroycd, over- 
measure, or mark out, to divide. tluown,ruined._Ere dirutus miles 

DIrigor,gi,rectus _Vto bc dircctcd. 

a soldier that had fbrfclted his Disccrnor, ni.cretus. / 

Dirniicndus,a,um. pt. to bc deciu. pay, Cic. a bankrupt, Verr. 
DtriraciiSftis. tot. brcaking oft". (edDis, in composition, stands.fbr di. 
Dlrimo [di, cmo] mere, remi, I)i»,diti», c.^.&dlten. ior, comp is- 

terrupt, to divide, to part, to de- fertile, ample, large. 
termmc, to decidc, to put an end Discalceatus, a, um. pt. unshod. 

rcmptum,a. 3. to break off, to in- simus, *up. rich, wcalthy, great Discerpo [dis, carpo], 



/M-calceo, arc. act. 1. to unshoe 
Dirimor,i, remptus p. to be part-,2)/«cavio,vi,cautum. n. 2. to bc ve^Discerptu_^,um./M.tor 

Discessio, Onis /. 3. a 

to disccrn, to distt 
judgc,or dctermine,tc 
appeasc, or qucll. 

cerned, distinqui-hcu 


in pieces, to tear in p 

ptum pull,orte; 

to divicic, to scatter, ' 

Discerpor, pi, ptus. p. 

Dirlpicndus, a, um. pt. to be nlun- ry circwnspect, to beware of. 
Dinpiens,tis._W plundering(dered Discedcns, tis. pt. departinjr. 
Diripio [di, rapio], pere, pui, rep-Discrtditur, discessum est. imp 

tum. act. 3. to tear asundcr, or in they depart. 

pieces,to castdown,or d__troy,to _D»«cedo,dcre, cssi, essum. n. 3. to 

tear,orpull down,to takc away, or\ depart,to go off, ©raway,to clope. 

from, by force, to rob, spoil, oii to comc off, to separate, to be 

plunder, to detract. (iu picces. partcd, or dividcd, to leave off, to 
Dinpior.i, rcptus, /nm«. to be torn' ceasc, to vanish, to dic, to give 
Dintas, atis/ 3. nerceness, rug-S place, or yield, to bc changcd, to 
■ gcdness, crueltv, inhuinanityj opcn,orgupc,to except. Superioi 

ominousness. ! disccdit, lic g"ets the better, Vic. 

Diruendus, a, um. pt. to be pulled Disccdcrc non male, to come 

down, or dcstroycd, to destroy. 1 wcll ott", Plaut. 
Diruens, tia. pt. destroying. Discciidus,a, to be lcarncd 

i)zruinpo,perc,upi,uptum, a. 3 toJDisccns, tis. pt. leaniing > . 

break,to breakin picces,to break|l)isceptans, tis. pt disputing. 

ofl", to burst, (ken, to bc burst |Disccptatio, 6nis./ :*. a disputing-. 
Diruiupor, pi, uptus, />. to be bro-Disceptauuncula,xYl.a wrangle. 
/)7runcino, saw,or plane;Disccptator,dris.» arbitrator 
/)7ruo,uere,ui, utum, a. 3. to pullDisceptatrix,icis/3 shc tliat judg- 

down, to ovcrtlirow, to destroy. 

Dlruor, ui, iitus. /m»«. tobe pidl edlDisce ptatur, im/>. thc point is ar 

down. ___re dirui, to lose his pay 
for somc crime, Fe.*t. 
Diruptio,6nis/. 3 a bursting. (ter. 

Diruptus,a,um. pt. & adj. burst, or 
broken,quite wastcd,stecp, crag*- 
gy, rigorous, harali, scverc. 

Dirus^,um. aaj. ior, comp. issimus, 

• • m 1 J.* f l_ _.*| 1 __ __ * ■■ 

es bctween two, a detcrminer. 

gned. (dispute, or detcrmine 
Disceptaturus, u, about to 
Disccptatus, a,um.p/. disputcd. 

Diruptor, oris- m.u burster, a wa.-|Di_eepto[dis,capto],are.a dis- 

putc,dcbatc, or rcason, to award. 

to determinc, u> setlle, to judge 
Disceptor, ari. p. to bc dcbated 
Disccrncns, tis. pt. disccrning. 

»«p.d_rc,drcadrul, homble, terri- Discerniculum,i./i.2. a pin, or bod- 
ble, execrable, ugly, cruel, chV kin, a diflerencc, or diversity. 
mal, niojuyrniidi iatal» ominous. |Z)/ffCcrng,nc re f cre vi, crctum. a. 3. 

partingjor divorce, an 
want, a voting, or se] 
Discessurus, a, um. / 
leave, or quit. 
Discessus, ua m. 4 a ( 
going away,an opcnii 
asunder. Discessuse 
Discus, cos. m. 3. a co 
Discidium,i.n.2. a seps 
vorce, departure, des 
Discincte,a£/u dissolut 
Discinctus, a, um- pt. 
armed,diasolutc, ncgi 
ful. (in two, to be to 
Discincendus, a, um/ 
cut, or liew asunder, 
rend in pieccs, to di 1 
Discindor, di, issus._) 
ken, or rent asunder. 
/>i*cingo,gerc,nxi i nct 
ungird,or undo,to stri 
of office, to confute, 
Discingor, gi. p. to be 
Discipllna, z. /. 1. di 
struction, litcraturc, 
cnce,a profession,ort 
on,a way.orcustonvj 
a __ct. 

Discipllnabilis, e. at 
Discipllnatus,a, um.oi 
Disciplln6su9, a. 





:/a shescholar,Graudi-7)/*crepjto, ire. n. 1. to di?agrcc,\Discureim, adv. runuinf? «everally. apprcnticc to jar. Di*curaio,diiis./3.arunningabout. 

i.m.3.a disciple,a 8cho~'/J/«crepo,are, pui & puvi, pitum. n Z)/*ciirso, are freq. 1 to nin ovcr. 
um />/.rcnt,tom,pulIed ! ditfcr,to disagTCcto disscnt, Discursor,onsm.j.a runncr about. 
p. it is lcarncd. (down to jar,to vary,to sound difiVrciith 
src,usi Gsum, act >. toDiscrete,a</r.separatcly di&tinctly 
i scparate, to sct apart. Discrctim, adv scverally. 
Li.uvjs/» tobc scparat-Discrctio, onis./. 3- a separation 

l, um pt- shut up. (cd.Discrcturus,a. uin /«'•abouUo scvcr shake. 

didici a 3 tolearn,toDiscrctusy a, um./>/ 6c tidj. partcd, 
iL, to be informcd , separated, sevcred, dificrcnt. 

frass. to hc learncd. 'Discruuciuinis n. 3. diflcrcuccdi- scssor. 

Discursus,us mA a runninjr ahout, 

a Hifrht, a disc.ourse, a treatise. 

Discus,i.m.2. a cjuoit, dish, platter. 

Discussio, ouis. / iJ. a shaking", a 

Discussor, diligent search- 
cr, inquirer, or cxaininer, an as- 


,i.m 2. in acc. discobo- vei"sity,di$tinctioiyiiscivtion. de- Discussorius, a, um. adj. ablc to 
uit-castcr, i piecc of hatc, doubt, dangvr, perij, hattle,'Di.<-cussiirus,a,um. /i/. aboutto dis- 
vo. kmanship. ! aspacc, or distancc, thc plough- cuss. (dispersed, drivcn back. 

>nis./3 a scethinjr. : in^, or harrowing of laud, thciDiscussus, a, um. pt. shakcn otT, 
a, uni pt wcllhoih-d. ' parting of hair. Di.scuticndu9.a,um.p/.tobeshaken 

■is adj. discoloured,ofaDiscrimniatim, adv. diblinclly. 
r>lour.particoloured,:in- Discrinrin.itio,diii»/.). a scvcrin^. 
colours,particoloHrcd.l)iscrnidnatus, a, uin pt. distinct. 
., a, mii. atlj of difie-Di.-criiiniKMrc ti.l. to dividc. (cd- 
t, imp. it is not ciMi-Discriiinuor ari/i to be distinj.yuM»- 
(to disair.iv. DiM-rUciatus, a, iim. /*.'. tortured. 
Oiirc n.4. to lic iinhkc,;!ibled,auMic'ad vcx 
t intcr mc & tc, imp ;///*criiciu,urc. a 1 to torincnt,to 
. ajrrec, flor. (wcll.,Discriicior.ari,at;i.../i. to be much 
*rc, oxi.»;r/. 3. to *ecth' vcxed.'irtroublcd,tob<tnrinentcd 

\. patft to he bolcd. Discubitus, us. m 4 :» sitting', iHDisertim.«//T-cxprcssly,particular, 

|. J. J« ^^ 111* 1 J # I»» —. I" * M * «.* 

Discnticns, tis. pt shakiug. (otf. 

Disciitio dis,quatio],terc, 
sum.u 3to discuss,to shakc, cast, 
beat, or battcr down, to beat, or 
dash in picccs, to drivc away, to 
haiiUh,to dispcrsc, to sliakc off, 
to dif^cst. 

Disoitior, ti. p. to bc quashcd. 

Dincrtcv/ffe.ius. romp. cloqucntlv, 
ele£antly,cxpressly by name. (iy 

li?,c adj disajjrccablc.; lying down at mcat. 

,tis./:. # . tlivordaiit, jar-7//*cubo, barc. bui, bitum n. 1. to 

Tccin^viiircrinjr, altor- lic down to slccp. 

j t ftiiis,/.:. , di!rcrcii'*c/i»^Di'»cumbciis, tis. /»/- sittin^ down. 

cf.l. discoix^vananccjDisciuubituLvm/'* they sit at tablc. 

icnt, dchatc, striic. /At«cumho, bciv, cubui, cubilum. 

s,c flf(/.cau^in^disconl. n. 3. to lic, or sit down. 

is,a. um. 7 'j co;itcrKious|l>isciincatiis. a, clovcn, or 

arc. ;.«•*// 1. to i>c at split asundtr withawedge much 

to diHcr, to disagrcc, 
Lrary to. 
*. adj. discordant, jar- 
/litTcrpnt, «litfciiui?. cou- 
t ti.4 ^/.(liticring. (tran. 
ia, x.f. 1- adiifercncc. 
imp. thcy dittcr 

/ii>cupio l pcrc l ivi t jtum.?i.<«Ii.-Hin; 
DiscuiTcns t tis. /i/. runningup and 

down, ruimini^, dividing. 
Discurritur, imper*. mcn run. 
/)/iCurro,rerc,ri,rsum. ;;. . to run 

luthcr and thithcr*, a. to run ovcr 
|Discursaiis, tk. pt. running- up and 

U oius. f. 3. disputc,} down- to and fro 

*r*jv |DiscUrsiltio, onis. /. 3. a rtuning 


Discrtus^um- adj. ior, camf*. issi- 

///«hiasco, crc. inc. 3. to bcgin to 

Disjcctojdis.jacto^are frcq- 1. to 
toss, or throw up and down. 

Disjcctusa,um./>/. dispcrscri, scat 
tcrecl, routcd, dcstroyed, thrown 
<lown,ovcrtlirown. (dispersion. 

Disjcctus, us. m. 4. a dissipation,a 

Disjicio d'iK,jacio , cerc, jcci, jcc- 
tuni.a. 3. to dispcrsc,to scattcr, to 
putto flig-hMoovLilhrowtto throw 
down, to destroy, to prevcnt. 

Disjicior, ci. p- to bc scattcrcd. 

//i>jii^ unyoke. (rally. 

Disjuncte, Disjnnctim, adv. scve- 

DisjancUo, *3ivi». f ^. ^w^iCx^ 





disunion, a diffcrencc 
Disjunctlve', orfi'. disjunctivcly 
DiBjunctivus t a,umar//.disjuncUvc 

dispel of drivc away,to banish, to;Disncrticndus, a, uxn. pt 

rcmove, to scp.tratc, or dividc 
Dispellor, li p, to be driven away. 

Disjunctum, i. «. 2. a disjunctiveDispendiosus, a,um. adj. hurtful. 
pn>position, whereof one parUViKpcndium.i. w. 2. expencc. cost, 
must be true, or thc proposition! charjre, loss; damafrc, a circuit. 
is fa!se. |D#*pcndo,diirc,di, nsum. act. 3. to 

Disjunctus,a,um/>l-Sc adj\or.comp.\ spend, to cnnsumc* to employ 
issimus, tntp. disjoincd, Dispenno [dis,pcnna], urc. n. 1. to 
ed» uuyoked, dividcd, alicuatcdJ strcteh out the wiiitfs. (naged- 
separate. rcmotc, unlike. jDispcnsandus, a, uni. pt. to be ma- 

jBwjun£0,jr,cre,nxi,nctum. a. 3. to Dispcnsatto,3nis./ >. dispcnsation, 
disjoin,to senaratc,to part, toun- 1 distribution, mana^ement, stew- 
yoke, to withdraw. Disjungerc a ardsliip. (a steward, a managcr. 
mammu. to wcan, Varr. ted. Dispcnsator,6rism. 3. adispcnacr, 

Disjungor^gi, nctus. p. tobe part-DfcpengaUir, imp. it is dispcnscd. 

Dispalutns, a, um. pt. straggling, Dispcnsutus, a, uiii. f>(. dispcnscd, 
wandcring 1 about, dispersed. ! distrihutvd, divided, managcd. 

Dispalcsco,cre.7i.toibeinadekiHiwn/?/<pciiso, ure.a. 1. to dispcnsc,to 

Dispaloldis,palor|,arc.a.& n. 1. to| distribute, to luy out, to manajrc, 
scattcr, to dispersc, to wandcr a- to administcr. to dispose,or set in 
bout, to strug-gle, to be sprcad ordcr. (posed,manugcd,orspreud 
abroad- jDispciw)r,ari,atus. fm*s. to bc dis- 

2>Mpandodcrc,di, passum. «. ?>. to />/..porcutio,terc,ussi.a. :*. to dash 
stretch out, to sprcad abroad. j out. 

Dispansus, a,um./tl. strctchedont, Disperditio,oni*i./. ^J.a dealroyin.or 
cxtendcd\sprcadabroadfuncqtial.l)ispcrditus, pi. lost,undonc. 

Dispar, aris. adj. unlikc, diflV k rcnt.; , />iJv])f»rdo ( dcrc,didi,ditum. a. &. to 

Disparandus,a,um./ be parted. los>c,to«pcnd,tow:iste,toscpiunder 

DUparflis,\diffiercnt,unequal. Dispcrdor, di, tlitus. p. to bc lost. 

Disparihtas, atis./. 3. unlikeness,7>/.vperco,iiv.ii.;2. 4. tobe undone 
diversity.incquality. > % quaUy.' niined, ".-disfrroyed. Dispcivam, 

Dispariliter, aitv. diversh, unc- lct nu» di<;,Aoi . Dispcrii, iainut- 

Disparo,area. 1. to sever, to sepa- tcrly nndonc, 7Vr. (persed 

rate, to be unecjual, or unlikc. .Dispcr£cndus,a, um. pt. to be di.n- 

JDupartio» Tre, ivi. a. 4- to diridc.lDispcr|ro [di. spargoj, gcre, rsi. 

Dispartior, iri. />. & n. to be divid- disperse,to scattcr,to 
ed, to divide. spre:«d. Dispergcre vitara in au- 

DispartTtus, a» um. pt. divided. ras, to dic, Virg. Dispergit saxa, 

Dispassus, a, um. part. extcnded, he ma kcs thc stones ftyabout, Lvc 
fcjied out. Di*per;<or,fri, rsus, p. to be sprcad. 

DiruSff^uiA. um. pt. about toDisperse, ath\ lierc and thcre, 
»up.d\Tc r dri.or vicw. (ration.Dispcrsim,ac/v.scvcrally. (looscly 
blc, execrabittfrard, considc-Dispersus,.a,um./)/.dispersed,scat- 
mal, mgurnrui, f ving away. Stered, spread abroad, separated 

*um a a. 3* to Dispcrsus, ils. m. a diflpersing. 

vidcd, sprinkled. 
Dispertioi dis,partio|,irc, 

a. 4 to divide, to distrih 
Dispcrtior, Iri- p. to be d 
Dispcrtitus, a,um. pt- diri 
Dispesccns, tis. pt. separ 
Dispcsco'dis,pasco ,cere 

to drivc froin pasture, t 
Dispescor, eris. ci. p. to l 

from food, to be dividci 
Dispessus, a, um. part. i 

widc, or asunder. 
Dispicio [di, specioj, ce 

pcctum,a.r»to look abou 

to disccrn, to espy, to c 
Dispicior,ci./i.tobc hchel 
Displicatus,a,um.^/. scatt 
Displiccns, tis. pt. displc: 
DisplTccntia, x.f. 1. adis 
DispliccO[dis,pl»ccOj, en 

tum. n. % i to displeasc, t( 

Displicitums a » um. pt. 

displcasc, that will tlisp 
DisplicitiiH, a,um. pt- dis] 
Di>])iodo[dis.plaudo], cre 

tj.\. to burst with noise, 
Displodor, di, sus. p. to t 
Displosus, ;mun. pt. let o 

crar.k, &c discharged, 1 
Displuviatus, a, um. at 

shclving" to carry oft" thc 
Disp61iabn!um,i n*2 a plai 

robbery, &c. is committ 
/>/#polio,are a. despc 
DUpOlior, ari. p. to be rob 
Dispo ncndus,a,um/i/.to h 

Disponcns ^ 3 - P*° dispoa 
disposc,to place,orset ln 
put,orset,to settle,to div 
tribute,to appoint, to ad 
Dispdnor, ni, posltus, p. 1 

Dispdslte, adv. methodu 
Disp5sitio,6nis/. 3. a 



1)1 S 


clispcrscd, scattcrcd, sprratl a«| W*sbno, are,nui,riitum, n. 1. U) bc dividc, to part, to scpante. 
broad,shattcrcd in picces,routed discordant, to jarr, to disagrcc Distcrmmor, ari./«. to be scp 
Diasipo, are. a. 1. to dissipatc, to Dissonus, a,um. adj. dissonant dif- Distt rminus, a,um.a<//- separ. 
disperse,to scatter,to drive awuy, fcrent^discordstntjjarriiu/.confiis- /)fvtcro,rcrc.u. .tt> pound. g 
to confound, or disordcr, to dis- Dissors,£recablc to ed Distichon, i. n. 2. a distich- au 
solve,to WRStc,orsquandera\vay, Dissuadendus, ;t, tobc dis- Distillans, distilling-, i 
to consiunc, to sprcad abroad, to suadcd. . pinjr. arh 

publish. tcrcd. D.Siuadcns, tis. pt. dissuading-. ;Di*tillatio v dnis./ 3. a disttlh 

Dissipor, uri, atus /». to bc scat- //Msuadeo,cre,asi, asuin act. 2 toDistillator, bris. m. 3. adistiil 
Dissitus, a, um. pt. scatlercd, dis- dissiade,U> atlvisc tothccofiti'ary!/>Mlil]o,aTc.u.& disiiU,to< 

Dissaadcor, er-. p to be dissuadcilDistillor l ari,fitus./». to bc dist 
Disiuasio, oms /. 3. a dissuasion. l)istinctc,a<7v.ius c mp tlistii 
Disi.uftsor, oris. m 6. a dis.suadcr. 

pcrscd, tlistant, reinotc. 
Dissbciabdis, c. adj. discordant. 

opposite, to bc partcd. 
Dissbciatio, oni ./. '>■ u disuuion, u 

icpar.uion. antiputhy, avc:siou 
Dissbciutus, a, uni. pavl. dividcu, 

partcd, separatcd, disuiiited. 
2>/«socio, dividc,to part, 

to separutcyto bivak,c/r dissulvc. 
Dissbcicr, iiri. p. to be purlcd. 
Dissolvuudus,a,uiti. pt. to # dissolve. 

07'be dis«iolvcd,to abolish.(solvcd 
DissblQbdis, c. mlj. cas\ to be dis- 
Dissolvcns, tis. pt. dissoi\in£ 
/)i>solvo,vcrisvi.!utuni a . todis- 

solvc, to mclt, to brcak, or tlasi 

in picccs, to bivak down, to dc- 

atroy, to causc to dic, to loosen. 

to unbind, to tiisiV, ? £;i£r, to an 

nul, or ahrogutc, lo pay, to ptv- 

fornijto answciyo rcsnl vc,to fivt 

from suspcnuif, to rcfutc. (<*d 
Dissolvor,\i,lutus p. to bc dtssolv- 

abolished.orbrokcn duwn jrcntK 
Dissblutc, a'Iv dissohitdy, ne^li- 
Diss6Hi1io,bms./°.«. u dissohition, : 

dissokin^, an uholi.>h;ii»\ u pwr- 

gution, or ansurriiit*;, \\toknu;>s, 

casi n ess, dissoh 1 1 cncss. 
Dissnlutui,u,Uin./i.'.& u>!j. ior,ro»;./». 

issimus, *///i- diSsoKcd, loosentd. 

dishcvcllcd. brokcn, ahchshcd, 

shakcn ort", avoilcd, dissolwtcjD.stenuis, iis. ,n 

abandoucd, dcbauchcd, loos ,!l)'r:tt.Tiuinans, tis. pt. boundintr 

wcak, mild. 'harsh.JDistcrmtiirttus,:i,u:n. />/• separatcd. 


plainly. clearly, onlcrK. 
Distiiu*tio,Gn;&[/.' ■■. adistincti 
divcrsity.a poiut,9r note, a g 
Distinctus,a,Ui:i pth ar//.icr, 
di<tinct, cxphcit, tlist.n^u 
tnarkctl, pointcd, notcd, di\ 
sct, inlaitl, adorncd, siripci 
vcrsiiicd. (orscparation, va 
Distinctus, As m. 4. a distin 
Distmendus, a,um. part. tn b 
plo\cti, hindcred, &c. 
Distinco [dis.tcm-o], crc, nu 2. to hintlcr, to kc 
hohl employcd, to keep f 
siop.totlividc, to part, to p. 
or perplex. 

Distmcor, 6ri. p. to be hirwlc 
, /i^tingiiens, tis pt. distinguit 
/>iAtinifuo,cre, nxi, nctum. <i 
<L:sLiji^iiish v todivcrsii\ . to 
to udorn, to set, inlav, or cn 
to scpurate, or dividc, to 

D'..stin^iii»r, g-ui, nctua. /i. to l 

tiiigui.shcd, <li\<. rs ri.-.i, I^c 

Distno, urv./rq. 1. tn be d 

.jis { o,"arc. stiti. ?». 1. »n nc d 

to dirtVr, *o h».* iini ; i;c. 

Distorcjucns, ti.<- /*■■■. mrning 

/J/.vtonpico,t ■rc,rf.,itum. cn 

sc. t a\\ ry,to tom a « to 

l)istnriio,oiiis./'.> thsloHion i 

t ■■I.u*«s<i, a tuniiiv. a wn k st 

DJasdnuns, try. **; f. (^/jK4^-j¥«ii<.7>.>tcrmino, iirc. *. I- tnhmiiuK ^(T|Disioiuis,a,iiin.W.St ndj. ior, 

Dissuasums, u,um pt. to dissuade. 
///'«suuvior, iiri. //. to kiss swcctly. 
Dissult) |'dis,salto , urc. «i.l. to fl\ 

about, to brcak, to i*oar. 
///>su.) f uerc,ui,iiUim. art. ."3. to un- 

stitrli, to uuiip, to undo. (pcd 
DibSfitus, a, iiiu. pt unsewcd, rip- 
/iMubcsco, crc. */ic. to consumc, 

to iiicll. (loalhcth. 

//Attvdct, uit, & ?esum cst. it 
D.-»tans, tis. pi- distant, diilcrinjf. 
i) : staut.a, i'./" 1 distaiiciyliff t.Tencc 
Distrniu-n.', iis. u. strcicnini^Oip 
f)itt\i uvio.crL',d:.lum cs. s«un.(/.^. to 

Sirt-ich o:it, to cxtcml 10 swell,to 

idl. tciitlcd, pui?t.d up, ii.c. 

i)i»(ciitlnr, tli, Mtus pa#s. to be cx- 
i)istcusu.-», pt. btrctchcd out, 

Distcntio, onis./ X a distcntion, a 

slrctc!»'.u;f out. l)istcnt:o iicn o 

rum, a conv ulsion, ur cramp, ( W.f 
D:stciUo,j.:V./svy 1. tostcetch out, 

lo :i:.iLc lai-j;-. , to stuftytu cr.iui 
D'st,ntus,a,uiii pt.X. m(i. ior, c tnp. 

ihsimus, vz//j. strctchcd out, c\ 

tcndcd, swcllcd, iillctl, husicil 

takcn up, lct, hindcrcd. (out. 

4. a strctchinj} 





ttt h. distorted, deformcd I ar puJI. f bouiuL 0fvcrb£ro,are. act. t. %o strike, lo 

l f howed. irrcgular. Distriinror, gi, iclus /»«<*. to bc« brat, to banjr, to clcavc, orcut. 

j.diti*/. 3. a scparation, u /)/«truuco.uri:. «_f.l. toquartvr, to|Divcrbium,i. n. 2. thc first part of 

a comcdy. 
I)>vi.'rsc,«//TMUS, ci mp. issimc. »ub. 

, a drscrtion. a sclling. 
s.a, \ karfj. ior.rom/t, 
«a^.distractcd. drawn, «r 
asundcr, dnwu, parted. 
separated, diftuscd. 
r.lu9 a, inn. pt. to bc part- 
vii atmnder, broken ofl*. 
jarcelled out s>1d, &c. 

cui otfa limb. or piecu. 'down. 
Disturbatio, dnis. / 3. a casting 
/Vfturho. are. a. 1. tooverthrow 
to cast down, to disordcr, or con 
found, to lct and hindcr. dovvu 
Disturbor. ari, iitus. p. to bc cast 
Dltandus a, n:n /»/. to bc enrichcd. 
Ditans. tis. part. cnrichiiig. cd 
Jitre.av», artum.ffrf.3. to Ditjttis a, inn. pt cnrichcd, stor- 
raw part,to se Ditc-ico cerc./wr. jrmw rich, o/ 
lo diviri**, to brcuk otf. to bc cnrichc< bc well ntorcd, or 
to ronclude todc- fuU.f bcloiijriug to a dithyrambic. 
efcr. to divcrt. to sell. Dithynmbicus, a, um. a-ij of o» 
; hi, actus. p. to bu part- Dithyrambus,i.m 2 a nainc; of Hac- 

chus.a song in honor of Bacchus 
I)itio,6nis />. mlc, powcr, autho 
rity, cinpirc, lordsliip, a shirc, oi 
place of j urisdict ion rich,fruitful 
DTtis,e.ri</y ior, c mp. isaimus, *///*. 
Ditissimc, adv. most riohly. (rich to cnrich. to make 
DTtor, firi patt. to l)c cnrichcd. 
Diii. adv. ti iis, c mp. tissime,«///» 
a loii£ timc,or u hilc,loiif?.of long 
coutifluancc, in thc day timc 
Diva, i/.a gaddcss«a shc-saint 
ZJZvagor. ari. d. 1. to go astray. 

leri, &■-. (distrihutcd 
ndus. a, um. fnirt. to bc 
> uerc, dis- 
»rdivide, to dcal, to bc- 
appoint. (cd. 

r, ui. p. to bc distribut- 
i 9 aitv iiis,r./m/»-distinctry. 
o.6nis/.3. a distrib'itio 
ivus. a, una- adj. distribu- 
JT,5riH /«. adivider.ftive. 
irus. a, u m pt. about to 
ta. a, um. pt. distributed 

air ius< m^briefly,«h.irp- 
i.arlv shortlv straiUv Mv 
a,i:n pt.&.u // io:* c mb. 

beatowed.sprcad abroad Divaricatus, a, um. pt. scvcrcd. 

iged, dnwn, woundcd 
lard rigorous. {bindinjr. 
\%. tis- part. scrubbiug' 
Crc.nxi, ictum act. 3. to 
,to str^in hard,to busy,9r 
io strikc, prick,or touch 
gtti7.c,or wottnd sliphtly, 
mb, or cleansc.t« chip, 
o break in small picccs, 
lc, to draw, to distract, 

/Hvanr.o, arc. act 1. to stridc, to 
straddlc,to spread 
DTvaricor, ari. /;. to bc separatcd 

erplexcd.troublcd, busi- Divcllens, tis. pt. pullin^r :isundcr 

/>ivello,lcrc, li,& vuls*, vuisuni. a 
3. to tcar asundcr, or in picccs,to 
tcar awi^D takc away by forcc 
to loosen, 5r undo, to hindcr, or 
prevcnt. ?awa\ 

DivclIor,li vulsus. pa»$. to bc torn Dlvi, 6rum pl. m. 2. irods, sainU. 

>._ , • _ — _•. i» *» _ _..ii; !•»- •• i i._ ... ,■ ■ . , 

DTvcnditio, 6nis/. 3. a sclling 
DlvciubtiLs,a,uin //'.soldin parccls 
_>fvcndo,dcrc,didi, dttuin a. 3. to 
scll in divcrs parcds,to sct to salc. 
to'confusiOri,to licat o^Diverbel^tUs^tun^AM^asfindor 

diifcrcntly, diflcrent wavs 
Divc4lm, adv. Idcm. (rcncc. 
DivcrsVtas, 5tis./ divcrsity, diftV 
DTvcrsito, arc . a 1. to resort oftcn. 
Divcrsitor.oris.m. au innkccpcr, a 
host,or inn. to sojotirn t tr> rcori. 
Divcrsor.ari,atus Hinn.r/ lodgte 
DTvcrsor 9 6ris.m.3.a gttcst,a lodper. 
Divcrsoriblum, i. ». 2. a UttJe inn, 
Divcrsbriuin.i. d 1. an inn,a loclgp- 
injc, a harbour, a coiuitry-hotise. 
DTvcrsbrius, a, um adj. bclongiaff 
to au inn,or Iod|rinfr. TabcrnadUu 
versoria, an inn, Sutt. 
DTvcrsus,<#. ior, omp. issf- 
mus,*M/».dirt'crcntly, contrary,op- 
posit c ,u nli kc,disti "nct,scparatc^i- 
part,distant,flivcrs, sundry, scve- 
Divcrtcnstit/tf. turningasidc. ral. 
DivcrticuIum,i.//.2. atuniin^a by- 
path, a lanc.a shift, a holc to get 
out at, a digrcssion, an inn. 
/jrvcr!o,terc.ti,raumi n. 3. to turn 
out of thc way,to turn, or Icada» 
sidc,to jro, to tligrcss, or sw erve* 
to diffcr- 
DTvcrtor,ti,rsussura. d o.tolodg^ 
to takc up a lodginp, to inn. 
Divcs, itis. adj. divitior, r >mp. dl- 
tis>imuji^j//». ricli, wealthy, opu. 

Divc.vandus, a, um. pt. to ve_ (ed* 
/>Zvcxo,arc.«.l. to vex. to haraa^ 

to spoil, to v.-uste, ur con.stimc. 
Divexor, ari, atus p. tobcriflcd. 

Divuh'udus,a,um./>: to bc divided. 
Divida, «./. 1 strifc discontent, 

gricf, troublc, a hcart-brcakiiur. 
Divldo,derc,iai, Isum. act .». to oi- 

vidc, to disaribute, x& caA. tfK, \a 





brcak down, to distinjruish. 
Dividor, di. isus. //. tu be divided. 
Dmduc, «//i«. by hulves. 
Dividuus, a, um.a///.thut h t or may! 

the day.bclonginir to the day,dai 
ly. :exccllcnt. noble. illustrious. 

Dius, a. uiu U'ij. divinc, heavenh. 

Diiitmc, alv- a lonjr tinie. 

be partcdund dividcd, cul intojDiutinus, a, um a<lj, continua , purts, dividcd, half. | loiijr, lastnifr, durabic. timc 

Divina, x.f 1 apn>phctes4V n .-;'-;i u tiJis, ad,\ u £ood whilc, a lonjr 
Divinans, tis.//.' prestgin;r, fT ; ie*- Diiitulc, ah\ a little while. 
Dlviu.itio, onis/. 3 a divi.iadon, a.Diutunic, a./r a lontf tiiiic. 

divinc, fores.^hl, a tellui£ 
things to eoinc. diviuc.»i< ss. 
Dtvinator drir>. ,-/i. .J. u diwucr. 
Divinfitus, u, mn. //«'. di\"mcd 
Divinc, tuiv diviiuly, hcavculy 

ut Diutunuias utis/.J lonpr coutin. 
ance, I istin|rne.>s, lengdi of tinit . 
Diuturnus.a um.a //.ior.c mp last 
ing 1 lo!i£, of lonjr contiuuuncc, n\ 
lonr lito. (lished ubroad 

Divimtas,atis : /' ■ #.divinit\,tUe liod- Div.djr.jidus, a, to bc pub- 

Divinitus aJv. fro.n ti-jd. Iica .. Divul£.itio, on.s.f. .S. a publis;iin<r. 

Divmo,are a.l to di»itn* to $rucss, Divulirltor, oris m J. a publishcr. 

to jud^e, tofor- , t I. Divul;,u, uin pt. issimus, *//// 

Divtnus, a,um .. . i-.^*, c /«/». iss;- 
llius.*////. divmc, l ;c.ivcuU, ihovc 
than human.blcsscd.lioh . couse- 
telliiur. Kcm divinuui fucetv, to 
sacrifiec, to be at pra\ ers, Ter. 

puidisiicd, ipn-ad abroatl, uiade 
ktiow n,e ttollcd.jrivcil Up,c*mi]uoii. 

/J7vul$fo t arc act. 1. to divultfc, to 
publ sh, to spvad abroad, to 
inakc known. (eil 

I)ivule;or,.ii'i,utus.//. to be pnMi»h- 

Divinu9.i.//i.2.adi\iner,a Ct):ijurcr.iDivul$us,u,utu./-/. lorn a.»under, oi 
Divise, Div 

tion, a distribution, a severiiijr. Divus,u,um.r;<//divinc, sacral, ho 
Divisor,oris m- »*. a di\ idcr, <//* dis- I)i, us, i. m. 2 a lio.l, a saint. (ly 

visini. </</■*•, Si-.vcrui Sy. ] in p;eces,paricd, separuted, bro- infonn totcll to show. to 
is./' o a divibion,u parti- Divuiu. /».'. piod Dium. (ken. Ooceor, eri. clus. //. to bc t 

Divisura,x/. 1. a division, u elcft 
Diviaurus,a,um./>/ about to divide. 
Divisus, a, um. /»rior, r -mp. diviil- 

cd, distriouted, parted, c it otf. 
Divisus,usm.4. a dividing-, a divisi- 
Divitise, anim. pl.f 1- rtrhcs. on. 
Dium,i.M.2.the duyli£hl,the tinna- 

nient, the open air. 
Dlvortium.i /i-adivorce, a partiug. 

orseparation,a division,a turnin^ 
Divorto, see D.verto. 
Diureticus, a, uin- udj. diuretic. 
Diuruo, are. n. 1. to live lonjr. 
Diurnnm i./i 2. a day-book, a jour 

jial, a duy's liire. ur allowancet 
&/umus »,iBm.a$j.e. Auturnvis, of 

or runaway,£tr.vela, linle 
'is,to hoistsail,Ot'.lt is ofle 
.rlished by tlie verb of thef 
niir subst:urive;as. dare an 
us, cantns, gcmitum. laa 
.notus^ruinam, Virg. saltus, 
l.i, Ov mutuuin, 7Vr. in.Ucii 
insi lias 7V/'. to embra.ce 
^roun weep dauce fall leap 
lend.betoken lie in wait Ik 
am,to make wav. I*iv. Dar 
viam tobc upon ajoumev. 
iii conspectum, to siiow hi 
Cic. Ut rcs <lant, scsc.asi 
j^o,7V'rDare in custodiam. 
prison, Cic. Dare g aJi(jUcm i 
Tiir morti Ot*.k*tho neei.r 
kill.Durc [Krnas. to bepun 
I '/'/•;>" vcrbu, to cheat, ll,r. 
teiu alicui to make onc frv 
( Dornon L'^itur),duhs.ilaUii 

Dneeiidus a, um be t 
Doccns, tis. pt. teuchinfr, tt 
l)oeeo,ere,eui rtum.r/ te 


Do,daiv,ik a di.datuin. a. jrive. 
to bestow, to irrunt, to allow, tt 
yield,to surrendcr. to jrive up, to dcliver,to commit,e/rin- 
tvus:,to appoint, to assi^rn, to ut 
tributc,to make. orordain, to do, 
brin;r, or occasion, to throw, «i 
cast,to seud,to tfll,orjhpw to of- ;dlbrd,to knd, tBvil Ani- 
mum dare,to die, lirg: animos to 
eneourujre,/*/ tempus,to appoint 
it,CVc-lubem,to full down,Z//tr.U- 
teras to send lettcrs, Cic nianus, 
to yicld,7<f. opcram, to do his en- 
deavour, Ter. tdiquid auribus, to 
£Mtl>,er tiatteT,C/c» tfrga, to fly« 

Doedis c.atfj ior cvn\p- docik 
Ublc. soontuu^rht upt to) 

Docihtas atis./». dcx*ility, % 
uess. learnedh, 

Docte, (irfv ius cnnp issim 

Docior, oris.a .*. u doctor a 
cr,an instmctor.a ina.stcr-» 

Doctrmanr/t doctrine, xns 
on.teachinjr, lcaruinjr, eru 
wisdom, philosophy, au : 

Doctus a iim pt. vcl adj. ior 
issimus,«///>.Laujprht iustruc 
ditied.improved.lcarned i 
skilful.subtlcartful ciinnir 

Documcn.inis./i..* a lesson i a lcsson 
amplc, a proof, a warning 
meu,t r pressgc ^rcputltioi 






./. 2. a beara, a raeteor. Dtfldsus ( a t um.iir(/.dcccufiiUrcach-iDdininicalis c. adj. dominical 

,tis m-i. nine ounces, ninc erous, falsc, crafty, cimning-. 
ninepartsof twelve,three- Dolus,i.m.2. dcccit, jruilc, trcachc- 
of an acre. 'or inchcs' rv, falsehood, collusion, subtilitv. 

alis.e. tuij. of ninc ounces, 
atis nJa decree, an opi- 


policv,a trick,a \vilc,u stratajrcni. 

a crafty purposc,a dcvice,or con 

icuj, a, um. adj. do£mati-|Domabius, to be tamcd. 
a,x/.l.ahatchet,alittleax. D6mandiiK,a, um.pi. to bc tamcd. 
x /. 1. anox, a chip ax. or subducd, to tamc, ©r subduc. 
:us,a,ura. /tf.chippcd withjDomans, tis. pt. taming 1 , subduiii£. 
i, inis.nAahewin£.'anax.;Domatio,6iii<«./.;l. a subduiiur.'cr. 
dnis. /. 3. a hcwin^. ;Domator, oris m.:i tamer, a subdu 

a, um pt. rouj^h hcwn. 
a^.nm !)e lamcntcd 

e. ortj. as bif* as a tun,tun- Domiua,x./ 1. a mistrus*, u wifc, 

Doniinicus, a, uin. attj. pcrtaininfr 
to a lord, or inastcr. Dominicus 
sumptus, thc cxpcnses of the 
mastcr workman, Vitr 

Dhminium, i. n- 2. dominion, lortf- 
d»ip, nilc, cmpiici» domain. 

Dominor, firi, atus sum.f/. 1. to be 
lord and m»ster,to rulc, to domi- 
nccr ; /»(/«?. to bc jrovcrned. 

IKminus, i. m. 2. a masVr, a son, 
or youtur mastcr, a husband, » 
nilcr. ov jrovcrnor, a jailcr, a pos- 
scssor, or owncr, a fouudcr ofu 
fcast, sir, a .';od, a Iord.tlic ronn. 

Domiiius. a, um adj. rulin^-, cbicf. 

Domtpurta,.c /.1 jisnail ■ to wcarv- 

Domcfactus, a, cultivatcd 
pIou;rhcd,tamcd, broujrht undcr. 
] 9 comft gricvJDomcsticatiin fii/7'houscbyhous»e. 
repining' at.aflectcd, vcx- Domesticus a,um ad*. of thc sami 

;vous, painful. housc,domcstic,stayinjr at hoinc. Domito,;irc -ci. 1- to tamc, to brrak, 

r, iidv.ius,ro/f</f, sorrowfid- privatc, civiJ, tamc, familiar. v Domitor, o>is. ro. <>.a tamcr, a suh- 
rnfully, frrievously. Dbmesticus, i. m. 2. a domestic, a duer, a %auqiii.iher.or conqueror. 

,3e./l.|rrief,*orrow, pain. scrvant, au attendant- Domitrix, Tcis./. U.shc that tamc* 

re,lui,littim n 2. to gricve, Domicdium,i /i. 2- an abodc, a re-Dnmitura,x./.i.a tamin^abrcak- 
o repinc,to be sony,ordis- ceptaclc, a seat (homc. injr. ftanifv 

l,to pain, toache,to envy 'Domlc.cnium, i. nmt. a suppcr at Doiniturus, a, um. purt. that witl 

DOnutii.s, a, um pt. tamcd, m ih-lu- 

M.jn. 2. a coopcr.(bellied. a lady, a jrovcrness. ud,vamuiis!icd,ciitirc!y rcduecd. 

a,i. n. 2. tlim. a little barrel -Doniinans,tis. f>t\or,comp. bcaring Domitiis«us>m.a tamin^ibrcakin 
j,a,um pt. about to frricve, ruks&i-sway^ovcrnin^.Dominan- Domo, an: mui.mitnm.a 1-to ':«m 
aild gricve, or vex. I tia verba, plain, homespuu, vul- to break,tosubdiic,to coiK(iicr,tri 

.« 2. a cask, a tub, a tun,[ |rar, callinjr cvery tliin^ by iUi vanquish, to kecp undcr, to bfi'*i 
hogshead-In pcrtusumin-| propcr uame- Domor, ari, ltus. p to be tamcd. 

dicta dolium,to losc oneVDominiitio, ouis./. 3. rulc, power. l)on;\iitio,onis./.}. a £oinfr homn. 
U> talk in vahi, Pr v. authority, sovcreig^nty, lordsiiip, Domuncula, x. /. 1. dim. a lit:le cut,«>rhe«r smootli, tyranny, dcspotic ^overumcnt, a house, a cottafre, an ortice. 
ii hew,to chip, to squarc,- jfovcrnor. (vcrnor- Dbraus, us. vcl\. /. cst secuiid. & 

% to bcat, tocontrire. Ddminutor, oris. m. a ndcr, a fro- quart, decl.tett mc in voc. 

% ltua p to bc hewn. Dbininatt ix, icis / J. a jLrovcrncss. ! ..- 

>olon,dnis.« 2. a stafl* with D6minaUAa,um. prhavin^ rulcd, 
n ity» tuck,a littlc sword,! or jrovcrtSd, rulcd, g-ovcrned. 
eof a fly, a ainall aad- D6minatus, iis. m. 4. inastcrship, 
------ ■■■ rulcjrovcrnniciit, lordship, st»vc- 

reigiity,autlioritv, powcr. Dotni- 

natum impcrio tcncre, to havc 

both thc name and powcr of a 

kinjr, Mrp. 

•is m. 3. pain, smart, ache> 
M throe,or panjr^anguish, 
■orrow, discontcnt, ra^e, 
■ reaentmcnt. 
adv. craftUy, dcccitfuUy 

4«fc/ ^ dcc^tfuine^^iUbintaica., c/. 1. tbeLoTd's day 

in noni pl & mis in dat tkcbl.p'.»,. 
vix.Ic^. quibus addunt gr.imma- 
ticorum alii, mu in atil. *ing. di\ii . 
tamcn in abl. *ing. domu, Traj a 
IkAc, a fbdfriiifr, a dwclJinjr, an 
alnxlc, •>* liabitation.a ncst, a sta- 
bkvi tcmplc,a churcli,a town, o/- 
city.a iiation,^ country,a sourcc, 
a sprinjr, orfountain, afamily, w 

, household, a linca^c^v^^T*^» 




followers, peacc. Dom Ct fnris, l)«ron,i n. J. agift, o>* presetit, an 
militix ct ilorni, ot home and bmidhrcuth, a pahn. Iln 

sbroiiti, 7Vr. jDorrmili-, h j:. 3. a lnirscclijth. 

DniiiiljilU,e 0(/|. to bc prcscnted, Dorsiiili.s.i- a</; nf.nj fnrthc biick. 

■ - ' - ridgy. 

worthv, o>- ilvaerving of. 

Onnainliis. -i.nm. /.'.tobcprcscnt- 
Ddn.BHs.tis,/,.j,-i infr. rrwarding. 
Dfinkrium. i. u. 2.a lemplc whcre 
gifts were, a gift. 
Donalio.5nis./o.»doiiatioii,a pre 


a>V**icc a frift latow.-r. 
D6nator, roris. nr.3. aflfver, itbe- 
Tliniuliis.a.inii pt Iwsto.vL-i.l.^lvcn, 

prcsciitcil, rewurdcd, graiited, 

forgivcn, rrmiHeil. 
InSii^.i-iijN.o.ati iirUnjj-riid 
DonJc.ifc/f.initi rLsloiigai, wfiitc 
DSnicum, «rfs*. uiitil. (that 

Dfino,aTc.a givcta hcsl nw, v> 

prcaent.todir-j.triljiito, ln n*uar,l. 

to 1'iii'givi», gracc 
Tjonttr ari.iitn- .'- I.i Ijc ]>rcs.-n;c,l. 
lJBnum i. n.2 .npift, pi-CHftit, oti.-r- 

inR.rcWird ■ irilic. proini-L' maii 
lni]-c,is,-i(fis. /\i adoc, ali-m wo- 
Dorceii*,!. -u- 2.a rt«jr,Uiiick ■.--n 
Ilormicmtic.. a,nm. /rl.tobc skjit. 

lormicii;),trS../V slccping. 
Dorniia.irc ivi.ituiii :: sli.-ep, 

tobeas.lcT[>, tobt uni-mplovcil 
'Dormior, iri pant.tolm slept. 
Ilorilii-Cil, v.iTC inrrp 
]>ormitaniIns, a.iiin./j/.tobt- slcpt 
Dormitans.tis pi. nodding, ulnl* 

ling. (drone 

Dorroilator, firis. «1. a ilccpcr, . 
Donnito, arc.ii.l. to bc slccpy, 0: 

caivlcss, toaleep, lonap.toiipd, 

toalumbcr, totwinklef ^r 
Thinnitnr, oris. 1« 3. 0. lnngilccp- 
X)ormitoriiim,i ». 2. adormitory 
Domijtorius, &, um- adj. that per- 

tainctbto orrrterveth for uletrp 
£?ormitum:3,itm.j/tiLboul to alacp 


I>omirti.i.n.2. tlic back,»pi 
tory , a sli clf,o rh c apof sand,a ridgi 
•r airtc of a hill.the shell of » lor 

Dursus. i. jrr. 2. thc hack- (toise. 

Dbryphdms.i.nJ. a iift-giard rtan. 

*).>-. otin /Aa portion.or dowry, 
gift, a propcrty, » use.a nature* 
evrcllciice, a valiH', a -uli jcct.ati |ji 
argitmeiit, the cnntcnls. 

Dosis, ]•../. 3. ndose. (thc back 

I lnssiiivins, ;., utn inlj. bcarin^ n 

Dn.ilis,c. ar//rtnbrt, of, ur pertair 
dmny, or porlioi» 
onis./ j. un endnuinir- 

DritAlor, firis. m. .1. an cmlowcr. 
)nt'itiiii, inm, /i(issimits. lup. cn 
diiwcd, cnrii-licil, (1owltl'(1, mar- 
ri.-d, joincd. Mnlicr itoi-.iMs-iiu.i 
forina. a woman whose btauty is 
portion cnoiirjli, tlv- 

l>oto.;ii'f .1 1 I11 lti(!<h , . , .(i'- mi\i.-il. 
Itus p. tn be cnilowird 


Dr:n*lnna. k / 1. a drachm, thc 
eiijliili part of an onnse troy, 
lirct-k coin. 71&. in valuc. 
Iraco, otiis. m 3. adragon, ast 
;i fisli,an ciisifrn tli.-liorljtaira^oii 1. * femalc ■jWgon, 
l>r.irriii])Tcna,£.c 1». bredofu dra- 
gon. [alfaiociigjfei 
IJ1-..1 iiuium, i. ji.2. dtilJoTi-wort, ?.a littlc l 1 i-:i lj- c n l . 
dragcHi-wort, a ahcllfish Dcai 1» 
culiii linrtcnsis, laiTagon, Plit 

ll|-ru)l;l..ui^.;j .i llluin-tiijHdfa [il.iy 

hrfimainns, a,um. adj. drumatic 
Drapcta ■nn.lafagi.ivc. rfrunncr 
Drfimasadis. n. Z, a drornedarj' 

f/j/wio. ftr». theDn 
Dniid-t, /r/.ui. 1. PSn. Sl Dml 

Dun.. /•"■>> IJiiu. 

Dnais, e. ndj. dltrJ. ( 

Uuatiter, a-lv in thc dull r 
Diibic riryi-doubtfully, obscu; 
. Hn 1 ii- 1 , ., atis./ S, doubtfulni 
Dubiosuo, a, utn ai/j'. doubtnil 
rJiibitabilis e.a</(.thstmar b -*i 
rjubitandfl«,a,«m p* to bedoul 
" Ju hTtans,ti*./i< . i loi lbti ng.dclij 
hovcrinr belwiit lifcanddi 
DiibiUnter, adv. douhtinglr.l 
Duliltatiir. imp. il is donbted. 
Dtihiiatiis, a, um. />( doubted 
Dubi'i, aren. Itr Wf 
doulit, tohesitate to*«rt 
tract timc, or dclay, to cons 
Diibllor, ari. '<■ to bc doubted 
)libiuni,i. «2 adoubt,»dai 
iHlitua, a.uTrtcrfj dubinus,d( 
sliarp on cjch aidc, <lan)*tl 
Coma dubia, wherc there » 
manv disbes that * inan b 
not ivhich tf> eat of. Ttr. 
DiicalU, c. adj- ilncal. 
i> !■■■■. . ..> ■ 4 a dukedo 
duchy, a geltcralship, cimdt 

Duccnanus, a, um.aifj.oftWO 
drcd. IVjceiinri: judices, 
juilged in trials of snull 
science.(carrie<l,to lead>re be U.l,: 
I >in\ 11'i. t:- (].-;,,'..'. /,.' twohua 
Duccns, tii pt. I,- .uliri;,', CM 
ing, '■■'■■■: S' drawing, deri 
Kucking. (huiidr 

1 >■■■ .riL' ,i::iHtM, um. adi. tln 



Bl 7 


aaj pl. two humlnd.i' away, to lead up and down, toDuIeiculus, a, um. r?'// swectish. 
fv.two hundrcd timea,' cheat, to dccoy, to takc for al)ulcif-ruy,u,um atlj hcRringaweef. 
1. a dutchcsa. < wife, w miss. Dulciioquus. a, uni. «<(/. swectly 

ii,uctum.<i J-to lead,Duclo,arc.a.llo lead, to whccdlc, sour.din^, harmonious, musicul. 
r-g tobring to carry, to kccp a miss, to cstcem, orac-Dulcio, irc «. 4 to bccome swect. 
ivonvcy lo carry off, count. Cornua ductarc nervo, toDulcig t.adj\or,comp. issimuft,#w/>. 
ikc. r goalong with, draw a bow, Val. Fracc. Ductare swcct plcHsaiit,agrecablc, dclici- 
iove or perauade, to aliqucm labiis, to makc mouths ous, dclightful, charming, lovcly, 
rajole to marry tore- at, Plaut. ' beautiful, dear, loving, kind, mic- 

e. / form.«r Ductor, ari, atus. p. vid. Ducto. cessful. 

icat out, i-r forge, toDuctor, oris. m. 3 a leadcr, a con-Duh.itcr, </*/?•• swectly, gcntly. 
doiiffi rdclay,to think. veycr, a guide, a captain. CrcgisDuIcitiido, Inis /• swectncss, plca- 
i ruckon,to coiuputc, ductor, a bull, St-n. j suutncss. * 

o bcgin, tospend, r : Ducturus,a, um. pt. about to lcad.;Dulcor. oris. m. 3. swcctncss. 
> stink. Duccrc suspi-<Ductus,u,um./;/.led, Icd on,drawn, Dulco, arc. act. 1. to swcctcn. 
>i-.animam, spiritumj movcd, induced, prcvailcd on, Dtiliu, x.f 1. bondscrvicc 
lvum, to purge, CW».j druwn out,deduced, derivud, bc- Dwtn, adv. mitil, upon condttion 
nufVup, // r aquam,! gun countcd, straight, dircct that,providedthat,so thut, whilc> 
, takeDuctus, us. m. 4* a leading, j^uid- whihit, aslong as, as yct. throw it ance, conduct, manageuicut, aDQmetuni,i.wi.:2. a thirket, aplace quaft", rdrinkJ draught,makc, shapc, form, or fi- full of bushcsjntricacj .pcrplexi- 
) dance Or.ut-' gurc, a conduit-pipe. Labiorum ty- (that. 

u& JuvXo spin-.cnscm, ductus, a making of wry mouths, Dummodo, adv. so thut, provided 
em, Vtrg. to draw it; Gell. ■Diim6sus > a, um.Mi(/.hushy, bricry. 

us.toarrest him,7'rr Dudum, ado. but latc, lately, not Diimus, i. m. 2. a bubh, thickct, 
arcerem.todraghiro long sincc, a whilc ago, hcreto-| grovc. 

h.11 day, Stm. tcmpus,<Ducl1icuB,a, uni. adj. martial, war- : Duodccim, adj. pl. indcvl. twclvc. 
Vep. |Duellum,i n'2. a duel . a battlc bc- DuOdccimus a,um.a<(/ thc tvt clftlu 

\p Bctidcs the other twccn two pcoplc, war. (somc-{/Aiodcnuriusa, um-adj. oftwclvc. 
s fromDuco. it often Duellus, a, um. atfj. pretty, hand-Duodcni ar.fl.«rf/./»/.twelvc.(cight. 
an ellipsis, to bc lcd Duim, duis,&c. pro Dem, dcs, &c. DuOdenonUginia, cnf/. /;/. ci^-hty- 
i, to be aucd in law. Duini, *. a. adj. pl. two, twain. l Diiodco«-t6giiita,uf/y7//scvcnty-»i«lit 

:/. 1. to govcrn 
pt drawing. 

Dulcc, adv. issimc, *up. swcctly, Du6dct|ua<ira^<. ni, ■*. a.adj ./»/. tliir- 
plcasaDtly^coniically. * ! ty-cight. thcciirhtaudthii-tutii. 

um. tutf. drawing,'Dulcedo, init./. 3. swcetncsH. plc-Diiotlcquadr^csiiiii;^. u.ui... adj 
ining. j 8aiitncss,dclightfulncbs,fondncss, Diiodcipiinquugcsiuius u, uiu.u///. 

/. ductilc, casy to bc| desire, harmouy.mcliMlv, luxury. thc forty-cighth. 
:ytdinto. Ductile flu- DuJcesccns, growing plca-Duodc(minquaginta, pfur. foi*t)> 
cduct, Mart. | sant. (succt.j cight. thc iifty-ci^htli 

lciaurely (vcying.Dulc<jsco, ccro. inc. 3. to grdwiDiiOdcscxagcsunuM, ;u um. adj. 
f. a drawing, a con- Dulciarius, a, um. adj. rclating to Duodetnct, a, um. adj. th«: 
iim. atlj niailcable. what is swect. Diilciarius pistor cight and twcntieth. Qvs \!\\wms. 
m. J. to !ca«l quickJy a confcctioncr, MwU 'UuudcAYVcAcsjiuW.^V^A «vAv^^- 





DuMclrfgint», adj. fl. indtd.tiWMo, »nii / 3. dunlinii 
eight aud twcnty. jI>untrix,ici« : /..:> she who hardcns. 

Dubtlcviccni.Tc a, ,iill.(il- fiylitccn.'1'ui'UriniB. a. ■ ■■ <'i:ii wj|| |.,M 

Duotlcvicesimiuj, x Diihdf vig, si- IKnatint.ii.uiii ud. ncd.riried. 

mus, a,UHi. !■■ . . cit;litccii!!i. | lrn,n.'ii, conf ,. pfltienl. 

Duoetvicerinuinus, a, uto. a,lj. ofiDnre, tufc- hai-rily, hsrshly 
the twoand tnventi.tli . ■■ iDiircii, Cv,: . r, :..!.■- bard. 

Duplel, icis,rii(i. double, \u>?i> tlylKuvs. '-ns, tis. pi. growiiig h»rd. 
twiceaimin.h,r,i^..! mniii brostl,Dilreico, ere.n.3. <o Jtjov.' hard.tti 
Crafty, hubtlc Bu-pKri fcpe uti, loi hc hardcncd, gr fro^ conti 
have two itrirug» ta his bow.T, r "iie long. (c 

Duplicnndus,a,um (il. to tic douti-Diirctu, xf. 1 iti 

Duplieans, Ji». /X. rioubling. (ied. Duritas, stis / iS 

DupHcarius, a.tim. udj. belongingi rigor, eruell' 
to what ia doublc, hatiiij; doulilt"-"— ' ' ' ' 

D'ipl!':itio,(iiiL-i7". t.ji ,1,,,,1,'lin^ [,,.,, 
' ' -ownyl. 

DuplTeilunis, a, um. pt~. abuut to 
double, tJiat wil) doubJc. 

t» -ice HJ many, *tc boH.ri, dciit. 

IKiriter.nrfr.itis, camp. lianlly.paii 
fully,haralLiv,rou(,'hly,rudely, u: 

Ki.-iitci.-ly, u-vi,u.nsly. heinuusl; 
Duiitin.x/ 1 -ii", nrmtieu, 

Duplfco, are. act 1. to douhle, to Uitritie: 


niake twicc »i 

Ouplici>r,ari. ^ou. to be dniililcd. 
Ouphu. nni*. «1. :i. tlie doiiblc. 
Dupio, twice an much- 
Dupliun,i.n 2. tlic doublc. ( 
Duptus, a, iim. a-lj ilouble ,tujce 

brawniiie**, cruelly, harshncns, 
nigirednoaa, ,, luvd way of tifc. 
ciMtiveuess ntiipidity. Duritittji/ 
tunior», swillin^.s. Durili» 

IKlumvTrllU». «. aitj. dl 

),i,ini,,i-jtiis,u* » »t 


l)iiN,,liui»r.f.'i »l«d, 

pcrson, ■ ueid, » cc 

ringlcidcr,» king, » e 

a captaiti,» KenereJ, » 

genersl, mi idwiraJ, » 

gregis, the t»m, Ov. i 

bull, /</- 

. . bath DV 

woodctil)ya 5 .ftdi«-/3.»<Hlce 

.liurlishne»s Dyuamis, co * / 3 - P OB 

lynista, vcl Dynastci. 


Dynasti», i-/ 1 » K« 

jieijfiiiorj*,erlord»hip ' 

i),n L nttTi-i,.*/l-»dy» 

, irtis, », uin.ii. 

rjmnm». *, - / * 
itlnnEi »hortnc*i 

ria, at/ 1 a tlni 

m ■ itkm. DystiriCTj», a, 

|)rii-itiici]ltin,» > iim. ad>. »omcwliat lating to » «trangiir;- 

igh, li;inl, utipoliiheil. 

" v.o.&n.l to hanlen.lo be^ 

hani. to tnike hardj. ■ |? Prtp. cwm eil.f 

■tTotijj, to tiure to hjinisJiiiis. tn I A • v%; ""t ot, <>t. fr 

J ahiik-, la»t,orcontinu.Mo b 

furbcar, lo m»ke riMtirc, to liilL 

Dupondiariu», a, \\n\.ailj. wcigh-; tliiclti 
ing, or holdine; l«» pouiid». (Dilror, ari, UiM, p. vid Ui 

Dfipniiilua, i. m. t't Dipondiiu. Diii-iiH,ji,iim a ,■■■■',/.. iiitmiu, 

I)rir[i'>ili'i. c. n.lj. ilDralilc. lM'iii'ii; .-i(>.rd,«tit 

lKirihilitis.atiit'./: ,i. long cuntiuii- staic, olistin-ite, incXOrahle, lln- 
ance, (mugh. ton^li, «icklng ; ti-.u:t:,Wc,hlunt, clojuiish, Tustic, .. 

Duracimis, n, nm. iirf/. tutrtl,. llli|nililhi ll||li«il|l| tmtcliiTiE, liar- (!■', Inis. n. J k lliirjmcii- ih j™^-, -'l.juiiii. ut in lj.b«r,harsb, 
timi,i.ii.^. jituirdciiing.acoiigeal-! scvciv, rrucl, cosltvc, bound, 
ing, B.a1rcn](tlirmn|f l consUncy,! leaiec, dcar, giiping, tcm 
«bibleneas thcamiofa vine. inipmh ■ ■ 

, .... t, -iti:inittlc.-y*, dull, void 

Duran». li» />r. li»rdcning,»l>idiiiK,| of ipirit, UifKcutt. 
lasting, astriiiircut |Oil»iu*, i. m. 2. tbe dcvil. 

i. 2. Sl DuumTiri. 



.cmcling ■*>• 
3 CaSU quail 
uurpitur f 


C>'r contrariw 
.idc,or parti .' ft 

<i*er sgaiiisl^ul 

/e VC*til^O,<Klt llfl 

nihil metiiaa, a* 
need (ear HQUiing.V.-i 

quwt, dtc Trojan honc. 

' Dnun. two otlicen of Komc. 

on, // c rc aiicujut 
:', in cunipoiition, mual 





■ it stm/ids for dconum,|Ebri6Jus.a, 

clownward; as, cmeto; 
s it stands for sursum, 
urti;a-selevo; sometimes 

EbriSsTtas. atis./ 3. vid Ebrietas. 

Ebribsus, a, um. adj. ior, comp. 
drunken, sottish, givcn to drink, 
sc% and signifies the' dmnk, full of stronjr liquor. 
aJd£, greatly, or very Ebrius,'//. dmnk, intoxicat- 
, eniiror; sometimes itl cd, soaked, dipt, mad, plentiful. 
he same as contra. a-fbullio^lrejvi itum/i. 4. to boil, erEchinatus, a,um. anj.covcrcd with 

5, eluctor: and somc- 

leiiies, and stands fon tcr, to break out into talk, to a- 

aa, clugeo- 

i f m prvn. shc, or that. 

iat way. 

is&em.Y. pron thesame 

irwi. thev, those. 

bubblc up,to fret, or work, to ut- 

vow, to vaunt, to breatbc out. 
ibiillitio, onis./ 3. a bubblinnr. 
ibullo, arc w. 1. to burst out. 
Ebulliim,i./j.2.&. kbiilus,i./ 2 wall- 

wort, dwarf-elder. 

I an Indian bcast of tlie Ebur,&Ebor,o>is nrut. '.». ivory, any 
>f a horse, tliat has, thing madc of ivory. F.bur utra- 

F.ccubi, adv. whcther any where. 
Eccum, i.e. ecce eum, look thcre 
hc is- (tor. 

Ecdlcus,i. m. 3. a proctor, a solici- 
Ecf ari,l cx.fari } % infin.Xo speak out. 
Eoheneis, fdifc. f- 3. a sca-lamprcy. 
Ecliidna,x./.l.a vipcr, the Hydra- 

horns, Plin. 
9 eam ipsam, hcr very 
i ea ipsa. (self. 

■ 1. abloodstone. (far. 

prickles, sharp, nmgh. 
Eclnnus,i.m. 2. a hcdgehog, a 

urcbin, thc prickly shell of a 

cbcstnut, a vcsscl. 
Echo, us. / 4. an echo. 
Ecligma, atis. n. 3. an elcctuary- 
Eclipsis, i»/ cclipse, a figurc 

in grammar, when, a wonl is 


mento condcficcro, to spoil nu 

ture byart 9 /'r.-nr.Ebur cunile,thc'EcIipticus,a, um. ar//.belonging to 

chair of state, Hu*\ (ivory.j an cclipse; Iinca,the cclipticlinc. 

Eburatu% a, um- adj. intaid witliT.cloga.5e./l.aneclogue,apastoral 

dv. so far, so long, thu9Ebume61us,a,um adj. madc of ivo-Eclogurius, i. m. 2. a collector of 
E H ry. [ivory,like ivory.fair, white.j tbiujrsrcad^ischolar hcarinjrlcc- 

Eburucus, a, uni adj. ivory, of ucontr^ad7'onthccontrary.'tures 

».2.vel.ebcnus„i./.2.theEbumus,a,um. adj. madc of bory. EcphBra, ac. / ajutting,9rhearing 

:• ebony. | P^, out.(theratauy timc? butwhcn.' 

• v bi,bi1jituma34odrink " " Ecquaudd, what timc? whc- 

ik.tosuck dry,by drink- scastor, adv. by Castor, an oath. Ecquid, adv. whether or not,whe- 

get, to spend, to waste. EccnJ. e. ccce ca, mind her thcrc. tber any, whcther, what. 

p. to be drank up. Eccam, i. e. ecce eam, look whcrc Ecqtiis,ecqua,ecquod, vel ecquid, 

iri,ittis sum. o\ get,' she is. pr /i.what,wiio,whether anyman, 

ty flattery,0r fair wonls, Ecce,ue/v dcmonstr. lo!sce!behold! woman, or. thin^, whether at all. 

ocharm; p. to be sooth- Eccentrfcusa, um.adj. cccentrical Eccpiisnam, xnam, odnam, wl id- 

flattcred. !Eccheumatum,i-/j.2. a pourin^ out 

iA um - part. havinpf ob- Eccillam,pro cccc illam, see bcr. 

fair wonls, obtained bvEccillum, pro ecce illum, sec him. 

(r, Scc flattering". lEccistam, pro ccce istam,sec that.jEcstasis, is. /. 3. 

i, um. adj. bclonging^or Ecclcsia,ac./ l.a cburch,a con^re-; trance, a sudden 

9 ivory. (ivory. gation, or asscmbly, ameetinyof 

ij \im. parf. inlaid with pcoplc. 

un. adj. made of ivory.JEcclcsiastcrium, i. n. 2. a place for 

t made dnink. ! public assemblics, a church. 

tis. / 3. drunkenness, Ecclesiastes, x. m. 1. a preachcr. 

la. ;Ecclesiasticus, i. m. a book of apo- 

4. 1. to make drunk. cryphal scripture. 

f. \. adrankcn womanJKecos, i. e. ecce eos. 

nam./ir n. whethcr auy man, wo- 
man, or thing*. 
Ecquo, a:tv. whether. 

an ecstacy, a 


Ectypum, i. n. 2. a copy. (tated. 

Ectypus, a, um. adj. copied, imi- 

Eculeus, i. m. 2. alittlc horse, a 

colt, a wooden horsc for punish- 

mcnt, a rack. 

EdacYtas, itis./. 3. edacvt^. 





much,<rluttonous, gormandizinfirt larly. (dcclare, of discourse of.lcdom&tio, 6nii./ 3. a t 
wastingfConsuuiiiur bcdevoured. Edisscrturus. a, uni pt. about to cdonutiiB^um. pt. tami 
' * ' ' ' * Editio,5nis/ 3. an edition,a publi " ' """ f * -*? 

j&dendus* a, um. ///• to bo c;itcn,to 
j&dens, tis p . catinfr, publishiiur, 

sc tingforth.uttering^casting^out. 
Edcntarius, i. m. 2 a dcntist. 
Edentatus, a, uui. pt. having tlic 

f ccth pullcd, ©>• knockcd out. 
Sdc.nto,(c,dens],are.a.l to knock, 

«r dash out a persorr s tccth. 
£dcntulus,a, iun adj. toothless.Yi- 

num cdciitulum, racy, old winc- 
Kdcpol, atlv. by 1'oIIux, an oath- 
?dico,erc,ixi,ictum «.to tcll plain- 

ly,to dcclarc,to advcrtisc,to frive 

Yarning, or noticc, to publish hy 

cdict,or proclamation,to ordcr,to 
F.dicor, ci- // vide Kdico- (spcak. 
cdictutio, onis f- 3 a decl.iriiifr 
Edictio, onis./. 3. a chargc, or in- 


cation, an exliibition of playg, a 
naminjr, or crcatinjr. (I° wc d* 

Edititius a, um arij. namcd al 

Editor.oris.wi . an cditnr. a scttcr 
forth, a pubhsher, an uttcrcr 

Editunis, a,iim. pt about to pub- 
lish. producc, or cxhibit. 

Editus,a, uni ptU atlj, uttercd, dc 
clarcd, publishcd, inadc knovni, 
sprcad abroad, set for\h, cxliibit- 
nprung, dcscended, hatchcd, o> 
contrived, cxaltcd, lofty, high. 

Edo,dcre,(bdi,ditum a. . tos]>cak, 
to uttcr, to dcclare,to tcll,to pro- publish,to makc known, 
to show,or producc,to put, shoot, 
orbrinjr forth,to lay. Kdere extre- 

exlieto, are. frt/. 1. to declarc* on uuim spiritum,to dic,Oc uriiiam, 
pronouncc, to proclaim, to tell, ; to piss, Plin. With nouns it is 
to inforni, to makc knov.n. | cntrhhhed by verbs of tliost 

>:dictum, i. ». 2. an cuict, a com- iiouns,a%Kdcrc sonos,Oc.caiitus, 
niand, or ordiiiauc*-, apublicoi-. risus, C/t.frcmitus, /,*/<•/•. planctus, 
dcr,a proclamation, a mandamus. Juv. ijiicslus, Ov. pugnam, hinni- 

sdicturus, a, uni. pt. about to de- tum,/./r.latratum,/ J /m. tosouml, 
clare. li:*hcd,dec!arcd, iinniuuncfd. sing-Jaug-h groun,wail, complain, 

laiictus, a, um./tf.procluimed,pub- fijrlit neigh, baik. [&c. 

idiiis, c. atlj. catuble. cdor, di. p. to be uttcred, issucd, 

£di*ccndus, a, um. pt. worthy, orcdo, onis. m. 3. a great cater. 
proper to br lcarncd by heart.,dcrc,re/ csse,cs,cst,cdi,csum, 

adiscf), ccre, didi i. a. *.to get, or 7v/. estum.a..». to cat, to jrrazc,to 
taarn hy lcarn perfcctly, devonr, to consume, to waste, to 
to learn,to rl:sccrn,to distingnish. corrode. Kdere scrmoncm, to 

Ediscor,ci./>.to bc learnt by hcart. hcar with grcat plcasurc, Plaut. 

tdiss.rcndus, a, to be dis-r.dor, di. pa*s. to bc eatcn. 
cou".scd of. idoccns, tis. pt. instructing.fwa} . 

cdisscrcns, tis. pt. dcclarinjr. Edbcctitcr, adv. in a tcaching 1 

?dihsero, rcri»,ui,tum. act 3 to dc-rdocco,Cre,cui.octum. a. totcacli, 
clarc, or rchcarse, to disputc, or tp instruct, to ccrtify, to inform 
discourse. (tion. Edoctus,a,um./>/ taught. instruct- 

Edisscrt~:ti«>, nni» /■ 3. a disscrta- cd, advertiseil, informed. 

Adi.ssertivtor, oris. m.i. a declarcr. Edblatus, a, um. /»/. uolished. 
cdi!vcrt<> A uyv.ttr(.l. to ttffi »articci- t?dolo, are. *. 1. to pomrti, U fintsh. 

in, brouglit into subjo 
?d6mo,are.ui,itum.o 1 . 

makc gentle, to conqt 


tidbnior, ari, atus. pas8 
t"dormio,Trc,ivi,itum.n. ■ 


Kdormior. iri. p. to bc 
ffdonniico,cerc,iitc.3. to 
Kchicandus,a,um./>/ to bc 
E(lucatio,6ins/3. educa 

in^abrecding; up, om 
Ediicator, orisro. 5. he t 


Eduratrix, icis. /. a 1 
fulucatus, a, um. part. 

broujrht up. 
kduccndus.a, um. pt. to 
?duco,urcn cducat 

orinstmct,to bring up,1 

to maintain, to fecd, to 
cducor, ari. p. to be dt 
cdfi c o,ce rc,i i.\i ,uct um. a . 

or draw out,to lcad forl 

or bring away, to brin] 

world,to briiijr,orraise f 

rish, to build,to drink i 
Educor, ci, uctus. pamt 
E(luctio,onis./i i.a lcadinj 
Eductilrus, a, um. />/■ ab< 
2ductus, a, um. pt. t\r%\ 

fortli drawn,unsheathc< 

up.brcd, miscd,run out 
Fdulco, arc. act. 1. to sv 
Edfilis, e. atlj eatahle. 
Eduliuin, i. n. K 2. mcat, f 
Eduratio, 5nis./. 3. a ha 
tdiirc, adv . vcry hurdly, 


•?duro,are.7i.& endur 
K.dums,a, umaii/.very hi 

unkind, hardheartcd. 
i:f, in composition, staiM 
&ftaMffe i c •$. tkx\ j*^ 




itteredt w expressed. 
, a, umft. to be declared. 
ire,tam.o^ stuff,to fill. 
, Iri, ctus-l, to be filled 
i, a, um p/.crammeoVstuff- 

ins,tis witchwg< 'ed 
ktio,6ni»/a bewitching, a 

), ftrc. a. 1. to bewitch- 
i.:4- J. a m&xim. Effata, pL 
pr&yers,or specches of di- 
Hxcles, prophecic» 

to elate.ortrsntportjto surmount, 

to disengage,to cxtricate,to bury. 

Efferre aliquem vcrbis, higiily to 

commend liim, Cic. 
Efleror,erri,elatus/>. to be carried 

out, buricd, transported, &c. 

stuflcd, full, plcntiful. (hot. 

E/fervco,ere,vi.n*K/. 2. to be very 
Effervescvns, tis. pt. fuming, vcry 

hot (boiling, angcr, fury, rage. 

Effcn CM:cntia, x. / 1. a suddcn 

tjaxnft. speaking» baving Effers i >co,ce>e.»j 3 to bc very hot, 

dedicuted* consecratcd. 
6nis./ effecting, or 
ts^UDi-o^'. effcctivc. (cr. 
6ri*.«-3.a makcr»a tinish- 
,ici*/;J. ehc tliat niakcs, 

i, i. n. 2. sji cffect. 
is t a,uin./u\about to effect ior, rsmp. cffcct 
jjbt to pass,orabout,made, 
ivpatcbcd, finished. 
, effect, a bring 
ntSaft thingmadeysucccss. 
atc, vid. ErTurmiuate. 

, mdv. madly, wildJy. , o , w 

syb, um.^. ior, comp. isst- having power,able,available,pre- £/flco,ere,Cvi,ctum weepout. 
Mnade wild, or fiercc, en- valent. Efflictim,fl<fo.beyondmcaaure, ut- 

ava|re,CTiieI, unruly[angry Eff lciendusa,um./>f.tobeeffected Efflictio, dnis./ 3. torment.(terly. 
i£re,bui- n. 2. to be hot^r Eff iciens,tis./»f8c aoj. cfficient, cf- 

to boil ovcr,to fcrment,to ragc,to 

i>c chafcd, troublcd, or moved,to 

bc allaycd, to grow cool. 
EjTorvo, 3. to boil over. 
Efl'crusa,um. arf/wild, savage,cru- 

el, outragcous, diatracted, ficrcc, 


Eff icacia, ae. / 1. efficacy, force. 
Eff icaciter^iW7'. ius. comp. lKsinic, 

sup. eflectually, with effect, or 


Eff Tcax,5cis,ac7/.ior, comp. isstmus. 

EfTlcior, d. pOM. to be made. 

En r TcItur,if»/>.it is brought to psjS. 

Effictio, 6nis./ 3. an expressing. 

Effictus,a, expressed, form- 

Efl tgin, *./ 1. an image (cd: 

Eff igiatus, a, um. pt. fashioned. 

Eff Ygics,£i/ image,or stature, 

a shupc,pa tern,orrepresentation> 

a rcsemblance,or likeness,& form, 

or manner, a shadow 

Effigio,\ portray.(cut. 

7C/findo, dere, aci. 3. to divide, tn 


£ytingo,£re,nxi,ictum a form, 

or fashion,to work,or make,to en- 

grave,to portray,to rcprescnt, or 

express,to imitate,to rub,or wipej 

Effiu^ to be fashioned[done 

Kj\ 'io4^ri,factus,n. to bc made, or 

Efflagitatio, dnis. f. an earoest re- 

quest. (required, importuned. 

Kmagitatus, a, um. part. earnestly 

Efflagit&tus,us. m. 4. importunity. 

Efflagltans, tis.j»^importuning, dev 

siring. (to extor*. 


[ex. farciol, fre. act. 4. to 
• crsm, to nll fbJl. (out. 
UiSyS, to be carried 
ttis./M. liftin^ up, advanc- 
ioUing, boastmjr. (enrage. 

re-orf-l. to makewild, toEfflcio [ex, facio], c€re, ftci, fcc- 
Iri. p. to bc made wild. rt " «•--*- i— ? l * 

fers,extuli, clatum.a. &n. 
ry ofl,out, or car- 
rin,r fonh, w produce, to 
vanur, «r oxalt, to praisc, 
■v^tf.'. ,f » utlc;*.or pro- 

f^flagito^ire desire, or craye, 

Efflictor^ri./». to be vcxcd, or toiv 

fecting, bringing to pass, caus- racnted. 

ing t making. (fect Efflictus, a, wretched. 

Efl icientcr,a<fo. causally, with cf- £/fHgo,£*re, in,ictum. act 3. to 
Eff iciencia, x./ I. efficiency,the straighten,to vex sore,to torment 

virtue, or power to eftect. K/flo^are. a. 1. to brcuthe out. Ef- 

flareextremuni halitum/odic, Cic. eftcct, to bring about, colorem,to lose colour Licr. (oa% 
orio pass,to accomplish,to fulfill. Efflor. ari, atus- p. to bc brc<tthc<t 
to do,orpeiform,to procure,orgct f //floreOjCre ui. n. 2. loblrcm, 10 

/ytl6resco,ccre.nfM'. 3 ln Movc, t» 

Hprip.gfonhjtc flourshfTestiy, \o 

to makc,orrender,to take care,to 
prevent,to provx:,or concludc, to 
supply ,orherve instead of Efticcre 

to^Uvuiti-icrniuifcvX-iown,! epijitolam, to writc a lctt%r, Cic. bc di»t ; .ntruwhc-l, to t> .• 

*»•»■ ■ 





Enarr4tio,5nls./3. a pUin declafa-JEitgeariS, tis. pt. kiUing. 
tion,*rintciprcUtionroTdescriber Ene^tio,5ni*/3 a slaymg(ehoke 

emulceo,ere.a. 2. to stroke gently 
imulctrale, is. n. 3. a milk-pail. 

imulgatio, 5nis. /. 3. a pubhshmg.lEnarrator, 3. an interpreter, 
imulgendus^mini./> be milked. 
Zmulgeo, 5re, Isi Sc lxi, lsum. vel. 
Ictum, a. 2. to milk out, to stroke. 

Entfcalus, a,um. paru killed, iba 

?narro, tell,to dcclare,to £neco, vel intco, ftre, eul, fc ctvi 

rclate, to recite, to recount ctum,& catura.o-1- to kill, orssg 

inarror, are. pat$. to be told. to teaze, plague, #r troubk. 

imulsus, a, um. pt. drained, dry. inascens, tis. pt. growing. Enecor f ari,ctus,& catus.^.to besl 

imunctio,5nis./a wiping the f natuB. d3. to be born of, most killcd. ' killed, alraost desj 

imunctor,5ris.m. a snuffer, a chou-j to grow,or spring out of, to arise. Enectus, a, uiu. pt almott slain, i 

Smunct5rium,i.n. 2. snuffcrs. [ser.iinatans, tis. pt- swimming out. Knema^atis. n. 3. a clyster. ftM 

3munctflra,ae/.the snuffofa candlefnato.are./uru* 1 to swim out, or to Energia, ac. / 1. energy, effieicj| 

imunctus, a,tun^. wiped^nuffcd,. land, to escape, to disentangle- Enervatio,5nis./ 3. a weakesisf 

gufcd,chcated,choused. Emiinc-Enatus,a,um./M.grown out, sprung EnervatusU>um.parf.feeble,6fl4 

tx mvris homo, a man of a delicatej up, arisen. (ployed, bestowed. heartless, soft, effeminate. # j 

taste and judgment, H>r. Enavatus,a,um, part. carefuUy em- Enervis, e. atjj. feeble, weak^fiM 

imundate, adv. vcry clcanly. linavTgandus, a,um.jM.tobesailed void of sinews, lank, slim. 

imundatio, 5nis./ 3 a cleansing. over, or through, to be passed. Enervftas, atis./. 3. weakness. ; 

imundatus, a, um. pt. cleansed- jinavTgatus, a, um. pi. sailed over. Encrvo,[e > nervus],are csel 

emunclo,are a 1 .to clcansc,to clear enavTgo,art.n.l to sail out,orthro\ vatc, to enfeeble,to wcaken,to4 

imundor, ari. p. to be clcanedL | to escape, to gct out of, to land. feminate,to make tender^raioi 

imungcns,tis. pt. wiping the nosc.£navo,are.a.l.toemploy,to bestow Enervor, iri. p. to be enerntoij 

?mungo,g£re,nxi, nctum. act. 3. toEncxnia,5rum./tf.n. 2. anniversary Engonatus^,um.o4j. muhangukfl 

wipc the nose, to snuff a candle, feasts to commemorate the build- Enhydris, Idis/ 3. a water-fmM 

to cheat. [ned,fenced, or secured. ing of cities, or the dedication of enigro,are. act. 1. to make bJssk 

Smuniendus, a,um. pt. to be forti-j temples. (work. Enim,conj. for,twly,verily,iaoee4 

imuriimentum,i.n.2 a fortification. Encaxpa, orum. plur. neut. 2. fruit- yea, forsooth, but, therefort. ■ 

£mtinio,irc,ivi,itum.a. 4. to fortify , Encaustes, ac. m. 1. an enameller Enimvero,co9|;.veiily v truly jndes| 

to fence, to inclosc, to secure. Encaustice, es./. 3. enamelljig. real!y,on my word,! warrantjsl 

imflnior, Iri, Itus. p. to be fence&Encausticus^,um. ao}'. enamellcd. forsooth,immediately, on theeJti 

imunitus,a,um./>*. fortified,fenccd. Encaustum,i n.2. enamel, varnish. er part, or side. 

Emu9co,[c,muscus3,are.a. 1. to rubjEncaustus, a, um. atfj. cnamclled. part. clamberingp^ 

off moss, to clear from moss. ;EnchirTdium, ut. 2. a manual, a deavouring, endeavoured. j 

imuscor,ari. pat». to be clcarcd ofi pocket-book, a dagger, a handle. Enitcndu&Aum. pt. to cndeavssj 

imutatus,a,um./t/. changed. (moss EnclUicus,a,um af(/»enclitic; thus, Enltens,tis./>f. endeavourinun) 

cmutio,ire,ivi,ltum.n. 4. to mutter, que,ne, ve, arc caUcd enclitics, i. ing, yeaning, brins^ng forth-J 

to mumble, to hum. (hetter. e. added unto a word. 'a praiser. Enltens, shining, gTitterdSj 

rmftto,arc.ocr.l. to changc fortheEncdmiastes,ae.m.l. an encomiast, enYtco,Sre,tui.n-2. to shine, tosf 

Encomiasticus, a,um. aqj. encomi- pear fair, bright, or charmint>t 
astic be famous, or renowned. 

Knc5mium,i.n.2.encomium,praise ?n!tesco, c£rc. n.'o. to shine, toh| 
Encyclius, i. m. 2. all litcrature. come ^lorious. 
EncyclSpxdia, x. f. 1. lesxiiing'?nitor.tiJsus,&ixussuiii.rftp.&t 
that comprehends tll the liberal climb up with pain,to clainbeftjl 
scienccs. (tle, tug, endeavour,to stxsj 

inarrandus t a,um. pt. to be related. Endr6mis,Idis/.a thick shag-man- hard,to tra\-ail with cbild,tobrk| 
enarrtte, iite, *Jr>. phlrity. jiti^candus» a, ua. pt. to be sjcI txLl fsrrt^> to ficrrov f effcj ttji ^ 


En, adv. lo! see! bchold! 
inallage, cs. / 3. a changc 
Knargia,x./1. cvidence, clearness. 
inarrabYlis, e. adj. that may be dc- 
clared, described, or shown. 



ua, —mp. Uijmi. ««*.' contrariea, a syllogism wanting 
>oth and nmil. the roajor, ©r minor proposition. 

m. pt. about to strive. 0nubo,berc,upsi,uptum.n. 3. to be 
.pt ior, c*mp. issunus, raarried out of one's degTce. 
endeavoured, having Enucleandus, a, um partto be ex- 
th, farrowed, yeaned, plained,9rclcared.(actly,politely. 
i% laborious, industri- Enuclcate,atfVclcarly,plainly, ex- 
;; foaling, yeanin, &c. Enuclcatus, a, um. pt. naviug thc 
m 4. a deliveriru? of kcrncI,erstoncs pickedout,clear- 
o swim out,to cscapc, ed,declarcd, made maiufest tho- 
to pass throuirh. roughly scrutinizcd, siftcd, 

v, ius, comp. clcarly, weijrhcd. 
Lently.[orexplanation. Enucleo[e,nucleus],&re.a.l totakc 
is/. i>- an cxplication, out the kerncl, to explain. 
um. part. clcarcd of Enuclcor, ari- p- to bc explained. 
kincd, made roanifcst, Enudatcadr. vcry plainly (pound. 
ain, void of difliculty.£nudo, make bare,to ex- 
.voidof knots,smooth, Enumerabilis, c adj. that may be 
t 1. to unknot,to cut counted. 
, to clear up, to de- Enumeratss, tis. pt. enumeratinjr. 
plain. or expound. Enumfcratio, 5ius/3. an enumcra- 
pu*3. to be cleared. tion. 

# void of rulc, enor- EnumSratov, 5ris. m. 3. a counter 
augc, irregular(ness. Enumeratus,>/. enumeratcd. 
itU/ cnormity, huge- £ numero,* cmuncrate, 
adv. irregulariy. count, ©r reckon up, to recitc, to 

•e,tui u. o. to come to pay-(bered,orrcckoncd,tobe paid 
, to become known. Enumeror, ari, atus. p. to bc num- 
umake out,to observe Enunciandus,a,um./rf.tobe uttercd become,or made Enunciatio, dnis/ 3. an axiom, or 
f sum, bcing. (acw. maxim, jl proposition. 
. being, cxistence. Enunciativus,a f um.a4/.expressive. 
m. 2. alittle sword. Enunciatrix, Icis,/ she that de- 
erum.fl'(f.that beareth clares. 

(a sword.Enunciatum,i. n. 2. aproposition 
% Iword. atuck, an of- Enunciatura,z/ la pronouncing. 
unand, gpvernment. Enunciit&rus,a,um./p/.about to ut- 
um. pt. inspired with Enunciatus, a, umpt. spoken.(ter. 
<ed, moved. (ed. enuncio,are.a.l. to speak,to utter, 

jn. atfj. sacredyinspir- to express, to tell, to dcclare, to 
iaji. «■• 2. enthusiasm. pronounce,toshow,ordiscover,to 
x. m. 1. an enthusiast. publu»h,disclosc, or reveal,to sig- 
u*a, um.a4/. cnthusi- nify. 

Enuncior, ari. p. to be uttcred. 
AtU mtut. 3. an enthy- Enuptio, Snis/ a woman's marry 
igumcnt drawn frona iny out of, er bclow her tribc, 



quality, &c. 
£nutrio,Tre,Tvi, nourish* 

fced,or cherish,to maintian, sup- 

port, or bring up. 
Enutrior, iri, itus. pas*. to be fed; 


Eo,is,ire,eundi,Tvi,Ttum.n.4. to g§> 
to go on, to walk, to travel, to 
march, to pass, to procecd, or ad- comc, to come in, or cn« 
tcr,to sail,to swim, to flow, to run 
down,oralong,to fall. to fly,to flr 
away,oralong. Being ioincd with 
theflrst supine, it denotcs the 
samc as the infinitive mood of 
tliat supinc. Ire inncias, to deny, 
Plaut obviam alicui,to gt) to meet 
lum,/ arma, to take up arms, 
Cicad saga,to go to be a soldicr» 
/ melius,to grow better,/a*.in 
auras,to vanish, Ov. exemplis, to 
imitate,/</.in hostem, to sct upon 
him,5/ jus,to enter, an action 
against,Pa'n. jun. in lacrymas, to 
dissolve into tcars, Stat. in opui 
alicnum,to meddle witli \tyPlaut. 
in ora alicujus, to flv in his face, possessionem,totake 
posscasion, Cic. in secula, to be 
ever romcmbered* PUn. jun. in 
scntentiam alicujus, to subscribe 
to his opinion, Liv. 

Eo, adv. thitlier, to that place, to 
that, orsuch a pass,orcondition,to 
tliat cnd.or intent,so far asthere- 
fbrc.or thereupon.Kd loci,in that 
statc,or condition, CicNec eo se- 
cius, and neverthcless, SuetJfer. 

E5dem,a<fo. to the same place, to 
the same purnose, tothc same 
state, or condition. 

Eos, onis. / 3. thc morning. 

Edus, a, um. adj. eastern. 

x5us,i.fn.2.the day star, one of tfcc 

bOTBCH Of ti\^ IMXU 




EPU far forlh, solong,] is devotcd wholly to pleasure. ! tenant, the clerk of u 
to that hcight- Epicus, a, uro, adj. epic, heroic. Epistates,ae.m. a stewar 

Epfcyclus, i. m. 2. an epicycle. Epistdla, x.y. 1. an cpi 

EP# Epidemicus a,um.a<#. epidemic&l. Ab epistohs, » secrct 

«pactx, irump/./ 1. the epact. Epidermis, ulis. / 3.the outward Epistblaris.c.arf/ episto 

apigon, ontis. m. 3. a trucklc. thin skiu of thc body. (tive. laris charta,writjng-pi 

kpaphxrcsis, is. / 3. rounding, or EpTdicticus.a, ura. aaj. demonstra- EpistdlYcus, a, nm. adj. 

aecond clipping of the hair. Epidipnis, fdis. /a collation,a des- Epistolium, l n 2. a lil 

Kpastus. a, um. pt. eaten 

«paticus, a, um. aaj. of the liver. 

*phebatus,a,um. atlj. fiftecn yearslEpidr&mii* i.m, 2- the mizzen-aail 



iphebia, x./ 1. the age of stnp- lnscription uponastatue abrand. 

«pliebicus, a, um.aaj youthful 
kphebium, i n. 2 a pJacc wbcre 

youngmcnezercisedthcmsclvesEpfgT^phe. cs./ inscription. 

Ephcbu%i m 2.a striplimr, a youth. 

a lad a man.Evcedcrcexcphebis, 

to writc himself man, 7 W. 
Eph€meris,Tdis/.>. au ephemcris, 

a day-book,a jouru:U,a mcmoran- 

EphCmeruSya um. adj daily. Ephe- 

mcra fcbris, a quotidian fever. 
&phetx, arum pL m. 1. judges at 

Athens, fifty in numbcr. 
Ephialtes, r. m. 1 . the nightmare» 
Kphippiarius, i. m. 2. a saddlcr. 
Ephippiatus, a, um, adj. saddlcd. 
sphippiuin,i. n 2. a saddlc,a hous- 

ing, or horsccloth, harness. 
£phbrua,i. m, 2. a chief magistrate 

amongst the lAccdcnionians- 
Epioata,vcl Epibates,x m. 1. asol- 

dier serving on shipboard, a ma- 
ipibuthra, x. / 1 , a Iadder. ■ nne. 
apicediuni, i n. 2 a funeral aong. 
ipichireraa, atis. n. 3. a proof ofa 

proposition by argument 
Epicccnus, a, um atfj. epicene, 

common, of both scxcs, or kinds. 
F.pTcrdcus, a, um. adj. yellow. 

sert. Epist5minm.i n 2 a coc 

Epidixis, is./ 3. a demonstration. tap aspigot, 

Epistylium, i.n. 2 aciia 
EprigTamma,aU8.n>anepigTam,an|Epitaphium,i n- 2. an e 

a fugitivc*s mark. (grammatist>JEpTthalamium,i n a son 
Rpigrammatista, x. m. epi-kpithSca, x./. 1 anad 

Epigrusi.m.2.a.shoe,anintofastenEpTt6}rium,i. ». 1 atal 
F.pilepsia x./lthe epilepsy wood ment worn upon ago 
Epileptfcus. a, um. adj. epileptic, Epftomc, es/. 3. & Ep 

ncral song (of a m 

Epithfton, i. n 2. an e 

Eplldgo. are. act. 1. to conclude 
Epil6gris i. m 2. an epilogue, the 
closingofa speech. 
EpTtncnia, drum. pl. n. 2. small 

prcsents sent cvery month from£pdclia,x/l.asolemi 

1. an epitome. an abi 
EpitOnium, i n 2. a p 
EpTtyrum. i n. 2. a kj 
EpiQrus, i. m 2- a kef 

r.p6des,is.m 3 a kind 
E])6dus, i. f. % an cpc 
Kpol, ath\ hy Pollu: 
Epos. ii. inttfd. epic 
etry. a lofty strain 
rpoto are. a 1 to di 

jvfrica to Komc, a soldier*s 
mont!il\ pay. 

Epinicion,i n-2.a Fong of triumph. 
pl fi.epiphaiiy t ortwett"tii-«la\ .(tion 
Epiphonema,atis n. a r.ioral reflec- 
Epiphora. x.f. 1 a runningofthc:Kp6tus, a,um. pt d 
eycs, a fall of water, a repctition.' lowcd up, suckcd 
Epirhcdium,i.n-2.a waggon,a cart. Epulx»uium./>/./ b 
Epiroticum malum, an apricot,' a fcasting*, giuxl 
Ptin. dishcsof utcaU f« 

Epirriicdiiim,in. 2. a cart, or wag-! turc. dcvou 

Epiilandus, a, u:n 
Epuhtns, tis. pt. t\ 
Epularis,e.r/'// bc 
Epiilurium, i. ;i. 

gon, the harncss of a carthorsc. 

Eppischidion, i. n 2. a wedgc. 

Episcbpalis, c. adj. episcopal. 

Episcopitus us. m. 4 episcopac) . 

EpiscOpiusphasclus, a brigantinc, 

£pisc6po, oversce Cic. EpulFitio. onis. j 

iipicQrcus^uum adj. ofthc scct of kpiscnpor, ari. pat*. to bc madc a' banqucting, a 

Epicurus, cpicurean, voluptuous,- bishop. ;F.pulaturus,a.ui 

givcn to nothing but plcasurc Episcopus,» m.2. a bishop, an over-^Epuiatus, a,um 

*pfcQruB f i.m.2jtii cpicure,oiic tluit sccr^i supcrintendant^i lord-licuJEpuio,ouis.m.3 





i, fttns auni. dep. & tranA ing,acompanyof horsemenjiorsc 

featft, or banquet,to cat. 
t.2.afcast^ banquct, an 
iment, atreat, a mcal. 


: 1. a marc. 
7!1- a itud of mares. 
l. m. 2 a horscbrcakcr. 
nedicus,afarrier,a leech- 

a warrior, a knight, or called aiies, a scafish, a star- 
r f one of tlic thrce or- „ 

lome betwixt tlie scna- 

L commonaKy, a Iiorse, Eradendus.a, um pt. to be erased- 
the place in the thcatre Er&dicatus. a, um. pt. eradicatcd. 
4e jrentry sat Eradicitus,<Mfo.rrom the vcry root. 

vcl cqucstris, c. adj. of, ?radico,are. act. 1. to cradicatc,to 
ging to a horse, or to ca- root,orgruh up,to dcstroy utterly. 
lightly, of, or bclonging Eradicor,ari pastAo be rooted out. 
rder of kniirlithood. Erado tlere asi,astim a 3. to scrape 3.fourtecn seats off, or out. to blot out, to cfface. 
leatre for the gentry. Eranns,i.«* 2. ataxguthcrcr,a tax 
, cmj. verily . indced Erasus,a,um. pt. rased, scraped, o/ 
i, i. m. 2. a wild horse. taken out, effaced, blottcd, put 
* n. 3 a stable for horses. out of pcnsion, or pay. 
tum, i. n. 2. Uic hire of a Erciscendus,a, 
for covering a inare. Ercisco, cere. neiit. 3. id. quod. 
tyxxm aaj. bclonging to a Erciscor, ci dep. 3. to divide land. 

Nervus equinus, a bow- Erciscundus, pro Ercisccndus, a, 

eFremlgo, are. act. 1. tosailovcr. 

cavalry. ' " Eremita,ac m.La hermit. (ahcrmit. 

Bquito WreMCt.kneut. 1. to ride to Eieuiiticus,a,um.<i<0 pertainingto 

run, scour, or gallop along, to Ercmus,i/2.a wildcnicss adcsert. 

pass swifUy to bestride. erepo,perc.psi,ptum.n.3. to creep 

cquitor, ari, atus. p. to be ridden out, to get oin\ or pass over witk 
Equula, x.f.l a mare-colt a ftlly. diflicidty, to ascend gradually. 
Equuleus,i. m. 2- a colt an instrii- Ereptio, 6nis. / a violcnt taking- 

me nt of torturc made lik e a horse . away . ( oftcn. 

nde of horseliair Ov. 
e, Ivi. n. 4. to desire thc 

Irum. pl n. 2. horse rid- 
aces, tournaments. plays. 
nis. m. J. a horse's rider, 
jr, an cquerry, or groom, 
r. (men.faiT 

• aautki,mariners.or sea- 
m» e. atfj. Uiat may be 
easjr tonde. 
t riding. 

* 6nis- / v. a riding. 
k a, um. pt. ridden. 

um. pt- to be divided, or parted. 
Erebeus,a,um. ailj. hellish, of hcll. 
Erebus, i m. 2. hell. 
Erec\c,u(Iv niBjComp. rightly. (iug 
Erectio oius /*. >.an erection, a rais- 
Erectus,a,um pt. & aaj. ior, c mp. 
made ercct, or upright, standing 
upright, raised lngh, ur up, rous- 
ed, stirrcd up, encouraged, cou 
rageous, undaunted, intent, ear 
nest, sublime, aspiring, proud, 
haughty, gay, tprighUy, very 
joyiul, fixcd. (recUy. 

Eregion^, adv> over againat, di- 

l, ua. m, 4. the act of ridrJEremigatus^ um. pt. saUed orcr. 


Ercptus, a, um. pt- taken trom, tm 

out. rcscued, dclivercd, savcd, 

stolcn, dead. 

Ercs,is.m.3.a hcdgchog, an urchin* 

F.retria, x. / a kmd of cenise. 

Erga prxp. towards, against, ovcr 

Ergastularis, e. adj. of a prison. 

Erga.stiilarius.i-m. 2. a keepcr of a 
workhouse,a keeper of a j>;'i<on # 
or housc of correction, a jailer. 

Krgastuluni, i. n. 1. a workhousc, 
a house of correction, a prison, 
a prisoner, n slavc. 

Ergastulus, i. m. 2 a roguc,a slave. 

Ergata, x.f. 1 a cap*tan,a crane* 

Ergo- c-inj. thereforc,then,for, be. 
cause, for thc sakc, a partirlc of 
expliration for inquam, I say. 

irica, ac/1. hcath, swect broom. 

Krlcseum, mc). wild honey, Plin. 

Ericctum.i.n.a hcath^ l>room-closc 

Er\ccus,&Erlcius.i. m. 2. a hcdgc- 
hog, a chevaux-dc fi-izc. 

Erigendus, a, to bc raiscd. 

Kngcns, tis pt. erccting, rnisiiif*. 

Kngeron, outis. m. 3. grounds..'. 

ErYgldus, a, um. «n#. very cold. 

Erigo[e^-ego], gere, rexi, rcctum. 
a-> to ercet, or makc upright, to 
build up, to raisc, to set, Uft, or 
hold up,U> prick up,to draw up,to 
stir up, to rouse, or excite, to ad- 
vanc%to p»mioXeA.OTAaa^«n»VKav 





Erlnaceus, i. m. 2. a hcdgehog. 
£rinnys, yos, & yis./ 3. a fury. 
ErTpienduR,a,iim./>/to bc taken a- 
Er¥piens,tis. /tf.taking away.(way. 
En*pio,( c,rapio J .p£re,pui,rcptum. 

take away,to pluck,pull,orsnatch 

out, to draw out, to save, to free, 

deliver, ©r rcscue. 
Eripior, i. be takcn away. 
srisma, atis. n. 3. a short laddcr. 
Brisma, *./ 1. a prop, abuttress. 
Erfthacus,i.m.2. a robin-rcdbrcuj>t. 
Entius, i. m. 2. a warlike enginc. 
Eriv&tio,6nis./3.a drain of water. 
ErTvo,>£, rivus],arc. a.l. to drain, 

or carry off water by a sluice. 
Erlvor, ari,/*w*. to bc draincd 
krix,Icis. / 3. broom.(carthenpot. 
Erncum, i- n. 2.a cake bakcd in an 
Er5dens,tis.^f.gnawing.(to eatinto 
er6do,cre,si,sum.a. 3. to gnaw off, 
Er5gandus, a,um. ptXo be bestow- 
Erdgans, tis. pt. bcstowing. (ed 
Erogatio, 5nis./.3. a laying out, a 

profuse spending, a distribution. 
Er5gator, almoncr.( out, 
Er6gaturus,a ( about to lay 
Er5gutus,a, um. M.distributcd f de- 

livcred, or laid out, bcstowcd, 

spent, entreatcd,prcvailed upon. 
?rdgito^re. Jreq.lXo ask,or dcsirc 

heartily, to get out, to extort 
?r5go,arc.acf. 1. to lay out, to cx- 

pcnd,tobestow,to beg,or entrcat, 

to gct.or obtain by bcgging.Jout. 
Erogor, ari, atus. pass. to bc laid 
Erdsio, 6nis./ 3. a consuming. 
ErSsus, a, um. jM-eaten into,or up. 
iroticus, a, um. adj. oflove. 
Errabundus, a,um.aaj.wandering. 
Errandus,it,um,/ bc straying. 
Aroi^ti5./>/.wan<kring, ttraying, 

crcepinghcrc andthere,creepin 

tosuccour, relieve, or comfort. I 

Erigor, pi. bc raiscd (star. about, mistakcn, unfixt, mutable. 
Erig5neius, a, um. adj. of thc dog Erraticus, a/um. adj. unfixt, wan- 

dcring, straying abroad, wild. 
Erralio, 6nis./ 3. a wandering, a 

mistake, mutability, inconstancy . 
Errator, 5ris. •». 3. a wanderer, a 


act. 3. to take away by force, to Erratrix, Icis./. 3.a she-wanderer. 

Erratum,i.n2. an error, atnistake, 
a fkult, a miscarriagc. 

Erratur,»*m/x?r*.they are mistaken. 

Erraturus,a,um. /tf.about to crr,or 
wandcr about. (strayed ovcr. 

Krratus,a,ura. jM.wandered about, 

Erratus, us. m. 4. an crror. 

Erro,are.ra 1 to rovc up and down, 
to roam, to wander, to wandcra 
bout,to stray,to saunt 
er,to walk abroad,to run,to feed, 
grazc,or pasture,to mistakc,or be 
mistakcn,to misunderstand,notto 
kno\v,to be at a loss, to offcnd, 
last.(erer, a vagabond,a fugitive. 

Erro, onis. m.3.a wandcrer,a loit- 

Errones,um./>/.m. wandering stars. 

Krrdneus, a, um adj. erroncous, 

Error, crror,ormistake, 
a false,orwrongopinion,a deceitjE 
or a mazc,or wandcring 
a winding,or turning,a 
or infirmity, a frailty. 

Erubescendus, a, um. pt. to be a 
shamed of,base,mcan,sorry,poor. 

Enibcscens, tis. pt- blushing. 

Enibesco,cere,bui.r; be rcd, 
to color, to blush,to bc ashamed. 

eruca,ae./l.the cankcr,or palmcr 
worm, the hcrb rocket. 

ffi-uctuzis, tis. pt. bclching, cast 
ing, or vomiting out. 

Eructatio, onis./. 3. a bclching. 

Eructator, 5ris.m,3.a belcher.(up. 

rructo, are.n.l. to bclch, to throw 

Eructus, a,um./>l. bclchad up. 

wcakness, rrum] 

ig>Eruderatus, a, nm. pt. c 

or freed from rubbish. 

erndero, are. n. 1. totl 

Erudiendua,a,um, pt.Xo b 

Erudicns, tis. pt. teathir 

Eriidio,! e,nidis],irc,i\i,i 

to teach, to instmct, t 

to bring up, or exercise 

Erudior,iri,itus/>a*t. tob 

Eriidite,a</tMus, cvmplat 

learnedly. skillfully, art 

Eriiditio,5nis. /3.cruditi« 

ing, scholarship, litcrati 

Eruditrix,icis./a raistrcs 

Erudltiilus, i. m. a smatt 

ErQditulus, a, um« udj. i 


Eruditus,a,um. pt& atfj. 

isslmus. eup. taugiit ii 

educated, bred up, pn 


ed, skilftil, curious, nic 

,to Enicndus,a,um pt. to be 

Erugatio, onis./ 3. a tat 

ofwrinklcs, a smootkii 

Erugutus, a, um. pt. mad 

?rugo, 1. to tnak 

Krugor, ari./>.tobe mad 

Erugo, gerc. neui. 3. to 

Enilia, ac./ 1. a vetch. 

Erumpens, tis. pt. break 

^rumjio, perc, riipi, rup 

a. 3. to break, burst,or 

to issuc, or sally forth, 

send forth, vcnt, or disi 

arisc,or become knowu 

or discovcr. 

Erumpor,pi,uptus sam- 1 
brokcn forth, &c. . ( 
?muco, arc. a. 1. to wee 
eruo, uere^ utum. a 3. 
tear, root, or dig up, i 
ovcrthrow,or destroy, 1 
or pull out, to draw"ot 
out, to diacover, orbri 

firuor^tttuft.jk.tobt phj 





na./ eruption,a sal- ing of a tliing-. 

ting fbrth, w p out. out- Essentialis, e. ar(/. cssential. 

,a,um- /rf.that will break Esscntialit^r, uaY. csscntially. 

l, um. ^f- to pluck out Est a sum ;, he, she, ©r it is. 

n.^r.plucked, erweededEst ab cdo,] he, &c. eatcth. 

i,or torn up, subverted, Esto, imper. a sum, • l>e it so. 

vn, dcstroj ctl, dujr up. Estor, oris.m 3. an cater, a frlutton 

rown up,found out, dis-Kstrix, Icis/. 3. she that eatctli. 

•Kstrix, icis- wlj. ravenous. greedy. 

2.a pulse like tares fire. Kstur, imp. a v*r6.edor, thcy cat . 

atis. n.3. st. Anthom 's Esurialis. e adj. bclongin,rtofastiiig > 

a,um; lapillus, u Esiiribundus, a. um. adj. vcry hun- 

outofthelicd Stn % Stat. pry. ■ vctous, greedy. 

ium, i » 2. madder. ^suricns, tis pi. bcing hungTy, co- 

n.2 s;i;uach,a shrub us- Esiirienter, adv. hungrily. <ness. 

Esiirics, £i./ 5. hunger, niggardli- 
F-Rtirio, irc. fvi itum. « 4. to desire bc hung-ry. to bc poor. 
Esurior, iri. pats. lo be longed for 
Esurio, 6nia. m. ». a huiifrry fellow. 
Esiiritio, 6nis / 3. hungcr. (gry 
^suntor, 6nis. wi.3. one oftcn hmi- 

rien 10 dress leatber. 

, f a stun ], thou art. 
r. i a sumj, be tiiou. 
( ab, edo : , eat thou. 
1. meat, or food, a bait 

, um aij. pcrtaining to ^uriturus, a. um. pt. that sliull iic 

lod.Escaria vinculu,tied 
eth, Plaut. 
;,scando ,,derc,di, nsum 
ccnd, to go up. 
us.71.4. a scalade.(food. 
6rum. pl, nmtt. 2. mcat, 
ua 9 > to 
acu ento orc htmo,one 
t in bis moutii, Plin. 
, i. n. 2. a becch-grove. 

it inade of becch. 
ft, of bcech 
/". 2. & beech-trec. 
. um. pt. catcn. 

i., to eat. a wagon. 
Cl. a chariot, a seat in 
r i.m.2.a CArter, a chario- 
. n. 2. a chariot. teer. 
,/llAhv e*Bence, orjK- 

IEtiam atquc ctiam, again and a- 
gai n. Ter. Etiam dum,yct, till that 
■ime, Fd. Etiamne, what still? Id. 
Etiam nunc. still, immediately, 
/ J /ai</.Postetiam,inthc nextplacc. 
• ic Etiam tum,evcn then,*W.Eti- 
am tu,why don'tyou? Plaut Auc- 
ta ctiam, yearathcr, PUn. Ktiam» 
scclus! male loquere? what ! you 
rogue,do you / J /a//f.Atetiam, 
aut non, eittier yea,or no, Cic. 

Etiamnuin, a</r. as yct, still. 

Etiamsi, c nj. alttiou^Ii. (albeit. 

Etsi, c r)tj.c\Ln\ ind &*//A;'.althou^h, 

nty molotfia.x/. 1 etymologrj-( gical. 

Etymblo^icus, a. umadj. ctvmolo- 

Etymolo|rus,i. m. ctymologist. 

cty mon, i. n. 2. thc ctynion, or orj- 
^innl of a wonl, a primitive. 



Ehfirus, a. um. pt. about to eat- 
esus, us. m. 4. an euting". 


Et, canj. and, also, yct, cvcn, both, 
andafterwards^ulthoiig^h. also,but 
£tenim,r n/.for, bccausc, that,aud 
itenimvcro, ad\: for truly. 
Etesias, ac. m- 1. a north-east wind. 

Eu, interj. O brsivc! (tied. 

^vacuandus, a, um. pt. to be cmp- 

ivacuutio, dnis./ .5. an emptjinj'. 

Evacuatus, a. um. part. evacuated, 
madc void, emptied, clcanscd. 

Evacuefactus, a. um. ptt cmptied. 

fvacuo,are </.tocvaruato,toempty. 

cvadcns, tis./>/.^cttingfaway, orofr. 

?vado, dcrc, u>i,asum /i.&a.^.togfet 
ofl', or away, to escapc, to avoid, 
comc, p),fret, o;TcacIi to, toclimb, 
inount, or ascend, to pass over,to 

r.thfca^ orum. pl n- ethics. 
Ethicc, cs./ vcl Ethica, sc./ mo- 
ral philosophy. 

.um.u.^.o^or belonging Etcsius, a.uni. adj. yeariy, casterly. grow, or bccomc,to comc to pass. 

Etesticulatio, onis. / 3. a gelding. Evagandus, a. um. pt. to wandcr. 

r.vagans, wandering-. 
ivagatio, 6nis./3.a rovinjrahroad. 
Evagator, 6ris. m. lie tliat stray». 
EVdfrutus, a. um. part. wandering, going out, spread. 
Evaginatus, a. unsheathcd. 
Evaglno le,vagina,| are. un- 

slieath, to draw out of thc sheath . 
rvagor, ari,atus.sum '/.1 .towander. 

stra , orrun abroad,to: ove about, 

to ramble, t« ^wji VwABvn^ys. 


countcrfeiting men's manners. 

Ethftldgus, i.m.2. a mimic,a jcster 

Etliopccia, x f. 1. a represcntation 


«Urm, mnj. also, t««, yca farth"T 




Excarn ificory&ri .^-to be cut in pic- to void by stoo1,to ha wk,orspit out^ spoil . 
Exca«tratus,a,um./>f. geldcd* (ccs. Exccrnor, ni. p. to be nfted. £rcio,ire,iTi,Iturn.a.4. ti 

Excavatio,/ 3. a hollowing 
Excavatus,a,um. pt. made hollow. 
llrcavo, 3rc act. to hollow out. 
Excavor,ari. puss. to be hollowed. 
Excedcns, tis. />/. cxcecding, sur- 
passing, departing, d\ ing. 
Exceditur, imper*. il is dcparted. 
£rc£do,dere.essi.esgum. n. to de- go forth f 9** out,to quit, toExcerptio dnis./. 3. a culling out. cepting, taking in shoi 

go, come, ©r arrivc at last, to bc 
worn out, to die ; <#. to exeeed. 
to surpass 
Excellenstis/^.Jv adj. ior, comp. is- 
simus, rub. excelling, sunaount 

ing, rising, high, excellcnt, ex- Kxcessus,us. m. 4. exccss, a going cxcept,or cxc!udc,top 



Kxcellcntir,fi . ? ve\'ccllentJy. (uity 

Kxcellcntia,:c/ 1. cxccHcncc,dig- grcssion,* deviation, an aberrati- inshoithandwhatanot 

Kxcello.lcrc,Iuj,lsiim.n 3. toexccK 
to surmnunt,to be high,to asccnd. 
to lili u p, to raisc aloft. 

Exrclse,(JdV. ius. cvmp. is.sime,*r//j 
highly, on high,u>flily,haughtily 

Exccpiitius, a, um adj excepted. 
E ceptiuncula, x. /. a small c.\- 

takcor diaw iu,1o reccive ofti-u. 
Fi\ccpto»rt//i«c vctpt «saving,unless 
Exceptiirus, a« um. pt. about toJExcidor, di. p. to bc cut up. 

cxcept, about to rcceivc. 
E*ceptus. y^fwm. pt e \cept cd, rc- 

ccived, uclcoined, entcrtained 

takeii prisoncr,takcn.iuiderstood 
h cc:- iculuiu, i. » 2. a sievc. 

fii-cerno nerc crevi,cretum.H. 

Exccrpendus,a,um./tf to bc picked; to tend fbr,to raise, or \ 

Exccrpens, tis pu picking out- j waken,to rouse,toexcil 

F.xccrpo|ez,carpo.,pere,psi,ptum mon, to chaJlenge. Exc 

l.S.Xjo pick.take, or single out, to masalicui,tomakeoncv 

sclect, to choosc, to exempt. Excior, Iri, Itus. p to be 

Excerpor,pi,ptus. p. to bc picked. Exdpicndus^t,um.^t to 

Exccrpta, orum. pl> n. 2. things ed, caught, e ' cepted, 

cul'ed out. E^clpiens, tis. pt. recei 

Exccrptor,6ris.m.->. a cullcr. (sen.E<c.Tpio[cx,capio],perc 
Excerptus,a,um /rtpicked out-cho- tuni.rz .torcccivc,tota 
Exccssis, /rr Exccsseris, 7Vr. ; up,to pick up,to catch, 
ExcessQrus, a, um. about to cx- : take,tosustain,tocntcr 
cccd, ©r depart. i light. to cnsnare, to si 

out, a dcparturc dcath,dccease f a hcar,orlcarn,to succcec 
standing out, a projection, a di- toanswcr.Notisocipci 

Excctra,x/l.avipcr,a curse. (on.- cth, Suei. 

Excidendus, a, um. part. to beExcipior,pi,ceptus./».tol 

destroyed. jExct piila,ac./l.a wcel,a 

Excidens, tis. pt. fullingaway, fail-Kxcjpiilu^ i. m. 2. arect 

ing, cutting off, dcstroying. jExcTsatus,a,um. pt. cut ( 

Excclsitas, atis. / 3 hcight, lofti-JE cidio, onis. /. 3. destruction. ! E\cisio,6nis./3. an exc 

ness, haughtinesfl, nobleiiess E.\cidium.& Exscidium,i.n. 2. thc struction, a brcaking < 

Excelsus, a,um. ot// ior, c mp. iasi- 

mus,*i//; high,t:dl,lottv.rttatelv,no- 

Exccptans, tis. pt. taking up v ble. 1 

Exceptio,onis./ ».an exception, rc- 

straining clausc, demur, rescne. 

sarking of a city, ruin, dcstruc-Exciso,arc.(7.1. tocrop, 
tion. K.Ncisorius, a, um. at\j. 

E\cido [ex,cadoj,cre,/i>*m.3 tofail. to cutting, or carving. 
out,or away . to slip or cscape, to E •• cisus, a, um. part cu 
drop,to fail,to be disappointed,to down l-ased, dcstroyci 

forgrt, or be forgotten, to disup-Excitandus,a,um./>f.tob 
forniula,to bc cast in a suit. «SW. Excitatio, tinis /. *l. as 

Kxcepto 1 cx,capto],:lre m freg. 1. toExcido: ex,ca:do|, dcre, Idi, isuiii.Excitator,oris.rn.3.aii e> 

n.3to cut out,down,or up,to hcw,.Excitaturus& vim. pt. ul 
to root out, to rasc, to uestroy. E\clUitus,a,um. /#i. fct ul 

issimus,<x//». stirred up 
E\ciens, tis. pt. raising. I wakcd,raiscd,e.\alted, 

Kixico, tre, Ivi. o. 2. to raisc. loud, shrill, brisk, vch 
K cindo [cx, scindo]. crc, idi, is-TiJa-cito^arc.^cf 1. to c 

sum.a..>.to cut oti',out,or down,to 
ovcrthrow, root out, or abolish. 


raise,rouse,orjmt up,tc 
incite,to instigate, U> i 

EKcindor,di.issus./i. to be cut ofl'.| encourage,to quickcn, 

s.ftiomervi, topurge, v cleaD£c,|£r«ingo,£re,xi.a. to ungird,to deJ tQ inTigormtc,to et^ct, 


J ._.".' 




)__xc_lo,l-re,lui,cu.tun. a. 3. io till, _Ej'crucio, arc. o. to &K» 

ut. . , ,- , 

ri/ be rouscd. [voke! or cultivate, to ih>pro\e,to adora, 
e.act.l. to excitc, to pro-< dcck. or polish, tn triin up, to in- 
ly^um pt. about to s.irupj struct to pcrform, pructise, or cx- 
,um ^..c__lled,orraisedup ercisc. 

.io, dnis./. :i- an excluma-|K\color,li nilius./». to bc dccked. 
outcry, a shout, a noise.jExcommunic;iti'_, onis f '•'». an c\- 
or, 6ris. m. 3> one tliat. commuiiicat ; un. 'niunicatcd. 

• K cominunicatus, pt. cxcom- 
, Jkre. n 8c a cxcl:iini,Mrconirnuitico,;ire a. 1. lo excom- 
ut, to call out, frraloud,to; inuuicatc. 

K\cornpacto,....r.on purji^e (sul. 
&r..p l.tobeenliphtenedJKxconsuLulis m or.e loruurly cou- 
is,tis./i/. cxciud_ng,hatch- Kxcontmcnti. mlv imu.cdiately, 

out ot h.uid. forthwith. 
i_lrconuo.cre,o\i,.ictum n .'• 
tliomi}riil\o r> :i\vay«iodiy up.torc- 
.inc. to d'.vi.;e,invcnt,or prot:ur.'. 

r»x ci-Liidoj, dfcre, flfli, 
.to i'Xclude«tc shut-erput 

..jerT,_irefusc.;o « 

, *r hindcr. to liatch. 

vti.usus/. to be rcjecled. 

, oms./ j. an exclusion, a 

■ out 

e, *irfr. exclusively. (out. 

ui,i> urn-/'f thut will nbm 

Kxcftrio |cx. coriitui}, ure.4f. 1. K» 
excoriatc, to ilay, to whip. 


K.vcrticior, ari. _ft. to bc tormcntcd. 

Kxcubans, tis. pt. kecping' watcTi. 

Kxcubatio, onis. / 3. a wriichinjr. 

K\ciihiitiii',im/i nieii wutoh (watc K 

Kxcubfituru. , a, w.n.part. about to 

KxcuJ>ia-,firiiiii//./l. wutch, ward, 
thc scntry, the ^uard, a layin}.f. 

Kxciibitor.cJris._n 3 a sc uiincl.the 

K\cubitMs,uD.7n.t.a \vatch.»\vatch.\)/.l. to watch, to krcp 
«atrh, to slaud scniry, »o stand 
upon one*s take cxrc, to 
lie d'»\vn, o ■ imi. \o jrn>.\- 

/'>ciido.dcrc,di,i*sum.M. *. to beat, 
ur strikc out,t.o strvnip, or coin, to 
for>re,to i.i:ikc,to halcli,to lind ~ut 

• — . j- - - - .- » » »-— ...... ... 

Kxcoquor, i. octiiH. ft to bc boilcd. with study, to compose, to wrcst 

froni, or obtain by ontrcat). 
Kxcudor, di. pa**. to be fortfed. 

.-» | . i _ _ _ _ - - - n _ .. 

K\cor«,«^ harmUss bpiritk-K_, Kxculciitor. oris. m. 3- a sliui;cr 
uitlcbi, foolith si:uplc. siliy. JKxculcAtus. a, utji pt. kickoti oill, 
Rvcreabilis.c.fii{f'itiatuiav be spit; out of diite, or usc, aiiiiiiu:it"iL 

e^ pcrfectU tned K _creo,are ti-to l:awk, v. Kxscroo. pull i>ut to er:isi',to^ct iiardly. *.• 

nditit.R. iini./.r to be foun<l Kxcresccns tis pt jrniwinj: out wnst tVo..i oi:i . 
ievi«cd K:-cri*scenti't jr/1 :i.:c ccscenci Kxcultu.s,:i,u*.n,/u'.c -ih.v.ited.drrsii- 

m, t«s. pt- dcviHingf. i^ruri a sco cerCjCi-jvi.crctum. /:. 3.| i.Ml,:id.«ri.v'd. ^:_ , hh!iv»I, jr.-islic i. 

tio,6nis/ . an invention, to ^rrow out, «.•• i»j>, to iii"re'i.»,Kxcur tu.v, », ium. />/. &, „ f */. )i;md- 
^tinedit ition adcviser risc (c\cr_..._!it„ orord.rcl sonieh r-.-ci -ived, div..M*d'. '.rhan- 

?or,^r : .s m •> aninvcntor K>.trt"tio, 6u:s./. 3 t!.c w,i.i .^of 1 cileu uili^-eiitly, cuoicc, curious, 
.i!S _, 'i.n. Ut 5t ./r/7. insi- Kxcrctuiii, i. n J -.vl .s.«. oi'f.1. 

. «:■ ** ised.:iivcnted, found 
:jrlr. iipon, excpiisite. 
tus iih *n 4 a dcvice. 

K\c.vluru_.'-.ii'i../... ;i">f; it 
by s».>ol. |)U=-j:v '. voiiled, vf;eii. 

K\crelus a, irn./i-.-j. wdl ^rowu 
,.»«• uctm 1. lofind 0'it,&:i»-.\criiiiiu.iti*i. ••:.;« /. i-un :n—. i.ati- 
,to tlevi_e, to projoct to|K\cniciihih-. .'. ' ij p:i:ii.-!i .'.'c on 
conv.der thoroujrlily. cd;K\cruc ,i « '-.!..■* ; , viu.. /#r. '. . '•.. _nr- 
■•,'m iitus» /».to')i«»-i\-j i-k-:'»!-.!, ■■ .:..'«."_•. I.' (ti./t.irv. .1, 
tis a,Min /•/. tob<- taujvlwJiCxcnr.-Iacis, ii.-nn /..' 1'-.::,. :ited, 
*& sr trafned Mfj. 

u.iiii y. 

Kxcurrenn.ti»././. s.dl\ in,r 
pcn!'i'Kis.i\'il:ui.':ir.i. Suiniua ex- 
cunv.ui, .liuui witb an u\ei*pTus. 

-\Veurr<», itiv, curri 5< «Micurri, 

-'Huin.;.. i.tfipiuout-o: ii:t_.tilv.tois 

su.!. '-■• salK *\i\.or pusn 

iui«, *o .nake :iii iitioad. to ^Ti, to 

., bf c-.ieihL lo ^_\v_K\ \N^ \\ 

'Kicniciut-:«i *•. w. t. *-:r»:. nt. ; t.. e.\c..v<\ Vo v vi qn*_t «_A-A- wv 





Deccm aurci,& quod excurrit,ten| off, to be overcomc, to shake ofl'.| lowcd 

crownsand oddmoncy, /'<«//. J.C. Excuticns,tis./>f.shaking off,orout. Exedendus,*,um./W.tobe ei 

Excursatio,6nis./ X an cxcursion. 
Excursator, 6ris. m. a light-horse- 

Bxcursio,5nis. f. 3. an excursion, a to drop, orfall. to shakc,to bran 
sally,an incursion,inroad, orinva- dish, to throw, or fling, to dis- 

sion, a digrcssion, a divcrsion. 
.Ercurso,are.«.to run up anddown 
Excursor.dris.m.J. a courier,strag- 

gler,skirmisher corsair. (abroad. 
Excursunis, a* about to go 
Excursus, a, nm pt. passcd over 
Excursus, us- m- 4. an cxcursion, a' 

Exciitio | ex,quatio], ere, ussi, us- 
sum,ar/.3. to shakc oflf. or out, to 
strike,dash, or fetch out, to makc 

chargc, to rouse, to dislodgr , to 
banish, to drive, to search, to 
examine, to canvass, to pick, or 

select, to pillage. Lacrymas ex- drawing, or dining room. 
cuterc, to makc one cry, Ter. in- Exggesi vs/ explanati 
tclligcntiam, to rousc it, Cic. 
Exciitior, i. pas*. to be shakcn off. 

8tac^c,acoursebeyondducbounds,tKxdono, are- see. 

a digrcssion, a sallt, a charge. Exdorsuofex,dorsum|,are. a. 1. to 

flay, split out, or part along the 
ridgc-bone just in the middle 

Excu8abflis,e.«'//. ior, c*tmp. cxcu- 
suhlc, that may bc excuscd. 

Exciisandus a,um./> bc cxcuscd 

Excusans, tis. pt. cxcusing. 

Exciisate, ath. ius, comp. with ex- 
cuse, tolcrably. (tcncc. 

Excusatio,5nis/ an cxcusc, or de- 

Execo |ex,secqj, care,cui, ectum. 

a. 1. to cut off, or out, to cut. or Excmplum,i.n 2. an cxampl 

makc a hole in, to castrate, to 
takc otf, or away, to remorc, to 
destroy, to gut, or plundcr. 

Exciisaturus,a,um./>f. about to cx- Exccrabilis, c. aaj. ior, comp. exc 

Exr.usatus,a,um./tt.&. aaj. ior,com/>. 

Kx«dens« tis. pt. eating, coi 
ExSdentuJus, a,um. tufj toi 
/Sxedo,erc,edi,eBum.«.3- tc 

cat up, or out, to const 


Exedor, di, esus. p. to be \ 
Rxedra,x/1. a by-place, a 

building with seats, a pai 

Kxcggtkcus, a,um adj. exp 

Exemplar,aris. n. & Exemp 

n.a.a pattern.plan, « r mod 

py, a rescmblance, a sim 

Kxcmplatus,a,um. pt. exem 

Exemplo, to exem) 

copy. so tranacribe. 

stance, a prccedent, a < 
draught, or plan, a model. 
plc, a rescmblance, or tik< 
way,or manner,a waming. 
pla,tortures,torments. Ter 
Exemptilis, e. adj. eadly 1 

crahlc, abominable, detestable, 

odious, horrible, drcadful, crucl. 

iss1mus,*u/>.cxcuscd, takcnforanExccrabTKtas,atis/ 6. curscdness.lExcmptio v 5nia-/.3. an exe: 

excuse, forgiven. jExecrabihter, adv. cxecrably. •Excmptor,6ris. m. 3. atakc 

Excusolex,causa|, arc. a. 1. to ex-'Execrandua > a,um.parf.'execrable.jExemptus,us. m. 4. a Ukinj 

ise. jExccrans,tis./»r. cursing. (cursedJExemptus, a, um. partmtsi 

cusc, to allcge for, or in cxcuse. . 

Excu*or,ari,atus./>. to bc cxcused. Kxecratio,onis./ 3. an execration, 
Excusor,5ris. m.3. a printcr.found-j or cursing, a curse, hatred. 

er,coiner,makcr of pots,orimagcaExecratus, a,um. pt. istftnus, wup. 

Excussc, adr. exactly, strictly. 

Excuss6rius,a,um. adj. thatshakcsi voting. 
out Cribrum c\cussorium,a bolt- 

ing sievc, Plin. 

spared, privileged, taker 

away,chosen out, excludc 

Exent£ra,5nim./tf t; r n. 2. tl 

cursed, abhorred, detested, de- Exenterltio, finis./. 3. a \ 

ExcnUratus, a, un}. part. 
punched. (to draw. to 
Excntcro,arc.a.l togut,to 

to ahhor, to detest, to devote. 
Kxcussus,us. m. 4. a shaking outJExcctio.dnis./.acuttingorl, rout. Exenter )r,uri,atus.p/tobe 
Excussus, a, um. pt. issimus, •«/»■ Excctus.a,um./>f.cutott,<.rout,cut, lv vexccl. 
shakcn ofl",or out,chased,ordriven castrated. dcprived* dcbarrcd. j/J.rccsire.ivi,Hum.n 4. to g 
out, flung, thrown, or cast, bran- Execntio,6nis /. 3. an execution, u set,get,orcomc oi 

dishcd,moved, cxamincd, search- 
ed, savcd, rcscucd. dclivcrcd- 
ExcQsus^,um./>/. forged, printed, 
ExztitJcndu*,3L, to be shaken 

pcrformancc, a govemmcnt. j saiK to dcpart, to retire» 
Ex£ctltor,6ris. m. 3 . an executor, a draw*to escapcto avoiiUo 

punisher, an avenger. (ccute. tinucd.ore\tendcd,to prc 
Executurus, a,um./^. about to cx- urisc,to sprout, i.r springl 
Ex«cuttn.a,um. p*rt. that hath fol-' grow up, to be diJscovere 




oad t frr divulged,to putlxexeitiurn, i. n. 3. use, pra*tirc. jExhillatu», s, breathcdout. 
iblish,to be po*»t,to v.i-E iercftius,a<Jf* comp. inorc biisriy.jf&rhalo, are. act. 1. to cxhalc, to 
l.,,r concludcto faU^irExercito^rc^/rcy.l to e*crcis«' of- brcath»: <uit,ti>»ciidtbrt]i > to einit, 
:ccd. (or bc cxecuted. tcn. (U*r. lo stcum. 

sa, uin. pt to etecutc,E\crcitor,dris. m. a rutor, or mas- l*xhulor, uri. /»<w. to be exhaled. 
ia.^f .&«<//. issimus, tup. Excrcitorius, a, UM^a^'.belontfinir|K\hauru:ndus,a, tobc emp- 
perfonniiij*;, busicd. ■ tc excrcisc. Xavis cxerciioria, a 
um. pi./l funcral so-[ kctch for carryhuf jroods 
•r ritcx, a burial, rclic».iExcrcitiis,a, xini/it. x.rciscd, cin 

e. ailj. of a fuueral. 
L,scquorj,i. cQtus sum- 

stius Exsequor. 

a, that hath fol- 

owin^. < ud. 

ployed, inurcd to. hurdcncd in, 
tonncnted,U*ased, \i*.\cd, weari- 
nrtcto doy;rpcrfbrto,tot cd, fatigucd, tricd, approvcd. 
scomplish,to follow, toExcrcitus,us m 4. un ariny.a host, 
protecute, to go on, to. or band of arnicd soldicrs,a grcat 
mitate,to puniah,to re-j flock,or shoa],troiiblc,gric^cxer- 
:count, rreUtc,towiah, : cise. 

■eatly.Exequi suumjuaEtero[ex.scro] l crerc,roi, rtum. a. 
t,C**'Scntentia*,to re«» J.t * excrt, to thrust, or draw out, 
7'tic. mortcm, to die,j to put forthvr out,to briii£ forth, 
~ toexpose,to view,toshow,todis- 

covcr, to display, to raise, to lif 1 
up, to advancc, to lay bare 
^ be cxercis-|Excrratio.dnis./.».a st.rayui)f(cliiic 
i.^.exercisinir,driving'. Ejrerro.are.n.l. to deviate, to dc- 
t,arceoj, cere, cui, ci-Excrtans. \i%- part. thrusting out, 
exercise,to practiae to ahowing. 

e,tomakcusc of,toeiu- FiXertc,u«/r.plainly,opcnlv,niccly. 
lemployment rwork, Exertxvire ../;**</. 1 to holci, put. n 
arn, to till,«r cuitivatc, thruat out,to sliow-(oizt put forth 
fJ r iiistruct, topass, or Excrtus.a, um.part. shown. drawn 
x, .tr troublc. Exesor,6ris m an cater up^awastcr 

ri, cftUK. p. to be excr- Excsurus,a,uui./</.that will cat up. 
loyed, busied. Jfcc- ExCsus^um.p/.catcn up, consum- 
u^um^ tobe«Aer eb^gnawn»worn,oldrottcivhollnw 
tercise. &rt'olio,arc<i. 1 .to takc out lcavcs. 

5nia/-v». cxcrcise, use, ExfiituruH, a, um. pt. cxtiaustcd. 
:rektion. (cr. Exjjfiirjrito, scc E^ir^ito. 

dris. m. .'. an cxcrcis- Exhaercdans, disinhcriting. 
,Icia/3. thc art, akill, Exhxred&tio.bnis./a disiulicritiu^ 
of cferciac. Exhxredatus a,uin./»r.rUinlR*rite;l. 

a,um. pt. ior, conp. is-Exhcr£do[ex,hxres], are. «. 1. to 
esercised, practiscd, disinherit, to dcpriveof fortunc. 
d, avccustomed, hard-Exh;cres,£dis.f -^.•j.oiic disinhcrit- 
^Ujquieted,tiinnoiledExhalanM,tis/>: breathiiijr out. (cd. 
mav/ 3. eserciae, 

ticd, or drawn out, to empty. 

£./ a haurio,irc^iusi, auatum u. 4. to* 
c\'hiiust,to cnipiy,to drawo'.it,to 
spcnd, cpnsuni", or vvasfc, to pii- 
la^c.or roh,to dig* up,to d ; spatcli, 
or takc away ,to dc- 
tracl, to suftcr, or undergo. 

Exliaurior, iri, uuslus p. to bc cx- 


E^haustus. a, iim. ftart. c duu.>t>. :i t 
emptied, draincd, drawn out, or 
dry, bcfrfrarcd, wcaried. tired, 

E .hcdru,x-./.a |)ar]our;m* Evcdra. 

Exlicdrium, i. /i. J. idein. (cd- 

Exucrhandus,a,um./'J to bc weciU 

E^herbo[c\,hcrbal, arc. act. i. to 
clcar of irruss, or wccila, to wced. 

ttKhcrbor, ari. p to bc weeded. 

ExhibciHlus,*/.to cxhibit, ar 
c c liibite<l, to show. 

Exhihcn> t ti*. p£ suo,vin<r. 

E.\hibco |_ca, haoco], ere. bui, b\- 
tu:u.a.2.tocxliibit,to show,lo dis- 
covcr, to uiukc appear, to makc 
}rood,to producc, 10 oticr,to pre- 
scnt, ov tfivc, to aiiiinly to rcpro 
scnt, to r«jsc!ii*jiv', -wo cause- 

r'.Mirwo:',».v',i'iiU*j./ hc shown. 

P'. \!nl(Uio,on 4 .v/'.o.:i.i cxhihition, a 
['i'OutK'in£ fur jiu"»':c v.r w. 

Exhibit'irus,a, ahout to ex- 
hibit, siiow, or producc. 

Rxhibitu.*». a, um. pan. cxhibitcc^ 
shown, discovcred, j,i*csi;nt, jriv- 
cn, gr.intcd, allovvcd, law iA. 

ExhilaratiOvdnis.yiJ.a o^iiifoi-tinfr. 

aJttxlialatio,6nis./ :>. an c&halatio;i. , Exliilai*aior,') cnlivcnci.. 
(Exhfiiatus, <b*. m. 4. an c*halation. Exhilat»V\\*#v^ni^t AtPtoi^t tvviTt-^ 




Exosao[ex,os],arc. a. 1 . to bonc, to' }y afraid, to be frightcncd al, to engige, about to se 1 

strengthcn vith bones 
Exossor, ari, atus. />. tobc boncd 
Kxossus, a,um nJ/. void of bones. 
Kxdsus, a, um. pt. hating, hated. 
Kxotericus, a, um- «<(/. e\oteric. 
Exdtic us.a,um .at(j . e xotic,forcign- 
jExpallco,creJui.n2. to bc, or turn 

palc,tofear, todrcad,to shuddcr at 
/irpallesco. ccre, lui. n 3 id. 
Expalliutus, a, uni. />/. strippcd, or 

deprived of a cloak. 
*>palpo, arc «1 i o grope,to fcel, 

to sooth, to flattcr 
f>pamn'fno.are.rt.l to prunc vines 
Expanditor, firis. m. :*. a rivertbat 

flows over its banks. 
/irpando,derc,di,passum. act.3. to 

txpand to display, to sprcad out, 

ov abroad, to opcn, or lay open, 

to expound. cd 

/.>pango,i.rc,xi,ctum. act. to mar- 

shaU, to set. 
Expansio, dnis-/ 3 cxpan<MOii. 
Kxpansum, i. n. 2. the iirmamcnt. 
Kxpansus, a, um. part. expandcd, 

sprcad abroad, laid open, dis- 

pla} ed. 
RxpapillatiiA, a,um. adj extendcd. 

Expupillato brachio,with t.»e arm 

madc barc to the paps, Plaut. 
Expassus, a, um pt opened, 
KxphtianSjtis- pt. cxpatiating, run- 

ExpatiFitor,oris.m.a gaddcr,a wan- 
Kxpatiatus, a,um. pt. that floweth 

specdily, quickly, readily, easily 

Expatior [cx,spatior]. uri d. 1. tdEipcdit, imp. it is cpedicnt. 
cxpatiatc, to cnlargcto wandcr, Expe^lite,«</r>, 
or rove about, to pass. 
Expatritius, i. m- 2. a past scnator 
JErpivtfacio,cerc, «• ; *. to tcrrify, 
to frightcn, to make afraid. (ing. 
Expavesccns, tis. pt. grcatly fcar 
./Jrytii i 'escor&rc. vi.r/rvi J.ta>begreat 

dread. Exp6dftus > a,um.6f.&. 

E*pavtclus, a, um. wjj. frighted. isffiimu, »up disenf 

E*pectabtlis,e.a4?.tobe expcctcd. rid of, nimbly throw 

Kxpcctandus, a,um./>/. expccting provided«prepared4 

Kxpcctatio. 5nis/,3.expectation,a rcady, nimblet light 

hoping, longing, or looking for tive. easy, fluent. ( 

hope, fcar,attcndance. attention.ExpcUcndu!i,a,um./M 

K pectfitum,, tis pt ei 

Expectutur,*m^ thcy wait. (pect ErpeUo,1*re,puli,piiJ 

Kxpcctatiirus,a,um./>f .about to e x- e i pel,to banish,u> cb 

KxpcctatiiB, c inp issT- thrust out,forth,or ai 

mus «/£.expccted,hopcd,orlook- to drive on shorc, ti 

edfor.carnestlydesired,welcome.B*peHor, li p. to be 

Expecto[e ,spccto,]are-rt.l.toet-K\pendens, tis pt. w 

pect, to hope, wish,«r look for to /irpendo, dcrc, di, m 

hopc, to stay, to tarry,to wait, to wcigh,to consider, tt 

wait for . to await, to watch in or- rate,orva1ue,to spenc 

dcr to attack, to fcar to dread, out. Kxpendere pcc 

to respcct, to dcsire to know. sufler punishmcnt, C 

E- pector, ari. p. to be e pected- be put to death, Ta 

E 'pccto terc. «. 3. to comb out. Kxpendor,di.^.to bc t 

K pcct6rocx,pcctus ,ure.a. l.toKtpcnsa,*./. 1 expt 

ci pcctoratc, to bani-h. /b*penso,&re.a.l to la 

Kxpecrdiatus, a, um adj. having to use, to weigh, to : 

lost,07-strippedofhisflock readyKxpensum, i. n. 2- e* 

Exp^dicndus,a,um. ftart. to be got E* pensus, a, um. par, 

Kxpcdio irc,itum.a.& n. 4. tofive, weighcd, considerei 

to dcliver, to cxtricatc, to discn- gTadu, with a slow | 

gagc, to unloose, to undo, to dis- stcp,/ J re/urfKxpensi 

patch,to finish,to put an end to,to rc, to own oneself ir 

bring to pass,to get,or pKKUu-e^to Eipcrgetacio [e * pc 

gct in re.adiness,to set out,to has- c8rc,K'ci.factum. a. i 

ten, to go. or send in haste,to de-| to stir up, to rouse, 

clai a c,tcTl v oruttcr, toshow,orex-|Kxpergcfactus, a. um 

plain, to be enpcdient. Rxpedire!Kxpcrgificiis, a, um. 

nomiiia, to pay dcbts, Cic 
Kxpedior, iri. /»«*#. to bc freed. 

KxpcdTtio^onis/S an expcdition,a 

'vovagc, a military prcparation,aExpcrgitus a, um. U 

quick dispatch, Bpced. 
Kxpeditional s, e, adj. spcedy. 
Ezpc(TTtrinis 4 a,um. i /^. aboutto iDs- 

Kxpergeflo [cxpergtj 
/*. 3. to be awaked, i 

Kxpergiscens, tis- pt. 

Kvpcrgiscor, ci,rrecti 
wake, to bcstir one 

Eipergo[ex,spargo] f i sprinkJe all oi 

urperco,ere,e«H e«M 





duM,iim. pt. to be triedJ piate, atone. &c. (ed, purffed. 
Mjtis-pLbLadj issimus, »up. E vpiatus a,um pt. expiated, aton- 
utpenenced, acquaintcd Expict\w,a,um.p/. paintcd, drawn 
urcd, sr accustomed to. KxpiUtio,dnis./J>pillagc«extortion 
tia, x. f 1< expcricnce, Expilator, dris. m. >. a pillagcr a 
, trial, skiU, knowledge plundcrcr<arobber«ancxtortioner 
snUiniyi ntut. cxpe- Expilatus a, um. pt. robbed. 
proof, or trial, an cssay, Arpilor are.a pluiider, to pil- 

lag"e, to rob, to spoil, to cxtort, 
iri,ertus sum d. 4. to ex- Arpingo erc xi,ictum.a. >.to paint, 
j to try. to essa>, or to draw, to limn, to describe. 
3 find, to attcmpb £rpinso,sere.a 3 to grind out. 

tus i,um./>/.Sc adj awak- Expinsor,si/> to be ground out 
kciied.riscn, brisk pert Krpio,are a.l to expiatcor atonc 
*.ar//.voiddestitiitc, trce, to p ir$re by 
n, that liath no experi- hallow, to consecrate, to punish 
urjiiuabscnt from. (over Expior, ari. p. to be expiated. 
<,wetalI Expirans. breat!iiii£ out. 
oris m >.'& tricr, acauscr. Expiratio, onis./. a brcathing out. 
lestJwip.itisexperienccdjExpIratur, imp. a man dicth. & a (} issimus, Expiriiturus,a,um. j&>. about to dic 
erienccd, tricd, proved. Expiro [cx,spiro],arc act. 1. to ex- 

ried, expert skilful. 

uff without, void of, or to brcathc out, cast,o/ 

»e, hopelcss. 
ns a,um/»f to be desired 
,tis./tf ior comp. desiring, 
ig, fond of. (sire. 

pire,to g-ive up the jrhost. to die 

scnd out, to c^hale. 
£jrpiscor,ari,atus sum.r/ 1. to fish, 

or get out, to search diliffcntly. 
Expissatus, a. um. bt. thickcned 

>ere.a 3. pjreatlyto de-E.pisso, ten Exspisso (plaincd 
b, e. adj. desirablc. (for. Kxplanabilis, may bc cx- 
^cre.a.o. greatly to long Explrmandusa um part- to be c.v 
mpern. it is mect. plained. or made distinct. 

us, a, ura. part. about to Explanatc adv. ius, comp. plainly, 
demand (uianded. clearly, distinctly, intelligiblv. 

, a,um. part. dcsired,de-,Explanatio, dnis. f, k an cxplana- 
:re„ivi,Itumarf. >. to de- tion, au exposition, a dcciara 
ivcuto endeavour to gct, tion, uttcrance 
;, to ask, to deinand, toExplanator,*. an explainer 
• !u»ppcn,to light Explanaturus,a,um./>f.about to ex 
c remembcred. I plkin, clear out, or declarc. 

i, titus. p. to be desired. Expl&natus.a,um. part cxplained 
i, e atff. e piablc. madeplain«distinctly pronounced 

ktuiD*i m.2ja\ atonement. Explano [e ,planus], cx- 
*j* be e piated/ plain, to e pound, to make plain 
ftnis./ 3. an atonement to clear up to smootli. 
Bh%«"./r. aboutto c*.E*pfcta*r,aLri,ataV' to lic <51e»rcd 

Explant&tor,dris.m. 3. a p\dlcr up. 

/Jx-pUnto, are act. 1- to pull up. 

E ]>Iantor bc torn of? (o1! , . 

/^rplaudo,dcre,ausi act. 3 to clap 

K plebdis,c.aoy. that may be fill- 
ed, that may bc satisfied. 

Binlcmentum,i.n.2 a fillmg' or satr 
istying-. ( shinc fortJi, or out. 

Explcndeo [e . »splcndeo]^rc.n«//. 

Explcndcsccns, tis part. shining", 

ExpTendcscofe * ,splendesco].cerc 
splendui neut.3 to grow bright,to 
shine,o»'glitter to be eminent to 
be conspicuous. filled. 

E plcndus.a,um. part. to fill.or be 

E pleo,cre l evi.ettima 3-to fill up, 
to fulfil,to complete,to perfect,©»» 
finish to make up,to fill,to g"lut,to 
satiatc. to satisfy, or content, to 
comfort,to quencli.toclose up,to 
rliminish, to perform. Vulnus cx- 
plcvit tenebras, tlic wouud madc 
him stark blincl, S:at 

Explcor, Cri. p to bc fillcd. (ing". 

li\pletio, onis./ . a?i accomplish- 

E^pICtTvus a. um. a.lj evplrtive. 

Ecplctfirus, a, um pt. about to fili, 
ov saiisfv, in onlcr to fill 

Ex;)lStus,a,um.^- fillcd up, finish- 
e.ljcompleted, accomplimed, rc- 
plcnishcd. satisficd contentcd. 

Exphcabilis, e adj. that may bc 
cxplained plaincd. 

Sxplican(lus,a,um pArt. to be cx, 

tixphcatc, adv. plainly, clearlv. 

Explicatio,6nis./ .) an unfolding; 
onintwisting,an exposition,an et 
planation, a dctcrmination. 

Hxphcator, oris. m. an cxplainer, 
an intcrpreter. eth. 

Expltcatrix,ic:s/shc that cxplain- 

Explicaturus,a, um p'. a!>out to t or 
that would e plain, or unfold. 

E iplicatus a,um./>/.Sca'//.".or,con^. 





©reMy^dkplaycdicxposedtoTiew, 1 mus, tup. explored, examincd, lone. Exporrigere front 
finishcd, pcrfectcd, dispatched.! scarchcd,tried, well, or certainly look eheerful, Ter. 
resc.icd, freed, recovcred, plain, 1 known,undoubted, certain, surc- Exporrigor,gi. p . to be ext 
easy. smooth. JExpl5ro,are.a. 1. to cxplorc,to cx- Exportandus, a, um. pt. to 

Ex;dicfiiiis,us.m.4. an explicationj amine,to search or view diligent- ried out, to carry, ©r com 

an exposition, an unfoldin^ 
Explicit, i e. Dcfinit, it is tinished- 
Exphcitc, adv- plainly, clcarly. 
Explic]turus,a,um.j» about to un 

fold, draw up, dispatcli, &c 
Exphcitus, a, um. pt. ior, c m/>. 

nnfoldcd,dcclared,drawn up,dis- 

patchcd, finishcd, ended. 

ly,toscarch,togTope,orfeel,totry, Exportatio, 5ais./. 3- expo 

©rprove,to inquire,to sound,to cn- o>n vcytagvercaiTYing' out 

dcavour to find out, to spy out, to' ment. 

scout, to cry, to laincnt. Exportator, 6ris. m. 3. an ci 

E pldror, ari p. to bc explored. Exportatus, a, um. pt exp< 
Expl5sio,onis. f. 3. a casting oftorlLrporto^lre.a 1 to cxport,' 

rcjecting, a rejcction- I out. (exported or carn 

Expl5sus,a,um. part. cxploded,rc- Exportor, an, atus patt. to 

up,orout,tounravel,todiscnjragc,l improve, to fitiish, orcomplctc. Exposcor, ci. p. to bc den 
tofrcc, to dcliver, to rcscue, to-'Exp6]ior,iri/'. tobe polishcd. (ly. Exposite,arfi>. luanifcstly. 

makc vay clear,to explaiivExpolite, adv. very finely, or neat- 
to jrivc an account, to rclatc, toExpolitio,onis/.J.a po]ishinfr(nicr 
trcat morc fulK,to enlar£e,to cx-Exp6litor,5ris.f»a pohsher,a trim- 
tcnd, to aocomplish, to finish, toExpblitus, a, um. pt. & atfy. ior, 
conclude, to dispatch, to smouth, 1 comtt. issimus, *uj>. polishcd,madc 
to calm. ^ I smooth,uinnowcd,ncat,trim,fine. 

Explicor ari. p. to bc explaincd.'f>pondcro to weijrh, to 

Explodo [ex,plaudo], dere, osi, 1 consider, to think dclibcratel> . 
osum. a. 3. to cxplode, to hiss, or Exponcndus,a,um be cxpos- 
clap off, to rcjcct, to dislikc. I cd, to be expoundcd, cxphuncd, 

Expl5dor,di,6sus./>.to be cxploded describcd, o'r related. 

Expl6randus,a, um. part. to be ex-"jE.rp5no,ncre,6sui, to 
plorcd, examined, &c. (ninjr.j expose,toset fortli,out,orto view, 

Exp!orans, searchinjr,exami-i to sct to sale,to Jav ab»-oad f 


scout, a spy. comp. strctched out, extonded, 

Explor-torius, a, um. atfy. pertain- smoolhtwitiioutwmikles«brisk,ac 

ing i» scarchiiifT, or spying. (cth.Exponigeiis.tis/^exten<ung(tivc 
Ehpl'iratri\,icis./. she that watch- *:.rporrigo,gere,rexi,rectum. a. 3. 

Jl tp)orutue,*,\ ior, cmp. issi- 

to cxttnd, or strctch out,to pro« 

Expbsitio,5ms/. 3. an exp 
or declaration, an expos 

Expositftius, a, um- atlj. c 
Expositor,6ris. m- 3. an cx 
ExpbsTturus^a, xmipt. abou 

Expbsttus,a, uin. pt cxpo* 

jectcd open to,situateaVst 

latcd, propounded, intei 

opcn, obvioux, reaily, a 

tnHing", put on shore, lan 

Expo8tulandus,a,um- pt. to 

tulate, or bc cxpostulatef 


Expostulatio,onis/! an cip< 

Expostiilutus,'/»r den 

required, callcd for. 

£lqiostulo,ure d.l. to expo 

to arjruc, to demand, to 

camestly, to require» to • 

Expotus, a, tim. pt. drank 

Express£,fl</v.ius. comp. ex 

uptly, to thc purpose, to 1 

Kxprc3Sio,6nfs./.3. an expf 

straining' out^a extract ia 




to.M.4. a squeezing ou 
a,um^.& a4/.ior,eomp. 
, squcezed, or beatcn 
, conitrained, wrestcd, 
madc, formcd, framed, 
e lifc, declared, sound- 
ouncedtoo full, written 
ktcd, Het forth,cxpress 
us, a,um./>ar/.to bc cx- 
> be squeezed. 
, tis. pt. cr.prcssing. 
r», prciiioj, crc, ressi, 
.toeipn^to squcczc, 
press, force, bcat, or 
to cxtort, to constrain, 
nt,to pourtray,to form, 
o dcscribe, to imitate, 
•copy out, to transUte, 
ice,to declare,to makc 
i. essus.' pari. to be cx- 
lis, e. adj. blameablc. 
i, tis pt> upbraiding. 
3,dnis./3- a rcproach. 
r,6ri».in.'>.an upbraidei 
tx ,Tcifl.y. a ahc-upbraid- 
(upbraid, or reproach 
nrus, a,um. pt. about to 
is, a,um pt. upbraidcd. 
rx,probrum],are a.l to 
L-proach, or cast in tlic 
large with, to reprove 
5ri. p. to be upbraided 
, tis p. drawing out. 
n», 6ris. m. 3. a surety 
>£re,TOp«i» mptum, a-*>. 
bring out, to produce, 
rtli, to tell plainly, to 
spcnd, to employ. 
mi,omptu8 pan. to bc 
iwn out, produced, &c. 
aAum p/.drawn,ortak- 
tractc<U shown, ready. 
s, pt. spitti ng out. 
is, e. adj. that may be 
•r takeu by storm. 

Expugnasserc./>ro.Expugnaturum tory, cleansing. (clcar, or justify 
esse. Expurgaturus,a,um.^ar/. aboutto 

Expugnatio,dnis/3. a conquering £>purgo, arc. act. 1. to purgc, to 
by force, the storming of a town, clcansc,to scour,to clcar, to justi- 
8tc. (or, a subducr, a ravisher. Exputatio,dnis/3. a lopping- (fy. 

Expugnator, 5ris. m. 3. aconqucr->Exptitatus, a,uin./>/. lopped off,cut 

Expugnfiturus, a, um. part. abouk£xputo,arc.a.l. to lop,or prune,to 

to U!cc by assault, or storm. 
Expugnatus, a,um />/. vanquished, 

won by assault, taken by storm. 
Expugnai, acis. adj. acior, c. mp 

powcrful in subduing, strong. 

understund perfectly,to imagine, 

to guess,to cxamine,or weigh(rot 

-£rputresco,ere. ui. putrifyto 

HxquIrendus,a,um./>/. to be exam- 

Exquircns,tis./M.cxamining (ined 

/JLtfpugno,are.a.l.U>takebystorm, Exquiro, [ex quxro] rcre, sivi, sl 

or assault,to take,to sack, to con- 
qucr, to subdue, to overcome, to 
vanquish, to gain, or win over, to 
brcakopcn by violencc,todestroy 
Expugnor, ari./>. to be overcome. 

Expulsim, adv. by striking. (cd- 
Expulriio<dnis./3>banishmen : (beat 
£rpulso,area 1. to bajig about,to 
Expulsor, oris. m 3. an e peller, a 

tum,a.3. to scarch out, in!o,after, 
or for, to seareh, to cxplorc, to 
cxaminc, to seek, to inquirc, to 
ask, to pray for, to 'nnplore. (ed. 
Exquiror,ri,isitus /#. to be exa?uin- 

Expulsatus,a,ump.'.razed,destroy-Exquistte,ius. conip. isiiinc, sv.p. Jfc 

E?quisitim, aoV e ^uisiuiy, cu- 
riously,nicely,exactly i accuruiery 
Exquisititius,a, um. wtj. gottc n,or 
accjiiired by art, not naiural. 

banisher,a driver out,a remover ;E\quisitum,est,im/».it is foundout* 

Expulsus, a,um. pt evpcJled, ban 
ishcd, driven, thrust, or put out, 
drivcn, or forced away, torn up. 

Expultrix, icis./ an cxpeller. 

&rpuinfco, arc. act, 1. to polish, 
to smooth. 

Expunctio, dnis./. 3. a crossing. 

Exponctus, aum.part. expungcd, 
crossed out, pui out of pay. 

cxpunge,to blot,cross,or pidl out, 
to crase, to etf ace, to clcar. (cd 
Expuo [ex,spuo],uere,ui, utum, a. 
3. to spit out, to pour out, to cast 
out, to drive out, to banish 
Expuor,ui. 6-to be thrown out.(ed 
Expurgandus,a,um./> be purg- 

Exquisiturus, a.uiii. ^ar: about to 
scarch into, or c.amine 

Exquisitus,a,um />r.&ca'V.tor.(*om/>. 
issimus,*u/>. searchc i : >r, oi »nto, 
exquisite, choice, curious :*arc, 
dainty,nicc, fine, acourati e\.ct 

£lrsacnfico, are. a- to saci/kv. 

/irsaevio, ire, Ituni, vcut. to cease, 
to rage. 

£xpungo,gcre,nxi,nctuni,«c/.3. to Exsangumatus, a,um./><. hloodlest 

E\sauguis,c.a^/ bioodlcss,lifcles8 
Exsanio [cx,saniesj urcac/ 1. to 

squeczc out corruption(patch up 
Krsarcio, Irc, rsi num, act. 4. to 
Exsatiatus, a, um Jurt. sutiated, 

cloycd, gorged, glutted. (or glut 
/•>satio, ure u-1. to satiate, gorge 
Exsatior, uii. p. to be satiatcd. 





E\tortor,5ri9. m. 3. an extoitioncr.]Kxtricatus.a,um. pt. discntangled. 
£\tortus,a cxtortcd, wrtst-Extrico[ex,tricse jt are. a. 1. to ex- 

cd, or toTCfd trom, torturcd. | tricate, to disentangle, to disen- 
Er.tra^nrp. without, out of, not in,j gagc, to ileliver, to get rid of. to 

not concerncd in,bcyond,e\cept, gct an account of,orunderstand,to 

saviug, bcsidcs, ovcr and above. . gct,to ohtain,toprocure,toc1canse 
r.:- tr*,affr.without, on the outsidc. Extrlcor, ari. p. to be clcared. 
EMractio, onis /. 3. an cxtraction. Extnlidus, a, um. aaj. dauntless. 
E\tract6rius, a, uro aay.thatdraw-ExtrinsiJcus, a, um. adj extrinsic. 

eth out, d awing. (draw out. E trinseciis^itfr.e trinsicaUy, out- 

Kxtractfinis, a, >:m. part. ahout to 
K *ra- : 'i:sa un pt Vnu n ou',;iro- 
longcd. contimied, spun out. 
/>fr«eo, lrc. n. 4. to go out- out. 

E^tnhcndus, a,um. pt\o bc drawn Extnictio 6nis./3.a huilding up. 

wanlly. from without, bcsides. 


Exturbandus^a,um./>/. tc 

Exturbans, tis. pt. thrus 

Exturbatus,a,um. />arf 1 

driven out,puUcd up bi 

/£rturbo,arc.a.l tothn. 

tum out,to dischargc,* 

trouble,discompose, or 

Exturbare alicui ocul 

out his eyes, PUwt. 

Exturbor, ari,/>. to bc ( 

E tritus,a, um./ri .rubbcd, or rascd Extussicns, tis pt. coug 

out struck out, worn out (sidc 
E trosum, adv. towards, thc out- 

jELrinho.herc^axi e^ 
tract,to draw oi't,to pu1I,p1uck.or 
drag ^ u ^° root (mt » to c\tricatc 
gfct, ot l bring oif, to c:«tort, to in- 
duce,or pcrsuailc to pn>lnng,con- 
tinuc, ur dcfer. gcd out 

E ti^ailior. hi, actus. p. to bc drag- 

Extrancus, a, um. adj. forcign, 
strangc, outwanl borrowcd. 

E traonliiuirius, a. um adj. cxtra 
or-hnarv, not common, gTcat. 

ExtrHquam, aav except tliat. 

E triirius, a, um adj. outward, 
stmngc, of anothcr kindrcd. 

/2.r'.rtf nvscOjCtrc j«c«». to tremblc, 
tc> shakc. 

Evtrcmita.s.atis./ 3. an extrcmity 
an cnd. un «djrc, hrink, or brim,a 
bordcr. a frontier, a boundarv. 

ExtrtTmo, adv., in the cnd. 

Extrcmum, adv idem. 

Ext.cinuiu,i /i.3.ti c extrcine, last, 
orrcmotest part.thc beginning,o.* 
cmi, a licm,ha7.ard,daiigcr,death 

E\trcmus, a, um. aaj. sup.xhe e: - 
tr- ".uc, outcrmost, or utniost, th. 
last the loweftt.the most afftictcd 
the basest, rworst,remo1 c,far otl 

J$..triculf'A\*fC adj. that may be got 

srnt of, er disejigagcd. 

Extructor, oris. w. S a bnildcr. 

Extructfmis, a, um, part. about to 
litiild, ftrcrect, to build. 

K • tructus,a,um part. issimus, tvp. 


/.'u*trudo,dere.usi, fisum. act.3. to 

uway with spccd, to utter, or tcll. 

E trftdor,di,iisus p tobethniat out. 

E trucndus,a,um hc crcctcd, 
huilt. orfuniishcd, to build. 

Kxtruo cx.stnio] uere,u i.uctum. 
act.o to crect,to sct,or pilc 
huild, to furuish E tntcre vc rba 
in nunicrum,to rouchwordsfun-ly 
or make tlicm clume, jld f/er. 

E truor, ui, uctus. /;. to be built. 

K>tub;;raiis, tis. pt. swelhng oul- 

Extuberutio, onis./. 3 a swcilin^. 

/Mubcro,are. n. 1. to swell much, 
or out; a. to make to swell. 

E tubo, antiq. unde E tuli. frise- 

f!rtunico,erc,ui tu*ut swell, to 

E tiiinescens, tisp^. swclling- out. 

/>tiHiiesco,ere.7it*M/.3 to bcjpn, to 
swcll (eth. 

Extiunidus a, um- adji that swcll 

E tiiiic,a<ii> from tliat timc. 

£.» tundo,derc,tudi, 3. to £\ulccrandus,a,uni pt. 

bcat,knock,or hammcr out,to in 

vcnt, to cMort, todrivc away, totl^xiUcei^tioydnxs/. j5. %\ 

/Jo*tussio,ire,i vi,ituni .«.• 

up.orout, to void with 
Extussior, iri p. to be cc 
Exiibcrans tis. pt issi 

abouudinjy', ovcrftowii 
Exuberantia,x.y 1 an a 
Kxubenitio,6nis.y'. an a 

aswell,an overtlow,an 
£o*Hbero,3re.fifi!ff.l. to 

makc to abound, to o\ 
Exuctusa,uni pt.iar, c > 

ont. \-oid of moisture, 
Exudatus, a, um. pt. sw 
E.\ud6 [ex,sudo],are.a 

sweat out,to swcat Exi 

rem,to sweat at work,j 

to takc much pains in 
Exvelatus, a, um pwrt. i 
tlvw llo»Iere«a^>to plucl 
E ^ucndus,a, um pt. to 
iirverro. rere. a. 3. to 
Exugo [eX|Sugo] f ere,xi, 

to suck out, to drink u|,uctus./>.tobc 
Exul,ulis.c.^..). a banish 

woinan, an exilc 
Exulans,tis pt banishei 
Exulatio, onis. /. o. ban 
E.vulutMrus,a, ab 

in baiiishment, or exil< 

Esulc£rans,tis. pt. exuV 





ifabotch,an aggrarationj Bfuor, ni, fHiis. p. to bc put off. 

■*.' !• it..i. •«■» .. A... .-. .^-. 1 . _ 1 ". . — ...I. *!.-« _--_.. U 

5rius^,um.<r4f«that caiw- 

:cn to rise, apt to frct. 

rix, icifi. avrfl. blistering. 

us, a, um. pt. madc sore, 

rallcd, aggravated 

arc a exulccrate to 

t,to gall, frct, or eat thc 

.•cx, provokc, «r fret. 

, ftri. p. to bc vcxcd. 

n.l to be be 

cing", to live m exilc. 

i, atus p id.(rejoicing. 

idus, a, um atlj. likc one, rcjoicing, 

, up,*purtingout 

i,x/l anexulting,alcap-E»urgens, tis. /»/. rising up. 

y f a beating,orthrobbing. Exurgo [cx, surgo], gcrc, rrexi 

n» a*lv. comp. rnore jo- rrcctuni./ rise up,orout,to 

arisc, to comc on, to incrcasc 
5n_a./3.cvuItation,arc-]^run).cre.syi,stuin. act. 3. to burn 

out.orup to huru,to parch,to con- 

sumc. (out, or up, to be purged. 
Exuror.ri, ustus. pat». to be 
Exuscitiitio, onis. /. a rousi 

stirring up. a wukcning 

snakc, or addcr, a slough. 
E.\uvium, \.n.2. idcm. Salv. 


FaT1A,x/1 abcan.Isthxc in me 
cudcturfaba, I shall bcarthat 
| blame, Trr. 
Fabiicrus, »■ um. adj. of a bcan. 

EiupcrahilU, c. tulj. tliat may bc» 

surpasscri that niay be got ovcr. 
E^iiperans, tis. pt. cxcecding, cx- 

cclling, surpassing, prc cminenU 
fijrupi-rantia, x./.l. e\ccllcncc. 
K upcratio, 6nis/ an cxcelling 
Exiipcratus, a, t um.pi:rt. exceedc'.! 

Exupero^cXjRupero^ cx- 

cccd, to surpass, to overcun.c, to 

get ovcr,orbryond,tobc prcdoiui-lFihrilc,» i..».a bean straw,orstalk. 

nant,or gct thc preiail.JFahJl-.-*, o. adj. of a bcan. 
Exurcns,.'!.*/// buniing, con-*uminp,;F.d>arihs n, um a\j. full of bear*. 
AJmrgco, cre, rsi, rsum n«/. 2. to F:'ibella,:e/ 1. a short, or liltle fii- 

squeczc, ov cr.ish out. 

Fabacia, x.f 1 a bcan-cakc. 
Fabiiginus, a, um, arfj. of hcans. 
Fabiigo, inis. /. 3. bcan-charT. 

lemping for joy, aboast 


tdv with leaps. 

•amlto ,arc.n. 1 tn eiuh, 

^to1capabout,to bouncc, 

; f toboil,toswell,to hoast, Exuacito[ex,suscito],*. 1. to!/V7//r<»facio,cerc, ftci, fuctum.«.3. 

blc, or story, an cpiloguc. 
Fuhcilator, oris. m. 3. a maker, or 
tcllcr of storics. 

Falur, bra, brum. adj. rYmus, svp. 
Fabcr.ri m 2. a workman, a amitli. 
a forger, a hammcrcr, a maker, a 
fish, a trout. 
; burntlFabetum, i. n. 2. a bean-plar.t. 
iug, or , F.tlJrc,l , Il7?■ cmmc tttp. vvorkmauly 
cunningly, artificially, skilfully.' 

jo insult, or dominccr. 
9j 5nis>/. 3. a cr\'ing out 
s, a, uxii. /»/. howling. 
re.n crv out 
,tis- part 0%'erflowing, a. 
;, rapng, boding. [ing. 
►,6nis./ o. an overtiow- 
rt.neut. l.Xo ovei*flow, to 
t,to ragc,toboil,tosprcad 
fuse, or e • tend iteelf 
re, i.ctum a..»to anoint. 
uo].uere,ui Qtum.u.i to 
»rshakc ofl',to ttrip,todi- wakcn, to n»usc, to stir 
up, to raisc, to encouragc. 

Exuscitor, ari. p. to be niuscd. 

Exustio, onis/3. aBctlin^ on firc. 

K U5>tor,6ris m..J. hc uumeth. 

E ' ustulatio, 6n w/ ».a st Iiorching. 

/voistulo,arc a 1 losr.orrlulo burn 

Exustums ai^out to bum 

E U3tns,a, uin. pt burnt, parchcd. 
scorchcd dricrl withc?-' a d. 

Exfitusa, upi pi strippcd plunder- 

towork, or makc ariificially. 

Fabrcfactus.a,uin. purt. cunningiy 

wroiight. or dcviscd. 


thi: ait of fiamin^, or making, a 

fabric.fraii.c.niakc, fashion,or dc- 

ft:;^:i,a wiic,dcccit,orcrat>y ticvi^e 

Fal>nc:«ndiis a,um./rf. to l»c mado, 

FabriraiiK l tis-/*r.niaking(orformi'tl 

Fabricatio, onis./. 3. afraniing. 

FSbrTcator, ori.s m. 3 a framcr, a 

ed,dc]>rived, divcs l .cd, frccd, de- niak«.r a forgor.a conirivcr,an in- 

vt:iiffi:' t a di.^isc:*. acauser. 
Fa b o ra. x . /. 1 . a f raming. 

^>rive,tofrec K uercali-lE iivix, aruin, plf.X. spoils takcn 

■no.todethronCj/^/in.E^- rroni an cnciny ui wur,l)ooty, pil |FabricUtu.;, u >• m. 4. a making. 
tcm,to changc bis mind, lage,c!othcs.huir, &c. put, or li:fi!Fiibriratus t i f uTii./i/. framed,mude. 
n,tobreak bis word,7Vic. ott the fckin,f'jlt,or liidc of a Ik -a^ Fabrico,!' r; a.Ci. i >a abncor,atiL>.c/. K 
kslria, t^beathrm outof taken fi-om the ticsh, a lcaihcrj to frame, to build, to iivvcciV. 

whip.^r tHong-, ftie caCst slstn of *' Vnhr iciw, ".o . ^ . ^ V\^ xtxtn^A. 


Fceditas, atis / ■**• foulncs9, fiUhi-^Fuencro.lrc.a l.tol(mdoniL*'Fn1iruiis.a,um./M. Ieaved,thin 
iiesi nastincss. dirrincss, ra:\k- br.n,rin tsiiry*tomakc advuntajrc Folior, Ure. p 1. tobc leavcd.j 
ncss. bascncss, v ilcncs* ujrlmcs.H, o',\ to lciid, to afford, to bcstow. Foliosus, &, fiiliof Ic 
dcformity, horror. Fumcror ari atusstim.r/. 1 to lcnd, J*'6|ium. i- n.2. a lcaf. 

Faedo,arc.<u.l to danb, to stain, to or I>oitow on usury. Firncrari bc- :'olliculus,i m.2. a litile bajro 
dcfilc, to pollute, to disfijrurc, to| ncticium, to doakindncss with a ther, asmall leathcrn hallb rend,to lay in thc dust, to view of rcccivinjr a greater, Cic witli wind ahu3k,coiL,hull,or 
beardown,to harassto disjfrace. Fumcus, a. um- udj. u.ade of hay. : a bodv,/>rcase of flcsh,the w< 

Fu-dor, ari. p to be defded. Faeniculirius.a, um.adj. bcloniring Follisjs m.> abaj?,purse ©rsci 

ineau. sorry, rude, boistcrous Fumisecium.in2.hayniakinjr.timc, pemtim scd (bllitini duCarc 

drcadful cruel. base, shainclcs^^armscctor, oris. m >. a niowcr. i to play atsinaIlgamc,notto< 

desUyictive. Focniscx. icis. m- .1. a mower. ■ for pcncc but pounds, Pnv 

FicdiiSf.ns n. ". aleaguc, a covc- FaMiisicia, x.f. 1 hay harvcst. .F6mcntatio,dnis./ ».afoment 

nant, a trcaty, a stipulution, an Fccnuin i n 2 hay. Famuin habcreFdincnto,are.a.tofomcnt,tov 

ajrrccmciit. a conspiracy. an alli- in cornu to bc mischicvous, // r. Fnmcntum,i.n 2.a fomcntatio 

aiicr,a mutual rchttion, maiviajrc Fccnus oris. n. 3. intcrest, usury.! application to assuajre pa:m: 

hospi alitv. an ordcr.or dccrov, ;l Famuseulum i.« 2. a littlc intercst. Iayinjr,a mitig-ation, a cnerisj 

rijrht a promisc. Fe^ta,a:/l.afcmalebijrwith jounjr« consolation, softncss luxury 

Voeiictor ( us.rir//.c mp. morc liappy. an cwc tiiat hath ncwly hadyounjr. Fomcs,itis m. :.fuel,any thing 

Falici.-ss.nic, adr>. most happilv. jFidco, cre.n. 2 to stink,to havc a kindlcth,srkecpcth firc inji 

Falintas, htis / J happiness badsnicll.tobc muiscoustooflcnd. ccutivc, an induccnicnt. 

Fcclicitcr. adv happily, tiod givc.Fa'tul ism, um ««//"- sti kinjr rank. Fons tis.m -a fountain,a spri 

youjoy. JFa-trfcr, a, uin adj. fmitfuj. , well. a strcara, water, a tp 

Fociix.icis.ri'//. happy, hicky,kiiid.Fa»tif ico, aro n. to bc fruitful, to hcad.or principal caiise.a*>i 

Foemin:i,-c/l. afemale a wuinan.j brccd younjr. Fontfdis, afountain,tr 

FucniLnatus.a, um. adj. belonginjr.Fwtif iciik, a, um. adj. fruitful. Fontfmalia ium./i/. neut. 3 so 

or rclatlnp to a woman. ',Fato,r;rc brinjrforthyoung', fcasts relatinp to wclls. 

Farmincus,:!. um. tnlj- of a woman.' to inakc a stiuk, to smcll strong*. Fontanus,a,um adj.uf a spring 
soft, lcndcr uinc-Firtor, oris. m. 3. u stink, a smell. Fonticulus/im-alittlespringi 

Famminus a nm.a'//.fcmalc«fcmi-F(rtulcntus, a, um. adj. stinking-. FontT^^.bomofafooi 
Furnavius, a. uin. adj ofhay. F(ctfira,n:/ 1 thc hrecilinjr of cat-For fari,fatussum.r/.l.tospei 

Fixiiebris,i'.fir//.pcn..ininfrtousury tle.tiic timc lrom roncrption to spcak plainly, to dcscribe. 
Faneralia -iuiii /»/ n Ja> sfor • ia\ in^ thc birth.thc ffi^owtli.or -priiiK-injr F6rabilis.e adj thal may be p 
Fa*nenitio,onis/. .us.iry. iulercKt ofjri-ass an cdition of abook. ■For.ifro inis. f. 3. a slip of ; 
Fancrutiiius, udj taken in usun Fu?tus.a,um.r.'i/f. bijf,&r grvat witli thrcad. 
Fancr.uo adv with intcrcst, or \ (11111^, that liath \ounjr, abound- F"ritmcn,inis n. V aholc. an t 
profit l iii^, full. ;Foi*aiidus.a,um.^f. tobe bore 

FoMicrator. oris. m- '*. an usurer- Fu'tus us m. 4. thc younjr o r :-.ny picrced, 
Foriierut6rius a a.uni adj. peilainiiifr crcaturc, frult of tr«.-cs, a birth " Forasor/v out of doors, forth, 
to ustiry. Foliiiccus,a,um adj.n\\ rlikclcavo*|Vrritor,6ris m 3.a borer.s pie 

Fu'iicratrix,icis./ashcpawnhrokcr Foliiitio ouis/o.foliajrc alxuldimr.iFbratus, a, um. /M.borcd. p«0 
^irncnitu^ put out to inte- Fr)]iiU>jm,i./i 2. ointmciit of spikc-^Forcc^s, ipis. dub. ^wi. ."iJi pi 
*e*t, ivUimed vritk auVantage. Fotiatttra, sc / 1. foil«|rc. (nuni. 1 t^nj»,nippcrs,piB3sc»> tw^| 






claw of a crah.or lobster.lKormleatio, Snis,/.3. a tinfrling, a 

hook, a grapple. 

!Fnrmicctum,i.n.2.anant-hi]l(risingFornicutrix, Icis, f. 3. a whorc. 

./ 1. a cow with calf. (Formicinus, a,um o///. like an ant. 
>i. a sum- to be hcreafter.|Formico,are.».l torisc in pimplcs. 
s,, forent, 1 might bclFormicdsus, adj. fullof ants. 
c cuij» belonging to the-Formldabilis, c adj. formidable 

Fornicator, 5ris. m.3. a fornicator. 

r courts of pleading 
m. pl f&. a door or gatc. 
;is f.y. a pair oi scissors, r 
n ironhook.a bodyof mcn 
rniVtoreccivcthe cunciis. 
mptm2 decksofaship, 
% r galleries, alleys, r 
ibtces in gardens 

Formidamcn, Ynis. n.3. a bugbear 
Formidandus, a, um. part. to bc 
dreadcd. (ing. 

Formldans, tis. pt. fearing, dread- 
Formldatio, onis. /3. a fearing. 
Formidatus, a, um. pt. drcaded. 
Formido, to drcad- 
Formldor, uri. />. to be fearcd. 

npl.n.*. thin excrements.:FormIdo,in!s,/.3. fcar,drcad, tcr 
e-/l. a house of office. I ror, astonishmcnt, ascarecrow. 
is,i.jR.« acleanscrof jakes.'Formidbl6se, adv. ius, comp. fcar- 
,«/1. ai/n. a wieket. fully, timorously, tcrribly. 
iks, oi/r. from without. FormidblSsus, a,um. adj'\ov. comp. 
f 3. a d >or. Scd usita- issimus, tup. fearful, timorous, to 
itur in phir. ' be fcarcd, dreadful, horriblc. 

'r from abroad,without,on Formo,arc {brm.framc,nish 
sidc from without.extrin- ion,ormould,to build,to coniposc. 

Fornicatus, a,um.p/. arclicd ovcr. 
Fonnco, ure, a. 1. to arch ovcr. 
Fornicor, uri, p. to be arched ; <f. 

to commit fornication. 
Fornix, icis,/3 an arch, a broUicl. 
Fbro, arc, <i. 1. to bore, to piercc. 
Foror, ari, p. to be borcd (hazard. 
Fors, tis./ •. fortunc,luck,chance, 
Forsan, adv. pcrhaps. 
Forsitan, attv. pcrhaps, it may be. 
^orslt, adv id. (ture. 

Fortassc, adv. perhaps, pcradven- 
Fortasse au, adv. peradventjrc. 
Fortax, ucis, /. 4. tlic compass of 

a kiln. 
Forte, ath>. bychancc.Fonc fortu- 

na.asgood luckwould, 7Vr. 
Fortesco.ce^rc, ti.j.Xo gmw sfrong. 
Forticulus, a, um. adj. snrnewhat 

Ktrong,*)»- patieut ■ tion,aforti ' v ing. 

r,in othcr peopleVs atfairs. to instruct, to fcig», or imaginc. Fortif icatio, 6nis,/. 3. a f. /rtifica- 

Fortif icator, oris, m. hc that mak- 
eth strong. 

c. f. 1. aforin. a ihape. aFormor, uri, p. to bc mouldcd. 

>r f&shion, u figure, an ap-,Formftse, adv. bc-autifully, neatly. 

zc 9 a LikencKs. or reseuib- FormdsUas.utis/ ^handsomencss.^rtif ico, are, a. 1. to fortify. 

spectrca vision,aghost,ar*'ormosus, a,um. adj. ior comp. issi-Fortis,c. adj. ior. c m/Mssinvis,*:.'^. 

a heauty,a plot. or modcl, inus^ri//>ikir,beautiful, handsome, counigcous, valiant, bold, hrave, 

l.a btamp, a coin, moncy,' chamiing, delightful, bright. g:dlant, magnanimous, rcsolutc 9 

i cheescvat, a thought, an Formu /.l.aform,a ndc,a max- constant, stout, strong,po%vcrful, 

rcscripl, or niandatc. i im,a writ.a siut,process,orindict- hardy, paticnt* rich, honourable» 

i v e-»e//.formal,propcr,duc ment, an ordcr, a last, a hcaiity. 

:cr, ai/r. funnaJIy. ^mould. Formfilarius, i. m. 2. hc that mak- 

entum, i. 7i. 2. a ibrm, a etli out writs, a practiscr in law 

* tiii pt. forming. 'Fomacalia, drum, pin.2. s:icrifict*s 

lus a, to l^e formed. offered bcforethegrindingofcorn. 

>, onis- /• >. a fonning. iFornaccus,a,um a^/.likea njrnace. 

r. oris. m. 3. a formcr, aFornacula.^/.l.afurnacc.anoven. 

a creator, an instructor. Fornax,acis. /*.3.a furnace,an ovcn- 

honc^t, swift, fair, beauiiful. 

•■'ortltcr, adv. iiis,com/i.issimc,«riA. 
couragcously, valiantly, bold'y f 
b»mvcly, resolutely,un(buntc dlv, 
briskly,quick,soon,in a short imc. 

Fortitudo, Inis,/. fortitii'1-», cour- 
a hravc action, greatness, pa- 
ticncc, strcngth. 

Fortiusculus, a, um. adj. stoutish. 

Fortuito, adv. by chancc, by acci- 

, - %r , , , - , dent. 

w s iis. pt. crcping. | an ai-ching, or vaulting uvcr. iFo^uilu, qu. abU Tt^\^N.«\&RXBu x 


«/.1 ashupe.aforming. Fomicaria, ac. / 1. a prostitute 
i y a.uni. r ft|.abonttoform.Fomicarius, i. «. 2. onc bclong- 

i^umpt formci,framccL> ing lo stews. 

„ x./ 1. a littlc inould. [FomTcAtim, adv. likc an arrh. 
. f.l.&n ant, an cmmct.jForniciltio, onis, '*. 3. fornirution, 





Fortuftug,a,um <u$'.thathappeneth| piereed. 
bv chance, casual. accidcntal.jFdtus, a, 

tle,mortal, weak,pei 
um- pt- cherished. I mav be casily brckei 

sudden, cxteuiporary, unprcmc-jFdtus, us. m. 4- a nourishing, a fo- moisture. (tlcnes 
ditatcd. * mentation (cave, a fox'a holeJFragilftas, atis. /. 3. 

Fottitn^x/l fortune.hap,hazard,iF6vea, ac/ 1. apitfall, a den, ajFragmen inis.n a frag" 
advcnture, chancc, luck, cvcnt.iFovcnduSjajiim.p/.tobechcrishcdlFi^ajBfmentuni i «.^ ide 
«tatc. condition, uu cstatc, a god- Fovens tis./»f. chcrishing,favoring Tragor, oris m.3. a nc 
dcbs. Foveo, ere fovi.fotum a 2to warni, Fragose, uiiv. with a 

Fortcuz, ftl. f. 1. onc's fortune, ©r to chcrish, or nounsh, to fced, or Fragosus, a. nm. aaj 

maintain, to makc much of, to crajcgy, rough, unei 

fondic, to embrace, to cspouse,or hoarsc,or jarriug, bri 

favour. to fomcnt, or bathe. Fragrans tis. pt. & a 

Fbveor, eri- p. to bc cherished. Fragranter, adv. fragi 

Fragrantia, «./. 1 . a 1 

* ™ • Fragro, arc . neus . t o sn 

Friicco,?re,ctii n.o.toputrify,torof strong, or sour. 

Fraces, ium. />/./ .lccs of oil- (dy Friigum, i. n. 2. a stn 

Fraccsco, cerc i/zc.3,to grow tuoul- Framea, av /1 . a jave 

eslatc, richcs, wcalth, substancc 
F ortunaic .adv- nix com/> forUmatc- 

ly,luckiiy,pro<»perously, happily. 
Fortunatusui,(im. «*#. ior. comp is- 

•r.nus, •*//>. fortiinaU', favourablc, 

kind, blest, happy, wcalthy,rich. 
Fortunium, i. n. 2. good iuck. 
Fortiino, arc. a 1. to makc happy. 
Fortunor, ari./>.to bc madc liappy 

Ffcruli, pl. wj. hatchcs, shelves forFracidus, a, um. adj. rotten-ripe, short spcar, a hunte 


F5rum, i- n 2. the fonim a markct- 
placc, a market,a court of juslice, 
a vcssel Ccdere fbro, to bccomc 
bankrupt, Juv Uli foro, to suit 
himself to the time, Tvr. Dcce- 
dcre foro, to live privately Jl>/i 
In :ifienc>foro litigare, to follow a 
biiSiiicss he doth not undei-stand, 
JHurt. jkgere forum, to hold a 
court, to trv causes* 

Fo:i9"irius, i. m- 2. a «titchcr. uui, i. n 2. a fossc,a trrnch. 
Fossilis, e. adj fossilc, that is, or 

maybe dug out of the earth ing. 
Fossio, duis,/ .a digging, a dress- 
Fossitins, a. um. adj dug, drlvcd. 

Fobsitia nigra, sca coal, Jun. 
Fosso, are, a 1 to dig often. ' nccr. 

Fractio, ftnis,/;>.a fraction(hoary Frangcndus,a,um.fcf ti 
Fractior,ius.«c//.com/> morebrokcn. Frangens, tis. pt. bre: 
Fractor, 6ris. m 3. a brcaker. Frango, gerc,fr€gi, frs 
Fractflra, ac-/ 1 a fracturc. ; brcak,tobruisc.tobn 

Fracturus, a,um ^«.aboutto break. to wcakcn. 
Fractus, a,um./>/.hrokcn,humhlcd, diminish,to abate,ori 
discouru^cd, out of hcart, spcnt en,to (la\iut,to disco 
lost.vunquishcd,routcd,nicc,cff'e- pirit,to humble,to va 

Frxnatio, finis,/ 3. abridling. 

olate, to movc, to < 
disappoint, to spend 

Frxnator, oris, ;;i. X a rc«itraincr> ^Frangop.gijfractus./i.ti 

thc bridl«, Frxnigera ala,a troop- a confcderatc, or alh 
of horsc, Stat. I of thc Hamc autlior, 

Frxuo. arc. u.l.tobridle,tocurb,toFriltcrciijo, arc, n 1. 

together as brothcrs 
Fraterculus, i. m-2.a \i 
Fraterne, udv. broth 

rcstrain, to kecp. or hold in. to 
chcck. to stop, or stay. 
Fncnor, ari /». to bc rcstrained. 

Fr.rnum, i./i.3.;>/.frieni.Mi.vclfrsena, , Fraternita8, Sitis./ 3 

/i a hridlc,1hc bit of a bridlc,theFraternus a,um.cic//. fi 

Fossor, 6ris m. 3. a digger, a pio-; curb, a chcck, a rcstraint. Darc. thcrly- Fratcrna c* 

Foasula, x./l. a little ditch,a pud- frarna,to subduc,Ox;. accipcre, to comnutted by a brot 

dlc. i submit, Jd. (bleFritilli, 6rum ' pl. m.2. 

Fossrira,s/l. adigginjr.aditcliing. Fragesco, cre. brcak» orcrum- Fi*atria, ae./.l. a sister 

Fomis, n,um.part. du^", wottnded, Fragdis, c. a<£ ior, eomp. frail,brit-FratricidA» «• c*£> 1« » 

«r-r t- * -=-^^- .-=«—•.— , r 






rder of one's brothef roar, to neijrh, or bray. to raake aJ Pricatio, Ania.y. 3 nibbintr. a plas> 
, i- n 2 a kiHimj, or jrreat noiac, t« blu*t.<:r,to shout, toj tcring, a parjrettin£, friction 
1,141.2. an estate that &ound, to rcsound, to buzz, to Fricator, oris. m. 3 a nibbcr 
en by abrother. I ter, inurinur, »■ gTumolc, tolFricutura, ac. /. 1. a parjrettinjj jrrow plump.(ed.{ fret, ..«r chufc,tobewail, rlamcntjFricatus, a, um. pt. mbbrd 
a uni ^ be defraud- Fromor, oris «i. 3 a roariiur 
iii./. 3. a deccivinjr. Frendcns tisp'. gnashinjrtheteetli 
i». «. 3. a deceiver, ajFrendco cre, dui u & Frendo, erc 
raon. n. 

um. pt. cheated, dc-; groan 
rivcd of. Frc 

act. 1 todcfraud, toj %np. frequent,onlmary, thatofvcn 

Fricutus us. m. 4. a rubO;njr 
Fnco, iire, cui & cavi, ctuni & cH* 
tum- a. 1. to rub, chafr, or frct 

priva, to keep back. 
eniura, to pinch thc 


p. to bc dcfraudcd 
a</i*. iiia, com/*. fruu- 
uviihly, by a trick 

. fraudulcnt, knavish 
u fraud, deccit, jruilc 
t, knavery, trcachcry, 
on ordesijrn. a fauit, 

cosnctli. or isoftcndone rcsortinir 



Frequentumentum, i. n 2. a wurb- 

Frcqueutu.iduH, a, um./j/.tobcfre- 

quently intersperscd, or mixcd 

x : /!l.knavery,deccit|Fix'q'.icnUns, tis. pt. frcquentinjr 

, a, um aJj. ior, ci/np. Frequcntatio, onis /*. 3. afrcqucnt- 


Frequcntativus. a<lj. frequcntative 
FnSqucntator,dris m. i.afrcquenter 
,nconvenience,prcju- Frequentatus, a, um pt. frcquentcd 
eut, loss, dumuge, u.Frequenter, adv. ius. issiraj, 
acheat, a pickpockct tiip. frcqaently, oftentimcs, oftcn 
n. pt. cueated oil Frequentia, x. / 1, trcqueiicy, a 
. thc ma*n, v lees of| grcat company, an as&cmbly 

i. n. 2 an ash-grovc 
Pratinus, a. um, aJj 
ii, madc of ash 
'. 2. saii ash, a spear 
*, a, um. a:tj. thut ma- 
blc noiae, rattling 
a, um. pt. roaring 
/w.roirmg" ragtng, re 
-ighing, braying (ous 
um aJj ragiug, furi- 
m. 4. a roaring, a roar, 

uhing, a iniitteriiig, 
,*r ^rumblinjr 
^ wy, flhtam, n 3. to 

Fnsqitento, are. a 1. to frequcnt, 

to liAunt, to rcsoit much to, to pco- 

ple, to brin;r to^ethcr, to amans 

or heap, to celcbratc, touse often, 

to rcpcat (cd 

Frequeiitor, Ari. p. tobc frequent- 

Freasusit*/ Fre.ius,a, umpart bro- 

ken, bruisc.U craiuichcd, shaled 

Fretalis, e. adj. of a narrow sca 

Fretum, i. n. 2. a narrow sea^tfrith, 

the straits, the sea 
#r brayinjr,^a greatiFretus, a, um. a*lj. relyin^ upon, 
itin,r, a shout, ;>r ac- dependinjr on, trustinjr to 
■ound, rbla*t,ablus-)Fretua, us m. 4. an anuof tlie scn 

Friabilis, e. adj. that may bc cruni 

Frictus, a, um. pt fried, panrhcd 
Frictus, As- m. 4. a nib!>ing a 
Friiredo, inis- / 3. chilnctti. cold 
Fri|refactJo, onis,/ 3. a cooiing' 
Frijrcfjuito, frigiisfacto,)3re n U 

to \nakc cold, or to cool often 
FrTpfctartor, oris. m. .i. a cooler 
Frljrefacttis, a, um. pt. made cold 
Frijrcns, tii /;* gro\vin)rcold,co]d # 

fcarful, fainthcarted, dcacl 
l*>i}rco, ere, i\i. n- 2 to be, grow, or 

caichcold, to bc faint, tobeout of 

favour, to havc not!iin^todo } or^sy 
Fngcrans, tis pt. coohng- 
Frijrcratio, onis,/. 3. a coolinjr. 
FrijrCro, sirc. <*■ 1. to cool 
Frig^eHccns tis pt. ^rn^wing 1 coid' 
Frig^cscit, imp. it is cold 
Fri^e??co, ccrc inc.A. to jrrowcold. 
Fnjrida, x.f. X cold viater 
Frijruhirium, i. n 2. u «*old bath 
Frrridurius, a, um. u<lj. cold 
Frijride, adv. issunc, ittrp. coldly 
Fri^iditas, atis./3. frigidity, cold- 

ness what colrj 

r rijridiuschlus, a, um. adj. sc»mr- 

'rijridiile, adv. some*-hu« roMh*. 
^ng^idulus. a, um. adj. chill, cold 

rigidus.a, um.a<7/. ior, c mp. issi- 

mus, «(//9.fri^id,col-.l,ciuI], slijrht, 

faint, dull bald Hat, silly, dc.idly, 

fatal, dcad 

i-Yij^dla, x/. 1 acliafRnch, a spink 

Fri^tus, a, um pt, crurablcd (blcd rrijro,jrere.ixi,ixuin ve/ictuma '■ 
Fricaociut, a, «m. fW. te be mbbeJ to fry,.to parch, lo drv WvrA 





Graphiam thcra, a pcn, orpencil.tiratis, tnh\ gratis, frecly, te ■• •i«vYdufus,a,um./>f. im 

ca*e. (ing, limiu^g, r/rdrawing.| purpose. Graviditas,atis./ 3. * l 

tiraphicc, es./. .'•. the art of paint-GratJssinic. f aaV.very willingly • klej with voung,pregiianc 

Graphice,af/r. artiticialh , cxactly .-Griitito, arc. w. 1 . to cac- Gravia^arca 1 to im] 

t;ripliirh61crua,aay.more pcrfci't.'riratitfi(to,inis./^.jrratitudc»thank- Ioad,to opp 

Grjplucus,a,um.atif/. perfect, doncGratd, tulv. thankrully. (fuincss. Gravidor, ari./wiw. to I 

1o thc lifc, wcll delincatcd. Grato, are. n. 1. id. qu. Gravidus,a, xim.aoj. im 

Graphis, idis /*. 3. thc art of draw-Grator,arir/. 1. to congratulate, to 

ing, or designing, a pencil (cil.l wish joy,to bid wclconie,to thank 

(traphium,i.ri.2. an iron pcn,a pen-,Gratuitd, arfi». frcely, without re- 

Grassandum c*i 9 imp. we must pro-j ward. -frce. 

cccd- Gratuitus, a, um. adj gratuitious, 

t>rassans,tis. /rf.passing, attacking.'Grathlabiindus,a, um. adj. congra 
Grassatio,AniH./3. a procccding, a| tulating, rcjoicing with, wishing 

robbing on the highway. 
Grassator ( dris./3. a higtiwayman. 
tira.ssatiira,3e/ Grassatio. 
Grassatus, a, um. />/. attacking 


Grattilans, tis. pt. congratulating. 
Gratulaiio.dnis. f. 3. a congTatula- 

Gras*or,ari ( atiis,</l.togo ( to march, Gi-atulutor,6r;s. /n-3. hc that rejoic- 

to procecd,or advance to spread, 
to rage,to fall up 

eth at tlie good of another. 
Gratulatdrius, adj. congratulatory 

on, to rob, to plunder, to cnter.^Gratnlor/ari.r/.l.tocongratuIatCjto 

Gratahundus, a,um. adj. with joy 

or thanks. 
Gratans, tis. pt. congratulating. 
Gratantcr, atlv. kindly. williiigly. 

wish joy, to be jrlad, to thank 
Gratus, a, um. adj ior, comp. issi 
mus, 9up. gratcful,thunkful,kind, 
acccptablc, pleaeing, agreeable. 
(Jratc, adv. gratefully» thaiikfully.:Gravuiiien, inis. n. *J. a gricvancc 
(iriitcs, pl.f '». in vom. & accu*. Gravcndus, a,um. p$. to be weigh- 

tanliim, thanks, a rvquital. ' cd down, to weigh down. 

Gratia,:e./1. gnicc f favor,goodwill, Grivans, wcighing* down. 

kindncK*,* good t;irn, acourtCHy.Gravatc, adv. jrrievously, nmvil- 

an oblig-ation, an acknowlcdjr- lingly, grudjringlv, with rejrrct. 

mcnt,a ft?taliationJioiiour v rcputvGra\atim. adv idcm. 

tion, inicrest, jrraccfulncss, lovc-Gravitu8,a,um. />i. weighcd down, 

lincss, clnquciicc, a vake, cau^e, burdened,Ioadcd drowsy, hravy, 

»r occasion, cxr.usc, purdon. j hangin^iowiiogrudgiigvinwilling^lGravor.ari^itus, /» to b> 
Gratije, irum. p!. f. 1. tlunks. jGmvcdino.siiB, a, um- adj. hcavyJ weighed down, to 
(iratificans, tis. pt. qrratifying. : hcadcd,f».ill ofrheum in the hcad- gTudgc,tobe uuwilhnj 
(ir«ltific.atio,bnis f.3 a jrratifying. (iravtdo,mis/.3.,rh<Mim (iregalis,*of the sci 
Gratifioator, [gratus. fucio], ari.tiravcolena, tis. aaj. stinxing-.noi-: company,conunon, xvfli 

UtuM suui. dep.l. to grarify t to do a somc- JGrejrarius, ** um. aa\h t 

frood turn, toobligc, to give up. Gravcolentia,*./. 1 a strongsmc1l| mon set common,ordii 
nrutiis. id. qtiovl. Gratis. Grar^sccus, growing worsc!Greg"atim.a*/»'»b> ftockf 

tirAtiAsiis,a,iiin.a<//. ior, comp. issi-(inivcsc«),ccrc ( /»ir.3.tobc burdcn-'Grcgatus.a um^/keep 

mus, *i/p. xrrarioiiH, in great cs- cd, tojrrow hcavy, or big, to in-Gremiunvn.^ alap,th< 
f eem,pn>c*re dbrftrotfrjthankfin\ a*o«sc,to jrrow stiranjrcr^r worecl rniddle, #r hc^rt rf a o 

big" with > oung,or chi 
ioadcn, laden. filled 
weighty. plcntiful, mh 
Gravil6quus,a/(i speak 
Gravis,e rt#//.ior,r«?n/».is 
heavy, weighn, gTcat 
child, loaded, full, f 
riblc,grievous trouhh 
dcnsonie, hard, diitici 
unwholesome, * stinki 
dangerous, bad, oppr 
sideRtble, important, 
dear, bas% dcep, ah 
sevcre, old, faint, lanj 
Gravistelhis, i. m. 2. a 1 
Gravitas,atis /"3. heavii 
tmcss, gravity, wearii 
rity, majcsty. gTca*nei 
unwholcsonicness, rai 
Graviter^arfi* ius.eom/f.i 
ly, sorely, sevcrcly, lis 
(iraviu4c.ii)us,a,um 'u*ij.\ 
Gravo,aro.a l.toload t< 
wcigh down, to opprt 
blc ( todistress,to distu 





i river, a baao. (Gtilosd, ius. adv. gluttonoualy. | sjihoolraaster, a principat, ©r head 

» ^rthat goeth,going. Gulosus, a, uiu. adj. gluttonousj of a collcge, a mastcrof an aca- 
.a step pace,or going. greedy. Gulosua Lector, a grcat!Gymiui*iarchus,i.j».2.jJe/». • demv- 
. 3. a flock, a hcnl, ai rcadcr. iGyiiiuusium, i. n. a placc whcre 

ey acompany,band,©r|Gumia,x./ 1. aglutton, gluttony.l wrcstlvra, &c. performcd feats of 
i : - i — a\~ Gummatus, a, um. aaj- gummed, activity, a bchool,a college, a hall 

horus, a bundle. 
i. 2. a net, a riddle. 


sa. /. the art of sur-jGuinmi n.ind.b. Gummis is/ gum. 

Gumroindsus, a, um. aaj. gummy. Gymnicus,a,um. « 
|. a goosebcrry(buih. Gummitio, dnis. / 3. a gumming.!Gynxc£um,i.n. 2. a nursery, a sera- 


bclongto excrcisc. lexcrcise. 

adj. belonging ta 

». /. 1. a goosebcrry Gummdsu», 

m. 2. a green ftg. *•--—»— = 

16. gen. 2 idcm. 

m- adj of a crane 

r. 3. a cranc. 

i a littlc hill >ck.a bed. 

2. a billock 

HA, interj, ah, away. 
llabeua, x./ l.lhe rcinsof a 

a, um. adj. gunmiy. :l iy psatio,dnis./ j.a plastering glio 
Gurdus, i. m. 2. a fool, a sot jGypsator, oris. ro. 3. a plastercr. 

Gurges, i. a whirlpool,a gulf,G> psatus,a,um-^/. plastcrcd, whit- 
thc dccp, a riotous spcndcr, aGypso, urc aitA.lo plastcr ened. 
glutton Gypsum, i ». *. plaster, mortar. 

:k.* bed. Gurgu]io,dnis.m. 3. the windpipe.'Gyratilis, c adj. turningabout. 

. «. . , clottcdjGurgustiiiiii,i n©ttagc,acabin.Gyratio oni* / 3. a,turning about- 

ivi,itum. pr - (blood.JGugtandus, a, uni. pt. to be tastcd .G/ratua a, um. pt. turncd about. 
n. 4- to grunt. Gustatio, oni*./ >. a tasting. jGyrgillus, i. m. 2 a whecl, a reel. 

Gustatorium,i.7t.2 an eatingroom,jGyn>, are. act 1. to ttirn round. 
a dram-cup, a taste. .'Gyroaii^uiii.Mtj/.whceling round. 

Giisuitus,a, tasted. (tastc.'Gynis, i. m. 2. a circlc, a circuit, 
Gustatus, u*. m. 4. a tasting, thc a compa^,a revolution, a carecr. 
Gu»to,arc.<j. 1. to ta*»tc, to sip, toj liA. 

try, to Hbtcn, to ovcrhear. • 

Gustor, iiri, pats. to Ijc tastcd. 

Gustulum, i. n 2 u taxtc, a morsel-. bridlca wliip, a lash, a thong, or 
m, i. «. 2. the hclm, r Gustus, iis. m. 4. a gust, a taste, a| strap, powcr, rule, goveniment» 
ihip,stccnigc,govirn- smack, a relu»li, thc scusc of ta^t-j iiianagcmcut. Cla<»i immittere 

ing. I habcnus, to sct sail, Vi $. 

GuUa, x./ 1. a drop, vcry Uulcvllabcndus^um.^.tobc had,pos- 
a spot, ov spcck, a mark. ! scsscd, mailc, uccountcd, &c. 

tiuttaus ^*- P f ' droppiug. |Ii.ibcns, tis. pt. haviug. 

Guttatim, adv. by drops, drop byllabcntia, .«. / 1. richcs, fortune. 
diop. (Icii. Ilabeuula, *.. / a little bridic, a 

(-iuttatus,a,um. pt- spottcd, spccL- thong. 

tHittitht, x.f. 1. dim. a littlc drop. IIabco,crc,bui,bitum.a.2. to havc 9 
Guttulum, i. ft. 2. a Httlc cruisc. to jjo»»ohs, to cnjoy, to embrace, 
tiuttum, i. /*. i. a cruisc, au cwer. 
Guttur, ui'U. n. & m. 3« the throat 
Guttur infcriortt he arsc-gut, Hlaut 
uuttu^ i- £0. 2. a cruiae, a cruct. 

s. m. 4- a gruiiting. 
ui. ii. 3. to cninklc. 

». a crancr., an instru- 
w, or pull up stones. 

2. a crickcty a trick. 
1.2. & 

m. 3. a griffon. 

(ov bc govcrncd. 
S a, uui. pt. to govcrn, 
i» pt. governing 
•nia./ 3. govcnunent, 
t,guidancc,a stccring 
irism. .. agovcrnor.a 
ager, a guidc, a mas- 
or atccramau. 
icis/ 3. a gnrerncss. 
« n. 2 government. 
a.lto govern, to con- 
:ct, to guidc, to stecr- 
i. p to bc governcd. 
sgiil)et v the windpipc 
ie tiiroat, the palatc, 

e nozle. 

3 gutrtOT5, gh^tUns. 

Gymnasaadia./. 3. the actof wrcst- 
ling, a fcmale wrcstlor. 
Bywsj ftsh ticmH x 


i .a Ckicl 

to Uutd, to contain, to kccp, to 
gct,ur ucquirc, to handlc, ur use y 
to acL, to managc, to estccm, to 
account, • r rcrkon, to think, to 
trcat, t*> find, to know, or under- bc abU* to dwell,ur con-,to givc, to ocruHion,to hav^ 
j rukcn, sct%c4, u- sarpri&cd. 

• »?£ 

II «M 



llabcor, Cri. pa.fs. to bc had. 

H.ibessit, pru llabcat. t':ic. 

Habilis, c. «»(/. ior, cujr/j. issimus. 
attp. iit,su'.table, propcr, adaptcd, 
apt. handsoine, able, sound. 

HabiJit:», atis./ i. fitne .8, ability 

lfahiliter, rtc/r. issime, *i//j. fitly. 

II;» «v(/. habitable. idcn 

II ibitaeulum, i n. 2. a dwcllin$, i; 

Ii'.tiHtandus,a,u.n /rf.lo bc inhabit 

JlahiUms, tis. pt iiiliabifmjr. (cd. 

IluiiiUtio, onis. / .5 a haliitatiou,, an anoie, housc-rcnt. 

Tlair.titor, 6ri.-./»i.-.». aii inlubitant. 

Hibitttrix.icis./ 3. an inbabitaiit. 

Habitutus, a, uni. pt> inhabited 

TJ.mioiThajria,a:/l.a fiux of hlnod 
ihtinorrhdis, idis. C :>. thc piles. 
llarrcdiolum, i- u 2. tVm. a sniall in 

hcritauce, •;• patrimony. 
ll.crcdi[>ct:i,:c c.^.l.onc whoseck- 

eth an iiihcritaurc.hy flattcry. 
1 Ixrcditariusa, um.aJ/hercditary 

ITallficlnans tis. pt. blui 
llalliicmatin, onis / d. , 
j I lall iici not or,oris. /«..J.a 
Il&llucmor, ari. d**p, 1. 1 
Malo, brcathc, 
ilalo, onis. m 3. a circ 
about thc sun, nioon, * 

i{ a:rcditas,atis/3. an heritajre, aujllaldsis.cos/ ucc sii 

inhcritancc, an cstatc. .estatc. 

i Ixrcdiuin, in-2. a small estatc, an 

tlxrcns tis pt. stickmjr fast. 

II.crco,crc,%si.assuni./i. 2 to stick, 
to bc iixcd, or fastcncd, to conti 
nwe,to rcinain,to sit. to lic, to lin- 
jrer,0r loitcr, to slop, to doubt, to 
\vavcr,to follow closc, to imitatc. 

1 Lcrch,edis.r ;\ hcir,an hcircss 

llahitio, onis./ •'». an cnjoyiuent. 
Hahitn. ."irc. u &/i.l. to inhabii, to!ila.Test*o, ' , c!\.y/.« r//3. tocoutinuc 
dwvIi.toiive,to abidc,to have nft-jjlarcsis is / 3. a licrcsy, a scct. 
Ilabitoi\ari. /'.tobc inliabitcd.(uii. ii.crclicc, mlv. herctically. 

Ifabitudo, ins./ .'».a habit,»)/' con 
stitution of tlic bo-.h .plunipuc 
fatness. f um./ > f. that shall havc. 
ov oiijVtit tohavc, to c:ijo\. 

Ilabitus. a, \\ .'v w(i. ior,r./;/i/» 
K-uinus, mtp had,iriven,'- 
cd, cstcciiic.d. idfecU-d, inchnctl, 
tif-aled, han-ll^d, uscd, uijovcd 
fat, wcll-likiiur, in good ph,rht. 

Hamtiis "•>■"*. 1 ahabit.amaiuicr, 
slatc, uv i.ishioii, au appcarance 
fcatuiv..carri:i^c,(/r dcincanour, :, 

llac, uih. by this way, »r placc 

llacproptcr, inh. thcreforc 

Ilactcmis,i.'./r.bithcr*.o, tlius,tr 
this iiinc,or placc.tims much anci 
tio ino:v. 

Ilxdiculus, i. m. a littlc kid. 

Ila-ildc, is "• •>• a fold for kids. 

Iliedillus. i. n J. J*wi.a littlc j;oat 

Uicdmus a, iim. m(J <>f a kid. 

Ilxdrilus, i. m.2- <//#« a littlc j;oat. 

//.fdn.s. i tn '2. a kid. 
'iximtitps, x.m. i. a bioodston? 

ILuvinvis a. ir.ii. a<(). herctical. 
Ihercticus, i. /w. 2. a hcrctic 
ll.cror, oris. /». •). a stickin^r. 
ffarsitahundus, 11,11111.1;./;. doubtful 
ila-siiaus, tis. pt. doubun^r, staui- 


ri*;aiit:a, x.J. 1. a stiimmcrinjr. 
tlivsitatio, ouis. / d. hcsitation, 

Il.vsitatoi*, oris m. .». a dcla\cr. 
li.csitatus, a, um. pt. doubtcd of. 
Ilasito, are. n. 1. to hcsitalc, to 

doubt, to faltcr, to stainmcr, to 


II:csitudo, inis. /! .). doubtfulncss. 
!I.csui*us, a, uin. pt. that will btick 

to, hun^ upon, or remain. 
Ilulaus, brcathing'. smclling 1 
Ilalcvon, onis./. 3. a kin^-fisher. 
tIalc\oucus. a, uin, adj. halcvon. 
llalec.ccis,/ ^ n. a hcrrin^, brinc 
.laiccula. x.f. 1. a vapour 
'ialitus. us. //1. 4. brcath, a £asp t a 

Jlallclujali, praisc yc tUc Hoixl. liarpya, .r. / 1. a do^ 
:l:dlc\, ici^.y. 6. a jrrcat toc; viri,'!larpyix, afum. ;>.'./ Iu 

a dwarf. iiar;»pcx # i«:i'*. .-.« . .'. a » 

tlic takin^' aud sackin^; 
llaltcr, cris- m .>. aplu: 
ilalus, i./ 2. comtrcv. 
Ilama, x./. I. a lcathcv 
lianiattlis, c. mii. of a h 
liamatus,a,um.fji/;. \\chj\ 

cd, bciit, entan^Icd, b 
llamava, x./ 1. Chark 
liamaxago^a, x. m 1. ; 
lIamo\or.ari.<A/>.l. to d: 
llaiuidta, x. m. 1. an an 
llamu!a,;c/l.a sinall bu 
llamulus.i.m. 2.asmaU li 
liuinus,i. m.2.u hook, rin 
llaphc, cs./. 3. a dust t 

wrcstlcrs with aftcr ar 
llapsus, i. .fi. 2. ahai.viii 
Ilaro,*/!. a ho^r sty,a { 
Ilariola, x.f. 1. a prop 
liar^latio. ouis.y. 3. a 
liaridlor, ari, atus- <l. 1. 
Ilariolus, i. m.2. a sooth 

vincr.a prophct, a frant 
ilarinama\a t .c /'.1. a i'cr 
1 larmonia^c.y'. 1 . harrnoi 1 

a duc projjortion, anit 1 
Harmonice, cs. / 3. i-'u 
Ilarmouicus, a. um. a t 
I 1 .to hon) 

plc • 

I Iarp.ajro.onis.wi. ».a hoo 
ilurpalus. i. m. "I. a do,: 
Ilarpabtumd.n.a h.dha c 
llarpax, aj*is. m. ;». ambs 
I iarpc.cs. ''.;.'». a 





)Yca,«./.l- the that divineth 
the entrails of beast*.(tion. 
ifcna, st/ the art of divina- 
iidfmia, a, am. <u(p bclong- 
m rclating to divination. 

ry ,blockJsh, inactivc, void of spi- 
nt, flat, langiiid, weak, fceblc. 

Hebesco,ccre, f-vow blunt, 
dull, dim, larigiiid, or feeblc. 

Hebltans, tis- pt. makjng- dull. 
:>Triujn,iii.2.soothsayinfr, di-jH6betatio,5nis/.3.a making" blunt, 

011 by the entrails of beasts. 
rc/1 a spear, Iance,or pike 
etion, a public sale. 
ua, a, ura. adj. carrying, ot 
ng vith spears. (to a spcar 

01* duil 

Hftbctatrix, Icis/. t. shc that mak 
eth blunr, or dull (dull, orstupid. 

HSbctatus, a, um. /* raad i blunt. 

Hebttcsco, cere. n 3. idemac. 
rjs, a,um.a*{*\of,or belonging^Hebcto^ari. a. 1. to make blunt, or 
e,is n-tf.a tpear, a halberd, a| dull, toblunt. dullcd. 

a,re/l.a *mallspcar.(point.'Hcbctor,ari./> bc bluntcd, or 
nierj alas ! O strangc ! jHcb2tudo,Tnis/3 fc bluntnc?w, didl- 
adv. not* in no wise. HebraicO, adv. in Hebrcw. mess. 

|ulquain,arft*. by no racans.^Hebruicus, .i, um. adj Hebrew 
un, adv. uot yet. ;Hec.itombe,eH/. 3. a saarifice of a 

harSto, pr Avc, aveto. 
ena, tis. £*. drawing*. 
a>ire y aiiai& auslvi, austuui & r 

huiulrcd oxcn, &c. 
Hecyra, ae./ 1. a mother-in-law. 
Hcdcra, ae / 1. ivy, thc ivy-trce. 

mn.a draw, to draw, orjHederaceus, a, um adj. of ivy. 

, Up,to receiTe,or take in, tojllederatus, crownedwith 

bnnk. eat. sr swallow up, to! ivy, adorncd with ivy. 

i^o eih*ust,to waste, spend,:Hederigcr,a, um. adj. bearing- ivy 

Mamc,to picrce,or wound,tO'Hederdsus a, um. adj. full otivy 

r, undergo, or experience. iHSdr) chum,in.2.asweetointment. 

>r v irt pat. to be drunk* ]H5dysmita,um./>/ n.3 .twcctmeats, 

©r, otis. m. 3 a drawer. i saucea, perfumcd ointmcnts. 

rara,i n, 2 abuckct.apump.,IIci ! intevj. wo! a!as ! 

OBAiun. p. drawn,taken up,Htja, interj. O brave ! 

lowed up, drunk in, sunk .Hclciarius,i m.2. a man that haletb 

us, us. m.4. a draught,a s'ip-' a barjre, a bargeman. 

iniiA abouttosuiicr/Hclcium, i. n. 2. a horse-collar 

jj E |Helcysma,atis n 3 dross.. tiic sun. 


Hclluo,rt/ Heluo,6nis ma gluttOQ. 
Hclluo librorum, a great readcr, 
Hclluor,& Hcluor, aji ,atus sum«/* 
1. to jrormani/e, to gnttle, to de- 
vour.or consume,to cat jrreedily. 
Hclvcnaceus, a,um. adj. pale-red, 
Hcivlnus,a,*' of a flcsh-color. 
Hclvblus, Hclvi61u% & Hclvus, a, 
um adj. of a palc-rcd color. 
Hclxinc, cs./ 3. pellitory. 
Hem! an intcrjection expressing" 
various motions .uid affcctions of 
the mind. Aamirantis, how ! say 
you so? Iaudantis,well,rarcly.Re- 
cor lantirt, ho! ycs. Interpcllantis, 
hold! stay!Corrigentis, how! how 
is that .' what is tliat ? Oflcrentis, 
herc,sce hcrc! Verbcrantis,thcre 
is for you,tukc thatforyour pains* 
Admoncntis,look yo,mind.Osten- 
dcntis,see! lo* behold! HorUntis, 
O rarc! Kcspondentis, anon, sir? 
llcmci*esius, adj. ofone day. 
Hemerodrdmus,i.m.2. a day-couri- 
Hemicyclus,i.m.2.a scmicirclcer. 
Hcmtiia,x/.l.half a sectar}', tlires 
quartcrs of a pint (hcmuuu 

ncminarius,a,um. adj. holding- an 
H5mi6lus,a,um.a ( //.one anda halfl 
HCmistlchium, i. n 2. ahalfverse» 
Hemit6nium,i.*i.2.a halfloneiague« 

^.1*11.10113,^ um. a^(/ ^01011^*1^^ tollcmitritreus, i. m. a scmitcrtain 
dfifcojCs/.S.thQ jrr^atbear. (salc. Hcndccasylhbus, i. m 2. a verso 

containlnrr clevcn syllablcs. 
Hepar, atis. n. 3 thc livcr, a fish, 
Hcpatarius, adj. of the livcr. 
Henaticus a, um adj. of tlie liver- 
Hv.'.jrf"Tcs, is/.a seven-bankcd tral« 
ley. (hdy,agod eheri> c^ary, 
Hera, e./l. a dame, a mistrcss, a 
H^r«cLeon, i. n. C milfoil, yarrom» 

ontTm0rOmeno4,i.m thc self-lleliotropium.1 n 2. thc hcrb turn- 
entor,one ofTercnce^Com-Helix^icis m. 3. crecpinjr ivy ,a spi. 
(madA. x/1. a wcek.(cdics{ raJ. (lahorc, frantic, distratcd. 
ln«klaliJse.ttr//.ofaweek.(ny Hcllebrtr5sus,a,um adj'S\i\\ ofhcl- 
Mis^i./.?. an ebony-trcc, ebo-jHeUebdrum,i n.2.& Hellcbdrus, i. 
I lre,bui.« bcbluntyduUJ m.2.tbe herb hcllcborejan^wor' 
aty, to chill, to curdle- Hcllvnismu*, i m. Z. a GreciSin. 
lWi,as]f. ior, comp issimus^HcIluatir>, vcl Heluatio, Onis./ .V 
^ - • " tlow.sfUpid, hea-| yloitont, (ormatduhi^ grtswfl 







H5muncio, Onis.m.3. a scrub,a ras- creditable, done, «r spoken to a 

cal. mart'8 credit. 

Hbinunculus, i m. 2. a littlc sorry Honftro, are.a.l. to honour, to re- 

fellow, k scrub. vcrence, to respect, to reward. 

HoneRtamentura, i. n. 2. an orna-JIbnoror, ari. p. to be honoured. 

ment, uu embellishment (cd. 

H6nesiandus,a,um / be honor- 

Hbnestans», tis. pt. adorning. 

Iibne*tas,atis/ ?. honcsty prpbity, 
crcd: putation,fame .(credited 

HbneJ aius, a, um. pt. adorned, 

Hftncstc. adv. ius. c*mp. issfme, 
tup. honourably,honcstly,bccom- 

H6ncsto,ere.a gTace,to adorn, 
to embelHsh, to sct off. 

Honestor, ari. /». to be adorncd. 

H&ncstum, i. n. 2. honesty, virtue. 

U5nestus, a, um. adj. ior, c -mp. 
issfmus, iup. honourable, honcst, 
dtscreet, chaste, decent, becom- 
beautiful, fair, wcll favoured. 

H6nor, & Honos,oris. m.j. honour, 
post, or dignity, gracefulness 
t>cauiy,a prosent, a reward, a fee, 
a rccompence,a sacrifice,an obla- 



HonSrandus, a,um./rt. to be honor- 

Hbnorarium, i.n.2. an honorary, or 
free gift.a present.a physician's or 
lawycr , sfee(pcrtaining' to honor 

HbnorTirius, a, um. adj. honorarv, 

HttnoratO, adv. ius. c •mp. issnnc, 
*up. honourably, worshipfully. 

H6n6ratu9,a,um pt.h adj .ior cmp 
issimus a«/> honoured,rcwarded, 
honourablc, worshipful. 

H6n6i-ificc,aJv.centius,com/>. cen 
tissime,ru//.b.onorably,with honor 

H6n6nfico, are. a. 1. to honour. 

Hbn&rfficus, a, um. ai{j ccntior, 

ctopcentistfnww^ujH henorable, 

Hondrus, a. um. a$. honourable. 

Honos, vid. Honor. 

Hoplites, 3». m. I. a soldicr. (ccr. 

Hoplbmachus, i.m. 2. a sword-fen- 

H5ra,ae/ hour,a day,a month, 
&c.time,a time,srseason,the time 
of one'i birth,or death,a goddess. 
In horas, cvery hour, Hor. Omni- 
um horarum homo, a man fit for 
all purposes, Quint. 

H6rarium, i.n.2 an instrument to Horridulus, a, um- adj. 

know the hour by thehelp of wa- 
ter,an hour glass,clock,watch,di- 

H5rarius a,um.aoj.hourly. (al,&c. 

Hordeaceus, a, um. aaj. of barley 

Hordearius, a,um. *dj. relating to 
barlcy, living upon barley. 

Hordeum, i- w. 2 barley. 

Hordcus, a, um. adj. of barlcy. 

Hbria, <e./. 1. a fishing-smack. 

Hbribla, x.f. 1. a little smack. 

Horizon, ontis m- «J. the horizon. 

Hornot?nus, attf, of this ycar. 

Hornus. a, um- adj. of this year. 

Hor61bgium,i.».2. aclock,a watch, Horrtsbnus, a, um. adj. 

Hdroscopium, i n.2. a dial. (a dial. 

Hdroscbpus, i. m 2. a horoscopc. 

HoroscOpus, a,um. aijj. of a horo- 

Horrca, «e./ 1. a barn, a jrranarjr. 

Horrendum, adv. drcadfully. 

Horrendus a,um//r & a^/.liorrible, 
terriblc,drcadful,dismal, strang-c, 
mar\'cllous, awful, revcrctid> 

Horrens, tis. pt. & adj. rough, rag"- 
g-ed, ruggcd.standing-up on end, 
prickly, dark, dismal, horrible, 
shivering, shaking» quXking 

Horreo,erc,rui.n.2. to be rough, to 
look terribleito shake>quake»shiv. 
«r y or tr#mblc, to shuddej at, to 


Horreblum, i n. 2. autti 

Horrescens, tia. pt. drea 

Horresco, cere> iueepe. I 

rough, or rugged, to 

shake, to wave, to shuc 


Horrcum, i. n. 2. a barn, 
a storchousc, a reposit< 
gazine, a warehouse, a 
HombYlis, e. aay. ior, c/ 
ble, tcrrible, dreadful, 
rough, rugged, awful, 
HorribllTtcr, adv. horrib 
Horrfde, aJt>.roughly, n 

rough, rugged, «r rude 
HoiTidus.a,uma^(/. ior, t 

rid, horrible, dreadful, 

frightnil, rough, mgge 

ish, grave, austere, ui 

Horrtfer, ^ra, ^rum, adj 

cold wcathcr, biusteru 

Horriffc«B, adv. horribh 

frightfully, awfully, rel 
Horrinco, are. a 1. to fi 
Horrlficus, a, um. adj. i 

frightful, or drcadful n 

Horror, Oris-m.3. a horro 

a great fi-ar, a friffht, a 

or shaking, a cold fit, 

ness, awe, vcncration, i 

riorsuum, adv. hithcrwar 

Hortamen, inis.n. 5. an ei 

Hortamcntum, i ;i.2. ide 

Uortandus, a,um. pt. to 

to be exhortcd, to enc 

Hortana,tis./rf. exhorting 

Hortatio,6nis/ 3. an ex 

an encouragemcnt, adi 

Hortatlvus, a,um.oo>. ei 

Hortator, 6ris m£. an en 

Hortatrix^cis./ 5. •<& (< 





i, um. M. exhorteil, en- 
, having chcouragcd, or 

a. nu 4. id 9 qu Hortatio. 
e. a 1} grrowing' in, or 
r to a p*ard?n- 
a, u?u alj idem 

lng enmity. 

ilostilis, c. alj. hosti!e, bitter. 
i los? ilitas/itis/. j.hostility, cnmity. 
iIostihter,'i'/v in a hostilc manner. 
Mo6timcntum, i. n 2. a rcquita! 
Hostio,irc, Ivi. a. 4 to rcturn like 

for likc to rcijuite, to s 4 .op 
/. 1. to evhort,couns2l.:llostis,is ct*. .">. an enom/, a foc, a 

o cn*:ourairc, imboldcu 
p to be advis^d. 

i, i r»i 2 a jrardener. 

« 2.d'tn a little jrar lcn. 

; a £*r Icn, or orchard 

r: , iar:i»rt'j.V'T-noi»/"tfii. 

i/ -<7 Voc ll.-br 

i.r cc >• a jrues!,a host,a 

a fricnd, a straiurcr 

/'.1 a h'iHtcss,:istra:iirer 
c adj. ior, c mp. issi- 

ho*;>itu de.iisin.-T hospi 

jHunviLi ijSnis./ 1* a h;iryin.7.'eth. 
'{■unitur^rii. ■». '• one thv. buri- 
Hu;natrinis.a,u'.n./>f.aboul to bary. 
II'im:itiis,a,um..V buried. intr.rrjd. 
Uumcctans, tisi pt. moistcninjr. 
1 1 ii : nccta i -.n, a, 'i m A*- moistened, 
>I'iruect>, «./.•. .noistly. (wctted. 
} lumccto.iuv.ri. l.lo mois:en,o:\vet. 
Hfimcstus a,um «//. uioist,da!iip- 

foreijrucr, a siraiiircr. 
Hoslus, i. //• 2. the qumtitv of o'.! 
yicldcd :it onc prcssin^ of olivcs.j ish 

'llumjfarius a, irn. />/• moistenerl. 

ilfi.iiLMiH,ti> p' moist (moisicned. 

H-i ne>, •.•c..ii , ii /i.2 tobo wet.toie 


Iinbcr, eris. n. .'*. an ud-ler. 

IIu::. aiv hithcr, to thUpiac?, V» '.|irn.T".lo.i».ri. j.a jrri liat *'s hood 

t I*i .i«ro.s a is..i v ii:n.r: ;7 h.iv.nj «rrcat 
sfioulders. tnll of risincrs 

llumeri!s,i.m.2 a slrm! der,a stalk. 

this issuc, to tliis onini 
II iccinc, (ith. what h»ther ? 
•PiciWfie, aiv hithcrto. 
Hui, inUwjfrt. Iio ! wiiow ! 
Mijuseo, q-rn. [:vb hicc.c] q. v. 
ndly, kiud, ot\ or for|lI ijusccmodi,« f/ of i!iisdort,s'jch 

Hijusmodi, idcm 
Hiiinandu*,:t* uni '>!• to be buricd, 

nr intorrcd, t'> bury 
Vlmirinc^fir/T' iiis.c mp is-imi-}, n;>p 

lrt:u:iiicly,fricndly k ndly, civiih 

o >l'jf ii{;iy,in ldly,paticntly,i:i thc 

ls, ati.i. f >. hosnitalitv. 
:r, aJv.-rb, hosiitably, 
t *./!.• ■lwoH;!\!;'.(trion lli 
7i,i/i. 2 M.n.% litlh* inn 
,i. n 2 a.i iun/i phrc t.* 

fciran^crH, ©r jj^ijbts, u m nucr or mcn. 

. slicltcr, a relrcat. hos 
e-itci-iain.nen», frcnd 
imacy, fricnds, allics 

iri. atus sum. drp. 1 to 
|ua"tcr,to at)ide, or stay, 
i a strangc place. 
i, uin. alj hos])itablc, 
itruiire» neig' ibourin^, 

1. a sacrificc, the host. 
iJj loaded with iacri- 

i. n. a foreign-co intry 
e ny's countiy. 
, iin. adj. hostile, per- 
an eneray 

•lUiirinifasitis f. 3. lmminity lm- 
■nm naturc, friondl.ncs"*, k. nd- 
icssci\ility jro i'1-n ituro jrcntli*- 
ncss,courtesy jroad.nannirs pO 
litcncss, brccd n^, hii.iiau lcarn 
ing", libcrd k.nowl ul^e 

tI'imiiMitcr, ar/71. ias, romp is>iiuc, 
bravcfullv. manfullv, noblv 
irimlmtus. adv as men arc wont. 
Si (jui l mihi li'iman>t >x is accidis- 
set, if 1 had chanccd to dic, C'«'c. 

'Iilninus u,um. alj. ior, c mp. issi 

IIu lii-s.* ."is, t'i pf.;r moiBt. 

M.iiiicso.c.Tc i?ic 3 to ^rowrno.H», 
o/'A'ct,to moihtc;i..\Iodicis poculit 
Im.ncscvTc, to r*'fresh himsclf 
wir.i a frlass ortwo, '/ r. 

Ti ul, 0.1 tli.* jrroi.i 1. 

Mfimidc <;7" iiostly. (:noi tur?. 

t!'iiiiidra<», atis. /' ,). bu:n dity, 

Slfi -md i.are.i« mois* 'n,t'> veut* 

■ luuiiduiiis. a, irn. ci7/. d;imr>;sh. 

;I<lmr.l 1-11. i. n 2 ino:siuv 

Uu iiidiis.a/i.ii alj ior, comp. iss:- 
111'iij, •//;). mo st, wcl. d.*:np 

lluuulc-' er. criim. aij. T.iu/uijr 
moisture, m-> st 

llnin't'ii'0, arc. «• 1. tomo:st<*n. 

MQmificus,a, /j. th-i* iuo stcn^ 

lirnnijro.are a X to mois en(eth. 

Humili itio, 6u:s. /. i. bi :iilia«;on. 

Iluniiliiltus, a, iun. pt. Iiutiblcd. 

Humilio, arc. act- 1. to huiublc, 
to aliasc. 

Humihor, ari.p to be hum')lcd. 

Uumilis, c- adj :or. c .••/'. d!imu«, 

mjs, «7/1. human, b.-longinjtr. to 

uiankind, or a rational creaturc, *np. hinnnle lowly, sii!)niissive, 
h jin;tnc,fricndly,kind,Cjvil, obli.^- sii}>;)l,int,low,m «a i,poor,t rifling', 
in^.ircntlccourteous.politcskili- ins-rnificant, smaV,, lcf.hl^, 
l^ ^niiD. odj' occtsioD^ od in artsr fcc. fnil, rirUble, \w\ Vcskj ^y^^^i^^^ .^»V>\r.« 





Humiu'taii,utis.£ 3. humility, lowH- 
ncss, lowness, Tncauness, poor- 
ness,weakncss. in.ibtl«tv, want ■»' 
powcr, bascncss. a ch-prcciatinjr. 

Ilfimiliter, adv. iiis, r /.*,'*. illimc, 
aup. huinb1y 9 sii!)m'iRsivL'lv* lowly, 
mcanly abjcctlyjbaselyjobscurch 

lliimipeta,x.-ii 1. a sparrow-havk- 

Hiimo,'arc a.\. to set, or lay in thc 
ground, to bury, to intcr. 

Humor, siri p. to bc huriecl. 

HGinor 6ris. m. 3 an humor, mois 
ture,water, any liquid juicc, sap. 

Hfimdrd&us, a, um adi. nioist, wct 

JHiimus, i / 2. ground, earth, laud 


HyScinthiiius,a,uin.af0. of a violct, 

Ilyemalia, ium. pL n. winter-quar- sition, a prctcxt, or pTCti 

tcrs. casc in Iaw,the argumeni. 

H venulis, &c. vid. Hlcmalis, &c tcnts of a book, or discou 
l!vku-tor,6ris.ffi. 3. a dojr. Habblc. Hyp6thetfcua,a um.adj co 
Hylxus, i- tn 2. a dog, Woodger Hy pbthyrum, i. n. 2. a thi 
Hylax, iicis r.. .*. a dog. Barkcr. 
Ilymcn.enis.m S.the god of marri 

age, marriagc, a thin skin. 
Hymcnxus,x. i m. 2. niarriagc, a 

Hymnifcr, era, crum. udj. that 

brinjreth hymns, «r songs. 
Hymnus i- m - 2.a hymn, a song. 
Hypxthrus,a,um. adj. opcnabovc. 
Hypallagc,es/3 a transpositiou of 

thc ordcr of constmction. 
Hypatc, es./ 3. thc bass-string. 
Hypcnemius, a, uni. udj. wind 

©r purplc colour. (jaciiUh.!llyperb61e,es./3. a hypcrbolc,an 

Hyacinthus, i. m. *?. a hyacinth, a. cxajrgcration in the scas. 
Hyarna x/ 1 a ficrcc beast likc allvpcrbolice, adv. hypcrbolically. 

wolf, a scafish a serpcut. 'glas.s.iH)pcrholfcus, a, um- adj. hyper- 
Hyalinus, a, uni. adj. glassy, htcs holical. 

Hy:ihis,i.m.2. gl.iss,a grccn colour. H/pcrboreus, adj. far north. 
Hybirma, 7'/'/. 11'berna. 
lKhcrno vid. Hihcrno. 
llybernus vid. Ilihcrnus. 
Hybrula, x. m. 1. a nr*njrrcl. 
llydra, x.J. 1. a watcr-si-rpcnt 
Hydrarjryriim, *■ n 2. quicksihvr 

Hysstipitcs, x. m. 1. hyssn 
Hyssopuv-m.2. & Hyssdpi 
2. the herb hyssop. 
Hystcncx,arum. pt.f. 1. hi 
Hystrix, lcis. /. 3. a porcu] 


I\to,imp. ab, co, is. go 1 

Hypuoticus, a, um. adj. causinj; 

slccp. ihousc 

Hypocaustmn, i. ». a stovc, a hot- 

Hypoc.hondria, oruin. />/. n. 2. tliat 

part of thc bcnly undcr thc short 

rths. (chondriacal, lowspirited. 

Hydraula,^. / 3. a p1a\cr on au in-!U; poclioiKlriacns.a.urn. adj. hypo 

stiiiment that jrocs b\ waicr. 1I\ i)i.crisis, is. f. 3- Inpocrisy. 
HydruihcMs a. um. adj ■ hyclraMlic. Hypof-rita, x m. 1. a hypocritc, 
Hydri-ux./.l :i watcr-pot,a !)iickct.' a proinptcr. 
Hyc"rr«cclc,cs/. 3 ihc cod-nipturc. Kypod-dasca!".-!, i. m. 2 an umlci 
llydro|:ipathoii,i .i. .a watcr-vlock; tcachcr, an u^hcr in a school. 

Jacens, tis. part. lyinj 

d^wn.alongr.or clcad. sitna 

in;r afflicted,dcj^-ctcd, po 

irish, hcavy. 

.lacco,crc,cui.n lie.tol! 

alonjr,, or at lcnj^th, to lic 

dcad, to bc slain, or clrstn 

perish,to bc fallcn, or sun 

disivjrardcdjo; nejilccted bc s;iII,on*al: 

hcavy,c*r shi^.^h, to bc » 

to stand, cr rcmain. 

.laciendus, a, um //.'. tobc 

Jaciens, tis. pt. castinjr, tl 

tiinjr.iiur, hurlinjr, la\injr. 

Jacii »,re rcjcci.jactum a. & 

to tiu*ow,to ftinjr,to hurl,* 

to cast,orthrow away,to h 

orput,to speak,orutior,to 

Jucior, i. jactus. p to bc< 

Jacitums, a, um. pt. abou 

Jactabundus, a, um, a*/j. 



(lifV. pcr-wn of thc blcsscd Trinity, a 

Hydr^ptiylaxjucis. m. a watcr bai- scdiment. 

Hydrmicusa, um. adj. drr>])sical. ],z/.l.aiihypoilicnuse, 
Hydrops, opis. m. ;J. a dropsy. thelinc undcrthe arch ofacirclc. 

Jfyrlrw; ). nu 8. a watcr-scrpcnt, Hypothcca, x.f.\. aplcdgc. 
wy aerpcn 4 . |llyp6th^sis^s.xt/eos./. 3. a suppo- 

Jactantia,H*/l .boasting,va 

i__***:.. .-i. •*_ r 't _ .^._: n « 

Jactatio,onis./ 3. a tossinf 
ing,a niotion, or action, a 
or throwing,a boasting, § 
ing, applausc, or favour. 

Jactator, 6ris. m. 3. ab<a» 





c,Icit./.3.shethat boasteth 
,a,um. jfrMosscd.tosscd. or 
about, frouhlcd, wavcd, 
$.fl, disputed, boasted 
.,us m. a tossin^, a flutter- 
nis,/.3 athrow,a cast (ing 
s, tis. pt. boasfmg. 
:o,6nis./o.a vaiii boasting. 
or, oris- m. .3. a boastcr 

sent, just, or cven now, immedi-jTcon,6nis. /.$.an imajre,picturc, or 
atcly,prcscntly,crc lon£,besidcs, statuc, a^fifrnre in rhctoric. 
furthcrraore, henccforth, cven, Icbmcus, a,um. adj. of an imagc, 

lamhcus,a,um.rif//.of lamhic (cvcn cvact, madc, &c. to thc lifc. 

Iambicus, a, um. adj. Iambic- lcrium,i.».2.a cross sct on a toml), 

lambus,!. m 2 a foot in vcrsc,hav- 
ing thc first syllable short, aud 
thc othcr long ; as, Doces. 
Jamdridum, adv longago,alrcady. 
\rv.frea 1. to cast. ov toss. Jampridcnvjr/r.somc >\ iiile sincc 
e /jfr/.l.totoss,toshakcto«Fan'itor,oris m 3. a portcr,a guur- 
;r throw about, to cast,j diaii. 

©r fling-, to emit, vr RcndJinitr.x.Tcis./. 3. a fcmale portcr.! dus ictum, a lcaguc m.idc, Virrr. 
outtcr,to pi blish,orspreadiimthini,6rum.m /»/.// 2.gariuents.lctus, us. (K. cti. ant.) m.a strokc, • 
Lto brag 1 &rboa*l, ofa vi-ilct, or purplc colour. 
*tc,to doubt, or lanthiims, a, um «#//'. purple. 
x % to bc ofiicious, to excr- I.inthum. i- n. 2. a violct. 

or in thc higliway. (jaundicc. 
Ictcncus. a» iim. adj. sick of thcl 
lclcrus, i. m.2.tho jaundicc,a bird. 
Ictis, idis. / 3 a white wcuscl. 
Ictiirus, a, um. pt about to strikc. 
lctus.a um. /// strickcn, wounded, 

ki]!cd.hl.istetUucited,movcd Fic- 


iri/wn*. to bc tosscd. 

us. a, um. adj. boasting. 

a blow, a rap, a stin,r, a blast, a 

pulsntiori, a ray of thc sun. (pct. 

lcuncuiu,;v/l.a litllc inia£e,apup- 

Janua, ae. f. a gatc, an cntrancc. 

Junuurius,i m 2.the montli .lanua- IH- 

Iapyx,ygis,ro3.the wcst wind.(ry Id,/w-o7i.that.(cause,onthatacro\int 

.3C./1 alossby shipwrcck, Iaspulcnsa,uin<i#(/ of iuspci-color.Mcirco, conj. thcrcforc, for that 

r throwing of goods ovcr-iaspis,idis./. ».a stone of a beauti-ldca,a-/au idca,a modcla pattcrn 

in a storm, any loss, ©rda-l ful grecn colour, ajaspcr. Idcin f c.adem,:dcin pror thv smnc. 

a chargc.cxpciicc, or prc- latraliptice, cs / 3. quackcry. • thc sclf^anic. sclf, :tli!;-\all onc. 

'Mcntidc:n,«77'.novv and thcn.sun- 
* ■ dry tinics, oftcn, cvcr ;nd:inon- 

'ibcrirc nxni- simplc stories, Can-ldco.('&/i;.t; ( f'rc(orc.ibr thatcausc. 
fLS.jn.4-a throw,cast/>r hurl,{ tcrbury-talcs, Ilwr. ldion-.a, atis. n. 3 an idiom. 

winyovcrb.ianUa draught.lbcnca, x ./. I. a kind of hcrb. Id;6ta.:c.;ti 1 an idiot un ilhtcratc, 
>ilis,c/<.//- that may bc cast. Ibcx, ic's. m. 3. a wihl jroat. Mii.plc, or pr\: tc man ( spccch. 

i,um. pt thrown, cast, hurl- 
st in, si:attcn<l, sown, laid 

drius *j\\\\.ad) of darting. lbis,Ul'is,^ is. / 3. a stock, a snipc :i]>parition. 

rix,icis/3.shcthatshootctii hionca, omm. pf.n. placcsfly. 

rcss ; adj. shooting. (shot ^- |lilonci,rtr/T-.fitly,aptly,convciiicnt- 

us,a, um./wdartcd,thrown. Ichneumon, Snis. m. 3.alargv rat.irloncus, a, um. adj.iov. comp. fit, 
js, u» m. a cxsting, a fling-|lchnol)atcs t .r. m.l.adog 1 . Traccr. j^per.suitablcrf-oiivcniciit, 
irc a.l lodartjto cast.(ing. , Iclmopra))hiu.a:./l.aplan,amodtT sufnciciit,ablc, substitntial, crcdi- 
^iri.«/.l.toclart,tothrow, lolchth>otrophium,i.n. 2a fishpondj blc, pious, honcst, woithy, rich. 
sl*oot tothrow out.tohunt a stovc to kccp fish in. |ldus,uum,dibus, ///. f. 4thc idcsof 

o puniuc, to strikc. Ico ccrc,ci,ctum. a.3. to strike, toj a mouth, thc cightli itiy afier tl-e 

l, i. n. 2. a dart, a javelin. smite,to bcat away, Icerc fur<lus Idyllium.i. n.2. a pastoral (noncs. 
i, m- 2. a kiml of scrpent. to make a lcajruc,' Cic- ed. &c JK. 

.aow, *X tnisUmc^ at prc-lcor,ci,ctus. be strickc.n,blast^cicAiT,ciT\%^cV'vv&m.u.^^^VN^ 





Jecuscaluni,i.n-2 'Jfr*.a1ittlc liver. 
Jejfuiatio, 6nis. /. > a fasting 
Jejitnator, 6ris. m. 3. a faster 
Jejunea</v.ius. com/i. coldly, slen- 

Jejunitu9,uUs. /. ;>.ouiptiness, pov- 

crty, barrencss, flatncss. 
Jcjunium,j.7j. 2 fasting, hungcr, a 

Jejiino, are. neut 1 tofast. 
•icjunum,i. «. 2. thc empty gut 
Jc Juiiuk,u, um. a<Ij. fnsting. cmpty,' 

bright, shining, heavenly, (der.tgnoror, ari. p. to be nnkiio 
Igniariuni,i ». *.a tioder-box, tin- Ignoscendna, a, um pt to b 
fgiiiarius fomes, a match, tinder. f xnoscena,tis pt partLoni-'ij*... 
I^mcomus, a, um. adj. having fla- Lgnoscentia. ae /. pardo.i. fo 

ming tresses, redhaired. (stinc; . 
(gniculus, i. w- a little nre, an in 
lgnifer,a,um tt*//.bearingfire,fierv 
Igmfluus a, um. adj. flowing with 


Ignigena x.c. j^.l.oncborn in firc 
I gn igc Inus .a,um .adj . produci ngfi rt 
Ignipcs, fiery tlret 

|rrcedy,cravin^diun>rry 9 dr>',bai i e 9i r(riiip6tciiH,tis aiij. miglity by tir*. 
barren, poor, meagrc, flat. Ignis,is m,a flamc, lightning", 

Icns, cuntis. pt. going. 
Jcntaciiluin, i. n. 2. a breakfast 

a thundcrbolt, wrath, love. Tgnis 
sacer, St. Anthony'» fire, PUn 

Jcntutio, onis./ <. a brcakfa.shRg.Ignispiciiuii,i fi.2.diviniti-~ rhy firc 
Jcnto,ai'c.iit?M/.l.tobreakonc'sfastIgnItabulum.i m2. a c! aflntf dis:.,a 

) war:ningfian'ing,nVy 9 hot,strong 
***• |lgnTtus,a,um. adj. ior comp. burn 

Jg, in composition, stands for *;i. 1gniv6mus,a, um.a^'.S|/, .iig fire 
lgitur,co/i/. thercfore, tlicn, therc-Ignobilis c.adj ior, c mp issanus 

upon, for, from, hcnceforth 
Ignarus, a, um adjct. ignorant 
unskilfid, unacquainUd with,; 

u/^.igiioble,basc,scandalous, dis- jruts 

iiot knowing, unwary, unknown,! mon, unknown. 

scendcd vulgar, ordinary, com- 

Ignave,«rfe. iiis, comp. idly, lazily, 
slowly, cowardly mcanly 

lgnobilitas, atis./. ignoblcncss. 
Ignobiliter, adv. ignobly, meanly. 
Ignominia, ae. /. 1. ignominy, dis- 

Jgn.\via,-<e./.idlencss,Iazincss,slug-: grace. reproach, discredit, dis 
gishness, iudolcncc activity,! honour. 
cowardlinesss^flutncss, an idle,or,IgndmTniatus,a, um. pt. disgraced 

lazv fcllow. 
Ignavio, 5nis. m. 3, an idlcr. 
lgiiavitas,atis/. 3. id. r/u. Ignavia. 
lgnuviter. adv. idly, lazily. 

IgnSminiose. adv. disgracefully 
Ign6mini6sus,a, um. adj ignomin- 



Ignavus, a, um. adj. ior comp. issi-Ignorabtlis, e. adj. that is. orthat 
mus,jrw/i.idle, lazy, slothful, slug- may casily.bc known.(notice of 
gish,indolcnt,inactive, cowardly, . f rn6randus,>/ to bctaken no 
base, mean, ineffectual, weak. IgiidranSjtis. p/.notknowing,igno- 

Igncblus. a, um. adj. fier>', warm-lgnorantcr adv. ignorantly.(rant. 

Ignesccns, tis. p/. growing hotlgnorantia, jc./ 1. ignorancc. 
like tirc. lgn6ratio,6nis /. >.id (ignoraut of. 

Itfi.csco,cere.!/ic. ■* to be on fire,toTgn?>rriturus, a,um. pt. about to be 
t:iktfirc,to inflame,to gfrow angrylgnoratus, a, uin. pt. unknown. 


•gnoscihilis, e. atfj pardona 
;.;noscitur, imp. it i* for^vc 
. ^nosco,cCre,5vi»dtum u .t> forgive,toexcuse,ta 
l^noscor, ci. p to be par-.lor 
• gn6tum est, imp all is partl 

rnoturus a,um p/.that will p 
< ai5tus,a, um adj. ior, c h\p 

must, tup- unknown, ignor. 


U, in composition stands for 
!>e, is n. the flank 
I!co>,t.W lleus,ei.m.2.thc snw 
Uix,icis./ '■ the scarletoakl 
Uia, um fd.n. the Hank, thc 
Uiica passio, thc twisting c 

lhas,adis./. 3 the Iliad, a po 
Homcr*s on the destructi* 
Troy Ilias malorum a woi 
disasters. Cic. 
lUcct, adv. you may go whc 
list,or- p1ease,the busincss is 
Uicetuiu, i u 2 a grovc of< 
lhceus,a,um adj. of oak, or\ 
Uiosus, a, um. adj.' brokem.*i 
Illabefactus,a, um. /M.never i 
encd, r made feeble. 
lUabcns,tis. />/.sl'uling in,enti 
7/lubor, bi^tpsus sum.i/. 
flow, r glide in,to enter, *r 
to fiill down or upon. 
Uliiboratus, a, um pt. unkbo 
//laboro, are. a. 1 to take p 
Ulac, adv. on that side, that 
with, or for tliat party. 
lllacerabflis,c. adj taat cani 
ttUacwituj.a, um. pt> uBpror 





ibiHa, e. adj. not to be 
itli tcars, unlamentcd. 
.ndus, a, um. pt. worthy 

ns, tis- pt lamenting. 
>, arc. n. \- k //lichry- 
:us,su:n dep. 1. to wecp 
•nent,or bewail, to shcd 
•.iii, to sweat. 
e. a:lj. not to be hurt 
im. a //.uiihurt,uninjur- 
l v uncomiptcd. 
e.rir// 9orrowful. (upon. 

'* ■» 1. a sliding in. 
',6. us /3. an cnsnaring. 
v, a, uni. pt cntanglcd. 
rco l.toentanglc,tobias 
are /». to bc cnsnjired. 
e. /i.(/ without brcadth. 
i t Uicbra}. are a- 1. to 
onceal in comers 
is,a, utii a-lj full of cor- 
trking places. 
#/•■ sofar f-irth (terment 
/*.>. -*n infcrcnccan in- 
5nis- f •>. a barking at. 
neui. 1. to bark ajriinst. 
.um-tt-aboutto bnn^" in. 
n./jf.brought in.iuferred 
s. c. a:lj. unworthy of pt. not worthy to 
d, or namcd, unpraised 
nm. pt. unwashed 
id.pron. ref. he,s!ic,that, 
: one, thc one- the self- 
: very same, tttc aforc- 
i and such an one 
:./. 1. an enticement, or 
ltf&n attraction,a charm, 
r, a charmcr. 
o, dnis./l3. an alluring. 

lllecfbrdsus, a,um. adj. fiill of en-fllTgatus,a,um.p/.botind, tied, fast» 
ticcmcnt8,aUuremcutM,or channs. ened,entanglcd*engagcd*obliged 
ULccto[in,lacto], are.o 1. to allurc. /Aigo,arc.a.l. to bind, to tie,to en- 
Ulcctus, pt. enticed, allurcd. tangle, to intermix, to wrap. 
Illcctus, us. m. 4. an alluremcnt. Uligor, ari, ttus. p. to be bound. 

Ul€gitimc, aitv. unlawfully. 
Ulcgitimus. a, um adj. illegiti 

mate, unlawful, base-born. 
I llemet, pron he himsclf. [ly,badly. 
Ulepfdus, a,um. adj. unliandsome, 

ungraceful, disagreeablc, gross 
IHcx, egis. c ff- 3. an outlaw. 

tim./r/. sliddcn in,falling Hlex, icis. adj. enticing, alluring. 

Ulex, vcl. IHix, icis. / 3. an entice 
mcnt,allurcmcnt,decoy, birdcall. 

IU1, adv- pro IlNc, thcre, Ter. 

IHlbabilis, c. adj undetiled, pure 


lllilritus, ndj. untouchcd,un- 

llliberalis, e adj. ihiberal, ungen- 
ly» grow, nigg&r.lly, sordid. 

lUrjcralilas, atis /. 3. illiberality, 
uiggardlincss. • ly 

Ulibcriljtcr, o<ir.illiberally,mean- 

Illic, ill jfc, illuc, pro Ule, illa, iUud. 

Illic, adv there, in that place. 

Ilhciendu3,a,U!n. pt. to bc allured. 

Uhcio [iu.lacio], cerc, lexi, lectum, 
o.3 lo entice, to allure, to decoy, 
to invei^le, to trepan 

UlTcior, ci, lcctus, p. to be allurcd. 

(HTcTte, adv. unlawfully. 

(Uicftus, a, um. adj. unlawful. 

Mlicium, i. n. 2. an cnticemcnt. 

lUicd,o//r>.in that very place,therc, 

UUmus, e. adj. without mud,clear. 
Illhic, adv. from thcnce, from tliat 


ilUnc, on cvery side, 7Vr. 
Illinendus,a<um pt. to bc anointed. 
//linio,irc,Tvi, Ttum. a. 4. to anoint- 
//lfno,ncre,lini,livi & lcvi,Ktum, a. 

3. to anoint,0rbesmear,todaub,t9 

lay over, or colour, to covcr. (ed. 
Ultnor, nijlitus, pan. to be anoint- 
//liqucf acio, cSre, f Cci, factum, a, 

■3. to mclt. 

UlTqucfactus, a, iim. pt. melted. 
/iITquef Io,ieri np 3. to bc meltcdL 
llliscc xdibus. in tliat house. 
Ulisti.«, a,um./>f. dat>hed, or beatcti 


Ulisus, us fn. 4. a dashing againtt; 
Illit :ritu?, a,um. adj. issimus, *up. 

illiterute, unlearned, not written. 
Ulitus,ii, um/> besmcared, stain- 

ed, dipt, tincturcd, taintcd 
Ulitus, u?. ?/i. 4. an anointing. 
Uliusmddi, adj indecl of Uiat sort. 
l\\\ adv. thithet, to that place. 
Uldcabilis, c. adj. that cannot be 

hircd, let out,orbestowcd in mar- 
lllorBiim, rdv. thitherward.(riage. 
Ul6tirs,a,um./>r. unwashcd, sloven- 
[\U\Cyftro lllud,that tliing(ly,nasty. 
Illilc, adv. Uiithcr. 
//lucco,Crc,u\i.n.2. to shine upon. 

immediately, forthwith, directly ,j 07t>ut,to be day,to be conspicuouB 
from thence, from the prcmiscs.'//lucesco, ccrc. incep. 3. i<lem. 

Ulidcns, tis. pt. dashing against. l//lucct, illuxit, imp. it is day. 

Hlido[in,lardo], erc, Tsi, Tsum. a. 3. Hluctans. tis. pt. struggling. 
to dash, or heat against, to thni3t ,//luctor,:iri,atus sum. d.l. to 

Ulidor.di.isu'*./) t.o be dashed. (into tle, to strugglc, to strive. 

r, brif. m 3. an enticcr. Illigans tis. pt. tving, fuitcning. illlud horx. pro Ka hora, Siiet. 

:, adv. ius, comp. entic- 
ahn^ly, attractivcly. 

Uligatio, Onis. /. 3. au cntangling/IHfHlciiSytis.^/. mocking,dcridin.t. 
lUig&turua, a,um- PU about to tic. //iado,d<it^^\^^.o,^\»\saoOa* 






ImptgTC, adv. quickly, djligently. infoldcd, «ntanglcd, involved, ti- J/up5no.ncre,6sui, bsituni 

Imprtgritas, atis/ quickucss, dili-, ed,impl:ed,undcrstood, joined in impose,to put,set,or lay 

gence. affinity. (ly. set over,to assign, to gii 

Impilia,6rump/.7i 2.woollensocks.'lmplicite,a</r\ implicitly, obscurc- join to annex, to iufli» 

Impigcndus,a,uni pt tobc clapped.!lmplicito, are a. 1 to interweavc. ceivc,to embark. 

Im; ingo [.•, pango], gcrc, pegi,!lmpliciturus, a, um pt that will Imp6nor. iii- p. to be sct 

pactum o J. to dash in,or against i b aid, or tnm up, to infold. Imporco,are.a 1. to mak< 

to run aground, to stumble, t0|lmphcitus,a,um//r & adj. wreath- Importandus,a,um./>Mo ii 

put, clap, G7'fasten upon. I cd, entangled, intricate, implicit. bc importcd, tobringir 

Impingor,gi./» to bc dashed upon.7//;plico care, cavi &. cui,catum & lmportatitius,a,um. adj. i 

J/7ipio,are. a. to profanc, to misbc ! infohUto cntanglc,to hnportatus, a, um. pt. iio 

have. fold,or clasp to surrotind,to tte,to,7n/porto arc.a impor 

Impius,a,um.fl'(/.impious,ungodIy, intorwcavc,tointcnnix,touivolvc,importor,ari./^to be imp< 

irreligious,profanc,wicked,undu-j to engagc, to cncuniber, to puz-lmportune, adv. ius, com 

tiftil, unnatural, cruel. mercilcss | zle. to drcss, or adorn. $////.importunatel),unse: 

Implacabilis, c. adj. implacable jlmplicor,ari,atus & ltus./i to bc in- Importumtas Itis/o.imp 

Implacabflitas, atis./. j. implaca-; foldcd, perplexed, troublcd, &c !unscasonablcncss,outrag 

Implacabiliter, adv. implacably. 
Implacatus, a, um- pt. insatiablc. 
lmplacidus,a,;\ issimus, s////.1mpl6ratio,bnis/ 6. an imploring 

Iiiip]orabilis>c.Uf//.obtained by im- 
lmplorans, tis. pt. imploring. 

ungentle,obstinate,unkind,cruel.Jnipl6rutunis, a, about to eas),unscasouablc, incoi 
Implementuin, i. n. 2. aiillingup. implorc, or rcqucst. (invoked. 

lmplcndus, a, um pt. to be nlled.:Impl6ratus, a, hnplored, 
lmplens, filling. //Mpl6ro,are.«.l to implore,to bcg, 

Impleo,ere,evi,ctujn.i* fill,to, to bcscech,to entrcat, to invokc. 

tillup,to complcte,tofulnl,to per-^lmpldror, %ri. p. to be implored. 

form, to accomplish, to satisfy,j/mphiiiibo, are. a. to soldcr with 

content,or please,to fatten,to im- 

pregnate.lmplerc arrum,to draw 

a bow to thc head,fVsf\libram, to 

weigh a pound; facultatcs cques- 

tris ordinis, to liavc a knighfs 

cstate, Plin. 
Impleor, cri. patt. to be filled. 
Impletnrus a, um. pt. about to fiil. 
Iniplctus, &i uin. pt. rillcd up. 
Implexus, a, wu. pt interwoven, 

Implcxus. us. m. 4 an intwming. 
Iinphcandu>,a,um/>/. to be cntan- 
Implicans, wrapping.(gled. 
lmplicatio,onis/ cntanglcincnt, a 

imphcutc, 'adv. intricatcly. 

Iinportfmus.a um.a<//.ior, 
simus, 8itp importuuatc 

shrewdi *i//>.withoutpor 

Importuosus, a, uin. tulj. 

Impos, blis. adj. unablc 

mand, wcak. 

Impbsitio, onis./ an imp 

Imposititius, a, um. adj. 

lcad. (witliout feathers, or hair. radical. 

lmplumis,e udj unfledgcd, callow, ImpdsitkvuK, a, mu. adj, 

///ipluo,uere,ui,i"itum. «. 3. to rain Impdsitimis,a. umpt. ab( 

upon,to niin,to light,or fall upon. posc, or put on, about t 

Implutus, a, um. pt. rained upon. lmpbsitus &.Impostus,a,u 

Impluvia, x.f. a cloak wore in the poscd,put,.sct, ov laid u; 

rain. (rain. placcd, sct ovcr, immct 

Imphiviatus, a, um. adj. wct with Impositus, us. m 4- impc 

Impliivium,i «.2 agutter for watcr, Impoasibilis ca^/.iniposi 

a court-yard whcre rain fails. Impossibilitas, atis./ J. L 

Impocnitens, tis adj. impenitcnt. Impostor, oris. m.o. anin 

Impohtc, adv, unpolitely, mdely iinpostura^x.yil.impostiu 


ncss.(politc,rude,honiely,coarsc. tup impotent,weak feeW 

lmp61itus,a,um.^. unpolished, un 
Impollutus, a. undehlcd- 
Imp6nendus,a,um/>< tobe impos- 

to govem, or moderate 
wild, unruly, unjroverna 
nigeous, insolcnU intole 

UBgQa^tis/i^ i&DQging.(e4 QQt^potenter/Kfo. i^Cff^ 





wittiillv cnicllv, lumllv. 
i,at/l.impotencc,wi'o k - 
it of powcr, inactivitv, 
, outragcousncss 
itato, adv without prc- 

iurum, atbc. at prcsent, 
ne, for the prcscnt. 
, a, um. pt. uot dincd, 


>, ftnis- /. :>. an imprecu- lcd. 

ari. d. 1- to wish evil. \a 
wish well, to pray for 
ath\ forciblv, carcf»: ; Iv 3. a printcr(anc 

Tmprnbulus, a, um. adj. waggish.Tmpubis, e. adj. idem. (of agc. 

Imprbhus. u,um.«<7/. ior» comp iss*-|/inpubesco cerc, incep- to grow 
mus, 8up. dishancst unjust, kna- Impudens, tis. atlj ior, comp. issf- 
vish, wicked, had,base.infamous,[ mus,»t//>. impudent brazenfaccd, 
audacious, impudcnt» lcwd, wag-' bold, shamelcss, graccless. 
gish, rash, cagcr, excessive, vio-1mpudcntcr,«//r.ius. comp. issim&, 
Jent, ficrcc, crucl, ugly, unsound,! *f//j.impudcnt]y«bolcUy«shamciessjt 
rottcn. Ilmpiidcntia.z./l.impudcncc. (ly. 

Imprdcerus, a,um. adj. low, littlcjlmpiidicatus, a,um p/.dcbauched. 

lmprofLSSus,a, um- adj. conccalcd.>Iinpiidic&, adv. issimc, n/p. wn- 
mpromiscuus a,um. adg. unming-j chastcly, immodestly, lewdJy. 

slow. Impudicitia, x. / 1. unchastencss» 

Impromptus, a,um. adj not rcady, immodcsty, lcwdness, obsccnity, 
;npr5pcr*tus, a, um. adj. siuw. s<Klomy. 
r «iprbpero. are «j.l to makc hastc Impudiuis a,um. adj. ior, comp. is- 

* 11«. 1 ' ■ 1 A • V * 

dnis. f. 3. an imprcsslon, o go, to go slowly, to reproach. 
., attaok, or onsct. uttcr- Improperus, a, um- adj slow 

simus, sup- unchastc, immodest, 
wanton lcwd. (be fought against. 

lmpropr-e,a</r».impropcrly,unfitly Impugnandus, tofight, or 

* "■ a 1 ft ■ • ' • , | r^ ' A CJ ' 

, a, um. pari. engraven, 2mproprictas.atis.yl3. impropricly ilmpugnans.tis./»/. fightinjjagainst. 

iiade, unmilkcd, loaded 
i, tis. pt. imprinting 
adv- in thc first placi ., 
»«pecially, particularh 
in, premo], merc, rcssi. 
... to impiint,to imprcss, 
makc, to thrust or stick. 
mi prcssut. /». to be im- 
impresscd, nr fixcd. 
ilis, e adj. im])robablc 
his^L,um.//r disallowcd. 
t, tis. /•/. disallowing 
r»,*nis./.3. a disallow ; ng. 
»r, dris. m 3 a disliker 
irus, a, um. pt. ti:at will 
rc, or dislikc- rcjcctcd 
is, a, um. /'/. disallowcd, 
irfv luSfOmp. issimc, tup. 
Jy, wickcdly, badly, au 
■/ eagcrly cxccssivcly, 
ablv, too hite. 

Improprius, a. um. adj. unprospe-Impugnutio, onis.y*. a fighting a 
rous, unfortunatc, advcrsc, indif-j gainst. 

Impugnatus, a um pt. fought a- 


Improspcre, adv unsucccssfully- 
!mprfitectus,a,um.flf// itndcfcndcd 
Improvid^. adv. 

gainst, attacked. rcsistcd. 
/mpugno, Ji-rc.n.l. to fight against, 
to attack, to opposc, to thwart, 

»,itis/J. dishoncsty, in-| ly. 
njust violcncc, wickcd 

Impr6vuicntia«?c./l.improvidence or cross, to drive away. 
Improv~idus,:i,um /w//improvidciit, Impugnor. Sri. /". to hc attackcd. 
carelcss,notforcsecing,unforsecn Impulsio, onis./". 3. a forciblf mov- 
Improvlso 8c Improvisc.o#/r uncx-i ing,foi*cc, a motion orpassion, of 

pcctcdly, on a sudden, unawareJ thcmind,pcrsuasionvonnstigation 
Improvisus, a, um. adj ior, c mp Jmpulsov, oris m. .a pusher on,an. 

unfircsccn. uncxpcctcd. unlook^' instigntor,a promotc enticer. 

cd for, unthotight of, suddcn. Ilmpulsus, drivcn, forccd, 
Imprudcns tis- pt /r///.ior,c iw/mssT- thrown.scnt,shot,bcatcn,shakcu, 

mns, *up. impruduit, unwisc,un-l incited, cnforced. wrought upon. 

■a ary.foolish,unad\ iscd,unskiIful,]lmpulsi]s,Gs.m.4. an impulse,a mo- 

ignorant, unwilling, against thc! tion,an instigation,or persuasion, 

uill. I an attack, a contiict, a shock. 

Iinprudcntcr.flrfr.ius.rom//. impru-.linpulvcit»us. a, um. adj. without 

('cntlyjUiiWMchsunwarilyifooiish- 1 dusi, or much troublc. (ed in. 


Imprudcntia, x.f. 1. iniprudcncc. lmpunc,«Jr.ius. comp. iss i mc, tr//>, 

r,adv gricvous!y,ill(ncss want of carc, unskilfulncss. igno- with impunity, *r safcty, without 

re fl.l todisal!«iW,todis- rancc?, shallowncss. puniNhmcnt, hurt. ioss, dangcr, 

to rcjcct, to condcmnJlijipubcr,Tv7lmpribcs,rris. anj. un- ur ftar, safcly, scotfrce. 

Iri. be disapproTed. \ ripe of agc, youthful. [tnipQnitaSiiltvs j'.o .vk\\^\^ ^K^i . 





punished, unrcvcnjed, safc. 
Impuruius,a,uin. adj, issiraus, sup 
impurc.defilcctnasty, sliabby, vil- 
lainous i i Ithi ly,lcwdly*srumcfu lly 

ImpilnTU, wh. with impunity. I times for into; as, infundor sorae- InatTectatus, a,um. pt. 

lmpilmtus, a,um. pt. ior, comp. un- times for upon; as, incubo: some- Inagitabilis, e. adj. ur 
* " timesforovcr, as,illino f immineo: " v '*"* " " 

sometimes for about; as, incingo: 
sometimcs for on, or iorward; as, 

wards; as, inclino: sometimes at. 
or against; as, illatro,illido: some- 

Impurus,a,uin n.7/.issimus,t up. im- 

J>ure,uncleau, tilthy, nasty, dirty, 
ewd, wicked, dislioncst (ed. 
Impiitandus, u,um./>r. to hc imput- 
ImpGLiiiis, tis. pt. imputiiifc. 
Iriiputativus,a,uin.a(ft imputotivc 
Imputator, oris. m .;. onc thut im- 

/mputo, are. a 1. lo imputc to aa 
Cribe,to attribute,tochurfcc,to Iun 
the fault,to lay,tocess,to account, 
or reck,on,to look upon as a favor, 
or obligation, to place to account. 
Jmputor, ari. p to be imputed 
/mputrcsco, ctre. n. 3. to rot. 
Iraulus, a, um. adj. a littlc towards 

the boitom. 

Imus, a,um.<u/;. lowest,lowcrmost, 

dce pest.i nnermost,remotest,low- 

; cr, thc bottom of. 


Tn,pntp. cum. accus- into,in,orun 
der,to,against,for,until, after, ac- 
upon; cum ubl. in, within, in thc 
powcr of, at, among-, or amongst, 
dicerv,to uhispcr,Ov In chcm vi- 
vcrc, to live from hand to mouth, 
Cic. In diem, every day,day after 
day, llor. for onc day, Or. till u 
longer time, 7Vr. 

In f in composition, stands some- 

times it increases, and signifies /namaresco,*to 

the samc as vald^,gTcatly>or verv 
much; as, inxstuo; somctimes lt 
denies.and standsfor, non,not;as, 

indecco: and sometimcs it b re- Inambulandum est, int t 

dundant. and has no particular 


Inubruptus, a, um. pt. brokcn. 
Ina!>s51utu8, a, uuupt. impcrfect. 
/ziuccedo, dere. a.3. to enter(tire. 
Inaccensus, a, not set on 
Inacccssu». u,uin. adj. inaccessible 
///aceo, cre. ?i.'J. & /ziacesco, c£re. 

/..• to be turt, or sharp, to prick 
Inaduiabilis, e- adj. not to be flat- 

(nadustus, a. um. pt. unbumt. un- 

sing-cd, unscorched, uninjured 
lnar, arum. pl.f. 1. fibres. 
Iuardif lcatio. onis./. 3 a building*. 
luxdif icatus, a,um pt built upon, 

unbuilt, pulled down, destrovcd. 
/wstdif ico, arc.u.1. to build,to pull 

down thut which is built. 
Inxdif fcor, ari p. to bc built. 
In.Tcquabilis,e.«<// uncvcn 
Inxquabihtcr, a<fr. unequally. 
Ina:qualis,c.ri'//. issimus, $up. unc 

aual, uncvcn, odd, unlike, disor- 

In«equalitas, atis./. 3. incquality. 
(na.-qu&liter, adv. unequully. 

(na:quatus, a, um. pt. made equul. Inanitus,a,um./>f. empti 
///aequo. are. a. 1. to makc cven,jlnapcrtus a,um./;/. no 

Iiiapparatio, onis. /. 3. 

Inagitatus, a, um. pt. \ 
//ialbcsco,cere.n.3. to \ 
/nalesco, c&re. n.3. to 

instimulo: sometimcs down,or to- /;ialgcsco,ce < t 

InamabiHs, e. adj. ior, 
miablc, unplcasant, <i 

lnamatus, a, um. pt. ui 
lnambitiOsus, a, um. a 
bitious, hoinely. 

walk, or go about. 
Intimbiilans, wal 

[nambiilatio, onis. /. 3. 

about, or up and dov 

///:unbulo, arc. nl. to - 

Inamocnus, a, um, acf/. 

Inunc, is. n. 3. a void p 

thc sky, or air, cmptii 

Inancsco, cerc. ine. 3. 


Inaniac,arum.;>// cmpl 

Inanildquus, a, uin. adj 

lnanimalis, c. adj. voii 

Inanimans, inani 

lnantm5tus,a,um />/ ina 

(iianiincntum, i. w 2. c 

Inanimus, a, um. aaj. i 

Inanio, lre. a. 4- to em 

Inanior, Tri. p. to be c 

Inanis, e.adJAor t comp. i; 

empty, void, destitute 


inettectual, useless fc 

scnseless^irrogaiit. (u 

I nanitas,utis./*.3.einptii 

Inamter, a<Jv. in vain. 

tunea for int $9, incJudo: loqic-llaxUruuui, adv. forcver. 

to levcl. 

InxsUmubilis c. adj. incstimablc. cdness 
///xstno,arc// boil up,to chafcllnarandus, a, tim. pt t 

[Inaratus, a, uu. pt. unJ 





re, nLflc/nardesco, cere. 
,tobe on fire,tobe inflam- 

e, frrow dry 
s,tis. pt.grovrinfg dry(dry 

gild, er overlay with ffold. 
Inauror,ari. be gilt with gold. 

ns,tis.^.growinghot(edInauspicatd, adv. unluckily. 
13, a, um> pt. made dry, 

Inausplcatus, a, um aH. Issimus, 
tup. unfortunatc, unlucky. 

Inausus, a, um. pt. unattempted 

Inc2eduu3,a, um.adj. not loppcd, or 
sercrui dry up,to,Incalesccns,tis /»/ growinjr hot(cut 
tus, a, um. adj. covered/wcalesco.crcui grow liot, to 
rir/v-*imply.(with silvcr. be warm,to bc warincd,to be car- 
l a,um.a///.simple,witress, nest. 

vv, stupid. (manurc.j/ncalfilciOjCSrc, f €ci. a 3. to heat. 
tict. 1. to plough, tilli onlncallide, adv- simply, artlcssly. 
ilis, c.ailj iiiartificial, art- Incallidus,a,um.a'(/- ior, comp. sim- 

I ple, plaiit, artless, without craft. 
diter, adv without art.7/icandcsco, ccre, dui. inc. J. to 
s,a,um pf.that cannot bcj grow very hot, to bc inHamcd. 
up, or rcachcd unto. |//icancsco,ccre,nui.//ic. grow 
s, fts. «. 4. an ascent. I hoary, or whitc hcadcd, to foam. 

Incantamentum, i. «. 2 a charm. 

Inccdcns, tispt. walkin^. (cd. 
/Mcedo,dcrc,essi,cssuni./jfu/. 3. to 

go, to walk, to niaivh, to come. 
Ince)ebratus,a,uin. pt.not celcbra* 

ted.not spokcn of, unfrequcnted. 
IncClebris, e. ailj. not famous, ne- 

Inccndendus,a,um. bc burht. 
Incendiarius,i m. inccndiary. 
Inccndmm, i w 2 a firc,a flamc^ 

vchemence of any passion. 

a >.to burn, to burn up, t.o set on 

fire,to inflamc,to vex, 

to rousc.orstir up,to raisc, to ani- 

mate, to actuate, to encourage. 

IiiCx?ndere aunonam to uiake vic- 

tuals dear, Varr. 

Inrendor, di, nsus. p. to bc burnt. 
Inccnsc, adv. earnestly. (on firc. 

s, a, um. pt. unsecn. 

s, a, um adj invisible. :Incantritor,6ris. m. cnchanter. 

a, um. pt wcll roastcl. IncanUttus, a, um. pt cnchantcd. Inccnsio,6uis./.aburnin£,a setting- 
ua,um.W.uiiaccustomcd,'//icanto, are. o. 1. te enchaut, toIncensor,6ris ra3 a fircr of houscs. 

adv. inconsidcrately. 

tus, a, um. pt. unwasted 

cis.a*(f.cowardly, fearful 

c,tvi, itum 

l* to overhear. 
a, um. pt. unhcard, un 
strange, incrcdible, un 


hicamis, a, um adj. hoary, white 
lucapat. acis. adj. incapable. 
Incarceramcntum, i. /*. imprison- 
a. 4. to hcar 1 ment. ^ injr. 

lncarceratio,5nis./ 3.a:i 
Incarccro, [in, carcer],are a. 1 to 

imprison, to cast inlo prison. 

iila,ae./ l.aquirk. tricdlncarnatio, 6nis./3. incarnation. 

*, ti» pt guessinjr at 
io,dnis./ an inauiruration 
}, atfv. Iuckily.(is done 

Incamatus color, a flesh-colour 
lncarno,[in,caro]iUrc.a.l to incar- 
natc, to brin-r, or producc flesh. 

im aftjmp thc busiucsslucassiim, adv. in vain, amiss. 
jsauuti. pt. consecrated. Incastc, adv. unchastly. (ed. 

^ire. a. 1- to divine, tolnca8tijjatus,a, um. pt. not chastis 
:o <lcdicate,orconsccratc lncastus,,a,um.a^(/.unchastc. ncn. 
3x\ be consccrated Incasflrus, a,um. pt that may hap- 
dri» *•- ^- * gilder. Incavatus, a, um.^.made hollow 

lncenium, i. n. 2 fraukincensc. 
Iiiccnsrirus a um. pt.jbout to burn* 
Inccnsus.a^um.^. & ailj. \ov,romp. 

burnt, fircd,set onfire, inflamed, 

incensed enragx?d,provoked, stir-" 

red up, notre^i.Hteretl. 
Incentio, onis / .5. a conccrt. 
Inccntiviim, i. /i. 2. an inccntivc. 
Incentivus, a, um. adj. inccntive, 

lucentor,6ris./«.3 an incendiary, a 
Inc;-psit./»;' .Incepcrit. '.be^inner. 
Iuceptio, 6nis. f. S. a beginning. 
Inceptlvus, a, um. adj. iurcptive. 
Inccpto, [in, capto],are.a.l to bc- 

^ln, to undcrtake, to attcmpt. 
Inceptor, 6ris. m. X. a bcp^inner. 
Inceptunv.«-2 abe^inning', an un- 

auruinl, are. a* i. to;liica(Qtu3iVum«a>'- ior^oinp.vac^ VuttrtoitTvVvixsv^ u ^. ^ xu^ w<tx . 

Inccr-__tus,a, um. pi. ccred, vtxed 

Jncetniculum,I.n.2a srarcc, 
/ncer r 10, n e rc.cti! vi.crc t u m . 

»ifttOSearCC,tt>.;. p:ir:i l'-liljf: 

Incernor, ni. /V 1« bc siflcd. 
Jnccro,arc.,i.l. lo coi-cr with wax 

liicert.,»!-- ..■iiiiccrtainlc, donLitiiil- 
Incvrtiti!rlo,iiiis./." iiiiccrl:iiiily(ly 
Inccrt.'>,.i .'-'.iiiicert.iinly.rnii lYc. h 
JnClTUm. i n.2.lllici'|-t:iirily,.lr)ii)t 
Inee-lus.a, um ailj. ior. ciwii, >__,!- 
mus, «i/. uncrrtaii., iliiiiln.iil. in- 
conatint, nnTcring, perplexcd. 

Iticcssrns.tliS- /'r.U5is:iiLliiu;r.pritiiiji 
Inccsso , scfc, si fi7sivi, jiitum. « ittack,as-:nilt,ir s,-t np,,:,,!» 
provnkc, vcl, ','■ nlininl, r 
upcn.tii ;;■'.), _ ■■ cunir.tri approacli. 
IiiCt"Lii. 11. /i tn bc aisaulled. 
lnct'iKiis,t;s »i,4 ii rr;iit.\v:ii;.iri:ii'ili 
slep, pacc, pass, lUftlc. 1v. 

Int-cs' '..mli' iin-i-slntiuslv. iinrliif.1- 
luci.s:ifivus.a, i.m luli iiiccsinons 
IllCCSln.:.r|-..l .l.toclcii.cbv inccst. 
er ot . t ei- (illhy *uj irf hist, lo [iol- 

cncYdeni, tis. pl. falling into, inci 

InoiJit, Im/i. it hn ppenrd (dent 

i cadol.dertr, id 

Incitimentum, itic 
m oiiv e, «reneouiajjenien 

lncrtnndus,;i,uinjW, t 

'. .. II, oriip.m.tofil (ncitsti ail-r. ius. 

out,to f,ill,to mcet ivitli, befal, 
or happcn, to ariae. 
Inci.Iu, [in, crcdo]. dere, iili, Isum. cut sliort,toshorten. 
to parc,to cliip,toengravc, 
to etch, to malte an cnd 
of, lo lcavc oll', to ljy nsidc. 
li)i-i.|.ii',:li,isii. v p.\,j be' cut. be cut 
Incidnus, a, um. adj. not lo 



I-torcprove,to blame 

nniiiL-nia,;i, iun /if(rirt,en 

(■iiciticroirerc.nxi, nctum 

Frird, t« siirround, to cm 

lncitstor, oris. m. 3. a n 
1 noi l j 1 Qrt i s.a,um^f ahout 
[ncltatiis,a,um./it. ior,< 
mus, rup. incited, stirri 
stipited,hasty, ipecdv, 

nciUlus, fls. m. 4 * stir 

ii.!.is.a,iitn. /i. tobc bcgun. 
ns.tis./J. bcifinnin^ 
■ .ijcapiojjitrp cilpi, rcp- 


■on,to instipatcto i 
W, ari. /i to bc inci 

lasly.specih, tpiick, tl 
e moi rd.fjouc as far i 



cest. fli.i. 

. />.. lobcgiu, . 

vo Jjc _>eg-un. 
Inchoan», titi. fil. licginniojr. 
Inchnalio, finis./ i a bcginnin; 
>>j. inceptiv 


•IflTOMiS, tis. pt. callin 
lucTiim_>liisiL,iun./if. ca 
'/,. l-irmto, are. u. 1. to 


i. to rhide-, scold. 


pvt rainous,to ( 

irns, tis mf/. ior, 



Iiicluio.r.i-e.a ] ■ 
Inchoor. aK. /i. 
Incicur, flris, ai_ 
Inddendun) a, n 

m pi about 

i pt. bcjriiii. gin, 


-I,-, P i. ccm 

rilir,;, n„i;,l 

rio.oiiis. /i 
[iicisdrcs denlcs, the fii 

Inc ™m.i.n JAconrtiia. niust tccili 
lliCLsrim.ii /1 n rm,a -isb.a linc. 
Im ■isns.a. um./,(. ctit, can-ed, R ru- 

vc(i, i j i ij;- s -( ! .l.,.n(. otV.ilisap: n.,,1 

Irniv.ii., us-n 4 icL qti. Incisio. 
bicit.i,,,. /'pnipri,, „,/;. /Tsrjiiaurl 

^SS^&XSJ &"-** ^ SS£~ 

iLT-lTnf, 1 .! lis. e. atjf. inc 
Inclinaiiictituin.i.n.J i . 
] nc I i nand i l s .a, u m . /if_to 
inclinans, ils, /i.. inclir 
l,u iiriuiiii.onis f.'i.u 





t&rus, a, um. pt. about tolTncSgitantia, ac. /. 1. inconside- 

:us,a,um pt. & adj.\'p. 
•d, <lisposcd, bowcd, bent, 
, dechning, jroing 1 dowii, 
ncd, fallen to decay, flag way, ready 

us, us nr 4. a declining- 
c. adj. stooping, unbcnt. 
kre a.l to inclinc,to bcnd, 

Inc6efitatus,a,um./>/.ncver contriv- 

ed bcfore,inconsiderate,thoug-ht- 


/«cdfrTto.arc.? contrive,tothink 
lncognItus,a,um. pt. unknown, un 

hcard, untricd at law, strangc 
Incoibilis, e. adj not to be joined 
Inc6la, ar. c. g. 1. an inhabitant. 
Incblatus, us. m. 4. a dwellinjr. 

down to chan£C,9r turn,to Incolcndus,a, um- pt to inhabit, or 

impair, ©r debase, lo lay ; 
*rlinc, to g?ow worsc, or 
to rccoil, to £ivc back, to 
Inrlinarc rr.alos, to strikc, 
JLri.p. to bc inclincd.(//n» 
idus, a, um. pt. to be in 


[in.claudo], crc,fisi, usum 
ucludc, to inclosc, to shut 
top,to hindcr, to suppress, 
3 in, to chasc, to sct. 
- t di,fisus/; to be included. 
,5ni*./". 3 a shutting in. un 
lg", an imprisonment 
, a. um pt. included, con- 
inclosedfshut up,bcj»iejrcd. 
^iim.fli(/'. issimiis, *"p fa- 
oble.exccllcnt.of grcat rc- 
ilihti n^uishcd. ( voluntary . 
li^a, um pt. unconstraiucd, 
ia, c adj. tinncd, lcadcd. 
i, a, um. pt & adj. sodden, 
bakcrf, sunburnt, soakcd, 
ed, unsoddcn, uwipc, un 


is, tis. pt. supping. 

us, a, iim- pt. supperless. 

, c adj. suppcrless. 

9, incccpto, incacptor, in- 
i, jrid. Inccptio, &c. 
khilia, e. a/(/. thoufrhtless. inconjideratc, 

be inhabitcd, to dwell in. 
IncMens, tis pt. inhabiting. 
//icblo,lcrc, lui, cultum. a.o. to in 

habit, dwcll, continuc, or abide. 
Incolor, li p. to bc inhabitcd. 
Incblorfit c,rt'/r. withnut pretencc. 

Incolumitas, atis./. 3. sufety, pre 
lncomis e. adj. rudc, churlisli 
Incbmitatus, a, iimfpt. unaccom- 

panied, unuUendftl, alonc. 
Iiiconutcr, adv. rudely. 
Incommcubdis, c. atij unpassablc 
Incoinmcndatus, a, um. pt. uncom 

mcnded, unpraiscd. (moding. 
IncommOdatio.diiis/. 3 an incom 
Incoinui6de,<j//r. ius, comp. issime 

sup. incommodiously, inconvcni 

cntly, unsuitably, scurvily, unfor 

Incommoditas, atis. /. inconvcni 

cncc, unscasonableness, disad 

vantagfc. (mode, to cross. 

/>icomm6do, 5rc. act. 1. to incom 
Incomm6dum,i.N. 2. an incbnveni 

cncc,disadvantagc,or misfortune, 

loss, dumagrc, annoyance, illness 

.ji-tosup,orbeatsiipper Incommddus,a,um. adj. inconvcni- 

cnt, unsuitablc, impropcr, disad 
vantagcous, hurtnil, noisomc 
troublcsome, disagrecable, tcaz- 
ing, vexatious, uneasy, bad, iU. 
incommunicabllij. c/aaj. iacom- 

municable. (able. 

Incompar&bHis, c. adj. incompar- 
Incompcrtus, a, unv pt. not found 
lnconipcsitc, udv. disorderly (out. 
Incoinp6situs,a,um./>/. discompos- 

ed, disordcrcd, confused, disor- 

Incomprehcnslbilis, c. udj. inconw 


Incomprehensus, a, um. pt. idenu 
Incomptus,a,um./;r uncombed,un- 

trimmcd, rough, unpolishcd. 
Inconccssus, a, um. pt. unallowcd» 

not pcrniittcd, uulawful. 
//jcoucilio,arc. act. 1. to sct at dis- 

cord, to disturb, to provoke, lo 


Inconcinnc, adv. unhandsomely. 
lnconcinnitas,utis./. unhaiidsouic- 


lnconcinnit^r,«rf7». unhandsoincly. 

Inconcussus, a, um. pt. unshakcn. 
Incondtte, adv. disordcrly, con- 


Incondttus, a, nm. /;/. disordcrcd, 
do^jrcrcl, unripc, uncovercd, un- 

Inconfcctus, a,um. pt. undi^cstcd. 

'iicoiifessus,a,uin pt.iwi confesscd. 

Inconfusus,a,um.//. not confound- 
cd. ( zcn . 

Incongclubvrus.e adj.nnt to be fro- 

IncongTuc. adv. incongTuously. 

Incon^ruens, tis. pt. unsuitablc. 


IncongTucntia,ac/ 1. incongruity. 

lncoiigTuitas,atis/ 3. incongruity. 

Incongruus,a,um aaj. inconpruous* 

InconnTvcns, Us./»/. not twinkling*. 

Inconscius,a, conscious 

Inconscqucns.tis.^r. incons«quent. 

Inconscqucntia, ac. / l % vofimayt^ 

. i 





Indcflcxus.a, um. /•/. unbcnt, stifF.i show 

Indejectus,a,um /j/.not cast down.!lndicatu%a,um. />/. shown, prized. 

¥_.l='l -* _ .. • .1 'i_.l 1 m.* l <„!.. »„1.1 

Indc lassfitus, a, um,/i/ unwearicd. 
Judclcbllis, c. adj indclihlc- 

undiminislied,undefilcd,purc. cd 

Indcmiiis.c.a<(f unhurt, harmlcss. 
Indcmnitas, atis./ 3 indemnity 

Indiccndus a,um./>/.not tohc told. 
IndTccns, tis. pt. not tclling, not 

Indclibatua, a. um. pt. untouchcd,Indlcium,i.7i. 2. a discovery, an in- 

fonnation, a commumcation, a 

Indcmnatus,a, nm.//f. uncondcmn- sign,ahiirt,atoken amark,aproof 

a symptom, a guide, a*= : stancc. 
Indico arc.a.l.todiscovcr,to show, 

dctcrmined. ;lnd.cri!tira.x./. la sctting a price.| conftiscd. 

Indcfletus, a, um. /-Minlamcntcd. Indiciturus, a, um. pt. about toIndigCtur, imp. mcn 1 

Ind.gito [in digitus .ai 
nify, to point at or c 
to call by namc 

Indignabundus, a. um 

Indignandus, a, um. p 
daincd, displeased, c 

Indignans,tis/>/ hadj 
disduining cnragcd 
nation, unworthy, m 

lndignanter, dis 

Indignatio, finis /. .>. 

Indignatiuncula, ar/. 

Indignatui, a um- pt. 
scorning, not cnduri 

Indigne,rt'/r.ius,c m/# 
unworthy, unfleserri 
grievously, hcinoush 

IndigniUs, atis./. .». ii 
worthiness, mcannc 

/•Kli gnor,iiri, atus sum 
<lain,to scorn,1o bc ci 
gry, not to enduro, t 
frct,to gricve,io rvtii 

Indignus, a, ura. adj i( 
mus, tup. unworthy,i 
unbecoming, unfit 
lian.Isomc. sad, shai 
hcinous, horriblc, dr 

Indigus. a, um. adj. 
need wanting. ghg* 

Indcndus.a, um. pu to bc put into.| to makc kno\vn,to disclosc,to re 
Indenunciatus. a, um pt. not dc- late,to tell,or set tbe price. 

nounccd, ©r dcclarcd bcforc. | to accuse, to promisc. 
Indepldratus,*,um./»/ unbewailcd.Indicor, ari, utus. />. to bc shown. 
Indcpravatus\a,um./'/. notdcprav-.//idico, cSrc, ixi, ictum. a. to dc- 

cd or corruptvd. 
IndeprchensibilU,c. adj. tliat can- 

not be found out. 
Indcprehensus, & Indcprcnsus. a, 

um. pt. untaken, unfound- 
Indcptus, a, having golten. 

nounce,to proclaim,to dcclarc,to 
publish, to appoint, to cnjoin, to 
sct. nr lay upon, to bcspcak, or 
providc, not to say. ed., ctus. p. to bc dcnounc 
Indictio/»nis f ,>. an indiction, thc 

lndcscriptiis f a,um./>Mindescribcd.! spaco of fifteen ycars, animpost. 

Indcscrtus, a, um. pt unforsakcn. 
Indcses, idis. a/Ij. actiw, quiek. 
Indcsinenter, adv. continuallv. 

Indictus,a,um. pt. dcnounccd, pro 
claimcd,dcclareil, ordcred, invit 
cd to,unspoken,unsaid,not plead- 

Indcspcctus,>/.undespised.Indicu:n, i. n- 2. indigo. cd. 

Indestrictus, a. um /■;. unhurt. jlndidcm. adv. from thence. thcre 
lndcterminatc, adv. indctcTmUlndiOs.arfr.dailv, crcrv dav. nice. 


Indf tonsus a, um. pt. unshavcn. 
Indcvitatus, a, um. />/. un^iring. 

Indiftercns.tis.a///. indiflercnt, not 
Indifivrcnter, adr. indhTcrentlv 


InditfOcntia, zc.f 1 . indiflerencc 
lndevoratus,a,um./'/. umhvourcd/lntligcn.i.w.r.^. 1. a nativc nent. Indiligens. tis. adj io 
Indcx.icis.r.jT-.o.adiscovcrcr^anin-Indigenitrdis^- arij. natural, pcrti-IIndiligcntcr, ad->'. ias, 
formcr.aprognoMic,or svmpiom,lndigcns, lis. pt. & adj wanting,! gcntly, carelcsslv 
a mark,ortoken,a titlc.o/' ta!>lc of<ly,poor ty.'lndiligcnti:ur/. ncgli 
a book,atouchktone,lhe foiv-fin-Indigcntia.x./l. i«idigcnce % povcr-lIndimcnsus^«um/»/ ui 
|fer.Indexchartn,thc card turncdlndigco [in,ogco],crc, gui. n. 2. tolndipismr [in.apiscor 
ii p truinp, TauI Viv- lndex nautl- want, to sf.ind in d 2-to ob'ain.^'.t,.-j/-.^ 

cus, thc sa'»lor's coinpass. Camh. Indigcs, ctii». r. r. a goil made of a; takc, to cumprchcmi 
lndicandus.a,um. pt to bc bhown. man, a nativc god, a canoni/c«ljIndircctus, a, um.- aif, 
Indtcans, tis showing. saint. (out ordcr. Indireptus, a, uin. pt. 

lndicatio, 6nis./. .3. an indication, adv. indigcstcdly, with 
tbe .sc-ttinjj»* a price upon warcs Indlgestio, onis. /. ). indigcstion. 
IhdtciltiYus, a,um. arf/. indicativcludigcstus, a, um /•/.. andi|;csted, 

?ptus, a, 

Indiscrctus,a,urn./»/. «n 

cd,not ni-paratccUin^l 

lndiscriminatus,a, unr 





idistinguiflhcd. jlnddtitug, a,um./>Minendowed,not to grant, to dispense with. 

uhf. without eloquencc honoured withfuneral obsequicslndulgcor, eri. p- to be indulged. 
t, um. adj uneloqucnt. Indubitiibdis e. adj. indubitablc Indispens-.tus,a,um.//r\unboundcd 
t adv. coi__-iseclly,disor Indiibitaiitcr, adv. without douht. lndultus.a.uin pr. indulged, suffcr- 

Indubitute, adv. without doubt. ed. pardoncd, given, trrantcd. 
s,a,ura. pt. disordercd. Indubitatus, a,um- pt. uudoubted.Indultus, us. m. 4. indulgence. 
bflis, e. adj. not to bej/ndubito, are. n.l- to doubt much. fndumen, mi«. n. 3. id. quod. 
1, or conccalcd. tlndubius, a, um. adj. ccrtain. Indumcntum, i. n. 2. a garment, 

•tus a um. />/ not dis-tnducendus,a,um./>/.to be induccd dress, attire, apparel, clothe*. 
lot concealed. jlnducens, inducing 1 («pite. lnduo,ucrc,ui,utum. a.3. to put in- 

lis, e. adj. indissoluble Induciac, aruru pl f a truce, a re- to,on,or covcr, or clothe, 

//iduco,cere.uxi,uctum. a 3. to in- to covcr,besmear,or daub ovcr,to 
ducc»topcrsuade,toprevailupon, tnkcupon, rassumc,to cntangle» 
to draw over, or in, to ca jole, to Sc iiiduerc in florcm, to blossom, 
lcad, or bring 1 in, to intrcKlucc.tolnduor,ui,utus/».to bcputon- Virg. 
covcr ovcr,to put, or draw on. tolndupei^ator, pro Im])crator, Juv. 
makc void, or abolish, to cancel^lnduranduBjajUm./W. to be harden- produccorbring fbrtli,'.Indiirans, tig. pt. hardening. : ed. 

ludiirf.tio, onis. /. 3. a liardcning. 
lndGrutus,a &. adj.ior, comp. 

i, a, um. pt. not loosed. 
a<tv. confuscdly. 
ijS^ & mdj undis- 
., confuscd, indistinct. 
, a, um. pt unhurt. put,or set in,or in- 
*p, set, or built upou. 
a, um. adj. individual, 
t be divided, inscpara 
i,e.a«#.indivisibl<r (blc. 
, um. pt. undivided- 
a, um. pt. unscpu.ra.ted. 
lidi, ditiun a.o to put, 
into,to put,orlay upon, 
iiDprint, to give. 
. to be put, or given. 
vlj. unmanageable,un- 
untau^ht, natural- ly. 
/. ius, comp. unleamed- 
, um. pt. ior, comp. issi- 
ntaught, unlcarncd, ig- 
skilful. unaccustomed. 
t.y.thc fccling no pain. 
e. lui, litum, neut. 2. to 
feel pain. 
:ere. n. 3. idcm 
.j».a gTowth,orincrcasc, 
i race,a brccd, a slrain. 
t, c. adj. untameablc. 
__,un_. pt. untamcd, un- 
e. invincible, raging. 
, tia pt slecping". 
•e ivi,ltum.» siccp 
u& «higg&b» v Aovr. 

or erase, 

to give 
Inducor, ci, ctus p. to bc induccd. 

Inductio, dnis./ o. an induction,a| hard;»ncd, niade hard. 

I • * •_. I !__•*■ _T 1 — — > * 

bringing into,or along,a bringing 

in,an introduction,a persuasion,a 


Inducturus.a,um pt. about to bring 



brought in, introduced, covcred 

ovcr, bcsmearcd, plastcrcd, put 

on, canccllcd, crascd. 

Inductus us 77i. 4. a pcrsuasion. 

/iidureo, cre. n. 2. & //ulurcsco, 
ctre.;'//rc'/; jjrow hard. hard. 

7/iduro, urc- a. to harden, to makc 

lndfiror. uri p to bc hardcncd. 

lndu_':arius,a,um adj. that makcth 
under ^arnients. (ncath. 

Indrisiatus,a,um- adj. woro under- 

Indusiuui.i ii .2 a shirt.shiit,sn.ock, 
pctticoatjorotiicr undcr-^itrnicut 


InUuciila, x.f. 1. a woman's uudcr activity,labour, care, carcfL.lncss f 

g_unient, a waistcoat. ' ' 

Indugredi, pro Ingredi, Lucr. 
/,;dulco, arc. a. 1. to makc swcet. 
Indulg > ens,tis./>/.& adj.tor c mp.h- 

stmus, nup. indulging, indulpent, 

gracioufc, kind, tcnder. ii.dulgcd 
Indulj^enier adv.ias.c mp. issmic 

nup lndulg-cnt!) , kiudly. 

ncss, lcnity, inildness, gracc, f:i- 

vour. a pardon, u dis|>c.isation. 

lndulgeo,cre, indulgf,t< 

•^c indul^eiit,to iiiakc iiiuch of.ti 

fivc pnc's ^dfup to, to cpnccd^. 

thoujrht. J)e iudiistriu, Cic. Ex- 

industria, Liv. Jndustriu, Plaut. 

on purpose, designcdly. 
Industrie, adv. ias. cump. industii- 

ously, carcfully. 
Industii6_c, adv industriorjjly. 
I n du_>triosus,a,urr.,u_//. i ndustrious 
i;ulustrius,a,um. adj. ior, comp. iu- 

dustrious, ac.ivc, hrivk, blarp. 
I:\«lutus, a, um. pt. put on, clad. 
Iudutus, us.ffi 4. clotiiing^^apparel. 
:.iduvi;c, aruin. pl.f. 1. cloth. 

r.iiiviuin,'] M.2 tucbarkofa trce. 

neJ^rjiiUO^ivis J* .i.^Tft^v^^srsxvX 





/nebrio, Sre. a. 1. to makc drunk. 

Inebrior, ari. />. to be intozicated. 
Ine*dia,x./1. want of food^asting. 
Incditus, a, uxn. /W. not declared. 
Ineffabllis, e. adj ineffable, that 

cannot be uttered, or expersscd. 
InefFabihter, adv. mexpressibly. 
Ineff icax,acifl.o/(/.i neffectual,vain 
Ineff Ygiatus, a,um. aaj. deformed. 
InclabSratus, a,um. pt unlaboured. 
Inelegans, tis. utij- inelegant. 
Incluctabllis, c. adj. inevitablc. 
IneTncndahllis, e. adj. not to bc a- 
/a£ni5rior,i.a* dic in (mended 
Incmptus, a, unbought. 
Inenarrabilis,e. adj. inexpressible 
Inenarratus, pt. not told. 
InSnddabYlis, c adj. intricate. 
/neo, ire, Ivi, Ytum. a. 4. to go, or 

entcr into,to entcr upon,to com- 

mencc,to undcrtake,to lie.orcou 

ple with,to form. or pass 
Ineor Yri,Ytus. be entered mto 
Incepte adv. issTme tup. foolishly. 
Ineptia,z./l.foolishncss,folly, ab- 

aurdity, a story, a tale, a jest. 
Ineptio, triflc, to talkfool- 


ntptus,a, um. adj. ior. comp. issY- 


plc. (ovcr. 

Inequitab^lis, e- adj. not to be rid 
/w£quito,are.a.l. toridc in, or up 

on, to ride about, to insult. 
Inermis,e. adj. unarmed,defcnce 

lcss,\veak fcoble,mde,unIeamed. 
Inermo, are. a. 1. to disarm. 
Iucrmus, a, um. adj. unarmcd. 
Iuerrans, tis. pt. fixed. 
/7ierro,are.n wander,to strag- 

gle, to scizc on. 
lncrs,tis.a<7/. inactivc,heavy, dull, 

sluggisli,lazy, slothful, slow, mo- 
tio/iIc38,artiess, unskilful, stupid, 

faint,fceblc,weak,helpless, insip-, incxtricable. 

id, flat, stiff, barrcn, unfruitful. lnexpllcatus, pro. 

Incrtia,*./ 1 inactivity,heaviness, Inexpllcitus,a, tun. pt.i 

idleness : laziness,indolence.sloth, ed, dark, obacure, mt 

softness,dissolutencss,luxury, ig- IncxplSrate, & Inexph 

norance, unskilfuUness,stupidity. without search, preci 

(nertYciila, «./ 1. a hcavy winc. Inexpl5ratus,a,um-/>r u 

IneTudlte aaVunlearnedly,unfitIy untried, undiscovere< 

Ineriidltus, a, isslmus, sup. Inexpug-nabilis, e. adj. 

unlearned,unskilled. (with a bait Inexpugiiatus, a, um. p 

[nescandus, a, um. pt to be taken. conie. 

[nescans, tis/tf. catching». 

fnescatus,a,um. /H.aUured,caughL Inexs&urabYlis, e. aaj. 

Inesco,[in, esca],are. a. 1. to lay a 
bait,to allurc,to catch, 
to entrap» to trepan. 

fnescor, ari. p. to be allured. 

fne v?tabilis»c.atf)'.inevitable . (upon 

Incundus, a, um. be entered. 

InevftKitus, a, um. pt. enrolled.un- 
foldcd, unread. (be awaked. 

[ncxcitabYlis, e. adj. that cannot 

Inexcltus, a,um. pu notraiscd. 

Incxc5gitatus,a,um. pf.unthought. 


Incxcusabilis, c. ac\j. incxcusable. 

Inexpiitabilis, e. adj. ir 

lnextinctus,a,um/M inc 

InextinguYbllis, e. tul 

ed out. 

Inextrlcabilis, c.adj. in< 
Incxsiiperabilis, e. adi 

bSc, invincible, unpas: 
lnfubri.-atus,a, um pt.u 
lnfacete,& Inf icete, at 

santly, unwittily, not : 
Infacetiz,X'W Inf icetiac. 

InexcrcYtatus, a, um. pt. uncxcrci- 

sed. (cd. lpoor jcsis, little pui 

lnexcrcTtus,a, um. pt. undisciplin- Inf acetus, & Inf icetus, 
Inexcussus, a, um. pL unshaken. 
[nexhaustus,a um. p/inexhausted- 
iiiex5rabilis,c. aa/inexorable, cru- 

cl. (ed 

lnexpectatus,a, um. pt. unexpect-lnf acundus, a, um- adj 
lnexp£ditus,a,um. pt unprepared. uncloqucnt, rude in %\ 
fnexperrectus.a,um/>*not awakcd Inf amandus,a,um. pt. to 

ior, comp unpleasant, 
rude, unpolished, clo\k 
lnf acundia, 3C./ 1. a w 

f nexpertus, a, um pt. untried, un 

attempted, unexperienced. 
f inexpiable, irre 

concileable, obstinatc, bittcr. 

/ncxplanabilis.c.a<(/.incxplicable.!lnf amia, x./ 1. infiuny ; 
Incxplanatus, a, um. pt. stammer- dishonour, aspersion,c 
lnexplebtlis,e.a'(/ insatiable- (ing.W amis,e, tu(j. infamwM 
Inexplctus a,um/>f.not completcd, grac.eful,dishonorableJ 

bc dcfamcd, to dispan 
Inf amans. tis. pt. defan 
Inf amatio, 5nis. / 3. a 
Inf amatus, a, um pt. de 

not ftiiished, insatiable. 
lncxplicabilis^e. ai{/\ inexplicable, 

dismal, unlucky. Infam 
the middle finger, F*r 





i, fama% are. a. 1. to dc-" ful. curseii. 

• digTace, to diparagc, to Infensaus, tis. [>t. destroying. 

:o confutc, to sprcad a-jlnfcnse, Infctiso, adv iiis, c mp. 

> accuse, to wajtc, to des-j hostilcly, spitefully, cagerly. 

Infenso,i4re.« harass, to spoil. 

Infcusus, u, um. pt. ior, vomp. issi- 
iiius,tf///>.eiir:i«eed,furious, hostilc, 
a, tnn. adj. ibsunus, snp. Infcrcio, *rr (Lad 

&bominable,hcinous, cru-|hifcrciidus.a, um pt to he carricd 

Inf crcns tis. pt. carrying' on. (on. 

Infcri, o.iun. [U. m 2 the gods, o: 

iri./ bc madcinfamous. 
t, dftr. O aboininablo. 

g, bittcr, gTeat. 
adj. ior, r.wi/i. issinius, 

ig liitle,sinaII,ieiidiT,un- shadcs below, mancs. hcll. 

pcak, uncloqucnt. ^hifcrirc, uruui, pl.f 1. sacrificcs to 
;. r. ^. 3. au infuit. babc.j tbe infernulgods forthc dcad. 
:hild 9 thc \ oun^r oi" aiiVjjnfcrior, or.s «i'//. inforior, lowcr. 

inf criiis,n,um.fff// bclongiug to fu 

fnfernalis, c. adj infenial.(ncr:ds. 

InfernasjUtis. adj. growiiur bclow. 

Infcrnc, adr. hclnw, bciicath. 

;iifcrnus,:i, infcrnal of hcll 
hcllish, l\in;r bclow. lowcr. 

/;if cro, frrre, iiv.uli, Miatum.n.3 
to infvT, or conchule, to bringin. 

./. 1. infiucy.cbillhood. 
c. adj. bclong-iiirj to in 

5, i. m. 2. a mcrc infant. 
i, tis. pt. stuiftngin. 
re.a. 4. tostutf, tu cram. 
xri. p. to bc siutfVd. 
ilis,c. adj. indefati^ablc. 

Tnfcsto,are.a.l to infest,to disturb, 
to disquiet, to plaguc, to spoil. 

Infcstor, ari. p. to be infcstcd. 

Infcstusa, um, adj. ior, comb, issi- 
malicious. savagc, troublcsome, 
vcxatious, pcrplexed, adverse, 
daiigcrous, hatcd, envied, cxpos- 
cd, obnoxious. 

ln f ibulo,& ; ntiblo, clasp, 
to huckle. to join together. 

Inf iccti.c, rid. Lnfacctia;. (I*Iin. 

Infirctissimc, adv most rudcly, 

Inf icialis.c. adj. pertaining to de- 

Inf iciandus,;/. to be dcnicd, 
to bc disprovcd, to bc ashamed. 

Inticians, tis.///. denying\ 

inf icias, acc plur. f 1. a denial. 

•nf icifitio, onis.y? 3. a dcnial. 

Inf lriator, oris. m. »i. & denicr, onc 
that. plcadclh non assumpsit to % 
d^bt, ur not guilty to a crime. 

into,upon,o;*up,to bring or carry. Inf iciatus a, um./r/.dcnying. (idle. 

i.fatuus , are. a. 1. toin- lo lay to,to npply,to makc,toset 

to m ike a fool, to bcsi.t . lnf cror, crri. p. to bc brought in 

a,nm.<if(/ unprospcrous, Jnfcrtilis,c a<//.unfruitful[tn sceth. 

, inauspicio>iM. /«fervcf acuy.vre u.3 to makc hot, 

lnfcrvcfactus,a, um. pt. madc hot. tocolor toiiiibuc, to spoil,to pou 
lnfcrvcfio fin. fcnco, fio] ficri, son, to tincturc, to instruct. 

5nis./ 5. aninfcction. 
^ini. af(j. bclon^ing- lo 
^lourin^, or painting. 
iris.m,.1 a dicr,wiiat dics. 
a,um/>r. infcctcd. pollut- 
, btaincd, poisoncd, cur- 

a, um. adj. undonc, not 

wrought,iinfinishcd, un- 


tis. m. 4. a dying". 

s,atis/. 3 inf«licity, un- 

r, adr. unliappily. (py. 
,are.a.l. to rnake unhap- 
s adj'\OT t comp. unkappy, 

factus.-i..). to be madc hot, to bc 
hcatcd, to bc made to boil. 

/wfcrvco, ere.& ///fcr»osco, ccrc. bc hot,to bc boiling hot. 

Infcrus, a. u:n. a Ij. ior, c mp. infi- 
rior,lower lntiiiiis prccibus, witb 
moii huniblc ])ctitions, JJv. \\\- 
fimx radics montis, thc lowcst 
part of the mountain, t\ct. 

Infestans, tis. pt. infesting. 

Infestator. oris. m. 3. a robber. 

lnfcste,uc/v.ius, c mp. issime, sup. 

hostilcly, outrag^cously, mischicv- 

unfortiinate, uusuc-iliifcstivitcr^uf/vunplcasantly^ously 

iselct% harrcD, unfruit- 


InfmrtiTns, a, lln. adj. unpUasaut. 

lnficicns, tis /;/ infccting, dyiny, 

lnfiei<>[in,facio ,crc,fcci, fcctum. infcct,to pollutc,to vitiatc, 

to corrupt,to die,to stain totinge^ 

lnf icior, ari, atus. sum. dcp. 1. to 
deny, to disown. to abjure. 

Inf Tde, adv. unfaithfully. 

Infulclis,e adj. ior, comp. isstmui, 
tvp. uufaithful, tieacherous, dcr 

lnf:delitas, atis/. unfaithfulnetl.- 

infideliter, adv unfaithfully. 

Inf idus, a um.adj. unfaithful, dit* 
loyal, trcacherous, falsc, deccit- 

Inf if^cndus, a to bc fiied. 

//tfi^o,gvrc,ixi,Uum a. 3. to fix, t© thmst,push, or drive to 

Infigor, jri p. to be fixcd.(imprint. 

hjfunaUfjUin./»/ m.?. tk« raBoafit^. 






Tnfimu6.a,um.a<#.#u/). lowcst,last, Inflans tis./r/. swelung,puffing iip.'///f&dio,dere,odi,ossuri 

low,uiean, contemptible, Bubmis- inflatd, adv. ius, com/>. haugiitily. 

sivc, Iiitlfitio. onis / 3 a swclling. 

//ifindo, dcrc, f idi, fissum. a. *• tolnflalus a, um./>/ & adj. ior. c m/> 

cut,to cleave,toplough,toengTuft blown up, orabout, blown, swel- 
Inf inItas,atii/o.infinity, gencral- led, purted up, elatcd, ha<ight\, 

ity. pi-uud, inspired, moved. 

Infinitc Sclnflnito, adv. infinitcly, Inflatus,u*.?». 4- a blowing upon, : 

without measurc vehenicntly. sound, or blast, an inspiration. 
Tnf-nitio, dnis./ J. an intinity. lnflcctens,tis./>/.bendingdecliuin^. 
Infmilivus, a, um. adj. infinitive Inflectio 6n.s./ 3. a turning, oi 
lnfinitus,a, um atlj. ior, comp. in-j windLig.a decunsion, a conjuga- 

finitc,in(lcfinite, endlcss, bound- 1 tion. 

lcss, excessive,vast,gTcat,much. 
Jnfirmatio,6nis/3. a weakening a 

conlutmg a disproving. 
lnfirraatuB,a,um./>f, weakencd, cn 

fecbled,wounded, hurt,coufutcd. 
Infirme, adv ius, comp wcakly. 
liifinmtaa, itis. f. 3. infirmity fcc 

blenessjWcakncss ficklcncss. in- 
Infirmiter,«dv wcakly. constuncy. 
//ifirmo,are.a. l.tu wcakcn,to uiva 

lidate to opposcto confutc,todis- 

Inlinnor, :»ri. p- to be opposed. 
lnhrmus,a, uui. adj ior, comfi. is>i 

muK,*«/ , -mfii.n, fcchle weak,no 

durabl«,unse tled irresolute iiv 

constant, fickle. (saith or said 
Jnfit, v. deject. he bcginnelh, he 
lnUvus a, um. pt. fixcd, fas^cncil, 

Went upon, rcsolvcd, besicging. 

//jflccto,terc,cxi exum a..> tobow, 

into,or in,to dig,to pli 
Infodior, i. ossus. p. tc 
Infuccunde, atfY.unfrui' 
luforcunditas, atis / 3 
mforcundus, a, um. ad 

unfruitful, barrcn, p< 
tnfucliciias,&c vid Inf 
lntirtus, a, um. adj. ba 
informandus,a,uin./>/ 1 
Informatio, onis./. % i 

a sketch. imiginatior 
luformaturiis, a, um.y 

lorm, conslitute, or ii 
• nformfitUK,a umpt. fo 

thcr way,to declinc to w..rp,to a - ed,made, drawn out, 

Inflcctor, ti.^. to be bent. 
lnfletus,a,um./?/ unbewailed, unla- 

mented, unpitied. («tinate. 

Inflcxibilis, e. adj inflexiblc, ob 
Inflcxio, onis./ 3. vid. tnflcctio 
lufl x s. a, n m pt. bowed, bent, 

turned,crookcd. winding, varicd. 
Inflcxus,us vi 4 abending altcrcd 
Inttictio,6nis/ & Infl.cius, us. m. 

4. an inflicting, a striking. 
Inflictus, a, um pt. inflictcd. 
//ifligo,gcre,ixi, icium. a. 3. to in lay,or bring upon,to fling. 

or throw, to, or dash. 
//zfio,arc,avi.atum.«.l to blow up- 

on, to blow, to swcll. to pufl* up 

Inilammandus, a, um. pt to bc iu- ■ inflatc,to increase,toheightcn 

fl.ancd, to bc sct on fire. 
Iuflammaiiter, adv. ii.flamcdly. 
]nttammatto,onis/ .inflammation. 
lnflaiiimfttor,6ris m 3. an ijiflamer. 
liiflainmatus, a, um pt inflamcd 

sri oti firc, cxcitcd. stirred up. 
/ytrlaiimio,are. a 1 to inflame. to 

sei on fire.toexcite,to stir up to 

proroke,to transport to cxaggt - 

Tn1)*mmoT t ari. p. to be inflameu. 
J/i£ljyidu3,u,mm./jt.hi fae puil^d up. 

'nflor, ari, atus p. to be bloun. 
/«floreo, ere, rui, n 2. to flourish. 
!nfluens,tis./>/. flowing in, rushing 

in, abounding, lalling off. 
'nfluo,ucre,u\i uxum./i. ».to flow, 

•r run into, to flock, or run in, to 

i^et admittance,to abound, to de- 

cr -asc. to slip out of, to fall off. 
infiiivium, i. ?i. 2. an effusion. 
i irtuxio,6nis/:> influenct, power. 
Infinxus, us. m. 4. an influx. I 

tnf odiens, tip. pt. digging in. |lnfrxno,are.o.rto bric 

instnictcd, imperfcc 
lnforimdatus,a,um. /*/. 
informis,e. adj shapel 

cn rude fdthy.fou), d; 
/ foi 

fashmn, to make, to 

dcsign to tcacli, to i 
Infonuor ari p. to bc 
.nforo.arc.fl.l.toborc i 
lnf'ortun.itus, a, um at 

Infoilunitas, atis./ 3. 
Infortunium. i n. 2 m 
infossio, onis./ a co^ 

infossus, a, um. pt. di 

with eartli set inthee 
»ufra,//r»r/>.bclow bcni 

less than, fcwcr tlian 
Infractio, ouis /' .». a ! 
InfraQtus, a, um pt. ioi 

ken, broken to peicc 

.veak,subinissive, ab; 

«*d,daunted, discoura 

ken, undaunted, unc 
tnfrxnatus & lnfrenati 

bndlcd, unbridled, n 
Infrxnis. e. & lnfrenu 

unbridled, ungovem; 




rrstrain, to kecp, or liol<l in. inf ulatus a,um. /*/ wcarinjr a mitrol /ngvmo^mtre.rnui.n.S-to RToan, to 
t^-ilis e.tulj. not cisil) brokcn, //ifutaio irc v ivi,huni a. 4. to iament, bcwail,tomourn for. 

incihic. umlainted, bold' ken. i.i, to erani n. to foist in. 
tnjribi! s, c a*!j not to bc bro-unfulcior, iri, />■ to be crammed in 
?:no merc,r.iai. n ■ . to roar a- himljreiiB,tis./jrshininfr,Kli!terinjr. 
d,io roar t«> ra^c, to murmur. infftniatus a, uin. pt. <lric«l in thc 
'ntlens tis. /;/ jrnashinjr snioke. ( 'aro infumata,hun;r becf 

•nileo, *«*e Frcn :eo. :/»if mo, are. a 1. to smoke «lry. 

qurns, tis «/<;. >or. r m/> issi-j!nfundcnd'.s,a,um /> be pourod 
»#'//> unfrc'1'.iciit, .nusual, un-J in,0rupon.(injr,orissuinjrthroujrh 
):non.rarc. scluo-.n secn «r vi-lnfmdens pourinjr in pour- 
d.MiiiVequfiited, unaccustom- . ufundibttlum, i. n 2 a tunncl. oi 
fcw, thi.i. (ncs» H funnel, thc hoppcr of a mill. 

qucntia,^./ l.fewncsa, thin-j/;;nindo,tlCrc,fudi, fusum. a 3. to 
tn.liLsa um. pt tobc crumbled pour in, or into, to pour upon, to 
atus. a, um pt. crumbled. \ diffusc tospread, tocmpty 
catus a,um. //f.rubbcd.frcttcd lnfundor. di. /; to he pourcd in. 
co,are,cniSc cavi, ictum & ca-; nfuniibiilum ( i. n.2.abaker'spcc1 
\ja to rub in, or upon, to rul)., nfuscans, tis pt. darkcninjr. 
eur, ari. /». to bc rubbcd. jlnfuscfitio, ouis. / 3. a darkeninjr. 
ctio,flnis. /*. • a rubbinjr (hcd.jinfu9catus,a um. pt made dark, or 
Bttu-a um. pt. rubhed in, rub-' blackish.darkciicd trouhled, «lis- 
jreo*ixi, 7i. 2. to hecomc cold.j turbc.d, muddy, corruptcd. 
{rrdltio, onis f >. n coolinjr. !/;ifiisro/ 1 to niake d.irk, or 
•rido, arc. a 1. to cool. ed., muddy, to tlarkcn, to tarn : sh, to 
njrciuliLs.a,iim pt to hc Icsscih corrupt, to dilutc to 
r^ns^tis./W.brcakinjrtbruisinjri allav, to drown the voicc 
nj*o» in,franjro|, jrcro, rcjri.'Infuscor,ari atus. />.tobedarkcncd 
tuma. break.tear.or rcnd!nfuscus.a, um adj. swarthy dark. 
uece*. to break, to bru'sc» to*nf>so, nnis. f an infusion.a pour, 
irn,« qucll orsub-lnf nsor,J>ris.;>i. 3 a pourcr in.(injr 
», to humble, to d-.joct, to dis- nf fisus,a,um. pt po.srcd .nto,onip. mov(-,9r prcvuil upon 0!i,pourinjrin,diftused,falliii,(;ii[>- 
RJfur. Ifi P to he brokeu. on. injr 

oJkrc a.l tocrumblc in picccs!,ni. an infusion, a stecp- 
w f -xp p to be crumblcd •n^ciiicnst ; s. />f.gToaiiin£.lament 
»n«, dis atlj witliout lc-tves. InjremTnanstis. /ri.rcdoul>!injr.(in 

/yij^cnerasco.cere.w to he enjrcnd- 
n^cncritus a,uu. pt hrcci in (erc«l 
/;ij^eiien),are.f« bcget, to pro- 
ducc(bc con inucdon m dcscents 
njrcneror 9 ari./> to he produced,to 
Jn^eniatus, a, uui. tulj. naturally 
jriven. (hoxv, to courtcsy. 

'njrcnichln, arc.a 1. to knccl, to 
lnjrcni^sc, auv. itls, c mp. issimc, 
*up injrenious^v. wittily. 
iigcniosi!S,a,uui. atlj. ior c rup is- 
simus, 8iip. infrcnious, shrcwd, 
rally ailaptcd, iit, suitable. 
fnjrcnitt!S,u,uni /if.inbrcd naturaj 
njrcnium i rw^.thc naturc.uual.U » 
o;disi)osition of a thing^.orpcrson» 
the mind-thc Iwart^g-cnius, capa- 
city, ahilitics, judjrment. apprc- 
hcnsion/mjrcnuity wit lcaniinjr, 
mcTiion,a «levicc or contri\ancc, 
a wit, or witty man. 
npfcris.tis.rj#//.gTeat,larjrc, nJjrhty, 
hujre, prodijrious. 
inj;-onuatus. a uin. «//•'. well born» 
well brcd, wcll diaposod 
.ijrei.ue.tir/r.injrciiuously frankly. 
njrcnuitas.atis./.i.iuge,.uit\ , can- 
d«»»:r. • 

:igrc:iuus, a, um. adj. irjrci.uoua, 
frui.k- honest, lihcral, IVeehorn, 
handsomc, r.icc, da.nty, natiral. 
'njrcrendus^uin /i/.to!)c thro\%n, 
or c:;st cast(upon,hcapi jr 
Jnjrercns, tis pt. thrcwiiig 1 ii-to, ov 
trtuo*iis& um. a*(h unfruitful, njrcminutio, onis- /';> a doul)iin^.i/>ijren>,rcrc, cssi, cstum. uct. 3- to 
irofitabl^ iinavailui<r, h:irrt;n Injrciuiintus, a,um. /».'. rodoublod. thi*ow,cast,or pour in,/)r i:pc:«', to 
iglferus a,um a*lj unfru.tful /;;jremin:),uro. a douhlc or rc- heap up,to throw out,or 
in<t*>u* si.uni a tj silly, foohsh doublc to repeat ; ;i. to incrcase. Jr.jrcror, i /; to he cast into.(uttcr 
«yitio.nnis /*.>adisjr«risin.'r.(edlnjrcm:nor, ari. />. to bc douhlcd. Injrcstahilis,c. «///. caMiot be 
cMuv 1 tini-/tf j^aint«d.di:«^uis-injrciii ; sccns, tis. pt. laineiiliujr borno.|<:d.onai«!upoi,,forc<:«hipon 
coyarc.a « d.s^ iise Injreiriisco ccre.;;ir.3. to jrroan,to injrostus, />.\thrown in,heap- 
la, m.f. 1 a mitrv, a iur'ian,a sijrh,to sob,»o mourn^o /;iirip!0.nere,sc..ui,j: , eiiitum. a. 3. 
lem,a fillct, a vcil, a ^rarland.j hcwail, to lamcnt, to bciuoan. t«> cujTL-ndor, or hrccd iu. 





Ingftas*alis./3.want,povcrtY.(up.lngTien.T]us.n. 3.thc groin,the pri- 
/nglomero.ure.a.l to wind,orhcap vy parts, a discase in thosc parts. 
Ingloridsus, a, tim. arfj. inglorious.lnguln iria, x / 1. an hcrb. 
Ingldrius, a, um. adj. inglorious,of Ingurgitatus, a, um. j&i, devourcd 
no rcputation, mean, obscurc |Ing^irgito,[in,giirges],arcac/.l. toi 
Ingliivies, €i./. 5. the weasand,orj devour greedily, to swallow, toJInh6nestus,a, uwTatlj.iOT, 


gullet,tbe craw,crop,©r gorgc of aj pour clown, tocram, to stuff, to 
ird, yluttony, gormandizing. plungc o\ cr hcad and ears. 
Ing-liiviosus, a um.adj. gluttoiio!ia.'lngiistuhilis,ca<l7.not to be tastcd. 
/nfrrandcsco,cerc<nc. ^.toincreascjlngustatus, a. inn. pt. untastcd. 
IngT ; itc,aJi'.ungTatcfulIy,unthank-.lnhibilis,e. adj unfit, disqualihcd, 

fully» discontcntedly, unkindly. unuble, unwicldy, unmanagcablc 
Ingratif icus a,um adj. ungratcful. Inh2hitabi1is,e. adj. uniniiabitablc. 
Ingratiis, fm spitelnhabitutio.onis./.S an inliabiting. 
f of one's tecth,againstone's will.l/7ihabito,ure. oct. 1. to inhabit, to 
Ingratis, adv. by constraint. * I dwell. 

Ingratitfido, inis./ *, ingratitude. Iuhabitor, arc./». to be inhabitcd. 
Ingralus,a, um. arfj ior. r mp. issi-,inh«crens, tia- pt. clcaving to. 

m\is,sup. ungratcful unthankfulJ/nhxreocre, arsi, xsum. n. 2. to in 

unptcasant, unacccptal)Ic, con- herc,to stick in,orto,tocleave to, 

Ingravans, tis. pt. growing bcavv. 



TahSncstas, atis./. 3. disli 

Inhoneste .o/fo.dishonestl; 

//ih6nesto,are.a disp 

discrcdit, to disgracc 

to fiaiur about,to rcmain,or conti 
nnc,to stay,to be wholly given up 
Ingriivesccns,tis./>/.gTowmg worscj to, to dv-ell, or live ncar to. (in. 

and worsc, increasing. |/#ihacrcsco, ccre. n 3- to stick fast 

/npravesco,Ccrc.j?/f.o.togTowhca-lnhicsi\rus,a,uni /il.about to stick 

vier,worse or increasclinhalatio, onis. /S.abreathing in 
Jngravo,arc act.l. to makc heavy,l//xhalo, breath in.orupon 

more painfuhorworscto incrcascilnh dor, ari. p. to be breathed on 

to ovcrload, tocry out against Inhaustus, a, um. pt. tastcd- 
Ingravor, ari p. to b^increased. Inhians, tis. pt- gaping, coveting. 
Ingrediendus,a,um. jtt .to bc entcr-Inhiiitio, onis./. 3. a gaping upon. 

cd upon. ilnhibcndus.a,um. be restrain- 

Ingrediens, t\ entcring into. jlnhlbens, tis. pt. rcstraining. (ed. 
Ingrcdior, [in, gradior], i, essusInhibeo,[inhabeo],cre,bui. bitum 

sum.«*.3 to go to walk,to cntcr in- a.2 to rcstrain,to hold in,to keep 

to f or upon, to attcmpt. 
Ingrcssio, onis./ cntcring in. 
Ingrcssurus,a, um. pf.ahout to cn- 

ter into, or upon-(entcriug upon. 
Ingressus,a,uin. pt. gone,entering, a going, a walk- 

ing. (proaching. 

Ingrucns, tis. part. violently ap- 

/ngruo,uerc, invadcto at- 

tMckfto sctfOr fall upoxi,to ragc,to 

* acar at band. 

back or in, to hinderto forbid,to Inhiimatus, a, um. pt. unt s*op,to dctain, to havc, 
to apply,to use, or exercise(ed 
Inhib? or,eri,'itUi. be rcstrain 
lnlnbitio,6nis./. 3an inhibition, a 

lnlnbitor,oris.m.a forbidder.(stoptInjecto, [in, jacto], arc/ 

Inlubitus, a, um. pt. restraincd, 

//iIiio,arc«.l .to'^ape upon,oraftcr, 

to ppipe, to covct,to desire much. 

simusjsup. dishonest, du 

blc, mcan, shameful, ns 
Inh5noratus,a,um. pt- ior, 

simus, sup. unhonoured 

honoiu-, unsaluted» unr 
Inhonorif icus. a, um. a<{ 

ourablc, disgraccful, ba 
Inhon6ru3,a, um. aaj. not 

cd, disregardcd, unrcw: 
/nhorreo,?rcrui.n. c 

shake,to shudder,to grc 

ful.. ' roygh, or 

Inhorrescens, tis. part 
/nhorresco, vid Inhorrc( 
Tnhospitulis, c. adj. inhc 
InhospTtalitas, atis./3. r 
InhospTtus,a,um. adj.whc 

cruel, wild, dcscrt, unii 
Inhostus, a, um. arfj. unji 
Inhumaue, mlv. ius. com 

manly, discourtcously, i 
Inhumanitas, atis. f. inb 

InhQmaniter, adv. ius. c~i 

manly, mercilcssly. cruc arfj. ior, 

sTmus, »up. inhuman, bi 

crucl, severc, stern, un 
Inhumatio, onis./ 3. a bi: 

Inhflmigo,arca. 1-tomo 
/whumo,are a. 1. to burv, 
InTbl^i^r.even thcre,in tl 
Injectio, onfe. /. 3 an inj 
casting in,or upoma layn 

cast m ofien, to Uy. 
Injccturus,a, uro- pt. abou' 
Injectus,a, castin» 

lnUoucisUuu«ntujn,i. n, 2. a discrc-J or laid upon, cast, «cnt,r 





ks.m.4.i casting" in, or «l.f ed into orders,licenscd. or admit-[Injustitia,x/ 1 injustice,ill usagr. 
intis* pt. beginning eapJy.j tcd to, instructcd in firat princi- ln justus,a^ ior, comp.yinjust, pt to bc cast in 
t, jacio], cere, jgci, jec- 
to cast,throw,or 

plcs.(to give the first instructions unreasonable. iinmodcrate. 
■ nitio,area 1 to initiate* to begin, Innabilis, e. adj. tliat cannot be 

Jnitior, ari p. to bc initiated. 

:>on, or about, to cast, vr nitium,i.n. 2 a beginning, an cn-Iunans, tis pt swimming in- 

.to cast,or throw, to clup, 
,to cause, to raisei or cx- 
trike, to hctakc* 
,jectus.p. to be cast. ly 
dv. issime' " •--*.., 

, x. /. 1 & 

ar.cnmity, rariance,a fal- 
a quarrel an atfront. 
•c.« 1 . to set at variancc, 
« to be onc's encmy 
ari. «/- to become ani 
o hatc. 

lyiiin. adj. ior, c»mf>. issl 
. unfriendlv, hostilc, ad- 
nrtful, pcmicious, dc- 

. nup. spitcful- ter in niturus gratiam, he who lnn;itatio,5iLs./ 3. a swimming in. 
usitatius inpl.\ will oblige, hiv. (undertaken. //inato, : irc n.l.toswim in or upon< 

nnatus.a. um pt. inbred growin^. 

Innavigabilis, e. adj. innavigable* 

.m 2. an encmy,a foc,an 
•■• an opposcr a ficnd. 
U,e. adj inimitable 
v, out of that placc. 
v. ius. comp issime, aup 
tinfairly, uncinially, ilis- 
eously, amiss, unkindly- 
atis f. 3. iniquity, in- 
partiality, uncvenncss, 

trancc, a nte, or ccremon/, 
causc, a draught, a platform. 
iiitur. imp- 1, thou, hc, &c go in. 
Initums,a,um pt about to go,or en- 

swiinmcd in. 

//inascor,ci,natus.</ bc born in, 
or with, to grow, or spring up. 
tnnatabilis, e. adj eee fnnabilis. 
Innatans, tia. pt. swimming upon. 

um. adj. ior, comp isst- 
njust,unfair, partial, iin- 
even, disadvantageous. 

Initus, a, um. ///. cntcred, beguu 
(nitus iis. m. 4. copukition. 
Iiijficunde, adv. ius, &tmp. unplca 

santly, disagrccably. ness 

'njucunditas, atis./l 3. unplcasaut- 
1 n|ucundus.a,um. adj» unpleusant 

disagrecablc, hatcful. odious 

njfldicatus, a, um pt. unjudgcd. 
•mugis e adj. unyokcd. 
'njunctio dnis.y*. >. aninjunction. 
lnjtinctus,a,um pt. cn joincd, coin- 

mandcd, ordcred, laid upon. 
/wiungo,gerc t nxi f nctum a en- 

join,command imposc or appoint, 

to lay orbring upon. to join to, or 

with, fo entcr into. 
'njungor, gi p to bc onjoincd. 
r njuratus, a, um. pt. unsworn 
'njfiria.x./ l.injury,damage hurt. 

wrong, injustice, trespass, dcs- 

pitc, displcasurc, crimc, oflcnce, 


Injflria, ac/r.un justly, wrongfully. 
unkind, crucl, angry, Injiirior, ari. dep. 1. to injure. 
i 9 impatient, discontent- Injflriose, adv ins, comp issimc, 

•up. injuriously, wrongfully. 
Injflrifisus, a, um adj. injurious, 


InfQrius, a, um adj. wrong^fu! 
Injussus, pt- unbiddcn, with- 

out bidding, spontaneous. 
Injussu.monopt. abl. m 4. without 

order, conunand, or lcave. 

d^too grcat,or too little. 
m 2. an encmy. 
\.pl n- 2. sacriiicc9, thc 
t of a sciencc. 

adj. initial, the iirst. 
ijdTum. pl. «. 2. the first 

principlcs, or crounds 
nia,/ J- initiation. 
am. pi. iiutiatect enter 

nnavigans, tis. pt sailing down. 

Inncctens tis./i^.clasping, knitting, 

/wnecto,tcre,cxui & exi,cxum.a..'$. 

to tic, bind, or put about, to sur* 

round,to devisc 
:nncctor,ti,cxus.)&. to be ticd, join- 

cd, &c. (cd, relatcd. 

Innexus,a,um pt. ticd, bound join^ 
Innisusa, um pt. oee lnnixus. 


Innitcns, tis. pt. lcauing upon. 
/;mUor,ti,ixus. vel isus suin. d.3. 

loan,r(. st.ordepend upon,to ansay. 
Innixi:s,a, leaning upon. dc- 

pcndingupon supportedby (on. 
/nno,arc. n. to swim in,to float up- 
Innbcens,tifj.«f//.ior, comp issimus/ 

«f/^.innocont, guiltless, harmloss, 

wliolesoinc, safc- 
Innoccnter,ar/v. ius, comp. issYmc, 

Inndccntia, x.f. 1 innocence. 
innocuc, adv. harmlcssly simply. 
Innocuus,a, um. nr//".harmless,inof- 

fcnsivc, innocent, safe. 
/nn&tesco^;ic.3 to becomc 

known, noted, rr notorious. 
Inn6\-atio.6nis. /^ 3- an innovation. 
Inndvator dris. m. 0. an innovator. 
Innovo,arc c.l to innovate, to re- 
Innoxie, adv. innocently. (new. 
lnnoxius,a,um.a/(i'-ioT. e> m£. bcv^cv 

Injuste^ adv, issiro^^ enp,unjastfyj\ itt^, VwwKfc^ Sx^^vA^, «»Ndi% 





be pursucd. (ing, ensuing, nert. 

Inscqucns, tis- pt. fbllowing,pnrsu- 

Insequ*. ntcr*aoVnottothe purposc 

/«scquor,qiii,sccQtus,8um. d. 3. to siim. n.2. to sit, or rcst bc 
follow, to follow after, to purstio, fixed-to be settled in.tolic in wait 
to pcrsccute,torail at,to suceeed, for,to hcset, to bcsiegc, to teazc 
to procccd,to sue atlaw topersist liisnlcor,€ri, scssus. />. to bc bcsct. 

lnscrcndus,a,um/»f tobe inscrted. 

Insercns,tis.///- inscrting,thrustinp 

Inscrcnus, a, um adj. cloudy in. 

//isfcro.rcrc,C*vi,itum a sow in, 
•r »inonpr, to implant, to graft. 

lnsci'oc,ri,insttus. p to be grafted 

/«scn),rcrc,scrui,3crtum a.\Xo in- 
6crt,to ptLt,orthrust in,to apply,o/ 

1niTdcns,tis. pt. lig-liting", or sittingi ably, notablv, signallv, exn 

on. ly, finely, mightih . cx 4 - 'cn 

l nsTdco [in, sedeol, 5rc, scdi, scs-I;,sig-nitus,a,um ptior 9 co.ap : 

ccl. markcd, blemished, re 

al>lo, notorious. (ver*s 

InsYlc, is.n.o. the trcadle of ; 

Insiiicns tis pt lcapiucr up< 

Insidise, arum pl- f a lying in" ^''~ '' , " 1 T ~" '"' *" ' 

wait, an ambush, an amhuscadc, 
a snarc, a plot, trcachcry, dcccit, 
a lurking placc. 
Insidians, tis. ///. lyinjr in wait. 
nstdiantcr. adv. insidionslv. 
Insidiator, oris m.3 a licr in wait, 
a plottcr, a trcachcrous person 

put intermix, to mcddle, to lusTdiatrix,icis/3.a femalc plottcr /nsimulo, are- a 1. to fiign, t 


intcrposc YitK inscrcrc aliqucm, 

to brinjr onc to Iife, S:at St/lv. 
Inscror,ii,serius,/;. to bcinscrtcd 
/«scrpojcre,/* l 2 tocrccpin orupon 
Inscrta,^/.! . a piece put in,an or- 
Inscrtans,tis/// pulting iu.(namcnt 
Insci*tim, adv. bv wav of insertion 
Inscrtivus,a,um.<z///.min£lcd put. 
Inscrto.iirc//v// putin oftcn,to 
Inscrtus, pt put in, or upon, 

minglcd aniongst. 
Iiiscrvicns,tis./»f. sening, complv 

ing, fallingin with. 
//tscnio,Irc,ivi,itum-7i. 4 to scrvc, 

to do scn - icc, to attcnd upon, to 

inind, or tnkc care of to complv 

with,to consult, oraim at.(scrvcd. 
InservTtum cst, imp. 1, thou hc,&.c. 
/uscrvo, arc. kcep, or pre- 

scrvc, to obscnc 
Tnscssor, oris. m. 3. a robbcr. 
Inscssus, a,um. />/• sat, or perchcd 

upon,bcsct,blockcd up, infcstcd. 
/nsibTlo,arc.n. to whistle, to makc 

a hissing. 

Tnsiccatus, a, um. pt. undried. 
/usicco, arc. a. 1. to dry. fon. 
<'f/sidcndus,a, to be sat up- 
rnsidens, sitting bi # or upon 

Insidiaturu.s,a,um./>/.about to lic in 
wait, to lic in wait. 'in wait. 

Insidiatus, a, um. pt. lying, or laid 

lnsidior,ari, atussum i/ 1- to lic in 
wait. or ambush, to havc a design 
upon,to impose upon,to dcceivc. 

l.isidiose, adv issimc, tub. trcach 
crouslv, dcccitfullv, craftilv 

lusidiosus, a,um adj ior, comp. is- 
smius, *up. treaclierous, dcccit- 
ful, craftv, ensnaring. dangerous- 

//c.ido, dcrc, sedi scssum n. 
liglit,scttlc,orsit upon,to sink into 

Insidor, di p. to bc scttlcd on. 

lnsigne, is n-3. an ensign» an onia- 
mcnt,a badae,mark,sigii,ortokcn 
an appcllation,or distinction,adc 
vicc, an imprcss on a shield, thc 
crcst of a helmet.ablemish,ascar 

Insignio, Trc, Ivi, itum. a to adom, 
to cnnoblc, to signalizc, to dis 
tir.guish. (cd. 

l.isignior, Tri. p to be distingniish- 

lusignis. e. adj. ior, comp issfmus. 
*up rcmarkablc. uotable, notori- 
ous, famous, noblc, illustrious, 
glorious, cxtraordinary, markcd 
distinguished " (bly. 

Insigmte,a</r\ ius. comp. rcmarka 

Lnsllio [in,sabo], ive, lui k 1 
tum. 7i. 4 to lcap in, or un 
Insfmnl, adv. jointly, togctli 
fnsimulatio,5nis/ accun 
Insimiilator, dris m an acci 
Inslnuiluturus, a, um pt. ab 
Insnniilutus, a, um. ///. accu$ 

ijlngupon, continual, coiistonWlus\^u\ir,t4ij.'\^ cip^. rcHuirk- 

scmble, to pretcnd, to ucci 
Insimulor, ari- p. to be accu 
Lnsincerus a,um adj insinccr 

ccitful, comipt, putrid. ( 
Insmiiandus,a,um. pt. to be ii 
Insmuans, tis. pt iiuiuuatinp 
Insinuatio-cmis./. insinit 

a crafty, or artful address. 
hismuatus, a, um pt. insinu 

crcpt into favour unfolded 
/nsinuo, are act to insinua 

wind, crecp, put, or tlirust 


Insinuor. ari p. to be insinu 
fnsipidus, a, um adj. insipid 
Insipicns, \\%.adj\or % comp. issi 

sup. unwisc, foolish, doting- 
Insipientia,x/1. follv,indiscr 
Lnsistendus, a, ura. pt. to insi 

bc msisted on, to stop. 
Insistens, tis- pt. rcsting upoi 
/zisisto, terc, stfti, stituni. n 

insist upon, to stsnd 

lean, or d\ upon, to rcsofo 

out, or procced on, to soct 

to stop, to t tand still. 
fnsistor, i. p. to bc insisted II 
Insirio, onis./ 3. % grifting. 
In^iUtitkm f i. n. 2. a sausagfe 





,a,um.a<j/. ingrafted, put,l//is6no,are, nui. u. 1. tosound, to hold,*o ob*erve,to inspcctjtosur- 

rafting.not naiural,spuri-!1nsopItus, a, u*n.p/.not laidaslccp,jlnspirand is a,im />/. to be blowa 
ris. m ) a graftcr (ous j slccpless, watcliful ilot.jlnspirans, tis. pt. breathing. (into. 

n 2 a graft,coin,or _hoot.|fnsortitiLs, a,um />/ not partcd by 

,a,uni./>..aboutto ingvaft. 
, um. pt grafted, set, or 
in, Luplantcd, adopted 
i.w 4.agrafting (cordant. 
li*, c. « //'. irisociablcdis 
% ..* _i //. inconsolablc. 
t^r, 6t /i«. iuconsolahly. 
onis f 3 a laving in the 
eacbing. (_■ inny, brig it. 
a,um.A'.<lricvl iu tho sun, 
tis. :nfj.\or t cQ : iif>. issunus, 

ciit,h:iup;hty,proud, sau- «vcr.iecr, a survcver, a viewer. 

niii-.nt, s'r.i ijc,odd,un- 


r adv. ils comp. Nsimc, 
lerr.Iy, raroly 
- xf.l. insolcnce,haugu- 
Hlain-stran^cncss, disusc 
ia-tis />/.,frowiiigiii_olent 
ccre,/;ic. >. to grow inso- 
>roud, to be eiatcd. 
atlv wbolly, cntircly. 
a. u.ii. a<tj. wcak, not 
utv. unus.ially (sound 
a, nm.p*. uuaccustomed, 
strangv, extraordi nary. 
>.a. 1. to dry in thc sun. 
i,atus p. to bc blcachcd- 
% c. adj. in.soluble, tliat 
e loosed, ov rcquilcd. 
tas, atis. /13. iusoluhiliiy. 
Ler, div. insolublv. 
a,um. pt. unpaid, undis 
_../". 1 watching.fcharjrcd 
*is, a uin adj full of. oi drtraim. (ing 1 

5,i_ {/'.wilhout slecp.wak- 
Dfl.M.? a drcam,a vision. 

Ins )cctans, lookingon, bc- 
hoIdiu£, guarding, protecti ng. 

fnspcctatio, onls. / 3.a beholling 

lns..cctio, dnis/ 3 an ins,)e<-tion, 
au ovrrsight, an inslght, a bok- 
iiig into,an c\a ninatioii,a survcy, 
orv"cw s;_<*c'ilation, thcory 

/ns;)'-cto,ar .Jr^q. 1 to inspec^, to 
takcasurvcy,o/'v'!ew,to behold to 
look in,->r upon,to ke;:p,or guar I 

Inspector. ari. /#. t'> bc bchcld. 

Inspcctor inspoctor,an 

Inspertrix, icis / 3 a bchol lor. 
InspectMrus, a, um. />.'. about to 

vicw, or ovcrlook t«> vic.v. 
Inspcctus, a, um. pt. in_pcctcd,c\- 

amincd, sccn. (vicw 

Inspccus, u.s. /n. a looking- on, a 
lnspcrahilis,c.a///.not to bc hopcd 
Inspvrans, Os. pt. not hopinjr for 
Inspcratio, adv. ius, comp. uncx- 

Inspgratus, a, not hoped, o 

lo :>kcd for, uncxpectcd, suddcn 
fnspcrgcndus.a,um./)/.to sprinkle 
Inspcrgo [in, spargol, gcrc, rsi, 

rsu:n a to sprinklc upon,to pow 

dcr,orcorn,to sprinkle,to scattcr 
Inspcrgor gi,rsus./>.tobc sprinklcd 
lnspcrHio,onis./!3. a sprinkliugon 
l}]Si)ciNMs,:i,um./i t '.sprinklcdupon, 

spnnklcd, scattcrcd hcre and 

Inspiratio,onis. /*.3. an iuspiration. 
Insp-ratus,a,u , ii. i 4. inspircd,blow» 

into, br-.athc 1 into, or upon. 
//ispirojirc.a. 1 to inspirc , to bloir 

in, or upon, Vy brcaLhc. 
Inspiror, ari p. to bc inspircd. 
Inspissatus. a, mn. /»»• thickcned. 
In_poliatis, a, un //.'. not spoilec^ 



//is >iio cre, ui, fltirn. a. 3. to spit 

In.sT-nir, bc spit upon(upo» 

•//sputor, iiri. />. 1. t.o b-; oftcn spit 

Instibihs, c. adi iinst ible, unstea- 

dy uniirin, tottcrinjr, wagging; 

slippciy, iucon.tant, c!i inj^cablc, 

liglit. (ficklcncss. 

Instabilltas, atis. /. J instability, 

Instandus, a, um. insist upon. 

Instans, a f lj ior, comb. issi- 

iius, $up. standing in, approach- 

ing, coming on, ncar at hand, in- 

stant, urgcnt, earncst, importu- 

natc, prcscnl, immcdiatc. 

Instantcr. atlv. ius. comp- issime 1 , 

»up. instantly,carncstly, importu- 


[nstantia, sc./.l. instanc?,urgency 
carncstnc3s, importunity. 
lnstar,/i. intlecl. (inst^irisin g"cn ha- 
bcl Probus) bigncss,thc full pro- 
portion, likcncss, valuc, ciHcacjr. 
Tnstar, adv. likr, a3 it wcrc 
//fstat. imticv3. it is at haud. 
//istat"irus,a,um. *>t. about to urpfe. 

thcrc [upon, or approvcd |Ins:a mindus,a,um pt. to rw*ncw,or 

fnspicicndus,a,um./>/.tobc lookcd bc rcneweil, to restore. 
Inspic.icns.tis pi. inspcctinjr, be- fnstaurans, tis. pt rcncwiny. 

holding", vicwmjr. InstaurMio, Ati;s./..S. an instaiurxti- 

fnspicio [in,spccio],ccrc,pcxi.pec- on, a rcbuilding', a solcmniz&tvQ** 

tuin>a* look upon J o/'into,tobc-\ltvSUv\TliXv>l\ws ) *, >xnv. ad^ .^&^k^ 





discern,to be wise,or sensible, tolntendor, di. p. tobc intcndcd. 
mean. ^ Jlntcnsio, onis/ 3. a bending*. 

Intelligor, gi./>. to 6c understood.*lntensu% a, bent, intcnsc. 

Intem€randus,a, um/ri. inviolable. 
Inteinerutus, a, um. pt. undcfilcd, 

Intemperans,tis adJAOT, comp. issi- 

mu8,w#.intemperatc, disorderly. 

Intcmpcranter,atfVius, comp issi-Intentatus,a,um />/.pointed at, un 

•ma m..h ir»f nninoiNitol v" im;rtrkr1f>_ tm/i^ iinnaiiaVAfl nnoffnmntArl 

mc,«r</>. intemperately, im.node- 
Intemperantia, x / 1 intcinper- 

Intentans, tis. pt.. strctching out, 
holding out, tlireatening 

Intentatio, dnis / 3. a menacing 
with something held outtostrike, 
a threat. 

tricd unassayed, unattcmptcd. 
Intent£,aov.ius, c mp. isslme, tup. 
attcntively. d ligently, earnestly. 

ance, cxccss, incontincnce, inso- Intentio,5nis/. >.an intentioiv;rd<.' 

lencc unjusi, or disorderly bch:i 
• viour, injustice, unseasonable- 
ness, unwholesoaiencss. 

Intemperate 4 , adv. inteniperately 

Intemperatus,a,um. adj. ior, comp 
issimus, tup. intcmpcrate, exccs 

Intempcna, ae /. 1. unscasonable 
ness, a want of temper violencc, 
evil spirits, blasting, mildcw. 

Intemperies,ei /5 uuseasonablc- 
ncss, extremity, indiposition, a 
want of modcration, madncss. 

Intcmpcstas, itis. /. 3. unseason- 
ableness, badncss. 

Intcmpesttve, adv. unscasonably. 


Intempcsiivitas, see Intcmpestas, 

Intcmpestivus,a,uin.a<//. ior, comp 

Intempcstus,a,um. adj. unseasona- 
ble, unwholeaorae, intempcrate. 

Intendcndus, a, um. / be bent. 

iritendcns,tis./>f. bcnding, stretch 

Intcndo,dere,di, nsum- & ntum. o. intcnd,to des-gn, to purpose 
to dircct, or carry, to extcnd, to 
hold,or stretch out, to stretch, or 
bcnd,to strain,to knot,ortie,to ap 
p\y, or employ, to displav, or lay 

operij to uugmcat, toe^Uarge, 

sigiyi purpose,or aiin, attcntion, 

carc,diligcncc,intensencss,an ef- 

fort, a strctching, a straining > , a 

/wtento are.a.l- to strctch out, to 

shakc, to mcnacc, or threatcn, to 

chargc upon, or to tax at law. 
Intcntor, ari./>. to be threatencd. 
Intcntus,a, umpt. Sc adj. ior, comp. 

issimus,tffy/i.strctchcd bcnt. bent 

upon,incrcased,intcnt, attentive, 

cxact, intcnse, strait, close. 
lntentus,us.rn 4. a strctching out 

/r to gTow warm, to be warm. 
lntepcscens,tis./r/\ growingwarm 
IntcpYdus, a, um. adj. very warm. 
Inter,/>r\ep. cum acc. betwen, be- 

twixt,in,witliin, at, whilst, abovc, 

before,incomparison;with a pro 

noun,mutually, reciprocally, one 

anothcr, one with anothcr. 
Intcr,incomposition,hasscvcralof|lnterceptio,6nis/.3. an int 


sus,a foot,or refret of the 
vcrse often repeatcd, thc 
of the »ong,<Serv. (intot 

Intercilarium,i. n. 2. a tint 

lntercalarius.a, um. a /f. ii 
ry, put in between. Triu 
mense intercalario prid 
Martis, the lasi of Febru 
Uere it scems a whol 
was intcrcalated, the 
whcreof werc callcd Intc 
by Cic. Fam. which w* 
away soon aftcr by C» 
reformation of thc C 
Suet. Ctxar. 

Intcrcalatio,6iiis/3.the pi 
a day, or month betwecr 

In'crcalatus,a,um./>r. dela; 

/wtcrcalo,are a. 1. toinsei 
fer, to delay^ to put off 

Intcrcalor, an, atus. p. to 

Intercap€do,mis./ 3. ani 
sion,a pause,orrcspito,& c 
intcrval, or distance, a re 

lntcrcardTnatus,a,um pt. jc 
gether by means of hiug 

Intercedcns, tis. pt. interc 

fnterct do,de re,essi ,essum. 
intercedc, to intcrpose, I 
go pass,orbe bctween,to 
or-withstand,to forbid^r \ 
gativc,to put a *top,to hi 
fall out,to prevail, to coa 
cngag^e, or be surety fbr. 

Interccntus,us.m. the met 

the significations of in. 
Interocstuans, hot by fits. 
Interanea,6rum.^/ ;j.2.the cntrails 
Interancus.a um. adj of the guts 
//i/£raresco,cere./i.->.tobe driedup. 
//i^rbibo,bere,itum.a. 3. to drink 

all up. 
Intercalaris, e. adj. put, or set be- 

twccn Dies intercalaris, th : od! 

day of leap ycjar.lnWrcaaiary vcr- 

on, a stoppagc» a foresti 

lnterceptor,5ris.m 3. an in 

cr, a forestaller, an encro 

lnterccptus,a, um. pt. intei 

stopped, prevented, surj 
lntcrcess>o,dnis./. 3. an faS 

on,an interpositk>n»a prd 
^Qtiwwor, 6ri#, M^ui 





mcdlator, an opposcr. Interculco |inter,Ci!co~ure./r.l. to kill, or slay, to kill. 

ssuruh,a,uni />f abouttoin- 1 tread in upon, or bciuccn. lutcn-inptusa killcd, slain. 

c,*tepin,oppose,orprcvcntIntcrcuirc?is, tis. />/. running' 1>c- ////rreo,rir;:,rivi &i-ii,iitum/i.l. to 
■wus. us. m. interposition. . twcen.lntercurrcn4pulsus ( an un- dic,to pcri&h,to ccusc,to bc anui- 
lcndua, a, uni. pt. to be cut cvcii, i irregular pulsc, J/r,/. hiluu-d, r exiiu;rtii*licd, lo be 
•r. //i/ercurro,rerc ri,rsum.f/..,r. to run, slui n,o/ -dcstro\ cd, to bc ruiucd,or 

lcns, \\n- pf- fullinjr, lost. orgo bctwccii>toco:ueiiithciucuiij uiidonc, to bc lost. spcnt, or cx- 
lo [intcr,cado| t derc, idi, tiuic,tocomc upnn,to bcfu)(downl haustcd. (tween. ' 

.-i.J.torullbctxveciKarnutiti^IntcrcurhaiiKftib./t/.runiiiii};' up uir.i hiterctjuituns. tis. />/• ridinjr bc- 
n,todccay to bc lost,to pe-InU-rcus, lis m. 4. u riinuiiijr bc-./;</rrc<piito, are. ;/. 1. to ride be- 
bc fiir^ottcn, to miscarryj twccii,orto£clhcr.aiiinicrvviitioiij twecm 

o [intci*,ruiio , uerc nui/InU-rdicciidus a, um. ///. to bc 
:i. «. 3. to sing bctwccn. I dcbarrcd. 

ijcndiiH, u, u;ii. pi. to bc //i7frdico,cere,ixi ictum.a. 3 to in- 

tcrdict, to forbid, to forhid, / 

chargc straitly, to dcbar, to liin- 

! <lcr,to kccp dcprivc oiilo 


•io iiitcr,rapio ,pcrc,c,epi 

i.u.3. to iutcrcept, to stop, 

;ent, to coinc upon una- 
to surprisc, to usurp. to 

or.Icr,or cnjoin, to spcak, ©r incn- 
tion. (den, himkrcd. kc. 

tl or-uway,to cut ofl', or kill. lntcr.Iicor,ci,ctus. pt to bc forbid- 
ior,i, c<-ptus. pXo bestop-!lnterdietio,6nis/ 3. u ]>roliibitioii, 

(cluuscs. u bunishiiur. 
c mlv by cuts, with short Intcixlictuin, i. 7/. 2 an intcrdict, : 
o, dnis / .>. u cuttinjr otl. prohibition.un ordcrtoi-injiiiiciioii, 
us, a, iim. pt. cut oH, cut un excoiiimunication. (nished. 

iroken down, purtcd ab 

IntcrdiCtum cst, imp. I was bu- lo cousumc, to dcprivc of 

i>rt.DicMiitcrcisi,hulf holi- liitcnlicturu%a,um.///.about to dc- 

uurk b\ tii», to sct luuid to. 
hitcrfuiis, Lis. pt. intcrposing-. 
InUrfuiio, onis / 3. a digi csssinn. 
lnterfatiis,u,uiii./>/.addrcsscd. der 
lnicjfcclio.onis./ .%. u killiii#,mur- 
Inu rfeclor, oris. wi. o. u murdercr. 
hiUTicctrix, Ici.v/. 6. a uiurdercr. 
InU-rfi ctiinis, u, ubout to 

kill, or suy thut would k-il. 
Ih:crfcciu% u, uiu. pt. killcd,sluin. 
InU i-r:cicndiis,a,um pt to be killed 
IhUrficio , intcr.fucio , ccrc, fcci, 

iccUiin a. -to kill, to &Ia\, to liuir- 

lcr, to put to dcuth, to dcstroy, 

no.ure /i 1 .to crv out(duvs 
dendus a,uni/// to bc shut 
ipcd, or hindcrcd. 
do[inter,claudo ,de>e,usi, shut in,or up, to stop 
ive,to hindeT, to prevcnt, 
a , or concludc with. (pcd. 
lor,ili. usuit. p. to be stop- 
uo, onis. / •>• a stopping- 

iUS,aL,um. pt. shut in,or up. 
lrnniuin, i. n. 2 thc spucc 
n pillars. (t»r win fuvoiir. 
:ilio^rc. a. 1. to procurc, 


bar. #r dcprive. (bumvi- 

hitcnlictiis,a.uui. pt. forbiddcu,dc- 
Intcnliu, tulv in the duxthuc. 
Intcrdius, tidv. in thc duytiuic. m. 4 u sLon,or thc 
fclchin^ of onc's hivuth ui rcufl- 
in^,o/-writini^,a pointin^. whik-. 
Intenium, udv. somctimcs. nicun- 

Intcrea, ndv in thc mcun 
uirus, a, um. />/• ibout to| the interim, notwithstunding' In- 

tcrei Uiiuporis,in thc meantiine, 

Trr. (der. 

hitcrcmptio,onis./3. a killing,mur- 

Iiitcrciuptor, 3 a uiurdcrer. 

InUurmpturus, a, about to 

intirficior, ci. past. to bc killcd. 
// /t'i-fio ii.ri.N.^ to be slain,todie. 
Iiit«-i'iluchs,vis./i/ flowin^- betwccn. 
fuirrWiiOi iuiv, uxi, uxur.i ;/ .*. to 

flow.orniii bctucen,to pass ovcr. 
'ntcrfliiu^ a, um. adj. riiuuiii^r 

bctuceii. -tiT. 

//ir<*rfodio dcre a todi.^into^to cn 
'ntciivjcnuncum, i w. 2. the jrroin. 
In/r/for, ari. */ 1 to intcmipt any 

one wlulst hc is spcakinir. 
InU-rfringo inter, fran^o , g"crc f 

Kiri,ractuin.a. •*. to brcuk in two. 
Intcrfulirens tis. pt shininir. 
i///e/*furo,rere,; rafre,».- be mad. 
Intcrfusio, 6nis /. a pouring bsj- 





rolve,toinfold,tofold,oiwrapup,: lo jcst, to rally. I tifm, they are fallcn out, 

to entanjr,lc, to cover, or hidc. toJbcose,n /r ius,c;m/Mnjcsi,mcrrily Iracunde, adv. in anper,sptt surround, to grasp, toJoco!»us,a,iim. pt. jocosc. checrful Fracundia, x.f passion, wr 
roll, or tumble give up.JocuLibundus, a, um. adj. jcsting. Iracunditer, adv. an^rily. 
fnvo!vor,vi lfitus p. to he involvedjbculans, tis. pt. jcsting, sporting.;Fracundiis,a, lor. c n 
Invblnte, adv. closcly, covcrtly. Llbcularia,6rum. )>l «. 2 bracclcts.j sionate hasty, snappish, 
Invblutio, 6nis./. .1. an infohlmg.jjbciiluris, e. adj. jocular,amusing.! petty, bo:.sterous, raging. 
Invblutus, a, um. f>t. issimus, «t0JJ5co1ariter, adv jocosL*ly,merrily..Fraccns.tis. pt being anjrry, 
wrapt up, covered, hitricate. iJbciilarius, a, um. «<(;. jocular- ilrascibilis, e. adj irascible. 
Involviilus, i. m. 2. & vinefrettcr. |Joi ulator.oris m.i. a jestcr,a droll.jirascur,ci,utus d. to be angr 
Inufbanc,a(/r. uiimannerly,nulcly.Jbculat6riusa,um.a/^.merry,drollj cd,or displcased,to giieve 
Inurbanus, a, um- adj. ungenteel,Jbculor,ari.a\to jcst,toshow trickslrate, adv. iiis comp. angrih 
nide, clownish. Jriciilus.i m 2.alitlle jcst,a1owJcst1ratus a,um.a<//> i°iV m P- ' s 

Infircns, tis. pt. scorchinjr. Jbcundus, a, um. adf plcasant. I *up. angry, displcased,pro' 

Inurendus, a,um. pt. to bc nipped.Jbcus, i m. in pluv. Jbci,/n. & JocaJ eiiraged, agitated, tenipei 
/«urzcojcre.a 2 to urgc, to push- v. a jokc, a jcst, sport, fun, rail-jlre, injin. ab Eo, to >ro. r 
/iiiinno,are.n.l. to wxsh as geescj lery, a hanter. a jcer, a^ofa!! colors 
/nuro.rerc,ussi,uslum.a 3. to burn or witty spcech, a triflc. Innus, a, um «<{/. of a flow 

in, up, or to ashes, to mark, to[on, i. «. 2. a violct, a g"em. Iris.idis/. t arainhow,aflo« 

. brand, to imnrint, to fix upon, to lota,» hidrcl thc lcttcr j, ©r jod. a kice, a stone, thc circle bc 
enamcl, to pmch. to nip, to curl. jot,a tittle the lcast thing that is.l thcwhitcandthe appleoft 
Imlror, ri, ustus /*.to be burnt in. Jovis^rn.i JupiterJovisarbor,the'lrnnia, K.f. 1. irony, a fig 
Inftsitatc ,a//r.unusually,stranfrely.'. oak, Ov Jovis barba,ir/cauiis.sea-! speech. 
Inus:tato, ai/r. idcm. comnion. grecn, o/ houseleek. .Jovis dios, Ironicc, adv ironically, jec: 
IniisYtatus, a, mn. adj unusual,un-' tlmrsday. Jovis flos,rosccampion,Ir6nicus, a» um adj ironica 
1nustums,a,uin./tt. about tobrand.j Vlin. Jovis ales, the eagle. ilrpcx icis./. ^. a rakc, a h; 

Imistus, a, um pt scarcd^brandcd. 1 IP. Irradiatio, 6nis/. .>. an iirad 

InusiiA,Utf.fn.4. want of life, disusc. Fpsc, a um. pron I, thou, bcforc a Frradiator, 6ris. m. 3. & lrnu ; 
Inutilis, e. at{j- ior, c mp. issnnus, 1 verb of thc iirst and sccond pcr-i icis/. he,or shc UiatgivetJ 
tnp uscless.unprofitablc gooilfor son;he shc thc same,hisoun sclf/Zrradio, are. a. 1. to shine u 
nothing 1 , unfit, necdlcss. | he alone, nonc but hc, hc of him- brig-htcn, to enli^htcn, to 

I mttlitas, atis / >. inutility,unpro-' self Alsodemonstrative.illiip«idi., nate. 
fitablcncss, usclcssncss. ! those vcry gods we are speakinjc,Irrasus, a, um. pt. unshavcn, 

Inufilitcr,ar/r unproutabIy,vainly.. of.lpse ego,ipsc egomet,I myself,;IiT«iti6nfibilis,{/. unrcaso 

own.. 7'tfr- Tutc ipse, thou, thvsclf, Id. Irnitionalis, c, adj. irrationi 

Tnvuljratus, a,um./>/. madc known-! i tr l utc ipse, 
//ivulg^Ojarc.a.l to puhlish-orblaze, I!oc ipsum, this very thiug', Cic. 
Iiivulnerabilis,ea.{/ invulnerablc , Ipsummcnosti youknownic,Tc^' 
lii>"ulneriltus.a,um./>/. uuwoundcd. Ipscmet. pron. hc himsclf (^inio. 
K). 'lpsissimus«a, thc ven 

Vynterj.SLcry ofjoy,oh! (sporting-.lpsus, a,vim.//;o/i pro Ipsc, lie. 
Jbcabundus, a, uin. m(j j«-sting , > ' IU. 

Jocahtcr, aih. in jcst, mcrrily. Tr, in composition. stands for in. 
Iftcans, tis pi. jcsUng". l;-a, .t /1. anger, wrath ragc,pas- 

Ibcatio,6ius/.:>. a jesting.raillcn r . si jn, displcasurc, resentmcut. a 
/oaitmt. a, um. pt. jrstiiig 1 . " | quaiTcl, a fa11ingout,afault,lust. 

Jocor,iiTi,ii!Hi& aum. tkj'. 1. to jokc, lv* suv\'. iuter Cilycerium & jjna- 

//■niucesco, ccre, rausi, in 

grow hoarse 

lirecuperabilis, e- adj irre 
Irrcdtvivus,a,um.o4/* notto 

vivcd. l cannot safely r 
IiTcdux, ucis.o/(; from whk 
Irrcfragabilis, e adj. irrefra, 
[iTcrra^abiUtcr,af/f irrcrra 
Irrcfuiabilis, e. adj not to 1 
lrregulaxis,c attf irrcgtilar p 
[rreguiuriua» atis/.3. irrega 





Irr2vocatus,a,um. pt not to be call 
ed back or withhcld, undcsircd. 
{rrevolutus, a, um. ///. imopened 
Imdcndus,a,um. be dcrided 
,a, um. ailj. irreligious, Irridens, tis />f. dcriding, jecrinjr. 
ingodly. CHiinot retuni /rridco,ere,isi,isuni a '2 to deride, 
4.e adj.from which om »o mock to scoif, to jcer, to ban- 
dis,e u<//.irrcmediah)c. ter,to ridiculc, to laugh to scorn. 

sr, mdv. irre|rularly. 
lis /. •'>. irreligion. 
adv. irrcl : .|rtoiiftly. 

is, e. adj. irremissiblc. 
a, um. pt. unremovcd. 
bilis. e. adj. not to bc 
or returncd. 
a. e adj. irrctrievablc 
ter,a//r, irrecoverably. 
a, um. />/ not found. 
s pt. crecpingin. 
,psi,ptum n 3-tocrccp 
, to steal into. or upon. 
ilbtlis, c ailj. irrepre- 

kis, & Irreprensus, h, 
jneless,harinless, just. 
n.1 tocreep in by iittlc 
► iteal into,to encroach 
tis* at/j. restlesss. 
vet Inrequictus, a, um. 
:d, disturbed, restless cut,orpared 
Lca*/j.nol to be looscd 
i^iun. pt ncver loosen- p/.unquenched. 
te],ire,ivi,itum a. 

Irrideor, eri./>.to bc laughcd a'..l\ 
[rridicule,«</i\ unplcasantly, bald- 
!rridlculuin,i.ri.2.a laughiit^-stock 
lmgandus,a,um. pt.Xo \vater,or bc- 

watered. to moistcn. 
Irrigatio, miis./ 3. a watering. 
Irrfjrritor, oris. j». 3. a watercr. 
lrrig!Uu.s,a,um. /,bedcw- 

cd. Irrigatus plagis,whipt till tlit 

blood runncth down, J J /uttt. 
/mgo,are. a.l to bcdcw, 

to moistcn,to soak,to diflusc ovci 
Irrigor, ari. p. to be watered. 
Irrigua,6rum. /// n. 2. streams. 
frriguus a, um adj. watcred, wct, 

moist, watering. soaking. 
frripio, [in, rapio], pcre, pui, rcp 

tum. a. 3. to hurry, or hastcn in 
(rrisio, 5nis./3. derision. (cr 
{rrisor,6ris.*n.3. a deridcr, a scorn 
Irrlsus,a um. pt. derided, niockcd 4 derision, mockcrv. 
tmtabilis,c-rt(//'. irritablc, waspisb. 
Irritamcn,inis n. & Irritamentum incitemcnt,or provocation 
> insnare,to cntrap, to|lrritandus*Mim./> be provoked 

p. to be ensnared. 
\.m. insnarer.(cd 
71. pt insnarcd, involv- 
jm £/ unmoved,hxed. 
i». pt irreverent. 
, ovtv. irrcvcrently. 
, z. /. irrcvcrence 

lrn'tans,tis.)W. provoking. cxciting 

of no efTect, addlc. Irritus spc '* 

disuppointed of his hopc, ('»»>•/. 
/rroboro iire.a. 3. to grow sirong. 
lr.*<^iiulus,a. um- pt.Xo be bcstow- 
iiToj^itiojOniSj/J an inftiction.(cd. 
Irrbg.itor,dris *i. 3. he thatimpos- 

liro^atus, a, um. pt. imposed. in» 

tiictcd,cnjoincd,laidy ov set upon r 
//Tbgo, inHict,to impose, 

to lay, or sct upon, to ordaiu, to 

enact, to makc, to bestow. 
Irrojror, ari. p. to be infticted* 
lrroRindus,a,um ptXo be sprinkled 
Irrbrans, tis. pt besprinkling- 
Irrorat.i'in/». there is dew,it mislef. 
Irroratio, onis /. 3. a bedcwing. 
/rrorcsco, ere. inc. to grow moist 

with dcw (to wct, bedew,to sprinkle, 
Irroror, ari. p. to be bedewcd. 
/n*ubeo,5re.w.2 vel /rrubcsco,ccre 

n. 3. to bc, or g^row rcd. 
l;ructo, arc- n. L to belch. 
Irruens,tis. pt. rushing in,orupon. 
(rrugatio. oni». /. 3. a wrinklinjr. 
hrugo,are. make wrinkled» 
lrrugor, ari. p. to be wrinklcd, 
Irrumatio, 5nis./ a sucking. 
Irrfimator, oris m. 3. a sucker. 
Irrumo,arca. ltosuck, or sucklc. 
liTumpcns,tis. /«.brcakinjf.or rush- 

ing in, blustering, boistcrous. 
Irrumpo,pere,riipi,ruptum.n.3. to 

brcak,rush,orhurry enter. 

Irritasso, /»;•/. Irritavero, Plaut Irruo, uerc, iii, utum. w. 3. to rusU 
Irrltatio. Anis. / .>. a provoking, a in, or upon,to rush into, or upon 

provocation,a desire,an appctite 
IrrltStor, 6ris m. 3. a proroker. 
Irritatus,a,um. pt & adj. \or,comp. 

enraged. provoked, angry. 
Irritouire a.l to irritatc,to cnragc, 

i,c.adj. ior, comp. irre- 

Irruptio /. 3 an irruption. 
Imiptfirus,a,um /«/.about tobrcak^ 
or hhIi in, that would rush in. 
Irruptus.a, unbroken, firm, 
lrtibla, x.f. 1. a kind of vine. 


to provoke, to vex, to stir up, af 

fect. or move, tosacrifice. I 

that cannot be recall-jlnitor, ari. p. to bc provokcd. |ls,ca,id. pr- n.he, shc, it, thc same^ 
«, s, nm. pt. idem.(ed. : lrrltus,a,uni.tff(/. void, vain f in vain,( UvaI, ^ick. V^. VviXv^v^i, «? v^\^» 





tween (t>reen,sprinldcd,markcd 
Interfusus, a, um. pt. flowitig be- 

be prcsent 


Fiiterlcgemlus, n, um. /»/. to bc g&- 
thcrediorpickcd up hcreand thcrc 

Interfuturus, a, um. pt> tliat is to/nterlino,nere,lihi,Iivi f ve/lcvi, li- 

tum. a. 3. to interlinc,to blot out 

/nforjaceo, cre, cui. ». 2. to lic 

IntSrrlbl, adv. in the mean while. 
Interjectio,anis./ 3. aninterjecti- 

on,an interposition,a parenthesis 

Intcrnunatus, a, um. pari. U atij. 

thrcatencd.tbrhiddcn, unlinriicd. 
/n/rnnino, arc. n. 1. to tlireaten. 
//i/rmHnor,uri,atus sum. dep. 1. to 

threatcn, to chanje, to tbrbid. 
hitcrininus, udj. unbounded. 
/7»/rrmibcco.€rc,scui, stum. a 2. to 

intcnninglc, to interuiix, to mii. 
Intcrmissio, onis / 3. an intermb- 

sion. (omit. 

Intcrmissurus, a, um. pt. about to 

Intcrgerinus paries, a partition- [nterlitiis.a,um. pt interlincd,hlot- 
Intenrferium, i.?i. 2. idem. ted, blurred, daubed, efTaccd. 

Interjacens, tis. pt. lying- bctwcen. Interlociitio,ouis./ 3. an interposi- 
"" '"' rt *~ *'-- tion ofspcech, an intcrruption 

hitcrlocutorius, a, um. adj. inter- 

//iterl6quor,i,cutns </ interrupt 
in discourse to cVtcrminc in part 
Interjectus, a, um. pt. cast, put, or 1 ! ntcrlucatio, onis. /. 3. a loppingjliitcrmissus, a, um. pt. left oft, dii- 

placcd between, intervcninjr. "*' ' '* ' - — *" ' laying betwcen 
Intcrjlcio (intcr.jacio), cerc, jfici, 
jectum. a. 3. to cast, sct. put, or 
place bctwecn, or amoii£. 
nterjicior, ci. p. to bc bctwccn. 
Intenm, adv. in thc meantimc in 
thc mcan whilc, somctimcs, now 
and thcn, on a suddcn, notwith- 
Intcrim jndus, a, um. />/. to be kill- 

ed,or slain, to bc rent away. 

Interimo l'mter,cmo ;, mcrc, rcmi, 

mptum.a. -. to kill.orslay, to takc 

&way,to consumc, toreducc. (cd. 

Interi'mor,mi,rcmptus.^. to bc kill- 

Int£rior,ius,ac(/. comp. mncr, deep- 

er, ncarcr. 
InterItio,onis./3.a perishing.(rish- 
Interiturus, a, um. pt. about to pe- 
InterTtus, a, killed, slain, 
InterituSjds m 4.death,dcstruction, 
Jnterjunctus, a, um. pt. joincd to- 

getlicr, or in thc middle. 

7nJcrjunjro.£ere,nxi,nctum.a. 3. to 

join together, or bctwccn, to un- 

yoke,to bait .orstay at a place. ed. 

Intcrjur.jror,gi,nctus p. to be join- 

Interius,tt'/i" morc inwardly. 

Jnterl;ibens,tis.///. sliding bctwcen 

inJerlal>or,i apsus.rfto fall between 

>57/ur^teo4ui'n.2-tolie hidbetwcen 

off houghs. 

IntcrliicUtus, a, um. pt. loppedso 
that it may be secn through. 
/n/L'rluceo,cre,luxi.« shinc be 
twcen,to bc conspicuous,to stand 
thin and hc sccn throug-li. 
intcrluco [iiiter,lu\],urr. act. 1. to 
makc a ^hulc in thc midst of wood, 
to lop, ur clcar away bou«£hs. 
|iit crludcns,tis //f.playing- aiiion^st 
Intcrludium, i. /;. 2. an intcrhuh: 
lutcrlunis, c. adj. moonlcss, dark. 
lntcrluuium,i n. tlie chnn^eof thc 

moon, conjtinctiou of the sun and 

//iferluo,uci'e,iii,utiim.a.3. to flow, 

or ruti bctwccn, to wush. 
[nterluor, ui. /». to bc washed by. 
lntcrluvics,ci/. 5. a strcam, a cur 
'ntcrluvium, i n. 2. idem. (rcnt. 
//i/crmanco, ere, nsi, nsum- 7». 2 

to abidc, to coutinuc. 
Intcrmcdius.a, um- adj. intermcdi- 

ate,lying.or placcd in the middle. 
!ntermcnstruum,i./i.the new moon 
[ntcrmcnstruus, vid. Intermcstris 
fniermco, are. n. 1. to gfo, pass, or 

ilow betwcen, or throug-h. 
[ntermcstris, e. arff. bcloninng to 

thc spacc betwccn the olu moou 

and the new; luna,the new moon, 

Plin. (among. 

//ifcrniicoj i>e. cui, n. 1. to bhine 

continued, omitte^i, standing »- 

sunder. (ance. 

'ntennissus, us. vi 4. a discontimi- 

intermistus, & Intcrmixtus, a un. 

pt. mixed amongst,min^led with. 

intcnnittcndus, h, uni. pt. to be 

omittcd. (time. 

Intcrmittens, tis. pt. ccasingfors 
//i'mnitto,tcrc,isi,issum. act. 3. to 

lcavc offto lay aside,tothrowup, 

to discontinuo, to omit, to ccase. 
tntcrnuttor.ti.issus./) to be lcftoff. 
/»/e/'m6rior,irtuusr/ dic in tbe 

meun time,to dic,to be for^ottrt 
lntcrmonturus,a. thar slnB 
lntcrmisccor.eri./>.to bemixed die 
Intcrmortuus, a, halfdeadi 

fecble, lifelcss, heartlcss, forgoV 

teiii ncj^lcctcd, corrupt, naughtr. 
Intermundium,i, n. 2. thc di&uncc 

bctwecn divers worlds(two wab 
lntcrmuralis,e.o<(/.that is bctweei 
//i/c)'iiaicor,ci,natus.f/.to spring up 
Litcrnutus, a, um. part. cum diL 

^rown up among , or betwoen. 
Intcrnccatu9,a,um./)/- killed, sUfe. 
lntcniccialis,e. adj. mortal,deadlj< 
Intcniecies, ei./. 5. utter rahi- 
Intcniecinus, & Intcrnednit i, 

um. adj. mortal, deadJy, crucj 

Internecio, 5nis* / 3. univent 

slauyhter, utternib, great ci 






!cTvc\ adv. with utter dc- 
co, are. ciii.Kc cavi, ctum & 
.«.1 to put all tu tlie sword. 
:cto,tcrc,xui & xi,xum-a. o. 
t,ortic togethcr»tointcrlacc. 
;ctor.ti p. to bc intermixed. 

lnterpolatio dnis/J.ancwdrcssing 
Interp6lator,dris. 1,1 .i. a mcnder <>. 
old things, a vamper. .1 polishcr 
lnterpblatus, a, um />/. rcpaiied 
Interpblis, e adj. vampcd up. 

.hf ico,are. n. 1. to builditsIntcrpoTo : intcr,polio],are. a. 1. tc 


gran», tis /•/. blackish. 
tens,tis.^/.glittcring among 
kliuni,i.?j. & intcrnddius. i 
ic spacc bctw eentwoknots, 
11 s, a knuckle. 
sco,cere,n6vi,notum a.3. to 
umougst othcrs,to disccrn 
.inguish. (tinguishcd 

>scor,ci, ndtus. p. to be dis- 

interpolatc,to inscrt, to mcnd,U 
vamp up,to repair,torcncw : tofur- scour,to polish, to reiinc, 
to interrupt, to hindcr. 

Intcrpolor, iiri./j. to bc renewcd. 

Intcrp6nendu8, a, um pt to be put 
bctwcen, ttr intcnnixed. 

/n/?rpdno,erc,sui,situm.a.3. to in 
tcrpose,to intcrmeddlc,to put be- 
tween, or in, to insert, to mix, to 

iculus,i m.2 a catamite.(ger Intcrpdnor,i, sYtus./k. to bc mixcd. 

mcia,a-./'l afcmale messcn- 
incio,ure a. to go ona mcs- 

mcius, i ra.2. a mcsMcngcr 
is, u, um. adj. internal, 111- 
sccret privatc, conccalcd 
, ur cnunblc into. 
• f ri. p. to !>c rubbed into. 
tlinium, i. «. 2. a spacelcft 
•cn two rows or ranks. 
irtio,irc.u.4.topart bctwccn 
dlans, tis. pi. hindcring. 
:llator, intcrrup- 

Jhto<plico,are a\ to foldbclwcrr. 

:llatHH,u,urn pt intemiptcd, 
bcd. hindered, discontinu 
iportuncd, dcmundcd. 
dlo,arc.a.l.tointcrrupt, to 
b, to hindcr, to dcmandi to 
ro. lnterpcllarc dcbitorcm 
erau KCtion ugainst adebtor 
?Uor,ari./>tobc intcrrupted 
itcatio,dni*./ interfold- 

Intcrpbsitio,Onis/i. an intcrposi 

tion, an interlineation, on inter- 


lnterpositus,a, intcrposcd 
lntcrpbsitus,us- tn. 4. an intervcn- 

//iMqjrcmo,mcrc,cssi,cssum. a 

to prcss hard to stop, or closc in. 
Interpres,ctis. c g. an intcrpretcr, 

an cxpoundcr,atrauslatnr,usooth- 

saycr. a mcdiator, a confidant. 
Inierpivtiuulus, a, uni/ir. to bc in 


Interpretans, tis. pt. intcrprcting. 
Intcrprctiitio finis./LV un intcrprc- 

tation,a tr.mslation,a conjecturc 
Interpretator, oris. wi. 3. an intcr. 

Intcrpretaturus.a,um. pt. about t( 

interprct,or expluin. cxpounded. 
Interprctritus, ^/.iutcrprtteci 
Intcrpretor,ari atussum,</.l to in 

tcrpret,to explain,t( 

understand to translatc,to judgc, 

to account. to estcem. 

fiitcrpunctum,i m.2. a point^t stop. 
/.•j/irpungo,cre,nxi a-o-to point, to 
l..tcrj)urgatio,6nis./.J u cle;msing. 
//i/crpurgo,are. a. 1 to takeaway 

superfluous branchcs. 
//iterputo.are. a 1. to prunc away 

littlc branchcs 

luterpiitor, ari. p- to bc pruned. 
//i/erqucrorjrijesius sum. dep. 

com()lain frcqucntly. 
Interquicsccns, tie pt. rcstimr be- 

/?//<rrquie.sco,cerc,evi,etuin.n.3. to 
/nfe rrado, erc, asi, asum. act. 3. to 

scrapc otT, to thin. 
fntcrrasilis, e. adj. filcd,polishcd. 
lnterrasus,a,um />/scraped,carved 
Interregnum, i.n.2 an interrcign. 
lntcrrcx,egis w.a regcnt,aviccroy. 
interrTtus.a,um^/. undaunted, un- 

dismaycd, fcarless, hold. (ed. 
Interr6gandus,a, to beask- 
Intcrrbgatio,dnis/.J. au intcrroga* 

lio:i, qucstion, inquiry, demand. 
lntcrrogativus, a, xxm.adj. interro- 

g;itivc, of asking. 
latcrrogatiuncula, x./ 1. a short 

qucstion,or dcmand.a catcchist. 
Intcrri5gritor,Oris.w.3 a demander, 
lntcn a ogutdriai/»/.n. 2. intcrrogato- 
li^.tcrrbgatus^a, asked. ries> 
/"///rrrbgo, ure. a. 1 to ask, to dc- 

mar,d,to examine,to accusc,to ar- 
lnicrrbgor,ari p to bc asked.'gue. 
lnterrumperidus,a,um./».'. to be in- 

ten*upteil, or brokcn iu upon. 
intcrrumpcns,tis. /•/. interrupting. 
.'/i/rrninipo,pere.rOpi ruptum.a3. 

to intcrrupt,to disturb,to hindcr, 

to breuk oiT,ordown.(te:TUpted. 
intcrntmpor, i. uptu^. be in- 

/n/erruo,ue rea ^ .totwivVi^ew^.«v- 

Intcrpunctio, 6nis. /3. a pointu\|;\lii\mii\i^ x aide« % >s^i^^ 





voIve,toinfoUl,tofold,orwrapup,; to jcs', to i-ully- j tdm, thcy are fallcn o 

to entangle, to cover, or hide, toJ6cose,a /t» ius,c7*n/Mnjest,mcrrily Iracundc, adv. in an^cr, 

conccal to surround, to fjrasp, toJ6c5sus,a,um. pt. jocosc. chcerful Irucundia, tz.j. paasion, 

roll, or tumble upon, to give tip.Joculabundus, a, um. adj. jcsting. Iracunditer, adv. an^ril 

Involvor,vi.lQtus be involvedjtfciilans, tis. pt. jesting, s;')orting.;lracundus,a,uni.u/#. lor 

fnvblute, adv. closely, covcrtly. |j6cularia,drum. pl. /». 2 bracclets.j sionatc liasty, snapp; 

Invftlutio, ftnis./ .*. an infoldjng^.SJociiluris, e. aitj. iocular,amusing.! petty, boiatcrous, ragi 

Invhlutus, a, um. pt. issimus, *M/*JJ6c61arTter, adv jocosely,mcmly.Iraccns.tis. pt beinganj 

wrapt up,- covcred, intricate. Ll6ciilarius, a, um. adj. jocular. jlrascibilis. e. adj irasci 

Involviilus, i. ia. 2. a viiiofretter. jjoi ulator.oris m.>. a jester.a droll.|irascor,ci,utus //. to bc a 

Inurbanc,a</z*. unmanneriy,riul(:ly.J6culat6rius, v^nci^.merry.drollj ed,or d.splcased,to gTi 

Inurbanus, a, um. a'//'. ungentccl,J6ciiIor,ari.r/.to jest,toshow tricks'lrutc, ath. ius comp nnj 

nide, clownish. Jficiilus,i m 2.allttle jest,a low ior,c m 

Inurcns, tis. /»/. scorching. Jncundus, a, um. adj. pleasant. mp. angry, displcascd, 

Inurendtis, a,um. pt. to bc nippcd.Jdcus, i m. in pfur. J6ci,m. Jk JocaJ cnragetl, agitated, tei 

brand, to imprint, to fix upon, to [ota,n indrcl the letter j, ov jod. a luce, a stone, the circl 
enamcl, to pmcli. to nip, to curl. jot,a tittle the least thing that is. thewhiteandthe uppk 
Infiror, r\, ustus /».to be burnt in'Jovis,i>r;i.a JupiterJovisarbor,thclr«uiia, <c/ 1. irony, a 
Iniisitatc ,af7r.unustially,strangelvv oak,Ot> Jovis barbu,7Wcaulis,sea-j speech. 
Inusttuto, flc/r. idcm. cominon.. grccn, oi houseleck. Jovis dius, Ironicc, adv ironically, 
Inusltatus, a, uin. adj unusual,un-' t!mi^<lav. .lovis flos,rosccumpion, Irontcus, a, um adj iro 
Inustums,a,um./>*. about to brand.j Vlin. Jovisales, the caglc. 'irpcx. iois./ ■->. a rake, 

Inustus, a, um pt. scart.d,branded.: IP. |jrradiutio, onis/. X an i 

I>iusus,us.m. 4. wantoflifc, disuse. Ipsc, a um. pron I, thoti, beforc a " 

fitablcncss, usclcssncss. I those very gods we are speaking|Irras.:s, a, um. /».'. unsha 

Infitiliter,flr/r.unproiitably,Tainly! of.Ipse ego,ipsc egomet,lmyself,jliTationabilis, unr 

itus,a,um./«. madc known.| Ter Tute ipse, thou, thvscif, Id. Irratidualis, c, adj. irra 


//ivulgo,are.a.l topuhlish-orblazc, I!oc ipsum, this very thing, Cic. 
lnvulnerabilis,c «(// invulncrablc, Ipsummcnosti you knowme, 7Vr 
Iuvulnenltus.a,um.^. unwounded. Ij>scmet pron. hc himsclf (sumc 
K). l I|isissimus,a,um.(i^'.cven thc ver\ 

V^nterj.a. cry of joy.oh! (sporting.lpsus, a,um. pron pro Ipsc, he. 
Jocubundus, a, uin. atfj ji-sting*,' IR. 

Jocaliter, a«/i-. in jest, merrily. Ir, in composition. stands forin. 
16>ans,tis pt. jcsting. Ira, ;t /l.anger, wratli rage.pas- 

J6catio,6nis/.;>. a jesting.railler>-.| siun, displeasure, rescntment, a 
IocHUis, a, um. pt. je«Jting. ,' quarrcl, a falling out,.afault, lust. 

//rauccsco, ccrc, rausi 

grow hoarse 
lrrecuperabilis, c- adj 
lm ; divivus,a, n< 

vived- 'cannot safi 
liTedux, from 
I n•'.■ fragab i li s, c a dj in 
I rrc frugabihtcr, ath* in 
irrcfulabilis, c adj not 
lrregtilaris,c adj irregu 

^ocorykri^tus 4,uin. tirj: I. to jokc,. Lvx au\V. iuter Cilyccrium & gna- Irre^ulariUs, atis/3, k 





ungodly. CHiinot return 
lis.e a>lj.t'rom which on< 
bilis,c <jt//.irrcmediablc. 
ilis e. wtj. irrcmissihle. 
. a, um. pt. unremoved. 
abilis. c. u/j. not to bc 
I, or returncd. 
lis c a<ij. irrctrievahlc 
liter,<i</:*, irrecoverably 
, a, uin. pt not fouml. 
is p:. creepitijrin. 
*e,psi,ptuni nJ.tocrcep. 
1, to steal into, or upon 
lsibllis, e udj, irrepre- 

isus, Sc Irreprensus, a, 
lamele*s,harinlcss, just. 
t.n.1 tocreep in by littlc 
;o tteal into,to encroach 
etis- adj. restlcsss. 
iyvel Inrcfniictus, a, um. 
led, disturbcd, restless 
n um./>/ not cut,orpare<i 
Lse a«//.not to bc looscd 
^um. pt ncver looscn- 

i.aum. /tf.unqucnched. 
<ctc],irc,ivi,ituin a. 

trrevocatus^um. pt not to be call} of no efTcct, addlc Irritus spe » 

ed back. ur withhcld, uiidesircd. dis:ippointcd of his hope, Cwt. 

irrevblutus, a, um. pt. unopcned. frroboro are.a 3. to jrrow stroii{r. 

Lmdcndus.a,um. be derided. lrr<«tf:iiulus,a, utn- be beHtow- 

ftcr, adv. irrcfrularly. 


6nis / >. irreligion. 

:, adv. irrrr.jriously. 

iVt, um. «!•(/". iircligioiisJlrridcns, tis f»t. dcridimr, jeeriiijr. 

/rrideo,ere,i'si,i"sum a '2 to deride, 
to mock to scott*, to jeer, to ban- 
ter,to ridiculc, to laugh to scorn. 
Irrideor, eri. be latitfbcd a' .. 1\ 
Irr7dfcrile,n//i*. tinpleasantly, bald- 
lrrid!cuhiin,i.N.2.a laughitiir-stock 
(rri{randus,a,um. watcr,or bc- 

watered. to moistcn. 
Imjratio, onis./ 3. a waterine;. 
Irrijrritor, oris. nt. 3. a watcrcr. 
cd. lrri^atus pla)rW,\vliipt till tht 
blood runncth <lown, Pluut. 
/Vrt£0,are. </.l to water,to bedcw, 
to moistcn,to soak,to diflusc ovci 
Irrigor, itri. p. to bc watered. 
Irrigua, 5rum. pl n. 2. streams. 
Imguus a, tim adj. watercd, wct, 
moist, watcrinjr. soakitifr. 
Irripio, [in, rapio], pere, pui, rep 
tum. a. 3. to hurry, or hasten in 
Irrlsio, 5nis./3. derision. (er 
lrnsor,dris.wi.3. a derider, ascorn* 
lrrlsus,a um. pt. deride<l, mockcd 4 dcrision, mocken . 
Irritabilis,c-a<//. irritable, waspish. 
lrritamen,inis n. & Irritameutum 
i.nan incitemcnt,or provocation. 
to insnare,to entrap, to|lrritan<lus,a,um./ be provoked 


p. to be cnsnared. 
is.iR. insiiarer.(cd 
im. pt insnarcd, involv- 
,'.im pt unmoved,fixcd. 
tis. pt irreverent. 
r f a./r, irrcverenlly. 
if x. f. iiTcvcrcnce, 

i^e.aJj. ior. comp. irre- 

IrritAns,tis./w. provokinj?. cxciting 
ImtasHO, pr '•, J*taut 
Irrltatio, 6nis. / 3. a provokinjr, a 
provocation.a dcsire,an appctite 

Irrit&tor, dris m. 3 a proroker. 

Irritatus,a,ttm. pt & arfj.» . 
enrajred. provokcd, angry. 

Irrito.are n.l to irritate,to cnrajrc, 
to provnke, to vex, to stir up, af 
fcct. or move, tosacrificc. 
that camiot be recall-|lrrItor, ari. p. to be provoked. 

», a, mn. pt. idc in-i <y\ . Irrftti$,a, '. voi«, \ vainJ tlvaX, «ick. \4 \,vi\" A^> %v vkk 

irroj^atio,onis./.3 an iniliction.(ed. 
irrb£*ior,dris m. 3. he that impos- 

Im\ratus, a, um. pt. imposed. in» 

riictctl,cnjoinecl,laid, or set upon r 
/;ro^o, inHict,to im{)Ose, 

to lay, or sct upon, to ordaiu, to 

enact, to make, to bestow. 
Irrbjror, ari. p. to be infticted, 
lrror«uulus,a,um be sprinkled 
Irrbrans, tis. pt besprinkling- 
lrrorat.i/n/». there is dew,it mislec. 
Irroratio, onis / 3. a bedcwiiur. 
/rrbresco, ere. inc. to fjrow moist 

with dew (to wet. 

//Toro,are.o-to bc<lew,to sprinkle, 
Irroror, ari. p. to be bedewcd. 
/rriibeo,erc n.2 itf/ ^rrubesco,ccre 

n. 3. to bc, or gTOw red. 
I.-ructo, arc n. 1- to belch. 
Irrucns,tis. pt. rushing in,orupon. 
Irrii^ratio. onis. / 3. a wrinkling. 
lml|ro,arc. make wrinkled» 
Irriijror, ari. p. to bc wrinkled. 
Irriimatio, 5nis./ a suckinfr. 
imlmator, oris m. 3. a sucker. 
Irriimo,are a- lto suck, or sticklr. 
Irrumpcns,tis. />/.brcakinjr,or rush- 

ing in, blustering, boistcrous. 
I;Ttimpo,pere,riipi,niptum.».3. to 

brcak,rush.orhurrv enter. 

Irruo, uerc, ui, utum. n. 3. to rusli 

in, or upon,to rtish into, or upon. 

Irruptio / ;> an imiption. 

Imipt.urus,a,um /»/.about to brcak^ 

or rush iu, that wouhl rtish in. 
Irru|)tus,a, unbroken, firm, 
Irtibla, x./ 1. a kind of vine. 


Is,ca,id- //r: nhe, she, it, thc same^ 





whatislaw, executive powcr in|JiistTfico,urc,a. 1. tojustifv f 'tice.^iivo f arc^Ti,fit«m.o.: 
tryinjr. judging and punishing. allusuf Icuvmwi ndj thatdolh jus-| sist, succour,favour, 

di&trict. • in the kiu f a law* er. 
Jurisperitua,i.m.2 a pcrson skillcd 
JtirisprQdcns, tis. m. 3. a lawyer. 

Justilia,ne/1 justice,iiitegrity, up- 

rig > htncss,rig > )itcousnf , H.s, clemcn 
cy,mcrry, the mcthod of justice. 

good-tn prufitjto plea 

Jtirisprudentia, ac./. 1. jurispru-Uustitium, i- n. 2. vacation. astop. 

dtnce. jjuslo, adv. [JustoJongiusJJonger, 

Jfiro,arc.<z. 1. to swear, to take an than just, or mect. 

oath, to comprisc Jurare ai-as, to Justus,a,um.«.7/. \or t comp. issimus. 

]:iy his hands on the altar, and *f//jjiist,rijrlit y mcct, propcr, rca- 

swearby the £ods, //. r. sonablc,cquitab!c due, dcservcd, 

Jfiror, ari. /mi*«. to be sworn lawful,lioncst,upright, rigiitcous, adj full of juicc, pious, exact, perfect, coniplcte, 

or liquor, stewecl in hroth. I .lustified.madc.or accountcd just. 

Jus.jOris.i». «.justice, cquity, rijjht, Juvaiiicn, , l. help, assistaHrf. 

finncsty,:reason,)aw 1 anordinance,Juvand | is.a, uui./jMo he hdpcd,o 

«r Ktatute, a comt, a tribunal, au- Jiivans, tis pt. helping. /assistcd 



gnicl, pottag^e Suininum jus, the Juvatiirus,a, um /./. about to hc.lj 

rijrottr ofthc la\v,CV. Jui Quiri-Juvenalia itim./#/ n. '6. games, or 

Juvor, ari //. to belu 

Juxtas, f/rap. cum. aa 

iicar, near to, hard 

ncxt, after,accordin; 

Juxta. adv cven, al;k 

well onc as the othc 

Juxtim, adv nigh, oj 

Ixia, ac./! mistlctoe. 


KAlendx, sivc Cal 
pl.f l.thc calends 
Kalcndarium,i. n vt-h 
i. m. 2 a calcndar, ai 


FXbans. tis jw. totte 
Jing",droopi nj»",jf i vn 
. . .. t dy to yield, or th , d( 

tum, the cominon law of thc Ko- fcasts for the e\ercise of youth. La*barum,i w.2.the rov. 

r. niniu»., «. vuui i, m. liiijiiihU} mi-iiuTnnni i». y... »»%. »■"■■,*, . | w^iaiv.u 

!hority.powcr,comimn(l,libeiayiaJuvar, imp. lt plcascth. or delijrht 
statc, or condition, juice, broih,' eth, it prcfiteth, or docth gtjod 

miuis J*lin. Optiino jure prredia,Juvcnalis. e adj Juvenalis dies, a 

fi-ccliold-Iandjdischarg-c d fi*om all day added to the Saturnalia Suet 

taxes,ordutics,t7r.<iuojurcqua-Juvenca, rc./ 1. a hcifcr. (man. 

que injuria.right, or wrong", 7Vr. Juvcnculus i. m. 2. a little youngjL 
Jusciilum,i n. 2 dim. broth, jrruel Juvencus, a, um. adj younff. 

Jusculum coactum, jelly, Jun Juvencus,i.7/i 2a bullock, or stecr, 
Jusjurandum, jflrisjriraiidi, & jus- a youngman. (spnmting- forth. 

•uraudi.n. a solemn oatii, an oath Juvencscens,tis p/.^rowin^young-, 
Jusso. pro Jussero, /V*/- Jiivcnesco, cere, inc .i. to grow 

Jussor, dris. m- 3. a commandcr. \ youn^to grow wanton,orplayful, 
Jussum,i.H2.acomm:iud,acharge.i to friak 
Jussurus, a, um/»f. about toonlcr, Jiivenflis,c.«r(/.ior, c mp. juvenile, 

couimand ©r will(ed, aj)pointcd. ! youtliful, wanton, gTeat, hugc. 
Juss'.!s,a4im./>/ ordcrcdjCoimmnd.Juvcnilitas^atis /* 3- youthfulness. 
Juss*!^ us« m . 4. an ordcr, a com-Juveniliter, adv. yotithfully. 

mand^ acharg^e, consent, will. (Juvcnis, e. adj. young. (woman. 
Justa n. 2 funcral ritcs, aJuvcnis,is.c. ^3.a young man, or 
dailv, r ordinary task,aduc rate f : Jiivcnor,ari,atus sum.^/ play a 
proportion, r allowance. | youthful part, to wanton 

Justc, adv. iusi comp. issime, aup. 
justly» lawfully, uprightly. 
Juhl), pro Jussisti, Te\ 

Juventa, x.f 1. youth, young 1 age 
Juventas,atis/. youth,thc ^roddcss 
of vouth 

JustificCitio, (5nis/J. justification. Juvcntus,utis/. youth, youngf pco- 
^tstiiicHtor, dris. m. 6. a juatifier \ ple,covjagc,thcgoddessof youth. 

al standuinl, a fiug 1 , oi 
Labasco,cere,/;ic *• to 
to givc wav, to be rc 
^abascor. ci. d. o. idc; 
Labda, x m \. a vilc c 
Labecula, x. f. 1. a lit 
Labcfaciendus./ b« 
L^ibefacio [labo,facio] 
factum a.S. to mukc 
ready to fall,to weakt 
to shakc, to frig-litcn 
ragv, tospoil, to infci 
I ,abefactaudtts,a t u m pt 
gtircd, or shakcn. to ! 
Labcfactatio, 6ms/.J. i 
Labefactator, 6ris. m. 
wasted, tottering, sh 
dv to revolt. 
LabSfactio, oiii* / a lo 
Labcfacto. labojacto], l 
to weaken,to loosen,to 
confound,ro shake,to u 





L-iborans,tis£*.labouring,opprcss-; Lac recen.s. new milk, P/in Flos, 
cd, sick, bitten- Laborans luna,' cremor, vel pingue lactis, crcam. 
the moon in eclipse. Utero Iabo-Lacer,6ra,enun.«j//.tcaring, rend- 

rans, be.njr wlth child, Jfor. 
Labftratur, impcn. a gre it deal of 
pains is taken. Ltboratum est 

pestilentia siccita^e. there was aLicerabflis,c.a'//.that may betorn 

ing^, mangled, maimcd, 
shattcred disablcd, battered, dis» 
hevellcd, scatUred dispersed 

Lacerandus,a,um-A'- to be rcnt, >r 

torn to pieces(tearing inpieces. 

Lacerans, tis. pt tearing, rcnd ; nflf, 

L-iccritiOjOnis. /*a tearing,arend- 

inx- (eth. 

ce, to chaige, or alter, to o-| heart gocs pitapat for fcar, Piant.'. juicc of hcrbs,the pulp of figs,&c. al nostruin,totempt.|Laborandus, a, um pt. to labour. | Pressum lac,cheese-curds Yirg. 
ic or.iri.p. to be weakcncd. 
ic us, a, um. pt. weakcncd, 
n.'d, totterjng, jjivimr way, 
lshed, decaye 1, undermin- 
nost ovcrthrow;i,unccrtain. 
\o labo.fio], fieri. nent ptus. 
b ■ looscned, or weakencd. 
lum.U >. a little lip, a lip, a 
vat u »edin ba.hs to wash in. 
,n of endcarraent. 
is,ti* pt. slid nir.glidinjr, run- 
passingon, ©raway, falhng", 
jjto decay,d?cli ung fain^.ing 
>, onis. m. >. a person that is 
)?r|ipped a kiid of fiush. 
,is/.3. a sjot,a stain. or ble 
, a dash, or blot, a fault, guilt, 
e, d:*Uonoir. di»crjlit, dts 
e renaorse, compunction, in 
,ruin,dcstruct -on. a gTcatfail 
,-r.f.l alip(ofrain,orground 
ua^L,uma.// sli ppcry -slabby 
s,e.a J 0.apt to slip, slippery. 
*us*a,u n adj full lippc l (Hp. 
m.i.n 2.alip,a thick, or lo.ver .pret.n 1 to totter, to 
i%dy to drop down,or out ,to 
;r,tohesitate,to droop,io H -ig; 
rink.tofail,to dceay 
e. to bulge. A limus labat 
>le lose their seiises. (?■•/?. 
',labi,lapsut sum.J.ito slidc, 
de,to fly,to fiuctuat 
lil, to run, to run or tricklc 
i,i o pass on,or away, to fall to 
decay, to faint, to trip, or 
ike. lAbimentc, tobedeli- 
i» to rave. Ceh. 

great plajrue, droujrht, &c Cic 

Liboratus,a, um pt. well wrougiit, 
formed, or done with care. (inr 

Labirifer,e'ra l cru;n.a Ij. p.iins tak 

Llb5riose, a-iv ius. conp. is?imc, 

»up. painfully, hardly, with much LaceVator, oYs m 3 hc thattew- 
ado !Lice'ratiis,a,um.p/. torn, manglcd. 

ljab5riosu3,a,um.a/;. ior, comp. is-!Licema, *./, 1. a riding^-coat, a 
si'mus,».v/i laborious, pa : >iistakin^«| cloak, a cassock, cowl, or hood. 
toilsime, wcarisome, fatiguing 1 . j.lAcernatu-j, a, um. a'lj cloaked. 

Laboro, arc. rt.k n. labour, to LicSro.are.a 1. to tear,to rend, to 
work to take pains, to strive, on tear,orpull in make, orforge,to be" spendriotously.La.:erareprorbis, 
p.izzled,or pcrplexc d,f o be trou-» to revilc one. Laccrare famam ali 
bled,or bc in want, 1 - cujus, %o blemish his reputation, 
distrcss,or dan^cr,to be a^Hictcd. 1 Iax*. 

or oppressed, tobc sick, or ill, toLiceror, !iri atus. p. to be torn. 
sufFer, to lic under. Lice>ffs<is,a, um,«'/;. raggcd.rcnt. 

Laborare causa, to have a bad Licerta,ac /*.l. a lizarJ. newt, fish. 
causc, Qwnt. Sfon hboro de no LIcertosu3,a, um a^/.stron^.braw- 
mitic I circ not for the namc,/</. ny. (forcc, a li/ard, a fish. 

Lib^ror, ari./>. to be donc. 'Licertus,i.w. 2. an arm, streiigth» 

Libos, oris. m. J. virt. Labor. ,Licesscndus, a, um pt to bc pro. 

Lab53us,a,um.a'(;.slippery,slabby.' vokcd or provoke(ing 

Labros, i.m 2. adog, Worrier. Lacessens,tis pt provokin^attack- 

Ijabrosus, a, um. alj havin^gTeat [ncessftio, onis / :S. provocation. 

lips. or brims like lips 

Liccs&iturus,a, about to at- 

Labrum,i.n 2a lip,a krink, »rbrim, tack, or abuse. 
a bathing-tub, a bath, a vat,a cii-Licess!tih>,a,um pt. provokcd, ex- 
tcrn a brcwcr's coolcr. asperated, attackcd. 

abrusca,x/.1.8c T^Driscum, i. yi.Licesso,sere,sivi & ii,sltum. a. 3. 
2. a wccd, the wil l vine. to trouble, to tease, to 

Pi 8c L4bos Aris. m. 5 labour, 

s,eiercise, clrud^ery,toil,fa-|Liibumum,i n'2. a shrub. byrinth. 

i^hyriiit icvis, a, um aij. ofala- 
oern, anxietv. distress, a bur Libyrinthus,i m. 2. a labyrinth, a 
i*icknesi, illnrss, an nazc,a dirfi^ult,- nntricate thing" 
de labxirc pe<$u tumlit, raf iLac^ctis. ». i.mdk, the brcait, the 


importunc, to ask, nr request, to 
challenge,to provoke, tostirup, 
to drive,orpush on, to encourage, 
to attack, to harass, to injatc N <A 





Laceasor, i. & Llcesaior, iri, TtusJLac.tarius,a,uma((/. raade of milk, 

aum.pata. to be provoked(faint 
LichSnisso,are n. to bcfceble. or 
Lachano,are.n.l to fecd on herb9. 
Lachanum, i, n. 2. a potlierb. 
Lachnc, es./3. a dog, Sticklc. 
L&chryma,x/1. a tear,a drop, the 

dropping of a tree, distress 
Lachrymibilis, to be bewail- 

ed ,lameatable,mournful.[to weep 
Lachryjnubundus,a,um.a<(/ rcady 
Lachrymandus, a, to bc 

wepUorlamentcd^to lamentfping 
LacVymanstis./rt. wecping, drop 
Laclirymatio,6nis./.3.a wecpinjr, a 

dropping of moisture, gaim, &c 
LAchrymator,6ris. m. 3. a weeper 
Lachrymatus, a, um. pt distilled 
Lachrymo,are.n 1. 8c Lachrymor, 

ari dXo weep,to lamcnt, to distil. 
Lachryomose, adv. wccping*ly 
Lachrymosus, vel Lacryraosus, a, 

um.a<(/.full of tears,wccpin£,sad, 

dolcful, mourrrful, troublcsom j 
Lachrymula, x.f 1. a littlc tcar. 
Lacinia,?e/l.thc flap.or hcm of a 

garment,a jag, or rajr, a scparatc 

fold, a surnamc of Juno. 
LSciniattm, adv. by picccs. 
Laciniatus,a, hemmcd,fold 
L&cinifoe^aoVjag-gedly ed,plaitcd 
Lacini69us.a,um a<# full of plaits, 

crurabled, jagrged, intricate. 
Lacio.cere.a. allure, to dccoy. 
Licon,6nifi.m.^.a do£.Lacon(stew 
LScdnicuxr, i. n. 2. a hothousc, a 
Lac6nTcus,a,um.a<//. Lacedemoni- 

an, laconic, short and pithy. 
Jxic6nismus,i.m. 2 a short way of 

giving", or yielding milk, milch 
Lactariu&ji.m.a dairy-man, a railk- 
Lactatus.&s. m.3. a sackling (raan- 
Lacte, is, n- 3. milk. 
Lactcns, tis. pt. sucking, having 

milk,made of milk,milky, younjr 

I-acryma,v«/.Lachryma.'spcakingLxdcns, tis pt. hurting", injuring-. 

Lactincus, a, um. aaj milky. 
Lactans.tis />/.milk,givinjr l milk, or 
suck, ruckling, tendcr. 
J,actantia,um./>/ n. 3. white mcats. 
jMtarta, x.f.l. milkwced. 
Z*MctSrium, i. ;i. 2. a dairy-house. 

Latdor, di. past. to be hurt, 
Lxlaps,apis.m 3. a dog, Tempett. 
L:ena, ac / 1 a cloak, nr mantle,! 
roughfrock,afrieze-cassock acope 
Lxsio,dnis./3.a hurting, r anrcoy* 
Lrcsura, x / 1. hart,loM (ing. 
Lxsurus,a,um.)>r. about to hurt, «" 

Lacteblusa,um.aoj' milk white,fair Laesus, a, um- pt. hurt, wounded, 

rent,torn, craoked. sullied, inj©- 

ed, violated. wrongcd, onended, 

opprcsscd Lxsa majestas tra- 

son. Siurl.Rea \xsx 9 adver^ity, Ot. 

Lactabilis,e .atfy .g-ladgojiul. joyocs- 

L.netabundus,a,um a*(/ vcry mcnj. 

L<etamcn,ini&,n. . co.npost,ouiun 

Lxtandus,*» to bc rejoiced 

Lxtan*. tis. pt. rcjoicinfr. «L 

Lxtantcr, adv. gladly, joyfullj. 

Lxtutio, onis / 3. mcrriness. 

Lactatus,a,um- pt. having rcjokd 


Lactcs, ium./ the small guts, thc 

Lactcsco,cSrc,mr.3 t0 becomelikc 

milk,to havc milk to grrow milch. 
Lactcus,a, um. atlj. oi\ ..r likc milk, 

milky, whitc as milk. 
Lacticinia, vid. Lactantia 
Lactic61or, oris vid Lacteus. 
LacU), to sucklc, toallurc, 

to tleccivc 
Lactfica, x.f 1 a lcttucc. Lactuca 

leporina, sow-thistlc, Apul 
Fiactficula, x. f 1 a littlc lcttuce 
Lacfma^x/.l. a ditch, a puddle, a 

dmin, anv littlc hole, .<r hollou 

place,adefcct, rwant, Lacunafa- 

nuc,ablcmish in onc^sgood namj 
Lacunar, aris. n. 3. a ceilcd roof, 

archctl, "r frettcd, a main bcam. 
Lucunatus,a,um pt. wrought with 

frctwork, uiadc hollow. 
Lacuno are.a-1 to work with fret 

work,to'pit,to Iay witli planks es 
Lucunosus,a, um.a/i/.fiill of ditch- 
Lacus,i,&.us. m. a lakc, a standing' 

por>l,a vat.acooler, a troug"h, the 

main heam of a house a corn-bin. 
Lacusculus, i m 2 a little lake, . r 
Lacuturria brassica, a savoy. (vat. 
Lacuturris, is. / 3. a caulinower. 

Lxdo,derc,xsi,xsum.a. 3. to hurt, 
to wound, to injure, to infect, to 
violate,to offcnd^to trouble,to af- 
nict,to condemn,Lxdere famam, 
to speak ill of one, CicLxderc fi- 
dem, to break a promisc, la\ 

L.cte, ius, isalm^. ah- mcrr3ji 
checrfullv, abundantlv.truitfoti^, tis. pt. inakinggU& 
L.ctif ico[lxtii9,Ta<.ic»], are. o. !■• 
makc g"lad, to cxhilaratc. 
L.ctif icor,uri, atus, p to bc wb 
jrlad, to rejoice. ^hi 

Lxtificusa, um. adj that nub^ 
Lattisco.ccrc./t ;. to bccome^A 
r^titia,x/l . g^ladness joy, Dilsj 
abundancc, fruitfulness. 
LxtitQdo, Inis / X idem. 
L%tor,ari,atus bc gW» 
joyful, i-r mcrry, to rcjoice. 
Lactus, a, um adj. ior, comp. 0** 
mus./rt//). g"lad, joyful, joyou^ i** 
joicing.merry cheerful, pleasA 
delig-htful,brisk.livelv, s»ift»<^ 
lin^welcomc, acceptable, luckjt 
dant,plentiful,f>ujtful, verdarA * 
cattle, fat, sleek, in good fikuf- 
Lxva, x-/ 1- thelefthand- 
Latvandus, a, udb. jm. to beiw 





h. IiimentabiHs. c. a<\j. lamcntable 

or.ius c#m/Mn*de 8moother[Lamcntariua,a,um.«<(/. causing la- 

aVdully, heavily.(planinjr 
itio onis. /..'-. a sinooihing o* 
itus, a, um. />/ smoothed. 
»,are smooth,to planc 
ss, to polish, to looscn. 
jr, ari. p to bc smoothed. 
i.adj.ior.c mp. issimus, sup 
h, phiin, cvcn, pohshcd, 
soft, bare, bald. 
s.atis /5.s>moothncss,plain 
cvcnness, slcekness, b:i!d- 
.xvitas intestinonun,a flux. 
iire. (i 1 to smooth. (tV> 
ari./> to be niadc stuooth 
dris. m. 3 smoothncss, soft- 

a, um. «</V. left,on the lefi 
unaeasonablc; in cadcst,au- 
im,i.n.2 athincakc,afritte, 
i, x.f 1 . a ftagon, a bottlc 
^adj.z kindof gTape.'a hare 
jt. /3.a bird w ith flesh likc 
, dnis. m 3. a dogf, Ilnrricr. 
intfno*, i. m 2. thc gripcs. 
ophium,i ri.2.a harc-warrcn 
:uh, vc.f 1. a littlc flagon 
, a um. arf/. laic. 

i. m 2. a layman. (ass. 
• finis. m. 3. a foal of a wilil 
ire. n. 1. to sing lullaby. 
, i. m. ~. a lullaby. 
t./l.a'slough,a bog,a ditcli 
\\% % \\» pt licking.(to mangle 
:ro,are.a 1 to teorin picccs, 
tus, lis. m 4. a lickinjr. 
3,bcre,bi 8cbui,bitum.a&. 71. 
iick with the tongue,to lup 
uch softly, to rcach, or as- 
. to run, »r flow gvnlly by 
la, x./.l. a little thin plate. 
UUa, x.f. a very tUin plate. 

mcntatiou, or mournmg. 
Lumentatio.Snis /3. laincntation 
LamcnUtus, a, um. pt lamented. 
Lamentoryari.r/ 1. to lament,to bc- 
wail, to bemoan, to wecp. 
Lamcntuui,i n 2. a lamentation, a 
bcmoaning. a shrick, an outcry 
Lainia,x /la hag,a witch a bull 
beggar, a bawd, a greatscalish. 
platc,07lhin picce of metal,u bar, 
c»r*ingot of gold,or silver.a sword- 
bladc, a thin board, a plank, thc 
tip oftheear, a nutshcll. 
Lamtndsus,a,um.a<{i.havin<r plates 
Lamium, i. n. 2. dcad-nettle 
Lammiila.x./ l.oVm.a little plate 
IJimdsus,a,um.*<{/. full of plashes 
Lampada, x.y. 1. id. <jn. Lampas. 
l^ampadius, x. m. 1. a comct. 
Lampas.adis /J.a lamp,a torch, a 
ficry mctcor light, brightncss 
Lampada alicui tradcre, to ap 
point,a successor in works, Pers. 
Lampsana, x./. 1 com-sallad. 
LttinpMirus, i. m. 2. adog, Fox. 

Lancf nator, 5ris. m. 3. a lancer. 

Lancfnatus,a,um. />r. lanced, con- 

Lanclno,are.a.l. to thrust 
through, to rcnd, to consurac. 

Lanciila, x./ 1. a small bason. 

Lanca, x./ 1. flesh-sliambles. 

Lancstris, c atfy. of wool 

Lancus,a,um.a</j'.woolen, made of 
wool, or ftocks, soft as wool. 

I-anga, x./ 1. an Italian beast. - 

a 3. to wearj, to tire, to stop. 

Langucns, tis. pt languishing. 

Languco,crc,gui n2.*itp. car. tolan* 
guish,to be sick,orfaint,to droop, 
or flag,to fade, or dccay, to gTOW 
fecble, dull, heavy, or LatledS, to 
pinc away, to bccome weary, or 
cloyed. Languet jubarlunx, the 
moon shincthdim,or faintly, Sfa*. 

Lunjruescens, tis pt. languishing. 

I^ grow lan- 
guid,to bccome duil, to abatc, to 

I>angnTde, acv. ius, eomp. faintly» 
feebly, without spirit, a little. 

Languidul^.aoTJ somewliatnuntly. 

Lampyris. idis. / 3. a glow-wormJLangutduius,a,um. adj. somcwhat 
L4na,x./l.wool,hair,down, moss 

cloth. Lana cuprina,a tlungof no 

valuc, H r. Lana facta, yam. 
Lanaria. x.f 1- fullars-wced. 
liinaris. c atij. that bearcth wool 
Lunarius, a, um. adj. of wool. 
Lunarius,i m.2.a c1otliier,a draper. 
I^lnata, x / 1 a shccp, an cwc. 
Lanatus,a,um.aa]/.ior, c mp wool- 

ly, beariii{r, or like wool, mosjy. 
Lancea, x.f. l.a lance,ajavclin, a 

pike, a spear. a dart. 
Lancearius,i.m 2.a pikeman(lanct 
Lanccatus,a,um. pt. armed witha 
Lancebla, x./.l. a little lance. 01 

faint, fading 1 , or short. 

fceblc,wcak wcakcncd,decayed, 
fadcd,gentle,slow, spiritless, mo- 

Languidiora vina, racy, mcllow 
winc, Hor. (faintnesf. 

LanguiHcus a, um aqj. cauaing 

Langnla, x./ 1. a broad platter. 

Languor,5ris m. 3 a languor.faint- 
ncss,fccbleness . weak ness,weari- 
ness,a want of spirit,dulncs.s. liat- 
lctisness, inacti\itv lazincss. A- 
quosus languor, tfic dropsy, Hor. 

Laniandus, a, um pt. ready to be 

I^ancinans, tis, pt. tearing". spcar.l torn, or cut in pieces. in piecea. 
Lanclnatio, dms./. 3. a lancing. |LiSiniaiui t ti&. ^l.NKftxvK^ifc ^kmCxk^ 






Lfcnmrium,i.7i.2. a slaughterhouse.|Lapidutor, firis. m. * throwcr ofl falling.desccnding, winding, ft£ 

JLaniatio, dnis/. 3. slaughtcr, car-jLapidatus,a,uin. pt stoued. stonca 

Laniator, oris.m. a tcarcr.(nage. 
Laniatus, a,um. /w.torn in pieces, 

torn,reut,siu.ttered, slaughtered 
LauiiLtus,usm.4 a tearing topicc- 

cs, a buichcrin«f, a quartcring*. 
Lunicium,i./i 2.a woolen,or cotton 

nuiKitacture, or tradc. 
Lanienu,x./.l.thc rl^.sii shambles 

ihc butcUcrv,tl>e tradc of butch- 

«»ry, iuivovk,dcstruction,carnugc 
Lamier, cra, trum. a»//. beuring 
Lanif ica, x.f 3.aspmster.(wooi 
Lamficium,i./j. 2 thc art of 

ingclotn,, carding, Stc 
Lamficus,a,um adj. clothworking, 

spinmn^, itc mdustrious (wool 
Lunigcr, cra, crum adj. bearing 
Lam^nus. a um. udj ofabutcher. 
L.imo, oms. m. 3 a buUhcr- 
L:iniu,are.a tear o^pull inpiec 

es,to tcur,to butchcr,to cnt up(cd 
Linior,arL />.tobe torn,orbutcher- 
Luuidnius,a, um. ■*</;■ ofa butchcr. 
Lttnipc.idia, x.f 1. a spinstcr. 
Lanisia, ;e m 1. a fencing niastcr, 

Lamstaavium.acock muster,C /. 
Laiutius, a. uni adj. of wool. 
J-anius, i. m 2 a butcher. 
Lanosus, a, um wo-jlly. 
Lanig-in68ua,x,uin ailj. ior, comp 

dovvny, soft like wooJ, or colton 
Laniijro-ini*./.3.down on thc ikce, 

on b.rds, on irviii, ckc. saw lust. 
L.inula,x /l.a s.ualllockof woo* 
Lanx,cis./3.a charger,adcep dish, 

u plattcr, a scale. a lancc deck 
Lapathus,i./ &. Lapathum- i n. a 
Lapicida,a:.m a cutter, a ;na- 

60 i. 
L*ipicidina,x/.l.a quarry.(stones 
L-ipidarius,:i, umj//.p:*rtainin£ to 
Lipidarius,i w a lapidary.a mason 

l*yjidul\o, ouis./. o. a stoning, a'Lapsus,a,uiu pi. slipping, sliding. 
throwin£oie/cvv*ringw\\h±tQ\\d\ ^lidlniTjranning^/trickhngdown, 

f «apiduvit, &. Lapidutum est, imp 
it raincd stones, stoncs fc!l 

Lupidcsco, ccrc. inc 3 to petrify, 
to jrrow as hard as stone. 

Lapideus- a, um adj. stony.full of 
stoncs, inadc of stones, of stone, 
heavy.Lapideus sum,l stand like 
a statue, or 1 am pctrified,/^»!/ 

L:iprdo,arc a 1. to throw stones,to 
stone to death, to cover with 

Lapidbsus, a, um. adj. ior, comp 
stony, fuil ofstones hard,knotty 

Lupillus,i m 2.a little stonc,a jew 
cl iiunc diem signa roeliore 1* 
pillo,rcckon this aliapp\ day, Per* 

Lapio ,*.a 4 tomakchardasastoiR 

Lapis id:s.7/i attone apcbblc .. 
prccious sto ie, a gcin a milc, a 
placc raiscd hig:i whcre thing> 
wcrc cried.a slow,heavy dull,fel 
low,a h:ird hcartcd man,Lap>dem 
ferrealtera manu, panern oscen 
tarc altera.togive onc roast ineat, 
and beat him with the sph } Ptaut 
l)e lapide empti, slavcs gt>od foi 
nothing, /c/Jovemlapidcm jurarc, 
to swcar,throwing a stonc out oi 
ins h:iud,and sayiu^May .lupiter 
thus cast mc away, C/c. Lapis sa- 
ccr, a boundar}', or landinark, 

Lappu., x.f. 1. a bur, a clot bur. 

Lappuccus, a, um. of a bur. 

I„app\go,inis./ shcpherd's rod, a 
tcasel. fall 

Laps.ibundu9, a, um adj. rcady to 

Lapsma, x.f. 1. wild colcworts. 

Lap^ans, tis pt slippmg, sliding. 

Lapsio, onis. f. i. a trip, or fall. 

Lap*;>,:ire./r<»«y.l. to slip oflen to 

l.aps'irus,a,um /if.rcavly tofall(trip 

lcn down,past ovcr,failcd Lapsoi 

spe,disappointed in expicuuwt, 

Car*Lapsusanimi,misUken,/ J /«ri 

Fides lapsa a brcach of promis^ 

Lapsus,us m.4. a sliding,a friidins 

a slip, 0/- fall,a mistake, a tiuhire 
Liqueans. tis. pi. ceilinjf, archiif • 
Laqueur,aris m & Laqueare, n s. 

>.a ceihiig done wiih frctwork. 
r.iquc-atus,a,uni /^.insnared, rorf 

ed,ceilcd,archcd,vaultcd, fiutcd 
Liqueo,are a insnarc, to hift 

tcr to roof, to ceil, to arca. 
Liquedlus, i. m. 3. a loop. 
Laqucus, i. m. J. a siUire^i tnp, I 

gnn,a noose,ahalter,a trick^i vik 
^ar, laris m. a household-gtKLtbt 

tirc side,a dwclliug-house. ondi 

home Ad ipso lare, to beginrt 

ho:ne, Prov. 

Larjison, i n 2- antimony. (cos. 
L.irdum vel Laridum,i./i janl,bs»^c, ativ iiks c+mp-,*^ 

plciitifully, abundantly.liberslry» 
Largiens,tis. //.'.givmg bc>tovu^ 
.'«irgificus, a, um ajjhoi-rd 
Largifluus, a, um. adj. flowin^sj 

bundant, heavy- t 

i.argil6(piiis, a, uin a^tsJkstiM^ 
j<argior,iri, Itus sum. tl. tc Ltr^s/ 

ire a 4 to givc libcrully, to p*%' 

to bcstow, to jrrant, to p^nm ' 
L ^rgi tas,itis/3 lar^e iiess,bouslp 
Largiter,ac/r.idem quod iJfp- 
^argiiio,dnis./J.a alargess^ift^ 

l>ribe, bribery, extravajrinct 
Largitor,6ris.m.J.aliber*l give^l 


Largitudo inis./. ^». liberalitr. - 
l.argitus,a,um. ^.ha>ing £i v tnjr 

bcstowed, gTanted,pcrmitted. 
Largitus, Ljirge. 
Lar^rus^uin adj.\or % c*mp. isiinMst 
#.■//!. lar^re, great, pleutiiul, jgetd 





libval, profure, prodijral. 
icia. /. 3- thc lareh-trec 

»11. Fcs lassx, advcrsity, Plant. 

^ . Latu, a./. 1. a lath. 

e./l. a visor,or mask, a bpi- Late, iu_- i-simc, wiY. ahroari, fr.i 
2"host, a pbantom, a scarc- ahrcari. wiric, far uuri widc, ii 
i n_Mlinan.(dismal,frii*;litfuJ many placcs, au.ply, copiously. 
_,c.<;r// likcaghos^hustU, l-itcbru. a: / 1. a lurkin{<-placc,: 
i* f a, um />f. rii_fruised,mas- dcn,a covcrt, n sheltcr, u, 

a difcjruisc, a cloak, a prctencc, 
an excuse. (clicr. 

LaK-br.cola, a*. com. srrn. 1. a lur- 
ins, he jrnpeth for prcfcr-jl-" tehnW-, adv. pr-.vily, closciy. 
jri-*/.- .the wind*iip*-(ment!Lateb:osus a, un: </<//. full <<f liiri- 
n, i. r. 2 a ch-tmbcr-pot, a| >n% places, or dcns, dnrk, sbariy. 
locUtrcon eneimfcnuen.I/itens, tis. \.t. lyinjr. hid, _ccret 

_ , — . -. — g — — _ j — 

ri*<htc(l with spirits, ma<l. 
ire. a. 1. to put on a mask. 
m.2. a seamcw,_r jrull. La 

,& Lascivitcr/.c/f.wanton-jLatanicr, udv. seci\ tlv, piivately. 

. LaU o/ic,tui,titmii n.2- io !ic hicL, 

. ar/1. waiitonnefiijustful- 
mnriua, adj. wantun. 
:n9,ti».pf. plnyiiijr. tbe wan- 
ortinjr. fnsking-. 
),uc,ivi,itum, /i 4. to be or 
the want^n, to jrrow wan- 
Visk abont, to grow rank 
i, a,um. atlj. ior, comp. ^si- 
up. wanton, frolicksornr, 
e,jramesomc,frisk iu£,*.kit- 
cherous, smuttv, bawdv. 

ris. n. 3. benzoin,_L*«a-f-_ti 
i-ttu., a, um. u/J-'. mixcd 

ifcr.cra crum.ciJ-.hcaring lonjrinjr to a brick, or tilc 

_■ - _-h_ - _— %M Ik __ ___ _-._>. _ ■__ I_. __ __ _. __ I _>*£_!_ __■»% 4a*i*% _-i ._>_r_--. _■_ ■>« iv _*_.♦ ■_ <k* * 1 _i 

ium i n.2. benzoin,bcnja- 
,onU/.3.a wcariness.(min 
,6ris m 3. he that wearieth 
, autim pt wcaried, tired. 
,cere inc.o.togTow wcary 
o, lnis./ 3. la_»itude,wca- 

&r concealccU to be unkuown, tr 
conccaled,io conceal,to lurk, to kbscond Latet mihi cau- 
*a, I know not the rtason, Luc. 

Latcr,eris m..5.a brick.a tilc I.ate- 
rcm labour in vain,7'«r. 
I_htercsaurci.injrotsofgoId,/ /.7;. 

Latcr&hs, c arfj. Ijclonpin^ to thc 
sidc. («r jng uacd for wine. 

Latei*ainen,inis n carthcn not 

LalCrani, orum. pi. m. 2. ycomcu 
of thc guard 

Lateraria, ac./ 1. u brick-kiln. 

I^itcrfirius, a, um. ci^/y. of tho sidc. 

L^ter&rius, a,um. aaj.[i\ later] bc-J 

JJithyr, is. m. 3. the herb spurge. 
Lali;dis, c. & I^itiaris, c. «r/-\ of 

Italy, I.atin. ito hiric onetelf. 
L: til nlo,5rt .;il. to lurk to ftkulk, 
Latibiilmn, i. w. 2. a cavc,a den, a 

covcrt, a shclter, a rctrcat. 
Laticlavius, a,i:m. atlj. scnatori«ul. 

Jjiticlavia tunica, a parliament 

purplc robc adomcd with studs> 
I.;;ticlf'vius, i. m. 2. a senator. 
Iiitirolius,a,um udj. broari-lcavcd. 

Lutinc (;Jr.ii. J atin,clcarly I^tini 

sciic, to bc skiUed in the Aatin 

tonjrud,* /r.Latint spea^ 

g"ood Ijitin, LL 
I-athiitan.ati'*./ 3. Latin, thc pro* 

priety of that !anjruage,freeriom. 
l^tinug,a,um. aaj. Latin, Homan, 

of, or bclonjrinp to the country, 

or the pcople of Latium. 
I.atio,i5nis/. 3 a bearing-,or carry- 

inp, a givng-, or makinir of Jaw. 
I^titan*,t;s pt. lyinghid, lurlgnff. 
Latitiitio, onis./. J. a lurkinjr. 
Latititor, oris. m. X a lurker. 
Latito, to lie hid, to lurk. 

Latitudo,iivs./:3.1atitude,brcadtb f 
widUi.c xtcir.Latitudo verbonim 
a rirawling- Hpcech, Qvint. 

Latius, a, um arlj. of ltaly. 

I^* comp. wiricr. I^atiuilp. 

l^tcr-titn,n»7v 011 both sides. (roll.l qui, to spcak at larg-e, Cic. 
Laterculum,i/i.2.a skte,vrini-<ter.|Latomix,-ntm./i/./. 1. quarriej-of 
I-itcrculus, i m. 2. a little brick, or -tone, a prison. 
tilc, a muster-roll, a list, a cakc.Ixitomus, i. m, a mason. 
Laicjitius,-,uin.fu//.nuidcot'bricksIiitor,6ris. m 3. a bcarer,a porter, 
Laienia.x./:i. a lanteni. (or tilci.i a mcsscmjer, a uiakcr, or jrivc.r 

iziness. Lassitudo soli,tbc Iiitc*ni&rius,i.n.-. a laniern-be_rer| of laws. (cravinjr. 

rifhmcnt of land, Vol. LatcniCilayx/alittlclautci-nfguaKiljitrans, tis. pt barkinjr, roariuir v 
e. a 1. to wuary, to tirc,to Lateroncs, um./)/.w. yeomen of the 1 Jttrutio, dnis. / 3. a barkifig-. 
ri. p. to bc tircd (jade. l^tcrunculuria,a:/".l.a chcssbc_rrljl atr_tor, oris. m. 3. a b:rkcr. 

a, um. adj. somevvhat 
,11111. aa]j weary,tired, jad- 

t, wom ontjfadcd; fa-ut> 

Liitcsco,; 3. to grow broari, Ijttrutnr, imp. thcy hark. (cd. 
!Jitesco,cerc.i/ic tobcgintobi hkt,L_tr_tus a,urn./*r barkcd at, crav- 
IiiUx,fcis m.liq-ior.orjuice^tpringjl^atratus, us. m. 4. a baiking",» C ry 
water,watcr,a sjiring-^or fountain | a bawlinjr, a railia^» 
C4 • 





LCnitudo, inis. / 5. gcntlcncss, jA-nMnculai,i.fn.2. ayoungbawd^lxvamontum.i.n. 2. case, confcft. 
mildncM (ed.| skill". Levandus, a, um. pt. to be cued. 

bawdry,cmiccment, alliiring lan- 
guage, carriage, or drcss. 

L€n6c1nor, ari. d. 1. to play the 
bawd,to wh eedle,entice,decoy >or 
trepan to recommcnd, to sct oi!'. 

Lenomus, a, um. adj. of a bawd. 
( Lcns, dis. m. 3. a nit. 

Lcns, tis. /. 3. lcntil.s, ducks-meat. 

sus Ic 



ni. verscs that likc a h Levator, aris. m. 3. a lifterup. 
ons taii rhymc in the middlcand Levutiirus,a. um. /tf.about to eate. 
at the end; such as this, Jurr Lcvatus,», u:n. pt. ior. c mp. ltftrd 

up,ca*cd, relievcd, assisted, sup- 
Lcuca, x.f 1 a leagnc. (portrd 

tibi aane per mystica sacra Dianre 
I*eonticc,cs/3. wild chervil ( Uv 
Lcontios,i.m 2. a kind of prcciou.- 

stonc like a lion*s skin. (thcr. 
iLcopardus, i. m. a leopard,a pan 

Lcntandus, a, um. pt. to be bnit. tLepidc,a//r prcttily,wittily,smart 

Lcnte, attv. ius, c mp. issime. * //Jl.cpidium, i. n. 2. crcsscs" ]y 

slowly lcisurely, carclcssly, pati-Lcpidule, adv. prcttily,plcasantly 

Lcntco,crcw J. to be slow. lently. 
LentcscOfCcre n bccome clain- 

my, to stick, to weaken. 
Lcnticula,x/1. a littlc lentil.frcc- 

klc, chrismatory. 
Lcnticularis, c. adj. likc a lcntil. 
Lcntigmrisus, a, um «///• frccklv 
Lcntigu.inis/3-a pimplca frccklc 
Lcutipes, cdis. adj. slow-fooicd. 
Lcntiscifer, vcl Lentiscifferus, a, 

um. adj. bearing inastich-trccs. 
Lentiscma resina, mastich. 
Lcntiscus, i./ 2. a mastich-trec, a 

touJipick. 1 .limbcrncss softncss 
Lcnti udo,ins/3. slowncssjo tcr- 

ing, tctliousiu-bs, cusincss, mo- 

l^nto«arc o.toraakc pliant,tob(*nd 

Lentor, dris. m. toughness,clammi- 
ncss. (ani. 

Lentulus.a,um. adj. somcwhat pli 

Lcntus,a f \or*comp. issimus, 
8Hp. shij*',lingcrng.cliiato:-;., idle. 
lazy,indolcnt,ncavy, dull, stupid, 
unmoved quiet, pcaccablc, i;*en- 
llc,modcrate,liinber, pliant, hcvi- 
ble,supplo.tough,clammy. i,entua 
coJor, a dnrk dusky colour, Ov. 

cniiJus, i. m. 2. ayoumj bawd. 

Lcpidum, adv. pv • Lepid':, Pluut. 

Lcpidus,a, um adj. ior, comb. issi- 
mus,*"A prctty,, tart 
quick, brisk, facctious, wagtfish. 

Lcpista, x.f 1 a litlle pot. 

Lcpor,Tv7Lcpos, oris. m 3. mirth. 

wit. drollcry, comphusance, clc- Lcvidciisis,c. adj. coarsc & »&&• 


Lcporarium, i. n. 2. a harc-warrc: 
Lcporinus, a, um. adj of a Iiarc 
Lcpra, ac / 1. tlie leprosy. 
Lcprosus, a, um adi. leprous. 
Lepus, 6ris- m. 3. a, star 
Lcpusciilus, i. m. 2. dim a lcverc.: 
Lcssus, us. m. 4. a funcral lamc.i 


Lcthrdis,c.a/// dcadlv,mortal, fatal 
Lcthahtcr, adx>. deadlv, mortallv 
Lethargia, x. *'. 1. a letharjry. 
LCthar t i»;icus, a, um. atf. lethargic 
Lctharg-icus,i./N a lcthar^icpci^sos 
Lethar£us,i. m 2. a lethargy. (cd 
Lcthatus,a,um pt. killed, murdc 
Lcthifcr,era, um. adj. dcadly,fatal 
Lctiuticus, a, um. adj idem. (kili 
LCtho.arc. a. 1. to put to 
Lcthuin, vcl Letum, i. n. 2. deatti 
Levaniv.n,in i. n 3. ease,an casing^ 

rclicf, mitig-aUon, comfort 

Iamicc, cs f- 3. foul spottedncn. 
Lcucon,i».2 a hcron,a dog.Wlihe 
Lcuconictis,a,um. adj. of I^eucom- 
um. romcntumLcuconicum»flockl 
of white cotton, Mart. (wiad. 
Lcuconbtus. i. m. the south-vat 
Leucophscatus, a, um. adj> jjny, 
russct, brown, dusky. 
Lcurophwiis, a, um. adj. idcm- 
Lcucopheruiu, i. n. 2. boru. 
Lcvenna,x.m.l alig-htman. (dik. 
Lcviathan^Rc/ec/. a whale.a croco» 
Lcviculus,a,um^ic{/ fliphty waatoi 

Lcvidcnse munu*,a very auujr 
triflinjj prcscnt, Cic. (A 

Lcvif idus,a, um. atlj. of slightcr^ 
LevTgt), are. a. 1. to make sligfet 
Lcvipcsedis.fwm. < ^<*;i. swiftfootei 
Levir, iri. m. % a brother4n-l»v. { 
L,£v\s % e.ailj. ior, c mp isstmus^ 
ligfht,sli^ht.smaJi, trifling, triws\ 
i nconsidcrable*meanichangttbk w 
h*ckle, iuconstant, unsettled,*" 1 
certain, friddy, inconiidcnt^^ 
swift, uimble, easy, gentle, toto* 1 
niblc, f;dsc, comipt. 
Lc vis,e.aJ/.smooth; ttJLxris. {«!•■ 
LevTsomnus,a,um adj. easilv «ik*| 
Levitas,atis./. 3. levity, lig&tnesV 
Hcklcness, inconstancy, mutahifr 
ty,want of gravity,vanity,buiiiotf. 

Lcviter,iJt;.ius, ccmfi. isslmc, <#• 
litriitly, slightly, poorly, a wki 
gcntly, paUently, ujiconccnic^r» 
bfiefty. • . ' 





Jfritftdo, tnia /. 3. lightnes*. i tafion, a libel, or declaration inlJbtf rt turus, a, um. pt. about to 
4Tiu^uluv^uin.a///.raUicr light 1 kw,a writ of attachment,a bill of, deliver. 

-cvo£re.a.L to lui up,to raise, to rccord,a certificute, or bill under Liberatus, a,um. pt. frecd,set free, 
e*»c,tohg1itcn f lo ltsscn, ordimi- a man's hund,a lampoon, a book- delivcrcd, released, itischargcd. 
n.ii^ rvliivc, tofrec, o/- seller's thop, a mcusurc. Iuin-lli, Libcrc, ativ ius comp. hber.dly, 
dclivcr,to curc*,to bcgude,U> sup- letters missive, Lic. A libcli*, a frankly,frech,without cunsiraint. 

-cvur, an/> to hc liiicd up. port. 
cx, ligis / law,a i*w,a dccrce, 
& caimon, any rulc, pluu, incu- 

maaier of requesta^y^/ Libellua boldlv, gcntcelly, profuaely» dis- 

rcpudii,a bill of divorce.rumosus solutely 

libellus, a libel, or tcurrilousLibcri bnun.///.m.2, children, sons 

Mirc, or dcs^u to act by, good. pamphlet, Jd. | and daughters, gTand-children. 

Muer, a condition, stipulatiun,or Libens,vis./>». 6iadj. ior, c mp. igBi-'Libero,rire n.l.toiroc, to set fref, 

•eruit a£i-ccd on. mus,* u/t.wilhng, ready, glad, joy 

eucoii.i./i.J. a Grcek dictionaryj riil pleaaed dehghted. 
Ckipyrcuis, a. uin. adj. good a-Libentcr,a</»ime, oup. 

£ftin*t fevcrs, aiitifebnlc. 

SJbs, i*/^. a word,an exprcaaion. 


Srulum, i. n. 2 ajoiner'* plane. 

willing-ly, rcudily, freely, gladly, 
joyfully easily, uith plcasurc. 
Libcntia,a\/ 1. delight, plcasurc 
Libco,i'e/Lubeo/< to Lke 

to debvor, to discn„-age, to un- 
loosc,to relcasc, to acquit, to cx» 
cmpt,to cnfranchise. Libcraro sc 
;erc alieno, to clear his dcbts, Cic 
Libcrare lidem, to makc good a 
promise, ld. Libcravi animain, I 
have dischanrccl mv conscicnce. 

Libei,bri.»i 2. tlie inward bark, •TfLiberor, ari. atus- p. to bc freed. 

LIbcrta,x/la bond-woman made 

&amen,inis n. .a sacrilice. ling.j rind of a trcc,a book, an invento 
ifcftmcntum, i n 2. a drmk oftvr-i ry,»rregister,an cpistlc, or lcttcr 
feandiut, * um. pt. to be oflercd. Liber, cra,eruin.a///.crior,com/>.er- 

kanbus idis-/ «>. rosemary 
feanotut,! m.the south-west wind 
faftni,ti*/tf offenng,pounng out 
lnnui.i/2. afrankinccnse-trce. 

rimus,«u/>. irce, disengaged, at li- 
berty,orleisurc,not suujcct to,c.i- 
empted from, void of, uncontrol- 
led,bold, open. libcral, gencrous 

aftrius, i. m. 2. a cuke maker. |Liberalis,e udj. ior, comp. iasimus, 
Mtio,6nia/ ii a libation a drink- 

free, a freed-womau 

Libcrtas, atis./. ^». libcrty, a free- 
dom,or power in ucting, boldnebs 
of Bpccch,frurikuess goodnaiurc, 
a dcmoLiacy, a conunoiiwealtb, 
u goddese. 

Libortlna, x./ 1. see Libcrta. oflerer. oflcring 
Nktorium, i n. 2 a ctudice. 
>itiM, a,um^. tatted,tipped,et- 
Med,gatiiered, or letched from, 

3ped, enjoyed, detiled. 
»,a%/ 1. a tinali coiu of about 
tt fartiiingt in valuc, a line,le 
trphimmet uscd by musons, 
tepentcrs.Ad libcllamexigcrc 
H^eVsure by line andlevel, Ptin. 
MMein facere ex libclla, to 
ppr one his wliole estate', Cic. 
llttOtduU m.3. a lcttcr-carrier, 
fehMphletecr, a viie scribbler. 
IpllUus^ m 2.a very littlc book. 
i m.2.a, Lttle book.a lct- 

^BpcUlion^r tupphcuUon,a ci-]Libcrator 

ovp. libcnd, bountiful, gencrous Liberttiius, i. m. 2. a frecJman^the 

frcc, gentccl, well-brcd, ingenu-l son of a frecduian 

ous, faahionahlc, bandsoine.largc,'Libcrtus, i h* 2. a bondman made 

amplc- Liuendcs artes, lihcrul; frce, u frccdmun. 

artt and scicnces, so culled as bc-iLibrt, libuit,Sc libitum est, imp. it 

ingiit forscholarsundgcntlemenj liketh plcaseth or contcntcth. 

Llbcralltas, utis. / 3. liberality,Libidinans,tis.///. lustful, umoroutv 
bouuty. gcnerosity, kindiiess,,Libidinor,uriMitu3 sum i/.Ltu play 
good usage, a gruut, frcedom. i tlic lcchcr, ov wanion. 

Liberahler adv. ius, cump issimc, Libi(lin6sc,u</7».ias,cov//> lustlul!y, 
*up. liberallv, bountifully. gcnc-' wilfully, aftcr his uwn plcasure. 
rously,hospitably,frecly, genteel-Libidinosus. a,um. adj ior, c mp. 
ly, handsumely, largcty, ainply, issimus, »up- lustful, lccluTods, 
profuscly, splcndidly. wantou, sensuul, Ilcwiiy, j/rovocu- 

Liberandus, a um. pt. to be frced, tive, urbitrary, uurcusonable. 
ov sct at liberty. Libido.nii^./iJ. lust, lechcr>, wan» 

L]b£raus,tis.///.frecing,dcHvering. toiincss t eoneupiricnre,sen^uulity v 

,01119./. 3. a delivcraricc. auyunbridled p.iHvtioiif&rtiuluwfnl 
:, oris. ih. 3. a dchvcrcr. \ d«biiv, w\U t Uxivvv^xiy^^^o^- 





L3fbftina,x/1. thegoddew Vemis^LibrTlia, iuro. pl. n. 3. slings. jLicftator, 6ris. m. 3. a ch 
•r Pro«crpine,the carc of provid-:Libnpens, dis. m. 3. a weiglicr. JLfcitatrix, icis/. 3. a cbaj 
ing for a funeral, a bier, death. il jbro.are weigb,to poise,to ! Licitc, vcL Licito, adv> b 

Lib)tinarius,i. m. J. an undcrtaker 
for funcrals, a very old man. 

Ubitum,i n 2. will. Vix legiinYi in 
acc. ad libitum, at plcasurc. 

Libo,are. act. 1. to tastc, or sip, to 

counterbalance,to leve1,totry byLicitcr,ari chcapei 
plumb-rulc. to divide equally, toLicItnin,est. pntt. imp. 1, 
throw, sling, ©r swing. to guagc ; we, Scc. might. 
I <ibrat se exalto aquila.thc eagle Licilunis, a, um. pt. that 
hovereth on high, Phn. Ltcitus,a,uni./>r. lawful, al 

Libs, hbis. m. o. the south-west| a web, thread, yarn. 
Libum,i n.2.a wafer,ahoney-cake.Iictor,6ris.m 3. a scrjean 

touch ligluh ,to otier up, to pour 1 ibror, ari. p. to be poiscd.(wind Lic.tum,i n.2.the woof or 

out,to sprink)e,to gather, ur pick 
Llbor, an./j. to be tastcd. out. 
Libon6tus.i.m.thc south-wcst winu 
Libra*ae/ l*a pound-wcight apound 

in in>ncy, a pint, a pair of scales, 

onc of the tweive signs,a carpcn-jLicebit,/u/. piv conj. although,al- 1 Jct6riui,a,um. adj. of, or 

Liburna, ae. / 1. a galley. 
Uburnica, x / 1. idem. 
Liburais. i. m. 2. a litter, a couch. 

dle,a macehcarcr,er vcrj 
jcant at arms a marshal. 
cutioner. [ing to a terj< 

tcr*s hne. or mason's rule a plum 
met,or lcvcl, a poise, . countcr- 
poise, tiie height, or lummit of a 

Libraiis,e n<//. ofapound. (place 

Librumcn, ims. n. 3. a balancing. 
equai weight, a poisc, a bias. 

LJbranicntuni,i. n. 2. .*ven weight, 
the tonguc of a balance,a lcvel, a 
cord to tic ordnance, a weight of 
lcad,& stcady motion,a ibrccr 

Librans, tis. pu wcighing, poising. 

Libraria,x./l.a library, a bookscl- 
lcr's sliop, a weigher of wool, & 
maid. (clerk 

LibnirJ6lus, i. m. a bookkccpcr, a 

Librarium, i. n. 2. a library, a re- 

j.ibririus,a» um. adj. pertaining to 
books,ora pound.Scalprum libra- 
riuiii,a pciikiiifivVuef.Scriptor li- 
brarius, a transcriber, H.,r. 

Libniiius, i- m. 2. a scrivcner, 
ckrk, an amar.uensis, a prititer, i. 
book.^llcr, »r stationcr. (ing 

Libratio,6nis/ a wcighing, a pois- 

Librator ; 6ris.m. 3 a weigber,a le- 
veilcv of grouml, a slinger. 

LibrAtiira, jc./ 1. a wcighing. 

Lin/atus,a,um./>f.Ior, c mp. wcigh 
cd, poiscd, lcvelled, deliberatc. 
ZJbriieMs.n.&tkc bcainof a baluncc 

t.Ycens, cheapening. (beit. Llcuit, prxt. it was lawf 

Liccns, tis. adj. ior, comp. licen-|Lien, enis. m. 3. & Lienifl 
tious, extrnvagant, luiurious | the milt, the tpleen, sp 

Ltcenter,a</v.ius. comp. licentious-.Licnicus, a, um- adj. sple 
ly. with too much libcrty, rnshlv.Licnoius, a, um. aaj sic 

Licentia,<r/1 licence.pcrmission i spleen,swollcn, subject 
Ubcily, indulgcncc, )icentious-{ tation. 
ncss, unruliness, furiousncss, ar-jLicntcrir^x.y.l. a loosene 
bitrarincss. Infinita licentia, an;Lientcricus,*i. m. one tli 
unliinitcil commission, &c?i. Po jl.ij;aculum, i. n. 2. a sco 1 
etica liccntiu, a libcrty assumccrLijramciis,iius.i».^. a banc 
by poctsof coiningnew words,Stc 

Liccntiutus, i. m. 2. aliccutiutc. 

Liccntiosus, a, um. adj. liccutious 
dissolute, assuniing rash. 

Liceo.erc cui,citum n bc law-jl 
ful, to be prizcd, or valued 

L.iceor,eri,citus sum.c/ cheap-j tied up,fettervd.joined 
cn,to offer a price,to bid money.|Li£cllum,i.n. a lodge, a 

Lj ce ssit, pro Licuerit, l J laut. (L;gnaruim,i.n.2 a.tiniber 

Licet, ebat, licuit, & hcituin cst. Lignarius^i,um. adj. bek 
imp. it is lawful, it is ircc, or pos- wood, or timber, of woc 
siblc, I tbou,he,we,&c have pow-^Lignarius, i. m. 2. a tin 
cr. authority or leave to do it, l|Lignatio,5nis./3.fuellin{ 


Lig-amcntum, i. n. a lig 
Li^ans, tis. pt. binding 
LigiUio,onis/.S.a hindin{ 
Ligatura,a;./l.a hgaturc 
I igatus.a,um./>r.boun(L, I 

um content. you may if you wiil.iLignator, orii. m. 3. n 

:.icct,con/< although,albeit. (wort. 
Liclicn,enis.m.). a ringworni,livcr 

L»cirit6riuni,i.n.2.a weavcr f s beam woodcn Ligncolarigun 

ger, a hewcr, or tellcr 
i .igneblus,a,um.a(/> mad< 

.tciiius^; tumed upwiuxh. 
Licitatio, dnis./ 3. a chcapcning. 
a setting out ibr salc. 

Ligncus,a,um-ai(/. woodc 
Lignicida, z. m. 1. a wc 
Lignlle, it. n. y. a wood 





i.a wooden shoe, 
t > p'irvcy wood 
,m.d.L to gather 
'y.hard like wood 
xUalo£ achum-)» 
arkcriiel in fruit. 
»ind,to bind,ortie 

>c bound. 

1 spadc,a pickax. 
little toiifrue,ihf. 
>e, a lonjr .wor 1 
jr.ic, ;i spatula, ;\ 
, ov ladle, a inca- 
ichmsatulas r.t- 
ce.thc llap,or tip 
gulu cmralis, u 


LTmen,?nis.n.3a threshold.a door, LTnca,x./l. a line,a string,a cord, 

•/• gute, an cntrance, a house, a 
£0ah a limit, a frotitier. 1n uminc 
impin£cre,to be out at first das.i, 
Pv v. Liminc sub:n >vcr., to bc 
turncd out. of waitinjr, Jnv. 

Limcs,itis m. 3. a limii, abounia- 
ry a fro:itier,a Iandmark, a jrreat 
broad way, a road a puth- 

LimlcOla, a:. r. g. Uvinjjr iii mud. 

Lim ffer. cra, erum. a Ij. duubed 
with nnd. 

Liminaris, e. adj. of a threshold. 

Liinitire itcr, a footpatli 

Limitutio,onis. /. 3. a bouudingr, a 

Li.mtfitor, oris. m. 3. a limiter 

Lim.titus ujr^r, ta county divided 
into hidcs, or ploujrh lands. 

Limito,arc.ei 1- to limit, to bound, 
l to fct-d nicelyJ to sct boun U, to part, or dividc. 
o sUbbcr up, fb| 
rio.ouslv, to han- 

>. lickcrishncs:*, 
i. '*. a glutton. 

Limitor,ari, atussum. <l 1. idcm 
LTdio, ftnis. m. 3. a coach-beam. 
(frluttony. LTmo, fire. «.1. to iiie,to polish, to 
corrcct,to cut, to )esscn,to mud. 
Limor, ari, attis. p. to be filed- 
pr:vct, withbind.]Limo,iiire-n.l.tolookaskew,to join 

LTmones, \ wi. 3. lemons. 
LTmdnia, x.f. 1. an anemony. 
LTmositas, atis./. 3. muddincs*. 
Lfmosus a,um. adj. mtiddy, slimy. 
Limpidus,a,um. adj. clcar, brijrht, 

pt to bc 
:•»/*// accurately. 
>. a filinjr. 
3. a polisher. 
i. adj. ncat. fine. 
,&f adj. ior, rowip. 
ncat, curious 

adi of ldics. 
a lily.bed. 
7/. of a lily. 

,a polish,a finish 

corrcction. I purc, transparent. . brightncss 

bc polishcd, Limpitudo, Tnis. f 3. clearness, 
Limulus,a,uin.a/(/.somewhat awry 
LT.nus,a, um &Li'mis,e.<u//. crook 
ed, sjjuinting;oblique.(tar,drc;rs 
Limus,i.wi- mud, slimc, clay, mor- 
Linumentum, i. n. 2, lincn, lint, 
thread,a wick. Liuamenta,/>/.any 
thinjr madc of linen, VUn. 
a snail, a harlot. Linarium, i. n. 2. a flax-plat. 
dj. cmbroidcred.Linarius, i. ;/». 2. a flax-dresscr. 
2.aneinbroidcrer.JLinctus,a, um. pt. licked, sucked. 
>rdcr, an cdging,iLinct>is, us.wi 4. alickingr, ov suck- 
a selvage. | ing down softly,%n clcctui^y. 

a streuk,a rail,a bound, r limit, %, a degree of kndrcd, a 
a^rC thc points in thc table. Linea 
dive-i.thc pitandboxcsin thc thc- 
a'.re, whcrein the senatorj and 
equestrain onlcr sat,vlfar/-Extre- 
inu linca amarc, to lovc at a dis- 

LTucalis. e. adj. lineal, in a line. 

Lin^u.ncntum,i.n.2.a lincamcnt, a 
featurc.a for:n,ors!iape .udruught, 
a dia<rram, au outlinc* 

Linearis. e. adj. lincai*. 

LincrTtio, onis f. .5. a delinoation. 

r<Tncatus ( a,um./>/. drawn. (lineatc. 

Ll:ico,arc n.l. to dravv lines,to dc- 

Lincus, a, um. adj. lincn. tlaxcn. 

(^inucndus, a, inn. bc lickcd. 

Lin£ens. tis. ///. licking'. 

Lin^»,'^i*rc,nxi,nctum.rt. 3. to lick 
wit^i thc t')n,ruc, to lap, to suck 


Lin^f:ia,T./!l a tonpruc.a lanjaruajre, 
nv specch, clojU'.:nce,dctraction, 
slandcr,a proiiiontory, ov neck of 
laii l runn'n;< in:o the S"a, the 
n:i;nc of soveral herbs, as iinprua 
biibuljiilan^ de bucuf.{kc.Linjruani 
siticntis canis imitur'., to loll out 
thc tonjruc, Psrs. 

Liii$'.^.if/. q:t. Linprulaca. 

Lin a iruaculus,a, um. adj. talkr.tive, 
habbliiijr, full of ton^ruc. 

Linjruurium,i/7 2a %\g% aprnalty. 

Lin>ciiutas,:i,um. adj. sk.ll*d \n l a n- 
^uajres, Icarned. wcl! rea l 

Ling-iiax, acis. adj- longtongucd, 

Ling-uhi, x.f. 1. a 1'mjrel, a littlc 
tonjr\ic,tbe end of a lever, alittle 
tenon,a promonton*; vid. L-rula. 

Linj^uluca.x* /^l a solc-fish, a prat- 

L'mjrulatus,a,um. adj. tong\icd-(cr. 

Lingudsus, a, um. adj. talkativc. 

LfnicnduAjjLjVira.^t.ViNa^ ^xsskQNK.^ 





MagnYftcentia, sc. /. 1. magnifi- Majrusa,Am. adj. magical, magic.|Male^ictio,5nis/»lander,detncti- 

Maia, ac/ 1. a kind of crabfish. LVafcdicto,lre.u l*eeHaledko- m 


ccnce, grandeur, a hig-h value, 
or estcem. 

Magmfico [magnus.facio], are. a. 
1. to magnify, to extol,to praisc. 

Magnificor,ari. p. to be magnified. 

Magnihcus, a, um. adj. entior, 
c^tw/i.entissimus,*///» magnificent, 
lv,gTcat,noble. glorious, extraor 
ciinary.adorned.Aifimus magnifi- 
cu9, a large soul, Cic- Mafrnifica 
verba,great vaunting words,7Vr. 

MagnYl6qucntia,rc/ 1. a boasting. 

Magnilbquus.a, um. adj. lofty, ex- 
altcd, highHown, boasted. 

Mafrnipcndo [magnus,pcndo], dc- vulue,orcstecm highly. 

Magiiipcndor, di. p. to be much 
vaiucd, or regardcd. 

Magnitudo, inis./ 3. magnitudc, 
greatncas, size, bulk, quantity, 
length.Hiemis magnitudo.the se 

Majalis,is.m.;J.a barrow-pig,a hog.!MaledictuJn,i. n. 2. foul languagc 

Majestas, atis./ 3. majesty, gran-j reproach. 
deur,dignitv^olemnlty«authority, Maledictus, a, um- pt. cursed. 
power. Crimen majcstatis, high!Maledicus.a,um.a<#. foulmoulbed, 
trcason, Ci c. Majestatem hedcrc, reproachful,rcviling, slanderov. 
to commit trcason, Snet. Jlfa/rfacio,erc,feci,factum da 

Major, us. a({j. comp. grcater, big- amiss,to wrong,toinjurc,toabuie 
ger,eldcr,more emcaciotis, more Malcfactor, oris. m. l>. a criminK 
powcrfuhmorcvigorous.weighty. M&lcfactum, i. n. 2. an ill deed r 
momcntous,important. Quodma-j an injury. ify 

jus cst,which is morc, C/c. MajorMaleficc,o«V. mischicvously, bae% 
natu, eldcr, Id. Majorem in mo- Malef iceutia, *./ 1. mischievoufr 
dum, more earncstly, Id. Major ness(most wicked,cjrmigchievool 
morbus,thc failing sickncss, Celf Male'ficentissimus*a, tun. aaj. «0> 

Majorcs, um. pt- m. 3. anccstors, Maleficiose, adv. niischievouilv. 
forefathers, foundcrs of a sect. jMalef icium,t.n.3.a wicked actioE) 

Majus, a, um. adj. of May. ! roguery, act of hostility, vhfk- 

Majus,i.wi.2thc month of May. I craft. 

Majusciilus, a, um. adj. 8omewhatMhlcTicus,a,um. attf. mischicTOO* 
greater, bigger, or older. [ wickcd,envious, hostilc, unkini 

Mula, x / 1. thc cheek, the jaw. Malef icus,i m.a wizardasorceitt 

verity of winter, t/c. Matfiiitudo Mulabathrum, vid. Malobathrum. Malef idus, a, um. adj. faithta*. 

scrvitii, abuudance of *laves, Id. 

Magn6perc\a</r grcatly,niucli,ex- Makiciu, x.f. 1. a calm, sUllncss,.Malesanus, a,um- adj. unhealttyf 

ccedingly,vcr} r , chiefly, eagrrly, 
strietly, scvcrcly, by all means, 
oftcn, frequently. 

Maguiim, adv. gTcatly, aloud. 

Magiius, a, um. adj. major, comp. 
maxlmus,ffH/>.great, much, large, 
rich,powei*f ii,loud,hartlKlifiicult 

Mahchc, es./ «>. mallows. 


longing, sqcamishuess, tawdri- foolish(todoamiss,temptingto4! 
ness. strokc. Malcsuudus,a, persusdJBf^ 

Malacisso, arc. o. 1. to sofLcn, to Male vblcns, tis. atfy. issimus,«t\ 
Malacus, a, um. atlj soft, supplc, : malevolent, illnatured, envkj*, 
ticxihle,casy,voluptuous,dclic4itcMklev61entia,r./ 1. malevoknetX 
Malagma, iitis. n. i. a poultice. envy. (spiteful,unkiiid,enviie*; 
Milaxo.area l.tosoften,to supple Malevftlus, a, um. adj. malicjJt^ 
juo natu.ofgreat age, Liv Mile,m/7.badly,impropcrly-ill,dis-;MalIferus a,um.«f/ fruit-besrio^f 
Os magnum, astrongvoicc,JV/^ ^racefully*wickcdily,hurtfully,un- Malificus, a, um. adj. maleficeA 
Magna ling-ua, proud lanjruage.j successfully, unhappily, greatly, Malign^,a</v. ius. e<.«i£. xnalicio* 
Uur. Magnum marc, a tempcstu- witii reluctance,scarcely,hardly. lv,spitefully,enviousl) -spsrinrifi 
oub sca, Catull. Magni esse,to be Matedice, adv. abusively,slander- little. Maligne rcspondet fidd% 
highly valued, Cic. M;igno ve.j- ously. , the jar doth not nng wcll, *«* 

dcrc,tosclldear,7J. Ma:rna urbs, Malodiccntia, x.f 1. detractiou. IMaligTiitas, atis. f. 3. malig«^ 

Male.licentior, adj. comp. issimus, mahcc, envy, il 
*itp. morc and most slanderous, 1'mess. 

or baekbiting. JMalijifno, arc. a. 1. to exafpen*J 

7/«.VdIco,erc,ixi,ictum. a Z. to rc- Mai;^aus,a,um.a4?. ior, c mfi-' "* 

Kome, Tibull. Majpia dea, Ca- 
tull. mater, Cic. Cybele mothcr 
of the gods. 

:nvy, illnature, nigp») 

an e^jchantcr, a channer, a wise proaeh,torevile,torailat,tocursej mus, »up. malicious, initenil,*' 
""" \MakdIcioL' } ci. p. to be rcviled. I vious, unkiud, pceviDi wa&G 1 






im*U.njurrow,feferredf mvvst, tricking, chcatihg, fraud- 
m adj of an applc-trcc ulciit,dcf'ij;iiing deccitful, arliul, 

1 mulice, mischicvous 
:ss, unkindnesa» bard- 

magical, silly, foolish, weak, tn- 
fling, cowardly. ugly, dcformed. 
irfi». ius, e mp malici- Manulla,ac/l.a Jittle orcast,adug 

Mamillarc, is. n. o. a Htomachcr. 


a, um. adj. malicious, 
ckcd, kuavLsh, crafty, 
ig, wrcstcd. (heatcr 
ns.m.S.a hammcrer, a 
*, um. pt hammered, 
ur beaten with a ham- 

e. atfj- young.tendcr. 
m. 2. a mallet, a smail 
me,abundlc of hemp, 
ranklc honc,an arrow. 
2 a mallct, a maid a 
lisease in cattle(basoi. 
uoi. pl. /a wash hand 
i. verb. jitc?. J. to bc 
lg, to wisli rather* 
n,t.n- lndian leaf 
iknardis madc,spikc- 
Ui alarge mallow(nard 
t, um. adj. efteminate, 

" 1. a ccmcnt, a wax. 
a 1 to glue, or soldei . 

1. the herb n.allows. mallows. 
an apnle, orange, &c. 
an evil,evil,<*in, wick 
,a crimc, a fauit, mis- 
flering, calamity, dis- 
. badlv, amiss. 
*rj. with a mischief ! 
. an applc trcc 
2. amast of ship. 

a*lj> pejor,ct t»p. pes- 

Mamma, x.f. 1. a brcast, a pap, a 
dug a child's word for mothcr, a 
grandam, or grannam, a bump. 

Mammcatus, vid. Maminosus. 

Mammona.x. /1 .mammon,richcs. 

Mammdsus,a,um ac(/.having grcat 
breasts, paps, or dugs femule. 

Mammiila, x.f. 1. a littlc dug. 

Munabilis, e. adj. apt to ttow, or 
picrcc . 

Manacus i m. 2. thc orb. or cour>c 
of the moon, a comj)lcte montli. 

Manalc, is. ?i. '6. an cwcr. 

ManUlia, c adj. that bclongeth to 
thc gliost or gods below,that out 
of which watcralwavs flowcih. 

Manans, tis ///. ilowing, gushing 
out, running down, spreading. 

Manatio. 6nis./3. a flowing. 

vlanccps, «ip:s. r. g. a larnicr of 
«.nypart of thepuphc revcnues,an 
undertakcr of anv public work,a 

MancVpo, 1. to scll, alicnate 
oi mukc ovcr,to cnslavc,to give • 
right, i,r title to warrant. 

Mancipor, ari. p. to bc sold. 

Mancupium, vid. Mancipium. 

Mancns, a,um. ur//.maimed,defec' 

Mandamlws, a, to be cora- 
mandcd, commitcd, &c. 

Mandans,tis. pt. coiiimanding, OT- 
dering, instigating, iutrusting. 

Mundator,6ris m. 6. a commandcr, 
a committcr.a suborner,a surety. 

Mandutrix,icis. f.\». a commander; 

Mandatum,i.n.2.a command,<m or, 
dcr,an injunction,acharge,acom) 
mission, a messagc. 

Mandaturufi, a, um, pt. about ffr 
command, or intni!»t. 

Mandutus, a, um pt. commanded» 
comnicndcd, committed, intrust- 
cd. (charge. 

Mandatus, us. m. a comroand,; s 

Mandcndus, a,um pt. to bc catcn. 

Maudcnstis pt. cating,catmg up. 

Maudibiilum, \.n. 2. Uie jaw-bone. 

>lando,arca commamMobid, 
to onlcr,to comniit,to intrust, to 
scnd awa\ ,to scndword. Mandare 
litcris nicnioria:quc,toput inwrit- 

proprictorthat sclktha thingup-| ing,and delivcr down to postcri- 
on warranty, u postmaster,an a- ty, Cicsalutvm alicui. to prcsent 
bcttor, a hircr. (uiii! his scrvicc, Ov. inalis, to «at & 

Mancipatio, onis./. vid. Mancipi-| thing, Lucr. 

Mancipatus,a,um/»/.sold,enslavc(lMandor,ari p. to bc commanded. 

Mancipatus, us. m 4- a sclling onMnndo, onis. m. J. a great catcr. 
warranty, or beforc witiics8cs..Mando.dcrc,di,n.suin.M.3. to cat,to 

Mancipium,i.7*-2.])ropcrt^,orright. eat up,to chaii>]>,to bito» 
ofpcrpctual*posscssion,aslavc orMandor, di. p- tobc chcwcd. 
dcpendant on agreatman.Manci-Mandra,:<r./. l.ahovel forcattle,a 
cipiodarcto wairautthotitlc»&.c. i tcam of hcasts tbatbcar burdcni^ 
nS'«i.accipcrc,tohavcaconvcyancc the points whcrc tlie chcssmeii 
of an cstatc madc toliim, Twrr.Sui stand, a monasitcry, or convcnt. 
mancipli cssc,to bc at at his own MaudragorasiX./.l. a mardrake. 
disposal, CVr. In mancipiojn thc Mandiicutio, dnis./ 3. achcwinr« 
aot #»f «»«nvcyin>r» Jd. .Manducarus uvcu ^.^Cv^k^^njcv^ 





MandGco, 5nis.m 5. a great eatcr. Maiufcstor.ari atus. /».to be shown Mansuetudo,inis./. 3. gentk 
Manduco, arc.u 1. to chew,to cat. Manifestus,a,um.m^. ior, comp. i»-; majcsty. 

Manducor, ari. d. 1. idem. 
Manducuin, i.n. 2. meat (bugbear. 
Manducus, i m. 2 a grc&t euter, a 
Mane, udv. in the morning. 
Mane n.notn.ucc. & «6/. thc morn 

ing, tirst part of duy, daylight 
Manebitur, impers. 1, thou, hc, it, 

we,ye, tliey wdl tirry, Cic. 
Manedum, itnp. tarry awhile. 
Manendus.a, um. pt.Xo bc awaited. 
Manens,tis. y>f stayin;;\continuing. 
MineOjC-rc, nsi, nsuin. /i. & a 2. to 

atay,to tarry,to wait,to continue, 

to remain,to stny, . r wait for, to 

•xpcct,to await, to pcrsisl, to bc 

Maues,ium />/.m.3.infernal ffods, a 

•p'irit,r g^hostjthc siiades bclow. 

dcad boclics, tlic placc of thc 

dead,hcll,a tornientor,an avcng- 

er, the «tings of conscicnc, rc- 

morse, a fury. 
Ma?igx>,6nis m.3.a buycr andscller 

of slavcs, horses, &c. a regrater 
Mangdnicus.a,um adj of rc^raters 
Maugdni/atus, a, um. pt trimmcd 

up,po!ishcd;.set off y pampcre I(Scc 
Mangdnizo arc.w to trim up,pain1, 
M<tni<c,uruKi/>.' /hob£oi)lii.s,imag- 
Maniacus, a, um. adj mad. (es. 
Manica,a\/l. a slccvc, a glove, a 

niittcn,a gauntlet,a fcttcr for thc 

hauds, a grappling-iron. 
Ma.iicatus, a,um ««V/.with slccvcs. 
M*inicon,i.u 2.n.£;htsliade handlc 
Mamciila, x. / 1- a littlc hand, a 
Manifestarius,a wm.adj. nolorious 
Manifestutio, jnis. / ;>.manifcst:tti- 

oii. «^.nian.festlvjopenly^plain.y 

Mamfestc, adv. ius, c: mp- issimc 

Mamfesto, adv. idcui. 

ItenifesiOyhrc a. 1 to mauifest, to 

*how, to diaeovcr, to betray. 

simus, *></>. manifc^t. clcar, pJain,Munsactus,a,nm adj.iot.comp. 

cvidcnt appavem. Mauifcstis in m\is t sup tunie, gentle. court 

rcbus tencri, to bc tukcn in thc Mansum i 7i.2.mea.tche*ed ( 

fact, Cic. iMansums, a, um. pt- that wU 

Manipl r s, vid. Manipularis. ",ubidc,orstay for,Li 

Maniplus, xvW Mumpulsufi. Mansiis a,um /u.che wed,ch*ii 

Manipularis,e adj. ot\- r belongingMansus, i. m. a f. rm-house 

to a band Of men.Mauipularcs ju- land. (a clouk,a cover,a dei 

dices, judg-es chosen out of theMantelc. is, n. J.a towel^m 

soldicrs, Cic. Munteum,i. n. 2. tlic place o 

Manipiilaris,is.m.3. a common sol- cles. 

dicr, a standard-bearcr. Mantica, ar/ 1. a wa.let,a b 

Manipularius,a. um- adj of, <;r be- script,a cloakba^,orportma 

longing to a common soldier. Mantice, es./ 3. dlvination. 
Manipulatim, udv. by bands, ( rManticula, ac /. 1. alittle ba. 

compauics. in hcaps, r bodies. Manticuiariu.s,i.m.2- a pickpc 
Manij>iklus,im. 2.a handful,a c/ pickpo 

dlc,an cnsign aband or company,Mautile,is n. ..a towcl,a tabU 

of j*oldicis. a giove, or gauntlet. Mantis, 3.a prophct.a Qi 
Manna, indecl. n Jlcbr. maiina Mantiba, x. / 1 over mcasu: 
Maiiniiliis,..m.J. a galloway.a na^ i wcight adrautagc. 
ManmiH, i ,i 2. a nag,an ambhng^Manto, are. n. 1. to stay, to 

nag, ajennct. JManualc, is. n a nianual, * 

Mauo,arc n.&.a flow,to run, r\ book belonging to the 

trickle down,to drop,to distil, to,Munuulis,e. </«>;. nianuai, of, 1 

spread, to diH\ise, to extcnd Klanuarius «<//.got by nandi^ 
Manon, i. n. 2. asoil sponge. ^Munubia^arum pl f.\\:\c^ 
Mansio, onis./ 3. a stay, continuJ war,booty.piunder,pdla£etS 

anccan inn,a day's journey,little;, ing of thundcrbolts. 

casc cuntinuc,to cat.tolivc upon Manubialis pccunia, moncTi 
Mansito, ure. freq. 1. to tarry, ' r\ out of tlie spoils of war, & 
Mansucf acio, [mansuctus, facioj.Manubriatus, a, um. aaj hal 

ccrc a. ->• totauic, to civili/e. |Manubri6liuin,i, »Ja littlc k 
Mansucfactus, a, u:n. /».'' handlc. (hanile, p 

vilizcd, soficned, made sof~. or.Manubrium, i. n. 2. a hilt, ha 

mallcable, husbaudcd and inanu- Manfifuctus, a, um. pt. mul 

red, I hand. 

Mansuelio, [mansuetus, fio], fieri, Mamilea, x. /*. 1. a slecve, i 

factus. ii. p. 3. to bc nndc timc.Maniilcariua, i. m. a nuk< 
Mansucs.etis. c. j». pm Mansuetus.| clothcs. 
Mansuesco,ccrc.Cvi.i/ir.3 to growjM.miiIeutusAfUTn.fl'{/. ha\ing 

ttine,or gentlc,t«> gi*ow sofi 9 niihli sleevcs», ciTtminate. cauifli. 

or mclIow,to makc Ume,totanie.j.\l:inuinijwio,dni9./Xa nuki 

I asci-yant frcc^j. d]«uia«ioiwJ 

Mun^uctc, adv. g-cntly, mildly 






Imissns, a, um. pt. madc free, 
-ancliised. set at libcrtv. 
lmittendus, a, wn. ///. to bc 
le firee. ©r set at libertv. 
Qmitto, terc, isf, issum. n. 3 
nakc free, cnfranchise,to dis- 

lmittor, ti.p. to bc inadc frce. 
ipretiuin,i n.wajrcs,a rcw ird. 
i%us/.4.a liand,art,worknian- 
lybbour^a workmm.a body,or 
(J nf soldiers, kc. a fijrht, a 
»',&>«? cmijrht, powcr, dibpos- 
dnct, action by thc hand, a 
'Uwritin; a1tcmpt,a throw 
iice, an elephant's trunk, a 
k. Manihus pcdibiwquc, with 
one's power, ^Vr. Manuru 
*, to chcat, or iinposc upon 
«f Manum fcruhc subdurcrc, 
e no lon^cr a school')oy,./Mr. 
Uia, uni:M. pl. n. 2. coitajrcs, 
k cloih. 

p**x. f. 1. a tible napkin, «r 
fthus i in.2.fcimcl. (quahnish. 
«ns, tis. /*.'. withcrlnjr, wcak, 
eo,cbrc,cui n.2 to withcr»to 
eaway. to droop, to flajr. 
etcens.tis./»/. wcak.qualmish. 

•scOjCcrc. ihc pinc awa>> 
tooop, to flajr, to lau^uish, t<> 

S, to putrify. 
usAnm. atlj. Iean,poor,flajr- 
Lhingrinjr fceblc, dull, hravy, 
■ve, flat, dcail. rotten. 
■r,oris.m t. Icanness, drowsi- 

ls f i. m. 2. a brazier*s ham- 
. i. m. 2. idcm. (iiut 

y*. n- 3. thc sca, thc ocoan, 
riTer. tbc vast cxpa'isc. 
t.f.\. marl, a fat clay. 
.,x/J-a pcarl,jrcm,jcwel 
'cr^uni atlj. proilucinjr. 

nearls havinjr pcarls. 
Marjrarituni, i. n. 2. a pearj. fcd. 
Marjrinandus.a, to bc cdjr 

inarjrin. broad-brimmed. 


Marticfcla, x. c- er- warlike. 
Martijrciia,i».r.jjr.bcjrottcnof Mars. 

M:trjrinMus,a, um- />r. tliat hath a,\fartius, a, um. iulj. dcdicated to 
• i i i ? _- . i _- ■ • ■ 

Mars, hclonjrimr to war,warlikc, 

Marjro,inis.r/ j^.3,a m.trjrin,a hrink, hcloujrinjr to thc month of March 

a bank,a side,oredjre, a brim, an Martulus.i m. a bra/ier's hammer. 

cnd, ov cxtrcmity. (sca Mariyr,tyris.r..y , ..5.a martyr, a wit- 

MarTnus,a,um. «.•// marinc of thc Martyriuiii,i. n martyrdom. (ncss. 
Marisca.x/La «rcat unsavorj' li^, Mariiin i. n. a hcrb likc ma.joram. 

thc pilcs, a sorc hlibtcr- 'Mas, maris. m 5. a niale. 

Mariscus, i. m 2 a liulrush. |Mas<-ulcsco. ccre .i,ic. .». to tarn 

Mirita.a, / 1. a marricd woman.a, to jrrow inaulv, or strong". 

wife, a ipiccn. (maiTiajrc. Mxsciilinus, a, um. ,;i!j masculine. 

MiritsHis,e.fif//.of, «r bcloii^injr to Masciilusa, nin u.u. inalc, rnanlv, 
M intaiidus a, um pt to b.: marri- hardv.MascuIus a r rii!is.a hc-lanib 

cd, ©r joincd, to marry. r Masciilus, i m . '2. a male, man. 

Miritatus, a, um. /»/. married. Massa .c/. 1. a mass orhnnp of anv 
Miritimus,a>uni «7/. maritimc, of, thinjr,thcboilv ofabook,a vcijrht 

ofbcloirriu^tnthesca^iicklc.rrii- tos.vinjrinonc'shand toprovoke 

cl. (tojoin.tosct to imprcjrn:itc. swcat i i bathinjr, afai*m. 
Mtnto, arc. a. 1. to uiarry,to wcd. ^lassaris, is /. 3 a uild jrrape. 
Maritor. ari. //. to bc niarri.-d. Massula, x f. 1. a littlc clumo, a 
Maritus,a,um. fir// of, «/• bclon^inj; **lr>t a j^rai ; i. 

to maiTiaf^c, inarricd. bridal. Mastr.aMo.onis /..>. a mastication. 
Marltus,i.m.2 a!iiiHband,thc male- Masiirhc, cs / 3 giun mastich. 
Mannor.oris n.."* snarblc, a inarblc Mastico, arc. a 1. to masticate. 

statuc, thc sca. (marblc Mastiiria a rojruc, a bcatcn 

Marrnrtrarius, i. m. 2 a worker inM-isto-.,;./. J y cock an hcrb.(s1ave. 
MaiTnor.'itiiin,i n i.rnru^Ie-plastcr. Ma*tiM<.M, .t / 1. a fur jrarment. 
Marmbratus, a, uni. pt. cascd, or u*j a,um adj. that wcar- 

covtTird with marblc I eth a jrarmcnt. 

Marm^rcus^ a, um. adj. madc ofMastus, i m. 2. acock, an hcrb. 

marblc,wlrtc. smooth, or Irird as-M itnra f x/.l.& Matiris,is./ 3 abU 

marblc, like marblc. marhlc matiiri, a (Jallic javelin, or spcar. 
Marmorosus a, um. adj hanl us.Mit-lli, x. f 1. a chambcr-pot. 
Marra, x f. I a matto<\a pickax, Mitcllio, onis. m. .5. a watc--not. 

a wccdinjr-hook, :i hoc. Mateola, x f 1. alittlc mallct. 

Marrftbium, i. /i 2. horclioun l Matcr. tris./3 amother, afostcr- 
Mars,tis. f/i. •>. a planet thc jrod of mothcr adam, a makcr, caiser, 

war,war,a fijrht a battlc.courajrc,; 8cc. a namc givcn to matrons, ©r 

s*i*cnprth. Mars forcnsis, clo- 1 troddcsscs, a trcc, the carth. 

quencc, Ov. I.Mutcrrnla, ac./. 1 a litclc- mothcr. 




a house-keeper. 
Materia,ac. /. 1 . rhattcr, stuflf, sub 

stAnce,matcrials, timber, wood. a 

branch,fueh a sub jcct-inatter, &? 

ground, a sitbject, or argumcnt 

an occasion, ©r cause. 
Materialis, c. adj. of matter. 
Materialftcr, adv. materially. 
Materiarius, a, ura. aihj of timbcr. 
Materiarius, i. m. a timber-mer- 

Materiatfira, x.f 1. timbcr-work. 
Materiatus. a, tnn. pt. timbcred 
Miterics, li. f. 5 id. tju. Materia 
Materior,ari.c/.l toiiakc provision 

ofdmber(orbelonging to a mother 
Maternus,», um. adj maternal. of, 
Matcrtcra, x.f 1. an aunt. (tic.s- 
Mathcmatic.a, ar/ l.themathema 
Mathcmaticus, a, um. udj. mathe- 

matics,of the mathematics (cian 
Mathematicus, i. m. a mathemati- 
>Iathcsis, is, wl cos / 3. judicia 

astrotoiry, astronomy. kc. 
Matralia.ium. pl n. 3. the feast of 

matrons to the goddess Mater 
Matricalis, e. adj. of the womb. 
Matricaria, ac./ 1. feveifew. 
Matrieido, x. c. g. 1. a murdcrer 

of his mother, a matricide. 
Matncldium, i n. 2. rnatricide. 


Mattca,at/l.a dainty dish of raeat 
Mattiacac pilx, washballs 
»fattya,a:/l..wr Mattea(coxcomb 
>IaUila,z./. a chambcr-pot,a silly 
4aturandus,a,um,/>t to bc liastcn- 
Matiirans, tis pt. hastemng. (ed 
Matnrate, udv hastily, quickly. 
Maturatio, onis./ 3. a hastening, 

Matfirutus, pt ripcncd, ripc, 

full, perfect, hastened- Maturato 

opus cst,wc must makc haste,7ta 

Vfature, adv ius, comp issimc, & 

urrimc . *up. in duc timc, se&son- est,highest, chief, hieb 

Rst maximo prctioiit is v< 
riin. Maximi aliqucm fi 
lovc one dearly, Ter 111 
multo maximum cst, I 1: 
strcss upon that, Id. 

Maza, x.f 1. flummery. 

Maz6ndnum,i.n a platter^ 

Matriciila, «./. 1- a roll, or list of ly,scasonable,carly, quick, spee- 

registered persons. the church. 
Matriciilariusj. m. 2. a rejristcr of 
Matrim>inialis.e adj ofmarriage 
Matrimonium,in matrimony,mar. 

riajrc,wedlock,a wife (therliving 
Matnmu9,a um. adj havinga mo- 
Matrix/icis/3.the womb a mothcr 
Matrdna,*./ 1. a matron,a wife : 

consort,a lady,a mistress. (fcast. 

MatrSnaliaiium pl.n. 3the matroiis 

Matr6nalis,ca///-matron-like,mod- 4. ladyship. <est. 

MatruClis, is. c. g. 3. acoibin. 

Mattu, x.f.l.z mat, qv mattrej». 

ably, early, qiuckly, soon. 

Mntfircsccns,tis. pt. frrowing' ripc 

MatGresco,cere. i/ic 3. to ripen,to 
grow,orbe ripctocome to a hcad 

Vtatuntas, atis / 3. maturity, 
ripcncss, pcrfcction, a seasou, a 
conveiiicnt time. Fcstinata ma 
turitas occidit celcrius,soon ripc, 
soon rotten, Quint. 

Vfaturo.Firc. a 1 to ripen,or make 
ripe to hasten, to makc haste. 

vfatfiror, ari. p. to be hastened. with all speed. 

Maturri'mus,a, um. adj. most ripe. 

>Iaturus,a,um. adj. ior, comp. isst- 
mus &. urrimus,#//p. mature,ripe, 
melIow,pcrfect,opportune, time- 

dv. too soon, or hastv. 
Matiltinum. i. n- 2. the morning' 
Mritutinus,a,um. adj. of, or in thc 

morning, carly, sour, cross. 
Mavortius, a, um. adj. warlikc. 
Maurus,i.r/i.2.a moor,a blackmoor 
Maurus, a, um. adj of Mauritania. 
vlaurusiacus. & Maurusius, a, um. 

dj. of Mauritania. 
Mausolcum, i. n the tomb of Mau- 

solus, a stately monument, on 


Maxilla^x-/.the cheek-bone-n corab 
M-jLxiUuris, c. adj. maxiikry. 


MaxImdyOife.tff ft.moflt, x& 

chiefly, especially, part 


ver-so much,yes. Quun i 

abs te oro atque postulo,] 

earncstly desireyou Ter 

maxime memini,to the b 

rcmcmbrancc at presen 

Maximitas, atis./ 3. mag 

Maxim6perd, adv- vcry e 

Maxtmus,a,um aaj.*vp.\ 


orlarge,most roightv, nio 


Meubilis,ea({;.that runnetl 

Mcans,tis./>/. passing.glidin 
Mcaptc causa, for my qwi 

on my own account, Tet 
Meatus,us. m. 4. a passage 

veyancc, a course. a raot 

moutli of a river, a pore. 
Mecxnas, atis. rw. a pat 

friend of lcarncd men, I 

minate person. 
Mecastor, adv. juran, btf 
Mechanice, es. / 3. mecbi 
MS chanicus^L,um^ujrBMcl 
Mechanicus, i. m. a cottt 


Meconium, i. n. juice of pi 
Mecum, tor.t cum me, witb 

me, with xnysclf. 
Meddix,icis.m. vid. Medissl 
Medela, ac/ 1. aremedv,; 
Medcndus^» um.^. to bel 
Medens, tis. pt~ heafinffi Oi 
|Mcdeor,en-4 3. t»h^k< 





>edy. Ejm-scit medendo.lie iiJ preparntion, «r application, ajiltdaerrineus. a, um. adj. in the 


•iiore oastinatc tor 
su«dcd, y>r$., tmfterjt. thcy curc, tliey 
rcct.they reform. 
iuK\i*.ri.J tlic pitb,or middlc. 

Medicina,.c./'l mcdicinc, physic, 

orthe artofph\ sic,a purj»-e,a curc, 

or rcmcdy, poison, "a physician*s 

&c. shop, a phvsician. 
lanus, a, um ad'. middlc. iMcdicindis. c. adj. mcdicinal. 
i;istin>ii><i*ni 2«a slavc.a drudjr*' Mcdicn,art*.a 1 to cure tohcaI,to 
iastnticii*,!.*» 2. thc cliicf n.a- jrive au artificial prcparation. 
:rate in Campania, Liv. I.Mcdicor. ari, fitus. />. to bc curcd. 

iatio, dnis f. .">. a iiirdiation. iMedicor ari,utus. d 1. to curc, ov 

iJtor.dris./n. .3 a mcdiatur, an. hcal,to amcnd,rcforiii,«r rcclaim. to the jroddcss of physic. 
:ric«or, an uinpirc jMcdicus a,u>n.wi//.Modian/>r Pcr- ! Mcditulliuni,t>n.2.thc vcry middle 

ica, x.f 1. a m.dv. ile. I sian ofthu Mcdcs (sical,hcalinjrJMcdium i n 2.themidst,<?rmiddlc, 

ica, a: . /* 1. a ciiron, oraiijre^Medicuvi, um adj. nicdical, pliy-i what isp]accdinthcrniddlc,what 
cinon trec. cinal.iMcdicus i m 2.a physici;tii,a letrch iscommon to 8cvcral,thc public. 

;cabilis,c. adj curablc, incdi-jMedie^aJi'. indi.i'crciitl\, cqualiy, Mcdius,a, um. adj thc uiiddle, iu 

middlc of the land, midland, that 
livclh far from the sca, Mediter- 
raneum mare, the sca which di- 
videth Europe from Africa,/'»». 

Mcditor,ari,atus sum. </. 1. to me- 
upon to study dcsign, intend, or 
contrivc,to cxcrcisc,orpractisc,t* 
play upon an instnimcnt. 

Mcditrinulia,orum. />/. n 2. fcasts 

icabulum,i.N. 2. an iiuirniary. to.crably 

icaincn, inis. //. a niedicinc, aj.Mcdictas, atisy .3. a moicty. 

paring" mcdicincs. 
icatjrictitaria,:e.thc urt of prc- 
icumcntarius, i. m. 2. an apo- 
:ary, a chcmist. (ciiial 

icanicntoMis,;mim. adj. medi 
icamcnluni,i m 2. a mcdicinc, 
Hii-^i purjrc,acurc,or remcdy. 

h, a tincturc to d\e with. 
icaris *»•■* l*' iji** ii»i*r a iuolU- 

J vi.-tue- 

catio,6ni.s/ '». n proparation. 

cat~irus.a,uni /// to prcparc 

thc iniddlc, middling'. ordinarv, 
iudirfcrcnt.ncutral, equally suit- 

Mcdimnus,i.m.&, Mcduunuiii, i n. ed.or inclincd,common, frcncral, 

^.a mcasure coutainin^six bush 
cls- (ablc,ino!iiicrci]t,suiall,mcan. 

dctcnnininjr,intcr\*eninc;, middle 
ajred. Krigonbus mediis, in the 

Medior.ris.cro.a/// middIin;r,tolcr- middlcof uintcr Virp. Mcdio xs- 

Mcdiocntas atis f. >. a iiican, or tu,in thc heat of thc day,/r/. Mc- 

middic way, mcanncss in an\ dia vocabula, words» uscd in % 

circumstancc, indiflcrcnt parts ! goml, or bad scnse. 

ioii, i\\ oiiitmcnt a paint, oijMcdiocntcr, adv with;Mcdiusf itlius, adv by JTcrcuTcs. 

Mcdioxiimc. adv. tolcr.iblv. lr. 

%t m 

Mcdioxiiinus, a, um. adj middic- 


Mcdulla x.f. 1 marrow, pith, the 
quintcsscncc, or prime, a cliicf 
point, flour, mcal thc hcart. 

(ing 1 upon. Mcdullaris, c. adj inward,dcep 

Meduiritus. adv. to thc niarruw, 

deepl\, cordially, afVectionatcly. 

MbMliillo, takc outmarrow 

Mcdita:iundus»«um. adj. mcditit 

calus,a,um./)/ ior, comp. isMi-Mcthtanicn, inis. n. nn ditation. 

,*?ift. mcdiciual.j)h\Nical, nicMctlitumfutiim.i./i. i 1 an e\>:rcisc 

nalfy,9r piivsically prcparcd/Mctlitans, tis. f-t. mcditatin^, rc-jMcdullosus, a, um. atfj. full of 

oncd, licdaubcd with oint-j volvinc;,Tiiusing' upon, desijj ning', marrow. 

its,^tcepcd, dycd,cnihautcil.l aimiiij^. 

Lonicarncdicatapocula vir^ajMtdita^.ar/r with prcmcditation 

aniiwood-potion^l/ur/. lanajMcditarm, onis. f. J. mcditation, 

licata fuco, wool tlycd, // r.j tiioni^ht,stiidy,]>racticc,cxcrtisc 

bdata virjra, Mcrcury's rod, Medit;iti\ us,a um.m//. nicditativc. 

^cally prcpared to cau^c.Mcditatus, a. uin. />/. lia^in^iuus-iMchcrclc, Mchcrcule, 5c Mchcr- 

p, Ov. Medicatus somnus, a! cd,or thou^ht upon, cousidcrcd, cuKs.nt/v. so hclpjnc Hcrcules, 

p canscd by magical prcpa- 1 thou^ht upou. prcmcditatcd,cx- indccd. 

ons, Li. ! crciscd. (ofthc land, or couiitry. l Mciciis l ti*i./> i # .pissin(r(make water 

ic&tU9>uy. m, 4« a mcdicinalMcditcrrancum.i.n 2. thc midd2c.Mcio/u'rc,inlctnm. .i. piss^MQ 


Mcdullula,z./! l.thc fincstdown. 

Mc^alCsia. onim./// n. 2. plays in 

honor of Cvbclc on thc 4th ot 


April (uccs. 

Mcgistancs,um.p/. w. noblcs,gran- 





Mel,mellis,n.3. honcy.a swect,the Melftensii, e. a//i. of Malta. 
jtticcoftheflowcrsoflihes,ade^Meh'turjrus, i. m. 2. a bce-dcaler 


lum, thc surface of a t 
nea mcmhrana,the lis 

light,a darlin{r,my honey, or dcar Mclius,ar/v. comp. a Wene, bcttcr.j stancc in the middle< 
heart! Meliusculc, ativ. a Jittlc better. | Plin. (skinny, like \ 

Mcliusculus, a, um. adj. souiewhatjMcmbranaceus, a, um 

Melamaetos,i.m.2.the black eaglc. 

Mciainpus,i.m.3. a do£,Blackfoot| better. (ney Mcmbraneus, a, ura. a 

Mclanchxtes. ae. m. 1. Blackhair.'Mclizdmuin.i /i.a decoction of ho 




Mclanchlaenus,a,uni. aaj. wearing-Mcllariunv.n.2. a bec-hive,or stull Mcrubniniila, x.f 1. 
■ black clotlies .McUarius, a, um- adj. bclon^-ingfMcmbranulum, i. n. 

MSlanchblia, x.f. 1. melancholy, to honey. brane. 

Mclancholicus, a, um. atlj. mclan-Mellarius,i,m.a honcy-scller. (ncy. Mcnbratim, arfv. limb 
cholic. i.Mellatio,6nu»/.3.the takingof ho- picces,pieccmcal,in&h 

Mclaneus,ei m.2.a dog.Blacfccoat. iuj*. 

(of honcy. a part, an clcnienr, ac 

Melania,s./1. blackness, a black Mclhf icati0,6nis/ 3. thc nuikiiu; MC-mct,//r««.ru c. nu, m 
spot. jMellificiuni, i. ii.2. idcm. Mcuu!ii,inciiicnto, iikm 

Melanurus,!- m 2. aruff,a bream. Melhf ico [mcl, facio], are. a. 1. ti-',ivrjA.</r/i'»7.lo : 
Mclapiura, i. n. 2. a peannain. ] make,or produce honey. ihoncy ; to think of, to niakc i my swccthoncy ! MrUificii.s,a,iiin. cdj. thut makcth 1«» takc care, to provi< 
MclCtf>l t H.vid. Mch)S s on^s,notc«.!Mciliflucns tis aJi. cloqucnt. .Mv'imionia:aves..Y ii.tM 
MelcagTis,ulis./. 3. a guinca-hcn ^Mellifiuus^Miin. atij. Uowing wkli Ov.birds wliich came « 
Mcles.-tW Mclis.if./. »>• a badgcr. h*»ncy, dc1ic:our 9 sweet. i outof Ktiiiopia toMcm 

Mcleteus,a, um. adj. belonging to.M«:llig , cnii^..i,um. aJj. like honcy.' at Troy.aiid tture lou^ 
Mclcs Melctcx charlx,IloiiicrVi.tlcUi£o, inis /*. 3. ruildcw. | killcd oue anotlicr. 

Ycrses, uv poems. Tilml jMcllillus, a, uiu. adj. of honcy. J.Me:nor.oris,u</.\oiiiii zc 

Mchbocus, a, um- atij. of Melihnra ' M*»l 1 i:ii;i,re , i /* 1. s\vt.".-tncsH % dcli};ht. thankrukffr.ttct'iil.Lotir 
Mchcx gaUin.c. turkey huns, f.' /. , Mellinus,a,um.«//'.of honcy. (ncy. Ms.-inorubilis l c.u<//-.ior. i 
Mcl(ccinbalfcs,um./</. //. pcriwink-jMellitfilus,a,uin. adj. swecl :i» ho- bc talked tr 
Mehcus,a,um aifj harnioniou».(lcsi.M< , lli:us, a, um. attj. is&imu:;, ntp hle. notablc, rcnownc 

Mclilotes, uf 2. mehlot- 
M61imelum,i.n. 2. a honcy-applc 

Hhecp-skin, or badger-skin. 
Mclior,u*.<ia>'- crmp. a Donus, bct 
tcr.more excellent, more valiant, 
more cxpcrt,orskilfil.morc y\*l. 

prcscr\ccl,o*-.swectciicd with ho- Mem6i>andus.a,uni./;/.to 
ncy, of a honcy-tastc, dclicious' rccordcd,meiiioi-ablf,i 
the quince madc into liiarmaladc ^tclo,dii:s. m. 3. a mclon. {lovcly. c;l«irious gallant. bniv< 
Mehmuin,i.n.2 o'd of the blossomsjilelfldus, a, iun- atfi. mclodicus. Mcmorans, tis. pt spcak 
of applcs, a whitc paint. niint. .Mehvncli, ;i. intlscl marmakulc. ! hiting 1 , rcporting", sayin 
Mfihnus,a,uin.a^;'. ycllow,madc of Meiomclumj :i. 2 a swcetprin!?- Memorator, oris. m. .>. a 

Melo])epo,6nis m.* in /tf.acf.TiieJo-Memoratrix, icis.y. 3. a 
pepnnas, a musk-mclou. jMcmbratus, a. um. pt. I 

.\Iclos n.def.ahl mclo,/i/. niu9,«://».s])okcns^men 
h»dy, harmony, mu5ic. asong-, y- counted, famous. « rcinc 
or iipri^ht^greatcr, bi^er. (tcrj tune, a sinping- in measure- JMcmoratu, abl. &t ui. d\ 3. to jyrow hct-|Mcmbrana,x /'. 1. a membrane, ajMcm6ria,x,/ 1. mcmon 
Meli6so-jlivll>.i,i<n.2.parsIey.balml film, the pcel bctweenthe bark brance, mention, conw 
Mehtxus, *, udi« adj. of MdiU, ( and thc iree, p^rchmcnt, or vel- rcficction.thc time witl 





lg is remcmbered, mcmorl- 
lironicles, records, a sepul- 
a monument. 

riiilis, c adj. bclonginjr to 
jryjorivmcmbrance Mcmo 
adjutores, clciks of tlic 

riola.x/.l . .1 short nicmon. 
nti-ivji/v by heurt,pertcctly 
ro,fi:v.«.l lo muke mcntion, 
ruk ct', to tell, rchcarse, rc- 
, or rerite, to say, to cal),ot 
,to remcinher. I >e natura mc- 
it. hc wrole of naturc, Cic. 
ror,ari,atus.p. to be rcbcurs- 
ported, reineinbcred, &c. 
e/.l. a lierrinfr,or pilcharcl 
f x. /l. a blcinish, a spnt,a 
amistukc,aii crror iu writ- 

(tcIU lics 
ciloquus, a, um. «*//. that 
ciuin, i. n 2. a Iit*,a story,an 
th, a Hction, a ricceit* 
ritinculum, i n.2. ant. Mcn- 
.icuia, x.J 1- a little lie, o? 
Lion, a hb. 
ciilus, i. m. 2. a liar. 
x, acis. a<(/. ior, cnmp. issl- 
r//p. lying, deccitful, ialsc, 
crfcit, dccciving", invcntcd. 
eudax protc inihi.ldcceived 
f on \ our bchalf, (Jv. Mcn 
ininus.dcceivingby dream*. 
f.Mtirice mendax,thuld\clh 
purple, JHart. state. 

cibulum, i. /i. a beggarh 
cans, *•» /»'■ bcggiug. 
catio. onis./. J. a bcgging. 
catus, n, um. ///. bc^rged. 
ce, «t/f heggarly, ineunly 
citas, atis. /. J. beggarh- 
extreine povcrty. 
co, arc a. 1. to bcg, to ask 
to provoke. 
uor, ari. drp. 1- to bcg. 
tula,*../. 1 . a bcggur'» coat 

Mcndiciilua, i. m. 2. a nujatnuffin. 
Mcndicus, a,um. adj. begg-ar-like, 

sorry, mean, pitiful. 
Mcndjrus, i. m. *. a bcjrgvr. 
Mciido*t',ar/i'.ibsuiit, sitp. faultily, 

inconvcily, coriuptly, falselv, 

wrong, erroncouslv, unskilfully. 
Mcndosus, a.uili. adi.\or f comp. full 

of blemishes, or spots, faiilly, iu-Mcnsurabilis. t* utij. mcasurable. 

corrcct, crroucous, blundcring, Mcnsuriitor. oris 7/1.0. a njcasurcr. 

lcwd, vicimis. .Mensuro, are a 1. to mcasure* 

month, montbly, cvery nyrath. 

Mensula,x./. 1. dim. alittlc table. 

Mcnsiilarius, i. m 2. a baiiker. (ty. 

.Mcu!»un),i.n.2. a measured quanti- 

M ensura,a*./. 1 . a mcasurc,or quan- 
tity mcusured, mcusuremcnt, % 
proportion,glory, dignity, autho- 
rity, place. capacity, ability, &i/.e. 

\icnduin, i. n. 2. a faull. 

Mcnsus, us. m. 4. vid. Meusura. 

Mcniana.omm./)/ w.J. standin^»lo Monsus, a, um. pt. measurcd. 

scc shows from, bul^omcb. 
Mcnsjtis/.o. tltc iTiind,thc ratioual 
soul,reuson,sLiisc, ur undcrslaml- 

Mcuta, x.fl. amun's privy purta» 

miut. scab likc a r ; ng-worm. 

MentagTu, x.f. 1. a foul tcl cr, or 

inj;, thoufrht, judfrmcnt. opinion, Mcutba, x.f. 1. thc horb inint. 
vlcsign.intcntion.rc^olulion, jmr-JMenthnstrum, i. n. 2. wihl iuint. 
po>c,]>rovidtMicc,will,iiicrmation.jMcnt"il>or, /r 

ati'ection,thc tempcr of the rnind 
thc nicxnory, advicc, counscl, 
heurt,cour;i^c,u goddcas. Alcntis 
su.e cssc,to bc in his righl scnses, 
Ctc Sux mcnti aliquem relin- 
qucrc, to lct a person take his 
own coursc, «SY/. 

Mcnsa, i /.1. a tablc,a mcal,a scr- 
vicc,0T' course of dishcs, a trcnch- 
er,orplatc,acountc r Mcn-a luiiio 
nia, an executioncr^s chopping 
block, Suct. 

Mcnsalis, e. adj. of a table. 

Mens.irius, i. m 2. a bunkcr. 

Menses, iuni. /'/. nt. .">. thtr tlowcrs, 
or mnnthly icnns of woiiicn. 

Mcnsio, ouis./. J. a mcar>uring. 

Mcnsi*, i>. m. 3. a nionth. 

Mensor, ons. m. 3. a niea&urrr, o/ 
survcyor of lands,a gcomctriciaii- 

Menstmu.oruin pl.n. 'J.the mcnscs 

Mcnstruiilis, c. iulj. rncnstrunl. 
monthh , or cvcry montb, of u 
iuouth,lustin)r for a iuonih.(terms 

Mcu.ttruuiii, tis pt. thut hath thc 

Meiiatruum,i /Miionthly allow uucc 

Mcnstruus. a, um. adj. of, or fur a 

^ieniiur, Piaiit- 
Mcnticns, tis ?;t lviiu - . 
Mcntlgo, liiis/C. a scab about the 

mouths of sht:cp,callcd thc pock. 
Mcntio,6nis/. inention } a spcaking 

Mcntior, Tri.itus stun dA. to lic, to 

brcak one*s wonl, to deceivc, or 

impose upon to feign,or prctcnd, 

to countcrftit,9r resemblcto de- 

vise, # r inveut, to dcny. 
Mcntitio 6nis /. a tclling a lic. 
Mcntliuims, a uni.///. that v. ill lic, 

fulse (dcccived, fci^*ntd. false. 
Mcntitus, a,uin. JM. licd,or 
Mciituhi. je./ 1. nV/. Mcuta. 
Mcntum, i /;. 2. thc chin. 
Mcans, tis. /»/. going, or ]>assinff. 
Mco, ure n.l to go,or pass,to ghdc 

along. to How, to itself. 
Mcopte iug-enio, by my own wit. 
Mcphiticus a, um. adj. stinking 1 . 
Mephitisis/.,». a stink,an ilJ savor 
Mci-Ticulus. a,um ndj. pretty pure, 
Mcrucus a,um. a<//.ioi, amp. issi- 

mus, ittp. purc, \viu:.>ut mixturc. 
Mcrcubilis, c adj. thut iii:«y bc 

bought, or hircd, incrchivvN^V^ 





McrcanMus,a,um/>/. to be bauglit,l}tert:trix, Icis/3. a whore a har- 

•r purchased. 
Mercatio,dm*/j. a bu ying,tradc 
Mercator, oris m a merchant 


buyer- to a merchant, or tradc 
Mercatdrius, a,um. adj. belonginjr' 
Mercatftra.xyi.thc trad* ot* mer- 
chandise. ybought, purciiascd. 
Mercatus,a,nm./>f. Iiavinjr bought, 
Mercatus,us m.4.the trade of mcr- 
chandise, a salc, a market. 
Mcrcedula re/.l.a littlc fce,orrciit 
Merceiiarius. a,utn. adj mercena- 
ry,hired, bribed, corrupted witji 
money, fecd suborncd, dcsigiicd 
for the making 1 of gain,belonging 
to trade.(hireling,a hired soldici 
Merccnarius,i fn,2. a merccnary,a 
Merces, edis/3. wages, or hirc,a 
reward, a recompence, a punish- 
ment,interest,rcnt, proHts, gains, 
Tate, cost, pams. condition, con 
sideration, proof. 
Merctrnbnium, i. n. 2. traflick. 
Mercor, ari, itussum. d. 1 to buy to 
purc.ase. Hocmafrnomcrccn.u.- 
Airidse would give evcr so muc 
to have thi» doue, Virg. 
Mcrcunalis, e. udj. lcarned (ry 
Mercurialis,is/. .the herb mercu 
Mercunus, i. »i. 2. quicksilver. 
Merda, se/ 1 ordurc, dunjr (ilth. 
Mcre, adv. mercly, purely. 
Mercnda ae/.l abcaver,acollation 
Merens, tis. pf.dcservin£,serving- 
Mereo,5ri,rui,rituni- n- &. Mereot, 
c*n,ritus, d 2. to descrve, to gain, 
•r eani,to get,purchase,or obtain, 
to sen e in war. 
Meretrfce, adv. whorishly. 
Meretricium, i. n. 2. whorcdom. 
Meretncius, a, uui. udj. mer^tric- 
ous, of. or bclonging toa whorc. 
Mercjncor, ari. d. 1. to whore. 
Mcrcftriiula, x./.l- u litUe whore 

lot,a strumpct(in;r hook,or*cythe 
Mcrga, c/.l- a pitchfork a rcap- 
Mergens, tis./>^sinkiiur,drownin£. 
Merges itis/.J. a handful of corn 

in reaping, a rcaping hook. convenicntfpm 
Mcrbbihus, a, uin. adj dri 
Mcrops, 6pis. m. ■>. abirdth 

elh hccs, a wood-pcckcr. 
Mcrsatus, a. um. pt. dippcd 
Mersio, 5nis / J. a drownii 

Mcrgo, gerc,.rsi.rsum. a. S. to put Mersito. are n. 1 to dip oi 

" Merso, ire. a.l. to wash,to 
tcn, to drown, to overwhe 
Mersor uri,utus p. to bc w 
Mcrsfirus, a, um pt. about t< 

Mergus, i m 2. a cormonni,a vinc 

branch turned bow-wise. 
Meriduhs, e. at(j. soutSicr:i. 
Mcridians, tis.jM.*Ieeping at noon 
Meridianus. a, uro. adj. lncridian, 

southcm, at noon-day. 
Mcrldialio, 6nis. / -. noon-rcst. 
Mer idics«c i .m 5.mid«day .nooutide 

noon, thcsouth,orsouihcrn part 

ofthcworLd.Meridicsnoctis,mid-]Mcsa tc f 1. tbc middle. 

uuder watcr to immerse . to dip, 
duck,or plunge,to sink,to drown. 
to ovcrwhelnijto ruin,to dcstroy, 
to involve. (watcr. 

Mcr^or,gi,rsus,/>. to be put undcr Mersus a, um pt- sunk» drc 


ed.sunk dccp into (Jie wi 

McruU a. / 1. a blackbinl 

Mcrmu, i. n-2. pure. or ncsl 

Mcrus, a, um> <i''j. mt-re, : 

downright, plain, pure, ne 

mixcd, alouc, bare naked 

Mers, cis./..). nierchandise, 

ronunoditics, a wretc l i. 

ni^rht, Varr. d.\ to s!c.'|> at noon 

Meridio, are. n. &. Mcndioi, ari 

Mcrididnalis, e. adj. nieridioii::l 

^lcritissuno, mlv sup. n\ost dcscr\ 


Mcrito, arc./iTfjr 1 to cam, or jfct 
gain,to be rcnted at,orbring in b\ 
way of rent, lo serve. 

>ieritorium, i;i 2. an inn.tavcrn, ot 
public house, a bawdy house 
lcruorius,a,um.a^/;. that carneth, 
or bringcth in moucy ,or g^ain, let, 
or set for advantag*e. 


valuc,cxcellcncc,a scnicc.favor, Mcssor,6ris wi.^i. a rcaper,* 
ori;indncss,a good turn,a reward, Mc*sorius,a,uin. adj. j>crtain 
a hire, ♦»• stipcnd. • reaping, or mowiu^. 

Mentunis, a, Bcne meritu- Messura,* / l. a reapin£,*r 
rus iuihi vidcris dc tuis civibus, Mcssus, a,um. pt. reapcd,iw 
si— you will lay a grcat oblijjpi- Metajar^/ll. a the eti 
tion on your count.rymcii,if — Viv. coursc,a gt)a),a bouml,9 p b* 

Morltus, a, um. pt. &mdj. issnnus, ry,a liiiiit,4/ a cn.l^tunung > ,«r 
anp. rner.ted, dcscrved, or liavinjr ing" anuppermillstPMic^ico» 
deservedjdcservii^wonhy, duc, ma udolescentis paulum hs 

Mcsaula, x.f. 1- a pas-agc, 

Mlscs,3c.ot.1 flcr mesciiitlie 

west wmd and by north 

Mcspiluin, i- n. 2. a mcdUi 

Mcspilus, i./ 2 a mcdlar-tr 

Messia<< x. Hcbrcw 

of our Saviour, thc sar 

Ciirist in tireek, viz. Anc 

Messio,onls/.a rcapin^,orDU 

Mcssis is./. 3. a harvcst,! 

corn,harvest-work, plcnty 


ty. Tuamcssisinherbaest 

hopes are but in thc bud,0 





i rcputation nict with a 
: vcry goal, Cic. 
, a, uni adj. mctallic 
, i. m 2. a rchner of nic- 


a, um. ndj. producing 

n 2.mctal,a mine-Dum- 

u'talhini,condenincd to 

thc inines, Plin. (tion. 

ioms, is / a transforma-| 

/)/. mcasuring-. 

,*/a mctaphor,a trope 

, is. / «:. a transpofiition 

is./ 3. a nicasuring, 

Metitus, a, um./>f. having mcasur- 
ed, measunng. 

Meto terc,me>ii>ui,messum.|fl. 3. to 
mow.reap,orcut do\vn,to crop, er 
gathcr, to cut, or strike oft\ 

Mctor. ti. p. to be mowed. 

Mctonymia.x./l a trope whcn the 
cause is put for the eftect, the 
subjectfor the adjunct,tr contra- 
rily. (nomist. 

Metoposcopus, i. m. 2. a physiog. 

■ii. m. 3. a measurer, o; 
•f land,a planter. Meta- 
hc hiat quartcreth out 
r s')ldii-rs plundej 1 ,/'/»!. 
:./ 1. a measurintf.(cd 
um pt. uictwd, measur- 
raw silk t tlircad,a ropc. 
, i ki. 2. a nicrrer. 
liosis, is.y. 3 a transmi- 
f rt-moval of the soul. 
l, um. pt. to be rcapcrl, 
■ cut dow n, to mow. 
pt. r^aping', mnwing». 
cs./3.thc part of gTum- 
ij» tlio whv of spcaking-. 
;,a,um u'j. nielhodical. 
a inilhnd. rrgular. 
,i. n 2. a trick, a chcat 
i /. 2. a invthod. 
! , a, iim- adj. fearful,ti 
i/ardous, frightful. he measured 
/#/. mcasurimc, pufeun^ 
:min£, valuing 
nv:nsiis Mum, & meti 
ii inctc. oi- mcasurc, to 
\it, to survcy, to go, er 
Lo l.ouud,^rlJmit,to va. 
leeui, to j :dge of, to 
» placc, #r rani. 

my honest blunderer, the special 
fellow of mine J J futdr JN'ihil addo 
de m*o,nothing of my own inven- 
tion.CYc.Deo irato meoi. < me 
irato,TVr. MeiiB hic dies est,I will 
be merry this day, Plaut. 

Mf • dat. pre Mihi, to mc. 

Mi, voc. a Meus 

Mica,%/ 1. acrumb, a gain, a lit.- 
tle banqueting house. 

Metor.ari, atus, sum. d. 1. to metc Mxcans, tis. pt. shining, glittering, 

er mcasurc, to mcasurc out, to beating,panting, moving" nimbly. 

sct out, dividc, disposc, ordcr, ov Micatio, dnis./ 3. a ahining. 

limit by measurc,to pitch,orplace Mico,are,cui.«ir.M*/>.n. 1. to shine, 

Metreta,*/. 1. akilderkin,arund- glitter,*rsparkle, to beat,or pant, 

Metncc f es/3thc art of metre(let to move quickly, to move thc fin- 

Metricus, a, um. adj. mctrical, of gcra fast up and down.(spirited. 

metre, ermeasure, m mctre. 
Mctr6polis cos/ 3. thc chief city. 
Mctrhpohtanus, i. in. 2. an arcli- 

bishop. (surc 

Mctmm,i. n. 2. mctrc, versc-mea- 
Mctucndus,a, um- pt. to be fcarcd, 

or drcaded,tremcndous, tcrriblc. 
Mctuens,tis^ &.aaj m foT f cemp. fcar- 

iug, drcading 1 , afraid, fcarful, re- 

ganlful, concerned fbr. 
M5tu)a,a*/l.alitt]c butt, or mark 

Micropsychus, a, um o^. mean- 
Mictnrio,lrc,ivi& ii itum. neutA.Xa 

makc watcr, to piss. 
Micula,x/ 1- a very snuUl crumb. 
Migrans, tis pt departinp, rcmov- 

ing.In mncroncm migTantia,nat». 
rallytendingtoa sharp point,^ J tfii. 
Migrossit,/>r.' Migravcrit, Gc. (aJ. 
Migratio,6nis/a cluuige.a remoT» 
Migratur, imper.f. it is removed. 
MigT-iturus, a, about to re- 

Metuo,ucre^ii,(<mr,ntum) a. 3. toMigrfttus, rcmoval.(moYe. 
fcar,to <|read,to bc afraid.s r con- Mi^ro,arc n&.fl.l to dcpart,to re- 

ccrned.tobc cautioua,to avoid, to 

doubt Mctuo patrcs,quot fucre, I 

wondcr how niany fathers thcrc 

wcrc,/ J /uM/Mctuo ut substet hos- 

pcs.I fear lesthc should not abidc 

bv what Iie Iiath said, Tcr. 

Mctuor, ui, p. to bc fcarcd 

Mctus,us./n.4. fcar, dread, carc, vr 

coucern, rcligiou9 awe, terror. 

Mctutus, a, um. pt, fcarccL 

Meu, wl. Mciim t i. n. 2. wilddill. 

Mjus, a» um. pron. adi. my, mine, 

mineo\vn,at my owndisposal,frce, 

iny own man, of niinc own mak- 

ing. er contrir&ncft. Mcus homo, 


move,to go,or get away, to go,tfr 
depart from,to pass, to slip,to b% 
altcrcd, er ciiunged. 

Migror^irl^tus p. to be remoyed. 

\Tih'i,dat.bjium. F.go, to, «r for me> 

Mihimetipsi, dat to me royielf 

Mihipte, pn* Mihi ipsi- 

MIles,itis.c.y. a soldicr,a foot aol- 
dicr.tlie soldicry, a novice,an at- 
tendant,a serjcant,bcadle,«rsujn- 
moner. Milcs ad navcj, a sea-tol- 
dicr, er martne, Liv. 

Miliaria, x/ 1. a linnet,an herb- 

Mdiarium,i ;i.2 a vcs»iel belonging 
to au oil-milU a, n^fitout. 




, a, iim. adj. of millct. 
, tis. /»/. serving\ ti^ting'. 
iiCattj mililary.warlikcof 
.tcr a Jr.soldicr-like. (war. 
ms, a* um. adj. miiitary. 
urus, a, um. pt. ahout to 
: in war,rea<ly to serve in war 
a,x/l. warfarc,war,service, 
jil, an anny. soldicrs. 
.o, arc. vi. & n. 1. to iifrht, to 
ve, to pursuc, to liaunt, i. m. 2. a writcr of.M,mmc,aaV.lcaft,<>rfewcst,iic 
plays, or ia» ck-h. (a mis*. 1 all. in no casc» in no wise, bj 

\Iiinula.;c./l dhn. a little actnss, nu-ans,at least,mtichless,«rl 

Mimus,i.m 2 a mimic. an uctor, a" i»f all. Quam nunime, aslHtl 
scurrilous buftbon. or jestcr any inaybe/Yr^.Minimeobiicurev 
farce, ov ridiculous story- . tlic ^rcatcst clcM-ncss, CVc. 

Mihi, ftro Mihinc ? lo mc r Pera- ninic saepe, seldomcst, Cm$. 

♦I ina.a*./. 1. a pound,a measurc of Mimmum, i. n 2. thc least 

Minimiim, adv. at the least,E 

gTouud 120 fect srjuarc. 

Minacix, aruin. ///./ 1. menaccs,' Non miniinum, vcry much,. 

thrcatcniiifrs, thrcats. (cnin^ly. Minimus. a, uin. adj. theleai 

itor, ari, atus /» to bc fought.lMinaciter, a>lv. ius, comp. thrcat-. smallest. very little MininM 

,ium, i. n- 2. miilct. 

ile,&. Millia. *••£. pf. a thousand, 

umberless, Mille pussus,a lnilc. 

jlle,ii.caret trenbs. sinj? in a/d 
otilli ln plur. h;cc millia,ium,ibus. 
& ihousand. 

Aillefolia, *c / 1. milfoil. 
4iIlefolium,i. n. 2 milrbil.vorrow. 
Ifillcfonnis, e. udj. of a thousand 
shapes, or fashions. 
Aiilepcda,x/. 1. a palincr-wonn 
klillcsiinus, a, um. adj. thc thou- 

klilliarc,is.n.3.a milcstonca inilo. 
•liliiurium, i n.2. t,ee Miliurhun. 
fcfilliarius, a* um. adj. a thouvnid. 
Oillies,a</v a thovwind tiines.vcn 

oftcn. (collar made of lcatiu-r. 
kl.llus,i w & Mi)lum,i.7f.a inastiff» 
U.ltus, i / 2 a vermillion. 
Milva, se./. 1. akitc 
H.lvina, ae./ 1. a shrill pipc. 
Milvinus,a,ura aJj of.wlike akitc. 

Miivina, acil. appetentia, a sto 

mach likc a kite, Plaut. 
M.lvius, ii. m- 2. id. qn Milvus. 
Milvus, vel potiits Mduus, i. m 2 a 

kite, a rapacious fcllow, a iish 

a sifrn. 

Uima,a?./ 1. a mimic, an actress 
Mimicc. adv. mimically, apishU 
Uimicu*,a, um. aJj miniic, apisli 
Mffccted, wanton, bawdy. 

Mina:, aruni. pl.f. 1. tltreats mc-| provocat.jc digi'o,hc holdetl 

naccs.tcrrois,storms(warrantin|rj littlc fingfer at mc, H> r. 
\l inans,tis./k/ i lircatcninfr, hissin^j.M color red,to| 
\liti;vnicr t ndv. thrcatcningly. 
Mnatio, 5uis./ 3 a tiircatcning;. 
\1 iii.~ii6riu.s,:i,uui.a((/ thrcatcnin^- 
Minatus, a, iuii /;/ having* thrcat- moter orfurthcrcr, a maitty 

cncd. povernor. Opcri vehemeBtt 

\liiiu.\,acis,ni//.ior,com^ cissimus. nistor,onetliut is too obliginf 

#!//>. thrcutciiing-, mcnacin^, im-Ministcr, tra, tnim. atlj unt 

pcrious hau^iiiy. surly. 

Minister tri.m. 2. a miniiter.s 
vant.a waiter^a cupbearer.u 
tcndant,an assistant,a helperj 

Minco, iic /i '2. to hung-. 

\ltncivu,;':./Ji.tlic ^otldiss of wis- 
(ioin l-.-urnin^ arts andarins; n:i- 
luiv v. it c;"ift sj)inni»i{c,wcavinjc 
Crassa .Mincrva plainly, // r. lu- 
viia .\iintrva, u^-ain&t iiulurc, Jd 

vii.icrvul.-.-c/ •linervtilcyi.s n .> cn- 
tr.inrcni<in"\ on^oing^to scliool 

Miiij:'o ^cr». ,iiAi,iciuni.a . to piss, 
tomuliCyOiili.scharge watcr Min- 
^crc iu ^rciniutn nutipto coinuui 
incol ^ilii, CatuH. 

Min^oi*, j«*i. p. te be piss;*d. 

\lini;.i-..".is,a,uiii udj.of $ \>y. or witli 
vi.nuilion ^cd witli vcrnuliou 

Miniuiidus a, um /*/. to bc puint- 

\liniaria x/l.a minc ofveniiilion 
k iiiiifirius,a,uni. adj of vcrmilion. 

\liuiutulus,;i,iiiii «'(/. markcd wit! 
red wax,disu]>pro\cd of. 

Mtuiftuis,u,uui/fr rcd Minialacc- 
rula notandus to h^- markcd ah 

Miiiistcrium,i n. 2. scrvice,*' 
ancc.uny honorablc oflicc, 
ploymcnt, pcrformance, 
puins. a servicc, or onpt 
plutc. a ritc, scnants, Wf 

Ministru^./l a maidserv; 

MinistraiiR.tis pt sening 

M inistpttio onis / iJ. at 

\linistrltor. ori<. m. a 
attcndant t hc thut fecd 
ctii uiUi mcat, a plca 

Minibtiutorii urccoli, 
tho ^aitci-s scn'c w 

Mmistalrix. Tcis./ a 
M mistratur^m/).it i- 

Miuistro, are. u. 1 
scn*c, to scivc wit 
:isMst,to furnisli,a1 
pcrliirin, or cxcc 
to p*ovcrn. 

up, to bc carefc 

• m. 

iton, oawuy. ruia noianuus »o nc marKcti ah up, to bc carcfc 

2* rattle,l9UttW0rU\ iiulty, *r cnUciscd upon, Cic. |Minitabuiidus»af 





reatening grcatly. 
Bpt. threatening*. 
inis. / 3.a thrcatening. 
. o. 1. to threatcn. threatcn sorc, 

2. redlead,vcrmilion. 
a. 1. to drive cattlc. 
dj. cm. a Parvus, less, 
caner, lowcr, inferior. 
apitis mlnor,degraded 
itate pf a frecman, //<>?-. 
M. to threaten,to pro- 

n. pl m. 3. our succes» 

Tity, or ofispring, the 


itis. /. $minority. 

, a, um. pt. to be dimi- 

i. pt. diminishing, lcs- 
ting lcss, abating, dc- 

,ui,utum. a 3. to dinii- 
sscn, or make fcess, to 
ipair,to violate,ordero- 

to injure. 

itus. p. to be lessencd. 
.a sing with a low 
oo, to chatter. 

less lcss than, fcwer 
s time than, not so of- 
ner not at all, not so 
i welljiot so very.QuojM 
i a verb.that— not,not 

,*, um. adj. less, little. 
. .minced meat,a hash 
idv in bits,in gobbcts, 
•op.very sparingly, by 
.ittle, by dcgreca. 
.ius, c. mp. issirac, tup. 
cccs nicely, preoiaely 
w, poorly. 

! l.a vcry small thiog 
pL HtUo" «icctic*. 

Mmiities, ei./ 5. smallncss. 
Minutim, (idv xec Minutc. 
Mmutio,5nis./3. a lcssening,a di- 


M¥nutulus.a,um.aoj. littlc, prctty 
VfTnutus,a,um. bt.V. adj ior, comp 

issimus, 9up. aiminished lcsscn- 

cd, dishcartencd, dispirited, mi 

nute.small,littlc, mcun, low, sub 

tilc, nicc 
vlirab'ilis,c.Aifi'. ior, comto. issYmus, 

8up. to be udmircd, admirablc, 

wondcrftil mancllous, strangc, 


viirabilitas, atis./ admiration. 

zingly, strangcly, excecdingly, 

honourahly.^.full of won- 

der, or admirution. wondering. 
vllrriculosc, adv manellously. 
MTraculum>i.n. 2. a miracle,a pro 

digy. /// to be admircd, 

wondcrful, manellous, strange. 
vlimns, tis. pt. wondering, admir- 
Miratio, onis. /. 3.admiration(ing 
Mlrator, dris- m. 3. an admirer. 
Vliratrix, icis./ 3 she that admir- 

eth. Turba imratrix, the gaping 

Miraturus,a,um. pt. about to won- 

dcr, or admire, to wonder.(with. 


Miratus, us m. 4. wondcr. (ly. 

Mirc.aoV. wonderfully .excecding. 

Mirif ice, adv- wondcrfully. Miri 

fice* cst nactus it is gotten in a 

v^ry prctty manncr, Catutt. 
MirIfIco,[niirus, facio],are a. & n. 

1 to makc maxveUous, to do 

strange, «r wondcrful things. 
Vlirtficus,a um adj issimus,& cn 

tissimus, $up. wonderful, marvel- 

lous, strangc, extraordinary. 
MirmaUo, doU. m, J, a fcncejr. 

Miror,ari.r/.lto wonder,tomarvcJ, 
to admirc, to be fond of. 

Mirus,a, \im.adj wonderful, mar- 
vcllous. strangc, cxcecding. ex- 
cellcnt, mighty,prodigious, por- 

M : sccllFinea, n.miscella* 
nics,mixcd collcctions, plays,&c. 
a mixturc, a hotchpotch. 

Misccllrmus,a, um. a'//.!2.miscella- 
ncous, mixed, jumblcd togcthcr» 

lcd,ofdivcrs kindstogether.Mis- 
cellse vitcs, vincs tliat will grow 
in anv soil, Cnt t. 

Misccndus,:i,um./»/.to bc mixcd,or 
minglcd. to mix, • r minglc: 

Vfisccns tis. /»f lnixiii^minglin^. 

Vli.scco,erc,cuuniistiiin,&mixtiim a 
a min^ b)<;nd. to 
confound,to disoitli'r,to interlace, 
to intcrspcrsc, to divcrsiiy, to 
slirink, to man:i<rc, to communi- 
catc, to excrcisc. 

Misccor, c-ri. p to bc mixcd. 

Misellus, a, um. adj. miscrabfci 
wrc.tch^d,poor # pitifuI,soiT\',Hhab« 
by- ' 

VI iBcr,2ra,crum.a///\ior,rm»/>. crri- 
mus,*r^.miscr.tblc t wrctchc'l,wo- 
innocent, sorry, paliry nican,ah- 
jcct, stingy. .Miserrimus fui fngi- 
tando.wcary and faint '/Vr.Misc- 
ros nos! unhappy as wc arc* C/r. 

Miscrum mcmoratu, a sad, dis 
mal story, Plaut. 

vllscrabile ,ac/v.iniserably wofully 

MischSbilis, c. adj. iniserablc,* 
wrctchcd, unhappy. lajncntablc» 
piticd. , wretchcdly. 

liscrabHTtcr, adv. misera^r, 

Mis(3randusa,um pt. to be pitieoV 

Miserans, tis. pt, ovtNVxA. 






Miscratus, a, uni. pt. having pity. 

Miserc, udv. njiserably,wrctchcd- 
ly, sadly, mightily, {p*eatly. Qui 
miserc afcTeque est,hc who is ill. 

MiVreo,ere.7i vid. Miscret (huer. 

Misercor, eri, ertus. d. 2. to pity, thc hungings being let down, 

to Uikc pity of, to havc liicrcy on 
Miscrcscit, imper*. it piiicth. 
Mlsercsco, cerc. n. ii. to |>ity. 
Miserct, nusertum, &. miseritum 

cst. impera. it piticth, I ani horr>' 

Menedemi viccm mi&crct me, I 

pity his case, 7Vr. 

Miscria, <c. / miscry. distrcss, 

wretchedncss, aiHiction, t: oublc. 


Missus, a,um./'/. scnt,thrown,hurl 
ed, dnrtcd, shot, dischargcd, clis- 
misscd,dishandcd, scnt forth, lct 
go,lct out, uttercd,pardoned,for 
given. Misso aulxo, i. e. dcmisso, 

Phadr. Corpora raissa neci.dead 
bodies, Ov. 

Missus, us ra- 4. a spending, a dis-I.Mitratus, a, um. />#.~niitred. 
patch, a tlirow, or cast. a turn,or Mittendus, a, uirf. pt. to be i 

tured. kiml, gracious, calr 
undisturbed, soft, mcllov 

Mitius udv. compA^simi,nip 
geiitly,evenly easily,or paf 

Mitra x.f 1. a mitre a boni 
tnrhan, a kind of girdle. 

course, a servicc of meat. 
Mistim, adv. mixtlv. 
Misttira,s/a mixture.a compound 
MisUis, a,uin. pt. mixcd, mingled, 

hicmlcd, joincd tojfctiicr. 
Mistus, us. m. 4. a mixturc. 

MisericordiH, x.f 1. mcrcy, com- Misxs, yos. #i. 3 a mush»-oom. 

passion, pity, charity, ahiis. 
Miscncorditcr, adv. inercilully. 
, ful, pitiful, conipassioiiutc. kiud. 
Mi.«entcr, tuiv. pitifullv, sadly. 
Miscritiido.inis./'^. wrctrhcdiicss. 
Mlsentus, a, um. pt. piu ing. 
MTseror, ari,atus sum. d.h to pity, 

to dcplore, lamctit, or bcwuil. 
Misertus, a, uin- pt. pit\ iiijT. 
Miscrulus, a, uui. udj. wrctchcd. 
Miseruin, itwrj. O sad! (poor. 
Missa, ae /. 1. thc mass. 
Missiculo, are. u.l. to scnd often 
Missile, is. ?i. »>. a dart, a javelin. 
M.ssilia. «. 3. gifts thrown 

amongthe people(darted,orshot 
Missilis,e.aJi.that may be thrown, 
Missio,6nis./3. a scnding, a send- 

ingavray, a dispatch, a throwing, 

or hurlingv a dischurge, a rcleasc, 

sio sanguinia, blood-letting, Cels. 
.Ludorum miMUCthe end, # r con 
clusion ofgiui\c*,CU\ 
MMtiltus, Mj ©ftcn scni. 

Mitclla, a;./.l. a littlc miti'e,u tur- 

hau, a sash, a srarf. (ripc. 

Mitcscciis, tis tot. growing" milcl.o;' 

Mitesco,c crc,//:c.3 to jtj\jw mild. 

calni,£cfit]c,tractahk',9r tunic, t«i 

bc a])pcascd,pacificd,or reconcil- 


cn,cjrgrow ripc,to bccomc mcllow x.m.l. thc sun. 

Mithndaticum, \-n.2. mithridatc 

Mitificatus, a, digcstcd. 

Mltifico [mitis.facio], ai*c.« 1. to 

tamc, to inake geutle, to soflen. 

Mitificor. ari. p. to be tamed. 

M itif icus,a,um.a«|/.making > gcntlc 

Mitigaiidus, VLfWm.ptto a[)peasc,t<> 


Mitigatorius. a, uro. adj. easing 

pain. (peascd, pacih*cd, tamcd. 

MittgutuB, a mitigatcd, ap- 

MUigo,arc.a.l. to mitigute,to soft 

t^c privilegc ol begging life. Mis- cn,to appease,to assuagcto paci- 

fy, to casc, to lcssen, to tamc, to 
civilizc, to ripen, to boil, or roast- 
Mitigat ajjrum, iittetli it for til- 
lage, Hor 

Mittens, tis y/. scnding 
Mitto, tcrc nilsi, (niisti pr< 
t')) missuin,a.3.toscnd. Thii 
is oficn use<l for its compoi 
fordimitto todismisstodis] 
tosciulaway,to banish,toc« 
to throw olf ; for deiuitto. cast,to throw-to pl 
to put in,to prcscnt with,to 
an oblation f «/-or!'cr up,tom 
pass : for transmitto, to shi 
vcr; for omitto,to lct alone,! 
bear ; for rcmitto, to fnrgif 
cmitto,to put forth,to brinf 
to lct out,to uttci ; for admrt 
put the male to tUc femak 
siu*sum mitto,to lift, or set i 
raise; for immitto, to kt loc 
slackcn ^L nonie n niitten* 
to scnd tliem to the war. ( 
Mitte hunc de^pcctore ci 
trouble not yourself aboutit 
In acta mittere,to recordV^ 
tcr, Sen. 

Mittor, ti. p. to bc sent 
Mixtura, x.f 1. a mixture>t 

Mixturus, a, uxn- pt. about to 
Mixttft, a,uni. pK mised, mio 

Mna, x./.l. pro liina, a poff 
money. (for mcaory, preo 

•Huenibnlca A oxuiw^. n* 2 - ] 

■ : ■ *!■!— m 


fnc cs /3.memory(tokeii 
vnuin,i-/i.2. a meinonal, u 


e. adj. ior, comp, issfmus. 
.'eablc,casily movcd.shak- 
iinjf, tractahlc» managea- 
MKtaut.vuriablc, tfckle, a- 
lick, kccn, sharp, siuart. 
s,itis. f 3 mouon, swift 
lickncss, activity, incun 
ickleucs* change, loosc{fhtly,inconstantly 
r, adv. iu», cauth. swiftly, 
•. are a. 1. to move. 
r iri. £. to bc moved. 
iilis, e. aaj moderate. 
iie n . inis.n-3 .manageracnt, 
:c, conduct, a helxn. 
aentum, i.ti. 2. an acccnt 
dua, a, um. pt. to bc ma- 
•r froverncd, to govcrn- 
is,tis. pt modcrating, ma 
irovcrning', ruling, dircct- 
utcly, leisurely, carcfully 
\tr,adi>. ius. comp. modc- 
c, atlv ius, comp. issimc 
y, leisurely, by dcgrecs. 
\m,adv. lciiurely, gcntly. 
io.6nis. f i modcration, a 
Lc dcgrec, managcracnt, 

or, dris- n-3 a managcr, a 
>r, a rult-r, a director. 
■ix, icis,/. #.a jrotenicss 
ilru4,a,um. ///.hkelv, or a 
govern, to govcrn. 
us, />f.lka<(iior,cflm/>. 
«u/unoderatcd managed 
■d, reguibtcd. ^ovcrnm^, 
lc, cvcii. iuild, paticnt, 
UC,sobcr,tolcrablc, indif- 

arc. a. 1. to modcratc. 
, iri. H. 1 . to modcrate f to 


bound, limit, or rcstrain, to ma-| one wliilc, anothcr while, somc- 
na^cor guidcto guvcrn rulc, ».r limcs, atlcast, in casc that pruvni- 

Mbdeste,a//t' ius,coM/>.issimc, Mttp. 
modcstly bashfully, humbly, mo- 
dcrutcly,with duc tcnipcr,kindl\ 

cd ihat only, but. Mudo non, ai- 

inost Paulumm-ido.evcrso -i*le, 

Modul~nncn, fnss. n. .a tune.f (.'*.• 2. a nieasurc. 

Modcstia x /l.modestly ha*»hfiil- Modulaiidi:*,a» uiii./»/. to bc mea- 

ncss,modcratioii., so 

M6destus,a,um.fl<y/.ior f r mp. issl- 
mns, tiip modest, bashful, modc- 
ratc, sobcr, courteous, closc, re- 

Mddialis,c adj contaiuing abushcl 

Modice fl</r.modcratcly«tolerably 
a littlc,by dc£rccs,patiently. mo- 
destly,by rulc and mcasure. mo- 
dicc utile, somcwhat usefiil, Cic. 
JEdificia modice ab humo extan- 
tia, houscs of an indiffcrcnt 
hcight, J J lin. (little. r small 

Mbdicellus a, um. adj. very mean, 

Modicum i. n. 2. a littlc. 

Modicuui« adv. but a littlc. 

M6dicuK,a,*'.modcratc. mid 
dlinj?- tolcrablc, not lar^c, small 
littlc,meaii t tcinpcratc t bricf, con- 
cise; in pl not many ,but a fcw.Pc 
cunix modicus, of a compctent 
cstatc,not vcry big, T*«c.ori^inis, 
of an ordinary family, Id. 

Modif ic^tio, bnis. /. >.a mcasurc. 

Modif tcfitus, a, imi- pt. moditicd. 

Mbdif icor,[inodus,facio]. ari, iitus 
sum.i/ mcasurc,tn rulc,to bc 
sparinjr, to' fonn, ur sliapt . 

Modiolus, i m. 2.:i littlc buslicl, a 

surcd, or tunea, to sci, to^ilay. 

M6.'lula]is,tis. pt. rnodulutin^, t;i:.- 

Motiulate,ac/TMTiiiHically t swectly. 

Modulatio, <nis./. aintaoLiv, a 
tuninfr. (o. 

Mndiilator,oris.m 3 atuncr,a s'iiig- 

Moduliitrix, Icis. /. 3. a 

Modulatiis, a, um. pt. mcasurcd, 
composcd,Hct,tuncd, tuning. :..... 

Modu1atus,us-ifi. 4.a tuniiitf.(sical. 

Modulor, ari d 1. to moduiatc,to 
measurc, to composc, or sct \o 
tunc,to sinjr,to \varble,to play u,i- 
on.(surc,a si/c,or quantity,a note 

Modiilus, i. m- 2- a mudcl, a mca- 

Modus, \. m 2. a mcasurca due 
proportion amcan, moderation, 
boundsdimiU. an cnd t a nilc,oror- 
dcr, a mctliod, way, mannur, or 
fus!iion.artificc,a rank,or dcgTcc, 
a statc or condition, a sizc, bi,r 
ii' a ss,or lcngth,a quaiitity,ar nunt- 
bcr.time in music.a notc, a pitch 
of voicc,a uiood.llabcre vitx suse 
inoduin,to bavc tlu* gt)vcrnnicnt 
of himsclf, Tfr. Miris mndis odis- 
so,gTcatly. exticmcly, pcricctly, 
l J luut. liono modofacci*c t M itbino- 
rlcmtion. Cic. (coquette. 

nmdlct, a btickct, a littlc cup, a,Ma»cha t x./.l an adultress,\vliorc 9 

Ircpan-iroH, a navc. 
M6dium, i. ;i. 2. a bushcl. 

square piece of frrouiMl, \'2<) fcct 

Mu:cliutio,nnis : /)Adultery whorin^ { 
Mu:chator,bris. m. .> an adultcrcr. , 

M5dius i. m. 2 a hushcl,a tici-cc, a Mucchia x f. 1 adultcry, whorin^. • 

Ma*chilc, is /r. .>. a brothcl. 

cach way,thc holc for a mast,tht\Mirclnm6nium,i n 2.:idultciy lcn r 

titlc of oncof V'an*o's satii-cs. jMurch*HM),;trc / coiiuuit .»• «Ui • 

Mbdd,«r7v.iust now,cvciuuow.latc-MvLchor,ari.r/.l tocominit a ', r 

ly,ahttle wliilc npo, awhilc :ijro^Ma*cUus, !. /n. 2« ^ -oaW\.m^\% v 





whorcinastcr, or dcbauchcc. 
Moenia,iura.(& orum, Scal.) pi. n 

walls, the works of a cit\, eampjMolestus a,um a.lj ior, c mp. issi 

&c. citics, towns 
Mcrnio, irc. uct. \. to wall in. 
Manitus, a, wullcd round 
Murnus, eris /i '6. a g-iil. a fuvoiir 

sorrowful, afHictcd, hcavy. 
Mccreo, cre, matstus suin. p.n. ' 

grieve,to mourn,to lanient,to be 

grievcd at, sorro wfully , or sail. 
Moercor, eri. tlep. 2. i<L 
Mecro, arc. uct, 1. to makc sud. 
Mocror, ons m. 3. grief, sorrow, 

lamentation, sadncss, hcavincss 
Mccnis, i.m.ant. pr. Mums,a wall. 
Mocstc*, adv. sorrowful, sudly. 
Mtcstif icus a, m:iking* s:ul 
Mocstitcr, adv. sorrowtullv, sadlv. 
Moestitia,z./.l. sorrow, hcavincss. 
Moestitudo,inis. f.3. sorrow, jrricf. 
Mocstus, a, um.adj. sorrowfnl, sad ( 

pensivc, disconsolate, doleful. 

if yofl can couvcnientljr, Cic. (hlc 
Moicsto,arc.</ molest,to trotr 

mus snp. troublcsomc^uncasy, ol- 
fensive, uuseasonuble, iuternipt- 
iiifr. allccted. Tunica molesta, a 
ccatl.ned withpitch.put on those 
who u ere to be burnt, Juv. ed.j 

M6licndos,u,um./>f to he attcmpt 

Moliens. lis pt. strivin^ to puh 
down,or out.attcmpting, dcsign- 
injr, meditating. 

Mohle, is. n. a collar for a mill 
horse, a handlc for a mill. 

Molimcnjnis n.. . an undertaking', 
a project,an attcmpt,an eifort, or 
cxertion.poinp,or statc,difiicuh\ . 

Mdlimcntum, i. ;i iJ.</«.Molinien. 

M6lior,Tri,itus sum J.4. to undcr- 
takc,to attempt, to endcavour to 
dn,to toil,or 
ditalc,pi'oject,plot,or cohtrivc to 
maiiagv, or ordcr, to prcpurc, ot 
makc readv,to build, lo raise. to 

Mola,x./l.amill,ainillstonc,mcai: hcap ihrow,eas ! , or strike, 
©rtlour.a mooncalf,a jaw-tooth, a to wii'M,to movc,orsiir,toploii$r;i, 

grinder, thc pattlc-bonc. 
M61aris,e.a<Y/ pcrtaininjr to a mill, 

millstonc, or chcck-tooth (a mill 
Moliirius, a,um. adj. hclonjrinir to 

towcigh^tobcstoppcdior hir.dercu 
Molitio 6nis-/3 an undcrtaking a ,n atteinpt,labQur inmo' - 
injr, icc. a removal, athrowin b u 

Mdlcndinarius, a, um. adj.oi, orl.Molitor. ons. m. 3 a grindcr. 

pcrtainiiur to a niill. jM<ihtor,oris.m.3. a dcsigiu-r, con 

Mblcndus, a,um. pt \o bc jrround.j trivcr, uutlior,framer. or huildcr. 
Molcs,is./....a mas',,ahcup a bulk«jMolitrix,icis. /"..i.a fcmalc contriv- 

any tliins,- huirca jrrcat j.iie,orfa-jMolr«'ira, x. f. 1. a grinding'. {cr. 

brie,a picr.or daiu, a roci', u vust|Mohtus, a, um. pt. j^round. 

quantiU ^/'wci^uifiorcrstor |>ow- 
er of mcii,adcf'en«e. ■bul\vark,an 
earncstcridcivou ,diifu*ulu -pain^ 
graiulcur, cncuuiorancc. 
Moh '-:c,fi<h". ius,c.''»/i/>.issimc,*w/> 
grieviou^ly, discontrntcilK, un 
kindly, ill. Iuccdcrc molestc, to 
wu!k w ith an afirctcd ^ait, Catui,'- 
. Jio)c3Uu t x.f. 1 .trouble,uncasincss, 

Molitus, a, uin./»r.havin^attcmpt- 
ed, endcuvoured, or madc. 
.\iullcsco,<ere.///c.J. to jrrow sor. 
or e;i!iitle,to become clfeminaK. 
Mo!hc.ellus,a,uui. atlj. softish.ten- 
der.(teudcr, ri]c.:ninutc ( \vunton 
Molhculus.a ii;u.u<//.soft,deli( ate 
Ntollieudus,a,um.///.to 'u' soileueo 
«lollicns. tis pt. softenin^. 

jcliyquict. Slnt iliolcitia tuu liatftMollhncnUim, i./i. 2. a mitiiriition. 

MoHio,lre,ivi,itum. a. 4. to i 

to makc soft,tender,ftrsnp 

miti ^ate,tolcsscn f orabate.i 

or ussuagc , to caki., appe uiovc.oraHecVo 

weak.or cUcminatcto dei 

Mollior,iri. p to be softene» 

Moliipcsycctis. atij. havin^, v. adi ior, r mp. i 

*ii />.suft,pliant,tcnder.w,.'2 

inild,teiiiperatc,g'-;;tlt ki 

plain,smootli^Wr ect.jilca*. 

li£htful,incllow vripe, eiie 

fond, amorons, wanton. L 


Molitcr,of/r ius c mp. issii 
softly tenderly, calmly, 
li^htly, easily patien*.lv. 
nateIy,wantonly, i-icelf,»! 
MoMitiu, re /Sc — es, ci / § 
steadincss, cficnrinacx, « 

Mollitudo.inis. cri*. ! 

^lollitusta, um. /».'.!>'. ftciKtl 

Mo!r.uscuhis,a,'im udj. vott 

Moilusca, s.J\ 1 a kindof 

Vmlo, lcrc, luijlitum a. ti 

Molor, li. pus* to he jrroa 

M- lochc, cs f 3. a l.u*^e ' 

vt'»loiSus, ; ..f-2.J a (oot cons 

tliii-e lor.g syllubles. a IS 

\loJ', .vos. ?i. •>. allhcal, ra 

«li'!yl;dxn:i,x f l.aveinc 

and !c-vl, litliarg-c, lesd* 1 

Molyhditis. \h.f. •>. spumt 

Vicincn, ini«.. n 3. an impu 

Monii ntancus^kjUin adj tm 

•l'Mu.ntosus,a,uin adj. im|, i. n. 2. a mcn 

minutc, wcight, ibrcc, 

iih]tulsc, bias, a lurn, ah< 

or rhung-c, importiRCC 

a'lvantagc, consequencc. 

|), or quaniity, a poi> 

tonguc of a balunce. 





. 2. a monlr. 

f. 1. a monarchy. 

3. a nnit, a grain. 
um. a({j monustic. 
.a flagcolet, a pipe- 
■ 1. a jackdaw.(cd 
i be admonish 

li, nitum, act. 2. to 
wlvise, t counscl 
istruct, to inform, 
mind,to rcbukc. 
xs.p. to be advised. 
. a one-bankcd gal- 

oin, monev.a niint, 
ivlc in Ytriling. 
.of moncv,orusurv. 
m. 2. a coincr, an 
aint. a mintmaster. 
. a necklacc, a col- 
>hrcl for a lione. 
iMoiriiincntum,i. n. 
t, a mcinorial,ato- 
dcrtgv, a tokcn put 
childrcn. a sepul 

M6n6p5lium, L n. 2. a monopoly. 
M6nopt6ton, i. n. 2. monoptotc. 
Monbsyllabus, a, uin. adj. of onc 

Mons,tis.m. X a mountain, a grcat 

quantity. Montcs aurei,vast trca- 

sures, Ter 
Monstrabilis, e. adj. worthy to be 

shown,ortakcn noticc of ing" out 
Monstrans, tis. pt. showing, point- 
Monstratio,5nis/. ».a sliowinjf/ lcr 
Monstrator,6rism.a showcr, a tcU 
Monstruturus,/a, um. pt. aboutto 

show. (pointed out, invcntcd. 
Monstrutus,a um.^f.shown,taught 
Monstratus, us. wi. 4. ^showing 
Monstrifcr, era, £rum. adj. mon- 

strous, vast. 

Monstnficc, a<h>. mon9trously. 
Monstrif icus,a,uni.fu//.monstrous. 
Monstrb, are avt. 1. to show, to 

tcach, to inform, to direct, to 

persuadc, to accusc 
Monstror. ari.^. to be shown. 
Monstrose, adv. 


M6numentalis, e. & M6mimcnti-- 
rius, a, um. adj. of sepulchres, #r 


Mbniimentum, vid Monimcntum. 

Mora, ar./l.a delay,stay,stop, let, 
obstacle,or hindranccAJa pause, a 
chnicc body cfmenamongfehc I ii 
ccdemonians.Inmora esse alicui,. 
to make one wait,7Vr.Nec mor j, 
and presently, Virg. 

Morulis, e.adj moral, of manners. 

Moralitas, atis./ 3. morality. 

Moralitcr, adv. in a moral eense. 

Moramcntum,in. 2. a stop, or lc.t.. 

Mbrandns,a,um/)*. to be stoppcd* 

Mftrans, delaying, lo^ter- 
ing, staying- behind, stoppng-, 
hinderiAg*. Morantem dicm Lran- 
frorc, to case the carc-s and I roi~ 
blcs of the day. (or stcpg. 

.Morate,a_/u.ii.s. comp. by dcg.ecs* 

Mbratio, onis. /. 3. a staying*. 

Morator, 5ris. m, 3. a loiterer, or 
staycr, a hiuderer, or deJayer. 
inonstrously, Mbratoria cautio, a caveat. 

JM(Sratuni^n, um. pt. about to stop. 

Moustrosus, a, um. adj. issTmus, ; M6r3tus,A,um- pt. havin? staid, ©r 

a chronir.lo, or re- sup. monstrous, hideous, strange 
r's work.orwritinjrs Monstrum, i n. 2. a monstcr-a pro. 

1» mrmitor,:in ad 
llor,atcaehcr,or in- 
minder, a remem- 

nstruction, a com- 

/>/.arlmonished 9 ad- 
)d, wamed. 
J. an admonition, 

tarricdySiavingrfxcd. Haud n;tilta 

moratusyafteradiort puiiac, 9> V>y. 
Mdratus, a, um. adj. cndued w ith 

manncrs,of good morals,tcmp«'jr 9 
Mcrbidc, adv sickly. (or humour. 
Morbidus,a,, diseas- 

ed,brlonjpng- to a disease,infert ?. 

digy,a vastjhu^e,©!' dcformed bo J] 
d/,apci-son prodigiously wicked 
or mischievous, a wrctch. 
Monstrudsus, vid- Monstiwus. 
mptcr, a nomencla-^Montana, orum. pl.n. 2. hi^hlands. 

n adj. monitorv(tor Montanus,a, um. ur(/.mountainous, Morbonia, x. f. 1. a mischicf (ous. 
idmonition,advice, of, or full of mountains, dwelling^,lMorbdse, adv. sickly, faintly. 

orgTowinjj upon mountains'ta'uis:Morb6sus,a,{;. sickJy, fall of 

Montatus,a,um. adj. havingmoun.l discases, or viccs, passionatc. 

MontIc61a, x. c. g. 1- an inliabiter.Morbus,i m 2. a discuse. a distcm- 

of mountains, a mountaineer. | per.orsickncss, any defcct in tlie 

Montivafrus, a, um. adj ranging" body,any odd humor, unrcasona- 

m, or instniction, a on mountains, orlulls. 

.mmand, a prcdic- 


». m, an unieorn. 

ci-tketchcM of gods M^uUiOiq^ a, um. aaj- id. 

i ble nassion, orTice,*nr..nlc,gRcf« 

Mont5gus,a, um acj/. mountainous, Mordacitas,atis./3. a biting quali- 
standing, or ^rowine on moun- ty 

tains, luliy, full of h_JJi. 

MordftcTtcr,a_ft»>. sharply. 
Mordaciilus.a. uia» odj» vs-G-Cv^ca-l 





Multatus, *,Hra^/.fincd, amerced, 

puntshed, ruined. (ny, small. 
MuUtsimus, a, um* atlj. onc of ma- 
Multibibus, a, um. atfc. tippling 
Multicavutus, a, um. ailj full of 

holei. * (stalks. 

Multlcaulia, e. adj. having many 
Multicavus a,uma<(/ full ofholes. 
Multicia, onim. pl n. 2. garmcnts 

tinely, ©r curiously wroujrht. 
MultlcSlor, 6rU. aaj. of divers co- 

MoUifariam, adv. in many places, 

ways, or fashions, variously. 
Mullifarie, adv. sundry ways. 
Multlfarius a, um. adj. of divers, 

or siindry sorts various 
Multifcr,era, rum.a/#. bearingma- 

nv sorts of things, bearing in 

Multif ldus, a, um.adj. having ma- 

ny slita, clcfts, crevices, mouths. 

er strcams, many. 
Multif6ris, e. at{j. that hath many 

cntrances, or holes. 
Mult1formis,c.aay of many shapcs, 

fashions, . r sorts, various. 
MuUiformiter, adv. divcrsly, va- 

riously. (holcs. 

Multff orus, a, um. at(j. with many 
Multig€ner, eris. adj. id. gu. 
Multfgenus, a, um. attf. of divcrs 

kmds, sorts, • r fasliions. (dlc 
MultYjngis, e. aaj. many in a bun- 
Multijugus,a,um.a/{/. sevcral ) ok- 

ed, i.r harnessed together itive. 
Multtlbquax, aci*. adj. verv talka- 
Multil6quium, i. n. 2. much bab- 


Multil6quus, a, um. adj. talkative. 
Multim6dis, udv. many ways, va- 

Muliun6dus, a, um. adj. various. 
Multinodus,a,um. adjXvXL of knots. 
Multin5minus, c. adject. of many 

Multinummus, aq\i. gainful, dear. 
UuUipartitus, a,um. pt. divided in- 

to many parts. or ways, various. 
Multlpcda,x. /an insect, a checs-|! 

lip. (fcct. 

Multipcs, euis adj having many 
Multiplex. icis adj. consisting ofl _ 

many folds,turnings.orwmdui£S,j hx, tcdious, tiresome. 

manifold,various, differcnt. ofcli-|Mulus,i.m. 2. amule, aporte 

vcrs sorts,or ways.many times as Mundandua,a,um. be c 

MuUum,a/fo. much,fr6quentl 
ry often,long befbre; cun* 
ry, excceding, cxtremelv 

Multus, a t um.adj. anl. Moftu 
ny, several ; with a subst 
sing.orpl.much, great, thic 
quent,often,long,or too lon 

Mundanus,a,um.arf/. worldly 
belongiugto tiie worlil. 

much, or more Multiplex proavis, 

of a very noblc fanuly, AW. 
Multiplicabilis, e. unj. that hath Mundatio, dnis / 3. aclean 

many windings, and twistings- |Mundat6riu.s t^nm.aaj. clcai 
MultTplfcandus, a, um. pt. to bc Mundatus, a, utn. pt. cleansc 

multiplied. Munde, adv. ncatly, dccentl 

Mulfipifcans, multiplying. Mundialis,c o^.woridly (!y,f 
MultlplIcatio,6nis./3. multiplica- Munditer, adv. issimeV*".** < 

tion. (plicr. : Munditia,x. /".l.cleannesa, cl 

MultfpUcator, oris. m. 3. a limlti- nc8s,neatncss,deHcatcncsi. f a,um.^.midtiplicd.j ditias fuccrc, to makc t 
Multfphciter, adv. ius, c mp. idcra.(clean, 

vcrsly,to manifoldly, ven - much,'|Mundo,are,a 1 toclcan, rcli 

fully ' tomultiply, to incrcuscJ to purgv, or purify. 
Multfplico, [multus. plico], arc. a. Mundiil^, adv clcanly, neatl 

MulU|)hcor,ari./>.to be multiplicd. ! 
Multipotcns, i\ great pow- 

cr. (loudly 

Miiltisbn6rus,a,iim adj. souiidin^ 
Multisouus, a, um. adj. soundmg 

Multitudo, Vnis./3. a multitudc, aMundus,i.fn.2. thc world, tlw 

R-reat numbcr, grcat store, thc| vcrsc,thc sky or fnmancnt, 

niob. j man*s ornamcnts, pi-ovisioa 

Humliilus. a,um. w//. dcan, 

spnicc, snug, fine. 
Mundus,a, um. adj. ior .comt 

mns, tup. clean. ncatly, nca 

ccnt, sprucc. nicc, dclicatr 


MultivUgtis,a,um. adj. wandoring',, 1 mundo, ready at hand, 7Vm 

rovinj^, straj»yh"g up and down. MuneraUs. e. «<//. pcrtaiiufl 
Multi\ius,a, uiii adj. manifold. jpfts, bribcs, or fccn. 
Multivolus, a, um. adj. loving pas- .Miincrarius, i. m. a giver of ] 

sionately, inconstant in lovc. or games to thc pcoplc. 
MuIto,are.a. 1. to finc, to amcrcc, 

to punisht to bcat, to dcprive. 
Multor, ari. p, to bc fiiied. 
Multo. adv. by much, far, long, a 

grcat dcal, or while. 
Multbpere, adv. vcry ^reatly. 
|MultOUC8, ath, ofien^mcs, often- 

Mrmcrarius, a, um. adj. ofgi 
Muneraior, oris. m. 3. a rewi 
Muneratrix.icis. she that rev 
MOnero, arc- a. 1- to ffircgif 

prcsents, to reward,io rcqui give,tr bc* 

to prcsent, to offer, to bribc 





iu*» a, um. a<tj. liberal. MQnTtio,6ni*./.3. a fortify ing, a re- 
gere. rixi, nctnui, a. 6. to pairing, a fortification, ammuni 

tion. (*age. 

Munito, are. a. 1. to secure a pas 
Muiutor, dris. m. a fortificr, a pio- 

neer. (fy 

MunitQru9,a,um./j/. about to forti- 
f)s,ipis c g.3 one free ofJMumtns, a, uui/>*. & at(j. fortiried, 

fenccd. made strong, armed, se 

cured,defcndcd t repaired,sccure 

the noso clean, blow, oi 


irtim. plur. neut. 2. officcs, 

s, ptaces of trust, duties ot 

v of Koine, a frceman. 
s&lis, c. adj. municipal, be- 
r to a town,or corporatiou 
palis vita, a private coun 
JMurt. Municipalcs homi- 
ie plain ignorant men of 
ountry towns, Cic. Munici- 
icra, rites of worship par- 
to placcs, Fe$t. 
>atim, adv. town by town. 
>atus, us .Tii.l. burgdership 
)ium. i.n.2. a city, or town 
ate with particular laws. 
ius, a, um. part. to be 
hened,orsecured to fortify 
Cicis c . jr-3.dne performing 
x t «r duty. Munifcx mam 
ringsuck, Plin. 
e athf- bountifully, freely 
entia, x. f. munificcnce, 


x> [muBuSffacio], axc- a. 1. 
ch, to bless, to reward. 
us, a,um. ar(/.libcra1,yicld 
:at profit, bounteously bc- 

■ m 

n, inis n. 3. a fortification, 
art, a .ihclter, a defcncc 
:ntuin,i «. 2.a fortification, 
:, «r mound, a defencc. 
rea.4. to fortify,to inclose 

, orsecure, tojircpare, to 
iri/>.to bcfortihcd. rcpairl 

Munus, eris.w.. a gift,or present,a 
favour, or kindncss. a blessing,an 
orTenng,or sacritice, a bribe^ rc- 
ward, or retribution, a punish 
ment,a duty ,or oftice, a business, 
or employincnt, an imposition» or 
tax, a show, or game, a thcatre. 

Mfinuscukim, i. n. 2 a small gift. 

Murzna,z./1- a lamprcy,a chain 

Murali8,cai*'. uiural.pertaining 
a wall. Tormentum muralc,a bat- 
tering-ram, Virg. Muralis honos, 
thc houour of a murul crown 

Murcidus, a, iim- adj. slotliful. 

Murcus, i m. 2. a coward, or 
tardly fcllow, a sluggurd. 

Murex,icis./n.3. a burret, the theli 
of that fish, a truinpct made 
such shell, purple, a purplc co 
lor,a robe,or garment of purple,a|M 
rock,©r point of a rock,a caltrop. 

Muria, x./.l. a *auce niadc of thc 
tunny, brine, pickle, salt watcr. 

Muriaticus, a,um. adj. powdcred 

Muricatim, adv. like the fish mu 
rex. (points,or prickles, prickly. 

Murleatus, a, um. pi. full of sharp 

Murics, ei./. 5. brine, salt liquor. 

MGrtna, x. /. 1. a delicious wine, 
tcmpcred with prccious odoros 

Munnus,a,um adj. of,or belongin 
to a mousc. Pclles murinx, mar 

s. e g. onc tliat bcars of- 
is ready to do good turns. 
uW. adv. ■trongh 

ten's skins, Ju*tin. Murinum hor 

dcum, a weed like barlcy, PUn. 

Murmur, uris. ». (m. Non.) a mur 

mur, a gentle* great» or drcadftl 
noisc, a hiunming, or buzzing, a 
whispcr, a rustling, or whistling, 
a muttering, or grumbling, a re- 
port, an applause, the roaring of 
the sea, beasts, &c tlie sound of 
a trumpet, &c. 

Munnurabundus, a, um. adj. m\iv* 
muring, muttering, grumbling. 

Murmurans, \ispt. muttering-^roar- 
ing, crackiing. {or low sound. 

Murmuratio ,dnis/.U.a murmuring. 

Murmurator, oris. m.3. a murmur- 

Murmtirillo,are.a.l- to mutter-(er. 

Murmtiro, arc. n.l. to murmur, «r 
repine, to growl, or grumble, to 
roar, to sound, to buzz. Mihi ina- 
nitate intestina rourmurant, roy 
belly crieth cupboard, Plaut. 
to|Murra,z./.l. a stone of divers co- 
lours, and as clcar as erystal 

Murrcus, a, um aaj of porcclain. 

Murriilna, x.f 1. vid. Murina. 

Murrhinus, vel Mumnus, a, um. 
adj. of China» or porcclain. 

s, ant. Mocms^i wall, a 
bank. a protcction or sccurity, a 

Mus, mQris.m^. a rnouse. (towcr. 

x. f. 1. a rnuse, a song, er 

poem, study, good letters, leam- 

usscum, vid. Museum. (imr. 

Musca, x./l. a fly,acuriousinqui- 
aitive man, a parasite. 

Muscarium.i.n.2.& Muscaria,*./. a 
flap to kill flies, the tuft oi herbs 

Mu>cariiiB, a, um. a<^'.of flies.boss- 

Muscerda,ac./1. mousc-dung (ed. 

Mubcicul», sc / 1. a niouse trap. 

Muscdsus. a, uni. aaj ior, c- mp. 
mossy, covered with moss. 

Muscula, sc. f. 1. dim. a little fly. 
usciildsus, a,um. adj. xnusculous, 
brawnv, full of muscles. 

Musciilus, i. m. 2. a littlc mouse, % 
rouscle» a fish, an enginc of wasu 

Mmcuft, V. m.^,;^^^ 


of Musa, 






)lfia£uin,i.7i.2. a study,or library,aMustum, l n. 2. musl, ncw winc. tare liabitu, to change on 
repotfitory of natural aiid arbfi- Mu»ius see Mustcus. tire.//o/ .Mutarc acrc,to sci 

cial curiositics. a muscimi. !Mutabil:s,e «•//. mulahlc, changc-Mutor, ari. p. to bc cli*ngv 

Museus a, um. £U#- proceeding! ablc variahle.incoiistant, unstca-Miito diiis.m.J. the priv) m 
from tlic muses, poclical, plca-J d\,wavering,difrering, changing. ofa man, H r 
aant 8wcct Mutubilitaa, atis./ 3 mutab lity. Mutoniatus,*, um. a<fj. wel 

Musica, x.f. 1. tbc art of niusic.lMutabilitciyirfr. mutabl),change-Mutuarius a, xim.auj rccip 
Musica,6rum. pl n. thc science of ably. Mutuatio, onis / '6. a borr 

Mutandus.a. um./ be changed, Mutuatitius.a, um. aaj bor 

or vancd,to change. JLre mutan- Mutuator, oris. m. o. a boi 

dus, to oe sold, C .1 (altercd. MutuAtus, a, um. pt. havin 

M utan*,tis./ > /. changing chaugcd,; rowed 

Mfitassis, //iv Muta\ eris, Plaut. jMtituc, adv. id. qu llutud. 

Mutatio, onis f. 3. a changing, aMutuitans, tis. pt. desii 

change,a rcvolution,an exchangej borrow. 

Mututor, oris. m. 3. a changer. JMutulus & Miittlus, i. «i. S. 

Miitat&rius,a,um culj changcablel in buikling, a corbei, a bi 

MutfUurus, a, um pavt. that wilLMtituo, atfv. mutuall), togi 

Miuuce, cs. / ■* music. ;mu5ic 
Mus;ce,a</T*. imiSicaUy, pleasautly 
Mtisicus, a, um. atlj. musicul, foud 

of music, sweet, poctic:d. 
Musicus, i. m. 2. a musician. 
Musmion, vitl Musmon. 
Miuivum i. ?i. 2. mosaic work. 
Musmon,5nis.m. . . a mongrcl ram 

that hcars goats' hair instcad ot 
Mussans, tis. pt. muttering (wool 
Mussutio, oius./ 3. v muttering. 
MusMtundus, a, to be con- 

nived r winked at. (periiig. 
Mussitans, muttering,whis- 
Mussitatio,6nis./ o. a muttcrinjv 
Mussitator, oris m. 3. a muttcrci-. 
Mussfto, Hrv-fivq 1. to muttcr,t( 

gTumble,to murumr to bc siicnt. 
A ! us9o, :; rc.a 1 to mutter,togrum. 

blc,to buzzjto doubt,to demur,to 

be silcnt. 
Mussor. ari. /». to bc kept in. 
Mustacca, <e. / 1 a sort of luurel. 
Mustaccum, i. n 2. a br'ulc-cakc. 

Laurcoiam in mustaceo (]uxrcrc, 

to seek for glory in pititiil j>cr- 

for.nanccH CVc(must, rncw win 
Mustariua,a,um. «(^'. bclor.ging 1 to 
Mustela,& Mustc!la,x/. 1. a \\i-:i 

sel, a bca-iampre), an cclpnut. 
Mustclmus a,um udj. of, uv likc,a 

wcasel tawny, Vcliowibb. 
ilusteus.a um. a:[j swect as ncw 

Mutuo. ure. a 1. to korrov 
Miituor, ari. dtp. 1 tobotr 
Mutus, a, um adj. raute, 
spccchles9,silent, still. Mi 
])cctus the bare sight,Qiffl 
ta est hitjus tcmporis acc 
for all tliis timc you accui 

Mutaivis.a,um. pt. changcd, alter- 

ed, vancd, turncd, transformed 

trans])lantcd, cxcluingcd, altcr- 

ing, rar)inj? diifcrcnt swir. 
Miitcsro ccrc inc 3 to grow dumb 
Muticus,a,un) adj without a bcard 

Mutilaus,tis./>r mainiing, lisping,- ofm:th;iig, Cic. Mut* art 
Mutilutio, onis / 6. a maiiuin^, aj pjcatly famed, Vivg silent i 

huil. { ^s];caking of statuary and 

MuUiatus,u, um. pt. maimcd, ma. - ing in opposition to orator 

^led.cut ofl',bn>kcn. d.minishcd Xx literx, consonants that 
Mutilo,Ci-e.a mahmoriuanglc. givc any sound Fett. 
Mutil(.r,r.ri.atus. p to bc ma.inci!. Mutuum,i.n 2 # a lo.« n^an e<] 
'■fuiilus, ii, um. ailj. uuiimcd, dc-i turn. Mutum mecum faci 

iVctivr, bruken, void ofhorns. but evcn with mc,Hlaui. 
M'jiilus, i. w. 2. a niu.s"ic. fiunt a mc,I ain of thc sam 

iuti'%tr/Muttio ire.;/.4to s;>eak towanls you, ld. 

soi.iv, io muttcr, to crcak. Mrtuus^vun.a^.mutual, n 

Miitnjn3 ( tis. />/. muttciinjr. — 

\i>;:ilio, onis /. .*. a uiutlcring. 
Mutitus, u, uni. pt. making words 

Muto.uri>.<i.l.toch»nge t to allcr,to Virg. 

wincfrehh.newjutclv madcncw-, shift touirn cfrtran.tforin,tomo\c, 

ly publishedjor dn>"ccn. 
> ustricii l a,%./.a niousctrap,a last. 

cal, lcnt, or borrowed. T 
opcms mutuas, they assu 
other, Ttr. l*cr mutua, tog 


07inclinc,to rcmovc tocxchan^c, 

to bartcr, to trafiic, to i>c chang.jMyax, acis. m. 3. a sbcllfisl 
-MiwtijJentu^ a, um. adj. suicUing! ed.M/altcrcd to tin.^c.onlic to re-iMvg-alc, ea./ J. a field-roo 
*Ux>ng I scind^tovioiatCftopassby.tScmu-jMyinda, ac./. 1. bfind-miirf 





y.£2. aconite. ' (£alley crcd rhcs of Bona Dca, Cic. Mys- Nardum,i.n.& Nardus, i./ 2. nard, 
nis.w.3 apiratical oar-1 teria, the rites of Ccrcs, &c. /*/■ ointment madc of it, spikenard. 

i/J.tcnthousaud (risi.lMysticc adv mvstically. 
vrl. Myrice, cs/ tama-'Myaiicus,a, mystical, mys- 
. m. 2. u nuric iamprey. terious, hiddcn, secret. ry. 

lon, i. n. 2. yarrow. ,Mythistbria,;r./l.a fabulous histo- 
i,i.».2. a spidv.-r,a wart.klythologia, x. f I. mythology. 

s,x ml. a stonc huvini; 
ignre of a pLsanure. 
idv. slowly as an ant. 
•iiis.m. ■'>. a fciicer.(nut. 
uin i n,or E^ypt- 
i:irii,drnni />/.w 2. thosc 
itcd am l perfumcd theii 
£ m,l.i pcrfumcr (hair- 
n, i. «. 2 a pcrfufiier** 
f. 1. niyrrii. [shop 
a,£lcd with 

,um.a'//.of thccolouroflN 

l Iythol6gicus, adj. mytholo- 

" l *;f'!ll 

ft lW1, 

rfumcd with myrrh. 

a, um. «<//'. of myrrli. 
" 1. a m\ rtle. 

a, um. udj. of myrtlc 
., um. adj. mixed with 

i. w. a myrtle-grove. 
.im . a djA )1" 1 1 ivrt le, mad c 
Df tlic colour of myrtlc. 
i, uin, adj. of niyrtlc. 
a, uin. lidj. of unrtle. 
. m. 1. wiucof myrtlc- 

Naris, is / .;. the nostril, thc nosc, 
judgmcnt,discernmcnt,a banter- 
ing.a scotiing. Naris emunctse. of 
a clear shrewd judgment,PA««/r. 
Nimis uncis naribus indulgcs, 
you allow yourself too much in 
ridlculing cvery thing, Pert. 
My;hologus,i«K 2. a mythologist Narrabilis, c adj that can be toW. 
Mytilus, i. ro, 2. the tisli liinpin. JNarrandus, a,um. pt. to bc told. 
My\a,;e./l.a kind of prunc,a wickNarrans, tis. />/.tclhng, describing 1 . 

iNHrratio, dnis./ .5. a narration, aii 
^*^ m 1 aocount, arelation, a story. 

Narratiuncula, «./. a short narra* 

tion, or story. (porter. 

Narrator, oris. m. 3. a tcller, a re- 

Narraturus, a, um- pt. about to tell. 

Sx^ulv vcrily,rcally, ou niy word.|Narratus,a, told, reported. 

N:cnia,x/l.rcct Nenia, u funcrallNarratus, us. wi. 4. thc telhngofa 

"VT aIm<:. is./. 3- a girafia. 

Nabliuui, i. n. '2. a psaltcry. 
Nactus, a, um. pt. having 1 gotten, 
ohtaincd, or found. 

n. 2. a myrtle-berry. 
a, um. adj. likc uiyrtlc 

1 pcarl in it. 

«. 2. a barbal. (pricst. 

i intcrprctcr of mvstc- 


ict. x. m. 1. a chicf 

soiuf. I story. 

N:evulus, i. m. 2. a lfttlc blemish.| tcH,relate,report," 
\xvus,i.w. 2. a natural m:irk, irec- ov account,to dcclarc, say, atfirm» 

kle, spot, or cxcrcscence, a knot ortcll plaiiily.Burdo narrare fabu. 

in uood. a blemish, a fault. lum,7Vr.aHscllo, Hor. to spcak to 

Nain, conj for, as for, but, sccin^ oue that doth not mind. 

that, novv. [Narror, ari. p. to bc told. 

NainquL*, cottj. for, as for. iNarthScium, i. n. 2. a boxof medi- 

Nuna, x.f. l.n fcmale dwarf. | cincs, gallipot. 
Nanciscor, ci, nactus sum. d. 3. toNa^cens, cominpp into tlic 

j;et, obtaiu, or attain, to catch, or 
ikll into, tofind, or mcct with. 
NanctTis, />r?Nactus, Liv. 
Nans, tis pt. swiiuming, ilowing 1 . 
Nanus, i. m. 2. a dwarf, a mulc. 
. mvrtlc-treCjorg^arlandjNapc, cs./ X a dog, Forester. r Nascibilis,e.n«(/".that nmy by bofn. 
.3. a shclliish tliat hatli 

world,begiiining to rise,cr grow, 
risinjr, springiujr, gTOwing, in- 
crcasing. Nascens laus, blooming 
rcputation, Cic 
Nasccntia, ae. / 1. birth. 

Naphtliajx/.l.akindofmarljclayiNasciturus, a^ about to b« 
likc brimstone, liijuid petrol. born. 
Naphthc, es. / 3. i* d. gu. Naphtba-;Nascor,ci,n2tus^um d.^ aw/.Gnas- 

&. Mystes, sc. m. 1. uNapIna, x/ 1. aturuip-bcd 
»,i.m 2. hc that showcd Napus i. m. 2. aturnip. 

Narcissus, i. m. 2. a daftbdil- 
Narcdti'ca,5rum./^/. n. 2 narcotics. 

i ».2.amytcry, a great Nanhnus, a, um aaj. madc of, or 

^cor, bc born,to bc form- 
cdfOriramed by naturc, to beiriii, 

Narcissinus^, um cdj. of dafTodil^ or takc a beginning, to arisc, or 

rnana mv^tcriai the sa- 


sraclHng- Hke fiplkcnard. 

procecd from,to be produced, to 
riscto risc up,to spnng, or rrow 
up. In pedes nascuntur^m^v^Sx 





nata est scdecim, she is sixtcen 
years old, Trr Ita natus cst,such 
by naturc, Cic. Ab hia phis aii- 
quanto ablatum essc, quam na- 
tum sit,that thcy werc obli^ed t< 
jrive more corn than their crop. 
Jd. (handles and a wide mouth 

Nasitcrna ae/l.avcsHelwith thrcc 

Naasa, x /. 1. a whecJ, or bow-net, 
tc catch fish, a net, u snare. 

Nasturtium, i. n. 2. crcsscs. 

Nisum, i. n. 2. id. quo. 

«Vatlitor, oris. m. 3. a swimmcr. 
Natfttoria, x. f 1. afishpool. 
Xaluiitrus, a,um./>/. about to swiin. 
\ntatus, a, um. pt. swam aw»y. 
V itatus, ua. wi. 4. a swiraming. 
N.Ucs, »./. & Nates,ium. pif. 3. 
a buttock, ahaunch. 
\atmo, iire n. 1. to bc busv. 
NiHiOjOnls/. \. a nation, people, or 

cottntry,a company, scct, clan, or Xatus, i. m. 2. a son, a nep 

party a brccd, a multittide 
Natioi.cs. unv//./.J the Gentiles. 

.Nasus.i. ra.2 u nose, sly jecrinjr. a;Nati tas, V.s /. 3. birth. 
sueer, inockery, severity, anger, Nativus, a.iim.<i//j. native.natural, 

.1 1—11 M* ' •'■ 1 i ^ m A ' m. A. 

w atly e handlc,?.- ear of a cup. 
Na.sutc, adv. with scorn, censori- 

Nasuttilus, adj. shrewd. 

orijyinal, mb.xil Nativa: tcsto* 
shells pro.-in^ with thc fish.O/c. 
Veri);i nativa.words in their natu- 
ral aud usual si;riiiticationSi Jd. 

sirc to ease natnre, 0«/. 

Natflrahtir, adv. naturally. 

Natus,a,um .p/.born,brougut i 
bred, created, frazned by na 
appointed.wh ch athirrowr 
cccded, ©r risen. Iterum nat 
dt-or, I am quite a ncw man, 
overjoyed; Plaut Pro re ni 
niatters have fallen out, 8» 

posteritr, ofTsprinjf younj 
Navdlr, ». n. 3. a dock for a 
a harbour, an arsenal. 
Na vulis,c.a///. naval,maritime 
valcs pcilcs,oars, ©r fcallcy-sl 
Tvrnrb Nnvale ccrunicn, a 
ing for a prize, Virg. NavaHi 
rona, a crown for a sei-tie 

Nub"t*iS a, um. adj. ior c ump. issi N to ;»rc. /?&(/. swiin,toRwin' /*Va/. 

(ouslv c:«deaV0i 

liii.s, ttup that hath a grcat nos*..- upoji.ovcr.or^vi^ii^tofloaStowavc. 
\\ .y censonous or jtcrinj^. to movc to aikl fro,to l>c loose.or 

Nata- sc / 1 a daugluer. (place.! ui:k' 4 Jc<I. to waver fiuctuatc, or 
. Natabuhmi, i. n. 2. a swiinniiny- doul>t, to tottcr. 

Nat.ilc, is. 7i. i* a place of \mrt\i. NV.or, ari. //. to bc swum in. 

NatnieSjmm.///. m. «.«. tbe. stock, li-Vitrix icisc/ v r, >. a water-suako. a 
nca^c,orfa:nilv,whercof one com- pcstiforous pcrson, a whip, an ori^innl,or bcginn.ujj. pa- lierb. 

rcnut^e, dcscont, or c:»traction, a Natta, x. m. 1 a dirty mcchanic 
binhday, nativities. IVr '|iiini]ii Natu ubl m 4by birth. Animus na- 
nauilibusactis,bcing tifVcen ycai*sj lu ^ravior, iiiore solid and wisc 
old, Ov ! by a^(%7V'r.tirand;sw/ major na- 

Natfdis,c.a'//. of or bclonging 1 to u tu.oldcr, Cic. Minor natu, young 

jnan^sbirth/ in na- 
tive. natural, produccd, or g*row- 
in^, frojn the beginning-. 

Natalis, is. m. •> a birthday. 

Natalitia,dmm pl ?i. 2. a calculat- 
ing: of nativitiea, a birthday-fcas>. 

Natalitium,i.7t.a gift an a birtiida) . 

NatahUu£,a«um adj. of, or hclong- 

er /./. 

Natur.i,r./1.naJ.\irc,the power. or 
law of inclination, dis 
position, qualiiy, fuculty, 8tc. a 
way,ormetliod,a site.or situation, 
shape,sub»tance thc privy parts. 
of a mun,woman,oranimal ltcnim 
natur:i the wholc world,(.Yc.(tics 

ing to onc's nativity or birthday.i.\at»irrdia. ium. /*/. n. 3. thc prvi 
Natans, swimming, sailin^NutuniliSjC. adj. natural, of, or be- 

wavin^,spreading on the suriact 
Nitfitrie, is. n. 3 a place forducks 
toswim m 
Jfaiulie, &ms. f, a swioaninj 

Nfivandus, a, iun. pt. to be rti 

\7ivarchus,i.w 2 th<* ciiitain 

m:>n of war, an admiral, >p 

Niivatuv, imp. it is vig^orouslj 

deavoured (dcavour stren»« 

Nivuturus, a, um. pt. abootti 

Navatus, a, um, pt. cmployei 

Nauci.^r/i.Scnauco, abl. tlieb 

of an olivc, the shell of a Bi 

tnfling thinjrH that arc of K 

lue.Nauci non habere,CVcfc 

Plaut not to valuc a straw- 

Naucltricus a. um,* 

lonjring' toashipmastcr. * 

Nauclf ms, i. m. 2. the masM 

Nave, adr. vid Navitcr. 

Naufragium, i. n- 2. a ship* 

rtiin. Ex naufragio tabuh- ' 

remains of a mighty loss, C 

Nautrag5sus a, nffi. adj. id>\ 

N aufragiis,a,um.fw//.ship vra 

wrcckcd, causing sbipvrcc 

Naufrtgus.i. m. 2 one shipw 

cd, ruined, or of broken fin 

Ionfringtonature 9 innate» implant- 

cd by nature,agrceable to,orsufti- Patrimonio naufragus, ap 
cicnt for nature, conccniing na-l of broken fbrtune, Vie. ( 
Vnto. Naturalia doaideria, a de^Navicula, ae*/. 1. * fitfk ri 





Iriua, i.m. 2. the n_aster,0rXauni&chiarius, i. m. 2. he that 

iria,x./.l freight of _hips.| totherepresentationofaseafightj rogation in general ; when it is 
__•.._.__ o _. _ _- ____•__ . « _ __ . . usedby wayofeHipsis,itexpres - 

cth an interrogativc affirmation, 
mixed with angcr and admirati- 
on; whcther,repeatcd,whether--- 
or, whether or no. Nihilnc esse 
proprium cuiquam? strange, that 

of a ship. 

Itor, oris m. 3. idem. 

>r,ari-</. 1- to steer a ship. 

-js, a,uxn. attj. making, or ert, to show. 

thipwreck, wrecking. 
flis, e adj. navigaolc. 
dus, a, um. pt to sail. 
s, tis pt. sailing. (age. 
o.Cnia/. > a aailing,a voy- 
>r,dris m-iVhe that saileth. 
ir, imp. there is sailing. 
inia^,um />f about to sail. 
is, a, um. pt. sailcd over. 

^ra, erum. adj that will 
* support a ship. (bark 

ura, i.n.2. a smaH ship, or uncasy, to vomit. 

i. n 2. a ship. 

fighteth a battle at sea. 
Navo,are a l.toperformvigorous- 
ly,earnestly, ©r diligently, to ex- 

Naupegus, i m a shipwright. (tle. 

Nauplius,i.m.2.a seatish like a cut-l nothing shall bc, &c. Ter. 

Nausea, ae. / 1. a sca-sickness, a Nebris, idis. /. -i- a dcer's skin. 

sickness, a qualm, a cmdity. 
Nauscahnudus, a,;. sea-sick 
Nauseans, nauscating,ready 

to vomit,oppressed with qualms. 
Nauseator,ons,m one sick on thc 

Nausco,area.8c nauscate,tc 

dislike, to loathe, to be sick, o» 


tre.a.l tosail,to sail upon, 
,to pass ovcr specdily. Iu 
fcvigorc, to be sccure,7Vr 

an. p to be sailed on. 
./. >a ship,a bark,a vcsscl. 
a navis, a galley,Z_iv. Na- 
rariae,merchant-ships, Ctc. 
es, boats, Ldv. piraticae, 
arxdatoriac, Iav. piratcs; 
riae,fishcr boats,spectdato- 
38 of espial, Id. Prztoria 
ifte admiral, 1<L Naves ta- 
•, advice-boats, Sen. Una 
it jam bonorum ommum, 
1 men are now embarked 
jottom, Cic. (a pilot. 
c. m. 1. a marincr,a sailor, 
itis./3 industry. 
uhf. industriously .manful- 
;ly, resohitely, perfectly, 

ii / 5. industry. (quitc- 

i. n. 2. a psaltcry. 
jb.2. a freight,or iare io a 
over a ferry. 

otation of a seafight. 

. «#. reiati__gJNc, 

Nausebla.x/1. a little pain at the 

stomach, or qualm. 
Nauscdsus, a, um adj. nauscous. 
Nauta, ac. m 1 a aailor.a marincr. 
Nautea,x./1. bilgewater,tanner*s 

water, curricrs' black. 
Nauticus, a, um. adj nautical, bc- 

longing to ahips, ©r mariners. 
Nauticus, i.m.2 a sailor,a manner. 
Nautilus, i. m. 2. a curious fi-h 
N5.vus, a, um. adj. industrious, ac- 

tive, etrcnuous, laborious,heavy. 

Nd, adv. & conj. not, that not,so aa 

not~and — not,lc_t,lest\hat, much 

less. Nc quidem, no not, no not 

e ven,neither evcn#aot so much as 

Ncbrophduos, i- m. 2. Killbuck. 

Nebula,a./.l a mist,or fog,a cloud, 
Ncbulasllclicone legunto,cloiids, 
swclling vanitics b:- - insignihcant 
words» Pcr*. Nebula hnea,a vcry 
thin veil, Petron. 

Nebnlalus, a, um. />/. cloudcd. 

Nebulo, onis. m. _•. a scoiuidrel, 
knavc, prodigal, hec < r\r, coward. 

NiSbolositas, utia». / o. cloudincsfi. 

Nebulosus, SL,\\m.adj.wT : c:-mp mis- 
ty, foggy, tliicl., hazy, cloudy» 

Nec, c nj. neithcr, nor, awl y_\, — 
not, notwithstanding* that, note- 
ven, no not. not so niucn as. Nec 
quidcm, no not even. Ncc vei*6 f 
uotyct,nor.Nec non,andaiso.N-_c 
injui*ia,and not unju-tly,not v/ith- 
out causo, Cic. Nec co minus,and 
besidcs«and notwithstanding that 
head nor tail, whcu an aHUir is 
vcrv intricate, J J rov. (rd. 

Necjindus, a,um. /»f. to be dcstroy- 

Necans, tis pt. killing,murdering« 

N2cutor, killer,or dayer. 

longum fkciam, not to be tedious, 

JE/orNe multa, tVc multuSj/J. to be Necd _m, adv. nor asyct. 

brief. Ne dicam dolo,to speak tlic 

Slain truth,7Vr. Ne dicam gravi- 
i, to 8ay no worse, C7c- In culpa 
es, nc cemere posaia, it is your 
fault that you cannot sce, Lucr, 

jbw a.. / 1. a seafight # the Ne tantillum quidcm, not in tlie Necessftriiis i- m-2. a particular a~_ 

least. Cic. 

9 denoteth am mVcr 

Ne vivam si,let me die if, CVc. Ne NecatQnis, a,uin pt. that will kill. 

Necatus, a, killed, slain. 

Necess-trie, adv. neccssarily. 

NecessArio, adv of nrccasity. 

Ncce__arius, a, um aaj. nccessarr, 
necdful, of neccssity, indispensi- 
blc, inevitable, ncarly allicd. 

quamtancc, »r friqend^ «^. ^c&^ak.- 





ftv.<;L.'MllHil. , ) I.ll?».^/.».»* IHW>WJVittWit, lUVYlllI. WII-M.U, vr V11IUIIIUU9 ill.i> 

iicrt ssity»^iv:it m i :<!•■■: riot friciid-' on,a crinic,an impicty, «r villaim , 
i»h'p f rl.*..,c , ncar kiirJrcd,4r joiilt,a wickcd,orimpio-S wrctch, 
sJ.laii.v, an c-.iiigulion, *r tic to a prodifty, an impossibility. 

• _ n I ... ... . 1_ ___'» _■• m _.•!•• 

Kicc.osilikii. 1 , i:iis./\». uuavoidablc. lawful. wickcd, or villainous acti. rcgard to,not to carc for, 

to uisrcyard, to ^litfln, 

tcn.n, to pass by, to ovc 

\cgligor, g*i. /*. to b« neg 

»i. ;'». a harrow-pig. 

Wco, ap', c~t\i, catiim, varA cu:, \i frciuli». is. 

ciui:i.«/.l.ti)kiI],tosi.iy l toiivMniy NVfn-ns, ilis. m 3. idcm. 
Nccor, ari. h. to bc slain. to spoi.. Wfuncra fitiwm, funcrals i 
Nccrc .r.autia, x.J'l, i.cerf>:na:ic}. irnicralSjCVrlw." 
\ccroiiiaiuicus f i.;ri :i ii-comaiic. W-:'ubiinclu«.a ( um. tttl/. drnviii!?. 

and no 

//. rt busmc 
niuttcr in j»*entr.d. 
Ncgotians, tis. w.\ -•. n mci 
Wgotians, tis. /*/. trading' 
W-g6.if»_'ius n, utn. «•//. t 
.Vc^r.Lftiio, o.i.s /■' :•. ncg» 

.iL'Ci.-ircu:», a,uui.iu//.3\. n i .».> .i*. c-.^v^, i; • j- i.. in-^-iuu-i. ii_u..; n)ir.uic,i;.iiiKh,' ii»; 

tar f diviiic\ Xcctarcx ac[u.v,rch:s-\c;;.';tio f 6iiis.y'... a iu'£atioii,:i dc-'Wj:6tiatri\-, Tcis. /". . :i fcii 

«■ii ___ -rv . :._ «_•-.- f. _ _ _ v- '-_• i • • i'_l.i i 

tial dcvv.Or. : winc. Wj;utivus a, um. adj. iic;_,ati\c. 

-NcclariU'*, _c. fn. 1. cler.impanc-W-fitor bris. m. .3 . u drnkr. 
T\"cct.-«id:is, a uni. />/. to hc joincd Wudiorius, a, uni. adj iirj;ativc. 

^ctlu:r,i.oliiik f w/coiincct, to cn-.\cjjlcctio, onN.y. ;>. a disrctfard. 
tan^ie, or cncirclc, to forni, toNctflccturus,a,um././. ahout to nc- 
fraiuc, to dcvisc, lo plot, vr con-' i^lcrt. 
tiiw, to frcczc, ©r congeal. Afri- Ncp-lcctus, a,um /)/.& adj. issiinus. 

•.. , • _. _ r- : _.i «__._.__._ "l.-.l .1" __ _. 

its in ^lacicm frigore nectit a- 
mu.s frcc/cth thcm, Pr /«r/. 

Ncctor, ti. /i- to ho linkcil. 

Wctiis, a, um. /■/. kiilcd, slain. 

Nccnhi, tulo. lcst in any placc. 

Vc;:ijyiilc t a</t>.lc»t from any placc, 

0>-/>.rt.(not to mcution, not oiily» 
^-tlumsoni. nrtch lcs^not to nay, 


caI, unrullivatcd, uiitrinuneci. 
Ncf^lcctus, us. m. ■!• a ncj^lcct. 
Ncyhjjcndus, a, to hc nc- 

Mcglijjcnst tis. atlj ior, cnmp. issi- 

i lftbs, \xl'jl\ wv».V_x\.\i no account of. 

Vc^ntioliini.i.*. 1 . J. a litslc l 

W-^oiior, iiri. #/ 1. i« ir*iO 

tiiulc,9r traiiick, lc: iradc nc^liaii (dc i.icdi 

tradc in nicn'.s Iiv«:>,Vi £c 

hy dispatrhiii}* thcm, /'''.j 

Ncg-otio.vitas, uiis.y. «. ruii 

\c)COti65us,a,uiii.uc/;.ic»r r: 

of busincss trouble^r-nic. 

ov wci^hly, Ncgt;tiosunr 

soundh, and frcquciitlv 


NcgoLium,i n.S.bnsiucs-VJ 

or timc of busiiirs«i,aii atT: 

tcr.or thing^,acausc in Uv 

firc, or cmploymcnr,troub 

culty, warcs rocrchanchs 

cssc ncgotii arhitror 1 aiiif 

to bc a vcry casy rar.ttcr f ( 





^haerenegotiuinestJnthisiNepa, x.m.l.ascorpion,a crabfishj ucry, malice, sharpncss, tartnes, 

Ncpenthes is.M.3an herb drivmgl jcsting. 

away sadness, bugloss iNcquitics, ei./ 5. dcbauchery. 

Ncpeta, x.f. 1. wilcl pennyroyal- iNervatio,dnis./3a strcngthening 


r all things run •moothly, 

iiis.c^ 3^aretvocativo3cn : 

ilural^nomanfOrwoiuan^iio-lNephalia, oruro /»/• n. 2 soberNervia, ae / a string of an instru» 

no one, a fellow of no ac- 

. Unus nemo & nemo unus, 

t man. Nemo quisquam, 

s wbatever,or in the world 

HiSyCadj.of a grove,encom 

l with woods, or groves. 

feasts, a wood for sacriiices. i ment. 

Nepos, 6tis. m. .j. a £raiidson, a.Ncrv'iceus,a, um aqj. made of si- 
spcndthrift, a secoml dcscent in ncws, or strings (news, «trong* 
bcast, a sucker; nepotes, dc- Nervinus, a, um. adj. made ofsi- 
scendants, postcrity. Nervium, i. n. 2. vid. Ncrvia. 

Ncpotalis, e atfj. lavish, riotous. Nervose, adv. ius c mp. strongljr, 
enst*,e uJ/. pcrtaimng to aNepotutus, us. m. 4. luxury, de- stoutly, vigorously. (stoutueas. 

•r grove. Nemorense mel, 
honey, Col Kexneniorensis, 

na Ancina Suet 
fcultrix.icis./ inhabi- 
f the woods. 

voods, or forests 
AsnsAunu o*# woody, full 
klsggroves, or trees sbady. 
^odv.what then ? well then 
io you roean i 1 suppose, 
er, for ail that, it is to be 
d,I grantj confess. r it is 
surcly,verily . for exam- 

bauchcry, extravagunce. Ncrvositas, atis. f. Z>. strength» 

Nepotmus a,,a, \im.adj.\or 9 c mp.nctr» 

lief priests in the sacnhcesNepotor, ari. d. 1 to bc cxtrava- ous. full of sinews, or fibres, si- 

Nepotulus,i.m.2 a little gTandson. newy, stiil', strong, pithy. (new. 
Neptis,is. /. a grand-daughter, aNervUlus, i. m. 2. dim. a little si- 
niece, ^mcans.Nervus,i m- 2. a nerve, • r sincw, a 

iragus. a,um. adj wander- Nequi, adv. lest by any way, «>r string, a cord, a thrcad, a chain, 

Siqyiam.adjJndecl. icr, c mp. isst- tlie stocks,&c a nian's yaru; ner- 
mus,tup.nauglity,wortiilcs*,]cwd» vi /r/.strcngth f force. niight, pow- 
riotous. extravajrant. inconsider-i crjVigvui^pir^tfmdusLriousappli 
atc,careless,idlc lazy, unfruitful, cution of mina. In ncrvum erum- 
lewdly,/>ro ncquitcr ; tubtt. n. a pere,to brcak and dcceive. Ncr- 
mischief, a bad tlung- vos intendere, to do one's ut- 

Nequando, adv. lcst at any time. most, 7Vr. (norant. 

Nequuquam, adv. by no means. Nesciens, tifw pt. not knowin^, ig« 
it iSjto wit,namely, for,see-|Ncquc, c nj ncither, nor. Nescicnter, adv. ignorantly. 

Kt« becauae, why, why in-Nequedum, conj not yet. vVVscio,irc.ivi, itum.n. to be igno- 

n responses.Nempe' ea se-A>queo,ire,*ivi,ituin.?i.4.1 cannot,; rant,not toknow,artell(unknown 
it, &c I supposc those I am not ablc. Neseitur,///!/». wc cannot tell, it is 

are uext, Cic. N mpe dcNequeor, iri. d. 4. T cannot. JNescius, a, um. adj that knoweth 

u mean otyour ow n f Plaut. Ne<iuicquam,a</T/.in vaiii,to nopur-l not.ignorant, unexperienced, un- 
6hs.n^>.a wood, >.r grove*. pose,by no means,not in theleast, known Ora frxnonun nescia, ne- 

! sCotfrce, nothing at all. I ver bridled, Lucun 

ij/Iljifuneralsong^adirjrcNgquidquani id «ic.Nequicquam. Ncssotrdphium, i. n 2. a place, or 
i. .r moumful verse, a tri- Nequiens, tis. pt. not ablc. ' yard used to tattcn ducks in. 

pngysr writing^iny song,orNequis.rar.Nequi, ne(jua, iiequid,NctU8, a, um pt spun. twisted. 
llaim nenia^t magic song, tWuequod, pr n lcst any one, rNftus, us. m. 4. a spinning. 
%. pt. spinning. a charm.i tiiing; cum ut,no one ur thing. :Neu,cofi/.nor.neither,and not,lc&&, 
+9. not. (spin. Niquiter, adv. ius ,c mp. isslmi.Nevc, c 7i/.id.(lcsteither,andlest. 

Ive v nivi, nCtum. a. 2. to «r^.lewdly,wastefully,pr<>digally,Nevis, pro Nonvis, Pluut. 
Bli. p. to be spun. idly, crattily, slily, cunningly. Neunt, /»•« Ncnt, TihaU. 

tVSjS^um. at(j. lately plant-Neqmtia,x./ 1 wickednessdewd-Ncumt: adis / *.an hei-b, artlirub, 
set, Utely convertecl. , ness, debauchery, cxtravagance,! good against the noitim o»< ^^ 
BsnAUBhMy.ncWyinodern.. carelessness, idlcness, craft, rog-\ TubeU^^ii^tx^^^^i^Tvs^^- 





Neuricus, a, um. aty. having theNictus, us. ra.4.a winklinjpa wink.J Nihil quod, quamdbrem, 
gout,orsome other pain in the si- NIdamcntum,i.n.2. stuff tor ncst*. reason why. Nihil audio, 
news, sincw-shrunk. 'Nideo, crc. «hine,to glittcr - A — ■--* "* v '' 

Ncurftbata, x m. l.a ropedancer.Nidif fcans, tis. jM.building a nest 

Ncurftbatcs, x.m. 1. idem. 
Ncuroidcs, is. w. 3. wild bcet. 
Neuter,tra,trum,/>roM.j?'. ius, dat. i. 

neither, neithcr of the two. 
Neutiquani, adv. by no means, in 

no wise> not in the Icast. 
Neutralia, e. adj. neutral, neuter. 
Neutro, adv. neitlier way. 
Nevult, pro Nonvult. J*lant. 

Nexans, tis. pt. knitting, tying. 
Nexlbilis, ca'{/.that may be knit. 
Nexilis,e.aaj.knit,tied, or wreath- 

ed togcther, twining, or winding 
Nexo, are. a 1. toconuect.(%hout 
Ncxum,i.n.2.a mortgage,aconvey- 

ancc arcordingto tnellomanlaw, 

a possession upon such a titlc. 
Ncxus, a, um. pt. tied, bound,fast- 

ened, or joiued togcther, linkcd, 

wreathcd, dclivercd bound to a 

Nidiffcatio, dnis. / a building of 

Nidi&icium,i.n2. a nest, a lullock. 
Nidif ico, [nidus, facio], arc. a. 1. 

to build, or makc a uest 
Nidif icus,a,um auj-making a ncst 
Nldor,5ris.m. 3.asavour,a scent,oi 

smell,a strong smell, a stehcb, oi 


ex,necis. /*. 3.death,ruin.destruc-Nidulor,ari</ hui1d,or makc u 
ion. Necis in pl. VaL Flacc, nest,toplace inanest,tosit a brood 

Nidulus, i. m. 2. ditn. a littlc ncst 
NTdus,i./n.2. a nest, a bechivc, thc 
youngin a nest,a child in a cradle, 
a litter of pigs, a shelf, a cup. 
Nlgellus,a, um. adj. dim. blackish- 
Nigcr,gra,grum.<H//. ior, comp. cr 
nnius, tntp. black, dark, swarthy, 
deep,dusk,gl oo i ny,sliady ,dec p iy , 
illnatured, false. knavish. 
Nigians,tis. /»/.b!uck,dark,cIoud) 

crcditor. Ites nexa pignori, laid Nigreuo,mis / •> blackncss. dcep 

to plcdge, pawned, JJv 
Nexus, us. m. 4. a kiutting, tying, 
a conuexion, a union, a bond, a 
covenant togive posscssion. Ali 

cui nexum dare,to bccome onc'sNigncans,tis. pt. blackish. vblack. 
bondman, Iav. Nexum inire, toNigntia, ae./ 1. blackness. 
submit to that condition, Jd. Nigrities, ei./ 5, blackncss. 
NI. NigTitudo, inis./. 3. idem. 

tsifConj. unless, except, save tiiat,Nigro.arc,avi.n.l.tobeblack(ness 
but that, but if not. Nigror,6ris./n. 3. blackness, dark- 

Nigrefio, [nigrco,fio],fiere,factus. 
n- p. 3. to bc niadc black. 
Nigrco,cre jui.7x2. to gro* black 
Nigrescpns, growing black 
Nigresco, turn,o<- grow 

Nlc2rotirinum,i.n.aswcet ointment 
Nicr*ieriuiii,i.n.2.a rcward for vic- 

tory. :i prize, a public banquet. 
Nictans,tis. /ri.winking, twinkling. 
Nictutio, onis./ 3. a twinkling. 
Njcto, wink,to twinkle. 
Kictor, &ri. d .1. iilem. 

foundation,oKruth,nothing clse, 
in nothing, not at all. not in tlic 
least, nobody at all. Nihil aliud 
(juain t nihilpro2teiT[uani,iiiliil,am- 
plius cmam, by an cllipsis inay bc 
cnglished by exccpt,oroni). Ni- 

Kicto, open asahound. hil ad,nothi/^,if comparcd wiUi. 

not wJiat\ou say.Tn.Nil 

you labour in vain, Cic. 

Nihildum,n.*tufec7. notliing 

^WA/^faciOjCei-e fcci.o 3.1 

no account of, not to caU 
Nihilonnnuus, adv. notwit 

ing,nevertheless no lesaj 

NihiIum,i,n.2.nothing. Nili 

to be gclded 9 JPluul. (no 
Nil,contr. pvo Nihil itidecl n 
Nilum, pvo Nihilum, Jaict. 
Nilus, i.m 2 & Nili druni 

pipe,or channcl to convcj 
Nimbatus.a,um. adj weani 

hair, anointed, pcrfiuncd 
Nimbifer,a,um- a({jcciivc b 


bringing, or causing rain, 
Nimbus, i. m. 2. a black, 

cloud, a bright cloud, a c 

storm, ashowtr, rain, v 

gTeat crowd or quantity^t 

tumult, disoriier, or coufi 

vcsscl for wine, a scar^ a 
Nm.ietas, s&tis. /. 3. too | 

storc, or quantity. 
Nimio,ac/t/.by a grcatdeal 

aequius more than is fit 

miop6st,not ven long afti 
Nimi6pert,cu/T. with too on 

bor. (surch y eril v,that ist« 
Nnnlruni,fi</r doubtle*s,cc: 
NTmis, adv. toO much, ir 

tle, \Qty much, exccedin( 

trcmcly, too. Nc cjuid nh; 

much of one thing is good 

thine, TVr. 
Nimium,a Jv.too much/)re 

too far,cxceedingly, rery. 

um quantum, exceeding^ 
Nimius, a, um. attf. too muc 

Diucb, excetsiTe, rery gn 






,supcrfluous,very. Nimi-lNiffditas, atis./ 3. cleanness. \Nixans,tis. pt. labouring, striving. 

Nixor, ari. Jtrp. 1. to lcan upon, to 
Nittdiusculus,a,um.r'<//. somewhatfXixus, a, um. pt. leaning, rcsting, 

•ii possessedof too grcatl.\itidc«a(/r.ncatly,handsomely(ly 

Vv. sermonis,too frcc ot' Nitidiusciile, adv. somcwhat ncat- 


:rc, nxi. n. 3. to snow- 

ris. m. ;>. a fall of snow. 

s, a, um. <if//. snowy. 

is./ 3 SROW. 

, pro Nullus, Enn. 

i. n. 2. a basin, a lavcr. 
if not.unless, exccpt, cx- 
t, but that, but only, sav- 
<]Uod,except tliat.(vour. 
, um. pt. that will endca- 
m. 2. a sparrowhawk. 
n.4. an cndeavour, an ef- 
iinbin<r, a motion, a firm 

birth, tcndcncy, incli- 

x./ 1. a ticld-inousc. 
Wtella.x/a iield-mousc, 
»l,a glitterin^ brightncss 

color, of a bright gold- 
rllow colour. 

inore iraily drcsscd, or bctter a 
Nitido, are. a. 1. to clcan,to makc 
Nitidus, a, um. adj. ior, comp. issl- 
mus,tu/>. ncat,clcan,spruce, trim, 
gay^tinc.gcntccl, briglil, tmining, 
glitterin£,f.*ir,beautiful, dclicatc, 
clc^ant, splcndid, sinooth, slcck, 
fat, plump, tiourishing. 
Nitor,ti,nixus & nisus sum d. 3. to 
cndcavour, to labour,to strive, to 
>tnitri£lc, to thnist again, to con- 
tcnd,orinsist,to lcan,or rcst upon, 
to bc supported,to rely,«rdcpcnd 
upon,to trust to. to confidc in,to 
risc, or mount, to movc, or pass. 

m-pt. lcanintr, rcsting 1 , or 

Hjriipon>4upportingitsclf Nitor, 6ris. m. 3- neatness, clcan- 

ness,sU*ckness. trimncss, graicty. 
finery, gcntility, {rracefulness, 
origlitncss, bcauty, elegance, 
clearness, transparency. 

s. pt. ior, cimp. shining, Nitroria, ac/ 1. a nitre-pit 'tre. 

Nivalis,c.u<// snowvtmadc of snow, 

g^irUrine^looking brijrht, 
iir 9 bcautjfitl, ncat, ck-an, 
iliving well, or splcndid- 
ishinfr, appcaring. 
injr,, straininjr, thrustiug', 
ny against forciblv, sup- 
rclytn£,*r dcpcnding on, 
,tui n. 2. to shinc,to g-lit- 
>k bright,fair, ©r beauti- 
ncat, clean, fine, or ele- 
be well writtcn» to be 
* plump, Xo live well, or 
ly,to Mourish, to appear. 
\p tis. pt. shining. 
Kre.sUI. to shine,lo grow 
flomisb,to be improved. 
um. aefj % rcJy ing on. 

or depcnding" on t supporied by. 
Nixus,us m 4. force, an efTort. la- 
bor.travail,inclination. Astra c { \ix 
sc Sc nixu suo conglobata conti- 
ncnt, &c. by thc tcndcucy of all 
thc parts to thc ccntrc, Cic. 

. no. 

No,narc,niivi.n.l. to swim, to sail, 
to fly. Nabis sinc coi*ticc,you will 
shift for yoursclf, lfor. 

Ndbilis, c. adj. ior, comp. issimus, 
»up. noble,famous,rcnowned,not- 
Cihwell known*!iotorioiis>rcmai k- 
ablc, principal, chicf, gcncrous, 

NobVlis, is. m.3. a noblcman. 

Nobihtas.atis-/ 3. nobility,noblc- 
ncsa, dignity, cmincncc, cxccl- 
lcnccjgcncrosity ,bravcry f "vii tuc, 
famc, rcputation, renown, %\ory, 
honor,distinction,the nobility, or 
pcntry, noblemen. 

Nitratus,a,um. adj mixed with ni-Nobihtatus, a, um. pt. cnnobled, 

Nitrdsiis, a, um. adj. full of nitrc. 

. famed, rcnowncd. noted. 

Nitrum, i. n. 2. nitrc, satlpctrc. N6bi1ftcr,.«f/v issimc, t np. nobly, 

bravcly, admirably, cxcellcntly, 

co\'crcd with snow, exceedin^NftbiIito,arc-a.l.tocnnoble,todig 


Nivarius,a,um. adj. of,or for snow. 
NTvaticum, i. n. 2. a snowball. 
Ntvatus,a,um.«c^'. of meltcd snow. 
Nivens, tis. pt. winking\ 
Nfvco, Src, ivi & ixi. ictum. neut. 

2. to:wink, to twinkle, to snow. 
Nivesco,cere. ncut. 3. to grow, or 

becomc as white as snow 
Nfveus,a,iim.a///.of snow,white as 

snow,shlning,bright, fair, happy. 
Ntvdsus, a, um. adj. snowy, cold. 
Nix,nfvis/ 3. snow,a fall of snow. 

Capitis nivcs, hoary hairs, Hor. distinguish, to make fajji- 
Nohi^, ilat. & nbl. pl. ab E^o. 
Nobiscum, pron with us. 
Nocensjtis. adj ior, cmp. issimus, 
« rtfuI,niischievous,noxioiis, 
pcrnicious,poisonous, dcadly, in- 
fcctious, guilty, criminal. 
Ndcenter, «w/v/mischicvou^ly. 
Nbcco,ere,cui,cituma. 2. to hurt, 
to wo a utd, to iujiirc, to <lo hurt, 
harm, or mischicf, to annoy, to 
wrong.Ob eam rcx no*iaj\v^ssK»55.- 

f •*■■ 





veltVi ui infancy, or infant tUtc. Nl\ NucifrAngTbidum i.n a nutcrv 

NSvttir, fltfn. newly, lately. NfibCcula, m.f. 1. a little cloud, aNucinus, a, um. atij. of a nut-1 

Ntivitius,a, um.adj. newly iuvcnt- spot. Frontis nubecula, ananect-Nucipcrsica, sc/ 1. % [>cach 
cd, or madc, newly come, unac- ed threatening frown, Cic. Nuciprunum,i ri.2. aphimgn 

quaintcd. Nubcns,tis./>r.ready to bc marricd on a nut-lrec stock. 

NoVitiui, i- m. 2. a novice,n frcsh- Niihcs, is/o. a cloud a Jiiist,a co-Nucleum, i. n- 2. a cat's tail. 
man, a slavc ncwly bought. verin^, or disgiiise, a vast multi-Nuclcus, i. m. a kcnicl, a <r 

Ntivo,are.fll to make new, to re- tudc,tcrrof , confusion, udversity, stont,a pinc apple,a clovc of 
new f to fbrm ancw,to rcpair,to rc- tlistrcss,a sour countcnancc, gra- lic, t hc lieart ot iron,*ueI, a I 
fit, topcfrcshjtoalter, changc, or 1 vity. crust, apparcl. 

transform,to makc altcrations,orNfibifcr, cra, enim."fltfj. bearing-Nucula, x. f. 1. a small nut- 
changcs, to makc clcan. clouds, causing- cloud*, rainy. Niidandus, a, to be len" 

Nftvor, ari. p. to bc madc new. NGbifiigus, a, um udj. driving kcd, bare, or ung-uardcd, ti 
No>us, a,um.a/£. ncw,rcnewcd,rc- away, or dispersing 1 clouds. thrashcd, to make barc. 

paircd, strangv, wondciful, un-Nfibigona,x.c?.l.onccloud-born,Nudans, tis. pt. discovcring^h 
neard of,unexpectcd,uiiusua] 9 un- or coming froin thc clouds, a ing. ( 

common, cxtraordinary, admira- ccntaur. Nudatio,dnis / J. a strippingl 

ble, cxccllcnt,tender,bcginning \ubi£er,a,um.ii#.bringing cloudsNud:itus,a,um.//r inadc.wldt 
infant, young, youthful, brisk, \ubila, 6nu\\.pi n'2. clouds,mists, ked,wbarc,uncovc rcdjaidbp 
inspired furnished with naw mclancholy, dejcction. discovercd, cxposcd, drawi i 

matter, unprejudiccd. NovusNiibilans,tis /;/.dazzling thc cyes. of deprivcd,ordcstitute of.fl 
homo, the first nobleman iu his\ubilar, aris. ;/. ;J. a shcd,a barn.. ped of, strippi-d, piliugcd,pfc 
family Tabul?cnovx,alaw forthc^NTibdirium, i. n. 2. id 

eencral remission of debts. licsNiibilatur, imp. ii is cloudy. 
novae, a changc, or alteration in 
thc government, or state. 
Nox, noctis./. 3. night, a nighfs 

j dcred, dc^rradcd. 
tNuditas, atis./ 3- nakeilnc*^ 
Nubilis, e. atlj. lnamagcablc. ' plicity, or plainnessof styk- 
\fibilo,are«n 1-to be cloud\ *ordark Nudiuscpjartus.czar.four tUyi*! 
Nubildsus a,um-fir//.cloud\ .(cloud Nfidiusquintus, adv nvc ibj»*! 
lodging, thick darkness, (Wk- Nubilum, i. n. cloudy weather, a Niidiusscxtus, adv. 
ness,mist,obscurity,blindness. ig-iNubilus s^um.adj cloudy,causing'Nudiu8tcrtiuii, mdv 
norance, confusion, sleep, rcstj orbiin^ingclouds, sliady, dusky, 1 Nudiustertiu» dcc 
death. I threatcnin^ilovverin^, melancho-| days since, Cic. ^ 

Noxa,x./.l.hurt,harm,injui7',dam-Nfibitur,2*^/>. it is marricil. (lv,sad.jNiido, ai*c. a. 1. to makcniMJ 
agc,mischief,ruin,acrime,ortrcs-Nfibivag'iis, a,uin. adi. wandering barc to la\ opcn, show d*^ 
pass,gtiilt,punishment,an olicnd- throu^li, or amoM^ the clouds. o;-expo^e,to deprive of,torty 
er, or criminal, n brawl, or scuf-Nubo, bcre, nupsi, 5c nu|>ta sum, pillagc,f/r plundcr,to sthp«M 


Noxalis, c. adj. bclonjring to an 
^oflTcncc, or nunishment. 
Noxia,3t./a crimc,fault,or olfencc, 

a disagrcemcnt, or quarrcl. 

miptum. a. & nM. to marry,to be 
married. or joiued to, to interinix 
with,tocover. Uxori nubere nolo 
mea-, I will not havc a wife that 
shall bc my mastcr, mUart 

Noxidsus, a,um.a<//.hurtful,sickly, Nucamentuiii, i. n. 2. a cat*s tail,a 

*Noxit, pr'.t Nocucrit, Lucil 

long cxcrescencc from a pinc 
trce, &c. 
Noxius^ a,um. adj. ior, c .mp- noxi-'Niicctum,i.7i. a placc for nut-trees. 

otis, hnrtful, injurious, destruc-Niiccus, :i,um. adj. of a nut, or nut unburicdfiobbed. pillaccd, 
• tirc, poisonov»,'sick\y, guijty . | Ucc, hazcl, of hajel. dered. Nuda valhM vilky 

shell. tiladios nudarunt, 
tlieirswordSjOr. Monlcini 
syl vis,to he w do wn thc *( 
Xudor, ari. utus. p. to bc 
Xfidus, a,{;.ior, c ff>- 
titute.desolatc, poor^veaK* 1 

less,defcnceless mcre.pW" 





3, or bushes, Uv. Nudi Numi-rutor, Oris-m. 3. a numbercr Numrniilari51us, i. ro. a money- 
open mouth, IVr^ NiidoNunicr.itus, a, um. pt. numbcrcd 
•c vestimcnta, to rob thc 
Pltfit. Nudo sub xthcris 
:r thc open sky,or in thc 

im ^/l.triflinyr,orsillv 

•iflestoys. gewgaws, fop- 

U> stories.lics, rogueries, 

hcats. a Iriflcr. 

c. «■//. trillinpj*. silly, idlc 

tum, i 7i 2. ;i triflc. 

5ris m.J. a trirter,:ichcat. 

:, ci 7u. frivolouslv. 

i<? ivini.aJ/.vaiiijtrifling, 

fht, iinpertinent. 

c'n c . ir •/• a trifler. 

lus,i. m 2.a haberdashcr, 


•i, fitus sum, </.l. totriflc, 

:o cheat, or bubble. 

is, a lv in no wise. 

iv. nn wlicrc. 

um. ailj t(rn. nulliiis, dat. 

ie,no,nohodv, voidiof no 

w • r 

mient, account, value,or 
lined, undonc. Nullius 
i>1 for nothing-, Cjm. 
whc-hcrornot 3 whethcr 
r/l.a collar, a yoke 
nis it. 3. will, plcasure,u 
ctcrininaiion, ©r decree, 
ici a v pnwcr,aiiilio:ity,pro- 
aV(iur,abcnl,or inclinati- 
mcc,iu.tpiration, a divinc 
,a dcity.a %o l,org-oddefts. 
ivcn to tlie latc Itoman 
"S much bkc that of sa 
jesty toour king-s. Numi- 
fol,a diviuity-(nuinbcrcd 
ilist c. adj. that may bc 
j,caJ/. numcral. (bered. 
dufi. a, um-/ri. to bc num- 
o.onis. /^3- a numeration, 
lin;?» a paymont. 
>, ai/v in ready moncy 

countcd, musturcd, paid down 
leady (actly. 

Numcro*, presently,soon, cx- 

Numero,rire.fl tonumbcr,to count. 
torcckori,to pay,to lend 

Numeror, ari. />.rto be counted. 

Numerosc, a/lv ius, com/>. issime, 
»m/>. in great numbers, fluently, 
swectly,musically, harmoniouslv 

Niimerositas, atis. / 3. multitude. 

Num jr6sus,a, um.adj.\or, c>mp. is- 
sinius,ffu//.numerous, niany, seve- 
ral,manif'old,jjreat,fruitiul, larg-c 
roomy, spacious, amplc, oratori- 
cal,tuncful, musical, harmonious 

Numerus,i.m.2. a numbcr, quanti 
ty,store,mcasure.a notc, music, a 
daiicc.a regular motion. rejrular, 
ormilitaiy order,order,deccncy.:i 
rankjdcjrree, ov condition, a part. 
or circumstanrca list,alcgion,co- 
horl,band, or company. Nuiiieriis 
cburncus.a die.Or.Ad numerum, 
numericallv, .. ic.Nos numcrus su 
mus, only for tale, or to make iq-. 
thc nuuibcr,of no othcr usc, Hor 
Ksse aliquo nuincro, to bc some 
thin<r, or looked upon as somebo- 

dy, &c. Ubi aliquo iiumcro sis, Vunciatum, i n. 2. a report. 


Nummularius, i m.2. s/bankcr.(er. 

Nummularius,a, jf. of a bank- 

Nummulus, i. m. 2. a Uttle raoney. 

Nummus, i. m. 2. money, a picce of 
money, ov coin. Qui cuderc soles 
plumbcos nummos, who use to 
chcat by fair outsidcs, Plaitt. 

Nutnnam, adv. whether? Numnam 
hxc audivit? did he hear wliat I 
said, I wonder? Ttr. 

Numnc, adv. whethcr. 

Xumqui, adv. if any wherc. 

Numquis. vid. Nunrmis. 

Nunc, adv. now, at present, at this 
time,just now,now at lcngth,now 
for thc first timc, one while, ano- 
ther whilc, thcn, but, thercfore. 
Nunc ipsum, at this vcry time. 
Niinc nupcr,even now,ver} r lately 
Nunc,nunr„ now is the timc,now 
or nevcr. Nunc homincs,the pco- 
ple of the prcsent age. 

Nunccine, adv. what now. (er. 

Vuncia,x /. l.a messe nger,arcport- 

Nuncians, tis pt tclling,declaring'. 

VuBciutio,onis.y.i. a dcnunciation. 

Nunciator, dris. m. i. a teller. 

whcrc you mav havc somc cquals 
Cic Quod omncs habct in se nu 
mcros veri tatis,perfectly true,/i/. 

Niunidianus, a, um. adj. African. 

Niimidica, x /■ 1. a Guinca-hcn. 

Niimisma, Sc Ndmisma, atis n. 3. 
moncy, a piecc of moncy, coin. 

Nummarius, a, um. adj. bclonjring 
to money.corniptcd with money 
liatio iiummaria,conccm,or busi 
ness of moiiey , Cir. DiHicultas rci 
nummarj.e, a want of money, Id 

Numm?itus, a,um. pt. \or t comp.ricU 
in moncv, wcalthv, monicd. 

• w • r 

Nummosus, a, um. arfj. itl. 

Nunciatur imp. news is brought. 

Nunciatarus, a, um pt. going-,or a- 
bout to tcll,or bring- ncws of. (of. 

Nunciatus, a,um. />/.told,informed. 

Nuncio, arc. tell,or rclate,to 
dcclare, to carry ncws, or ordcrs, 
to rcport,to advise,to bid,or com- 
mand. Salutem nunciare, to pre- 
scnt the service of one absent, 

Nuncior, ari./>. to be told.(advicc. 

Nuncium, i- n. 2. tiding*, ncws, 

Nuncius, i.m.2. a mcsscn^er, ade- 
clarer, a message, tidiiigs, news, 
a bill of divorce, a nuncio. 





Nuncius,a,uro.<u#. carrying a me^' quidqua*p, nothing at all. 
ftage scnt, reporting, foretelling, Nunquando. adv. whcthur over. 

expressive, declarativc. 
Nuncubi, aih. d:d you evcr? 
Nuncupundus, a, um pt. to name, 

pronouncc, ov offer up 
Kuncupuns, tis. pi naming, pro- 

nouucing, dcclaring. 
Nuncupaiiin, adv- b\ namc. 
Nuncupfitio onis/o.a naming,pro 


a dcdication.lheform cf publish- 

ing and decluring oiie'* last wili 

and tcslament 
Nuncupaturus, a, um. pt. about tc 

pronouncc, or declarc. 
.Nuiiciipaius, a,um pt callcd,nam- 

ed,pronounced declared, engag- 

ed. Tcstamcntum nuncup.ituin, w 

will declorcd, und publishcd b; 

word ot" mouth onlv, /7/?i. 
Nuncupo,ur< .a 1 to name, or call, 

to rccitc, or rehearsc, to pro 

fro, to totter, to be in dan 
ready to fall, to bend, to i 
to doubt,orwaver,to be dc 
unccrtain, ©r unscttlcd 

Nunquhl, adv whether. 

Xunquidquum, pron. n any thing 

Nunquis qux, quid. pron rcl. isNutvibilis, e. adj. nourisha 

thcre an\,if any. Nunquid vis, au : Nutr:candus,a,um.)W.tobe i 

usuul tbrin oi taking lcave. JNuLricans, tis. p$ breeding 

Nuncio, &c- vid Nuncio &c. JNutricatio 5nis./. o. a nm 
Nuo,uerc, nui, nutum. n. j. to nodjNutricitor, oris. m . a not 

with thc liead, to upprove. jNutricatus us m. 4 a nun 

Nrper, adv crriinc, tup. iately, ofj b/ingin